Monday, May 27, 2013

Qué Bonito Amor #31 (Mex 46-47.1) Monday 5/27/13

Note: Scenes deleted from the original broadcast are indicated in red.

Capitulo 46: Padres, Amantes, y Lagrimas

Hernández McMansion, Study: Don Concho looks over some documents as Lourdes prepares to make a demand of him. She wants to know what is in the small safe in the study. It's supposed to be emergency money. She seems satisfied with his explanation and he asks if she can leave him alone. [In English; his pronunciation is quite good.] She exits. [Methinks this is the money that should have been going to Almira.]

Hotel (in El Lay): Bruno remembers Altagracia's reproaches as he curls up at the foot of the door.

Garza Mansion: Wendy fidgets in her bathroom, checking her watch, then looking at a home pregnancy test strip on the basin counter. Result is positive. [Didn't see this one coming, but it figures.]

Hotel: Bruno looks like he's either sinking into depression or he's realizing his own stupidity as he continues to hear Altagracia's voice talking about how she took him in as a son.

Rolling waves at dawn, then various morning shots of Mexico City

Hospital Room: Maria and Jorge Alfredo have obviously been there all night, and Almira arrives. She wakes Maria, who has fallen asleep in the chair. Brief verbal exchange before Maria and Jorge Alfredo kiss Isabel and depart, leaving Almira to watch over her. Almira thanks Jorge Alfredo before he exits, then kisses Isabel and takes the chair, waiting for her to wake up. She looks even younger and smaller in the hospital bed.

Garza Mansion, Garden: Justo and Altagracia have breakfast as Justo repeats his appropriately low opinion of Bruno. Wendy enters and sits with them. “I have something very important to tell you,” she says [TN Cliché # 40] “I'm pregnant.” [TN Cliché # 41] Justo is not happy about this [TN Cliché # 42] and Wendy tells him that Bruno loves her and they are going to be married. He leaves the table, annoyed. Altagracia takes this a bit more calmly, hugging her errant daughter, but looking to Dios for unspecified assistance.

Mendoza Apartment: Maria and Jorge Alfredo clean up after breakfast [We notice some Del Fuerte products on the shelf above the sink.] We hear the theme song in the background of multiple “te amos” and “no puedo vivir sin tis” A few besos we almost feel with what must be a lot of horizontal intent. [Por favor, Santos; not in your suegra's apartment.]

Hospital Waiting Room: Almira thanks Rubén for all he's done for them. While he admits that he didn't pay the hospital bill, he tries to make something negative out the fact that Jorge Alfredo paid the largest part of it. Like being rich is dishonest and Maria is being deceived and is in danger. [¡Por favor, pendejo, she is in more danger from your esposa!]

Mendoza Apartment: Over the sound of the series' exit music, Jorge Alfredo prepares Maria for the truth-telling with multiple “te amos” which she correctly interprets as being set up for something. He starts by saying that things will be different from then on, mor “te amos” y besos. Another sentence leading to the word “verdad” and why Jorge Alfredo's parents had to send him money. Por supuesto, there is a knock on the door before he can begin. The knock is so persistent Maria answers. It's Mancia, crying because Susanito didn't come home all night and she doesn't know what to do. Maria tells her she will find him. She and Jorge Alfredo exchange looks.

Street: Our worries are allayed for the momentito as we see our recently devirginized and newly disillusioned Susanito walking and thinking. He stops for a second at the sight of another mariachi playing a guitar in front of two children and putting his sombrero on the boy. Finally he enters the courtyard.

Mendoza Apartment: Mancia continues crying as Jorge Alfredo says nothing's happened and everything will be alright. However, he looks like he's restraining himself from a serious eyeroll when she says “Some woman stole my baby's goodness when my back was turned.” Maria looks confused and concerned at the same time.

Irasema's Apartment: She sits at her dresser still wearing her standard uniform as she touches up her makeup [Obeying the fashion dictate that a red blouse or dress demands a perfect match in the lipstick]. She remembers her mother's death in a washed-out flashback. In a humble room lit by two candles stuck in bottles her mother made her promise to take care of her two cute little brothers and she promised she would. She is possibly 17 years old in this scene, with brothers who look about 11 and 8 years old. Thunder and lightning [TN Cliché #21]. The three of them embrace their mother, all are crying. Back in the present she cries again as she says “I kept my promise. And they despise me.”

Sanchez Apartment: Susanito sits on the floor in front of one of the sofas as he flashes back to the red light district discovery he made the night before to the sound of the song “Aventurera.” He cries when the lyrics don't get out of his head.

Hospital Room: Amalia sits by the sleeping child as Fernando arrives to enquire about her. He brings breakfast for Amalia, offering to sit by Isabel while she takes a break to eat. She thanks him, commenting about how he always thinks of them. She leaves with the bag as he takes the chair and holds Isabel's hand, calling her “Terramotito” [Little Earthquake]

Stairs: Maria escorts Mancia down, telling her to calm down; there is a reasonable explanation. Jairo enters with his bicycle and Mancia asks whether he has seen Susanito. He didn't come home to sleep last night. He says something about him needing to escape from her skirts and Maria gently reproaches him for insensitivity, asking that he call the other guys and get them to help. He takes out his cell and calls Fernando first. Fernando knows nothing, but says to keep him informed. Isabel wakes up as he ends the call. Jairo tells Maria that Fernando is at the hospital but he will get the other guys on the case and see Mancia later at the church. Mancia continues with her drama llama tears.

Hospital Room: Isabel only heard the tail end of the call and Fernando tells her it was about a lost little boy whose mother needs help looking for him. They talk about her accident and Isabel admits she was going to ask Maria for a scooter for her birthday but doesn't want one now. She tells him that she wants for Jorge Alfredo to stay with them forever and be her dad. [Fernando's facial expression can mean any number of things here.]

Genaro's Apartment: He gets up and vocalizes, finally opening what we realize is a cliché bachelor refrigerator: old, nearly empty, and the one food item obviously spoiled. He pitches it into the bin and puts the plate in the sink. Happier music begins and the knock on the door is that of Daniela, the spiral-permed friend of Vampira, who enters with what must be a grocery bag. He happily removes some used plates from the table as she takes out containers of sushi and California roll and chopsticks. He looks a little confounded at the prospect of using those. He covers this up with a joke about their resemblance to (musical) drumsticks as they prepare to sit down at the still-messy table. Unlike the rich female dogs in Corazón Indomable, she refrains from commenting on Genaro's mishandling of the food, including when he mistakes wasabi for guacamole. He doesn't react to the antihistamine quality of the wasabi, manfully taking a drink of water at a normal pace. This seems to impress Daniela a little.

JNTR: Jairo arrives to find Pinchi and Homerito (the waiter) in their version of Seven-Dwarves mode, dancing as they sweep and preparing for the opening hours. He asks whether they have seen Susanito and Homerito does an imitation of a silent-movie lookout routine, joking in verse about the possibility that a magician caused his disappearance. Jairo has no patience for jokes at the moment, saying to call him if they hear anything. He exits on his bike as Pinchi puts the boombox back on and they continue to dance as they sweep. These guys are obviously low on stress.

Hotel: Justo barges into Bruno's room to really give him hell. To the sound of film noir recitative and Viewerville's olés he shoves him in, calling him a coward and blaming him for Santos' life being in danger. He is accepting no apology and no explanation. He wants to kill him and make him pay for his betrayal but... Wendy's happiness is at stake. “If you truly love Wendy, if you want to see her again you will help Santos.” Bruno begs him not to tell Wendy because “I don't want her to suffer,” but Justo isn't taking any basura from this canalla. “'Don't want her to suffer.' Listen to me, Bruno. You have one week to resolve this or you will never see Wendy again. In the meantime don't come to the house and don't try to see her.” Bruno starts to talk, but Justo stops him. “Clear my son's name. Prove you're a man, not a coward. Then I might let you marry my daughter. I have nothing else to say to you.” Bruno tries to follow him to the door, but Justo will not listen. “One week!” he intones as he exits, leaving the cobarde to sit on the floor. [Note the outdated TV set, indicating less than stellar accommodations.]

Mendoza Apartment: Jorge Alfredo, who is waiting for Maria to return, is adjusting his clothes when Rubén shows up and just walks right in. He takes out the slip of paper retrieved from the waiting room floor and calmly asks Rubén why he thought it so important to have him investigated. Rube didn't expect this confrontation.

Outdoor Restaurant on Rodeo Drive: Justo is alone at a table when Giuliano shows up and greets him, shaking his hand. He does not get up for him. Giuliano sits down as though the previous confrontation didn't happen with a comment about thinking of him as family. Justo says that every time he surprises him yet again. He lets Giuliano know that he knows he is behind Santos' troubles. Giuliano removes his shades and stares coldly. 

Courtyard near Pensión: Maria asks Doña Prudencia, who is knitting with her sister, if she's seen Susanito. Mancia is still crying as Doña Remedios says she hasn't seen him in years. As Maria and Mancia depart, Doña Remedios says something about when such things happen it's usually because the boy's found a girl.

Mendoza Apartment: Rubén denies that he had that piece of paper, but Jorge Alfredo lets him know he saw it fall out of his wallet in the hospital. Suspense music builds. He asks Rubén what he expects to find out, finally shoving it back into Rubén's breast pocket. He calls him a coward, not having the pants to confront him face to face. They continue to stare at each other. As Maria climbs the stairs to the upper level [WTF is it with this architecture?] he tells Rubén that if he's looking into his past for anything dark, he won't find it. In fact, the world only gets worse for people like himself. Rubén says he doesn't know whom he's dealing with, but Jorge Alfredo is not deterred. He challenges him to do this. Maria walks in at that moment, asking Rubén why he is investigating Jorge Alfredo.

Capitulo 47, Part 1: Amor, Dolor, y Lagrimas

Outdoor Restaurant on Rodeo Drive: The rotten male orange Giuliano says that it's admirable that Justo is sufficiently stubborn to search the world for evidence of his son's innocence and “I hope you find it or it will go very bad for you.” Justo tells him he has it. Giuliano tells him he doesn't know what proof he has but he will be difficult to convince. Justo tells him he senses that Bruno and Arnold couldn't be arrested for the same crime “but you? Yes.” Giuliano tries to laugh this off dismissively but Justo tells him that Michael could possibly testify against him. He knows that Bruno and Arnold were Giuliano's accomplices. [Methinks this be a bad move on Justo's part.]

Mexico City, Street: Fernando spots Jairo on his bike and calls him over. Mariachi instrumental music is heard. Neither has seen Susanito and Fernando says this is very strange. He is interrupted by a call on his cell from a lady, whom he departs to meet. Jairo rides off.

Sanchez Apartment: Susanito is still sitting on the floor in front of the couch and crying. Sad music is playing as Mancia enters, hysterically asking him where he was and what is wrong, as though he were five years old. She tries to lay on the guilt; he tells her there is nothing wrong, apologizes, and says he won't do it again. She blames herself for giving him so much freedom! [Lo siento, Mancia, pero no te creo.] She finishes by saying she went all over the place, finally to see Jorge Alfredo, who is at the Mendoza apartment. Susanito gets up, saying he needs to talk to him, then gets away from his very sick mama.

Mendoza Apartment: Rubén tries to tell Maria that Jorge Alfredo is hiding something; ask him how he got the money to pay the hospital bill for Isabel. Maria is not quite believing this but before she can get this out Jorge Alfred says “As any father would pay the bill for his child.” To his enemy: “You were investigating me before I paid that bill. And you know something? Neither you nor anyone else will separate me from Mi Bonita.” Rubén grabs him by the lapels but Maria steps in to separate them. Rubén backs off, saying someone has to demonstrate some class in this house and Vargas ain't the man. Maria corrects him, as she once corrected his insane wife, saying “The one who doesn't have class is yourself. “ He excuses himself to exit but before he's out the door Susanito barges in, provoking a “Maldito mariachi!” from him. Just after he's out Susanito slugs Jorge Alfredo with a left hook, demanding to know why he hid the truth about Irasema from him.

Hospital Room: Almira feeds Isabel, telling her how she prayed to the Virgencita for her. She tells her she prayed for a father. And that will be Jorge Alfredo. Almira looks bemused.

Mendoza Apartment: Both guys seem to forget that Maria is there hearing this conversation but Jorge Alfredo attempts to explain he was just trying to help. “It was a misunderstanding. I just never imagined that – “ “What, that I was in love with her? That I wanted us be novios? That that night was the most marvelous night of my life?” asks a desperate Susanito. Jorge Alfredo accepts the blame for not having told him the truth but he wanted that moment to be magical for him [We are sparing sensitive readers the full response here]. “Well, you achieved that. I lost my innocence and got my heart broken.” He finally demands to know what it cost him, what he paid Irasema. “What did it cost you to make a laughing stock out of me? Tell me!”

Outside the Pensión: Meanwhile, to the sound of “Ave Maria” Irasema stops in front of the mural of the Virgencita and prays to her for strength. She misses her mother and is filled with guilt.

Schoolroom: The teacher stops the class's reading and assigns a composition. She then announces that she is pleased with most of the grades, but that some have room for improvement. This ominous statement precedes her telling Rodrigo he did the best in the class. She congratulates him, then gives Paloma her exam paper. He tries to get Paloma's attention but she ignores him, exiting at the bell without waiting for him. One of the mean girls tries to hold him back from following her.

Outside the Pensión: This mural is visible from the front desk and Doña Prudencia picks up some tissues before going out to help Irasema. Irasema tells her she feels so alone. Sad opera music in the background as Prudencia tells her to cry all she needs to so the tears can dissipate her pain. “Nobody and nothing can substitute for amother, but in this pensión you have a family.” She embraces her maternally.

Mendoza Apartment: Susanito comes back again with the same question about what Jorge Alfredo paid to make a joke of him. Jorge Alfredo tells him he paid nothing. “Irasema is a good woman, marvelous. I wanted to help you.” etc., but Susanito doesn't see this. He's still too upset. He was looking for love and found pain. He tries to leave, Maria stops him for just a second; but he excuses himself, saying he needs to be alone. As he exits, she stops at the door in frustration. After catching her breath she asks Jorge Alfredo “Why is he upset? What did you do?” He looks like he's not going to have an easy time with the answer.

When we return from the commercial break Jorge Alfredo has already delivered the explanation and Maria is not shocked. She does think that Susanito had the right to know the truth, but she also realizes that Jorge Alfredo had the best intentions. She is confident that he will resolve this in the best way possible because Susanito doesn't deserve to suffer. The phone rings before she can continue. It's that other canalla, Rubén, calling on his cell with an apology, saying that everything he's done was “just trying to protect you.” She wearily tells him she can take care of herself. He wants his chauffeur to take her to the hospital when she wants to go back [He's also just outside, which is getting creepier by the minuto]. She tells him thanks for everything he's done but she doesn't want him to bother his chauffeur. Jorge Alfredo is fighting his own annoyance by trying to see humor in the situation. 

Rubén says he hopes she will accept his offer and he will wait outside for her. She tells him no thanks and goodbye, then hangs up. Jorge Alfredo can't take any more of this, saying that he had some nerve calling her after what he's done.

Garza Mansion: Wendy lays on her bed, concerned that her mother is upset that she vo-de-oh-doh-dohed with Bruno. If Altagracia is upset, she isn't letting on, telling her she understands and that the baby is a blessing [TN Cliché #50]. She will love the baby as much as she loves her despite it being Bruno's child. Wendy apologizes for accusing her of preferring Santos and Altagracia tells her that now she will know a mother's unconditional love. [For your sake and the child's, Altagracia, we hope you're right. In truth, we're still not so sure.]

Outdoor Restaurant on Rodeo Drive: Justo tells Giuliano he needs to prepare himself because he intends to put him in the same hell he put Santos. Giuliano tells him to just try it; it's a free country and he's not afraid. But Justo tells him “You have no idea what I'm prepared to do to defend my family.” He exits with Giuliano's reptile eyes staring into his back.

Garza Mansion: Wendy texts Santos, apologizing for what she's done but it was about him destroying the life of the man she loves. But she has reconsidered. She tells him he can always count on her help and Bruno's. [Frankly, spoiled brat, we don't believe you.]

Somebody's Apartment in Mexico City: The three waitresses sweep and clean as Jairo and two of the other musicians arrive to help move furniture. He asks what they can expect in return for their help and one of the girls says something about food. That's enough for them; one does a rooster crow. Jairo then mentions that Susanito didn't go home to sleep last night and Lety asks “He escaped from Doña Mancia?” which indicates that his situation may be better-known than he realizes. He tells them to listen and they all lean in. [Alas, we won't get to hear this.]

Genaro's Apartment: Daniela asks him if he has no one to help him. Help, with what? With cleaning, she says. He is a little embarrassed that the place is a mess, but she isn't copping any attitudes about it. He gets up to get a mop or broom, accidentally knocking something over in the process.

Mendoza Apartment: Maria tells Jorge Alfredo she won't be calling Rubén for anything. She does ask him why he paid the bill. He says he didn't want Rubén to take advantage of her being in debt to him, especially after her mother's hospital bill as well. He suggests she get some rest, kisses her, and exits. She looks bemused for a moment, probably because she realizes that la verdad waits longer still.

Street: Paloma sits on a bench, reading, as Rodrigo approaches. He thanks her for her help toward making the grade. She ignores him, finally telling him to leave her alone to read.

Hospital Room: Isabel complains a little about the hospital food, but Almira tells her she will make her favorite food as soon as they get home. Mother and child nonsense about a doll, etc.

Street: The mean girls come along with the blond flirting with Rodrigo, who apparently left a love note for Paloma in her book(She finds it when she gets up in annoyance).

Girls' Apartment: They arrange the furniture and it's a bit too colorful. Lety lands in Jairo's lap. He looks like he doesn't mind it one bit.

Stairs: Maria stops Jorge Alfredo, telling him she is grateful to Rubén but is more grateful to him because of Isabel being her sister and because he is sacrificing his return to Los Angeles. He tells her he doesn't want her to owe anyone anything. She tells him she owes him because of his affection for Isabel, his patience with her mother, for staying up with her at the hospital and because he loves her. He tells her that she saved him, taught him to love, and to forgive, yada yada yada. This is different, of course, from what she owes Rubén, which is only money. He intends to pay that. She asks him how and he tells her from the same place she thinks. He then tells her he needs some sleep and then they'll talk. She reminds him he was going to tell her something important, but he tells her he needs some sleep. Te amo, besos, and exit.


The merde begins to hit the fan.

Lyrics for Tonight's Episode:


Vende caro tú amor,
Da el precio del dolor,
a tú pasado
aquel, que de tus labios,
la miel quiera
Que pague con diamantes su pecado
Que pague con diamantes su pecado

Vende caro tú amor,
Dale precio del dolor,
a tú pasado

Ya que la infamia de tú ruin destino
Marchito tú admirable primavera
Haz menos escabroso tú camino
Vende caro tú amor, aventurera

Ya que la infamia de tú ruin destino
Marchito tú admirable primavera

Que pague con diamantes su pecado


They seem to have done the same thing as last week, although the deleted scenes from this evening do not include anything of real importance. We'll see if any of them are added back because two of the scenes were reversed this evening.

How would Caray commenters and lurkers feel if we, the QBA recapping team, scale back the recaps for the daily episodes from full, in-depth recaps to highlights only? We have some fairly convincing evidence of a low participation rate evidenced by the low number of posts over the last few weeks.  Is it temporary, due to sweeps, etc. or is it permanent?  Anyone want to weigh in with suggestions?

Hi, UA!!!

I haven't been commenting nor have I been watching closely. The music is great and I love the costumes, but this TN is kind of a jolt for me after Amor Bravio.

Believe me, I am really beginning to understand that AB was a "one in a million" (at least for this newbie), but it's so hard to find an interest level in this one and in the other one (Corazon...).

I look forward each Monday to see what fan you will have posted. I just love those fans!

Speaking for myself, highlights in the form of bullet points would be just fine.

I know this is very hard work and all with each of you with real life commitments.

I vote for giving you guys a break and saving your collective talents for a future TN.

Thank you SO much!



I don't like the idea of highlights only. We are at the point in the story where there truly will be a plot evolving as the bad guys are going to get into it with the good guys.

The past 45 capitulos have all been a prelude to what is only now going to be played out. And there are probably only 50-60 capitulos remaining.

So I'm for more detailed recapping, and not just highlights.


I don't know how many episodes this will ultimately run, but episode 160 will air in Mexico on the 31st. The second half of last night's episode originally aired on Christmas Day. I have no idea whether there is a consistent length to the episodes, which typically range from 41-44 non-commercial minutes. #'s 46 and 47 were shorter than that, possibly because of their airdates.

The idea of Wendy having a baby with Bruno is probably just as repulsive to her parents as it is to us. We know Santos won't like this, either.

Mancia needs a shrink and something else to do with her time. I am really wondering why she didn't attempt to push that poor son of hers into a seminary.

Urban- I am still reading the wonderful recaps you ladies provide when I can. While I really enjoy reading the details so that I can picture what happened, I think that if you or any of the recappers prefer to only do overview/high level recaps, that's what you should do. Especially as they are still shoving in 1 1/2 episodes each night! That's a lot for any recapper.

I am glad that Santos' parents now know the truth, but it seems like a whole lot of people are now in danger because of this.

Vivi, I am thinking of what you and the others on the Refugio team went through during the endless weeks of double episodes. This is almost the same with few commercial breaks so there is almost no time to breathe. I was praying they would finish Cap. 47 when I saw there was no "lo del pasado" carried over, but no luck there.

I wish that Justo hadn't handled Giuliano the way he did. He would have been better off saying much less.

I hope Daniela grows up and ditches Vampira as a friend. She looks like she has the potential to be a human being even if she has do a bit of a Pygmalion on Genaro.

What it looks like to me is that the guys around Oscar are all going to mature before his eyes and he will have to grow up to keep up with them.

How about Fernando's scene with with Isabel?


Thanks for your always marvelous recap. I too have been trying to watch and keep up and reading the recaps for this one when I can. I completely agree with what Vivi said about these recaps. I was on the Refugio team too and it does take a lot out of a recapper. Hilites would be great unless there is something really important. We are feeling that on AV right now as the storyline seems mired in slow motion.

I am with you Urban about Justo showing his hand to the OJ too soon. Now OJ can come up with some defensive moves that may be a real threat to JAntos.

I agree with what you said about he whole mariachi team growing and Oscar watching. I thought the other night when Paloma was talking about Rod not being her chambleon (sp) that Oscar would step up.

I feel sad for Susanito. Will he ever recover? Who would have thought that Irasema is really racked with guilt and will we ever see her brothers?

Agree with Vivi in DC that highlights until things change from a substance point of view would be great.

This is volunteer work, but it is hard work. I KNOW I could not do it and I appreciate the time, energy, and work from our recappers.


I'm sure we will see her brothers. They're younger than she, they're still alive, and she misses them. I am only hoping that it doesn't take something tragic to happen to her first. She deserves to redeem herself in her own eyes and to make something better of her life.

In view of the above, they would not have been mentioned if we were not going to meet them eventually. I'm going to guess that Susanito is the same age as the younger one.

Madelaine, good point about Oscar and Rodrigo. There is no way Oscar would allow any son of his to be awkward around girls! That boy will have to learn to dance and make music.

Ok, I'll weigh in, as one of the recappers (half-time).

I've been 1) disappointed in the production--the best parts shouldn't be the music or the costumes; 2) a bit disappointed, but not surprised, by the decrease in the number of comments posted; but 3) very concerned by the reduction of the number of blogger "hits" on each episode. This is a "Caray blog central" tally of how many people, including commenters visit each particular episode--but may not comment--these would be our lurkers, or just plain curious visitors. But in those numbers, it also includes commenters.

Last week we found that most of the discussion was among the recapping team! So, in part, that is what prompted us to bring it to your attention.

It could be a problem of 4 telenovelas nightly and QBA the last to broadcast. Given that, people may need to make choices and it looks as though QBA is not one of the choices.

As UA said, the story line advances in very tiny increments, this week is very much like last week. Given that, it's not surprising that folks are moving away for a faster paced tn at an earlier time.

What we do not know is how many readers really need a detailed recap in English. Most of the commenters I came across are either recappers on other tns or are pretty comfortable in Spanish and enjoy a place to discuss and "be together" as a community with like interests--Spanish language, culture, food, good stories, locations, food, music, art, good acting, food and language.

I see we have ONE Anonymous who would like us to continue with detailed recaps, but we don't know why.

I still think Univision is crunching episodes to get it over with more quickly. It's one thing to give us double episodes, as in Regugio; another thing to banish the entire show to daytime, as in El Talisman, but Uni has nowhere to go right now--and they just started a repeat of UFCS at midnight (thank you Madelaine).

So, what to do, what to do.

Meanwhile, UA, thank you for a very *detailed* and entertaining recap. I was so disgusted with drama queen Mancia's llorona over losing her baby boy to a *woman of ill repute* even though viewerville is snickering behind her back on how true that was. Come on Susanito, Man Up, we've all gone through some pretty disastrous break-ups and disillusionment with someone we thought we were in love with. You'll survive. But we know, you are sensitive. Why don't you apply yourself to getting Irasema out of the *profession* and stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Aha, says I. UA caught it, too. Fernando's reaction to Isa saying she asked for a papi and JAntos volunteered. But, did you also catch Amalia's reaction when Isa said the same thing? That was more than just bemused. Me thinks she KNOWS Isa's origins. Had to laugh, though, that this is the most exciting part of the whole novela for me--Who Are Isabel's Parents?

I don't care as much about Wendy's pregnancy, the baby's father or her parenting skills as I do about KendraHo's baby being stuck with Espanto and Nelson (oh, sorry, wrong tn).

I've rambled enough, for now.
Anita La Dama del Queso and it's beginning to turn green and stink.


Justo tells him he senses that Bruno and Arnold couldn't be arrested for the same crime “but you? Yes.” UA--I think he was telling OJ that the other two can't be tried again for the same offense, but him? Yes. In other words, the other two are off, scot free, but OJ has never been arrested or tried, so he's fair game. But, the end game is the same, OJ has been alerted to the fact that Justo's evidence has something to do with Bruno and Arnold.

For some reason, we don't get to see much of Arnold or any backstory. For some reason, I'm thinking he and OJ are more to blame for the money laundering than Bruno. In any case, Arnold may be expendable.

Whatever happened to the one week that Padrino gave OJ to find Santos?

Is Bruno going to get a trip to Mexico to find Santos? We will have to sit back and wonder and chew our nails to find out if and when he finds Santos, will he tell OJ or Justo where Santos is.

TeeHee I got a big kick out of JAntos pulling himself up as tall as he could and tell off Ruben that he can investigate Jorge Alfredo Vargas all he and the FBI want and they'll never find a thing on him.

I stopped paying attention to AV in any meaningful way because of Nicki, who got on my last nerve with her spoiled brat behavior and what she had done to Francisco. KendraHo is a one-note character to me, too. I'm sure that if that baby is born it won't have to have her for a mother, if you get my drift.

As to Isabel's parents, I'm going with Fernando as her father. Maybe Irasema is her birth mother and her brothers despise her because she abandoned their baby niece?

Giuliano is the most likely one to go to Mexico because he hasn't been charged with anything yet. Once the authorities are aware that Bruno perjured himself he won't be allowed to leave the country. He probably feels the Godfather closing in on him as I type this.

Hi UA, I have been following the recaps a little just to keep the main points alive. Of course all the recappers are wonderful, as expected. However, I think your suggestion to post highlights only is a good one. Let the comments be where people can check for more info if they want. There is never a shortage of commenters who respond to questions about characters or story lines. Save the collective energy for another TN. My personal opinion is that this TN is poorly done. Nuff said! Life is short so apply your time and talents with purpose.

I get impatient with repeated delays of truth-telling (That scene was the most poorly-written so far) and constant rivers of tears no matter who is shedding them. At least Maria's mother isn't being played by Victoria Ruffo.

Props to Danna Garcia, Jorge Salinas, and Pablo Montero for making decent sangria out of the cheap wine they get in their scenes.

There are many broad brushstrokes that could have been toned down, but otherwise I am enjoying the story.

I will probably take a break after this series because it's my 4th consecutive one and it will be a while before we get another series with Jorge or Pablo.

I'm OK with highlights and commentators can flesh out parts if someone wants more. Having done one episode of Refugio it almost did me in so doing extra long ones is more than we should expect from volunteers. Nothing says a recapper can't flesh out import parts but bullet the boring going nowhere bits. At least this one is full of technical business talk and we do get some musical breaks to lighten the load.

I knew that Sue would react badly and thought he would go after Santos which he did. I still think he will also make an ass out of himself in front of Ira who really did try to let him down easily without spilling her story.

I feel sorry for her she obviously was a poor girl with little education and a promise to take care of her siblings. Girl's got to use what she can and apparently the bros are doing ok even if they despise their sister. Maybe they appear again but who knows. I still remember her telling JAntos that no one ha ever treated her as kindly as Sue did after he brought her the flowers. I wonder if one of her clients will beat her up and Sue come to her rescue.

So Wendy not only whines she is dumb enough to get pregnant. Justo and Gracia must be thrilled - one of the guys who set up their son who is as Justo said a coward. Methinks Bruno is not long for this world.

I'm wondering if all the odd reactions to Isa wanting a papi is just a red herring. I don't think Fernando is her father but that his reaction is his fear that JAntos will go back to LA and forget the child, thereby hurting both her and Maria.


UA and the other QBA recappers--I enjoy reading the recaps, but am watching this one lightly for the time being. I'm mostly looking for the great musical numbers, and tend to ignore all the crying, whining, evil scheming, etc. I like the mariachi solidarity, and wish Oscar could be more civil with JAntos.

In other words, I would accept highlights, with recappers using their discretion to fast forward or add more details as a scene warrants it.


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I dearly hope that Santos doesn't return to El Lay before contacting his parents and hearing the latest development in the situation. If things play correctly he won't have to go back.

Of course, with more than a hundred episodes to go that isn't likely.

I appreciate the recaps very, very much. I recognize that they must take a ton of time and work. I completely understand the concerns about doing so much to produce them when so few are reading them. I support whatever you guys want to do to keep your work load in proportion with the readership. No matter what, we’ll still have fun with the comments!

As for language, I rely on the recaps to explain some dialog from time to time, but usually nothing major. I can always ask for clarification in the comments if something is bothering me.

My TV tells me that these latest episodes have been about 53-6 minutes, without commercials. So that is still about 25% longer than the usual episode length of 41-45 minutes. I am wondering what is going on with this TN. It seems like maybe a younger crowd would like it since so much of the behavior is so juvenile, but they’ve got it on at 10pm, which seems to me to be an older audience time slot. And the fact that Jorge Salinas is far too old for the part wouldn’t appeal to the younger set, when he looks like he could be their dad (and Maria’s).

The powers that be definitely knew that they had to high speed it through the first few weeks because the story moved so slowly. They are still removing a lot of scenes (as per UA’s recaps), so they may have to edit out some subplots entirely. It seems like they know they have a dud, but couldn’t completely dump it where they normally would (daytime or as noted). Maybe the clout of the producer is keeping it where it is. He seems to wield a lot of power at Televisa, from what you all say. It all makes me wonder how long they’ll continue with the mega episodes, if they’ll keep it at this time slot, how much they’ll cut, and when it will actually wrap up.


Actually, this series is not a dud in terms of the ratings and I think the limited commercial breaks they've had so far has been a contributing factor to that.

The reason for this move was to combat possible defection to Telemundo who had a debut at the same time. They also started a few minutes early every night for the first two or three weeks. El Senor de los Cielos, however, looks more like it draws a more male audience and more non-Mexicans, since QBA looks like a Valentine to Mexican culture. Remember that when Telemundo was showing La Reina del Sur Univision started doing the 2-hour thing with their different novelas, finally moving into the 10PM time slot permanently with novelas.

It also has Jorge and Pablo, which should guarantee a lot of female viewers.

I think it wraps in Mexico very shortly at about 160 episodes. If Univision keeps showing it at the current editing style, it will wrap in mid-September. Otherwise it would end shortly before Thanksgiving.

I don't think they've cut much in terms of total scenes and so far the only important stuff I've seen cut are that Amalia should own 20% of JNTR and that the waitresses there know about Mancia's possessiveness of Susanito.


I don’t know if the reactions of Milamores or Amalia to Isa’s announcement of JAntos being her papa are due to knowledge of her paternity or just reactions to his deepening involvement in the family. Those two have been concerned about JAntos hurting Maria, so it would make sense that they would also be very concerned about him hurting Isa.

I’m thinking that JAntos is promising too much to Isa. It’s one thing to fall in love with an adult, Maria, even though you know you have to leave her and may be going to prison for years. It’s quite another to lead on a little girl in that situation. Amalia wanted to protect Maria from being hurt when he left, but if I were her, I’d be a lot more concerned about Isa. Although I do love the scenes JAntos and Isa have together. I think they have better chemistry than JAntos and Maria. I did NOT like it when he lied in front of her playmate about having a tablet at home. Teaching a kid to be materialistic and to pretend they are something they are not is NOT cool. It’s also too early to be promising her he can buy her stuff “someday”. Kids live in the moment. It would be far better to talk about when you can actually do it, not when it may be months away.

OTOH, I think he is handling the frustration of his position really well. I know that I would be going crazy thinking that I could solve all of these problems in ten seconds if I only could write a check.

If JAntos goes to LA, even if he is imprisoned, he could send Maria plenty of money. But I agree, with you, UA, that if he communicates with his parents, he could just stay where he is until he is cleared of the charges against him. Not going to happen, though. :) He’s going to hear about the bun in the oven from Dumb & Whiny Wendy as soon as he checks his email. (BTW, I thought she was emailing him from her phone, not texting. He wouldn’t have a way to receive a text, would he?) I hope the ‘rents tell Wendy about Bruno’s confession. She needs to know that things are not as simple as she would like. They probably won’t, though, out of concern for her ‘delicate condition’ or some other lame excuse. I agree completely that Bruno may not be long for this world. And good riddance.

The trio of bad cousins might all decide to flee to Mexico to escape the godfather. And I wonder who they'll bump into down there?

I hope Danna Garcia is drinking plenty of fluids to keep hydrated with all that crying.

UA, thanks for another great recap! Love the screen caps!


I have the feeling that Roberto Palazuelos will be finally coming into his own as a villain. He certainly has the coldest eyes I've seen on an actor in a while.

What is seriously different about this series is that Giuliano isn't in cahoots with Vampira. We don't have the kind of interesting interactions between the villains we had in AB or LQNPA, which should make the villains weaker here. This runs against cliche and we still can get another villain down the road.

I agree that Bruno's days are numbered and that will be at least partly due to Justo's mistake.

Mancia acts as soothsayer and de facto counselor for the neighborhood? Sick indeed. Physician, or quack, heal thyself. It would seem that since one of the chief issues folks ask to have readings about is love and associated complications Mancia would have seen enough, in this world or some other, to know that most of the time most people get through whatever comes their way, and are the better for the experience. (That which does not kill us makes us stronger, and so forth). As much as she'd like to protect her (not so) little boy, surely she should have known that this day (well, night) had to come.

Shuffle, shuffle. I appreciate the recaps, but I can't claim that I will be engaging consistently with commentary.

I find the costumes, "local color," and music (exposure to a genre I know very little of) delightful, but have some difficulty with the characters and plot. (STILL having trouble with our hero's age and our heroine's gullibility toward anyone's attempts to separate her from her love.)
Anyway, I do enjoy the long format recaps with added insights, and I do hope that when (if) special stuff happens it will merit more than a bullet point, but you won't here me complain (or offer to take over and do it full chapter and verse myself) if the initial recaps are trimmed down. As others have noted, vocabulary questions and "why did do-and-so do that?" questions can be dealt with in the commentaries. I do definitely hope that the recappers will continue to include lyrics.
Chris In FL

I will continue to include all the lyrics I can find. I always listen for song titles, which are usually provided in the club scenes. I love this music and if I had any voice at all I'd be singing it.

I can believe Maria's naivete because it looks like she's not had a lot of experience with men. She is probably supposed to be about 24 years old, although nobody's age is ever mentioned in these series.

Mancia is simply in denial. I wish we knew what happened to Susanito's father.

BTW, Jorge Salinas is only 10 years older than Danna Garcia off-camera and only 9 years older than Mark Tacher.

Gracias UA! That fan is gorgeous!

Oh, no... a whiny bronze baby... Just what this show needed. Do they sell a onesie with an ascot?

I thought Irasema actually looked older and even more tired in the flashback scene.

The lack of cosmetics probably doesn't help. Also I don't have a high-def TV.

Now there is a subject for a weekend discussion.

BTW that fan and the others like it came from a dollar store! If you have those in your area you can probably find them.

I have not been commenting lately but I have been reading the recaps because all of you do a fantastic job. I've been watching sporadically and waiting for the story to get more interesting, or at least move a bit faster. So I can't thank you all nearly enough for your hard work in keeping me up to speed.

That said, can someone tell me how/when Paloma and Rod broke up?

Anyway, I will support your decision to bullet point, or highlight, the recaps as long as we still have a recap! you all are great!!

Last week Paloma asked Rodrigo to be her chamberlan for her quincenera and he declined the invitation. He went on about how stupid it all is and that he would be a laughing stock among the guys. The latter was actually about an inability to dance, but we don't know if he really feels that the quince is stupid. She was very upset because she was looking so forward to this. They have barely spoken since.

Thanks UA.

I was guessing that maybe Bruno might commit suicide, when I saw him crying against the door. But when OJ finds out he told the truth to AltaG, perhaps he'll be killed?

I liked the earlier comment that maybe Isa is the hija of Isarema... and I too think we'll meet the brothers since they were mentioned.

Thank you so much for all you do. I don't often comment (sorry!) but I really look forward to reading your recaps, and as I'm watching without subtitles I am grateful that they keep me from misunderstanding too much. That said, bullet points would be just fine for me. I can't imagine how all of you recappers do it all!

Thank you so much for all you do. I don't often comment (sorry!) but I really look forward to reading your recaps, and as I'm watching without subtitles I am grateful that they keep me from misunderstanding too much. That said, bullet points would be just fine for me. I can't imagine how all of you recappers do it all!

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