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Barrera de Amor: April 26

I didn't see the beginning but I read that Griselda and Martina somehow overheard Doña Jacinta confess to having intentionally caused her husband's death by opening a door and letting some bloody huge bull run out and gore him fatally. Jacinta discovers them eavesdropping. They go to Marina's house to find the poison Jacinta has been using? Jacinta follows and accuses them of sin.

I wasn't really expecting to watch tonight -- but at this point, I turned it on -- and what a delightful scene! Jacinta lights this humble home on fire, with Griselda and Martina inside! She says: "God, you ordered me to do this! Fire Purifies! Receive them in heaven!" People start to notice this house is burning up and run to it. Teodoro, Martina's husband, wants to rush in but it's too late. Luckily, their baby (Juanita) is in a tree-swing and did not also roast.

Jacinta continues chanting: "Your hand guided my actions, your daughters are already enjoying Your divine presence!" Eventually the fire dies down and the corpses are found. Remedios has had so many botox treatments that when she tries to look sad she actually seems to be smiling.

The good ladies of the village tell Padre Anselmo (don't bother to learn his name for reasons which will soon be evident) about the suspicious fire. His thought bubble says: "Hmm, one day Griselda and Martina tell me terrible things about Jacinta and the next day they're dead."

There is some talk about excellent baby formula being prepared for Valeria by Jacinta, as good as mother's milk. What do you think, shall we give it to OUR babies too?

Unibrow shows up for the funeral. Padre Anselmo makes an unusual speech: "Was this the work of God, or of man? Was it you, Federico, or YOU, Doña Jacinta? Is there a Judas who caused this death? Nothing is hidden from the eyes of God!" Jacinta's thought bubble: "Does he suspect MOI?"

Leaving the church, Remedios offers to care for Martina's children and Jacinta promises to pay for their education. Martina's widower Teodoro thanks Jacinta humbly. The Padre says, I want to speak to you later today, Jacinta.

Unibrow watches Mayte leave the wake with her husband Adolfo and receive a moment of corporal consolation. Unibrow's thought bubble says: "She's moved on, and I have to do the same, for the sake of my children. Nuria baby, here I come!" No, I added that last part.

Jacinta has her audience with the Padre. He says he knows she's been drugging Maite. She kind of goes whole hog and confesses everything, including the burning up of Griselda and Martina - and even confessing, with relish, the murdering of her husband with a bull - because he was about to commit a mortal sin!

Then she starts insisting the Padre give her absolution. He says: "You think you can plug my mouth by confessing to me, but I can excommunicate you!" He says he can't pardon these atrocities - she insists, saying "flagellate me!" - he refuses and then falls in a little diabetic fit on the floor and gasps for his insulin injection and she says, not unless you absolve me, and he refuses unless she goes to the police and confesses, and she says "I can't do that," so she watches him die there. On the floor. And then tells the others as they arrive, "Well, what a coincidence! Yesterday he was conducting services for the dead and today he himself is in need of the same."

Federico, who was first on the scene, muses via thought bubble: "What sins could she have been confessing that were dramatic enough to cause the Padre to kick the bucket?"

Now we move on to the evil Manola. One of her thought bubbles defies Federico: "Go ahead, continue to think you are my baby's father." So, her baby Rodrigo (who is about to be baptised, with the unspeakable Jacinta as godmother) is supposed to be the child of her (Manola's) superannuated cow-owning husband Gustavo, but this guy Federico thinks he's the father, but now we see he isn't. I don't know who is.

Manola shows Federico the letter she intercepted - it was from the now-deceased Aunt Griselda, to Unibrow, telling him how Maite married Adolfo to spring her true love Unibrow from prison. Federico snatches the letter and decides to keep it, it may be of some use someday. The letter also mentions "the blackmail of Adolfo." Somebody who actually saw this part, please illuminate... ?

Federico goes to Mayte; he lies and says Griselda's letter actually got into Unibrow's hands. He exhorts her: "Unibrow still loves you and you should leave on a train immediately to go to him, take your daughter, he'll be a father to her."

Now if you've actually been following this show, please add further plot points in the comments. If not, feel free to comment anyway! If we don't get comments we will not continue with these recaps!

We have somebody (Jean) for Friday. I don't think we have anybody for tomorrow (Thursday) night. Anybody?


Comments: it just me, or would this Jacinta chick have fit in better with Fray Alvaro and his Inquisition buddies?

I wasn't going to tune in tonight, but I'm glad I did. That Jacinta is two kinds of crazy. I loved her conversation with the Padre and how she's rationalized all her misdeeds to the point where in her mind she did a good thing.

wasn't able to watch due tp prior commit I was grateful to your recap. Jacinta is a hoot. So evil! Shes sort of like the godfather. I love all your little personal opinions you put in.very funny

Great recap...I am also glad I watched. This novela I think has started off slow, maybe...maybe its taking on steam now and going to get better as it progresses. One can only hope. I think a telenovela would not be a telenovela without the evil mother-in-law.
Thanks Again,

I think we're sort of in mourning for Alborada so this seems like a sorry come-down - but it has its own kitschy charm.

I don't think this mother-in-law can last too long - she's going to have to fall into a furnace herself soon - because otherwise, with all the serial killing going on, how will there be anybody left in the rest of the show's run?

Very humorous as usual, Melinama. It sounds like things are hottin up - 3 murders in one episode! I'm still slogging away on Cristina, part II so I didn't see it but I would guess that the father of Manola's baby is none other than Adolfo. We know that Manola was involved with Adolfo and got dumped for Maite.

Didn't Manola admit that the baby is Federico's?

She did, indeed, but then she told Federico, via thought bubble, that the baby wasn't actually his. Jean says it's Adolfo's...

I 'speculated'that it might be Adolfo's baby. I'm just guessing here.

I am checking this blog for the amusing recaps, but I'm not sure I can stand much more of this telenovela. I am exploring to find out when something better will be starting on whatever channel. I really can't relate to any of these characters.

For those who really need a Fernando fix, I just discovered that Galavision is doing a rerun of Maria de la Barrio. This is a telenovela that Fernando did with Thalia about ten years ago. It is the last of a trio of Thalia telenovelas. Fernando was in all of them, but in this one he finally became the leading man. I didn't watch it the first time around because I can't stand Thalia (I watched Marimar, and that was enough). But he must have liked her because they had a romance that lasted well over a year. Anyway, here in Chicago it is on at 3:00 in the afternoon. I think it has just started. Maria is from the ghetto, and her godmother has just died, which leaves her totally alone. The priest manages to place her with a wealthy family, I guess as a servant, but the man of the house treats her as if he is her mentor or protector. She even eats at the table with the family. Today (my first episode) he takes her shopping for clothes and even buys her two baby goats. Needless to say, she has totally upended the household, to the point that the wife has gone to the priest to try to get her removed because she thinks her husband is in love with her. At this point everyone in the household, including the help, is against her. Fernando plays one of the sons. For those of you who love to see his body, I think it will be on display a lot here. I have only seen today's episode, but already he has appeared in a skimpy bathing suit and shorts with no shirt -- looking good!!!


I am astounded they actually showed the victims running around on fire. That was pretty damn gruesome!

I've only watched 3 episodes so far, and I was choked up when Maite learned about her aunt. She's a better crier than Lucero.

Au contraire, these string of bodies will not undo the evil Jacinta, they have ensured her survival! Everyone knowlegable of her guilt is gone, except that thin thread of suspicion is passed to... Fredrico! Another evil character! I'm rooting for the ghost of her husband to show up and cause her ruin, forshadowed by the strange noises during one of her creepy prayer sessions.


Last night (Thursday) was the first episode I watched. What a hoot this show is! It was just as I expected it to be--and Melinama is right, it's a far cry from Alborada (in fact it's pretty much the opposide of Alborada!), but that's okay. It's like brain candy. ;-) I think I will get into this pretty easily.

I laughed out loud at the way the characters walk around while they're talking, it's just like the West Wing! Guess the director must be a fan of that show! ;-)

Actually what I'm liking best is the thought bubbles. They are so brazen, and you know they are true, cause why lie to your own self?

My favorite part last night (Thursday) was the conversation between Federico & Maite. I love how they were 3 inches from each other's face and he was trying to convince her leave to follow her heart. I tell you what..he is a bad,bad,bad boy. I still think he is cool. There is still time to rehabilitate him...he hasn't killed anybody yet?!
I was wondering...will Thursday night's show be recapped? I noticed you had a little change in the people that are recapping. I didn't know if it was too late or not. I think I'm starting to get into this novela...I know I shouldn't have complained about this novela earlier, but is was hard to come down off of Alborada.
I really like this blog...good job to all that contribute.

Yes, we have a recapper, but since other people are not as crazy as I am it may take her a while to get it on line...

It's OK to complain about Barrera. That's part of the fun so no need to feel badly about pre-judging it. Also, we are allowed to change our minds at a moment's notice. At first I didn't care for Barrera (admittedly after only one episode), but after Wednesday's mayhem I'm starting to warm up to it.

I enjoyed Thursdays episode too! However I got carried away recapping and wrote a mini novel. I will now try and enter into the Melinama school of recapping. I humbly ask for tips.

I also thought it was weird to see Federico and Maite talking to each other so closely..... Whispering almost actually. And I was a little grossed out that Jacinta told Adolofo she is an old ewe/sheep (oveja). I didnt put that in because I thought this is just sooo odd! She couldnt possibly be saying that to her son?!?

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