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Qué Bonito Amor #34 (Mex 50.2-51) Thursday 5/30/13 Que Bonitos Esmoochies!

I did not remember to set the DVR to catch the 5 minutes before the show's official start, so if anything important happened during that time, someone please fill us in. Gracias!

Gloria is annoyed that Colosso chewed out Rodrigo for refusing to escort Paloma.  Rodrigo was thinking about getting a job to buy her a present so maybe she'll forgive him.  Gloria's cool with that, and she's sure it will work.  He wonders if Gloria found the person she was looking for and she admits that she did--his father.

Elvira comes to show off her new drenched look to Colosso.  She vows revenge.  Colosso doesn't want to hear a negative word about Maria out of her mouth, and he doesn't want Maria being hurt, either.  He tells Elvira to go back from whence she came.

Rodrigo has no desire whatsoever to meet his dad.  Gloria tells him that his father never knew about him.  Rodrigo wants to know who it is and Gloria tells him it's Colosso.

The man himself hangs out with his rooster at the dining table.  To clarify, the Rooster is perched on a chair and not being served on a platter.  Colosso ponders the existence of his child and asks the rooster what he thinks about all this.

Rodrigo takes his anger out on the cymbals and says if his dad doesn't want anything to do with them, then they ought to go home.  He doesn't understand what the big deal is about her needing to find him just now.  Gloria poetically declares her love.  "Then why do you want me to stay with him?"  Gloria tells him the truth--"I'm really sick.  I don't want you to suffer. I love you and I don't want you to see me dying."  That just freaks him out, but he'd rather not leave her, in that case!

Prudencia assures Irasema that we're all born to love.  Her sister adds that love is for everyone.  The two older ladies joke about what hot dishes they used to be.  Maria tells Irasema to take a chance.  She shows her the dress and Irasema says she doesn't deserve it, but the other three are just dying to give her a makeunder.  Prudencia is sure the Virgen sent Susanito to Irasema to reward her devotion.

Mancia reads the cards for Susanito.  She says she's seeing love and good things with his love, but there's another woman…Susanito says one is plenty, thanks!

Maria works on Irasema's makeup while the older ladies choose accessories and supervise Maria's work.  Sounds like they're going to leave her hair alone.  Maria puts on the earrings the ladies chose.

Mancia is upset to see there's another woman coming between Susanito and his love.  She warns him not to let anyone come between them.  She says the relationship won't be easy when that other woman comes along to complicate things. Mancia begs him to defend his love and Susanito smiles weakly.

Maria and the ladies are sure Susanito's gonna plotz when he gets a look at Irasema.  Maria puts some perfume on her and they all tell her how great she looks.

Curtis has improper thoughts about Derecho and molests a stuffed gorilla FF>>

Gloria tells Rodrigo she doesn't have anyone to leave him with. Not that he wants to be left.  Gloria insists Oscar's the only person who could take care of him.  She explains she'll be hospitalized and she needs his help to take that step.  She really doesn't want him to see her, but he doesn't want to leave her.  She begs him to help.  She promises she'll fight to live, but she thinks it will take a miracle.  She swears she'll always be in his heart.  He just keeps saying he doesn't want to leave her and go live with anyone else.  Gloria says he'll never leave her, his love will always be with her and if anything happens, he should just look for her in his heart and she'll always be there.  She tells him to be strong because she doesn't have much time left.  She'll have to talk to Colosso again.  Rodrigo's only lines are "I don't wanna!"  Gloria declares this is their only option.  She needs to know he'll be take care of.  Rodrigo won't promise anything.

Bruno mopes in his hotel room.  Derecho and Curtis come visit.

JAntos keeps reading over the email from Wendy..only now he looks confused instead of happy like he was before.  He re-reads Bruno's email and wonders out loud what a mess Wendy's gotten herself into, though she's just a victim.  And the father of her child, the man she loves, is the one who got them into all this trouble.  Well, that's only cause he doesn’t know about OG's involvement.

Altagracia is following a family tradition to knit the baby's first jacket.  Wendy wants to learn how to knit too.  Altagracia shows off Santos' little blue jackets and the two of them hug.

Derecho and Curtis came to deliver a "We're watching you" warning. FF>>

JAntos sees a pregnant woman and imagines it's Wendy.  Maria notices and JAntos tells her that he found out his sister is pregnant. Maria is thrilled that he's going to be an uncle.  JAntos is stressing about all the things he hasn't told her, but Maria doesn't want him to tell her.   He ought to make her sign a form to that effect, cause later she's going to complain that he didn't tell her the truth earlier.  JAntos waxes rhapsodic about how much he loves her and how it's the best thing that's ever happened to him.  *smoochies*

Concho praises Mirna for her voluptuous…inventory report.  They chase each other around the desk and then get busy in time for wifey to bust them…"finally" she says, though I could have sworn she'd caught them before.

Elvira went angry shopping. Elvira wants to get Maria fired.  The brunette not-so-mean-girl isn't happy about that.  She's probably close to getting her Mean Girl license revoked.

Isa is wheeled out of the hospital, where the mariachis play for her.  Ruben wants to give them a ride home, but Amalia refuses and they all load into the Mariachimobile.  Including JAntos, once Isa pulls rank with Colosso.  With Ruben watching, Maria reaches her hand over the seat to JAntos.

Leti sees Aventurero backstage at the bar and thanks him for helping them move.  He starts to ask her something, but chickens out.  When he's gone, she mocks him and asks when he's finally going to tell her.  She thinks she may have to make the first move.

Fernando polishes the fingerprints off a picture of Dolores Del Rio (  He talks about how she was such a great actress and even recorded some music.  Fernando goes on and on about how he helped a married woman recover her self-esteem.  His thoughts wander to Roxana….

Roxana begs her husband to free her, but of course, he refuses.  He laughs when she lists all the ways he has mistreated her and threatens to hit her again.

Fernando sits on the stage alone singing a song I can find nowhere on the Internet, so if you know what it is, let me know!  Ana stops to listen.

Si no me miras/If you don't look at me
Que puedo decirte con mis ojos/What can I tell you with my eyes
Si no me miras, si no me miras/If you don't look at me, if you don't look at me
Cuando te observo/When I see you
Siento alivio aqui in mi pecho/I feel relief here in my chest
Es un respiro/It's a sigh
Para mis miedos/For my fears
Y entonces dime tu que puedo hacer/So then you tell me what I can do
Para sacar a ese loco que hay en mi/To get out that crazy man I have in me
Que no me gusta/That I don't like
Es un veneno para ti/It's a poison for you

Ana says she forgot how well he composes and sings…"It almost sounds like you have a heart."Fernando tells her he has to rescue Roxana and Ana asks what the plan is.  Fernando wants to go today and he wants Ana to help.

Curtis cries to her buddy over plates and plates of food at Derecho's favorite restaurant.  If not for the absurd crying, she'd actually look really nice.  She spots Derecho with his date at a table across the restaurant.

Fernando watches Roxana's jackass of a husband pull away from the house in his stretch SUV limo.  Everyday vehicle of jackasses everywhere.  He calls Ana and tells her it's time. Ana goes to the door, but she can't unlock it.  From inside, Roxana beats on the door.  Ana keeps trying different keys.  Fernando finally crosses the street to go help her.

Rodrigo sits up in bed pondering his mother's mortality and crying.  He turns the lights on and starts getting dressed.

Fernando tells Roxana to get out of the way and kicks the door in. He stops to give Roxana a comforting hug while Ana looks on.

Maria and JAntos are all traje-ed up to take the stage at Ay, Jalisco.  JAntos introduces Maria to Rigoberto again…formally this time.  He says he's happy to meet her…again.  Rigo jokes that he's the same old Rigo, but she's a completely different woman.

Rodrigo looks in on his sleeping mother before he heads out to who-knows-where.

JAntos and Maria take the stage with the rest of the mariachis who are admiring Irasema, sitting at the bar.  Colosso goes to fetch Susanito while JAntos plants a lip-lock on Maria and the guys razz them.

Fernando promises Roxana's husband will never touch her again.  Roxana thanks him and thanks Ana…who looks out the door and sees the jackass returning.  Ruh roh!

Colosso goes back to the guys' dressing room, but Susanito isn't dressed.  Colosso chews him out for his absenteeism of late and then gives him another chance.  "What do you want me to do?"  Colosso wants Susanito to sing with him and Maria and Jantos when he gives him the cue.

Jackass tells his guards to check the house, then walks in.  Ana and Roxana prepare to sneak out a window as soon as a guard runs past them below.  Fernando waits at the bedroom door listening as they make the jump.

JAntos reminds the guys that Susanito doesn't know about the plan.  Maria mouths to Lety to bring up some flowers for Colosso to give to Susanito.  Aventurero gets off the stage to ask Mirna to give Irasema a better seat.  Mirna says she'll settle accounts with him later.  Once Irasema is seated at a table right in front of the stage, the Saucy Wenches hide her from view with a bunch of sombreros.  JAntos announces it's a special night for somebody and introduces Susano Sanchez.  Colosso gives him the roses and says he's going to sing with the bouquet and he'll know what to do.  Susanito, Colosso, Maria, and JAntos all sing "Sabes Una Cosa" (  Susanito mans up and approaches the table with the roses.  Jantos takes over for a verse and sings to Maria.  Susanito and Irasema look at each other awkwardly.  Susanito comes back in as they sing that he's glad he met her.  As Maria sings a verse, Susanito goes back to staring.

Do you know something?
I have something to tell you
And I don't know where to start
To explain what I want to tell you

Do you know something?
I can't find the words
Or the verses or the rhymes or the prose
Maybe with a rose I can tell you

Do you know something?
I don't even know when
You showed up all of a sudden
My heart started to notice

Do you know something?
I love you, beautiful girl
And I give you with this rose
Whatever life I may have left

I thank heaven for having met you
For having met you I thank heaven
And I tell the stars how beautiful I felt
How beautiful I felt when I met you

Do you know something?
I love you
Without you I'd die
If you're far away

Roxana and Ana make it out the window and run for it…making a little too much noise for my liking.  The hail a cab.  Fernando is about to jump out the window when the doorknob rattles.

Maria keeps singing her verse to Jantos as Susanito and Irasema stare at each other.  Irasema starts to cry. 

Do you know something?
I have something to tell you…

Do you know something?
I love you and I venerate you
I adore you and I want you
Sweetheart, come let me love  you

I thank heaven for having met you…

Do you know something?
I love you
Without you I'd die
If you're far away

Do you know something?
Do you know something?

They finish the song and Susanito offers her the flowers and asks if she liked it.  She says he sang beautifully and thanks him for "everything."  Susanito makes with the public display of smoochies.  And he does a damn fine job of it too!

Tomorrow: Elvira takes her revenge *yawn*; Maria yells at Ruben; Maria and Jantos get mugged at gunpoint.


Buenas noches, mis peeps. I made a concerted effort to summarize tonight, as it's a concert week. I'm singing patriotic pops the next two nights and Sunday afternoon and then the Chorus season is over until August. Also on Sunday and Monday, I'm presiding over the auditions for the show I'm co-directing on July. I am busy like a bee.

Thankfully this was a mostly happy episode with some music in it!

Break a leg, Kat.

Good work on this and I don't think you missed anything important. There was a scene with Lourdes looking in the mirror asking why her husband is abandoning her after 25 years of marriage. She finally declares she isn't letting this happen. There is the beginning of the scene with Concho and Mirna when they're counting the money.

I went nuts looking for the lyrics to this evening's production number and couldn't figure out the title. What is it?

I am beginning to think that whatever dirty business Ruben is mixed up in it has to do with Roxana's husband (whose name I never caught). That would make sense from a Televisa perspective because everybody's fates are always tied together.

More later; I have to go out to Target before it gets too hot.

Great work Kat. I watched the first half of this last night, eagerly waiting to see Ira's tranformation, but it looks like theyr saved it till the last scene. I turned my dvr on after I turned it off, so I will go back to see how she looked and to see the serenading scene. It sounds like it was quite good.

So Mancia doesn't realize that SHE is the other woman who will try to come between her son and the woman he loves? LOL! Can't wait till he throws her words about fighting for his love in her face.

Carolina- Are you really serious about liking this Rodrigo kid better than Pablo (AB)? That scene with him and Gloria was just painful to watch. No amount of "impactado" music could make up for the complete lack of acting skills on that kid's part. Ay yay yay!

I am glad that Gloria finally told him the whole truth. Looks like there will be some movement on that storyline now. Coloso was looking very thoughtful with his, rooster, as he thought about whether it's true that he's Gloria's baby-daddy.

The one everyone sang together? Sabes Una Cosa.


Thanks for this great recap. I too liked the song Fernando was singing while strumming his guitar. I also like the version of Amorcito Corazon they play in the background. The serenade for Ira and Susanito was wonderful.

I liked that the ladies transformed Ira. She looked really beautiful when they were done and very chic. I really hope this works out for them and I agree with Vivi, can't wait for Mani's reaction and that she is the one that will try and keep them apart. I hope he takes her advice and fights for Ira.

And just how is Elvira going to get Maria fired when she is the money maker, along with Jantos, at the bar. I highly doubt that Concho would fire her. I am really wanting to see what that Elvira comes up with.

I too am glad that Gloria told Rodri about his Papa. Maybe this will help Oscar grow up. I did like how Oscar defended Maria and threw Elvira out.

Rodri, the actor that plays him, may be awkward, but I think he did a great job tonight with his scene with Gloria. It was gut wrenching and the reaction would be just what a teen would have. Boys are always awkward at that stage. He fits this part really well, just my own humble opinion.

Arturo Peniche has a lovely voice. I enjoyed hearing him sing that little song as he played his guitar.

Pablo from Amor Bravio >>>>>> Rodrigo from QBA.

However, the Pablo role was much more significant than the Rodrigo role. Rodrigo is a Z-list character only significant b/c he's the secret child of a main character and dating the sister of a main character.

Rut-roh @ Fernando! Didn't Mancia read Ana's cards and tell her there was going to be some danger involving a woman?

Santos' reactions to Wendy & Bruno are confusing me. And it's pretty creepy random pregnant women are reminding him of Wendy. Actually this is the 2nd scene this week I've found Santos to be creepy. The first was when he was leering/smiling at the clown.

LOL @ Coloso throwing Evilra out.

I wish they could have done something with Irasema's struggle hair.


Anon207- I would have thought they would just let the Ira actress take off that horrid wig and use her real lovely dark brown hair, when they did the make-under. But I guess that didn't happen?

Buenos Dias, Miss Busy Like a Bee. I'm glad I don't have your energy any more! And to give us a top-drawer recap encima was spectacular. I look forward to your recaps every week.

...Elvira comes to show off her new drenched look to Colosso.
...Rodrigo takes his anger out on the cymbals
...the other three are just dying to give her [Ira] a makeunder
...Curtis has improper thoughts about Derecho and molests a stuffed gorilla
...Rodrigo's only lines are "I don't wanna!"
...She's probably close to getting her Mean Girl license revoked.

Lourdes caught the coupling couple just smooching the first time--and laid down the gauntlet--nunca mas.

Me thinks she's angry enough at him to gang up on him with Elvira to get Maria fired. She's also going to hit the roof when she hears that Mirna is now an associate of the place (against Concho's better judgement).

Well, Ms Kat's peeps, is Derecho's lady his mother, his wife, his girlfriend or, wait for it, his daughter? Shall we vote or shall we wait?

After Pretty Woman, I thought all street walkers wore wigs. Hers looked pretty good, but her real hair was even better. Ira's hair has to be the worst wig ever. Must be glued to her forehead. I wish the ladies had persuaded her to take it off, too.

Now we all know why the young actor playing Roddre was selected. He had to be able to cry and snuffle a lot, not unlike Guillo or Victoria Ruffo. I thought the scene went on for twice as long as it needed to, but that's Mejia's way of showing us real love between a mother and child--Not. He came across as just another mama's boy, but not as twisted up as Susano.

It didn't dawn on me until Vivi mentioned it that Mancia was the woman interfering with Susanito's amor. Thanks. I was expecting another man, or 2, or 3, or 7, or 15. Pru and her sister just *know* she's a good woman because she stops to pray to the Virgencita every evening before she goes out. If only it were that easy, folks.

I'm enjoying JAntos and Maria's easy closeness--while I can. Separation and pain are surely ahead, if Elvira & Lourdes have their way.


We all seem to agree that Mancia is the "other woman" who is going to cause problems for Sue — great minds or maybe lots of TN watching.

I can't help thinking how causally Concho runs his business. There never seems to be a night when everybody shows up for wok. Last night no Fernando and no Ana, the previous night no Sue and Maria and JAntos have blown off work a couple of times as well. I guess as long as the money rolls in he isn't going to rock the boat and that is why he won't go along with whatever crapola SlutE comes up with. No way is he going to get rid of his moneymakers.

Interesting lately how the antagonista always has a cadre of simpering mean girl accomplices and one always seems to develop a conscience and acts as a voice of reason.

The mother and son chat was awkward but I guess telling your teenage son he had a father who didn't know he existed and that oh by the way you were dying might not run smoothly. And why Gloria keeps assuming she will die taking her chemo treatments is beyond me. As someone who has seen far too many family members go through it I can say you may feel like dying but the treatment isn't the killer.

I didn't think it was creepy when JAntos thought the passing pregnant woman looked like his sister. I thought it was rsther touching. He obviously misses her and knows it may be a long time before he sees her again. It also set up him being able to tell Maria that much as he once again struggled to tell her the whole story. Another vote for getting her to sign a note saying she didn't want to hear it since when she does she's guaranteed to throw another of her hissy little tantrums.

I think JAntos does know that OJ was involved in the money laundering. I'm pretty sure he mentioned it during one of his on-line sessions. He's no fool and with Bronze B who looked noticably paler last night involved and as OJ's cousin he is sure to put two and two together if he didn't already know or suspect his shady lawyer.

I'm casting my vote that the girl who looks ages too young for him is Derecho's daughter.

Thanks for the great recaps of QBA, I am currently watching Televisa episodes over the internet and truly enjoy reading the objective recaps you are posting of the novela. This is one of those novelas that people either hate or love and so far the most vocal have been the LHDM fans who can't tolerate a remake of their novela. I do agree the novela is not well written and at times cartoonish, but it is written for a Mexican audience, so who cares about details about American law and order. jajajaja
I love Lt. Curtis.

I am a fan of Danna and am enjoying her performance in making Maria "the good girl, raised by traditional Mexican values by the good single Mexican mother, that S Mejia envisions" the Mexican culture to be.

Sorry, got sidetracked.... the reason I am writing is to answer over the song Arturo Peniche was singing while strumming the guitar. Salvador Mejia allowed him to write and perform several of his own songs in the novela and this is the first one. It is a good song especially when he sings it at the Jalisco no te Rajes... with mariache music... I don't consider this a spoiler, but if it is, please delete, no problem.

once again, thanks for the recaps.

It sort of is, but that's not likely to be something significant to the plot. And if it is, don't say anything!

My fear during the last scene was the possibility that any of the guys would recognize Irasema. Not that any of them need to hit the red-light district, but somehow all guys know about that. Or am I wrong?

So, Lt. Curtis' first name is Samantha... good choice.

I'd like to see Daniela turn on Elvira, but it's probably too soon for that.


I also though one of the guys would recognize irasema. Then again they are all working at the same time she is but still . . . In any evwent i was glad that they didn't.

I keep thinking that some of the LA characters have to go to Mexico, they can't keep showing this like it is two unconnected stories. There has to be some fact to face contact for things to be properly resolved.

Vivi, Maria tried to fluff up Irasema's hair but I don't think she wanted her hands caught up in that mess.

Anon, *I* care about getting the details right in scenes set in America or with American characters. I've seen plenty of other novelas where the writers "try" to get it right. The most recent example is La Fuerza Del Destino where the galan escaped to America and was adopted by an American father. It was explained the American father had a Mexican mother and that's why he could speak Spanish. In the office scenes they spoke English.

There is no excuse in a novela set partially in an English speaking country for the characters not to be speaking SOME English. Characters who should be speaking SOME English:







Michael Johnson (more on him later)

The Judge


Black Prison Thug Who Shanked Michael & Later Needed Dental Care

Of all of them, Michael Johnson should be speaking ENGLISH. It would make more sense for his character to be speaking Spanish if his name was "Miguel Johnson" or "Miguel Jimenez" than MICHAEL JOHNSON or invent a backstory where Michael's mom is from Mexico or something. They gave an explanation for why "Tony McGuire" or "Steve Norton" spoke Spanish, they need to give an explanation of why Michael Johnson exclusively speaks Spanish in America, too.

Decie Girl,

The most obvious connection b/w the Mexico City crew & the LA crew is RUBEN, who has said he needs to travel to L.A. for business. We know Ruben is shady, so his business (and Roxana's husband's business) has to be connected to the L.A. crew some kind of way.

Five Footer, thanks so much. I don’t know how you find time for recapping, but I sure do appreciate it. My favorite part of the recap was the bit about the Mean Girl license getting revoked. Too funny! And it could happen. My favorite part of the episode was seeing Santos’ little bitty baby jacket. Awww. How cute was that? And also seeing Evilra getting nothing from Coloso. Ha! Take that, ho!

Vivi: “Carolina- Are you really serious about liking this Rodrigo kid better than Pablo (AB)?” LOL! What I said was that I liked the puppy love scenes between Rod and Pal better than Pablo and LuzMa. I just never warmed up to them as a couple. They were a lot older (4+ years) and yet very awkward and just too vacant for me. Luzma bugged me more than Pablo. I think these young QBA kids are cute and, unlike the AB couple, I don’t fast forward through their scenes. As for acting, I agree that Pablo’s role was much better done and much more substantial, though I find Rod’s geeky adolescent bumbling rings true. However, I have to agree with Anita, the blubbering went on far too long. Luzma vs. Paloma? The jury is still out.

Anon207: Santos' reactions to Bruno are confusing me. Wendy I get. He is happy she is pregnant and misses her, but he isn’t happy about Bruno becoming part of the family. I think this is the first he’s heard about her intention to still marry him. We’ve seen a couple of the hallucination scenes so far, so the pregnant woman was just another. Remember the one that JAntos and Maria had simultaneously while looking at couples in a park and picturing it was themselves instead? I think it was just before their first kiss. It was a lot longer and weirder, I thought. JAntos' reaction to Bruno’s email, however, I don’t get. JAntos already knew he had betrayed him. What did he say in that email other than don’t tell anyone I contacted you? Did I miss something?

About Lourdes and that scene a few epis ago when she asked Concho about the small safe in the office and he said it was emergency funds. I just rewatched it and I thought she said that she took the money from it. Lord knows I get things wrong at times. She was worried that he’d be mad at that, but he told her everything I have is also yours. She was then very relieved. I think she could be stashing money to take with her when she leaves him. Also his statement about everything that is mine is yours could be foreshadowing a nasty divorce battle over assets.

It seems that Elvira, Lourdes, or whomever wants to get Maria fired is going to have a hard time of it because the last time Concho tried to fire her, all the mariachis threatened to walk out and he backed down. And that is in addition to Concho being no fool about who makes money for him.

I'm thinking that maybe Bruno will take off for Mexico and look for Santos to try to make nice. He doesn't appear to be doing anything but moping around a hotel room, and he could get away from OJ, the cops, and the lovely Whiny Wendy.


I think Elvira has something else in mind. Something more violent. She is just as loca as Lorena and might be thinking the same thing as she was.

Which leads me to a parallel story point in a previous Mejia production: In FELS there was some cosa de ninas between Ruth and Sofia that led to Ruth chasing Juan. Elvira is doing the same dirt to Maria. While that didn't happen in PdG, Danna Garcia played Norma, the Sofia character.

Kat -- first off, break a leg. I'm totally ready to tell everybody I know that I knew you when…..
Also, thanks for another greatly amusing read! I did LOL with
"but the other three are just dying to give her [Ira] a makeunder" Muy chuckleworthy.  Didn't catch the chatter about them in the good old days. Totally greek to me whatever language the old broads were speaking in!!

"He ought to make her sign a form to that effect, cause later she's going to complain that he didn't tell her the truth earlier."  Yup, and probably one of the top 10 all-time telenovela rules! LOL!!

Thank you, too, for the traditional mariachi's version and link for Sabe Una Cosa. Pretty darn catchy! Here's Luis Miguel's less traditional version I think you'll like also!

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