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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo capitulo 68, 13 February, 2014 - Mother and Child Reunion

Mother and Child Reunion

A Screaming Baby

In the Mendoza mansion a baby screams. The rooms in the ancient house are large, graciously proportioned and beautifully furnished. The baby, Lauro Mendoza, is not alone, but he might as well be. His grandmother, an extravagantly dressed forty-something aged woman, rushes about the house frantically, making swooshing noises where her Spanx meets silk dress and tapping sounds as she navigates the antique clay floor tiles in her sky high heels. 

Lauro’s grandmother, who is called Graciela, is mumbling under her breath in Spanish, incongruously carrying a full baby bottle in her hand. She seems to be made anxious by little Lauro’s incessant wailing, but she does nothing to comfort him. She does not offer him the bottle, or comfort or simple human companionship. She offers him nothing.

There is a knock at the front door. Graciela hands the maid the baby bottle and yells that she will answer the door. Two younger women, they are called Nadia and Josefina, wait outside.  Graciela rudely responds to her would-be guests, bitterly complaining that the baby’s crying is driving her mad and that she is desperate for news. Belatedly, she invites the women into the house.

They tell her that Jose Luis Alvarez in in the hospital but that he yet lives. After she hears this information Graciela he makes a hasty grab for her handbag and nearly runs out the front door.
Lauro is still crying. Josefina wonders if they should have told Doña Graciela that Alejandro Almonte is in jail. Nadia says no, if Montserrat has told her mother nothing, then she has her reasons. Nadia and Josefina hurry toward little Lauro’s room to offer the child comfort and care.

No, I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away

Hospital In Aguazul, Campeche State, Mexico

In a hospital waiting room, three women huddle together for mutual comfort.  A great tragedy has occurred. Out of some antediluvian idea of loss of face, wounded pride, rage or just plain wrong headedness, two men have engaged in hand to hand combat, over the honor of a woman.  The absurdity of the men’s behavior is lost on no one in the room.

The other has shot one of the two men, Jose Luis Alvarez, in the chest. Although Jose Luis is alive, he is in a precarious state. The second man, Alejandro Almonte, is in custody at a local jail, having been taken there by the local police captain, EZ Basurto.

Baby Lauro’s mother, Montserrat, is crying that if Jose Luis dies a great injustice has occurred. Lauro’s paternal grandmother, Rosario, appears stunned and wrings her hands helplessly. Dressed in a simple homespun cotton dress, Grandma Rosario could not appear less like Grandmother Graciela.  It is her son, Laurito’s father, who has committed the crime. He shot Jose Luis in the absurd duel at dawn. Now Alejandro is in jail.  The third woman, Montserrat’s Aunt, turns on Rosario and scolds her that she cannot go on in this way, acting like a servant. She must go and tell Alejandro the truth. Her place is at her son’s side. Montserrat agrees.

Montserrat has the duty to find the injured man’s wife, Angelica, and give her the terrible news—Angelica’s husband, Jose Luis Alvarez, was shot by Alejandro Almonte and is lying in the local hospital, fighting for his life.
Mayor’s Office, Plaza, Aguazul
Mayor Pedro Medina sits behind his desk, in the power position in the beautiful office. EX Basurto, Aguazul’s Chief of Police, stands in front of the Mayor, working his hands together nervously in the fig-leaf posture. He fills his boss in on the news.

Alejandro Almonte is in jail, but Jose Luis is still alive, in hospital. Mayor Medina sips from a crystal glass of scotch on the rocks and gestures with his pipe at his lackey. No, he does not want to talk to Almonte. Medina wants Alejandro to be in despair in his cell. Baby Lauro is mentioned. EZ doubts that Lauro is Alejandro’s son, but Medina says that his wife Nadia is a close friend of Montserrat Mendoza and she believes that Alejandro Almonte is Lauro’s father. The baby does not belong to Jose Luis Alvarez and a paternity test will prove this. EZ replies that Alejandro has lawyered up—and that he has some a small problem—Jose Luis Alvarez is still alive. Mendoza gives EZ an evil eye, and reminds him that he believes that he TOLD EZ to take care of that problem.

Rosario and Alejandro

Oh, little darling of mine
I can’t for the life of me
Remember a sadder day
I know they say let it be
But it just don’t work out that way
And the course of a lifetime runs
Over and over again

Rosario has gone to the jail when she encounters her friend Macario. He offers to help her get in to visit Alejandro. Rosario’s face is a mask of tragedy, terror and resolve.

Alejandro Almonte is a very handsome man, even seen through the bars of a Mexican jail. Almonte sits cross-legged on his bunk with his back pressed against the wall. His eyes are closed and his hands are clasped in front of him, but he is not in the posture of meditation. He seems completely lost in his own inferno as her remembers a recent conversation. He remembers a time when he sincerely offered his friendship to the man he has just shot. He puts his face in his hands.

Rosario appears outside Alejandro’s jail cell. He is not welcoming to her. He asks her why she is here and what she wants. She says that she is there to tell him the truth. Alejandro looks up at her. 


Meanwhile, at the hospital, a handsome, dark haired man lies unconscious and vulnerable. He is Jose Luis Alvarez. Chief of Police EZ Basurto steals into his room. Basurto picks up a pillow with deadly intent and moves in to cover the face of the unconscious man. As EZ prepares to smother Jose Luis Alvarez, he murmurs to the helpless man. “This,” EZ says, “Is not personal.” It is the will of Mayor Pedro Medina that JL die. 

As he prepares to murder JL a woman walks in the room and recognizes EZ. “Ezekiel, she cries, “What are you doing?”  EZ recovers his composure quickly and tells the young woman Esmeralda—who thinks of EZ as a friend—that he is there to question Jose Luis about what happened. Esmeralda chides him and says that tomorrow is soon enough to question the critically injured man. Wait until Jose Luis is a little better. 

EZ, foiled in his plan to suffocate Jose Luis Alvarez, leaves the hospital room quietly. Esmeralda follows him and berates him for not acknowledging her in front of Doña Carlota Mendoza when they all met earlier. EZ says that Doña Carlota is from one of the best family in Aguazul. What was he supposed to do? Esmeralda reminds him that she is a friend of Doña Carlota’s niece and that she and Carlota are already acquainted—distantly. EZ asks Esmeralda if she is aware of why Carlota never married. Esme looks at him with knowing eyes and says, “EZ. Why do you ask?” 

"No reason" replies EZ Basurto.

Another man, Refugio, enters the hospital room. Refugio is Jose Luis’ best friend and he doesn’t like seeing EZ in JL’s room. Refugio looks at Esme with longing—she looks at him with scorn. Outside the hospital room, Refugio challenges EZ to admit that he set up a trap for Refugio. EZ refuses to admit anything. Rufugio insists that he loves Esme with all of his heart and he will love her for the rest of his life. EZ replies that Refugio does not love Esme as she is. H wants her to change. Refugio huffs back at the other man but cannot deny the accusation.

Josefina Realizes Dimitrio Will Never Change

The doorbell rings at Casa Mendoza. Josefina hurries to answer the door. She immediately recognizes the visitor, Adolfo. Josefina assumes that Adolfo is looking for husband, Dimitrio, Adolfo’s best friend. She assures him that Dimitrio is not at home. Adolfo, looking vaguely contrite, apologizes to Josefina.  

 Josefina, a tall, dark haired and pretty woman, dressed in a loose fitting belted silk tunic and skirt, doesn’t meet her friend’s eyes as she speaks. She knows that the whole situation is her fault. She is a fool to believe that Dimitrio could actually change and love her. Josefina cringes as she speaks to Adolfo, like a dog that has survived yet another beating by his deranged master might interact with the next human she encounters. Her shame is so intense that she seems to curl in on herself as she speaks. Aldolfo asks Josefina what the bastard her husband has done this time. 

Josefina cries. She continues to berate herself. She has always known who and what Dimitrio is. She describes herself as so insignificant, so ugly…But Adolfo interrupts her and says, No. What Josefina is saying about herself is not true. She is more than enough woman to have anyone she wants.  Josefina replies that Adolfo’s words are very sweet, but they both know that they are lies. As Josefina turns to walk away, Adolfo jumps in front of and tells her that he knows this is not a lie. HE is falling in love with Josefina.

Josefina asks Adolfo WHY he is saying such things. She is married. Aldolfo says that he cannot get her out of his head. He cannot stop thinking of her. Ever since he kissed her lips, out on the malecon… he begs her to understand! But, as he is about to explain, Dimitrio Mendoza comes in and asks his best friend just what is going on.

Rosario and Alejandro, La Verdad

No, I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away
Oh, little darling of mine

I just can’t believe it’s so
Though it seems strange to say
I never been laid so low
In such a mysterious way

Paul Simon

Rosario tells Alejandro that she is not there to recriminate him. He would not believe how much it pains her to see him in such a condition.  He asks if she feels pity for him but she says no, not pity. Rosario sobs. But she spent many years in a prison. She would not want this for anyone, much less for Alejandro, who is—a good man. Ale gets up from his bunk, then, and tells Rosario that he is not a good man. She was incarcerated unjustly, but he, Alejandro, deserves to be locked up. She wishes she had spoken to him before this happened. He asks if Montserrat asked her to come see him. Rosario says no. She came on her own account, to tell him the truth.

Alejandro misunderstands her intention. He tells these that these are just words. Nobody could get him to change his opinion of Montserrat. Rosario swears that his wife is a good woman. Ale remarks that Rosario cares about Montserrat. She says this is true but she cares less for Montserrat than she cares about him. Her face is now pushing through the bars as she strains to connect with Alejandro.

“Me?” Asks Alejandro Almonte. “Why?”

Rosario appears to be overcome with shame. Her face contorts and she turns away from Alejandro crying and mumbling, “I cannot do it.”

“Why?” Alejandro asks more insistently. “Did you come to plead for Montserrat?”

“Si, replies Rosario, “And for your son. The baby is your son, Señor, I swear it. Nobody knows better than me. Because I also held you right after you were born.” Rosario heaves with sobs as she bends over, weeping.

“What are you saying, Rosario,” Alejandro asks? “Are you saying, Rosario, that you knew my mother?”

Rosario, nods no and sobs but she turns her face and looks directly into Alejandro’s eyes.

Alejandro cannot believe it.

“Are you my mother, answer me!” demands Alejandro. “Are you fooling me?”

“No”, says a weeping Rosario. Father Anselmo knows, as does Macario.

Rosario now holds on to the bars of the jail cell as if they are all that could keep her upright. Her head hangs but she lifts her eyes to Alejandro’s and whispers, 
“Are you ashamed?”
Alejandro begins weeping as he reaches out to caress his mother’s face. 

“All this time next to me.” He looks at her like she is a living miracle. And he sobs.
“Mama. Mama.”
Mother and son, at last reunited, cry and kiss and hug through the bars of Alejandro’s jail cell. Alejandro’s face is changed. Instead of the bitter and self-righteous rage he usually shows, looks very young as he calls to his mother, almost like a baby.

And the course of a lifetime runs
Over and over again

Casa Mendoza

Dimitrio enters the room and asks why Josefina is at his family home. Josefina says that she is there to see Montserrat and Adolfo is there to see Dimitrio. Adolfo tells Josefina that it is good to see her. She somewhat formally agrees that the pleasure is hers and scurries out of the room. Dimitrio jealously watches her back, like a pit-bull who guards a bone that he has finished gnawing from an interloping male dog.

Knowing that the best defense is a good offense, Adolfo rapidly changes the subject. Dimitrio should not be be worried about Adolfo, but about his sister, Montserrat. His brother-n-law Alejandro shot Jose Luis Alvarez this morning and he is critically wounded and in hospital. The whole town is buzzing with the talk that Montserrat Mendoza is to blame. She made her husband and her lover try to kill one another.

As Graciela comes back into the Mendoza mansion, her son Dimitrio tells his mother what has happened. All of Aguazul is talking. Graciela blames Montserrat for the entire affair and calls her absent daughter names.

Alejandro and Rosario Connect

Between the iron bars of the cell, Rosario and Alejandro cling to one another. He asks her many questions. He thought she was dead! Why did she not tell him? Why did she let him treat her like the maid when she was his mother?

Rosario explains that when she met him he was the owner of the Hacienda, and when she saw that his wife was so elegant, so fine, she was afraid that he would be ashamed of her. Alejandro, still weeping, insists that when he fired her from the Hacienda she should of told him then. “Mama”, he keeps saying “Mama” and weeping as he holds his mother’s face. He cannot believe it. 

Holding her son’s face in her own two hands, Rosario calls him her son, and tells her that he cannot imagine how happy it makes her for him to use the word, "Mama". She has wanted so badly to embrace him, give him a caress, a hug.

Alejandro begs his mother to tell him everything. What did his father do to Rosario? Did he frame her when she was innocent? Rosario promises to tell him all—but later. Now they must talk about Montserrat. What will Alejandro do about his wife?

“She cheated on me, Mama. What I would not give to have this be untrue*. But it is the truth, Mama, and I cannot forgive her.” Rosario repeats to her son that his wife is a good woman. She did things that were wrong but she did not betray him in the way he thinks. The baby is yours, says Rosario, he is you son, he has your blood, I swear it. You cannot ignore him! 

Alejandro promises to take a DNA test as soon as possible. Rosario says that if he saw the baby he would need no other proof. He would know. He looks just like Alejandro, with blonde hair, beautiful. Alejandro agrees that he will accept his son, but he cannot, will not take Montserrat back.

Rosario tells Alejandro that she knows everything. She knows how the marriage was contracted and about the other man. Rosario says she is not trying to justify Montserrat’s actions, but when she did what she did, she was not in love with Alejandro. Later Montserrat learned to love Alejandro. Rosario tells her son that she has seen Montserrat weeping for Alejandro. devastated by his rejection. He is the love of Montserrat’s life and Montserrat was NEVER unfaithful to him. Montserrat swore and Rosario believes her. Ale asks his mother if she has that much confidence in Montserrat. Rosario answers, yes, she does. Alejandro asks if Montserrat knows everything. Rosario says yes, and that she begged Rosario to tell Alejandro the truth—that she was his mother. She hoped he would avoid fighting with that man. Now it is too late. Rosario pounds the cell bars in frustration.

Alejandro asks his Mother how she can say that Montserrat loves him when all she cared about was the other guy, Jose Luis.

Now Rosario defends Montserrat. She reminds Ale that he kicked his pregnant wife out of his house like she was a prostitute. He said many hurtful and ugly things to her. She has her pride, too.
Alejandro asks his Mother, once again, if he was wrong. Is it possible that Montserrat did not cheat on him with the other man? Rosario repeats that Montserrat told her everything with tears in her eyes. Ale responds that Montserrat is a very good liar. Rosario tells him he is wrong. She knows he is stubborn and jealous but Montserrat loves him with all her heart. For God’s sake, she begs him to believe her—she cannot lie to her son.

Alejandro tells his mother that he would give his life for Rosario’s words to be true. He cries that he loves Montserrat with all his soul. Alejandro sobs as his mother tries to comfort him with the simple word, “Hijo”.


At a small but elegantly furnished house in town, Angelica Arechiga cannot stop pacing the floor. She knows something is wrong. Her husband is not answering his mobile phone. Neither is Refugio, his best friend. She knows something is very wrong. The woman’s mother, Amelia, tries to sooth Angelica for the sake of her health when the doorbell rings.

It is Montserrat. Angelica’s sister, Virginia appears. Montserrat tells Angelica to be calm. Jose Luis and Alejandro got in a fight. Jose Luis was shot, but he is in hospital and will be OK. Montserrat insists that Jose Luis is young, he is strong, and he will be OK. Angelica wants to go to the hospital immediately. Her mother tries to calm her, again, for the sake of her health.


Jose Luis Alvarez’ best friend Refugio and Esmeralda are in the waiting room. Refugio wants to call the Navy and get guards put on Jose Luis’ room, 24 hours a day. He believes Jose Luis is in danger from EZ Basurto. Esme insists that Refugio is just jealous of Basurto. He is doing his job as Chief of Police. But Refugio knows that EZ Basurto was in league with the former police chief, the corrupt Loreto. EZ is equally corrupt. Refugio attempts to explain himself.  Yes, he is jealous. EZ only wants to toy with Esme. Refugio doesn’t want to share her with anybody. He cannot stand to see her dancing for other men. He grabs her to kiss her. He loves her. She rejects him, saying that it doesn’t matter that other men wanted her. She had eyes only for him. He blew the relationship and he can stop calling her ‘mi amor’.

Angelica goes to her husband’s side in the hospital. She tells him she loves him and he cannot die. She wants to know Alejandro’s whereabouts. Montserrat assures Angelica that Jose Luis is safe. Alejandro has been incarcerated. Refugio thinks that he will be in jail for a very long time. But Jose Luis awakens and says, No. He will not press charges against Alejandro.

He looks up and mumbles his wife’s name. “Angelica, Angelica.” Then spotting Montserrat at the end of his bed he calls her name, as well. Jose Luis tells Angelica that he is 'better' and Montserrat takes her leave, assuring Angelica that Jose Luis will soon recover.

But I would not give you false hope
On this strange and mournful day
But the mother and child reunion
Is only a motion away

Outside the hospital room, a Navy man is now on guard. Montserrat sees her mother approach down the hallway. Graciela rages against Montserrat. Why is she here at the side of her lover and not her husband? Everyone in town is talking about her!  Graciela punches her finger into Montserrat’s forehead for emphasis. 

Montserrat raises her voice and says that all that matters right now is the health of Jose Luis. If people are talking it is Alejandro’s fault, NOT hers. Graciela bustles Montserrat out of the hospital, railing on her the whole time.

A week passes.

The Mayor’s Office and the Jail

Mayor Pedro Medina is also railing—on EZ Basurto. He accuses EZ of being the same kind of screw-up as his former boss, Loreto. He TOLD EZ to kill Jose Luis. Jose Luis is not dead and now there is a lawyer who has come forward to say that Jose Luis will not press charges against Alejandro. Sooner or later, they are going to have to let him out of jail.
Basurto tries to defend his recent actions, while another man in the room, Joaquin Arechiga, tells Pedro to calm down. Perhaps they should just let Ale out of jail and he will finish what he started. He will kill Jose Luis Alvarez. The Mayor says that they know perfectly well that he has other plans for Alejandro. His freedom has a price and he wants to make SURE that Alejandro pays it.

At the jail, Alejandro Almonte lies on his bunk. Montserrat comes into sight; she is there to give something to her husband. She says good morning to Alejandro. She tells him that she is there to personally present him with the results of the paternity test. They stare one another down as she hands the paper through the bars of the jail cell. Will you open the results, she asks, Alejandro? Yes or no. She is in a hurry. Is she going to see Jose Luis, asks Alejandro. Yes, replies Montserrat. How is he? Montserrat says he is alive. Why, asks an angry Alejandro, does she go to see Jose Luis everyday and this is the first time she has come to see him?

Montserrat does not care to argue. He asked Victor to get the results of the paternity test done as soon as possible. There are the results. Alejandro reads. The baby is his son. Montserrat tells him that her lawyer will be in to see him soon. The divorce terms are the same. She does not want his money. She just wants him to be out of her life—and the life of her son.

On the way out of the jail, Montserrat she passes Maria, Alejandro’s supposed lover. Maria demands to know why Montserrat is here. Montserrat tells her that Alejandro will not be in jail long. Even though he tried to kill Jose Luis, JL will not press charges against him. He will be out of jail soon. And, to add to Maria’s tranquility, Montserrat says sarcastically, if Maria wants Montserrat out of Alejandro’s life, she should convince him to sign the divorce papers this time. Maria is shocked to know that Ale did not sign the papers before. Montserrat mocks Maria. But you are his woman, she says! Maria snaps back that Ale’s life will be much better without her. Finally, we agree on one thing, Montserrat tells Maria.  It will not be Alejandro’s life or Maria's that will be much better off—it will be hers.

Montserrat Mendoza’s life will be better off without Alejandro Almonte in it.

 Elna June



This was a very dramatic episode. There was nary a sentence that I could collapse to give you a true recap, so this is just a straight-up retelling of what we saw on the screen. Nosnark, no nuthin but the story as told by the Televisa scribes.

I think the monkey writers may have had a day off.

Tonight the show was absolutely back on form.

Somewhere in this very long doc is an asterisk. As some of you know, I have problems reading what I write after I have written it and I could not locate the blasted asterisk when I finished the doc.

It was intended to note a particularly tricky area of subjunctive tense that was beyond me. If you find the missing asterisk and find mistakes in my translation, please do not fail to correct me.


Elna June

Dear Elna June:

This is simply exquisite.

More tomorrow when I can keep my eyes open -- and maybe even search for the hidden asterisk.

Sweet dreams!

Elna June:

This is fantastic, simply divine reading. Thank you so very much.

I am glad that Jose Luis is on the mend and that Refugio asked for guards. What a wing man, I must say. I didn't like EZ trying to smother JL with that pillow. Hopefully JL will recover and get out of that hospital. Amazing that JL wants to drop the charges. I just love when Pedro fails at things.

That whole Mother and Child Reunion (love the song and the lyrics EJ) was wonderful, so emotional and touching, I had a Kleenex and was wiping my eyes. It was wonderful to finally see something other than hate and rage from Ale. At least he listened to his Mama.

Graceless needs an anvil. She never stops to think that her actions will set off the chisme wagon more than if she had left Monse alone. The nerve! I wish Monse would slap her into next year, once, just once!

I am glad that Angie now knows about JL and went to be with him. They are so very good together.

The triumvirate of evil, Pedro and EZ and Joaquin have failed yet again. I am very happy about that.

This is an interesting love triangle with Dimwit, Addled and Fina. If I were Fina I would be hollering, NEXT!

There was a bit you missed EJ because UNI is running the TNs over the time allotted. It was when Maria asked him why he didn't sign the divorce papers, and Ale told her that the bebe was his and there would be no divorce. Oh, snap!

Thanks again Ms Elna June for your wonderful prose and take on this epi. Fantastic!

Thanks so much, Novela Maven, for your kind words. It means so much to me that you came by so late/early and left a post.

I was hoping you could straighten me out on the subjuctive translation. One of your grammar lessons would be most welcome!

Hasta pronto,

Elna June

Thanks, Mads
For coming by and for filling in the missing bit at the end. I am glad you enjoyed the recap. So, Maria got a little come-uppance'did she? I am sorry to have missed seeing that!

Hasta Manana,


Drat. I cannot get the ~ to work properly on my iPad. Sorry!

Elna June, I have stayed up SO very late waiting for what I KNEW would be an incredible recap.

It was beautiful, Elna June; so very beautiful.

I will save my comments for tomorrow (well, it is already tomorrow, but my brain has stopped).

Beautiful and so very powerful, Elna June!!


Marveleus recap,Elna! I really did not expect Ale receiving so well Rosario ,unlike other galans he did not get angered at all and since he has anger issues i was very suprised at his reaction.

Anyway i have begun watching La Intrusa,did anyone watch it ,how did you like it ?

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Good stuff, Elna June. One correction: At that moment Graceless did not know what happened. Right after she was out the door calling the baby a snot-nosed brat (mucosa), Josefina said they should tell her. Nadia said "No. If Monserrat didn't tell her she had a reason."

The reason was what happened when Dimwit told her.

This is Ana Berta Espin's greatest moment so far. She and Sebastian Rulli knocked those scenes out of the park.

Had I been on the writing staff I would have had Monserrat say to Maria "You can have him; I don't want him" for effect. Would Maria want him that much after that? I really think that Maria is more about the one-upwomanship game than she actually wants Alejandro. He has made it clear he doesn't want her but Maria is the only person who refuses to see that.

Elna June,

Thanks so very much for this excellent recap of such a pivotal epi.

I had two favorite scenes. The first being the reunion of mother and son. That was such an emotional and intense moment. I cried right along side Ale and Rosario. And I had never cried during a novela. It was very touching. Both actors did an awesome job. It was very raw and real. I was gloriously happy to see Ale, being the galan that he is, accept his mother. She always thought that he would be ashamed, but it was quite the contrary. And I also think that Rosario will now have a huge influence in Ale's decisions for the future. Watch out BM! NEXT!

The second scene was when Dimi walked in on Fina and Adolfito. Is that jealousy coming from Dimi? Could he actually be feeling something for his wife, or was that just Dimi not wanting Adolfito to take away his meal ticket? This is getting interesting.

So much more to say, but I am too sleepy.

Off to bed...hasta pronto!

I was cringing at the colors Josefina was wearing, like she was color-blind. You don't mix pink and orange! But that she and Adolfo were wearing the same pink must mean something.

The use of color in novelas has always been interesting. Alejandro is always in blue because that's SR's best color and DC is always in something black because she is the storm cloud over everything. Dimwit never wears anything with strong colors; he's a weakling compared to his sister whose wardrobe is all jewel-tones. Although I wish she'd get rid of the pink.

EJ what a wonderful recap on a very emotional episode. Not much time, will check in later, but two things for me last night:

YES!! JL mumbled his wife's name upon awakening.

" She wishes she had spoken to him before this happened. " Ya think!!! But the reunion was well done by both, bars between their reunion seemed fitting. I didn't grab all the dialog, I wish there had been a "I'm sorry for treating you like scum" from Ale, but maybe that will come. And if it was me, after all the huggy kissy, I would have given that son of mine a good " Snap out of it!"


Do not worry about your asterick sentence. Your translation was absolutely correct!


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Elna June, great recap, enjoyable reading, I'll have to finish it at intervals during the day from my IPAD.

Are you as puzzled by Adolfo and Dim's interest in Fina? Is it just fighting over her money? Or, is it the Olive Oil phenomenon? Remember, Olive Oil was a skinny chick with a weird voice, wore that long skirt, and Popeye and Bluto were always fighting over her. What was her attraction?

And, does anyone else think that Ale has better thinking processes in jail?

Oh my Goodness EJ! How tenderly and skillfully you are painting the picture of the Mother and Child Reunion. I love the interspersing of the verses from the song and yes, I hear Paul Simon singing it. I'm not done yet with this wonderfully detailed retelling of last night's great epiosode. Just had to stop and react.

HALLELUJAH!!!! The two major truths are out and now maybe we are done with Ale as the incredible hulk!

Instead of the bitter and self-righteous rage he usually shows, looks very young as he calls to his mother, almost like a baby.

I love how Ale immediately started calling Rosario "Mama" and even began to listen to her counsel. Awwww him just needed he Mommy! Love the opening with little Lauro wailing inconsolably for his mommy while his daddy wails with joy at the reunion with his own. I kinda wish they hadn't shown this in the previews, kinda cut the emotional impact a little but it was still WONDERful!

Thank goodness as well there was no monkey business with the paternity test and loved the BM smack down. Ok, now that Ale has been spanked and thrown behind bars where he couldn't bolt out and drown himself in tequila, the two major truths are out the tables are turned. This should get good! Back to your awesome recap, EJ, just awesome!


Elna June, I'm failing to find the proper words to describe your recap. Brillant does not seem to fully honor the words and emotions that your summary evoked.

I admit I cried unabashedly at Rosario's and Ale's reunion. As UA already noted, a tour de force by both actors. One of the most heartwrenching scenes I've ever been privvy to. But beyond that, your tender rendition of the conversation and scenes made me cry again. Right here at work and I made no attempt to hide it! Amazing.

Thank you for including many delicious lines including "where her Spanx meets silk dress" and the incredible "Out of some antediluvian idea of loss of face, wounded pride, rage or just plain wrong headedness, two men have engaged in hand to hand combat, over the honor of a woman". "fig-leaf posture" and " a mask of tragedy, terror and resolve" were but a few of my favorites.

As Madelaine noted, your title and references on "Mother and Child Reunion" could not have been more poignant.

Every current plot line is exciting and interesting. daisy, I was also thrilled that JL murmured Angie's name first. And foremost!

AuntyAnn, I also think the green eyed monster may be infiltrating Dim's tiny brain! And am I being foolish or is Adolfo really falling for Fina?? This is getting very intriguing.

I always had high hopes for Refugio and Esme but must admit that I don't think she will ever be the person he wants her to be. She has no desire to. Unless he can change, accepting her for who she is, they have no future.

I thought Monse handled her scene with Ale well. She gave him the results while letting him know she wants him out of her life and that of her child.

I'm a little dismayed that the previews note Ale visits JL's bedside to demand assurances nothing happened between him and Monse. Oh Ale, was your mother's word and the paternity test still not good enough for you? You've been given a marvelous gift - your mother. Did it not lighten your heart at all?

One amazing episode. One amazing recap.

Life is good.


Elna June, thank you for your "Mother and Child Reunion" themed recap with the lyrics! Very well done! The "Spanx meets silk dress" comment made me smile.

Well, now we know how to get rid of Graciela: a crying baby! Maybe Montse could run a day care at the house and never see her.

Thank goodness for Refugio getting the guard at JL's hospital room door. Esme was too easily talked into Basurto's excuse.

The whole mother and son reunion scene was excruciatingly slow with Rosario's continued reluctance to identify herself. It was like Ale was going to have to play twenty questions. It looks like Rosario will now to be able to help him. He clearly has missed having a real parent in his life.

I loved Montse's demeanor when she delivered the paternity result to Ale and her mention of her divorce offer with the SAME TERMS as before. Wow, is he going to have a long tortuous road back to her good graces: as it should be!

Best line of all was Ale telling that vulture Maria that he was never going to give Montse a divorce. Whoopsie!



I don't think Monserrat really wants a divorce. She wants the guy she eventually fell in love with. Angelique's facial expressions when she walked away from him said that. The only question is whether she believes he can make this up to her.

Also great that Alejandro told Maria that he will never consent to a divorce. How many times does he have to push her away before it finally works?

Also, when is Adolfo finally going to rat out Maria's murder attempt?

Maria's posture is beginning to resemble a vulture's. I wonder whether the actress or the director decided that one.

Elna June: This is one of the best detailed recaps ever. You are a brilliant writer.

My comments: Fina looked worse than ever with no effort being made to comb her hair. It looks like she is trying to hide herself behind that long and wild mess on top of her head.

Adolfo is hard to place. His history is too bad for him to be believable. Dimi and Adolfo have just been partners in petty crime and stupidity. Now that Dimi sees that another man is interested in HIs wife, he becomes jealous. Dimi also knows that Adolfo has no scruples when it comes to women.

Please add Sebastian Rulli to the list of ugly criers. In all other respects he is absolutely beautiful - way beyond the limits of so may other famous galans. But, the crying scene with Rosario - yes, it was a touching moment until the camera got to his contorted lips.

Of all the leading men I've ever seen the ugliest crier is Mauricio Islas. It makes him look like Rowan Atkinson at his worst.

I completely agree about Josefina's hair. That long lock that's combed over from the left to the right side is particularly bad and she looks like she hasn't had a cut in years.

Maybe if she had her makeover now she could help redirect the town gossips away from Monserrat and Alejandro.

EJ- I was so looking forward to reading your retelling of the emotional reunion, and you did not disappoint. It was a beautifully acted scene, and a beautifully written recap.

SR and Ana Bertha both did an amazing job. But I was not moved to forgive all with Alejandro. In fact, when he broke down and cried that he LOVES Monse, it rang hollow and left me cold. Perhaps I've seen too many Lifetime movies, but he seemed just like those abusers who rage, yell, belittle and beat a woman, and then turn around the next scene, ugly crying and saying how much they love her, and of course her actions are what made him react so violently. It just doesn't compute to me. That's not anywhere near my idea of how someone who loves someone acts.

OK. If Ale still thinks Monse is an evil, lying ho, what's his plan if he's not going to sign the divorce papers? I did enjoy the look on Maria’s face at the end when he told her this, though.


Ugh, Lifetime Movies...

I have always wondered whether those movies are designed to make women who are alone feel better about that condition. They make almost all men seem like monsters.

One thing to add to the conversation between Refugio and Ez, which is partly what really riled Ref up. Ez said that Esme is the kind of girl a man only uses for a while, not the kind of woman you want forever. Ref had his turn with her, now it's Ez's turn. That really ticked Ref off, and added to his agitation when he spoke to Esme after and told her he wants her for "toda la vida."

Now, I get that Ref should love Esme as she is. She’s not his property. Blah blah blah. But I think he does love her as she is-- he loves her personality, the way she interacts with people, etc. He just HATES her job. I can't say I disagree with him, and I can't say there are many men who would want the woman they want to be with their whole life, the woman they respect and love, to be in that line of work. I’m torn because I think this is supposed to be some kind of women’s lib storyline, but I just can’t get behind it.

If Esme were a miner, and Ref didn’t want her working with all those men in a dangerous job, then I would be behind Esme 100%, and would want her to dump the jerk who won’t support her. But a stripper in a dive bar, where the only reason she hasn’t been accosted is because she had the “protection” of the mayor, and now the “protection” of the police chief, just doesn’t seem like a wise long-term career choice. It was Refugio who suggested that Esme open a dance studio and teach, many episodes back. She just blew that idea off, and I think it’s because SHE doesn’t think she’s good enough, or qualified enough to do something so respectable.


Urban- This tn isn't doing much to make the case for men either. :) The bad men far outnumber the good men. And supposedly good men like Ale and JL, haven't been shining examples.

Feliz dia del amor y la amistad! Hugs and valentine's wishes to you all from Marina Palmira, La Paz, Mexico.

EJ, thank you for the amazing recap. It was a great way to start my Feliz Dia Del Amor, reading about Ale finally "finding" his mama. I haven't seen an episode for a week but I will definitely have to try to find this one to watch online. (Later tonight when all the other people in the marina aren't on their computers. I don't want to clog up the bandwidth.) Also, I definitely want to see the final scenes with Montse + Maria and Maria + Ale.

Last night I enjoyed a lovely evening on The Patio, catching up on the wonderfully written recaps for the past week. In honor of the Duel on the Playa I made myself a Bloody Jose Luis (Bloody Caesar with tequila instead of vodka) and thoroughly enjoyed every single word of every recap. They were definitely better than any book!

Thank you Robo recappers and commenters!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Vivi, I completely agree with you about Esme's job. This is not a good long-term career choice. She would be lucky to have five more years in it before she either has something bad happen to her or before the dive's customers think she's too old.

I don't think this is a feminist storyline because Esme isn't making that argument strongly enough. I think she's just a young woman with no higher education and no family who is doing the best she can. She needs someone to help her realize her potential.

Maybe she can design and make costumes for that work. She certainly would have the practical knowledge to know what would be effective.

She doesn't have the handicaps that Rosario has, so she should have lots of motivation.

Whoopsie, so excited I had to say it twice.

I also wanted to add that I'm loving this Fina, Dim and Addled triangle. However I am NOT loving EZ as a potential suitor, or should I say predator, for Tia Carlotta. Things are getting interesting...

I was at a restaurant two nights ago and the wait staff, all male, where completely enthralled watching Robo on the TV in the bar. So funny!

God, no. Carlota doesn't deserve a slimeball like him.

I dearly hope that those waiters don't see this insane macho posturing as appropriate male behavior. However, I'd love to know if they cried at last night's episode!

Sylvia, hope you are having a marvelous time. So good to see your post. I am smiling thinking how many people have been captivated by this show. Just as we are...


I also hate EZ aka Extreme Basura for Carlota he is too creepy,stalky and unpredictable ,it is clear that he wants the seat of the Municipal and will do whatever he can to achieve that.Though Carlota could change him but i think if he were to marry her would be just for being it public figure like Nadia.

a public figure*

Dear Elna June,

Was so excited to get up this morning and read your amazing recap of another great episode.

You described it all very beautifully and tenderly!
I loved this:
"“All this time next to me.” He looks at her like she is a living miracle. And he sobs."

It was very moving as Rosario and Alejandro clutched at each other through the prison bars. That was great staging, too, since we could feel that this very concrete obstacle didn't matter at all with the emotional obstacles between them now out of the way.

I always love SR no matter what he does, but I admired his ability to go from the big action of the duel to the big emotion of this more intimate but equally powerful scene.

I also adored your great opening description of Graciela and the crying baby, too.

"His grandmother, an extravagantly dressed forty-something aged woman, rushes about the house frantically, making swooshing noises where her Spanx meets silk dress and tapping sounds as she navigates the antique clay floor tiles in her sky high heels. "

Such wonderful, sensory details. I always enjoy your portraits of Graciela.

Thank God, DIM and Montse had Tía Carlotta when they were the same age as Little Lauro!

You are a wonderful writer, Elna June, and thanks so much for giving us this fantastic recap.


I also began watching la Intrusa because i like Sergio Sendel and i love his villian roles they are over the top. Also Arturo Peniche is such an asshole in the novela..In fact almost all the members of the Joanquera family all lack a brain.

"His grandmother, an extravagantly dressed forty-something aged woman, rushes about the house frantically, making swooshing noises where her Spanx meets silk dress and tapping sounds as she navigates the antique clay floor tiles in her sky high heels."

Now that there is a description! You conveyed so much about Graciela's character, while seemingly to just be talking about her outfit. Well done, amiga.

I had a very early work commitment this morning, but refused to rush off before quickly scanning your recap. And you made me cry! Yes, you did. Your description of the meeting between Alejandro and Rosario was so exquisitely done, so poignant, that I sat there weeping. And then has to tear off and be Sparkle Plenty for an early morning aerobics class.

No matter. Just want you to know how powerful your writing is. I'm going to watch it now. But I feel like I've already seen it. Through your wise and gifted eyes. Thank you amiga.

Can't wait to see how Maria acts when told Rosario is Ale's mother. Hope Rosario kicks her out of the house!

I hope Macario spills the beans to Alejandro about how ugly The Whore Maria has treated Rosario. Will Alejandro ever find out about that slap in the face Rosario had to endure?


Fatima- I hope that Ale finds out very soon how Maria treated Rosario. And while they're at it, that Maria turned Monse away when she came to make ammends with Ale. And hey, what about that letter?

Finished the recap. . .absolutely wonderful to the last drop! I really appreciate the detail to pick up things I missed and your retelling makes me want to rewatch some scenes!

Emarie, that Popeye/Bluto/Olive Oyl thing is funny! I don't trust Adolfo, I think they want us to think he's really smitten but it's not convincing: he and Dimwit have had too many "let's fleece Fina" convos. Also, Adolfo adds a level of treachery to his "friendship" with Dim: remember how he was double-crossing Dim and lying about how much he'd stolen from Fina. Nah, if he's supposed to be really falling for Fina they need to do a better job. And yes, I think Ale definitely thinks better in jail. Seems he needs to be a captive audience in order to listen.

Vivi re Refugio. He actually suggested that Esme open a dance studio and teach? That's a great idea! Didn't remember that. I have never thought much of her "dancing" job and I do think they're trying to make this a women's lib line and picked a hard-to-defend "profession" to show what they think of the subject and women's skill set. Guess Refugio is just going to have to wait until time and gravity have their way with Esme, maybe then she'll stop shaking and rubbing her wares all over the male population in that little hole in the wall and he can have what's left of her.

Sylvia, the male wait staff watching Robo is hilarious! Would love to hear their take the action!

Ah, Rosario! So glad she finally revealed her true identity. Now I can't wait to see what Ale is going to do. I guess he's not done with macho posturing and apparently is going to ask JL if he and Montse were lovers after she married him? What? I hope not. I don't expect them to fall into each other's arms but to listen to JL and think about how loud JL's actions speak of saving his life three times and not pressing charges. Move on, Ale.

And speaking of moving, move that bitch out of your house. I hope Rosario tells him BM slapped her. Or, better yet, let Ale bring Rosario back to his house and before he can tell BM Rosario is his Mother he witnesses Maria saying something like, "you filthy peasant, wasn't my going upside your head enough for you to keep your pitiful ass away from here!" And then we get treated to seeing Ale literally throwing her out the front door. Ah...sweet!


Diana, things are going very well so far. Thanks for asking.

Yes, it's interesting how many people like this show. Frankly I was shocked to see it playing front and center in a big bar. Most of the patrons were sitting outside, but the bartender and waiters were clearly glued to the TV. Also, I noticed that Que Pobres airs the hour prior to Robo down here.

UA, I would love to know how those waiters reacted to last night's episode. It aired a couple of weeks ago here and I don't think my Spanish is good enough to ask the question coherently, but when I go back to the restaurant (and I will, the best arrachera in town!) I might try.

Oh boy, I hope Rosario tells Ale how terrible Maria was to her. I hope Maria gets her cute little butt kicked right out of the hacienda! Dominga is going to be on cloud nine.

HA HA! We have a real synergy going on here: Carvivlie, Fatima, Vivi, Sylvia and I were all posting nearly at the same time about payback to BM for her awful treatment of Ale's Mommy! That's going to be gerrrrr-eat! Once Ale finally, hopefully, kicks her to the curb she's going to probably get darker and more ruthless in her eeeevil! Would she try to stay in Ale's good graces to be close enough to him to try to do him real harm? She already said she'd rather see him locked up or dead than with Montse. Would she ever team up with EZ and Pedro to hurt Ale? Not sure how that would happen but I just know she's not going to take losing her position as Lady of the House and Ale's "woman" easily.


Wow, Elna June, wow. When I arrived here this morning there was already an unusually large number of comments so I chose to read those first. The praise was so effusive that when I went back to read your recap my expectations were extremely high. Well they were not misplaced. This is such a beautifully written piece of literature. The praise is richly deserved and let me add my applause to that of those preceding me... well done.


Lila- Yep. Refugio suggested the dance school, and a few other good things, during one of his arguments with Esme on the subject of her job. She totally shot it down, and made it once again all about Ref not accepting her for who she is, being ashamed of her, blah blah, you know the deal.

"Dimitrio jealously watches her back, like a pit-bull who guards a bone that he has finished gnawing from an interloping male dog."

Eso!!!! When I finally saw the episode, I remembered the other description that was just....genius. Wow lady, you're a humdinger of a writer. And this was a humdinger of an episode. I cried like a baby during that mother/son reunion, just like I wept reading your description of it.

Jeez, I'm emotionally exhausted and it's not even noon yet! Now to enjoy the comments.


Well, I hope it turns out OK for Esme and that they don't do her like they did a young woman in PEAM who was um, a call girl, to pay her way through university. Near the end of the show one of her clients beat the crap out of her and unless I missed it, that's where the writers left it.

Umph. Umph. Umph.


Lila, amiga, I think your scenario is PERFECT! Right now, Alejandro is like a child. He needs a good visual image versus being told just how ugly The Whore Maria has been to Rosario.

Vivi in DC, that absentee letter has STILL been bothering me. Why in the world has Victor not spoken up?! How could the writers let something as important as that letter just drop out of sight?!

Fatima (I see that capcha has stopped using the Valentine's words for today and are back to their garbled mish mash)

Anon it would be wonderful if they have not forgotten Montse's visit and the letter AND what happened to a letter that Padre Anselmo was going to give Ale the day Joaquin filled Ale with all those lies. Oh yes, and I want to see the hyper Padre's reaction when he finds out Rosario has finally told Ale the truth!!


Lila, the "anon" was me, Fatima. :))

Agree. I can't wait to see Padre A's reaction.


Lila, I also like the idea of Alejandro catching Maria in the act of being abusive toward Rosario. Here's a variation I just thought up:

He takes Rosario shopping for clothes suitable to her rightful place and she enters Almonte Manor like a queen. Maria gets nasty to her just when she thinks he can't hear her. He hears every word and returns in time to see her slap Rosario again, interrupting what Rosario was about to say. That would have to make him show her the door and have Macario drop her off in the next town without enough money to come back.

Buenos Dias:

Wow. Last night's episode was a real doozy. My head is still spinning this morning.

Thank you to Novela Maven, Madelaine and Fatima for your early comments. It is especially sweet, when I cannot yet sleep after recapping late, to read such generous comments. Again, Thank you.

Demitrios: I am glad you enjoyed the recap. No I have not seen La Intrusa. I am afraid that when I am recapping it is all I can do to keep up with one show!

Like you, I was shocked at Alejandro's open response to meeting Rosario as his mother. I expected a full compliments of Ale-fits and what we got from him was very different.

My take on this is that the writers are trying to make Alejandro's recent behavior more sympathetic by showing us how pitifully needy he is.

Urban Anthropologist: Thanks for your correction. I am with you on this—I think Ana Berta Espin gave a world-class performance in those scenes. Rulli rose to meet her—and he was very good—but that performance on film is academy award material. Wow. I am still blown away.

Aunty Ann:
You are very welcome. You described the Ale/Rosario scenes as 'raw and real'. Exactly.

I do not know what to make of the Finita, Dimmy and Adolfo triangle. This started out as another Adolfo con job, so I have no reason to believe he is not just using Fina as a meal ticket if she and Dimmy divorce at the end of a year.

But, the actor played Adolfo as a tad less greasy last night. Hmm

Daisynjay: So glad to see you. I, too, wanted a little more culpability from Alejandro. His first response was, "Why didn't you tell me?" and then "Why didn't you tell me when fired you from the Hacienda?" Those responses still seemed to be more about Alejandro than any empathy he may have felt for Rosario's many years of agony.

Alejandro has a LONG way to go. It is a good thing we have some 90 or so episodes left. He is going to need every one of them.

Elna June


Hi, Fatima! Wednesday and Thursday sure made up for Tuesday's episode. . .I just couldn't watch that one. Please let them keep the quality high throughout! But even when the episode is kinda stressful our friends who recap make every episode an adventure!


Urban That is PERFECT!


You know, I will bet that everyone on the set was drained after the shooting of the Alejandro/Rosario scene. I can't imagine them doing any more work after that. I wonder if it was shot in one take?

Lila, :))


Elna June, Your recap was fantastic... both the way you wove the song, "Mother and Child Reunion" into your essay and your knowledge of the psychology of the protagonists and actors involved in this epic. You made so many powerful behavioral descriptions in this! I cannot list all that impacted me, however there was one about Josefina that nearly brought tears to my eyes: "Josefina cringes as she speaks to Adolfo, like a dog that has survived yet another beating by his deranged master might interact with the next human she encounters. Her shame is so intense that she seems to curl in on herself as she speaks. " Your writing amazes me!!! Thank you.

Those kinds of scenes are extremely draining for actors. I hope SR and AB shared a shot of tequila and a few laughs after filming.

EJ--Thank you so much for giving us the straight up story. For such an emotional episode, you showed great restraint. Oddly, I shed not a tear during the mother and child reunion in jail on the screen, but your retelling had tears welling up in my eyes. You have a gift.

One thing I didn't understand about JL withdrawing charges. Really, he can? Maybe it was the writers not having legal procedure experts at hand to call. Up north of the border, at any rate, an attempted murder committed with a firearm is not a civilian infraction which can be dropped by the aggrieved party.

What Ale did immediately becomes a criminal matter in the hands of prosecutors. They are the ones that can drop the charges if after investigating the evidence, do not find enough to warrant a guilty plea or conviction. This was not the case--too many witnesses to the deed. Color me impactada.

UA, I like it, I like it! Yah, he's got to witness the abuse first hand because even though he treats her like crap, she still has a lot of credibility with him. Go figure!


Fatima i think they did and i also think they take some 5 min of rest betwen scenes because they are excrutiating to film because the scenes are very intense with lots of screaming and crying involved,sex scenes are tiring too.
I just cant imagine me being in place of the actors ,they work very hard although some are quite used to it,for example Sergio Sendel is a master at acting dark ,cold and has no problem at screaming and acting crazy,impulsive and DC is used to playing evil mothers as she already did in Pasion and Mi Pecado.

Please, if there's going to be a makeover for Rosario, let it be intellectual growth, say like teaching her to read and write. I think that trying to change her style of dress or the way she looks would be almost insulting.



Also in regards to filming im interested what kind of hocus pocus do actors use to survive hard falls( Esthercita) dropping herself from a building) ,burned alive or being buried alive.. Also when they are shot to the head,this boggles my mind its like the actors are super humans lol

Jarifa--Well, now we know how to get rid of Graciela: a crying baby! Maybe Montse could run a day care at the house and never see her.

Brilliant strategy!

When the scene opened, recalling Carlota's statement about not trusting baby Lauro with Graciela for very long, I was pretty upset to see her ready to go out. Then I saw the maid, who seemed very young and inexperienced left to deal with a new baby and I was pretty upset all over again. At least Heartless was not leaving him completely alone.

Thank goodness Nadia and Josie arrived when they did. Gracie was about to go crazier than usual.


Anger is the easiest emotion to fake. Tears, however, are difficult for many actors. It's the one thing I had trouble with when I was a theatre major because English-language drama is so much less emotional.

Telenovelas also have the advantage of actors living with these characters for months and getting into their heads and hearts.

I'm also scratching my head at the "not going to press charges" thing. That might have worked in a novela de epoca but I have difficulty with the idea of it working in a 21st-C story. Maybe they'll try to say that the witnesses were mistaken because of the rain? Easier with something other than a firearm.

Dinero habla, por supuesto. At least that's what the metiches will say.


Anita, I was wondering about the charges. too. Here is the U.S. it is the state that brings the charges not the individual in a criminal case. Is there is difference between here and Mexico or is this just "poetic license" of one sort or another?


Elna June, As everyone has said before me that was a brilliant recap. Brava!

Love the comments as well. One thing I don't think anyone has mentioned yet that cracked me up was Ale asking Montse how it was that she had been to the hospital everyday but this was the first time she had come to see him, her husband, in jail. QUE?! I think I might have laughed out loud at the TV. Why on earth would she come see him after the way he's been acting? Absurd!

I too am anxiously awaiting some of the truths (like the letter, or Montse being turned away that night by Maria) to come to light. Also so glad that we are moving along FINALLY! I think they made us wait through too much wallowing in self-pity, anger, etc. Basta ya!

Thanks again to all and Happy Valentines day!

I am so glad you enjoyed the recap. I love your take on the Popeye-Olive Oyl comparison for Finita's now competing suitors. How perfect!

Your compliments are received here with a beaming smile. Thank you. ITA, it is a relief to those of us in the viewing audience that Rosario's secret is finally told. I was delighted that there was no messing around with the paternity test. I hate that TN trope.

I did not get to see Ale give Maria the news that he was not getting a divorce—my DVR cut that scene off. Drat. She and Montserrat sure had words in the hall of the jail, didn't they?

But I am worried that Alejandro's words to Maria may make her all the more dangerous to Montse and Baby Lauro.

Thank you for your fulsome comments on the recap. I blush. I smile. I blush.

You said:

"I admit I cried unabashedly at Rosario's and Ale's reunion." I, too, was sobbing into my hankie, and I am not much of a crier. I agree wholeheartedly with this: "One of the most heartwrenching scenes I've ever been privvy to.

I did not see the preview scene where Ale visited JL in the Hospital.The nerve of that man! Who would let him into JL's room???

Thanks for your kind comments. On the divorce scene, I too loved Montse telling Ale that she wants the divorce on the same terms as before. No money, but full custody of the child. I think she is being a bit short sighted in both of those things. The child deserves financial support from his father.


Anita, I'm glad you mentioned that point about Carlota saying she wouldn't trust the baby to Graceless. She needs to woman up and stand up to her because she's spent too long answering everyone's needs but her own.

Carlos, I certainly haven't ignored Rosario's need to learn to read and write. I've said more than once that Monserrat and Carlota could easily and happily teach her. She trusts them, is comfortable with them, and this could be done without the metiches finding out that the mother of the wealthy Alejandro Almonte is illiterate.

When all the bad stuff is over I think they should sell the property and start over elsewhere. Who needs the bad vibes of others?


I am glad you enjoyed the recap. Your compliment on my writing skills gives me encouragement to continue writing. I truly appreciate your words.

I do not know when/if the showrunners are going to make over Josefina. Like you, her unkempt hair mop is driving me crazy.

I also agree that Rulli is an ugly crier. I like that. He seems a little less Apollo-like with a contorted mouth and red rimmed green eyes.

Thank you so much for your comments. You are so good at detail that I am always glad when a recap of mine gets your approval. Smile.

ITA about Alejandro not being reformed (in my mind) by a heart-wrenching crying reunion with his long lost mother. He has a lot of work to do on himself just to become a decent human being, let alone an admirable galan.

Sylvia! Amiga mia!
I am delighted to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day. I am so happy you are safe and sound in La Paz—and that you have an Internet connection. Last night's episode is definitely one to bookmark for watching when you can.

I LOVE your story of seeing Robo on TV in a restaurant being enjoyed by the male waitstaff. Wonderful way to put us into your picture, Sylvia, there is Baja California.

I am so happy to hear from you. Sending all my love to you, South of the Border.


I think I recall you mentioning a few times here that you were a fan of I Claudius. When Graciela complained about the brat's crying, it chillingly reminded me of Caligula's annoyance at the persistent coughing of his young relative. Yikes.


Humfff..I wrote a long comment , and then, it disappeared.

Well, thanks so much, EJ , for another wonderful, detailed retelling. I always feel as if I am reading a very interesting novel when I read your recaps.

Happy Valentine's Day! everyone.

Sylvia..I hope that you are having a great vaca.

I just found Pasion on one of our cable channels. That was a great novela with so many beloved actors and actresses..Fernando, Susanna Gonzales, Mariana Carr, Kiki Edgar, Marcelo Cordova, Diana Castro. Also the priest in Robo played a priest and uncle Pervie played the galan's BFF.

Well, the neighbor just plowed our driveway for the fourth time this winter.

Love, Susanlynn xoxoxo

Susanlynn--It's too bad you didn't run into Pasion earlier (if indeed you are going to rewatch). I think I mentioned that I've been watching it, for the first time in its entirety, and reading CarayCaray along with it. Your comments and those of your fellow denizens of that pirate-infested era are just so jolly roger, arghhh.

Anita...yes, we had such a good time completely embracing our inner pirates, I forgot how great the cast was. I just happened to surf into it the other day when I had a snow day. I really am trying not to watch so much TV, but I am sorry that I did not tape this show. Aren't the villains awful ?? Wait until,you see the anvils that fall at the end if this novela , and the final show is so great,

I wonder if we will EVER get another historical novela. They are my favs. I suppose that they are just too costly to make. Que lastima. I miss the dynamic duo,of Carla Estrada and Monica Miguel. Those two ladies rock.

Elna June:
As AuntyAnn said, your translation is perfect. ¡Bien hecho, chica!

[What follows is deeply nerdy, guys, (and also just my amateurish stab at answering EJ's question about the grammar of the sentence she marked in her recap.) Feel free to ignore or toss nerfazos at your e-devices.]

She cheated on me, Mama. What I would not give to have this be untrue*.

Qué daría yo porque no fuera cierto.

This is a complex sentence. In the main clause, the verb (dar, to give) is in the CONDITIONAL (Qué daría yo): It means, literally, "What would I give."

The verb in the subordinate clause, ser, to be, is in the IMPERFECT SUBJUNCTIVE (porque no fuera cierto). This means, literally, "so that it were not true."

The main clause:
The main clause expresses an emotion or desire. Its meaning is roughly equivalent to Ojalá (would that it were, I wish it were). "What I wouldn't give..." "Oh how I wish..."

The subordinate clause:
While 'porque' is usually followed by the indicative, it requires a subjunctive when it is used to mean 'para que', (in order to).
[Check out your Butt, section 16.12.4 (i)]

Why the IMPERFECT subjunctive?
When the verb in the main clause is in the conditional, the subjunctive in the subordinate clause must be in the imperfect.

The main clause is just throwing you a curveball because of the word order, object-verb-subject (what - would give - I) instead of the usual subject-verb-object (I-would give-what)

Later in the conversation, a slight variation of the line is repeated using the SVO order in the main clause:

Daría mi vida porque esta fuera cierto.
I would give my life for this to be true.

I hope this kinda sorta makes sense.


For anyone whose DVR cut off the last three minutes, here is what you missed:*

*nb: I am only posting this because Elna June is egging me on. It is all her fault. Yo no tengo la culpa de nada.

María: Alejandro, me topé en el pasillo con la pesada de Montserrat. Bueno, por lo menos trajo buenas noticias. Dice que José Luis Álvarez no va a presentar cargos en tu contra.

[Alejandro, I bumped into that pain, Montserrat, in the hallway. Well at least she had good news. She says JL isn't going to press charges against you.]

Alejandro: ¿Estás segura?
[Are you sure?]

M: Sí, ella misma me lo acaba de decir. ¿Es cierto que Montserrat ya te había mandado un abogado con los papeles de divorcio?

[Yes, she told me so herself. Is it true that Montserrat had already sent you a lawyer with divorce papers?]

A: Sí.


M: Por qué no los firmaste? Esta vez, tienes que hacerlo Alejandro. Tienes que separarte de Montserrat definitivamente para que nosotros podamos seguir con nuestra vida. Fue un error de haberte casado con una mujer tan distinta a ti. Ya es tiempo de que repares esto, ¿no?

[Why didn't you sign them? This time, you have to do it, Alejandro. You have to separate from Montserrat once and for all so we can get on with our lives. It was a mistake marrying a woman so different from you. Now it's time to fix this, don't you think?]

A: No le voy a dar el divorcio nunca, y menos ahora que sé que el hijo que tuvo lleva mi sangre.

[I'm never going to give her a divorce, and especially not now that I know that the son she had carries my blood.]

M: No puedes creer en esa mentira.

[You can't believe that lie.]

A: Montserrat vino a entregarme el resultado de las pruebas de paternidad. Ese niño es mío, María, es mi hijo. Todo este tiempo, estuve equivocado, cegado por los celos, por la rabia. Estoy a punto de perderlo todo -- a mi mujer, a mi hijo, a mi familia. No me va alcanzar la vida para pedirle perdón. Dile a Victor que
venga, que me traiga el abogado.

[Montserrat came to deliver the results of the paternity test. That child is mine, María; he's my son. All this time, I was wrong, blinded by jealousy, by rage. I'm about to lose everything -- my wife, my son, my family. If I spent my whole life begging her forgiveness, it wouldn't be time enough. Tell Victor to come and bring me the lawyer.

M: Pero si tu dijiste que no lo querías.
[But you said you didn't want him.]

A: Necesito salir de aquí. Tengo que salir de aquí.
[I need to get out of here. I have to get out of here.]

Alejandro stands over Jose Luis in his hospital bed and asks:
Sólo quiero que me digas una cosa: ¿Montserrat y tú fueron amantes?
[I only want you to tell me one thing: Were you and Montserrat lovers?]

Montserrat enters silently and hears the question.

Voice-over: En manos de José Luis está el destino de Alejandro con Montserrat.
[Jose Luis holds the destiny of Alejandro and Montserrat in his hands.]

Novela Maven:

Thank you, dear for the two wonderful posts. We are so grateful for your erudition.

I am going to re-read the grammar post a couple of times to digest and learn.

Gracias. amiga.


All I have to say about the performances of Sebastian Ruli and Ana Berta Espin is,"WOW!!!!" I guess I'm easy,
but my feelings toward him started to soften at about the
same time that he started to show his joy in finding out
that she was his mother. Maybe it's because I'm a very flawed person MYSELF.Stellar recap, Elna June.

Whoa. This is a pivotal episode. Alejandro hears new information (which others already knew) and doesn't get angry about it?! He admits that he was wrong?!?!

Counting the minutes until I can get home and watch it! Thanks for the super awesome recap which satisfied my curiosity and my love of literature! So well done!

And thanks for filling in what the DVRs couldn't be bothered with, NovelaMaven!

From Wednesday’s ep. It looked to me like when Ale got out of the shower and was looking at the gun on the bedside table, he was having doubts. You know I don’t like him, so it can’t be wishful thinking on my part.

I think shooting JL let all the anger out of Ale and that is why he was so open to finding out Ros was his mother. Did she tell him Mons knew? That may be an issue later, if not.

I was holding my breath, waiting for JL to murmur Mons’ name when Angie entered the room. So glad A.’s name was first out of his lips.

I think Maria’s love for Ale has diminished due to his treatment of her. Now it’s just about one upping Mons, as UA said. Also, someone commented one time—I can’t remember who—that one of Maria’s problems was that she only had a Plan A—which was to get Ale. When that didn’t happen she didn’t have an alternative and got stuck on the getting Ale track. I agree.

Vivi: I add Ref to one of the good guys who’s acting bad. The way he grabbed Esme at the hospital. But mostly, the look on his face when he did it, really disturbed me.

Major beanie moment that Ale gets out of jail. At least in this country, there are some crimes where it doesn’t matter if the victim doesn’t want to press charges, the DA has to anyway—it’s the law. I would think attempted murder would qualify as one of those crimes.

UA: when do you think Mons is going to finally smack her mother. I’m so tired of G. ranting at her and finger poking her and, even though M. does stand up to her, she still ends up just saying “mama!” and lets G. push her around.


Nanette, I am waiting for Graciela to poke the wrong person so to speak! Not that I am looking for any violence . . . or anything . . . but someone has to stop her already!!! stop that finger!!!


Doing another commenting in installments thingy.

Sylvia: loved the story of the male wait staff watching Robo. I got turned on to TNs by my male co-worker (Flaco). He and his family have been watching for years.

When Ale was asking Ros if she was his mother and she didn’t say anything, I actually shouted at the TV “sí!!!!” I also cried at that scene. It almost made me like Ale again. And I love how Ros immediately went into strong mama mode and how Ale called her “mama”.

Looking forward to Maria getting outed. The only drawback—it will make the crazy bitch even crazier. Little L will definitely be on the radar since Maria will see him as the reason Ale doesn’t divorce Mons and marry her.

Haven't read the recap yet--I actually watched the whole ep last night. Can't wait to relive the mother/child reunion.

EJ thank you so much for your beautiful recap. The mother-child reunion was so well done and moved me, both the acting and your writing.

However, I have to agree with Vivi that Ale claiming he loves Monste rang hollow to me also. As EJ again noted, Ale needs to take some responsibility for his own actions.

His attitude towards Montse, when she brought the test results was still horrible as Becky observed. He actually asked her why she visited JL every day and not him. So she's just supposed to forgive him for all the bile he kept saying. And then the preview was just galling. Lila said it best - Move. On. Ale.

Adolfo is playing a game but like Dim I think he may also be falling for Fina. The true test will be if they start physically fighting one another.


Becky, that was funny when Ale asked Montse why she didn't come to visit him. The last thing he said to her before this meeting was "get out of my face, I feel like killing you" or something to that effect. It's funny but so human and sounds appropriate for the emotional (and understandable) regression to little wounded boy space he just shared with his Mommy. "You went to see JL, how come you didn't come to see me?" Yah, that's rich. Anon at 2:16 I agree, it may not be enough but it's a start. I hever wanted Ale to stay ballistically pissed off for so long. Now let's see Maria be on the receiving end of some of that anger when he finds out how she thwarted Montse's efforts to speak to him and has been insulting and slapping his Mother around!


Agree with Pasofino: Rulli's crying was not great. Tears would have been enough not the sobbing. He's better when he's angry.

NovelaMaven thank you for that grammar note. I can't believe years ago I got up to 300 level Spanish courses and was even writing well enough to get A's! This is a fun way to brush up but no way could I ever be good enough to sit at the grammar nerds table! Wow! :D

Karen, I want the writers and the actor to show me that Adolfo is changing and really feels something for Fina but I don't want him with her. Really, I don't want Dim with her either but, well, she made that choice. I hope this will make Dim step up, clean up his act and be worthy of Fina. Let Dim earn Fina's love and Aldolfo can bow out and head off for Brazil.


NovelaMaven...Like Lila, I want to thank you for that beautifully structured grammar exposition to complement Elna June's beautifully written recap. You surely must be a Spanish prof in "real life". Or were in a "past life". Or if not, you should be! And we are very lucky to benefit from your expertise.

Also, Elna June, I too noticed that Adolfo was a little less "greasy" last night. Literally. Less goo on the hair. More attractive. Looking forward to some serious fightin' for Josefina's attention.

Oh...and a virtual York Mint Patty to everybody.(I handed out real ones to my class today. One won't kill anybody's diet plan.) Happy Valentines Day.

Due to our power being out, I missed this crucial episode. Thanks to your wonderful, detailed and eloquent recap, Elna June, I was able to see what happened.
I'll be able to go back and watch it online, but was spellbound by your account. I look forward to seeing the mother and child reunion.

NM..your grammar explanation makes me appreciate my students trying to memorize all our irregular verbs (begin, began, begun ) and to use and understand our twelve verb tenses. I do not know how many tenses there are in Spanish, but I think that it is more than 12. I know that my Spanish speaking students get confused with English modals (could, should, would, must, etc ). I have been teaching verb tenses since the beginning of the semester, and I will give the test on them next week knowing that only a few students will pass that test. It is the hardest part to teach. I have been content to learn some Spanish vocabulary. I admire my students trying to learn English with its huge vocabulary and sometimes tricky grammar points.

UA: love your Maria/Ros scenario.

Anita and UA: first thing I thought of after the avances was that Ale getting out of jail after attempted murder was not realistic. I see you commented on that, too. Could happen, I suppose, if EZ didn’t see Ale shoot JL and everyone on the beach who did lied to the police that it was an accident.

Becky: “Also so glad that we are moving along FINALLY! I think they made us wait through too much wallowing in self-pity, anger, etc. Basta ya!”—I so agree. I was also thinking last night that they packed about two weeks worth of ep action in two eps.

UA: too bad Mons and Lottie sold their hacienda. They could all live there.

Susanlynn: recorded an ep of Pasion after Flaco was telling me about how many actors from my previous TNs was in it. Just one ep and I saw scads. It was so much fun. However, I happened upon an ep where SR lost his temper and thought “I just can’t get away from it”.

“If I spent my whole life begging her forgiveness, it wouldn't be time enough.”—damn straight!! (thanks for the dialogues, NM).

Well, JL and Mons were lovers—at least once before she married Ale. Don’t think Ale is going to like that.

at least once before she married Ale. Don’t think Ale is going to like that.

He does know. Therefore it doesn't count.

What is going to count from this day forward is whether or not he can control his temper and jealousy. Also whatever the evil ones do that will affect this situation and related ones going forward. We need to hope that:

1. Rosario steps up like the lioness we want her to be (I'm counting on her) to put Maria in her proper place
2. Adolfo rats out the murder attempt (He may not have the cojones to do this)
3. Dimwit gets the cojones to stand up to Graceless (He's on the right track, so let's hope he doesn't get derailed)
4. Monserrat really gives Graceless what she deserves (although this won't happen soon enough).

What we can count on:

1. Pedro and Bausurto will find some other way to attach Alejandro
2. Maria will find another way to attack Monserrat
3. Maria will be a danger to the baby
4. Graceless will continue to insult Monserrat until Monserrat puts her in her place.

As to Alfonso and Dimwit, I'd rather they scam each other instead. At least that can provide a few laughs.

Excuse me, that's "attack".

I wish that the only two rational adults, Capitán Robledo y madrina Prudencia, had appeared in these recent episodes.

I don’t get the dropping of charges concept either. What if JL dies, will they say he said to drop the charges before he succumbed so then those words he spoke in delirium still stand?


About the "No money" part of Monse's divorce demand, I think there are several ways of looking at this:

1. Monserrat needs control of her own life. She needs to not be beholden to anyone so she can find her own strength.
2. It's a way of making Alejandro face what this meant to him to be denied all his own life.
3. I believe she is hoping it will make him shape up.
4. The money would always be a tie to him. Without whatever contact is involved she could disappear from his life if she chose to.
5. It's a good way to punish Graceless.

Only #3 and 4 would exclude each other and neither of those are incompatible with the others.

In some cases I've heard of a man paying child support has visitation rights regardless of the wishes of his ex (or never was) unless he is guilty of certain crimes like child abuse or molestation or has a history of domestic violence. Verbal abuse is not sufficient (although it has worse long-term effects).

I think that Addled may actually be falling for Josefina. If so, Dim will find her more attractive knowing that someone else finds her desirable. And so it is in real life. There is something about Addled that makes him less despicable than Dim. Deep down, he seems to be a sweet soul...deep, deep down. Dim, on the other hand, really disgusts me. ..his treatment of his sister, his schemes with his mother, his disrespect for his father, his laziness , his lack of any kind of moral compass. I just do not like this character. Addled is flawed but not evil , and he does not seem to want to hurt anyone.

UA: Thanks. I hadn't realized Ale knew about Mons and JLs love making. I missed that. I'm glad he knows. The way he is, that would have added to his paranoia--if there's any room for additions to his paranoia.

I got one of those robot Valentines words. "chocolates" in red tex with hearts in the background.

Susanlynn, thank you so much for articulating how I also feel about Addled and Dim. Addled is a schemer but typically not malicious whereas Dim is that and vicious.

Lili, ITA I don't Fina w/either. I wish for galan #4 (since I want #3 for Montse) to come and just love her and cherish her as she deserves.

Elna June - Excellent storytelling.

Agree that Esme, though outwardly bold, is insecure. She was so accepting when Ez said he acted as if he didn't know her cause Carlota was present. She's afraid to aspire higher.

Still mad at Ale, but looking forward to him catching Maria treat his mama like trash, cause it's bound to happen.

Good points Susanlynn, this will be interesting to watch. Aldolpho is also helped by his to-be-envied eyelashes: they give him a dreamy, sultry/sincere mirada.

And yeah, after the first time Montse and Ale "made love" she threw that jab at him about him (Ale) not being her first. He knew that so he's still doubting Montse (of course) and his Mother that Montse was not intimate with JL after she married him? Hoo boy! Guess it's hard to let that go! Now he gets to feel like a fool again for a different reason. Sometimes people get invested in their pain!


NovelaMaven, that's quite some grammar lesson. I'm glad to see the grammar nerds table is as active as ever.

UA, I like your idea about Adolfo and dimwit scamming each other. They are such a couple of boobs it would make for many amusing scenes. Throw Josefina into the mix and it's irresistible.

I was betting that Alex did not shoot Jose Luis. I know he did it, but I can't see how it is possible. Both men were standing in a way that only the narrow sides of their bodies were at risk. Someone who has shot a gun before, please help me. Jose Luis should have been shot on the right side of his body, right? He was actually shot on the left side of his body under his rib cage. He fell facing the shore. They showed us the wound. Wouldn't that mean that Alex shot a magic bullet or there was another shooter on the grassy knoll? I'm stumped!

Josefina needs to find her own strength, too. A makeover and some dance lessons so she doesn't feel clumsy would go a long way.

If Nadia and Esme didn't have such differences they could team up to teach other women about courage. Both of them have enough to share. However, Nadia needs to get away from Pedro.

Although Addled has swindled Josefina, he has never been rude and unkind to her as Dim has. Dim is not a nice guy. I do not want him to end up with Josefina,

There are so few decent guys in this novela..Marcario, Viktor, padre...maybe JL sometimes. I would like some fresh blood to ride into town...preferably Marcelo Cordoba ,one of my favorite telenovios , but I do not think that we are going to get new options. As they say in kindergarten.."You get what you get, and you don't get upset."

Mostly, I want someone to give Gracie a finger push to her head. What is up with that ? I do not think that Mony should do the pushing because it is her mother, but it would like Tia to get a little physical with her disrespectful sister-in-law. However, I want Mony to learn to be quick enough to dodge the slaps and finger shoves that Gracie so enjoys giving her daughter. To me, Gracie's behavior is a sign of her extreme frustration that the people around her do not do what she wants them to do.

Well, I am making another big pot of chicken noodle soup, but I have decided that this is the last for this season.

Hope that you are all having a happy valentine's some chocolate...have some something that makes YOU good to you !!! Celebrate that Gracie is not your mother , that you are not married to Pedro, and that you do not know Malria. is good.

What I'm trying to say is that the person who shot Jose Luis should have been standing up facing his stomach not his side. I hope in am making sense.

About Graceless' physical invasions: They are power plays.

If you saw Mi Pecado a couple of years ago Daniela Castro did the same thing as that toxic mother to Maite Perroni as the equally despised daughter who was eventually forced into a hateful marriage. What these gestures mean is "You are my property to handle as I please. You have no authority to prevent it and I don't care how much you hate it because your feelings don't exist."

Monserrat has every right to slap her flat for this. Motherhood does not excuse rudeness and it is not an automatic entitlement to respect.

How's everybody's weather. It's snowing again here. Lord have mercy, I used to LIKE snow!!!! What was I thinking?

Ok, I guess that I am the only one here addicted to Forensic Files, Cold Case and the and every show on the ID Jose Luis' entire torso was facing the shore. How did he get shot on the the side of his body that was away from Alex?

Somebody needs to pay attention to stuff like that.

It immediately occurred to me that Basurto shot him from another angle, but wouldn't the ladies have heard where the shot came from? I don't recall it being windy enough for that not to be the case.

Hi, Cyn...I am not a fan of those shows. My mother and sister were very good at reading and watching Who-done-it's and figuring out who done it, but me....meh...just do not care. I am not a mystery fan. Are you thinking that rotten Joaquin was lurking on that grassy seaside knoll and was the actual shooter ? Have we finished watching AR ? if so, you know how Adolfo Solis was wounded, but I do not think the shooting happened that way in this novela.

Judyb...we got two snowfalls in the last two days for a total of about a foot. The local school superintendent actually had the elementary chorus singing on the last automated phone message canceling school. Everyone around here HAS HAD IT. my poor students from warmer climes look dazed and confused. My daughter in Canada has had less snow than we have. QTH

You make perfect sense to me, and that is why we are sitting at the same table on The Patio.

Thanks so much for the dialogue of the last scene that some people might have missed. I was one of the lucky ones to be able to watch it. I think it was a very important scene because a lot was said with a few words, especially on Ale's part. He accused himself of a lot of wrong doings, and said that he would not have enough time in his life to beg Montse for forgiveness. This is a pivotal turn in his character. Of course I love him no matter what.

back to work...hasta pronto!

Nanette et al. About the get out of jail free card Ale wants to play.

I thought last night or the night before, Pedro didn't want Ale out of jail unless he paid big time (like that land he wants). Silly Pete, he wasn't aware that Ale didn't want to get out of jail at all.

EZ started it by saying something like, JL didn't die so we are going to have to let Ale go and maybe Ale would finish the job (for him--I got the impression EZ doesn't like to do these things himself). Then Pedro said no, he had other things in mind for Ale--namely the price of getting out of jail.


I am with you, there could have been another shooter. And I had not thought of Basurto, but he only wants to please Pedro, and that would have been one way to do it. Has anyone checked to see that the bullet matched the gun?

JudyB the snow action seemed to have moved south of Michigan in the last two weeks. We had been getting snow every 3 days or so, so going 4 days without snow was nice this week. Got a few flurries last night and today but if you don't have to shovel it, it doesn't count: as a matter of fact it kinda just purtied and freshened up the two feet or so on the ground! It's only mid February though. One day in early April back in the 80's we got a couple feet or so and I even remember it snowed on May 6 a few years ago. We're not (maybe) safe til June! Hang in there!


Well, it IS pretty right now, Lila. We have a dark brown fence in back, which I can see out the french doors of our computer room. The snow against the dark wood is dramatic. But it means an awful commute for everyone heading home, including our adult son and daughter. So I'm sending up some prayers for traveling mercies for one and all. And yes!, I can remember several snows in April.

Traveling mercies for your children JudyB and all, Amen. :D


Thanks Lila...great to have a Prayer Partner!

Prayers for traveling mercies ...sending good vibes for all who must travel in this winter weather. ))))))

Such marvelous comments today—I am trying to catch up!

Urban: Your revenge scenario for Maria getting had was diabolical. Worthy of an opera, I would say.

Vivi: Thank you for your lovely compliment. Like you, I was not moved to forgive Ale just because he cried. I have compassion for his pain, yes. But the writers are going to have to show us much more soul searching and growing self awareness and restraint before I wish him on Montserrat.

I like your take on Esme's self esteem being a real problem here between her she and Refugio. Nice analysis.

Julia Rold: You are very generous with your praise, and I thank you sincerely. SB the actor is certainly bringing his best to his part. When SR described the character of Ale as complicated and difficult to play, he wasn't kidding.

JudyB: I am so glad you enjoyed the recap. In my openings for the recaps, I try to create a sense of place and personality. It is easy to do that in such beautifully filmed stories and with over-the-top characters like Graciela. I though of you and Fatima and our other sweet hearted folks as I was writing this. This capitulo should have come with a full Kleenex box alert.

Carvivlie: Oh, it should be fun to see Maria's face when she finds out about who Rosario is. How will she talk her way out of that one I wonder.
And Fatima, I bet that Ale never finds out about the slap. Rosario would never tell him, would she?

Carlos: Thank you very much, amigo. You are too kind.

sandydoc: Wow. Great to hear from you. I am delighted that you enjoyed the recap and that I captured Josefina's self negation in my description. The actress is one of my favorites, but as many before me have said, I look forward to her learning to love and accept herself as much as I long for her to get herself to the Red Door at Elizabeth Arden.

Anita: I am glad you enjoyed the straight-up retelling. As you said, I do not understand Mexican law and cannot grasp the state not charging Alejandro with attempted murder.

Becky: Thank You. I couldn't agree more—Alejandro's stupid question was a shocker. I stared at my TV and said, "What did he just say?"

Susanlynn: I, too, would love to see another historical novela—if it was done well.

Nanette: I hope you are right and that SHOOTING A MAN reduced Ale's ambient level of rage. (Grim grin.) And thank you for your most recent lists. They were a pleasure to peruse, as always.

Karen: I am so glad you were moved by the mother and child reunion recap. So you think Addie could be sincere? Wow. Now I will have to watch this plotline more seriously. Cynically, I took Adolfo's words as just another con.

La Paloma: I sure hope you have your power back now and that it stays on. I am very glad you enjoyed the recap.


Aunty Ann--
about a second shooter...and maybe it being Basurto. I'm going to dissent. Only because in the first office scene (before a week had gone by and EZ has failed to dispatch JL) when they are discussing the shooting and that Ale is safely in jail, Pedro didn't say anything about it. If he had been responsible for setting up the second shooter and EZ had tried to carry it out he would have had smoke curling out all his orifices for EZ's failure.

I don't think Pedro knew about the location of the confrontation and when Lottie went to get EZ at the police office, it didn't seem as though EZ was in a hurry to do anything, he was counting on one or both of them to kill each other.

That doesn't mean he *wasn't* there and didn't do some shooting, but he was already in the company of the ladies. We just didn't see that, the cameras were trained on the two rutting alpha males locking horns. EZ only came running up after JL was shot and keeled over to arrest Ale.

Well, all this conjecture and all I have to do is wait until tonight.


Based on the convo between Pedro, EZ and Joaquin, I think Alex shot J.L.

I don't think the director or whomever was paying attention to the actors' positions.

Susanlynn--You are such a compassionate, wise and caring person. I just had to say that.

About Pasion--What I meant about watching it in its entirety was that I've watched the DVD version twice. I'm trying to spot the scenes that were removed to help my understanding of Ric's movements, band and personality. I love FC with either a do-rag or curls. He's just scrumptious.

Urban: Yes, I would love to see Rosario play lioness for the rest of the show. It is high time she did so.

Oxnard H.: Hear, hear! I would love to see more of Capitan Robledo and Madrina Prudencia. Let us have Robledo court Tia Carlota and Prudencia take Rosario under her wing. Now that would be something to see. Plus, Prudencia has Joaquin's number. He needs a good strong foe.

Niecie: Glad you enjoyed the storytelling.

Cynderella: You pose an interesting point about the forensics of the shooting. I was paying absolutely no attention to that in the previous episode. Another shooter? In the pouring rain? Now THAT would be a twist.

JudyB: I am so sorry you have snow AGAIN. I suspect Susanlynn does as well. We had a speck of rain here and are fervently hoping for more. After a very large storm last weekend we are at 1/4 of our normal rainfall total. At least the rain added a few inches to our reservoirs. They are all drying out and water rationing is a certainly where I live.

Safe travels and warm hearts to all who must travel in these dreadful conditions.


EJ--about how Maria reacts to finding out who Rosario was and her treatment is simple. She'll say, How was I to know? Or, It's not fair no one told me.

I don't think she'll say she's sorry, because that's the way she treats everybody *below* her, so just plain I didn't know would be like admitting her nasty treatment of other human beings. First, though she'll try to deny it, unless she gets caught at it (which I'm seriously hoping the writers have written deliciously into the script).! thank you for those kind words. I will consider them a valentine. ..and right back at you, girl. I takes so little to make someone happy...a few words. Thanks. I am smiling. Perhaps compassion and wisdom comes after life has knocked one down a few times. Anyway, I certainly appreciate your compliment. I feel warm on this winter night .

Besides questing JL being shot on the wrong side...what happened to his t shirt. when he started the fight he was wearing a t-shirt, but when he got shot....he was not wearing it and I didn't see a sequence when he or Ale pulled it off. Was this another director mishap?


I must admit, I am truly looking forward to Maria being 'seen' by Alejandro. I am afraid I will be awfully tempted to gloat and tell TV- Alejandro (I am just sure he can hear me!) that he was a thug-headed moron for not noticing that he was spending every night with a harpy.

There is no one left to discover her bad behavior other than Alejandro.

Thank heavens Maria has our dear Carlos, who ever holds the torch of the hope of redemption for mean girls everywhere.



EJ: thank you for your kind words. That means a lot coming from such a gifted writer as yourself. Amazing recap.

I think that now Ros knows that not only is Ale not ashamed of having her as a mother, but was so over the moon to find out who she is, she will have more confidence to be the lioness we all suspect she can be.

Thank you very much EJ! Great recap of a great episode.

I was late seeing this episode as I was out last night seeing some Aztec musicians perform. Just now caught up.

Yes, Ale has a very long way to go - as he now realizes. But he still asks the me, me, me questions - like how could Monse not come see him in jail (what??? - do you not hear how you talk to her?), demanding from JL (whom he had shot, and who generously did not press charges) about Monse's truthfulness about whether they had been lovers while Monse was married to him. He seems to be missing some basic decency - I suppose due to his insecurity.

And saying to María's face - that he is at the point of losing his mujer, his child, his family. Wait - didn't he announce to the world that María was his mujer? She's just invisible to him and doesn't count at all. He just walks all over her feelings.

At least he is (sort of) starting to listen and accept some facts - now after having wrought so much destruction.

It does bother me very much that Monse turns on the coquette when pressured by her brother or mother to manipulate Ale to avoid a confrontation. She's done it twice now. There are good reasons why she is hard to trust - she lies so often and resorts to manipulation. Yes, her lies and manipulations come from fear and trying to avoid a real tragedy, but she still seems to do it too readily. Her youth and abusive mother excuse a lot of it, but it doesn't make her trustworthy.

Anita - I think you're right. María will just pull the "how was I to know?" card and think it perfectly reasonable.

I just thought of something. Mons was willing to try again with Ale even though she thought he had been sleeping with Maria all these months.
Yet, Ale has been nothing but a skunk since suspecting Mons was sleeping with JL. Another example of two people having two reactions to the same situation (I know this is a bit simplistic).

It's very reasonable Nanette: afterall Montse caught them buck naked in the shower together. She thus really has reason to think they've been getting it on.


Monse was willing to do anything to avoid a deadly confrontation between the two men - even forgetting all of Ale's bad behavior up till now and starting over. Now that the confrontation has happened and Ale did the (almost) worst just like she feared, that willingness has evaporated.

Everyone has his or her own reality. When I read that sentence years ago, it was a lightbulb moment for me.

Nanette and Audrey:

I would say that Montse has EVERY reason to believe that she was talking with her husband's amante in the all of the jail yesterday.

I think Ale will find Montse's forgiveness hard to come by. At least I hope so. She could well-wish him (forgive) and still not choose to have him in her life. His list of bad behaviors is too long to be erased by a kiss and make up hot night in bed. I would not trust him with my child!

If I were Montserrat, I would be most angry with him for 'killing' her father and for missing the birth of and first few weeks of his child's life. It is not like he was on a military tour of duty or something.


So many of you have made some very interesting remarks about Maria. It's a wonder she doesn't try to shoot Alejandro to get her revenge.

I'm not the first but several comments back I wondered if Maria's eventual final rejection by Ale might drive her to try to hurt Ale. I mean he's been pushing her away and treating her like crap ever since he vindictively made her his "woman" it's hard to know what a "final" rejection would look like but I think it's imminent what with his declaration to pursue Montse's forgiveness, his son and Rosario's joining his life as his Mother. I think she's really going to go dark. I don't think calling her "bitch" is going to be nearly descriptive enough!

It seems to me that María is clearly being set up to go into big time revenge mode. She's been dissed, dumped, and ignored. Sure - I can see her ultimately going after Ale. She's already made it clear that if she can't have him he might as well be dead.

Yes, EJ - I agree. Monse certainly thinks María is his "mujer" in every sense of the word as she has been told several times. And yes, it looks like she won't forgive easily. The only times she's been willing to forget the past and turn the page and seduce Ale into doing so has been when she was trying to prevent a deadly confrontation. And in those cases she feared for both their lives (Ale and JL) - and with good reason as Ale has demonstrated every darn time.

Ale has deprived himself of a great deal - watching his wife "blossom" in her pregnancy, the birth of his first child, those first weeks with a newborn sharing being a new parent. It was always amazing to me how it didn't even occur to him that he might be missing out on this - he totally blocked it, ignored it, or whatever. He was simply never moved even by the remotest possibility that it might be his kid - his firstborn no less. I never found this part of the story believable. Same with his extremely brief remorse over the death of Lauro.

I thought of a few things a little while ago, but I'll wait until the next recap. Got to hit the hay because I didn't get back from the Met until half an hour ago.

Always such great titles to these fantastic recaps. Cue the Paul Simon ...

Way too late to the party but
wanted to say in Dimi's defense that it was Adolfo who proposed to him, repeatedly, that they go after Josefina's wealth by way of faux romance. They both appear to be changing, but I still find Adolfito more repugnant than Dimi. Let's not forget the theft of Ale's cash from the despacho. Adolfo's solution to every crisis is to grab a plane and fly to Rio. (Well, can't blame him entirely for that ... )

Dimi has shown that somewhere in there is a real person. His conversation with Ale about how best to treat his sister and to try to see things from her end was effective and caring. The best of her advocates, I thought, and he didn't really need to go there. You could see Ale begin to come to reason. I have hope for Dimi and am eager for the redemption arc. Oscar Benevides is super talented.

Re Graciela and her evil poking finger of menace, back up! I certainly would not stand too close to her. And now, hilariously, she has taken to poking herself in the head, using both hands! Love it.

Audrey -- Very good points about Ale missing out on so much -- pregnancy, birth, etc. And, I agree, his very fast flyover in regard to Lauro's horrible death, brought on, of course, by the desalmada Maria, with his tacit permission.

LOVED how Rosario was not left to actually say the three most cliched words in any soap opera -- Soy tu madre! It was done by inference and very well done at that. Prison bars and great lighting definitely add to the atmosphere.

In other news, like the other Maria, I am hoping that my consuming desire for Sebastian Rulli begins to lessen at some point soon. Santa Mae, como e lindo esse homem!

Love it when you write in Portuguese,
Maria! Some things one can understand, even without knowing the language!

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