Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Eva Luna #24 Tue 12/7/10 Erratic subtitles, idiotic choices, and despair.

Eva Luna, December 7, 2010, Episode 24—Erratic subtitles, idiotic choices, and despair.

Note: All video clips hosted on my own site. Virus-free, blah blah blah! And as always, corrections to this recap are welcomed. Thanks!

Also note: I got my HD video capture device, so the clips are in HIGH QUALITY from now on! Woo hoo! You'll see that I went a little overboard with making extra samples (from Eva Luna and other TNs). I'll update this page with more on that later.

As noted in the recap title, the CCs were erratic. Bizarre. My Spanish listening skills are improving but not good enough to recap without CC. Fortunately the English CC worked off and on. My apologies if I skip over bits! I hope that the rest of you can fill in the blanks. Also, I consolidated some scenes. It was easier that way.

We start with Freaky Ictoria looking venomously at a retreating Sabrina and thinking to herself that she won't let Sabrina take Daniel away from her. "I'm going to erase that stupid smile." (And she means it too. Freak!)

Daniel comes home with a stiff back from sleeping in a chair the night before when he was looking over Eva at the hospital. He encounters Jackie (wearing a lovely but VERY yellow sundress outfit type thing) and she tells him that Ictoria was at the house. Daniel instructs her to not let Ictoria in his bedroom when he is not at home.

Video clip of review of yesterday's episode, credits, and beginning scenes. (Right click to open in new window.)

Jackie then proceeds to tell Daniel about how Ictoria and Laurita kinda got into it at breakfast. "I don't want to be a gossip, but . . . " she says, her eyes averted hesitantly. I think this is part of the Servants' Campaign To Break Up Daniel and Victoria Because Victoria is a Total Witch Who Will Ruin Everyone's Lives. Daniel soaks this all up.

At the big house, Renata is being a shrew and being very sarcastic about Eva's stay in the hospital, dismissing her wound as if it was nothing. Then she says she's got to wash Max, the dog. He's a big dog and he hates baths, but it's Eva's job, Renata says with relish.

Daniel sees a framed photo of Francisco hidden under a cushion on the couch. (This was probably part of the charade to fool Marisol that he owns the house.) Francisco feigns ignorance about the photo, and then Daniel asks Francisco about Laurita and Ictoria. "I don't want to be a gossip, but . . ." Francisco says, and then says that Laurita was kind of sad that morning. "But I told her you were planning a surprise birthday party!" Daniel thinks this is a good idea, because Ictoria can help plan it. (I wonder what the Servants' Campaign To Break Up Daniel and Victoria consists of? This should be interesting.)

Marcela is having her one hand manicured. (Weird.) She's saying weird creepy things which sound like she's planning on doing someone in, but the CCs are out so I really don't know.

Someone's at the front door and Eva answers. It's Daniel. They give each other goofy grins and then he asks how she's doing, she says fine . . . she says she's got to pay him back for the hospital bills, of course he won't hear of that. Then Georgio drives up and sees them and talks to himself about (I don't really know—no CCs here) but he's gonna tell on them, you just know. Eva looks TOTALLY BUSTED and but Daniel says don't worry.

Video clip of this scene.

Georgio visits Marcella as her one hand is manicured and tattles to her all about Daniel and Eva chatting very cozily with each other at the front door. At first it looks like Marcella is thinking that this drama is beneath her, but he makes a big deal of it and Marcella gets all fired up about it and is gonna do something about it.

Eva and Don Julio are in his studio. He is saying that he noticed that the days that she was gone and he refused to take his "medicine," he felt stronger and could go on walks. But when he has the medicine, he's weaker. He thinks the medicine is the culprit. Eva also notes that something funny is going on with it, but she's hesitant about the idea of quitting the medicine. "It'll be MY choice" says Don Julio.

Alicia and Marisol are at the pension, wondering about what to do with Francisco. How to deal with his expectation to see Marisol's fabulous mansion?

Don Julio tells Eva that he'll take a drink of the medicine today, but that's it. No more. Then he and Eva talk about taking a little stroll outside.

More with Marisol and Alicia wondering what to do, what to do with Francisco and all the lies she's told . . . Maybe Marisol should just tell the truth! (You think?)

Ictoria is telling Claw about the Evil Sabrina who is stealing away Daniel. Ictoria says she's going get that "shameless slut" and "give her the lesson of her life." Ooohh. Scary. (You'll see!)

Justa and Don Ricardo are in the kitchen of the pension. Don Ricardo bought Adrian a bicycle as a reward for good grades.

Eva takes Don Julio out for a walk in the sun. She has him smell a flower and tells him to breathe deeply. "I'm feeling like new" he says. He tells Eva she is exceptional and kisses her hand. (These two actors have a lot of chemistry and this is a sweet scene.) Meanwhile, mean Marcella and bitter Georgio are looking out the window and shaking their heads as if this is the most terrible thing ever.

Don Ricardo gives Adrian the bike. He's thrilled of course! He says that Don Ricardo didn't have to give him anything, but Don Ricardo says he wanted to.

Eva is commencing with giving Max a bath in the back yard, with a garden hose. Leonardo comes up and helps her out, getting a little frisky with her (trying to touch her knee) but in the end they wash Max and both get wet as they spray water on each other and it's all very light-hearted.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is preening at her fashion shoot.

Adrian is riding his bike on the street when he sees his dad getting into a car with some other dudes. He follows the car.

Eva comes inside to the kitchen after Max's bath and who is there but Laurita! She says that she's visiting because Eva hasn't visited the house. Laurita invites her to the upcoming surprise birthday party. Laurita then most unwisely says (while the nice plump maid with the braid listens in) that she knows that Eva loves Daniel and Daniel loves Eva, blah blah blah. Eva tries to shut her up, but it isn't working.

Meanwhile, Evil Icky Vicky sneaks into Sabrina's dressing room and is putting the standard Telenovela Liquid (a variation on the standard Telenovela Drops) in Sabrina's makeup remover.

Video clip of these scenes (with English Closed Captions).

Laurita wanted to go out with Eva right then, but Eva has to work.

Marisol is looking at Francisco as he waits for her at some sort of outdoor restaurant. Should she tell him the truth? She dithers back and forth. The truth would be the smart thing.

Eva walks Laurita back to her house and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Laurita sees her bike there and decides to go for a ride. She tries to tell Jackie but Jackie's doing some cleaning with her iPod volume too high and can't hear.

Evil Icky Vicky has completed her mission with the liquid in Sabrina's makeup remover and then says with great malice, "Your face will change completely." Evil, evil, evil. (You'll see.)

More with Marisol looking at Francisco and thinking about what to do.

Laurita is riding in the park or somewhere and is scared by a snake. Her bike goes into the river and she is flailing around in the water. "Help!" she yells (in English).

Ictoria sees Sabrina coming to her dressing room. Fakey fakey well-wishing from Ictoria to Sabrina over her success. Yeah right. Ictoria thinks more malicious thoughts about Sabrina as Sabrina walks away.

"Where is Adrian?" wonders Don Ricardo and chats with Justa. He's going to look around the neighborhood as Justa worries about Adrian.

Alicia wonders how long she can keep up the charade of going to school while not going to school. She wonders what's up with Carlos.

Meanwhile, Carlos is telling a friend that his theft of the school records worked, and that now he hopes Alicia will see his love for her now. He also fills the friend in with all the stuff about the investigation and the extortion, and he says he's sure she's not guilty. It must have been Tony that did that. (Well, at least you're smart about that, Carlos!)

Eva is at the big house and drops a folder full of documents on the floor. As she stoops to pick them up, Mean Marcella walks up and gives her a talking to about chatting with Daniel as well as taking Don Julio out for a walk.

Laurita is flailing around in the river still as Adrian rides by (we all saw this coming a mile off, right?) and rescues her. They make fast friends. A very sweet scene.

Eva is a bit fed up with being chewed out by Nasty Marcella and tells her if she doesn't like Daniel talking to her (Eva), then to tell him that!

Then the phone rings and Marcella tells her to answer. She does and it's Daniel. Oh no! Busted again. She drops the folder with the paperwork and I guess hangs up.

More friendliness with Laurita and Adrian. They shake hands.

Phone rings again. Eva doesn't know what to do. Just ignore it. That doesn't work, Nasty Marcella wants to know why not!

Adrian and Laurita chatting. Adrian tells her that he was looking for 'someone' and that's why he's in this neighborhood.

Finally Marcella answers the phone herself. Daniel says "Eva?" on the other line and it's so over. Marcella says "I'm so sorry, you're talking to Marcella. Are you disappointed?" More uncomfortableness. Creepy. Daniel tries to claim that he wanted to talk to Leonardo. Marcella is of course not buying it.

As Laurita is departing, she tells Adrian that he is her "hero" and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Adrian looks elated.

Daniel talking to himself in the office, wondering what he's going to do. Icky Vicky comes up and tells some B.S. tale about the run-in she had with Laurita, making it sound like she (Icky) is really sorry for what happened, when we all know that she's not.

Alicia is talking to herself in her room and (I think) saying that Carlos is nice but he doesn't do it for her, that Leonardo guy does. Oh, Alicia. Your brain is really full of cotton balls, isn't it?

Daniel's secretary walks in and tells Icky and Daniel that Sabrina is in the hospital because someone put acid in her makeup remover and her face is "destroyed." Icky feigns shock. (Evil, evil, evil! See? I told you.)

Carlos gets busted by the police.

Daniel is shocked over poor Sabrina and Icky Vicky is wondering why. He says she's a colleague! Icky Vicky says they'll send flowers.

The police have questions of Carlos about the wallet found in the room where the records were stolen.

Ictoria is talking to Daniel on the phone now (having gone home, I presume) about poor Sabrina. She says she'll keep updated on her condition. She hangs up the phone and tells an astonished Claudia that she is capable of much more. Claudia says she is "amazing" but I think Claudia is creeped out, as she should be. (I await a dire end for Ictoria. Acid in HER face? Maybe a wild beast will rip off her face? Something like that? I hope so.)

Mean Marcy visits Daniel at his office. She wants to know why he was talking to Eva. Daniel has a frozen expression on his face as the episode ends.

Video clip for avances for tomorrow's episode.

That's it! Thanks everyone, and please, fill in the blanks that I KNOW I missed!

- Elvira

P.S. More notes on the video clips: These are not "real" HD clips. I had to size them down for streaming. You'll also notice a bit of "blockiness" in the clips—that's due to the settings I used. (Any higher and the file sizes would have been too big.) Stay tuned because I intend to have some downloadable "real" HD samples for you soon, in case you don't have HD yet and you're curious how some of your telenovelas look in HD.

UPDATE: I've prepared a page with some HD (and HQ) downloads from three popular telenovelas, including Eva Luna. Check it out!


Well this is a world class title if there ever was one! Great way to start out a recap. I like your method of video clips. I wish I had time to watch this show, I love Guy Ecker. So many telenovelas, so little time, sigh...

Thanks Sweeney. After Llena, I had to get back to some work I brought home, so I could only half watch/listen to the episode. Thanks for filling in all the details.

Icky Vicky has definitely crossed into the official realm of evildom. And we can assuredly say she is a certifiable nut case. If I weas Claws, I would be distancing myself from this butt on a stick.

Ok, Daniel...if you won'tlisten to your daughter, listen to your servants. your solution is to have Icky help with the party? Why is he shoving that woman down that poor girl's throat? Slap aside the head time.

Wish Alicia was the one arrested. what a total idiot. hate this character.


WOW!! I always look forward to your recaps and video. I have to tell you the monkeys were at there worse last night on CC's.
I thought it was so sweet when Daniel tried to see Eva's Bump & then he caught himself from touching her. (Ah he LOVES her). Also another favorite scene was when she forgot he was still outside the door and I think he asked to come in, and she says yes yes.
Vicky OMG Acid REALLY!!!(I hope her stupido bimbutt self gets caught & goes to jail along with Murder Marcela, yacky yacky Georgio)
Now back to good thoughts!!
Laurita & Eva's conversation (out of the mouths of babes) L: I know you love my dad, and he loves you, E: panicked look, Maid looking around. Eva & Laurita move to the inside island of the kitchen and Eva telling her she must not say that; meanwhile the little maid is keeping a eye out that Marcela or Renata don't make an apperance. (Yeah little Maid, your on the good side of this crazy house).
Leo copping a feel on Eva (poor bastard) Eva should have turned Max on him.
Very sweet scene between Eva and Don Julio, when they are outside and she tells him to close his eyes and she picks that flower for him to smell. Glad that Don Julio & Eva have finally figureout that its the medicine that's making him sick. So now Marcela will have to find someone else to do her dirty work of killing Don Julio. Claw better distance herself from crazy bimbutt #1 Icky Vicky before she finds herself in jail, and losing Leo and her chance to get pregnant with his child. Michele in PA

Great recap and photos.

I finally somehow got english ccs and went back to Spanish ccs. When I follow the english cc's, which are pretty bad, I lose track of the sound so I lose the value of improving my listening.

Can someone somehow wake this Daniel up out of his cowardice and break off his relationship with the witch?


Great recap, Sweeney! I think you covered everything important, in spite of the flaky captions. I found they came and went, and at one point they switched into English captions (which I normally can't get!).

I'm wondering whether I can afford to keep reading your recaps: you're giving me HD envy. In addition, I'm finding I need to upgrade my computer system to be able to watch your clips without multiple pauses as more of the clip loads. But even with the pauses, the clips look fantastic. And you say they're not even real HD? They look awfully good to me.

Back to the TN...I thought for a while that there was some hope for Ictoria to eventually be redeemed, since early on she seemed genuinely to care about Don Julio. But last night's episode left no doubt that she's hopeless. I'm all for the suggestions you offered about her fate.

Alicia is no Ictoria, but I never liked her and have increasingly less patience for her. As for Carlos, well, that's what he gets for thinking with his we-all-know-what.

Sweeney32: Ditto everyone else's remarks! Loved the way you built up the mystery liquid being acid! Icktoria has definitely crossed over to the dark side! Can't wait to see her come-uppance! Time for Dan to fish or cut bait with Mean Manipulative and Murderous Marcy, too. He'll probably chicken out and make up some dumb excuse. I hope Deborah can put this woman in her place because nobody else seems to be able to, although Eva surprised me telling her off that way.

Thanks for your recap Elvira and your great clips!!

Yes Vicky crossed over to the dark side. That was so crazy. I can't wait to see what happens to her. Like others, how long is Dan going to remain an idiot and not leave her.

Also thanks Jardinera for your recap. I read it really late last night.

Great recap. I'm amazed by your technical skills, and the writing is great, too. Yeah, the captions were absolute crap last night. Totally useless.

Oh, Vicky. I had hoped she might be redeemable, but I think she may have crossed the line. Ruining a lady's face with acid? That is beyond. Plus, what is that satin strapless shorts getup she's been wearing? Do people wear that sort of thing? I have no clue about hot-weather clothes.

I love the way Daniel looks at Eva. He seems completely dazzled every time he sees her; it's like he sees nothing else.

I really want to choke Marci. What is she suggesting Eva do when Daniel comes over or calls? Or anyone else, since she's been forbidden to interact with guests? Is she supposed to ignore them?

Daniel needs to dump Vicky and leave the Arismendi business and start his own company. Then he could hire Eva, and she could learn the business and go to school part-time. Marisol could have the job taking care of Julio (after he moves away from Hell House), and he and Dan could hook her up with some legitimate dancing or acting jobs.

Sweeney, thank you for the recap and all the time and effort you have put into the film clips.

Icky Vicky has really crossed over to the dark side with her obsession with Dan.

The scenes with the kids was great. I am glad they have found each other since it doesn't look as if they have any other friends. The only darkness on the horizon is if deadbeat dad kidnaps Laurita and demands a ransom.

Alicia is a real airhead. What is she thinking getting mixed up with Leo, does she have a death wish.

Finally, Julio gets a clue about the meds, I hope it is not too late.


Sweeny, great recap. erratic subtitles or not you managed to get it all. I had been playing around with my Cable box and trying to figure out how to get captions from the cable and thought I really messed everything up until I read your title and opening paragraphs.

Glad to find out it wasn't me , but everyone was having hard time with CCS. I have totaly given up on the CC3.

Vicky and the acid assult. How horrible!!!! She will definetly be a tough one to redeem.

The Larita and little Adrian scene was very sweet. I don't normally enjoy the kids in these TNS but those two are both sweet and fun to watch.

Thanks again Sweeny for a great read.

Sweeney- Thanks for another top knotch recap and the wonderful videos.

I really enjoyed the kids' meet-cute. Adrian was very smitten. I wonder when they will next meet? Perhaps if Eva figures it out, she can take Adrian to Laurita's party.

How many people have to tell Dan that Vicky mistreats his daughter before he opens his eyes? Laurita is a good kid with a calm head on her shoulders. She's sweet with other people. It's not like she just wants her dad to herself and doesn't want him to marry again- she's gaga for Eva. Maybe they need a nanny-cam for Vicky's conversations with Laurita.

Thank you for all the comments, everyone! I'm glad (in a sort of perverse way) that it wasn't just me with messed up closed captions! And I also noticed that the Spanish CC were in English for a while. TOTALLY bizarre!

I updated the page with a link to some HD and HQ downloads. I'll probably be pimping this page for a little while! LOL.

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