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Synopsis: English translation of the teaser for 'Lo Que La Vida Me Robó' and: we could use some more recappers for this one.

If you'd like to recap email me: - thanks - blog mom.

This story takes place in the picturesque town of Aguazul. Montserrat lives there: she's a pretty girl, of high social status, who wants to have a "rose colored" life. She is constantly manipulated by her mother, Graciela Giacinti, for whom only social appearances are important and who will under no circumstances lose social status, even though her husband Lauro Mendoza, a retired admiral, has lost everything.

Montserrat has been converted into the solution to all her parents' socio-economic problems: her mother has selected her the ideal spouse, Sebastián de Icaza, son of one of the most influential familes in Aguazul. Nevertheless, Montserrat is not interested in marrying for her family's convenience and in fact is in love with José Luis, who runs a marina. Her parents ignore this romance, and this oppresses their daughter.

José Luis feels his relationship with Montserrat is going nowhere and feels the family Mendoza will never accept him.

On the other hand, Alejandro, a laborer on a nearby farm with hopes of bettering his station in life, knows the truth: that his father is Don Benjamin Almonte, a cruel, powerful and wealthy man who revealed this secret on his deathbed. Alejandra didn't receive this news happily. At the very same time life will bring him to meet Montserrat, for whom he immediately falls!

[Skipping a lot which seems to be spoilers]

The destiny of these three people will coincide and among them will be love, friendship, passion, contempt and rancor due to secrets, betrayals and hate provoked by the ambition and avarice that surrounds them.

Cast of characters:

Daniela Castro is Graciela Giacinti de Mendoza
Bad guy. Hypocrite, she appears a devoted woman devoted to her Catholicism but is actually a dark creature full of ambition and greed. She loves to be surrounded by luxury and is proud to be part of an important family. But she has a secret! Long ago she was the lover of Benjamín Almonte. Now, for money she is capable of selling her own daughter to his bastard son and heir.

Angelique Boyer is Montserrat Mendoza

Good guy. Noble, capable of sacrificing herself for her family. Fragile and innocent, she's been in a convent. To her own surprise, little by little she falls truly in love with her husband, which will be a problem when she falls for José Luis. All her problems will strengthen her character.

Sebastián Rulli is Alejandro Almonte

Good guy. Loyal and fair, a gentleman who treats people with respect. His mother, a humble farm worker, died when he was a lad. His life changes when his boss confesses to being his father and leaves him a pot of dough. He becomes a powerful man. He meets Montserrat and falls hopelessly in love with her.

Luis Roberto Guzmán is José Luis Álvarez

Good guy. From a poor background but honorable and a good worker. Capable of anything when it comes to love. Montserrat is the love of his life. When he finds out she is forced to marry a man she despises while he is in jail (unjustly) [spoilers]. He realizes, sadly, that the love Montserrat has for him has changed and that Alejandro, her husband, is a good man.

Sergio Sendel is Pedro Medina

Bad guy, of course. Arrogant and egotistical, of course. [Will he throw phones?] He married Nadia for political reasons: he needed a wife of perfect reputation and a good name when he ran for municipal president. He's dedicated to persecuting Alejandro.

Rogelio Guerra is Lauro Mendoza

Bad guy. Retired husband of Marina, he seems strong but deep down is weak. He and Graciela had two children: Montserrat and Dimitrio. His heart troubles, exacerbated by losing all his riches, have diminished him before his dominating wife.

There are a lot more characters described at Novela y Series

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Thanks so very much for putting this up. I am so excited about this one! Rulli is one of my fave telenovela novios!

I've already seen the first episode and this looks like a winner. I adore Sebastian Rulli and he has good chemistry with Angelique Boyer.

This might take me out of retirement (but for Mondays).

We will only be 3 weeks behind Mexico.

After their insane chemistry in Teresa, I have to tune into see Rulli (who I adore) and Boyer turn out this time. I may be fighting my son who will be home for awhile for the TV.


So looking forward to this one. Bummed about the time slot (I like 8:00 best), but the story looks so good and I'm encouraged by you all's comments.


I also really liked AB's and SR's chemistry in Teresa. Looking forward to seeing if they can bring it back in this tn.

Daniela Castro is great as a crazy controlling mother. Her character in Mi Pecado still gives me chills.


Thank you for the introduction.

Along with Madelaine and UA and others, I am totally enthused about the Boyer/Rulli pairing. I'm also a bit intrigued by "Pantera" (hub used to watch this when home and this was on) and look forward to seeing what he does here.

Like Vivi, also want so see Daniela Castro. Few do bad so well.


'Cmon, Angelique Boyer playing a fragil, innocent, virginal, convent-educated young girl?

Good luck to you all. I'm going to miss so much of this, I don't think I'll be able to catch up when I get back to my tns in January.

At least it seems possible to put the resemblance to Amor Real on hold while you all bond with the new characters.

Nanette--will miss your HLPL lists.
Vivi--Daniela Castro could really do evil well, cloaked behind a benign mother-figure in public in MP. However, I don't think she can hold a candle to Leticia Calderon's evil treatment of her niece in ENDA.

Anita- LC is a whole other level with her evil characters. Her characters tend to be very cold, while DC's evil characters tend to burn with a crazy rage. She does the crazy eyes really well.

I also chuckled at the idea of AB being in a convent. I guess they were allowed visits to the plastic surgeon for implants. I would have more easily believed elite, strict boarding school, and then on to a small but prestigious conservative college/university.


I am going to give this a try because of all the familiar characters. Daniela Castro also was an evil blind girl in Pasion who tried to get the galan (Fernando Colunga as RickRickRick, the pirate). The guy playing the boyfriend was a crazy ultra villain in Alborada.

The plot seems to be following the Amor Real plot pretty closely with changes necessary for bringing the story into the present. I will give it a chance, but I love Amor Real.

As for Angelique's character being naive and virginal, 'Matilde' in Amor Real was just such a character who was disgusted by her new husband Manuel's demand for his marital rights while she was yearning for her onetruelove Antonio Solis. I guess we will be treated to Hubby Ale advancing on his virginal reluctant wife and her hating him at first for his demands.


I am not going to compare the previous TNs to this one. This one is based on "Amor Real" and "Bodas de Odio". I haven't seen either of the two previous versions. This one will be "new" to me. I have seen snippets of "Amor Real" but when I found out this one was going to be based on that, I stopped watching. I want to see this one if full before watching the others.

Anita: Did think about doing the HPLP list for this one, if I get into it like I'm anticipating I will. Will miss your awesome comments.

Mads: I haven't seen either one of the two TNs this is based on either. One of these days I want to see Amor Real, and Alborada for that matter. Will have to start streaming, I guess.


Will Quero Amarte be recapped also?Its a remake of Imperio de Cristal and It stars the lead from AB,Flavio Medina(the irony),Diana Bracho,Salvador Zarboni, Jose Elias Moreno.If not then its all good but it has an awesome cast and Imperio was quite a good novela from what i heard.. Anyway looking forward to La que me vide lo Robo..

I never really seen DC act for myself so this will be a new one..

Demetrios- It's too early to know if anyone will be available and willing to recap Quiero Amarte. It's not being advertised yet here, nor do we know what timeslot it will eventually be in. Since some of us are Cristian de la Fuente fans, and many of us are fans of the producer Carlos Moreno (ENDA, CME, Amor Bravio), I'm sure it will generate interest. Stay tuned.

Yeah thanks for explanation Vivi. Daniella Castro or Diana Bracho dont know which is better lol

Thanks for gathering the info Melinama.

I've been watching the episodes but I don't remember Boyer's character being in a convent in her past. I wonder if that idea was in earlier scripts and scratched during the production or if I've missed that mention.

I don't think she's at the same innocent level as Adela Noriega's character in Amor Real but I think that wouldn't have worked with this setting.

I like Castro, she was a little OTT in the first episode but she's great right now.

And I really love Rulli. Hopefully his character will stay separate enough from Manuel in Amor Real. It's still too early to tell.


Okay, with this talk about Diana Bracho I just remembered that in Cadenas de Amargura Diana played Daniela Castro's evil aunt, the novela was later remade into En el Nombre del Amor and Leticia Calderón playing the evil aunt character.

Then I looked up Cadenas de Amargura again and found this clip from the 50 years of Telenovela celebration a few years ago:

The interviewer during those shows was telenovela legend and Daniela's aunt Verónica Castro. I though "aw, how nice she's sitting next to her aunt".

Then I thought about how Verónica Castro is Jose Alberto Castro's sister. And Jose Alberto Castro is Angelique Boyer's boyfriend.

So now it hit me for the first time:

Daniela is playing the mother of the girlfriend of her uncle in LQLVMR. Hmmm, haha.



I think I'm going to give this a try, for the leads' chemistry.

Demetrios, I think Quiero Amarte is going to be just fine recap wise...and my guess is that it starts after Mentir para Vivir - that's the way it happened in Mexico, too, QA replaced MPV.

I'm more curious to know what replaces Corazon Indomable - if it's EVER over, because this years's tns in Mexico haven't done so great rating wise...And if Univision is butchering La Tempestad so much, what can we expect from them when it comes to other tns?

I just watched Amor Real for the first time this past summer and I loved it! I am kind of interested how (or if) they can make this story its own. I have never watched anything with Castro, AB or SR so it would be interesting to see "new" faces. I will be watching this from the patio of medium expectations (I have learned my lesson in going in with high expectations-->CI!!)

I won't have time to recap once PEAM is done, and I'm not sure if I'll even have time to watch. I'd hate to miss something with Sergio Sendel in it, though. But with the Jaime Camil thing allegedly coming up soon too, I'm going to find it very difficult to prioritize my time!

Sounds like a great show. I will enjoy Angie/Ruli again

This does sound tempting... I will probably miss some of the earlier episodes b/c of visiting family. Hopefully the recaps will keep me up to date.

I am so excited for this novella!!

I will give this one a try and hope it is good. Thank you for the synopsis, Melinama.

Im actually watching it online and its very good,its quite realistic,i seen the first 10 chapters.What i can tell is DC is a mother from hell, Dimitri is mommys boy and an irresponsible skank( Im sure Miguel from LQNPA is rolling in his grave by now) ,Sergio Sendel is as awesome ,cruel to his wife and cold as ever ,Ah Juventino should buy himself a brain and he is disgusting. I wont reveal more so you wont be spoiled.

Hi--I've been reading and loving this blog for a while--thanks so much to all the recappers. I'm sorry it's my first time posting a comment. When I tried before a few months ago, I couldn't get my comment to post--for some reason every time I typed the script given to prove I wasn't a robot, it was rejected. I'm trying again because I'm really excited for the Telenovela and would love to be a part of the commenting community. Thanks to all!

Thanks Melinama for getting this up. (I wasn't able to locate the notice before today.) Whether a remake of Bodas de Odio/Amor Real or not, the basic storyline is a good one. IMO this has to be decent if for no other reason than the AB/SR chemistry (from Teresa, which can be streamed off Hulu+ Latino if not also from UVideo or NovelasySeries) and is very much worth the time invested to locate and stream.

I was wondering where this pair of fabulous actors and romantic leads had gotten to and am thrilled they're back together again. I'm also glad Demetrios and Jarocha are giving this one a thumbs up! While MPV is finally heating up--having been on slow burn--the 9PM EST timeslot is probably going to be a sauna by comparison. I am definitely in for this one!

Why is it so difficult that the good can never succeed? It is only evil that thrive s. I will like to tell the writers of this telenovela to try and portray the good moral of the society. Lets focus more on the positive side and not on the negative. Thank you

It is tiring to watch those in love not able to love and live their life without someone destroying that love. It is okay to write a story like what I just explained. But please even if there is a character that tries to destroy two lovers, it should be very difficult for the person to do so. Please try and work on your script

Well said Estido, I am very frustrated watchin villians thrive in tns wyl d protagonists/lovers suffer till d last episode. Dey rily shld work on n change dia scripts

i have a friend in london uk who is trying to locate this series in english for her step mother. i've been searching for her but can't find it. can anyone here tell me where to find it for her? i've checked amazon and they don't have it nor does wikipedia say anything about it being on dvd in english. any help will be appreciated. thank you

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