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PEAM #140 - 09/23/13 - Baby, Baby, Baby-Oh…

My heart-felt thanks to TabletJefa, Pablo, and Madelaine for performing extra special duty to take my Monday episodes for the past three weeks!  Yes, Italy and France were storybook wonderful but more on that later.  Okay, just one beautiful Mérens stallion in France...

Now how about those Avonites? Yeah, I get to take up the pick and shovel, er, I mean laptop and a glass of lovely red wine waiting as a reward at the end of the hour - now it wouldn't do to watch this under the influence, would it? So let's see who has been naughty and who has been nice…

Alma and Pato plan the surprise announcement for Jesús, Jesica and her Cardenas as she fondles his bowling ball head, they sweet talk instead of working. Xochi and Pato greet and at least Pato works, answering the phone with Discua on the other end. She tells Pato of her arrest which she is sure has that roguish Rogelio behind the plot.  Rogelio demands that Susana tell Fernando he needs to speak to him immediately.  He falls into his office and finds delight in the newspaper condemning Discua for fraud and illegal or at least inexplicable gain of unbelievable sums of money.

Finally Jesús appears at his front door. He spots the line of colorful baby foot prints and a tiny, tiny pair of air-Jordans on a table.  Alma comes down to tell him they are to be parents.  He is overjoyed (this can't be a good sign) and they hug warmly.

Fernando finally show up at work, some habits are hard to break.  Xochi begs to talk to her husband, Susana tries to get him to see his brother first.  Finally Fernando is showing some signs of developing beyond a brain stem and tells her he will talk with Xochi first.  Xochi bursts out that Discua has been arrested.

Back to the baby story which is totally happy.  The blissful couple re-imagine the night this must have happened. Jesús' delight is compelling as he prepares for fatherhood with mucho gusto. This time he will be able to be involved from the beginning.

Meanwhile at Rogelio's the Veronica-verobruja assures her lawyer that she will do anything to block the wedding of Jesús and Alma, she does not want them to get married.

As Jesús and Alma talk over the sound track of a giggling baby about whether they will get a Chuchito or an Almita, they talk about getting to the wedding planned and concerning themselves only with what is best for the baby.  Chucho recalls as Alma says she would rather not recall, that the last time they planned a wedding together he realized how much he loved her with each day closer to her marrying someone else.

Rogelio gets to push the paper in Fernando's face about what a badass Discua is for stealing so much money.  Rogelio even thinks Sushi (Xochi corrects Fernando) is good for you and a good woman. He is suddenly behind the wedding and looks forward to lots of nieces and nephews when he helps condemn Discua and marries the good Sushi/Xochi.

Meanwhile the maligned Discua is about to be searched with a major body scan to see if there is a heart behind those tines (thanks Mike for an unforgettable image of Discua as forklift, I will now never, never see her any other way).

Chucho and Alma discuss whether to stay in her opulent apartment or find a home new for both of them. He worries about Chatita being alone. Will they move back to the 'hood? Great place to raise an impossibly rich baby. They will marry in a week is the important thing, Jesús assures her then the other problems will fall into place.  Can you work? He asks.  She answers sagely, Yes, I'm not sick, I'm pregnant.  He thinks she must have morning sickness then says he feels a bit sick himself. He really needs a kiss or two.

Back in the Orion offices the Aida and Julio get to laugh over the antics of the blond bomb Agostina who is furious that Jesus isn't there for her to jump on.

The twins Marta and M? They begin to discuss changing places so Marta can get out of perpetual jail.

Agosto and Virginia squabble over a badly written letter as Disagostina breaks in demanding that Virginia leave the room and that her father fire Jesús Garcia. Gee, being gone three weeks doesn't make me even interested in this harpy but I bet she will cause some problems with Jesús' financial plans to take care of his family.

Jesus shows up at Elias house to see Valentina and to tell the news that Jesus will be a father again. At least Elias is happy for him. They hug and laugh like real brothers.

At Avon, Alma tells Maricela who shouts so loudly that everyone bursts into her office and Maricela begs to tell what she is screaming about. Given permission, Maricela belts out that Alma is going to have a baby and the shocked Rogelio comes into the office area to hear the news this way.

Elias calls Veronica to ask if he can collect Valentina from school for the afternoon.  Not really giving a flying fig, she says it's not worth arguing with Elias, but you better have her back home by 7:00 or else.  Elias and Jesús continue to enjoy the great news of Jesús' impending padretude.

Agosto doesn't want to hear his daughter whine about Jesús so buzzes off promising they can talk at dinner (if he can't find somewhere else to go) so she can't even start her rant, how frustrating

Rogelio does get to rant about Alma's pregnancy as he assumes the fetal position on his brother's lap.  He was looking forward to little green eyed babies with Alma himself so this screws up lots of his fantasies.

The double trouble twins plan how they will practice each other's moves and habits so that no one can tell them apart, just like when they were little girls. Then Marta will have a chance to get out of jail/nuthouse.  To do what we might ask? Shop for shoes, menace Jesús' life, kidnap someone?

Chatita, Elias, Jesús, Alma and Valentina show up at Chatita's Jesús and Alma tell the news to Valentina who fakes them out with no reaction for a long minute then shows her delight at the idea of having a little brother or sister.  They tease with Chatita that a baby is hiding in Alma's stomach and therefore Chatita counts seven people to eat dinner. Much laughter including that slightly annoying baby giggle track.

Switching to the wedding dress fitting room with Xochi, Pato and Alma all joke and laugh that the dress will still fit in one week.  More giggle track - I suppose we can hope for a fast forward jump again and not play that track until Thanksgiving when this is scheduled to end. But I am getting ahead of myself.  There is still plenty of time for Discua, Marta and Veronica to cause mayhem and madness.

Jesús tells Aida and Julio.  They are so happy for him but tell him that the whine fest has already commenced with Agusta.  Meanwhile said whiner gets the ear of her Papa who believes or seems to believe her tail of woe about Jesús not attending the important clause changing meetings and leaving her with the naco when she needed his help.  Called on the carpet Agusta watches with a sly grin as Agusto reams out Jesús and warns Jesús that he will not tolerate him being irresponsible.  Agusta is aghast-a at Agusto's refusal to fire Jesús on the spot. Agusta screams at Jesús, please deliver us from this dialog  ASAP.

Pato is grateful that Alma will let her be the Maid of Honor. They squee happily until the door bell ringing is Rogelio wanting to talk to Alma and declare his love.  Pato looks like she thinks he is there for her but Elias shows up just in time to punch Rogelio to the ground. Nice timing.

Valentina settles into her bed while telling her shocked Mama-dearest that she is going to get a little brother.

Next time: Jesus learns that Discua may or may not be innocent but for sure she is dying.

Veronica is pitching a giant fit at the news of Jesús and Alma's baby.  I'm not liking this ending much…. better tune in tomorrow…


Welcome back and thank you for the wonderful recap! Sounds like your trip was fantastic.

I don't like the Discua cancer plot. That means more depressing hospital scenes and this is supposed to be a comedy. Yuck!

I also don't like Rogelio's continued pursual of Paty because I don't want to see her return to him and am worried she just might not be strong enough working on her own. Returning to him would give her an easy way out and back to an easier lifestyle.

The giggling baby track reminds me of Teletubbies but at least we saw the cute baby there. Here the disembodied giggle is not so cute.

Looks like Veronica is ready to go over the edge again.



Cheryl, welcome back!! I look forward to seeing your pics in the future.

I am upset that they are going to kill off Discua. Though she wasn't perfect (chasing down MARRIED Fer was bad), having things end like this is unfortunate. And it seems as if there are too many episodes to go for Rog to get discovered. Boo!

And this loco idea about Marta changing places with her sister. Can the writers stop tormenting Val, please.

Speaking of crazy, Augusto's female spawn is just scary. And her blatant "chasing" of Chucho demonstrates her own insanity. Screaming like a harpy is so attractive, NOT.

Sorry didn't mean to just complain. Glad to see Fer choose to speak to wife before his brother. And the ladies of Avon reacting to Alma's pregnancy was fun.

Jarifa, we agree on many details. I agree this comedy has only moments of fun. Discua should have earned a better destiny but perhaps there is still time for a gentler outcome for her. I just hope she can incriminate Rogelio first.

And Karen, we need some better scripting for Discua, the gemelas locas and a bit of gentle peace for the darling little Valentina. But, I don't see any mercy headed our way from the writers...

Welcome back Cheryl! Great job jumping right back into recapping.

Rogue actually was talking to Pati. This is not the first time he's come sniffing around her to get back together. The last time she was really strong, but I worry that she looked like she was weakening this time when he said he loves her. And things were going so well wuth Elias too! :( Please don't do this, writers.

Happy that Xochi told Fernando about Discua first. Perhaps he, Delia, and Chucho can help get her out of this legal mess. Unfortunately, she's going to die soon anyway. Poor Discua. She really doesn't deserve this, even though she's been acting obsessive about Fernie lately.

Thanks for the correction and clarification on the Rogelio and Pato developments, Vivi. I want Patricia to continue on her good pathway toward Elias too. Yeah, the writers seem too ready to pull the plug on Discua. But we can hope the writers have a few minutes of clarity...


Welcome back and as Vivi said jumping right back into recapping!Thanks for this most splendid recap.

I too am glad that Xochi told Ferny about Discua. She didn't hide this from her hubby, but told him anyway.

I too feel bad for Discua. As nutty as she has been, for Ferny that is, she doesn't deserve this fate. I too hope that Delia and Chucho can find some way to get her out of la carcel. It is way past time for Roger to pay for all he has done. I still can't stand it when he calls Chucho a secretario, that was so last month or so ; )

I am liking Julio and Aida and have missed them. They haven't shown them in quite some time. Seems they are growing closer.

I just wanted to yell, SHUT UP AUGUSTA, when she was whining to her Papi about Chucho and the flat out lie she told him. Chucho and Don Romero did all the work, while she sat there and rolled her eyes. Chucho didn't even rat her out, when Augusto was giving him heck. He should have told Augusto.

Can't wait to see how Moronica handles this news about the new baby coming, and how in the heck Marta and Marcia are going to pull this off. I have a bad feeling about both of these things.

Cheryl, it was my pleasure. Glad that you are back and can't wait to see some photos. I will live vicariously through them for now. ;-)
The baby story is a welcome relief from some of the other foolishness.
OMG! Discua's days are numbered. Couldn't the writers have done better and perhaps let her couple up with a wealthy, motivational speaker, instead of writing her off like that. Just sayin'
Augusta- eww, we need to bring cheese to that whine festival.
Moronica is getting crazier by the day. We should have known she was nuts by her taste in shoes.

Welcome back, Cheryl. It sounds like it was a great trip.

Rogelio is finally getting some payback. His dreams to see the wonderful progeny with Alma's green eyes and his curly hair have are not only dashed because he has lost her -- but now to think that Chucho has mated with Alma's lovely genes has been like a kick upside the head for Rogelio. The curling up in a fetal position with his head in Fern's lap was ALMOST sad. And now even the ever available floormat that used to be Paty is unavailable to him. What's an egomaniac to do???

I guess we could see it coming the minute that Marta's twin showed up but this "let's switch places sso that you can go out and make the apologies to Chucho & Val which will put your soul at ease" story is just not a place I want to go to. Poor Valentina!

I agree that Discua does not deserve the death sentence that the writer's have cooked up for her. Bah!


And she comes back roaring!! Great recap and welcome back to the madness!

First the writers sit around and say "gees, Val hasn't been harrassed, in danger or crying for at least two episodes. What can we do to her now?" This whole twin think...just make it go away. Heck, Marta was messed up after being abused and lost her child. This sister is just plain bonkers.

And speaking of Bonkers--Agusta, really? Is she supposed to be comic relief? Blech!

Baby giggle once, giggle twice, we get giggle every time they mention it...STOP IT!

I felt bad for Rog for a second passed quickly, but kudos to Erick. Well played in his initial reaction to hearing the girls giggling about the news and played with Ferny. But then I cheered when Eli decked him...I know, I'm fickle like that.

No fair moving from the palatial penthouse. There was a ready-made sand box there already!! Just move those dumb marble balls. What kid wouldn't want a big indoor sandbox...gees. I don't think they would move two executives to the 'hood, so I'm guessing new house with ready made babysitter Chatita moving in with them. Hey, Rog is selling. They could buy his place!


Thank you, Cheryl. Ooh, French stallions have such pretty hair!

Ack, thanks for the reminder that this is a comedy. As for the wine, I encourage watching under the influence. I think some of this TN was written under the influence.

It's very nice of Marcia to suggest trading places with her twin, but how does she not understand that even if Marta and her illness are two different entities, they can't help but travel together? If Marta ventures outside the manicomio, there's a good chance she'll be packing some crazy.

I'm very tired of the giggling baby sound effect already.

Poor Discua. I'm not ready to write her off yet, though - maybe her congregation's prayers will give her the miracle she needs!

However, this makes at least the third TN I've seen where a doctor discusses a patient's diagnosis with someone else INSTEAD of the patient. And then Delia goes and tells Chucho. So, okay, I get that they don't have HIPAA... but shouldn't Discua be the first to know? And shouldn't she get the chance to decide whether or not to blab it all around?

Thank you, Cheryl! Beautiful horse picture. I look forward to hearing more about your trip!

I really hope Chucho and Alma don't buy Rogue's house. That place is terrible for kids. There is no railing on the stairs! Maybe Elias would want to sell them his place and move to a swanky bachelor pad? Maybe Alma's penthouse?

Marta is mentally ill, but her sister Marcia is just plain stupid. Has it occurred to her that once Marta gets out, she could decide to just not come back? And then Marcia will be stuck locked up in the manicomio forever, unless she confesses their switch, in which case she will probably go to jail for helping a homicidal nutcase escape? Not to mention the danger she is exposing everyone to by letting Marta out. There's a reason she's locked up in there, fool!

Disgusta is such a whiny toddler. Augie should have sent her to kindergarten instead of Harvard Business School, so she could learn some basic civilized behavior.

I agree; I hate it when they hide the medical info from the patient and tell everyone else. The very worst was in Triunfo, when they kept Mark Tacher's character from knowing he had a fatal illness and just let him die, but then when Maria D got the same thing, they put a little effort into it and found out there was a cure! Hey, maybe if the other guy had known he had it, HE would have looked into it and found out about the cure for himself. Idiots.

Wow! French horses really do have fabulous hair! Beautiful photo Cheryl.

Thanks Cheryl, for the awesome recap. Hope your vacay was fun. The photo is beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing more.

I think the sound of the baby laughing is going to be done to death.

Flaco is hoping that Descua heals herself with la luz.

I’m thinking Ricardo will take over the church, if she doesn’t.

I was feeling a little sad for Rog until I remembered it’s all about him.

Am I the only one who is creeped out by Marcia?


You're not the only one, Nanette. I don't think Marcia is more sane than Marta, she just hasn't been triggered yet, that we know of. There was some reference made when she first arrived about their stepfather and another fire. Maybe the two of them burned him to death, together? I also got a creepy vibe when she met Valentina. It could have been innocent, but if she'd been informed of what Marta did to Valentina, she really shouldn't have been eyeing her and telling her what a lovely little girl she is and all that. It sort of came off like "I see why my sister kidnapped you! I might do the same!"

Marcia is a little bit scary because

a) she seems too good to be true,

b) she talks too fast and smiles waaaaay too much, as if she's been rehearsing

c) we don't know that she isn't as crazy as her sister, and

d) there is something very odd about a woman who puts herself in the position that Marcia is offering. It seems naive at best and very irresponsible - unless Marcia has an ulterior motive.

Why would Marcia offer to stay in the manicomio in Marta's place, and try to convince Marta that it's perfectly fine for her to venture out on her own? I can think of two reasons:

1) Marcia is so grateful to Marta for saving her life many years ago, and so naive, that she doesn't see the problem.

2) Marcia is hiding from someone or something so scary that she'd rather hide in the manicomio, take on her sister's identity, and put Marta's safety (and the public's) at terrible risk for her own security.

Ugh, yes, I didn't get to see Marcia's meeting with Valentina.

I *think* the deal with the fire was that their stepfather burned but Marta saved Marcia's life. However, that doesn't mean that one or both of them didn't start the fire in the first place. I hadn't thought of that. *shudder* More comedy?

Marcia's manic wide-eyed stare is what gets me.

Plus, she's way to chipper.

Meant to say "wild eyed maniac stare."

Plus, she's way too little-girlish for someone whose twin sister had apparently finished psychology school and been in practice for some time, and had been married and would have had a daughter around Val's age had she lived. Marcia is too old to act as naive and babyish as she does. There is something wrong with her.

Glad I could finally get to CarayCaray and see that stunning picture Cheryl. The horse looks SCULPTED. Amazing. I could look at that over and over again. What a picture.

As for the episode...ho hum. I was bored by the over the top marriage proposal and equally bored by the over the top baby announcement. Juarever. But loved Valentina's deadpan looooong pause before saying Que padre! That kid has comic timing already. Well done.

Yes, the twin switch does not bode well. And the Discua cancer plotline is just unpleasant and bizarre. Do we watch comedies in order to be reminded of cancer? If you're like me, you already know many people who have it, who are suffering through chemotherapy or have already passed away. NOT. FUNNY. WRITERS.

But your recap was very well done Cheryl and your photo was beautifully haunting and unforgettable.

Thanks for the appreciation from all the horse lovers among you. If you want to see more right away, I put more on Facebook today but I will also put them on my web site in the next day or two.

Yes, Marcia (thanks for clearing the sound alike name difference) is a creepy mystery. The feather earrings were my first clue and the other outdated hippie-chick garb. Yes very immature but possibly just a bonkers as Marta.

Funny but not is how we all have to keep reminding each other that this is a COMEDY... hello....

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