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Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe Fri. 10/15/10 There's Something Different About Milagros

Last night the gracious and lovely Pata took us to a fiesta at the hacienda and along with Jorge, was taking us on a tour of the premises. As time expired, we were left standing along with Jorge, Rosario, Alejandra, Daniel, and Quintana as Jorge tried the door to the bedroom he shared for so many years with his beloved Chelita. Tonight I'll take over as your host, guide, and interpreter as we rejoin the fiesta precisely where Pata left us. Thanks Pata.

Jorge may be losing his memory, but he has clear memories of this particular room. How odd... the door will not open. It appears to be locked from within... Hmmm. Leaving the other guests for a moment, we are transported behind the locked door and discover three holdovers from last night's festivities. In the nuptial nest once shared by Jorge and his bride so many years ago we are shocked (OK, maybe not so much) to discover an old buzzard flanked by two lovely canaries. Yep, it's none other than the wily Chávez and a couple of tasty bonbons sleeping off a night of debauchery. They are startled, while outside Daniel has a sense of the situation and suddenly remembers that he offered a relative visiting from far away (who by the way is also a blue blood much like Daniel himself) accommodations here at the hacienda. Yeah, that's the ticket, a relative. He politely ushers them away.

Inside, our favorite buzzard feels a sense of urgency... the canaries not so much. They need their beauty sleep and I must say, it seems to be working. Now, just how are they going to gracefully exit?

Trusting Chávez to come up with an escape plan, we rejoin the invited guests poolside just as Rafa arrives with a stunning Vicki clinging like a pretty barnacle to his arm. Red is definitely her color. Ale is clearly worried as she and Daniel pause their engrossing conversation long enough for Ale to fret as Daniel admires. Daniel and Rafa exchange pleasantries before sparing a bit as both Rafa and Ale caution our blue blood of Rafa's violent tendencies.

Moving on to greet some of the other prominent guests including Rosario and Jorge, Vicki manages to capture Doña Arcadia's attention by screeching in her best avian voice, "Mi Pajarito es lo máximo (My little bird is the most.)," prompting the regal one to respond in her pained imitation of Vicki's bird call, "¡Ay, esa vocita!" There is no word from the dogs about the effect this exchange has on their tender ears.

Señor Beltrán motions Rafa over and noting that he now has seen Rafa in the company of several beautiful women, first Ale, then Marian, and now Vicki, asks him if he shares Marino's trait of wanting many women and many children. "No, no, how could you even think that?"

Meanwhile, spotting the beautiful pool, Vicki asks Rafa if he wouldn't like to go for a swim. "No, but you go ahead." Sensing that her children are at risk, Doña Arcadia instructs Chalo to escort the dogs home lest they contract corrucos (not sure what this is but can't be good for doggies) or some other exotic disease, "and brush their teeth, eh?" Jorge wants to know if Vicki is Señor Medina's novia, prompting a peevish Marco to ask how it is that Jorge can remember Rafa's name but not his. "I don't know, Marcario...ah no, Maclovio, perdón, it's Maclovio."

Fortunately, Daniel interrupts this happy exchange by announcing the chef for the evening, none other than the famous TV chef, Chef Oropeza. Trapito is especially impressed and rushes to shake his hand even as Rafa tries to restrain his enthusiasm. Daniel escorts him to the preparation table and there is applause as he announces the mouth watering menu, carnitas, American steak cuts, grilled fruits and vegetables, guacamole... the general banters with him and then pitches in to chop some onions. Everyone seems thrilled and pitches in. Now I'm hungry again.

Meitras tanto, as Chef and the others head for the grill, Marco takes the opportunity to grill Señor Shrimp about why Daniel thinks that he owns the hacienda. He nervously says that it's not important. What matters is that Ale and her family are not aware that Marco is now the owner and that Jorge is kept happy. Marco buys it.

Chef Oropeza gives last minute grilling instructions to the rest of the guests. Claudia especially pays close attention.

Aw heck! Chef has to leave. He's got a show at 11:30. "Gotta go. Been fun. Adiós."

Arriving fashionably tardy are Marian and Muskrat. They look great. Daniel greets them. He may be a jerk and a cad but he certainly makes a good host and throws one heck of a party. He points out the various guests. Marian is interested in seeing who Rafa is with. As others head out to swim and soak, Trapito snacks and Vicki emerges from the changing room and confidently saunters by in her scanty bikini and dangerously high heels. Marco drools and mutters to himself as Marian seems disappointed to see that he has brought Vicki. Her eyes widen as Monserat points out the obvious, "Vicki is very pretty." Marian weakly agrees.

Vicki is anxious to know what Rafa thinks, after all, she has dressed (er... uh... undressed?) for his benefit. We catch a glimpse of a gawking, gaping Marco whose lascivious, lusty leer suggests that he approves. Rafa tells her that he's touched, she looks fine but removes his jacket in a feeble attempt to shield this fineness from the gathered guests' gazes. While Marian wrestles with the urge to approach Rafa, Daniel, the ever attentive host offers her a tour of the hacienda.

Back in the master bedroom, Chávez has come up a plan. He has decked himself out in his Iraqi disguise as an Arab sheik and his consorts are skimpily clad as harem dancing girls. The three are very convincing. He hopes no one recognizes them, otherwise, "All Hell will break out(se va a armar la que Dios es Padre)" as Loret de Mola would say. He tells them to practice their dance and when they do, "Don't move your butts so much or you'll wake up my little boy." Cute.

Well look whose arrived even more fashionably tardy than the M&Ms... it's Germán and Milagros who looks as though she's disguised herself as Audrey Hepburn. That's my guess. Rafa asks Ramírez whom he's brought

as Daniel joins them. Daniel correctly guesses that Ramírez is also an auto salesman and Rafa points to the pool where the rest of the sales force is frolicking. They've also spotted Milagros and all insist that she join them in the pool.

On her way to change, she brushes past Ali Babba and the harem girls and they in turn encounter a suspicious Marcos who asks Chávez, Is that you?" "No no no! It's not me, I'm someone else." These guys crack me up.

They are joined by a curious George and Rosario, who thinks he looks familiar. She thinks he looks like that rat bastard Chávez. Marco hastens to point out that the man has a very common face. Daniel to the rescue, introducing the stranger as his Arab relative, Alibabuchas (hey, I was close) who is a guest at the hacienda.
Rosario just happens to know a little Arabic but before having a chance to try it out, he is spirited away by Daniel who has pressing business to discuss.

In the pool Pepeto is trying to reignite a relationship with Rosauro and not only is rebuffed by her but is upbraided by the General for trying to interfere with Rosaura's rejuvenated marriage. undaunted, his attention turns to Ovi who has arrived with her associates and is looking delectable. This in turn seems to annoy Rosaura. Does anyone really care? Thought not... next!

At home, Leonor and Julieta are sharing a meal with the improved Jaime. Julieta, for whom this transformation was wrought, doesn't care for the new look,

but she does forgive him. He's ecstatic until she announces that she has no intention of getting back together with him. He wilts as the old neurotic Jaime puts in an appearance.

Old Jaime blubbers and babbles to no avail as Julieta delivers the coup de grace... "We'll be friends." Shattered hopes and dreams clatter to the floor as a Pedro Infante movie drones on in the background. Leonor feels his pain.

At Party Central, Daniel wants to know what the heck Chávez is up to, "Why the disguise with the beard of camel axillary hair?" (He said it... I report it ) With growing suspicion, Marco joins them. How does Chavéz and Daniel know each other?

Not far away, Pepeta moves in on Ovi who is guarded by Bugi and Amador. He flirts, suggesting that she put on her swimsuit and join him in the pool. Bugi suggests the swimsuit is more like a few threads. As she goes to change, Pepeto's ego is boosted. He gloats to himself of his continued charming effect on the ladies, after all, "Pepeto es Pepeto."

Marco wants an explanation. Chávez relates how he came back for his Iraqi togs, couldn't resist a few drinks with his amigas, fell asleep and when they awoke the place was filled with people. Now they're just trying to leave gracefully. Daniel says he doesn't know Chavéz and tries to hurry him on his way. Marco tell him to take his odalisques with him though Danny thinks the ladies should stay. They follow their shady sheik after planting kisses on Marco and Daniel.

The boys from the dealership are teasing Ramírez about Milagros. He tells them that she's spent the week preparing for the fiesta, even going to the dentist, and implores them not to poke fun at her. Here comes Milagros now. She's still wearing that big hat, the dark shades, and is wrapped in a floor length black cape. Very mysterious. As she makes a move to disrobe, Ramírez tries valiantly to dissuade her... but nopis, she unties and drops the cape.


I'm in awe. Stunned. Overwhelmed. And so are all the men at the party. Who are you and what have you done with Milagros? Time stands still. The men gasp and cheer. Shaken, the other women wonder and realize at the same instant what she has that they don't that can cause such a stir. The men chant, "Turn around! Turn around!"

She does.


She removes the hat and shakes free her tresses. Is this a Pantene commercial?

Germán approves. Murmuring amongst the guests ensues. Ovidia, Amador, and Bugambilia stand back and admire their work. It's amazing what a simple change of hairstyle and a little dental work can accomplish.

Germán suggests they get in the pool to avoid the gawkers. What? And get that lovely hair wet? She agrees but notifies him that she wants him to stay with her, "Toda la noche." "Of course!" Jiménez, caught up in the moment, "¿Toda la noche?", wants some of that action (just to watch) but is rebuffed by our thoroughly modern Millie.

Marian is strolling with Rafa away from the crowd. She pleads with him to stop these games he's playing. It's not fair to Vicki, Ale, nor her. He doesn't love Vicki and he's not going to get Ale who is married and besides there's Daniel. She gestures toward Ale and Danny, deep in conversation across the lawn, who appear totally engrossed in each other. He thinks then responds, "You know... you're right... she's not for me."

Across the yard, Daniel appears to be making progress. Ale is laughing at his tale of the camel he bought. He observes how lovely she is when she laughs.

He certainly doesn't have to lie about that.

By the pool, reclining on a chaise lounge, Millie is basking in her new found attraction for men. She is surrounded by adoring fellows (Trapito is literally worshiping her feet) who are like bees tending to a fragrant flower, like vultures surrounding a rotting armadillo, like dogs vying over a bitch in season, well, you get the picture, and so does she. They are intrigued by her tales of her cookie sales. They have decided that Ramírez, who is returning with their drinks, is unworthy. Marino reminds him that his mom chose her for him, she did not chose him herself. Millie has doubts. Shrimp man and Quintana is teaching her to snap her fingers,

something that will no doubt come in handy for her in her bright new future. Are we witnessing the creation of a monster?

At the de la Parra home Janet and Pancho are clearly in mating mode. She is feeding him with her fingers as Daddy Gastón and Felipe look on.

Felipe seems to be envious, but no, he announces that he also has a novia. "Who is it?" Don Gastón wants to know. Well, it's Silvia. Remember the slightly rough looking sturdy blond in the meat market? Her. Dad looks worried. His little boy have discovered girls and things will never be the same.

Back at the pool, Her Highness has had enough. She moves in to shoo the vultures from the tasty roadkill. She has especially harsh words for Beltrán, "She's young enough to be your granddaughter."

Rosario chastises Jorge, then visits her ire on Quintana. Doña Arcadia warns Germán to behave himself and take her straight home and then advises Milagros to be careful how she displays her wares. When she leaves, Beltrán circles back, "Ah chiquita, so you were going to be a nun?" "Sí, Señor." Then he reminds her of the important thing in life... "Money, money, money," snapping his fingers. She joins in the finger snapping. I think she gets the message.

Marco has a word with Vicki, "Vicki! Vicki, you're very lovely." "Thanks." She observes that he seems angry. He asks if she's keeping her part of the bargain by keeping Rafael close. She assures him that she is. "Then where is he right now?" "Pajarito. Pajarito? ¡PAJARITO!"

As the salesmen file by, "Move along, move along!"to admire Milagros, she and Germán talk. He gazes. "Don't look at me like that." "You're so beautiful." She asks Germán if it no longer bothers him to be seen with her." "What do you think?" "The sad thing is, I don't know if I still want to be seen with you." She walks. He cries.

Saying that she is not the best one to give him advice, Marian offers Rafael some advice, "Take time away from all three of us." Well he can't. He made a promise to Vicki. "But you don't love Vicki." She encourages him to think, meditate. She says that even though it's not in her interest, she is telling him this because she loves him. "Te amo!" They each move in for a kiss that never happens because... "¡PAJARO!" Busted!

Vicki is not happy at all. Rafael tries to mollify her. No good. Words are said. "You were going to kiss her!" Denial is futile. More words. Marian offers up her thoughts. There's angry shouting. "!BRUJA!" The ranch hands, sensing a cat fight, move in to get a look. Rafael is useless as a mediator.

I think the party may be winding down.

Dr. Judy... Next!



For those who missed the show:



And the renovators:

The dentist:



Hi Carlos, smooth intro. Really enjoyed it. Also your colorful description of the fiesta. The pictures were great as well adding much to your story.

Thanks for the info and link to the chef. I figured he was famous in some way but had never seen or heard of him before.

You had some pretty funny stuff tonight including your description of Chavez and the ladies, "an old buzzard flocked by two caries.

At last a Miracle is revealed. I want to know her dentist. Who can do that in a week? Great picture of Ramiriz by the way.

So thanks so much for such a fun and funny recap to a fun show. Can't wait till Monday to see how the "cat fight" turns out.

Carlos, thanks for a wonderful recap of a very fun episode. Pata already mentioned one of my favorite lines, where you described Chavez as an old buzzard. Hilarious! Chavez trying to sneak out in the sheik outfit was so funny, especially when he tried to tell Marco he was someone else.

And I loved "who are like bees tending to a fragrant flower, like vultures surrounding a rotting armadillo, like dogs vying over a bitch in season, well, you get the picture, and so does she." What a great description of that scene! Milagros sure is looking good after her makeover.

So who wants to make bets on the outcome of Vicky vs Marian? I think I'll have to go with crazy Vicky!

Another great one, Carlos. I liked "thoroughly modern Millie" and "Rafa tells her that she looks fine but removes his jacket in a feeble attempt to shield this fineness from the gathered guests' gazes".

Of course, I greatly appreciated all the nice pictures of the ladies (in a scientific way, to be sure).

Anyway, we now know when the Gran Final will be, namely October 29th. Apparently, although there are 230 or 231 episodes, a number of the last few are only 30 minutes long, and Univision is combining some. So the Gran Final should be on Carlos's watch, which guarantees another fun-filled, picture filled recap. If it turns out to be two hours, I volunteer to do part of it.

Ay yi yi...Carlos. There is surely a Dios Padre since He arranged for you to recap Milagros' coming out party. You were in fine form as usual and Milagros was...well...truly miraculous. She made the lovely ladies of Auto Siglo look a bit shopworn in comparison. Even her feet were pretty. (Guys, did you notice her feet?)

Like Pata and Tracie, I loved "buzzard flanked by two canaries". Other faves were "shattered hopes and dreams clatter to the floor" (poor Jaime!)and your deft reference to Audrey Hepburn. Milagros did indeed have that Breakfast at Tiffany's vibe as she swept in with that hat and those shades. What an entrance. And what an unveiling. And what a blow for Ramirez' ego now that she no longer knows if she wants him.

Thanks as well for that link to the news program. Love his clear diction even as his accounts of the day's events left me reeling. What is to become of Mexico?

Well, anyway, delightful way to start my Sunday morning, amigo. Sure don't want to read the sports page this a.m., so was glad to find you here to savour with my morning tea. Gracias, compadre.

Dios Mio, Carlos. What a marvelous recap full of your own enjoyment of the pulchritude with a keen eye to the silly fumbling of the helpless men swarming around the Milagro de milagros. You captured the perfect pictures to illustrate the high tone beauty pageant unfolds to fill the very corners of this episode.

It is a nice relief to the murder, rape and mayhem that abounds in the other telenovelas showing just now. I am enjoying even the most ridiculous details of this mad caper. And as our madcap maestro of ceremonias, I thank you heartily. Great job.

Thanks guys. I must admit that I got lucky getting the chance to recap this episode. When I had the opportunity to introduce Milagros here for the first time, I had no idea that I'd get to present the refurbished Milagros as well. What good fortune. She certainly is stunning. Now if she will just come up with a sparkling personality to match.

Pata, your recap gave me a great starting place and set the tone that I hope I was able to effectively carry forward. Chef Oropezca seemed to fit in comfortably with the pretty ladies of Autos Siglo. I'd not heard of him either and was delighted to find a multitude of clips when I looked for him on Youtube.

Tracie, I was afraid (and still am a bit) that my description of the scene of the men surrounding Milagros was a bit too... um... earthy, but I think it was fairly accurate. Interestingly, when Doña Arcadia intervened she called the guys zopilotes (buzzards), so I guess her impression was the same.

Hombre, the Thoroughly Modern Millie was almost too easy, but I'll take the easy shots any time they're offered. I hope the finale is two hours. It'd be a treat to share an episode with you. It's something I'd look forward to reading myself.

Judy, I was stunned by OSU's loss. I was watching the Baylor game (we won), and they announced that OSU was behind so I had to see for myself. I truly thought that they would come from behind and win. What a shocker.

I got lucky with you tube. I had no ide that I'd find anything when I Googled Lore(t) de Mola. Also had no idea what

"se va a armar la que Dios es Padre"

meant, but was able to find it in the dictionary.

By the way, Trapito was very intrigued by Milaros pretty feet. Wouldn't it be great if she fell for him?

Cheryl, I'm glad that you are sharing this show with us. It certainly is a lot of fun. Even the bad guys are lovable.


Hola Carlos. Well, it will tell you something about Columbus that the first conversation I had in church this morning with my 82-year-old pew neighbor Harry was all about the game. We commiserated mightily together before getting down on our knees for confession and forgiveness. Ay yi yi...wasn't just my knees hurting this morning.

Glad to know that Trapito appreciated Milagros exquisite little tootsies. It would be great if she fell for him! Let's drink to that.

And speaking of Texas, poor little Colt McCoy got thrown to the wolves, ie., the Steelers today, but he did have one good march down the field for a touchdown. I think he'll live to play another day. And maybe some day the Browns might even win.

As much fun as the party was as well the incredible distraction that Milagros was, perhaps the most significant developments were:

Rafa agreeing with Marian that he might as well give up on Ale and head in a new direction.

Daniel shifting gears in his pursuit of Ale by slowing down and turning on his natural boyish charm. She seemed to be enjoying his company.

Julieta gently and firmly telling Jaime that she forgives him but that they can't be more than friends.

Judy, your episode tomorrow should be a lot of fun.


I don't always get to read the recaps, but when I do they are always good! You all are clever with words and descriptions.

Quick question that may have been answered before: what is the word that Alejandra keeps using apparently referring to a party "panchagona" or something like that? I've looked in several dictionaries and can't find any word close to that. I'm probably misunderstanding what's she saying, but curious what the word is and what it means.


Carlos, Thanks for such a pleasurable and diverting recap of our entertaining fiesta. So much going on, it's hard to know where to start. Your summary of the principle plot developments was an an excellent distillation that cut through all the other fiesta distractions.

You caught an nice picture of the perritas together. I did spend a little time looking for what "corrucos" might be. I have no clue but agree it doesn't sound like a very good thing for doggies to have. Kudos to Doña Arcadia for recognizing the importance of canine oral health.

And speaking of dental things, Pata and Judy we have our answer. Mexican dentistry is obviously at an advanced level of sophistication. A miracle for Milagros and her choppers has been wrought in less than a week.

I enjoy seeing Marco's aggravation about Daniel acting as if he owned the hacienda. Can't wait for him to find out he does!

Since Carmela doesn't seem to recognize Trapito's charms, it would be great if Milagros would fall for Trapito. And, wouldn't Ramírez just deserve that?

I personally loved the imagery of "vultures surrounding a rotting armadillo". But that is just the kind of girl I am. " Like dogs vying over a bitch in season" however is spot-on accurate.

And for another great image, compliments to the writers for Daniel's inquiry about the beard of camel armpit hair. carmel armpit hair different that camel hair elsewhere?

Thanks again Carlos for the great recap. My captioning on this show was deplorable. If it wasn't for you, I would have missed so much.

Well, I'm not at all surprised at the speed and success of Milagros's dental work. Remember in Gancho when Monita knocked out Constanza's teeth and within hours she had new ones, with no pain or swelling or apparently even numbness and drooling, and she'd even had the rest of her teeth freshly bleached as a bonus? Telenovelaland dentists are cutting-edge superachievers.

Anon, "pachanga" is just another word (slang) for fiesta. I get the impression it may be used for a party that is a little more wild or raucous though I'm not sure of that.

Julia, I didn't see Gancho--but "cutting-edge superachievers" is an apt description! Barbara said, "Pachanga" is a party and "pachangona" is a realllllly big whoopin' party. Adding an "ona" onto it just intensifies the word. Fun stuff Spanish.

Hi all! I'm back! I got back this late afternoon and played my recordings of Dinero while I unpacked and cooked. The recordings were a bit screwed up and I think I missed one episode, but the rescue of the Chilean miners is a great excuse for the screwed up schedule and missed episode.

I read through the recaps really quickly and want to say what a great job you all did. Also, thank you for filling in for me. My favorite scenes from the week: Trapito and Carmela, Ale calling Daniel chiquillo; Chavez in disguise; Milagro's transformation and how quickly she is learning her power over men; Pancho and Janet; and Leonor's food fight. Great stuff.

My next post below this one is the message and link to my Venezuela photos that I just sent to friends.

Hello all,

It’s been six hours since I returned from visiting my dear friend Amanda (aka Tida) in Venezuela. Amanda and I have shared many travel adventures, from Haiti to New Zealand, but this is her first State Department post, and my first time visiting her in one of her new overseas homes. As Venezuela, with its unfriendly government, is not a popular destination for Americans, this was a unique opportunity I could not pass up. We spent much of my time there on the beaches of a Venezuelan island chain in the Caribbean, with all of the other Venezuelans celebrating a long holiday weekend. It was spectacularly beautiful and relaxing. You can stop reading here and just look at the pictures: For those wanting to learn a bit more, read on.

The highlights of the trip included the aforementioned beach trip to the Los Roques Archipelago. Our posada (guest house) put together a cooler with lunch, snacks and drinks for us each day and arranged for a boat to drop us off on a different island and pick us up each day. The boat captain and mates set up chairs and an umbrella in a spot of our choosing and left us to our devices. It was heavenly. The Santa Teresa Hacienda/Rum Factory and rum tasting; majestic views of Caracas from the northern mountainsides; and spending time with Amanda and her State Department friends were other highlights.

The most interesting and surprising things about Venezuela lie in its contradictions. It is a Socialist country (run by a quasi dictator) that depends on oil revenue and whose most profitable industry is plastic surgery. I have never seen so many fake boobs, enhanced buttocks, plumped lips and tightened faces outside of a Latin American telenovela (soap opera). And it’s not just a luxury for the rich; the middle class and the poor alike see the addition of silicone parts as a necessity of life. So much so that after seeing the many propaganda billboards with a heart encasing the slogan “Hecho en Socialismo” (made in socialism), I suggested that plastic surgeons make a t-shirt version with two strategically placed “hecho en socialismo” hearts, and give it to their patients!

Venezuela pays homage to its colonial and post-colonial past constantly by celebrating its countryman, the great liberator Simon Bolivar. Yet virtually no buildings or structures remain from the era. Caracas is a city of brick and block high rises that looks very little like most major cities of Latin America that have maintained many of their colonial churches, municipal buildings and old homes. Murals and billboards across the country tout national pride, but the systemic corruption and sense of entitlement fostered by the government has resulted in a workforce that takes little pride in customer service, hard work, or a job well done. But there is also much hope. There is no denying the amazing wealth that lies beneath the earth of Venezuela; the incredible natural beauty; and the hope and promise of much of its population. It was Amanda’s housekeeper Gema, a middle aged woman who came to Caracas from Trinidad over 30 years ago, who reminded me of this. For her, Venezuela has been, and is, the great land of opportunity for herself, her two daughters and her granddaughters. I wish all the best for her, her family, and the other welcoming Venezuelans I met.


Dear Vivi, Welcome back! Beautiful hot chocolate, beautiful apartment with view, beautiful rainbow and just incredibly beautiful beaches. And cute and happy looking kitty. Though home is always sweet, it must be hard coming back to everyday life. Interesting information about the country. The apartment building where your friend lives, do "middle class" Venezuelans live there or are they considered "rich" ?

Hi Miss Vivi. Dying to see your pictures but each time I copied and pasted, the computer told me your page "could not be found". Dang! Don't remember having this problem the last time you brought back pictures. But welcome back anyway!

Anon, Barbara and Judy answered your question. Feel free to join us whenever you like. We'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the show.

Barbara, I've decided that corrucos must be a virulent strain of Mexican cooties. I wouldn't want Bonnie Belle to get them either.

Last week, I complained about the CCs to Ms Oliveres, the very nice lady assigned by the local Univision affiliate to keep me pacified. Did a lot of good, huh?

Vivi, welcome home. We missed you. Great pictures. I loved your closeup of the fuel gauge. Must have made you feel very confident.

Judy, the same thing happened to me. Try again, but leave off the period at the end of the sentence.


Hello Barabara and Judy! Judy- I suggest cutting off the 1441 part and just going to Remember, there is no www. It will be the first album.

Barbara- Amanda's building would be considered upper middle class. The really rich live REALLY well. But the poor live in very dangerous slums with gunfire each night. But compared to other urban poor people in other countries I've spent time in, they have more material possessions-- and of course plastic surgery.

I must apologize to everyone. In my haste to post this recap (I had to go to the hospital halfway through) I left off the photo that captures Milagro's spectacular dental work and closeup of her new hairdo. I'll add it when I get home tonight for those who didn't get to see the episode.


Thanks Carlos. My captions were awful also. I get so lost when I lose captions. They were lagging way behind and driving me crazy. It was a very fun episode. Thank you for filling in the blanks.

Hope Milagros ditches Ramirez. He so doesn't deserve her. I also like her with Trapito.

Chaves always cracks me up. Have no idea how this will all end for him.

Looks like you had a wonderful trip Vivi. Welcome back.

And finally... I found corucos (with one r) = scabies.


Hi Lynda, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of matching Trapito with Milagros.

After seeing Milagros dental work, I briefly considered heading South for my next dental checkup, but then recalling the news coming out of Mexico daily, maybe I'll stick with my own less talented, overpriced gringo pain merchant.


Ah "corucos", another word to add to my vocabulary. Hope I never have occasion to use it however.

Vivi and Carlos, thanks for the advice on the photos. Yep, got 'em. Was happy with my big salad until I saw all that delicious food and drink. Ay yi yi!

View from your friend's apartment was spectacular as were the photos from the beach. And Vivi, in addition to loving your smile...I like your toes. Those are happy feet that look like they have never been mangled in pointy toed shoes like mine were during my youth.

Vivi, welcome back. I loved your pictures and your report. Sounds like a wonderful (and relaxing) vacation.

Carlos, thanks so much for your recap and the pics. I read over on another thread about the intimidation tactics being leveled at you by the FCC/Uni. How horrible!! You may have stated this a while ago but is there anything we can do? Let me know.

I look forward to see the resolution in the TN. The characters have been amusing.

Thanks for your pics and travelogue Vivi. What a great time away!! Until I can travel again I am so thankful for insights like these.

Carlos: I so enjoyed your recap and the pictures were sensational. My favorite line was "gawking, gaping Marco whose lascivious, lusty leer", etc!

You attack these recps with vim and vigor. You pay such close attention to all of the details, and your recaps are always thoughtful, insightful and great fun. They just get better and better.


Carlos, don't know how you found that! Great minds (?) think alike. After looking up Spanish to English in several places and getting no results, I actually looked up English to Spanish for cooties with no satisfaction. I did try mange, but just got "sarna" and get the same result for the more specific scabies. Thanks! Good vocabulary addition!

Vivi, thanks. Just always nosy. The apartment's view is really wonderful.

Karen, the lawyer from Univision wasn't all that bad, he simply tried to belittle me in his response to the FCC and made it clear to me that my complaint was not appreciated. The lady from the FCC just seemed as though she didn't want to be bothered. Ms. Oliveres from the local station finally realized that my complaint was valid and for awhile the CCs actually improved. Whoever does the captioning (probably several people) has (have) demonstrated that good CCs are possible. I think it's just a matter of careless, sloppy work by someone who doesn't take any pride in his work, thinking no none will notice. The FCC complaint form is a bit tedious to fill out, but will get their attention and a response (probably from a lawyer as well as a station representative).

Diane, thanks. Poor Marcos seems to be more and more marginalized and likely will become increasingly more malignant and desperate.

Little Shop of Horrors Carlos. Lol!

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