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PEAM, Tuesday 11/5/13 (#171): Hitchcock. Kubrick. Truffaut. Kurosawa. Garcia?

- Valentina posts a new photo of "my family" to Bookface. Pretty much everyone in Monterrey is in it except for Vero. (And Daddy Elias. How soon they forget.) Vero sees the photo and has a cow and vows revenge on everyone. Said revenge will be exacted at the double-baptism on Sunday. She will crush ALL of the birds with one stone. (insert bird puns here) She promises to pay Jacinto oodles of money if he'll just do this one last job for her, and then he can disappear. I hope he realizes that she'll probably try to whack him because she hates paying for things.

- Vero says "[he/she/you] will pay" about a thousand times.

- Diego Armando is totally useless as a director. Chucho ends up directing the whole commercial himself and also assists with the editing. Meanwhile, Diego asks Alma to run away with him so they can laze around nekkid at the beach. Alma turns him down. He tells himself that Alma will pay.

- Diego Armando has offended each and every one of the secretarias. They are determined to make him pay. (Does anyone notice a trend here?)

- Rog neglected to register himself as Fernandito's legal guardian before he went to jail. Cantu and Paty help him finalize the paperwork.

- Rog tearfully apologizes to Fernando for all the ways he did his brother wrong. Fernando forgives him. They don't know what they would do without one another.

- Vero visits Rog at the hospital. It's easy enough to find his room with all the cops/guards standing outside it. She taunts him about his paralysis and gloats that he won't be able to do anything in bed with Paty. Paty walks in and Vero expresses regret that her hit man didn't finish the job on Paty. They bitch-slap and hair-pull until Rog calls for the guards, who break them up and escort Vero out permanently at Rog's request. Paty threatens Vero in front of them, but I don't know if that matters or not. Paty wants turn Vero in, but Rog says "it would be your word against hers." Paty protests, "but you witnessed her confession." "Sure, but I'm a criminal," Rog replies.

- Breakfast at Chatita's! Food porn alert! Chucho says that everything tastes better when it's made with love. Gag me.

- Diego Armando insults the secretarias again, saying they're lazy and ugly. Susana says they're here to help him out in any way they can. "Wut?" ask her confused friends. Doña Su winks at them reassuringly. Treachery is afoot!

- It's time for Rogelio to go back to prison. Everyone cries. Hahaha! Hilarious!!

Next time:
Preparations for the baptism; Jacinto gives Vero either a detonator or a really clunky garage door opener.



Thanks so very much for this wonderful, marvelous recap. You really got everything!

Loved your title! And how apropos!

Yes, there was a payback theme running thru out tonight that's for sure. I want to know when they are going to finally get Killeronica, Basta enough from her!!!! I hope Jacinto messed with the detonator and it blows up in her face. Now that would be divine retribution!

Chucho really had a good idea for the secretaries to be a part of the campaign. So real and not fake. Too bad DAM is such an A**. I like how Alma threatened him too. Good for her.

Too bad Pato wasn't wearing some kind of recording device. It's too bad she left her phone in Rog's room, she could have recorded Killeronica's threats and then Delia could have used it. Too bad. I did like this smackdown, Killeronica deserved a lot more.

What is the body count now from Killeronica. Let's see first Marta, then Cynthia. I hope the body count stops now. Enough already. I wish Ivonne hadn't had such a big mouth.

Well on to tomorrow to see how this mis plan of Killeronica's works. Yuk.

Thank you! Julie. These "ultimos capitulos" are hard to sit through and watch. They are not capturing my attention at all. Thank you for enduring. Your recap was far more entertaining than the episode. The Diego plot is annoying and Killeronica gets sicker by the day. Enough already. The secretaries' ad campaign has LFMB all over it. On to tonight's episode.

I did intend to add more, but I won't have time this morning. Maybe at lunch. I don't think any of the extra stuff is important - it's just color, like the battle of the floral arrangements, and the note from DAM telling Alma he'd like to explore her terrain and sail her oceans, or something like that...

Thanks Julie. Short, sweet and to the point. All that was needed for this. Love the title.

So now Chucho can add director/editor to his long list of superman skills. Gees. Good idea, but honestly I'm actually getting tired of his ability to just be good at everything and know everything. And seems the only reason we even have Mr. Cutie Director in this is to showcase Alma and Chucho again somehow. yeah, been there, done that, boring.

Am I the only one who things they are going just a bit too far with this whole Killeronica wants to do in everyone scenario? Seriously, if they even try to make her sorry or "human" at the end for the sake of maintaining the happy comedy angle I'll implode. And Val gets to grow up knowing her mother's main occupation was planning serial killings. Yeah--so funny hahaha, huggy moment.

so nice to see everyone OUT of those blasted uniforms at work. Can they just do that from now on?

Rog and Pati--the best part of this show. And happy for the shout out to Elias. I guess a certain someone was ok with that as long as it was a picture only. Snicker...



Thank you, Julie. I agree with you guys that Killeronica has become unhinged at an unrealistic pace. And I don't know why they inserted Diego in here so close to the end. It would time better spent on the characters we're already invested in. I suppose he's a foil. I like Chucho as Superman. No one comes to the finale but through him. He is the light and the way.

Great recap Julie....

To Hell with crazy @ss Veronica...Planning to kill everyone, even her two children, because she didn't get her way. (What kind of storyline is this? The said part is, it can happen in real life too.)

What I would like to see, is more of Jessica in the RED mini dress...but not acting so stupid.

This crazy TN will be over soon, then on to the next dreadful comedy....right?

OT - JudyB. we start making our way to the "Big Dance" this weekend, first game this Saturday. Go-(VCU)Rams
And my football team is now RG3&5,and still in it. Go'Skins.

-" Breakfast at Chatita's! Food porn alert! Chucho says that everything tastes better when it's made with love. Gag me."

Now that's the kind of heartfelt, straight shootin' kind of comment that is pure Julie. And I love it.

Sounds like I missed nothing by skipping the show last night, but would never miss a recap. YOU writers, I can count on. The Televisa folks, not so much. (except for Carla Estrada, bless her)

Yes, Lee, basketball season is upon us. I can't wait! And keeping my fingers crossed that RGIII stays healthy. Sure glad he's not on a team with that Richie Incognito.

Julie, I loved your point by point recap. You said it all.

"vos" "sos" "che" I am ready for Diego to go back to Argentina. I just hope the secretarias take him down a peg.

What is unbelievable is that Veronica can just waltz into Rogelio's hospital room. She might have tried to spring him for all the police know since they didn't search her. One would think that after her questionable/threatening behavior at best she would be on a persona non grata list at the hospital and at all of the houses and Avon. That way the domestic help, receptionist, etc. wouldn't/couldn't allow her past the front door. Totally unbelievable; but then again we don't know what kind of genre we are dealing with here except we are in la la land.


Daisy - I don't think Eli was in the photo. I should have phrased it "everyone except Vero and Elias."

Another thing I should have put in the recap is that Alma was teasing Chucho about DAM because she had to go through the same torment when Chucho was being pursued by Augusta and then by Tracey. I hope there is more to DAM's sudden arrival than that, and that this isn't just another opportunity of all of the other reindeer to misbehave again.

Also, Alma did make fun of DAM at some point, used a "vos" on him. :-)

I just checked the ratings for PEAM on:


and this TN has, are you ready for this? 4.1 million viewers and it is up by +2 points. Que, Que, what? Right now it is the highest rated TN. They don't have a rating for CI, but in order of ratings it is PEAM, LT and then MPV. There must be a ton of Colunga fans out there, jus' sayin' ; )

Well, to be fair, most TNs probably do better during their ultimas semanas, right?

Though I have to say, this does not reflect well on LT and MPV. Especially since LT is also wrapping up now (I think they advertised the final for 11/15).

Lt is also up by +2. 3.2 million peeps are watching it. It's funny that so many people are watching that poor TN being chopped to bits. I recap it and they are cutting some important scenes. I think if they had left it alone it would have drawn higher ratings. I hate what they are doing to our little TN that could, sigh.

Julie: I’ve only read the title and, being a film historian and movie obsessive, I’m already loving it. Can’t wait to read recap.



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Julie: Excellent recap.

Did see the last few minutes and loved Jessica’s red dress.

Daisy: Agree that Vero being a serial killer and Vale having to live with that knowledge is so not funny and inappropriate for a comedy TN.

Looking forward to La Reina and the new Angelique Boyer TN.


I feel really bad about all the stuff I left out (besides the stuff I already mentioned in comments today), like:

- Diego asking Susana what everyone sees in Chucho, and she says "for one thing, biceps"

- Chucho telling Susana her "motivation" for her scene

- Diego wearing Xochi's glasses on top of his head

- All of Diego's colorful insults

- Vero pinching Rog's leg, can you feel this? How about this?

- Yvonne wondering who "Vanessa" is

- The battle of the bouquets

- Vero telling Jacinto the cops have already got a make on him

- Alma telling Chucho she defended herself against DAM, but NOT telling Chucho what DAM did

- Valentina saying at breakfast, "Mommy doesn't have any love in her life," and Chucho hurriedly changing the subject

I am not going to have time to roll all of those into the recap. I'm sorry. :( I actually thought this was a fairly fun and colorful episode (except for Vero's nonstop spewing of venum) and I wish I could have reflected more of that in the recap.

Oh well. I'm still excited that I got all the important stuff into less than one page! That may be a record for me!

VENOM. Not "venum." LOL. I'll blame it on my digestion.

Madelaine, MPV third behind PEAM and LT......
Even though My favorite TN Actress is the star... MpV has a very "lame" storyline. I rarely stay up to watch, and don't waste time seeing it the next day on Univision.com. MpV has Soap Opera drama made for U.S. TV.....I Luv Mayvin, but I am sick of watching her cry all the time (except when she wear the tight jeans).....Plus the storyline is a little too far fetch.

JudyB. It has come out today on sport talk radio, that the Miami coaches put Incognito up to "bullying" Martin....But Ingognitor has a history of being an A-hole.

Thanks, Julie. Love your snark about Chucho's sudden directing skills.

DAMcheeky is annoying, but he is still more entertaining to me than Chucho and Alma, so I don't mind that he's pestering them. His notes to Alma are so over the top that it's hard to see him as a real character, though. He's just a plot device. I am looking forward to seeing how the secretarias take him down a notch or ten. Chucho is just being stupid. Why would anyone bother getting all territorial or defensive around such a non-threatening clown? There's no way Alma would go for his cheesy wooing, so whatevs. It almost makes the way he takes Val's and Tweenage Lounge Lizard's "romance" seriously seem reasonable in comparison.

I want Delia to start seriously investigating Vero. Clearly this other police dude is not getting the job done.

I'm still suspicious of the coffee Vero's been giving to Suarez, but I suppose even a weak and slow poison would have done its job by now. (I also wondered if she was hoping to seduce him, but he seems oblivious to her charms.)

Julie: knowing Vero, she probably WAS trying to seduce him. And, per usual, she's batting 0.

Thanks for the recap Julie! And thank you Pablo for the recap yesterday.

I haven't seen the episodes. I think I'll try to watch this one before tonight's episode.

As for ratings, I don't think you compare shows across timeslots, you compare shows within the same timeslot. An 8pm show is always going to have more viewers than a 10pm show, no matter what channel. You have to compare a 10pm show against the other 10pm shows.

Lee- I have to disagree with you on MPV. It has a complex plot (what tn doesn't?) with a lot of mysteries to be solved, but they all make sense and all the characters are approaching the problems with logic, which is very nice to see in a tn.

Vivi: logic in a TN is always refreshing, isn't it?

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