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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, Capitulo 40. 01/06/14.

Sorry for posting so late.  I was up late last night watching the BCS Championship. Noles won the  2014 Championship.  YEAH!!!!
Ale tells Montse that he will be going to Aquazul tomorrow.  What to come with?  Montse declines.  There is no reason for her to buy new clothes if she doesn't go anywhere to use them.  Are you bothered that I won't let you go by yourself asks Ale.  Yes, replies Montse.  But I understand it's hard for you to trust me.  Hopefully with time you will trust me when I say that I no longer want to leave you.  One thing that bothers me though.  I don't like to have to ask for money or tell you why I need it.  Ale agrees and gives her a copy of the keys to his locked desk drawer.  Whenever you want money, just come and take what you need.  During this exchange, Adolfo hears this. 

Montse recalls Dim's threat about spilling the frijoles about JL if she doesn't give him money.

Ale goes to visit Loreto.  He says that JL is hanging out at his hacienda.  Loreto thinks he's mistaken.  JL and his accomplice died in a fiery crash.  But did you ever find the bodies asks Ale.  No, the place they crashed is a hard place to get to says Loreto.  Ale says they are wrong.  JL is still alive.  Loreto can open up an investigation, but it will cost money.  Ale has no problem paying for it as long as they bring JL to him. 

Nadia is depressed.  Montse calls and wonders if everything is alright.  Are you having problems with Pedro?  No, everything is fine replies Nadia.  But I am glad you called.  Why did you ask me not to tell Josefina that Dim and Adolfo are at your hacienda?  Montse says that Dim is threatening to tell Ale the truth about JL if she don't give him money.  Why does he want money asks Nadia.  Because he and Adolfo want to flee the country to avoid Toma's threats replies Montse.  She asks Nadia to lend her the money to get the boys out of her hair. 

Maria walks into the laundry room and orders the maid to leave.  She takes the hot iron that the maid was ironing with and places it on Montse's dress to burn.  Adolfo comes in and scares her.  Why are you burning Montse's dress he asks.  Because I can't stand all the beautiful clothes she has replies Maria.  Adolfo says she can buy dresses like these or even better.  How, I have no money replies Maria.  It's easy to find money if you're looking for it says Adolfo.  Ale has money locked in his desk.  But Maria says she can never steal money from him.  And he is the only one with a key.  No so, replies Adolfo.  I saw him give a copy of it to Montse last night.  If you want her to look bad in her husband's eyes, you can take the money.  She will be the one blamed when it goes missing.  I can help you with that.  And why would you do that questions Maria.  What's in it for you?  I want half of what's in there and a night with you replies Adolfo.  Maria accepts.  But how do we get the key?  Adolfo believes the key is in her room.  He will distract Montse and she will get the key.

Juvie comes into the study asking Montse how she's doing.  When I found out that you were in that fire, I would have risked my life to save you.  Montse ignores his pervie declaration of adoration and asks if there is anything else he needs.  Juvie says that Ale fired him and it's all her fault.  When Montse questions his thought process, he tells her that he was fired because of what he told her about her mother.  Well, I had to talk to her replies Montse.  I asked her if she knew you and she denied it.  Well the next time you talk to her, show her this bracelet that she gave me to keep her secret replies Juvie.  What secret asks Montse.  Well if you want to know, it will cost you replies Pervie Juvie.  I will be leaving soon, so if you want me you will have to find me. 

Ale goes to visit Victor.  It was reported to him that he hasn't gone into work for 2 days.  Victor says he's been having a bad couple days but will go to work tomorrow.  Who beat you up asks Ale.  Victor just says that Ale warned him, but he didn't listen.  Her husband found out about us.  Ale, the concerned and good friend that he is, says he knew this would cause HIM problems with Pedro.  He knows that we are friends and that you work for me.  Victor feels his friends empathy and says he doesn't have to worry anymore.  He broke things off with Nadia.  Ale drills it in that he has to stay away from her.  Victor finally gets tired of the consoling Ale to remind him that HE was the one that asked him to get close to her.  I never thought things would end up like this replies Ale.  Well, I never thought I would end up falling for her replies Victor.  You have no idea what I am feeling in having to give her up.  Ale says he just might have a clue.

Nadia angrily orders the groundskeepers to haul away the wagon full of flowers.

Loreto tells Juvie to come up with another plan to harass Ale.  You would think that Loreto would wisen up and realize with how many failed attempts that Juvie just can't deliver.  Anyway Loreto wants Ale to accept the protection he is offering.  He asks if Juvie was able to get his job back?  Not yet, but I am working on it replies Juvie.  He wants to know if Loreto was able to find any dirt on the capataz being a mariner.  Loreto reports that there is no record on Antonio aka JL.  Juvie thinks that Antonio/JL just said that to look good in front of the patron.  He jubilantly says he will tattle tell to Ale about this but Loreto says to keep his mouth shut.  Juvie just wants to get rid of the capataz and Loreto promises it will be done.  He changes the subject and wonders if Juvie has ever heard of JL.  Juvie of course knows nothing.  Loreto says to keep his ears open.  Ale is really interested in finding this guy.  Make sure you handle this with the utmost discretion.  I say discretion is not in Juvie's vocabulary.  Anyway back in Loreto's office, Ezekiel? comes in and Loreto tells him he has to leave.  Hold down the fort.  Ezekiel? sits down in the chair and says one day.

Montse is wondering what her mother is hiding as she puts away the bracelet in her jewelry box.  Dim enters and wants to talk.  He's tired of fighting with her, she is after all his sister.  She says she won't forgive him for all the things he did to her.  He disgusts her.  He complains that he didn't come for insults.  How can you con a woman so that you can take her money asks Montse.  And come here hiding like a coward?  Dim reminds her that if he stayed in Aquazul, Tomas would kill him.  Don't you care?  I am your brother.  How can you say that Montse asks.  Don't you care what would happen to me if Ale found out about JL?  Anyway I called Nadia and she is going to loan me 50,000 pesos.  That is all I could get.  She will deposit it tomorrow and I want you to quit threatening JL and let him leave.  Dim in a moment of empathy (maybe) tells her to run along and tell JL that he can leave.  Take the opportunity since your husband is not here. 

Juvie asks Maria if she has ever heard of JL.  Maria replies no and asks why?  Because Loreto says Ale wants to find this guy.  What are you doing with Loreto wonders Maria.  Juvie says it's good to play nice with the police.  Maria wants to know what she needs to do.  Just listen around but don't mention this to Ale.  Adolfo interrupts and asks Maria to come with him.  He tells her nows the time to get the keys.  Where's Montse inquires Maria.  She went over to JL's replies Adolfo.  JL questions Maria.  The capataz house replies Adolfo quickly.  Now go and get the keys.  Maria again says he mentioned JL.  I forgot his name replies Adolfo.  Maria keeps questioning, but Adolfo tells her enough and go get the key.

Montse knocks on JL's door.

Maria looks for the keys.

Montse enters the house and Adolfo stalls her from going to her room.  He says that he knows she thinks badly of him, but he swears he had nothing to do with the whole Josefina situation.  Montse doesn't believe him.  She talked to Nadia who told her everything.  Did you tell her we were here asks Adolfo.  Of course, but told her not to say a word to anyone replies Montse.  I did it not to protect you, but because I don't want Dim to seek revenge.  I have enough problems as it is.  She leaves and Adolfo starts to panic.  Maria comes running out and managed to avoid Montse by hiding in Tia Carlotta's room.  She turns over the keys to Adolfo and he goes into the study with Maria keeping a watch out.  He opens the drawer and shoves all the money down his pants.  Where's my half questions Maria.  You will get it when you complete the second half of our pact replies Adolfo.  He gives her back the keys but Maria wants some answers.  Why did you say Montse was going to visit the capataz JL?  I was confused replies Adolfo.  Do you know him asks Maria.  No, no replies Adolfo.  I could have easily said Pedro or Juan.  Why is this so important asks Adolfo.  Maria says she was just curious.

Maria goes into the kitchen.  Juvie wants to know what Adolfo wanted.  Nothing, just found a way for Montse to get kicked out of here.  But I want to tell  you something strange that just happened.  Juvie is all ears.  I was talking to Adolfo and instead of calling the capataz Antonio, he said JL.  Suddenly Rosario shows up and Maria starts yelling at her asking what she is doing here.  Rosario smiles and says Ale hired her back.  Now if you will excuse me, I am going to see THE LADY of the house and leaves.  Maria is not happy.

Rosario goes to greet Montse and says that Ale hired her back.  They leave to the garden to catch up. 

Maria returns the key.

Adolfo counts his money.  Knock on door and he quickly hides the cash under his bed.  It's Dim coming to pay him a visit.  He says Montse was only able to get 30,000 pesos.  Will that be enough for you to leave?  Adolfo agrees.  Dim says he's going to stick around and try to get an invite to stay with the Arachi's.  I also told my sister to tell JL that he could leave.  Adolfo thinks it's a good idea since Maria is running around gossiping.  What about asks Dim.  About JL replies Adolfo.

Juvie goes into his room and finds Loreto laying in his bed.  I think Loreto needs to find a shower and take one after laying in that bed.  Anyway he came to see Antonio.  Juvie says he must be in his house.  Juvie says he just found out something important.  He tells Loreto about Adolfo's mistake in calling the capataz JL.  What do you make of it?  Loreto thinks this is important news and decides to wait for Antonio at his house.  If you see him, tell him to meet me there.

JL has just come back to his house and takes off his smelly, sweaty shirt.  Loreto sneaks into the house and sees JL.  He asks if he should call him Antonio or JL and pulls a gun on him.  JL says he doesn't know what he is talking about. Loreto says he knows exactly who he is and there is no sense in denying it.  Refugio comes in and gets a gun pointed at him.  Loreto fills Refugio in and says that at this time, he doesn't plan on killing them.  He wants to know why Ale is wanting to find JL.  He offered to pay him a lot of money if he found him.  JL asks what he's going to do now?  Tell Ale that he's JL and get your money?  Not until you tell me why he's looking for you replies Loreto.  If you want to know ask him replies JL.  Juvie takes this time to enter the house. Loreto tells Juvie to take the gun and if the boys move, shoot them.  But don't kill JL.  I need him.  I'm going to talk to Ale. 

Ale comes home and Montse thanks him for letting Rosario come back.  You have made me so happy.  Ale decides to rain on her parade and says that the Padre also asked him.  Montse asks him how his trip went.  Fine replies Ale.  What's with the questions?  Montse says she wants to know about his things/business.  All we ever do is argue and fight.  Loreto comes in and wants to talk to Ale. 

They enter the study and Loreto says he still had some more questions about the whole JL situation.  Ale says if your here for an advance, then you have wasted your time.  No money until you have given me JL.  Loreto again wants to know why Ale wants JL.  Ale says it's personal.  Loreto keeps trying to find out the reason why Ale wants him, but Ale won't give it up.  Loreto promises that he and JL will be face to face soon. 

Juvie starts harassing Refugio.  Refugio tells him to shut it.  He knows that Juvie is the one that started the fire.  Juvie laughingly denies it.  Loreto returns and tells Juvie to leave.  Refugio wants to follow him, but Loreto prevents it.  Did you talk to Ale asks JL.  I did, but he doesn't want to tell me why he wants you replies Loreto.  Perhaps he wants to kill you but at this time I am going to do nothing.  Remember that Ale has offered me a lot of money to deliver you to him.  JL says he doesn't have any money.  No, but there are other ways to pay for your freedom and that of your friend replies Loreto.  We can come to an agreement.  JL, the hothead, wants to know what type of agreement.  Loreto says all in due time.  I am going to take your friend with me to ensure that you don't try to escape.  If you do, you sentence your friend to death. 

Loreto tells Refugio to act cool while there leaving or he and his friend will pay the price.  He tells Juvie not to say a word about what happened today not even to his niece.  Juvie gives his word that he won't say anything.  Although I wouldn't trust that idiot.  Anyway, Juvie wants to know if they need to cancel the job tomorrow.  Loreto says to follow through with the plan. 

JL calls Esme and tells her that the police from Aguazul know who they are and took Refugio.  He doesn't know if they are taking him to a cell or another place.  What if they kill him?  Esme says don't even think it.  He asks her to find out where Refugio is at. 

Refugio is taken to a cell and Ezekiel? says he has seen his face before.  Loreto tells him not to worry about who this guy is.  He's no one.  Just forget that he is here.  You personally need to watch him.  No one needs to know that we have a man locked up in here.  Ezekiel agrees.  Loreto tells Refugio he hopes his little buddy comes through otherwise he's toast.  As Loreto leaves, he tells Ezekiel? he wants him there day and night.  Guess the guy doesn't have a life. 

Montse quietly tries to leave the house as she clacks away in her shoes.  Maria hears and goes to pay Adolfo a visit.  She asks for her part of the money.  Adolfo tries to put the slimely moves on her.  Looks like she's enjoying it. 

Montse goes to see JL.  She tells him that she has convinced her brother to let him go.  JL wants to know if she still loves him.  She says that she will always have him in her heart and remember him as the man she most loved.  The best man in her life.  JL asks if she loves Ale.  She defends herself and says he's her husband.  JL says that she will always be the love of his life.  He can't leave tonight, but at this time tomorrow he should be gone.  She hopes so.  She goes to leave but he stops her.  He asks for one last kiss.  He goes in but she stops him.  Fine replies JL.  But know that you have hurt me.  My heart is broken because of you.  Do you think we will ever see each other again?  I don't know replies Montse.  Where are you going?  The United States replies JL.  It's to dangerous for me to stay here.  Montse wonders if they are still looking for him.  He tells her not to worry, it's his problem.  She says she will never love anyone the way she loved him.  JL says he at least knows that she is in the hands of a good man.  Are you surprised?  Because that is what I think of Ale.  He's a great man.  Are you going to say goodbye to him asks Montse.  No answers JL.  She has to go.  She has been gone for too long.  He tells her to remember these words.  No one and I mean no one will love you the way I did.  She says she knows and they hug.  Goodbye she whispers.  Goodbye forever.  Goodbye my love replies JL. 

Manana: Montse realizes she's in love with Ale; Loreto wants JL to kill Ale; Maria bitch slaps Juvie.  Seems they all find out he killed his own brother and he cries like a little....baby when Ale points a gun to his face. 




Gloria, thanks for the wonderful recap and congrats onyour team winning.

When Maria was burning Montse's clothes , "I" wanted to slap her. Have to admit , I was happy when I saw the avances with her distraught and slapping her uncle. I think we can surmise what that is about.
Maybe she should marry Dimitri and take two slugs off the market.

Glad to see JL going while the going is (still) good ???

Can't help thinking that if Montse had told Ale the complete truth about everything she'd be in a very powerful position. Unfortunately, that window of opportunity is closing as the situation keeps getting more and more complicated (cash drawer key, etc.)


I know we are suppose to find that scene between JL/Montse touching and feel bad for him but I couldn't help but laugh hysterically. RG has his moments when I don't find him bad but whenever he tries to do emotionally scenes it's horrible. That is not his strong suit at all.

Uggh I can't stand BM. Can't she die soon?!

Awesome recap. I too missed the show watching the game, so truly appreciate all the great detail.

Have to admit, this is one episode I don't feel compelled now to watch. Everything is unraveling and watching all the slimeballs getting away with things isn't exactly warming the cockles of my -34 wind-chilled heart. These are going to be some tough episodes coming up, but watching Juve get his might be fun. I think the patio will definitely get behind that!!


Great work, Gloria.

I didn't see the avances but I'm surprised Maria is finding out about Juventino having murdered her father. I wasn't expecting that for another 30 or more episodes.

However, my gut is telling me that she isn't going to turn on him. She didn't exactly mourn her father so she somehow didn't love him as a daughter is supposed to. Unless he got pervy with her she is therefore a sociopath, just like Dimwit and Adolfo.

If Monserrat had said "Jose Luis, what are you doing here?" when he arrived nobody would be in this situation now.

Gloria, I thought this was one of the most depressing episodes yet (Daisy, you might well choose to skip it).

However, as soon as I started reading your summary, I do what I always do which is smile and chuckle to myself. Giving the gift of laughter is amazing and you deliver every single time. Enjoy your straightforward style and sly comments. This was great.

Among my many favorites were "Montse ignores his pervie declaration of adoration", "Victor finally gets tired of the consoling Ale to remind him that HE was the one that asked him to get close to her" and "I say discretion is not in Juvie's vocabulary". Excellent!

I know I'm likely alone, but JL and Monse's goodbye scene struck me as touching and sad. I must admit I shed a few tears. That said, did I miss it or did JL not even tell Monse that Refugio was captured and that the truth is "out there"? At least JL called Esme to try to find out where Refugio was - if anyone can find him, she can. She is the smartest sleuth here...

Maria, Juvie, Adolfo and Dimwit are beyond contemptible. (Jarifa, thought "Maybe she should marry Dimitri and take two slugs off the market" was great).

Adolfo is obviously scamming Dimwit. No honor among thieves there certainly. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. I always thought Adolfo was rather an idiot but he is a schemer and opportunist whose greed and lack of compassion have served him well here.

I wish the walls would just crash in so things can be sorted out and lives readjusted and rebuilt. Wonder if witless worm Juvie will manage to extricate himself from the charge of murdering his brother? Loathe the character but will miss the actor should that occur. Luis Gatica left far too soon.

Juvie's skin appeared to be oily rather than sweaty last nigt. It was so odd...Don't know why I'm harping on the point but the thought he might have been lathered in oil makes the character even slimier than ususal (if possible). :)

Gloria, thanks for brightening my day. Congrats on your team's championship.


Gloria, congratulations on your team's win and thank you for doing a recap on your night of celebration.

Gloria, you are the queen of the deadpan snark: "Montse quietly tries to leave the house as she clacks away in her shoes." That sentence totally cracked me up. Thank you for my first laugh of the day.

OK, ICK, I say ICK that Adolfo shoved the money down his pants. Talk about filthy lucre. Blech.

I find it interesting to note that at last one of Adolfo's hare-brained schemes worked. Maria is obviously a more adept partner than Dimitrio. She needs to brush up on her negation skills though. It's hilarious how Addled and Dimwit are constantly trying to screw each other over money-wise.

Daisynjay, I definitely want Juvie to get his anvil, but I hope he doesn't leave the show. His sweaty spark lights up every scene.

Diana, I also found the final scene between Montse and JL sad and touching. However I am an admitted sap; even Hawaii Five-O makes me cry.

Thanks Gloria!!

If Maria married Dimwit we'd have to worry about whether they'd breed.

Adolfo scammed Dimwit before, so I can easily imagine the two of them eventually turning on each other.

Here's hoping that Monserrat finds the drawer empty before Alejandro does.

Congratulations, Gloria! And you managed to get a fab recap out to us too. This was a really depressing episode.

Urban- Even if Monse opened up the drawer first, she wouldn't know anything is amiss, since she's never opened it before and never saw how much money was in there. She could just as easily think that Ale has emptied the drawer for some reason, or there was never anything in there, and he was just messing with her.

Since his first instinct, with anything she does or says, is to suspicious of her (was it so hard for him just to be polite and answer her questions about how his trip was?), then I'm sure he will assume right off the bat that she stole the money to give to JL. Nothing she does or says will change his mind. Just like he still won't believe her that Maria was the one who helped her escape the first time.

Both Dim and Addie scam each other all the time. Dim gets 50K and tells Addie he got 30K. Addie hits the jackpot, and tells Dim nothing.

Since Esme already got Rufugio out of a jam with this exact same police officer, by pretending Refugio was her cousin and flirting up a storm with the cop, I think she might be able to pull that trick a second time. If anyone can do it, she can.

Thanks, Gloria. Jeez, I feel a little like you did on NY eve Fatima, a little down that Aldopey got away with stealing scads of money from Ale, sheesh! I generally think previews give away too much but I am heartened by Juvie's apparent discovery tonight. . .unless they're tricking us and that's going to happen much later. Dimwit, Dopey and Maria's theft and sliming around in bed make me feel like I need a shower

Thanks again, Gloria, hope it's warmer where you are! (-8 here!)


Thank you, Gloria!

Watching Dim and Dimmer dance around each other is a hoot.
Dim lies, Dimmer lies even more - perfect partners.

Maria had no clue how much money Ale had in the desk, wanna bet that Adolfo gives her less than half?

I guess we are aproaching some bad stuff - Ale will jump through teh roof when he sees that his money is gone, he will think Montse is nico to him because she managed to steal all that cash and now she only wants to trick him long enough to leave.

Juvie is so slimy, poor actor - always needing the greasy stuff to get into character.

Gloria, thank you so much! I have not seen the episode, but I think I am going to have to pass. I like your style, Gloria. Agree with Cap'n Sharkbait about the clacking shoes! What a visual that was. :))

Lila, this feels like a repeat of New Year's Eve, I'm afraid. :(


Thank you, Gloria, for brightening the gloom of this episode with your humor and little ironic digs. I especially enjoyed your description of our hero's "empathy" in the face of his best friend's suffering.

Sylvia: "Talk about filthy lucre." Snort!

Diana: You are definitely not alone. I also thought the farewell scene between Montse and JL was "touching and sad."

It's interesting that Loreto recognized the real bond between Refugio and JL and that he could exploit it to control JL. Imagine trying that with Dim and Addled.

As Vivi said, Ezequiel (Alexis Ayala) is the same cop who, for a price, helped Esme save Refugio several episodes back. Now we know that:
1. Ezequiel resents Loreto and covets his job.
2. He can be bought.
3. He kind of likes Esme.

So yes, it's not a stretch to see him as the fox in charge of the henhouse in his role of personal guard for Refugio.

I suspect that among manly men, the highest praise possible is what JL said about Alejandro: Es un buen tipo. :)

Dimwit and Adolfo have no such bond. One would sell the other out in the wink of an eye. I see that in their future.

Gloria thanks for this recap. Glad you were able to enjoy the 'Noles win before viewing a depressing episode.

Add me to the list of those wanting to see Dim and Addled (nice NM) get theirs. And the thought of Dim actually winning poor Angelica is really disheartening. I want to see vengeful Josie make Dim's live miserable!


Sylvia owns Dim and Addled™ though she has kindly allowed us to use her clever coinage.

And absolutely, Urban, either one would let the other hang without a backward glance.

Thanks for this excellent recap, Gloria. Well done.

I'm a little disappointed in María for giving it up to Adolfo so easily. Though I think they make kind of a cute couple, I can't believe that she is being so trusting... she should have collected the money up front. You can bet that he's not going to give her her fair share of the money... if any at all.

Alejandro seems to becoming comfortable with being rich and entitled. He's bought himself a wife and now he thinks he's bought himself a cop. He wants JL handed directly over to him? I wonder what his plan is?


Dear Gloria,

Congratulations on your team winning and many thanks for also doing this fantastic recap.

I loved this paragraph, especially, which so concisely and humorously summed up all the characters involved:

"Montse quietly tries to leave the house as she clacks away in her shoes. Maria hears and goes to pay Adolfo a visit. She asks for her part of the money. Adolfo tries to put the slimely moves on her. Looks like she's enjoying it."

I laughed so much at this, which was great since I agree with many that this was a downer of an episode. I did get some more laughs, though, during the episode when Alfie stuffed the money down his bright yellow pants (I think Hernan from LT would have had pantalones envy) and from Juvie, as always. Those characters are both awful, but they're fun to watch and the actors are amazing. Wish TN actors could get nominated for Emmys in the States!

Thanks again, Gloria! It was a lot of fun to spend my lunch break reading your excellent recap.

Have you noticed that whenever Ale makes a deal with the Devil (Gracie, Loreto), it's JL who ends up getting burned? Sucks to be JL.

thanks, Gloria! for giving us this great recap .

Brrr..The local schools closed due to the below zero temperatures today.

I was just getting used to the idea of not having any classes this semester and thus not having to go out into the cold so much when I got a phone call from my boss yesterday afternoon. Since the full time teachers need 15 students to teach a class, the teacher who took my usual classes can't take them because there are less than 15 students, so she must take downtown classes which have more students. First, my boss offered me the writing class. Then, she called back to ask me if I wanted the reading class. Since classes begin on Monday, I had to make my syllabi speedy quick and now I have to brave this cold and drive them to the college to get duplicated. Brrrrr

stay warm and safe. Later, gators.

Gloria and all the recappers for the past two weeks that I have not acknowledged, thank you for all the stellar recaps. I'm very glad we're back to one hour eps, so I'm sure you all are over the moon.

Why is Juvie still hanging around if he's been fired and paid?

Why would Mons keep an important key in her bed table drawer knowing that Maria thinks she can enter her room any time she wants?


Oh, and why does Loreto keep trusting Juvie when he's been nothing but a screw-up?

Carlos: "Alejandro seems to becoming comfortable with being rich and entitled. He's bought himself a wife and now he thinks he's bought himself a cop. He wants JL handed directly over to him? I wonder what his plan is?"

Simply great. Entitled is the entirely appropriate word here. He certainly has risen to the lord of the manor status quite quickly, has he not?


Other than keeping it on a chain around her neck, I'm not sure where Monse could have put the key that Maria, or any of the other number of people who feel entitled to enter her room without her permisson, wouldn't find it.

"JL who ends up getting burned? Sucks to be JL."

LOL - yep, Vivi. That's what he gets for not being the main heart throb in the TN.

Carlos, have to agree. Now we all like Ale, he's our hero and he's so gorgeous and buff, and that smile....er, I digress, but I heartily admit that we have seen him sort of "losing his soul" to the power that allows him to feed his jealousy of this JL person and Monse. Going to be part of his learning curve, heartache and growth through this TN I believe. And after watching Teresa, SR can handle showing us a man in torment pretttttyyyy well.


It is only 10:00 a.m. here and there are already so many insightful comments. I feel like I kind of agree with all of you, even when you disagree. I guess that makes me kind of flippy floppy, heh.

Susanlynn, hey it's great to be wanted!

NovelaMaven, I already gave Dim and Addled™ to The Patio collective so we are good to go.

Urban, I hadn't even thought to compare the Dim/Dimmer relationship with JL/Refugio. You make an excellent point. D and D do not have a fine bromance.

Nanette, you are trying to make too much sense out of the details. I also keep wondering by Juvie is allowed to hang around, but I sure am glad he is. Looks like he gets some comeuppance tomorrow, but I wouldn't be surprised if he manages to slither out of it somehow. Like a greased pig.

Monserrat also needs a lock for her door.

Juventino hasn't been paid and that has been Alejandro's most recent mistake. He should have decided to give him three months' severance pay and sent him packing. I don't know if there is a general rule about this in Mexico, but since he suspects that Juventino took part in some dirty dealings for Don Benjamin, this should be adequate.

Not to mention getting him out of the way to keep Monserrat from finding out about her mother's affair with Don Benjamin, but I still feel that this knowledge wouldn't hurt her anymore. Her mother has done her dirty in several ways so this can't sully that relationship any further.

Trouble is that Alejandro hasn't figured that one out yet, either.

Monserrat should have been wearing the key, but then she had no idea that Adolfo was eavesdropping.

At this point if I were her I'd be calling Tomas. He won't kill Dinwit; he'll just make him marry Josefina and put them on a strict allowance.

Urban, I thought the same thing, that Montse should have contacted Tomas and arranged a little surprise for her brother. I only knew Tomas for a short while but I miss him already.

The only problem with my advice to Monse there is that Josefina doesn't deserve to really be married to that creep Dimwit.

Neither does Angelica, whose alleged fortune he is already looking at.

Thanks, Gloria, for giving us such a fine recap.

It was another dark episode but the image of Aldolfito shoving the cash down the front of his duck yellow rompers made me laugh out loud.

As you said Sylvia, ICK, ICK and filthy lucre.

My thoughts went to a certain person I know, who, as a child, would carefully clean off the tray of his high chair by stuffing anything left on the white melamine surface down the front of his Grranimals trousers.

Being a generous child, he was always willing to share his bounty with his sister—later.

Grubby Cheerios anyone? Filthy lucre?

Julia Rold: I think Hernan from La Temp might go for the yolk yellow jeans as a fashion statement, but, with his Eurostyle, he would surely have them tailored to fit super-close to his superb body. No room for filthy lucre there.

I hope all who are suffering from this hideous cold are safe and warm.

Thanks again, Gloria, for the great recap of a downer episode.



Gloria – Terrific recap. In addition to the lines already mentioned, this one is a gem too: “Ale, the concerned and good friend that he is, says he knew this would cause HIM problems with Pedro.”

I too was saddened by JL and Montse’s goodbye. JL should’ve gotten the message a long time ago that he was no longer the true love, but the poor sap’s life (not to mention his true life partner, Refugio) is in a shambles. I’m thinking JL didn’t tell Montse about Refugio because he figures there’s nothing she can do so no point in entangling her further in his life. But you would think she might offer him a few bucks to make it across the border, no?

Nice to see Esme again. I know the girl will do what she has to do to free her man. No time for crying and gnashing of teeth for her.

Seems too soon for Juvie to go down, so I’m thinking this is a preview trick.

Niecie- It's best for her conscience that Monse didn't give JL any of Ale's money to flee. That way, when she does get blamed, she can honestly say she never laid eyes nor hands on that money, ever. JL can figure out how he's going to get the money together. Unlike Monse, JL gets paid a salary.

Vivi: I thought about the key situation and it would be awkward for her to carry it around on her, but she could have picked a better place to put it. If someone gave me a key to a drawer full of money, I would be sure to try and find a good hiding place for it.

UA: I didn't realize Juvie hadn't been paid yet.

Niecie: unfortunately, I agree with you re: Juvie.


I agree about Monymony is not doing enough to keep Malria out of her room . Stealing underwear, burning dresses..the girl is cracra, I agree about getting a key and locking that door and then wearing her room key and the key to the money drawer on a chain around her neck under her clothes. Wake up, Monymony. There are a lot of bad people around you.

I got a big kick out of Addled shoving his ill gotten loot down his pants. Yikes. He is much worse than I first realized. Also, I do not want to see him shirtless again.

I am looking forward to all of these nasty, greedy people getting a taste of karma. What you send out into the world will come back to you.

Brrrrrrr....making a nice hot dinner to get the chill out.

Thanks for the recap! I loved your sarcastic praise of Ale's empathy for his friend, too.

I wouldn't have thought Pervy could look grosser than usual, but he managed it. Did he take a shower in vegetable oil before shooting those scenes? And WHY hasn't Ale thrown him off the property yet?!?! This defies belief.

I love all the shady dealings amongst the thieves and traitors. They're bad, but they are entertaining.

One thing I have been wondering...Montse has been more affectionate toward Ale lately, indicated that she's falling in love with him, etc., and yet now he isn't trying for any boudoir action? Is he only turned on by hate and anger?

Montserrat should take that trip into town after all and actually buy some new clothes that are suitable for country life. Maybe some flat shoes, for example. I thought she was going to get involved with developing the community for the poor people. Shouldn't she have something practical to wear to go do that? And while she's in town, she can stop by the hardware store and buy some locks and maybe a security camera or twenty.


THanks so much for your recap. It was more entertaining that the actual epi.

I have never liked Maria, and after last night I don't think that she should be given a pass. She is showing her true colors, and I can't wait for the day when Ale finds out the whole truth about his supposed friend.

I don't think Montse thought much about where to put the key because she didn't know that anyone (Adolfito) was listening at the door.

Susanlynn: I have to agree with you that I don't want to see Adolfo shirtless again either. Let him be with Maria, but WE don't have to see it.

I did not find the goodbye scene between Montse and JL very touching. It was like okay, maybe I'll see you again one day, have a safe trip. I wasn't expecting much from JL; he didn't even get teary eyed. He seemed to show more emotion when they took Refugio away.

Just wanted to say that Ale, as usual, looked so handsome in last nights epi.

Can't wait to see what really happens tonight. I think it's too soon to take Juvie away.

Back to work...hasta pronto.

One think in last night's episode that was incredibly sweet was when Rosario came back to work. Montserrat was absolutely genuinely happy to see her. Their reunion was a joy to watch.

I also thought Addled's shirtless scene was gross. Which was odd, because I found the same actor quite appealing in Tormenta en el Paraiso when he was working with the horses and would take off his shirt and hose himself down to cool off. I guess being a good guy adds a lot of points!

Is Alpo the actor who played brain tumor guy in CME?


Yes, he played Chema the great cook with a brain tumor.

Ahhhhh...came home from work this morning to find that my beloved husband had screwed up the computer, and spent all day talking to various interesting folks in India with no results other than telling me I needed to go to the store and buy new components. Then our son came home and fixed it with a hair dryer--a solution he found by googling unorthodox ways to resuscitate creaky components. Anyway, I've missed you. Enjoyed the recap, Gloria. With you, it's almost like Smellavision--you bring us not only the visual descriptives but the sweat and stench as well. Whew! Glad your Seminoles won and hope your daughter is feeling hale and hearty, but also remembering what a comfort her mama was last week when she was ill.

Oh, and forgive me, but I thought the nefarious Adolfo looked simply gorgeous, lounging bare-chested there in that bed. The nasty Maria was also quite the toothsome wench. Both have beautiful outsides, but thoroughly wretched insides. Maybe they'll infect each other!

Thanks guys for your comments. Still glowing in the aftermath of the Holes winning. Judy thanks for your sweet comment. She had the stomach but luckily no one else got sick.

I wanted to smack Ale last night. Your friend is suffering and you think about yourself.

Maria, ugh! Get a life. I personally thought Adolfo looked quite sexy.

Can't wait for tonight.

Darn spell check. I meant Noles.

I am emboldened to weigh in here with the fact that I have found Monse's scenes with JL more full of mutual attractions that those of hers with Alejandro. Being an old Teresa fan I do remember them having chemistry then but in this novela I haven't seen it yet. And Ake;s temperment is not one that seems attractive to me unless you are a masochist.

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