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Hasta el Fin del Mundo #155 Oh My Gosh! It's an Awful Musical! I HATE Musicals!

Peralta calls Sophia and tells her that the investor should be there next week.  Sophia asks Peralta if Dulliver told him that Dani dumped him.  Peralta says that he knows all about it and that Dani made a big mistake.  Sophia hopes that the break up won't affect the business relationship.  Sophia also suggests that Dulliver work as a consultant for the firm.  Peralta says that Dulliver won't let Dani bother him.  He's a big boy.  Once Peralta hangs up, he tells Dulliver that he needs to man up!  The Ripolls chicks think that he's a weak girlie man.  Peralta tells Dulliver not to quit Ripoll!  Go back in there and show them that you are a Peralta and not a punk b*tch!  Dulliver says that he won't quit.  Meanwhile, Marisol is sitting alone in the dark giving herself the same pep talk.  She ain't quittin' either. 

Araceli visits Sophia's office and immediately asks for Paco's recipe book.  Sophia removes it from the safe and hands it to her.  Sophia believes that Marisol has come to make friends.  She invites Marisol to lunch with her and Paco.  Araceli immediately shuts her down and says that she is there because she is suing Ripoll for stealing Paco's recipes.  Araceli hates Sophia wants revenge for everything that she took from her starting with Salvador!  Also, she accuses Octavio Ripoll and Martin Coria of stealing Paco's recipes and the love of his life, Greta.  Sophia says Araceli won't win because Paco went on National radio and denied the allegations.  Araceli asserts that Paco lied and that Octavio Ripoll was a low-down, chocolate recipe stealing, wife swappin', baby kidnapper.  Get a lawyer because I'm coming after you, says Araceli.  Sophia says, thanks for the advice.  Araceli leaves and Sophia cries. 

Sophia calls Matias into her office and tells him that Araceli is suing Ripoll.  Sophia gave Araceli the original recipe book, but she has a copy of it.  She wants Matias to continue recreating the recipes from the book in order to test for similarities and differences.  Matias asks for a loan, but Sophia says Ripoll is broke.  She will have to think about it.   

Afterwards, Sophia pulls herself together and calls Chava. 

Out in the Ripoll hallway, Dani stops Marisol and apologizes to her for stealing Lucas back.  Marisol loudly announces that Dani is a big hose munster who steals boyfriends.  Lucas hears the screeching and hurries over to defend Dani.  He tells Marisol that he loved Dani long before he ever met her and he never fell out of love with her.  Marisol says that the only reason Lucas loves Marisol is because he can have sex with her!  Yes, agrees Lucas, Dani being easy was a big part of it, but it wasn't the only reason.  He tells Marisol to have respect for Dani because she's the boss.  Marisol leaves and Lucas comforts Dani.  After Lucas leaves, Dulliver comes strolling in wearing his new power suit.  Dani apologizes, but Dulliver cuts her off.  He's reassessed his feelings for her and found that he really doesn't give a damn. 

Over on Snob Hill, Greta has cornered Miggie.  Miggie tells Greta that the kids are back together.  Greta wishes that Lucas never would have went out of his class because it only causes problems.  Greta says that she doesn't want her daughter cavorting with a common thief.  Peralta told her all about why Miggie was fired.  Miggie calls Peralta a stinkin' liar.  Her grandson is good and honest except for the time that he did the real estate con, the card con and robbed Sophia. 

Noemi tells Patrick and everyone about Marisol calling Dani a big tramp for sleeping with Lucas. 

Chava leaves his paying job and runs over to Ripoll.  On the way to Sophia's office, he spots his bummed out sister.  He tells her that she knew that she was going to see Dani and Lucas.  She should just quit if she can't handle it.  Patrick listens in at another table and thinks of how he can use these events to his advantage. 

After leaving his sister, Chava moves on to comforting Sophia.  His advice is to talk to Paco.  Paco will stop Araceli from tormenting Sophia.  When Paco hears what Araceli has done, he almost blows a gasket.  Sophia wants him to tell her that Ripoll and Coria were honest men.  Paco wants to know exactly what Araceli said.  Sophia repeats that Araceli said that Coria and Ripoll were recipe, baby and woman stealers.  Araceli says that Paco lied to keep the peace.  Sophia finally notices that Paco is hemming and not denying the allegations.  She demands to know the truth. 

Other News

  • Javier isn't dead yet.  Someone Pull the Plug!  Chava tells Javier that he will get compatibility tested. 
  • After a afternoon of debauchery, Patrick brings Silvana up to date on the happenings at Ripoll.  Silvetti's deadline is rapidly approaching and Ripoll is still broke.  Patrick thinks it's strange that Peralta no longer pressures him to destroy Ripoll.  Peralta seems satisfied with an occasional update. 
  • Silvana tells Christian that Patrick loves her and that she loves her Patty Cakes.  She wants to be his wife.  She will keep him coming back so that she can get his man juice.  She wants a baby so that she can keep him by her side. 
  • It's the first day of the movie shoot!  Cameras are rolling! It's a musical!
  • Irma's lawyer states that the judge has ordered a psych test for Irma, Nandito and Armando...especially Irma since she tried to off herself twice. 
  • Oliver tells Sophia that he wants to continue to work for Ripoll. 
  • Matias asks Lucas if he knows of any neighborhood loansharks.  The lady in front of the bakery is a loanshark.  He needs a cool car because Yovet is tired of walking.  Irais hears the whole conversation and tells Matias that if a woman loves him, having a car shouldn't matter.  Matias tells her to butt out.  Yovet's feet hurt and he loves her. 
  • Igor cuts his hand after he squeezes a glass.   Fausto told him that Dani and Lucas have reconciled. 
  • Dulliver tells the secretary pool to stop gossiping about Dani and him.  The secretary pool now think he and his SeanJean suit are hot. 
  • Patrick tells Peralta that Araceli is suing Ripoll.  They should call the client's and spread the word.  Peralta reminds Patrick that he does not like attention.  He's got another plan.  He warns Patrick not to be creative like his cousin, Renzi.
  • Greta tells Igor that Fausto will dispense her medications from now on.  Igor will replace Miggie and do the cooking. 
  • Con Permisso.


Thanks, Cynderella. Your recap was so funny. Loved the title. Could not believe Alexa breaking out in song. Comic relief???? Sure needed it last night because . . .

Aside from that one light moment, everything hit the fan in this one. Very enjoyable. Marisol should go live with Irma and Aracely. They could be a pissy-faced trio.

Loved the ending when Sofía is expecting some words of assurance from Paco re: the lawsuit, with us knowing there are none coming.


Alexa could sing the songs from The Sound of Music!



I agree, the caca hit the fan in this episode.

Is Chava an idiot? Every piece of advice he gives is dead wrong. He told Paco that Arecily would be happy and accept Sofia as her sister if Paco told her Sofia was his daughter. Wrong! He tells Sofia that Arecily is just trying to scare her and is not really going to go through with it. Wrong! He needs to just shut up.

That was real smart of Sofia giving the recipe book to Arecily. What was she thinking?

The whole situation with DAni/Oliver/Marisol/Lucas all working at the company is awkward. I love the drama, and I know Marisol is hurt but if you're part owner of a company you can't have a disgruntled employee telling everyone you're a ho. If Marisol is going to keep working there, like it or not, she's going to have to show some restraint in her language. I actually agree with Lucas, Marisol can't keep saying these things and she will have to be fired if she does. Like it or not, the woman who stole Lucas is technically her boss and she should tone it down.

Mattias asking for a loan at that moment was tacky. He's a moron.

Jarifa, I also love the ending. Sofia could see the look on Paco's face and know that what she believed all her life was a lie. I think she will believe him because he has no reason to lie. I know he doesn't want Arecily to sue Sofia but will he actually go against her and side with Sofia?

I'm liking these storylines, except for yovet/Mattias. They could do without that nonsense. My wife tells me that Yovet's sister is actually very attractive, so I guess we're just waiting for that coccoon to hatch.


I hope i'm getting the names right, because i don't pay attention when they're on-screen. But Yovet is the money-hungry sister right? I can't remember the name of the one with the glasses and buns in her hair. That is the one my wife tells me is very attractive.

Cyn- Thanks for the early morning laughs. OMG! When Alexis broke out into lip synching (which wasn't even good) I was glad I was watching a recording so that I could ffwd. And I love musicals, but this one looks and sounds like it will be a stinker.

Bryan- ITA with all you said about Marisol. You can't expect that you can go around screaming at your boss and calling her a whore and not expect to get fired.

Glasses sister is Irais, and yes, the actress is attractive.

Finally, Sofia is going to have to face the truth that her papa Ripoll and Coria were thieves and liars. I can't believe this is still coming as a shock to her. Paco better not back out of the truth. Rip the blinders off already.

I thought it was interesting that the new sisters faced off in various shades of pink. It must be the new power color.


Oh damn! I ff'd thru all the filming sequences cuz I could really care less about a movie plot within a novela. I thought you were kidding Cyindi! I'm gonna have to watch it again. Haha. Unbelievable

Cyn- I just have to tell you what a great title that was. I saw Alexis bust out singing as I was finising my recap. My jaw just dropped.

I'm kind of glad I took a pass on this one, but I suspect I am missing some great recaps and hilarious comments.

Cynderella, Thanks. Terrific recap. My favorites:

Yes, agrees Lucas, Dani being easy was a big part of it, but it wasn't the only reason.

Javier isn't dead yet. Someone Pull the Plug!

I like Oliver’s cool attitude toward Dani. That’s the way to play it, and Dani needs to keep her distance from him. She has no right to expect him to forgive her right away. Give him some time. But too bad Peralta is trying to evil up his son.

If it wasn’t for the killing Greta thing, I’d be all in with the bad guys. Sophia knows the recipes are Paco's and that he didn't receive one thin centavo for them. She already knows dear old dad Octavio is a crook. Who is she kidding?

Oh no, Silvana is going to try getting pregnant again. Would Pato sneak the abortion drug on her again? Yuck.

Great prose Cynderella.

"After a afternoon of debauchery"

It's hard to root for the good guys, they got dirty hands too and if the same standard were to apply, they'd be nasties. Looks like our arrogant, steroid bully, Salvador, will go menace Araceli tonight.

So funny Araceli just happens to have truth on her side and the look on Sofia's face tells it all, just wanting Paco to lie to her, again. Bet that wet rag does lie again, to save the princess from a pouty face.

Can you believe Dani butthurt Oliver said on further review it wasn't love? I like Dani, but golly girl.

Paolo can drink my coffee and have one of my buns too.


Thank you Vivi for confirming that for me.

I agree Niecie, Oliver was smooth as silk. Daniela was very confused.

I forgot about Alexa's lip synching. You're right Viv, it was awful lip-synching. She wasn't even close.


Cyndrella, you were on fire (again).

"Araceli asserts that Paco lied and that Octavio Ripoll was a low-down, chocolate recipe stealing, wife swappin', baby kidnapper" was great but "The secretary pool now think he and his SeanJean suit are hot" was my hands down favorite.

Hate to agree, but the new, more confident (albeit snottier) Oliver is much more attractive than boring Oliver. Dani looked rather shocked at the change. Why are men who seemingly couldn't care less often so appealing?

The lip synching was horrendous Vivi! I was embarrassed for the character AND the actress.

Bryan, I think you answered your own question regarding Chava :). The initial (Chava 1) had a sweetness and earnestness that somewhat compensated for his lame brain thinking. Chava 2 has no such sweetness.

Is Sophia going to have to ask Peralta for a loan?


Thanks Cynderella---I always enjoy your recaps. They're always a pleasant morning read.

Everyone either hates or dislikes Marisol and wants nothing but bad for her. I want to see a reformed Marisol with a beautiful smile on her face. Put her in with Irma and Aracely? God forbid. Lets reform her and make her a sweet Marisol. Wouldn't that be better?

Bryan---I do agree with you. No matter how hurt or angry you are, you don't call an owner of a company a ho and expect to keep your job. Think Marisol and tone it down before you are unemployed and are out on the street looking for work.

I didn't understand why Sophia gave the recipe book to Araceli. Did she have to do that? And when Araceli told Sophia that a lawsuit will be coming, why didn't Sophia take the recipe book back. Sophia is bigger than Araceli and could have overpowered her and if not, Sophia could have had security stop her. Don't just stand there and cry.

Lip sync or not, I enjoyed the Alexa musical. It was a nice relief from the story.

Every time I see Silvana and Pato together, I keep thinking when will she find out about the abortion drug that she was given?

Where will this all go?
Must see TV tonight.
the gringo


Good guess, Diana. Either Sofia will ask for a loan or Peralta will offer a loan. As sordid as it sounds, I think he will then use the loan "saving her family from ruin" as leverage to try to get what he wants from her. Not a spoiler/just guessing what a creep like Peralta would do.


Cynderella, your recaps are such fun! I have to admit I watched this episode while I was cooking and - darn it! - missed out on Alexa's lip-synching. And I agree with you, someone pull the plug on the sniveling Javier. I cannot stand that storyline.

Bryan, the actress playing Irais, the ugly sister, is Sugi Abrego who used to be a Mexican weather girl. Do a google search on her and hold on to your hat.


Whoops! I spelled her name wrong. It's Sugey AQbrego.

Diana, My wife said something similiar concerning the first Chava. I've never seen an episode with the old Chava. When I have time i'm going to go back and catch up.

OMG!!!! xint, there is no way that's the same woman! Good googly moogly! She's Gorgeous!

Others have said it and might be you Diana but I agree, the Pedro's Chava had a sincerity and optimistic earnestness that was endearing while David's comes off arrogant, smug and condescending with a chip on his shoulder. His physical presence also is menacing, though I don't think it the intent.

Tofie, you hit it on the head. I also think that David Zepeda is doing his best. He has a hard job following Pedro Fernández because Pedro defined it so well.


GOOD GRIEF!!! If I were Sugey Aqbrego I don't think that I would be trading myself in for Irais. Maybe she is getting a kick out of the Irais role. Matias, dump Yovet, she's not worth it.
the gringo

I wonder if someone will give Iraqis a makeover. Matias would flip.

Yovet needs to get SLAPPED hard!

Rough night for Loopey 2.0 with dance classes. Definite upgrade for Paco.

Mother of Chava 2.0. What a hoot !

Bryan: Xint: Sugey (Irais)was in Mexican Playboy. Smoking HOT. I couldn't believe my eyes for a whole 15 minutes. :-)

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