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Corazon Indomable, Episode #60, Monday, August 5, 2013 – “An Epidemic of Stunned Silence!!!!”

Recap by LatinaInMD

Esther gives a thank you kiss to her peasant he-man Jose Antonio, who remains in bed apparently exhausted or in...STUNNED SILENCE!!  She heads back to the big house, where Lucia awaits her and demands to know where she has been.  Take a guess, dear cousin.

Mr. Carlos Morgan informs MariAle that he is there to make her an offer she can’t refuse.  Ask for whatever you want for your casino, and my client will pay you double that amount.  Really?  “So if I ask for, say, $20 million dollars...?”  Double, he interrupts.  As if she didn’t already know, she inquires who is his client and feigns surprise (stunned silence!!!) when she hears Emir Karim.

Lucia tells Esther it’s best if she leaves the ranch.  That’s not about to happen, not when I’ve taken a liking to the country, says a self-satisfied Esther.  To paraphrase her rather long speech, she said, this little volcano longing to burst out of her ice prison is not about to live the life of a nun, like a tree lacking soil and water, simply out of respect for a society that doesn’t even feel sorry for us lonely women.  Ofelia appears to feel “pena ajena” about this pathetic little speech, so she tries to get Esther to stop.  Esther reacts by asking Ofelia who fills her lonely nights, or Simona’s nights, for that matter. She goes on about her “needs” and says she wants to love and be loved, even if it’s by a peasant.

Mr. Morgan tells MariAle that if she wants, she could even get more than twice her asking price.  Really?  “So if I ask him for 150 million dollars…?”  He will give them to you, insists Mr. Morgan.  He tells her that amount has no importance for the Emir.  She says it doesn’t matter to her either, and it’s such a wonderful offer, that there’s no point in making him wait for an answer.  It’s a….NO!!!!!   Mr. Morgan’s reaction?  STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

“The fuel of love” – that’s what she feels for Jose Antonio, declares Esther, not a passing fancy, like both Lucia and Ofelia suggest.  And if it is a passing fancy, I’m living the moment, and it’s up to me to make it eternal, she adds.  She admits she wants to marry Jose Antonio and have children.  Lucia’s reaction?  STUNNED SILENCE!!

Mr. Morgan tries in vain to advise MariAle, who tells him she didn’t ask for his advice.  He tells her the Emir has loads of money and influence and always gets what he wants.  Well let him try with me, dares him MariAle, who then promptly dismisses him.  She thought bubbles that “we’ll see if that canalla can handle me”.  (Yes, I say, how dare that canalla try to make you a filthy rich woman?!!  Ugh, the nerve of that man!!!!)

Carola is worried about MariAle’s hidden motives for hiring Miguel as an “observer” in the casino.  Raiza reassures her that MariAle is just interested in Miguel and there is nothing for Carola to worry about.  But she doesn’t share the little pact she’s made with MariAle.  She merely reminds Carola and Viewerville (as if we need it drilled into our heads) just how filthy rich MariAle is now.

MariAle visits the governor to express her dismay at that trickster Emir’s attempt to make her even more filthy rich.  It’s a grave problem, so she says……sigh, he wants to buy my casino for any asking price – and even double that – the nerve!!!  And all to make me disappear from Isla Dorada.  Now the governor is dismayed too.

An angry Emir is on the phone ordering his front man to go and talk to “that other woman” at the casino.  He is sure that Carola will take his side.  No duh!!

Miguel continues to torture himself remembering Lucia’s confession about her misdeeds against Maricruz.  Mercifully, Raiza shows up with a bottle, ready for them to toast…his promotion, we presume.

No, sir, says MariAle to the governor.  I will NEVER sell that casino.  (Mark her words, Viewerville!!!!)  It’s my father’s patrimony, and I’m not about to sell it…..(even if it means multiplying that patrimony ten-fold…no way!!)  And THAT is why she is now before the governor, asking for his PROTECTION.  (Please protect me, sir, from the flood of money coming my way, pretty please.)  She adds that she doesn’t care for the Emir the way he wants her to care, since she is interested in “another” man.  The guv takes the hint and smiles.

Mr. Morgan is now in front of Carola, informing her he is there to make an offer to purchase the casino for an “enormous” sum of money.  Her initial reaction is anger, thinking MariAle wants to push her out.  She swears she will never sell her shares to “that woman”.  But when Mr. Morgan says the buyer is Karim, Carola’s reaction is…..STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

MariAle assures the guv that Karim feels “jealousy and envy”.  (Envy?  Filthy rich Karim?  Come on, writers.  There are so many other ways to describe his obsession.)  MariAle assures the guv that Karim only wants to spite her; he will buy the casino only to close it, which will hurt the island’s prestige and finances.  Doris arrives and is told by the guv’s indiscrete receptionist that he cancelled all his appointments so he could meet with the lady in his office, and to top it off he locked the door so no one would bother him.  As the guv assures MariAle that Emir Karim “will not get away with it”, Doris knocks insistently on the door until he lets her in and she discovers (surprise, surprise) that he is with MariAle.

As they drink, Raiza tells Miguel he deserved his promotion, as he is too distinguished and elegant to be a simple porter.  She assures him he will soon feel more comfortable on the island, which is a paradise.

MariAle looks quite bored as Doris goes into one of her psycho rants, demanding her daddy explain why he cancelled all his appointments for “this woman”.  He tries to throw her out (he earns brownie points in my book for that), but she refuses to leave.  MariAle offers to leave, and Doris screams she should go, before SHE throws her out.  The guv tells her the “lady” is his guest, to which Doris replies by turning to MariAle and screaming at her: “Lady??!! You are just a whore searching for a husband with money and power.”  MariAle responds with a “mira, niña!!!” scream and a slap so loud it was heard round the world and so hard that it knocked Doris right into her father’s arms.  OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!  (I actually felt a little sorry for Doris there, just a tiny bit!!!!!!)

Speaking of tiny, her petite size doesn’t keep Esther from riding around like an amazon woman hunting for some action from her he-man.  She finds him pretending to work with a hoe by the watering hole (how convenient!!!) and she immediately attempts to bite off his lower lip.  (Another ouch, probably more pleasant than the Doris ouch, but still an ouch.)  He holds back and says he thinks she is just playing with him.  To reassure him, she plants a big juicy kiss on him.

Incensed, Doris screams at her daddy, “did you see what she did to me, dad?”  “You asked for it,” he says.  Doris cannot believe he is taking that woman’s side.  “How can a slut be more important for you than your own daughter?” MariAle breaks in and tells Doris to listen carefully, because sooner or later she will have to apologize to her.  Doris orders her to get out, and as MariAle proceeds to leave, the guv tries to accompany her.  Doris now grabs his arm and begs him not to go with MariAle.  He tells Doris when he returns she’ll have to account to him for her actions.  MariAle suggests he stay and she leaves.  Doris is now in such a rage that she is gritting her teeth (Kegeling like MariAle with her dimples, perhaps?) but otherwise in….STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

Jose Antonio begs “miss Esther” not to play with him.  She assures him she is not playing with him, because she “thirsts for a healthy and pure love…..a forever love.”  (Her words are so syrupy I’m surprised she is not surrounded by bees by now.)

Doris is still screaming at her daddy for taking MariAle’s side.  He tells her she was rude and insulting towards MariAle and he forbids her to ever do it again.  She forbids HIM to ever see her again.  “You are no one to forbid me anything,” screams the guv.  (Bravo, guv, stand up for yourself.)  She briefly changes her tone and tactic to “daddy, come on daddy, please don’t get obsessed with that woman.”  That tone doesn’t last more than a couple of seconds, and she reverts to her old song and dance about him losing his children if he prefers that woman over them.

MariAle arrives home in her jeep and uses the opportunity for yet another rant:  “Who the heck does that rude little girl think she is?  She thinks she can treat me like trash just like all others used to?  No, no, I am not going to allow it.  I have to get revenge against everyone that hurt me.  All of them.”  (Ok, then, glad we cleared that up….again.)  She grabs her oversized brown purse and heads to her villa……

Raiza assures Miguel that gambling can make him rich.  And besides, it’s so exciting just to gamble.  Miguel is quite enthusiastic about it, especially about the “good luck” Raiza will supposedly bring him.

……And now MariAle enters her villa with a small white purse.  (Continuity, Mrs. Mejia, continuity.  Look into it, along with writing, editing, etc., etc.)  MariAle is fuming.  She takes little Lupita into her arms and briefly talks gently to her little angel.  Then Juanita makes the mistake of asking what’s wrong, and MariAle goes into another little rant, telling her to look at her well, because she now has before her “the future girlfriend of the governor of Isla Dorada”.  Juanita’s reaction?  STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

We return from commercial break to hear MariAle declaring that if necessary she “will marry that man” just to get away with what she wants.  Juanita reminds her she is too young and pretty for such an old man.  Well, he’s the governor and I will marry him, she says, unless his little daughter comes and begs me on her knees not to marry him.  She adds that she has to be powerful because there are SO MANY people against whom she must exact vengeance.  Juanita tells her that she doesn’t look happy, to which MariAle responds:  “No, I suffer.  I suffer because each day that passes I feel as if I’m loving him more, much more than before.  I can’t deny it to myself, Juanita.  I love Octavio more than ever.  Much more.”

Octavio opens his hotel room door, and in waltzes Doris, still fuming.  She tells him that woman, Alejandra Mendoza, is having an affair with her father.  Octavio’s reaction?....STUNNED (???) SILENCE.  (Not sure if he was stunned, as his face was so expressionless it was hard to tell what feeling, if any, it was supposed to convey.  Oblivious?!)

Jose Antonio tells Esther he knows she will leave the ranch and abandon him there.  She tells him not to act like a child, that a woman who loves a man doesn’t abandon him.  He reminds her he is no child and she can’t play with him just to abandon him later.  And if she does, he’ll get furious and do something bad.  She tells him that won’t be necessary because she’s not leaving him.  She plants a big wet kiss on him and assures him that he fulfills her needs as a woman, with a passion she had never felt before.  She ends with:  “I like you, you like me.  What else do we need, huh?”

Doris tells Octavio that her father is in danger because he is crazy for that woman and they have to save him.  He tells her not to exaggerate, after all her father is an older man.  She tells him MariAle is blatantly seducing him, to the point where her father did what he had never done before – cancelled all his appointments and locked his office door to keep out everyone, including his own daughter, just to be alone with Maria Alejandra Mendoza.  More STUNNED (???) SILENCE from Octavio.

MariAle tells Juanita that she loves Lupita’s father more than ever, but she is prepared to sacrifice that love to achieve her vengeance.  She will sacrifice it ALL to make him pay back for the way in which he humiliated her, abandoned her and broke her heart, despite how much she loved him and how he meant the whole world to her.

Finally, we get a real expression on Octavio’s face.  With anger in his eyes, he asks Doris if it’s true that MariAle locked herself with the guv in his office.  She swears it.  And she adds that MariAle then dared to invite her father to her home for coffee, as if trying to prove that she could do with her father as she pleased.  Octavio tells her angrily that the guv may be her father, but MariAle could choose any younger man if she wanted to – (like him, for instance, I’m sure he thought bubbled).  She assures him what that woman wants is the prestige of her father’s position.  Getting more upset, Octavio tells her not to get ahead of herself, because her father would never marry a woman not from his own social class.  She throws her arms around him, saying:  “I’m desperate.  What can I do against that woman that all men fall in love with?  What?”

Dismayed, Carola reads to Tony the latest headline, which announces that the island’s legislature unanimously approved an emergency finance law that prohibits the sale to foreigners of casinos, hotels and entertainment venues without the government’s approval.  Damn it, says Carola, whose big idea was that?

As she prepares to have breakfast, MariAle reads with glee the same headline news and declares:  “Once again I triumphed.  And that’s how it will be from now on.  I will turn all my enemies INTO DUST .  It won’t be easy.  Maybe it will cost me dearly.  But I don’t care.  I don’t care in the slightest.”  (Words to remember, Viewerville.)

Now it’s Karim’s turn to hear the news.  Muhammed brings him the paper and informs him that the news pertain to the casino.  Karim thinks the casino is already practically his and adds:  “As soon as I sign the purchase papers, I will turn it INTO DUST.”  Muhammed breaks it to him that he won’t be able to do it because the government will not permit its sale.  He hands Karim the paper, he reads it, and reacts with…..STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!!  (Cut briefly to MariAle’s villa, where the governor arrives for coffee and is greeted by Juanita while MariAle readies herself.)…..Karim is finally reacting, swearing by Allah and all the prophets.  Muhammed reminds him that even if the government allows him to buy the casino, they will not permit him to destroy it.  Karim says in that case he can buy it, turn it into a floating hotel, and then donate it to the island itself.  He demands that Muhammed immediately put him in contact with the governor.

MariAle welcomes the governor to her home and immediately tells him she read of the “magnificent new law” – which he then reminds her was promulgated at her behest.  She thanks him and suggests it’s a very useful measure for the island.  She assures him that she is happy, especially because she loves the island so much that it feels like her birthplace.  He then turns on the charm.  She reminds him some men approach her without the best of intentions, but she is a lady and expects to be treated as such.

Muhammed informs Karim he has had no success finding the governor.  Karim is still fuming and insists the governor himself will have to sell the casino to him.

The governor assures MariAle that he owes her more consideration than any other woman on the island.  She thanks him for his praise but reminds him that his daughter Doris can’t stand her.  The governor assures her he will soon be completely free, since his daughter will soon marry “that airline pilot”.  MariAle reacts with STUNNED SILENCE!!!! – briefly, of course.  This is the impulsive wild heart, after all.  She angrily asks him if he will allow his daughter “to marry a Mr. Nobody like that pilot”.  He tells her he wouldn’t have allowed it before meeting her.  But Doris is in love, and now that he is too, he understands her and accepts that wedding.  MariAle again kegels with her dimples, and thought bubbles:  “Oh, no sir, that little capricious girl marrying MY Octavio?…No.  He is the man I love, my daughter’s father.  He is still my husband.  I have to prevent him from getting entangled with her.  I will prevent it at any cost.”

Stalker Doris waits for Octavio in the lobby of his hotel and catches him as he arrives from the airport with Eduardo.  She asks him to accompany her to the casino that night because she wants La Mendoza to see them together.  Octavio’s reaction:  STUNNED (????) SILENCE. 

MariAle tells the governor she is sorry to hear him say that he will allow his daughter to marry a Mr. Nobody just so he can be free.  He assures her that he needs to be free so he can love HER without limits and barriers.  MariAle’s reaction:  STUNNED SILENCE!!!

After commercial break, we return to the governor assuring MariAle that he speaks the truth.  He wants to be free to offer her his arm, his life, to go everywhere with her…..”Free to marry you.”  He proceeds to make her a formal offer of marriage, to which she reacts with……STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

Back to the hotel lobby, where gossipy Doris informs Octavio that MariAle already has her father completely in her pockets, so much so that he even had a law passed at record speed just so no one could purchase the casino out from under her, and she is sure that he did it at that woman’s request.  “She has him eating from her hand.  She has him hypnotized.”  She asks again if he will go to the casino that night with her, and he agrees.

The governor asks MariAle if his proposal upset her.  She assures him she was just surprised by it and that she believed he had other intentions with her.  He assures her he is profoundly in love with her and wants her as his wife, if she will have him.  She tells him she can’t answer him for the moment, then asks him to give her time before she gives him an answer.

Raiza encourages Miguel to try his luck at the roulette table.  She reminds him that if necessary he can sign IOUs to the house.  He proceeds to gamble and lose.

Doris and Octavio arrive at the casino.  She is purposely searching for MariAle.  Octavio tells her to let her be, but she assures him that she will make that woman pay her back, and she needs Octavio’s support.  She gives him a small peck and he reacts with indifference, prompting her to say:  “Sometimes I feel that you don’t like me.”  “No, no, how can I not like you if you are gorgeous.  I just don’t think you should bother….”  She interrupts him with “then show me that you like me….” and plants a big one on him.

Grinning from ear to ear, Esther waits with towel in hand as Jose Antonio returns from a swim in the river.  She tells him he swims like a fish and he asks why she didn’t go in the river with him.  She tells him she doesn’t want to make a fool of herself next to him, to which he responds:  “At my side you will always be the best.”  (Words to remember, Viewerville.)  Saying something only a male writer would make a female character say, Esther responds:  “I want you to be superior to me.”  “That will never happen,” he says.  “If you make the effort it will.”  “But it will be very difficult, no?”  “But not impossible.”  (Ugh – bad writers, bad.)  (Interesting how this whole time J.A. rubs and rubs his body with the towel, but his body is still wet.)  They kiss and then she asks him if he would marry her.

Miguel continues to gamble, and to lose.  But he agrees with Raiza that gambling is very exciting.  He notes he already lost a month’s wages.  She asks if she should go get an IOU and he agrees.

Raiza shows up at MariAle’s office and informs her Miguel is ready to sign the first IOU.  MariAle hands her the IOU and instructs her:  “Make him gamble at the high stakes tables.  It doesn’t matter what amount he loses and can’t pay.  We will continue giving him money.  Make him gamble until he can no longer do it.”  Raiza assures her for her commission she will make sure he owes plenty.  MariAle then asks if she has seen Miguel’s brother.  Raiza says perhaps he is with the governor’s daughter.  MariAle says:  “That little girl is wasting her time…I’m sure of it, Raiza.  Octavio Narvaez will never marry the governor’s daughter.”  MariAle then puts an end to the discussion, telling Raiza she’ll go with her because she wants to inspect the tables.

Doris and Octavio are still going at it with the facesucking kisses.  As they approach the pair, MariAle is turned towards Raiza, telling her Doris is not in love and Octavio is not seriously interested in marrying her.  At that moment Raiza spots the pair making out, points them out to MariAle, and says:  “Oh, I’m not so sure.”  MariAle’s reaction?....STUNNED SILENCE!!!!!

Previews:  Octavio asks MariAle what are her intentions towards the governor, and she replies she intends to marry him; Doris tells MariAle she will not dine with her father, and MariAle offers to exchange her father for her boyfriend; Doris threatens to have MariAle thrown off the island, and MariAle tells her to go right ahead but she will take with her either her father or her boyfriend.


Thank you, Latina!

I don't have the time to read the recap now and really take my time to enjoy it, so it will have to wait a couple of hours.
But I did get a glimpse of Octavio's reaction when Doris tells him about MariAle and the Gov being together... STUNNED SILENCE? Or was he just Oblivious? Priceless!! I can't wait to read the entire thing!

Very Good Latina, thanks. loved the title!

Today it seems everybody's reaction is STUNNED SILENCE!!

and I loved, - " (continuity, Mrs. Mejia, continuity. Look into it, along with writing, editing, etc., etc.) "

" Saying something only a male writer would make a female character say, Esther responds: “I want you to be superior to me.” "

Finally we get some action on this revenge plot, I think MariAle planning to get Miguel into debt up to his ears, and than maybe take the hacienda??!

I didn't see previews, can we expect a catfight tomorrow?

What priceless moment and a well written article LatinaInMD!

LatinaMD, this was really great! Felt like a yo-yo last night watching all the "vengeance is mine" rantings and then STUNNED SILENCE. Some of these people are going to give themselves ulcers.

Kind of getting a kick out of Ester and JA. at least someone is having a romance, of sorts. And the fact it may drive Luciafer to implode only makes it better. I have to admit I'm enjoying their scenes and possibilities more than some of the daily dose of revenge and manipulations on the Isle.

As for these denizens, well, have to say that was a well-executed slap from MA. Right up there with some of the best from Absimo we recently witnessed. Gives new meaning to "Snap Out of It". Doris is just down-right scary. I love the way all these women are just bargaining for these guys and the guys are just clueless.

Just one pet-peeve...I hate when a character is holding a baby and doing the rantings or angry speeches. Bless that little one for staying so quiet, but those babies don't know it's all acting...drives me batty. Put them down and then go off and do your speeches.


Thank you for the funny detailed recap LatinaMD.

Despite moments of high drama, it seemed like a pretty uneventful episode to me. I did enjoy seeing Doris enraged to the point of teeth-grinding apoplexy! That was priceless. The actress playing her certainly gets to chew the scenery. Nothing subtle about Doris. And also the look of "stunned silence" on Lucia's face when Ester informed her that she'd rather be with a peasant than by herself. Lucia literally cannot process that information can she? It's totally beyond her comprehension.
Being new to the TN game, I am intrigued by the odd way that time passes. I know that with American soaps (which I actually don't get in to, although I once did) time drags but on Isla Dorada we go from MA complaining to the Governor about foreign powers trying to purchase the casingo to him enacting a new law preventing that in literally a few minutes!

Thanks Latina, stunned silence all around. Or as I like to say, Impactado!

This episode has turned this TN into idioticness. I know that's not a word, but is should be.

@Paul - that's funny. I described Doris as "apoplectic" in my first draft but deleted that from my final draft. I guess I should have gone with my first impression of her. LOL

@cathyx - ah, yes. I could have entitled it "Caras de Impactados All Around!!!"

I like how the governor can just enact laws. He's a king.

Carola should sell her portion to Karim.

Now Ester is in love and wants to have children with JA. And wants JA to be superior to her. I'm with you Latina, come on writers.

If there were ever a 'Shut Up Doris' moment, it was her consistent and constant rant at Daddy and MA. I wonder if that actress gets tired of doing it.

Can MA really stand to have old man governor touching her and kissing her? No way!


Great Latina, can't say that about this stupid TN.
FELS, here we come, you are going to lose your worse TN standing.
The stunned silence should have lasted the entire 60 min.
Why am I watching this dreck? I guess to see how stupid it can get.

What is this marriage mierda, MA & Oblivio forget they are married, only the idiot doesn't know it's to MA.

Rant over, I feel better.

Brilliant work Latina!

I was actually entertained by this episode, but I share all the same frustrations you all mentioned and asked myself the same questions:

How can either Mari or Tav consider marrying other people when they both know they are already married?

Doesn't Mari realize that if she becomes the governor's girlfriend or wife, he is going to expect kisses and nookie?

What crazy thing is JA going to do if Ester uses him and tries to leave? It's not like he can shoot her to make her stay...oh, wait...


This is simply great. So very well done.

Move over Lucia and Doris and make room for Maricruz/ María Alexandra (should we open up 2 spots?) in the line of crazy women. Truthfully she should have been classified as such much earlier... say when she SHOT her husband. That was a clue. I really don't think I need to list my supporting evidence for this decision.




I came in late to CM. Did Maricruz shoot Octavio??!!


Paul- Yes. Maricruz SHOT Octavio to prevent him from leaving for the big city to make more money. He almost lost the ability to walk because of it, but he never told anyone she's the one who did it to him, so that she wouldn't get in trouble. These two have a very screwed up history.

Thanks for the info Vivi. It puts a different cast on their whole relationship in my mind now.


Only in a tn will a woman say the kind of things Esther blabs to JA. Whenever they talk about sex in tns, if love is involved or not, the women always (ALWAYS) say: "Me hizo suya" (he made me his) - who talks like that in real life??

Variopinta, I couldn't have said it better: I only watch to see how far along the silliness can go.
This has got to be the most idiotic tns I've ever seen (and I've seen A LOT!)

The only redeemable thing about this is the prota's chemistry, so guess what: we never see them together (although we did gave two kisses recently, so I guess we should be happy about it and stop whining).

Great replay. I enjoyed it so much. I remain in STUNNED SILENCE

Thanks for the recap!

I don't think I've ever seen an adult have a temper tantrum like the one spoiled princess Doris displayed. I thought her head might pop off!

Esther and JA... don't know how to feel about those two. I like that Esther doesn't want to be alone and is going after what she wants. Poor JA seems completely confused and over his head. Before these two got together I was kinda hoping MA would own the ranch and give it to JA and Santi for being such good friends.

The preview has me interested, MA says Doris has to choose bet Papa and Tav but it is really MA who needs to choose bet the two, as she has power over both.

Another fabulous recap, LatinaInMD. I always enjoy your asides. All of my faves have been mentioned, but I have to add "Yes, I say, how dare that canalla try to make you a filthy rich woman?!! Ugh, the nerve of that man!!!!.

Boy, MA is letting her thirst for vengeance get to her brain.

As long as they continue to have pretty dresses, I will put up with any estupidez they throw at me....

Except for Ester's lines. They really need to just stop writing dialog in those scenes. Last night's "I want you superior to me" is just wrong.

MA is a girl right out of the Old Testament, especially the Book of Psalms. Vengeance is mine!
"MariAle arrives home in her jeep and uses the opportunity for yet another rant: “Who the heck does that rude little girl think she is? She thinks she can treat me like trash just like all others used to? No, no, I am not going to allow it. I have to get revenge against everyone that hurt me. All of them.”

Thank you this was really fun to read!

Looking forward to episode 61

I'm really enjoying this TN. I want to thank all you recapers for a great job.

Sort of OT: I love purses. Did anyone notice the purse MA had when she went to visit the Major? It was a brown purse. When she got back home, she had the same small whitish purse she has been using (also cute).

Thanks Bluejean


I don't have a problem with JA and Ester, I just don't want to hear JA complain that she's used him or that he gets her pregnant and he has to marry someone that he doesn't love. If either of those things mattered and then happened, then he shouldn't have had sex with her. And I would tell a woman the same thing.

Clever girl Latina! You found a poetic way to tie all those disparate scenes together.

And "Epidemic of Stunned Silence" is quite an elegant way to describe the prolonged bug-eyed close-ups of impactada gente that seem to clog these telenovelas.

If you add up all the minutes of stunned silence, you've probably saved yourself 10 minutes of dialogue. And in the case of "I want you superior to me" that would probably be a good thing.

So you're with me in thinking those Maricruz dimples are symptomatic of some serious kegeling going on! We'll have to assume she's getting her pelvic floor back in fighting condition before the next romantic go-round with Octavio.

Not at all sure where the Esther-José Antonio thing is going. Will a jealous Eusebio-less, love-lorn Ofelia try to sow seeds of doubt? Will J-A wreak vengeance on Esther, believing she is faithless?
Will we care?

Oh my, I'm tired just thinking about it.

Latina, good catch on the brown purse/white purse glitch. I never notice details like that.

Enjoyed the recap, and enjoyed Shut Up Doris getting a good slap. Normally I'm agin' slaps of any kind by anybody, but this one was deeply satisfying. Almost as good as those tender yet passionate kisses of Octavio the other day (and the way he encircled Maricruz as she leaned against the railing...yessss Vivi!).

So cut back on dialogue and give us some more stolen kisses please. But if not, a few more wallops on Doris would be good.


I've resigned myself long ago to the fact that TN writers, especially those doing remakes of remakes, have only halfheartedly been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century. There is always the typical, underlying idea that a woman "needs" a man, even if she is successful in her own right, and in a blink she would give it all up to marry and have numerous babies.

The guys are allowed to be total dunderheads, but the bright intelligent woman will hang around for the loser instead of kicking him to the curb because it's always Lust....I mean, Love at First Site. The rarities like Amor B don't come along often with a bright woman and a decent galan.

I think with Ester and JA we will get the off-used cliche of the poor, humble character and the rich, often spoiled character hooking up and they both live happily ever after. I don't count Tav and MC in that category because she certainly didn't stay simple and humble. So Ester will most likely babble on with her bodice-ripper novel dialog and swoon. (Does anyone actually "swoon" anymore either?)


Judy B, LoL at your "impactada gente" - you're so right, every other scene has to finish with someone having the bug eyes, with or without reason.

Latina in MD. Thank you---I loved your title, it sure rang true. Your recap was a great read. I liked the way you described Ester's lip bite---another ouch, probably more pleasant than the Doris ouch. I also liked--her words
are so syrupy I'm surprised she is not surrounded by bees by now. Another one of your good lines was-
it was hard to tell what feeling if any, it was supposed to convey.
Oblivious?! I add, yes, he is oblivious.

I wonder what will happen with Ester y Antonio? JA loves Maricruz,
will Ester be able to make him change his mind? Is she just playing with him for now or is she really serious? She sure went after what she wanted but will it last? Will bsc/lucifer ask her to leave the rancho? This is getting interesting.

THE SLAP!! Yes, the slap both seen and heard round the world. WOW!! It
was a GREAT slap, spun Doris clear around. She never saw it coming. I
couldn't help but think about Doris's favorite words, "I'm the governor's daughter." Advice to Doris---Don't mess with Mari, you are about to experience Maricruz 1.0 and you don't want that.

QUESTION---Is the governor just the governor of the island or of a state? Does anyone know?

Things are getting very interesting
Ester and JA, Miguel going broke, the governor's play for MariAle, BSC-Doris and Phycho Karim. Just think, some said that CI was boring

Carvivlie---Yes, Doris can sure bring it on can't she?

Sara C---A BIG YES! The dresses are fabulous. I'm enjoying the "boring" LOL, fashion show every night.

Cherry---I'm looking forward to #61also, can't wait.

Variopinta y Adriana Noel---To each his/her own so go ahead and laugh, I will be enjoying every minute of episode #61.
the gringo

I was enjoying the JA/Ester storyline, until the writers made her start talking about marriage, love, submission and babies. What happened to just being horny and lonely and wanting some satisfaction? I thought that's where this story was going, and I was perfectly fine with that.

Maybe it's the bad editing of this tn, and in fact JA and Ester have been hooking up for MONTHS now, and she's starting to realize that she loves and wants to marry this guy. But really, it seems like it's been three days and 2 screws, and already she's talking eternity and babies. WTH?

Paul- The way time passes in this tn is odd, even for telenovelas .

There is usually a strange way that time passes in tns-- if you paid close attention and counted days, it would not seem like much time has passed at all. But usually big time jumps (days, weeks, months, years) are announced with a caption, so that your brain can adjust. This is the only tn I have seen that doesn't do that. We never get a sense of how much time has passed by, so it feels really confusing.

Lucia, Mari and Solita (where o where is Solita?) have gotten pregnant and had their babies, and not once did we see anything that told us months had gone by. Teo has just had major reconstructive surgery, and we got no indication of how long has passed between when he went under the knife, and when he reappeared in the casino as Angel. (The doc mentioned before the surgery that it would be at least 10 days before his bandages would be removed.) And now a law has been created and passed, with no indication of how long that process took (hours, days, weeks?).


Adriana...the worst part now is that every time somebody looks impactado I think of Carlos' caption:

"First we have to buy up all the Beanie Babies".

And instead of feeling verklempt, I just start laughing like crazy.

Blue Jean -- We have two things common. CI and PURSES.

Great recap :)

MariAle keeps saying to the Gov: Soy una senora en todos los sentidos, I am a (married) lady in every sense of the word. Didn't she also tell him when he first saw the baby that she was not illegitimate? Why doesn't the gov mention divorce, or is he also the pope of Isla Dorada and able to annul marriages? I get the feeling that the gov is supposedly assuming she was speaking both times metaphorically and that he will be muy impactado when she stuns him that she is still legally married!

Vivi, good points about time passage. Teo would take months to recover fully from all that surgery.

Danilea, MA told the governor that she had a child but she neglected to tell him that she was married to the father. I think I recapped that one.

I've got a tub full of beanie babies from when my daughter was into them. I couldn't get rid of them, I'm hoping she eventually has a daughter who would play with them. But I could sell some to Karim.

Latina, your recap was so superior to the actual episode! Loved the "Stunned silence" leit motif and so many great observations, like this one about Esther's perpetual odd-ness:

"(Her words are so syrupy I’m surprised she is not surrounded by bees by now.)"

Also, must agree with Cathy:" This episode has turned this TN into idioticness. I know that's not a word, but is should be. " I agree!!

Is there anything that rings remotely plausible about the main threads of this plot-line anymore? I can't believe that we're still being asked to watch Octavio and MariAle together AS IF they aren't married and he doesn't know who she really is. By the way, are we looking at a double-bind bigamist rap down the line for both Octavio and MA?

What's the criteria for Doris' sense that MA can just be thrown of the Isla? Or overnite, the Guv can have a law passed banning foreign ownership?

Octavio is hooked on MA and shows utter disdain for Doris but still goes into lip-lock with her on demand? And on and on.

Who is writing this stuff?

I may need to take a break from viewing and try to follow the recaps - only for a while.


Danilea, I don't know why, but this phrase of yours really made me burst out laughing:

"...he will be muy impactado when she stuns him that she is still legally married!"

Maybe because they get the impactado faces all the time and then they just go about their usual business like nothing happened.
Only in a telenovela...

She only shot him that one time!

Latina, great recap!

Latina, your recaps are BRILLIANT. I loved loved loved the "stunned silence" asides, and laughed like crazy at Octavio's "stunned (???) silence"

I understand how frustrating Maria Alejandra's character can be, but I am truly impressed with Ana Brenda Contreras's performance. She's gone from naïve romantic to conniving businesswoman very convincingly, and her adorable scenes with Lupita keep getting more believable as well. Thank you everyone for reminding me that MC shot Octavio! I had completely forgotten! Have I got Oblivio's case of memory loss?

Doris never ceases to amuse me. Her tantrums are priceless. I'm actually grateful for a typical love triangle.

I'm still not a Jester fan. I completely agree with @Vivi that the writers resorted to cheap stereotyping when Ester started mentioning babies and marriage. Part of me was hoping that Ester was simply looking for a good time, and JA would be the romantic one in the pareja. It would have been interesting to see the tables turned- with a woman playing with a man's emotions. Ester's "I want you to be superior to me" line was unforgivable. It's the 21st century! I think this couple is going to last longer than I originally supposed, but I don't really care! Haha

I like the Gobernador. Is that strange? He seems to genuinely care about Maria Alejandra, and not just for her beauty.

Karim is a disappointment to me. I was expecting an epic revenge scheme. Instead we get a heinously unoriginal plan to buy the casino. Why not sell it to him and use the money to buy the ranch?

Bailey Marie- Mari already has enough money to buy the ranch outright if she wanted it. What she wants is for Miguel to lose it to her, via gambling. And for him (and Lucia and Tav) to be humiliated because of it.

As for hanging on to the casino (one of MANY she has, as Raiza reminded us again)...if she wouldn't give the place up when it was costing her father his health and his life, she certainly won't give it up now.

I hope her employees in all of her other casinos and businesses are fleecing her left and right, as she ignores them to focus on the one on Isla Dorada.

Looking for vengeance, Maricruz is wanting to make Octavio suffer... how much better could it get than for him to marry Doris?


Thanks so much for this recap Latina. The title was so appropriate for the unfortunate amounts of crazy in both characters and writing.

Carlos, that's a good point! Marrying Doris would be a total punishment for Octavio. The only reason I think it wouldn't happen is MariAle has cake syndrome--she wants to have her cake (Tav) and eat it too. She just loves to nibble on Octavio.

Thanks for the recap, LatinaInMD. The plot here is descending into stupidity, without a pretext of logic. Sorry to see this, but I shouldn't be surprised.


La Paloma, LOL at MA having cake syndrome. Well said!
The more stupid the plot becomes, the more zingers we come up with - soon we won't be able to utter one sensible word while watching...

@Bailey Marie-I don't know what it is about Alejandro Tommassi (El Gobernador), but I always like him too. His face and manner are just likable.

Does anyone know: Has he ever played a villain? I've only ever seen him as a nice guy.

Thanks for your funny recap, Latina. I am really in a state of STUNNED SILENCE!!!!.
Although I know that this is as ludicrous as a TN can be, I love watching it. At least it's not a soapy river of tears kind of tear jerker one. I like Ana Brenda.
I wonder where Esther and JA is heading. Esther seems to appear serious and true in what she says. In the past, I had a feeling that she was going to be redeemable due to the fact that she drew the line on Lucia and was kind of the voice of reason for her. Didn't she leave the ranch when Lucia was getting out of hand with her cruel treatment of MC and wanted no part of those cruel games her cousin was playing? I'm ready to give her a second chance.
Uggh! I really can't stand Doris. This is where this drama is getting downright stupid. I am stunned by her obsession to get rid of MA and drive her out of town!!! Where in this world can you go and have another person be driven out of town. she can order her to leave her house but not her town. Doris should be taken to the mental hospital real quick by her dad.
And as for Oblivious, He keeps listening to woman hater Eduardo and so keeps on giving in to Doris. He is so stupid and kept on sending Doris the wrong signal.
As punishment for Eduardo, he should end up marrying Doris. Ha!!!

Sara C, Alejandro T. will play the villain in Quiero Amarte, CdlF's new tn...
I'm sure I've seen him as a villain in the past, too, but I don't remember where now.

I've resigned myself long ago to the fact that TN writers, especially those doing remakes of remakes, have only halfheartedly been brought kicking and screaming into the 21st century. There is always the typical, underlying idea that a woman "needs" a man, even if she is successful in her own right, and in a blink she would give it all up to marry and have numerous babies.

This. As much as I enjoy this show (and I really am shamefully loving it) I have to keep telling myself overandoverandover that it's a remake with very little "remaking" actually happening. I chalk up every flaw to that, thus I don't think about the flaws much since many have nothing to do with poor remaking. See recap: "Continuity, Mrs. Mejia, continuity. Look into it, along with writing, editing, etc., etc.

@Vivi-The whole passage of time thing is driving me batty. I don't think I've ever seen it done so badly.

Our posts crossed @Adriana Noel.

Thanks for the info! I will have to decide if my heart can handle Alejandro as a villain.

I recall Ester shooting someone, for the life of me I can't remember who.

Variopinta, José Antonio was shot, but I can't recall if we were ever certain that it was Ester who did the shooting. I'd prefer to think not.


@Sara C - don't worry, you are not alone. I'm shamefully loving it too. Not only am I watching both the Televisa and Univision broadcasts, I also knew full well what we were getting plotwise because I watched BOTH previous Mexican versions of it. Yes, the editing and some of the dialogue are ridiculous, but overall I consider C.I. quite entertaining, and I love the Ana Brenda/Daniel Arenas chemistry, though I agree we are not getting enough of them together.

Variopinta, Esther paid Eusabio for shooting JA.

I shouldn't have posted while I was working. I posted early about the brown purse.

"Sort of OT: I love purses. Did anyone notice the purse MA had when she went to visit the Major? It was a brown purse. When she got back home, she had the same small whitish purse she has been using (also cute)."

I meant to say does anyone know the brand of the brown purse? I really liked it.

Thanks Bluejean

@Bluejean - if you ask Ana Brenda on Twitter what brand that purse is, she might actually tell you. She once responded when someone asked the brand and color name of lipstick she wore in a specific scene ( they attached a pic of her so she would know what they were referring to. )

Lovely LatinaInMD!

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser! This is like an Alice in Wonderland warp on telenovelas.

Thanks LatinaInMD, I don't have a twitter account but I found her on Facebook with a picture of her with the purse. Thanks again for the help. Hopefully Brenda will reply.

thanks again :)

@BlueJean - You probably found an Ana Brenda fan page on Facebook; Ana Brenda herself doesn't have a Facebook account; she is only on Twitter and Instagram.

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