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PEAM #95 - July 22 Monday - Silence is Golden, Duct Tape is Silver: Kidnapping Isn't Ever Nice

Nuestra Amiga, Judy B sent me a message that she was enjoying my latest horsey postings on FB and suggested I share some of it here with you since you might not all see it on FB. Top are two mustang stallions on top of Pryor Mtn, Montana (first seen here now!) Middle is very new foal in the lupin also on Pryor and bottom is a Peruvian Paso stallion in northern New Mexico.

Opening refrito: Rogelio escapes? Fernando works? Nooooooo…..

Yuri chides Rogelio for not being able to leave his house.  It is because of the ineptitude of Cantú reveals Rogelio.  The two galans continue planning to turn Jesús into Picalilli sauce.

Mad Marta grabs Valentina, with ineffectual resistance by the little friend who is smacked against the wall and Jesús's rescue attempts and one lost balloon bunch, Marta roars off swearing that they are not going to take her daughter Jimena from her. Val's friend feels bad that he couldn't stop Marta but Chatita feeds him bread and swabs his head booboos.

Elias and Vero fight over their stuff, marriage, stuff, daughter, yaddah yaddah and Elias finally reveals that he is not so sure he still loves Vero.  She is cosmetic bag gobsmacked!

Jesica and Xochi argue over Fernando's obsession with Natashia and Jess threatens to tell Fernando the truth but Xochi wisely says that may be best, go ahead.

The sillies play air banjos.  Patimelt comes in insulting the office help who now band against her. Alma is none too glad to see her and wants her to stop bothering her.  The crocodile tears roll as Pati reveals Alma is the only friend she has ever loved.  We are all struck dumb with the irony of this statement as is Alma who says she is no friend to her.

The keystone cops arrival of Vero making the kidnapping of Valentina all about her coincides with Elias in the rear followed only by the police on the case, but in Vero's world it is always all about her.  She rants as madly as Marta against Jesus who has done this just to vex her and Elias who is just as culpable.  At least Jesus and Elias are a working friendship now to try to speak with reason.  The police aren't all that much help but immediately search Marta's house and consulting offices with no success.

Mad Marta gets the last hysterical laugh as she speeds down some highway with precious cargo Valentina still out cold in the back seat.  Marta assures the unconscious child she will soon wake so they can enjoy their escape together.

Susana and Panfilo chat about his remarkable recovery and he says it is all because of his wonderful Daughter.  Susana is surprised that Panfilo has a daughter while said marvelous daughter coughs over at her own desk afraid paps is going to blow her rich heiress cover.  He does't of course and Susana presses on wanting to meet the lovely one.

Fernando is barely civil with Xochi but better than before.  He bemoans his love for Natasha and how hard it is to get close to her.  Xochi wants to know how he can claim to love someone that he really doesn't know.  They tease and he at last reveals that he knows his secretary is named Xochi.  She grins that he finally knows her name.

Pati shows up at Rog's and sees the boys all clinking.  Yuri gives her that eager eye and she flirts back with some misgivings.  Maybe something can develop here but not if Sanson can help it.  He barks at everyone but Rogelio.

Marta carries Valentina into a party room with many balloons while Valentina looks as doubtful as we feel.  Let's hope the little genius thinks up something to get herself free.

Alma asks Xochi where Jesus is since he hasn't arrived at work yet.  Xochi doesn't know but responds to Alma's request to get him on the phone.  Jesus has to tell Alma that Marta has kidnapped Valentina

An evil looking clown makes dog balloons while Marta welcomes her daughter Jimena to the big party with cake.  Valentina stands her ground that she is Valentina and Marta is not her mother.  She cries that she wants to go back to her mother Vero, and her papas Jesus and Elias.  Marta comes close to losing her temper but just avoids getting physically violent in her frustration.

Jesus gets frustrated now and Chatita is trying to calm him down.  He is going to call Alma when Vero whines about why he has to drag that witch into it.  Chatita assures her that Jesus is calling his love partner and it is only natural that he would.  Jesus down plays this but Chatita does him a big favor.

Pati plays sexy lady with Yuri in front of the always eye-popped Rogelio.

Jessica shows up to Cardena's office and he kicks out Gilberto who is only whining about his pathetic self anyway.  She tells him she has decided it is time to forget about fernando.  He can't believe his ears.

Back at the evil clown party.  Marta pays him off handsomely and continue to threaten and try unsuccessfully charm Valentina into responding to her as Jimena.  Valentina is having none of it even when Mart smashes party favors and refreshments off the table, she sits firmly and though scared continues to insist that Marta return her to her mother and papas.

Xochi is now trying to explain to Marisela and Susana about the struggle with Jessica for Fernando and how the mystery woman Natasha fits in.  Marisela is starting to catch on but Susana doesn't know any of this.

Now Rogelio and Pati are arguing.  He is mad because she has ruined his chances with Alma.  Why did she send her the video with his lap dance with Jesica.  Pati defends that it was the only way she could have a chance of getting time with him and gave him all of herself so he would come to his senses and realize how much love she has for him.  He counters that she was always been willing even when he was always clear that she was second fiddle and he only promised sex, sex and more sex when it was convenient but his heart was always else where.  Poor Pati pouts and tears up again but she isn't having much more luck than she did with Alma.

Back at Chatita's Veronica is trying to assert herself in place of Alma but Alma and Jesus are on their own cloud these days.  Not satisfied with a simple no, Vero follows Alma into the bathroom and wants to know what she is doing with Jesus when she is supposed to be a high principled person and OMG I can't carry on with the nonsense spewing out of Vero's pouty mouth.  The upshot is that she tells Alma that she is going to have a child with Jesus but Alma let's her know that Jesus has already told her that though she Vero tried to come back to him, he has already assured him that nothing happened between them.  Stomping her feet and tears flowing Veronica insists that she will play any dirty trick she can because after all,  all is fair in love and war.  Alma thinks Vero is willing to play too dirty.  Vero whines that Jesus loved her.  Alma says lovED is the operative word, that is the past.

Xochi finally tells Marisela and Susana that she is indeed the vamp Natasha. The women love it. They muse about what will happen when Fernando finally figures out that Xochi and Natasha are one person. They giggle until Fernando striding by demands to know what is so funny.  Susana says they are just chatting about the ironies of life.  Fernando relents since clearly they are not going to let him in on the joke.  Later he is quite sweet with Xochi and thankful for her help. Xochi is getting more confidence by the day and they part shaking hands.

Final images:  Mad Marta is putting her "Jimena" to bed and wants to read her a story about the bad witch that captures children in her house.  Valentina knows as much about ironies as the office ladies.  Jesus and Elias continue to torture themselves over Valentina's absence. I'm waiting for Valentina to outsmart all of them.



Thanks for this very fab recap.

Oh Ay yi yi, poor Valentina. I too hope that Valentina figures out a way to high tail it out of there, first chance she gets. And Hansel and Gretel as a bedtime story, are you kidding me? It's a horror story!

Vero has got to go! I can't stand her. It is all about her, not Valentina at all. I like how Elias and Chucho called her on it too. Good for them.

I am glad Chatita told Vero like it is too! How dare Vero! She knows exactly how Chucho feels! I wonder what neurotic universe Vero lives in?

Yuri and Patymelt were funny. I too liked how Sanson barked at everyone. Sanson really doesn't like Yuri at all. Especially when Chucho and Picalli were mentioned.

I am really loving the new Xochi and the little digs she gives Ferny and say it isn't so, Ferny is actually working! Who knew! I think Alma was just as flabbergasted as we were! Good for Ferny. Now how will he handle it when he finds out Xochi is Natasha, hmmmmm.....

Oh, Cheryl, loved the title too!

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Willa the wonder poodle and I are headed to Wyoming for a few days in the mountains very, very early Tuesday so I am going to go to sleep now and then won't be able to join the comments until late evening or Wed. morning.

Cheryl thanks for sharing your great pics and enjoy your trip to WY w/Willa. Your title was catchy and I enjoyed your commentary regarding night's episode.

Good heavens, please stop the kidnapping plot now. Yes Mads it is a horror story and I HATE horror!

Along w/that please lock up Vero along w/the crazy Doc. But Vero also must be muted - some type of spontaneous laryngitis from narcissism.

I loved the fact that Elias is slowly realizing he does not love Vero. I just don't see him w/Mari.

Cheryl--take us with you!!! Love the pictures, so beautiful. Enjoy your trip!

I watched sporadically last night not loving dealing with nutty Marta ( I tried but I saw that clown and on to the baseball game!)and off to work now. I'll check in later for the detail.


Thank you for the recap and the added pictorial treat.
I loved the reference- cosmetic bag gobsmaked. I was rolling on the floor laughing.
I'm with you, I think that Val will outsmart Dr. Loca and I hope that it happens soon.

Cheryl, I loved the photos and also the title. "Evil clown " party a perfect description. Thanks for doing such a great recap before your trip!

So glad Xochi is telling people she is Natasha. This "Natasha" experience will be a transformative one for her.

Marta really invented the most hideous "child friendly" hide out with that clown. Hope Valentina is rescued quickly so that subplot can be dropped.



Thanks so much for the recap and the lovely pics, Cheryl. I need to go on Facebook more! Have a wonderful time in WY.

I also like that Xochi has let others in on the Natasha secret, and now they can all laugh behind Fern's back. Of course, it looks like there really is something developing, slowly, between Fern and Xochi.

I also enjoyed Alma telling Vero off in the laundry room. I don't think Vero said anything about trying to make a baby with Jesus, just that they share a child. I was worried for a second that Alma would crack when Vero accused her of a lack of morals for being with Jesus, while married. But Alma just fired right back that Vero was trying to do the exact same thing, only difference being that Jesus wants nothing to do with what Vero is offering, while he DOES love her (Alma). Take that, Vero! Glad to see she had a glimmer of self awareness when she asked herself what's wrong with her-- focusing in this while her child has been kidnapped. I don't think that self awareness will last long though.

I can't believe that clown just left the scene, when there is a child crying and saying this woman isn't my mother. What about that situation seemed normal to him? A birthday party for 1, in a secluded house in the middle of nowhere, with a crying child claiming the woman isn't her mother and Ximena isn't her name. Nope, seems perfectly alright to me. NOT!!!


Wonderful title and many thank to JudyB for suggesting you share horsey picks and many thanks to you for heeding her suggestion. I particularly like the first one. It looks a bit like Karma when it comes to bite you one the...*ahem*


Loved it, Cheryl -- and thanks for sharing the horse pics with us.

I had the same reaction to the laundry room scene, Vivi. As they went to commercial it looked like Alma was experiencing some misgivings about carrying on an affair while she is a married woman -- but all she did was point out that Vero is also a married woman trying to get it on with Jésus. And then Vero's comeback is that at least she hasn't been intimate with her exta-marital lover and Alma just throws back i her face the night that she showed up naked in Jésus' room & got kicked out. Alma is finally growing a pair.

I love the suggestion that Vale may engineer her own rescue. She certainly is smart enough to do it.

Paty & Yuri -- wonderful together.

The new Fern is trying to really learn how to be helpful and is treating Xochi with respect (even though he keeps up the negative nicknames) He's turning out to be quite a nice fella.


Thanks, Cheryl! Great title and well done throughout.

I have never been afraid of clowns, but I think I may be now.

Cheryl...Beautiful photos. I only surf Into this novela from time to time. Fernando is so handsome, but I am just not interested in the storyline. The kidnapping by Mad Marta is horrible to watch.

Will Valentina be scarred for life and afraid of not only clowns...but also psychologists ??????

Cheryl, thank you for your wonderful recap, absolutely beautiful photos and I hope you and Willa have a great time in Wyoming!

I got a little worried when Rog told Uri not to hurt Jesus physically but to make "picadillo a su alma". Makes me wonder if Uri will confuse alma (soul) with Alma (person).

I loved how Paty scolded Sanson claiming she was like his second mother and Sanson looked mollified and lay down on the floor. That dog is quite the actor!

Vivi, ITA about the clown. How could he not know there was something terribly wrong with the "party" scenario? I have high hopes that Val will save herself somehow.

Wow, what a comparison between Vero and Alma. Vero is all blaming and a total harpy on jet fuel, while Alma was kind and comforting to Jesus. Vero, get a clue!

Thanks again Cheryl.

So glad you shared some more pictures Cheryl. Folks, check out the ones she has on Facebook. They're absolutely awesome.

Didn't see this last night. Could. Not. Face. Seeing. A. Child. Kidnapped. Especially not one that looks like my granddaughter. Went and read a book instead.

Like others, loved the "cosmetic bag gobsmacked" and Evil Clown. My youngest daughter was traumatized by clowns after some movie where the clown jumped out of the TV(think it was about a house unwittingly built over a graveyard). Anyway, that was it for clowns. Imagine that will be it for poor Valentina as well...or the little actress playing Valentina. Sometimes I wonder about the long-term effects of some of this hyper-drama on young actors.

Well, I might take a wee peek to see Pati flirting with Uri. That might be fun.Otherwise, plan to skip the episode.

Thanks Cheryl. Your pictures are awesome and your life sounds pretty awesome also.

Paty and Uri were unexpectedly fun together, but I'm sure we'll be seeing more of them.

Gracias, Cheryl. I love the horsey pictures. So pretty. Great recap, too. I most especially like your awesome title.

I felt so sorry for Val, being trapped in the Creepy Clown Cottage. I could barely watch those scenes, it was so psychotic. If that clown doesn't get a clue and call the police, I hope Val figures out how to escape. Let's see, what happens in Hansel and Gretel...shove the witch into the oven and run?

I like Alma much better now that she is standing up for herself and calling people on their b.s.

I'm liking Alma better too. Is it my imagination or is Blanca Soto doing a better job these days?

Julia, good idea about pushing the witch in the oven or a symbolic version thereof.

BS is okay in mild scenes (comforting Jesus; responding to Vero, joking around, etc) - just horrible in deeply emotional ones. She's excellent in scenes that call for no emotion and blank stares.

Catching up again. Glad you shared the horsie photos with us, Cheryl, because with the kidnapping storyline it's good to have something nice to look at.

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