Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amor Bravío #46 (Uni 41) Wed 10/17/12 “Doctor, the Patient is Coding! …. Stand Clear!Paddles!Zap! Everyone is Shocked”

What a zinger of a capitulo tonight!  We begin tonight’s capitulo as Isa saunters into her new manipulated manor, greets AlLocoLonso and ever so coolly announces that Camila is essentially bleeding to death and will soon be dead.  Camila has been gored by a bull and left to die.  Al actually shows he has little stomach for this level of cold-blooded murder.  We are left to wonder if he would have preferred some extra pills, water and permanent nighty-night for Camila.  He is, however, mouth agape, listening to the fine specimen of sociopathy that is mumsy Isavibora.  She dismisses his horrorstruck face and tells him to get over his sentimental feelings for Camila, to think about the millions of pesos he will inherit, and to have fun boinking  X-Inmoral.  Zap!  AlLocoLonso is shocked.

Back at the bull corrals, Dandres is kneeling in the dirt beside a gored Camila.  Dandres is seriously multitasking: he plugs the femoral artery, hollers for ayuda, remembers Miriam, asks God to save Camila, and whispers he loves her in her ear.  Dandres is our hero!  “Aguantate!” he tells her.  Dionisio runs to the scene with Mariano not far behind.  “How did this happen?” he inquires.  Dandres knows nothing.  He just found her there, lying in the dirt bleeding.  Mariano recalls that one of the workers told Camila that there was a sick bull that needed her attention  (Note: this  is not the only sick bull  that could use some attention ).  Mariano chides himself that he did not insist in accompanying her to attend to the sick bull.  Dio, taking charge in order to save his secret fantasy girl, astutely sees the need to call an ambulance and gets straight to it.  Mariano assures Dandres and Dio that Camila will surely recover.

Over at the fiesta in the plaza, Amanda stands at the agua de jamaica stand as Lic. Becerra greets her. They exchange niceties and regrets for not getting together more often.  Amanda invites him to dinner at the hostel.  Lic. takes up the topic of the recently discovered body (Julian) and the coinkidink that he was also a guest at Amanda’s hostel.   Amanda openly muses that it was fortunate that things turned out as they did before he (the now deceased Julian) could hurt “Daniel”. Yup, she said Daniel.  Lic.’s antennae go straight up and he asks “What Daniel?”  Amanda comes to her senses and sputters that she refers to another Daniel that is a guest at her hostel.  Amanda gazes off into the distant crowd.  Suddenly, her face is impactada!  Que? Camera pans to Dionisio who has run to the plaza to tell Camila’s family about her accident.   Que? Zap! Amanda is shocked.

Dio, is telling Agustina that his secret fantasy girl, um no, her daughter Camila has been seriously hurt by bull, I mean, by a bull. Zap! Agustina is shocked.

Panning back to Amanda, she gazes at Dio,  “No puedes ser!” (Zap!Shock), “Tu?” (hmm seems the two must be familiar) “Aqui?”.  Viewerville translates WTQue?  The world stops and Amanda slips into the dream world of her past.  A younger Amanda is standing over a desk with an infant in her arms and is talking to herself and gazing at a picture of a younger couple, Amanda and “he who shall be nameless for now”.  It seems “he who shall be nameless for now” has disillusioned her dream for a perfect and happy family.  It seems “he who shall be nameless” was not even the man Amanda had believed he was with all his fictitious names. A briefcase falls to the floor from the desk and many passports fall to the ground.  “He who shall be nameless” is a scam artist with multiple fictitious names and Amanda and Natalia have been deceived and must now make their way alone in the world.   This cad, we now know, is “he who is currently named Dionisio”.   Amanda reawakens and the world whirls back into motion.  Zap! Viewville is shocked with this revelation.

At the corrals, a distressed Agustina, wails as Camila is picked up by the medics to be put into the ambulance.  X-inmoral never missing an opportunity to take a verbal swipe, wonders aloud how her sister could be involved with such a dangerous profession.  Viv, our bohemian replies that the work is Camila’s passion and that this passion will be what saves her life.

Mariano searches out Pops and Moms Albarran to tell them Camila has been involved in an accident and he is going to the hospital to be of assistance.  BratMom wonders aloud about Mariano being so interested in the muchacha Camila.  Pops assumes Mariano would be concerned with any similar emergency situation.  No, Yago confirms, it is true that Mariano is interested in Camila as more than a friend.   Moms is unhappy with the idea that Mariano would be interested in this soon-to-be divorced woman.  Pablo suggests Moms butt out.  Moms tells Jr to watch it and adds that anything Mariano does, will have to take the mysterious Ana into account.  Ana who, we wonder?

Elsewhere on the bullgrounds, Viv and Rafa are sleuthing about.  They question one of the ranch workers about Camila’s activities before the accident.  He informs them that a mysterious elegant lady told the workers that a bull was sick and to pass the message to Camila to come help.  The worker describes the mysterious lady to Viv and Rafa as well as her similarly elegant car (missed product placement here) that she drove off in after passing along this fake message.  Synapses are firing in our good guys’ brain.

In the ambulance on the way to ER, Dandres is pleading with the medics to save Camila’s life while he whispers in her ear to hang on.  The medics are skeptical about her prognosis and Dandres lets out his thunderous command that the medics Must! Save! Her!   The medics declare that they are losing the patient… out comes the paddles….. stand back… Zap!…Jolt!… Zap! … Jolt.  Dandres continues his thunderous pleas as the “Daniel/Miriam” theme plays. He tenderly holds Camila’s head, telling her to hold on (aferrate), not to die before “lo nuestro” can even get started (ya man!) ,“No te vayas”.  The CdlF fans swoon and imagine themselves lying in an ambulance with him whispering sweet things in  their ears  preferably without the gored femoral artery.

As good guys Viv and Rafa walk away from the plaza through the pueblo, they have a sleuthing insight that the accident was likely not an accident after all.  Nope, someone must have planned this.  They review the list of possible villains… Dio?  Nope, he genuinely looked shocked at the news of the accident.  Besides Camila is his secret fantasy girl says Rafa.   A confused Viv wonders about Agustina?  Rafa reminds Viv that Dio is with Augustina while having booty call with Isa.  He is basically a perverse guy, what’s the surprise says Rafa? Nope, the pair deduce that today’s “accident” must be part of Isa and Al’s plan to capture Camila’s inheritance before she officially divorces Al.   Bulb over our sleuth’s head lights up. Zap! Zap! Viv and Rafa are shocked at their own conclusion.

We return to Amanda with cara palida and impactada.  She tells Lic Becerra and Natalia that she needs to go home where she will light a candle for Camila.  Lic. confirms that Amanda does not look well and is trembling.  All assume it is because of the sudden accident.  Natalia and Rodolfo will go on to the hospital as Lic takes Amanda back to the hostel.

Also leaving the plaza, Luzma  insists on going to see Camila in the hospital .  Leo Sordido and Piedad discourage her and tell her that her place it at the ranch.   Luzma tries to get them to understand how much Camila means to her.  Leo Sordido  launches into a gossip rant about all the problems at the ranch, that Camila doesn’t even own this ranch, and that the owner is in jail.  The other workers are Zap! Shocked to hear this.  Leo Sordido says it is best that the next owner and workers that will be running the ranch will be men.  This is best because the best place for women (viejas) is in the kitchen.  Viewerville adds misogyny to Leo Sordido’s list of mortal sins.

Back at the hospital, Ximena, Dio and Agustina commiserate on Camila’s condition.  Dio says she must survive and Agustina adds that Camila survived after losing her first love, Luis, and that it is clear that she can do it again.

X-Inmoral suggests Camila needs her husband, AlLocoLonso at a time like this.  Uh, sure X, that will make her feel muuuchh better.  Dio points out to X-Inmoral that his secret fantasy girl has no use for Al, being the weasel that he is.   X-Inmoral is indignant.  No one is shocked.

At the hostel, Amanda asks Lic Becerra who the man was helping put Camila in the ambulance. He tells her that is Dionisio Ferrer, Agustina’s novio.  Amanda is clearly troubled and fills Lic. in about her blast from the past with Dio.  She tells him Dio is a bad guy who uses fake names and she wants him nowhere near her or his daughter, Natalia.  Zap! Lic Becerra is shocked by this news.

We return to multiple fretters at the hospital.  Mariano explains that Camila needs a specialist (there is supposedly a bull medicine - de taurina- that does this kind of work, who knew?)  to repair the damage to her vein.  He tells them he has located one, that money is no object and that this doc is on the way.  Dio breathes a sigh of relief knowing that his fantasy girl, um, Camila will be receiving the best of care.  Snapping out of this fantasy to consider his reality girl, Dio asks where Agustina is and is told she is in the chapel praying for Camila.

Back at the hostel, Amanda continues the tale about her past with Dionisio who was formerly named Hector Gutierrez.  She tells him she was married to him at one time, and that although the marriage was a sham, Natalia is his legitimate daughter.  Lic. Becerra asks Amanda if Dio ever tried to look for her and his daughter, Natalia.  We are not shocked to hear Amanda tell him no.  Lic. suggests that Natalia needs to hear the truth about her father because, we learn, Amanda has never told her.  Amanda has told Natalia that her father is dead and she never thought that Dio would find her in this small remote town.  Amanda firmly tells Lic. “No,nunca” and she swears Lic. to telenovela priestly confessional strength silence.  Amanda adds her concern that Dio could feel exposed (expuesta) by this revelation.  She adds thatAgustina could be in danger by continuing to keep company with Dio.

We are flashed back to the concerned family and friends at the hospital:  Mariano and Agustina are praying in the chapel, Natalia and Rodolfo handle the coffee distribution and Viv and Rafa worry about Camila’s wealth and hell-being, the surgeons do their job, and the heart monitor ticks away.

While we wait, we return to Dante’s inner circle, Isa and Al’s manipulated manor in town.   Al wonders what is happening with this pending murder.  Isa suggests he call El Malquerida where he can be assured no one will be discrete and he can get a full update.  He calls, Leo Sordido answers and he asks for his suegra, Agustina.  Leo tells him Agustina is not there, but at the  hospital with Camila.  He tells Al that Camila has had an accident.  He tells Al that no one has received an update about Camila at El Malquerida.  Al hangs up and reports that death is only pending to Isavibora.  Isa orders Al to get to the hospital under any pretext, concern or otherwise, and keep tabs on Camila’s status.  He tells Isa that  he never wanted things to get to this point or in this way.  Isa scoffs and tells lazy Al to get over the sentimental feelings for Camila and take care of business.

Surgery is completed and the  doctor confirms to the worried well that Camila has a punctured femoral artery and that whoever stopped the bleeding saved her life.  All eyes go to Dandres and Agustina gives him a sincere thank you for saving the life of her hija.  X-Inmoral swipes at Dandres saying who would have thought the chauffer would be such a hero.  She continues to make viewerville wish she wander into the infectious disease ward without a mask.  The surgeon tells friends and family that they will need to find at least 10 blood donors  and that the next 24 hours are crucial according to telenovela medicine.  All the good guys volunteer to give blood.

Natalia returns to the hostel and asks her mom how she is doing.  Amanda assures her that she is better. Natalia complains about Dio and how she dislikes his bossiness and that he acts as if he owns the ranch.  Amanda snoops more by asking  her about this “Dionisio”.  Natalia describes him as a bossy fellow who wants his way.  Amanda pleads with Natalia to quit her job at El Malquerida telling her that she can work for Lic Becerra.  Natalia doesn’t want to leave the because she believes Camila needs her even more now.  She also dreams of having the opportunity to be someone more important and adds that the pay isn’t too bad either.

At the hospital Agustina tries to send Dandres home while she and Dio wait by Camila’s side.   Suddenly, Al trots in and demands to know what is happening and why no one told him about the accident.  After all, he is Camila’s husband, he claims.  X-Inmoral takes Al’s side telling him that she has been trying to tell everyone the same thing.  Why can’t Al get the respect he deserves?!  Agustina, rises to the occasion (we are thrilled to hear) and orders him to leave.  “You can’t do this to me Agustina”, he whines.  Dio steps in and adds “if you have any class at all Al, you would leave as Agustina is asking you to do”.   Defeated, X-Inmoral decides for the pair of them that they will leave together seeing as Al is not appreciated.  Agustina apologizes to Mariano, who has witnessed the scene with Al from afar.  Mariano brushes it off to the fact that Al and X-Inmoral are feeling powerless to do something for Camila (like successfully murder her).

At El Malquerida, Luzma brings flowers into the kitchen to place at the little altar to the Virgencita.  She says a prayer for Camila and gives thanks that Pablo is going far away, for good, where he will be safe from Leo Sordido’s threat to kill him.

Across the neighborhood at the Albarran ranch, Pablo finishes a phone call with Mariano and also agrees to be a blood donor.  Bratgirl is waiting on the steps for him. She asks him if it was uncomfortable seeing Luzma at today’s fiesta and when he is planning to leave the country.  Pablo tells her he has some important business to attend to before he leaves (we wonder what that could be?).  Bratgirl asks if he needs her company for the first few days when he moves to the United States.  Young, but wise Pablo says thanks, but no thanks, and good night.  Bratgirl’s face tells us she has just stomped her foot in frustration.  We are not shocked.

Back at the hospital, Rafa and Viv are consoling Dandres and asking how he is.  He tells them it was terrible to see Camila suffering so.  Rafa apologizes for the lousy timing of his next statement, but adds that he and Viv do not believe it is an accident.   They agree to meet together at Viv’s apartment to regroup and discuss these new developments and their plan.

Back again in the kitchen, Leo Sordido slops into the kitchen and demands that Luzma not be a blockhead (no seas taruga) and sit down and read the letter he has stolen from Dandres’ room to him.  Luzma opens the letter and reads it quietly to herself.  Young but smart Luzma realizes the letter holds critical information and considers what to do next.

Our good guy team, Aaron, Dandres, Viv and Rafa have regrouped at Viv’s apartment discussing the Zap! Shocking day.  They decide that the best plan is to work on Dio and turn his suspicion towards Isa and Al.  In essence, they plan to start an internal war so they can trip each other up.  Dandres also mentions that he knows that X-Inmoral and Al are cheating on Camila together.  Dandres recalls that Rodolfo suspected something a long time ago and then Dandres reports seeing the pair sucking knuckles together on the ranch himself.  They wonder whether or not to let Camila know.  Yes, they agree, this is lo correcto so as not to be complicit and to let Camila know she has a cockroach for a sister.  No, they agree, because how much bad news can the poor woman take, after all.  They ponder together over this news of the two cockroaches.  None of them are particularly shocked by it.

Back in the kitchen, Luzma silently reads the letter and Leo Sordido growls at her to get on with it.  Luzma decides to read a fairy tale rather than the actual letter.   She has to think fast as this is really the letter than we know Daniel Sr wrote to Daniel Jr along with the picture Sr had taken of him in Chile.  We know this reveals the truth about who Dandres is and all the shady story of Al and Isa.  Young but smart Luzma says that the letter is to Dandres from his girlfriend.  She is returning the picture of him because she wants no part of him any longer.  She reads the letter as if she is reading her own story between herself and Pablo.  The supposed novia is glad Daniel has gone away where he will be safe despite her deep love for him.  As she creates the story, Baboso Leo Sordido listens slumped over and drooling.  We can see there is an empty rusty socket in the brain and no bulb to light up.  Luzma finishes and Leo slumps off into the dark to swill his liquor and talk to his ghosts.  Thankfully, he leaves the letter and picture behind with Luzma.

Back at the hospital, Agustina and Dio are watching a sedated Camila from the window in intensive care.  Agustina is wishing for her recovery because she is her dear sweet daughter.  By her side, Dio is wishing for her recovery because she is his dear sweet fantasy girl.  The voice in his mind says “You cannot die because you will be mine, mine, mine!”

Somewhere in a den of iniquity, we visit Al and X-Inmoral lounging in bed together.  AlLocoLonso’s frantic inquiry in the hospital about Camila’s well being was not missed by her.  X tells Al he is strange because of his show of emotion and his outrage at being kicked out of the hospital by Agustina and Dio.  She asks him how he feels about Camila.  She is only intrigued, not concerned. (righhht).  Al in turn, asks X if she thought her sister would die and if she would be sad.  She replies she would be a little, but then mostly relieved.  She reveals that all her life she has been in competition with Camila and always ends up in the “one down” spot.  Camila has had two proposals from men, a father that adored her, unconditional love from their mother and a career she is passionate about.  Because X-Inmoral has never been able to compete, she decided to go completely in the opposite direction, or to rebel.  This is the first chance that X-Inmoral will no longer have to carry this burden and her twisted sense of karmic justice leads her to say that no one can have all the luck forever.  She asks if Al has the same twisted notion and has been with Camila for the same reason.  We think Al is still too busy in Oedipal conflict to have any insight to answer this question.  X-Inmoral gets passionate with the idea that once Al is a widow, the pair can become a publicly immoral couple.  Al agrees and passionately chews her knuckles and the two of them suck face  and fantasize about being important.

Later that evening, in the courtyard of Malquerida a car drives up and Bruno gets out.  Rodolfo approaches and asks if he can help this visitor.  Bruno asks for X-Inmoral and is told she is not there.  Bruno tells Rodolfo to tell her that he came looking for her and that she knows him very very well with his sinister little snarly face.  Over in the kitchen Luzma finishes reading the entire real content of the letter to herself.  She realizes that Dandres is really Daniel, the owner of  El Malquerida and she wonders why he is disguising himself as Andres?  Zap! Shock! Luzma is impactada shocked and we fade out of the episode.

Avances:  Camila survives and Isa has to try again to do her in.


Whoa looks like the bull was incompetent and was unable to finish the job. So, Hissadora and her shawl of invisibility will have to finish the job in hospice.

Dionisio "Camila will be mine not matter what it takes" you are just braying at the moon, pal.

Has anyone noticed that the closed captioning for the shows is either partially missing or way off the mark (gibberish, run-together words, misspellings, etc.) during the first part of each episode (where they summarize what has happened before)? The captioning gets better as the episodes get into the new material. I wonder why this is?

It's like one CCer is typing furiously as it's showing, and the other CCer got the show the night before to do a thorough, accurate job.

I don't know the answer to that. I used to think that they were translated by computer based on the sentence structure and the default translations of certain words, especially adjectives.

This episode raises several issues:

What does El Diablo think he can get on Mariano? Or is he just going to invent something?

How long before poor Natalia finds out she's the devil's daughter?

What will El Diablo do to Hissadora now that he knows she is responsible for the loose bull?

Now that Luzma knows that Andres is the real Daniel, what role will she play in the next series of events?

My cc's were fine. I watch them in Spanish, not sure if that makes a difference.

Did Daniel turn in a heart-wrenching performance last night or what. The tears were rolling down my cheeks as he desperately begged Camila to live. And that last te amo before they took her into emergency and the look of utter hopelessness as he was left behind. Thank goodness he had someplace to go to be with friends rather than that cold empty rancho.

Braying at the moon, good one Anon the First. Dio is so full of himself. With Amanda's revelation last night, we understand why he must feel invincible and any game he plays, he wins. Watch out, you, there are going to be too many folks in the neighborhood out gunning for you.

What? Natalia is the devil's daughter? Which devil? Is this new or have I been missing something all along? I better hurry and watch now so I can be in the loop.

I just have to say I now have a favorite: Babygirl (Luzma). She's gone from sappy in love teenager to brave, strong, intelligent, beautiful inside and out, and all together wonderful.


RLO--It was just revealed last night. Amanda was married to someone (last name Gutierrez) and it was Dionisio 20 years ago. She found out he was a swindler and a fraud--oh, just wait for Mena's recap, she'll have the whole story.


I still consider myself a newbie re: TNs and I haven't watched before AB since CME, so maybe this is normal and I just haven't notice it before now, but I'm having to put the beanie to use with all the coincidences going on: Julian who killed (?) Miriam is the uncle of Luzma, who just happens to get caught by Luzma's other skeezy uncle and killed. Rafa and Daniel showing up in the same town. Bruno knowing Ximena, and now Dionisio is Natalia's dad?!!


Si Si Nanette--We're used to it. Just go with the flow. They have to figure out a way to connect all these diverse characters. It's one way to keep the side plots from just being side plots. Enjoy and have another glass of wine before you sit down.

Nanette - like Renata bumping into Dr. Tatas at the airport and said doc being Roberta's OB when said sister was pg by Geronimo's brother? Is that the kind of coinkidink you are talking about? Natalia is Dios daughter. Sadly, I think this means there is a blood transfusion or organ transplant in Sweet Natalia's future. Of course, with this info we can just sit back and smugly watch the interaction between father & daughter knowing we are in on the secret.

Why is Luzma even talking to Tio Crotchrot?

It looks like Camila has an awful leg wound. Good thing she has the crutches from the car accident and then the sprain, and hopefully no more out-of-character too short hoochy mama dresses for her.

I liked the 3 guys who are in love (or lust) with Camila standing together in the waiting room. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker.


Anita: Don't drink, so I think I'll just wear Emilia's beautiful beanie and go with the flow :)

Flaco has a theory about Leo. He remembers a mention of Leo having a failed relationship back in the dim and distant and thinks that his killing of Luz's dad and rape of Luzma was to make sure that everyone in his family is as miserable as him. I think it might be a control issue. Also, it seems like he would have many opportunities to assault Luz and I get the impression he hasn't. Was it a one time thing to make her miserable, control her? Is he only interested in virgins? No matter what his deal is, is demise better be extremely satisfying to viewville.

RlaO: yes, except there seems to be an abundance of coincidences in this TN.

"Of course, with this info we can just sit back and smugly watch the interaction between father & daughter knowing we are in on the secret." This should be fun.

Hmmm, so does this mean Dionisio was once in love? Why else "marry" Amanda if she had no money? Amanda’s been so sharp about people’s character and bold about helping D’Andres. Too bad she’s vulnerable now. No way will she want Dionisio near her daughter.

I guess Dionisio is planning to kill Augustina.

Hope Camila wakes up tonight. Hate hospital scenes (unless it's Alonso having a heartache after taking an ED pill and trying to make it with a prostitute and the doc tells the whole lobby - that's a fav).

Nanette, I agree with your comment about all the unlikely coincidences. But when you think of it, that's the illogical stuff novelas are made of. For me they provide a pleasant escape from real life where it is not logical to assume that good will prevail over evil.


LOL Niecie! That was a satisfying hospital moment!

It is odd that Amanda fell for Dio, but hopefully amidst the fear that Natalia would find out he's her father, she took pride in the fact that Natalia already knows he is a bad guy.

One thing you gotta say about this TN, never a dull night. I was busy last night while it was on (skunk in our yard!), so I missed some. Boy, you can't miss any of this!

And, darn it, I forgot to set the DVR for tonight. I guess I just have to let my night class out early, so I can get home to see it.


Mena--I always look forward to your recaps. Stellar writing. The quote I like among all the other good ones this time is, "This is best because the best place for women (viejas) is in the kitchen. Viewerville adds misogyny to Leo Sordido’s list of mortal sins." I wonder if Leo keeps binders of women somewhere.

Lest we forget, rape is most often triggered by anger and rage and not necessarily lust. Leocerdo is in a class by himself. He needs to be neutered, painfully.

Cindy--You are a dedicated tn junkie. Join the crowds. I have passed up movie and dinner dates in order to be home at 10!

Excellent work with lots of good zingers. My faves: She continues to make viewerville wish she wander into the infectious disease ward without a mask. and We think Al is still too busy in Oedipal conflict to have any insight to answer this question.

Indeed. Any fans of Law & Order SVU here? I'm getting flashbacks of the episode "Pique."

Leoncerdo likely held off on raping Luzma for the following reasons:

1. The law is tougher on pedophiles.
2. In his sick brain he probably felt it was more effective to time this just as she was about to fly the coop into the arms of a sweet, cute, rich young man with a protective and helpful older brother.

I am so fed up with the misogyny in this story and the fact that it isn't limited to the male characters:

1. Hissadora's previous asssumptions that Camila will be a compliant wife sin caracter.
2. Augustina's asssumption that Camila can't learn to run a ranch.
3. Ximeana's one-upwomanship games with Camila.
4. Iliana's similar games with Luzma.
5. Rocio's insistence that Camila's status as a divorcee will not be acceptable (but this is just as much about her desire to control her sons).

Can anyone tell I'm spoiling for a weekend discussion on this topic?

Mena, you knocked it out of the park with this recap. It was so thorough and detailed. Fantastic job!

Luzma and Dan are the hero's of the day. I was so proud of Luzma for making up a letter. I wonder what she will do with the info now. Hopefully talk to Dan and let him know she read it and knows his secret.

I really liked how you said that D'andres was multitasking, good way to put it. He was doing it all.

I hope Lic Barrera now does a thorough investigation on Dion.

Speaking of Dion, did you see how fast Dion ran to get help after seeing Camila hurt? He made an impressive run there for his age and size.

Now Cam has 5 men who want her. Alonso(kind of), Rafa, Dion, Mariano, and of course Dan. When it rains, it pours.

So Viv and Rafa are putting it together about Dion, Isa and Alonso. Can't wait to see what their plan will be to have them fight against each other.

Again, great job Mena, so much happening in this episode, you had to write about every little thing that happened because it was so action packed, and you did it so well.


Thanks for the recap! Interesting and crazy episode this was!

UA, you summed it up perfectly about these new revelations. I'm most curious to find out what Luzma will do now that she's figured out that DDA and Andres are the same person.

Camila now has 5 suitors?! Why would Dion want to throw his hat in ring?!

TF- If he could marry her, then he could control the ranch. This will never happen, of course, she would never be interested in him and I don't know how he could even get close to her with Aggie being in love with him.

Niecie: That definitely was the best hospital scene ever.

Foxy: I can handle the little beanie moments with the coincidences since we have intelligent good guys, for once. That really makes up for it.

Alonso with a tattoo. So not buying it. It did look like he may have tried to cover it up when he pulled the sheet over his arm?

Tee Hee, Anita! "I wonder if Leo keeps binders of women somewhere"

Like EJ's long ago line of "I suspect she may not even be a capitalist", it tickled my funny bone.

Nanette, I have never understood tattoos and I can less understand actors getting them. This is a shining example of a character who would never get one in his life and a situation where either the makeup or editing department was asleep at the switch.

I have an aesthetic problem with tattoos in general, but actors getting them has always struck me as ridiculous.

Muchas gracias as always for such kindness! Working backward:
TF-Dio actually lusts for Camila, not just for her inheritance. He has been drooling over her for a while.
UA - I am a huge SUV fan but sadly don't know the show titles. I agree the sexism and misogyny is aggravating. How about pet peeves about TN story lines. Mine is the permission given to every male(and sometimes female)to get falling down drunk over a broken heart.
NiecieinMD- LOL with the reason for the AlLocoLonso hospital trip. Put the way you did, it is hilarious.
RLO - LOLL to the three suitors, butcher baker candlestick maker.

What a night! Lightbulbs going off everywhere.

Oh yahhh , forgot to mention Anita.. LOL, "binders of women"!

The tattoo- I noticed that too. It did look like AlLocoLonso tried to cover it up by the sheet. Makeup fell asleep after working so hard on
X-Imoral and the gushing femoral artery.

Mena - rollicking recap. Muchas gracias for all the detail.

UA: tattoos don't bother me so much, except when they cover great areas of skin, but I'm with you on the actor's getting tats thing. Unless it's hidden where no one can see it (unless they're doing a nude scene, perhaps), it can be a distraction as in the case of Al's tat. Plus someone mentioned before that CdlF's tats didn't fit his character here.

Mena: Awesome recap as always.

At the risk of sounding like a prude (and sorry, Sara, if you are reading this), there was a beautiful picture of Angelina in the Spanish People. She looked just gorgeous in a knock-out dress until you saw her tattoos.

I'm with you all about the tattoos, and I wondered always wondered about why actors would get them, unless they got them before deciding to be an actor. But, I think a lot of young people feel differently about them. There isn't a stigma attached to tattoos that I think there is for people my age. My nephews are in their early 20's and they don't have them, but they don't mind them either.

I'm going to have to rewatch the scene with Alonso in bed because I missed seeing his tattoo.


Alonso's is a bit "louder" than D'Andres's, but I agree it's unexpected and distracting. It wouldn't have been too hard to airbrush it out of the way before air-time. I kept trying to see what the symbolism was in Alonso's and missed the face-sucking (probably a good thing, anyway).

Talking about tats. There seems to be an epidemic with them. It seems as though it's stylish to have an arm full of them; some have all arms and legs full. And they have them in ages from 20's up to 50's. I for one don't like them. I'd like to know how they'll look when they are in their 70's and older...LOL!!!

Mena, loved your great recap!!!



Thanks Mena. Very detailed indeed. I was just wondering what the dynamics and how it would affect Natalie and the worm, Dionisio. Natalie and her mother are most invaluable allies of D'Andress. I hope it would remain so.
Now remember the identical birthmarks of Ximena and D'andress? If they are indeed half siblings then that would make Camilla the real heiress to MQ.Would that nullify the will and could the court give back the inheritance to Camilla?
By the way, I have little understanding of Spanish, this is why I go bonkers over the english Captions. Are they machine generated or are they manual input of translators. If thru the latter, Univision should hire English speaking translator that knows Spanish, instead of Spanish speaking translator that knows English. I'm only saying. They get lost especially when the characters get excited and go 100 mph.
This is why I enjoy very much Caray recappers and the forums afterwards.Thanks to you recappers!.

Wonderful recap Mena! I really enjoyed all the reveals this episode.

Nanette- I actually like when tn writers are able to keep the story so tight that they can create all these series of coincidences. Not just random stuff that makes no sense, but the kind of coincidences that you find in old mystery novels where the writer really has to have a mind like a steal trap to be able to think them up and keep them all straight. This group of tn writers are very good at this, so be prepared for more.

I dislike it when there are random characters and storylines floating around. A story like this I would really wonder how they could chop it up to fit it on dvd, without getting totally lost if you watched it.

Very smart/quick thinking from Luzma with the letter. Also, great quick investigation by Rafa and Vivi about the "accident."

RE tattoos: I like some of the designs, but each and every one of the tattoos always turns into a very dull navy color. Blehhh! Then, to make matters worse, some skin tones look better with the dull navy color than others. In this case, Al has paler skin than Dan and the tattoo just looks better on him, relatively speaking that is.


Great job with a moving episode. Thanks so much.

UA - great topic, misogyny in this and other novelas. I will say that I am very taken now with Luzma's spunk in "rewriting" the letter for her dirtbag uncle. I appreciate the courage of Vivi and Camila too, some good counters to the neanderthal attitudes and Leo's violence.

I thought the scene with Ximena and Alonso was interesting. Not much of a basis for a love affair, even one out in the open (some day!) I think we have two tragic characters in play, but how much damage will they do as they work out their obsession?

The tattoo thing drives me wild only because these characters would not have tattoos. Daniel and Alonso -- no! I have nothing against tattoos at all (would probably have one if I were young), but they are not true to some characters. I assume big movie stars like Angie have make-up that hides them on screen; not so much for our TN stars.

Casualidades! Probably true of all serial fiction. It seems to me that we see a lot of people running into each other in Dickens and Jane Austin, people who should have no reason to ever meet, or meet again. A friend once gave me this wonderful line: Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous. Never more true than in novelas where divine redemption and condemnation are lurking at every corner.

So bright and admirable Amanda got snookered just like not-so appearling Agustina. I do like the scene early one last night when Agustina was cheering Rafa on at the fair. At least she is gracious with Camila's friends.

Him being Dan, BTW! LOL

Vida- The will didn't say I leave my ranch to my next of kin, who I believe is DDA. It simply stated I leave it to DDA-- no further explantion about who he is and was assumed to be (son). So no, there would be no reason to contest the will, even if Dan is not Don Daniel's son. In his letter, Don Daniel asks Dan to spilt the ranch with Camila once he's defeated all his enemies and saved Camila.

About misogyny- Despite all the people telling Cami that she can't/shouldn't be and do the things she does, she doesn't listen to them or even think twice. This makes them look like idiots. She also has plenty of people who do believe in her (all the ranch hands, except Leo, Vivi, Rafa, Mariano, Luzma, etc.) It's clear the writers believe a woman is perfectly capable of being a vet of large animals, being a boss to mainly men, getting a divorce from horrible husband, and moving on to a new love.

Vivi: Maybe I'm having a problem with the coincidences because they're not spread out so I'm noticing them more. But I agree that this is a well written TN. CME is still my fav so far, but this one is creeping up there. Just like CME, this one has something big happening in nearly every ep (and we're only at Cap 46!!!). I just wish I liked the galan better. Don't hate me group, but he really doesn't do anything for me.

Thanks for this recap Mena. You had quite an episode.

Mena - What a great storyteller you are! Thanks for the recap. I loved all the Zaps and Isavibora and your description of D'Andres multitasking and "wealth & hell-being". Really, I loved the whole thing.

Nanette - I don't think there is a day go by that I don't make a CME reference in a comment. I so wish they'd re-air it.


RlaO: Re: CME. "I so wish they'd re-air it. " So do I! Flaco didn't watch CME and I keep telling him he has to catch it when it re-airs.

Mena, belated but heartfelt thanks for a great recap. I loved so many of your lines. Most have already been cited by others, but I also enjoyed "she swears Lic. to telenovela priestly confessional strength silence," "Camila’s wealth and hell-being," and your riffs on Dio's fantasy girl.

Gobluefan, yes, I too noticed that lately the Spanish captions start out like gibberish but eventually become more accurate. I'm not sure why that happens. For a long time in the past, the captions were godawful all the way through. Sort of like 100 monkeys typing at once. I finally complained to Comcast and, to my surprise, eventually got to speak with someone who was able to do something about them. Suddenly, they were wonderful! I was amazed and delighted. But then, more recently, as you've noted, they've become dreadful at the start, but fine after that. I'm as mystified as you are.

Anita, add me to the list of those who love your "binders of women" remark. Brava!

Love the recap and all the discussions! I don't care for tats much myself, especially when they're on beautiful young people. And most tats are just bad art. I do think Gabriel Soto's angel is kind of neat; I suppose he's named after the angel Gabriel.

I like Camila because I have a friend who is a lot like her. She has a ranch (she calls it a farm, but I think anything with over 100 cattle is a ranch); she's a boss to manly men; she got a divorce from a horrible husband; and she moved on to a new love (or three). There's a lot to running a ranch, like knowing what kind of grass is best to grow for the animals and when to cut it to get the maximum protein value in the hay. And on and on.

I think it's great to see these stories with strong women!


Thanks Mena for a great recap. There was so much activity in this episode and you not only captured it but made it entertaining & fun to read.

Re: Tattoos
I have many myself & I often find that peoples' comments about my tattoos say more about them than my tattoos say about me. For example: I'M not the one who brought the subject up. Just sayin'...........

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