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PEAM, Monday 5/27/13 (#56): It's the Singer, Not the Song

Hear "The Singer Not the Song" here

Alma and Chucho continue celebrating her rip-roarin' wild bachelorette party with lemonade and chitchat. She tells Chucho that Paty stuck with her when she needed her the most - when her father was very sick. (And when Rogelio was around all the time, I'll bet!)

A song comes on that Alma likes - it's our theme song, not the disco one, but the other one. Chucho dares her to sing karaoke. She accepts the challenge and bravely sings her heart out! Somewhere, Chuck Barris is looking for his gong... but the people at the bar are listening with the audio equivalent of beer-goggles, and Chucho would love her singing even if she sounded like a chorus of Wookiees. The fact that he sees a montage of all their kisses helps, too.

Afterward, Alma says Rogelio would never have "let" her go up there to sing. She feels like she can be herself around Chucho. She doesn't feel that way with anyone else. (SO DON'T MARRY ROGELIO, YOU DIMWIT! SERIOUSLY!!)

Chatita sees Pánfilo home from the hospital. Maricela has gone back to live with him while he recuperates. They have to be extra-careful of his diabetes now so he doesn't lose his foot. Chatita tells them she got Alma to find him a job at Avon. Maricela is mortified. Dad promises not to let on to any of her little friends that he's her father.

Paty has made herself at home at Rogelio's. She's eating popcorn that clearly does not have enough butter on it. Her very presence there is throwing Rogue into a panic. It's driving him crazy that Alma is out with the secretario and not answering her phone. He'll go to Alma's place and wait for her there! He steps out of the room to look for his wallet, and Paty swipes a key from his keychain.

Now Alma is telling Chucho that they have to forget about that last kiss. He says he can't forget, and he could tell she felt the same way he did. He doesn't understand how she can marry Rogelio out of mere gratitude. It doesn't matter; she gave Rogue her word. Okay, so, he promises to forget about the kiss and their 100% compatibility score.

Ha. Ha ha ha.

Rogue asks Paty for his wallet and his very expensive watch. He gave them to her for the "mugging," but now he wants them back. Paty plays dumb; but I think we know who's really winning this dumbness contest. She taunts him with the possibility that he'll walk in on a XXX scene. He's ready to kill Chucho with his bare hands.

Susana tells Sebastian this limo is bigger than her bedroom. (Such spicy talk!) He asks about her husband. She says he has bad days and better days, but he has to take oxygen with him wherever he goes. She doesn't feel right about this, and not just because of her husband. She's just a secretary, while Sebastian is a businessman who can afford all these things.

Sebastian laughs and says the limo is rented. He just wanted to provide her with some help and support during a rough time. He wants dinner; she thinks she ought to go home. They compromise: coffee first, then he'll take her home.

At home, Mr. Susana can't breathe. He calls for Susana, and falls (ever so gingerly) off the bed trying to reach his oxygen. He gasps horribly. The Internet tells me he has six minutes, max, to live if he can't breathe at all. (It'd be longer if he were in very cold water, but then he'd probably have a whole bunch of other problems!)

Hey! The old music is back!

OMG Christmas seizure lights on the table behind Verónica! Close your eyes!

Vero puts Valentina to bed. While Vero's out of the room, Eli tells Marta he thinks Vero still loves him, deep down, and he wants her back. Marta tries to get him to schedule an appointment to talk about it. She is really eager to leave and is taken aback when he grabs her elbow and begs for her opinion. She says he's a good guy and can start his life over. Oh no, he asks, does that mean all is lost already? Hurriedly, Marta tells him to try to work things out with Vero peacefully. His life doesn't have to depend on Vero. Think of this as a cycle that's coming to a close. He can rebuild the new life he deserves.

Marta pauses awkwardly, staring at Eli's lips. What? No, no, she's fine. Good night. She flees. He has no idea what just happened.

Chatita has to hurry home for the posada thing. Pánfilo says when he's feeling better, he'd like to take her to a movie. She agrees!

They're doing the posada thing in the courtyard at Chatita's. Chucho and Alma are there, along with all the neighbors. There is plenty of messy, delicious-looking food. There's a piñata that puts up a good fight until Alma coaxes all the treats out of it. Chucho and Alma exchange wistful looks. Too bad she gave her word to Rogelio!

Now they are on the sidewalk, where there are more Christmas seizure lights. Does everyone in Monterrey buy their lights at the same store? Chucho promises Alma they'll still be friends after the wedding. Kiss? What kiss? It's already forgotten.

Then they almost kiss again, but laugh and back off before it's too late. She hops into her car and drives away.

In the limo, it seems the coffee has been consumed. A romantic old song plays as they roll up to Sue's apartment building. Sebastian says he wishes she'd let him spend more time with her. He loves her and she can count on him for anything. He kisses her ("telling her a secret"), and she gets out of the limo. A doorman or security guy walks with her from the limo to her door.

She finds Mr. Susana (his name is Hernán, apparently) on the floor, unconscious. She begs him to live as she puts the oxygen mask on his face and reaches for the phone.

Rogue is waiting for Alma in the hallway at home. He couldn't find his key! Yep, he's definitely winning the dumbness contest. She makes no secret of the fact that she was with Chucho all evening.

What's in that mug Chucho's drinking out of? I'm only asking because he's hearing voices. Mostly his and Alma's. The festivities are continuing outside his door. Chatita comes up for a talk. He tells her about his evening. She doesn't know what karaoke is, she thinks it has something to do with spinning around in a tunnel, or does she mean strippers spinning around on a pole? Whatever, she can tell they had a great night, they're obviously in love. Chucho says no, Alma's done with him.

Rogue wants to hear all about Alma's bachelorette party. She insists that nothing happened with Chucho. In fact, tonight she's completely convinced that she wants to marry Rogelio. (This does not at all strike Rog as a strange thing for her to say.)

Fernando uses his voice-disguising software to call Delia and leave her an anonymous tip about a large quantity of money that entered the country illegally. She eagerly takes down the address. Fernando thinks about Rogue's betrayal and gloats. Rogelio will go to jail!

Rogue and Alma talk about their wedding very soon. The plan is for Fernando to be in charge of the office for the two weeks they're away on their honeymoon. Neither of them is completely comfortable with the idea, but Rogue's pretty sure Fernando won't destroy everything.

(New slogan: "AVON! Our products won't destroy everything.")

Chatita thinks Chucho should fight for Alma, but he says there's nothing he can do.

Cardenas goes to his dark place. Whatever that thing is, Cardenas is very happy with it. It's ready. It's beautiful! "Such beauty, all for me! It was worth the trouble! Don't worry, I will give you new life! Trust me! You're lovely! You're a beauty!" He leans in close. For a kiss?

Morning. Christmas is another day (or two, or three, who knows) closer. Marisela makes breakfast for Pánfilo; her scrambled eggs look better than Chatita's. He's happy. Maricela indicates that she is still not happy. She loves him, but she doesn't want them to continue living this way. He can't do anything about it. Mari says she can.

At breakfast, Eli is still in yesterday's clothes. He remembers the strange look on Marta's face last night but has no idea what it meant. He tells Valentina he was up all night working on the Avon campaign. He'll be going to the office today. Val wants him to tell Chucho how much she loves him. "And I love you too," she assures Eli.

Xochi gives Chucho the cold shoulder at work. He wants to be friends. Alma comes in and notes that Susana isn't there. Maricela rushes after Alma, probably to bend her ear about Pánfilo. Xochi gripes to Chucho how she can't compete with Alma. He insists they are just friends. And he and Xochi are just friends. "Because you're in love with Al-" Xochi says, but is interrupted by Díscua who shows up in a short white dress, rather than her Avon uniform, and wants to talk to Alma.

Rogue goes to Fernando's and says it's Christmas time and therefore we must smoke the peace-pipe together as brothers. More to the point, he needs to count on Fernando. Fern replies sarcastically. Rogue says he did it for Fern's own good. That woman transformed him. Fern says sure she transformed him - for the better. Now he's lost Díscua forever.

Rogue asks him to be in charge of the office while he and Alma are in Bora Bora for a couple of weeks on their honeymoon. Fernando fantasizes telling him that he's turned him in, but snaps out of it and says sure, you bet, I'll watch the office for ya!

A SWAT team goes to Malvino's Empty Stacked Pallets and Laundered Money Emporium.

Next time:
Chucho tries to talk Alma out of getting married, and Sebastian confronts Paty about her affair with Rogelio. OR DO THEY?


Seriously, that is one of my favorite songs in the world. I've been waiting FOREVER to use it as a recap title.


Thanks for the clip, yowsa, Mick Jagger was really young there, and your very funny part one.

I am glad that Mari is back home with her Papa and that she is taking care of him.

I liked Alma singing. It really sounded like Blanca Soto too, I wonder if she actually sang this and didn't lip sinc it.

Rogue and Patymelt were so funny with the popcorn. At first, I thought she took his car keys, but I guess that wasn't the key she took Hmmmm. She must have quite the collection in that drawer of hers.

Can't wait for your take on part dos.

Well... tonight, we (the few who enjoy the old intro), were very happy with it. I wonder what would be the rotation and every how many episodes will they keep switching back and forth?

This episode sponsored by Payaso, now with scarfs!!

Seems like Alma likes that song very much because she sing it so well like she has rehearsed it...

It was silly when Alma promised Rogelio she definitely will marry him, now that she is totally convinced after spending so much time with Jesús... WWHHAATT??
So that means that she wasn't convinced before and she is admitting this truth to her fiancee? Really?

So, now Cárdenas wears glasses for special occasions and dosen't need them for other things. Maybe he needs to read the fine print on the labels in the back of the Barbie dolls?

I like the Posada, with the buñuelos, esquite, tlacoyos, Tamales, ponche (or champurrado) but I wish they stick to mexican christmas songs (villancicos) if they want to portray the true mexican Christmas spirit, because Los peces en el río is from Spain...

Are they really saying all that, or are they just thinking out loud?

Recap is done.

It's possible that they only used the old song for the credits tonight because Alma sang the other one minutes earlier.

I did not think Blanca sounded great, but hey, she's not a professional singer. And it takes a lot of guts to sing in front of people when you're not awesome. That's love, baby!

I didn't notice the Payaso scarf, but the way things are going, Valentina will end up going to Payaso college and smoking Payaso cigarettes. (I'm surprised Vero lets her child wear Payaso stuff, since she doesn't let her eat candy!)

I'm as confused as anyone else as to how "tonight I'm convinced that I want to marry you" could possibly sound good to Rogelio; but then, he's an idiot. So there you go.

Chuck Barris is looking for his gong...100 % compatibility score... Excellent, awesome laughs Julie!! ! Muchas, muchas gracias!!

Although not a whole lot happened in the capitulo, I found it enjoyable because of all the fun Mexican Christmas stuff..loved the procession...not too far removed from some of the Italian Christmas stuff we did in South Philly (pronounced Souf Philly) waaay back in the day...but with an old school Italiano spin. Christmas is such a cool time of year! Gertie


Thanks so much for parte dos. It was wonderfully funny. I too don't get how Rogue isn't hearing Alma. She is so wishy washy I think it'd be a huge mistake for her to be marrying Rogue.

Ferny, who knew? I am glad he is getting his revenge on Rogue, but that isn't the way to the light. I want to see him interact with the secretaries to see if he has indeed changed. Maybe, at long last, Ferny's morality is showing it's face Hmmmm.....

Elias can't read women and that is why he isn't having luck with them. Marta was giving off all kinds of signals that Elias so wasn't reading. I wonder when he will finally figure it out.

I too like the Mexican Posada. All that food looked so yummy. Alma with the piñata was such a hoot.

I too wonder about these advances. They are just usually thoughts not said aloud, but the one with Sebastian and Patymelt might not be. I hope it is a real avance and let's see Patymelt get herself out of that one ; )

A winner of a recap, Julie, and I think you've got Elias's new ad campaign slogan! Love the title, too.

I love these neighborhood parties in telenovelas. They're always so much more fun than the rich people elegant parties. The Christmas music was fun.

Alma is a complete idiot. She should get one of those orange books: Breaking Engagements for the Complete Idiot. But Rogue is still winning the stupidity contest for sure.

I'm so glad the old intro is back! I actually watched and listened to it all the way through. I generally FF'd through the boring second one.

Julie, I also loved the title and also "Christmas seizure lights"!!! lol

What an episode! I especially liked:

Alma singing the theme song karaoke and giving Jesús a wink at he end of the first verse. Maybe Discua's condition was contagious?

Jesús asking Alma why she is marrying Rogelio.

The posada event with Chatita in the lead.

Chatita consoling Jesús like a mother and trying to convince him to fight for Alma.

Fernando calling the Mexican feds about the illegal money. What a Christmas gift for Rogelio!



Thanks Julie. Fun times and a lot of head scratching last night. (Beanie was being cleaned).

Alma, Alma, Alma...bowing to the need to stretch out our storyline, she can't see the mind-numbing Christmas lights for the trees. Apologies to the old cliché.( Whoever came up with the idea of putting those type lights in Christmas lights was a secret Grinch at heart. ) We just knew after all that kissing and mooning she would still turn around and want to marry Rog.

Sebastian as a romantic sub-plot...please. And Sus' husband is home all day alone, right? So wouldn't he know the symptoms and know to...oh, never mind. The Monkeys must have been staring at the lights too. Plot device, remember it's a plot device.

Oh, I am so loving Ferny right now. Maybe Rog and Alma do deserve each other, because after what he just went thru with Fern ( and Fern still stating he loves Discua), and even his past behavior, they both think it's ok to put Fern in charge for two weeks. Okey dokey then. This should be good.


Julie- You had some great funny lines in this recap. Can’t watch the music video right now because I’m at work, but I thought that Blanca did a good job singing the song, despite not being a professional singer.

I just don’t understand our heroine. Usually, I am the defender of heroines making what seem like unwise choices, but for very powerful reasons. Her reasons for marrying Rogue just aren’t compelling enough. Alma needs a brain transplant. Since she won’t move things forward, I need Chucho to man up and be more forceful in his declarations of love. The two of them are so complacent that it seems nothing is ever going to really happen between them.


I also remember that intros are like music advertisements, so they can promote whoever is in the most interest for the business. For a while they promote América Sierra and the 3ball Monterrey boys, and now is the turn for María José... who's next? Maybe Blanca Soto or Ninel singing their love themes?

Rogelio is a gold-plated idiot. I take comfort in the fact that at some point, whoever's in charge of this entire crime syndicate (it can't POSSIBLY be Rogue; there's always a bigger fish) is going to want some answers from him.

As for Alma, she doesn't even know what Rogue did to Fernando yet. I wonder when/if she will find out.

I'm wondering if the mystery project Cardenas has been working on is a restoration. Maybe he's refurbished Ric's old car?

Does anyone know if we're supposed to be paying any attention to that chick who's always around in Chucho's neighborhood? She was next to Chatita at the Posada procession last night. I just wondered if she's like the president of the neighborhood association or something. I keep seeing her and wondering if I should know her name, if she's going to get a subplot at some point!

Laura: the voice of the privada...

I think Chatita called her Laurita at some point in the beginning. Maybe she is not so prominent, but among the hundreds of neighbors, she stands out, so the producers don't have to hire professional actros to play ''neighbor #3 in the back'' or pay everybody for their lines, and this girl has the chance to speak and be around in case someone has to say something, right?
Or maybe she is being trained for better projects in the future...

Thanks, Pablo. She's always around, and she is pretty, so I think we're meant to notice her, at least. But she hasn't done much yet.

I just looked at the Wikipedia article for this show, and someone is keeping a meticulous list (updated yesterday!) of all the episode numbers and their "official" (??) titles aired in Mexico so far. They're at 166 and counting. (The count ends at 175, but I don't know if there's any significance to that or not.) Tonight's episode aired on December 25, but apparently will not be the Christmas episode yet.

I tried not to look too closely at the episode titles beyond the next week or so for fear of spoiling, but a few things caught my eye to suggest that the pace may be picking up soon. I thought that might be welcome news. :-)

I also saw the future and I didn't like what I saw (Curiosity killed the cat). Even though I still think is not worth my time, I will watch it till the end
a) because I finish what I start,
b) because I am having a ball recapping and
c) because I still want so see cameos from local talent from MOnterrey...

HOpe this didn't spoil anything!

So funny..."Somewhere Churk Barris is looking for his gong" [c'mon, Alma wasn't thaaat bad]and

"Christmas seizure lights". Wonderful.

Now strangely, I listened to Mick Jagger and thought he sounded awful. Looked good. Sounded lame. And a little off-key.

But impressed that he improved to the point that he could belt out a wicked Brown Sugar or Satisfaction and be so unforgettable.

Pablo, sorry the Peces en el Rio was from Spain rather than Mexico, but I loved the song and found it quite beautiful. What song should they have done? I'd love to hear that one also if I could find it on iTunes.

I'm not sure if I can stand Colunga being so wishy-washy one single minute more. His dazed and confused look while Alma sang was more than I could bear. Take action my man! NOW!

And thanks Julie. You never disappoint.

Julie, I laughed all the way through your recap. You've got such a cute, yet scathing, sense of humor. I love your new Avon campaign slogan; use it Elias!!

I haven't been able to watch the last week or two of episodes, but I recall that Marta mooning over Elias kind of creeped me out before. Is she acting like she's got a "normal" (whatever that is) crush on Elias or is she acting kind of obsessive about him? Just wondering.

Fern, Fern, Fern, sending your rotten brother directly to jail might not be the best demonstration of the new and improved Fernando. Seems a trifle over-the-top vindictive to me. Not that I wouldn't LOVE seeing Rogue get what's coming to him. (Hey, nobody said that I had to be all peace, love and understanding, did they?)

Bonus, we get reminded of that great song that I haven't heard in years. Nicely done Julie!

That woman in the neighborhood that keeps popping she one of the theme song singers? Not being able to watch I can't tell, but I seem to recall seeing a woman in the 'hood who reminded me of one of the singers. But I guess if she was you guys would already know that so never mind.

Julie, you're brave to peek at Wikipedia because they always put so many spoilers in. I'm afraid if I check their page I'll see something like "Panfilo - murdered by Chatita who got drunk on Rompompe and mistakenly thought he was an intruder instead of her best friend."

Pablo, glad to hear that you are going to stick with this. You are such a fun recapper and commenter and a great resource for us.

Julie, thanks again for all the great details and laughs.

I'm with you Judy on FC. I know he wanted to do something lighter, but gees, could there have been some acting involved. He seems to have about 3-4 different facial reactions, and all the real comedic stuff falls to Erick. There are days I think, gee maybe a FC nicely placed facial cream explosion or a pie in the face might give us some yawks. Think he needs to rethink his next career move.

Pablo, mucho mucho gracias on hanging in because we love your recaps and wonderful comments!!


Would Fernando's seeing the light conversion include revenge or is he the old Fernando now?


Loved your comment about Chatita "offing" Panfilo cause she had too much Rompope, lol.

I don't know exactly how many Christmas songs are originally from México, but if you want to hear a huge collection of them from around the world check Christmas CDs from the 80s, when Pandora, Oscar Athié and others launched one CD a year for some time and they were great! In fact, Los peces en el río caused such a commotion, that we officially adopted it, and has been one of the favorites to this day.

If someone goes to México for Christmas, look for a little town where they do the posadas in the neighborhoods, the song Chatita was singing with the procession people, is the Posada song, and everybody in the neighborhood participate, some representing Mary and Joseph (Baby Jesus shouldn't be there yet and I saw Chatita with a gigantic version, not at scale with his parents), and some neighbors in their homes. Whoever will have the Christmas party on Dec 24th when Jesus is born is who will host, so the procession sings from door to door until they get to the house where the ''nacimiento'' (clay figures depicting the whole enchilada) is. Then on the 25th they dress the baby, and on Jan 6th- whoever gets the doll from the wise men cake hosts the rising of the baby on Feb 2nd, with muchos tamales and another big party!

In México, we have a joke because we think some people celebrate the whole ''Guadalupe Reyes'' thing, from December 12th, día de la Virgen de Guadalupe, until Jan 6th, día de Reyes, but I would like to extend it until Feb 2nd., just to recover from exhaustion... that's a lot of celebrating!

Sylvia, I think that in her struggle to remain objective about her clients, Martha is working up an obsession about Elias. That's how it seems to me. It's like trying not to think about a pink elephant.

Variopinta - I think the Fernando we are seeing now is "Fernando 3.0 the Embittered." He feels that the light has rejected him and therefore he must embrace the dark side of the Force, or something. He's nothing like Original Fernando either. Original Fernando would have whined and maybe tried something passive-aggressive, but would not have gone so far as to turn in his own brother.

And I'm not sure how that's even supposed to work. How can he implicate Rogelio without implicating himself? Did he destroy his written confession? As long as that thing still exists, there's always the chance it will be found and used against him.

As far as the spoilers - "Panfilo - murdered by Chatita who got drunk on Rompompe" well at least it doesn't say HOW she murdered him! LOL!

Ack, was that supposed to be the baby Jesus? I couldn't tell what it was!

I forgot to say, "...and clocked him over the skull with the empty Rompompe bottle."

I can tell that when I get home in a month I'm going to have a marathon PEAM catch-up session on Hulu. Not to mention you guys are making me hungry!

Interesting thoughts on Marta and Fernando. One thing about Fernando that seems consistent, he doesn't really think things through, he just reacts.


Now I'm wondering when we'll see Fernando 4.0, what he'll be like, and what new event will bring him into existence. Maybe 4.0 will be a little more calculating!

WHat a thorough recap, Julie.
Since I live in the Northeast, it was interesting seeing Christmas celebrated in a warm climate. I didn't understand why Valentina was wearing a scarf in the heat.
I am definitely warming up to the enlightened Ferny. It's time he slapped Rogue around.
Julia- I agree, Alma is a complete idiot. It's sad, the more Jesus gives her his love the closer she wants to be with Rogue??? Huh?? I don't get it.

If Cardenas is making a Jessica robot, I hope the actor plays it. It would be a hoot to see her to that.

A Jessica Robot would be a hoot, but I too suspect he's rebuilding a car or something like that. I wonder if he would give a Jessica Robot her sashaying abilities and childish butt-shaking retort?

Thanks for a thorough description of the posada tradition Pablo and for some indications of other Christmas songs. I will look into it.

Wow, what a lot to cover and savor, starting with the title. So, Julie, you've been waiting forever?

Loved the recap.

Glad it's not Christmas again here, yet. Don't need seizure lights in my neighborhood, although one vecino has left up her outdoor white lights strung up in her tree and they kinda look real nice.

So Pattymelt had time to make herself some popcorn while Rogue was pitching a hissy fit. I guess she made it to sit down and enjoy the show.

ITA, it's hard to tell Discua from Marta.

Sebastian should have known better--she's still a married woman with a VERY ill husband at home. OTOH, if he can be left alone all day, it can't be that bad. But now that it is, is she ever going to feel guilty about *things.*

WARNING: Speculation coming....Hasn't it ocurred to anyone in viewerville that Ferny turning in Rogelio is BOUND to delay the wedding? Otherwise, how else could it possibly be put off with the information viewerville has right now--that Alma is more convinced than ever that she definitely will marry Rogelio.


Julie, a great recap with your signature humor.

Marta's face bothers me (on top of her stalking Elias). It looks very tightly stretched, maybe too much work from plastic surgeons.

I'd like to see Alma question her marriage decision, instead of blindly proceeding.


Well, maybe not forever, but since Destilando Amor, maybe. The situation was never quite right. I was waiting for someone to do something that they weren't really good at, but because their sweetie loved them so much they thought it was great. I didn't think I'd luck out enough that it would actually be singing, though.

It's not at all clear that giving Delia the address of the warehouse will result in anyone's arrest, much less delay the wedding. I think what is most likely to delay the wedding is if the priest who hosted the premarital counseling goes to the wedding to see his favorite, 100% compatible couple. He'll be confused when the groom turns out to be the real Rogelio and not the guy who was kissing Alma at the platicas!

Nanette, I love thinking of Cárdenas as a Frankenstein and his monster could very well be a Jessica robot. Nothing surprises me in this novela.

The wedding could be delayed a bit if Rogelio has problems with the law but I think that Alma will marry Rogelio come h*ll or highwater. It seem that she has an overdeveloped almost masochistic sense of moral obligation. Too sad, too bad for Jesús. He will be waiting for some time for a happy ending. Fernando Colunga did have great control over that ONE tear rolling down his cheek as Chatita was consoling him.


I asked a friend who has a huge collection of Christmas records, to upload for us two of the albums I was telling you about. You can see them here:

There you will find some rarities, specially one that I didn't remember existed. Guillermo Capetillo (YES! Nelson Brizz! from AV) sings one of them!!

Wow. Thank you Pablo. You really go the extra mile. And please thank your friend as well.

Found the Pandora version of Los Peces en el Rio on iTunes thanks you you and your friend Pablo. Again, thanks.

You're welcome. It's all about sharing with people who appreciate.
Now going back to Discua leaving Avon but taking it in her heart!!

Gracias Pablo, I put that link in my all things Spanish folder.

Oh wow, thank you! It's just as well I start listening to Christmas music in May while I can still enjoy it, before all the stores and radio stations play every song to death and wear out my holiday spirit before November's even over. ;-)

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