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Corazon Indomable #45, 7/12/2013: Breaking News: El casino de la Isla has been robbed! (And we now get to hear about it and its aftermath from 5 different viewpoints!)

Recap by CeCe

We begin with Alejandro looking dapper in his work wear talking on the phone to Tobias. He updates him on the latest news, a client won a lot of money on the ship. MC believes that it was a trap by Carola and Tobias agrees with her opinion. Alejandro also tells Tobias that MC is now a mother, and he tells Solita. Celebrations and cheers all around!!

The very same Carola is in the office with Tony and finds out that her accomplice was robbed. Raiza is now informed and she is all “I told you so” mode. Carola agrees and feels like she is losing this war.

MA is with the cute not named baby and the nanny. MA is mad that she was not told about Alejandro returning to stay at the hotel. MA is about to run off and see him when there is a ring at the door. Some admirer (Karim anyone!) has sent her a rather interesting looking bouquet of flowers.  The nanny finds a jewelry box in the set of flowers (now we are talking) with a note. Karim thanks her in the note and says that the jewelry is to complement the payment. MA is very confused at  Karim’s inferences, wondering if it is some custom from his country.

The brain of the crazy plan is talking to one of Karim’s henchman trying to justify what he did. If Karim ever found out, he will have his head cut off!!  They discuss something that I am really not paying attention to, but my brain engages again when Mohammed states that he will talk to Karim and if he doesn’t mind him, then he will bring the brother in (Uh-oH). (I didn’t catch much of the convo, so please fill in if I missed something important.)

Alejandro is reading the news of the robbery over lunch (I cant help but think of how his suit matches the furniture and décor of the hotel room…hmmm).  Alejandro wonders why the delinquent stole the check when he is not even able to cash it in.

Teo comes to visit MA with some important news. However, just like viewerville, MA is already informed of  today’s hot gossip. (Actually it's already getting old). Teo thinks that it was a scam by Carola, and he has the check to prove it.  She finds out that the check is written for only 4,000 dollars when the guy reportedly won 500,000. MA wants to know how the check fell into Teo's hands and he admits that he took it from the client, by "pretending" to be El Zorillo.

Speaking of the devil, Carola writes the guy another check since she knows that the robber is not able to cash it in. The guy is worried that the bank will find it suspicious that the money he is depositing is not the same as the earnings he supposedly won from the casino. Carola is not really worried as long as the guy keeps their secret.

MA is scolding Alejandro for leaving her house without telling her (dude he is a grown man!).  MA also informs him not to hope that buyers will be coming to visit him with all the misfortunes happening at the casino. He says if this is the case, he will have to sell it to Carola. Alejandro is tired and he is in his last days, he does not have the will/energy to put up a fight (don’t you worry Don Ale, your daughter has enough tenacity for the both of you).  MA wants him to put his confidence in her hands and let her do all the fighting. They spend a lot of time arguing about his return to her house so she can take care of him, and also so that he can be close to her daughter.

We have Doris (the Governor's daughter) and her friend who are checking out the two pilots. The friend in the blue shirt pics Eddy which is fortunate for her. However, blondie picks Tav (oh dear, you don’t know what you are getting into!).  They introduce themselves and Doris notices they are not married. She asks if they are both in any engagements and both shake their heads vigorously (I will not even comment here). Doris asks if they can hang out more in Mexico, but before Eddy can get their numbers, Tav shuts him down saying it's time to fly off. Doris wants to be "la novia" of Octavio but the friend thinks her dad will not permit her. After the flight, the girls await their prey/the pilots to say their goodbyes, but also to plan a future meeting. Right before they leave, Doris plants a nice kiss on Tav, to the surprise of her friend.

Karim is an angry bird and is spouting off at his right hand man. Mohammad wants Karim to return to his homeland and get married (he mumbled something else that I did not catch). Karim wants to know what happens if he does not do as they say.  The other guy chimes in that he can always seek out his brother, which brings Karim to threaten to cut off their heads with that kind of comment. Mohammed says they have never been out of the country for more than a month and this trip has been very long…and all for a woman.  Karim is told that people back at home will be talking (his brother, the government…). Karim is not persuaded and Mohammed states that the situation back at home is grave and his presence is needed. He finally agrees to go, but if they are lying to him, heads will roll!

Were are back to the Blondie sisters. Carola is worried about the check since it is evidence of her shadiness. Raiza thinks there is nothing to worry about and all will go as planned. Teo stops and visits to inform Carola he knows of her lies.  Teo warns her that he will make a bad enemy.

Cute alert!!!! Don Alejandro is sleeping with the cute little girl.
MA hopes that Don Ale will open his eyes soon and see the shadiness going on at the casino.  MA has the proof of Carola’s deceit, but she is wondering how she will explain that it fell into her hands. (Ummm, make up anything…why does it even matter!!)  She does not have enough money to offer for the sale but she suddenly thinks of the jewels, that are sure to be worth a lot of money. She decides to sell the jewelry and try to out buy Carola. Next we have MC visiting a jewelry shop, and she is told that it is worth a lot of money.

Alejandro visits Carola, looking in bad shape. He wants to talk about the casino. He does not want to believe what MA accuses her to be capable of, and he hopes that she is wrong.  He wants to know how much Carola will offer him and she tells him that she has to check some things and will get back to him tomorrow.  Afterwards, he informs MA that he asked Carola to put an offer in for the casino. He is tired of dealing with this casino. He tells her that he has other casinos, plus he prefers to sell it to Carola since they have been business partners for so long. MA tells him that the roulette fiasco was all planned but this doesn’t affect Alejandro since there is no proof. 

Teo visits Aracely and notices that she was crying. He thinks that it is because she cannot find a job. Teo advises her that she should prepare herself more by going to school/classes. He wants her to study to be a dancer, since she loves it. Teo offers to pay for the expensive classes, but Aracely turns him down.

Ranch Life
Simona came over to make peace with Luciafer. Luciafer also informs Simona that she is at danger in the ranch.  She tells how Miguel and her have become strangers. Simona, the saint that she is, does not agree with they way Luciafer dealt with MC but she does want to help her and Miguel. Miguel arrives and Simona invites him to eat with them but he declines with a lame excuse. He then shows Luciafer a check (they have been doing well with the beef at the ranch), which he firmly states that half is for his brother. Lucia predictably is against this (talk about greedy…why so much hatred for our one cell brained galan). Even Simona is in agreement with Lucia since Miguel is doing all the work. Lucia leaves so that Simona and Miguel can talk. Simona notes that Miguel is in not a very good mood and that he has changed. Miguel admits that before he as better dressed; hair arranged and very enthused (wait really…is he imaging a different person). Miguel says something of how time changes things, before he drops the bomb on Simona that they are having another child! Children mean a lot of $$ and responsibility and before he wanted lots of children with Lucia, but now no! As Lucia comes back and tries to play nice he makes his exit. Simona seems to think that Miguel is overworked but of course that does not concern Lucia. She just wants to know what Miguel thinks of her.

Hot boys talk about the same thing they always talk about, Tav’s obsession with MA/MC. Eddy thinks that he looks for her in all women.  Tav feels guilty for everything that happened to MC, but Eddy seems to think that everyone has his or her own destiny that has been written. He believes he won't find peace until he has found MC. 

Tav receives a letter from his brother informing him of the money he put in the bank in his name. There is another check coming and he will get half of that too. He also tells his brother that Lucia is expecting another child but he is not sure of his feelings about the news yet.

Finally el Fin
Carola and Raiza are both gleeful that the Casino situation is working in their favor. Carola is practically calling the casino hers and thinks there is nothing La Mendoza can do about it. MA walks in to break up the party with a smirk on her face. Carola tries to kick her out, but MA shows her a copy of the infamous check she wrote….cara de impactado all around. 



I'm back. I had a great time on my trip, but it's really good to be back home. Thank you to Eli for filling in for me and to all the recappers for providing a means for me to be able to keep up without access to watching the show.

One thing that has been bothering me about not telling Don Ale about his daughter. They aren't telling him because his health is precarious, but it will always be precarious until it eventually kills him. So do they never plan to tell him?

I also want to say that Tony is very yummy looking. Give that man some more airtime please. And the cherry on the top could be more airtime without a shirt on.

This episode was just another filler. MA didn't even tell Don Ale abt the evidence Teo stole. Oh and did Miguel say that Lucia is pregnant again? The only promising note was the preview for Monday that looks like Don Ale finally finds out the truth that MC is MA.

I see Dani from NPQA made an appearance.

Another TN rule, if kidnapping is mentioned, then it will be so.

Welcome back Cathyx! I have had the same thought about them telling Ale the truth. His health isn't going to improve. The doctor has NEVER said that. So what are they waiting for? He's going to die soon anyway, and he's starting to lose the will to live because he hasn't found his daughter. So is it better for him to die in despair, or to die happy with the realization that he has his daughter and granddaughter near him?

Welcome back cathyx.

There's a lot of us agreeing with you on the stupidity of keeping this secret from Don Ale. But my guess is that as dramatic impact, he's going to find out right before we lose him. Note the fact how much weaker he is getting every day. Again....stupid.

I have to admit that I was getting bored at times last night so kept switching to the Indians game to check the score. Missed the Luciafer being preggers again. What's with all these babies in the plot. Gees....


Cathyx - Glad you had a nice trip. And ITA w/your annoyance about this don't tell DA b/c of his health. And Tony is hottie perhaps one of the new women will fall for him.

Carvivlie - at least it looks like the BIG REVEAL will happen on Monday.

I also don't understand MCs hesitation to tell Don Ale about the check. Does she not think it's enough proof to implicate her? This is not a court of law, for goodness sakes. Hearsay is enough to convict her in the eyes of Don Ale. I'm so so so tired of the not telling someone something theme that this TN has taken on.

Yes Cathyx not telling DA about the check made no sense. I remember MC he would question where she got it but seriously? Where she got it seems to pale in comparison to what the check means - Carola is a lying liar who lies and has been lying to DA about this casino.

I haven't watched yet, but the baby STILL doesn't have a name? Isn't that the first thing you ask when someone has a kid? But no one has questioned this? I know MC has no idea what she's doing being young, but surely someone (a nurse int he hospital, the nanny) would say "hey, how about naming this kid".


I too wonder about Mini-cruz's name. But, with this novella's choppy editing, perhaps there was a scene filmed where MariCruz named her mini-me and it got edited out? How come "Don Ale" didn't ask what her name is? And why doesn't he know MariCruz is his daughter?! They've danced around the subject ever since Tobias figured it out. At this point it doesn't seem "that" central to the whole "MariCruz seeking revenge on Octavio" plot, though it will spell trouble for the Consicko sisters.

And how nonchalant was the announcement about Luciafer's 2nd baby on the way? They skipped right over the fainting and nausea and went straight to announcing her pregnancy! How much time has passed since baby #1 was born anyway?

I am looking forward to what appears to be the "big reveal" on Monday...I hope we are not disappointed!

Cece's recap is up!

Thnaks CeCe loved the snarks.
I really don't know what is MC still waiting for to tell the truth.
Just tell it to him already, don't you see his health just getting worse not better?

DA with the baby was adorable.
I don't think this is the longest where the baby hadn't had name in a TN. Do you remember PdG? It is still weird though.

Cece- You did a great job with this rather boring episode. Truth be told, the only time my ears and eyes perked up were the scenes with the adorable baby. Especially when she was with Don Ale.

They keep throwing new characters at us, as if new characters equal plot. Now we have Doris' friend too. Don't our two fly boys have enough women to worry about. Now Tav has MC/MA, Raiza, new blonde casino girl, and Doris. He can't even handle one woman (with three personalities)! Ed has multiple flight attendants and Aracely (major fail for him). And now he has a girl still in pigtails after him.

We also have a new character in the Arab posse-- the guy who spoke with Mohamed about the Karim situation-- and the threat of yet another new character in the form of Karim's brother. If he can get Karim under control, then I'm all for him showing up.

MA selling those jewels is a bad idea. It will make it harder to prove that she had nothing to do with Karim, and wasn't his "secret lover." In any case, there is no way that the sale of one set of jewels will give her enough money to be able to buy a casino that can afford to lose over half a million in one night. I'm scratching my head over this plan.

How is doing this easier than showing Don Ale the smoking gun check, and just making up an excuse for how she got her hands on it? Why not simply say "I have to protect my sources and can't reveal them" and be done with it?

Why are you all asking logical questions? Are you forgetting this is a Mrs. Mejia novela?

Has Teo been the one robbing the winners all along or did he rob this one because he knew it was a set-up?

I still believe that Carola was the one robbing in order to get enough money to buy the casino.

Thanks CeCe for the recap. I didn't catch the conversation with Karim's guys either. I'm sure that it will hash out over the next couple of episodes.

I was also baffled that MC would think that the jewels would be worth anything close to the price of the casino. Maybe she's saved up more than we know. Will she take them the Mexico City to sell?

I can't imagine what it is like to be as sick as Don Ale appears to be and knowing you don't have much longer to live. I would rather be surprised by my death, I guess.

Thanks for the snappy, snarky recap CeCe. Lots of good lines:

I cant help but think of how his suit matches the furniture and décor of the hotel room…hmmm
This kind of thing always distracts me.

(wait really…is he imaging a different person)
Agree! He doesn't look any more disheveled than he did when this all started.

Several questions because I'm slow:
1. I'm a little confused by the Simona thing. Maybe I missed something, but after Luciafer sniped about her being ugly, $imona went to the detective and implicated Luciafer. Now she's at the ranch making nice? Is this just a ruse to gather info?

2. The jeweler told MC/MA that she would have to have papers proving her ownership of the jewels in order to sell them. So QTH does she plan to do? Just hand DA the jewels and say "here's my counter offer."?

IRT Karim. I got the impression that things are going to pot in his emirate and his bro (Ramses...great name) is ready to take over. I have no idea where this is going. If it weren't for the jewels and the plot Mohammed cooked up I would assume this was a way to get rid of a character...but there are too many loose ends with Karim, so maybe it's just a temporary absence.

Welcome back, Cathyx!

Why are you all asking logical questions?

I'm not a huge fan of bringing in tons of characters either...but I'm loving Doris. :-)

Thanks for the recap, CeCe. I never get to watch on Friday night, so I especially appreciate the detail.

Sounds like important decisions are still being withheld, secrets kept for no discernible reason, and babies busting out all over. Welcome to frustrating fertile valley.

Hope we get some truth telling for poor Don Ale soon. He needs to depart this mortal coil in peace.

Thank you CeCe. You had a lot of good lines but one that really got to me was---Blondie picks Tav. [Oh
dear, you don't know what you are getting into!]

Filler or no filler, I loved every minute of it. I would never switch
channels for something else, no, not for even a minute.

The necklace is worth a hefty sum,
but a downpayment on a casino? I think that the writers must have been up to late at night and had a little to much tequila to come up with that one.

Is it the casino only or the casino and the whole ship?

My vote is if Karim does go back to his country, it will be just for a short time. He's obsessed with Maricruz, he won't leave for long. I think that somewhere down the line there might be a confrontation between Karim and Oblivio. Oblivio left Maricruz and he might have to fight to get her back. He's going to have to really prove himself this next time as Maricrus is much wiser and no push over now.
the gringo

Thanks CeCe for the amusing recap! I agree with all comments so I won't reiterate. But I do believe the convo with Karim came down to if he didn't "grow up" and return to his country, he would be forced to abdicate his Emir-status to his brother.

I can't remember which one but it seems there was a recent TN where a baby never got a name!

As far as baby names go, I vote for Mini-cruz!

Thanks, CeCe, for helping us track the crazy stuff.
Happy to see Karim forced off the screen, at least for a while.
I don't ask for much in life--just a name for MiniCruz and for Don Ale to know he has a real daughter and granddaughter. MariAle needs to enjoy them while she can, then worry about her vengeance later on.


Thank you, CeCe! A fun read.

I swear that MC better confess her true identity to Don Ale soon or she'll never get the chance and then there'll be hell to pay trying to prove DNA, that the letters are really hers and all the rest of it. As for the jewelry, I am sure somebody will know a good fence who can break it into pieces and get more out of each gem or something.

Personally, I am so over Karim and cannot wait till he finds out he had to have been tricked by Mohammed. We all know MariAle was with Daddy and Minicruz that time of the day.

As for Doris, whatever she has in mind I have two words for her: Maria Alejandra! MC will not stand by and let Doris continue to paw "her property" cuz she still loves him despite her need for vengeance.

CeCe, Thanks for the wonderful recap. It was fun plus so helpful as there were no captions this episode. Thank goodness for your clarifications!

Also, thanks to all the recappers this week, LatinaInMD, Jardinera, Eli and La Paloma as well. I wish I was able to tell you each personally during the week how much I appreciate the work you do for all of our entertainment.

CeCe, that was an "interesting looking" delivery of flowers. A couple rows of planted tulips (?). MC/MA had earlier told Karim she would prefer a simple bouquet of flowers rather than expensive jewelry. I guess he decided to go with both.

Could someone remind me again why Carola felt she needed to hire Teobaldo back again at triple his salary? I don't remember. I know she is one of the "bad guys", but the way Teo keeps appearing in her office to taunt and gloat--she definitely should fire his now more expensive a$$ (again).

Gosh, MC/MA was wearing me out when she kept haranguing Don Ale about staying with her so she could care for him. I can imagine how he must have felt! And where the heck is his oxygen? I think he could use it.

I, of course, agree with all the others that secret of MC/MA as Don Ale's daughter is long overdue to be revealed. It is ridiculous that DA is going to be safer not knowing than knowing. The only suspense-- is he going to know before he dies? And, if he does find out, we viewers are being deprived of enjoying his happiness for more than a few brief scenes. I'm annoyed.

Though I don't particularly like Raisa, I am finding her a more interesting character as time goes on. Though I know she wants a rich man, it seems she is driven more by insecurity than greed. I think she is afraid for her future and wants it assured. She seems quite loyal to her sister but her sister also told her she would always care for her. Also, several times she has made overtures to MA, thinking they were alike in what they wanted. She actually seems like someone who needs a good friend.

LoriLoo, "La Flor del Sofa". I had to LOL when I read this…I love to plant myself ("plantarme") on the sofa after a long day! And, I love your picture of the "sofa supervisor".



Thanks everyone! This was kind of a blah episode and I lost steam towards the end.

Vivi - ITA with everything you said...but i think i am going to stop trying to impose any kind of logic onto this TN.

Sara...I was confused at Simona's sudden need to make peace with Lucia. Doesn't make sense to me but maybe she wants to stay on Lucia's good side so that she kind be an insider...that or she really has no friends.

LaPaloma: I dont know what i find Karim so entertaining. His antics and over the top personality makes me chuckle every time...maybe its cause I cannot take the character seriously.


CeCe-Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't get it. I like your theories. I would want to keep that enemy close, too. Lucia is dangerous. If it's because Simona has no friends....that is sad. I want a happy ending for her. Maybe she and Miguel??

Niña-No-Name... what a beauty! All that luscious hair, and those wide eyes, I am in love with that child... especially her scenes with Don Ale! They are so precious together.

I'm to the FF point with the Karim plot. I'm so tired of it (and the goofy "Arabian" music they play in the background), I kind of expected it to be a little more comedic w/Carlos de Mota, but IMO it's just too much, and I don't like the character like I thought I would.

Cece and Sara, I too hope that Simona is befriending Lucia to try to get more info. She seems intelligent enough, and is brave enough to tell Lucia she still thinks what she did was wrong. I think she (and Ester, and maybe Miguel?) will be the key to the right people finding out the truth.

I totally agree with jenbeizai about Lucia's pregnancy and the offhand way it was announced. I'm half wondering if it isn't a faux-pregnancy engineered by Lucia to get Miguel to show more interest in her, since we don't know how "official" things have been confirmed... that would open things up for a strap-on belly and baby-kidnapping (a la Amorcito Corazon).

By the way, I'm going to need a little more Jose Antonio time if I'm going to stick with this one. He needs to be around for Solita and Mini-Sol (actually, I think it will be a boy named after Abuelo) when Solita turns mayor de edad!

I also thought that Simona was making nice with Luciafer to get more info and proof on her misdeeds. She took a huge breath before going into the ranch, like it was the last thing she wanted to do. I guess we'll see.

Miguel has actually been looking more disheveled. He's not shaving, his hair is askew, and his shirts are untucked. They must have made that 2nd baby before he found out she is a murderer, considering that he can't stand to be with her in the same room for more than two minutes now.

As for Teo being El Zorillo. They are still trying to keep it a mystery because he told MA he only pretended to be el Zorillo to get that check. That might really be true. I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Cece thanks for your recap. Glad you and Sara were unclear about Simona's turn around.

Jardinera/jenbeizaie - yes, Monday better be the reveal as I am bored with this poorly developed plot of keep info away from a dying man.

Thanks for the funny recap, Cece.

@Gringo - the purchase is only of the casino, not the boat. If you recall, in an earlier episode Karim had his sidekick investigate whether the boat was leased and later he threatened Carola with buying out the lease and closing up the casino if she didn't do as he wished with respect to MariAle.

Thanks Cece. Very funny. I'm sorry to be so late commenting.

So Lucia is already pregnant again?
She really doesn't seem to be one of the large family motherly types. I would have thought that she would be one to direct all her motherly efforts and aspirations on one child.

I also don't think Teo is el Zorrillo and stole the check specifically to help Maricruz.

Suggestions of things to do for Maricruz:

1 Tell your daddy who you are
2 Get the poor guy a wheelchair (He has a private Learjet but not a Rascal™?)
3 Name your daughter
4 Go be with Solita until she delivers...she needs you there
5 Reveal yourself to Octavio and work things out one way or another
6 Give that necklace back to Karim to save you both from embarrassment and further misunderstanding
7 Show don Alejandro that check
8 Quit meddling in Araceli's life

So happy to see Squeaky (LQNPA) again.


Carlos -- My thoughts exactly. I hope the plot starts moving a little faster. don Ale needs a wheelchair. What kind of a loving daughter/sister is MC/MA anyway?


El fin, not a bad idea.

great to-do list , Carlos. I make one of those at the start of every week...I like crossing things off. Youwould make an excellent life coach if you ever want to make a career change.

As for "what kind of daughter is Mari"....she is a 19 year old wild child who was raised in a shack by an old dude and a monkey and just started wearing shoes kind of daughter. This girl may have had some tutoring in walking in high heels, applying eye liner, and picking out jewel tone evening gowns , but she is not very mature , compassionate, or worldly wise despite the writers wanting us to see her as a sophisticated woman who is now large and in charge., and on a mission to....I am not sure what ...hurt those who hurt her, get the casino , buy more colorful frocks ???? Like many more civilized 19 year olds , it is all about I want revenge...I want the casino...Baby and dad will have to stand in line for attention and Solita seems to be completely off Mari's radar. I am pretty tired of Mari at this point, could not care less about Oblivio, and feel bad for Baby , Don Dad, and poor Solita who has only 2 friends at this time...Tobias and the monkey who does not get much screen time lately.

Mari...for everyone's sake, especially your own, read Carlos's to-do list and start to address those issues.

Love it Susanlynn. And agree...Carlos would make a great Life Coach. Actually, I imagine he does quite a bit of that naturally in his medical practice...and that his patients are deeply grateful.

Judyb...Hi there, Amiga.. I guess you are in the same heat wave that we are experiencing to your east. I cannot remember a summer with so many days in the 9os. Que the hell. ????

After what we know to be at least 9 months since the beg. of this TN, shouldn't MC be 20 now?

Susanlynn...yes, it's swampy hot here. I teach exercise in the afternoon in a gym that is NOT air-conditioned. Even with all the fans going, it's well...HOT.

Fortunately, the class I teach in the morning is in an air-conditioned studio with a floating floor (easier on the joints).

Anyway, "never give up, never give in". Whoops, that may be MC's motto, and problem.

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