Sunday, December 12, 2010

William Levy's sexy new calendar for 2011 is finally available...

Hi y'all, some of you have been badgering me for info about this and it's finally out, and only $14.99 for a year of sexy pictures of William Levy to put on your wall and drool over. Head on over to my William Levy page where I've translated the calendar website and put links to purchase it. Be the first on your block to have the super-sexy William Levy on your wall!

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Lordy, lordy. I'm not sure I could take 12 months of Levy on my wall. All I'd ever do is drool, and at my age that stage is coming fast enough. At least this way I'll have an excuse, I guess. Lois

This guy sure has a pretty face and bod, but I'd rather see him on the move and flexing his well-toned muscles.

In fact--I'd rather get a daily ration of Mr. Levy on his next TN than stills on the wall. His acting abilities are much more important (haha) than his looks.

Thank you for making this available to everyone who can't live without him. Anika

With all the recent photos of Prince William in the news lately, I was thinking how he and William Levy could pass for brothers...!!!

As for a calendar, I believe I think the same way as Lois...Ha! Ha!


What a great Christmas gift for William Levy fans!

I've never seen him in anything, so I have not (yet) fallen under his spell. Perhaps next year I'll be in the market for a William Levy calendar! LOL.

If only it had pictures in motion, like in Harry Potter...

I see by the web site you included that I can buy it here in Oaxaca in a variety of store chains that should carry it. I think I will go looking for it but I really really like Julia's idea of having it be a youtublike Harry Potter living motion.

I have to say that it is a great sin to be so hot...what did william levy do in his past life that god blessed this man with so many great attributes...---maria---

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