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PEAM #122- 8/28/13: A Lot Happens at Avon, and Nothing To Do With Work! WooHoo!

Recap by Pablo

We all know that two restless girls, a dog and a tube of superglue is not a good combination, right?
We might not know what are they up to, but with that in mind, I wouldn't sleep! Or I'd sleep with one eyed superglued!

Alma and Jesús exchange vows yet again, they look like the perfect couple. Maybe they are. Who knows? Could this be the calm before the storm?

Everybody deserves a second chance, even if that kills you!

Jéssica wants to break up with Oliverio and Xóchitl advises her not to. On the other side of the wall, Ricardo and Oli cry like girls even though the doctor has promised Oli a vaccine to cure the allergy he has to Jéssica´s kisses.

Jesús doesn't feel well... looks like his nose is too big for that head and is pulling him down. His eyesight is blurry and he grabs the chair. The only good remedy for those dizziness attacks is PEAM bottled water. Yes! The same water Alma drinks. You know you can always trust the same company that makes uniforms and lap tops, right?
There's gotta be something in that PEAM water, maybe is ionized, maybe has been solarized, the thing is that as soon as you take a sip, you feel better again, like a new man! Good, because in 15 minutes the deadline expires  to deliver some project.
When he is ready to go, both Julio and Aída are so concerned that maybe he will not be able to drive because of the crutches. 
Alma is talking to Patricia about their day and the bad options Patricia found to work, when she is interrupted by Julio. He wants to tell her that Jesús fainted and that he is not well... 
Julio, who cuts his hair with hedge trimmers and is trying to get the wet look from the 80s back in fashion, asks Alma to take care of Jesús, because he is not being careful and is not taking the proper care of himself. Like she didn't know that!

It's 7:02 Do you know where your daughter is?
(she has to go to sleep at 8pm so she can get up at 4 am)

Raimunda, restless as any good girl, sneaked in Verónicas car to see Valentina and introduce her bullfrog Tiburcio to her. When Valentina tells Elías the story he can hardly believe it. It is almost 8 o'clock and Verónica has been waiting for Elías for almost an hour. She hates tardiness and now it will be very difficult for Elías to make her forgive him. Sansón barks because he is also very upset, but this time by Verónica's behavior. She is upset because Elías took Vale to see Raimunda and she doesn't like that place. She thinks it is filthy and stinky. Now she will have to bathe Vale with epson salts and bleach to make sure she is completely clean. Vale, by the way, wants to include Sansón in her shower...
Elías claims Vale is his daughter and when it is his time to see her he can take her wherever he wants, but then Verónica, more offensive than ever, reminds him that he is not good even to have kids!
If I can't have kids, that doesn't mean I can not be a good father, father is a verb not a substantive! Why do you have to be so mean?
Go to hell!
Hell is here, being close to you!!

Now the only think left is the DNA test, not to prove that Jesús is the father of Valentina, but so he can fight for  custody and be able to see her whenever he wants and not only when Verónica allows him.

Rogelio loves Sansón but despises little Vale. She think he is funny when he grabs the dog and tells him how much it means to him. She also calls him ''little grumpy man'' only to get a ''juárever''. She then asks what that means and he said, that I don't care, capisce? What does capisce means? Forget it, go ask you mama!

This is not a schizoid dream, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing!!

In ''Clínica el Angel'' Marta lies on the bed and is visited by Jesús, who wants to talk to her before he goes to the police and denounces her. She explains that like when you have a dream and don't realize it until you wake up, she has them when she is awake, and in one of those moments of hallucination, she thought Vale was her daughter Jimena.
Marta, who in her delirium now thinks Jesús is a doctor, asks for his help. She doesn't want to go to jail because in there she might never recover, what she needs is to see a psychiatrist. Marta's future depends on Jesús, who with only one word can save her or sink her to the depths of hell. Since we all know Jesús and his big heart, it is not surprising that he will let her seek medical help instead of going to jail to learn new tricks and bathe with a rope soap ( it is not exclusive to men, right?) After all, we all deserve a second chance, even Marta... who knows? Maybe one day she'll come back to kill us...

Kiss # 1

Meanwhile at Avon, Oliverio asks Jéssica again to be his wife despite his allergy. That huge lip could come in very handy for Halloween. That way he would only need a rubber band!! They kiss and both raise one leg, he even shakes it!!
Marisela wants to stay working late and Susana wants to take Pánfilo home in the car she inherited from her dead husband and asks him if he wants to be her boyfriend. The usual people in the background, walk around as usual pretending they are the only ones working here. Maybe they are...

Kiss #2

-Tell me, Pánfilo, would you like to be my boyfriend?
-Inga, wey'
-This is the XXI century, theres nothing wrong with a woman asking this of a man...
-Inga doble!
-Just tell me what you feel...
-Inga triple!

-Well, what I feel is pain in my feet, my sight is blurry and I will probably end up blind and cut in pieces little by little, are you sure you still want to take this load? Remember what happened to your husband? You let him die when you were seeing another man and drinking coffee with him... are you sure? I don't like that at all!!

-Inga, wey, wey, wey, wey!! Verde con amarillo!!

And they kiss, End scene.

Argument #1

Late that night, Alma cooks for Jesús a delicious tortilla de patatas, fruit, olives, cheese salad and jícama con chile that will be accompanied by wine and some artisan looking bread, sliced. To contrast with the exquisite menu, she is wearing a horrific slutty dress that she probably got in some sidewalk sale, perfect to show her chicken legs... open on the sides with little chains hanging and very short, veery shooort... She needs a Fashion emergency 911!! Juárever... this is their first discussion and all because she loves and  cares for him, and he loves her and doesn't want her to be worry. You are never truly in love until you argue, and by this argument, they must be madly in love with each other! 
It is very cold outside, so when she leaves abruptly in the heat of the argument, she has to wear her tall red riding hood coat. Maybe somewhere between here and her penthouse, the wolf can jump on her and change her mind. No wolf, the only one who shows up is Marisela, who is working hard pretending she is working so Alma can sleep happy.

In Restaurant ''Treasure'' not all booty is free to take home, specially used make up with bacteria

Patricia, who is now part of the working class, receives instructions on how to be a ''coat-hanger'. She prefers to call this the ''checkroom'' but anyway she is there to steal everything her pierce (purse) can hold. She has a whole wall with compartments, two numbers each, so when a customer leaves  an item they WILL NEVER GET IT BACK! I am kidding (not). They receive a number and that way when they come back to get it you know exactly what item to retrieve. We know Patricia, and sooner than we finish that sentence, she is taking items from the belongings she supposed to be taking care of. Well, she is, kinda...

Kiss #3

Elías, who has kissed Verónica, Marta, Marisela, is now kissing Patricia. Who's next? Chatita? Without Pánfilo, she must be really lonely... Just hide the chamber potty first...

Jesús, who communicates better with Alma when they are not together, arrives at Alma's penthouse with the flying poppies. Well, with the orange tulips and they forgive each other. He is now officially a superhero.
He said that he had a very hard time looking for a bag of oranges so he decided to bring tulips instead. They are the same color, aren't they? And Tulips? Oliverio has a very swollen pair, if you ask me!! But that's another allergy!

Kiss #4

Vero comes out of the bathroom looking very sexy and fuses herself in a kiss with Roger. She just brushed her teeth and rinsed with hazel, but what about Roger? Is his mouth clean? She should be afraid, very afraid right now...
In Roger's simple mind, there's only two sides of the same coin, Vero is worth the trouble but Vale is not.
Because later on, in the middle of the night Vale is afraid and decides to sleep with the adults and Sansón. She asks for the tale before going to sleep but nobody listens and she goes to sleep without knowing juárever happened to the Queen and her Aide. I say that girls should NEVER SLEEP next to a grown up man, especially if they are not blood related, even so, but Verónica cares for all the wrong things and allows this to happen. A lot happens to a man during the night, conscious or unconsciously, so better be safe than sorry! And that's advice Marta should have told her!

Juárever! Rogelio has a nightmare, where Verónica cooks Sansón because she is tired of him and wakes up terrified.

Chatita is good for the nicknames, she calls Susana the ''Big skeeter'', Pánfilo ''cricket face'' and Ricardo ''the speaking nose'', like she is perfect! That's why I call her ''Penguin with hemorrhoids''- Fair is fair!!!

Tomorrow: Verónica has to show off her new cow foot shoes and where else than the Court where she fights over Vale's custody? Be afraid Vero, that could send you to jail immediately!!



Thanks so very much for this most marvelous recap! So witty, lol.

Panfilo the traitor! Poor Chatita. No wonder she had her chamber pot out when Maricela told her about Panfilo and Susanna. I can't see it lasting though, Susanna is so not for Paniflo. I had to laugh at Mari's comments.

Patymelt is gonna get in trouble if she keeps up the stealing. She needs to find something she really loves to do, besides the stealing and get busy so she stops. That kiss was something else with Elias and Patymelt.

Best part of the epi was Jessie and Cardy's reconciliation and another marriage proprosal. But I noticed after they kissed his lip wasn't swollen anymore. Hmmmm......

Glad that Valentina disrupted Moronica and Royer, but I didn't like the sleeping arrangements either. Didn't like Royer's nightmare this time either, with a poor roasted Sanson. I think Royer's subconscience is trying to tell him something, like dump the b*tch already!

Moronica is getting worse and worse. I couldn't stand what she said to Elias about him not being able to have children. I can't wait for that DNA test to take place and both Papa's to sue her for custody. I hope she loses!

So Chucho is going to help Marta. I'd have been leery to help her, especially after all she has already done. I hope it doesn't come back to bite him in the butt.


I am sure Marta can get the same attention being in jail. There's nothing wrong with jail, specially after doing what she has done. We all need a 2nd chance, but not necessarily at our own risk.
There's 60 more episodes to fill and this is a great stuffer, because I am sure this was a BAD, VERY BAD IDEA-- LOL!

Pablo, thanks for the very humorous recap. You never let us forget the ironies of what the characters say or do. I laughed through it all but especially enjoyed "Kiss 2". 60 more episodes you say, Pablo, for them to tie it all up and send it off to oblivion. Hey, that's only about 6 weeks!

Best part for me last night was Paty working as the coat check girl. What a perfect job for her! She managed to acquire a few new things for her klepto stash.

Worst part was Jesus feeling dizzy. I bet we'll have a couple of hospital episodes coming soon. I HATE hospital episodes. I don't even watch Marta in the hospital. To tell the truth this whole thing has become so grotesque lately I have been just listening more than watching.

On we go!


Wow is my math off this morning! It must have been wishful thinking. It is not 6 more weeks but about 12 more weeks.


As always, thank you Pablo, I enjoy reading your take on PEAM.
I had a problem with Val sleeping next to Rogue, que the heck!
Moronica really doesn't think.
Your comments about Marta, yellowing so true.
60 more episodes, ahhhh!!! What else can happen? Hmmmm!

Thanks Pablo.

I continue to be entertained by Val's little war with Rogue. In the real world, those sleeping arrangements would have been a major red flag, but in the PEAM universe it was funny seeing Rogue being annoyed by these little kiddies hands slapping him in the face as he tried to sleep. And the nightmare was hilarious. No sleep and no nookie for Rogue these days. He's miserable, and that's great. Now, let's see what Val comes up with for the super glue.

Thanks, Pablo. Hilarious as always.

I'm very worried about the DNA test. Moronica's lawyer told her some epis ago that they could really put it to Jesús but that it was dangerous. I expect a switch which will prove that Vale is NOT Jesús' daughter. I t will be untrue, of course, but it will throw a BIG monkey wench into everything. And it will really send Jesús over the edge -- which he is so-o-o close to right now.


Thanks Pablo, I always look forward to your unique take on the silliness.

That was some dream that Rogue had. Yikes! His subconscious is really trying to tell him something.

Did Patymelt just walk off the job? Won't they be suspicious when the employee is missing along with so many personal items?

I think we got a short preview of what Val did with the superglue. Rogue's going to have a very bad morning after his sleepless night.

Thanks, Pablo. Sadly, crimes against fashion aren't punishable by law, so Vero will be stomping around in Cruel Shoes for a long time to come.

"Penguin with hemorrhoids" is a perfectly fair nickname for Chatita because she really has no aptitude for affectionate nicknames. If she doesn't like you, she has no problem coming up with something; but if she likes you, you're just Chato. Lame! (I notice that she called herself "Luisa" last night, though, so she must have been very frustrated with herself.)

I finally got a good look at Alma's dress last night. It's fine until you get to the bizarre hem. That was just... I don't get it.

I guess we got our follow-up on Paty's kleptomania. Will she feel badly afterwards? I think there is a good chance she could get caught this time, unless this restaurant is a very bizarre employer who doesn't ask new employees to provide identification that shows name, address, etc. And Monterrey being such a "small" town with only one of everything, there's also a good chance that one of the restaurant patrons will see her someplace and recognize her.

I too was quite horrified when Valentina climbed into bed with Rogue, but hey, it absolutely ruined their night and wasn't technically a prank and she didn't even have to break out the Krazy Glue yet, so bonus points to her for that. But Rogue's dream about roasted Sanson was very upsetting. I still have nightmares from a similar scene in a Vincent Price movie when I was a kid.

Sylvia, did you see something about the glue? I missed it. I hope she put it in Rogue's toothpaste or his Brylcream.

Yes!! Thursday morning, day of vacation, good cup of coffee and a Pablo recap. Perfection!!

"Maybe one day she'll come back to kill us..." LOL!! I'm not loving or wrapping me head around why we have to have this character back into the mish-mash. I'm sure she will serve some purpose, and I'm sure it will have something to do with Vero finding out Superman is helping the woman who tried to kidnap and kill their daughter. Dare I say, the nutjob might actually have a point about the other nutjob?

Thank goodness for Paticakes...the one character we can count on to actually remind us this is supposed to be a comedy.

Now, I will say that I love the interaction between Rog and Val on most scenes. Those two play off each other very well ( the guys in this TN are so good acting with the kids!!) but I was screaming at my TV when Vero was perfectly fine with having the little one jump in bed, in the MIDDLE of the bed, with them. I half expected the writers to show Rog and Val all cuddly in the middle of the night for the creepiness of that whole scenario. Is this supposed to show us how clueless Vero really is on how to raise her daughter? There's Eli and Chucho's cause for taking the girl back right there!! Ok, rant over on that point.

Rog seems to be one step away from kicking Vero to the curb anyway. His subconscious is working over time trying to him.

So any bets when Chucho fully collapses? What chaos will ensue since no one can seem to function without him?

This TN needs a good(operative good) wedding--let's get Jess and Cardy down the aisle for some fun.


Julie, GAH! Are you thinking of Theatre of Blood? I haven't thought of that macabre movie in years and I'm going to try to forget it again.

It looked like Rogue was stuck to his toothbrush or something. It was a pretty quick flash but I'm sure we'll find out the details tonight.

Alma's "dress" looked like it was missing a nice, slim pair of slacks to go with.

Sorry, Cap'n. Yes, that's what I was thinking of. That scene turned me off of oatmeal, too, since that's what it looked like.

I think you're right about the dress. It looked more like a tunic that was meant to be worn with some type of legwear!

Pablo thanks again for turning an annoying episode into an irony festival! And don't we all wish we could cram 60 episodes into 6 weeks, Jarifa. I just know they are going to make us suffer through mostly annoying misadventures. I don't like Valentina being in the bed with her idiot Mom and Roger especially since Vero and Rog 's entire relationship is based solely on lust and a shared desire to hurt Jesus.

I totally spaced on commenting on Tuesday’s ep until it was too late (and I really wanted to), so here goes:

Julie: superb recap. It was a slow ep, but I’m enjoying this TN, even when it slows down.

My first thought when Jesus walked into Chatita’s place and everyone came out to greet him, was that he had a nice little family there (Vivi, we think alike): Vale (hija), Alma (novia), Chatita (mama), Elias (hermano), even little Rai (“adopted” hija). By-the-way, loved how Jesus called Chatita “mama” on the phone when she was telling him she was being evicted a few eps back. He automatically segued into calling her that when she called him “hijo” and was clearly in distress.

I loved the scenes in the laundry room/pantry(?) with Pato/Elias and then Chatita. Loved how P can laugh at herself. Loved that she egged Chatita on to hit Elias with the chamber pot and then showed her the pic. She really is a likeable character (even those times when she does/did unlikeable things.

Like how Jesus had to turn his face away to laugh when hearing about the frog adventure.

Judyb: You are so right re: Elias laughing a lot when he’s with Pato. I’m hoping Pato can overcome her issues, because I’m really liking this pairing (uh! oh!--last night's ep showed she has a long way to go).

Julia: Care Bear Stare?! Classic ☺

Snaps to Jessica, even if she was a little premature, for giving up Cardenas. That was quite unselfish of her and showed she truly loves him (but also glad she got together with him last night).

So glad Cynthia told Vero that she would go to jail if she didn’t let Elias see Vale. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of her not getting her way all the time.

Now onto last night’s ep:

Thanks Pablo for the recap.

Jesus is not going to be happy with Julio.

Loved the scene with Vale getting into bed with Vero and Rog (though agree she should not have been put in the middle). I agree that Val’s being put in bed between Rog and Vero was so they could play up the comedy of Vale hitting Rog with her arms while she slept. Also love the way she had Rog’s number. That little actor is amazing. Also, Rog thinking of Pato is not a good sign for Vero.

Poor Pato!! She really needs psych help. And speaking of psych help. Is Marta sincere or is she playing Jesus?

So Panfilo picked Sue. I think he kind of got blind-sided on that one. However, he does like both women and Chatita did “give him away”. It’s time for Seb to come back.

Guera: let’s hope they don’t go there re: the DNA results switch. Such an American soap thing to do--which they do to death.

I really like Alma’s dress. Inappropriate for work, but very pretty and looks good on her. Sylvia: Now that you mention it, I agree. It would look better with a pair of tight fitting pants and flats. Then it would be appropriate for the office. Take the pants off, throw on some stilettos and she’s ready for happy hour.


Nanette, I think Marta is sincere in wanting to get better, but she's having a lucid moment now. If she relapses before she gets good psychiatric care, it won't matter how sincere she was last night because she'll be trapped in another of her waking nightmares and there's no telling what she might do then. She knows that, and that's why she's so desperate.

Julie: I just don't want to see her play Jesus--if only to not do the typical TN thing. Not that I want to see her go off the deep end, either, but I think there's a good possibility that she will.

Wonder how Elias will react when he finds out Pato is a klepto--and I'm sure he will.

Yes, thank you Pablo.

Panfilo was definitely blindsided by Susana, which got me wondering is he her rebound novio? They just don't click for me. I know Susana was friendly to Panfilo when Seb was still around, but...

We have a say that goes: It's better to be alone than in bad company.

For me, Pánfilo is not worth his weight. It could mean more trouble than Susana already has. I sincerely don't believe that either Susana, Luisa or Pánfilo are truly in love.
The only ''love'' I see is the one between Jesús and Alma. The rest are just bumping around like chickens withour a head. All crazy!

Susana should try dating a guy who doesn't have severe health problems, but she will probably end up with Sebastian. The thing is that she will have to get over her OWN hangups about the difference in their socioeconomic level.

I liked Chatita with Saturn the bank guy (though I'm not sure he'd survive the ordeal). She is too sassy for Panfilo.

I don't know who I would fix up with Panfilo. I don't think he's worthless, but he needs a more calm and serene type of woman. Maybe Cardenas's mom?

Thanks, Pablo!

So disappointed in Pato. She has to know how stupid that was...surely the restaurant got her information when they hired her, and even in a telenovela they should be able to connect the dots between all the missing stuff and the new coatcheck lady who walked off the job midshift. And why would she want anyone's makeup anyway? Gross! But also, what kind of idiot leaves valuables in the pockets at the coat check?

If Paticakes wants to earn some quick cash, she can sell me her silver coat. I want it.

I love all Val's smug smirking and taunting around Rogue. I also liked when she asked him what "whatever" means (she pronounced it better than he does).

Jesus is an idiot not to have Marta in some guarded secure place. She could snap at any moment and just walk out of that hospital and wreak more havoc.

I hope we get a wedding with a lot of great music and dancing to liven things up.

The nightmare about roasted Sanson was just tacky and gross. Roasted dog - UGH!

Julie - I thought that Susan WAS finally over her hangups about her and Seb's socioeconomic status. I seem to remember that what made her dump him was his knowing and lying about Rogelio's affair with Pati and still making Alma marry Rog for his (Sebastian's) own selfish reasons. I may be wrong.

Hmmm... now I'm not sure.

I thought Sebastian's defense (for lying) was that he didn't want Alma to end up with "that secretario" and made some other disparaging remarks about common employees, at which point Susana jumped all over him for being a snob because she's a common employee too.

Now, I don't completely disagree with her, but I also felt that she had just been waiting for him to make a comment like that so that she could accuse HIM of being the classist - even though he had never made such a remark before, and she was always the one to be so concerned about mixing with someone of a different class and even seemed to prefer Panfilo because of it.

But, maybe you're right and I have the timing out of order. Maybe they patched things up after that fight, just before they broke up for real. Their "relationship" went by so fast, I hardly even felt a breeze!

Thanks Pablo. I'm sorry for commenting so late...I couldn't find the recap this morning for some reason. Maybe I didn't scroll down far enough.

Chose to miss most of this but did see the inappropriate,but funny, scene of Valentina sandwiched between Rogelio and Veronica. And also her scene with him in the Dysfunctional Family Room. I agree with the other commenters in that she handles her scenes extremely well.

And absolute HATE that somehow Melquiades is going to screw up that DNA test. I truly loathe that scenario and I've seen it too many times (perhaps I should be studying my Teach Yourself Spanish books instead of watching all these telenovelas!)

Hey, first college football team tonight. Don't really care about S.C. and N.C. but am I ready for Fall Football...........yesssssss.

JudyB: Re: Elvis/DNA testing. I missed that! So there really is a good chance for a test switch?! Ugh!!!

OT: When is QBA ending and what TN is replacing it?

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

If they go that direction re: DNA switch, that gives Vale three dads. I don't find this funny, because I knew someone who went through the exact same thing and it was not good. She thought the man who raised her was her birth father for years and then found out later that the man who her mother thought was the birth father, wasn't.

It would be funny if there were two different people scheming to switch DNA samples and the second one ended up switching them back somehow so Juicy and Val did get a match.


I got so tired of lab test results getting switched around on General Hospital this past year that I quit watching the show. (That wasn't the only reason, but it was a big part of it.)

But a double-switcheroo... that would be PRICELESS.

However, it would also be priceless to see the look on Virus's face if the test says Chucho is NOT the dad. She's never denied it before, so people would want explanations...

It would be funny if they also did a test on Vero and it said she was NOT Val's mother!

Julia: I like both your scenarios.

Hola Caray gang! Maggarita here, after a LONG absence from TN World. I was channel surfing one night & lo and behold, Mr. Hottitude Colunga was back in town. Sign me up! Sounds like I've got a lot of reading to do to catch up on this one. Is it just me or is it a bit bizarre? Aye caramba!

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