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English synopsis of 'Al Diablo con los Guapos'

Here's my translation of the Esmas sinopsis of Al Diablo con los Guapos (To the Devil with the Handsome/Sexy Ones)

Milagros (Miracles) is an orphan girl: likable, rebellious, irreverent and extroverted, but she has a tender side and knows how to dream. Since she was a child she's been fascinated by soccer and plays well - at the convent where she's been growing up, they call her Miligol. At 18 years old she leaves the convent and finds work as a companion to Regina Belmonte, matriarch of a family in high society. Regina hits it off with Milagros immediately, but the rest of the family can't stand her easy-going character and bad manners.

Alejandro, son of the Belmonte family, is a typical rich guy who runs away from his obligations and considers himself irresistible to all women. He is intrigued by Milagros because she considers him an intolerable, selfish brute; her frank and authentic style end up captivating him. Little by little, between complaints and arguments, the two fall in love, although Milagros resists her feelings - since Alejandro has the reputation of being a womanizer and she fears being abandoned as her mother was. Besides, Alejandro is officially engaged to Andrea.

Constancio Belmonte, Regina's son, hates his family and doesn't try to hide it; he especially hates his wife Luciana, because her father forced him to marry her, separating him from Rosario, the love of his wife, who was expecting his child, but who then disappeared without leaving a trace. Since then, Constancio hasn't troubled himself over the whereabouts of his child; nevertheless, Regina hasn't stopped trying to find her grandchild.

When Alejandro and Milagros finally confess their love, they must confront the family's opposition, above all that of Andrea, an ambitious woman who became Alejandro's girlfriend to assure her future, but who is also Constancio's lover. Andrea convinces Hugo, Alejandro's cousin, that he should help her separate them (Alejandro and Milagros).

Hugo accepts because he is in love with Milagros, and his campaign of vicious lies succeeds. Milagros agrees to marry Hugo, but on the day of the wedding, Alejandro kidnaps her and takes her to a cabin. Convinced that it is he whom she loves, Milagros returns with Alejandro to the house.

They decide to defend their love, without knowing a terrible blow awaits them. Regina has discovered that Milagros is the lost daughter of Constancio. Milagros and Alejandro separate with broken hearts, deciding not to see each other again. Meanwhile, Constancio and Luciana, for fear of losing their prestige and social position, remain silent. As it turns out, Milagros is Constancio's child - but Alejandro is not.

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I think this sounds juicy and, hopefully, lacking in spy movie intrigue. Is it set in modern day?

this sounds like fun. In the previews, it looks like something for teens, but it sounds more adult in your write-up. I wonder what time it's going to be on.

Judging by the "coming soon" previews, it is present day. We have been guessing it will replace Amar at 8 pm but Univision is very secretive...

It has to be the replacement for Amar. The desperate housewives show was advertised for a 9:00 time slot and appears to be just a weekly show. Last night I saw the Gran Final for Amar advertised for Friday the 18th, so Diablo must be the replacement.

I think I'll stick with Pasion. I'm really tired of this theme -- They fall in love, they are torn apart because they are sister and brother, then they are back together because it turns out they are not sister and brother. I just finished watching El Manantial, which featured that. Pecados Ajenos, which is now playing on Telemundo, features that, not to mention countless others over the years. I wonder if this one is a refrito (a remake of some other telenovela).

I think it's a refrito.
I'm not sure but it sounds like Muñeca Brava with Natalia Oreiro and Facundo Arana.
Oreiro and Arana are very good actors and I liked the telenovela.

Helen J.

Helen J -- You are right. It is a remake of Muneca Brava, which was an Argentinian telenovela. According to Wikipedia, it was broadcast in more than 80 countries and made Natalie Oreira a big star. The same two actors have just done another one, "Sos mi Vida", which was a big hit in Argentina. Wonder if we'll get a chance to see it here. I hope so.
It's a romantic comedy that looks good. I never saw Muneca Brava, but that plot sure does sound familiar.

Sounds good, I think I'll take a whack at it. Might be worth it, plus I still miss Destilando Amor and need a replacement. Pasion didn't work for me. I read that EY's new novella will be starting in Mexico Jan 21 @9pm, which means that Pasion is heading to its final capitulos there. But that's still a long way off here........

I'm actually excited for this new show too. I haven't watched any other novelas with this same story line. I'm in my 20s & I watch Codigo Postal, but wasn't sure if any here watched that show. I saw in some of the previews that some of the actors from Codigo will be in this show. The actor that plays Alejandro playeed the role of a blind guy in codigo so it will be nice to see him in a different light. I'm just hoping that this show will be able to replace the void that La Fea Mas Bella left when it finished.


Thanks for the synopsis. I'm going to give it a try. I'm not that fond of Latin commedy. Some of it is ridiculous & just plain clowning & silliness. But I won't knock it till I try it. I realize there's different strokes for different folks. I'm stuck on Passion.

Just so you'll know (if this is important to you) -- according to Telenovela World they added 60 capitulos to this one, making it 280 in total. In Mexico a capitulo is 30 minutes, so this probably means 140 for us. That's about 6 months. Pasion is about 4 months I think (not totally sure about this).

This look like my kind of pointless the abandoned kid at the church..I love it..these AssHats always wait like 20 years to remember they had a kid. Bwaaaahhhaaaa
No Puede Ser

Cesar bring it on...

I am excited by this! I loved "muneca brava". I don 't know who is the protagonist but back then we were crazy about Facundo Arana and Natalia Oreiro. It was a big hit here.

"Sos mi vida" ended last summer here. It was good but nothing special IMO. To be honest, I was watching it because of Facundo...

I am looking forward to the recaps

I'm looking forward to this if for no other reason then I can enjoy a novela again. Amar lost me early on, thank God, I didn't have to go through the extension and Pasion doesn't do it for me in multiple ways although I like Alberto Estrella. This novela looks like it might be a long one since it was apparently extended but one can hope it will be fun. Let's face it with the Writer's strike there is nothing new on American TV so I'm counting on getting as nice novela to fill the gap.

I am still not getting what happened to Hugos mom and girlfriend? Whogot killed?? JQ

I agree with Desie girl. With the writer's strike, the only thing getting me through my obsesssion with t.v. viewing are the novelas. Their plotlines may be far fetched at times, but they are way better than what American t.v. is offering right now! Wasn't Milagros from 'Al Diablo' on Accoralada?

man i watch that show more than you

actually a capitulo is one hour long.. not half an hour...

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