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PEAM #145, 09/30/2013 - So Many Babies Coming, So Many Baby Daddies Reactions, So Many Psychiatrists Needed Soon

Voici Rubén PRE 

Here we go again.  Chatita comforts Alma telling her how Alma's Papa is making another play for the favors of Susana, they kiss and Chatita leaves.

At the airport, Rogelio is having a meltdown with this lawyer when Elias appears and tells Rogue that Pati is not coming with him to NYC. She decided at the last minute not to go with him since she is unsure how she feels about him.  Rogelio's eyes light up with hope reborn.  Elias tells him if he really feels something for Pata, he better not keep making her feel bad.  He is off to his new life to face his future alone.  Rogelio does his usual JUADEVAH.. but still looks happier than we have seen him in many a moon.

Jesús shows up at the Avon office with this little box from Orion explaining that he will hold Alma's post but assures the idle office staff that she is going to be fine but needs to take care of herself and the baby with bed rest. Moments later, Julio and Aida show up in Jesús' (aka Alma's) office and feel happy to still be a great team. Jesús is thrilled that they came with him but who would have wanted to stay with Augusta the fury? Jesús thinks Aida can take Xochi's old job since Xochi was promoted.  No one seems in uniforms, could this become a trend. Julio greets Xochi with a happy face like he never was heartbroken.  Julio who has stepped out to the office to be greeted by an enthusiastic Xochi who learns they are all back from the dark caves of Orion.

Rogelio comes out of the elevator and tells Patricia that he is so glad to see her. He has had a change of heart.  She asks what about Veronica.  He says, worse than his nightmares, And about Alma you were married to her.  He feels so sincere.  Rogelio: I love you Patricia, I love you.  Just think about it, you don't have to answer now. The guards joined by Fernando sway back and forth to the romantic background music. Patricia wisely plays hard to get for the moment.

Well the old office staff is still in the stupid raspberry and black uniforms.  Gee, I wish Pancho would come make a site visit he might shame them all into dressing like normal people.  After all he had to learn that skill not so long ago.

In Alma's bedroom Minerva comes in with books to entertain Alma. They talk about her being sad that Elias is gone but she is very happy to be there helping Alma (and probably ecstatic that she doesn't have to wear formal long gloves or listen to the constant berating by Veronica.  The books are all about baby life and we get our giggle track back.

Jesús tells Aida that he has had problems with Rogelio since his first day and Alma was always between them.  He decides he has to go face off Rogelio and get it over with. Just then in his office Rogelio is reading the email from Pancho Lopez announcing that in light of Alma's health issues, he has named Jesús Garcia as Vice President of Operations.  In his magisterial manner, he kicks at his office furniture and curses the air and even curses Jesús when he appears. He is not going to stand for this! He demands that Susana get Pancho on the phone immediately!

Susana and Chatita discuss Panfilo but I can't tell who is winning.  At least they are more civil than before.  Sebastian and Panfilo are such great prizes, I hope they each go to the rightful woman.

Back at the Manicomio, Marcia pretends to take her meds while the unsuspecting nurse seems to watch.

Chatita talks with Panfilo who now thinks she has another novio.  The old friends do make a good pair.

Jesús calls Alma for a check in.  He tells her about Rogelio's fit.

Veronica comes into the office while Rogelio is still fuming and irate that Pancho Lopez is unavailable since he is in Europe.  Veronica doesn't waste time telling Rogelio she is preggers with HIS BABY. He marches her out of his office so fast and pushes her onto the elevator.  It is dawning on Veronica that he is not thrilled with this news she demands if it is because he is getting involved again with the Zorrilla (aka foxy Patricia) again.  Good guess.

Jesús encourages Alma to not worry about the office but to stay home and take care of herself for the baby's sake.  Flowers arrive with an clever stork from our romantic.

Patricia turns to Xochi with the astounding news that Rogelio has declared that he loves her.

Fernando reads email from Descua while her new age (sewage  is what my spell checker calls this, hmmm prophetic?) tune plays almost as irritatingly as the baby giggle track that follows Alma around.  Anyway, Descua wishes Fernando and Xochi all happiness and that they will have a baby soon.  Fernando flashes back Xochi's freak out about having a baby when her own experience as a child of a loveless mother was so horrid.  Fernando is so starry eyed I think we can assume he will overcome this reluctance too.

The original Sillies catch up in the Chef tells Julio that Ricardo is so smitten with his new religion and the Descua dance that he won't forgive Marisela who is now wanting to.  Ricardo looks a bit embarrassed.

Jesús reminds the scurrying office staff that he is still their friend and doesn't want to be called Jefe so they should go on calling him Jesús.  They agree with some reluctance. Treating the employees like humans isn't the hallmark of this office in the past.

Papa Sebastian visits Alma talk pleasantly about how Jeuss is being so good to her and she is looking forward to presenting Papa with his first grandchild. Giggle giggle…

Aida brings papers to Jesús for signing. He asks her why someone so attractive as she has never married. He asks her if she is a widow.  Where is this going? Maybe a bit of matchmaking?

Rogelio comes out of the elevator with Veronica and they argue a bit in front of Patricia and suddenly they are back upstairs in his office. Another mysterious editing job?  Rogelio demands that Susana call Jesús into his office then begins trying to reason with Veronica accusing her of getting pregnant on purpose just to vex him.  Veronica can't believe he would accuse her of something like this.  She says but we were so happy as a team trying to make Jesús miserable.  He counters that he doesn't love her, he has never loved her nor does he love her daughter either. I guess we can be grateful that Rogelio is at least honest about his true feelings in this new phase of his.  Veronica is stunned, however.  Let's count them up: Jesús doesn't want her and hasn't for a very long time.  Elias doesn't want her and moved to another country.  And now her eggs are in Rogelio's basket so to speak and he is making a very clear declaration of anything but love.  Poor Valentina, you can see where this is all going can't you?

Chatita shows up in the office with Panfilo interrupting  a preoccupied Jesús that Panfilo needs to go to the doctor so she is taking him.  Juarever we all say.

Veronica comes out of Rogelio's office and Jesús grabs her arm saying she must come into his office to talk to him now.  He tells Aida to get out and then demands that Veronica explain what she was doing endangering Alma and their baby.  Because of her, Alma has to remain in bed to guard the baby.  Veronica thinks that because Alma survived it that she isn't guilty of anything. He threatens the guiltless Veronica that she better not do anything to his daughter or he will exact justice. He tells her that Alma doesn't want to condemn her so Veronica thinks she can be obnoxious and aggressive but Jesús assures her this isn't going to work this time.

Patricia calls Alma to tell her about the astounding declaration of Rogelio.  Alma wonders what she wants with a man of Rogelio's character.

Veronica does the snotty retreat telling the office staff that they are losing someone so fine in her. No one is too impressed.

Ricardo shows up to ask Marisela to come speak to him in private.

Marcia as Marta complains to the doctor that the medicine she is being given makes her so dizzy and he wonders why she is calling him doctor and not addressing him as tu.  Oops she thinks Marta didn't tell her some important stuff.  Meanwhile Marta as Marcia shows up at Jesús's office door...

Next: Romance waxes and wanes, Babies are anticipated with joy or with dread. Then Alma gets a visit too and cries in Jesús's arms.  And I miss Elias!! No fair taking him away from us!



Thanks so much for this most marvelous recap! And thanks for your late comment on my recap for Friday : )

Ay yi yi, poor Pato. Now she is really torn. You could tell she sooo wanted to cave to Rogue, but held herself back. I am very glad she is seeking the advice of her friends and not jumping in head first with Rogue again! Good for her. She has matured.

Marci did take those meds, but she was worried about Marta, who on the outside is not taking them now. I wonder how long it will take for Marta to go all BSC again?

Chatita discovered that Panfilo's eyesight is failing, she held the Windex very close to him and he couldn't see it. His diabetes is effecting his eyes. Thank goodness Chatita went to see him and will take him to the doctor.

Rogue is just a hot mess isn't he? He's had a very badddd day! First he finds out Chucho will now be in Alma's old job. I really can't wait until Pancho tells him that yes, he appointed Chucho as such. Pancho is not the fan of Rogue. Then Rogue finds out he IS the baby daddy, I had to laugh at that, and then he declares his love to Pato, who looked like she didn't blink an eye! I did like the swaying dance the two security guards were doing with Ferny, too cute. I hope Moronica has to move out, but feel very sorry for Val. I hope Val stays with Chucho and Alma. I bet Moronica tries some blackmail on Roger there. She does have all kinds of goods on him.

Oh, noes Marta shows up at Chucho's office as Marci. I wonder if Chucho will see through her, and poor Alma is looking stressed. I can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.


Oh, and thanks so much for that marvelous picture of the horse. It's so beautiful!

Thanks Mads, You clarified some important points. I am sorry for Panfilo's dilemna but think Chatita really has his back. If he can't go out dancing, Susana may think twice about pursuing him. She could take care of Sebastian if she wants to care for an old man. I think he still has money.

Thanks for your kind comments on my new horse image. I just entered it into a juried show. I'll let you all know if it is accepted. I am hopeful.

CherylNewMex, what a beautiful photo! It looks like a painting. Thanks for sharing it with us. Good luck on the art show. Btw, I liked the recap, too. :)

If I were Marcia I'd really be worried if I would ever see Marta again especially with her being off her meds. If Marta goes all delusional again and commits a crime Marcia could also be in big trouble. Maybe they will end up sharing a prison cell some where.

Poor, Paty. Madelaine, I agree she has done very well in resisting Rogelio so far but I think she is a goner.

And a pregnant Veronica is just too much to take. Where will she go now if Rogelio kicks her and Valentina out? Maybe she can move in Jesus's old apartment next to Chatita. I liked that Jesus FINALLY let her have it. He should have done that a long time ago.



Great recap Cheryl. And wanted to thank Mads for the weekend roundup. Was a crazy couple days so I didn't have a chance to comment, but grabbed the recap on my phone every now and then. You all are the best!!

A frantic Rogue is a humourous Rogue, so that part of last night was fun to watch. Loved Ferny just shrugging at his antics. But I still hate the fact that Eli is gone and after everything, we get a quick Pati/Rogue possible hookup happening. Well, face it, it will happen. I too want my Eli back...but not going to happen. Sigh

I worry what Virus will so next. When she's rejected she gets dangerous because her tiny little brain cell can't understand that concept. Her answer is to always take it out on someone, and poor Val is always in the crossfire. Move that child in with Alma and her dad, heck her old nanny is there, and she can keep the giggling baby company. ( So tired of that sound affect.)

And Cheryl, that picture is beautiful. First prize for sure!!


Cheryl- I am sure this beautiful photo will make a great impression on the judges. No doubt!

As for the episode, glad to see Chatita taking control of Panfilo's failing eyesight. Those two really were fun as amigos/novios. I hope they get back together soon. Susana will be perfectly happy with Sebas 2.0.

Rogue dragged Vero to get a pregnancy test. That's why they left Avon, and then came back with the certainty that Vero is pregnant. You would think they would have gone home after the test, but I guess the writers wanted all the drama to happen at Avon this episode. Vero was wearing another interesting pair of cruel shoes.

That Marci is a bubble head if she's just now thinking that this plan could go all kinds of wrong with her CRAZY sister on the outside, and her locked up and forced to take meds.

Thanks for the awesome recap!

Poor Elias looked so unhappy at the airport! sniff, sniff I shall miss him!!!

Veronica is going to explode all over every that she has no one. Though I wonder how much money she will extort from Rogue now that her pregnancy really has put him under her thumb.

I agree with everyone else. Not only will your photo be accepted, it should win first prize. Absolutely extraordinary.

Not sure I can stomach watching today's episode although I am curious about Veronica's new "cruel shoes". Couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

Add me to the roster that misses Elias already. Sigh.

Thanks Cheryl. You're a busy lady so we appreciate you taking the time to recap this one for us.

Cheryl: Didn’t watch last night’s ep (yet). Thanks for the recap. Love this line: “And now her eggs are in Rogelio's basket so to speak.” And the picture is extraordinary.

Delusion, thy name is Veronica.


Thanks, Cheryl! I've missed the last couple of episodes and am only now catching up on recaps... but I hope I get another chance to see Vero's new cruel shoes tonight.

I am definitely losing my enthusiasm, what with Discua having cancer (though it sounds as though she may have washed it off!), Virus preparing to spawn, my favorite daddy going to NY, and Mad Martha on the loose.

(Gilligan's Island is on at the same time on another channel. It's not GREAT comedy, but at least no one has cancer.)

I am flummoxed by Alma's insistence on letting Vero get away with kidnapping her and endangering her baby. It's nice that she's concerned about Vale being upset, but at this point, leaving Vale with Vero is like leaving her with a box of rat poison.

And Rogue. I appreciate his sudden repentance, but where'd that come from? I KNOW sulking in bed for a couple of days doesn't normally have that effect on people. Was there something magical in his ice cream? Did he get visited by the Only Ghost of Monterrey Past?

And is Paty seriously considering taking him back? I sure hope not. I thought she'd evolved beyond that. Anyway, what is she going to do with a boyfriend who will soon be in prison?

Thanks, Cheryl. That horse picture is so beautiful. I'm sure it will be accepted.

I'm really annoyed that not only did Chucho and Alma not have Vero arrested, but they also didn't use that threat to get custody of Val. They claim to be so concerned about Val, yet they leave her with her abusive mother when there's another option? In the house of their other main enemy? Ugh.

I really hope Pati doesn't take Rogue back. Just when she's getting some self-respect. I did like that she used one of my favorite dichos: Hay pájaros en el alambre! (There are birds on the wire; in other words, I have eavesdroppers!)

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia. You are such an idiot. You didn't think about medications? Oy.

Our first clue that Marcia was an idiot was when she and Martha first discussed Marcia's plan, and Martha was the one who had doubts.

I really thought that Marcia must be trying to hide from someone since she was so keen to trade places with her sister. On the one hand, I'm glad that she doesn't seem to be that evil after all. On the other hand, DAMN, she's stupid.

I also wondered - apparently, Martha can pretend to be bubbly and talkative enough to pull this thing off. But can Marcia act quiet and withdrawn? Maybe the meds will help!

If they're setting it up so that Pato and Rog end up together, I hope they at least don't have her take him back right away. He needs to earn it. He's still a s**t to everybody else, especially Jesus. That will have to change. I don't want to see them best buds, but I hope, if Rog does end up with Pato, they at least can have a civil relationship for Pato's and Alma's sake.

Please don't let Patty go back to Rog!!!! He does not deserve it. On the other hand, she deserves the money and better her as his wife than someone else. Ugh, I hate how rich men get away with things like this.

Unless Eli comes back or they introduce a new character, there's no one for Pato except Rog. They could leave her single--but I'm sure that isn't their intention. They have approximately 30 eps to have R make a complete 180.

Miss Eli very very much.

What happened to Pato's paparazzi frenemy?

Julia: I forgot about him! He did seem a little young for her. They would have to bring him back soon and develop that. Knowing this group, he'll show up during ultimas capitulos and suddenly Pato will fall in love with him.

They really screwed up getting rid of Eli.

I'd rather have Pato keep up correspondence with Elias, even if we never see him and we just see her reading his emails or text messages or something, or hear her talking about him to Alma, and then at the end head off to meet up with him and live happily ever after, than end up back with Rogue.

Hi Cheryl:

Just wanted to pop by to praise you on the reap and the magnificent photo.

Do you have a photo website on line? If so, I would so love to browse (and possibly buy).

I hope you are well.

Kind Regards,

Elna June

Julia: I like your idea.

Cheryl your photo is spectacular!! I hope you win. Thanks for the recap.

I have to catch up on the recaps and am sad to learn Elias is gone. And Rog might be with Patty. Really, writers. UGH.

Julia - ITA w/you about Chucho & Alma regarding psycho Vero. If they want to be saints fine, but what about Val?

Julie - I understand about "Gilligan's Island" as a comedy versus or "comedic" TN.

Sorry I have been so absent today but I just finished rewriting and rewriting and... a proposal for a museum show next year, well yes, I did leave it until the last moment but it is so hard to write something that you can't put jokes and snark into... I am spoiled here on Caray Caray. This is the fun place to write.

And speaking of writing, you are all so witty today. I love the idea of magic ice cream, pouting in bed to get a new attitude and the fantasy schemes you are writing that sound so much more interesting than what our PEAM official writers are shoving at us. Boo, I am going to take to my bed and eat ice cream in protest to losing our Elias. Just as I was getting worked up about it last night I was seeing Cesar Evora strangle a young lovely Mayuya on La Tempestad. Boy it fit right into my emotional state.

We have Breaking Bad fever in excelsius here in Albuquerque. I think Walt's parting truth: I did it for me is so like Veronica is going to be whining in the coming PEAM episodes. Where can this possibly go good??

LOL!! Good luck with your proposal, Cheryl. Feel free to blow off as much jokes and snark here as you need to. :-)

Cheryl, I empathize. No one appreciates my snark in engineering reports, either.

At least our body count on this show is low, and we haven't had any rape storylines, unless I'm forgetting something.

Thank you, Cheryl for the recap and the wonderful photo.
Add me to the camp that misses Elias.
I would rather see Paty with Renato not Rogelio

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