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PEAM #138- 9/19/13- The Secret is FInally Revealed

Happy Harvest Moon to all!!!!

The past
Alexandria could not find the papers for Xochy but she found a large earring.  It’s not Xochy’s, it’s Discua's.
Jesus gives Alma the instructions on where to meet him.
 The present
Jesus is at Rogue’s playing affectionately with Sanson and picking up Val.  Jesus thanks Domitilia for caring for Val.  Val wants another chapter in the Queen and Her Helper story.

Rogue asks Vero the witch if Val has left yet?  Vero wants to know if Rogue is still angry with her. (Who really cares??) It’s a packaged deal.  Rogue is his usual grumpy self, while Vero is trying to make nice.  Fast forward. Vero asks Rogue about his side money and how they could use it.  Maybe a new house.  Vero might be on to something.  This house has some good and bad memories.  He remembers when Alma told hi that she didn’t love him and where Paty caught him kissing Jessica.  Its starting to rain on their parade.  Cantu is chasing Domitilia around the kitchen- que the heck???  They are interrupted by Rogue, who wants to see him.  Eww- he is kissing Domitilia.  Vero is yelling for Domitilia and since she doesn’t answer fast enough, Vero goes to look for her in the kitchen.  Cantu hides.  Domitilia brings the coffee, and here comes Cantu with lipstick all over his face.

Jesus and Paty are on the look out for Alma.  Over and out.  Alma is coming, she sees The Rally of Love.  Paty looks cute dressed as a racing car driver.  She gives Alma a scooter to use with a helmet, elbow and kneepads.  Jesus and Paty are having fun entertaining Alma in this game.  Jessica is involved in the game with a life size cut out of Jesus.  Jessica tells the story that if she hadn’t been sent to the basement then Alma wouldn’t have hired Jesus.  Alma thought bubbles back.  The next part of the game is to give Jesus a kiss.  Alma is blindfolded.  Jesus is watching from his ipad.  They place the cut out of Jesus within reach of Alma and she kisses him, while Jesus thought bubbles to all of the kisses they have actually had.  Onward –follow the blue arrows- it’s a skateboard that Alma rides.  Jesus is calling Chatita who thinks that the voice is  his namesake.  She needs to talk on the radio.  Of course she forgot what she has to do.  There are three plates and Alma has to guess Jesus’ favorite dish.  Alma is blindfolded. He loves them all.  Chatita was going to spoil the secret and Paty stopped her. Next she is transported in a golf cart.  At the next station, Elias tells Jesus that something is broken and only Chatita can help.  Susana and Marisela are at the next station and Alma has to guess the sentence that Xochy gives her clues via cell phone- Alma has to burst some balloons.  Something Jesus told her before he started working for her.  If she doesn’t hit a letter, she is hit with a water balloon.  The sentence is- Secretario, yo, jamas!  Onward by bike to station 4- Val puts a gift box on the station with Elias.  Elias and Paty have a little smooch, while Val gives the next clue.  A tiara to wear and a map to follow.  Val is too cute pronouncing the long words.  She has to follow the map by foot.  Alma arrives to a table with water bottles and a note that says- each time you are closer.  There are giant puzzle pieces of The Queen and The Helper.  Alma has to guess what is the missing piece??  The Helper.  Jesus appears dressed like a Prince and is on his knees with the ring.  Magically Alma is dressed as The Queen, and Jesus asks her to marry him.  She says yes, and everyone cheers, including Chatita with her horn blower.  Back at the house, Val wants to know when is her dad going to marry Alma and can she live with them??  Val got another chapter of her story.  The Ayudante asked the Queen to marry him and she said yes.  The couple ants to talk about wedding dates, and having her father there.  Thy will marry in a month

Xochy is whining that the earring means that Discua was with Ferny.  Alex reminds her that Xochy left Ferny to straighten out the mess with Discua.  Xochy continues to whine-ugh!!!.

Ricardo asks Cardenas- exactly what did Jessica say to him.  If you see it you will change your mind.  It’s large, ugly and inerasable.  Maybe she is a he!!!  Jessica is Jessico.  They are still guessing, when Cardenas’ mom tells him to ask her.  Cardenas is worried.  Just ask her to show you, says his mother.  Jessica makes Cardenas swear that he won’t leave her when he finds out.  She unzips her blouse and its ugly and scary.  It knocks Cardenas off of his feet.  It’s a tattoo of her boyfriend, Benabe.  It appears that there was more than one. (Something was edited in this scene, and it was edited poorly so I’m not sure what I missed)  It’s okay with Cárdenas, because nothing can keep him from his little, chocolate candy/ sweetie.

Jesus brings Val back to Rogue’s house.  Val can’t use the computer but at 7 o’clock if they both look at the moon, they are together.

Rogue and Vero are house hunting.  Val lets mommy know that Jesus asked Alma to marry him.  Both she and Rogue were impactados. Vero fakes that she is happy and thought bubbles that if Alma marries Jesus she will kill her.  Rogue is in shock and Vero asks Rogue if he thinks that she will let them marry?? Never.

Three weeks later- Rogue is reading Alma and Jesus’ wedding invitation.  Vero thinks that the invite is in bad taste.  Rogue needs to take a walk because he is choking.  Vero thinks- how will she sabotage the wedding?

Paty and Elias kiss each other good night and Rogue sees them.  Once again he is impactado.

Delia Torres is going to arrest Discua.  She is handcuffed!!!  Que the heck??
At the mall, Jesus and Val talk about Val carrying the train on the bride’s gown, when suddenly she sees Marcia, thinking that it is Marta and starts screaming.
Chatita reviews the wedding invitation and she notes that Alma has a special gleam in her eyes.  Chatita was going to say she feels that Alma is pregnant and she shares with Chatita that she is.

Coming attractions:
Alma is having a baby but she needs, some tests -huh??


It was a cute idea to have a game for the proposal, but it dragged on or maybe I was tired. I missed something on the tattoo and the coming attractions, so please fill in.


Wonderful, marvelous recap! That proposal was awfully long, but so much fun. Everyone looked like they were having a great time. I really liked Chucho's Princely outfit, sigh!

I am glad the killing Alma part was just a thought bubble inside Moronica's head, but still! I can't stand her. And now she wants a bigger house?? Que, que What??? Rogersss house is enough to fit twenty people. She just wants something huge and ostentatious.

About Discua, she was checking her bank balance and there was way more money than should have been there, and I think she was about to contact the bank, when Delia came with the arrest warrant. I bet this is Royer and Cantu's plan to get rid of her. I hope they trace that money back to Royer, he has gotten away with way too much.

I'm curious what Augusta thinks of Chucho getting married, cause she has the hots for him. I'm surprised they didn't show her tonight.

I feel bad for Xochi, but she did give Ferny the space he needed to straighten out what he feels in his heart. I hope they resolve this situation soon.

I am liking that Alma is preggers, but I hope it doesn't turn out to be complicated and another dragging hospital plot!

Oh, and Jessie's secret, I had to laugh at Ricardo, cause we had speculated about that too! So it's just a huge tattoo, and some more. Maybe she eventually can have it removed. I am glad that Jessie and Oliverio are still getting married and I am so liking Oliverio's Mama, she is just the sweetest thing.

Thanks, Madelaine, I completely missed the bank balance.
Cardenas' mother is very sweet.
Augusta is going to have a hissy fit.

Thanks Madelaine. This was a fun episode and your recap was just as much fun.

As everyone has noted the proposal game went on rather long but it was so much fun that I really enjoyed it. It didn't leave much room in the episode for other story lines. But as some have noted Augusta's reaction should have been included -- especially since they jumped forward three weeks.

I agree with everyone that Cardenas' mom is sweet. And I am glad that the secret turned out to be just an ugly tattoo and not what Ricardo (and some of us) had feared.

Bummed about the previews indicating a problem pregnancy. That could derail the wedding.

I'm curious about what's gone on with the Xochi/Fern situation during these supposed three weeks -- and what Fern will do now when Discua is arrested.



Tablet Jefa, thank you for your very excellent recap.

Chatita not knowing which Jesus she was talking to was funny.
So, it is Alma who is going to have the first unexpected pregnancy.
I agree with everyone that Cardenas's mom is sweet; Jessica will luck out in the mother in law dept.

All in all, a fun episode.


TJ- You managed to cover all the happenings in a very succinct way. Great job.

The proposal was long, but very original and fun. Much more than we had expected from Jesus. We thought it would be boring candles and roses, but he really put a lot of originality into it. Even better that he involved all the people he and Alma love.

I noticed two things: 1) How natural that crown looked on Blanca/Alma's head. It must be in her beauty queen genes; and 2) How natural FC/Jesus looked in that period costume. Very dashing, and so much better than that dorky sweater draped over his shoulders.

Loved the kisses Pati and Elias shared on the Love Course.

Did anyone see the unedited Televisa version of the episode? Did they actually show Jess's tattoo? Why did Uni edit it?

Can we really call Alma's pregnancy unexpected when she and Jesus practically live together, have sex on a regular basis, are on the path to the altar, and clearly both want babies? She didn't look terribly shocked when she told Chatita, so it didn't seem to be some freak birth control failure.

When she told Jesus that she wanted to get married ASAP, I suspected she already thought she was pregnant.

A question I have asked before: Does anyone use birth control??? Didn't Alma ask someone way back when if they were protecting themselves or was that another telenovela? If she was not using birth control and had not been proposed to yet, was she trying to entrap Jesus? Things I think about . . .



This marvelous recap is TJ's not mine : )


You are so right about Alma. Remember in the beginning of this TN, Alma and Rouge used to make "appointments" to have sex? Too funny.

I got a kick out of the reactions of Moroninca and Roggeerrr when they found out that Alma and Chucho were getting married. I'm surprised that Roggeerrr wasn't screaming, "that secretario" ! again!

Oh, and has anyone noticed that Moronica and Roggeerr like using the word naca and naco? I don't think I've heard that since UFCS. I'm staring to like Pato's "casual" it so fits her personality.

Thanks, TJ, for a fine recap.

Glad so many enjoyed the proposal sequence. I wanted to go eat a cold can of spinach to cut the saccharin. Almost as if it had been scripted by three or four fifteen year old girls imagining The.Most.Romantic.Proposal.Evah.From.Mister.Right.OMG!OMG!

Gah. As bad as the episode where Alma and Jesus had close ups of each saying words like "Loyalty" and "Love." Say, maybe THAT is Steve Miller's Pompitus of Love.

Didn't Alma comment a couple of weeks ago, "I feel 'distinto'?" And I think she had a momentary faint last week, too. Hey, who needs to wee-wee on a test stick?


Well, you had a lot of fun and games to recap TJ! And did it beautifully I might add.

Add me to the "proposal went on a little too long" table at the patio. It was exactly what I expected. (The person who owns the party planner store with balloons, paper, paste and goodies must be in heaven every time these people walk in the door). All the other major events have been suited to fit with this on-going child's fairy tale level. Val was adorable and poor Pati had to work her butt off during this whole thing. Did love her and Eli's little meet and greet and Val's "cough-cough" to get their attention. Too cute.

Jess and Cardy are resolved, so dear lord, let's do the same with Xochi and Ferny. And yes, the time jumps don't answer what the heck has happened to them all this time. Stupid monkeys.

Vero is already planning vengeance, WTH when she finds out Alma is preggers. Perish the plot to follow.

And apparently Rogue wants his cake and eat it too...upset about Alma, freaked out over Pati and buying a new house with Virus. Gees!


LOL Mike! At least it wasn't a million red rose petals, and ten-thousand white candles.

Alma hasn't fainted (yet), but she did get weepy and emotional watching movies in bed with Jesus.

I think my favorite tn proposal is the simplest one I've seen. Amor Bravio, Dan proposing to Camila while they were in their jammies, getting ready for bed. No flowers or candles. Spur of the moment. No ring, but a special necklace. No sappy words, but lots of love, humor, and happiness. It really doesn't have to be so complicated.

But I still give Jesus (and the writers) props for originality.

Maybe it was in a preview, Vivi, and was not shown on the episode. I kinda recall Alma clutching her stomach w/ one hand and reaching for a chair w/ the other.

Anyway, the Telenovela family way signs are all present.

I agree Mike. What a sappy proposal, just lame. And I think you were the one that called Xochi a squirrel .. I agree with that too. Yes, Chucho looks good in period costumes. Let's hope he gets to wear them again in his next tn (not a comedy please).


Before reading the recap and comments, I just have to ask. Did anyone see that freaky ad with the gingerbread man about 3/4 of the way through? It was so disturbing, I can't remember what was being advertised.

Thanks for the excellent recap!

I haven't been watching this TN for very long, about a 2 months I think, but I really enjoy it. Yes it is stupid and overly sentimental but it is a nice counterpoint to Corazon Indomable which has absolutely no comedic or sentimental scenes and is very repetitive.

When Cardenas started unzipping Jessica’s skirt, I thought “Oh my God. She has a vestigial tail!!!

I agree the proposal went on FOREVER. I liked how it ended. He should have just done that. However, I did like how much Alma was enjoying it all. I liked how Jesus was dressed but didn’t like that he got to be dressed to the nines while she was in “grubby” clothes. Reminded me of that Remington Steele episode that caused me to drop the show.

"Like" seems to be my word for the day.

OT: getting to start Silk from the beginning as one of my numerous PBS stations is repeating it again.


Thank you to all.
Madelaine- don't forget that naca/naco was used in PESE by dear Rebeca.
Mike and Vivi- the proposal was original, I agree but it was a little long winded.
Vivi- ITA with the Amor Bravio

TJ: forgot to thank you for a great recap.

OT (again): I'm getting a free preview of some Spanish stations and recorded a Siliva Navarro movie. I just scanned it because I don't get the English captions on my TV. Laz/Hipp (CME/AB) was in it, too. He plays a D-bag. He and SN had an interesting scene. I will never be able to look at them the same in any TN they do together.


Thanks I had forgotten about Rebe using naco/naca in PESE. I think the reason I forgot is cause she is a real bada** in La Tempestad and I'm sure she will be using it there too ; )

Thanks, TJ! I agree with you; the proposal games dragged on a little bit. It was nice for Alma to loosen up a little and have some fun, though. I especially liked the wild way she was driving the golf cart while Pati flailed happily in the passenger seat. They were having a good time.

Mike, I think you're right; this was written by young teens. Also, is it just me, or was it a little narcissistic? I think Chucho just wanted an excuse to get a life-size cardboard cutout of himself and dress up as a fairy tale prince! And apparently we're back to a very ordinary, though dazzling, diamond ring. A turquoise heart was perfect for Alma before, but that's enough out-of-the-box thinking.

I saw that creepy gingerbread man advert, too. No idea what it was advertising!

Nanette- Saw the creepy ad with the gingerbread man. Don’t know what store it’s for, the tag line is something like, “Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you.” Basically, start shopping. NOW! They don’t even wait for Halloween or Thanksgiving to start. *sigh*

I also saw the movie you’re speaking about with SN and LG. It’s called Contracorriente (or Mujer Alabastrina). I watched it when we were watching AB, and yeah, it was a bit hard to see them together, and remember them in CME, without thinking of that scene in the car I know you’re referencing. I gained even more respect for them as actors.


TJ- I have to admit to my love of that AB proposal scene being partially due to Dan/CdlF being shirtless, as well as its simplicity. :)

Vivi: duh, forgot to mention the title--thanks. This makes sense: "Mujer Alabastrina" for SN. The makeup she had on was almost white. Contracorriente is a good title for the film. That scene in the church--very bold for SN. Or I should say, not used to seeing her like that. She must find making films a refreshing change because she gets to stretch her acting muscles. I'd like to see her play a villain in a TN sometime.

Maybe. Maybe not. I love her as a heroine.

You know how people have a phobia about clowns. I think I just developed one for gingerbread men. It was like a Stephen King movie.

Ah, Vivi, thanks so much for the wonderful proposal reference from AB. Fit those two characters and actors so perfectly. I will happily be remembering that scene, and CDF in it, for the rest of the afternoon.


Vivi - I agree
Shirtless with a chiseled chest is best!!!!

I liked Dan & Camila's engagement much better, too! Chucho's plan kinda reeks of trying too hard. What exactly was the point of all the biking and scootering and whatnot? Even if Chucho is devoted to his fairytale fantasy (and he is), he could have just staged a little play with everyone else playing their parts comedically to dramatize the history, without the Tests Of Chucho Knowledge. He really made it a lot about him.

Thanks, TJ. I REALLY appreciate this recap, because I didn't get to see the episode and won't be able to, thanks to problems with, you guessed it, Comcast. Hopefully this will be fixed by Tuesday. :(

So maybe I'll never get to see that infamous tattoo, but something tells me I'll have many more opportunities to see the gingerbread man commercial. Like I'm not already stressed out enough about the regular days, I don't even want to think about the holidays yet. Maybe I'll be ready in February.

Julia: I agree with you about a little play dramatizing their history would have been good. I didn't even think about it, and I'm sure it was unintentional, but it really was all about Jesus.

Why sweat Pennywise the Gingerbread Man? Isn't that a decent counterpoint to sweaty bellies, acne and dandruff?

Oh, hey, Emilia and I just went to see Eugenio Derbez's "No se Aceptan Devoluciones / Instructions Not Included" - very worthwhile, funny and sad, but a fine story.

Y, y, y, y,... There's a movie called "Pulling Strings" starring Jaime Camil that opens in a couple of weeks. We want to see that, too.

"Vero thinks that the invite is in bad taste." - LOL - We've seen her shoes. She's in no position to evaluate anyone else's taste!

So we skipped ahead three weeks? Ah, how time does fly.

We've also seen Vero's weird furry vests. Bad taste is the only taste she knows.

I'm floored that she is blackmailing Rogue into a "relationship" and a new mansion. Yikes. How fulfilling. Although I agree with her that Rogue's place is kind of ugly. Those colored stones are odd, and the whole place could use some redecoration. I feel like Rogue should have read some fable, or was it from the Bible, about tents and camel noses.

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