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Una Familia Con Suerte #12 Thu 10/20/11 "Close your eyes and think of England."

Alex, who shouldn't be on Pancho's balcony but is, tells Lupita she shouldn't be so resentful of rich people. "I am a simple normal guy and you're the most beautiful girl of all."

Monica's dad to Pepe: "She'll be marrying Freddy, so stay away. We are of a much higher class of people than you and the verdulero (vegetable man). Monica is like an Austro-Hungarian princess, she has no business with the likes of you."

Candy goes back to the house of ill-repute and finds Vince has asked for her again. He shakes with delight and excitement just like my son's dog when it's time for a walk! She wants to get out of having to massage him but her boss throws her back into the ring.

Pepe, Ana, Lupita, and Temo don't want to go to their new schools but their dad wheedles them into compliance. In the parking lot at the university they meet up with (of course) Alex, Freddy, and Monica, who insult them.

Vince convinces Enzo he needs to suck up to Pancho "or you'll end up back where you started - poor, and with nothing. Just remember your house in San Diego and your yacht - and apologize." So much for Austro-Hungarian royalty.

Enzo makes his daughter promise to stay away from Pepe, since her connection with Freddy is so important; in return, he'll let her go back to work at Avon. "But I begged him to get your job back!" she protests. "You were so desperate!" He's appalled and makes her promise never to speak to Pepe again.

Vince and Pina fill some of the hours they don't spend together talking (and etcetera) spying on auntie's house, and there's a lot more to enjoy over there now. For instance, Vince sees Candy getting dressed ... and recognizes her legs! I'm pretty sure he's identified her as his beloved Catreaux! Pina catches him drooling over the telescope and cooing "esas piernas (legs)." He tells Pina to go count grapefruits with the maid.

Candy admits to Chela she's gone back to work at the house of ill-repute. "What happened last time [with some loser guy] will never happen again. But I signed a contract just as Pancho did!"

Enzo kind of apologizes to Pancho, painful as it is - he puts out a hand to shake, but Pancho just eyes him and leaves the hand unshaken (only closing his eyes and thinking of his yacht keeps Enzo in the room). Enzo chokes when Pancho tells him, "I'd already decided to give your job back - because of the friendship between your daughter and my son." "But I told her to stay away from him - she is getting married to Freddy." "In that case, why worry?"

So far this guy Arnoldo is just a waste of space. He puts his hands all over Enzo, who explains: "I love women" "You'd have more fun on my side," sniggers Arnoldo. But then Arnoldo feels up the bimbo secretary too.

Rebeca reports to Fer, who's in Germany awaiting an appointment with an oncologist: "Pancho is not easy to handle." "Be his domadora (bronco-buster)."

Rebeca tells Pancho not to trust Enzo, "he's the worst, and there are plenty of other people here you shouldn't trust. I believe in your intuition."

Enzo warns Vince: "Pancho may be vulgar but he's not stupid. I apologized but he knew not to believe me." They muse over the likelihood that once Pancho gets used to the perks of his new position, he won't want to leave the throne. Vince says he plans to squash Pancho like a cockroach at the first board meeting. "You might want to consider a different strategy - become his dear friend." Now Vince chokes.


Gracias Chapel,
Don't know how you do this so quickly. It would take me at least 3 hours & that's w/o the funny asides.

I like Arnoldo, he's not really gay & I knew someone similar to that, even dressed in women's clothes & even wigs, but to get close to women. What I don't know is what happened after he did. w/o them he looked like a dock worker.

I like to see Enzzo grovel, and I must say, he is guapo.

I expected more fun tonight but it's coming, los perritos amantes.

I usually only watch the 9:00 novela & just catch bits of the proceeding one, but this one has me hooked & a great breather from Fuerza.


Hee, great title. I was very curious who might be thinking of England tonight.

I find the character of Enzo to be rather interesting. He clearly loves and dotes on his daughter. Perhaps the way he manifests his love isn't the healthiest, but he seems sincere. But this is the same guy who is in league with Vince and hoping to cheat people out of their neighborhood and into homelessness and goodness knows what else. I'm interested to see how his character develops.

And yes, he is guapo.

Thanks Melinama!

Thanks-another great recap.

Anyone know who sings the theme song to this show? They show her briefly at the beginning--I think I saw her on Don Francisco? I'm not set up to record and the credits at the end are too fast to read.

The person who seems most unhappy is Chela. Any guesses what happens to her when Rebecca and Pancho get together? Will she get over Pancho and get together with Enzo? Maybe bring out his good side? Probably thinking way too far ahead, this show has a long way to go.

Always enjoy your wry, concise recaps. I actually watched all the way through last night. I think the Candela/Vicente connection will be the most fun to watch in this one. Fernanda's mansion is like a character in itself. Are all the grand houses in Mexico City so stark and modern! Seemed like a very cold place to me.

Enzo called his daughter an Austro-Hungarian princess - that struck me as a bizarre comparison until I thought of the Gabor sisters and then back to Green Acres. I'm tellin' ya, Enzo and Mo are going to end up living in the barrio. (Or maybe that's too much of a stretch, but I'm entertaining myself!)

Enzo is very guapo. I think that in spite of all the bad things he does, he really does see himself as a decent guy because he's doing it all for Monica. I wonder how Monica will feel about that when she fully understands what that really means.

Julie, Monica might feel that she's got daddy wrapped around her little finger which I think she does. He fancies himself to be a man in charge but have we seen that yet?

His plot to make money off the vecindad was thwarted by Fernanda. His attempt to keep Monica away from Pepe has been thwarted by both Monica and Pancho. He ends up having to apologize to Pancho in order to maintain his job and assets.

I'm guessing there is a good guy inside Enzo who just needs a bit of guidance. The Cast Of Characters post indicates he falls for Chela. Could she be the one who finds that good guy as Rip says?

Rip, Alejandra Guzman sings the opening theme song.

JudyB, I totally agree, the Vince/Candy hookup will be a scream. They are both very over-the-top and, as Vivi pointed out, he loves his animals.

A quick note to tell all thank you for the recaps. I only read a few inbetween here and there, as I tape this and do not watch the episodes until after dinner Saturday night. I then read all the wonderful recaps on Sunday/Monday.

I do have to say something about this TN, I sing Pancho Lopez all day long in the office, one of these days I'm going to be pelted with staplers, I just can't get it out of my head, and I actually bounce (considering I had hip and knee surgery) around the office.

Again thank you

Sylvia, you're right that Enzo hasn't been the boss of anybody lately. But what I found funniest of all was Enzo forbidding Mónica and Pepe from spending time together. Even without Pancho as a factor, that was clearly the wrong approach. He might as well have duct-taped the two kids together.

Nellie, you are not the only one who's stuck on that Pancho Lopez song. I don't even like it that much - I just can't get it out of my head!

I can't get it out of my head either! I woke up this morning with "Pancho, Pancho Lopez..." running through my brain. I think the only cure is to get the lyrics and figure out how to play it on my pink ukulele. Alas, I don't play the accordion which would be more appropriate. I thought it was kind of a stupid song but it must have a catch tune because it won't leave my head, arrgh! Glad to know I'm not the only one with the disease.

Gah, sorry. I posted in the wrong line. Could someone erase my comment please?


Jarocha, I just deleted your comments from the Familia post. I'm glad you checked in. Are you watching Familia too?

Yay, Jarocha!

The lyrics are shown in the captions when they play the song at the end of the show. (I get antsy when they sometimes play a different song instead.) Naturally, the captions are usually just a little too far behind the music to be able to sing them, but at least they're there if you want 'em. (There are more syllables than notes to sing them with, so good luck singing along!)

muchissimas gracias Chapel,

according to the credits at the beginning, singer and songwriter of the theme (along with Jose Luis Ortega) is Alejandra Guzman´.

According to Wikipedia, "Alejandra Gabriela Guzmán Pinal (born February 9, 1968 in Mexico City), better known as Alejandra Guzmán, is a Latin Grammy Award–winning Mexican rock singer and actress. She has had a dedicated fanbase throughout Latin America since the late 1980s, and is known as the "Queen of Rock" in the Hispanic world. She has sold 15 million albums."


Enjoyed the recap. My favorite line: "Vince shakes with delight and excitement just like my son's dog when it's time for a walk!"

Pancho's hair is in obvious need of help of course, but I'm finding Enzo (who is guapo to me in an uptight kind of way) in need of a hair redo too. I vote Vince for best male hair on the show.

I'm not really watching this show, sorry.

This is a remake of an Argentinian novela called "Los Roldán" and TV Azteca (the other big network here) made a remake in 2004. The story was a huge hit for them and I watched that one.

I did like it alot because even the baddies are not so bad and all its pretty funny. Televisa made some changes to the characteres (Candy is supposed to be transexual, Sherlyn's character is supposed to be fat and Pancho isn't supposed to be good looking at all, this cast is overall better looking) and they changed several things.

I think the Azteca version and this one have different strenghts though.

The Vicente character is great in both.

Azteca had leads with fantastic chemistry, there was a more kind of animal attraction there, they were my main reason for watching (even if their Rebeca was so beautiful and their Pancho was so not) and while I've always liked Arath de la Torre and think he is great at Pancho even if he is a little young for the part, there's something about Mayrín Villanueva that I can't like. Maybe I don't find her funny. Martha Cristiana (Los Sánchez' Rebeca) was funny she wasn't just the pretty, serious, well educated girl, she could be really funny too. And was a great foil for Luis Felipe Tovar (Las Sanchez' Pancho). Also, their characteres where more recognizable as nacos you'd see on the street. The ones from Familia are a little more like glamorous versions.

But I like the baddies here, Sergio Sendel and Daniela Castro are great. They always made me smile when I catch an episode. I know there's a young romance that everybody liked too and as I said, I do like Arath. I've loved him since I was 12, back when he was in teen novelas. I like Sherlyn, although I haven't seen much of her character.


Oh my, I just found the lyrics and they are a mouthful! I think I'll have to stick to Pancho, Pancho Lopez and leave it at that.

Jarocha, thanks for the info on past Familia's. I try to like Mayrín Villanueva but something about her leaves me cold, not sure what exactly. So far her character seems to be the weakest and least interesting in this version, but it's early days yet.

Can someone please tell me the translation of "no manches"?

Familia is fun, unlike the dramatic Fuerza.

It's an expression used in México that can either mean surprise, skepticism or chagrin depending on the context.


I've never cared much for Mayrín Villanueva, she is always so plain in her roles. I was dissapointed that she was chosen for this one, Rebeca should have a great and alluring presence, and she should be funny in a classy way. As I said, the Pancho and Rebeca relationship was my favorite thing of the last version. It was more simmilar to Beto and Constanza from Gancho (except she wasn't evil and he was a family man) than what it is shown here. The extreme attraction should make them believable even though Pancho is not a handsome man (although in this version he is not so bad looking).


Wow, thanks for that background info, Jarocha. Going by the pictures, I have to agree that Televisa got the better-looking Pancho. As for Rebeca, she sometimes gets to say a funny line, but she's not a funny character - at least not yet.

Actually, Sylvia is right - so far, Rebeca has just been bleh, but I think that's just how she's been written. She's had to say a lot of very bland things. Even when she's saying something that's potentially interesting (like picking on Chela), her speeches are unnaturally long and monotonous.

Later, when Rebeca inevitably gets to liking Pancho and tries to loosen up, maybe she'll be funny then - even if only because it will be so awkward. Comedy doesn't seem to be MV's strong suit, but I'll be happy if I turn out to be wrong about that!

It must be tough being cast as the terminal wet blanket. She certainly was that in Juan Querendon, at least that's how she played it. Our nickname for her was Harpy on Jet Fuel, ouch.

I gather in Familia she is supposed to be more of a mentor, super-disciplined, all work and no play kind of person, but not actually bitchy. She's supposed to teach Pancho about work and no doubt he will teach her about life.

Alejandra Guzmán is the daughter of Silvia Pinal, StuD. I had never heard her sing, I think she is very good & she seems like a real eccentric character.



I found Rebeca to be very bitchy, even cruel, for going after Chela about being in love with Pancho. Yeesh, Rebeca, give it a rest. She was supposed to be changing Pancho's mind, not nagging Chela, which didn't accomplish anything and she's lucky it didn't backfire and make Pancho angry.

After the contract was signed, Rebeca had even less reason to pick at Chela. Admittedly, it was Chela who was on the attack at that point, and it's VERY easy to pick on her, but Rebeca should have been able to be the bigger person. "Chela, I'm tired of repeating myself. The contract is signed. If you have a problem, take it up with Pancho." But she just HAD to twist the knife instead.

Bitchy and cruel, and yes - even sort of a harpy. Yet still bland. Go figure. Hopefully she'll DO something soon besides talk.

My brain is all used up for the day. Recap tomorrow.

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