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Caray Caray Special Report - People en Espa~ol Mas Bello fiesta - May 20, 2010

Hola a todos! Hello everyone on Caray Caray!

During my recent vacation I flew to New York City for the People en espa~ol Mas Bello 2010
fiesta on May 20. As the blog's unofficial photographer, I was permitted to enter and
stand in the corner with the other photographers in the press room at the event.

Here is the link to see the photos I took both outside the venue and in the press room:


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Cuidado on Cristina 7/6/09

I'll post a spot for discussions. Did anyone watch?

The captions could not keep up with William Levy. I got as much as I could.

He talked about his early forays into nude modeling (Onelia kept needling him about that) and about how he had to overcome doubts in casting because of his Cuban accent.


Cuidado con el angel - Monday, July 6, 2009 - the novela pedals to a happy ending!

* In the church, JM stands with Padre near the altar, smiling and eagerly waiting the bride (MC). MC and Pat smile as they walk down the aisle. Everyone stands and the mariachi band starts to play the 'wedding march'. Ceci holds Juanito, Mayita stands, claps and is very excited. Cande smiles and stands next to Ceci. Pat gives MC to JM in marriage. JM and MC follow Padre and his altar boys up to the altar. JM and MC kneel to pray. Padre starts the ceremony. At the appointed time, JM and MC stand up. JM recites his original personal vows to MC - he smiles and she giggles. They kiss. MC then tells JM her original personal vows. Padre continues the ceremony and blesses the happy newlyweds. They kiss. The band plays as the audience/guests applaud and cat-call.

* Outside the church. MC and JM stand outside the door on the red carpet. A drum line starts to tap out a funky rhythm. The guests all shout 'beso! beso!' JM and MC kiss. Mayita hugs Juanito.

* At the old neighborhood, MC and Pat are together as JM approaches with a grupero/mariachi band. They kiss, hug - she likes his special surprise. They start to dance. Everyone shouts again -- JM and MC kiss. Bea and Ed, and Purita and Adrian care for their little ones and talk about how blessed they are and how happy they are for MC.

* MC and JM are so in love (DUH!) He wonders if she likes the surprises so far. She does but she asks if the band can play their very own love song (the theme song). MC and JM have their first dance as newlyweds. As the singer sings, the crowd starts to sing-along also. We are treated to flashbacks of JM and MC dating, dancing, the first wedding ceremony. The crowd shouts "Beso! Beso!" and again JM and MC kiss. Crowd then shouts the "Arriba! Abajo!" cheer to the happy couple.

* Mayita is on her balcony praying/talking to Granny M in the sky. We are treated to flashbacks of Mayita and Granny M in fantasyland and some parts of Granny's bedtime stories. Mayita talks about her new adventures and that she will always remember Granny's stories. Mayita giggles with the thought that her father predicts she will have a boyfriend in the future - she hopes that she will tell Granny's stories to her children.

* JM and MC hug at the reception. The band plays another song. Pat and Ceci dance - Pat says he loves her so much; she says she loves him too. Everyone is dancing. JM and MC switch partners - JM dances with Ceci; Pat dances with MC.

* JM and MC stand and do "london bridge" tradition as the band plays and the crowd makes a chain and weaves under the bridge. Someone holds up the train of MC's gown so there's a second bridge for the crowd to weave under. At the end of this tradition, the men put MC on one chair. They then toss JM up in the air 3 times. JM then tosses the garter in the air and kisses MC. MC then takes her bouquet - after she fakes a toss backwards, she tosses it and Elsa catches it. The band plays and crowd claps to the beat. Mayita joins MC and JM on the chairs as the cake is brought it. That thing is one huge flat cake (check out the writing on it - Mayita, Juanito, JM and MC). The bridge and groom statuette is in the middle. JM and MC cut it. They dare it other with a practical joke before they bite into it at the same time. Then they kiss. JM shouts that they need to leave soon for their honeymoon. MC is sad, doesn't want to leave. He promises more surprises await. Rocio wishes them well. Pat then follows. Nellie wishes them all the love and happiness. Ceci and MC share a tender moment. MC calls for another dance. The band plays again and everyone is dancing.

* Elsa and Rafa sneak to the side and have a private chat. She has no idea what to do about the wedding bouquet she caught. Rafa has an idea - 'be my valentine/novio'. Elsa thinks he's joking. He tells her he's serious - he's loved her since the day he met her when he was still blind. She smiles. They kiss. She smiles and agrees to be his 'novio'. They kiss again.

* JM and MC sneak away from the reception. Alone, they release two white doves and kiss. They thought bubble together about the love they share for one another.

* The next day, sunrise over the ocean, we find JM and MC cuddling on the bow of a fancy yacht - the honeymoon. They kiss. They promise to never stop loving each other - they will always be completely happy together.

* Moments later, they are climbing together on a cluster of rocks near the hotel and walking to the beach. They laugh and chatter together about angels in the sky. He shows her their own little angels that have appeared with several para-sailers on the beach. Yes, that's right, Mayita and Juanito have joined them on their honeymoon vacation. As Maite sings in the background, we enjoy watching MC, JM, Mayita and Juanito walking along the beach and the waves.

* Next moment, JM, MC, Juanito and Mayita have a catered picnic lunch on the beach. They laugh and chatter away again, this time about looks and weight. MC and Mayita then change the subject to football (soccer) - girls vs. boys. JM, with Juanito in his arms, plays against Mayita and MC as the waves roll in and out at the feet. (The theme songs plays in the background).

* Next moment, JM, MC, Mayita and Juanito are all cleaned up and in their white clothes standing on a cluster of rocks. They go on a bike ride along the waterfront using a tandem bike with a children's trailer in back. They stop at the pedestrian dock. Happy family photo op. The family looks up at the sky. THE END!!!!!


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Cuidado: Friday 7/3/2009- "It's Not Always Better the Second Time Around"

Lots of leftovers start this episode: Cande and the Velarde staff (Beto, Dora & Martirio) argue over their, cough, singing. Once again we are treated to the Chipmunk version of their song, never a fan of the Chipmunks I am none the less thankful for this version than to hear what they might really sound like.

Amador again runs into Isa at the prison fence. She tries to give him the inside information on what prison life is really all about and she warns him to repent. They discuss how Estefania’s life in the nut-house has got to be better than the three squares and four walls they are getting.

Unfortunately we are taken to the fire and AJ once again birthing her baby through a pair of jeans, but fortunately that’s it for scenes with her because right after that we jump to some new stuff.

Juan Miguel and Marichuy are visiting Adrian and Purita. They’ve brought along a baby girl. MC assures Purita that no one will be taking this child from her, legally the baby is Adrian’s and Purita’s because the mother died in childbirth. Purita’s heart is filled with love for this baby and she can hardly believe it. She’s almost afraid to hold the baby because she’s brand new, so tiny and fragile. Little Edito is visiting his second set of parents today… little Purita (they’ve named the new baby after her mother---I thought they might want to name her Jean, as a true homage to the the miracle of her birth) is introduced to Edito and told that he will be like an older brother to her. JM tells the parents that actually he is an older brother, since the baby’s father is Amador. Adrian realizes that this little bundle of joy just might be the miracle they need for bone marrow for Edito (who appears to be very healthy in this scene).

We are immediately transported to the hospital where Ed and Bea are talking to Reynaldo about the miracle. Reynaldo says that little Purita’s umbilical cord contains the stem cells needed to help Edito, so there is no need to harvest bone marrow from the little baby. Bea is overjoyed to know that her baby has a fighting chance now. Reynaldo tells Ed and Bea that he’s gotten a job offer out of the country and he’s taking it. Viewerville is apathetic to this news, since we really don’t care about this character one way or the other. However, we are then treated to the scene of his classic white car driving away from the city. Ah, another dangling thread tied up.

The theme song is now being sung, by Rocío. She’s gathered around a bonfire (la hoguera) along with Daniel and the other sub-couples from this show: Elsa & Rafa, Israel & Becky, Ed & Bea, and Adrian & Purita (who apparently have taken a break from being new parents, as little Purita is no where to be seen….perhaps Clemencia and Olga have already glommed onto her and are probably fighting about who’ll get to change her first diaper…thankfully we’ve been spared such scenes). So, as the couples hang out at the fire we are treated to flashbacks of each of the couples’ relationship highlights. I’m not going to highlight the flashbacks because they all were as uneventful the second time around as they were when we first saw them. I realize that’s what was so wrong with this show----really poor secondary character development. We had the whole JM and MC romance shoved to the forefront of every episode, even when absolutely nothing was developing plot wise. No one else had a chance to become endeared to us as a result, because we hardly got to know them. Every one of these couples had one of the characters head out of town for awhile whether it was to go to a long conference, join the nunnery, explore Italy with an artistic husband, get over the death of a poet husband, or get a quickie eye doctor degree so they could be an anesthesiologist for the pivotal eye surgery scenes. I could go on with this rant, but I don’t need to make this recap any longer than it truly needs to be (and it that was true, you'd only get a paragraph of recap).

The next scenes are the inside of a cathedral. It is obviously the wedding day of Mari and Juanmi (hoping that the third time's the charm). Mari walks down the aisle with Pat. She looks lovely, and so enthralled with the architecture of the church…since she’s looking everywhere except at JM waiting up on the altar. They’ve got a mariachi band playing the wedding march and I love how it sounds. Padre Anselmo is there and he gives out the typical spiel….on how they are gathered today to witness the joining of this beautiful couple (seriously, he describes them as a beautiful couple). JM and MC wrote their vows (los votos). PA says that they are there to renew their vows (renovar sus votos), however I would think they’d need to go through the whole sacrament all over again since Viviana’s return from the dead kinda made their first marriage null and void. JM says that he doesn’t need to follow what he’s written down because he feels it in his heart. He’s going to love and care for MC always. She essentially says likewise. They are going to make each other happy for always. Padre Anselmo blesses them and they kiss. It lasts more than a minute. I suppose this is to appease viewers for all the long weeks when they didn’t share smooches. We then get a short video tour of the cathedral. Finally, MC goes to the Shrine to Mary in the cathedral. MC kneels down, but we don’t hear a voice over, instead we are treated to a beautiful version of the “Ave Maria” in Spanish. There are more flashbacks--following the journey of MC from the barrio to how she and JM got together.

After the commercial break JM and MC leave the church. They are greeted by a huge crowd, including our drumming friends that were always outside Amador’s place way back in the beginning of the show. Mayita is holding her little brother. She looks up to the sky and we see Abuelita Mariana up in the clouds, she tosses a lily down. Next we see Mayita, she’s got the lily in her hand and she salutes to her Abue. The crowd calls for JM and MC to kiss, and they oblige.

We move to the barrio, where the reception is a party in the street. People are dancing (I swear I saw Purita krumpin' it) and enjoying good food. Mari arrives with her parents and she makes a speech about wanting the party here, with all of her friends. She’s told that the neighborhood people will always have her in their hearts (I think this is said by one of the gossipy women, but not the one with the curler). Cece tells her daughter that it is great that she’s not lost who she is. Everyone applauds. MC asks where could her husband be and out he steps with the mariachi band. They are singing a song about JM and MC to the tune of “La Bamba”. JM and MC sway to the music and once again the crowd calls for a kiss and once again they oblige. END OF EPISODE


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Cuidado Thursday July 2, 2009: Sinners repent! The end is near.

Lots of repeats from yesterday: We back waaay up to the pre-wedding in front of the church and Mari arrives. There’s no bone marrow match for Edito. Amador’s creditors try to mess with him in the prison yard, but he channels his inner wolf.

Oh, this is new, or new old. AJ has flashbacks of “helping” Mari when she was blind, of telling Mari that JM was in the US, of reading Mari the fake letter from JM, of telling JM that she was pregnant by him, of buttering the steps. Whoa, there goes Mari slippin’ and slidin’ down those steps.

Now we again see Mari the bride thanking the Virgin for her happiness. Lots of flashbacks of romantic times with JM. Oodles of them, in fact, accompanied by a lively song.

Now it’s back to Ave Maria and Mari is thinking of Juanito and the kids at the clinic and thanking the Virgin some more. Now it’s her with JM walking the streets of Mexico recently, all in love. Uh oh, here comes the note from AJ pretending to be JM and asking her to meet up in the confessional before the wedding ceremony.

Ed and Bea beg Amador to donate marrow and he says if you spring me out of here.

Back to the church and we relive AJ lurking in the confessional and ambushing Mari, who falls down all unconscious. Next we’re at the shed in the woods with AJ splashing gas all over.

Det C. is asking Amador where the kidnapper hideaway is. The police are seen driving through the woods, sirens blaring.

Mari gets loose from her bonds, knocks down the shed’s door, drags AJ out and we see the much celebrated immaculate reception in which Mari births AJ’s baby, delivered right through AJ’s jeans.

Here’s something new! Rocio and Daniel are by a roaring fire in a stone mountain cabin, toasting their love. Why did they leave town, given that Mari was missing? They contemplate contentedly how they will be together all through their lives and through eternity too. Rocio wants a baby, Daniel says how about two? More love talk and smooches.

AJ is bawling. Mari shows her her new daughter and says don’t you want to kiss her? AJ turns her face away and says keep her away from me, I don’t want to contaminate her with my evil. Mari says it’s never to late to repent. AJ says take care of her. Give her to some couple who can give her the love I can’t.

AJ says she feels really ill. It’s the end of her, she’s sure. She asks Mari to forgive her for everything she’s done to her. Mari says don’t talk like that. AJ says take care of my daughter, and tell JM it wasn’t just a whim or an obsession, I really loved him from the first moment I laid eyes on him. It was love that drove me, and it’s driven me to my death. On cue, she croaks.

The police car pulls up and Det C., the judge and JM jump out. JM sees the burning shed and runs toward it calling Marichuy! Det C. tackles him and holds him away.

Mari says Ana Julia! Ana Julia! The fire must be really loud, becauseshe hasn’t heard the car pull up, sirens and all. Majestic music plays as she begs AJ not to die.

The judge and Det C. hold frantic JM from entering the burning shack. Mari hears them, and comes around the edge of the building, holding the baby like a football. JM embraces her gratefully, and he embraces the judge too. Det C. watches the fire with a glittery-eyed appreciation that may suggest a repressed pyromaniac within.

Cande, Dora and Martirio in the laundry room. They think Beto’s idea for a singing group was a good one. Martirio wants to be the soloist. Cande says when she was in the church choir when she was a little kid, she was the soloist. Martirio compliments her for remembering back so far. Beto arrives with his guitar and tells them to stop messing around. He strikes a chord. Dora and Martirio start up, but Cande doesn’t. She tells Beto that Martirio should be in the chorus, and she should be the soloist. He tells her to be a team player, like Dora. Martirio says if she doesn’t get to be soloist, she’s leaving.

Back at the ochre-colored prison. Amador is still in the prison yard, smiling, the sun glinting off his teeth, his hair thick and shiny and pointing skyward. He is hailed by a woman prisoner on the other side of the chain link fence. It’s Isa, Stef’s aunt, with a simple kerchief on her head. She tells Amador he’ll lose his arrogance soon enough in prison. She’s learned that pride is a person’s worst enemy.

She says that in prison, they’re just a number. She says it’s a bad idea to cut himself off from the other prisoners, that they’re all rats in the same trap, and you never know when you’ll need a good cellmate. Amador says he has the best ally, and as long as he’s alive, nobody can mess with him. Exactly, says Isa, as long as you’re alive. You could lose your life.

You’re crazy, says Amador. Isa says no, I was crazy when I was on the outside. Now I’ve gotten sane. Amador laughs and says they’re going to haul you out and put you in the nuthouse like Stef. Isa says it’s better to live in a fantasy world like Stef, where she doesn’t have to face herself, than to be here. I wish I was in the nuthouse with her. I’d feel less alone and less accursed, which is exactly how you’re going to be feeling sooner than you think.

Amador looks serious and we see Edito on the newspapers in the trash can.

For some reason, we see the kids at the clinic playing.

Beto tells the battling ladies off. He says he just wanted to give Mari a nice welcome home, and if they’re going to keep fighting, forget it, he’ll just make up a nice bunch of flowers for her. He starts to walk out, but Dora pulls him back and the ladies all start singing. Unfortunately, the film is speeded up and they sound like chipmunks.

Amador is contemplating his sins. He flashes back to his and Mari’s theatrical success and thinks how he could have had a respectable life, but he threw it in the trash, like he did his own son.

Boy, Isa sure was right. It’s been just minutes since she told him he’d repent sooner than he thought and already Amador is having such powerful, life-altering flashbacks that he’s remembering things he didn’t even witness. We see the scene in the restaurant where Bea is flipping out at Elsa for meeting Ed there, and for being his supposed lover. This was a setup by AJ, not Amador, but oh well. Now we see a judge giving Amador custody because Bea is unstable. Amador remembers yelling at baby Edito at this aunt’s place while the tyke cried and screamed. He remembers kidnapping Rafa. (Please note that plot developments notwithstanding, this is not the room where AJ took Mari. So there.) We see the car chase in the garage again. We see Rafa in the van trying to get out, though Amador wasn’t there for that either.

Now we see Amador shoving Bea to the floor and abducting Edito. Bea jumps in the car, and off he races – smack dab into a truck.

Amador thoughtbubbles that even though he called himself an artist, he never really was, and he never loved anyone. I was an imposter, someone who had the opportunity to live the perfect life, but never did. Instead, I chose to wallow around in the muck, and to always blame everyone else, never taking responsibility. That’s what landed me here. I’m a failure.

No avances.


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Cuidado con el Angel, July 1, 2009

Revisit scenes of JM and Marichuy in the restaurant ordering food and kissing. JM and Marichuy showing Cande her new apartment. Marichuy visiting Rafa and he seeing her for the first time.

New stuff:
Marichuy dressed up to attend the wedding of Daniel and Rocio.

PA officiating the wedding. JM and Marichuy are the padrinos. AJ stands in the background with big pregnant belly. PA wishes the novios happiness forever. JM tells Daniel to take care of Rocio. Daniel assures him he will. Rocio asks Marichuy how she feels about renewing her vows with her brother. JM asks if she already wrote her vows, but Marichuy won't say just yet. AJ says that she will destroy there happiness tommorrow at their wedding.

Rafa tells his father that he is very scared of AJ. Have you guys found out anything yet on her whereabouts? No, it seems the ground has swallowed her up replies Det. Cimarro. Her silence is what I fear most replies Rafa. Det. Cimarro doesn't think that after what happened to her accompliances that she would try anything with Marichuy. Rafa says you can't count out AJ just yet. She is an evil woman and no one can hold her back when she wants to harm you. Det. Cimarro says we are watching her apartment and if she tries to leave the country the authorities are aware to arrest her. Rafa says I think that she is lying in wait to hurt Marichuy.

JM and Marichuy talk about there wedding tomorrow with Mayita and Juanito. Marichuy says this time it will be forever. Til the end. JM agrees and says now no one can ever separate us and you will again be my wife. Mayita points out that he will be her husband since she asked him to marry her. JM and Marichuy kiss.

Onelia goes to visit Viv's grave. She tells Viv that today she felt the need to bring her flowers and talk to her. Onelia says life right now is nice and calm. That Mayita is in the best hands with Marichuy. Marichuy is a great woman who god put in front of Mayita ever since you left. I have also change. Life makes you change. When you left and I lived through all that pain I learned that I have a heart. And that heart is flexible and also to recognize the truth. That is how I learned to get to know Marichuy. JM has behaved like a son to me and Marichuy like a daughter. I know that you are still here and are happy at what is happening to us all. You will always live in my heart.

Day of JM and Marichuy's wedding. Balbina is there all dressed up along with Onelia, Mayita and Rocio. He says that all together they are a family. They are his woman. And today he will be adding Marichuy. Rocio tells JM that it's time for him to go because the bride is about to come.

Dr. Reinaldo tells Ed and Beatriz that little Ed is not responding to treatments and that he now needs a transplant.

Amador is in the yard at the prison and he says he can't believe where his life has ended up. Two fellow inmates start harassing him. The wolf comes out in him and they back away from him. Amador tells them that they cannot mess with him because he is not alone. He has an associate?

At the church everyone is there waiting for Marichuy. Suddenly she shows up in the arm of Patricio and Ceci. Rocio runs up to her and says you look beautiful. So does Rafa and Israel. Marichuy wants to know where JM is. Rocio reminds her that she cannot see him until she gets into the church. Marichuy wants a moment to herself before the wedding and heads inside alone. AJ is standing away from the guests and says to herself that Marichuy will not have JM. He is hers and hers alone. Today she will not get married.

Marichuy is thanking the Virgincita for all she has done for her. For all of her happiness. For JM and her kids, Juanito and Mayita. She promises to be a good wife, mother, daughter and friend. She will also help everyone who needs her and make sure that she makes everyone as happy as they make her. Ave Maria is playing in the background through all this speech. Suddenly a little boy brings her a note and it says "mi amor meet in the confessional. I have a surprise for you, JM". She runs off.

Eduardo and Beatriz visit Amador in jail. He says what a surprise, it's not my birthday. But then again we're not even friends. Ed says it's regarding little Ed. He is in danger of dying and the only way to save him is for a transplant. You are the only one that has not been tested. You have a chance to save your son. Amador says "Oh so now he's my son". Well let us negotiate. Beatriz says whatever you want. Amador wants them to get him out of prison and he'll help little Ed. Eduardo says we would if we could, but you know that you are going to be in prison for a long time. Oh well too bad says Amador your son will die. He turns to leave, but Beatriz grabs him and begs him to help. Amador asks Beatriz why she wants to keep a child that has his blood running through him? So that when he grows up he will be a delinquent like me? Ed says that won't happen because we will show him love. Amador says and you think that I didn't have love? I'm talking about genetics. You don't see it know Beatriz because you are his mother and blind. But if little Ed grows up to be like me you will suffer. So it's probably best to let him die. Ed with tears in his eyes tells Amador for god to forgive him because they never will. Ed pulls Beatriz away while she yells out "No, my son".

JM goes outside looking for Marichuy because he can no longer wait.

Marichuy goes looking for JM and instead finds AJ. AJ says that with all her hate she will get rid of her once and for all. But first she will rip her dress from her because you have no right and will never marry JM. AJ throws Marichuy down who is then knocked unconsious.

Det. Cimarro and Rafa come up to Patricio and Ceci. Rafa wonders where Marichuy is at. Patricio goes to look for her.

AJ tells an unconsious Marichuy that now she will know what she (AJ) is capable of. You always believed that I was your friend. She laughs, but stops when she hears Patricio looking for Marichuy. He reads the note that AJ left saying that if the love of JM is not for her then Marichuy cannot have it either. To say goodbye to her forever. Patricio cannot believe that AJ took his daughter. He runs out.

Everyone is waiting outside for the wedding to start and Elsa's parents give them the update on Ed and Beatriz and how they are fairing. Elsa shows up. Patricio comes up and says something happened to Marichuy. Everyone is in shock while Ceci reads out loud the note that AJ left for them. JM panics and runs to look for her.

Estephania is in her little world and tells the doctor that her name is Marichuy. He tells her to remember. Her name is not Marichuy. She says but of course it is. Although she is a bad person. We see images of Isa and her together coming up with a plan for her to pretend to be Patricio and Ceci's long lost daughter. And her mistreatment of the real Marichuy. The doctor calls her Estephania. She gets mad and says my name is not Estephania. He says yes it is and the sooner you accept it, the sooner you can get rid of your crazy. (well he really didn't put it like that) She insists that Estephania is evil and wanted to harm her and therefore she is not her. Doctor hugs her and says to himself that for all the harm that you did you cannot live with it. I don't think you will ever regain your memory. Your destiny is to live in this crazy world you are in forever. Estephania laughs and tells the doctor that she loves him and calls him JM. We see that she has completely gone off the deep end.

AJ has tied Marichuy up and taken her to some abandon house. Marichuy asks AJ what she wants. AJ says you took the father of my child away from me. Marichuy tells her to quit talking crazy. You know that Amador confessed that he is the father. AJ says I don't care. I fell in love with JM since the day I met him, but you insisted on standing in the way. Marichuy tells her that he never offered her anything. I now know that he will never be mine, but he will also never be yours. Marichuy asks her what she is saying. AJ says that I am in trouble with the law with no escape from it. And the both of us are going to die in the inferno. She picks up a gasoline bottle and starts pouring it around the room. Marichuy cries and tries to get loose.

AJ keeps pouring gas around the room and says that soon they will be dead. Marichuy tells her to think of her child. AJ says that I am a bad woman and bad woman do not have children. That is why it's best that the baby I am carrying die also with me. Marichuy begs her to stop. AJ has finally lost it and laughs and says we're going to the inferno. Marichuy tries to get loose and falls. AJ tries to pick her up, but Marichuy tries to fight and calls her crazy. AJ says I am not crazy.

Everyone is at the Velardes home talking. Patricio can't believe that there are no news about Marichuy yet. Det. Cimarro is on the phone with the police and tell them that they have to find Marichuy even if they have to look everywhere in Mexico. He tells them no news yet when asked. Rafa tells him I knew something would happen. Rafa wonders if AJ took Marichuy to the same place Vicente and Amador took him when they kidnapped him. Det. Cimarro says he's going to see Amador and get the whereabouts of this place from him no matter what he has to do.

AJ taunts Marichuy with a match and box. Marichuy starts yelling. AJ says scream all you want. No one can hear you. AJ lights the match and throws it down. Then does another one. A fire starts and AJ starts having labor pains.

Det. Cimarro visits Amador and asks him where the place was that he took Rafa too. Amador wants to know why. Det. Cimarro says that is where he thinks AJ took Marichuy. Amador says I could care less about Marichuy. But AJ is a traitor. Det. Cimarro asks are you going to tell me where this place is? Amador says I'm going to tell you so that AJ the traitor gets her time in prison for her crimes. Just like I am paying for it.

AJ begs Marichuy not to leave her when she sees Marichuy loose from her restraints. She wants them to die in the fire. Marichuy will not allow her to stay there and die. The police are on there way to the house. AJ complains that everything comes out wrong. Marichuy tries to break down the door to get them out.

Amador is in cell saying that one day he will have to give his life up to him for all the wrong that he did. (I think he is talking about the devil).

Marichuy finally gets the door open and drags AJ out. Marichuy says she will not leave AJ alone. She remembers telling Amador that the baby is his. AJ says she breathed in too much smoke and passes out for a second. Marichuy shakes tells her that she will help her. AJ keeps saying my son. Marichuy gets in position to help deliver the child. (AJ has jeans on. Where is the baby coming out of?) Marichuy rips her dress to make a blanket and urges AJ to push. The baby is finally born. Marichuy tells her it's a girl. AJ cries.


Cuidado 30 June. We cut to the chase.

Repeats: We go waaaay back to Rafael just getting his bandages off and realizing he can see. Then we skip to Vicente and Ana Julia stalking Amador stalking Marichuy outside the Velarde gates. Inside, Marichuy says goodbye to her parents. Over at the hospital, Juan Miguel asks Reinaldo what his intentions are (“the best,” of course). And around and around we go, revisiting Monday’s entire episode Cliffs Notes style until we’re caught up again. The best part was Reinaldo telling JM to be a good loser and JM smirking at him and rushing off to Marichuy’s aid.

So here we are (still with a bunch of interspersed repeats): Juan Miguel is at the clinic, wearing scrubs because this totally normal-looking professional clinic apparently doesn’t have its own doctors, telling the Velardes and Onelia that Vicente is dying and nothing can be done.

In another corridor, Rocío paces anxiously while Daniel tries to look sad. He tells her she doesn’t have to see Vicente if she doesn’t want to, but she says of course she wants to; she wouldn’t deny them the closure.

Detective Cimarro tells Vicente that he’ll be sure Amador and AJ are punished. Vicente gaspingly confesses to him that the three of them kidnapped Rafael. Cimarro is ragingly angry and Vicente pleads for forgiveness.

Amador packs his suitcase and tells his dear auntie he’s got to take off forever; the police are after him and it’s best that she doesn’t know just exactly what kind of rat bastard fink he is.

Rocío and Vicente both cry a lot and he says now she can be happy and she says but at what cost? and then tries to reassure him that he’s had a full and happy life and achieved his dreams, so it isn’t so bad. Vicente asks her to forgive him, and Rocío can afford to be generous now that he can’t harass her anymore, so she forgives him and even throws in a bonus about her not loving him enough and him deserving better, because why not chalk up a few turn-the-other-cheek points?

Juan Miguel is now in ordinary clothes as Marichuy thanks him for coming and he says he loves her unconditionally and would do anything for her. Then, WITNESS THE MAJOR CHARACTER GROWTH: Marichuy says she’s been totally blind, and she’s not talking about her eyes, and has treated him horribly while he’s always been there for her and done so much to help her, and she is totally ashamed and although she really loves him, she doesn’t think she deserves him. And there you have it: months of utterly stupid plot resolved by Marichuy finally acting the least bit reasonable. They hug.

Rocío holds Vicente’s hand and he dies. She is overcome with grief and has intense black-and-white memories of their courtship and marriage, back in the happy days before Vicente went out with his Spanish artiste friends for a midnight personality transplant.

Marichuy thanks Juan Miguel for being so gracious and everything and they decide to be together and in love for ever ‘n’ ever and kiss a lot passionately.

Auntie Mimi has apparently tipped off Cimarro, and he’s at the airport with some other agents waiting for Amador. Amador walks up to the counter and asks, “when is the next flight to…” “jail,” Cimarro finishes. He tells Amador not to worry about missing it; his seat is reserved. Amador does not look happy.

Marichuy and JM meet again up on the angel statue and she reminds him that they had agreed to meet there for a prayer of thanks if she regained her sight. She again asks forgiveness for the many ways in which she has hurt him, and pigs soar by overhead as he responds by kissing her some more, and some more after that.

Patricio has finally decided to step up security at the estate, and gives Dora instructions that Beto is not to let Amador in for any reason. Okay, a poll: how many would leave the safety of your families in the hands of Beto? Also, what about AJ? Ceci worries about everything but is glad JM and Marichuy are finally happy.

Indeed they are happy. They are still on the angel tower smooching and swearing their eternal love and Marichuy is still apologizing for how ridiculous she’s been for no other reason than to lazily extend the plot for months.

Amador manages to get away by holding a pen or knife or something to a girl’s throat, taking her hostage as far as the parking lot, then executing a quick carjacking and taking off with Mexico City’s finest in hot pursuit. He laughs and mutters taunts as he speeds away. They call in more forces, and Amador delights in how important he must be as he sees the number of squad cars following him.

Back up on the tower, Marichuy asks Juan Miguel to marry her. He laughs at her formality, but of course says yes.

Mexico City police apparently lack spike strips and hesitate to use their machine guns to shoot tires, because they’re still chasing Amador all over tarnation.

Juan Miguel and Marichuy take a lovey-dovey gropey walk around Marichuy’s old barrio. The bystanders gawk at them rather obviously. They dance in the street to an accordion, then join in some sort of dance with natives in feathered headdresses.

The police chase Amador some more.

JM and Marichuy eat tacos.

The police have finally managed to get a road blocked off and trap Amador. He is handcuffed while Cimarro yells at him. Cimarro grins maniacally while Amador is shoved into a car.

JM and Marichuy go to a café for crepes and chocolate. The café owner is apparently a dear friend of Marichuy’s, although we’ve never seen him before, and they chat with him and insist that he must come to their wedding. They say it’s next week. They smooch some more.

Marichuy and Juan Miguel lead Candelaria blindfolded into a nice room and help her to sit down. Marichuy tells her that she can’t live with them anymore, and so they’ve brought her to a retirement home. Cande is horrified and wails that she never thought they’d do this to her. She says she’ll stay in her room and be quiet all the time, but she just wants to live with the family and not in some horrid institution. JM is trying really hard not to laugh out loud the whole time. Finally Marichuy has mercy and takes off the blindfold and says it’s not a nursing home, they’ve gotten Cande a nice home of her very own. She’s delighted.

A nurse tells Rafa he can leave the hospital. Marichuy turns up to visit and he immediately knows it’s her, even before she speaks. They hug muchly.


Monday, June 29, 2009

Cuidado con el Angel - Monday, June 29 - AJ and Amador go into hiding; JM and MC reunite; Vince lays on his deathbed

CUIDADO CON EL ANGEL - June 29, 2009:
* Cimarro is nervously waiting in the reception area. As he starts to walk away, AJ runs over to stop and talk police business with him. He tries to get her to leave him alone - he's off the clock - she won't stop and insists on him filing charges for her against JM.

* Rocio and Dan bring Mayita to the mansion for a visit. Mayita starts in with convincing MC to help her convince her dad to recognize AJ's baby as his.

* Cimarro tries to get AJ to back off - he's off the clock and can't be bothered with police stuff right now. He's more interested in seeing his son and his recovery from eye surgery. AJ forces him to take her paperwork on her test results and file charges against JM sometime this week or this century. Cimarro finally walks away. AJ stands and grumbles about Amador and their plan.

* JM, Elsa and Rafa are waiting in the room when Cimarro finally appears.

* Mayita continues to pressure MC to promise her to help convince her dad to recognize AJ's baby as her baby brother also.

* Cimarro and Elsa waiting with baited breath as JM unwraps the bandages from Rafa's head. As JM tells Rafa to slowly open his eyes and tell them what he sees, Rafa starts to focus on someone and smiles. Elsa is nervous and asks him what he sees. Rafa totally focuses on Elsa and describes her beauty and says that he can see! Elsa hugs Rafa. Cimarro and JM give each other a manly congratulatory hug also.

* MC explains to Mayita that it isn't her place to interfere in JM's decisions or intervene on AJ's behalf for any reason. Rocio, Dan, Pat and Ceci step in and again explain to Mayita that AJ's baby isn't her baby brother and not to push the issue anymore. MC then tells Mayita that she can come visit and play with Juanito whenever she wants.

* Rafa is overjoyed and tells his dad. Cimarro and Rafa have a happy moment together. Rafa can finally see his father's face and hat. Rafa then thanks JM for the successful operation. Cimarro shows Rafa a photo of his mother. Rafa cries as he holds the photo. He says that she's more beautiful than he imagined, she's an angel. Father and son kiss and cry.

* MC talks on the phone with Dr. about her work at the clinic. He is at the hospital at the moment. When he hangs up, JM appears and asks if that was MC on the phone.

* Amador is on his personal stakeout waiting for MC. He thought bubbles his plan which involves JM, MC and AJ.

* AJ and Vince are in another car, spying on Amador's car. They debate the plan with Amador to separate JM and MC, Rocio and Dan. AJ vows vengeance and prison time.

* JM and Dr. discuss briefly MC's work at his clinic outside of town. JM wonders what he's intentions are. He says he wants to make her his wife. (another ill-fated competitor against JM).

* AJ and Vince continue to spy on Amador's car and grumble together against JM, MC and company.

* JM and Dr. throw down the gauntlet in their battle for MC.

* MC talks with Pat and Ceci at home. She sees that Pat doesn't look well and is worried. Pat assures her that he's fine - he just needs to take his medicine. She smiles and leaves. Pat and Ceci have the same bad feelings about the near future for their daughter.

* Amador spots MC leaving. He pulls out of his parking space. AJ and Vince watch him leave -- She pressures Vince to follow him.

* Nellie and JM are at the police station, talking with Cimarro about AJ's charges against them. JM and Nellie declare that AJ is a liar and is crazy. Cimarro doesn't doubt them but is legally obligated to follow-up. JM and Nellie continue to talk with Cimarro about her test results and which clinic she used.

* Amador follows MC out to the clinic in the secluded woods. He notes that she's alone as he climbs out of his car. He follows her to the clinic. Soon after, AJ and Vince pull up behind Amador's car. They quickly get out of the car. Vince wants to know what AJ plans to do and tries to turn back. AJ is determined to show Amador that she's dangerous if she's double-crossed and convinces Vince to accompany her.

* JM asks detailed questions about the charges and what AJ said to Cimarro. Cimarro doesn't have many answers.

* Amador surprises MC outside the clinic. She has nothing to say to him. He has unfinished business with her.

* Cimarro continues to talk with JM and Nellie about AJ. He says that he can't really proceed with the investigation because it involves Rafa and MC also.

* Elsa brings flowers to Rafa. He laughs to see them with his own eyes. They talk and laugh. He wants to know/see himself. She hands him her compact mirror. He takes a look at his reflection and says how ugly he looks.

* Amador continues his babbling. MC tells him that he's the devil. He says no, actually AJ is. MC wants him to leave. Amador tells her that he has information about AJ and JM that she needs to hear. Just then, AJ appears and yells 'what information do you have about me?'

* Cimarro continues to talk with Nellie and JM about the charges involving Nellie and AJ's argument at the apartment. Nellie has a flashback. Nellie and JM tell their side of the story. Cimarro thinks that AJ should be caught, charged and put in jail for making a false police report.

* Amador confronts Vince and AJ in front of MC. Amador and AJ exchange insults and threats. He mentions his loyalty to MC. AJ attacks. He pulls out his gun. Vince has to pull AJ away.

* At the mansion, Pat and Ceci talk with Rocio about JM and Nellie's visit to the police station.

* Nellie and JM continue their discussion with Cimarro about MC and AJ.

* MC tries to calm Amador down and get him to drop the gun. He refuses. He then reveals that AJ isn't carrying JM's baby, she carrying his and using it to break JM and MC up forever. AJ leaps up and starts to attack Amador. They struggle for the gun. The gun discharges and someone falls down... (UY!)

* Dan and Rocio continue to talk with Pat and Ceci - Dan tries to keep them optimistic and hopeful. They are worried about MC. JM and Nellie enter and suggest going out to find her. JM will contact Dr. to get the address for the clinic.

* Amador shakes AJ as she declares that he's a murderer. Vince is laying on the ground; he was shot. AJ runs off. Amador follows. MC kneels down beside Vince and tells him not to die.

* At the hospital, Dr. tells JM that he won't give him the address - that he's a danger to MC.

* As MC kneels down beside Vince, the other nurse comes running out. Vince has flashbacks of his happy life with Rocio. MC tells the nurse to call for help and get the first aid kit. The nurse scurries away. Vince wakes up and mumbles his message to MC.

* Rocio sees Dan is worried about something. Nellie presses for him to answer. Dan stutters that Vince has been shot and is dying.

* JM and Dr. debate in the hallway who is best for MC. JM wants the address. Dr. says he'll give him the address on one condition. If MC says she doesn't want him, he is to back off and leave her alone forever. Just then, JM's cell phone rings. It's MC - she's desperate and crying. She needs to see him immediately. It's really important. She gives him the address. After he hangs up, he turns to Dr. and proudly says that he and MC have a long-standing commitment and love for each other that will never die or separate them. Dr. looks defeated.

* JM is now magically transported to the clinic waiting area where he is talking with MC, Pat and Ceci about the grave condition of Vince. Pat wonders about transferring Vince to a hospital. JM says that it's too risky - that Vince may not have much time left to live.

* Amador is at home quickly packing his get-away carry-on bag. Aunt finds him. He explains that he needs to leave town, possibly forever, before the police catch up with him. He kisses her good-bye and leaves.

* Outside the clinic, MC thanks JM for his help. He wonders about her sadness. MC hesitates and then tells him her regrets over how she's treated him. She thanks him that she has her sight back. She loves and is grateful to him. They hug.

* Cimarro meets with Vince in the ICU hospital room. He asks Vince who shot him? Was it MC or Amador? Vince reveals to Cimarro that he, Amador and AJ worked together to kidnap Rafael.

* JM and MC continue their heart-to-heart conversation on the hospital patio. They clear up all the misunderstandings between them. He wants them to be together forever. She thanks him for everything. They hug and kiss! (AW! The love birds are back together.)

ADVANCE: FINAL WEEK! Grand finale next Monday!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cuidado: Friday 6/26/09- "Ana Julia Extracts her Revenge and Juan Miguel Shows Signs of Growth

Amador tries to revive Ana Julia after he pushed her and she bumped her head (see, he’s not that bad of a guy…at least he didn’t leave her there to die). When he’s unsuccessful in reviving her, he takes off (spoke too soon) and worries that he’ll be accused of killing her. Vicente arrives and tries to wake AJ. He finds some smelling salts or some such thing and he’s able to revive her. She’s in pain and says that she can’t lose her baby, because it is her insurance to get Juan Miguel. Vic asks her if it was Dr. San Roman who did this to her and she immediately tells him no, it was Amador. However, Vic’s question gets her to thinking and she tells Vic that he gave her an idea and he needs to help her.

Marichuy plays with the students at the school she’s visiting.

Juanmi talks to Rafa about MC. He tells him that he’s going crazy for want of news on MC. Rafa tells JM that he can’t tell him anything because he doesn’t want to betray MC’s confidence. JM shows some emotional growth (good thing because the end of the show is near) and says he understands and accepts that. He tells Rafa that his surgery has been scheduled for the next day (they certainly like to drop these surgeries on people like they are bombs, they gave MC one day’s notice as well). Rafa is surprised to hear the operation will be the tomorrow.

AJ is told she needs to rest, or risk harming the baby. Since there is truly no rest for the wicked, she decides to use the report she got from the doctor to do a little denouncing of people, but she won’t tell Vic who. He’ll just have to wait to find out, like the rest of us. However, we don’t have to wait too long because the next scene takes AJ to the police station, where she meets with Officer Cimarro and tells him that it appears the wealthy think they can get away with anything and she wants justice served. She tells him that she’s there to denounce Onelia, Juan Miguel and Marichuy—all for causing harm to her unborn child. Officer Cimarro is shocked to hear who she’s accusing. She tells him that Onelia came to her house days before and beat her up. Officer Cimarro questions why it took AJ days to come forward and she tells him the only important thing is she’s coming forward now, and she’s got documentation (una constancia).

Elsa goes to visit Rafa before his surgery. He’s happy to have a friend there and Elsa comments that MC probably won’t be visiting him.

Mari tells Reynaldo that she wants to be there for Rafa, but doesn’t want to see JM. Reynaldo tells her he can arrange it.

AJ insists that Onelia, JM and MC all be arrested—that very day. Officer C. worries about Rafa’s surgery, he can’t jeopardize his son’s chance to see by arresting the doctor who will be performing the operation.

JM talks to Patricio and Cece. He questions why MC is not at Rafa’s beside—is it because of how she feels about him (see, he’s getting more in tune with the feelings of others---some more growth on his part).

Cimarro goes to visit Rafa and calms his fears before he goes into surgery.

Daniel visits Rocío and tells her he comes with good news.

Onelia, Cece, and Pat decide to be at the hospital for Rafa’s surgery, so they can offer support to Cimarro. He’s touched that they are there, but worries about the possibility he might have to arrest Onelia and the Velardes’ daughter.

MC sneaks into see Rafa. She disguised as a surgical nurse. She brings him a flower. He wonders if she’s worried about seeing JM. She’s not worried because Reynaldo said he’s got it covered. Besides, she knew she couldn’t leave Rafa alone right before surgery. Just then, JM comes into the room. Our quick-thinking MC is able to turn our back to him and thus go unrecognized. JM pays little attention to the nurse and questions Rafa, is he ready for the procedure.

CC tells Cimarro how worried they were when MC had her operation. Pat tells the officer that they are there because they think of Rafa as a member of the family. Cimarro tells them that he thinks of MC the same. Just then, AJ arrives at the hospital and pounces on Cimarro. She doubted that he would follow through and arrest the people she accused.

Rafa thanks JM for performing the upcoming operation. JM tells him there is no need for thanks, having him see again will be all the thanks JM will need. MC is moved by these words. MC is able to get out of the room without JM noticing the nurse in the blue scrubs is really Marichuy.

AJ tells Pat, Cece and Onelia that she denounced JM, MC and Onelia. They are gob smacked.

Dan tells Ro that he’s gotten a lawyer who is working on getting a legal separation for her and Vic. It will be official soon. He also tells her that with Vic’s infidelity it looks like they’ll be able to get an annulment and therefore they will be able to get married in the Church. Ro is delighted to hear this news.

MC just can’t get enough of Rafa and she sneaks in the operating room to give him a little pep talk right before surgery. Once again she’s busted when JM enters and once again she’s able to turn her back to hide (this kinda reminds me of the Looney Tunes, when Bugs Bunny would put on the girl clothes and successfully disguise himself….Elmer Fudd fell for it every time). JM and Rafa exchange pleasantries about their mutual admiration for each other and how successful they anticipate the surgery to be. Rafa adds that the next time he and JM meet he’ll be able to see him with his own eyes. Israel administers the anesthesia and the surgery begins. MC gets stuck having to hand instruments to JM, but then she’s able to sneak out of the room.

Pat tells AJ she’s crazy, absolutely loca. She says it will be them who will be crazy when they have to visit MC in jail. AJ demands Officer Cimarro arrest Onelia on the spot—how much more proof does he need?

MC worries about Rafa and admits to Reynaldo that she was saddened to see JM. He questions if she still cares for him and MC tells him that she hates him with her soul. Reynaldo scolds her and tells her that the soul is for loving, not hate. He then proceeds to say he knows this because he’s got love in his soul. MC says it must be a lucky woman. He admits that his feelings are for her. She is shocked and tells him that it can’t be as he hopes. He assures her that he has no expectations, nothing needs to change between them (for now).

AJ implies that Officer Cimarro is on the take. She vows she’ll get all of them to pay for trying to hurt her baby.

Reynaldo tells MC that he knows he’s not the first man she’ll ever love, but he hopes to be her last (so much for having no expectations). MC isn’t comfortable with the direction this conversation is taking, but Reynaldo goes in for a hug. Just then AJ walks up on them and she starts ranting at MC. She is aghast at MC’s behavior and how she’s carrying on with this man all the while denying AJ’s child access to its father. She calls MC a slut.
In the middle of surgery, Israel and JM discuss the hope they have for giving Rafa sight.

MC tells AJ she’s crazy. They go back and forth and finally AJ doubles over in pain. Reynaldo tries to help her, but AJ tells them to leave her alone and she leaves.

MC finds her parents and Cimarro. Mari tells Rafa’s father that she doesn’t like JM, but she’s convinced that he’s the best possible doctor to perform this operation. Israel comes out to tell them that the surgery is complete and JM will be out shortly to discuss with them how it went. MC takes this as her clue to leave.

AJ meets up with Amador. She tells him that if he goes and tells JM that the baby she’s carrying is really Amador's, she’ll guarantee he’ll pay for hurting her earlier. She’s willing to go denounce him if he tells the truth.

JM tells Cimarro that everything appears to have gone well, but they won’t know until the bandages come off. Cimarro asks when this will be and JM says soon. Cece wonders why it took so long in MC’s case. JM says they are two very different cases and different procedures. I think he’s just being coy---really he’s just improved so much as a surgeon (further growth) in such a short time. Come on, we all know that after only six months training the first surgery would have some bumps in the road, now that he’s had a few more weeks to practice on some other blind children, he’s bound to have gotten better, but I digress. Anyway, JM assures Cimarro that they’ll know how it went very soon.

Mari tells her parents that Reynaldo admitted he loved her. Pat declares he knew it. He carries on a bit about all the men falling hopelessly in love with his daughter.

JM tells Israel that he was surprised that MC didn’t come to offer support to Rafa. Israel says she was there. This is a shock to JM. He tells Israel that he needs to talk to MC. Israel suggests that JM adjust his tactics toward winning MC back. JM says he’s going to find her, look her in the face and tell her the truth……we can only guess what this means.

Reynaldo tries to make best buddies with Ed. He tells Ed that he’s going to win MC’s heart. Perhaps he doesn’t know that Ed is on Team-Juan Miguel. Ed tells Rey that MC loves JM. Rey is convinced she doesn’t. Ed replies she may say that, but her words can lie. Look, see, even Ed is gaining some insight into others---there’s a little growth there, too.

Cece tells MC about AJ’s accusations. MC reflects on the encounter they had earlier in the week. She wonders if that could have caused harm to the baby. Cece and Pat assure her that’s not the case and besides, AJ is a nut job.

JM goes in to remove Rafa’s bandages. They are going to wait for Officer Cimarro. Elsa arrives, she wants to be there for the unveiling of Rafa’s new retinas. JM gives his cousin a little raised-eyebrow look, as if to say…..what’s up with you two?

Vic goes to see Amador. They talk about Amador planning on telling MC that AJ’s baby’s daddy is really Amador. Vic speculates how difficult it will be to find MC, since she’s been working out of town. Amador is confident he’ll be able to track her down.

Cimarro runs into AJ at the hospital. She demands, once again, to know why he hasn’t made any arrests. He tells her that he’s at the hospital to be there for his son and he’s leaving work behind. He’ll deal with her case when he goes into the office. AJ wants to know if that will be later today, tomorrow or weeks from now. He can’t tell her a definite time. She tell him that she’s got further proof from the doctors that the blows she received put her baby at risk.

Ro, Dan, and Mayita head to the Velardes to see JMito. MC tells Mayita she knows how much she loves her little brother. Mayita brings up AJ’s baby and that her dad doesn’t care for it. Mayita says she knows that MC no longer cares for her papa, but she wants MC to promise that she’ll never return to JM so that he will be able to marry AJ and therefore be the father AJ’s baby needs.

Cimarro joins Rafa in his room. JM removes the bandages and tells Rafa to open his eyes very slowly. Rafa complies. JM asks him is he can see anything. END OF EPISODE.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Cuidado Thursday June 25, 2009: Fists fly, words fly, but true love can’t seem to get airborne

Before we get to the heavy lifting, we do a few telenovela stretches by revisiting yesterday’s scenes: At the school for the blind, Rafa tells JM about the letter AJ made up and he finds out from JM that AJ’s supposed fetus is not JM’s. The guide dog has just been returned to the school and JM and Rafa realize Mari was there returning him. The director tells them she said goodbye. Rafa doesn’t want to blab that she’s not going very far away, but urges JM to run talk to her before it’s too late. JM bolts off. Mari tells Dr Iturbe that she’s not going to live near the job he’s offering, but she’ll commute.

At the castle, Rocio tells Daniel that she didn’t beat around the bush with Mari. Vicente gets past Balbina and trots into the living room. He takes a swing at Daniel.

AJ has arrived at the school for the blind and rushes up to JM as he’s trying to get into his car. She wants a kiss, mi amor. He wrinkles his nose, and gets into his car. She plants herself in front of the car, spreads her arms over the hood and says she’s not moving until she gets her kiss. She says go ahead, run me and your future baby over! It doesn’t seem to dawn on JM to back up.

Warmed up? Okay, here we go with the new stuff: Mari tells her folks that Dr. Iturbe is coming to take her to look over the clinic where she’ll be working. The judge grumbles and Mari says he’s nice guy and she’s realizing her dream of becoming a physical therapist. The judge says he wonders what the guy is really up to and Mari says don’t worry, even if he’s interested in her, she never wants to mess with love again.

Daniel has scored a knockout! Vicente lies on the floor with the customary single trickle of blood coming from this lip (defying gravity – it drips chinward, but he is lying on his side on the floor). Rocio flees to his side and tsks at Daniel.

JM gets out of his car, takes AJ by the wrists and tells her she’s nuts and to leave him the hell alone. She falls to the ground and says he’s killed their child. JM drives off. AJ figures he’s going to see Mari and she runs off to put a stop to it.

Now Vicente has a trickle of blood flowing the correct way. Rocio is waving smelling salts or something under his nose and he wakes up. He says he’s glad he fought for her. Daniel gets pissed off. Vicente tells Rocio he doesn’t want to die alone. Rocio says she understands, but now her life is with someone who knows how to treasure her, someone she loves.

A guy who would hit a dying man, says Vicente, forgetting he threw the first punch. Daniel says nobody is really believing this “dying” story, plus maybe the police haven’t caught up with you yet, but it’s obvious you had something to do with Rafa’s kidnapping. Rocio says it’s true, and she’s sad to think about him in jail.

Mari is telling Juanito to behave while she’s gone while her folks and Cande look on. She promises them she’ll call when she gets there. The judge says if anything happens, she can call him and he’ll come get her. You’d think she was setting off into darkest Africa. She gives them all hugs.

Mari lets herself out the Velarde gates and there’s JM. She looks exasperated. He tells her that everything AJ said was lies. AJ walks up and says like what? Like about our child? Don’t listen to him Mari – he’s messing with you like he messed with me.

Ed and Bea are visiting Purita and Adrian. They tell them how nobody is a match for bone marrow and Amador won’t even take the tests. They say they have to wait, and Purita says miracles do happen.

Mari tells both AJ and JM to get lost. AJ protests, but Mari says if you got yourself pregnant by him, it’s your problem. Both of you leave me alone.

Elsa and Rafa meet up somewhere on a city street. He tells her he’s going to have the operation in a few days. Elsa says she’s worried he’ll think she’s ugly. He says he can’t, he will always see her beautiful soul, and he tells her how grateful he is that she came into his life, and what a dear friend she is.

Mari is still telling them both to git, and Dr Iturbe shows up to get her. JM wants to know who that is. Mari says none of your business. JM grabs her by the arm and tells her she’s not leaving with any guy, he wants to straighten things out with her. Mari says who do you think you are telling me what to do! AJ is loving this part. JM says I’m the man who loves you, the father of your child, your one-time husband.

Dr Iturbe tries to interrupt and JM grabs him by the lapels and roughs him around a little. Dr I’s shirt gets pulled out and we get to see a bit of his stomach and it doesn’t look like he’s been working out. Mari tries to pull JM off, while yelling at him. AJ is laughing and hooting and hollering. Suddenly she bends over in pain and says Ay!

JM tells Dr Iturbe to stay out of his affairs. Dr I. puffs his chest. JM turns to Mari and says don’t forget we are a family, don’t forget our love. AJ hollers over that he’s wasting his time and making a fool of himself appealing to Mari. He tells her to shut up, that she’s the pathetic one here, lying, making up stories to hurt innocent people.

Mari says you’re both pathetic and she goes to leave with Dr Iturbe. JM grabs him by the lapels again and is almost tearing his coat off. AJ (who still hasn’t straightened up) tries to grab onto Mari.

All this commotion has flushed the Velardes out of their mansion. The judge separates JM and Dr I., and AJ tries to comment, but Ceci tells her to stay out of their business. Mari has her arms crossed and looks furious. The judge tells JM to come in, let’s talk. Mari tells him, for one and for all, stay out of my life. She walks off with Dr I., and AJ wants to glom onto her, but falls down holding her stomach.

The Velardes and JM go in and close the gate. AJ, prostrate on the driveway outside, wails for their benefit that they all want to make her look bad, that she has no one to defend her. After they’re out of earshot she turns off the dramatics and swears vengeance on all of them.

Inside, Ceci and Pat tell JM not to despair. Anyway, Mari will be back tonight, she’s just going to the clinic where she’s going to work. JM says I thought she was leaving town. He says he’s all crazy jealous.

Dr Iturbe is driving Mari across the countryside in a cool 50s sedan. We visit the clinic or whatever it is. It’s a lovely big room with lots of windows and a bunch of little kids are playing. They spot Mari and run over for a group hug. She tells Dr I. that she knows them (or did she mean kids like them?) from the orphanage.

They run, they play, she supervises. They all look perfectly healthy. Later, she moves one child’s leg for her while the others watch. They all adore her, natch.

Onelia tells Rocio and Daniel that JM has gone into seclusion and won’t come out. Rocio wonders if Mari really does love him. Daniel says And he’s been nothing but good to her.

JM is languishing in his room. He says at least he has his memories. He flashes back on their trip around Mexico City when he was in his Dr Cisneros phase. He says he’s not ashamed that he’s crying, it shows how much he loves her. You don’t need a yardstick to measure love, you need a big measuring cup. He flashes back on her harsh words at the front gate. He says that his life is in chaos – he just can’t understand why she won’t love him back.

Musica triste say the captions.

We’re back at the Velardes’ – Dr I. has brought Mari home. She apologizes for the scene this morning (just now she gets around to it?) and he says don’t worry, it wasn’t her fault. Mari says she knows the way now, so she can get there on her own. Dr I. says I’ll drive you every day. Mari says no, she can take her bike, the bus. But he insists because, he tells her, she’s something special, and she’s changing his life too. He leaves and some violins gush.

A regular doctor magnet is our Mari. She thinks about his saying she was special and that she was changing his life.

Wow – major helicopter shot of Casa Velarde’s neighborhood and then the Casa itself. Why haven’t we seen that before? Anyway, we’re inside with the inhabitants, who apparently are having their morning juice. They urge Mari to have breakfast, but she says she’ll be eating with the kids. The judge fusses again and says he doesn’t like her going away so far every day. She says it’s not far – she’ll take him one day.

Of course it goes much deeper than this. Mari is breaking a serious telenovela rule, namely she is actually going somewhere to work all day. Mari says it’s wonderful for her, she feels fulfilled, useful. It’s important to give a lot of love to the kids.

Pretty words, says the judge, but I don’t like it. I don’t want you to keep going. (We have to admire about Stef that she had the daughter of rich folks role down pat – she was great at lying on a lawn chair, sipping lemonade and ordering people about. Mari is obviously falling short in the judge’s eyes.)

Ed, Bea, Purita, Adrian again. Oh, and Edito too. Ed and Bea again say there is no donor, and they says Edito is still doing well, thanks to the loving care Purita and Adrian gave him.

The judge tells Mari it’s just too dangerous for her to go to the clinic and he forbids it. Dangerous? Is he afraid she’ll get her shins kicked by the kids? Is he afraid Dr Iturbe’s classic car will break down in a field and they’ll be pecked to death by chickens? Mari says I’m sorry, but I’m going to keep going.

The judge grabs his chest and collapses on the couch. He’s out cold. Just then Dr I. comes in to save the day. He tells Mari to run for his black bag in the car. She tells herself she will never forgive herself if something happens to him.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

She’s back with the black bag. Dr I roots around in it and finds a syringe which he stabs into the judge’s arm. Was it maybe a tetanus shot? Whatever, it works, and the judge wakes up and looks wide-eyed and says what happened?

Mari says it’s my fault. If you don’t want me to go to the clinic, I won’t. Dr Iturbe looks bummed.

At the castle, Onelia tells Rocio she’s worried because JM’s in his room and won’t answer when she knocks. Rocio says he must be okay, then she says what would we do without him if something happened? He’s our rock.

Dr Iturbe tells Ceci that she has to get the judge in to his heart doctor for some studies. Apparently, the ER is out of the question. Ceci is so grateful he was there at the right moment.

Dr Iturbe says he’s leaving, and says he heard her saying she wouldn’t be coming back to work. He understands, she has to do what’s the best for herself and her family. Mari tells him to tell the kids that she will remember them every day but she can’t be the one giving them therapy right now. Dr Iturbe says I think your family will be needing you for quite a while.

The judge says wait. I didn’t know those kids needed you so much. If you want to, you can go. I just had a little woozy spell. Your work takes some getting used to for me, but I’m getting there. You need to follow your dreams.

Tender music, lots of kisses, and Mari leaves with Dr. Iturbe. The judge says to Ceci I guess our daughter isn’t a child anymore. Of course, he never knew her when she was a child, but we understand the sentiment.

Rocio goes to JM’s room, but he’s not there. Where could he be?

He hasn’t thrown himself from the window, because he’s at the clinic checking a young woman’s eyes. Suddenly Mari’s eye appears in his fevered imagination. Marichuy? he says and the patient says huh? You’re confusing me with Marichuy who was studying PT. JM says no, Alma, I know it’s you. He goes on to tell Alma about her upcoming operation. She leaves and he says I can’t keep on like this, I’ve got to get over it.

Mari gets into the car with Dr Iturbe and thanks him for saving her father. He hands her a rose he had, all ready, in the car. She says what’s this? He thanks her for being so wonderful, and so beautiful, and for staying by his side. Mari looks uncomfortable. Since she never watches TV or reads anything, she probably doesn’t know the term “sexual harassment” but obviously she knows the feeling.

He tells her that he won’t ever forget that moment just now – that she decided to stay with him. She says actually her decision was to stick with the kids. Shouldn’t we be on our way now? Of course, says Dr. I, not starting the engine. It just seems that when you’re around I lose track of time.

JM sees another patient at the Institute for the Blind. He tells himself that this is the best therapy for him. Rocio comes to see him, gives him a hug and reproaches him for disappearing. He says he left early and he didn’t want to burden everyone with all his troubles. Rocio says that’s what sisters are for.

JM says these patients need me so that gives me purpose, but as for life, I don’t care any more. Rocio says life goes on, maybe Mari doesn’t, but you have two wonderful children you need you.

We see Dr Iturbe’s car driving along a country road. Next, Mari is at the clinic, doing arm exercises with the kids, the point of which is obscure. Still, they’re having fun and Dr Iturbe is observing, standing the doorway in his beige suit doing the arm movements too, looking besotted and pretty dorky.

Later, in the courtyard, he’s stopped by Liliana, who seems to be an assistant. She tells him his patients are getting anxious – where has he been? He says watching Mari with the kids, but he’ll get to his patients now. Oh, and if Mari needs anything you take care of it, okay? Has Dr Iturbe unwittingly stomped on Liliana’s tender hopes?

He says to himself that he has to win out – she’s a wonderful woman and he’s in love with her. Somehow he manages to look nerdy delivering this impassioned speech. Loser. He doesn’t stand a chance, and it’s not the small panza issue, it’s that what we see (and he doesn’t) like a train bearing down on him, is we have only a week to go.

Mari leads the kids in games.

AJ’s apartment. Somebody’s at the door and she primps in the huge mirror before answering. Amador comes in and grabs her by the chin. She tells him to get lost. He says I need your help and you’re going to give it. Who’s going to make me? says AJ. She pushes at him and he gets rough, saying you know I don’t like it when you reject me. He says his plan is to kidnap Marichuy. Suddenly AJ is all melting happiness. They could kill her! she says.

Amador says something like it’s the two of us and AJ says she doesn’t want anything to do with him. He says you don’t get it, I’m giving orders – you and I are leaving now to kidnap Mari.

Mari is having lunch with the kids who are perfectly behaved and in awe of her fabulousness. Dr Iturbe comes in with a plate to join them and of course he stations himself by Mari. The kids chant Beso Beso Beso.

JM is at Ed’s office, despairing. He says he can’t shake this depression, he’s just a nut case. How to get over it? When a world-famous psyhiatrist starts unraveling, naturally he turns to a gynecologist. Ed says it’s a matter of will.

JM says where is this clinic? Ed says I just know it’s in the State of Mexico, that’s all. JM despairs some more. He can’t stand that Mari’s with Dr. Iturbe.

The kids file out and Mari comments on how well behaved they are and what good work Dr I. does here. Mari says her life is so chaotic right now, but she feels important at the clinic (maybe because the doctor is more focused on her than on his patients) and when she goes home, she kisses her son, so that keeps her centered.

Dr Iturbe tells Mari he’s worried about JM, that he’s desperate and will stop at nothing to get to her and talk to her. Mari assures him that JM doesn’t know where she works, and she won’t talk to him anyway. Dr I. says I know about JM, his spectacular achievements and also troubled person life. I’m worried he’ll come. Mari says I wasn’t born just to be with him, and besides I don’t want to even hear his name, I’m so sick of him.

Amador has AJ by the neck and head and is trying to drag her out the door while she struggles and protests. She pulls away, hits the door and falls to the floor unconscious.

Golpe, say the captions.

Rocio reports to Onelia about her visit with JM and how he’s so depressed. Onelia is very worried too.

JM is in Ed’s office coming unglued. They’ve sent for Israel who is supposed to find out about the clinic. Israel shows up and says it’s not registered anywhere – maybe Dr. Iturbe is doing good deeds anonymously. Though of course, we would say unlicensed. And what about permits? JM blathers about how Dr I. is winning Mari over and he’s going to lose her. Israel says this is all happening in your imagination. JM raves some more.

Amador is starting to get worried about AJ, who’s not coming to. He rolls her over and there’s a gash on her forehead.

Musica de suspenso say the captions.

No avances, just the same flashes of the ending that we’ve been seeing for a number of nights now. So in place of avances, here’s a pop quiz! Who are these characters from Cuidado?



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cuidado con el Angel, June 24, 2009

Rafa and Elsa are in the park. Elsa tells Rafa that he is a great friend. And he tells her the same.

Vicente is turning Amador's apartment upside down looking for his portion of the ransom money. He asks Amador where it is. Amador says he took it to pay the loan sharks. Vicente is pissed and wants his share. He wanted to take Rocio away from here.

JM tells Marichuy that he can't believe that she's rejecting him. I love you and I know things have happened, but that should join us closer together as a couple. How can you say that about us replies Marichuy. Especially not knowing if I was going to die. And you gallivanting with AJ. He tells her that AJ was lying, but Marichuy says give me one motive to believe you over her. She is the only one that wanted to tell me the truth. JM says I swear in the love that I have for you I never told her that I cared for her, or loved her. I have no interest in her. I swear to you. Please listen. Marichuy asks him if he can swear to her that he never made love to AJ.

Daniel comes to visit Rocio. He tells her that he loves her and has come to give her an ultimatum. I am not going to play the same game as Vicente. I am offering you a life with me. If you accept let's go far away together, but if you don't accept then this is goodbye.

Vicente is yelling at Amador for his money. He is not going to lose Rocio. Amador tells him that they made a great team and pulled it off. Vicente loses it and pounces on Amador.

JM tells Marichuy that he has told her everything. He doesn't know what happened between him and AJ. He thinks she put something in his drink. I would never consciously do anything with her. I am not attracted to her. When I went to her apartment I had found out all the bad things that she had done and was going to confront her. Marichuy says you still cannot swear that anything happened between you too. He tells her that he will not do that just to pacify her. I'm tired of you saying that I'm lying. Marichuy tells JM that she's tired of suffering for him and having to wonder if he and AJ were together. But I'm telling how it happened. I could never be with her replies JM. She tells him no matter how much I care you, I have no confidence in you. Do you realize what you just said, asks JM. You just told me that "no matter how much I care for you" means you really care for me. You are saying that you love me. Please tell me that you still love me.

Daniel asks Rocio to make a decision. Rocio says you can't pressure me like this. Yes I can replies Daniel.

Amador throws Vicente off him. They continue arguing. Amador threatens to kill Vicente. Vicente leaves. Amador follows.

Daniel again tells Rocio to choose. He has a job offer in Buenos Aires that he can accept. He tells her how much he loves her and how important she is to him.

JM tells Marichuy not to deny that she loves him. Marichuy tells him to let her go. He ignores her and says "I can feel it." You loved me as Juan Miguel and again as Pablo Cisneros. Please stop talking replies Marichuy. Don't you like it when I tell you the truth asks JM. Marichuy tells him that she hates him. He took away her excitement in finding love again. You invented Pablo Cisneros for me. Then you destroyed my illusion and that is why I hate you. That is why I cannot forgive you. And all the pain that you are causing me.

Rocio tells Daniel that she has to think about it. Daniel tells her then goodbye forever. Rocio begs him to wait. He tells her first thing in the morning he will board the plane that will take him far away. Rocio tells him that he has to understand how hard this is for her. He says it's hard for me too. Daniel turns to leave and Rocio grabs him and begs him not to go. I love you and will do anything for you. Daniel says then we will do all we can for our love. Rocio says we will do all we can to be happy. I love you just as much as you love me.

JM tells Marichuy that with everything you are saying you are destroying our future. Marichuy says please what future. JM tells her to remember that she loves him. And don't you realize that you are my life. We can have a great family. She begs him to leave. He walks away. (damn those pants look real good on him) Ceci comforts Marichuy. She asks Marichuy for forgiveness. Marichuy doesn't know if she can. Ceci tells her that they wanted to save her life and JM was the only one who could do it.

Amador calls AJ and she wants to know where her money is. He tells her that Vicente left to denounce them. She has to help him. AJ hangs up on him.

Marichuy tells Cande of her plans. Staying a few days at the clinic then finding an apartment. Cande begs her not to condemn her to a life without her. I did what I thought was best for you. Marichuy says that's the whole problem. You guys always deciding what is best for me. (obviously since she cannot take care of herself) Cande says they had all hoped that she would forgive JM after the good things that he has done for you. Why can't you forgive him? He loves you so much.

JM tells Rocio and Daniel what happened with Marichuy not forgiving him. They don't understand why. JM says I have to forget about her. Rocio says perhaps you have too. I just don't understand why she refuses to forgive me. There has to be a reason.

Reinaldo is thinking about Marichuy. He wants to see her and after his appointments will find out her address and number.

Vicente tells himself that he will show Amador that he cannot mess with him even if it means that he will go to jail. I don't care anymore. AJ runs in and pulls him away. She asks him what he's doing. Vicente tells her that Amador robbed him of his money and that was what he was going to use to take Rocio away. AJ tells him to think. If he rats out Amador, then they both will go down. Vicente doesn't care. He came to tell the truth to the dectective. They keep arguing and Rafa comes in, hears this and says it's you. You are one of them, I am sure. Talk! Don't be quiet! I heard you! Where are you?! Talk to me! The dectective (his father) comes running to him and asks him what's wrong. Rafa says that one of them was just here. He's scared because he cannot defend himself.

JM says to Rocio and Daniel that he will dedicate himself to his daughter (don't forget your son, buddy!) and to his patients because they need him. I will try all that I can to forget that Marichuy. Rocio reminds him about Juanito. I know replies JM. Right now though I have to take care of Mayita since AJ poisoned her against me. That is the first thing that I have to do. Regain Mayita's love and confidence. Rocio says give her time. She will understand. JM says in regards to my son. There's no point, because she will take my son away from me. Rocio says I'm going over there to talk to her.

Reinaldo wonders why Marichuy has not called him. He thinks he may be falling in love with her.

Marichuy forgives her parents. Hugs all around. Rocio comes in and tells Marichuy she is going to give her a piece of her mind.

Marichuy tells Rocio that they are friends and because of that friendship she should never have lied to her. But you did. Rocio said I did not come here for forgiveness. I did what I thought was for the best. So you think lying was for the best asks Marichuy. What would you have me do? Have you blind forever? No, I prefer that you hate me. I am convinced what I did was right replies Rocio. Fine, but I don’t want to hear what else you have to say answers Marichuy. Why asks Rocio. JM has cared for you like no one else. Tell me. What has he done to make you hate him so?

Onelia and JM are talking about Marichuy and how tired he is of her blaming him for everything. It’s best for him to leave her alone. She tells him to fight.

Rocio says you forgave everyone but him. Why? Because since he has been in my life he has brought me pain. So you would say JM, Jr. is pain asks Rocio. No, he is a blessing replies Marichuy. Well JM is the father and also should be a blessing.

Cande begs Marichuy not to leave. Marichuy tells her she won’t be gone forever. Cande again begs her and finally Marichuy relents, but says she wants to work.

Reinaldo calls the Velardes house and asks for Marichuy. Patricio gets on the phone and says are you the one putting ideas into Marichuy’s head to leave this house. Reinaldo says he’s just offering her employment. Patricio tells him not to call here again and hangs up on him.

Daniel offers to take JM out for coffee, but JM can’t think about that. Daniel says when there is a problem you must confront it. Drinking alcohol will not solve it. Mayita comes home from school and greets JM. She asks him if he is going to marry AJ. He yells at her and says that he will never marry her. She gets mad and runs off. She throws a fit in her room and Balbina tries to calm her down. JM comes in to apologize for yelling at her. She says you don’t care for me the way you use to or the little brother AJ is going to have. JM says don’t say that. You know I love you. AJ lied to you. I’m asking you to believe me. You have a lot of problems, don’t you replies Mayita. Yes responds JM. AJ is not a good person and has caused many problems between Marichuy and me.

Vicente still wants to go and tell the truth to the detective. AJ says Amador deserves to be taught a lesson. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself. They agree to join forces against him and teach him a lesson.

Onelia thinks Marichuy will realize how wonderful JM is and asks him if he could make a life with another woman. No he replies. There is no one but Marichuy.

Marichuy says no matter what you say I will not change my mind. Fine replies Rocio. If you want to condemn my brother then you are also condemning yourself. Because you still love him. Marichuy says I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I don’t love him. That’s a lie replies Rocio. You know because you feel it. I hope that when you repent it’s not too late and he doesn’t reject you. Marichuy asks why you think I will repent. I just do answers Rocio.

JM talks to Rafa about his upcoming surgery. JM wants to know if Rafa still cares for Marichuy.

Marichuy recalls her conversation with Rocio. Cande tells her little JM is all tuckered out. Marichuy tells her that she’s going out. Cande hopes that Marichuy’s going to see JM.

JM tells Rafa that he was jealous of him. He thought that Marichuy cared for him. Yes, replies Rafa, but like a brother. Now I know that, but before I thought you were stealing her love replies JM. I don’t know but she doesn’t want to forgive you for now responds Rafa. Why do you say that asks JM “for now”? Well says Rafa, another man could fall in love with her and she could fall in love back.

Reinaldo comes to visit Marichuy at the Velardes house. Patricio is none to happy and Ceci tells him that Marichuy authorized the visit. She introduces herself and Patricio. She lets Reinald know that Marichuy is not there and he asks if they will let her know that he came for a visit. He wants to talk to her.

Rafa tells JM what AJ did to MC. AJ supposedly read a letter to her that JM sent from Boston telling Marichuy that he had fallen in love with another woman and that you stopped caring for her. A letter from me asks JM. AJ just wanted to cause Marichuy pain. I never did that. I have to talk to Marichuy and tell her. Suddenly Marichuy’s dog is lead up by Senora Riquelmo and JM asks if Marichuy is here.

Reinaldo spots Marichuy and runs up to her in the hospital. He tells her that he has been looking for her and has just come back from her house. She tells him that she was just looking for him also. Have you changed your mind he asks? No replies Marichuy. Well I have an emergency, but if you can wait a moment we can talk afterwards. Just don’t forget that you have to pack at least a week’s worth of clothing. That’s why I came to talk to you about. I’m not moving out. I still want to work there; I’m just going to commute. Okay says Reinaldo.

JM finds out from Senora Riquelmo that Marichuy will be moving away to work. He has to talk to her urgently. Rafa tells him to hurry up and go. JM goes to his car and crazy AJ pulls up.

Rocio tells Daniel about her conversation with Marichuy. Vicente barges in ignoring Balbina’s protest and wants to speak with his wife. Rocio asks him what he wants. Vicente asks what Daniel is doing there. Daniel tells him to get out. They yell and start throwing punches.

AJ throws herself on JM and asks for a kiss. He pulls her off him and tells her to go away.


Cuidado 23 June. Marichuy can see, but she can’t see reason.

Replay: Padre Anselmo tells Marichuy everyone deceived her for her own good because they love her, and she should get over her pride and go back to being the person she once was. She goes and sits on the steps at the (oddly quiet) old apartment building and reminisces about the old times with the neighbors there. She remembers PA telling her that real love means loving without expecting anything in return. She smiles.

Now: Juan Miguel and Cimarro sit in a car somewhere and JM asks if they’re sure this is the right place. Cimarro says the message was from his son’s phone. JM thinks they should call for backup. Cimarro hams up his worry about his son, and JM looks at him like, “Dude, you don’t have to convince me.”

Daniel visits Rocio at the castle and she tells him she’s really worried about Vicente because she hasn’t seen him in days and she thinks he may be involved in Rafael’s disappearance. Daniel doesn’t feel the need to get all jealous in a clichéd way about that, just says it’s too bad but he actually came to talk to her about something else. He wants her to try to pound some sense into Marichuy’s thick skull.

Marichuy sits in the swing on a playground and feeds snacks to Juanito. I guess she was carrying them in the pocket of her tight jeans? Where does she stash her stuff when she’s out and about? Anyway, Purita and Adrian come along and say hi. Purita remarks about how much Juanito has grown, but she’s not all that interested in him, it’s just a lead-in for her to tell Marichuy her own sob story.

JM and Cimarro are still sitting in a parking lot waiting to pay the ransom and get Rafa back. JM tries to calm and reassure Cimarro. They get a text message saying to leave the money in a certain trash bin, which we get a dramatic look at. Yes, indeed, it is a trash bin. They deduce that the kidnappers are watching them. Cimarro sends a message back saying he wants to talk to his son first. The reply says to do as told, or he won’t see his son alive again. JM quickly decides to just do it, because the money doesn’t matter. As he walks in slo-mo toward the bin, he hopes that it actually works and they get Rafa back. His phone rings and he answers.

Marichuy is amazed that Adrian and Purita’s baby turned out to be Ed and Beatriz’s. She can’t believe how much she missed while she was blind and no one was telling her anything. Purita tells her she should stop hanging around the old neighborhood and go live her life. Marichuy says this will always be her neighborhood, and the old neighborhoodies will always be her people.

Vicente and Amador are lurking in a car near JM. Vicente talks in a raspy voice and tells JM to leave the money and go. JM says, “I know it’s you, Vicente.” In the back of a van, Rafa flails around and worries because he knows his kidnappers don’t care whether he lives. JM puts the briefcase in the bin and goes back to the car. Cimarro doesn’t want to leave, but JM says their only chance of getting Rafa back is to follow orders. Over in the other car, Vicente and Amador wonder what to do with the blind kid. Oh, well-planned kidnapping, dudes. Vicente says the most sensible thing would be to return him safe and sound. Amador says the sensible thing is no fun. But think of this, Amador: if you don’t return him, you’ll be making life difficult for later kidnappers, because no one will pay ransoms if you don’t give them some hope of getting their loved ones back. Think of the future of the industry! JM and Cimarro drive away.

Vicente puts on his totally inconspicuous black ski mask and goes to get the briefcase. I see Amador has covered up his license plates. Also totally inconspicuous. They’ll be invisible to the police! They take off, and Juan Miguel, who is acting smart for once, does a little clever maneuvering and follows them.

Marichuy and JMito go to the hospital where apparently Beatriz and Edito are seeing their new doctor. Marichuy says now that she’s better, she needs to start helping other people more. JMito babbles his agreement.

Amador and Juan Miguel drive like madmen around a parking garage.

Marichuy is still hanging around the hospital waiting room and Dr. Iturbe walks by and immediately recognizes her, even though he only saw her briefly and half her face was covered before. He asks how she is, and she says her eyes are better but she’s sad. He looks concerned.

The boys continue to play Indy 500 in the parking garage loop. JM tells Cimarro to call for backup. Amador nearly hits a guy on a motorcycle.

Marichuy and Reinaldo get on a first-name basis. Marichuy tells him that life takes a lot of turns, but she’s looking forward to helping people. He says he has an offer for her.

After a few more screeching laps, Amador and Vicente exit to the street, and JM and Cimarro follow. They worry that it’s going to be more difficult to follow outside. Rafa works on opening the van door. Amador gets all “woooo-hooooooo!” from the excitement and Vicente wants to bail. Outside in the parking lot, Rafa rolls out of the van and JM slams on the brakes to avoid hitting him.

Ed and Beatriz show up for their appointment with Dr. Reinaldo and are super excited to see Marichuy. Marichuy agrees to wait and talk to him about his offer when he’s finished with Edito.

Ceci tells Rocio that Marichuy left early in the morning and they don’t know where she’s gone. They all decide that she must be planning to return because all her things are still in her room, and she wouldn’t do anything crazy that would endanger her baby. Rocio is a bit indignant that Marichuy is still mad at JM after he saved her life and fixed her eyes, and says she’s going to have a chat with Marichuy and make her listen.

Suddenly it is night and Marichuy is in her room packing a suitcase and thinking to herself that Reinaldo’s offer came at the right time, and this will be a good change for her and JMito. Cande knocks at the door and Marichuy tells her to go away, but Cande says her best friend is there to see her. Marichuy runs upstairs to see Rafa. He’s worried that she hates him because he deceived her, too, but she says she could never hate him. JM walks in right as she’s giving Rafa a big hug. JM says he brought her friend back to make her happy. Not because it was the right thing to do, I guess. Poor JM; he tries so hard. He could establish world peace, save the whole entire environment, and cure every disease that ever was (actually, that part I think he really could do. He’s the best doctor ever) and Marichuy would STILL be furiously angry at him for whatever minor thing it was.

Marichuy says she wants to be alone with Rafa; they have much to talk about. JM says of course, and adds that he only tries to make her happy even though she doesn’t appreciate it. He leaves. Marichuy asks Rafa, “Do you know how WORRIED I’ve been?” as is required when a child has gone missing.

Cande is in Marichuy’s room keeping an eye on JMito, which is a good thing because he’s definitely old enough to get over the rails of his crib and really should be crawling and walking by now, and sees the suitcase. She figures out that Marichuy is planning to leave, and asks JMito what’s going on. JMito smiles adorably and teases her but won’t tell.

Marichuy tells Rafa that he looks pretty much like she thought. She reminds him that since her operation was a success, he is going to have his eyes fixed also. He’s still worried that she might be mad at him, but she says she could never be mad at him because she knows he loves her. So does she think everyone else doesn’t love her?

Amador and Ana Julia have a little lovers’ chat on the phone. AJ says she wants her cut of the money for distracting the Velardes while he and Vicente kidnapped Rafa. He says she’s getting nothing. She says if he doesn’t pay her, she’ll tell the police what she knows. Ah, amor.

Marichuy tells Rafa her life is going to change completely. It’s time for her to quit behaving like a chamaca (youngster) and make her own decisions instead of just doing what everyone tells her to do.

Rocío, Daniel, and Onelia sit around and gripe about AJ and the way Marichuy trusts her more than everyone else, and the nasty things she’s said to Mayita. Balbina shows Vicente in and he says he wants to talk to Rocío alone. She says no way, so Vicente asks her if she’s decided to go with him. Her hostile glare and defensive arms-folded posture say no. He says now he has money so they can start over together (yes, what an argument…the one thing Rocío was missing in life was money). She asks where he got the money, and Daniel says they know he kidnapped Rafa.

Rafa says he’s going to miss Marichuy, and he wants to wait to have his surgery until she can be with him, because their agreement was that she would teach him how to live with vision just as he taught her to live without. She says he must have the surgery, and he can come with her to whatever clinic she’ll be working at (I didn’t pick up on where she’s going. In the “State of Mexico”…does that mean some other town? How far away can it be?). That way they can stay together. She only asks that he not tell Juan Miguel where she is.

Vicente tries to get Onelia to defend him, but she won’t. Vicente insists he had nothing to do with the kidnapping and got the money from selling a painting. Daniel shoves him out of the house. Rocío thinks he shouldn’t have done that because it won’t solve anything. Daniel thinks Vicente needs it beat into him that Dan + Roc = TrueLuv4Ever, but Rocío tells him to stop pressuring her.

Marichuy has gathered the family in the drawing room to tell them that she can’t trust them and she isn’t going to live there anymore. Dr. Reinaldo Iturbe has offered her a job in a community health clinic in the State of Mexico and she’s going to get an apartment and continue her physiotherapy studies there. They are all sad and say they were only trying to do what was best for her. Ceci and Cande beg her not to go. Patricio says they won’t oppose her decision, but they hope she’ll return. JM enters and says, “You’re leaving? Where are you going?”

Rafa rants to his daddy that Marichuy is leaving him and it’s all that rat JM’s fault. Cimarro tells him not to be like that. JM is a good guy and got Rafa rescued. Rafa says that’s even worse, that he has to owe his life to that punk.

Marichuy tells JM it’s none of his beeswax where she’s going. He says of course it is if she’s taking their son, and to stop acting like a child. She says she’ll talk to him like a woman and not a tantrum-throwing (berrinchuda) child, but alone. The others quickly excuse themselves.

Cimarro plays the Voice of Reason (maybe he and Onelia should get together…they could have such sensible and honest lives!) and tells Rafa that eventually Marichuy and JM are going to get back together, because they are in love, so Rafa shouldn’t delude himself and get too attached. Rafa doesn’t want to believe it.

Marichuy blames Juan Miguel for every problem she has ever had. She says she fell in love and married him and she shouldn’t have, because then when they were separated she suffered so much. He says, “yeah, that is because YOU LOVE ME.” She still doesn’t think they can ever be together. JM says actually, they can, and asks why she insists on making both of them unhappy.

Mayita asks Rocío and Onelia why her daddy refuses to accept AJ’s baby. They tell her that JM would never deny a child of his, but that he’s not the father of AJ’s baby and that is just a lie AJ told. Mayita finally seems to accept this when they tell her that maybe someday she and her dad and Marichuy and Juanito will all be together like the family they are.

Unfortunately, this will probably not happen soon, as Marichuy’s lack of basic logic is interfering with her love life STILL. She tells JM they can’t be happy together because it’s his fault that she was hit by the car and risked never seeing again. Holy freaking cannoli, Marichuy, at least pick something that actually was his fault to blame him for.

JM says that to Marichuy, the bad things she can blame him for are the only things that count. However, he’s not going to hacer hincapié en (emphasize…hincapié means stamping the foot; hincar means drive or thrust) this, and he tells her about all the time he spent studying just to help her. She still thinks they should go their separate ways, even though she’s grateful that he saved her life and all.

Rafa and Elsa stroll in the park and he tells her he’s worried about the surgery and just doesn’t care for Juan Miguel. Elsa thinks they should go to the church and give thanks for Rafa’s safe return, but he says they can do that anywhere, so she says a prayer right there. He is touched by her concern. She says his friendship is the best thing that’s happened to her in a long time, and he returns the sentiment.

Vicente trashes Amador’s bedroom looking for the money. The décor is back to pictures of Amador everywhere, which Marichuy had covered up when she lived there. Amador sits on the sofa drinking and smirking and tells Vicente he’s out of luck; Amador has already used the money to pay back the thugs. Vicente has conniptions.

Juan Miguel begs Marichuy to not be so unfair with him. She reminds him of his torrid affair with AJ. He rolls his eyes and says, “She was LYING!” She asks him to give her just one reason why she should believe him instead of AJ. That should be easy; I can think of like a hundred right off the top of my head. He swears that he loves her and would never have anything to do with AJ. “But can you swear to me that you never made love to her?,” asks Marichuy, because it’s the end of the episode and we need a reason for him to stare at her sadly and intensely without saying anything.

Avances: We would NEVER EXPECT what will happen in the gran final!!! I’m expecting that Juan Miguel and Marichuy will finally declare their amor para siempre, the good will be rewarded, and the bad will be punished, so I guess that’s not what is going to happen.



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