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PEAM #120 - 08/26/13 - The Clock Ticks Toward Chatita's Doom Like a Bomb Timer on MI-5

Amigos, I am off again for southern France to make more images like this of the lovely Merens.  These little ponies were faithful work horses on both sides of the Pyrannees before trucks replaced them.  I will look for the Spanish side name for them. So by the way, since I will be gone on Monday September 9, would someone care to do a guest recapping??

Retread: Alma talks about work in her sleep and Jesús tries to sleep.  She tells Susana that Avon has to be ahead and needs a new campaign to succeed.  They sleep.

Valentina sets the frog free, with Sanson looking on.  Too bad they can't go with the froggy toward freedom in the woods.

Jesús, pines over Valentina's empty room and greets Alma as he lies about how well he slept.  She doesn't believe it so he tells her about the mosquito and then under pressure reveals her sleep-talking.

Veronica the ever well dressed Mom has to be told by Valentina that she is in her pajamas.

Chatita calls Jesús in desperation as Tornino/Tornado breaks through the doors with municipal police heavies to evict Chatita from her apartment.  He tells Chatita to pass the phone to Tornido so he can tell him that the check is on the way and he knows that he is a man of his word so the check will be on the way to the "CLIENT" later today.  Jesús asks for the check from Aida and Mal-kiddy tries his taunting but Jesús leaves without further tolerance.  And Julio stands up for his boss trying to put the Kiddy in his place.  Meantime Chatita is feeding the heavies.

On to the new stuff which is really much more of the old stuff:  Jesús is at the cashier trying to hurry a snippy cashier while Mal-Kiddy listens in.

Veronica is arguing with Valentina's teacher Jovina about whether Valentina is miserable or not.  Veronica insists that Valentina doesn't know what she is talking about.  Further she has a new partner, Roger who is a muy, pero muy importante business man.

Important business man is arguing with his lawyer Cantú over how many women he has and this newest one is kind of a pain, while they laugh over putting the screws to poor Chatita and Jesús at one time.

Elias is remembering his fun with Pati when the maid brings coffee and Jovina calls asking Elias to come to the school to talk about series things.

Mal-Kiddy calls Roger to fill him in on what he learned about Jesús' loan. The two cook up a deal so fast to be sure that Jesús cannot arrive at Chatita's to deliver the check in the two hour limit that Rogue has already insisted be the cut off for Chatita to lose her home.  Kiddy is only too delighted to foil Jesús' efforts and to show how much he wants to collaborate with Rogue, he already has the sugar and dish soap or maple syrup to pour into Jesús' gas tank. Isn't it frightening how these two can be so effective at evil when neither one of them seems capable of good works or work period. The gas tank is topped off with dangerous goo before Jesús has time to sign for the check and leave the Orion building.

Cardy and Jesica are talking to the doctor who says he must be allergic to something.  He asks what has Cardy done differently that had not happened before.  Nothing except ask Jesica to marry him.  Jesica fears he is allergic to matrimony.  They beam at each other and Cardy turns redder while they try to figure it out.

Xochi tries to get Fernando to get out of the shower.  She hates to be late to work.  He isn't concerned so she leaves while Fernando sings in the shower.

Jeuss leaves and Mal-Kiddy follows.

Pati finds out her job is to appear as a bagel sandwich in a billboard suit.

The doctor swabs Jesica's mouth and puts it on a syringe and shoots Cardy in the wrist.  He immediately starts to sneeze.

Back at Jesús' car, the magic starts to work as black clouds billow out of the engine block.  47 minutes on the clock show and Chatita shovels more culinary treats on the movers and nasty little Tornino sweats. It looks like an "MI-5" episode I saw last weekend that showed time lapsing on a bomb that was going to destroy London.  This one is just going to destroy poor little Chatita.  Predictably, Jesús' car stops and Mal-Kiddy is there taunting the crippled Jesús promising a ride but pulls away cackling madly as Jesús tries to get in the car.

The doctor tells Cardy he will have to take a vaccination to avoid being allergic to Jesica and they try to kiss on it but the doc says oh no, vacination first…

Oops, a rain storm with lightening just took the television off while Maricela was whining to Alma about something: fill in the whine subject of your choice.

Okay the electricity is back on and we watch breathlessly as Mal-Kiddy continues to obstruct Jesús' taxi, alma walks in and hears Rogelio laughing with Mal-K over the fact that Jesús is never going to make it on time and Chatita is crying while the Police who have eaten her delicious food for two hours begin to arrest her while Chatita begs Tonino/Tontito for mercy.  She doesn't want to lose the home that she has lived in for so many years that has all her memories of her life with Chatito.  Jesús has to get out of the traffic and walking toward the office.  Back at Chatita's she is left with a pot to piZZ in but her furniture is in the entry way.

As if this episode isn't irritating enough, we go back to Pati who is rolled and reviled by teen boys who go off laughing while Pati shouts I quit!! Day one of the new career seems to be at an end.

Finally the check arrives and Jesús finds out from Cantú that he owns the apartment. Jesús realizes that Rogelio is behind all of this in spite of the fact that Cantú insists that he can actually think and this was all his idea. The scene switching is giving me whiplash but the call goes out to Turtino the meek and we get to see Chatita revive her spirits and beat the police and movers over the head as she insists that everything be put back exactly as it was.

Next time: Chatita is reinstated in her apartment, Valentina comes to the party to celebrate and see Jesús who gets a call from a very ill Marta in the hospital insisting that she has something important to tell Jesús so he needs to come right away.


Cheryl, thank you for such a fantastic recap of what I felt was one of the most tedious and depressing episodes ever.
I especially liked your title. Too bad the bad guys couldn't just implode into nothingness at this point along with the "destroy Jesus" theme. It's gotten real old.


Thank you for a concise recap. To be honest, I couldn't watch the whole episode. The thought of Chatita whining made me fast forward. Your recap was far better than the episode, so thank you for sitting through the silliness and having to deal with a thunderstorm on top of it.
The story lines have gone from bad to worse.
I like the new name- Mal-Kiddy, it's so appropriate.

Thanks Jarifa y Tablet Jefa for dropping in. Yes this telenovela has certainly hit the doldrums. The electric storm was almost a relief. I had iced coffee with chocolate cheesecake then sat hugging poor Willa who hates thunder like she hates the sounds of fireworks.

I can now reveal that someone told me early on that this TN would stay silly for a long part of the plot. This has come true for sure. What I don't know is if it will get more clever and directed or we are doomed... It's still a good laugh most nights. And at least the frog and Sanson are nice to Valentina!

Cheryl- You really did get a bummer of an episode. I couldn't pay close attention because the sound of the ticking clock, and all of Chucho's obstacles and Chatita's woes, were stressing me out.

I could not believe Vero's nerve lying to the teacher that the reason Chucho hasn't see Val is because he is too busy with work and isn't making time to see Val. The nerve! I am so glad the teacher called Elias to get the real story.

I actually found Pati dancing in the burger suit to be really funny. It was depressing, yes. But the actress was really giving it all her energy, down to the scene when the kids knock her over.

I can't believe that they are making Cardenas allergic to Jess' saliva, and not something simple like her lipstick. She's not a cat, for heaven's sake! This is ridiculous and a bit offensive.

It also looks like the writers are laying the groundwork for trouble between Xochi and Fern, because of his messiness (although his few clothes on the floor didn't look that bad to me), and his tardiness.


Thanks for this most fantastic recap. And to have to deal with a thunderstorm with a dog that is afraid of them. I too have three little dogs, all Yorkies and they climb in my lap during storms : )

I too can't believe they had Jessie's saliva as the catalyst for poor Cardy's allergy. I wish they had gone with the lipstick too.

Pato was a hoot in her burger suit. I don't blame her for quitting poor thing. I hope the next job she gets is more suited to her.


Are you a big fan of MI-5? I love that show! That ticking clock did remind me of an episode of MI-5 or remember the show 24? It drove me crazy this epi.

I really can't stand Moronica lying to Valentina about Chucho and now lying to her teacher. This woman needs a good anvil already!

I am really glad despite Mal-Kiddy (great name) that Chucho was able to make it to the notary on time and Chatita's house was saved! I can't wait to see Royer's reaction tomorrow!

MalKiddy is the best name for him! I am finally enjoying his horrible character - at least when he is talking to his bro, Ro, his king of kings.

It was a silly episode but I think Chucho got a new clue at the end of his conversation with Cantu. Cantu seemed to say Rogue doesn't pay him, but that they have confidential business and close deals???

I also got a real kick out of seeing Moronica in the school office wearing her pijamas! Yep, maybe I'm a six year old too. I liked it as much as Vale did.

Oh Vivi, Thanks for giving the detail of Veronica lying to Valentina's teacher about Jesús being too busy and therefore at FAULT for not seeing Valentina. She has some nerve and yes she does need to be stopped.

I really wonder if Rogelio isn't going to get tired of her nasty ways then if you add in her new sloppiness, I don't think he is one to find that adorable. He seemed visibly annoyed at her robe and slippers appearance when he is so impeccable about his own dressing for the day.

I agree with you and Mads that the allergy coming from Jesica's mouth was distasteful and unnecessary for sure. They could have made a funnier story about giving her Avon lipstick to cure his allergies. That was icky.

Mads yes I am a big devotee of MI-5, I have seen some of the episodes numerous times since the PBS here keeps showing reruns. I especially like Rupert Penry-Jones and Peter Firth just to show you that I am flexible about age ranges. The episodes are always very clever unlike our little PEAM epi's lately!

I too expect that the next episode should be great fun as hipster Mal-Kiddy gets dressed down by a furious Jesús.

Fishknits, Good detail about Cantu's revelation that he is getting gains in his dealings with Rogelio not by being on his payroll. I bet Jesús will make use of that factoid dropped in his lap.

Good morning glad you had chocolate cheesecake and a dear doggie to hug during this SIMPLY HORRIBLE NO-GOOD VERY BAD EPISODE. Only bright spot was Valentina's wicked grin at seeing her mom schlep into school in peignoir and floppy slippers.

And how right you were when you wrote "on to the new stuff which is really much more of the old stuff". Amen. We are truly in the doldrums part, the dreaded "middleitis" that seems to affect all telenovelas at some point (other than Carla Estrada's which are always well-paced IMO)

So thanks, and I hope you have some more cheesecake left for tonight. Rich sweet food has been shown to be a physical analgesic as well as an emotional comfort. People register pain less acutely after a good dose of dessert! And this show right now is definitely painful!

Isn't it interesting how Royer's mis planes never seem to work out like he thinks they will? To quote John Lennon's song, I think Instant Karma is gonna get Royer in the end. I really hope it does, same with Moronica!

Anybody notice Alma's weird dress last night? The sides were high cut - way high - with a little chain dangling across. Very strange dress - especially for the office.

ViVi, I am not sure how you take Cardi's allergies to Jessie's saliva as being Offensive, but for me, I have found the way the "Jessie" character has been portrayed as offensive because they have ignored her ethnicity.(BTW - she maybe African-American, she speaks perfect english)

She is an African-Latino person being casted as anything but African -Latino. The "white face" foundation took me for a loop, and the fact that other that Chatita refering to her as the girl with the "wooly" hair, the show has not ventured anywhere close to promoting her ethnicity....

I am waiting to she her family at the wedding, that's when we will get an idea as to how the writers and producers of this show wants Jessie's race to be a factor.

No Harm - No Foul -Just Saying....

Lee- Having Cardi be allergic to her saliva, almost makes it seem like she's another species, like a cat or something. It's just weird. Her other personality traits (like always dancing) and the things you mention, I try to ignore and not be too sensitive about because in this broad comedy, no one is safe from stereotype.

Judy, I agree that Carla Estrada does NOT do this to us, as in put us to sleep for a few weeks while stretching the plot thin to make it last longer.

Yes, chocolate is definitely an analgesic, too bad I can't give Willa any, dogs miss out on this great pacifier.

Anon at 11:51, YES, that was a weird dress for the office with the deep cuts up the sides and little metalic embellishments.

Lee, I would hope the writers are forthcoming with a celebration of Jesica's heritage, her family and showing off her extraordinary beauty. That white face bit earlier was icky. Interesting to learn that the actress speaks perfect English, I must look her up to find out more.

So Jessica is Jeimy Osorio from Puerto Rico and is making a splash in Mexico and USA as an actress and she is a singer too. We already know that she can dance even in super high heels. She is lovely.

I keep wondering about Chatita's recently recovered gold coin...hasn't she changed clothes by now? Changed her bra by now? Is that coin lost forever in her boobies? She could have helped save Jesus from what is bound to become a major health issue by buying back her own apartment.

The actor playing Mal-kiddy is doing such an over-the-top good job of his annoying, juvenile character. What in the world will be his appropriate payback? And, hopefully, sooner rather than later.

I really enjoy the recaps and am grateful for all the translating! Much of the time they are way more entertaining than the actual episode!



Thank you, Cheryl! I hope you have a wonderful time in France. We will miss you. :)

Too bad Patymelt's job didn't work out. She was the most enthusiastic hamburger (it's like a Patty Melt!) mascot I'd ever seen, at least until it all went bad, which admittedly was pretty fast.


Thanks Cheryl! Your trip sounds very exciting, have a great time.

Oh My, Patimelt is the most enthusiastic hamburguesa ever. I was laughing so hard at her performance. Muy pero muy rica!! And that dog was funny too. Did he pretend to lift his leg on Pati when she was rolling on the ground? It sure looked like it.

I wish Malcriado would die. Or that Jesus would have cracked him over the head with his muleta. He is super pero super annoying.

OK, loved the recap, now I'm going to enjoy the comments...

Yes, we are definitely in the doldrums. Thank goodness for Tivo and the FF button. But our poor recapper had to watch the whole thing, pobrecita! Thanks for taking one for the team Cheryl, and for spinning dross into gold.

Great comments and clarifications about all the silliness. Cheryl, thanks for looking up Jeimy Osorio. I'm hoping that the allergy will turn out to be to Jess's lipstick after all, or maybe her toothpaste as ridiculous as it sounds.

I noticed Alma's dress too. Although it is an odd choice for the office, she looked fabulous in it.

Little late, but wanted to say thanks Cheryl. Boy, lucky you! What a wonderful trip to look forward to. have a great time!!

I really had the hardest time trying to stay focused with this episode last night. I can't stand Melvis, so all his antics just made my skin crawl, and everything else was just so much filler. Thought Xochi was cute trying to get Ferny to get going, but the J/C allergy plot line is just lame.

Her new job gave Patimelt's nickname a whole new meaning. Lord love her, she's trying.

Ok, racking brain, what could Marta have that's so important? Maybe something on Vero...can't remember.

I sure hope the plots pick up. I actually watched a few episodes of La Temp and I may cut back a bit on this TN (watching three is a bit much) if there's not something fresh and interesting come up. Way too many episodes yet I think for things to be so MEH.


Gracias, Cheryl! Thanks for the beautiful horse picture, too! Have a great time on your trip.

In small doses, I find Mal-Kiddy's affected speech and mannerisms funny, but when we get way too much of him spending the whole episode getting in Chucho's way, it's just tiresome. Maybe Augie can't give him the smackdown, but why has NO ONE in this doofus's life pushed him into traffic yet?

Loved Patimelt's enthusiastic hambuguesa merengue. She may have flamed out fast, but she was really trying.

I like the actor who plays the doctor. He's funny without being a hammy scenerychewer like a lot of bit part actors.

About Jessica, I do like that she is from Puerto Rico and mixed race and it is a non-issue -- but I feel bad that it's easier for a Mexican telenovela to accept her and not a native Mexican.

I didn't even notice last night's dress, but in general I think Alma would look great in a dress made out of dishrags. I hate her :)

Thanks Cheryl for recapping a rather dreary episode. Enjoy France!

Funny you should mention Alma's dress. I like the lacy effect and focused on the hips up. I couldn't bear to look at the wacky looking decorated slits.

Even though the J/C allergy gave the doctor a cute opportunity to get between them, it kind of creeped me out. It also wasted a storyline of developing new allergen free products for the next cosmetics contest! Duh!?!

Pati did do a fabulous job while she was an hamburguesa. I can't wait to see what's next for her.

Jesus is such a good guy that, although currently focused on his princesa and his job, he just might turn that Malcriado around. He'll help Mal turn into such a hard working, self confident man that Augusto will be proud to acknowledge him as his son? Nah, maybe not.

I think that's why Augusto assigns his cartoon spawn to work with Jesus all the time...he's hoping Jesus will shape him up.

Patricia Patimelt and Melquaides Mal-Kiddy might make a good pair. Neither one of them show signs of growing up. They could make each other laugh - perhaps...

I was thinking MalKiddy and Hystericita on Tempestuds should get together. They both act like spoiled toddlers.

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