Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lo Que La Vida Me Robó, # 57, 1/29/2014, Ale Hates Montse; Montse Hates Ale. Things are even, but will they ever get better?

Lo Refrito # 1Josefina tries to explain her understanding of Alejandro's point of view to Montse.

Lo Refrito # 2In the Living Room of Hacienda Almonte, a disbelieving Alejandro bends over the dead body of his father-in-law, Admiral Lauro Mendoza.  Ale tells Marcario to call in Lauro's chauffeur but not to tell him what happened because he (Ale) needs to make a call.  Ale exits the scene, leaving María behind to have some quality time with Admiral Mendoza's corpse:  "Maldito Viejo," she calls him, which translates directly as Bad Old Man, though if she were speaking in English she'd probably say, "Stupid Old Fart!"  María is angry at the Admiral for coming to die at the hacienda.  Some nerve!

Study o' Sh*t Going Down:  Alejandro, visibly shaken, is on the phone with his best friend, Victor.  Victor seems excited to get Ale's call, hoping it means he's calmer about the situation with Montse and is seeing things with a fresh point of view, but Ale immediately says no, he didn't call for this.  He explains what happened with the Admiral and is emotional and upset.  Ale asks Victor to help him, to call and make arrangements with a funeral home to receive the body tonight.  He (Ale) is coming to Agua Azul now and will pay for all the costs of the wake.  Victor wants to know if Ale has spoken yet with Montse.  Ale says no and that he wants to tell her in person.  

Call with Victor completed, Ale walks around, looking teary-eyed and upset.  Eager to protect her interest in Alejandro and worried that the death of the Admiral will bring Ale and Montse together again, BM walks in to declare to Ale that he has nothing to do in Agua Azul and shouldn't be going.  Ale gets angry at her and is crying and tells her not to get involved.  She can't and won't stop, though, and yells at him to send the body alone with the chauffeur and be done with it.  Ale glares at her and tells her Admiral Mendoza was one of the few men he (Ale) has ever respected.  He thought of him like a father.  The Admiral didn't deserve to die this way, knowing his wife had tricked him all his life.  

You're going to blame me, says María.  Yes, Ale says, getting angry.  We both should have kept quiet.  María says that the Admiral made them angry, and, besides, she wasn't the only one who talked.  She reminds Ale that he was the one who told Lauro about how Montse was having José-Luis's child.  She begs Alejandro not to go to Montse, declares that Montse will do something to take advantage of the death of her father to try to get close to Alejandro and soften his feelings for her.  Alejandro doesn't seem to be listening to her at all, but has his head and his hand and looks distraught.  Marcario comes into to tell Ale the chauffeur is waiting.  Ale says he's going to talk to to the man now.  Wiping away a tear, María watches him go and, at last, realizing she isn't going to win the argument, calls after him that she's going with him to Agua Azul, presumably to protect him from the dangers inherent in being around his small, blond, sexy wife.

1.  Auntie Prudencia's House in Mérida (aka, where I'd also like to be most in the world right now):  Angélica is having a little heart-to-heart with her mother, Gracie's sometime fren-amiga, Amelia.   Angie is asking if Amelia thinks her Daddy, Don Joaquin, will come to her upcoming wedding to José=Luis.  Amelia says that ever-persuasive Auntie Pru is working on it.  Angélica says thanks to her mom for supporting her.  There is joyful crying here.  Amelia tells Angie, "If you're happy, I'm happy," and that if Angie thinks J-L is the love of her life she should go for it.  Angie comments to Amelia that she doesn't sound convinced.  New Attitude Amelia says that's not important--the important thing is that Angie herself is sure.  Angie vows that she loves J-L like she never thought she'd love anyone.   He's everything for me, she says.  

2.  Elsewhere in Mérida  J-L and the ever faithful Refugio are in their rented room, and J-L is on the phone with the very helpful Captain Robledo.  J-L thanks the Captain, hangs up the phone and, then fills Refugio in on the fact that the DIM one has been detained by the police.  Refugio is psyched to hear this, declaring that now DIM will have to pay for all the disgraceful things he has done.  He made their lives hell.  J-L tells Refugio that they have to present themselves tomorrow at the Naval Base and seems to pretend that it's for something bad.  Refugio is worried and wonders if the police are going to hassle them again.  But J-L is only having some fun with Refugio, and it turns out they only have to show up for something really good:  THEY'VE BEEN PARDONED!  Much happiness as Refugio and J-L do some practice saluting, just in case they forgot how during the time they were on the lam.

BACK TO MISERY CENTRAL:  Josefina and Montserrat are having a conversation in the living room of the Mendoza Mansion.  Josie is still comforting Montse, trying to reassure her that everything will work out and that Alejandro will come looking for her eventually.  DIM and Gracie enter, DIM recently sprung from the local pokey.  Josie is immediately up and ready to comfort DIM, saying he's probably tired and hungry, but Grace shuts her down, saying that what DIM needs now is the love and care of his mother.  What do you want to eat, my baby?  she low growls.  Rightfully moody, Montse can't help but pipe in how great it was that Gracie used her influence to solve DIM's problems.  She comments that J-L should have been so lucky, but instead he had to spend time in prison, and his life was destroyed to boot.  Luckily for Gracie, she is impervious to feeling guilty, and she just tells Montse to shut it because Montse is boring her.  Where's your Dad?  Gracie wants to know, I want to talk to him.  Montse says he hasn't returned.  For good measure, Josie gets a look shot in her direction via Gracie to end the scene.

Nadia and Pedro's House, Agua Azul:  Nadia's on the phone with Victor, and Victor is telling her what happened with the Admiral's sudden and fatal heart attack.  Nadia comments that the Admiral had been having heart problems for a while and that it will be a blow to everyone, but especially to Montse.  She adored her father. Victor asks Nadia not to say anything to Montse yet because Alejandro is coming and wants to tell Montse personally.  Nadia tells Victor that she's ready to help with the funeral, and Victor seems to think this means they'll be spending some quality time together, but she warns him not to expect too much since Pedro will want to be with her.  She asks that Victor not approach her since she doesn't want there to be problems between Pedro and Victor, especially with the Mendozas in pain.  This peeves Victor, but he agrees.  

At this point, Pedro walks in and demands to know from Nadia, "With whom were you speaking?"  She ignores him and tells him instead that the Admiral died and that she wants to go to be with Montse to comfort her.  Pedro says he wants to go to the funeral, too, but Nadia tells him no one needs Pedro's hypocrisy.  At this he grabs her arm, demanding to know where she's going and telling her that important and influential people will be at the wake and that it's his duty to be there and her duty to be by his side and behave like the perfect wife, as she promised.  She glares at him and walks out.

Nighttime, Outside of Mendoza Mansion:  DIM is walking with Josefina.  Worried, he wants to know what Josefina told her brother, Tomas, about DIM's being detained by the police.  She says nothing since luckily he was out of town.  She says she's happy that DIM is free and also says she's excited that they don't have to postpone their wedding.  Sweet-natured person that she is, she comments that she is really sad for Montse, that things are really bad for her now.  DIM comments that Montse wasn't only a victim and that Josefina shouldn't feel for her, but then Josie says it's not about feeling pain, it's about having empathy, and that she doesn't like to see Montse like this.  Josefina also says that she believes that in the depths of his heart, DIM can't be indifferent to the situation of his sister.  DIM mocks her a bit, "In the depths of my heart--where do you come up with these things?"  He tells her that he's not what she thinks he is.  She urges him to try to help his sister because Montse needs him more than ever.  Josie kisses DIM and leaves.

Inside Mendoza Mansion:  As DIM enters from outside, he spots Montse moping, sitting on the couch by herself and drinking a cup of tea.  Josefina's influence seems to be growing, since he calls out in mutual sympathy, "It's bad for both of us, eh?"  Montse says a soft yes.  Dim says he feels for her and wonders if there is something he can do.  Knowing him too well, she just shoots him a look of, "Yeah, right," but, seemingly newly inspired by Josie to do some good in his way, he uses this moment to give us a view of the world according to DIM, opining that it's just life, you know.  Things happen.  Things change.  Things can get better--for example, he marries Josefina and he won't worry about money.  He tells Montse there are advantages to divorce.  She's young and hot, after all.  Go and have fun!  Given Ale's general crappy behavior to Montse, this seems like good advice to me, but Montse won't have it, and tells DIM she can't take life lightly like he does.  He's maintains he's just being practical.  Does she want him to help her?  She seems only slightly interested.  Let's party!  he declares.  He tells her that they'll eventually be old, boring, ugly, and will die, but that now they have to live.  Let's party! he says again, but she says no.  He finally leaves but says that she should think about it.    

AND ANOTHER SWEET SCENE IN MÉRIDA:  J-L arrives late at Godmother Prudencia's house to see his beloved Angélica and to say goodbye before he leaves for Agua Azul.  They sit on the couch and snuggle and kiss a bit, and J-L tells her he'll be gone few days.  She wonders if Esmerelda is going, too.  Angie will miss Esme since she always make Angie smile.  But she will miss J-L more than anyone.  Not normally jealous Angie wonders if J-L is going to meet up with Montserrat?  He says he doesn't think so since Montse is with her husband.  He says that Montse is a thing of his past, but Angie still worries that he can't forget her (Montse).  J-L tells Angie that SHE is his present, the woman he is going to marry, and he's not going to allow anything to interfere in their relationship.  They snuggle and kiss some more.

Pedro's House, Agua Azul:  Meanwhile, Angie's father Don Joaquín has come to visit Pedro to talk about serious matters.  He tells Pedro they found Angélica.  Pedro knows this already and basically everything that Joaquin is about to tell him, but Pedro plays dumb well as he asks where Angie was and Don J. explains that she is at her godmother's house in Merida.  He also tells Pedro that Antonio Olivares isn't Antonio Olivares but is really named José-Luis Alvárez.  To make matters worse, Angie is with him and is in love with him.  Pedro tells Joaquin that J-L is a criminal and will end up in jail--Pedro will go to the authorities now.  But Joaquin tells Pedro not to waste his time since it turns out that Captain Robledo is helping J-L and is going to clear his name.  Robledo believes that that imbecile J-L is innocent.  Pedro says that J-L was also involved in the murder of Lareto when J-L was pretending to be Antonio Olivares, but Joaquin says that Pedro doesn't have proof of this.  Joaquin says he needs to get J-L out of his daughter's life and wants Pedro to use his influence to have J-L killed.  Joaquin wants J-L underground before he has a chance to marry Angie.  Weird, freaky look from Pedro to end the scene.  Wait, that's just his face.  

THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE:  Montse is still sitting on the couch when Alejandro arrives.  They've only seen each other once on the mean streets of Agua Azul since their horrible fight, and they both seem emotional to find themselves alone together again.  Ale looks mournful, knowing what he has to do; a nervous Montse fiddles with her hair.  Little is said, but the actors who create a lot of tension in this moment.  Finally, Ale asks Montse if her mother is at home.  Why, she wonders.  

Emotional and uncomfortable, Ale says, "I'm bringing your father."  
"My father?" asks Montse, looking anxious.  
"I'm sorry," says Ale.  "He died."  

Montse insists no, it can't be true.  Devastated by all the cruel things Alejandro has said and done to her recently, she clings to the hope that he's only lying again to hurt her.  "No es cierto, no es cierto," she keeps repeating.  Tía Carlotta enters and wants to know what is happening. "I'm sorry," says Ale again, and Montse finally accepts that he's telling the truth, and screams, "My father's dead!  My father's dead!"  Montse runs to Tía's arms, and they are crying and holding each other.  Gracie and DIM come into the room, too, and again Montse screams, "My father is dead--no, no, no!"  The scene ends after more pained and shocked looks from all and amid copious amounts of weeping.  

Back to Pedro and Joaquín where Joaquín is still trying to convince Pedro to have J-L killed, promising Pedro that if he does this, he (Joaquín) will make sure that Pedro gets those lands of Ale's that Pedro needs to do business.  Pedro tells Joaquín that he doesn't need to kill J-L, but Joaquin says he doesn't understand.  Pedro assures Joaquín that all he has to do is to tell Alejandro Almonte where J-L is, and then they'll kill each other.  This way, Pedro and Joaquín will be able to get what they want without lifting a finger. They'll both come out of it winning.  

Next morning, Beach House of Alejandro:  Over breakfast on the patio, Victor asks María how the Admiral died.  With some delight, María recounts the story of how the Admiral learned the truth about his wife and daughter--"He fell over dead!"--and adds that she always knew Monte would betray Alejandro.   Who knew the capataz was José-Luís?  Is it true, she wonders, was J-L the boyfriend of Montse before she married Alejandro?  Yes, says Victor, they had a history.  You think the baby she's expecting is really J-L's?  María asks.  That's what Alejandro thinks, says Victor.  And you? María asks.  I don't know, says Victor. 

Mansion Mendoza:  A sad scene of Carlotta in the garden alone, mourning her dead brother:  Ay, Lauro, what will I do without you?  she asks.  She talks about how she took care of their mother until she died.  Carlotta then took care of Lauro's children, but now they've left.  Finally, Carlotta took care of Lauro himself who was all that was left to her, but now he's gone, too.  I feel so alone and sad, says Carlotta, weeping.  Carlotta wonders who will take care of her.  

Montserrat's Bedroom:  Nadia is staying with Montse and comforting her as Carlotta comes in to tell them that it's time for Montse to change and that people are coming for the wake.  Nadia wants to know why they didn't have the wake in a funeral home.  It's so sad to have it in the house.  Carlotta says this is the way Gracie wanted it.  Montse says suddenly that what she doesn't understand is why her father was in Ale's house when he died?  Did anyone know he was going there?  No, they didn't, and, with everything to do for the wake, no one has had a chance to talk to Alejandro yet to find out what happened.  Carlotta again tells Montse to get ready and to come down and be with her mother, who needs both of her children more than ever.  A dejected Montse says she's coming.

In what I think must be DIM's Bedroom:  Gracie enters, asking DIM what he's doing.  They need to go down to the living room for the wake, and they don't want to be late for the people who are coming.  DIM is upset.  Cue Requiem mood music.  Gracie tells DIM that Lauro is in a better place.  It's very sad and hard, but they all knew that sooner or later this would happen.  DIM feels guilty about what he said Lauro. He tells Gracie that he told Lauro that he hated him--told him to his face that he wanted Lauro to die.  Gracie tells DIM that when people are angry they say things they don't really feel and that Lauro was angry with DIM, too.  

DIM says he knows Lauro never loved him.  Gracie says that, of course, his father loved him.  DIM says he never felt it.  His father never hugged him, touched him, or played with him. All Lauro's love was for Montse.  What did I do that was bad, Mamá? he asks.  Crying herself now, Gracie insists that DIM is not a bad child.  He's beautiful, adorable.  Gracie says, he'll always have her, which she meant to be a comfort to him, but, in response, DIM just curls up into a fetal position and cries some more.  Having decided that she has expressed enough tenderness for the moment, Gracie then draws herself up and tells DIM he is now the man of the house.  When the people come, she wants them to see him being strong.  In five minutes, no more, she expects him.  She'll be downstairs waiting.  

Study, Mansion Mendoza, where THINGS ARE GETTING EVEN WORSE THAN THEY WERE A FEW PARAGRAPHS AGO:  Fresh from her recent man-up exhortation to DIM, Gracie enters the study to find Alejandro waiting.  She wants him to tell her everything that happened when Lauro died.  Montse enters in black, glowering away at Alejandro, and shuts the door behind her.  Gracie tells her to come, and they stand opposite Alejandro waiting for him to speak. Ale says slowly that the Admiral came to see him to find out what was going on, and Ale says he told the Admiral the truth.  What truth, Montse wants to know.  Ale says he told the Admiral that Gracie had been the lover of Benjamin Almonte.  

At this revelation, everyone looks sick.  Gracie says, You told him, my God.  Montse wants to know how he could do something like that.  She accuses Ale of telling Lauro terrible lies about her, too.  Ale insists he told no lies and doesn't apologize, though he looks guilty as hell.  How could you?  Montse wants to know. "You're a monster," she whispers.  She says that he did it to hurt her and then screams that Ale killed Lauro.  It's Ale's fault.  She cries, "Te odio!  Mil veces, te odio!" which means "I hate you a thousand times."  She runs from the room, crying.  Gracie also exits the scene, but not before giving Alejandro a silent stare down of such scorn that I think I heard the raspy sound of his avocados shriveling in situ.  She has her moments of glory, our Gracie.  Brava!  

We see Montse coming from the study into the living room, rushing towards the casket of her father where she collapses, weeping.   People from the town have gathered to pay their last respects.  Alejandro comes out of the study, too, and walks a little closer to her.  Half a room apart now, he stops and turns to face her, and she looks up at him.  For a moment, Ale shows some honest feelings here that aren't only about pride and anger, and it's clear he is suffering.  There is a moment when you can almost believe that Ale feels so badly about what he did that he might welcome having Montse run into his arms, but maybe this was wishful thinking on the part of your recapper. Still, the tables have turned on Alejandro who is now having to deal with some of the consequences of his own decisions.  He looks devastated.  To end the scene, Montse proves she's is Gracie's daughter by giving Ale her own brand of hostile glare-down before breaking the prolonged eye contact, turning away from him, and running off.  

There is a brief scene of Alejandro walking dejectedly in the garden of Bleak House, México/Mansion Mendoza.  Rosario approaches to greet him.  She asks him how he's doing and if he's eating well.  Emotional herself, she comments he looks thin.  He seems too shell-shocked from the drama with Montse and Gracie and awful things in general to answer any of her questions, but, knowing him, he might also be capable of remembering he's still mad at her for being disloyal.  He walks away from her in a daze, though his manners at least make him add a con permiso, Rosario.  She calls after him, her voice full of sadness, saying it was a pleasure to see him and to take care of himself. 

Monte's Bedroom, Mansion Mendoza:  Montse and Gracie are rehashing the scene in the study with Alejandro.  Montse screams again that it's Ale's fault that Lauro died.  She says that if Alejandro said to her father all the terrible things that Ale said to her, that it's logical that her father's heart couldn't take it.  Gracie says Lauro was sick and tired.  Montse says yes, but Alejandro knew this perfectly well.  Montse says Ale is a desalmado (heartless bastard) who wants revenge on all of us.  Ever ready to use an angle of attack, Gracie comments that, yes, it's all very sad, but that Montse should use her brain and take this as an opportunity to draw closer to her husband.  Gracie says it was obvious that Ale felt guilty and responsible and that Montse needs to take advantage of the situation.  Montse wants to know how is it possible that in such an awful moment, Gracie can only be thinking about how to manipulate things.  Gracie tells Montse to think about her baby.  A chance like this may not present itself again and doesn't Montse want to reconcile with her husband?  Montse has the last word this time and shouts that she never wants to see Alejandro again in her life.  She didn't only just lose her father.  "Alejandro is also dead to me!"  she declares.

Meanwhile in Alejandro's Beach House in Agua Azul, a conversation on much the same topic, though with different points of view is unfolding.  Depressed-looking Alejandro comes in, having just left the wake.  Victor wants to know how the family received the news.  You can't imagine, Ale says.  Montse blames him for the death of her father, and he admits, that she's right, but he expresses no remorse and seems to feel justified in his actions since claims he didn't want to lie to Lauro.  Victor wonders if Ale is going back to the Mendoza's house today, but Ale says no.  Victor is surprised since they're his in-laws, but this just incites Alejandro to go on his usual tear about how he owes them no consideration since the whole family betrayed and lied to him--Gracie, Carlotta, DIM, and, above all, Montserrat.  The Admiral was the only decent person in the family.  Victor and Gracie are having a Vulcan Mind-Meld in this scene as Victor tells Ale that he thought Ale would take advantage of the situation to get closer to his wife.  But Ale says no way--the death of Montse's father hasn't changed anything.

Victor now seems to be getting as fed up with Ale as the majority of us on the Patio are, but is much more patient and polite than we would probably be in his place.  Luckily for some of us Grammar Geeks, Victor makes use of the opportunity to demonstrate one of the functions of the imperfecto de subjunctivo to offer some courteous but pointed speculation regarding Ale's 'tude--in English this is equivalent to the second conditional.  It went something like this:  

Victor:  Y si estuvieras equivocado?/And if you were wrong?  Si el hijo fuera tuyo/If the child the child were yours? 
Ale:  Moment of Silence.  (He seems to be listening.)
Victor goes on:  Then you'd be doing the same thing to your child that Benjamin Almonte did to you.

But then Ale is almost immediately all Ya Basta, talk to the hand!  He tells Victor to be quiet because he can't stand it.  

In response to this, Victor gives us a another fine grammatical model, but this time of the presente de subjunctivo:
Victor:  Por qué?  Porque tienes miedo de que tenga la razón?/Why? Because you're afraid I may be right?

Alejandro is angry to have had truth even suggested to him and decides to lash out at Victor, saying something mean about how Victor isn't a friend since Victor is sleeping with Nadia and tricking her husband which puts Ale in mind of what José-Luis did to Ale. (Oh, Ale, Ale! I didn't catch all this exactly but even tacitly defending Pedro is a new level of low!)  Hurt, Victor says he won't bother Ale any more and leaves.  

Alone now, Ale is upset and goes for the tequila.  His soon-to-be-only friend María comes in, ignoring or oblivious to the drama, and asks happily if he wants to go to town.  He just throws a wet one on her enthusiasm and says maybe tomorrow--he has no desire to go now.  She changes tone and seems nervous, commenting on his bad mood that adding that it's because he saw Montserrat, right?  Alejandro gets angry and tells María he's told her before and doesn't want to have to tell her again, but she's not supposed to mention Montse to him ever, okay?  Okay, she says meekly as he walks out, but she is not liking his dismissal of her.

Back to Lauro's Wake:  Monte, dejected, depressed, downer-than-down, is sitting near Lauro's casket listening to prayers for Lauro.  Tía Carlotta and Nadia agree that they need to try to convince Montse to get some rest.  Montse says she wants to stay by her father.  Gracie is praying has she stands by Lauro's casket.  Pedro approaches her and mumbles something incomprehensible to me, but I think I heard him say something to the equivalent of I'm sorry for your loss.  Gracie thanks him for coming.  Pedro comments that he doesn't see Alejandro.  Gracie tells him Ale was there for a bit, but had to leave to do something.  Pedro assures Gracie that there's no need to lie, since Nadia already told him everything about Ale and Montse.  Gracie asks him as a favor not to talk about this in front of the other people. Pedro then asks if Gracie will come with him to speak in private.  He thinks he knows something that she needs to know.  Gracie makes the sign of the cross and kisses the casket.  Pedro actually crosses himself, too, though I think he might have also crossed the fingers of his other hand under the casket.

Briefly back to other side of room with Montse and her crew,  Carlotta thinks that maybe Ale will eventually come to Montse since he feels bad about what he did, but Montse just declares that she is never forgiving Ale as long as she lives.

Nighttime, Garden of Mansion Mendoza:  Post being given some intriguing bit of news off-camera, Gracie thanks Pedro for letting her know and for everything.  Gloating and twisting his mustache, Pedro comments that he figured it was something Gracie should know and then notes Montse coming and quickly excuses himself.  Montse comments that Gracie was talking to Pedro and seems suspicious.  

Gracie says she thinks Montse isn't going to like what Gracie is about to tell her.  Why, Montse want to know.  Because it's about José-Luis Alvárez, says Gracie.  He's going to the jail again? asks Montse.  No, says Gracie, Captain Robledo has taken charge of everything for him and has cleared him name.  Monte says this is just and that Gracie might be upset about it, but that she (Montse) is at peace.  Gracie presses on with the real news and lets Montse know that J-L is now doing the same thing to Angélica that he did to Montse.  What do you mean? asks Montse.  Gracie says that Montse knows what she means and that, like Montse, Angie is in love with J-L.  It's better that Montse find out the latest chisme asap:  J-L and Angélica are are going to get married!  A surprised, sort of resigned, but not necessarily unhappy look from Montse to end the scene.

Same Night, Outside of Ale's Beach House, Agua Azul.  Alejandro is sulking and drinking his tequila, tropical breeze blowing through his hair.  Victor approaches and, thankfully, Ale is still capable of some self-reflection and remorse as he immediately tells Victor that he's sorry for what he said to him inside.  Victor says, not to worry, he understands, and wants to know when Ale is returning to his hacienda.  Ale says he doesn't know and that he has no desire to go back since every corner of the house reminds him of Montserrat.  Victor wants to know if Ale has had any news of José-Luis.  Ale says no and comments that it seems the disgraceful jerk has been able to start his life again in a new place.  

Then Ale changes the subject abruptly and announces he wants to separate from Montserrat.  Victor comments that they are already separated, but Ale says he means legally.  He's asked for an annulment from the church, but he needs a good lawyer since the Mendoza's are have an interest in his money, and he doesn't want them to get one cent more.  Victor comments that it will be difficult since Montse is having a baby.  Ale chimes in with his usual claim that the baby isn't his.  Victor says Ale will have to prove this in court with a paternity test and that Ale better be sure with all his heart that he wants to go through with it.  If the results show that Monteserrat's child really is Alejandro's, then it may be too late for him to recover his family.  

Ale listens, takes a swig, says nothing.

End of Episode

Avances:  José-Luis Alvárez appears at the door of Mansion Mendoza looking sharp in his naval uniform and asks Rosario, "Do you remember me?"  For some reason, I think she might.  Alejandro says he wants to find José-Luis.  Montse walks around in a black hat.  Ale loads up that gun again.  


Hi Everyone,

I know it's a long one, but hope you enjoy!

What a wonderful story you have told, Julia!!

This line will remain in the "Annals of CarayCaray" forevuh!!! "I think I heard the raspy sound of his avocados shriveling in situ"! BRAVA

IN SITU! Absolutely perfecto!!!!!


Oh, oh, oh...I am a language geek, too and I loved those grammar lessons!



This is magnificent and superb! I loved the length of this one and all the little details. I too loved the line about his shriveling avocadoes in situ! Great line.

Such a sad episode. Poor Monse. It's one blow after another for the poor girl. I really liked the scene where Nadia was cuddling with Monse as she was grieving. Nadia is a great friend. I am glad that Monse had the chance to go off on Ale. He so deserved that. I hope he is riddled with guilt. Funny how he told Gracie and Monse it was he that told the Admiral about Gracie and Don Benny when in fact it was BM that told the Admiral. Why is he protecting that beyotch I'd like to know. Saving the family more grief? I'm sure Monse will find out at some point what really went down.

Poor Rosy. She looked so anguished as she was trying to talk to Ale.

So Tia Lottie has been the caretaker. I really feel for her. First she took care of her Mama, then Monse and Dimwit and then Lauro. She will be at odds and ends wondering what to do with herself. But there is Monse's coming bebe. I'm sure Tia Lottie will be helping Monse with the new bebe.

I really liked how Victor also gave it to Ale. Good for him and I liked the fact that he told Ale all about paternity tests. Ale is on the River DeNile, but wait till he finds out that bebe is in fact his. I hope he takes Victor's words to heart.

Loved the scene with Angie and JL. I just hope that they are able to be married and left in peace. I'm hoping Joaquin and Pedro's plans are botched, like Pedro's plans always are.

Thanks again Julia, for this most marvelous recap and the lightness you added to this very sad capitulo.

Your recap was a very fine one and certainly not too long. There was a lot going on in this episode and I liked being able to review it once more.

As Fatima noted, the grammar lessons are always helpful. I had to stifle my cackling (family asleep) at your description of Gracie's ability to shrivel avacados.

Speaking of Gracie, isn't it nice that her study of the latest fashions in black (mourning) was put to use? She was also wearing the proper jet jewelry for mourning.

I'm always amazed at how quickly the TN families put together a viewing/wake and funeral. Someone dies and *boom* everything is in place for the proper rituals.

Carlota was poignant in her meditations about how quickly life has passed her by. One wonders if Gracie will maintain her as a resident of the home or force her to move out?



Gracias for the recap. And do not worry, it was not long at all, it was just right.

I felt so sad for Montse and Tia Lottie. They are the ones that loved Lauro the most. I was glad when Montse confessed that she should have told her father the whole truth. She knows that now, but unfortunately she realized that too late. RIP, Admiral Lauro Mendoza.

Surprisingly, I kind of felt bad for Dimi. It was as though he was trying to speak from the heart to his mother about his guilt regarding his fathers death, and she did not want to empathize with him. I liked the fact that he tore away from Gracie's arms and went to cry alone. He realized that his mother did not understand his pain, guilt and suffering. Is Fina making an influence in Dimi's life?

Ale owned up and said that he and BM did wrong and should not have said anything to Lauro. Of course BM made excuses for herself, and said that it wasn't just her, but Ale too. She is such a BITCH! She had no remorse, unlike Ale whose face was riddled with anguish. He was probably thinking that Montse would never forgive him for this. But there's stupid BM telling Ale to send Lauro's body back to Aguazul with the chauffer. Is she nuts? Oh yeah, I forgot we're talking about BM; a person with less scruples than her pervy uncle Juvie.

Ale does do the right thing in calling Victor and having him make funeral arrangements. And going to the Mendoza Mansion to tell the family in person was the only respectful thing to do.

I am not sure why Ale did not tell Gracie and Montse that it was BM that started the whole thing. Maybe he is feeling too guilty. Maybe he is taking all the blame because he knows that BM doesn't give a crap. I am so tired of all her bullshit. Can someone please just knock BM upside the head? Can Gracie give her a finger punch? Can I please just scratch her in the FACE!!!!!!

BM conveniently left out the fact that she was the one who started in on Lauro when Victor asked her how the Admiral died. She put all the blame on Ale. She is the evil bitch that started in on Lauro, but she doesn't have the decency to tell Victor. According to her rendition, she said nothing and is therefore not guilty. BM is going to pay for everything she has done one of these days. She always plays the innocent standerby, and I am sick and tired of it. And seriously, she really isn't pretty. She is not hot or remotely attractive. And those new cloths are not going to make a difference. Once a nasty bitch, always a nasty bitch.

Once again, Victor is the voice of reason. I think that Nadia and Victor will be the catalyst for Montse and Ale's relationship. They (V&N) are Ale and Montse's confidants, and will be the chain that links them together. No spoiler here, (I did not watch AR) but I would assume that the 2 protagonist will talk to their BFF's periodically and therefore keep tabs on each other.

It is going to be a long road to recovery for Montse and Ale.

off to bed...hasta pronto!


BTW, loved these:

"...presumably to protect him from the dangers inherent in being around his small, blond, sexy wife."


"Having decided that she has expressed enough tenderness for the moment, Gracie then draws herself up and tells DIM he is now the man of the house."


Excellent recap Julia. As others have said, just the right length. Haven't watched this yet but at least you have given me an Anguish Alert.

Favorite lines:

"...weird,freaky look from Pedro to end the scene. Wait, that's just his face."


"...raspy sound of his avocados shriveling in situ."

Like you, I have come to admire, in a way, the incredible force that is Graciela. The actress is playing her to perfection. She's the middle linebacker of Malice that no one can take down. She could be ruling a South American country, she's so formidable. Really, she's wasting her talents just coddling Dimetrio and harassing Montserrat. Let's go for bigger things!

Will look forward to seeing a little glimmer of humanity from Useless Big Brother. If Josefina can reform Demetrio, maybe she should be the next Pope while Graciela can take over a few more countries!

Thanks, Julie R., for that excellent and detailed recap. ~~~That was a sad episode , indeed. Between the bitter cold , the short days and long nights, and the darkness of this novela, I am in need of something cheerful . Well, have a good day, all.

Masterful Julia!! I could see the entire show again playing through your recap.

I loved everything about last night - acting, accusations, intrigues. We may not like what the characters are saying or doing, but it's being done wonderfully and the players are sure giving it everything they have.

That standing ovation when Monse let Ale have on the patio was awesome. It was like she read our comments from yesterday and mushed them into one short speech. SR went through every emotion last night: guilt, anger, regret and being a pain in the a**. You want to hug him one minute and give him a swift kick in the nether regions the next. Hard to play that and he's doing a great job.

And Dim--have to say that scene with mumsy was very interesting. You felt his true anguish, and maybe he was right. The admiral may have been cold to him growing up, we've never seen their youth and the tug of war he was caught in between the parents didn't help. Knowing your last words were one of vitriol..but what I loved was his breaking away as Graceless was getting more and more creepy clingy in her comfort (there is something so not right about her "devotion" to him) and the look on her face. Could he be moving away from her....and what will she do if that happens?

Ok, Tia was moving last night. Bless her that has to be horrible to realize your function in life has ended.

Side note: Maria looked horrid in that dress. To me anyway. Little too stuffed in. And I love Vistor...that is all.


Julia, your status as an amazing, seasoned recapper is secure. This was incredible! I had so many favorites, I had to pare my list down. Sensational!

“Ale exits the scene, leaving María behind to have some quality time with Admiral Mendoza's corpse”, “she's going with him to Agua Azul, presumably to protect him from the dangers inherent in being around his small, blond, sexy wife”, “she low growls”, “ Weird, freaky look from Pedro to end the scene. Wait, that's just his face” and finally, the marvelous “ not before giving Alejandro a silent stare down of such scorn that I think I heard the raspy sound of his avocados shriveling in situ”.

What a treat this was.

I have no sympathy for Ale: “The Admiral didn't deserve to die this way, knowing his wife had tricked him all his life”. Yes, Ale, he didn’t. And your cruel, angry tirade was largely responsible for this occurrence. As you noted Julia, even Maria chimed in with “She reminds Ale that he was the one who told Lauro about how Montse was having José-Luis's child”. ‘nuff said.

On a lighter note, Graciela was on fire last night, wasn't she? She commanded the small screen royally last night. Judy, your “middle linebacker of Malice” had me laughing in great appreciation!

AuntyAnn, I also felt for Dim. He really was saddened by Lauro’s passing. But I took heart in that Josie’s kindness is seeping into his consciousness and already influencing him! I suspect she will indeed change him before this is through. No small task certainly.

Madelaine, I was also thinking that Nadia is a wonderful friend! She is there for Monse, heart and soul. Monse is berefit, but not alone.

JL looked so happy in his uniform! I am very worried about Ale loading his gun (again) in the previews. Let's hope the scenes are unrelated and that JL and Ale do not yet cross paths. JL has a wedding and Ale has other temper tantrums and angry tirades on his agenda, I'm sure.

I don't see how Monse can ever forgive Ale. I don't see him acknowledging his mistakes and proceeding with the annulment with the child on the way is just another strike against him.

Julia, you rock! Totally.


Great stuff, Julia. That was a gut-wrenching episode.

Maria was true to form; she barely mourned her own father, so what could we have expected from her? She also seems unaware of how her lack of empathy could play with others, especially Alejandro. Not an intelligent villana, that's for sure, because she doesn't even know her own victim well enough.

AuntyAnn, you beat me to the info that she put all the blame for Lauro's death on Alejandro. If he ever really opens up to Victor he could finally see who and what Maria really is. The better possibility would be that Maria will be dumb enough to let it slip someday or that someone will overhear her telling someone else (although I have no idea who that would be).

Graceless was her usual cold and hypocritical self.

I don't believe that any conscience was born in Dimwit. His whole "time to party" speech to Monserrat was ill-timed and grossly insensitive. Very true to form for him.

I'm dreading JL's arrival in his new dress uniform. He will feel so conflicted in view of recent events. Monserrat will probably send him on his way, but I wonder what she will feel now.


Julia, fantastic recap with many memorable phrases: especially the "avocado" one so many have already commented on. Thanks.

What can I say?

Maria was revolting in her recounting of Lauro's death "with some delight" as Julie aptly described her delivery.

Ale was honest about what had happened with Lauro and took responsibility for his part. I was surprised he was as tortured about it as he was until he explained how he had felt about Lauro. Too bad that experience didn't cause him to want to proceed more slowly with the Montse situation just in case he was wrong.

Judy B., you called it with naming Graciela "the middle linebacker of malice." She didn't miss a beat in continuing her machinations. The best was her wanting Montse to take advantage of the death of Lauro to get back with Ale.

Wow, Fina did have a positive influence on Dimitri. I liked the talk he had with Montse. It was pure Dimitri but he did have her best interest at heart. Also Interesting was seeing how conflicted he was about Lauro. Only Graciela knows the truth on that one and she is not talking.

Poor Carlota having spent her whole life as a caretaker. No wonder she never had a family of her own.

Joaquin contracting JL's hit through Pedro. I wonder howthat will play out.

The plot just keeps moving and I just keep enjoying!



Thank you Julia Rold for this most excellent recap. For me the sterling performances by all the actors made this sad but pivotal episode a kind of relief after the last several hellish ones.

Dim's listening to Fina and genuinely trying to comfort and bond with Montse signals a change in him. I want to see their first conversation after their Father's death.

All were excellent in the scenes when Ale tells of Lauro's death and you described these wonderfully Julia. Although painful, I was relieved to see Gracie and Dim's very real shock and grief and the scene between Gracie and Dim was touching. Combined with the earlier scene of Dim heeding Fina's advice and his moving expression of the aching void he feels for the loss of the chance to ever win his Father's love, I do feel this is a turning point for Dimmy.

"You're a monster," Well, Montse just answered Ale's question from a few days ago.

This was just delicious, Julia: Gracie also exits the scene, but not before giving Alejandro a silent stare down of such scorn that I think I heard the raspy sound of his avocados shriveling in situ.

Delicious and very descriptive of the devastated, guilty, finally beginning to think Ale. I hope Montse can go from hate to strength, that she can be delivered from all these powerful negative emotions while she's pregnant. I would to hate to see her go through these critical months doing odio and venganza monologues like somebody else we know.

Off to work. Thanks again, Julia. It was refreshing also to hear the characters acknowledge many of the things we've been discussing here.


Carlota is a classic example of what I call Tita Syndrome (for the protagonist of Como Agua para Chocolate). I personally know one such person and her situation was compounded by being not only the youngest but the least-loved of three daughters.

I have to wonder why the producers cast an actress who is so much younger than Rogelio Guerra but it must have been to drive this point home.

Custody hearing tomorrow. I would appreciate any positive vibrations that you could put out into the universe in behalf of my daughter and her little girls. Thanks.

Oh, JudyB, I love the "middle linebacker of malice"!! Beautiful!
Graciela, our very own Small Screen Evita!!

Madelaine, "River DeNile"!!! I love it!!!

Aunty Ann, "And seriously, she really isn't pretty. She is not hot or remotely attractive." I've always thought this about this actress since I first saw her in "Cuando Me Enamoro" and in an episode of "Mujeres Asesinas". Welcome to my table of one!

Every one of these episodes, as painful as they have been, have delivered. Why else would we be having almost DAILY comments over 100?!

I have to think that it has been emotionally and physically tiring for the actors. I would so love to hear their perspective on this TN.


What a great recap. I too loved the line about creepy Pedro's face. And many thanks for the grammar. I love learning Spanish but am clueless when it comes to verb conjugations.

Judy B. I like your idea of Graciela running a country. How bout she takes on Pedro? The two could destroy each other!

As long as we are wishing for a bachelor number 3, how about a hook up for Tia Carlotta? I know she's a totally different character than Tia Rebecca in Tempestad,but she was a confirmed bachelorette that found her mate. I'd so love to see Lottie get a love connection.


With Ale defending Pedro,he should invite him to a tequila party featuring many diffrent contests including screaming contest,drinking contest and phone throwing contest!

And of course a Slapping contest,featuring our two grand stars Graceless and BM!

First, Susanlynn, I am sending tons of positive vibrations to you, your daughter, and granddaughters. Hope you can feel them as I write!

To Everyone--Thanks so much! I am teaching all day today and have a class I'm taking tonight, so I won't have much time to comment back directly on all your marvelous comments, but please know that reading them is my greatest reward for doing the recap.

I am grateful to you all.

Is Captain Robledo married? If not he'd be the man for Tia Carlota. There don't appear to be many other honest men in this story.

Susanlynn: Positive and warm vibrations sent to you and your family. May the love everyone sends you from everywhere surround, enfold and infuse you all!

Forgot yesterday to send positive vibes to our friends in the southeast. Hope everything is better today.


Well Robledo and Tia had some synergy back then when Robledo came to the hacienda they were on some walk i think. She really needs a galan who would defend her from Gracies humiliations,she isnt really that old either so Robledo could be a good option.

Agree Demetrios and Urban! Great idea! I felt so bad for Tia Carlotta. Robledo would be gallant, a man of high integrity and he's got Gracie's number for sure. Tia needs some nurturing and protection.




Yes, The Capitan is married. He brought his wife to Monse and Ale's wedding.


Amiga, sending you lots of good thoughts and positive vibrations for a very good outcome.

Julia R, this was an absolutely smashing recap and definitely NOT too long. It is a great read and ended too soon just like all great reads do. The "avocados shriveling in situ", already mentioned numerous times, is pure brilliance. I howled. Literally.

Susanlynn, I will be sending positive vibes and hopes your way nonstop until the custody hearing tomorrow. Please keep us posted.

I felt for Tia Carlotta in last night's episode. I also know someone with the Tita Syndrome, youngest daughter, her life was her work (where I knew her) and taking care of her parents. They passed away and she inherited the house and property, where she lives alone.

At one point we were hoping that Carlotta and Fina's bro Tomas might sparkle. He could use some lessons in TLC and she could use a protector.

Julia R., thank you again for this most excellent recap, it was both entertaining and educational.

Susanlynn, will be thinking of you and yours today.

OK, so if Captain Robledo is taken, there's still time to introduce someone new, maybe a nice widowed Colonel with teen children, for Monse's tia. As the sister of an admiral that should work well.

I'd still love to know how Graciela navigated the social obligations of a military wife while carrying on an affair with a shady civilian. Or does this require more suspension of disbelief than usual?

Oh, crap! Thanks Madelaine about Captain Robledo. . .don't have a good novella memory. Oh well, hopefully they'll bring in somebody for Tia. . .maybe Robledo (or his wife) can recommend somebody!

:p Lila


The Admiral may have gone on many deployments on a ship. This way Gracie could do basically what she wanted to do, as long as she was discreet. We know how good she is at keeping her little secrets and that's probably how she got away with it all this time.

Julia thanks for this great recap. It wasn't too long and you had many zingers too. Your observation about Ale sinking lower when comparing himself/Pedro to JL/Victor was another example of his blind fury and your insight. How do you forget Pedro is trying to kill you and Victor only has your best interest at heart and has been with for a long time? Yeah Vic isn't perfect but neither are you.

Daisynjay, thanks for making the comment about Graceless's affection. There is an unhealthy vibe there but I can't to put my finger on it.

It does seem that Fina is having an influence on Dim. Though his attempt to cheer up Monse was off base, its all he knows. And his pulling away from his mother while grieving was sad and telling.

Yes Becky we need another bachelor for Tia. I hope the writers don't leave her alone after caring so much for others. And if Fina can change Dim, perhaps she can make her brother stronger marriage material.

Watch for the weekend topic tomorrow morning at 11AM EST.

Graceless is some piece of work, isn't she? The whole thing about taking advantage of Alejandro was both shameless and pathetic.

Susanlynn sending positive thoughts to you for tomorrow!!

I wanted to add this about JL. Since he is at the Naval Academy think college. JL is not uneducated like Pedro, Gracie, et. al. were trying to make him out to be. The Naval Academy is exactly like a four year college with Naval training to boot. Sure his pay would be low in the beginning, but as he advances the pay gets substantially better. Sure he doesn't have old money behind him, but still there is prestige with the career path he chose.

Julia R: Beautiful recap and thanks for the grammar reminders.

Graciela remained true to character in this episode. She is going to make the most out of every bad situation up to and including extorting something out of Ale for her benefit even if she has to use Montse. Alejandro better get out of town quick.

And then there are the rosary beads. She was wearing a rosary that could fit around two people, bless her little black heart.

Hey guys, didn't Victor encourage Ale to use this time to reconcile with Montse and didn't Tia suggest the same? Of course, all three (including Gracie in this) had very different motives, but the idea was abhorrent to both Ale and Montse.


Susanlynn, hugs and many prayers are coming your way - for you and your wonderful family.


Pasofino: "And then there are the rosary beads. She was wearing a rosary that could fit around two people, bless her little black heart."



I had to miss watching this episode and I very much appreciated your detailed re-cap--even more than usual.

I just wish I could believe that Monse would keep her resolve to have no more to do with Ale, but unfortunately, I suspect that's not a revised ending the author's have in mind.

First of all -- sending positive thoughts your way, Susanlynn.
What a terrific job you did with this emotionally loaded episode, Julia Rold! And then to include a little for the Grammar Geeks too -- awww!

I join the chorus of those who admire your description of Graciela's ability to cause avocados to wither on the vine. Excellent.

JudyB -- I think you get the award for snappiest comment of the day:

"Like you, I have come to admire, in a way, the incredible force that is Graciela. The actress is playing her to perfection. She's the middle linebacker of Malice that no one can take down. She could be ruling a South American country, she's so formidable. Really, she's wasting her talents just coddling Dimetrio and harassing Montserrat. Let's go for bigger things!"

This was so great that I just had to quote the whole paragraph.

Let me go on record here:
Episode 57 marks Dimitrio's first step toward redemption.

Oh and didn't you all love how Josefina explained the difference between pity (lástima) and empathy (empatía) to her dim Dim?

So Alejandro is in serious trouble (i.e., he is flipping out). First he thinks Adolfo is Jose Luis. Now he verbally attacks his friend Victor because he is cuckolding PEDRO MEDINA!

He is actually pretty abusive to BM even if she is too dense to know it. If she weren't such a B, I would have felt sorry for her when Alejandro told her he had kicked her out once and he could do it again.

I also have my doubts about the plot Joaquín and Pedro are hatching. Thank goodness for inept public officials.

I totally forgot about Tomas and Carlota,they could have a common spark..I dont recall Tomas being married.

Susanlynn - absolutely. Sending love, prayers and even rubbed my little Buddha's belly that sits on my office desk for you!
For Tia C: I can see her take care of Monse's little one, but it would be nice to break that chain of just caring for someone else and have someone care for her. I want Rosie to be the doting caregiver for her grandson.
I too thought about the movie and Tita. With 165 episodes, hope they develop something for her. She gets to futzy and gossipy when just left to agonize about everyone else. Needs someone to take her mind off the shenanigans of this bunch.

Heat wave today! WE actually have a temperature with a "2" in front of the double-digits coming. I'm beside myself with glee!


I also cannot believe the inability of Carlota and Monseratt to move out of Gracies home,find an apartment ,a job and do what they want with their lifes without Gracie buzzing behind their backs. Most people with Monses age would have been looking for jobs,Tia Carlota does nothing for a living but sit flopping that stupid fan all day. They both deserve all the antics of Graceless because they dont have avocados to stand up to her and get out of the house.

Susanlynn..glad you asked because everybody on this blog line loves you and will sending positive thoughts, protective prayers and good vibrations to the max. I hope you ask your students for help as well, because I'm sure they're crazy about you. Your daughter and her girls are precious, and no matter what, we know our Susanlynn will defend her family to the max! Go get 'em sweetheart. I'm older than you are...but if you WERE my mama, I'd feel very safe indeed. Like you had my back.

Off side question :Whats happening with Susalynn ,the situation sounds quite harsh..

Daisy, whoo hoo! "2"? A virtual tropical heat wave!

Wishing you some warming sunshine and an end to the frigid temperatures. It's a wonder we aren't all sick. What crazy weather.

Diana son-in-law who has a bunch of personal problems is trying to get custody of the two little girls every other week instead of every other weekend. This would be really bad for everyone concerned. Thanks for all the good vibrations. I can feel them, and I hope that they do the trick. This year has been rough for my whole family, but it has taught me how important it is to stand together as a family when bad things happen. I am on pins and needles about tomorrow. It has taken months for this situation to unfold, and keeping our daughter strong and safe and the little girls happy has become almost a full time job for hub and me. Caraycaray and the nice people who gather here have been an escape from harsh reality many days.

Leave it to Pedro to try to turn a funeral into an for advancement of his political career. He has an anvil hovering before the end of this novela. I still cannot figure out why he wants Ale's land so much.

Graci is such a grasping opportunist. She seems to getting worse and worse . She is so much worse than the mother in AR. Dim really did not have a chance to grow into manhood with a mother like Graci. Josefina has a big job ahead of her.

Julie R - Thanks. I too loved your "silent stare down of such scorn...avocados shriveling in situ" line. And you and Victor make learning grammar fun.

Susanlynn, sending warm thoughts that everything turns out in the best way.

I see Tia with Tomas. Tomas has a temper and can be insensitve to Fina, but his heart is in the right place. Tia can straighten him out.

Agree all the performances were stellar, especially Daniela Castro. Even though Graciela was still up to her evil tricks, I did feel she was sorrowful for the loss of Lauro. After all, he was the only person in the world who was starry-eyed about her.

Julia--So glad you are keeping the Grammar Geeks in mind. I belong to the Grammar Nerds' table. Is there a difference?

I *do* belong to the Avocados Club. Wish there were (note, Grammar Police) an easy way to go back and collect all the references we've made to avocados since El Tal. Now there were some real low-hanging avocados, ripe for picking or shriveling.

This was a beautiful rendition of a very sad episode. Ale can look as genuinely anguished as he wants to, but it's not enough to get a pardon from me.

I loved the way BM tried to invite herself along to the wake. I'm sure she would have provoked another cat fight. OTOH, Gracie might have gotten in that finger poke we've been wanting.

Aunty Ann--"And seriously, she [Maria] really isn't pretty. She is not hot or remotely attractive. And those new cloths are not going to make a difference." And you, my dear are going to be in serious trouble with Carlos.


"Even though Graciela was still up to her evil tricks, I did feel she was sorrowful for the loss of Lauro. After all, he was the only person in the world who was starry-eyed about her. "

Brilliant observation!

Susanlynn- (((((HUGS!!!!))))

Julia R.- Brilliant storytelling. Your best lines have been mentioned multiple times already, but ITA with everyone else.

I enjoyed seeing a bit of Dim's human side poking out last night. Hopefully Fina can continue to drag it out.

I find it interesting that Lauro may have kept Dim at arm's length (I don’t think it means he didn’t love him), while being very affectionate with Monse. There is a very similar dynamic over on Por Siempre Mi Amor. One of the good characters, a retired military man, indulges his oldest child (his step daughter), while being very severe with his son (expects him to have a military career; shakes his hand instead of hugging him; etc.). Perhaps this is the cultural view of how Mexican military men treat their sons vs how they treat their daughters.

Ale may have admitted his part in Lauro’s demise to Maria, but I did not see a sufficient amount of guilt or regret in him during the rest of the episode. In fact, he seemed to be right back to blaming others for everything that’s happened. When he told Monse and Gracie what happened, he wasn’t the one who volunteered the info about what had been the death blow (telling Lauro his daughter was a cheating ho, who was having another man’s child). It was Monse who guessed he had told Lauro this. Well, at least he didn’t throw Maria under the bus.


Mads--Maybe Academies are different in Mexico. Wasn't JL in the Coast Guard? I may be wrong, but here the Coast Guard and Merchant Marine academies aren't necessarily 4-yr. colleges.

Graduation from the Naval Academy gets you an officer rank, of the lowest kind, but still officer. JL was a cabo, or corporal, no?

Susanlynn--More positive thoughts and virtual hugs coming your way.

Gracie did not seem very moved by old Lauro's passing. She definitely had to keep her two children from completely breaking down, but still, she just didn't seem that broken up about it herself. (Loved the comment about the Triple X-sized rosary, Pasofino.)

Of course Graceless will inherit from the will. (Lauro didn't have time to change it if he didn't want her to benefit.) It'll be interesting to see what it says--does he skip over Dimmy and leave something only for Graceless and Montse?

We all know the family was financially on a teeter-totter, land rich and cash poor, but with Ale's help they have been getting by. I wonder if there are going to be any more fiscal surprises when the books are examined. Isn't it Gracie that was cooking, er doing the books for him?

I'm worried about Carlota's future, too. I think Graceless tolerated her because she was useful. If she's no longer useful, it could be the poor house for Carlota. I don't think Montse would allow for it, but we don't know what her financial situation will be. Will she ever get that suitcase full of money back from the authorities?

Anita, in Mexico the Navy functions as the Coast Guard. There is no CG per se, as there is in the U.S.

OK, back to home improvement. Today they are drilling holes in all the walls to install insulation, and there is a handsome gentleman demolishing the arbor on our patio. It's very NOISY here!

Yes, Ale is still blaming everyone else for his woes. Even though he DID admit he told Lauro the "truth" (as he thinks it to be), his remorse somehow doesn't seem to be for killing Lauro or making him suffer, but rather for how HE feels in the aftermath. He's still going around with his "oh, poor me" attitude. He's a monumental jerk. A pretty one, but still a jerk.

I SO want to see Graciela go after Maria. Dim should tell her how Maria was boinking Adolfo and how they stole the money from Alejandro. She should anger Maria to such a state that she (Maria) screams out at her, "Yes, I did all that, so what? I have Alejandro wrapped around my little finger and he will believe ANYTHING I tell him! I am HIS WOMAN! All I have to do is tell him how I've loved him all these years and he'll believe anything I say, even if the proof is right before his eyes, 'cause I'm bad like that!" - and have her say all this within earshot of Ale. Maria is so arrogant and stupid, it wouldn't take much to have her spit it all out - even Macario and Dominga can drive her to this.

Anonymous......and arrogant and stupid is always a very bad combination. One way or another, Malria is eventually going to experience some karma. I hope that it happens sooner rather than later, but who knows. We still have many episodes left , so the angst and.stress of watching the bad folks manipulate and torment the good will continue for a while.

HA HA HA!!! Anon at 2:01. Hilarious! I know a lot of us want to turn Gracie loose on Maria. I can't recall Gracie's fangs and claws coming out in defense of Montse ever though. Maybe Maria could drive her to that. That would be so satisfying.

Niecie I also love your observation about Gracie. I think she is affected by Lauro's death and exhibited it to just the degree I would expect of her. It would be un-Gracie-like to collapse in a heap, wailing or to get off her game of "managing" everything and everybody around her to her advantage.


Julia, I truly enjoyed this beautifully crafted and polished recap. The details are abundant and the zingers are fresh and on target. May I add that I like the original understated grace-notes like:

"Cue Requiem mood music."

Susanlynn, you already know that you and your family have my full support in your ongoing struggle. My prayers and best wishes continue.

Auntie Ann,

though I disagree with you about María's beauty, in no way are you (as Anita suggests) in serious trouble with me... in fact... here... allow me to prepare a special drink... just for you...

Since I find myself (pretty much alone) reveling in María's evil beauty, I especially enjoyed this scene:

"Ale exits the scene, leaving María behind to have some quality time with Admiral Mendoza's corpse..."

but I just wish she had gone ahead and punctuated her little posthumous scolding for him choosing to die on her turf with a gentle but sincere kick to his lifeless body. That would have pretty well locked in the scorn everyone here has for her and elevated her to genuine villainess status.

I reject Capitán Robledo as a model of integrity since earlier he allowed himself to be suborned by Graciela and Pedro and now he's turning a blind eye to the mutiny and murder committed on his officer by Refugio.




JL, in the avances, is wearing a LT's uniform. When you are in school at the Naval Academy you are called a plebe (low man on the totem pole) cabo is the same thing. He will be an officer, not enlisted.

I think Demetrio can be redeemed, and here's why:
1. Everyone knows he killed Gamboa, so that anvil won't come back to bite him.
2.His guilt over the things he said to his father prove that he is able to feel remorse, I was surprised that he cried over Lauro's death when you consider what had just taken place between the two.
3.Jofefina might have a good influence on him, as seen with him trying to cheer Montse up by telling her they should go party,he was trying to comfort her the only way he knows.

Susanlynn, sending positive thoughts and prayers your way for a good outcome for your family. I admire your active defense of your offspring.

Oh and it's in Alejandros best interest to keep quiet about the Maria thing, can you imagine how angry Montse would be if she found out that the death of her beloved father came about in part because the woman that Alejandro replaced her with opened her mouth. I would be livid!

Fabulous job, Julia!!!!

I love the avocados remark!

I haven't been this crazy about a novela in a long time. It's rare when I start discussing the characters as if they were real people and speculating on motives, thought processes, etc.

I have to say that the two actors who play Dimitri and Maria are pretty danged good. When I look at them I feel anger and disgust because they are SOOOO convincing. Another reason I haven't given up yet is because, so far, Ale is the source of his own stupidity. Maria starts talking trash, but he just wants her to shut up. I remember in STuD, Lucero's character believed EVERYTHING that dear cousin Ivana lied (over and over and over and over and over and over and over)about.

Maria still likes to trash talk, but at least Ale treats her like dirt so that makes her a little more bearable.

My thoughts:

I believe that Dim IS Benjamin's child. There has to be a reason that Lauro shunned him, despite his telling Dim that he didn't. I believe that Dim was telling the truth.

I also do NOT believe that Maria is Alejandro's half sister from Gracie. It is true that Malria did grow up with Ale, but that doesn't mean the ages are the same. She seems to be more of a contemporary in age to Montse. I can see BM as the younger little girl who always idolized Ale growing up, but that he just always looked at as a little sister. I also think that if her character was supposed to be older, close to 30, the show would make her seem as such.

Small a anita


Amigo! This is act of "mutiny" was clearly self defense. LT Avenilla had a gun to JL's head and was about to pull the trigger. Refugio fired at him before he could kill his buddy, and I have no doubt the LT would have killed JL. I rest my case : )


Marvelous recap, Julia Rold; thank you very much. This was a great way to put us in the scene:



Novela Maven: I too thoroughly enjoyed Josefina's explanation of the diferences between pity and empathy. Josefina could make somebody a really great friend in this novella. I hope Montserrat snatches her up and that she and Nadia team up to do the hair, makeup and tweezer work we have so been longing for. I adore a good makeover, especially in the absence of good romance.

Go Angelica and Jose Luis! I am depending on you two to get me through the upcoming doldrums in the TN.



I am sending you (and yours) my kindest thoughts in this very stressful time.

May you feel the care of your friends here at Caray Caray from across the miles and may it offer you some solace.



Oh, and another thing about the LT, he pulled over cause he was as dirty as Pedro and Loretto. He pulled over cause they were coming to meet him and either take the prisoners or kill them.

I agree that the worm is slowly turning. Dim will have to forever live with every hurtful word he said to his father just hours before he died. That will be his burden to bear. What we send out comes back to us , and Dim has not been sending out much good, likewise Gracie, Pedro,and Malria. What forces shaped these people one has to study. There has to be a reason folks end up with these bad intentions . Actually, I always feel sorry for people who seem so negative and joyless except when they are causing others pain and trouble. It is a sad way to exist.

Thanks for all the good vibrations. I am trying to keep busy. I just made a big pot of chicken rice and vegetable soup , and it is simmering on the stove. The hours stretch when you are waiting for something to be resolved. I don't talk about this mess to those near and dear to me in the noncyber world, so sometimes I just have to know that some good hearts know what is happening.


Amiga mia! Refugio was part of a military escort transporting JL to Mexico City. He pulled a gun and initiated an escape attempt. Technically both JL and Refugio are guilty of that murder.



Actually, Monse wouldn't be surprised if she heard how it really played. She's had Maria's number from day 1 or 2. Just as she didn't go to pieces at finding out about her mother's adultery.

Angry? You bet. It wouldn't change her current feelings about Alejandro, but it would definitely provoke another catfight.

I don't get grief coming from Graceless at all any more than any genuine guilt from Dimwit. Graceless might be worried about their financial situation and her position in the community. The way she insisted that Dimwit stop crying and show a Stiff Upper Lip doesn't sound like she has much regard for his feelings. He does not behave in the manner of a military son and that is probably starting to bother her.

Her concern with appearances is her driving force. Ramrod-stiff and dry-eyed is what she wants of herself and her children, which makes me wonder whether she came from a military family.

Anita, I believe María is just childish and that's why she seems younger. I could believe she's younger than Alejandro but not Monse's age since Grettel Valdez is 12 years older than AB.

Urban, agreed, Montse would not be surpised, but she would be beyond angry at the fact that Alejandro allowed maria to open her big fat mouth.

Why didn't Alejandro blame María for blurting out Graciela's past to Lauro?

Because María is NOTHING to Alejandro NADA. Un cero a la izquierda. He LET her talk. And even then, Lauro turned to him and said: Tell me, Alejandro. I want to hear it from your lips.

Alejandro is using María, but he shows no pleasure in her company. He is treating her like crap. In his mind, she is not important enough to bear responsiblity for what happened to Lauro. [There's a reason why the man sitting alone at her table on The Patio is wringing his hands.]

Here is something that will probably earn me a few nerfazos:

Parents, normal ones -- by that I mean scratching around, everyday regular neurotic ones -- usually love their children. But guess what, folks? They don't always like them equally.

Ask around: who was your mother's favorite? who did your dad like best?

Grown-up kids always know! Usually they can laugh about it. They have come to terms with it. Besides, it's a bit fluid -- at times the light shines more brightly on one child than on another.

Montse was Lauro's favorite; Dim was Graciela's favorite. But this is a telenovela and Graciela isn't just an ordinary overindulgent mama. She is a monstrous caricature of all bad mothers.

[Little kids are always saying "It's not fair." And parents put on their game faces and try to make it fair for their kids. But in the end, we all learn that life's not fair. And we figure out how to deal with it.]

[NM heads for the Bunker]

Love that Novela Maven. You're right, the kids always know who was "the favorite".

And the other thing is, it's perfectly reasonable to want good parents, but it's catastrophic to INSIST on it. Because there are lots of poor parents out there. And you have to learn out to deal with it, and all sorts of other unfairness, and then move on.

JudyB heading to the bunker right after you. Is there still room?


"There's a reason why the man sitting alone at her table on The Patio is wringing his hands."


I'm just wishing that, if María is indeed evil, she'd step it up a notch... perhaps in a way similar to my earlier suggestion of corpse abuse.

I fret, I pout, I dither, I weep... but I've never ever wrung my hands... perhaps you saw someone else temporarily occupying my spot at the sparsely (for the moment) populated María Mesa. By the way, could I interest you in a specially prepared drink much like the one I offered Auntie Ann?


No nerfazo from me, NovelaMaven. I have an enormous number of siblings (all of us full-blooded sibs), the number which shall remain unknown since seems it's a contemptuous state of affairs to some, but when you have that many personalities growing up together there are going to be conflicts, drama, grief and glory! Different personalities, different choices, some of us gave more grief than glory but the story is still going on as we are all alive and well, as are our parents. These two sweet old people are brutally honest (as are many folk at this age) and I wouldn't dare ask them to rank us! Same thing can happen with only two. I agree that all these relationships, familial and otherwise, are caricatures, that's why we get so passionate in our discussions.


There's always room for you, JudyB!

Carlos, you are too kind. But I have my own bota bag, thanks.

Lila, that's a relief.

I would have hated getting a nerfazo from you -- you're one of my favorites here, you know.

[NM snorts wickedly]

Whew. This is definitely bunker weather, Novela Maven. Glad to know there's room.

Carlos, mi vida, I'll give you this. The actress playing Maria has lovely hair, skin, a lush figure and is doing an excellent job playing her rather thankless role in all this.

But we're supposed to loathe her.

Look what the costume department has done. Dumped her into all those busy, über-floral housedresses that don't flatter, even though her anxiously inviting cleavage is always displayed.

She is supposed to look tacky, and act tacky. And she does.

I'm glad you and Otro Gringo can appreciate her womanly charms; that's what keeps the world turning, after all, but I'd say from the way the writers and the wardrobe people are setting her up, her finale will be dreary indeed. Not Karmaggeddon. She hasn't killed anyone. Just dreary.

I wouldn't put it past Maria, thinking herself untouchable, to (HERSELF) tell Montse of the part she played in the death of Lauro. She'll probably do it with that kaka-eating smirk as she rubs it in, believing Alejandro will back her up on anything! She's just that evil.

Favoritism of certain children is far more commonplace than anyone wants to know. And it is not unusual for a parent to consistently favor the same child.

Where it gets toxic is when they show it, which gets even more toxic when they go into denial about it.

Without the parentage issues we're speculating about Graciela would probably favor Dimwit anyway because he can't compete with her and she can still also feel superior to him.

I thought I had already posted this, but I was wondering this afternoon whether in addition to the prevailing issues whether Dimwit was a sickly baby or toddler. This could account for not only the 9-year age difference between him and Monserrat but Lauro's coolness toward him. Military men don't usually take well to having sickly male children. Lauro would have wanted a son like JL, Refugio, or Alejandro.

NovelaMaven: BIG GRIN! :D

You know, Maria hasn't killed anyone but she is sooo hooked on Ale, I just can't see her giving up this role as his moo-hair while she is still drawing breath. Way down the line when Ale wins Montse back (as we know he will) I could see her trying to kill Montse which will end badly for her with Ale going back to Montse literally over her dead body. Not that Ale or Montse will do it but she may have the final anvil waiting for her.



Thanks for the drink. I will enjoy it while chatting with Cynderella over at the Ale table. I can appreciate the fact that you stand by your girl, just as Cynderella and I stand by Ale.

The final anvil is virtually always saved for the villain with the longest rap sheet. I also think that we have to see the entire rap sheet that earns that anvil.

Therefore, I think that unless there is a contract dispute between any of these actors and the production team, the final anvil will fall on Pedro. I'm going to guess that he will be responsible for more deaths than Graceless will.

Are you saying, Urban, that Pedro will be the only one to die? What I mean by "final anvil" is that it's the last anvil anybody can get cause it kills you. I can certainly see Pedro dying but I can't imagine Maria giving Ale up unless she's dead.


Thanks ever so much, Julia. I'm too lazy to requote everything everyone else loved about the recap, but I was delighted by all those same things, too. And a bonus grammar lesson! Love it!

Susanlynn, sending you all my good vibes for a favorable outcome.

After El Tal, I'm not sure avocadoes will ever not be funny to me. Indeed, I think Ale's are currently shriveled to peanut size.

Lila: his moo-hair. HA! Are you calling her a heifer?! Good one.

So Dim actually has a few feelings. Who knew? What an interesting turn of events, especially as contrasted with his mother's "oh, well; what can we do? Let's move on, as soon as we've spent a few minutes in a display of mourning in front of the neighbors." I guess he isn't exactly his mommy's clone after all. I hope Fina continues to work her magic. Although a death in the family will probably postpone the wedding again, which is probably a good thing.


Believe it or not, I was thinking about you, your daughter and granddaughters the other day. I remember you telling us last year that the next hearing was in January and I was thinking that maybe it had passed since we were close to the end of the month. Sending you positive vibrations; keeping you and your family in my prayers.

I had an observation that I want to share because I know I'm not the only one who saw it. I got the feeling that Montse thought Ale went to her house to reconcile. Did anyone else get that feeling? When she saw him she looked a bit nervous (messing with her hair in a sort of flirtatious way) and dare I say happy. I wouldn't doubt that she would be thinking that. She had just had a conversation with Fina, who had told her that it would not be a surprise to her (Fina) if Ale came looking for Montse. Just an observation.

No spoiler here, but this is what I think was said during Gracie and Pedro's private conversation last night. Pedro told Gracie that JL is alive and engaged to marry Angie. He wants Gracie to somehow let Ale know this so that Ale will go looking for JL and they will have a confrontation and Ale will kill JL, and or they will both die. Montse will either get all of Ale's money because he will go to prison for murder or she will be a widow and inherit everything. Gracie will then have to convince Montse to sell or give that piece of land to Pedro that he so desperately wants. This works great for Pedro (he gets that land), Gracie (she gets the Almonte money) and even Joaquin (if JL dies he won't marry Angie). This would also resolve the favor issue between Pedro and Gracie.

back to work...hasta pronto!

I think that the reason many of us are bothered by Malria is that many of us have known MALrias in real life. Perhaps not as over-the-top arrogant and stupid (to quote anonymous ) and obsessed as this MALria, but nonetheless, chicks who just are nasty and pushy. Malria is a bully and a conniver who has no boundaries , and I think that we have all had runins with bullies or with chicks who blatantly flirt with our guys. Malria hits a very sensitive nerve in women. it. Thanks for that giggle.

Carlos..I think you just like to stir the pot, amigo.

5.17 and it is already getting Winter is winning. Auxillio.

Lila, the final anvil is dropped on the worst villain, but it's not always a death sentence. Sometimes it's Life Without Parole or the manicomio, or... either or both coupled with Disfigurement.

Some of those fates are worse than death.

AuntyAnn, I don't think Monserrat would comply so easily with a demand like that. I don't remember whether Alejandro told her anything specific regarding Benjamin's dirty dealings or his suspicions of them, but I think he told her he suspected Pedro of being corrupt. Nadia probably suspects that as well.

I don't think Monserrat would give up that land because isn't it the land on which that peasant community now sits? She would want it to do exactly what it's doing now, which is to support the people who are living there.

I also have faith in her future developing spine against her mother. She might stay angry at Alejandro for 50 more episodes over the revelation but that doesn't erase Graceless' hypocrisy over the whole ugly mess. Graceless would have to kill her own daughter to get that money and I'm trying to decide whether she would be willing to do that.

AuntyAnn...thanks! Amiga.

Yes, I thought that Mony looked surprised to see Ale suddenly standing there, but I also thought that I saw a little sparkle of hope in her eyes. That was a terrible scene to watch. Delivering the news of a death is always awful, but Ale looked guilty as hell, too, no matter what he is telling himself. People say and do very stupid things even to people they love and respect when they have become irrational. People can be their own worst enemies.

Aunty Ann: I got the feeling that Montse thought Ale went to her house to reconcile.

Yah, she did brighten in the most subtle way. That was a great scene, those electric seconds when Ale appeared in the doorway. Yeah, I think she was hopeful. The horrible contrast of that nanosecond of hope with what he really came to say made it all the more crushing. All of these guys are just splendid actors.


JuliaR: Please don’t ever apologize for anything about your recaps. They are great.

Hey Ale. If Lauro was the only decent member of the family, why did you kill him?

Let’s have a Clueless makeover for Fina.

Put me in the camp who believes that: 1. Dim is genuinely mourning his father, or the “if onlys” at least, and 2. is on the road to redemption. I think he’s intrigued by Fina’s devotion to him and relieved he can be honest with her, at least. He’s told her more than once that he’s a bad ‘un.

Susanlynn: I’m sending all kinds of love and light and positive energies into the Universe, so that you get happy news tomorrow.


UA,.and don't forget that some bad girls become dinner for coyotes like KendrHO in AV. YIKES

Thanks so much Julia - that was great. So was your recap yesterday, Novelamaven. I have really appreciated all the recaps which kept me in sync in the > month we have been out of Univision territory.

On Maldito - it comes from the verb Maldecir, which is to curse or to damn. Maldito as an adjective usually translates as "damned" - so with "maldito viejo" María was actually saying damned/cursed old man, basically swearing at him there already dead.

We also often hear the phrase "¡maldita sea!" which translates to "damn it!" in English. A female gender noun is implied by that common phrase. It might be referring to luck (la suerte). You can also hear other forms such as "maldito sea el día en que lo conocí" - damned/cursed be the day I met him.

Susanlynn, I haven't forgotten that one. In fact, I tuned in for it after otherwise bailing on that series.

Ok, one more time. What I mean is that Maria may have to get her final anvil in that she may have some set backs and trip-ups in her plan to possess Ale (little anvils) but the only thing that can stop her is she gets the BIG ONE, death, which is the only thing that stops her single-minded push to have Ale. I didn't mean she gets the novella's final anvil. Yah, somebody like Pedro deserves that honor.

Ok. . .need to rattle some pots and pans. Can't wait for tonight.



Of course, we all know that Ale is way out in left field. But if he goes after JL intending to murder him, knowing that he is now engaged to be married to Angelica, well, he reaches a fresh new low as impossible at it seems. It's all about his fragile pride (which he set up in the first place by creating this underhanded deal to "woo" Monserrat, and imprison her and force the marriage even after he discovered her initial perfidy).

Color me embarrassed, but I kind of like some of Maria’s floral dresses—not the strapless ones.

UA: Dim is kind of thin and gangly—maybe you’re right about him being a sickly child. Or a child who liked the arts—that probably wouldn’t go over too well either. Also, if he was shy when he was a child (he’s not an introvert—though he may have showed introvert traits when he was younger). His acting out may have been the stereotypical wanting to get attention. Add that to Gracie enabling him and he never outgrew it.

I don't see him as the creative type; he's too lazy. Are you confusing him with Miguel in LQNPA?

I hope Ange doesn't die or take a huge downturn while JL is away, in addition to hoping Ale or Joaquin's henchies don't kill him. I want them to get married. I want JL to know that Montserrat and Ale are separated, realize that his relationship with Montse is entirely in the past, see the value in a woman who is wholeheartedly devoted to him and a functional adult (even if she is sick), and choose Angelica.

I always thought it was a little unfair and immature that Montserrat expected JL to go to her father and, without her even having clued her dad in that she was seeing someone, to announce his intention to marry her. If she, who already had a great relationship with her father, wouldn't tell him about her romantic life, how much worse would it have been for JL, who was not the one Lauro cared about and who rightly feared being unfairly judged by the family, to drop that on Lauro out of nowhere?

"Hey Ale. If Lauro was the only decent member of the family, why did you kill him?" He wasn't thinking.

I've known a couple of people, women, too, who have anger-management problems. As soon as the spewing ends, they don't stop to reflect on what just happened and how they have hurt the person they've been attacking verbally. They behave as though *nothing* happened and revert back to their normal behavior and treat the wounded person as they would when not angry. It takes a heart attack or just a long time for the wounded party to forgive and forget that kind of blow.

This is how the cycle of domestic violence is perpetuated. The "wounded" person may actually have bruises, cuts and swellings and the aggressor begs forgiveness and swears it won't happen again. The sad part is that at that moment the aggressor feels it is the truth.


"Malria hits a very sensitive nerve in women."

Thanks for that. I kinda guessed that is the case. I've had a very difficult time understanding the scorn and vitriol directed at María from almost the very first episode. I guess you guys recognized her character's seriously negative potential long before I ever did. Nevertheless, I generally find the bad girls much more interesting than the so-called good girls. Several of the bad girl's I've invested in have ended up being redeemed in some fashion and a number have ended up... well... dead.

In CME, you may recall, this same actress played a similar part (Matilde) and was pretty much generally disliked but then latched onto a guy (currently our Refugio) and feelings toward her softened and even warmed (although her headband never quite seemed to catch on).

I can see redeemable qualities yet (she didn't give Lauro's corpse a little kick when she had the opportunity as I hoped she might to emphasize her annoyance) although I gave up on her ending up with Alejandro long ago. Maybe she can find happiness with a reformed Adolfo.


Julia--You are spot on. I'd completely forgotten that Montse danced around with her dad regarding her love life. She basically was getting him to agree that the person's status in life wasn't as important as her being in love with the intended. Lauro agreed, but she never went any further. So, it was that omission that really started the ball rolling.

Carlos..The actress playing Malria is new to me. I did not watch CME. I must admit that the bad girls add the spice to the stew that is a novela . That get our blood boiling at the crazy things they say and do. KendrHO in AV was a sight to see. I knew that she was a goner, but I never suspected that there would be hungry coyotes in her future. Yikes... what a way to go.

I always wonder what photos and captions you would be choosing when you are not on the recapping team. When you get right down to it, I started watching telenovelas six years ago because I surfed into Alborada and was smitten by Fernando , but I have stayed for the fun and the snark. Melinama had me at "the mystery Boinker of Santa Rita". And Diego's "swelling in the humid zones." I have discovered that I like a little bizarre craziness in my long as it is on theTV screen.

Susanlynn, you are so right about BM striking the last nerve with women. Men never see past the façade of the BM types.


That's for sure. I have a very good friend of many years' standing who is easily taken by succubi like Maria.

Anita, your theory is probably spot on, but as a girl who went to convent school Monserrat couldn't have been expected to figure out much more than that at the time. A thousand pesos says she never had a boyfriend before that.

She's growing up fast now that she knows her mother was not what she represents herself to be and that there are vipers like Maria lurking around her.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

UA: only watched a little bit of that one, so no. I’m just speculating. He could have been arty and Gracie just smothered the initiative in him. She probably did everything for him from the moment he was born. I’m surprised he’s as independent as he is.

Ale is playing Little Mister Victim here—even after “killing” Lauro. He’s all about the ME. I’m glad Vic warned him about what would happen if he persisted in his current behavior and then finds out he’s actually the baby’s father. There still will be is determined belief that Mons cheated on him, but at least he can’t hold the baby situ over her.

Carlos: we might have initially not liked Maria because we saw she was going to be a problem for our hero and heroine. Now she’s not liked because she really is a nasty piece of work.

Urban A,

Let's hope that Montse does grow a spine when it comes to her mother. My theory about the convo between Gracie and Pedro is far fetched, but I am just so curious to find out what they are up to. It can not be good. Any ideas?


I agree about Matilde on CME. I watched that TN and found that character annoying, it was like she was a spoiled brat. She then changed and I ended up liking her. That character is a huge contrast to the mischievous and evil BM.

I have a bad feeling after watching the avances. It looked like JL went to Montse's house. Why would he go there? It also looked like JL and Montse were going to have a reunion in their old meeting spot. And Ale's got a gun. Does Ale know JL's back in town? Will Ale meet JL and Montse on the beach. I can't wait to find out.

back to work...hasta pronto!

As far as the avances go, they're always taken out of context. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

If Alejandro were to kill JL and go to prison, is there any possibility that Pedro could seize his property? Not that I think this is what the writers are thinking, but that Pedro would try to do this with the very far-fetched idea that Alejandro manipulated Benjamin into the change in his will. He would have to kill the Padre to prevent the truth of that from coming to light.

There may still be the possibility of DNA material of Benjamin's that could help prove that he was Alejandro's sperm donor.

Also, the other obstacle to that plan is Monserrat and her baby. If anything were to happen to Alejandro she would be the one with the property rights.


Thanks Julia, for your amazing recap, so sensitively done, and with the bonus grammar help included!

AuntyAnn the gun scene seemed to me to be refrito from when Ale freaked out after learning "THE TRUTH." I think they're hyping us up.



I think Pedro wants to force Ale to buy the lands and the easiest way to to do that is force him to prison because of JL and when he is all distraught ,Pedro ,Joaquin or Ezequel visits him,offer him to give up the hacienda in exchage for his freedom.

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