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Weekend Discussion: Primer Actor; Our Senior Caballeros

A comment made the other day prompted me to wonder at the past roles of some of the splendid senior actors Televisa has given us over the years.   This photo gallery is only a tease; it would involve more time than any of us have to do proper justice to this topic.  However, it will be fun to see how some of these more senior actors looked in their younger days.  We'll start with the youngest one first and age them in reverse.

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Friday, August 03, 2012

Weekend Discussion: Telenovela Villains; Peer(less) Evil

Dirty Dozen #3:   Femmes Fatales

Now we get to a particularly lethal species of female viper, the femmes fatales, the women who think they're the gods' gift to the men from whom they demand gifts. Not always clad in plunging necklines, stiletto heels, and red lipstick, they demand everything and get it... until Karmageddon gets them.  Always involved in one-upwomanship competitions with the female characters in their peer groups – and sometimes beyond that – for the attention of any or all of the males, they will use seduction as the primary weapon and deception as a close second. Frequently as sadistic as seductive, they are motivated either by pride, revenge, or greed. Whether toxic relative or false friend, the femme fatale is a typical narcissist and often a vile sociopath. Most are succubi and emotional vampires in other ways and – fortunately – few ever live to become the toxic mothers of future protagonists.

Who is the most evil of them all?
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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Pear Robe Project

The sexy, interesting, and sometimes just bizarre wardrobe of our TN characters, particularly our heroines, provides an endless source of conversation on this blog. As does the re-use of props and clothing in multiple TNs. But never has a recycled TN clothing item been more used, debated, and immortalized than THE PEAR ROBE.

You know the robe I’m talking about. It’s legendary! Kind of like Fafy Cuenca! White terry cloth. LARGE black and green pears all over. It has been donned by an assortment of TN ladies—heroines and villainesses alike. I decided to hunt down this often sighted, but never photographed (at least not on this blog) clothing item, and capture its image. Here is the result.

Perfect Wedding Day Attire- En Nombre del AmorBefore the ill-fated nuptials between bad girl Romina and her best friend Paloma’s one-true-love Emiliano, Romina donned The Pear Robe, and her bridal tiara. She was positively glowing from her victory in fooling Emiliano into believing that the baby she was carrying was his, and not that hunky bad boy German’s. Not even the shock of finding out she was bleeding, and likely miscarrying, was going to keep her from walking down that isle.

Romina gets her tiara on just right, but then gets a nasty surprise when she sits on the porcelain throne.

The Look of Innocence- Llena de Amor
Kristel has just been rolling around in bed with her lout of a boyfriend Mauricio (aka Rapey Snake). Unfortunately, the maid tattled on her to Mama Fedra who has called on henchman Bernardo to kick the locked door down. Kristel may be a fresa, but she’s no dummy. She’s thrown Mauricio off her second floor balcony, hopped quickly into the shower to get that wet look, and emerged from her bathroom in her beloved Pear Robe to find out what all the fuss is about. She was just taking a shower, by herself, after all.

Kristel perfects her look of innocent confusion in front of an incredulous Fedra and Bernardo

Anguish and Despair Wear- Hasta Que el Dinero Nos SepareAfter hating him, then fighting her feelings, then falling madly in love with him, Alejandra must give up her Rafael. This leads to endless nights of sorrow and tears like this one.

What could be better to wear when one is in the depths of despair than a comfy robe of pears?

Phantoms, Panic, and Pears- Soy tu DueñaOscar the Not-So-Friendly Ghost has come to visit evil Ivana once again. Maybe he’s mad that she killed him? Or he just might be trying to tell her that that Pear Robe is a major fashion faux pas.

This is the most clothing we ever saw Ivana wear

Random Pear Sightings- Ni Contigo Ni Sin TiI’m not even watching this TN, but I was going along, minding my own business, working from home with the tv on in the background, and of course checking in on CarayCaray and gossiping about The Pear Robe, when what should appear, but THE PEAR ROBE?! This pretty young lady was carrying it nonchalantly, as she blew off this nice young man who seems to really like her. Obviously her taste in bathrobes does not bother him.

Did I conjure up the Pear Robe just thinking about it?

Honorable Mentions
There are rumors that The Pear Robe made an ap-pear-ance in Un Gancho al Corazon and Mañana es Para Siempre (MEPS), two TNs I have seen. I seem to remember it appearing in those too, but can’t remember the exact scene, nor who the un-lucky wearer was. I have also been told it appeared in Juan Querendon, a TN I did not see, on a character named Marley.

I for sure remember this similar robe from MEPS, worn by our heroine Fernanda on her wedding day. Instead of pears, the robe is covered with flowers. Perfect for a sweet heroine filled with doubts about marrying her hot fiancé (Sergio Sendel), when her hot one-true-love (Fernando Colugna) is still out there somewhere. Why is THE PEAR ROBE so popular, while this one has disappeared into the back of Televisa’s wardrobe closet?

Flowers vs. Pears, which do you prefer?

Have you spotted The Pear Robe?

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Caray Caray Special Report - People en Espa~ol Mas Bello fiesta - May 20, 2010

Hola a todos! Hello everyone on Caray Caray!

During my recent vacation I flew to New York City for the People en espa~ol Mas Bello 2010
fiesta on May 20. As the blog's unofficial photographer, I was permitted to enter and
stand in the corner with the other photographers in the press room at the event.

Here is the link to see the photos I took both outside the venue and in the press room:


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Talk about MEPS cast on Cristina

Hey folks,

I just realized that:

1) We didn't have a topic for people to discuss the MEPS cast on the Cristina show, and

2) I missed part 2 this week in addition to part 1 last week.

So I didn't see any of it and have no comments, but if anyone does, now you have a place to post them.


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

MEPS 10/05/09: Part 4 – Putting a Little Crimp on the Barbie

Anibal and Pris are at the hospital taking their turns with the recuperating Gonzo. He tells her he went to Damian Gallardo’s funeral just to make sure the guy was really dead. Yup. Total worm and “Buen provecho a los gusanos”— and may they enjoy the meal! AB says he is relieved that now there will be no possible threat of blackmail from Gallardo and their child will be the Elizalde heir. Pris is completely repulsed by the egoistical toad and warns him that his ambition will be the ruin of him. AnyBalls tells her that her old-fashioned commentaries irritate the be-Jésus out of him.

At another hospital somewhere in the area, Estev tells Padre Bosco through his tears that Eduardo’s chances of surviving are slim and none. The surgeons have told him they’ll have to reconstruct his organs, a very complicated procedure, but the only chance Ed has to survive. They’re putting him on a med-evac plane to Houston to have the surgery done, but they can’t guarantee he will survive even with the surgery. Jacinto, Venus, and Padre Bosco are beside themselves with grief.

Fernanda, Santiago and Aurora are chatting in the hospital waiting their turn so see Gonzo when Fer gets word that Barbara Greco was arrested by the police for killing Artemio Bravo.

Estev and Venus prepare to take our dear, near-dead Ed to Houston on the plane. Jacinto tells an unconscious Eddie not to give up because the Jinete Justiciero (“Avenging Horseman”) cannot die. Estev asks for Bosco to pray for his friend. Bosco says to keep him updated. They start to get on the plane with Eddie just as Estev’s cell starts ringing. It’s Fernanda. She tells him she’s been calling Eduardo’s cell phone but he won’t answer. Estev lies and says Ed couldn’t answer because he’d already taken a flight back to the States.

Fer looks over at Santi and tells him that Eduardo has already left the country and never bothered to say good-bye. She’s stumped-over-being-dumped impactada. Santi gives her a brotherly hug while she cries on his shoulder.
That night it’s AnyBalls turn at bat with his now doting daddy. Gonzo tells AB that Eduardo Juarez saved the family. AB says he’s glad to learn that it wasn’t Lili after all who killed their mother and insists that Barbara Greco must pay for all her crimes. Fer knocks on the door and brings in Lili for a surprise visit. Gonzo is relieved she’s back and the two share a tearful father-daughter hug.

At Jacinto’s, he and Margarita pray to the virgencita to save Eduardo. The two cry together and agree that he’s too good and noble a person to end up this way; he just doesn’t deserve such a sad end. Denia comes home from night class and asks why all the tears. Jacinto tells her that Eduardo’s left for good. Denia says she guesses it was useless for her to have had that chat with Fernanda telling her Franco was really Eduardo. Jacinto is hopping mad at her for opening her big mouth again. Denia explains it was not out of spite, but to help Fer and him to get together. She actually wanted to keep him from leaving after she’d realized Eduardo wasn’t ever going to come around. She’s mad that it was all for nothing now and storms off into her bedroom.

Time passes and suddenly the Eizalde’s are in the family chapel at the hacienda. Gonzo is fully recovered and they are having a funeral service for poor ol’ Uncle Art –or what’s left of him in that pretty brown urn on the table. Gonzo makes a big to do about him, accepts him finally as his brother and in honor of this momentous decision has decided to allow his ashes to be buried with the rest of the dearly departed familia. Gonzo says it’s true his brother was a hateful person who was full of resentments, but he also taught them worthwhile lessons about life. Through him Gonzo learned to appreciate those around him. He hopes that God will pardon his brother and allow Art’s soul some peace (a tall order with a devil like Artie). Padre Bosco blesses the ashes and then Lili places his urn alongside Ana Gregoria’s diary inside the vault. “Uncle, rest here where you belong, alongside your family.”

Several weeks later Barbara Greco’s trial is over and she receives her sentence, or rather, sentences for various crimes: 10 yrs. For counterfeiting/falsifying documents; 10 yrs. for the destruction of other’s property during her official capacity at Grupo Lactos; 15 yrs. for her part in instigating Aurora’s rape; 50 years for racketeering? --50 yrs. for kidnapping Lili; 150 yrs. for homicides including Monserrat, Marcario and Artemio Bravo’s. It’s a grand total of 235 yrs.; however the most she can be made to serve legally is 60. (Eh! My guess is she’d be toothless and wearing depends by then anyway.) AnyBalls looks over at Barbie behind bars and thinks to himself, “One less obstacle for me. Now I will be senior partner at Lactos.”

Barbara screams through the bars at Rory that she’s her daughter, she’s not going to lose her, and she’s never going to give her up because she is all Barbara has now. Ah-wah-wah does what she does best and cries. This time it’s from sheer embarrassment. Barbara screams curses at the Elizaldes as the guards drag her away to her cell. Gonzo scowls and hisses under his breath, “My mistake was having met you!” Lili runs up to him and wants to know if that means La Hiena will never hurt them again. He hugs her and assures her she won’t. Dr. Obregon is there in the courtroom and thinks about giving Lili a pat or a hug, but then thinks better of it and just leaves unnoticed.

Barbara keeps screaming all the way down the hall at the top of her lungs to let her go because she has to see her daughter. The prison doctor tells the guards to put her in an examining room so she can give her a tranquilizer. Barbara spits in the doctor’s face as they drag her off.

Cerisola is also in the courtroom. Anibal heads over to his dad and the attorney and makes a pitch that the 60% that Gonzo gave Barbara should now be evenly divided amongst the family. Gonzo tells him this is not the time or place.

Just then Miguel (minus the 5:00 shadow this time) shows up outside the courtroom and finds Fernanda to tell her he is back for good. He says he called at the hacienda and they told him she’d be there. Fer is happy to see him and mentions that so many things happened after he left. He says he’s anxious to hear about them. Lili turns around and wants to be introduced. Miguel turns on the charm and shows those pearly whites to Lili now. Fer notices (no doubt more than a bit relieved). Lili tells Fer he’s got a beautiful smile. (Lili, hon, you and I are tracking on that one.)

Back at the prison clinic office, the guards bring Barbara in on a stretcher. She fools the doctor into thinking that the tranquilizer has already taken effect. The doc tells the guards to come back in a couple of hours and then the doctor sits down at her desk to do some paperwork. Suddenly Barbara sneaks behind her and gives her the same knock-out neck punch she used on Artie. The doc is down for the count while Barb goes wild, screaming and breaking things. She finds a bottle of alchohol and decides to pour it over herself. She takes a lighter off the doctor’s desk, remembers how she poured gasoline on her parents and lit it with a match, and tells herself she’s going to have Aurora come see her out of compassion if nothing else. She flicks the bic and lights a corner of her prison dress. “Aurorahhhhhhhhh! Hijaaaaaaa!!!!!!!” Barbie G is now Barbie-que.

Migui and Fer go to the cafeteria for a chat and coffee. She tells him that Lili will be finishing her therapy in a few months and will be fully recovered emotionally. She couldn’t be happier with the prognosis. Miguel says her eyes say different. He sees a yearning and sadness in them. He asks what’s going on. She hesitates to say because she says she doesn’t want to hurt him, considering how things ended right before he left last time. He asks if it has to do with another man. She says yes; it’s that Eduardo is alive.


My thanks to all the MEPS recappers!

Hi, blog mom here saying - thanks all you guys - you are champs. All the recappers here at Caray, Caray are giving their time for free and what an amazing community we've created. I'm very grateful for you all. MEPS was a pretty good ride. Too bad Fernanda couldn't have a prettier wedding dress after all that waiting.

REMINDER: Sortilegio starts tomorrow. I'd still like another volunteer to step up and take at least half the Mondays (I'd rather not have an every-week slot...)

Melinama (aka Chapel Hill Fiddler)

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MEPS Finale - part 6 - OMG they didn't get married!

Just kidding!

Meses despues -
It's the big day, Fernanda and Gonzalo arrive at the church in a ticker tape parade, in a really nice convertible with the top down.

Inside, Eduardo (he's not Fr/Ed anymore now that the cat's out of the bag) throws up a prayer to the virgin for everything. Has anyone ever actually prayed to GOD ever in one of these shows? It's always the virgin. I don't get it.

Fernanda is walked up the aisle by Gonzalo. In the audience we see: Liliana with Miguel and Santiago and Aurora with new baby (a real small baby this time, not a six month old like Priscilla's 'newborn'). Gonzalo gives Fernanda to Eduardo with some nice words. The ceremony starts. During the ceremony, we see more faces (and hear thought bubbles) in the crowd - Anibal sitting alone (the one loose end, what happened with Pris and Vlad?), Jacinto, Gardenia, Esteve, Flor, Margarita.

Everyone takes communion. I didn't realize that you weren't allowed to use your hands. Each person looked like they were about to lose the wafer, Miguel was doing tongue gymnastics to get his into his mouth and not on the floor.

You may now kiss the bride - hoots and hollers from the crowd. On the way out of the church, they stop to kiss a couple more times.

At the prison - the guard yells into Rebecca's cell that she has mail. I guess she survived the immolation. She puts out her hand for the letter, it looks like Freddy Krueger's hand, all burned and scarred. The letter has a photo of Aurora's baby and a note saying that she will keep her informed of how the baby is doing, but nothing more. Rebecca's face comes into the light and I have to admit I was freaked out. GROSS. I might have a nightmare about how she looked, all red and scarred. Bleah.

Wedding reception - Miguel makes a toast. Anibal has some nice, humble words for the couple.

Jacinto tries to get Margarita to drink a.... um.. margarita, but she won't. I was wondering when she'd finally be pregnant, they started trying six months ago. I guess it happens, it took longer than that for my wife to get pregnant last year. Jacinto jumps up and announces that he's going to be a daddy, everyone is thrilled.

Some hot chick that turns out to be Tomasa out of her servant getup congratulates the couple. I guess they just wanted to show what she really looks like.

Flor is making kissy faces with one of the members of the band, so now we know who she ends up with. Carlos (Mexico's only general practitioner) has his uncle show up, who is really his own age (mom's young brother), he wastes no time getting set up with Gardenia. He likes what he sees (of course) and so does she, but he's kind of dorky, after wanting Ed for so long it's a real step down. Happy ending I guess.

During one of the group shots, we get to see Aurora chomping away on a piece of gum with her mouth wide open. How ladylike.

Lili ends up catching the bouquet, of course. Miguel takes the opportunity to ask Gonzalo for Lili's hand, Gonzalo gives his blessing happily and walks away.

Fernanda and Eduardo fly away in a hot air balloon, that of course Eduardo is flying himself. I guess the space shuttle was booked that day, because I'm sure he knows how to operate that too! He could probably do wheelies in it! The balloon has a big "FE" on the side of it. The balloon floats away, and our story ends.


Manana es para siempre - Grand Finale, Part 5 - Soledad Cruz Community Center is now open

(last scene of Part 4 - "Firebug" Rebeca Sanchez pours rubbing alcohol on herself and then takes the cigarrette lighter from the desk and lights herself on fire. As she burns, she runs around the prison doctor's office/exam room crying out for her daughter Aurora. (She hopes that Aurora will stay with her, even if it's out of pity.)

Part 5 (beginning of the third hour of the finale):
* In the hospital cafeteria, Fer and Miguel sit and have some coffee. Fer raves about all the wonderful progress Lili is making with her therapy and that she is so very happy. Miguel notes a little sadness and nostalgia in Fer's mood and vocal tone. Fer admits that she is thinking about someone - Eduardo - she knows that he's alive.

* Lili meets with her psychologist in the office. They discuss Eduardo. Lili is worried about her sister being so sad and lonely because Eduardo went away and hasn't returned. Lili knows her sister loves him, but they have no idea where he is or how to contact him.

* Fer tells Miguel all the harsh words and how she treated him before he left; that she asked him to leave; and so he did as she requested. Miguel tries to say that he will be there and wait for her. Fer stops him. She tells him not to do it. It wouldn't be fair or right to him. He agrees with her, then proposes that they be friends, very good close friends. She likes that idea. He then changes the subject to talking about her community center project - that he has experience in other parts of the world working on project like this. Fer is surprised. He speaks the words "I accept" in Nahuatl (the native mexican language). They laugh and continue talking.

* During the session, Doctor is called out of the office for a moment. Just long enough for Ciro to visit Lili for the last time. She doesn't want him to go. He says, don't worry, soon you will have someone very special enter your life. She smiles.

* Gonzo visits Anibal and Priscilla in the maternity room. Priscilla lets Gonzo hold his grandson. Gonzo gives Anibal his son. Anibal announces the baby will be named "Anibal Elizalde" and will be the next president of Grupo Lactos. Just then -- SURPRISE! SURPRISE! SURPRISE! -- Vladimir enters and wants to see his son and takes the baby from Anibal. Gonzo is totally impactado (stunned). Priscilla tells him it's true, the baby isn't an Elizalde.

* Margie and another teacher bring a line of little children to the front door of the community center. Farmer Jacinto is there at the gate to welcome the little farmers to the school to learn all about agriculture. The kids squeal with joy and excitement. They follow Farmer Jacinto inside.

* In the office of Grupo Lactos, Gonzo scolds and reprimands Anibal for his arrogance and greed and lies and schemes. Anibal is totally impactado (stunned) when his dad punishes him with a complete demotion in the company.

* Short video tour of the completed community center.

* In the office, Gardenia brings Miguel some papers to review. He asks where is Fer? he needs to talk with her about something. Gardenia says she's working with Lili in the conference room. Miguel says he'll wait and find her later.

* Another short video of Fer and Lili and staff in their conference. Fer takes a break and walks outside. She walks to the garden patio where a group of children are having a class. A little girl runs over to her. She hands Fer the necklace with the "FE" pendant and says a man told her to give it to Fer. Fer asks who the man is. The little girl doesn't know his name, only that he is waiting in another part of the patio area.

* Fer walks to the front garden/entrance area. She smiles as she sees Eduardo walk down the stairs, smiling, and come towards her. He tells her that Padre Bosco had written him short letters about the center. He mentions the "Jinete Justiciero" and then he smiles and is honored that they named the center after his mom, "Soledad Cruz". Fer and Eduardo smile and hug.

* Fer is so excited to show Eduardo the center - she takes his hand and becomes his (and our) guide through the center. (Video tour of all the artisans, markets, cooking areas, craft areas, etc.) Eduardo smiles, listens and observes as Fer holds his hand and they tour the center. At the main entrance hall, Fer tells Eduardo that Jacinto is the center's director. Eduardo is happy to hear it. They laugh. Just then, Miguel appears and pulls Fer away to talk to her about center business. Eduardo is a little disappointed and disappears. As Fer attempts to stop the conversation with Miguel, and to introduce him to Eduardo, she looks around and can't find Eduardo anywhere. Miguel is stunned.

* Gonzo visits Camilo in prison. Camilo tells his daddy that he is really repentant for all the harm and malicious things he did. He assures his dad that when he is released from prison, he is totally and completely a new person. Gonzo is happy to hear this. They hug.

* Anibal is hard at work -- in the cattle barn -- with the other ranch hands. (Uh, Anibal, I hope you learned when the tail goes up, you step far away.)

* Eduardo visits his mom's vault at the church. He kneels down and prays to his mom about finding out that no one needs him there; he wonders what he should now do with his life, will he forever be waiting and wishing for something that never comes... Just then, Fer appears in the chapel. She says he forgot something and holds up the "FE" necklace. He says that's yours. She urges him to put it on her. He does so. Then he asks why? He reveals that he is jealous of her and Miguel. She laughs and tells him he's being stupid and jealous over nothing. Miguel is her friend and colleague, plus he's dating her sister Lili. She scolds him for not calling her or keeping in touch. Then she asks him how much longer will she have to wait before he asks to marry her. Eduardo smiles, says, "Fer. my first and only love." They kiss passionately.

And so ends my part of this three hour finale...


Monday, October 05, 2009

Mañana es Para Siempre, Gran Final Part 3: The body count rises.

So, here we are at the top of hour 2 of our actual 3-hour final. I'm so excited that we get a whole three hours of new information!

So, when last we left Eddie, he was riding down a bunch of stairs and away from his pursuers. Go, Eddie, go!

Back at Hacienda Elizalde, Esteve hands over Lili's inheritance papers to Fernanda. He tells her it's all there, complete with the registrations for Ciro's patents. Esteve explains that Eduardo was using this money to finance his extravagant lifestyle. The account is now in Fernanda's name, since Lili won't be able to handle it on her own. Esteve tells them Eddie is off getting Obregon to agree to testify against Barbara. Fer says they're going to turn Barbie in to the cops today. Fer asks Esteve for a favor, to give the silver heart to Eduardo and tell him it's his. Esteve says he will as soon as he sees him. Santiago walks Esteve to the door.

Fer calls Eduardo on his cell and begs him to answer, but Eduardo is busy riding through the countryside on his trusty steed, er, dirt bike.

Evil Barbie, in a smokin' hot red dress and smoking like a chimney, discusses with Artie that they've got to get their spawn back. The plan is for Barbie to get Aurora to the lake, where Artemio's helicopter will be waiting for them to take them to the border. In a few days, they'll be off in some foreign country. He can't have his grandchild growing up with the Elizaldes. Artemio won't promise not to take Aurora and the baby away from Barbie, either, since she's been such a terrible mother. Well that's a little like the terrible parent calling the other parent a terrible parent. Artemio gets a call and instructs the person on the phone to let him/her in. Then he tells Barbie they're in luck. Aurora walks in and everyone is impactada (including me!).

Eduardo rides up to Las Animas and does some fancy dismounting (the East German judge still gives him an 8, though). He tosses his gloves around and takes off his motorcycle jacket (to reveal yet another preppy sweater--please, Fer, marry this man and burn all his preppy sweaters). Borja comes out from behind the bushes, calls to him, and after politely explaining that he has his orders, shoots him once in the chest, once in the back, and then about another 3 in the chest (2 of them after he's already on the ground). Eddie lies on the ground bleeding as Borja walks away. Idiot. You always check the body. Hasn't Bravo taught his henchmen anything?

Jacinto and Esteve scream about Eduardo having been shot. They send Venus into the house to call an ambulance. Eddie tells them to take him far away to die. He mumbles that his last wish is that Fer doesn't find out. He doesn't want her to suffer. "Tell her that I already left." Then he shuts his eyes as Jacinto and Esteve cry.

Aurora tells her parents she had a feeling she would find them there. She wants to talk to her mommy and daddy. She says despite everything, she's happy they're not dead, even though she never imagined she'd see them. Then she starts screaming at them…"Why did you even have me?" Barbie says it was her choice. Aurora was her greatest hope after having lost everything. "You mean, after burning your parents to death!" Aurora says, "you said that was an accident." But Barbie defends herself, saying she burned down the house with her parents inside. She was only twelve and it was the only way she could think of to free herself from their abuses and punishments. She talks about how they used to drink a lot and that the only reason she didn't have scars was because while her father would torture her, her mother would constantly remind her father not to scar her. They had plans to sell her off later. That's why she burned the house down with them inside. The only thing she's sorry for, though is hooking up with Artie. She brings up that it was Artie who took Aurora away from her. Artie says Aurora's life would have sucked with Barbie for a mom. Aurora then talks about her lovely life with Dominga. Artie and Barbie both look pretty sad and guilty.

Fer tells Santi she's given the cops Artie's address. Santi tells Fer he can't find Aurora. He's sure Barbie has her and he wants to go looking for her. Fer tries to call Eduardo, so Santi doesn't go alone. She ends up leaving him a message asking him to call ASAP.

Aurora reminds Barbie about how she treated her when she first got to the hacienda. She brings up having Camilo rape her. Artie takes offense, but she calls Artie on having no right to be upset since Dominga intended to sell her off. "Who gave you the right to go around killing innocent people like Montserrat Elizalde?" Barbie's defense is that Artie made her do it. Aurora is terrified to be their daughter. Barbie tries to pull an "I'm your mother and you owe me your life!" But Aurora says she can't be the daughter of a pair of murderers. She wonders what she's supposed to tell her kid about its grandparents. She hopes she can get rid of their whole cursed inheritance. Artie reminds her the grandchild has his blood. Aurora says it's not blood she's worried about, but soul, and at least the baby has his/her own. Aurora leaves, telling them to leave her alone. Barbie tries to stop her, then appeals to Artemio to do something, but he says they have no right to keep her. He calls downstairs and gives instructions to "let the young lady go." Once he hangs up, Barbie whips out a guy with a silencer and pops him one right in the middle of his forehead. Artie drops to his chair and his head hits the desk. Barbie tells him to rot in hell and then takes a seat. Yep, just like that.

Eduardo is being wheeled into the hospital.

Fer is praying to the Virgencita, wondering why Eduardo isn't returning her calls, especially now that he's gotten the necklace back.

Eddie is in surgery.

Fer tells the Virgen that she doesn't hate Eddie and she needs to tell him that she doesn't hate him, she's just afraid of what will happen, since she knows Artemio won't quit until Eddie's dead. Fer would rather him be far away than dead like her mother.

More surgery, a rib spreader, one extracted bullet, some stitches, machines beep.

Fer wonders why she has the feeling she's not going to see Eduardo again.

Aurora comes back to the hacienda. Out on the lawn, she runs into Santi and she tells him her name is Aurora and that's all she wants to know about her past, but she has a question about her future. Is there room for her in the Elizalde family and in his heart? He says there's been room for her in the family since the beginning and there is only room in his heart for her. He'll love her forever. They hug. And kiss.

The cops have come to collect Artie. His body is lying on a stretcher in front of Barbie as Barbie still sits in the same chair. Comandante Lozoya asks Barbie if she found the body. She says she did, and she heard the shot too. "And where were you at that moment?"
"In front of him."
"You were in front of him?"
"So you're saying it was suicide, then?"
She uncovers his face and looks at it. "No. I killed him." She looks down at his face and looks completely blank.

At the hospital, Anibal tells Pris he went to Damian's funeral. He wanted to make sure Damian was really dead. Now no one can blackmail them anymore and their kid, rather than Santi's, is the one who will be the heir. Pris tells him he's going to get lost in his ambition. He tells her he finds her comments irritating.

In another waiting room, Padre Bosco asks what the doctors have to say. Esteve says they have to reconstruct some organs, it's complicated, and there are few possibilities he will live. Padre B, Jacinto, Esteve, and Venus all cry. Esteve says they're going to fly him to Houston. That's they're only hope to save his life.

Fer gets off the phone and, shocked, tells Aurora and Santi that Barbie has been detained for killing Artemio. Aurora loses her balance briefly.

They take Esteve off an ambulance at an airplane hangar. Padre Bosco gives Eduardo a blessing, then they load Eduardo into the plane. Jacinto also stops them to remind Eduardo that the Lone Ranger can't die. Esteve asks Padre Bosco to pray because he's sure only the Padre's prayers will save Eduardo now. Before he can get into the plane with Venus and Eduardo, Esteve gets a call from Fer. She's sitting in the hospital waiting room. She asks him about Eddie, but he says he can't really answer her because Ed already got on a plane for the US. Fer thanks him and hangs up. Fer starts to cry over Eduardo leaving without saying goodbye. Santi and Aurora console her.

Padre Bosco and Jacinto cry as the plane takes off.

And thus endeth my part of this recap. Y'all have been a fabulous audience. Hope you enjoy the rest of the show and I also hope you'll be joining us for Sortilegio. Hasta mañana!


MEPS finale, pt. 2: "I've got a bad feeling about this"

Ditto what Melinama said about recapping while watching. Therefore, I'm posting this hasty rendition for now, and I'll polish it up afterwards.

Much to Babs's surprise, no one is moved by her pleas. Santi says he doesn't want this murderer to ever meet his child. Ed reminds him that the only way to prevent Babs from doing more damage is to let Aurora decide if she wants to go with her mother. Fer says it's not up to them to decide without consulting her.

Santi refuses to deal with la Hiena and storms off. Ed reminds Babs that her freedom is in the Elizaldes' hands. Babs looks confused. "Did you forget you killed my mother?" Fer asks. Babs blames that on Lili, and Fer gives her a fantastic slap. Ed separates them while Fer screams at Babs for having Lili committed all those years. Ed says they're not referring to Lili's testimony, but to Bravo's.

Babs scoffs at the notion that Bravo would ever side with them and laughs like a hyena. "He's not going to change his plans just because you ask!" Then she tries to drop the big bomb about Franco being Ed, and gloats over what an effort it must have been for him to pass himself off as a gentleman, but Ed says that this was much easier for him than it was for her to pass for a lady!

Babs tries again, saying that he's just a cook's son in fancy clothes, but this effort fizzles as well. Fer says, "speaking of origins, why don't we talk about Rebeca Sanchez?" Babs tells them to mind their own business! Fer tells her to leave. Bab claims it's her house as long as she's married to Gonzo and she wants to see Aurora. Ed taunts that she's in no position to demand anything. Fer says tomorrow Aurora will decide whether to go with Babs or not. Barbeca Grec-chez whips her housekeys out of her purse, flings them onto the floor, and leaves. Wow Babs, you sure showed them!

Aurora and Santi have a happy reunion with essential kisses.

Ed visits Gonzo at the hospital. He says he's Franco Santoro and wants to say goodbye before going back to the EEUU. Gonzo thanks him for being the family's guardian angel... he inherited that noble quality from his mother Soledad! Gonzo apologizes to Ed for sending him away and credits his brother for opening his eyes to the truth. (Sure, after several decades' delay...) Now he can die! Ed says no, your family needs you. Gonzo says that if God gives him another chance, he promises to fix all of his errors.

Santi introduces Lili and Aurora. Lili (wearing regular clothes for the first time in forever!) says they will have the happiest baby in the world.

Ed is saying goodbye to Jacinto before leaving for the US. (Apparently, going by his jacket, he will morph into some kind of magical zord for the trip home a la Power Rangers. Thanks Doris for pinpointing what he looks like!) He leaves a ton of documents with Esteve and takes off.

Esteve tries to cheer Jacinto up, but Jacinto is uneasy. "I've got a bad feeling about this."

Meanwhile, Bravo is on the phone with his henchmen who are following Ed. He tells them to stand by for his order.

Santi tells Aurora all about how Babs murdered his mother, framed Lili for it, had her committed at Miraflores for 15 years, etc. And the person who was behind it all? Artemio Bravo, Aurora's father! And Babs put Camilo up to the rape, too and even supplied the knockout drops.

Aurora is horrified and doesn't want to hear any more. Santi tries to calm her down, but Aurora says she needs time to think. Santi agrees to wait for her decision.

Ed takes his bike to a nightclub, where our long-lost Dr. Obregon is - I kid you not - choreographing a cancan act. In a red feather boa. Somehow he looks at home. The henchmen wait outside.

Fer and Santi talk about Aurora being upset. She waited her whole life to meet her mother. But they have to wait for her to decide before they turn Babs in.

Obregon eagerly agrees to testify against Babs - he wants her to pay for all her crimes. All he asks for is a little immunity. He will be overjoyed to see her rot in a ditch (rough translation of "pudrirse tras las rejas").

Santi asks Fer why she she was so hard on Franco when they met in the elevator in the hospital before. She tells him that Franco's really Eduardo Juarez. Santi is impactado.

Henchman tells Bravo they're ready for Ed, just waiting for the right moment. Bravo tells them to do away with him. Ed comes out of the nightclub, but his Spidey-sense warns him of danger and he takes off before the guys can get a shot. He leaves in such a hurry that he drops his helmet, but that's the least of his worries now!

Fernanda rants and raves about how awful Ed was, he had a thousand chances to tell her who he was. Santi thinks she's being unfair and points out that although his name was false, his desire to help the family was real and since she still loves him, she should forgive him too.

Ed, the bad guys, and a bunch of other stunt drivers go on a spectacular chase during which he pops some seemingly gratuitous wheelies. He dodges into a parking garage, then straight into a hotel lobby... two bad guys follow him on foot, tripping over chairs in a seminar room.

Now he's riding down an access hallway and emerging out the back of the building, the two guys still following him on foot, and the bad guy car is waiting for him, but he evades, goes down a narrow street where there's an unrelated car blocking the way. He does an abrupt U-turn, but the guys on foot are right behind him, and their car is there too.

So he turns around again and looks at the parked car blocking the narrow street. The car doors are open; people are obliviously getting out of the car. The way is completely blocked.

No problem. Eduardo jumps the car with his bike! The other guys climb over the car, the badguy driver curses, and Ed rides down a long outdoor stairway to safety!

For now...


MEPS Finale, part 1.

I hadn't anticipated how difficult it would be to write this recap while trying to watch the rest of the show! Therefore, little editorial comment.

Fer gets her moment to scald Fr/Ed for his deception. "Are you going to sign as Franco or Eduardo? What cynicism! At least Artemio Bravo, the worst enemy of my family, told the truth. In contrast - you lied no matter how many times I asked for the truth ... I owe so much to Franco, but I hate Eduardo" ...

Barbara hovers over Daffy, who gasps out "Assassin! Barbara Greco or Rebeca Sanchez - under which name will you go to prison?"

Barbara tells the nurse "my husband is delirious, so rush out of here for help, leaving him completely alone so I may murder him!"

To Daffy: "For fifteen years I tolerated you, you decrepit old codger, I'm glad you know now. The repugnance I felt! Now I just want to kill you!" "Why?" "This is no moment for questions - better prepare for your Maker." She pulls his plugs and walks out.

Santi, waiting uselessly in the hospital hallway, gets a call from Fer: "Don't let Her hurt Daddy." Barbara sashays by, saying: "Go to him - you shouldn't have left him alone." "Go away and never come back." "It's your lucky day, because you're never going to see me again."

Daddy is having seizures. Again with the appalling lack of security and monitoring in the Mexican hospitals...

Back to Fer and Fr/Ed. He: "I know you won't forgive me and that's why I'm leaving forever." He explains his rage over his mother's death and his despair when he arrived to see her marrying Damian.

"Why didn't you tell me? I would have left him that moment!" "Because you told me you were in love with him." "I was wrong."

She thinks and gets madder. "You made me feel guilty about your suicide! You sent flowers in your mother's name! Do you know how I cried? Your death destroyed my soul! Then I fell for Franco - but even in our most intimate moments you continued to lie." He reiterates, he'll leave forever once Aurora is safe. She wails, "It isn't fair - I loved Eduardo, but he's dead, and I loved Franco, but he never existed!"

Flor calls: Damian is mortally wounded. Damian's mother is wailing over his bed: "God will give you another chance." "There's no time, mom! ask God for me!" Fr/Ed and Fer have rushed to the hospital and she enters. "Pardon me, I failed you again," Damian murmurs (referring to his promise to return Aurora), and dies. Fer is a widow.

Lucio foolishly demands ransom money via cellphone while Aurora huddles in the corner. Barbara says she'll pay whatever he asks. He gets in her car and fondles the bundles of cash exultantly!

Lucio takes her to Aurora who embraces her happily. "Where is Santi?" "Let's go to a hotel, you can wash up and get pretty for him." Aurora luckily calls Fer from the hotel, happily saying she's waiting for Santi. Fer and Fr/Ed evidently rescue her - Barbara returns (after a smoke break?) to an empty room!

Artemio hears that Lucio has gotten the ransom and given Aurora (this is like a shell game) to Barbie. "You work too fast, Rebeca, but you won't get far with my daughter." Barb calls, finds out from Artemio that Aurora is at the Elizalde home, and that Franco is Eduardo. she's shocked to find out she's had her worst enemy at her side all this time. "Does Fer know?" "Why don't you ask her?" sez Artemio.

At some point along the way, Artemio's goons get Lucio and dispatch him, I assume.

At the hotel, Fer and Santi wonder how to tell Aurora her mother is an assassin. But here's Barbara bursting in! She begs on her knees that they give Aurora back. They agree Aurora has a right to choose for herself and that Barbara will get an answer next day.

To be continued...


Saturday, October 03, 2009

MEPS 10/02/09: Gonzo, Cad and Dam Get Their Moment of Zen and No More True Lies for Ed

As we begin, Artemio Bravo has been getting his evil jollies admitting to Gonzalo, his captive audience of one, that not only is he Gonzo’s bastard half-brother, but that Art has been the e-e-e-vile genius behind all the Elizalde’s misfortunes lo these past fifteen years; and that it was he who had Monserrat murdered at the hands of none other than Gonzo’s gorgeous, then assistant and would-be merry widow, Barbara Greco!! Duhn-duhn-duhn-duhhhhn! (The whole of Viewerville gives up a prayer that Gonzo doesn’t kick the bucket before Bravo delivers every dastardly detail.) Gonzo, who is literally struggling-for-breath-impactado from these shocking revelations, manages a “No! No! No!” in disbelief. He squirms in pain as his blood pressure rises to dangerous levels and ugly rivulets of sweat roll off his cheeks and ever-more furrowing forehead.

Bravo continues his taunting tirade. “Liliana told you the whole time but you ignored her. Not only that, you had her locked up in an insane asylum where, under Barbara’s orders, they kept her drugged up for years, killing her spirit, the aim of Dr. Obregon, who would administer them to her. Obregon was the puppet for your dear wife’s orders. You see, Gonzalo? Everything has been a lie. Liliana wasn’t crazy. No! You all drove her to it!”

--And nope. He isn’t done yet. He's just gettin' started. “Now, we should talk about Eduardo Juarez. Do you remember him? Soledad’s son, who never intended to abuse Fernanda. Barbara made up the whole thing to keep a tight rein on his mother.” Gonzo manages to ask why Barbie kept Soledad away. Art explains it was because Sole and Padre Bosco were the only ones who knew of his existence and it was extremely important for him that they never revealed it to anyone. Bravo’s power was based on it. “--and B-B-Barbara? “--Ha! That woman has belonged to me since she was twelve.” “—W-What do you mean that she has been yours?” “—Exactly that, Gonzalo. I took her out of the reformatory a few days after she burned down the house she and her parents lived in. She burned them up. I raised her and trained her so that she would be who she is.” Gonzo struggles to comprehend. “My…my wife?” “—Yes, Gonzalo. Therefore, the first task was for us to get rid of Monserrat.”

Bravo struts and preens. “You see, Gonzalo. It was all a big lie. And, since we’re speaking plainly, I will clarify for you that she… she isn’t named Barbara. That was the name she used with you these past fifteen years. Her name is really Rebeca Sanchez.” Gonzo thrashes about and strains to catch a breath. “—Rebeca…Sanchez? (Beep, beep, beep! That monitor is bleeping off the scale by now and still no one has come in to check on it.) “--The woman who…pressed charges…against…Camilo?” “—Exactly! The grandmother of your future grandchild.” Gonzo wheezes uncontrollably.

Meanwhile, La Barbie is trying to negotiate with Fernanda by phone while Fer is still in her meeting with Bosco and Fr/Ed. “Don’t try to act smart, Fernanda! You know who has my daughter, or otherwise, how do you explain why Padre Bosco went to visit Damian? He’s told me how to get her back. Are you interested in finding out, yes or no?” Fer agrees to come by and discuss the plan with Barb ASAP. Franco offers to go with Fer but she says it’s time she learns to confront her problems alone. “—We’ll see each other later back at the hospital.”

Back in Gonzo’s hospital room, Gonzo’s monitor is beeping faster and faster. Gonzo at last finds enough strength to mouth a “no puede ser” in disbelief and Artie gleefully chides him for it. “Denying the truth is something only a boy would do, not an old man on his death bed.” Everything he’s told him, Art says, is the truth. “I have never lied. There is no weapon more forceful than the truth. One learns that when he’s born a bastard—and banished [desterrar]!!”

Art grins ghoulishly and says he himself is going to be a grandfather. “I, the bastard, will have the privilege of seeing him raised” and BTW, the child he is referring to, he informs Gonzo, is Aurora and Santiago’s--another belly blow for Gonzo. “Yes, I am Aurora’s father, and Barbara, your faithful wife, is her mother.” The monitor is beeping like crazy now. (So did Artie bribe the charge nurse or are they all taking taco breaks or what? There’s still no sign of the nursing staff.) Gonzo says he refuses to listen to any more, but Artemio happily reminds him he doesn’t exactly have a choice in the matter. “Now we should talk about Franco Santoro. His real name is…Eduardo Juarez, the son of Soledad Cruz!” --More gasping from Gonzo.

Back in Bosco’s parish office, the padre advises Eddie it’s time to tell Fer the truth about his identity. Bosco says he feels guilty for all the harm he’s caused by advising Sole to keep silent all those years. “Padre, I told you already. Fernanda is going to hate me.” Bosco says she’ll get over it in time and will thank him for being honest with her. Eddie remains unconvinced.

Art continues his discourse on the agrieved Eduardo. “Just like me he’s devoted to destroying the Elizalde family because like me he was condemned to the pain of being banished.”

Outside in the hallway, Gardenia comes back to watch over Gonzo, but “Nurse” Hilda is there as lookout and tells her that he’s being seen by a specialist right now. She persuades Denia to wait in the waiting room till she comes get her. Inside, meanwhile, Artemio goads Gonzo. Gonzo chokes out a request to speak with Eduardo. Art mocks him and says, sure he’d like to fulfill the wish of a dying man, but he will be depriving him of the pleasure of his last request. Gonzo grabs his chest. “There’s no time now for you to speak to Eduardo Juarez because soon you are going to die—and he also!” Suddenly Gonzo starts flatlining. Artemio smiles over at him and leers. (Uh, crash carts? Code blue? Anybody there at the other end of this monitor?) Bravo coolly walks out of the hospital room and into the quiet hallway with Hilda and his henchman.

They finally call the emergency just as Bravo hits the nurses’ station and sees Santiago come out of the elevator. He and Uncle Artie exchange glares. Art comes in close and tells Santi that he’s sorry about his father then adds that the next to die will be Franco Santoro. Dr. Castellanos, the heart specialist, arrives and rushes off to Gonzo’s room. (Still no crash cart or crash team uh, but sounds like it’s been ordered. Sheesh.)

Back at the hacienda, Barbie’s lit up and fuming (literally as well as figuratively). She tells Fer, with a bit of embellishment, that the conditions Dam set for them to get Rory back is Fer’s agreeing to go back with him. Fer refuses and says it’s impossible. In between puffs of sophisticated plumes off her Virginia Slim, Barbie says she realizes it is, but if Fer at least pretends to go back with Dam, then they would be able to negotiate and rescue Rory. Barb promises to sign over to Fer all the stock options Gonzo put into Barbie’s name once Aurora is back safe with them. Fer says she’ll have to think about it. Just then Fer gets a call from Santiago and says she’s got to race back to the hospital. Papi’s taken a turn for the worse. Barb wants to know what’s going on. “—Good news for you. My father’s dying.” Fer slams the door behind her and races off to the hospital. Barb says to herself well, she'd rather he would have died already, and then takes another puff.

A while later, family and friends are waiting at the hospital for word from the doctor about Gonzo’s condition. Santi comes out and tells Fer and the others that there’s still no word from the doctor. Fer says she doesn’t understand how this could have happened since Daddy was responding so well. Denia guiltily explains to the two of them that she was told to stay out of the room because the doctor and nurse told her they were doing studies on him. Estev calms her down as Fer turns to Fr/Ed and asks if he thinks they should let Lili know about her papi’s situation. He says no because her sister’s in no condition to get this kind of news, least of all with La Hiena there; it would only upset her.

Cerisola tells Barb that he blames himself for causing Gonzo’s heart attack. If it weren’t for him telling Gonzo about the charges Aurora’s mother --some woman named Rebeca Sanchez-- made against Cadmilo, Gonzo wouldn’t be at Death’s door like this. Barbara lies about not knowing who he’s talking about and adds that if she were in her shoes she’d have done the same because, even though Cad’s her stepson, he ought to pay for his crime. (Yeah, La Barbie is definitely selective when it comes to crime and punishment.)

Speaking of said delinquent, we beam over to the prison where Cad is rudely awakened from his beauty sleep by one of the other prisoners getting a good yuk or two out of warning him about what they do to rapists in there.

Back at the hospital, Anibal arrives right before the doctor comes out with his diagnosis. Looks like Gonzo made it through but will need a double by-pass. The gang all go to the chapel where Padre Bosco leads them --everyone but Bitch Barbie-- in prayer for a successful surgery.

At the same time, Lili wakes up from a nightmare. She tells Martina that she was dreaming that her mother had come to get her father. Martina’s explanation is that it was a bad dream from eating too many corn tamales at supper. (Under other circumstances, I’d probably have to agree….)

In the lounge at the hospital, AnyBalls is apparently impatient to get his mits on Jr.’s money. He tells Cerisola to give him access to his son’s inheritance right away. Cerisola says he cannot. AB will just have to wait till the child is born. Pris cannot believe what a Milk dud she married. Pris asks him why he thinks he has to rush things. AB tells her to butt out and then tells Cerisola he needs it to be able to take charge of the company while his father is recuperating. Cerisola says too bad, but it won’t change a thing. He will still have to wait for the baby to be born and legally registered as the first Elizalde grandchild as stipulated by the agreement.

The heart specialist eventually comes back out from the operation which, he tells them all, was a success. Gonzo will be in Intensive Care and all visitors are strictly prohibited. Everyone but Fer and Santi start to leave. Fr/Ed says he’ll be back after taking Padre Bosco back to the parish. Once they’re all gone, Santi tells Nanda that he thinks the one responsible for their father’s heart attack was Artemio Bravo. He says he ran into him at the elevator as he was coming out of Gonzo’s room; and he was with a nurse and a doctor who must have been the people who told Denia to leave Gonzo’s room. He mentions the threat Bravo made on Franco’s life. Once Fr/Ed returns they inform him that Bravo was the last one to speak to Gonzo. Fr/Ed agrees that whatever Bravo told Gonzo must have caused his heart attack. Fer says she doesn’t doubt it and mentions he was even cynical enough to “pay his respects” to Santi afterward.

Fer sends Santi off for coffee so she can have a private word with Fr/Ed who offers to hire security round the clock for her father now. She says fine, that’s the only way she’d feel comfortable leaving to meet with Damian anyway. Fr/Ed mentions that Padre Bosco called the prison director and requested a safe place for her to meet with Dam. He wants to know then what Barbara and she discussed at the hacienda. Nanda explains the deal with Damian and adds that Barbara also promised to sign her over the stock from Lactos once Aurora’s back safe and sound. Fr/Ed looks at her. “Barbara won’t be able to sleep tonight, but not because of Gonzo. It will be because she’s anxious to see her daughter again knowing that it will depend totally on you!”

Barbara, meanwhile, is back at the hacienda and telling herself that she no longer needs Fernanda Elizalde because she now has her own infallible means of getting her daughter back, and that neither Fer nor Santiago will ever again see Rory in their entire cursed existence.

Still in the hospital lounge, Fer tells Fr/Ed that she has two things more to ask him and that she hopes it will be the last time she ever has to ask him anything again. Fr/Eddie smiles accommodatingly and says he’s game for whatever she wants. He tells her he is thrilled she’s begun to use the familiar “tú” with him again. She ignores that and says the first thing is that after speaking with Dam, she wants to speak with Artemio Bravo. The second favor is that once that’s over, she needs to ask him to disappear for good! Fr/Ed frowns and is muy, but muy, negatively impactado at the apparent rejection.

Fer tells him she has her reasons for asking. Obviously hurt and disappointed, he says he’d like to know what they are. Fer tries to explain. “I know to you I must seem like the most ungrateful person you know, but I need your word that you will leave.” “—Why?” “—Because your life is in danger. Santiago told me that Bravo says you will be the next to die. That man always keeps his word.” Fr/Eddie says he still doesn’t understand why she needs to speak with Bravo. “Absursdly enough, he’s a blood relation and has tirelessly persisted in the destruction of our lives--” Fr/Ed wonders if she thinks by talking to him she is going to suddenly make him see the light and change his evil ways. Nanda says of course not, but she’s going to let him know that she’s aware he was the one who tried to kill her father and that she will be going to the police. She’s had enough of living under his malevolent yoke. (I just love it when these writers finally manage to put $4 words in their character’s mouths.)

The next day Barb is back at Bravo’s and still nervously smoking up a storm. She says she’s worried that Damian will try to get even with her by giving Fernanda the address where he’s keeping her daughter. Artie sneers that he’s not going to leave it up to Fernanda to free his daughter. Barb asks what he’s got in mind. Bravo says, “Let’s just say that today is not the day for conjugal visits at the prison.” Barbara then complains that Damian has become a headache for them and their plans. Art comments that essentially, neither he nor Santoro are useful to them anymore. If he does come across her whereabouts, he will inevitably hand her over to the Elizalde’s. So, that being the case, Bravo says he’s just going to have to make Gallardo an offer he can’t refuse.

In the meantime, Fernanda meets with Damian in the warden’s office alone. Dam thanks her for coming. She says she didn’t exactly have a choice and wants to know if he knows where Aurora is. He says first she has to make a deal with him. Fer says if he means he wants her to agree to go back with him, the answer is “N-O, NO.” Dam looks wounded. “--Wouldn’t you say our destinies are still connected?” Fer says there’s a big difference between destiny and damnation. Damian replies that it seems that there is something more behind that pretty face of the foolish little rich girl he used to know. “Tell me why Aurora is so important for La Hiena.” Before Fer will answer she wants proof he has her. Dam says to call her step-mother. Barbara will tell her whatever she asks her. Fer takes him up on it and calls Barb.

In her office at Lactos, La Barbie has just opened up an envelope with a photo taken of the aforementioned kidnap victim. Barbara’s hands are shaking as she answers her cell. She screams at Fer that a picture of Rory has just arrived. In full panic mode Barbara begs Fer to give Damian anything he asks. “—Whatever he asks for, please!!!” Fer puts down her cell phone, obviously shocked at the change in the woman. Dam tells her he now is ready to listen and Fer obliges. “Aurora is Barbara’s daughter.” Damian is stutter-and-stammer impactado.

Once Damian gets his wits about him he tells Fer she’s just given him some excellent news, and with it a great opportunity to get even with La Hiena, “the unfortunate b!tch.” “--I’m going to make her eat dirt, make her pay for all those miserable years I spent working under her (Er…not to mention those over and in the proverbial clover, but I digress…) suffering her insults and her humiliations, having accused me of fraud at Lactos, shooting me mercilessly in the leg, and now this. They arrested me for terrorism after she had asked me to get her all those explosives. (For a good price he forgets to add, but no need to quibble now.) --But she’s going to pay very dearly for it now, because I’m going to get her where it hurts her most, with her daughter!”

Ah-wah-wah is once again tearfully praying to the virgencita for a miracle that will save her and her child from Damian’s boogy-men so that she can be reunited with the man she luhhhhvs. (It’s crunch time and the virgencita has been working overtime with all the Elizalde requests lately, but Viewerville is certain she’ll manage to squeeze her in somewhere.)

Santi, meanwhile, has come to pay Cad a visit in prison. Cad laughs and says it’s a good thing there’s a reinforced glass panel between them right now because it’s obvious from the look in his eyes that Santi is ready to jump him. Santi says he’s got that right. He’s more than ready to beat him to a pulp for raping the woman he loves, but he wants to know why Cad did it. Cad shrugs and says he won’t deny he always was enticed by her, but really, by that time he was interested in Loafly, and only did it because La Hiena insisted. “She was the one who set it all up. She wanted to get rid of Aurora because according to what she told me, the girl was a menace to the family. She worked it so that Aurora would be alone, even gave me knock-out drops to make the whole business go simpler.”

Cad’s in a hopeful mood. “Little bro, it’s not a nice place here, and Barbara promised to get me out, but things have gotten complicated. The supposed mother of Aurora, some woman named Rebeca Sanchez, has brought charges against me for what I did. Help me, little bro, because I am really sorry for what I did already. Please? Tell Barb to keep her word. Please????” Santi frowns and tells him he’s wasting his time because Rebeca Sanchez, the woman claiming to be Aurora’s mother, is none other than Barbara Greco herself, and the one who murdered their mother.

Cad’s just been kicked in the proverbial gonads; his mouth is back to catching flies as his beady little eyes go wide with the realization that he’s been screwed six ways from sundown (or will be once the big boys in the back get hold of him). Yes, indeed. His fate is sealed and as solid as the bullet-proof glass wall in front of him. (Hmm. What was that prisoner saying about rapists in prison?)

Speaking of prison visits, Fer now tells Dam that whatever revenge he’s planning with Aurora is only going to harm the family more than even Artemio Bravo and Barbara Greco have. Bravo, she explains, is the man for whom she was working, and they have caused them harm for years. “Following his instructions for revenge, Barbara killed my mother, locked my sister away for years in a psychiatric clinic, and my father is now fighting for his life. Damian, if there is anything good left in you, please hand me over Aurora, because she belongs with Santiago. Please.” Dam turns to the window and begins to consider things in a new light as Fer continues her plea. “In your hands, Damian, are people who might marry, might be happy, or rather, they might be what we could never have been.”

Dam turns to face Fernanda and admits that even though she might never believe it, he did fall in love with her. She sighs. He did commit numerous mistakes, he admits, and so he wasn’t worthy of her. She tells him she doesn’t think now is the time to talk about themselves and again asks him to help her. “All right. I’ll give instructions to get her and so you should be able to have her back at the hacienda by this afternoon.” The guards come to return him to his cell. He gives her a final farewell. “Hasta siempre, Fernanda.” Fer picks up her purse and leaves.

Back at Bravo’s manse, Art’s got Barb on the phone. He tells her the situation with Damian is beginning to percolate [actually, cocinando = cooking]. As for Gonzalo Elizalde, since there’s such a contingent of security around him at the hospital, he says Barb, as the grieving wife, will be the only one likely to be able to break through it to get to him. She asks what she’s supposed to do. “--Make sure you are left a widow!”

Fer meets Fr/Ed back at Las Animas now and tells him she’s sure that Barbara Greco is no doubt playing both sides against the middle and of course won’t let them in on it. Fr/Ed asks her if she’s afraid that once Fer finds out where Aurora is that she’ll double-cross them and make off with Rory. Fer says that’s about the size of it because Barb’s degree of selfishness won’t allow her to let her or Santi anywhere near her daughter and grandchild. She can only hope that Dam will keep his word because Santi and Rory’s happiness depend on it.

Dam, meanwhile, gives Jacobo a call and tells him there’s been a change in plans. He wants Jacobo to take Aurora back to the hacienda and personally hand her over to Fernanda. Jacobo wonders what this is all about. “Let’s just say she caught me in a good mood.” Jacobo warns him that his generosity is going to cost them a lot of moo-lah. Dam says not to worry about that because once Anyball’s kid inherits, they’ll get it back with interest.

Back at Las Animas Fer demands to speak with Bravo. Fr/Ed says he’s worried that the man intends to hurt her. “And do you want me to continue being scared and intimidated by him until he’s done away with all of us?” Fr/Eddie gives in and says fine, just let him stick with her while she’s there. She says sure thing. He calls Bravo to arrange it and tells him he has to see him immediately about a personal matter.

At the prison, Damian is now “visited” by a bunch of oversized goons as he returns to his cell. Lead Goon says, “They sent us to have a chat with you.” Damian’s suspicious. “—What kind of roaches are you?” “--The finest.” Lead Goon takes out a thin rubber strap while the others force Damian’s hands behind his back. They begin to beat him and ask for the address. When he doesn’t answer Lead Goon puts the rubber strap around Damian’s neck and starts strangling him. (Gotta admit it’s tough to answer if they’re crushing your vocal cords and making it impossible to breathe at the same time, but then, these aren’t the brightest baddies, just the biggest). As the camera fades out Dam is left to his fate and Viewerville is left to wonder if he will break or go to his grave with it.

A while later, Bravo gives somebody an address at 127 Alta Tension. (Is this for real or are the writers playing with us? #127 High Pressure Street?) He tells the person to go there right away. He then asks, “What about the guy?” An ambulance speeds away from the prison. The warden asks his head guard if anybody saw anything. The commander says apparently it was a well-paid job because nobody is saying anything. The warden asks about Damian then. “He can’t speak. He was nearly dead. [reventado] The paramedic doesn’t think he’ll manage to make it to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Lucio gets a tipoff from Jacobo about Dam’s little run-in at the prison. He hangs up and starts to pace. “This is going to get ugly.” Always a survivor, Lucio starts thinking about an out.

Fernanda enters Artemio’s lair. Art’s a little surprised as he realizes who it is. “Welcome…Fernanda Elizalde.”

At the hospital, Babs is back in business and feigns concern over Gonzo’s condition with the specialist. She asks if she can see her husband for just a second. The doctor falls for the act and leads the way. As he disappears around the corner, Santi grabs Babs’ arm at the last second and warns her not to try anything because he will make sure she regrets it. She breaks free and sneers back at him before catching up with the doctor.

Fernanda fearlessly faces off with her Uncle Artie as Fr/Ed stands guard off to the side. “After what you did to my father, I want to know what else we can expect from you!” Art compliments her on her directness and says he appreciates it because that way they won’t squander [malgastar] their time. “I know that you went to speak to my father, and whatever you told him provoked a new attack and it has him at the edge of death.” “—Yes, your brother saw me come out of the place. I was with him, but that doesn’t make me responsible for him being at Death’s door [agonizar].” The self-righteous gargoyle looks down his nose at her. “If your father dies, it won’t be I who has caused his death, but the truth!” Fer wrinkles her little nose and screams up at him. “—What ‘truth?’ ” “--The same truth that you’ve been uncovering…thanks to your… er… friend, Franco Santoro.”

Nanda asks if Art means Ana Gregoria’s diary. He says that’s part of it, yes. “--Or, rather, the start of it.” Fer angrily hisses at him that her father isn’t to blame for what her grandparents did. Bravo replies that neither is she to blame for her father’s mistakes, but she’s suffering because of them all the same. (More egomaniacal claptrap here that I’m at a loss to decipher. Just go with it guys.) “--Neither am I to blame for what my mother did, but here I am. We are all the heirs of what pertains to our parents. That includes despicable acts!” “--Certainly if my father had known about you he’d have—“ Bravo cuts her off. “—He would have done the same with me as they did to your sister Liliana! --Or don’t you remember what he did when she dared to tell him what they were going through at your home at that moment?”

Artie doesn’t stop even to catch his breath. “Your sister had the courage to confront Barbara and it was she who heard the order I myself gave Barbara over the phone to kill your mother! That weakling Gonzalo preferred to take the word of a newly arrived employee over that of his own daughter. –What were you expecting Fernanda? That I would say to him: ‘I’m your brother. Our parents were undesirable scoundrels and I need a family’? --Ah, come on, Fernanda! You always lived in a fantasy world!” Fer refuses to respond to the insult. “--Just when are you going to put an end to your vengeance?” “—Very soon. There’s just one thing left to do. I’ve got to have my daughter, Aurora, at my side.” Fernanda is finally at a loss for words.

Jacobo gets back to the hideout and yells at Lucio to get Rory ready so they can take her with them. Just then machine gun bullets start piercing the front door to the shack and Jacobo takes cover. The gunmen break in and demand to know where she is. Jacobo doesn’t realize it, but Lucio and Aurora are now truckin’ through the back woods, a step ahead of Bravo’s henchmen. Lucio pushes her to keep her moving.

Back at Bravo’s, Fer reminds Art that just because Santi’s son is also Art’s grandchild, that doesn’t give him the right to take him away from Santi. “Let’s stop talking about rights and talk instead about ‘justice’, Fernanda. Years ago Altagracia and Jeronimo cut me off from my mother. You don’t think that now it is fair that I take my grandson away from you?” Fer is ready to scratch the old troll’s eyes out when Fr/Ed steps in and tells her it’s time to go because they aren’t going to get a thing from the man. Bravo tells him that’s being excessive. He’s just given them a banquet full. Fer says well, then he should understand why they don’t intend to thank him for his ‘gift’. She throws a curse at him in ever increasing decibels. “What I will assure you of, though, is that with an unlucky SOB like you, whose heart is so full of hate and vengeance, God will deny you the privilege of ever enjoying your grandchild!!”

In his room in Intensive Care, Bab’s tries to sweet-talk the nurse into leaving her alone with Gonzo. The nurse has specific instructions not to leave the patient alone for even an instant. Barb decides to take a different tack and leans over his bed. “Vida, do you hear me?" He moves his finger yes but his eyes are still closed. He opens his eyes and slowly moves his head around for a good squint. “--You’re in the hospital. You gave us a terrible fright, but very soon you’re going to be fine.” Gonzo starts gasping for air through his oxygen mask and his eyes go wide. He begins to scream at her. “Murderer! Murderer!” Unfortunately for him, his voice is muffled under that mask and the noise from the monitors around him doesn’t help things. The nurse continues working diligently on her paperwork in the corner and (of course) doesn’t hear. (Viewerville is on the edge of its seat, to see if the Barbot will surface and make her play now. Unfortunately, Viewereville will have to wait till the finale to find out.)

Fer and Fr/Ed walk out onto the curb in front of Bravo’s to discuss what just went on inside. She tells him she wants him to take her to the police station to report Artemio to the police for having murdered her mother. Fr/Ed doesn’t like the idea and starts to say something but she stops him short. “NO! It’s obvious that neither he nor Barbara will give up Aurora. My brother’s going to lose her and I am not going to allow it!” Fr/Ed gives in and says fine, then she can count on him and he’ll act as her witness. She turns around suddenly to face him and says, “ Ok. And just how are you going to sign the complaint –as Franco Santoro or as Eduardo Juarez????” (Ruh-rohI) It’s finally come to Jesus time for the Edster…..


Sortilegio - Hello Telenovela Lovers!

Mi nombre es Serendipitypb or PB.

Several years ago I had what I thought was a novel idea. :) (I seriously have to roll my eyes now that it was a novel idea.) I would learn Spanish by watching Spanish Television and listen to Spanish in my car as I drove from place to place with my job.

I started recording a show but as I flipped stations my hubby said he would be more apt to watch if I record this one (that he saw pass by) instead of the one I was recording. So I changed my recording, and soon had about 30 or so episodes. Trying to get the television from hubby who likes football isn't easy.

Hubby had to leave town for week and I had a weekend marathon that took me to the first time Leti and Don Fernando were together. I became a LFMB addict. Yes, an addict. Hubby watched with me when he came back, at least for a few months. I had missed months in the beginning because of my timing but I sure started watching at the best time. Of course, I could understand practically nothing, so I searched and searched on the WEB, and finally came across Caray, Caray, where I could learn what I missed, and I have been grateful for this site ever since. I did have a very difficult time getting over my disappointment with how LFMB played out, but I was stuck to the very painful end.

Since then I have been silently with you all through Pasión, Tontas, MEPS and I can't remember what others. I bought several full length telenovelas including Betty la Fea, L FMB, Pasion de Gavilanes and cut versions of Alborado, Amor Real to name a few. You have all helped me turn the light bulb on with your recaps and comments. Thank all of you for your dedication and hard work, and Melinama for starting Caray, Caray!

Some of my time has been freed up recently and I thought that I would try to give back. I am going to attempt to recap Sortiliego on Wednesdays. Note that I did not say a good recap. I am sure I really have no idea what I am in for, and if any of you recappers have any advice, I sure could use it. I don’t have a beanie, but I had instructions somewhere on how to make one. I could use help though, with some instructions on how to post this so that it goes to the right place.


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MEPS recappers lineup for final episode Monday October 5

Just so everybody knows - I am making an executive decision and calling the line-up thus:

8-8:30: Me (Melinama, now seem to have a new screen name Chapel Hill Fiddler)
8:30-9: Julie
9-9:30: Kat
9:30-10: Jardinero
10-10:30: Jody

If it runs over Chris will take the overflow.

I realize the segments won't end exactly at the half-hour. Feel free to start a little before your time and end a little after your time - overlap is fine.

Instead of collating the entries, I suggest we each post separately adding a "Part One" "Part Two" ... "Part Six (finale)" to our title.


MEPS - Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Gonzo Meet Your Brother. So Who's Your Daddy Now?

Fr. Bosco reminds Ed that he’s in great danger, but Ed says he’s safe for now, but that he knows AB will give the order to kill him, but he’s worth more alive now than dead. 

Just then, Artemio Bravo tells his henchman, Borja, Franco is Ed and  that Ed has 24 hours and not a minute more, and as soon as I tell you kill him and keep me informed about everything you do.

Santi, meanwhile wants to kill Camilo.  Fer talks some sense into him and tells him that they have to direct their energy at resolving their problems.Tomasa tells Fer and Santi that Barb isn’t there and she’s taking to opportunity to tell them that Marcario died.  She finally got that off her chest.

Fr. Bosco wants to know for how much longer Ed can hide his identity.  Ed says he doesn’t fear death nor does he fear confronting Fer.  Imagine how Fer will react when she finds out.  The mask of Franco Santoro has succeeded.  He might as well have said the Mask of Zorro.  It’s that melodramatic.  She will hate me for the rest of my life.  It’s the lie.  He will find Aurora and then disappear.

Tomasa tells Fer and Santi about how Marcario was found in the ditch at the country house.  Lights begin to go on in Fer’s head.  Tomasa tells her that Barb ordered her not to say anything.  Santi and Fer think alike.  Fer says that Barb probably had something to do with that death.

Ed will get into the prison.  Fr. Bosco says he can get in and talk to Damian Gallardo.  Ed says no.  Ed tells him that Artemio Bravo can order the death of anybody he wants, including you.  Bosco orders him to sit down and listen to what he has to say.  He feels responsible and guilty for what Barbara Greco and Artemio Bravo have done.If there is someone here who has a weight on their conscience it is I.  By getting to Damian he will alleviate his pain.  Flashback to when Don Jeronimo ordered Ana to leave.  Soledad found the birth certificate and knew the truth from when she was a child.  He knew from the moment that Barb arrived that she knew that Soledad knew the story of Ana Gregoria.  He was under the confessional seal.  He kept silence for your good – he became an accomplice to all the tragedies that followed.  He didn’t have the guts to talk to Gonzalo and tell him what was happening.  He was stopped by a confession.  Ed is grateful Fr. Bosco spilled his guts.  That is why he is begging him to visit Damian and to find out where Aurora is being hidden.

Fer has just found out that Marcario’s death occurred a few days after she was there with Franco.  They can’t understand how evil she is.  Santi says Macario saw something and that Barb had to kill hm.  Santi wants to find out if any of the campesinos in the area saw Barb with Marcario.  Fer says Barb must spend the rest of her life in jail.

At the jail, Damian is roughing up Barb a little.  He then turns on the charm and demands a conjugal visit.  Barb cringes.  He tells her prisoners often sell their honeys for money.  He begins to undress her.  She pulls away and wants to know what he wants.  He says he doesn’t want any money.  He wants her to be sorry and wants to know who the hell is Aurora.

Fr. Bosco is at the prison to see Damian.  Inspector Lazoyo sends a guard to get Damian.  The inspector is very proud to have known Fr. Bosco so long.  Barb tells Damian she’s never been so honest and that she guarantees to get him set free. She admits she’s used him a couple of times. And, why, he wants to know.  He wants to finish her off for all her betrayals and times humiliations and evil deeds.  She says she speaks seriously.  She will get him out.  Her offer doesn’t interest him.  He tortures her by telling her that he wants to enjoy her, planning minute by minute and day by day, how he can do her more damage.  He will punish her until she begs him on her knees to bring her child to her.  Now, we can begin preliminary negotiations, says Damian.

Artemio Bravo talks to his henchman who is spying on Jacinto’s house.  Borja awaits the order to fire.  Outside of Jacinto’s house, Fer talks to Franco who tells her that Fr. Bosco went to talk to Damian.  Fer wants to know if he’ll succeed.  Ed once again says we have to find Aurora and get rid of Barb.  Fer tells him that Marcario was found dead in a ditch and that she is sure that Barb is involved.  Pretty soon her father will find out everything.

At Casa Elizalde, Gonzo’s attorney tells him that Camilo will never get out of prison because Rebeca Sanchez filed a complaint against Camilo accusing him of raping Aurora.  He can’t get Cami out on bond.  Gonzalo appears to have a heart attack.

Damian's first demand is that Fer come to visit him.  He tells Barb to convince her and that he will tell her where Aurora is located.  The guard knocks on the conjugal cell and tells Damian that Fr. Bosco is there to see him.

Fer and Franco continue discussions about getting Camilo free, but Fer tells him her brother is a disgrace and that Santi might try to kill him.  Flor calls Fer and tells her that a tragedy has happened.  Fer rushes out and Franco volunteers to go to the hospital with her.

Lili, Margarita and Martina are playing outside and Lili flashes back to her childhood when she played with Ed, and she remembers Soledad.  Margarita is going to make a lot of tomales with the corn.  So, what was the point of this little bucolic scene?

Bosco tells Damian that he must wonder why he is there.  Fr. gets right to the point.  Where is Aurora.  Damian wants to know why so many people are interested in her.  He says the father is a holy person who doesn’t lie and who hasn’t killed anyone or fooled anyone, and he wants to know why her.  Damian now stoops to political moves to bargain for her.  Fr. saysit is your duty for your soul.  Damian says I will tell only Fernanda Elizalde Aurora’s location.

Damian returns to Barb and says, he’ll make a deal – him for Aurora.  Barb says the others want  to take Aurora from her – Santi and Fer.  Barb begs him.  She says she is in his hands, and she begs him for help. 

The lawyer tells Fer and Franco that Gonzo had a heart attack.  Fer wants to know if Gonzo will survive.  The attorney tells him that the news about Camilo affected her father.  He tells her about the complaint of Rebeca Sanchez.  Beams of light appear around FrEd.  With all the melodrama worthy of a silent movie, Ed says, “Barbara Greco, la hiena.”

At the jail, the guard enters and says time's up.  Damian’s parting words are:  “Send Fernanda.”  He wonders what secret Barb is hiding.

Fer says that Barb knew that what she did would affect her father.  Ed wonders what was the point in revealing her true identity.  Fer says Barb wants to recover Aurora at any price and to ruin her family at any price.

Lucio tries to feed Aurora something and makes a move on her.  Cousin Jacobo pulls him off her and tells Lucio that he’s under orders to protect her.  Lucio leaves and Jacobo tells Aurora not to worry.  Jacobo also cleans up and says he’ll bring her more food.  Aurora flashes back to what Damian said to her about obeying orders.  She’s afraid for her baby.

El licenciado calls Barb and tells her about Gonzo’s heart attack. He tells her that Gonzo is alive.  She says she’s relieved, hah hah.  She wishes him dead.  The only thing she’s interested in is her daughter.

Fer goes in to see Gonzo.  Ed asks the nurse about Gonzo’s condition.  The nurse says he needs absolute rest in order to recover.

Fer calls out to her papa and tells him he has to rest.  He tells her about Camilo.  He says silence will kill him.  She says don’t say more.  He repeats that Rebeca Sanchez filed the complaint and he asks Fer if she knows that woman.Fer tells Gonzo that Rebeca Sanchez is Aurora’ mother.  But, says Gonzalo, he thought Aurora didn’t have any family.  Fer tells him that she found out her mother and father were alive.     Gonzo remembers that Aurora is expecting a baby, his grandchild. 

 Bar is back with Artemio Bravo.  Bar tells AB that if Fernanda finds Aurora first, she will take Aurora away from us.  He corrects her and says she’ll take Aurora away from you.  She tells AB that she’s the only person who can reunite him with her child.  He asks her where she’s getting this family spirit. She hates him, but he’s the only person who can help her get Aurora.  She doesn’t trust Franco because he’s with Fernanda.    Barb says that child is the only bond that has survived in their hearts and that in spite of everything , he can’t kill her.  Barb wants to know what he wants.  AB wants her to help get rid of the rest of Elizaldes.  She tells him that Gonzo had a heart attack.  He accepts her offer, but, he will now act  and deliver the final blow.

Fr. Bosco Calls Franco and tells him that he needs to talk  to Fer and that he should bring her to him asap.  Fer enters and tells Franco that Gonzo is lucid, but weak, and that he knows what Barbara Greco did.  She didn’t tell daddy Barbra’s true identity.  Franco tells her that Fr. Bosco wants to see her at the parish office.  Fer says that she can’t leave her father alone. Fer makes a call.

Meanwhile Santi, on his own Mission Impossible mission, is scoping out the woods and sees a man with a donkey.  He stops to talk.

Fer can’t reach Santi.  Fer doesn’t want to leave.  Enter Gardenia.  Fer says she must have fallen from the sky.  She tells Gardenia to stay with Gonzo and not leave under any circumstances.  She and Franco have an appointment with Fr. Bosco.  Of course, Gardenia swears she won’t leave the room.

Artemio Bravo’s spy, who looks like an oversized Sherlock Holmes,  tails Fer and Franco out of the hospital.

Jacobo takes Aurora’s photo for his cousin to send to Barbara Greco.  Lucio, the slimeball, is back.

Barb is at Gonzo’s bedside and says I hope  you die you old decrepit man. Gardenia heard her and tells her that she will not leave.  Barb grabs Gardenia by the arm and tries to shove her out of the room.  Gardenia puts up a good show, but she is out of her league here.  Barb is curious about where Fer and Franco went.  She goes out to use her phone.

At Bosco’s, the priest tells Fer that she must be very worried about her father.  Fer tells him that Gardenia is taking care of him.

Gardenia says a small prayer for God to save don Gonzo who, in her opinion, is a good man.  The hyena on the other hand is the most evil.  A nurse enters and tells Gardenia to leave because the doctor who is with her has to examine the patient.  They tell her to go the cafeteria, and Gardenia leaves. 

Artemio Bravo opens the door next to Gonzo’s room and stares his evil stare into the camera.  We are not impressed.

Artemio looks at Gonzo asleep in his bed and closes the blinds. Is this Mexican ICU?  Gonzo turns his head and opens his eyes and sees Artemio and asks him if he knows him.  Artemio says, “yes.”  But Gonzo doesn’t remember him.  Artemio says he doesn’t have to remember him.  This isn’t a social visit and I’m interested in the state of your health.  Gonzo wants to know who he is.  I am Artemio Bravo, your brother.    Mystery music.

Bosco pardons the delay – he had to talk to the men who agreed to be his guards.  Franco tells Fer that AB tried to kill Fr. Bosco.

Artemio says he’s really Artemio Elizalde.  He asks Gonzo if he didn’t notice the resemblance.  Gonzo wants to know what he’s doing there.  AB says blood doesn’t make them brothers.  He didn’t come to say hello nor be cordial with him or his family.  He came to disillusion him.  When he found out Gonzo had a heart attack,he was afraid.  Because he was afraid Gonzo might be dead.  He didn’t want Gonzo to die without finding out the truth about himself.  Even though we have the same father two things separate us, we are abysmally different.  Our mother’s blood and the truth – I was raised in the mud of truth and since I was born you lived a life of lies.  How old where you when you found out that death, like truth, arrives sooner or later.     He wants Gonzo to listen to everything he has to say.

Fer says, Damian doesn’t know that Aurora is Barb’s daughter.  Franco tells her they have an advantage to negotiate with him.  The condition is that Fernanda go to the jail to speak with him.

Ana Gregoria Bravo, continues Artemio, my mother, but he hates to remembers an Elizalde memory.  Her beauty was a damnation because don Jeronimo used her.  Mother wrote a diary and told how day by day she fell in love, and he seduced her.  Artemio tells him how Jeronimo abandoned Ana Gregoria and that his mother cast her out.  He would have brought the diary, but Lili gave it to Franco.  Lili was in his house and Franco negotiated her freedom.  He felt tenderness for her, but she was just another Elizalde who betrayed him.  He tells Gonzo that he planned Lili’l kidnapping.  Gonzo asks about Obregon.  AB says he didn’t have anything do to with this.  The person who helped him was Barbara Greco, the killer of Montserrat, your children’s mother.  The heart monitor is going crazy.  Gonzo yells out, “No, no.”End of chapter


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MEPS - Sept. 30, 2009 - Santi attacks Barbie; Lucio sets up meeting for Barbie and Damian; Don AB orders the murder of Fr/Ed

EPISODE #156 (Mexico #163 & 164):
* Barb nervously whips her phone and bluetooth headset from her purse. She makes a phone call. Franco answers as he stands in front of AB's desk - AB is still trying to catch his breath and regain his Darth Vader voice. Barb needs to meet with Franco ASAP in her office. Franco says he can be there in half hour. She agrees. They hang up. AB notes that Franco will be leaving to meet with Barbie. He tells Franco that now since Lily is back with her family, Franco needs to live up to his part in the deal and tell him where Eduardo Juarez is. Franco says he's dead. AB is stunned and furious, thinks Franco is playing him for a fool. Franco says no, Eduardo is dead! He died so Franco Santoro could be born! He died to give himself a new identity in order to fight against AB's evil plan! AB is so furious he's about to explode.

* Fer talks with Steve about Franco. She then asks Lovely why Lily called her Venus.

* Franco scolds AB about all his evil plotting against him and his mother, Soledad's last request and his forced separation from his mother and everything else they suffered because of AB. Franco then yells his shocking discovery that his own worse nightmare of an enemy is none other than Don Artemio Bravo himself. AB is stunned silent.

* Steve explains to Fer the plot to have Venus play Lovely Norton his niece in order to set up Camilo. Fer listens intently. She asks about the wedding. Steve explains that there was never any intention for Venus/Lovely to actually marry Camilo. Fer questions the details and reasons for the plotting against her brother. Venus and Steve explain their parts as well as Franco's. Fer hears that Franco was a part of this plotting and changes the subject quickly to mention that she has no intention of dropping her charges against her brother.

* Gonzo gets a phone call from the authorities about Camilo being transferred to the penitentiary. Gonzo is stunned and upset.

* When Eduardo/Franco finishes with his revelations, Artemio spouts that right now he needs Franco Santoro more than Eduardo Juarez in order to find and get back his daughter and grandchild.

* Fer continues to talk with Steve and Venus. Fer uses her cell phone to make plans to visit Lily. As Steve attempts to bring Franco into the conversation, Fer continually changes the subject. When notes Steve's frustration, she apologizes.

* Franco calls Steve on route back to Las Animas from his visit with AB. He asks to speak with Fer. Fer gets on the phone. Franco tells her that Aurora has disappeared.

* Lucio and Jacomo bring food and water into the holding room for Aurora. Lucio makes a wise crack and cackles. Aurora suspects and questions if Damian is behind this. The men back away and leave without answering.

* In her office, Barbie begs Franco to help her get Aurora back. Franco has no intention of doing anything for her. She tells him after 15 years of living with the Elizaldes, her plans all went up in smoke. Franco thinks about it and agrees as long as she agrees to two conditions - one has to do with Aurora, the other is that she has to remain at the Elizalde hacienda as his own personal spy. She accepts. He sits at the desk and asks her to reveal who she suspects kidnapped Aurora. She spouts Fer.

* Fer visits Lily in her room at Las Animas. Lily sits in her chair as Fer goes to the door and tells her that she has a surprise. She opens the door and Santi enters. He cries and hugs his big sister. Lili cries and hugs her brother.

* Barbie tells Franco why she suspects Fer (Fer's meetings with Aurora, for one thing). Franco tells her that Fer had nothing to do with the kidnapping. He asks her if she suspects anyone else. Barbie nervously thinks and reveals that Damian may have something to do with it - but she thinks that would be impossible because he's in jail for terrorism.

* Fer calls Daddy Gonzo to tell him the great news - Lily is back with the family. He's overjoyed.

* Gonzo is so happy that he interrupts Franco and Barbie's meeting in her office to tell them about Fer's phone call about Lily. Franco congratulates him. Barbie fakes enthusiasm. As Gonzo leaves, he mentions that he's also happy that Santi is back home again as well. Alone, Barbie spews venom to hear that Santi isn't out of the country as she thought (and was promised). Franco is silent. She grumbles that now she's totally at the mercy of Franco Santoro.

* Fer stuns Santi with the news that Barbie and AB are Aurora's parents. Santi goes ballistic and wants to storm the castle and corner Barbie. Fer tries her best to hold the raging wildebeest (Santi). She tells him that Aurora has disappeared.

* Barbie cries to Franco her agreement to continue to play the loving wife of Gonzalo Elizalde. Franco says that's good. that's good. He leaves. She breaks down and bawls like a baby.

* Fer calms Santi down and convinces him to wait and talk with Franco. He agrees. Fer will be taking Lily to live with Margie and Jacinto. Santi asks why? She claims that Lily will be calm and more comfortable there for awhile.

* Barbie mumbles about getting Aurora back herself.

* Margie and Jacinto welcome Lily to their humble home. Lily recognizes Margie. Margie is overjoyed. Fer asks if Lily can stay with them for awhile. Martina agrees to stay there and help care for Lily. Margie and Jacinto happily agree to have Lily stay with them.

* Franco and Santi argue in Franco's office -- Santi is fumigating and wants to attack Barbie and whomever is responsible for kidnapping Aurora now! Franco yells why they need to have patience and wait for Barbie's enemy number one to appear first before taking any action.

* Barbie meets with Gonzo in her office. He confronts her over standing him up for dinner last night - he suspects she has a lover. She gets a phone call. He encourages and pushes her to answer it - it may be from you lover, he grunts. Barbie answers. It's Jacomo calling with a message about Aurora. She goes to her desk and writes down the message. She promises to be punctual and hangs up. Gonzo questions when she'll be meeting with her lover boy. She claims that was her doctor; she has an appointment with him - he suspects she may have cancer. Gonzo is ever so quiet.

* Jacomo and Lucio discuss the plan for Lucio to meet/confront Barbie.

* Franco talks with Santi and Fer in his office about Barbie and AB not being behind Aurora's kidnapping. They wonder who else could've done it? Santi wants to find Aurora and needs answers. Fer tries to explain. She then mentions her suspicions about her ex-husband, Damian. Franco pipes up and says that is impossible, because Damian is now in prison, charged with terrorism.

* Jacomo meets with cousin Damian in prison, and tells him that Lucio is meeting with Hyena right now and will call him with report soon.

* At the bar, Lucio makes small talk with Barb. He cackles. She's serious and nervous. He notices. She asks about Aurora. Lucio wants to know what's her connection? Barb says none of your business. Lucio mentions his boss. Barbie wants his name. Lucio doesn't tell her, only that he will be contacting him soon. She tells him to call his boss right now. Lucio makes the phone call.

* Franco continues to talk with Santi. Fer asks Santi to leave - she wants to speak with Franco alone. Santi leaves. Fer asks Franco about his plan, now that Lily is back with the family. Franco explains that he will stay there to make sure Aurora is back with Santi and complete his promise to his buddy 'the lone ranger.' Fer is like, yeah, yeah, I know about the promise. She provokes and prods for Franco to tell her the truth. All he does is get frustrated, slide up to Fer and hold her arms tight and declare his unending love for her. Fer back away with a huff. He tells her that he loves her with all his heart and soul. She tells him she feels nothing for him but gratitude. He's surprised. She wonders if his attitude and love is all a lie.

* Barbie wants to know about the call. Lucio asks her for some paper. She hands it to him. He scribbles down where his boss is and gives the paper to her. She notices that it's the prison, and asks for his boss's name. He says, "Damian Gallardo."

* Fer is still upset with Franco about Barbie and the injustice towards her and her family. Franco agrees and tells her that when everyone is happily reunited, he hopes she can forgive him. She asks, for what? He says for leaving without revealing his secrets to her. He then swears he will live up to his promises.

* Lucio finishes setting up the meeting with Damian. He hangs up the phone and tells Barbie to meet Damian tomorrow. He cackles and leaves as Barbie grumbles at him.

* Franco and Fer are talking as Venus enters and interrupts. It seems Santi the wildebeest was impatient and left. Fer and Franco leave to go after him.

* Lily, Jacinto, Margie and Martina play 'Candyland' (or is this 'Chutes and Ladders'). Lily wins the game, and they all toast her success.

* At the hacienda office, Santi the wildebeest storms in and pounces and pins Barbie the Hyena to the desk. He yells and demands that Barbie tells him where Aurora is! Barbie uses her arms and knees to push Santi off her. He lunges after her again. They fight. Franco and Fer barge in and pull the two animals apart. Fer pushes Santi out the door and to the stairs. Franco says in the office with Barbie. On the stairs, Santi expresses his desperation to his sister. In the office, Franco and Barbie trade arguments. He leaves. She grumbles that she doesn't need his assistance to get her daughter back.

* Fer tells Santi that tomorrow she will visit Damian and then they can make sure Barbie is punished for all her crimes.

* Gonzo comes downstairs and sees Barbie leave the office. He asks her about her doctor's appointment. Just then he spots Fer and Santi. He gives his son a welcome home greeting. Santi walks away. Gonzo then asks about Lily. Fer answers. He is so excited. Barbie fakes her enthusiasm over the news. Gonzo mentions that now he only has Camilo to come home and complete his promise with Aurora and her baby. With this, Santi snaps and shouts that the baby is HIS, not Camilo's! Gonzo is in shock and turns to Barbie to explain why she told him it was Camilo's. Barbie stutters. Fer tells her dad that she will never to dropping her charges against Camilo.

* At the church office, Franco tells Padre Bosco that Aurora is AB's and Barbie's daughter. Padre is shocked.

* (Through the magic of television, we are quickly transported to the police station.) Barbie is at the police station adding to the list of charges against Camilo - she is charging him with raping her daughter Aurora, and she uses her real name, "Rebecca Sanchez".

* Padre Bosco warns Eduardo again about how dangerous AB is. Franco/Eduardo knows this; he also knows that since he's revealed his real identity to DA, he is almost positive that AB has issued the order to kill him.

* At this moment, AB is giving his favorite associate the order to murder Eduardo Juarez Cruz.



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