Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fuego en la Sangre, 01/30/09: Coyote Hits Pay-Dirt!

Capítulo 187

As we in Viewerville begin another of our nightly forays into the land of Mexiloon, we join-in-progress as two-thirds of the Reyes Brothers’ brain trust is at the Double E (Hacienda de las Elizondo y del asqueroso ese, Escandon) watching Fernando throwing papers from his safe into a satchel. Ah-hah! Fer has left the mysterious little wooden chest behind so Franco immediately hands it to Oscar, the crip on the crutches, to open. However, before The Disabled One can perform this nifty balancing act, Fernando suddenly grabs the mystery-box out of his hand and stashes it along with the rest of his stuff into the satchel then exits stage left. (“It’s a fine mess you’ve gotten us into, Stanley!” --Sorry, but the similarity to Laurel and Hardy here is just too overwhelming to ignore.) Now all the incriminating evidence is gone in a flash cuz Feo’s got his stash.

At the same time back at Comisario Central, Muttonchops is forced to let Darth Rico go for lack of evidence. However, DV cannot leave town because there’s still a homicide investigation. Darth says no way he’d dream of leaving this berg till he’s finished what he came for. He makes a show of ambidextrously checking his two pistols and struts out the door. Padre Tadeo, who’s come to get Fermin released, walks out from the cell area and is told that Raquel Uribe was found dead at the bottom of a ravine and that Juan has accused Darth of killing her. Pad Tad thinks to himself that he hopes now Gabi will wise up and kick out that murderous bunch from her hacienda. He then takes Fermin back to the rectory.

Back at the Double E, Juan goes upstairs to his room after seeing Fer walk out the door with his man-purse. HIs brainiac brothers tell him what just happened. We get two minutes of Larry, Curly and Mo arguing about how they just let Fer get one over on them. The only thing missing are the eye boinks and the head-slaps.

Meanwhile, Feo enters the rectory office and hides his m'urse of goodies in the base of a pedestal underneath a statue of St. Francis of Assisi. (¡Qué ironía!) Padre Tadeo enters immediately afterward and asks him why he’s there. Feo fudges and says he has been waiting to speak to him and the priest lights into him immediately about being in no mood to hear a confession about his murdering Raquel Uribe. For only the second time in his life Fernando is honest and denies any knowledge that Raqui was offed. Fermin is unlucky enough to walk in behind Tadeo. Feo warns him about opening his mouth. Pad Tad jumps in to tell him to save it because Fermin fears not, that Fer’s time to pay for his wicked ways is fast approaching and BTW, Gabriela has now confessed and repented whole-heartedly of all her sins so not to go counting on help from her end either. Feo knows she’d actually have to have a heart first so he just stands there and smirks.

Speaking of the aforementioned Heartless One, she is now sitting in her bed and devising another plan to keep Jimena and Sarita with her at the hacienda indefinitely (if not longer). She tells herself that if Sofia leaves then they’ll follow her and she’ll be left all alone there. So, whatever it takes, she’s got to keep Sofia there for her own protection.

Sofia, meanwhile, is downstairs telling her sisters she’s leaving the hacienda because she’s finally had enough of Mama’s guff. Jimena says she’s coming too and asks Sarita if she’s still determined to stay by Mama’s side and give up her chance at happiness with Franco. (Yeah, Sarita. So how’s it working out for you so far? --Will somebody head to the drugstore in town and get Dr. Phil on the phone, cuz this gal is in definite need of some serious intervention.)

Somehow Padre Tadeo has lost track of Fermin and comes back into the rectory office looking for him. He spies a note supposedly from Fermin saying he’s run away because he’s too freakin’ afraid of Fer. Pad Tad tells himself that he must understand that not just anyone can face Eeevil. Speaking of which, the Blood-Sucker, Fernando (note the hanging garlic framing his malevolent mug at the market stall) stops to look at a number of nasty-looking knives. He thinks back to Padre’s words of warning. He snickers to himself and says no, it’s more like time has come to get rid of his enemies and knowing Gabi the way he does, there’s no way she is ever going to truly repent for her sins. He chooses the dagger he wants.

Night falls, and time stands still, as the everlasting “luna llena” (full moon) of Mexidoom rises. Gabi goes downstairs and tearfully begs her daughters not to leave her. Sofia says she’s getting what she wants most, her hacienda, and they’re leaving her to it. Gabi pulls a tantrum and cries that her daughters are all that really matter to her. She even gets on her knees just to make it look good. She promises to change her ways, but Jimena and Sarita tell her she’ll never change. (Hey, is that a suitcase in Sarita’s hands? Hmmm. Maybe Jimena’s a better life coach than I gave her credit for.) Gabi then promises to give her consent to their relationships with the Reyes’s. Just then Juan and his brothers arrive to take the three of them back to the Double R (Hacienda de los Robles-Reyes) with them. She whines and snivels on Juan’s shoulder and tells him she’ll even consent to them with her daughters. Just don't please take them away just yet. Everybody thinks the old witch has gone ‘round the bend.

Pad Tad and his faithful donkey, Platero –yes, the donkey does have a name—are walking back through the woods to the rectory after a very successful day ministering to the faithful when the Grim Reaper suddenly appears from behind in the moonlight. Fernando, jumps out at the priest from the bushes to crescendos of Phantom of the Opera-style refrains. Disguised once more behind a scarf, a serape and a huge sombrero, he attacks Padre Tadeo and stabs him in the gut. (Feo took the tiniest dagger in the bunch. Granted a four-inch blade can kill, but I still find it hard to believe that he actually was able to penetrate through two or three layers of smock and undies or whatever and mortally wound Tadeo. That little thing doesn’t look like it could cut butter, let alone mortally wound somebody. Silly me.) Lightning flashes from the heavens and Padre Tadeo helplessly drops to the ground as Fernando sneers at his handiwork and thinks to himself, “Good riddance, little priest!”

Juan is disgusted with the whole Mama scene and tells Gabi that it’s come to this because nobody can stand her any longer, and both Franco and Oscar tell her they won’t permit her or anybody else to abuse the women they love any more. She promises never to insult them or to interfere with the three couples again. Juan gives up in frustration then and tells Sofia and her sisters it’s their choice. He says they’ll stay there to protect them but just until her mother is recovered, though as far as he’s concerned he doesn’t believe a word of it. Sofia gives in and they all agree to stay on till she’s better. Mother Hen pecks her way back upstairs and her three little chicks follow. (Ugh.)

Oscar tells Juan and Franco he thinks she’s faking too, and it’ll be forever till they get their women back. Juan swears he won’t fall for that again and it will only be until Gabi gets better. (Ha! Oscar is on to something here. A woman with a heart condition that calls for surgery might not ever get well again. They could be waiting till Hell freezes over.) Franco reminds them that the priest told them she’d confessed her sins and repented, but Juan figures she deceived the priest.

Speaking of which, the poor prelate is prostrate as the rain storm moves in. He asks for forgiveness and waits to die. Fernando takes off his disguise and looks over at him from a clearing in the bushes. “Poor Padre Tadeo. Well that’s life! Good things don’t last long.” Suddenly lightening flashes and causes two crossed branches to catch fire. (Holy symbolism, Batman!) Fer walks away in the opposite direction.

Back at the Double E, Oscar is still complaining to Juan about Gabriela’s faking. Juan says he’ll make sure the old lady doesn’t go back on her word and then he reminds them they still need to find their parents’ and Libia’s murderers and to see justice is done.

Upstairs, back in her bed, Gabi thinks to herself that she really hated all that begging and groveling she did in front of the Reyes’s to make sure that her daughters would stick around. She figures that at least Juan will be good protection against Fernando and if worse comes to worst she might even tell Juan about Fernando’s being the one responsible for killing his sister.

At the same time, Feo pulls up in front of the barn. Darth Rico just happens to be skulking in the bushes and sees him. He follows him into the barn and notices him hiding something but doesn’t know exactly what. Darth confronts him but Fernando says it’s nothing that concerns Rico, but he has heard that Raquel is dead and he’s sure that Rico murdered her. DV sniffs. “What can I tell you? She deserved it for fooling around with you!” He slugs Feo unexpectedly in the snout. Fer gets up and tells him he owes him for betraying his father and that it’s his fault he lost everything and committed suicide. DV tells him his daddy was a simple-minded fool the same as Fer and it’s “Wrestle-mania II” for a while till Rico falls to the ground and Feo pulls a nearby pitchfork on him. He’s got his foot on Rico’s neck and Rico is too winded to get out from under him. “You’re time has come!” He’s just about to spear him when Rosendo walks in on them and asks what’s going on. “Nothing. Ricardo was just learning about farming implements and I was demonstrating.” Fer thinks twice about things then and throws the pitchfork back into the hay.

The Reyes’s ride out to Libia’s grave to tell her even though they’ve given up on vengeance for the good of their women and their little daughters, they’re still gonna grab the guy what done her in. It starts to pour outside.

We beam back to the Double E where Gabi has sent for El Coyote. “Pardon the informality of my bedroom.” She hands him the bottle of pills Feo gave her and asks him to check to see if they’re really what’s written on the label because she’s afraid that Fernando is trying to kill her.

On the way back from the Bat Cave, the Reyes’s come across Pad Tad’s half-dead body lying in puddles of mud and they take him into town.

Alone, outside the hacienda, El Coyote takes the pills and crumples the snake trim he’s still carrying with him. “You’re time has come, Gabriela Aceveda, yours and Ricardo Uribe’s also. Forgive me, God, but this is much stronger than I.”

The Reyes’s arrive back in town. Juan carries Pad Tad in his arms and s-l-o-w-l-y walks toward the little clinic as the town folk suddenly appear in droves with torches. (Ok. Now, the guy is bleeding to death—not that we see even the first drop of blood on him—and the whole town, Juan included, gets hit with an attack of Tortoise-ites?) It’s raining cats and dogs outside. Juan suddenly stops in the middle of the town square to pray to the diosito to save the priest. (Now, is it just me, or, shouldn’t he do that AFTER he drops him off at the clinic????? I mean, normally these people run around like chickens with their heads cut off whenever there’s the slightest emergency, but now everybody suddenly gets the S-L-O-W-S????) “Don’t take him from us yet, Lord.” (Yeah, at least not till they get him into the freakin’ clinic!!)

Finally the good doctor races out into the rain and tells them Tadeo's still breathing (now that IS a miracle) and they take him inside and leave him there, knife wounds and all. The doc examines him. (No rush to get an ambulance or a truck to race him off to the ER at the hospital in Puebla City like they did for Gabi and for Sofia. Nope. Nothin’ doin’. I guess Pad Tad’s on his own with this one.)

While all this is going on in town, Darth starts to search the barn for whatever it was that Fer hid. Eventually he finds the bloody dagger (conveniently wrapped in plastic) and slides it under his jacket for safekeeping till the time is right to use it against Fer.

Back at the Double R, Hortensia, Quintina and Eva discuss the fact that Juan and his brothers have started looking into their sister’s death again.

Over at the Double E, Rigo comes to tell Sofia and the others what has happened to Padre Tadeo. He takes Sofia and Jimena to town with him and Sarita stays to look after Mama. Once they get to the little clinic Sofia gets the rundown on Pad Tad from Juan. Everyone is in the waiting room waiting for news. It doesn’t look good. He may not last. Nabor walks over and tells them that he can’t prove anything, but Fernando Escandon has been threatening the priest for a long while now. Caras impactadas all ‘round.

Back at the bungalow Root is looking for Papa Bear. Suddenly Fer (the busy beaver) jumps her and starts choking her because she won’t tell him what she said to get Juan to give her back that document she signed giving Fer half her inheritance. Out of nowhere Coyote appears and pulls him off her. Fer tells him to stick his nose out of it and he starts to go after Coyote, but the posse appear just as suddenly out of nowhere and cock their rifles. “You’re pretty brave as long as you’ve got your men aiming at me, but one of these days I’m going to get you when you’re all alone.” “—Anytime! And don’t mess with Root again or you’ll have to deal with me.” Feo threatens him again but Coyote just stares him down. Feo brushes off his hat and leaves.

Root wants to know why Coyote was there protecting her. He tells her they’ll get together the next morning and have a long chat, but he doesn’t have time right then for it. “You must learn (Grasshopper) that in order to survive one must be patient.” Root is mesmerized.

Back at the clinic, Eva rushes in to tell Juan and Sofia that the town is up in arms and looking to lynch whoever is responsible for attacking Padre Tadeo. (I say fine. It’s about time we get a little vigilante vengeance thing going where Feo is concerned.) Pad Tad regains consciousness just in time to make Juan promise he won’t allow the town to do something they’d regret later. Juan promises and then goes out to talk to the angry mob. Everyone mumbles. The Borg Sisters (resistance is futile) chant in unison, “Nothing that you might say will change our desire for revenge!” (Do-do-do-do. Do-do-do-do.) Juan wins out though, and he convinces everybody to pray.

Back at Hellhaven, Gabi tells Sarita that it’s too bad about Padre Tadeo, but after all, he was sort of looking for it by always meddling where he didn’t belong. Sarita can’t believe The New and Improved Mama would say such a thing, especially after getting right with God. Gabi is quick to correct her daughter’s errant thoughts. “I never separated myself from God, just from Tadeo’s parish. (Sorry, but I have always thought that huge cross on her wall should have been more appropriately turned upside down the way she practices religion.) They agree to visit him the next morning if he doesn’t croak first. Sarita drones on. Gabi nods as if she's listening but actually is lost in her own thoughts that it would be better for her if he dies now that he knows so many of her deep, dark secrets. The priest has just been a regular nuisance for her and she hopes to Hell that he does die.

The town prays for the priest outside the little clinic throughout the night and into the next morning. The good doctor checks Tadeo for vitals and tells Sofia and Juan that there has been a slight improvement. Juan and Sofia rush to his bedside and Juan whispers to him that he must make the effort to get better. He promises to never look for revenge again and to trust in the law. Sofia reminds the padre that the town needs him. He’s their hope and their faith, their word of God. (All right already. We get the picture.) Everything is sweetness and sunlight….

Meanwhile, Coyote is getting ready to drive back to Gabi with the pill bottle. He says to himself that the medicine has definitely been tampered with and if she continues to take it she will get worse day by day. (Woah there! What kind of new leather ghetto garb is our boy wearing now? Will you get a load of the fox collar on that leather jacket of his? Hey, far be it from me to say anything, but isn’t it like the middle of summer there?) Coyote tells himself that Fernando may want to kill her but he’s not going to succeed. Before he does, Coyote will do her in himself.

Coyote gets back to the hacienda and gives Gabi back her meds. He tells her they’re perfectly fine and to take one now to make sure she doesn’t mess up her schedule. She is all smiles and swallows a tablet. She fawns over how trustworthy a man he is. He says his respect for her is just as high, yada, yada. He asks her then why she feels Fer is trying to kill her. “He must owe on a few deaths, huh?” (Sorry, but that phrase threw me.) At first she balks, but he tells her that she needs to trust him and come out with it all so he’ll be forewarned should things come to that and he’s needed to protect her.

Gabi still is hesitant so Coyote says it’s obvious that she loves Fer much more than he loves her. She asks what he means. He explains that the night before he found Feo abusing Root and it seemed they had an odd sort of relationship. It seemed to him they had something going on between the two of them. (Anvil #2 has just dropped.) Gabi refuses to believe this. “It can’t be! He swore—“ “—Don’t get upset. I made a mistake.” He gets ready to leave her "in the hands of her husband whom she so greatly trusts.” Gabi calls him back and says he’s right, that she really does trust Coyote more than Fer. Coyote reels her in a little farther and says apparently not because she won’t open up to him like she used to.

Gabi finally gives in and says okay, to show Coyote how much she really trusts him she’ll tell him something only she knows. He’s all ears. “Speak to me in full confidence. I would never dare to betray you…..” “--I know. Okay. You’re right about Fernando. He’s guilty of a number of crimes.” Coyote knows he just hit pay-dirt. “Among them is the death of the Reyes’s sister.” Coyote realizes it’s not just pay-dirt. It's an all-out El Jefe sized gusher! “Yes," says Gabi conspiratorially. "Fernando murdered Libia Reyes.”


Holy Platero Batman! We were just talking about that donkey the other night... I said then that we may see the donkey again. Who would have known it would be in the next episode?

Fernando is a dumbass and not as smart as he want peole to believe. If he had the brains he says he has then he would have jettisoned the dagger in the woods or in any trash can he can find and not take it back to the hacienda or the stables....

Ricardo must have a replacement gun. One of his guns was thrown by Fernando in the bushes. Oh and the reason why Fernando chose that smaller and thinner dagger is because there sre entwined snakes around the hilt.... And that serpent society explains Ricardo's and fernando's fascination with serpents.

Soon it will be confession time.Coyote will say, Root I am your brother! Come join me against the dark side. Use the force. I know you can feel it within yourself.

So if Fernando succeeded in Killing Gabriela and Padre Tadeo the count would be 10 bodies for him. It is still 8 for him. We will see what happens to the padre.


Ibarramedia: Oh! Okiedok. I had to go back a few times on the dvr and it's still hard for me to make out that it's actually a serpent's head on top of the handle. A bit too stylized for these old eyes.
= 8 ? }

I am confused about the whole Coyote and the medicine bottle. I thought I had translated it wrong, but then I saw exactly what I thought in the recap. He said the medicine was bad, but then he said he wanted to be the one to off her, and then he gave her the medicine. Technically Fernado would be the one killing her. I just wanted to make sure that I did not miss anything.

The Padre Tadeo story was crazy. How is it that Padre Tadeo has enough energy to tell Juan to ask people to not look for vengeance, but he can not say who might have attacked him? And they really took their sweet time trying to save him, then they all came in the room to see how he was. Don't they have rules about how many people can come in when someone is in critical condition?? Oh well, It at least gives me something to laugh about.

For goodness sakes, open the stupid box next time you get your hands on it, your legs are hurt, not your arms!!!!!!! :-)


Whoa, Jardinera! Good timing.
Hubby & I just finished an hour of loathsome tax prep. and I had poured myself a congratulatory libation (because we didn't quarrel, not even once) and I clicked onto CarayCaray and there you were. What a treat! and what a recap! One brilliant depiction after another couched in the most delightful and quick-witted prose, dripping with fun ironies (stop me, please). I really enjoyed it. And as someone commented the other day. We've all hung in there so long with this scheisse, merde (or whatever) that it's like a big dysfunctional family.

Will someone please explain to me why they all seem to think that it's appropriate to bruise and pummel anybody who is seriously ill. Poor PadTad/ The way the bed creaked when they bounced him around, I was sure even if he survived the knife wound, he would never have made it through all that exhortatory shaking.

I totally missed the connection with the garlic strands, but I did notice the snakey handle on that dagger.

How many more episodios? Not sure I want to get on board for Manana para Siempre, but if I did, it would only be for the companionship of this blog.

SKOLI: Welcome! I guess you're right about El Coyote getting a two-fer if Fer gets the blame for offing Gabi in the long run, but I guess Coyote would always know and have the satisfaction of having let it happen when he could have stopped it. That's something I hadn't thought about.

Jardinera, thanks for the recrap! It was a rip-roaring capitulo, seems like everything is happening at warp-speed now.
It gave me the chills when I saw the Santa Muerte creeping along the hillside behind Pad T, and then Wham! Instead of killing him off quickly, they ambulate with him to the clinic where ge gets no IV, no transfusion, just some lousy zinc oxide on his lips as he writhes in agony.

Thank you for the recrap, Jardinera. So they did NOT open the box! Figures. Drag it all out a little loooooonger. I LOVED your Three Stoges parallels, along with all your other great snarky asides. ;-)

Hmmm, right, stop to pray before you bring the PadTad to the hospsital. Mexiloon, indeed.

If Gabi tells someone she had Coyote check her meds out, and she dies from them, then people will suspect *he* poisoned her. Seriously, dude, why did you take that pill bottle?

Can't wait to watch my tape tomorrow.

Hey there, Agnes! LOL! Keep those adult beverages comin'! It seems the amount of inspiration with these things is inverse to the amount of persperation. So, thanks for the continual encouragement! --Kudos for getting through another 1040 session without having to head to Divorce Court as we all know how "taxing" they can be.... = ; ? )

I also winced when they finally, and so unceremoniously, bounced poor Pad Tad into bed. I have to laugh at your description. You've pegged it! --As for MEPS, you may be pleasantly surprised and of course, as usual, there's always Fernando Colunga, a living, breathing work of art to feast your eyes upon if ever there was.

Thanks for the enjoyable recap, Jardinera.

Oh, oh.... there may be no redemption for my favorite character, Coyote, after all. I was confused about the pills he checked for Gabi and you cleared that up. So he may not be directly responsible for trying to off Gabi but he is an accomplice.

So mad at myself for yelling OPEN THE BOX at the tv and falling for the scriptwriter monkey's game. Should have known it is too soon for Juan or his bros to OPEN THE BOX.

Creemelo: "Wham! Instead of killing him off quickly, they ambulate with him to the clinic where ge gets no IV, no transfusion, just some lousy zinc oxide on his lips as he writhes in agony." LOL! Couldn't have put it any better than that, y punto.
Doris: "If Gabi tells someone she had Coyote check her meds out, and she dies from them, then people will suspect *he* poisoned her. Seriously, dude, why did you take that pill bottle?" You guys are hitting on all cylinders tonight! Suppose he's too honest to say he warned her and she ignored him because she believed Feo and wouldn't listen to anybody say a bad word about him?

Anon. 7:14pm -- You know, Coyote might just be God's avenging angel. We could all be happy with that ending.

The pace has certainly picked up in the last few capitulos and now my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying Fuego! No more whiney Sofia with her false promises of loving Juan "para siempre" and ten minutes later forgetting her promise.

Did anyone else get a "bad feeling" last night that Coyote may be Feo's #9 victim? When Coyote told Root he would explain everything to her "tomorrow" and then Feo immediately threatened to kill Coyote next time they meet? Are we going to lose Señor Coyote to Feo - say it isn't so!!!

Fuego in AZ hoping my hunch is wrong....

LOL, Creemelo. Zinc oxide or maybe some leftover flour from the baking scenes on Pad Tads' ashen face. Anyhow, it was scream and almost as bad as Raqui's final makeup application. GinCA

We now know fernandos kill #, but the attempted kill # is how many?
Gabriella, Franco, Sofia, I'm sure Padre Tadeo is an attempt, just wait 'til el doctor gives him some magic pills, he will perk right up. Who else?


Fer must be really off his game, maybe the Rosario dreams have been getting to him. Ever since he offed her and Armando, he has leaving people to die rather than outright killing them. Gabi with the brakes and with the pills, Don Agustin in the elevator, PadTad with the knife wounds. He's gotten pretty sloppy, lucky for all those people.

Did anyone else notice how the doctor came into the room to check on the Padre later in the episode and said "Buenos dias" to Juan and Sofia, like he'd gone home for a good night's sleep while they watched agonizingly over the IV-less, blood transfusion-less, pain medication-less, maybe even suture-less padre all night? Maybe that's why Fernando wasn't too worried about really killing him - he figured, he'd eventually die for lack of medical intervention anyway (or for being manhandled en route to the place with no medical intervention)!

Oh good one Renee! The Doc leaves a bunch of clueless civilians to watch over his critical patient...
I was surprised not to see even a few gotitas of blood on Padre's bandages. Hair and makeup guy must be asleep at the switch after outdoing himself on Raquel last week.

wow and I was waiting for the tres hermanos to roll up sleeves, or peel off shirts and transfuse blood to the padrecito.... Coyote is one steely eyed dude. I did not believe Fernando's threats.


Thanks for the recap Jardinera. I'm so happy the end is in sight!! As Renee mentioned, Feo is off his game. Leaving people to die instead of just killing them ... its fortunate for his victims but bad for Feo.

Sorry, guys. Hopefully all the niggly typos are now taken care of.

Picabo thought Padre was over-acting. Everytime he was on she got up and barked at the TV.

Coyote looked like he was wearing something of his mothers. What was with the fur?

I'm tired of Feo besting everyone, he better meet a really fantasic demise.

I'd like to know how everyone was carrying torches in the pouring rain when Juan brought Padre Tad into the village. Not one torch was extinguished. That is truly a magical village.

Juan carrying the Padre reminded me of the scene from the old original Frankenstein movie when the father carries his little girl (whom the monster accidentally killed) through the village streets, and the villagers pour out of their cottages and start muttering about revenge, and then they all do a conga line up to the castle carrying those torches...which I believe are soaked in pitch so they keep burning.

I wonder if the fur on Coyote's jacket is to give us in Viewerville a strong, visual message that there ain't no snake skins on him. Oh, wait, that would be too logical. My beanie must have slipped.....


Jardinera, I missed the show, but after reading your recap I don't feel like I lost out. Gabi told Coyote that Fer killed Libia. This is getting good. It seems like Coyote will save the day, maybe he will help Root become a better person. Fer, stabbed the Padre, Gabi begs and allows the 3 sisters to be with the 3 brothers. Wow, I missed a good episode. By the way, I loved how you compared them to the 3 Stooges. You have a great wit and write so well, thanks.
Liena, FL

Boy oh boy things are getting exciting! I loved the reference to the tres stooges - so apropo!

However, I missed the episode where Gabi confessed. Can someone tell me exactly what she took responsibility for? Did she really fess up to all the things she did wrong (or in her case - all the things she thinks she did right)?

I too was amazed at Coyote's new stylist. I hope the part about him telling Root what's what doesn't mean his demise!!! The Coyote role is the only thing that's holding this ship afloat.

Keep up the great recraps!

Karen/Liena,FL/Teresita: Glad to see y'all here. Dunno why, but Melinama and Melissa made the old B&W videos start to click in the old, sluggish brain cells this particular week and... voila! Los Tres Stooges, etc. all sort of were hard to ignore. > 8 ? } That's the way it works, sometimes.....
For those who missed this episodio, here are the youtube links. It's pretty much paint by number once you're there.
As for Gabi's confession, I think it was earlier this week and whoever recapped probably put it in entirety into their recap but I wasn't able to read all so I'm sorry I'm drawing a blank -- if somebody else remembers or can list them all then please do!


I, too, am glad to see Coyote's role really expanding. And even though they were all a little dim in the reasoning department, I loved the scene a few episodes ago when he met with the Tres Reyes about Libia's death. It's kind of cool seeing them all allied together with their square jaws and their honor and their rightful vengeance seething. I have a feeling, though, that Coyote is going to end up sacrificing himself to save someone else - Root, perhaps?

Did anyone notice the skeleton statues on the same table when Feo was buying the dagger? Those were the Santa Muerto statues.

I sure did Melissa. I sure did. And that ties in closely with the symbolism of Fernando's intent. Even if someone had never heard of Santa Muerto, they would most likely pick up on it.


After getting only about 5 hours of sleep Friday night, I decided not to whine, since the entire population of of Mexidoon stood motionless all night, with no ill effects. The Reyes brothers were in the exact same position in the morning, just the lighting changed from night to day. And not only that, the combined brainpower of the Reyes didn't drop one bit from its astounding level.

Thanks for a great recrap, Jardinera. Like many others, I'm disappointed that Coyote is not as good as we hoped. But he sure is cool (or should I say "foxy", with his new outfit)!

Hey, Hombre: I'm still clinging to the hope that he's the avenging angel and is redeemed for his evil deeds of the past by getting word back to El Jefe and Tio V.O. rather than going straight to Wildman Juan with the news.

Hombre: It's those plastic sombrero protectors that keep their brains dry!

Agnes: They might short circuit otherwise and then where would we be? Hate to say it but we'd short circuit then, too. On the other hand, watching them react and interact does tend to raise a pesron's self-esteem 1,000%. Glad I'm the one on the outside looking in.....

Okay, so I finally watched my tape of Friday's episode. That was one of Father Bouffy's :::worst::: nights for his wig/fake forehead line to be showing on his forehead. It was even a different color from his real skin. I'm thinking maybe that's why Feo finally stabbed him. He just couldn't take it anymore.

Thanks, Jardinera ~ So when this ends will we miss the sombreros and the looniness ? Crabby, Ferd, and Darth must die , but who knows how or when. I think Root will be reformed and saved , and I hope that Coyote survives, but I'm not sure he will. PadTad has to survive to perform the weddings that we know will happen in the finale.

Doris, are you telling me that Pad Tad's glorious mane is a wig???
If so, it isn't nearly as heinous as Raquel's. Sofia's wig is pretty fakey also. Gabis' ponytail is a pin-on. But the most outstanding wig IMHO was Armando's; other people continually reached over and ripped it off his head.

Creemelo - yes, it's a wig and for some reason has a piece that goes down over most of Renee Casados' forehead. Probably due to the different hairline. I don't think RC's natural hair is that full & thick.

Go back and watch Friday's episode, if you have it recorded, especially the pre-stabbing scenes. Approx. halfway to 2/3 down his forehead you can see the line, and his own forehead wrinkles below it. Note how the 'skin' is smooth & shiny above that horizontal line. Most days the makeup dept. gets it right. Must have had student interns doing it for Friday's episode.


Excellent recap Jardinera. You cleared up the issue with the pills for me. I thought he said they were poisoned but somehow missed part of it so I wasn't sure. I thought Coyote was wearing a Coyote coat but it did look like fox. I have a bad feeling about Coyote too. I hope I'm wrong.

By the way, how many of us were still yelling OPEN THE BOX!

Connie: Glad to do the assist. I wondered about it being coyote, but figured he wouldn't dare adorn himself with his "pack". I could be wrong if you think about Indians and totems, cuz I believe they did wear skins or body parts of their totem as an adornment. So, I thought long and hard about what kind of fur collar that was. If you look closely I think it's got a little nose or feet showing. My personal experience is that I have seen those only on whole fox fur collars, but hey, space and vision are limited and relative when it's only two-dimentional. =/ ; > )

I can't imagine he would wear coyote either. But in the land of Mexidoon you just never know!

I agree that that looked like a fox collar and head. My mother had one of those, back from the late 1940s/early 1950s. Coyote head would be too large.


I didn't see the head I guess. Poor little fox!

I'm not an expert, but I also assumed it was fox (I thought I saw its little snout). Foxes are known for their nice fur; I don't think coyotes are.

I was pretty sad when Coyote told Ruth "I'll tell you tomorrow" because it seemed like a great big fat clue there there won't be a tomorrow for one of them. But maybe we'll get lucky.

I also wondered why Feo picked the scrawniest knife... I didn't see the snakes on the hilt either. I'm mystified as to why he didn't either throw it away, or clean it off and keep it. Maybe he's hoping to get someone else's fingerprints on it?

I didn't realize the pills were poisoned! I just assumed they were blanks, to allow her condition to get worse.

They didn't really show it Julie. They showed Feo taking the prescriptions and head into town and on the way back there was some kind of thought bubble about the medicine being poison.

We have a family of 5 coyotes roaming in neighborhoods and since the male killed a dog they are planning to trap and euthenize him. Plus the owner that reports it has to pay $250 to "defray the cost" of the trapping.

I started working on the map but there is just too much to fit in our little town like Mexidoon. Any suggestions anyone?

Yep. Let's email Esmas and ask them to put us in contact with the writers. Just for fun. One of us could do it in Spanish.

Small grammar issue, Melissa. It should be Santa Muerte or La Santa Muerte. Muerte is the noun form that means death. Muerto is the past participle of the verb morir.

A very good recap Jardinera.I'm very disappointed in Fernando . He seems to be losing his grip. At the cutlery/voodoo shop he handled several robust cuchillas before selecting that little bronze girly-knife possibly suitable as a letter opener but no way hefty enough for offing a troublesome priest. And before that some wimpy little pills for Gabriella. Tsk tsk. Is it possible that Coyote gave Gabi back her originally prescribed pills? I would have thought that he's a more hands on type of guy. Carlos

Carlos, I think Coyote wants it to be a slow and painful death for Crabi.

Hi gang! I'm VERY late to the party & sad to report that the cyber cops at work have blocked me from visiting in the future. You have NO idea how sad I am, especially since my p.c. at home is not connected to the 'net (yes, I'm a Luddite! just can't bring myself to spend more time in front of the computer after 9 hours of it every day at work).

So, a HUGE thanks to Jardinera & the recrappers. I do plan on checking in once a week or so & I'll miss the laughs & all of your help with the colloquialisms of every day Spanish. I'll still tune in but it just won't be the same.

CUL8R, my snark-filled family! You've been a daily source of glee & I plan on checking in as often as I can.


Bummer, Maggarita. :(

Carlos: LOL! Girlie knife is just what I was thinkin' too. Fer is definitely not as bright as he thinks. It had to be the snake handle that swayed him. I'd have gone for one of the other two nastier looking ones, except now that I think of it he'd have had to slash and chop maybe and that might have been awkward with that big serape. I'm thinking way too much and it is a waste of good brain cells when it comes to this Mexiloonacy....

Great recap, Jardinera. All those alliterations in addition to the snark.
Why didn't the Reyes share at least one poncho with Pad Tad? I thought he might die of hypothermia before they got him in from the rain. They could cover their hats but not their beloved Padre??!
Also, no medical personnel in constant attendance, only the three stooges and supporting cast?
I almost fell off my chair when Coyote came in sporting that fox collar! And it was a two-headed one, with a head hanging down on each side. These men and their animal head jackets!!
La Paloma

La Paloma: "They could cover their hats but not their beloved Padre??!" LOL! Another great observation!
Julie: Fingerprints is a good plot twist. I was simply thinking that like other serial killers he was keeping it for "sentimental" value, like a trophy kill or something....

Maggarita: You sneak a peek when you can. We luv how you spice things up around here. The more the maggier. ? 8 > )

Well, if you want to get someone else's fingerprints on evidence, you don't wrap it in plastic and hide it in the barn. Unless you're trying to incriminate poor forgotten Mr. Ed.

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