Friday, January 03, 2014

Weekend Discussion: Fix This Novela!

Holà, Caraymates!  

We've seen quite a few series that had something going on to make the ratings department happy but... a serious flaw or two that earned derision from critics or unsatisfied viewers. Some of these got really bad – like Corazón Indomable. Others just needed a tweak or two, like Doña Barbara,

If you could fix a flawed novela, how would you do it? What general things would you do to fix the series to get it on track? We will assume that any and all continuity errors would be corrected but what general changes would you make?

I'll start with one some of you really hated, Fuego en la Sangre. It had excellent production values, photography, music, actors, and a good basic story premise, but the writing didn't come up to the rest. What I would have done with it:
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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Corazon Indomable, 12/22/2013: EL GRAN FINAL!!!!

Well, Amigos. This long and winding journey we have been on, called Corazon Indomable, has finally come to an end. We've got a lot of ground to cover, so I won't waste time here sharing my thoughts, but I would like to thank my fantastic group of co-recappers, and the amazing group of commenters that shared this adventure with us. This final recap is a joint effort. Cece has recapped the first half, I have done the second half, and SURPRISE!, Carlos has provided some of his signature screencaps and captions. Enjoy!
Part 1 (By Cece): Stumbling Our Way to El Gran Final CI Style

Everything has been said in the past recaps this week. I would just like to add that it has been a wonderful experience albeit my first time recapping. I appreciate all the kind words and wonderful comments. You all definitely made this TN somewhat durable ;).  As to my fellow recappers, you are a talented bunch… that I aspire to write like someday. I would be the first person on the patio if you all got together and wrote a TN (I am also sure it would be better than half the stuff Televisa comes up with!). It’s been fun!!
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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Fri. 12/20/13 Corazón Indomable ♡ All About Elsa ♡

Well, all good things must come to an end... fortunately, so must all dreadful things as well. I present you with a recounting of of the penultimate episode of Corazón Indomable. For a brief time there it looked as though my luck had run out and I would be struggling with the final 2 hr. episode, but thanks to an emergency unexpected telethon on Univision last Friday, that episode was postponed until Sunday and fortunately for us, Vivi and CeCe will be doing the honors. The first paragraph of this recap covers a short period of time that preceded tonight's episode that was presented on Univision. It was the beginning of capitulo 160 which I discovered on line and I already had the paragraph written and hate to waste effort so I left it in. I hope you don't mind a bit of repetition.

Maricruz is sitting at the foot of Elsa's bed chatting with Elsa. Elsa, still not aware that Alfonso is dead is trying to recruit Maricruz's assistance in returning the deceased one to her. She's clearly in the wrong telenovela. She needs to be over at Mentir Para Vivir where resurrection of the dead is a rather common occurrence. Perhaps Maricruz could put in a call to Padre Plaid.  Because Maricruz is a practicing idiot, she agrees to help Elsa find Alfonso. Should be easy enough but not with quite the result that  Elsa is hoping for. 

Here is where tonight's TV presentation actually begins.

Liz arrives at Alvaro's place in her little red car and parks it at the curb. Skankery must pay fairly well as it's a rather nice car, and her too tight, too short, maroon dress and spike heels all look to be expensive... if a bit slutty. She rings the bell at the gate and thought bubbles about a moment of vengeance against two people, especially Alvaro. She is soon admitted by a housekeeper and led to the big house. Looks like her other target is Maricruz since she seems to be glad that Maricruz is there. She tells her that she is here to visit Elsa. Maricruz says sure and lets her pass. 

Wearing a tee shirt and children's pajama bottoms with little teddy bears imprinted on them (at first I thought it was Hello Kitty PJs), Elsa seems happy to have a visitor. She's busy brushing her hair and admiring her image in the mirror as Liz walks in.

"For A Spoiled Brat I Sure Am Cute."

"¡Hola Liz!"
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Friday, December 20, 2013

Corazon Indomable, # 159, Thur. 12-19-13. Move Along Folks, Nothing to See Here, Just a Minor Scrape or Two.

    Gentle Readers, I take pen  keyboard in hand to bid you farewell.  This ends the only May-December romance in my life. I fell in love with the concept and cast of CI last May and offered to recap when CarayCaray was in dire need of CI staff.  I trembled on the brink of my first attempt at this noble art. I continued to tremble as each Thursday rolled around and my family learned to leave me, the TV, and the computer strictly alone. I fear disenchantment set in once MariCruz achieved her venganza and CI hit the skids. Now we’re in December, at the end of a relationship gone sour. I loved MC and her journey; I only regret the writing/producing team had their own little venganza with us viewers. MariCruz was a bright and courageous spirit who deserved better from her creators. I gave her what I could.

    Just a note to Gringo, flag bearer for the CI defenders. To me, a recapper’s duty is to provide a summary of the episode plus any extra entertainment that occurs to a creative mind. This added “wit” may not suit everyone, since tastes vary. I remember other TNs that fell apart and were sideswiped or even trashed in the commentary. One example was Corazon Salvaje 2009, which was “savagely” criticized in comparison to the 1993 version. I hadn’t seen the earlier version, so I happily followed the newer one when it moved to a midnight time slot. In contrast, I dropped out of regularly watching other TNs, such as La Fuerza del Destino, Abismo de Pasion, and even Que Bonito Amor. I’m very grateful to all CarayCaray recappers and commenters for sharing an array of opinions.

    This episode follows MariCruz and Octavio on their separate journeys: Tav with Doris, MC with Alvaro’s family. Many short scenes have been combined so the channel isn’t constantly flipping back and forth.

How Were We to Know?

    When life on the ranchos took a strange turn, Alvaro appeared as a suitor for MC and Natasha appeared as a general romantic interest and troublemaker. We thought they were a passing fancy, but little did we know they would be with us to the end. Alvaro’s teenage daughter and MC end up damaged by the same egotistical artist, while Natasha plays a role in freeing MC from the “peace” of her prison cell. I don’t know why this was necessary, unless we’re unwitting dupes helping to promote Goyri’s new banda release. Or, maybe he just wants to be a nice guy for a change.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Corazon Indomable Wed 12/18/2013 Doris gets punched, and I am finally free!

 This is my last recap but before I go off into the sunset I wanted to take a second to thank you all for the kind words and the encouragement you have provided these last few months. I started to recap because I was going through a bad time in my life, my mom had passed away and my boyfriend had dumped me, one of the things that made me happy was reading the recaps here (and the snarky comments!), when the opportunity to recap came up I jumped on it because I needed something to look forward to and I also thought that maybe it was the first step back into doing things I enjoyed. I was right. All of you here have given me things to smile/laugh about in a time when I really needed it and for that I will always be in your debt. You are the best behaved group of people in the whole internet, you are all smart, witty and down right hilarious and it has been a pleasure getting to know all of you :) (shout out to Emeraldrose, my one and only interwebz fan,lol). Now for the recap;

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Corazon Indomable, #157, 12/17/13 Maricruz disappears AGAIN. Tav thinks he lost her forever AGAIN. Alvaro comes to the rescue AGAIN. I never have to write a CI recap AGAIN!

Most scenes have been condensed and cut short (sadly, I couldn't ignore them).

 Tav has decided he won’t go to Isla Dorada, he’ll just drop Doris off and get back to Mexico City with the same plane; he has to do this for his daughter, he explains to a furious Doris. This is when she blurts out that MC is already free, so he can come with her because Lupita will have her mother from now on.
Ay, no puede ser, MC is free? Tav is utterly surprised and mad with Doris for keeping this a secret. She explains that she wanted to save (!!) him from MC, because she knows that no matter what MC does / has done, he will always forgive her.
Now Tav doesn’t want to go to Isla Dorada at all, Doris can travel alone and he’ll join her later. And if he doesn’t, he’s sorry.

Maria has finally reached a police station and asks about Maricruz Olivarez, a woman that looks very much like her… Oh, what a laugh I just had. NEXT!

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Mentir Para Vivir: Possible New Time Beginning 12/23!

Hey, all!

Madeleine and I have found a few t.v. scheduling grids listing Mentir at 7PM EDT beginning Monday night, the 23rd.  TV Guide does not have the change listed although Corazón Indomable is over by then.  Grrr.   

"Zap2It" and "Locate"  have the change listed as well as "Titan TV" and Univision's California affiliate, ch 657.   TWO hours of Lo Que La Vida are listed.   

So, fun lovers, reset your DVR's accordingly.

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Corazon Indomable, Episode #156, Monday, December 16, 2013 “Free At Last, Free At Last, Thank God Almighty, Maricruz Is Free At Last!!!......AND SO AM I!!!!!”

Recap by LatinaInMD                       

Thank you, Lord.  I’m done.  My personal “sentence” is complete.  To all of Viewerville, thank you for the opportunity to recap C.I.  When I began this journey, I enjoyed watching this novela and thus enjoyed recapping it too.  But I must sadly agree with my fellow recappers and the rest of Viewerville that the third and fourth parts of C.I. have been truly painful to watch, so I am overjoyed that this process is over for me.

Note:  Some scenes are combined.

Maricruz and Octavio continue their tearful goodbyes as Lupita enjoys an apparent Benadryl-induced psychedelic trip with the overhead studio lights.  She’s so out of it that Octavio has to raise her arm for her so she can give a limp-hand wave goodbye to her crying mama.

Alfie’s dad informs his grieving wife that Natasha and her entourage of starving artists are back and wish to speak with her.  She refuses to see them.  She is not about to attend to her son’s “enemies”.  Dad has no choice but to go face the music, er, headband-wearing Natasha and her gang, who insist that they will fight to get back their friend’s painting.  Alfie’s dad promises to give them back the money he received for the “masterpiece”, but he begs them not to sully his son’s name by revealing that he stole it from his friend.

ShutUpDoris is back in town.  Oh joy.  She tells Octavio she still has problems with her daddy because of her plans to marry Octavio, but she couldn’t care less.  Octavio expresses concern that once back on the island her daddy will make life impossible for them.  Then, true to his nature, he goes from having just sworn undying love to Maricruz to yet again saying he must “take” his daughter with him, but “legally” he says - as opposed to just kidnapping her for a third time, I guess.  (Of course, seconds later he does an about-face and says there’s a chance Maricruz will be set free, in which case she is entitled to her kid.)….Octavio suggests to S.U.D. that she return to the island and wait there for him while he resolves what will happen with Lupita.  She refuses to leave on the “eve” of their wedding.
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Corazon Indomable Friday Discussion Page: And the Nominations Are???

Greetings Caraymates! What a pleasant (but welcoming) surprise to find that my last recap would be a repeat episode. Instead of repeating La Paloma’s wonderful recap from yesterday, let’s use this as a moment to have fun and discuss some plot points until now. First let’s do some nominations.

The Following categories are:

Worst Villain:
The Dunce Award:
Most Entertaining character:
I would never want to be stuck on deserted island with _________
Best Dressed
Worst Dressed

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Friday, December 13, 2013

TN Schedule for Friday, December 13, 2013

Hola, all TN recappers and commenters. Corazon Indomable, Por Siempre Mi Amor, and Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, will be shown at their regularly scheduled times in the Eastern and Central Time Zones. Mentir Para Vivir will not be shown at all. Univision did this last year for the Telethon. For Peeps on the West Coast, check your cable grids to find out what time Univision will show the above TNs. Last year, Univision showed the TNs on the West Coast either Saturday evening or on Sunday.

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Corazon Indomable, Cap. 155, Thur. 12-12-13 -- A Mournful Maricruz Sits Stubbornly in Her Prison Cell

Short scenes are combined in an attempt to force some sense into this report from Planet Bizarro.

 `Twas brillig, and the slithy toves
  Did gyre and gimble in the wabe:
All mimsy were the borogoves,
. . . no, that won’t do, although much jabberwocky and wacky jabber is to be found in recent episodes of CI.  Let’s look for another poetic reference to set the scene for our jailbird.

It's a hangin' day in Wolf City, Wyomin'
Wolf city, Wyomin', eighteen ninety four
They're gonna drop Cat Ballou
Through the gallows floor.
She killed a man in Wolf City, Wyomin'  
. . . well, that’s not exactly right, either. We know MariCruz didn’t actually kill a man, but she’s determined to claim it.

Perhaps we’ll share a few lines from that famous prison epic, The Ballad of Reading Gaol:
The moaning wind went wandering round
  The weeping prison-wall:
Till like a wheel of turning-steel
  We felt the minutes crawl:
. . . We’ve certainly felt some minutes crawl with MC incarcerated. Let’s see how she does in today’s episode.

Seen Previously
    Ed and Tav run into each other at the airport and catch up with Tav’s miserable life. He’ll wait for MariCruz to get out of prison.
    Carola is sent to isolation as punishment for the knife wound scam she pulled on Maricruz. For some reason, she’s not happy with the situation.
    Maria is at Don Ale’s former mansion, talking to the maid/caretaker with the cadaverous face and messy hair. She wants to find some of the family, but none of those names are known to the maid. (She looks like she would fit in with a family named Addams.)

There’s a Ray of Hope for Maricruz, If She Would Only Recognize It
    Natasha visits MC in prison. (The guards probably haven’t seen this many visitors for one prisoner in a long time.) MC recalls what a ruckus Natasha caused with her painting career in the Rancho Abuelo neighborhood and asks (bingo!) “Que haces aqui?” Natasha is interested in MC and she knows who really killed Alfonso. She wonders why MC wants to be in prison?

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Corazon Indomable #154 The cameos just keep coming

YAHOO!!! My last recrap of Corazon Indomable ☺

MC's wailings finally illicit the appearance of the Glenda the Good Guard. Glenda asks MC where she heard that Lupita was dying. Well, it was Carola and Dominga, her new BFFs. Glenda tells her they lied to her, and MC has the same look on her face she had when she was told that Lucia was lying to her. No way. Why would they lie to her, and how could she not realize it?

Juanita calls the prison to try to at least talk to MC on the phone, but the answer is still no.

One Cell aka OC aka MC, still won't believe Glenda the Good Guard aka GGG is telling the truth. So GGG gives her a 'what for' talk. She tells her not to believe anything the mean girls tell her and to come to ask GGG if they do it again to see if it's true. OC then asks and I'll quote, "Why would they do that to me?" hahaha, OC kills me, it's like she's that salvaje from yesteryears all over again. I missed her.

Juanita runs home to tell Two Cell aka Octavio that MC is in solitary confinement.
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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Corazon Indomable: In The Pits And Pounding Sand

Cap 153 

As the gods in Telenovelaland often say, “be careful what you ask for cuz you just might get it!”   Maricruz has gotten exactly what she asked for and more and I, for one, am all out of sympathy cards.

Carola plays the innocent victim to perfection and gets back-up from the crooked guard, Dominga.  The warden, who prides himself on being soooo in the know with his prison and his inmates, apparently is not when it comes to the scam these two are running.  He gives Maricruz three days in solitary.  (Ehhh!  Viewerville is so over la Estupida de Maricruz and the burro she rode in on!   It cringes every time she opens her mouth.  Where in the world is majestic miracle-maker de Maria Alejandra Mendoza?  HMMMMM???? Has our Mendoza totally disappeared?  Why-oh-why are the telenovela gods forcing us to make do with la mentecata de Maricruz Olivarez?)  

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Corazon Indomable #152, 12/9/2013: A Bad Day for Burros, Jackasses, and Stubborn Mules

Burro= Filemon
Jackass= Jose Antonio
Mule= MC

Alvaro tells MC that he’s left everything to be by her side. He assures her the lawyer Oblivio got for her is awesome. MC doesn’t care. She doesn’t want anything that comes from Doris. Alvaro offers to pay the lawyer’s fees then.

The slowest bus to Mexico City, pulls Filemon along, with Maria slung over his back, flailing madly. The bus passengers make a commotion seeing the spectacle, the bus is stopped, and the ticked off bus driver cuts Maria and her burro loose. She’ll have to find alternative transport to D.F.

Carola and her fellow mean girl friend make nefarious plans to start a fight with MC, make the teacher guard think MC started the fight, and then have MC thrown in detention solitary. Bwahahaha!

MC turns down Alvaro’s offer. She’s surprised he just came here to see her, but he assures her he’s also visiting his family and taking care of other business. She admits Oblivio has come to see her, but she wants nothing to do with that bastard who’s once again going to marry Doris. But despite that, he’s the best person to take care of Lupita while she’s in jail. (MC doesn’t seem to grasp that by the time she gets out, Lupita won’t need anyone to take care of her. She’s not just asking Tav and Doris to babysit for a few hours!) Alvaro asks if she killed the painter. After a pause, MC stupidly says she did it.

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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Corazón Indomable Friday 12/06/13 Here To Visit Maricruz Olivares? Take A Number.

Clutching a colorful chicken to her ample bosom and leading her reluctant burro, Filemón, who has a turkey and a second chicken strapped to his back, la Indía Maria takes a moment to catch up on the local gossip with Santa... ¿Qué? I look back up at the paused TV screen... yes, that's Santa, a burro, Indía María and a healthy handsome hen... did I miss something?

"Do You Think We Could Get Jobs Posing Nude In Mexico?"

Wait... confused? Yeah, so am I. Thinking that someone may have been diddling with my drink, I gaze at the half empty pony glass from which I've been gently sipping some Gran Centinario Añejo. Looks OK... smells right... a cautious taste with just the tip of the tongue... Hmmm tastes fine... smoky, a bit of an astringent but gentle bite, hints of vanilla and cinnamon... let's move on.
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Friday, December 06, 2013

Weekend Discussion: When Good Novelas Go Bad

We've seen it happen more than once and it seems to happen more often in recent times than in the past. A novela begins on a great note and suddenly the characters behave inconsistently or the story makes no sense. We're seeing this now with Corazón Indomable, and with the last quarter of Porque el Amor Manda when we went from a comedy to a …. circus of evil. Real head-scratchers and we keep speculating why this happens.

Telemundo's Aurora started out well, as a science fiction version of Sleeping Beauty, but ended up bogging down in novela clichés it may have first tried to avoid. Televisa's Mariana de la Noche started out well even with the clichés but moved into total unreality in the second half. At least that one compensated by having a great leading man (Jorge Salinas) and an equally great male villain (César Évora).

What other novelas have you seen that did this?

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Corazon Indomable #150 – Thursday, 12-5-13 – Mean Girls in Women’s Prison Are Like Mean Girls Everywhere, Except with Uglier Clothes.

Some scenes are combined and may not be in strict viewing order.

News of Maricruz’ Tragic Situation Spreads to the Lower Rungs of Society

    The lawyer (Navarro?) tells Octavio that Maricruz has been transported to the Women’s Prison. Tav asks what can Navarro do? Not much—he couldn’t get MC to recant her original confession or alter any of her testimony. Tav feels her case is hopeless, as she’s presumed guilty. (His case is hopeless as well—we know he sold himself to Doris in exchange for the lawyer’s fees.)

    News of the murderous Maricruz spreads quickly beyond the city’s top drawer of art and culture to her circle of friends and family:
  •     Natasha calls Padre Julian with the scandal. He saw the papers but can’t believe the news. He’s happy Natasha sold her painting for the benefit of the poor.
  •     JA tells Ester what he heard from the padre. He believes neither the nude pose nor the killing, although MC testified she couldn’t control her rage. Ester reminds JA how impulsive MC always was and asks when will he forget his old love. He stomps out to collect rent.
  •     Padre Julian continues his rounds, finding Alvaro on the job site and sharing the scandal. Alvaro will try to help. In a later conversation, he tells the padre he’s taken a two-weeks leave to go help MC. No matter her situation, she’s fragile deep down inside and Alvaro can’t forget her. (Why don’t they gather all of MC’ love victims into a SWAT team to bust her out of prison?)
  •     Perico comes home to break the bad news to Solita and Nilda. He tells Soli not to worry, MC didn’t really pose naked! She’s a good person, who wouldn’t hurt anyone. (OK, naked or clothed, the bigger worry is the prison sentence.) Nilda will try to help.
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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Corazon Indomable #149 Wed Dec 4th Maricruz visits the pokey

*Ahem, hi patio peeps, I'm sitting here with my laptop trying to figure out how to start this recap, I tried to get out of writing it, I considered faking my own death and then thought that was just too drastic, then I thought about just posting a discussion page and telling you folks there would be no recap because I got a case of smallpox, but then I realized Carlos would call me out on it so thought better of it, I also thought about coming down with a case of the bird flu and swine flu, but again thought better of it. I have watched Judge Judy, gone on Twitter, checked Facebook a million times and even walked down to the corner liquor store in search of booze, yes, this show has made me turn to the bottle. Anyhoo, it is now midnight and I figured I should just get it over with. I hope you enjoy.*

We start with Maricruz sitting in jail, she's going to take the blame Alfonso's murder, Octavio will take care of Lupita and she loves him so much that she will sacrifice herself for him. She talks to herself about how none of this would of happened if Alfonso had not painted her in the nude, he brought shame on her and Octavio could not handle it. She will stay in jail to protect him! Later she receives a visit from Mercedes who is more upset about the fact that she is not going to be able to get married after all than she is about the fact that someone died.
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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Corazon Indomable, #148, 12/03/13 Promising painter dies in his prime.

His best work, "La dama desnuda", will surely become one of Mexico’s most glorious works of art.

Mad-Genius is at the gallery and notices that his painting is gone. He goes ballistic, starts to scream, goes to the police to announce the robbery. This would be the second stolen painting at the gallery and the police men think that Mad-Genius is completely crazy and that this is all probably just a publicity stunt to gather recognition for some mediocre works of art (heh, no arguments here).

Tav gets back to his hotel, just in time for Doris to call and ask him to have lunch together. Seeing him in his pilotonto outfit and playing his usual "bored out of his mind" game with Doris gives me a huge déjà-vu feeling… Are we back on Isla Dorada, with more than 100 episodes of this mess to endure?
No! (pfiu!) 
After noticing that Tav is being rather distant (but rolling her eyes when she says it – not even Doris can take her love fest for Tav serious anymore), she gives him the latest news: the gallery has been robbed AGAIN.
Tav couldn’t care less, but then Doris mentions La Dama Desnuda, who is none other than his lovely MariCruz. Ay Caray Tav has written all over his face.
He goes to the gallery and sees the two paintings or the ensemble or whatever they are. He’s shocked and heartbroken and whatnot; tears swelling in his eyes, he swears his love for MC dies today! This is so riveting, I can barely contain my yawns.
Playboy and Hustler (especially!) could learn a thing or two from Alfie about what real porn is (no, they really couldn’t!). THIS is what all the escandalo is about? Seriously???
Anyway, Tav must recognize MC’s naked body from that time, ages ago, when they used to actually make love, because he hasn’t gotten ANY from her in the last 130 episodes.
He thinks MC and Alfie made fun of him (granted, that wouldn’t be too hard) and he plans to kill Alfie (but he doesn’t say it out loud, so he might be smarter than MC, after all… which isn’t that much to begin with, but still!).

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Monday, December 02, 2013

Corazon Indomable, Episode #147, Monday, December 2, 2013: La Dama Desnuda!!! Or Where the Heck is Oblivio?!!

Recap By LatinainMD

Note:  Some scenes are combined.

A crowd is gathered in front of Alfie’s new “nude” portrait of Maricruz.  His mad-genius friend comes closer and thought bubbles that it’s the best thing Alfie has ever painted.  That’s not saying much.

It’s another slow news day in Mexico City, so the new portrait is once again front-page news.  Clem reads the news and is shocked….not only at her son’s madness but also at the madness of the critics, who think the portrait has merit…..Alfie’s future mom-in-law Celia calls Clem and informs her of the social nuclear fallout caused by Alfie’s scandalous new portrait.  Naturally, the wedding is off.

Maricruz despairs as she searches in vain for a job in the newspaper’s want ads.  Juanita notes it is yesterday’s newspaper and offers to go buy a new one.  As she leaves, MC thought bubbles that she can’t continue sacrificing Juanita for her sake; it’s time for Juanita to find herself a new job too.

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