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Mentir Para Vivir #1 Mon 10/7/13 PRIMER CAPITULO Where we find out how your perfect life can go from bad to worse faster than a speeding bullet

Once upon a time inSanta Marta, Colombia
On a construction dock

A man named Falcon (Diego Olivera, as handsome as always, although I could do without the slicked back hair) is on the dock, carrying a clipboard and rushing to a bridge, when he’s told by an unseen voice that the boss wants to see him in his office. Before that happens, though, he gets a call and the cell screen says it’s from Joaquin: 
“Que hiciste, imbecil? Estan a punto de descubrirnos!” (What have you done, you moron? They are about to discover us/ they’re on to us!) – Joaquin is obviously not happy, someone blew the whistle on them and their shady business, so Falcon has to disappear and FAST!
Falcon is scared but he can’t just leave, he has to make sure that his family will be alright, first. “Lo siento, Joaquin,” he says and hangs up, no matter how much Joaquin insists that if he’s caught, they’re all finished.

Night time, pretty house near the ocean
The first thing we see inside the house is a family portrait of Falcon with a woman and a little girl. As the camera pans to several other pictures that show a happy, loving family, someone puts a bottle of wine on the table behind the photos, lights up some candles and then leaves.

The little girl from the photos, Alina, is in her room, saying her prayer, when her mom comes in and gives her a good night kiss. Alina would like to wait for her dad, but the mom is firm (although loving) – she coddles the little girl a while, tells her she loves her, gives the bendicion and lets her go to sleep.

Back in the living room, the mom is all smiles. She takes off her silky pink robe, to reveal a silky, pink and very sexy nighty; she covers the lighted lamp with the robe, to create a more romantic atmosphere, rushes to pour some wine in the glasses…and hears a noise, must be the person she’s been waiting for.

And there he is, Falcon, dressed in his white uniform. He has no eyes for what his wife, Oriana (Mayrin Villanueva) prepared for them, though, he asks her to go pack a bag for her and Alina because they have to leave the country – they need to be on the first flight outside of Colombia. Their destination? Mexico, the couples’ native country.
Oriana demands to know what is going on, he looks very pale, has he done something indebido (improper)? There is no time for this now, he refuses to give more details, but promises to explain everything on the way to the airport.
Oriana won’t move until he tells her what is going on, though.
Ok, then! The police suspect him of gold smuggling, which he totally did, taking advantage of his Customs Inspector position.
How could you? Oriana is shocked to hear the truth. What is done, is done, Falcon says, now she needs to take their daughter and leave. Why them, Oriana wants to know, she’s innocent.
Well, yes, but the money he got from the smuggling was placed in an account he set up on HER name.

Oriana can’t believe her ears but she doesn’t put up any more fight, because next we see them at the airport. She asks Alina to wait in the car, while she and hubby dearest have it out on the sidewalk.

“Come te atreviste a involucrarnos en eso?”(How dare you involve us in this?) she screams, while desperately hitting him.
He tries to reassure her that everything will turn out fine because his associates will help him get out of Colombia, while she and Alina go ask for help from Raquel, Oriana’s friend in Mexico. Apparently Raquel is the only one who can help them – Oriana tries to call her, but she forgot her cell back home. Another series of punches follow, but finally Oriana accepts the money her husband gives her and takes Alina out of the car.
The poor girl is completely confused by the whole situation, wants to know where they’re going and why isn’t her papi coming with them, too. He promises they’ll see each other soon and they hug – he’s crying, Oriana is crying – the whole thing is quite sad – stupid men and their stuuupid ambitions!
He hugs Oriana, too, but she’s not as understanding as Alina. She tells him she never wants to see him again – Para mi estas muerto!” (For me, you’re a dead man!)
This hits him very hard, but what is he supposed to do? Go to the police and confess the whole thing? Then we wouldn’t have a telenovela anymore.
He’s left crying on the sidewalk, while his family gets inside the airport.
San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico
We are at the airport. Two women, a blond and a brunette seen from the back, are talking about Oriana. It’s been years since the blond hasn’t seen her friend, the daughter, Alina, was just a baby when she last visited them in Colombia. Who could have imagined that her husband would turn out to be a delinquent?
The brunette wonders if maybe having Oriana in their hotel is dangerous, she thinks it’s impossible that she had no clue about her husband’s smuggling.
But the blond doesn’t think Oriana knew anything and even if she did, she asked for her help and they’ve been friends their whole lives, they’ve been almost like sisters, she can’t abandon her. The brunette is still not happy about the situation, but here comes Oriana and Alina, so they have to interrupt their talk and welcome the guests.

The blond, Raquel (Altair Jarabo) hugs Oriana, then Oriana gets acquainted to Lucina (Cecilia Gabriela), the brunette, Raquel’s associate. Alina isn’t very talkative, the poor child must be really disconcerted by all this change.
Oriana apologizes for causing them so much trouble, but Lucina reassures her – one look at Oriana’s face is all she needed to be sure that she didn’t do anything bad. She tries to talk to Alina, too, but the girl hides behind her mother’s back, like any child her age would do in such circumstances. Eventually, she does agree to take Lucina’s hand, leaving Oriana and Raquel alone. They hug once again, Oriana promises she only needs help for a little while, before she can go to Mexico City and find a job. But Raquel tells her to take her time, she’s there to help, no matter what.

Brief fashion exposition:
Oriana had the time to change in the plane or during their layover, apparently, because now she’s wearing a flowery, above the knee dress – nice to know that even while on the run from the Colombian police, one can still look fashionable and pretty.
Raquel is wearing a pink, high waist top and a low cut, flared legs pair of pants, the kind of outfit you’d expect an odalisque to wear. And Lucina has a yellow and white dress, the perfect fit for her fuller, Christina Hendricks-type, figure.
They all wear similar outfits all through the episode.

Next, the location changes to a hills scenery – the little hotel that Lucina and Raquel own is farther away from San Carlos and it only has a few rooms, nothing fancy, Lucina explains, as they pass by a sign that says Villa el Descanso – and their guests are mostly retired gringos.
The beach is close enough, too, the hotel is right next to it, looking more like the place where the protagonistas would have their first encontro amoroso in capitulo 50: a white, two stories high medium sized house, with a large terrace.
We are introduced to some of the staff of the Villa – we see a guy called Felipe, who is supposed to take care of the girls’ bags and there is also a Chucho, off screen for now.

The interior looks somewhat hippy, not what I imagined after seeing the outside, but I guess it works with Lucina’s temperament. We find out they don’t have that much staff now, because it’s the off season.
Oriana and Alina check into a pretty, twin room. Raquel tries to cheer them up, but Oriana is, rightfully, not in a great mood. Alina is afraid to go to the bathroom alone, she doesn’t want her mom to leave, so Oriana promises she will be right there waiting for her.
Once alone, Raquel asks if Alina is usually so shy. No, Oriana explains with tears falling down her cheeks, normally she’s a very happy, extroverted girl, but being taken away from her house in the middle of the night, the plane flight, the terrible change, all these things are really affecting her. Besides, she herself is very frightened and Alina is picking up on that.
Raquel asks her why she doesn’t stay there instead of going to Mexico City. Well, Jose Luis (the husband) gave her some money, but Oriana has to work; besides, she could cause them troubles, since the police might be looking for her.
They are shortly interrupted by Felipe coming in with the luggage.
Then Raquel advices Oriana to take a bath, try to relax a little. Alina comes out of the bathroom, but doesn’t want to accompany Raquel to the beach.
Raquel reassures Oriana one more time of her help and then leaves.
Alina wants to know if her mom had been crying, but Oriana tells her she was only excited to see her friend. Then Alina asks when her dad will join them. “Muy pronto!’ (Very soon!), Oriana painfully lies and they start unpacking their bags.  

On the terrace that has an exquisite view of the ocean, Lucina is sitting on a bench when Raquel comes to join her.
Lucina hopes the husband won’t think about coming to the villa, Raquel is sure he won’t. They both decide they should help Oriana, Lucina says she has cara de buena jente (the face of a good person).

It’s the next day and Alina is still desperately holding on to her mom, while Oriana talks to Lucina and Raquel about how peaceful the place is. Yes, it’s true, mostly because they’re off season, they only have two couples and an old lady as guests.
Oriana is surprised that Raquel chose such a reclusive place to live, so Raquel explains that when they decided to start the business together she and Lucina realized they didn’t have money for a more central location. But she likes it all the same, all that is missing from her life is a galan, milionario if it’s possible. Lucina already has hers, although she’s reluctant to accept him – marriage is the last thing on her mind, she used to go out with the guy years before and now he showed up again. He used to be married, then he became a widow and remarried to a younger woman who cheated on him.  Raquel thinks that one of these days the guy will get a divorce and come to live with Lucina at the villa. Maybe, but Lucina doesn’t want to be anybody’s noviecita. 

Knowing more than she needs to know about the romantic chismes of the owners, Oriana and Alina go to the beach and Raquel scolds Lucina for talking about stuff like that in front of Alina. Lucina has the same reaction I’d have, she doesn’t think it’s a big deal. But I do understand Oriana’s need to protect Alina, now more than ever.

Back in the villa, an old, stuck up witch complains to Felipe about the mugre servicio (deplorable service) of the place and leaves for the beach. Lucina and Raquel are obviously fed up with the guest’s attitude, but Raquel goes to change her towels, to avoid a new conflict.
Lucina notices that the business is going worse then ever and Felipe asks how long Oriana will stay and if her husband will join her, too. Lucina promptly lies, saying Oriana is a widow (BANG!).
Just then the phone rings, it’s Jose Luis calling from a payphone, asking to talk to Oriana, but saying that he’s just a friend.
Lucina takes the phone from Felipe and says they have no Oriana living there. Jose Luis explains that he is her husband and thinks that maybe he’s talking with Raquel, but Lucina insists they have nobody named Oriana staying with them and if he ever bothers to call, they’ll make a complaint at the police.
Jose Luis, wearing a cap to disguise his hair and nothing else, is left holding the phone, not knowing what to do. Oh, well, I’m sure he’ll think of something.
Lucina tells Felipe that if someone ever calls for Oriana again, to say he doesn’t know her.

Raquel gets back, upset over the way their business is going, but Lucina drags her outside and tells her about the talk she just had with Jose Luis – they can’t allow for that man to reach them and get them into trouble – what if the police is listening his calls? Lucina thinks Oriana should tell everybody that she’s a widow. Raquel is slightly opposed to the idea at first, she thinks that maybe Jose Luis had good intentions, but Lucina is sure that’s not the case. They have to take care of their business first and foremost – she’s not sorry that she agreed to help Oriana, but she won’t cover for a delinquent, too. So Raquel has to convince Oriana to pretend to be a widow, which is the exact version of the facts that Felipe also has.

On the beach with Oriana, Alina is sad, she misses her home and her dad.

Enter Alejandro Tommassi, a new guest at the Villa. He’s happy to be there, by the way he acts, it’s not his first time; he goes straight to the terrace, taking in the breeze and the sun, just as Oriana and Alina are returning from the beach.
He chats with a very reluctant Oriana – he hasn’t seen them around before. He introduces himself as Gabriel Sanchez Fernandez, while Oriana only gives her first name.
Lucina interrupts the awkward introductions, this Gabriel guy is obviously her lover – friend.

Once his room, he tells Lucina that he’s decided to get a divorce, he can’t stand his wife and her brother anymore. He’s all set to meet with the lawyer once he goes back to Tijuana. Checking his wallet, he realizes that he forgot all his credit cards, so he decides to call his wife.

She lives in Tijuana, Baja California, in a fancy mansion. She’s outside the house, on the steps, when Gabriel calls and she’s not exactly happy to hear his voice, but she lets him know she found the credit cards on his desk and put them away in a drawer. She knows he’s with his querida from San Carlos and Gabriel doesn’t make the effort to deny it.
He hangs up the phone, which only infuriates her more. A bearded man from inside the house, Berto, her brother, comes to talk to her: she’s worried that Gabriel is going to ask for a divorce –apparently they have a pre-nup and she’s afraid she’ll be left with nothing. Ojala he suffered a heart attack and died, she wishes, as Bert asks if by any chance she knows if Gabriel has a will. Hm…

Back in San Carlos, it’s night time at the Villa and Oriana is trying to read a book, but she obviously can’t concentrate. Alina is asleep, so when Raquel comes in she suggests they go outside to have a drink and talk. But Oriana can’t leave Alina alone, especially under the circumstances, so Raquel agrees to talk in the room.
She tells Oriana that Jose Luis called. Oriana looks slightly enthused, but then Raquel explains that they hid her presence, because they’re afraid Jose Luis will come, and the police will soon join, too. They agreed to help her, but they don’t want trouble with the officials. It wouldn’t be fair if they suffered any kind of harm just for helping her, right? Is Raquel starting to show some claws? Me think so.
Oriana can’t argue with this, besides she already told Jose Luis that she never wants to see him again. That’s very good, Raquel agrees and Alina needs to be told that her dad is dead. We don’t get to see much reaction from Oriana, yet, but she can’t be that cruel to her daughter, right?

It’s the next morning, and Alina is more talkative now. She chats with Felipe, telling him she’s going to the beach, to gather shells. Felipe gives Alina a snack and then Oriana joins them and asks Felipe to let Raquel know about their whereabouts in case she asks.
The old stuck-up witch comes behind them and asks if that woman (Oriana) is Raquel’s friend – Felipe confirms it.

Now on the beach, Oriana suggests Alina a walk, when Gabriel comes to join them. He’s very friendly, invites them to go to town together, buy ice cream and Alina happily agrees, forcing Oriana to agree, too. They leave the beach, Alina holding hands with the two grown-ups, while the Stuck-Up Witch watches them from the terrace.

When night comes, Gabriel is telling Lucina how he spent his day with Alina, who is very chatty. Lucina is happy to hear this, especially since at first Alina was very quiet. Gabriel thinks that was because of her dad’s death and asks to know why he died. Lucina gives an approximate answer, pretends not to know the details. They are interrupted by some noise coming from the beach, some good-for-nothing guys (vagos) listening to loud music and breaking the peace. Gabriel thinks there is nothing they can do since they are on a public beach, but Lucina is upset because of the late hour.

Oriana and Alina hear the noise, too. And so does the Stuck-Up Witch, who meets Lucina in the lobby and complains about the intolerable, outrageous conditions.

Lucina, followed by Gabriel, goes to confront the loud people on the beach. They get into a fight and one of the guys takes out a gun and points it at Lucina and Gabriel (gulp!)

Inside, Oriana tries to reassure Alina that they’ll be able to sleep, noise and all. But they are both frightened by two gun shots!

Apparently, the guy with the gun shot twice in the air, to assert his manliness. Lucina threatens to call the police and one of the other guys from the party takes the gun from his friend and throws it on the beach, farther away (we see the exact spot where the gun lands – this is not the last we’ll see of this arm!). Then they get into their car and leave.
Raquel comes out, too, Lucina is upset the quarrelers left a mess behind – Chucho and Felipe will have to clean it up (the gun, take the gun!)

It’s a new day and Oriana is on the beach. Gabriel joins her, asks about Alina – the little girl is in town with Raquel, she was a little afraid last night, but Oriana told her the gun shots were fireworks.
Gabriel says teenagers are sometimes a hand full, he knows this from experience, since he has a 17 year old at home – not that he has to struggle too much with him, though, since they don’t live together, but his older brother (hero alert!) is having a difficult time controlling his teenage outbursts (quite the involved father, this Gabriel).
How about her, does she ever intend to go back to Colombia? Does she have a profession?
Yes, she actually does, she has a Math degree and she’d like to teach, that’s why she plans to go to Mexico City and search for a job. Well, Gabriel’s older son (ahem…) has a lot of connection in Hermosillo, maybe he could help.

Stuck-Up Witch comes by to let them know she intends to take a walk on the beach, and hopefully there will be nobody to bother her this time, like it happened last night with that noisy party. Gabriel tries to reason with her, but she is such a …you know, stuck-up witch, that they end up laughing once she goes away, all righteous  indignation. Gabriel likes Oriana’s smile, it’s good to see her laugh, he tells her with affection.

The next day Oriana and Alina are on the beach and Oriana is telling Alina they’ll soon move out of the villa. Alina wants to know about her dad, but Oriana has no answers for her.
They join Lucina and Raquel and Lucina takes a photo of the other three. Then Raquel takes Alina inside and Lucina asks Oriana if she told her daughter that her father is dead. Oriana doesn’t dare to tell such a lie, cause Alina so much pain. Lucina insists that she has to do it, though, everybody has been told that Oriana is a widow, what if Alina starts to talk about her dad? No, Alina knows that she’s not aloud to talk about him or Colombia.
Still, something might come up, Lucina insists. At first she thought Oriana was guilty, too, but now she trusts her and considers her a friend.

At night, Alina, holding a picture of Jose Luis in his Inspector uniform, is praying for Gabriel and for her dad to come for them quick. Oriana once again asks Alina not to talk about him and promises to tell her about her dad’s problems one of these days.
After Alina goes to sleep, Oriana goes to the bathroom – she’s very worried, wonders how she will ever be able to tell her daughter ….

After a few days …

Gabriel is reading the newspaper on the terrace, while Alina is alone, playing on the beach and Oriana is in the kitchen, cutting some oranges.
Oriana is preparing an orange juice…
Gabriel dozes off on a chaise-longue…
Alina finds something on the beach…
Oriana pours juice in a glass…
Alina grabs a gun from the sand…
Gabriel is now fully asleep on the terrace.

In slow motion we see Alina run up the stairs of the terrace, holding the gun and calling for Gabriel. He wakes up just in time to see Alina point the gun at him. In the kitchen, Oriana hears the gun shot, as the juice spills all over the floor.
Gabriel falls into the pool, we see that he was shot in the chest. Oriana runs outside to find a bloodied pool, a man face down in the water and Alina holding a gun.
She runs to her daughter, asks what happened. Alina swears she didn’t do anything, but there is nobody else around. (Or is there? We haven’t seen the actual shot.)
Stuck-Up Witch appears at the balcony and screams “Asesina!”, while Oriana cries that it was an accident.
Raquel and Lucina show up on the terrace, too. Lucina sees Gabriel in the pool and thinks fast: she tells Raquel to take the gun and hide it and takes Alina and Oriana inside, not before urging Raquel to tell everyone that Gabriel was killed by a stray bullet.

Lucina takes Oriana and Alina to a car, she wants them to leave, hide for the moment. Oriana wants to tell the truth to the police, but Lucina is afraid they’ll start to investigate and find out the truth about her husband, too. She pushes Oriana in the car, just in time for Felipe to show up. Lucina asks him to take Oriana and Alina to her apartment in town and then come back quickly – he’s not to tell anyone what he heard, if anybody asks, he went grocery shopping.
Alone, Lucina sits on the steps, she is very shaken up about the whole situation, too, and I think she’s mostly upset because Gabriel lost his life.

The guests at the villa talk about the gun shot they all heard, while Stuck-Up Witch is on the phone with the police, telling them the owner’s friend is the shooter, she saw her with the gun in her hand. So, are they coming to Villa El Descanso (“que de descanso no tiene nada” –hahaha, well said).
Lucina and Raquel walk in and she lets them know she called the police and told them Oriana was the shooter. Raquel fights with her, tells her it was a stray shot coming from the outside, the other guests have no clue about what actually happened.

Lucina goes to Oriana’s room, Jose Luis’ picture is still on the nightstand. She finds Oriana’s passport – her full name is Oriana Caligaris Vega – and calls a guy named Martinez, asks him for a big favor.

Oriana and Alina arrive at Lucina’s apartment in San Carlos. Felipe leaves them alone, Alina says that she found the gun on the beach, but she didn’t do anything. The little actress is quite good at showing her desperation in the scenes, I wonder if maybe there was another shooter.
Oriana wants Alina to calm down, she’s obviously sure the girl did it.

Back at the Villa, Stuck-Up Witch is giving her declaration in the lobby, loud enough for everyone to hear it, she’s sure Oriana shot Gabriel. Lucina asks to talk to the police man who came, they know one another; she swears it was an accident, a stray bullet coming from outside the terrace. But he doesn’t quite believe this story, and besides the Stuck-Up Witch insists it was Raquel’s friend who killed that poor man, surely out of jealousy – she’s seen them together several times.
Another cop shows up and takes Stuck-Up Witch out to give a proper declaration. When asked, Raquel says she doesn’t know where her friend is.

In San Carlos, Alina is asleep on the couch, in her mom’s lap, while Oriana is crying, probably wondering how her life turned into such a mess all of a sudden. There is a knock at the door, a guy named Armando Martinez, sent by Lucina. Oriana opens for him and finds out the man has instructions from Lucina to take them to Guaymas. But Oriana doesn’t want to run again, she wants to fix things. He has clear orders to take them away as fast as possible, but if she doesn’t want to... One look at Alina, still asleep on the sofa and I think Oriana will leave.

Sure enough, next we see her and Alina with Martinez, in his huge truck, leaving San Carlos.

At the police station Lucina and Raquel are talking with the police man, they told him Alina was the shooter, but he doesn’t believe them, he thinks they are covering for Raquel’s friend and they’ll be accused of complicity. Lucina wants to call her lawyer, the police man asks why did Oriana leave, taking the gun and her passport if she’s innocent. Raquel keeps saying that she doesn’t know. He goes to see if the victim’s family has been notified, leaving the twp women alone.
Raquel is afraid for Oriana, the police guy knows that Lucina has an apartment in town. Yes, but by now they are surely far away, Lucina is sure of that. She’s sadder about poor Gabriel, her friend.

Hermosillo, Sonora
Night time - The outside of a huge mansion – slow, piano notes in the background
A car stops right in front of the big entrance and a dashing, elegant man gets out. He leans his forehead against the car roof for a moment and we only see him from the back for now. Who could he be, who could he be?
He’s obviously upset about something, another man shows up asking if he should park the car or not. As he refuses the offer, saying he’ll shortly go out again, we find out more about the mysterious man: he’s an engineer, he has a rather sexy walk, from the back he looks great in a vest and he has no problems wearing sport shoes with elegant suit pants.

Once inside the house, we get acquainted with the inhabitants the same way we did at the beginning of the episode, by seeing some family pictures of Alejandro Tommasi with David Zepeda and another guy that I don’t know – these are our dearly departed Gabriel and his two sons.

For a brief moment the camera observes our mysterious man from above, but then we get to see his face – it is David Zepeda, indeed, wearing a black and white man scarf around his neck, trying his hardest  to appear grief stricken and cry in a convincing way (and, in my opinion, failing to do so).
I was looking forward to his appearance, in this women filled episode the presence of a man, especially the leading man, was painfully needed, but so far I'm not smitten. Can't wait to see more of that sexy walk tomorrow, though.

  • A new guest arrives at the Villa, asking for shelter – a woman named Ines Valdivia (Laisha Wilkins), dressed in short shorts and a baggy shirt and looking like a drugged hot mess.
  • David Zepeda’s character already shows ganas de venganza against the woman who killed his father. Here we go…


Hmmm... nothing sexy about Zepeda's bow-legged walk,IMO.

I think the walk is hot too. He struts!


Thanks for the recap Adrianna!

Honestly, I think the walk is one of the few sexy things about Zepeda.
I never liked him too much in his other tns, the plucked eyebrows, those thin lips...
But the walk is nice...

Oy, vey. Thanks for the quick recap. I will probably rewatch the episode before the day is over.

The possible accidental shooting by a child is disturbing... almost as disturbing as having Diego Olivera as a villain with David Zepeda as the galan. Why that casting? Sounds like inspiration for a weekend discussion.

Adriana Noel, a spectacular, detailed debut. The title was clever and the recap was excellent.

Ashamed to admit I fell tight asleep after the first 20 minutes, but your concise details crystalized the events perfectly. Particular appreciated the embedded vocabulary “Para mi estas muerto!” (For me, you’re a dead man!)and your wry take on some of the events including "Knowing more than she needs to know about the romantic chismes of the owners...".

Previews are always difficult for me especially ones where there is so much action in the first episode where we are being introduced to the characters as well. You did an amazing job putting all of this together.

Not a fan of the two leads (Zepeda leaves me cold), but love Altair and Fabian Robles. I hope to watch this from time to time but as I have to be up by 4 a.m., the time slot is challenging for me.

Of course UA you posed the question of the day "...almost as disturbing as having Diego Olivera as a villain with David Zepeda as the galan. Why that casting?" ITA amiga, what else can I say?


Diana, if you like the tn you can try to catch it on line. I'm not in the US, so that's the way I watch, too.

I like Diego Olivera, too, he's a better fit for Mayrin Villanueva, chemistry wis. Coonsidering the story, I think she is a better choice for the heroine then Zepeda is for the hero, but maybe they'll work together...

Thanks so much, Adriana and posters. I'm so happy to be back with a novela that's being blogged on Caray, Caray. Love the comments.

Haven't finished last night's episode. I'm hopeful that it will be a good one.

Thanks Adriana. What a great job on this as well as CI. You are amazing.

The governor from CI sure didn't last for long in this TN, did he? Bless his heart it looked as though he still had the same dye job.


Adriana - Terrific recap. Thanks for all the detail.

Jose Luis seemed torn about what he'd done and to really love his family. Diego Olivera may be playing a villain, but I'm thinking there will be many shades of gray to Jose Luis.

Poor Alina. That little girl needs therapy.

Poor Gabriel. I was all set for him to be a lovable sidekick. Sure wasn't expected him to exit the TN on its debut.

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been mostly out of touch with novelas ever since Amor Bravio. This recap laid an excellent foundation. Muchas gracias!!

Great recap Adriana! You matched the pace of this episode and I was very involved remembering all the events.

I don't care much for Zepeda as a galán in general although parts of his strenghts on screen serve the character and I think Diego Olivera does a wonderful job in this telenovela.

I enjoyed the begining although everything happened so fast that I got worried that I got initially worried that the story might run out of steam later.

I love Lucina and Raquel.



Hi Jarocha,

I think Lucina is gorgeous.

I always enjoy Altair Jarabo, but I prefer her having a bit darker hair and a slightly darker soul.


Hi Carlos!

I agree with you on Lucina. Cecilia Gabriela is quite a beauty.

About Altair, the extra blonde hair was odd at first for me too but I've gotten used to it. Raquel's soul... hmmm.



"Raquel's soul... hmmm."

I'll take that as an encouraging and reassuring sign. She seemed so sweet last night when we first met.


Tks Adriana Noel
I just watched on Uvideos since Santa Diabla is in this time slot.

I already have a problem, Wouldn't the 1st thing be to get Gabriel out of the pool? The shot may not have killed him, he probably drowned.

Gracias Adriana Noel. I do believe this is the first time I have enjoyed one of your recaps. I loved it! Your descriptions are spot-on and I definitely agree with your observations. We needed a galan moment, DZ looks sexy from behind, and he is a dreadful crier. For me he's not the sort of galan that commands love at first sight. But hey, I'm open to a few more enjoyable views from behind.

I like your observation that we did NOT see the actual shooting. That, paired with the child's insisting she didn't do it plus the nasty wife and brother who want to do Gabriel in...well the thought plickens as they say.

Variopinta, ITA agree. It drove me absolutely nuts that nobody was trying to get Gabriel out of the pool, check for a pulse, etc. Gah!!! That should have been the first thing. Instead Gabriel's best friend spent her time hustling her new BFF out of town.

Mayrin Villanueva looks great in those sundresses. What a fantastic look for her.

Altair is stunning as always.

Adriana, your title is perceptive and hilarious. Nice job! Way to get this telenovela out the gate.

Get him out of the pool!was all I was thinking for the rest of the episode. And right before he was shot, I was thinking that we won't be going back to Isla Dorada on CI now that he is on this tn. Such a shame, after he spent all that time getting the black dye job out!

San Carlos Guaymas was so beautiful. This TN has a great look :)

I thought this TN was about the Costa Concordia at first. Doesn't Falcon look like the same captain?

My friend was on the sister ship and she texted me from onboard that she didn't know who was steering the thing, because the captain was like a showman and model. There was actually a spotlight following him around the ship, and he was always at the restaurant, bar or pool. Apparently the captains are hired for their looks and their ability to carouse with the guests, which is exactly what everyone vilified the captain for when the ship wrecked.

Thank you all, I'm glad that you enjoyed the recap, I tried to concentrate more than I usually do on details (I'm more snarky than observant) because this was the first episode.

Traveling lady, I'm looking forward to the chats we'll be having here. I could have watched this tn when it first started airing in Mexico, but I preferred to wait so I can enjoy it with the Caray gang. Now the wait is finally over!

Carlos, when I saw Gabriel I did think about our fave Governor - Bartolome was his name, right? LOL
Maybe we get to see him again in flashbacks or something similar...hey, he could have a twin, that is always a possibility!
I watched all of Raquel's scenes with great suspicion, she seems so sweet and unnatural to me...

Niecie - I agree that Jose Luis does seem to love his family, but I have a feeling he'll turn darker, or else it would be very hard for us to root for the main couple to be together.

Foxy, Amor Bravio is one of my favorite tns, so I think we already have something in common :)

Jarocha, the story could run out of steam, I guess, but at 100 episodes, I think we're safe enough. I much rather have a story like this than one that drags on and on and on...

Sylvia, I'm mostly on the Telemundo board or tormenting myself with Corazon Indomable, I gave up on La Tempestad a while ago (not enough hours in the day for all these tns), but I simply had to get involved in this one because I think it's really good.

Variopinta, aside from the fact that they should have taken that poor man out of the pool, what bothered me about the scene, and it's something that always happens when people die in the water, was the huge amount of blood. By the time Lucina arrived the water had turned completely red - I don't know much about how fast blood can leave a body after a shooting, but it can't be THAT fast.


Costa Concordia captain also had a lady friend on the ship that he hustled off real quick.

I bet you guys are right. I doubt Alina would have the strength to pull the trigger. Berto & Gabriel's wife did it. OK, end of novela.

I think David Zepeda is pretty cute. Google his images, muy guapo. Crying needs a little work. Who is a good male crier? WL did well on LT. The females don't do so well either except for Silvia Navarro.

After Juan Querendon I felt Mayrin Villanueva was one of the worst criers ever. Still do. If she and DZ cry together I might have to pour myself a mezcal.

Oriana and Alina really do look like mother and daughter.

AN, I know what you mean about not enough hours in the day. It's easy to get out of control with too many telenovelas.

Daniela you are right



"I doubt Alina would have the strength to pull the trigger."

I'm also inclined to think like that. It would certainly take quite a bit of effort for a child that size to pull hard enough on the trigger of a revolver like that in order for it to fire, especially if it were not already cocked. Also, if she did manage to fire the pistol, almost certainly the recoil would throw the gun from her hand causing at least some significant injury.

Of course this is a TN and the rules of nature do not always apply.


Oh my! Good call Daniela. The resemblance is amazing. Capt Schettino is, to use his own words, a real cazzo.

What they should have done was take that gun to the police, they should see if it had been fired recently, right?
Although that drunk on the beach did fire it a couple of days before, would it show if tested?

But everyone is sure it was Alina - although I agree with all of you, it had to have been Bert, he did ask his sister about the will.

Adriana Noel, thank you so much! I've only seen 3 TNs (CME, Amor Bravio, and Que Bonito Amor), so I am looking forward to this one!

I was in love with Jorge Salinas, but I think this Diego guy is going to give him a run for the money!! Why does he have to be the "bad" guy?!?

The gun in the hands of that small child was very scary.

Looking forward to tonight!


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