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Eva Luna #86 Tue 3/8/11 Boys misbehaving

Eva Luna March 8, 2011, Episode 86, Boys misbehaving.
Recap is UP! Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to see many screencaps from this episode.

We have some quick reviewing of what has happened before, ending with the scene Daniel kicks Icky out of the house and says they're getting a divorce and that's it.

I'm going to do the same thing where I try to consolidate some of these scenes so we don't all go crazy with the quick cuts!

Don Julio is putting on the smooth moves on Justa as Don Ricardo looks on, not really comprehending. They're having a nice visit at the pension with Marisol and Don Ricardo and then Don Julio is left alone to chat with Justa.

Bruno's come to the bank to steal Marcela's money. Two-toned-hair bank guy looks at the paperwork that Bruno provides which apparently gives Bruno permission to get into the accounts. It all looks in order. Then suddenly Leo appears out of nowhere, alarming an already jumpy Bruno. Leo chats a little, asks Bruno if he is there for personal reasons or business. Bruno says personal. Leo takes off, seemingly unalarmed.

Justa gives Don Julio the fisheye with those big eyes of hers. She told him she tried to see him at his house but he wasn't there. Now (in the pension) is not the time to talk, she says. Don Julio is like a Senior Don Juan here, soooo smooth, and says that he wants to see her "When? When?" Just a little eager there. He gives her his private card with his real name (I foresee some problems coming from this) and his private phone number. The info on that card is very confidential, he says. She's still giving him the fisheye.

Alicia approaches Eva and shows her the envelope with all the receipts proving that Deborah hired a lot of detectives over the years to search for the girls. Both Eva and Alicia are starting to wonder if maybe Deborah was telling the truth after all. Then Tia comes in the room. She looks at the documents and says that they are falsified. Liar, liar, pants on fire, Tia. Later in private, Tia asks forgiveness from her brother for the lies, but then self-righteously says that Deborah does not deserve her daughters back, after cheating with another man!

Nice little scene between Laurita and Daniel. It's nighttime, there's a fire in the fireplace, and they're comfy on the couch. He's trying to explain to her that he doesn't love Icky and that's why he's getting a divorce. Laurita is worried that maybe she was the cause of it (this due to Icky playing mindgames with Laurita earlier and trying to make her think that she was the cause of any marital unhappiness). Daniel assures Laurita that she had nothing to do with this, that it he never should have married Icky in the first place.

Icky comes in, looking contrite, says she is "destroyed" and wants to talk to Daniel. He gives her the stinkeye. Laurita leaves the room and Icky starts in again, asking for forgiveness. Daniel says no way. The old brain cells are still working because he reminds her of the B.S. that she pulled (fake suicide and he doesn't even know half of what else!) before they got married. She then says she won't divorce him.

Then she goes on about what will people say, what will people think? Daniel is quite sarcastic about this—of course that's all she thinks about, he says. She begs him not to tell anyone about the infidelity. He says he won't, he just wants the divorce.

Carlos is finally getting out of jail.

Lileach calls Daniel. He warns her that Icky suspects that she's the one that outed Icky and Bruno. Daniel didn't admit that Lileach was the source of the info, but Icky believes that. "Watch out for her" he says. Lately he's noticed that Icky is capable of anything. (Lately? Just lately you started to notice this, Daniel?)

The next scene is of Icky getting a gun from its hiding place and whispering threats against Lileach.

Renata has come to talk to Don Julio. She reports that the plan to gaslight Marcela is working well. They both laugh about that. Then she says that the doll and note he sent really freaked Marcela out. But he didn't send any doll and note! Strangely, Don Julio doesn't seem all that curious about who did.

More nauseating cr@p with Tony and Alicia. He still loves her, blah blah blah. She is not receptive, still is hung up on Leo. He works on her more, reminds her how she used to be so happy, but now not so much. She replies that he's a "nobody" but he says he's a nobody who loves her and respects her.

Later Alicia is thinking about what Tony said to her and wondering if maybe he's got a point. What is she now? As she is contemplating this, Carlos jumps from the bushes and snatches her. He says he told her he'd be looking for her when he got out of jail!

Lileach is taking a shower and remembering the warning Daniel gave her about looking out for Icky. She is thinking she'll change hotels soon. Meanwhile, Icky is bribing a maid to let her into Lileach's room. When Lileach comes out of the shower, there is Icky, all a-froth with wild anger, pointing a gun at her and threatening her. When someone knocks on the door, Icky is distracted and Lileach is able to wrestle with her. A catfight ensues, with both brujas pulling at each others' long hair. The maid comes in and breaks it up.

Lileach gets the gun, but is able to convince Icky that it was all Eva's doing. That Eva's had private detectives watching Icky and that's how Eva knew where Bruno and Icky were. That Eva tipped off Daniel. Icky's little pea brain digests this and decides that it must be so. Off she goes, threatening Eva instead. Lileach leaves the gun for Icky, hoping that she'll take it and use it on Eva.

Daniel comes by Eva's place to visit little Pablito. Quality time with the kid at breakfast. The new theme song for Daniel and Eva swells in the background. Daniel picks up Pablito and talks to him as Eva looks on, smiling.

She asks him what he's doing there so early. He wants to talk to her about something, and also to tell her that he loves her. She starts in with the schtick that she's going to marry Leo. Lather, rinse, repeat, as they go over old ground again. She doesn't love Leonardo, he says. She balks at admitting anything.

He then persists and says that she's marrying Leo for the same reason he married Icky—for revenge or spite, but not out of love. Eva still refuses to admit anything. Then Leo rushes in to tell them that Tia Tilde is ill.

Carlos is grabbing ahold of Alicia. He says he spent all that time in jail because of her. How nice of her to visit so often, he says sarcastically. She squirms and cries as he lists his grievances. He asks her how is it that she lives in this grand house? Who is paying for it? And what is Tony to her now? We hear Tony calling her name. Carlos finally lets her go, telling her that they have "unfinished business." Don't like the sound of that. And I hate how they've made Carlos a thug and Tony the "hero." Nauseating!

Leo called the paramedics for Tia Tilde, who is stretched out on the couch looking wan. They come and give their diagnosis. She had an anxiety attack, she's okay now, but get her in to see a doctor soon. They leave.

Eva and Alicia want to know why Tia had the anxiety attack. Tia flashbacks to the big whopping stinking lie she told about Deborah. But she lies again and tells the girls she has no idea what brought on the attack.

Icky goes "home" (Daniel's place—not her home anymore!) and Jacky tells her that a lawyer is waiting for her. The lawyer wants to talk about divorce proceedings. She gets all huffy and self-righteous with him. Lawyer says that Daniel has claimed that infidelity is the cause for the divorce. He then goes on to say that Daniel is claiming to have caught her in the hotel room with the other man. Icky looks shifty-eyed at this and kicks the lawyer out. In the background we see that Jacky has walked in and has heard all of this. LOL!

Outside of the house, Alicia is telling a concerned Tony that she's still freaked about Carlos. Leo comes up and wants to know what's going on. Later we cut back and see that Alicia has told Leo about the Carlos threat. Leo says that it'll be fine, but commands Tony to look after Alicia all the time. Oh yeah, Tony is quite eager to do that! He winks at her and she rolls her eyes.

Bruno is having a near-orgasmic moment with all the money he swiped from Marcela. He is sniffing it and caressing it and counting it as he puts it in a briefcase. With this money he can hide his identity and keep out of sight for a long time, he says to himself. He laughs to himself that how will Marcela feel when she finds out that he slept with her for money and slept with her daughter for pleasure.

At work, Daniel is wearing a fetching blue shirt and is talking to some guy about that ad that Lileach was in. It turned out well and the customer approved it. Icky busts in and yells about the divorce again. Daniel just looks weary. He tells her that she doesn't have to approve the divorce, he will claim that the reason for the breakup is her (her infidelity). Icky repeats her vow to refuse to divorce him and then walks out. Leo walks in and asks about this.

Leo wants to know why Daniel's getting a divorce. I don't know why Daniel just doesn't blurt it out, but I guess that the earlier scene (where Icky asked him not to talk about the infidelity) is the reason why.

Speaking of Bruno, he's heading out the door with his briefcase full of cash and who is there but Marcela, offering him a drink and all friendly. He has a deer in the headlights look when he sees her. She asks him where he's going. He didn't answer her calls so she thought she'd come over and visit. He says he was going to call her from the airport; that he has to go on a trip. He explains that a friend's wife died overseas, and he has to help out with the Visa and bringing home the body, blah blah, he'll be back in two days, blah blah, she seems to buy this and gives him a hug.

Leo accuses Daniel of leaving Icky for Eva. Leo is obviously feeling insecure about keeping Eva. You can tell that Daniel knows this. He reminds Leo that she doesn't love him. Daniel's going to fight to get Eva back. Blah blah blah. A fight ensues. (Scroll down the page to see the screenshots I took of the fight.) The guys jump on each other, fists flying. They carefully navigate over to the couch, however, so no one falls on the floor and hurts themselves during the fight. They continue their tussle comfortably on the couch. Then Eva comes in and has the whole thing broken up and castigates the two bad boys for behaving badly.

Eva wants to know why they were fighting. Daniel is eager for her to know. Leo . . . not so much. He gives one of his trademark Leo fishy-eyes.

It comes out that Daniel is getting the divorce. Eva looks impactada at this. Leo calls Daniel a "coward" for divorcing Icky. Daniel says defiantly and with great triumph, oh, go ask your sister what the reasons are for the divorce, maybe she'll dare to tell you! And then you come back to me and tell me that I have no reason to ask for a divorce!

Eva has had enough and leaves. Our bad boys face off again and Leo says that Daniel will never have Eva.

Icky is in her car, ranting to herself that she's gonna get Eva. FF>>>

Eva is chewing out Leo. She doesn't like work to turn into a boxing ring, she says. After he's left her office, she marvels to herself that Daniel really going to get divorced. She sighs heavily.

Daniel goes to Giorgio and asks where Bruno is. "He no longer works here," Daniel announces to Giorgio.

Icky is still in her car, mid-rant, when Leo calls. She yells at him to leave her alone, but tells him make sure that he marries Eva as soon as possible.

Lileach is wearing a revealing dress and visiting Daniel in his office. They're talking about the modeling job she did. She asks him about Icky. You can see on his face that he is weary with her. She says she wishes she could have told him about Icky's faithlessness earlier, because it would have saved him heartache. Then she says that neither Eva nor Icky are women in his life. She leans and kisses him on the cheek. You can almost see him flinch as she does it. She leaves and he wipes the lipstick off his cheek.

Outside the office Lileach gets a text message to see Leo. She goes to his office and he grills her for info on Daniel's and Icky's divorce. She spills all—Icky was found in bed with Bruno. Leo thinks Icky is an idiot. Well, no shit Sherlock!

End of episode!

Here is a bulleted list of the highlights of the episode.
  • Daniel is determined to get a divorce. Of course Icky is vowing to refuse to divorce him. There's a touching scene where Daniel goes over to visit little Pablito as Eva looks on, smiling.
  • Daniel and Leo get into a big fight at the office. Daniel is going to divorce Icky and fight for Eva. Leo is not liking the sound of that. Eva has to get Giorgio and another guy from work to break it up.
  • Icky decides to take out her frustration and anger on Lileach. (Like that name!) Icky bribes the maid to let her into Lileach's hotel room, and threatens Lileach. Lileach convinces Icky that it was EVA who outed Icky's and Bruno's love nest, and it was EVA who was to blame for all this. Icky vows to go after Eva.
  • Tia is still lying about Deborah. She has a fainting spell and the paramedics have to be called, but they don't take her to the hospital.
  • Bruno wants to get outta Dodge quickly with his money, but as he is out the door with a briefcase full of cash, Marcela stops him and seems to want to chat. Bruno is sweating bullets.
  • Don Julio wants to persist with Justa, even though he knows she's married. He won't let up unless she convinces him that she doesn't love him anymore. Don Julio's friend the good doctor doesn't approve. (Neither do I.)
  • We have our long-awaited return of Carlos. He's let out of jail and the next thing we see, he's wearing a very unflattering knit cap and has jumped on Alicia in the bushes. He has to let her go when Tony comes by.
  • Tony is now being painted as the hero, I guess. He keeps on telling Alicia how he loves her (blah blah blah) and he comforts her after her scare with Carlos. I really do not like this development. They threw Carlos under the bus here. 
PHOTOS! Right-click on images to see a larger (HD) version. (Images may not be displayed in order according to the episode.)
A nice scene near the beginning of the episode where Daniel is explaining how he's going to divorce the bruja.

Bruno goes to the bank to set up getting all his ill-gotten gains. I only include this screenshot because I want to know—what's up with the banker's two-toned hair! Very distracting.

We are supposed to believe he's a good guy now, I suppose: Tony still tries to convince Alicia that he loves her and wants her back.

Gratuitous Guy Ecker shot: Daniel pensively thinks of what he's going to do about divorcing the big-butted bruja.

Some quality time with his son—Daniel visits little Pablito as Eva looks on, smiling.

The big-butted bruja bribes the maid at Lileach's hotel.

Watch out! It's an unhinged bruja with a gun!

Carlos reappears . . . in the bushes.

Carlos is not happy with Alicia.

Tony is now supposed to be the hero and protector. Am I the only one here who is feeling a little nauseated?

An abogado comes to see Icky about starting divorce proceedings. She kicks him out of the house. Of course it's not even her house. Didn't Daniel kick her out?

The boys fight, part one:

The boys fight, part two: You'll notice that they navigate themselves over to the couch, so they can fight in relative comfort.

The boys fight, part 3: Comfy couch fighting.

The boys fight, part 4: Restraining Daniel. (I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself. When I saw this scene, I thought: "Daniel, is this the way a 52-year-old man behaves?" Now, don't get me wrong, he's beautiful and sure doesn't look 52. Well, we don't even know if Daniel is 52, but Guy Ecker is. Sorry, it's just me thinking aloud. Moving on . . .) 

Eva chews out our misbehaving boys.

And then I have to take time and complain about a specific pet peeve, and something I consider to be one of the signs of the breakdown of society: SQUISHING video images deliberately, so they'll "fit" into the frame. I cannot stand looking at people's faces all narrow and stringbean-like, or all squashed down and fat like an Oompa Loompa. It's bizarre-looking. Sometimes it happens by accident or because someone doesn't know how to fix the aspect ratio (proportions) on their wide-screen TV. But there is NO EXCUSE for professional editors to do THIS to an image, just so it'll "fit." See exhibit 1 below of this atrocity (from last night's avances):
WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT. Their faces are all skinny like stringbeans. More than 50% as skinny as they should be. I know it was to "fit" the images in for those with 4:3 (the old-fashioned boxier framed TVs) but come on. There's other ways to make it fit that don't create this hideous look. See below, where I've tried to fix the squishing. Do you see the difference in how the faces look?

And even when I "unsquished" the image, I still am not sure I got it right. AND, the frame is now really wide, and I had to crop out part of Marcela's and Icky's faces! So they REAAALLLY squished in the images. This is so unprofessional. I am a non-professional and I can see it and know how to fix it (wouldn't have squished it in the first place! UGH!) but it astounds me that professional editors at Univision did this ON PURPOSE!

End of rant. Sorry about that! It just so happened that I was the recapper to have the episode where the editors performed an aspect ratio atrocity, and I could not remain silent! LOL.


Thanks for the mini run down Elvira. And you are not the only one disappointed with the Tony rehabilitation story. His affection for Alicia has always been dubious as it was mired in abuse. Just b/c he's not as abusive (or crazy) as Leo does not mean he is a good candidate for a boyfriend.

Poor Carlos. He may have been dumb but now after time in the pokey he's bent on revenge. Though you can't blame him, its sad to see a decent character become awful to serve a plot line.

Thanks Elvira, very astute and consise, looking forward to seeing the rest.
I really had to have my lead-lined beanie on for two goofy things.
Tia Tilde's ataque-(first I thought she had been poisoned!) paramedics CANNOT say what the problem is and and then decide not to bring a patient in to a ER-that is making a diagnosis, please, can't the writers do any research at all?
And California is a no-fault divorce state, Icky can't refuse to divorce him-maybe in 1930 but not now. He was stupid to marry her, now she owns half of what he has.
Don't like that DJ is persuing Justa, and why is he running around in public, you know he is going to get discovered.
Scary scene with Marzilla offering Bruno a drink...

Elvira, you are to funny. I don't have a clue what you are talking about with the squishing, but it was funny. Also loved all the pics. I really wanted Vic to pull the trigger on Lily.

I so admire your phenomenal computer skills, as well as your great recapping skills. Am looking forward to the full recap.


OMGoodness you had me LAMO with the shot of the Bankers Hair piece. Goodgreif they should have seen that one come shame shame shame Univision. Love the shots of Eva,Dan, and Pablito. And of the Dan and Laurita sitting on the couch, yes they are very touching. ITA with you on Daniel and Leo fighting in the office. Daniel should have taken a page from his wife's book, and found a handy gun to shoot Leo with instead.I have to admit Daniel is taking on the world to win Eva back. He's had two fights in less than 24 hours in TN world. What the HECK is on Carlos head YUCK. Alicia again being Alicia running to Tony or Leo for help with yet another man problem of hers. I so so don't agree with DJulio going after Justa, he's had his chance now its DRichardo chance at happiness. He should just leave her alone :(.

Thanks for the mini-cap Elvira! Loved the mini-family time w/Eva, Daniel and Pablito. Now they just need to get Laurita in there and it will be all set. Daniel needs to "kidnap" Eva and lock themselves somewhere, where they are forced to air out all their grievances against each other. Only then can they move forward.

I'm starting to dislike Tia Matilde. She started on this show as the sound of reason, but she's going all downhill now. I get that she doesn't want to tarnish her brother's legacy, but he's only human and humans make mistakes. Eva and Alicia are not going to love/miss him less, because of what he did. Will they be disappointed in him, yes, but he's still their father.

So, I'm guessing from the avances that Marci's going to be find out about Bruno and Icky. I think a saw momma Marci slapping Icky. Can't wait.....

Elvira, I don't know what you are complaining about, I can't figure out how you captured that picture with Icky and Bruno the grifter in one corner and Bruno and Marzilla in the other corner, squished or no squished, that is increible!

Thanks Elvira for the pics and the mini run down. What is Alicia doing? Her self-esteem can't be that low. How can she possibly accept a nasty deal like that from the slime ball Leo. Eva had better get a clue fast or she is toast. Marci is going to find out about Bruno and the missing funds and I am sure all hell is going to break loose.Why isn't Eva conferring with Don Julio? Two heads are always better than one.Victoria deserves everything coming to her. Her stupidity alone deserves a jail term.

Elvira I agree with Emarie what an outstanding job, I love those shots how do you do that?

I don't like how they have made Carlos the scapegoat, to try to get us to buy the Tony Alicia storyline. I hope if Carlos gets caught again or goes bonkers Alicia will at least speak up for him. I don't know what they plan to do with Carlos but this is one character they need to give a break! I just don't buy Alicia and Tony. I can[t wait to see what Mama Cruella is going to do to her daughter tonight. Am definitely tuning in.

As for Alicia, no matter how much I dislike the character, I do not support at any time any physical violence against anyone especially a woman.

Thanks so much, Elvira, for your wonderfully snarky recap and the amazing photos. I don't share your annoyance over squishing--I simply don't care enough to be bothered by it. But I definitely DO understand how annoying it is when someone who should know how to do things right screws up--and very likely gets paid anyway. The things that piss me off are different, but the outrage is the same.

Getting back to the TN, I share some other commenters' dismay at the direction things seem to be going with Carlos and Tony. I don't care how much the writers scapegoat Carlos, I'm still not going to buy the idea of redemption for slimebag Tony. Nunca!!

Elvira- Many thanks for the superb recap, summary and photos!

The writers have got themselves into a real bind with the Tony-Alicia relationship. They showed Tony as a dangerous, abusive, possesive boyfriend. And they have not showed him getting any kind of mental help to deal with these issues. So they would be sending a very bad message if they reunite him with Alicia without dealing with these very real and scary issues. He didn't do any typical galan silly jealousy stuff-- the stuff that can be forgiven. He was an abusive stalker, who nearly raped her. Not forgiveable. I hope the writers eventually have Alicia learn that he self value comes from within, and not the man she's with. This is a woman who first needs to learn to love herself, way before she falls into the arms of another man. Three strikes (Tony, carlos, Leo), you're out. Take a time out Alicia.

Elvira, thank you for the perfect recap and photos.

Tia is making me crazy - she knows that her brother was taking Eva to LA to find about the whereabout of their mother. It would seem that if she loved her brother so much she would honor his wishes.


Vivi: ITA Tony, (and Alicia, she needs to find herself first!) the writers wrote themselves into a corner, Tony was abusive and is a thug and if he is redeemed it is a mockery to women or at best it is writer's amnesia and very sloppy.

Vivi-ITA with the Tony- Alicia relationship.
Tia Tilde is hidding something else.. I'm starting to think there is another secret to this whole mess.. I wonder if it was her idea to take the girls and Ismael bought into it, hmmmm

Elvira, Just read the recap. Thanks so much.

They alluded to this before and aagain last night about Marcella going crazy. I hope we get more info on that. I wonder if Bruno didn't send the note. Remember he did sneak into her office and saw someone else had written it. I was cracking up when She was at his house talking to him and touching the breifcase. I really thought he was going to get busted.

Thanks again Elvira. Great pictures.

Who else thinks that Bruno is responsible for the box?

I can't wait for tonight's episode's catfight between Marcie and Icky.

As to the business of Tony's overnight change, it reminds me of a trend that started years ago on General Hospital. This was why I stopped watching US soaps.

You are truly a marvel with recap and pictures.

When is this supposed to end?


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