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PEAM, Tuesday 11/19/13 (#181): El Gran Final, pt 1 - Falling and Rising

Hold onto your hats for a finale so funny, you won't know when to START laughing, much less when to stop!

Chucho tells Demonica: you've alienated everyone who cared about you because you destroyed everyone in your path. Do the right thing for once and let me save Valentina. I'll even let you escape. You've been a good mother. I know you love Valentina. Let's save her together. OUR child. Don't you have any compassion?

"And who has compassion for ME?" Vero retorts. She holds the gun to her own head and fires, but it's too late - he's already knocking the gun out of her hand. How gallant.

Satan calls. "The kid tried to escape! She won't drink her water!" Vero beneficently tells Satan to put Vale on the phone to talk to Chucho. Vale stomps on one of Satan's giant feet with both of her tiny feet. While Chucho tells Vale to pray, Vero nails him in the shoulder with a big syringe. She tells Satan to get the kid under control. "You know what to do." She taunts Chucho while he slowly loses consciousness.

Cardenas suggests that the Avon gang go to Alma's house to show their support. They all show up just as Alma, Paty, Delia, and Suarez are leaving. They've figured out where Chucho was going based on the location of his last phone call, and a sighting of his car on its way to Cola de Cabello Falls.

(Get a good look at Alma, by the way. This is about as close to looking frumpy as you're ever likely to see Blanca Soto.)

At Alma's place, Chatita and Sebastian catch up with the Avon gang. (It sounds as though Aida is only hearing about Xochi's quintuplets for the first time. How is this possible? Where has she been?)

Demonica changes her clothes, perhaps not wanting her henchmen to see her in the bridal outfit. Surprisingly, she doesn't take advantage of unconscious Chucho. Maybe she finally figured out that he doesn't like her. Instead, she tells Satan to carry him out of the cabin. Satan balks, saying Chucho's too heavy - so he has the other (smaller!) henchman carry him out. They load him into an inflatable raft at water's edge. Vero pays off the other henchman and tells him to scram. She assures Satan she gave Chucho an elephant tranquilizer, so he won't be waking up.

Back home, Chatita and the gang join hands and pray for Chucho and Valentina.

Vero sends Satan back to the cabin and gloats long-windedly at Chucho while jabbing at the raft with her pointy boot-heel. You want comedy? How about if she poked a hole in the raft and sent it sputtering across the lake? No such luck. Finally she kicks the raft into the current. "Love doesn't give the orders! I do!"

But the raft that plunges over the falls appears to be empty.

Delia, Suarez, et al arrive at Horse Tail Falls. Suarez calls for reinforcements. (Couldn't he have done that on the way over?) They quickly locate the cabin, where Satan's been sampling the wine. He doesn't even get up from his chair, much less put up a fight. "I'm not saying anything until I have a lawyer," he announces. Alma recognizes him as one of her kidnappers, and Paty recognizes him as her stabber. Alma slaps him. He tells them about the raft. So much for his right to remain silent.

The women rush outside to look for Chucho. Meanwhile, Satan's phone rings. "Who could that be?" Suarez asks. "For all I know it could be my mother," Satan bluffs - as if he has anything to gain by being defiant now. Suarez takes the call.

Suarez: "Hello?"
Vero: "Who's this?"
Suarez: "Who's this?"

Vero rushes to the other cabin, where Vale is still asleep. She strokes the girl's hair and says "I could never harm you." She figures the police won't find this cabin, so they can hang out here for a while, then take off to someplace far away and start a new life.

The women find the smashed-up raft at the foot of the falls. Paty is hopeful, but Alma seems convinced that Chucho was smashed to his death. They notify Sebastian, Chatita, etc. Everyone cries. Vero calls to rub salt in Alma's wounds. During the phone call, Valentina wakes up and hears Vero tell Alma "you'll have to spend the rest of your life without Jesus." Valentina doesn't like the sound of this.

Vero tries to play it cool with Vale, saying everything's fine and they're going on a trip. But Vale is stubborn and wants to see Daddy Jesus. Vero gets tired of hearing about it and threatens to slap her. "Hit me, but I want to see my daddy! Hit me! I don't care!"

Vero obliges. Vale sobs, "You're mean! I don't love you!"

While Alma gnashes her teeth, Suarez says they're doing an aerial search of the area. (With the world's quietest helicopters?) Meanwhile, Chucho swims through muddy water and claws his way to dry land. Dead? Don't be silly. He is Jesus, after all. Or perhaps the cold water woke him up. He returns to the cabin, where he is greeted enthusiastically. His raft had hit a bump and overturned, dumping him safely into the water before the steep fall to the rocks below. Lucky guy!

Night falls. Why did they wait till now to call and tell Chatita? They're still searching for Valentina outside.

Morning. Vero and Valentina leave the other cabin. They're both wearing pink. Vale is calling for help. The search party finds them. They're all at the top of a cliff. Vero's footing is unsteady. She threatens Chucho, "Valentina will never be yours."

Vero is restraining Valentina by holding onto her backpack. Valentina twists away and the backpack straps give way. Vero slips, still clutching Valentina's backpack. A flurry of pink tumbles far, far, far, to the ground.

Chucho hauls Vale to safety. She cries but is unharmed. She thanks her father for saving her, but is sad about her mother. They all go home and Chatita fixes them a meal. (I hope Rai is still with Marcia. Why aren't they here??)

It's Sunday morning. Father's day! Paty takes Fernandito to see Rogelio at the prison.

Valentina and Alma and Luisita hang out with Chucho, who pretends not to remember that it's also his wedding day. Valentina and Alma put on a puppet show about the queen and her helper for Chucho, Sebastian, Chatita, and Minerva. It's not exactly Henson-quality puppetry, but it's as good as anything Chucho ever came up with.

Next time:
Call me crazy, but I think there's going to be a wedding with an unwelcome guest.


Thank you, Julie for sticking with this novela, your dedication is appreciated. What a disappointment this novela has been.
I still can't understand why Xochy won't grow up. Enough already with the whining.
Beserkonica based on the coming attractions has not cracked her head open yet. Jesus should have shot her when he had the chance. Why does Valentina need to be subjected to so much violence? Thankfully this novela is coming to an end because frankly I have had enough.


I will wait for your most awesome recap. What an epi this was, edge of your seat in some parts. Can't wait to read your take on it ; )

Belated thanks to Cheryl for el último lunes and thanks to Julie in anticipation of your final glorious recap for this sputtering show. I loved Chatita leading the prayer circle tonight. But what really saved Chucho was Vale's valiant cry for her papá. too bad they didn't have hounds to track back to the hide out.

Just one more episode to wrap this one up. What is going on with Rogelio and the injection? Could it lead to a spin off with Rog, Pato and Fernandito? Maybe even Cantu and Mostro etc. they could make a real comedy.

I have posted a super-short summary for now while I work on the full recap, which will probably be neither awesome nor glorious because you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Or more like a sow's turd.

I gave up last night in frustration because the pacing was confusingly fast (after months and months of slowwww progress) and at times downright choppy. I kept skipping back and ahead trying to figure out if I had missed something.

Fishknits, as for Rog's injection, I think he told his pals on Monday that Delia had said only that it was "something good." Could it be something like an RFID chip? I can't imagine they'd make such a big deal out of something mundane like a vitamin B12 shot.


Thanks, all of YOU, for making this "journey" (a real TRIP) not only bearable, but fun.

This isn't the worst TN I've ever seen or recapped. Not even close. It gave us a lot to work with. Some TNs are so bad, it's hard to even joke about them. But I don't think I want to subject myself to another "comedy" from Juan Osorio again, and I'd hate to see what he considers drama!

My laptop battery is about to run out of juice now, so whatever else I have to say will have to wait till later. Good day!

Julie, thanks, for this and all of your wonderful recaps you have provided for PEAM.

Sort of like the Keystone Cops last night. At least we should have a happy and just ending tonight. Too bad they did not run the last two hours together.

To all of you seasoned telenovela watchers: Are there any pure "comedy" telenovelas out there or are they always a "dramedy"? The 4 "comedies" I have seen have all been dramedies.



"Dead? Don't be silly. He is Jesus, after all."

Love that semi- blasphemous humor! This train wreck of a novela deserves all that and more.

So what were the telenovelas you watched that were worse? I guess what bothered me about this one was it was both BAD and BORING.

But never your recaps, my friend. Always fresh and funny. Thanks again.

Like Tablet Jefa, I continue to be appalled at the role they have had this little actress play as Valentina. Child abuse pure and simple. Ugh.

And a complete waste of Colunga as a sexy leading man. This role can only be viewed as a serious setback in his career.

Excellent job, Julie of making lemonade out of a lemon.
Thank you again.

Yeah! I was getting really tired of all that screaming looking for Jesús in the woods. Mucho ayuda el que no estorba. What was Patricia doing there of all places? Why was Alma taken too? Isn't that a job the police can do better with their trained dogs and such? With no civilians just getting in their way?

All this happened during friday and satutday? Or just saturday?

One day later Valentina was as happy as always, like nothing happened? Even planning and writting father's day play? Really?
I know kids are made out of rubber and they bounce, but this girl is flubber!!

Excellent job, Julie.

I actually did laugh, twice, during this episode. The first time when Blanca Soto tried to emote rage and anguish at the same time when she went after Satan in the cabin. Don't think the writers meant for me to laugh there. The second time was when Pato and Rogue were being so silly and adoring with their little son and making those voices, and the baby was smiling with delight. That was just too cute for words.


Julie, wonderful and for all your dedication thru this show, we are so thankful.

I tried watching this with one eye on the TV and another working on some Christmas shopping online. Thank goodness I had something else to concentrate on. I'm with everyone, how they write what happens to Val and then the fact she just bounces back--do these writers have children? Appalled and disgusted. The monkeys should be ashamed of themselves for how they have dealt with this girl.

So we reach the final episode. Sometimes even on the TN's that aren't the best you get a little nostalgic feeling and will miss some characters, etc. Hate to say, but except for Rog and Pati, not happening here for me.

In the immortal words of dear Rogelio...Juarever.


Fernandito should chirp as a chicken but for me sounds like a hawk!

I know he is a little ''pichón'' but pichones don't sound like that...
pecata minuta, juárever...


Thanks for this last fantastic recap for PEAM and all the other recaps you have done for PEAM. This was awesome!

I too am sick of all the angst they have put Vale through, especially from her mama. I am glad that now she is safe and sound.

I too don't think we are done with Killeronica. That beyotch has more lives than a cat, apologies to the cat.

I too loved the scene with Rog, Pato and bebe Fernandito. They are very cute and I like the idea of an RFID chip for Rog. Something good has to happen there.


The only comedy TN I have seen that was funny was Hasta Que El Dinero No Separe. That was actually funny. It had it's drama too, but mostly it was funny, but way too long.


Thanks again for all your marvelous work on this TN and come visit us on Robo ; )

Thanks, Julie, for such a thorough recap of one truly disjointed episode.

Blue Lass really ought to copyright her "Monkey Writers" photo and offer it - for a price - to Televisa, the producer and writing team and let it become the emblem of PEAM forever. This TN has had a few entertaining moments, but...

Agree with JudyB about the impact of this one on TBLMOE Colunga's career. The rest of the cast with a few exceptions has largely just been putting in their hours.


Judy, I thought FELS and STUD were both a lot worse than PEAM.

I don't think my hate of FELS requires much explanation. It was a total mess.

With STUD, the script was horrible (a very sloppy adaptation of the original TN script on which it was based). The plot was somewhat idiotic to begin with. And even if I'd liked anything about Gaby Spanic's performance, which I didn't, I thought the character was ridiculous.

Throughout STuD, Lucero and FC both seemed annoyed - as actors, I mean. A lot of the time they seemed to be phoning it in. Most of the supporting cast were great and tried hard, but there was only so much they could do with what they were working with.

Ultimately I came to hate STuD more than FELS, because at least in FELS you could tell that the actors were having fun. It was crap, but it was fun crap. In STuD everyone was earnestly trying so hard to make it all work.

Grab the duct tape, quick!

Don't let me talk about Ms Pinal's nightmarish face, I was never a fan of Jabba the Hut!!

Pablo, I think the search was Friday overnight into Saturday, and then we skipped ahead to Sunday morning. So, yeah, pretty freaky that Valentina seems all the way recovered by the time they get home from Ponytail Falls.

Some kids would be traumatized by the whole kidnapping/drugged water/strange man who looks like Lurch/seeing Mommy fall off a cliff/losing your backpack experience, but not Valentina!

Rogelio definitely doesn't sound like a pigeon. His cawing does sound a little like a peacock, though, which might be a good match for him!

As for Colunga's career: I doubt it will suffer. In fact, I believe the show did well in Mexico. (Which doesn't say much for the competition.)

It's possible that with a different director and a different kind of humor, I might even enjoy FC in another comedy role. But I won't hold my breath.

Jarifa asked about true comedy vs. dramedy. I've seen only dramedies, but I will defer to the opinions of others on this, since I haven't seen 'em all. However, dramedy can be done much, much better than what we saw here. In fact, I wouldn't even call this a dramedy. As others have said before, this was a drama with little bits of "comedy" inserted here and there. Dramedy is different - it's about being able to find the humor in a bad situation. Not splicing funny scenes together with miserable scenes.

Julie, thanks for an awesome recap. I'm afraid I dozed off early in this one--I should be ashamed. I'm glad I had your take to rely on. I hope they get some kind of therapy for Valentina--or else some extra Chatita time.

I didn't mind Silvia Pinal in STuD, but I'm probably in the minority there. I think it's because I only have enough energy to be annoyed by so many actors/characters at a time, and there were way too many names ahead of her on that list for me.

Little Valentina will need a shrink for a very long time, even if she's made of tough stuff like her dad. In the real world with Veronica at large Jesus would have sent Valentina away in Chatita's care until the law caught up with Veronica.

While we knew that Valentina wasn't going to end up at the bottom of the cliff, I think this was the most extreme abuse I've ever seen in a novela. I don't think Rosario of Mi Pecado abused Lucrezia like this before the accident and other than the murder of Paloma's little dog in ENDA (which only we knew about) I don't think Carlota abused her that badly at this age.

I remember the Gran Final of StuD, even more, I think I taped it to share with friends and relatives because I couldn't believe how ''hot and steamy'' those five minutes were. The taking off of the bra, the oily chest, the kisses and all, for me, not used to that kind of scenes, was like a little bit too much.

Anything for ratings!!

I think with STuD they were trying to make up for the general crumminess of the show by bribing us with naked flesh and such. Whereas we didn't get any shirtless FC in this one at all, which seems so bizarre.


About Blanca Soto being frumpy. She was plenty frumpy in "El Tal", really she wore jeans in most of her scenes, her hair was a mess and don't get me started on those feather earrings, necklaces, etc. ; )

I guess all the comedies are dramedies but I truly enjoyed Gancho al Corazón. There were A LOT of inspired comedic moments and stellar performances. That show was a treat, even in spite of the boring main couple (and at least they were very pretty).

Quick comment before reading the recap/comments.

Loved the scene with Rog/Pato/Fernandito.

Did I miss it? Did we ever find out why Rog got that shot?

Julie, Thank you so much as always. You never fail us.

The only time Vale showed an appropriate PTSD response was when she told Killeronica that she didn't like being in a cabin because cabins make her think of being held in one by Marta and of the subsequent fire. Mostly I agree that she bounces back way too quickly. I especially felt that way about her smiling entrance when she got home from her ordeal and her sprightly and cheerful Father's Day plans. Of course it IS a very big day-- with the wedding and all ... still ....

I agree that this is not the worst TN I've ever seen I think that was El Talisman -- or maybe the current Corazon Indomable.

As for comedies -- those are the ones I usually watch and, yes, most of them are dramas with comic moments and lighthearted secondary characters. I agree that Hasta Que el Dinero Nos Separe was the funniest of the lot -- with Juan Querendon close behind. But there have been special characters & reasons to remember most of them fondly.

One of my faves from UFCS was Daniela Castro. I loved her in a comic role. I see that she is back in the new 9pm show -- playing an conniving mother again. It's an easy role for her -- but Pina was so much fun. I wish she'd do more comedy.


Julie: stellar as always. Thanks so much for your awesome recaps during this not so awesome TN.

Fav quotes:

“Maybe she finally figured out that he doesn't like her.”

“Suarez says they're doing an aerial search of the area. (With the world's quietest helicopters?)”

Julie: RFID chip? Tracking his whereabouts? Does this mean he’ll be released on his own recognizance?

Agree about Vale’s quick recovery. I think we all realized a long time ago that this TN was beyond realistic—even for usual TN/TV standards.

What happened to this this one? For me, this TN lost it around the time Elias left. Sometimes I was sitting there thinking, "WTH?!" It started out as a silly comedy with a little drama to a melodrama with a little comedy. I’m wondering if they realized that broad comedy just wasn’t FC’s forte and changed the story to fit his more dramatic acting style.

What does it say about this TN when the smartest, most “with it” character is a seven year old?


In reference to my own question, I forgot about "Los exitosos Perez" which I am currently watching. Although there is plenty of mayhem there is a real comedic feeling about the whole thing. The premise is ludicrous in itself. I hope it keeps me laughing and doesn't take a wrong turn into drama.



Thanks to everyone who answered my question. I appreciate your answers and your experience.

Jarifa (I will only sign once this time) :)

I had forgotten about that one. I wanted to watch it to see if all that hupla about going to tape it in Argentina was worth the trip.

I am watching SOMOS LOS CARMONA (Chile) and I am laughing like crazy with almost every episode. I don't know why (and maybe this could be a weekend topic) for some reason watching the same chilean actors over and over in different TNs never feels tired and the characters seem always fresh. Maybe the acting style?

The RFID chip was just an idea, and even that, you wouldn't think they'd give him one without telling/asking him first. But yeah, I was thinking maybe this would allow him to at least attend the wedding.

I'm not so sure about actually letting him serve the rest of his sentence at home (even though they're going to need to make room for Satan) because you'd think Cantu would qualify for one too if that was the case.

Interesting idea that they might have changed the story to fit FC's acting style, but I don't see any evidence of that, really. And honestly UFCS was pretty much the same way, except those actors were better at keeping things light.

Never having seen a Chilean TN before, I will speculate that they seem fresh and funny because maybe their studio isn't recycling outdated, cliched, mediocre old scripts? Or the actors aren't being ground to a fine paste by ludicrous shooting schedules, and therefore are motivated to be brilliant? Or their directors watch the Televisa shows and take notes on how NOT to do things?

Pablo, I am going to have to make a note of that one. Weren't they supposed to have shot Los exitosos down in Argentina because all of the sets were still going to be available? What other reason? I don't know. It is an urban tale and most of the scenes are inside. At least it is goofy.


Yeah. Juárever they saved on sets they spent on travel expenses. I don't know how many people Televisa took from México, maybe 2 or 3 that needed that vacation time, so they shot 2 birds with one stone.

They claimed Mrs Castro's argentinan fan base is huge and they were all de-lighted!

Thanks, Julie! I agree with you, the pacing was fast and the editing was choppy and it was a little hard to follow. Probably that was on purpose, but I kept wondering if I had missed something. Like, what happened to Vero after she went over the bank? (which really didn't look like a cliff to me, nor all that high.) She must have survived, right? Otherwise there's no way Val would have been so perky afterward. I mean, one would think she would be more traumatized anyway, but her mother's death would really be a blow even to her. So is she in the hospital, or in jail? Or did she get away, and Alma and Chucho were all, "Oh, everything's fine now."

I'm a little surprised they went with a waterfall scare for Chucho instead of trying to work in some sort of crucifixion (a crucifiction?)scheme, since they've been overboard with the Jesús as everyone's savior stuff.

I guess the side benefit to getting all their friends to do all the wedding chores is that Chucho and Alma have time to not only have a dramatic overnight in the park, but also to create puppet shows and whatnot.

Very interesting, Pablo. De-lighted indeed. There is always the story behind the story. . .


Thank you, Julie. I always enjoy your recaps. That would have been clever, Julia, if they'd gone with a cruci'fiction' theme. Well, it was clever of you to think of it anyway. And Julie, did this show remind you of Tina Roberts going over Iguazu Falls? She survived also, to give birth to a baby she called 'Milagro.' (but not before passing off Max and Gabriel's son as her own).

I've watched 2 dramas (TdA, LQNPA) and 2 comedies (PESE, PEAM) now (and the DVD sets for LFMB and Amor Real). I've enjoyed them all, although I prefer a comedy and worry about a drama becoming too heavy or violent. Is there a comedy on the horizon? I watched the second capitulo of Lo Que La Vida Me Robo last night and thought it was a lot like Amor Real. Then I looked on Wikipedia. oh.

I liked Un Gancho al Corazón, too. It had some drama but it also had a lot of comedy that was actually funny, and the kids Mauricio adopted had some rough patches but they weren't tortured nearly as much as poor Val. Plus, the leads could be a little boring when they were together, but they weren't even close to the sappiness and condescencion Chucho and Alma display, and they were individually more entertaining when they were in scenes with other people. Plus, Rolu and Ximena.

There was no discussion (that we saw) of a funeral for Vero. Delia and Suarez looked down at her body but there was no follow-up, no talk of recovering her body. So maybe she was rescued and she's in the hospital, or maybe they went back to the cabin and then by the time the rescue team showed up, she was already gone. (I am assuming she is still alive and think the latter scenario is more likely, since in a hospital she would probably be guarded and not be able to attend the wedding.)

Actually, we don't know for sure she's at the wedding. In the avances Valentina sees a woman and says "Mama?" but maybe she's mistaken!

"Crucifiction," LOL! That would have been a nice touch.

Bill, I don't know Tina Roberts??

This particular "comedy" was more heavy and violent than most dramas. So if you were able to endure this, you can probably handle a drama. Some of them are very good. Some of them are funnier than PEAM. ;-)

Jaime Camil is doing a comedy for Televisa right now, which is bound to show up here sooner or later. Dunno what else is in the pipeline. I liked the first night of Robo but couldn't really focus on last night, so don't know if I'll stick with it.

Ah, must have been before your time, Julie. On OLTL she was Vicki's (and Todd's) half-sister and was married to Clint's son, Cord. She got sent over Iguazu Falls in a raft. She did show up again for brief spots in recent years.


"Robo" isn't just based on "Amor Real" but also on "Bodias de Odio". It is in the modern time and not a period piece. I haven't seen the two previous versions of "Robo" so it is new to me. I am enjoying it so far.

I really hope, to add some comedy at the last minute to PEAM, they actually have Pancho Lopez y Familia plus Perro show up at Alma and Chucho's wedding. They mentioned it on Friday's epi and I really hope there is a huge Bear Hug at the end of this TN.

It would be a little weird if Pancho's entire family showed up. Would Moni come, too? Would we finally get that long-lost twins plot I hoped for long ago? Or would Pepe just be stunned by how much Marisela looks like his novia? I wish Pina would come and bring her new hottie that she got together with toward the end...that would also cause double-takes! I'm guessing it will just be Pancho and Rebe and the younger kids. I hope they don't bring that insufferable brat Temo. Can't someone shove him down the well again?

If Quico the Tweenage Lounge Lizard dares to sully the finale with his musical stylings, I am going to do something drastic. Like use the FF button, probably. Okay, not that drastic. Likewise if he and Val have any "romantic" moments at the wedding. That kid is such a waste of airtime.

Ah, see, I didn't watch OLTL. I didn't know any of those people till they showed up on GH.

Julia, what do you think of Temo and Quico getting into a big brawl, and both of them falling down a well? (I don't know why there would be a well at the wedding, but I'm in favor of it.)

THAT might be funny.

Also if Popeye would like to pee on Vero's shoes, I would enjoy that very much please.

Excellent ideas, Julie. And then Val and Meli Amors could become great friends and never speak of either of those two dweebs again.

Yeoman's work, Julie. You are hereby released to the patio on your own recognizance.

I know we can't have a final message from Eva or a Bollywood number, so I'm just holding out for a "five years later." I love those, with all the couples paired off and the cute children named after their abues.

If Chucho and Alma did a Bollywood dance number, I would take back every mean thing I've ever said about their acting or their boring characters.

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