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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo, 12/30/13. Capitulo 32 and 33.

This is a joint recap between myself and Urban Anthropologist.  It is a bit long.  Hope you all enjoy. 

Capitulo 32.  Oh where, oh where are JL's...avocados.

Juvie the delusional thinks with Maria's help, Ale will give him the position of capataz.  Maria agrees to talk to Ale for him.  As Juvie is putting on his stinky boot, he knocks over some papers and tells her to pick it up.  Maria finds the letter that JL wrote to Montse.

Ale tells Victor that he changed his mind about him talking to his contact at the police station.  This makes Victor happy and asks if that means he can stay longer at the hacienda.  Ale tells him that he found out about the flowers and thinks that he's playing with fire.  Victor reminds Ale that he once told him to forget about Montse but Ale couldn't.  Well I feel the same way you did back then.  I know this isn't right, but I am still going ahead with my plans.  Montse and Nadia walk in and Montse thought Victor was leaving today.  I was replies Victor, but since there is no capataz here, I offered to stay a bit longer.  Maria interrupts and requests that Ale accompany her.  He tells her he's busy, but she insists.  It's about Antonio. 

They go into Ale's study and she shows him the letter that JL wrote before leaving.  Ale reads the letter and asks Maria how would she know that JL/Antonio wrote it?  Maria brings other papers written in JL's handwriting to compare.  After looking at the proof, he asks her not to mention this to anyone.  He also tells her to never enter the capataz's house again without permission.  Remember it is no longer your house. 

Dim is chilling with Adolfo at his crib.  Adolfo gets off the phone with Pedro who tells him that Nadia is at Montse's for a visit.  Adolfo thinks they should go there to get money from their sisters to flee.  Just then Dim's phone rings at it's the wifey.  Adolfo grabs the phone and takes out the battery.  He says with today's technology, there whereabouts can be traced.  Then his phone rings and Dim's sure it's the wifey.  Dim says he needs to do the same to his own phone, but Adolfo says his phone won't do the same.  Dim grabs the phone and throws it across the room and breaks it into pieces.  Josefina hangs up, starts to cry and wonders why the boys won't answer. 

Juvie calls up Loreto and tattle tales that Nadia has been hanging out with a Victor Hernandez.  Pedro wanted to be kept informed of Nadia's activities.  Are you sure asks Loreto.  Of course replies Juvie.  He has even sent her flowers.  They are now talking and giggling.  Look! Look! (Um, dude.  You're on the phone talking.  It's not like he can “see” them.  Obviously you need to upgrade your phone).  Juvie asks if there is something he wants him to do, but Loreto says not right now.  Just keep watching her.  It's better that Pedro not find out until we are completely sure there is something going on.  Just keep me informed.

Montse and Carlotta notice Nadia giggling like a school girl when she's talking to Victor.  Montse is glad that Nadia is enjoying her visit.  Suddenly Ale storms in and heads to his study slamming the door.  Everyone notices except the jubilant Nadia.  Carlotta takes her cue to leave and tells Nadia to accompany her.  Carlotta offers Nadia advice without asking if she wants it.  She advises Nadia it's best if she leaves and returns to her husband.  Why are you telling me this asks Nadia.  Carlotta ignores her and asks if she is interested in Victor.  No, of course not replies Nadia.  Good says Carlotta because he is definitely interested in you.  So don't give my niece any more problems then she already has and stop this nonsense.  Nadia walks back into the living room to a sh!t eating grin from Victor and runs away.  He looks perplexed.  Montse asks Carlotta what the heck she told Nadia.  Carlotta asks if she saw the wagon full of flowers outside.  Victor gave it to Nadia.  When a man does something like that it's because he has feelings for the recipient.  I only told her to be careful.  Anyway, what is going on with your husband?  I don't know but I am going to ask him if he wants coffee replies Montse and leaves. Victor is still moping around like a kid that just lost it's favorite toy.

Ale is in his study re-reading the letter.  Montse comes in asking if he wants some coffee.  Ale rudely points out that she has been very nice to him lately.  Montse repeats her offer of coffee, but Ale declines.  She goes to leave but Ale stops her by asking if she is curious about what Maria told him.  I know it's about Antonio replies Montse.  Did he finally show up?  Are you worried about him asks Ale.  Just the way you are and everyone else is says Montse.  Hopefully nothing bad as happened to him replies Ale.  I liked him.  Really? Why asks Montse.  He is serious and a man with few words says Ale.  He also saved my life.  Don't you like him?  Of course replies Montse.  When you both were in here the other day what were you talking about inquires Ale.  Montse says he doesn't recall.  Ale says that Maria told him one day she went looking for JL at his house.  Is that true?  Yes, I'm sure.  I probably needed something replies Montse.  And what was it asks Ale.  I don't remember replies Montse.  You don't remember or you don't want to tell me asks Ale.  What is this about anyway?  An interrogation asks Montse angrily.  And if it is, so what replies Ale.  Don't I have the right to ask you?  You always talk to be about your rights and obligations says Montse.  And what else would I have to talk to you about replies Ale.  About compassion and love?  You promised that you would trust me says Montse.  I was wrong says Ale.  I can't trust you.  Too bad says Montse.  I really wanted us to get along but you just make things more difficult and walks out.  Ale follows her out and heads to the living room.  Where's everyone asks Ale.  They went to bed replies Victor sadly.  Ale says if JL doesn't show up tomorrow, he wants Victor to find another capataz.  Do you want me to stay with you asks Victor but Ale wants to be alone.  Ale starts drinking.

Nadia is waiting in Victor's room for him.  Nadia wants to talk and when Victor starts getting close she tells him not too.  You told me you were going to leave.  Why are you still here?  For you replies Victor.  Nadia begs him to leave but he refuses.  I should be the one leaving says Nadia.  But I don't have the strength.  I won't be in peace with you here.  I can't keep feeling like this.  When I sit, you sit next to me.  When I talk, you answer.  When I go out to walk, you find me.  I turn red when I am with you and everyone knows it.  Please, I beg you to leave.  Is that what you really want asks Victor.  What would you like me to tell you asks Nadia.  Not to leave?  I can't say that.  He grabs her face and goes in for a kiss, but she pulls away and runs out.

Maria sees Ale drinking alone and grabs a glass to join him.  She asks if it bothers him if she is with him.  No replies Ale.  Maria suggests that he get drunk tonight so that she can have her evil way with him.  (Well not really, but I’m sure she's thinking it).  She says she has never seen him drunk.  She wonders if he will be emotional or content.  They toast and Rosario sees all.  Maria keeps filling Ale's glass with more booze. 

Rosario goes to see Montse and brings her a cup of tea.  Montse inquires about Ale.  Rosario says he's in the living room.  With Maria asks Montse.  Yes, they are talking replies Rosario.  She asks if Montse loves Ale.  Well, he's my husband and I care for him replies Montse.  But not love points out Rosario.    It's to long a story says Montse.  I want to get along with him, but he's difficult.  He's controlling and violent.  I'm scared.  When I am with him, I am not even myself.  Why don't you talk to him the way you are talking to me suggests Rosario.  Why don't you explain exactly how you feel?  Ale is good and I assure you, he will understand.  Montse wonders if Rosario ever knew Ale's mom?  No replies Rosario.  She was a campasina and had the same name as you says Montse.  I think that you did know her.  Why don't you tell me?  Rosario gets nervous and asks if she can go. 

Rosario walks by the living room and sees Maria and Ale talking and laughing.  Maria talks about old times.  She wants things to be the same again.  Cheesy music comes on and Maria tells Ale how much she cares for him and enjoys being with him.  Don't you feel the same way?  Of course replies a drunk Ale.  I like you for reals says Maria and goes in for a kiss and he kisses her back. 

Next morning at the breakfast table, Maria shoots daggers at Montse.  Victor comes in asking for Nadia.  He finds out that she left very early to return home.  Victor quickly tells Ale that he just found out that one of the machines broke down and he has to return immediately back to Aguazul.  Ale agrees and Victor turns to leave.  Maria tells him he needs to eat breakfast first, but Victor says that he lost his appetite.  Esme decides that she also wants to leave.  She asks Victor to get her bag because she wants to finish breakfast first.  Ale the wonderful host hopes Esme had a great time at the hacienda.  Yes, replies Esme.  I thank you and your wife for the great hospitality.  Suddenly Esme's phone rings and she says hi to her friend and she says that she and Victor are leaving soon and to tell the owner of the strip club that she will be dancing tonight.  It's really JL on the other side thanking her for the information.  JL tells Refugio that they can return to the hacienda.  They have a short celebration and Refugio rains on the parade.  What are you going to tell Ale once we return?  Nothing replies JL confidently. 

Rosario rushes into Montse's room to inform her that Antonio has returned.  Rosario notices that Montse is not surprised at the news and asks if she knew that he would return.  Montse ignores her question and asks if Ale knows.  Maria just told him and Ale left to go to the capataz's house. 

JL sees Ale coming and tells Refugio to let him handle things and not to say a word.  They pretend they are looking at paperwork when Ale and nosy Maria just walk right in.  Ale asks where they were?  JL says he told him that he had to go take care of a personal matter.  Ale reminds him that he said he wanted him to stay to accept the new stock of animals.  JL says Juvie could have handled that.  My problem was urgent.  What was the emergency asks Ale.  JL says he doesn't want to talk about it.  It's personal.  Fine replies Ale.  I understand that everyone is entitled to their personal business but I am not happy that you just upped and left your job.  Especially not telling anyone.  Maria chimes in that they had them all worried.  JL apologizes and says he won't do it again.  If you want to let me go, I understand.  Ale shrugs it off.  Refugio can't believe that Ale didn't get mad. 

Maria tells Ale that she should have fired JL or at least tell him why they left.  He is my employee, but I understand that he has a private life and I can't force him to tell me why he left replies Ale.  Maria grabs his arm and reminds him about the letter.  Are you not even going to ask him?  Ale tells her if she wants them to get along then don't stick your nose in what's none of your business and walks away.  Juvie walks up and asks what the fuss about?  Maria tells him to forget about being the new capataz.  Antonio has returned. 

Ale walks in and tells Montse that Antonio has returned.  Really and what did he tell you as to why he left asks Montse the transparent.  It was a personal matter replies Ale.  Carlotta rushes in and shouts that that man has returned.  Montse quickly covers up her aunt's actions and tells Ale that Carlotta was just saying how upset she was for Antonio to leave like that without letting anyone know.  Carlotta says she felt it was disrespectful.  Dominga interrupts to tell Ale that a car just pulled up.  Ale leaves and Carlotta asks Montse why JL returned.  I have no idea replies Montse.

Outside, Ale sees Dim and Adolfo coming up the stairs.  Dim says he didn't call ahead to surprise his sister.  Ale gets introduced to Adolfo who he greets warmly.  Dim asks if he can enter and after a pause, Ale tells him to come on in. 

Dim walks in to a surprised Montse.  He goes to her with extended arms that I’m sure stink to high heaven.  He sees Carlotta and gets even more excited.  Carlotta is buying it and goes to embrace her nephew.  Montse asks why Dim is there?  Did something happen to my dad?  He's fine replies Dim.  Can I not visit you?  Adolfo comes in and shouts out Montse's name and wonders how she's fairing.  In walks Ale behind him not so happy.  Carlotta asks how long they plan to stay.  Dim says one maybe two weeks.  Ale calls for Montse to follow him. 

Ale tells Montse that he doesn't want her brother to stay.  Neither do I replies Montse.  Ale breaks out in a rare smile and says finally we agree on something.  Do you want to tell him or would you prefer I do asks Ale.  Montse says she will bite the bullet and tell him herself.  Is it because of what Esme told you inquires Ale.  Yes and what my mom told me too replies Montse.  Does that mean that you are finally believing me asks Ale.  Yes replies Montse. 

Adolfo finds out from Carlotta that Nadia already left.  He says that is one of the reasons he came, to see his sister.  Carlotta leaves to get some lemonade for the boys.  Adolfo in one of his rare moments of any brain thought says to Dim that his brother-in-law looks like he doesn't want them there.  Dim confidently says that he will just have to deal with it.  It's not like he's going to throw them out.  I'm going to talk to my sister in awhile and get some money from her.  In walks JL and Dim asks him what the heck he is doing there?  Ale walks out of the study and asks  JL/Antonio to follow him.  JL gives Dim the evil eye.  Montse tells her brother to be quiet.  She needs to talk to him.  Carlotta walks in with Maria in tow actually for once doing something.  Carlotta instructs her to tell Dominga to prepare a light snack. 

Maria walks into the kitchen shouting that she can't stand her.  Nosy old lady.  I can't stand her treating me like a servant because I am not.  When Ale returns, I am going to tell him.  Dominga tells her that she will make Ale tired of all her complaining.  I don't bother him replies Maria.  On the contrary, he likes to have me near.  Dominga asks Rosario to watch the pot on the stove so she can get some herbs for the frijoles.  Maria asks Rosario if Montse's brother and his friend with the pretty eyes are going to stay long?  Rosario doesn't know.  Why don't you ask Montse replies Maria.  But of course not telling her I asked you to.  Refugio comes in wondering if Rosario can fix him a plate.  He's starving.  Maria asks Refugio what problem JL/Antonio had.  Refugio tells her to ask him.  Did you know that Ale found a letter that JL wrote to Montse replies Maria.  Rosario and Refugio look at each other.  Maria asks what's up with the faces?  Of course, you guys know what's going on with Antonio and Montse.  Rosario tells Maria to stop gossiping.  Maria says that if I complain to Ale, he will send you away.  Refugio asks Rosario after Maria leaves if what she said is true?  Rosario turns the tables and asks if he knows if it's true?  Did Antonio write a letter to Montse?  Yes, replies Refugio.  Rosario says they should never have returned. 

Ale says when he went to see JL at his house he was not alone and could not ask him a question.  And depending on the answer, we will see if you will still work for me.  Ask me what you want replies JL.  I found this letter on your desk.  JL tells Ale it's not what he thinks.  I will tell you the truth because you have every right to know what's going on.  (Finally! He's grown a set) It's time I tell you face to face.  It was not by accident that I came to work here at your hacienda.  It was just convenient for me.  Then why are you here asks Ale.  I'm here because I am in love with a woman. 

Montse tells Dim that he is not welcome.  Ale knows everything that you and our mother have done to ensure that I married him.  And I'm very angry with you.  I can't believe what you did against JL.  Do you know who was here this week asks Montse.  Esmeralda Ramos.  Dim pretends not to know her, but Montse points out that he knows her very well.  Ale made her come to tell me everything.  At what point did it occur to you to make up such a lie?  Dim tells her he did he a favor.  What?  Making him appear guilty of a crime he didn't commit asks Montse.  What are you talking about asks Dim.  Ale forced our mother to tell the truth replies Montse.  That the person guilty of killing Bruno Gamboa's is you. 

JL tells Ale that the love he has for this woman started long before he came to the hacienda.  Our love was prohibited.  The major obstacle was her family.  I must confess when I came here, I wanted to see her to try to get her back.  Ale this whole time is looking pissed.  JL says that when he left this weekend, he was at the choza by the river.  So it was you that was there with Angelica says Ale.  Of course, now I understand. I just found out yesterday.  She and her sister where talking and I overheard.  I never imaged that her boyfriend was you.  Don't worry, I promised Angelica that I wouldn't say anything.  JL wants to explain why he wrote that letter to Montse.  Well you did it because she knew you are Angelica's boyfriend replies Ale.  Look, I know that you and my woman have talked privately together multiple times.  Now I know why smiles Ale.  Let me tell you that you have no idea of all the thoughts that have ran  through my mind.  JL says he doesn't think that he can work for him anymore.  Ale tells him not to be foolish.  He doesn't care why he accepted the job at the hacienda.  He has no complaints about his work.  I am indebted to you.  You saved my life.  JL reminds him that he doesn't owe him a thing.  Ale tells JL that he once was a lowly peasant and knows what it is to fall in love with a woman of higher breeding.  As of today, I don't want you to see me as your patron, but as your friend.  Count on my discretion and my help. 

Montse says their mom told her that he and Bruno struggled with the gun and that is how he got killed.  Dim gets angry that his mom spilled the frijoles and betrayed him.  Montse can't believe that they would take advantage of the situation and frame JL for the killing.  What did your husband say to our mother to convince her to spill it asks Dim.  Montse as no idea.  He must have given my mother money replies Dim.  She sold me.  Why are you surprised asks Montse.  If I had a price for our mother then why wouldn't you?  But don't worry.  Ale and I have no thoughts of telling the police anything.  In exchange you have to leave today.  Dim says he's not leaving.  Not when she has her ex-boyfriend living here.  Don't think that I didn't see him.  Ale calls him Antonio.  This surprises Montse.  Now with the card on the tables, let's talk says Dim.  I thought you didn't know him but I remember that you saw us once at the pier replies Montse.  She swears that she has nothing going on with him.  She begs him not to say a word to Ale about him.  Dim promises not to say a word in exchange for some money.  Montse tells him that she doesn't have any money.  But your husband does and lots replies Dim.

JL is walking in the stables whipping his whip when Refugio comes running after him.  He shouts that he told him that they shouldn't return.  Maria told me that Ale found the letter that you wrote to Montse.  JL tells him to calm down.  I just talked to him about that.  I told him who I am and why I came here.  Refugio wonders what happened.  JL says Ale thought he was talking about Angelica.  Well you should have just said it all shouts Refugio.  This is all just getting worse replies JL.  One lie after another.  This will all end badly.  I told you we shouldn't have returned shouts Refugio again.  He's going to end up killing us both.  There's more says JL.  Dim just arrived.  Refugio says that idiot will not keep his mouth shut.  I know shouts JL.  That is the price I have to pay for lying.  The only thing that worries me is what Ale will do to Montse when he finds out.  I have to take her away from here even if by force. 
JL walks to his house when he encounters Juvie.  Juvie tells him not to get to comfortable he will be leaving soon.  JL follows up with his own threat. 
JL walks into this crib and it's Montse. 

Chapter 33: Theft of the Future
In Review

“We will flee tonight, yes or no?” Astonishingly, she actually said yes.

 Current Happenings:
Steward's Cottage: In the belief that she had agreed, José Luis told Lady Monserrat repeatedly that he loved her, but with no response in kind. Her eyes no longer saw him the same way. She left the cottage before she could be seen.

Almonte Manor, Study: At the same moment Pervertino complained to Lord Alejandro about Mr Olivares' unorthodox – and unauthorized – absence, insisting that he must be dismissed. Lord Alejandro was justifiably offended at his presumption, telling him it was not his place to make such a demand. Further, that he had made no promise of promotion to the steward's position. Pervertino decided that it was owed to him for his silence regarding Countess Graceless' illicit relation with Lord Benjamin. Lord Alejandro riposted his threat, informing him that he would lose his position if he did not keep silent.
Outside: Masters Dimwit and Adolfo spoke of the situation regarding Lady Monserrat and the presence of José Luis Alvarez. Master Dimwit attempted to explain that Lord Alejandro knew nothing, he was certain. Further, that his demand for money for his silence and eventual departure would be his sister's problem. Master Adolfo did not hesitate to comment on Maid Maria's beauty, which was only to be expected from one as superficial as himself.

Lord Mayor's Office: Lady Nadia arrived and requested that the secretary announce her. Her husband deigned to see her but was far less pleased to see her than she to see him. He then introduced her to Sir Victor Hernandez, unaware that they had already met. In true gentlemanly fashion, Sir Victor behaved as though they had just casually met through friends, betraying no hint of his regard for Lady Nadia. The Lord Mayor commented briefly, then invited Sir Victor to dine with them the following evening. Lady Nadia was apprehensive throughout this entire exchange, first looking away, then studying her husband once he had closed the door. Upon his enquiry about her presence, she told him it was nothing. He prevented her kissing him, telling her to go home and prepare the evening meal.

Almonte Manor, Stables: Master Adolfo, in his usual prowling manner, discovered Maid Maria looking inside. He introduced himself and commented on her beauty in a manner too forward upon introduction. Although he stood several feet away from her, Maria saw him for what he was. He spoke of his travels and how other women paled in comparison to her. She commented that Lady Monserrat would not approve of his approaches to her. Undeterred and unconcerned, he spoke of the immodest fashions of Brazil and how they would suit her, even having the temerity to touch the delicate exposed area above her relatively modest neckline. He knew no boundaries and no correct manner, for when she told him that she lived in the main house he suggested that they meet in her room that night. She suggested that they meet elsewhere, looking at him in a most suggestive manner. Whether she intended to keep the assignation was not obvious.

Medina Residence: Sir Victor was already on the patio when Lady Nadia arrived home and was informed by her housekeeper that she had a visitor. She was clearly nervous at the sight of him, asking what he was doing there. Speaking of his impatience at seeing her, he embraced her and they kissed despite her misgivings.

Arichega Manor: Lady Angelica rested in her chamber. When she was unable to contact Mr Olivares at his hotel she was disappointed until Lord Joaquin asked whether she would enjoy accompanying him to Almonte Manor. She accepted with a childlike enthusiasm that pleased him.

Medina Residence: It was evident that Lady Nadia was discomfited by her feeling for Sir Victor. She feared the consequences of those feelings, especially if they would be consummated. He noticed her tears of anguish, but she broke his embrace, saying she loved her husband. She had heard that Sir Victor was a ladies' man and had no wish to be another in a succession of his conquests. He was confused, telling her that he was not merely looking for diversion. She told him she wished to nurture her marriage, asking why he had accepted the dinner invitation. Confused, but wishing to continue his suit while not wishing to cause her further pain of the moment, he promised to decline the invitation before he departed.

Almonte Manor: Lady Monserrat informed His Lordship that her brother and his friend would merely stay the night and depart on the morrow. Although he was not inclined to host his incorrigible brother-in-law, Lord Alejandro made no argument. He did enquire as to how his lady wife came to know of the relation between Mr Olivares and Lady Angelica. Before she could say very much said Lady Angelica and her father arrived. After a few pleasantries Lady Angelica said she would appreciate a short constitutional while the gentlemen conducted their business. Lord Alejandro suggested to Lady Monserrat that she accompany her. She had little other choice without betraying the full truth.

Outside: The two ladies walked slowly, speaking of Mr Olivares. Lady Angelica stated that they were not affianced, but merely friends, and that Mr Olivares was in love with another. Lady Monserrat enquired the identity of his ladylove, to be told that it was herself. There was no opportunity to continue this, as Master Dimwit approached from behind, requesting an introduction upon the sight of Lady Angelica. Upon hearing her name he commented on her angelic appearance, with her responding in kind, asking if he was the devil. [Touché, Lady Angelica!] She took this opportunity to depart in search of “a friend,” which caused Master Dimwit to ask whom she referred to. Lady Monserrat was not inclined to answer, leaving him confused, perhaps sufficiently to not follow Lady Angelica.

Steward's Cottage: José Luis was packing in anticipation of their departure that evening just as Lady Angelica arrived. Refugio took the bag away before she could notice it and left her to talk with José Luis. She began to speak of her conversation with Lady Monserrat, only to have José Luis insist upon repaying the emergency funds she had lent him. She did not want to accept, but was persuaded to, finally departing after securing a promise from him to see her on the morrow. After she was gone the two friends continued their packing.

 Almonte Manor: Inside, Lord Joaquin had made the acquaintance of the two other friends, extending an invitation to them along with the Almontes. Master Dimwit was pleased at the prospect, particularly at the sight of Lady Angelica upon her return. Once she departed with her father he commented on her beauty before his sister and his aunt, the former of whom bade him watch his behavior. He threatened her in return to be careful. Lady Carlotta was curious about this exchange, but Lady Monserrat was not of a mind to discuss it.

 Medina Residence: Lady Nadia looked in the mirror and saw her own apprehension. She thought back on Sir Victor's kiss, but had no more than a second to that thought before her husband arrived, speaking of his tensions. She offered to massage his back but he declined, as he did all contact with her. She persisted and while he was discomfited she could not see his expression. He mentioned that Sir Victor had canceled for the following evening as she attempted to administer a massage. However, when she attempted to kiss him in invitation to further intimacy he was repelled, telling her he was displeased with her. He left her alone in the room, dejected.

Almonte Manor: As Master Dimwit slept off the effects of excess drink, Lady Monserrat attempted to leave, only to see Master Adolfo near the stables. He asked why she had a valise with her, not knowing that the impudent Maria was behind him. However, when Lady Monserrat saw her she quickly departed, imploring him to say nothing to anyone. Maria asked about Her Ladyship only to be told that she was taking in the fresh night air. She did not appear to believe this.

Medina Residence: Finally driven by her dejection, confusion, and frustration, Lady Nadia demanded to know why her husband rejected her. She would not be put off by his refusal to speak of his failure to enact his husbandly duties. With an expression at the edge of madness he told her to leave him alone. This did not prevent her finally asking him whether he did not favor women. With an inhuman coldness he asked what stupidity she was thinking as he pushed her onto the bed. Finally, he said that it was not that he did not like women, but that he did not like her. He felt nothing for her. With those words he left her alone in her room, as anguished as though she had entered Hell itself, hearing echoes down its corridors as she writhed in emotional agony on her bed.

Almonte Manor: Lady Monserrat returned to her room, throwing the bag on the floor and herself on the bed, shocked that she may have been found out. Outside, José Luis and Refugio met at the appointed place. Refugio was certain that Lady Monserrat would not meet with them. At the last he decided they should return to the cottage. At the same moment, the presumptuous Maria decided to question Master Adolfo on the events of the evening, saying that Lord Alejandro was her best friend. However, Master Adolfo successfully distracted her with a modest silver or white gold pendant on a chain, which he placed around her neck. Although she did not quite express the full gratitude he hoped for, it appeared to put an end to her interrogation.

The Following Morning

Medina Residence: Lady Nadia sat alone in the dining hall sipping her coffee until she could endure no more of the empty table. Finally she rose and walked out onto the long balcony overlooking the garden. She dropped her cup at the sight of the cart decked in flowers. She ran down to inspect it as the housekeeper informed her that it had been delivered by a young man.
Almonte Manor: As Lady Monserrat completed her toilette, Maid Maria entered her room uninvited, in her usual manner. After making a show of placing a glass of orange juice on the table near the bed, she said she had been appointed to do so by Rosario. Lady Monserrat was not fooled by this and indicated as much. Maria then presumed to demand to know what she had been doing the night before in the stables. As Her Ladyship was about to put her in her place, Lord Alejandro arrived just in time to do precisely that. He insisted that Maria show Her Ladyship the appropriate respect. At first she attempted to goad Her Ladyship into a confession to whatever crime she was prepared to accuse her of, but Lord Alejandro would not hear of it. He ordered her to cease her attacks and leave her Ladyship's room, not to enter it again. She attempted to interrupt him, but he stopped her words, telling her in no uncertain terms that she was to respect Her Ladyship as his wife and the mistress of the manor. After her departure he apologised to Lady Monserrat for his earlier failing to see her misgivings about Maria and her conflicts with her. Lady Monserrat was quite satisfied. He promised to help with this and asked whether she would join him in the corral. She declined, due to the heat, and he accepted this. He reminded her that she was to see that her brother and his friend departed that very day. He then returned to work. She was relieved, but clearly knew that this would not be the last anxious moment of her life or her marriage.

Medina Residence: Lady Nadia's housekeeper was enchanted by the flower cart, thinking that the Lord Mayor had sent it. Lady Nadia told her that was not the case; she had ordered it as a new decoration. She then announced that she would bathe and went inside to do so, perhaps to avoid further enquiries.

Road: Constable Loreto spoke with Pervertino, informing him that the flower cart had been delivered. Pervertino (who had seen the cart previously at Almonte Manor) drew the logical conclusion about it, which he did not hesitate to share. Constable Loreto observed that the Lord Mayor hated the possibility of scandal and Pervertino told him to not be concerned; he would say nothing.

Maria's Chamber: Lady Monserrat entered uninvited only to hear the unscrupulous wench's assumption that she was there to plead with her to say nothing to His Lordship. Lady Monserrat was as cool as a mountain spring in telling her how mistaken she was. Maria's attempt at verbal warfare failed miserably when Her Ladyship told her that she had His Lordship's full support. She was to think about what side her bread was buttered on. The nasty wench was bested in this encounter and was most resentful of the result.
Parlour / Study / Outside: Master Adolfo told Master Dimwit that his sister had a small valise with her the previous evening. “Do you think she was trying to escape?” asked Dimwit. “I don't know, but it would seem so.” He went on about being interrupted by Maria but could not finish his tale because Lady Monserrat arrived. She called her brother into the study, then told him she could not secure the money he wanted. Nor could he ask to stay longer. Unfortunately, she did not take the same tone with Master Dimwit as she had previously with Maria; she pleaded with him to leave so as to not make things more difficult. He refused, accusing her of exaggerating the matter. He finally had the temerity to suggest that she ask the steward to embezzle the funds from the estate. At her justifiably shocked reaction he even intimated that she should seduce the money from her husband. She was scandalized at his shamelessness.

José Luis arrived and Master Dimwit departed with verbal flourishes about how they could put their heads together to find the funds he was demanding. When the door closed José Luis asked why she had not met him the night before. She told him that Adolfo had seen her. When he suggested that they flee that night she refused. At the last she told him that if he loved her as much as he professed he would leave. Neither was aware that her worthless brother and his equally worthless friend were outside that very door, listening to all being said. She was married and that was that. She reminded him that if the two cads could harm her marriage his presence could also. Alas, they fled their position outside the door quickly enough for her not to catch them. Outside they spoke of it, with Master Adolfo not accepting that Lady Monserrat would not buy their silence. He insisted that Master Dimwit threaten her again.

Maria's Chamber: Pervertino's entrance should have been convincing enough that an uncle should not be permitted into his niece's bedchamber. She was sitting on the bed, angry and petulant as a child as he closed the door behind him. She told him she didn't wish his company and to leave her alone. He chided her about his advice to cause a conflict between the Almontes. She explained that it failed, speaking of the letter and that he did nothing. Now His Lordship was not even talking to her. Pervertino knew then that she was losing ground. She told him about what she thought had transpired in the stables the night before and that it was her own bad fortune that Master Adolfo was there. Further, that Lord Alejandro forbade her to speak of Her Ladyship. Pervertino took this news with no degree of panic, but was perhaps distracted by his own enjoyment in fondling his niece's bare feet and later her clothed back.

Road: Constable Loreto followed someone driving a white vehicle, noting every landmark along the road.

Steward's Cottage: Master Dimwit entered as though he were master of the estate rather than an uninvited and unwelcome guest, rattling something on the wall to attract José Luis' attention. He goaded him with a demand for money under threat of disclosure. José Luis almost yielded to the temptation of killing him using a rope as a garrotte, but thought better of it at Dimwit's sarcastic commentary about his sense of honor. He released him, ordering him to leave. At the last he had to force him out the door.
Almonte Manor: Lady Monserrat cried, anxiously thinking of her intolerable situation. Lord Alejandro entered and in frustration told him she could not ask her brother to leave. That Lady Carlotta asked her to give him another chance because he was her brother. He was quite willing to do the unpleasant task of forcing Dimwit's departure, but Lady Monserrat implored him not to, saying that her aunt was right. She drew him into her arms and – though she likely by then enjoyed the embraces of her husband – complied with Master Dimwit's shameless suggestion, that she make herself a whore to feed his greed.
Didn't see the preview for tonight's episode. 


So sorry for the lateness. I had a sick kid last night and didn't get the recap to Urban until late last night. She had to leave early so I just now realized I had to put it up. I think there is a spot missing but I didn't get to watch the second half since my kid was sick.

Good Morning Ms Gloria and Ms Urban:

What a wonderful, marvelous recap. I really love both your different styles. And Gloria, I hope you child is feeling better soon.

Well, Well, Maria got her some comeuppance. It's about time! I have been waiting for Ale to put her in her place. So glad he did. I couldn't stand her trying to seduce him in the living room of all places and trying to get him drunk!

Dimwit and Addy, what a duo of jerks they are. It's too bad that Dimwit saw JL. Now he has something to hang over Monse's head. I can't stand it. He has gotten away with far too much already. I want someone to put him in his place, like the carcel. He should have been there a long time ago.

Poor Nadia! Pedro is horrid, just horrid. The man has no feelings whatsoever. He could at least be nice to her. He is as cold as a fish. I wonder if Nadia is a virgin. When she told Pedro she needed him, ya know, I didn't think she was. The poor woman is starving for affection and love. I like that Victor is around her and doing these little things for her, but it will cost them a lot if Pedro finds out what is going on.

Quick save on JL's part I must say. I didn't think he'd tell the truth about he and Monse. Those avances are so sly! I noticed that JL got really close to Monse when he entered Ale's office and she kind of brushed him aside. Very telling. I wonder how JL thinks that Monse will run away with him. I think if she really wanted to run away with him, she would have already. Now Dimwit is at the hacienda and up to no good.

The Perv is one pithed off guy and such a Perv! As if JL would feel threatened by him. The Perv is an idiot. Ale would never give him the capataz's job. Ale already knows, or suspects that Juvie has been ripping off the hacienda for years.

The avances showed Ale and Monse kissing in front of Maria and JL. I hope they do show that. Then maybe JL and Maria will get a clue.

Thank you for getting the recap up with illness in the household on top of the holidays. It was excellent!

I liked:

Ale finally putting Maria in her place.

Gloria's use of "Pervertino.

I didn't like:

Ale kissing Maria. Being drunk is no excuse.

Ale finishing JL's "story" for him because JL was on the verge of telling him the truth. NB to Ale: if someone is talking: let them finish uninterrupted!

Auntie Carlota telling Montse to make up with her brother after she knows what a scumbag he is and his role in the whole marriage mess. When does the family ever think of Montse first and not that slug Dimitri?

Nadia being with Victor. Even if he cannot stand her, Pedro is still her husband and a real sick loose cannon. She should know better and get a divorce first. Who knows what Pedro is capable of if his public image were to be affected?

A very happy and healthy 2014 to all of you!


My oldest was sick last night and for once really wanted me to lay down with her and cuddle. She's 12 and lately she thinks she's too old for cuddles.

I was confliced with the whole Victor/Nadia relationship. On one hand, I want her to find happiness, but then on the other she is married. One man at a time sister.

I still think JL should just fess up and admit the truth. I know he was trying yesteday, but come on! Out with it.

BTW, Happy New Year everyone! Please be safe.

Double the pleasure! UA and Gloria this recap was tremendous!

Though I enjoyed the take-down of Maria by both Ale and Monse, the fact that Ale gave into that kiss (drunk or not) still gives Maria ideas. Hopefully, if the previews are true, if she sees hubby and wife making nice, she'll realize the booze was doing the talking and there isn't an emotion by Ale. Also amazes me she is so snippy and grabby with him, and seems to think that's attractive?
Her character is just unenjoyable to watch ( if there's such a word). A good villainess or "bad girl" is fun to watch if written or played right. Maria is just a shrew. Times like this, I miss Altair.

As for JL - is it me or is he increasingly becoming less attractive? The five o'clock doesn't really work well on him either.

As for Dimwit, I admit I thought him possibly redeemable, but right now, he can get run over by the nearest tractor. Ale wants to get rid of him too, buy him a one-way ticket to Brazil.

Carlotta needs to get a life. I apologize to those who like the character, but she just grates on my last nerve in every scene she is in. What a busy-body.

How the heck did Nadia and Pedro hook up? Did she have money or background to aid in his political career? Trophy wife? poor thing. This won't go pretty for awhile for either her or Victor I fear. I like then both so much, hopefully nothing happens seriously to either.

Champagne toast to the patio for a Happy New Year!!

Thank you Gloria and Urban! Many chores this morning, will be back later. Really appreciate you guys putting out these stellar and detailed recaps of these double episodes!

Had to laugh at JL's useless confrontation. If he really had avocados he should have started with "My name is Jose Luis. ." (suddenly I heard that actor's voice who used to say "My name Jose Jimenez"--what show was that?) Anyway the big dummy ended up winning Ale's undying friendship instead of Montse's undying love and her flight away with him. BIG DUMMY!!

Other impressions: What total, unapologetic scumballs Dimmy and Dopey are! What a pig Juvie continues to be and how steadily he makes inroads into his niece's personal space. How much is too much for this girl?

And Ale kissing Maria back! What! Not that I wanted anything else to happen but that scene seemed truncated and awkwardly juxtaposed against the next one at the breakfast table?!

Finally, speaking of how much is too much? What does Pedro have to do to show Nadia that this "marriage" is dead on arrival? I don't know the laws of the church but can't she get an annulment already? If she still loves him now, she is as sick as he is! Look forward to y'alls take on these busy, talkative two episodes. Thanks again Gloria and Urban!


Gloria and Urban, the perfect compliment. What a duo! Wise, witty and wonderful.

Gloria: Love your style - I could read your recaps all day. A special thank you for doing this while taking care of your sick daughter. I hope she is better! "Um, dude. You're on the phone talking. It's not like he can “see” them. Obviously you need to upgrade your phone)", "Maria suggests that he get drunk tonight so that she can have her evil way with him. (Well not really, but I’m sure she's thinking it)" and "He goes to her with extended arms that I’m sure stink to high heaven" were among my favorites.

UA, I always feel transported back in time reading your recaps. Your language is inspirational and a treat. "her eyes no longer saw him the same way", "Pervertino complained to Lord Alejandro about Mr Olivares' unorthodox – and unauthorized – absence" and "as anguished as though she had entered Hell itself, hearing echoes down its corridors as she writhed in emotional agony on her bed" were powerful and among my favorites.

I really like Angelica and looking forward to what transpires. She is feisty and insightful (she pegged Dimwit right off the bat, didn't she)?? Poor Josie, if only she realized she is so much better off without Dimwit! I thought he might be changing but tonight's episode sadly proved he is still nowhere on the road to redemption.

Madelaine, I am glad Ale finally put Maria in her place. But, it's far too little too late. That regrettable and improper behavior (kissing Maria) just adds fuel to the fire. He may well never be able to atone for his actions and behavior toward Monse, he can ill afford additional costly mistakes.

JL should have interrupted Ale during his tirade and confessed on the spot. Ale tied up the lie with a beautiful bow but JL needed to step up and open Pandora's box and tell the truth. He does not deserve Monse (although I don't think Ale does either)..

Jarifa, I am afraid for Nadia as Pedro is indeed a monster. He has cruelly rejected her in every possible way. She is susceptible and vulnerable and Victor's timing could not be better (or worse). In a perfect world, she should leave Pedro before entering into a relationship with Victor, certainly for safety's sake. But his rejection is searing and likely to make her run rather than walk into Victor's arms.

Monse has a feeling Rosario is Ale's mother, wonder when Rosario will admit the truth.

This is really getting good!

Thank you again Gloria and Urban.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy New Year!


Wow. You two put a ton of work in on this. Very ,very detailed. And a lot happened. Just outstanding.

Gloria, I am so sorry you were dealing with the illness of a child. But so glad that she wanted you to snuggle with her. Those moments are fleeting once they get to this age (and beyond). My oldest had no need of me at all for years....until she had her own baby. Then suddenly I was needed again. And it felt great.

Boy the stakes are raised now. Lots of tension. I got nervous just reading your two accounts.And I haven't seen it yet. So many hidden and forbidden romances. Lord have mercy!

"Medina Residence: Lady Nadia looked in the mirror and saw her own apprehension."

Nice turn of phrase, UA.

Your style and Gloria's make a great contrast and I appreciate both of them...especially at this very busy time of year, when colds, flu and endless parties are rampant. It's a wonder any of us survive Christmas...without having double recaps to boot. Bless you both.

Happy New Year! Thank you Urban and Gloria (with a sick child, too), for getting this up for us.

Anon- Yes. Nadia does come from money and a family with a name. She's pretty, young, sweet, and easy to (man)handle. She's a perfect trophy wife. I'm still trying to figure out how Pedro managed to act like her cared for her, long enough to convince her to marry him! I think she's a virgin, and that's why the temptation of Victor is affecting her so much. The girl's ready to errupt. How in the world does Pedro expect her to live like a nun. That's fine for him, since he's got issues (whatever they are). But did he really expect that the woman he'd marry could go on forever with no sex, hugs, kisses, or even touching?

I'm mad at Victor though for pushing this. Where does he think this will lead? And sending a married woman such a HUGE showy gift, TWICE! Good grief.

Blackmailers really can be so stupid. How does Dim think that Monse can get money out of Ale, without it looking suspicious?

Gloria: Sorry your poor daughter had to be under the weather during the holidays. Makes it all the worse for them. But enjoy the cuddles when you can!! The patio is 100% in agreement that we could do without a recap if that is asked of you.


Thanks Vivi, Google ate my signature again when I posted. That was my as Anon asking about Nadia.



I agree with you about Ale, sigh! He just went along with that Maria kiss, no shoving her off, no get away from me, he just went with it. That's what bothers me so much, plus the fact that when Dimwit and his cohort Addy just showed up at the hacienda out of the blue, if I had been Ale, I would have thrown both of them out on their tushies. Then Dimwit wouldn't have seen JL. Then he couldn't be blackmailing Monse for money.

I am sympathizing with poor Nadia. She is really trying hard to resist Victor, but since the poor woman never had any affection from her husband, she is very conflicted and Urban caught that reflection perfectly. I really think Nadia will try to fight this attraction she feels for Victor, but I wonder how long she will continue to fight it. I don't think Victor is playing around here either. I think he has fallen very hard for her. But I too worry for the both of them being caught by Pedro. He is an evil man.

I too like Angie, she has such a verve for living. I like her outspokenness with her feelings for JL. I am liking Lottie, for her frank speaking, Esme too for hers, and Angie. I wish one of them would rub off on Monse and Nadia. I am not counting Maria and her evil mis planes here.

And Rosario poor thing being constantly threatened by Maria, having to guard Monse's secrets and her own biggest secret is she is Ale's Mama. I am just hoping when that truth comes out, Ale doesn't kick her to the curb.

These weaker women, Monse, Nadia and Rosario, need a catalyst to prod them somehow into doing something to gain the upper hand. I think out of all the stronger women, Esme and Angie could prod one or both along.


I agree with you that JL lost his avocadoes a long time ago. Even though Ale interrupted him, he should have continued and told him the truth anyways. I think he just chickened out again. I think he knows deep down that Monse doesn't feel the same way she used to. When he kissed her, he should have gotten a clue. She isn't kissing him the way she used to and also when she said she would leave with him, I think it's more of saving him than running away with him. I do think she has fallen for Ale without realizing it.

Wow, two compelling and powerful recaps! Gloria and Urban, you two make a terrific tag team and I so appreciate the time and care you put into your recaps. Thank you! The recapping team for this telenovela is amazing.

My pal Diana called out the exact two quotes from each of the recaps that I was going to note. For Gloria it was the snarkalicious "Um, dude...Obviously you need to upgrade your phone" and for UA it was the poetic "as anguished as though she had entered Hell itself, hearing echoes down its corridors as she writhed in emotional agony on her bed". Yowza to both!

Gloria, I hope your daughter feels better soon. Thank you for doing the recap while caring for your sick child.

Feliz año nuevo a todos!

Just read comments. Gloria, I hope your daughter is feeling better and I hope you both enjoyed the cuddling!

Again I ask, my friends, does the Catholic Church allow annulments for non-fulfillment of conjugal duties? Even if divorce is really bad in Catholicism but can't she get a divorce based on Pedro's withholding of affection and his outright hostility and contempt for her? Thanks!


Ay ay ay! A recap on New Year's Eve with a sick child at home -- above and beyond, Gloria!

Thank you so much to you and to Urban for these beautifully written and detailed accounts. It is a special treat for us to bounce from one writing style to the next.

Just what the hacienda needed -- a little more malice (personified by Dim and Dimmer). And meanwhile poor Josefina languishes in Aguazul, trusting that her true love will keep faith with her. Sigh.

Pedro's scene with Nadia was one of the cruelest I can recall in a telenovela. You captured it beautifully, Urban.

Gloria, if I had to pick my favorite part of your recap, it would be your description of María's latest attempt to seduce Alejandro:

"Don't you feel the same way? Of course replies a drunk Ale. I like you for reals says Maria and goes in for a kiss and he kisses her back."

That's the first time she has gotten so far. I hope it is not a herald of things to come. As Daisy says, María is just not a fun villain to watch (unless you are looking through Carlos's rose-colored glasses).

WIshing you all a healthy, happy new year!

May our pots here continue to boil deliciously!

Sylvia, we always seem to enjoy the same quotes, don't we? :)

Lila, I believe the Catholic church does grant annulments if the marriage is not consummated.

Pedro is an abuser and hopefully Nadia will be able to obtain a divorce unless he fights her using his position of power to impede the process. It is my understanding that the Church is becoming more lenient in granting annulments but (I say ruefully as a Catholic), those who are divorced are somewhat ostracized.

So, I feel Nadia is entitled to an annulment from both the church and state. Let's see what happens.


Thanks, Diana, her pain was palpable as Urban so eloquently expressed it: she is in emotional, mental and physiological anguish! I want a humongous anvil with burning spikes for Pedro!


Great recap of a complicated episode.

I really think Pedro's "problem" is far more involved than we have been lead to believe. Did you notice how short the bed in their bedroom was? Nadia's legs hung off the front of the bed while her head touched the headboard.

I really don't get Victor. He must have some kind of death wish with Pedro just waiting on the sidelines for the opportunity to fulfill it. For a savvy businessman he is naïve and not so smart when it comes to Nadia who is so totally emotionally damaged.

Once again the writers lead us on. JS starts his story, Ale interrupts him by drawing an incorrect conclusion from a faulty set of facts and bumbles onward while JL keeps his mouth shut - just when we think we are looking at a mini-resolution.

Great recap of a complicated episode.

I really think Pedro's "problem" is far more involved than we have been lead to believe. Did you notice how short the bed in their bedroom was? Nadia's legs hung off the front of the bed while her head touched the headboard.

I really don't get Victor. He must have some kind of death wish with Pedro just waiting on the sidelines for the opportunity to fulfill it. For a savvy businessman he is naïve and not so smart when it comes to Nadia who is so totally emotionally damaged.

Once again the writers lead us on. JS starts his story, Ale interrupts him by drawing an incorrect conclusion from a faulty set of facts and bumbles onward while JL keeps his mouth shut - just when we think we are looking at a mini-resolution.

Thanks Gloria and UA for the double-barreled recap. Very different styles but very satisfying results from the both of you.

As for María, I'm not blind and deaf... I realize that she has imperfections and flaws (though certainly not as far as physical beauty is concerned). She was the pretty little peasant girl who grew up with the pretty little peasant boy and just naturally always assumed that he was intended for her. He is now rich and felt justified in buying a trophy wife. So why has he not explained this to María? She's not blind nor deaf either and the message she keeps getting from both Alejandro and Montserrat is that his heart is still in play.

As for that matter, JL still has manifest reason to believe that Montserrat still prefers him over Alejandro. Alejandro and Montserrat have the ultimate say so, but neither are saying so.

I think it will be fun and satisfying meanwhile to watch María toy with and manipulate Alfonso. I hope that he and Dimitrio find a way to stick around the ranch awhile. I also think it'd be a lot of fun if Graciela came to visit... does she already know María?



Whoa...no way could Graciela come to visit! Somebody would surely "out" her, no? But I love how skillfully you plead "poor little Maria's" case. If you hadn't become a doctor, you would have made a fabulous defense attorney, Carlos.

Now go Bears! I'm a-wantin' to see a big Baylor win here.

Thanks for those good wishes, Judy. I don't mind telling you that this game has me worried. 17 point favorites against University of Central Florida... what could possibly go wrong?


I think Ale and Nadia would have made a much more compatible pair than Ale and Money. Too bad Nadia was in a hurry to marry the first guy who came along. But then we wouldn't have all this drama.

My skin was really crawling when Pervy and Maria were sitting on the bed together. I was seriously worried they get even grosser in an incest kind of way, in which case I'm sure I would have lost my dinner. How is it that mean suspicious Maria has absolutely no creep alarm?

So disgusted with Ale for letting Maria get him drunk and for kissing her. Grow up, Alejandro.

I wish poor Josefina had a friend to help her out. Maybe Esme could fill that role? They need to meet somehow! Those two were so funny in Gancho.

Muchas thanks for the really excellent recaps!

First of all, thanks to Gloria for posting my part. If this ever happens again I will not remove the extra spacing, which caused my part to look like a wall of text.

And, Gloria, I hope your daughter feels better quickly.

Carlos, Graciela and Maria have met. I covered that in the opening episode although I have no idea how long they know each other. We don't know how long the affair between her and Don Benjamin lasted or when it started or ended. The only thing I am sure of is that there is no chance that Don Benjamin is the sperm donor of Monserrat or Graciela would not have tried to get his money this way. She would have insisted on a DNA test to prove that Monserrat is his offspring to challenge the will and Alejandro being who he is would probably have given up half the inheritance without a fight.

But even then I doubt he would ever have looked at Maria the way she wants him to.

She will not be put off no matter what he says to her. The only thing he can do to stop her is to send her away to work with Victor.

As for Dimwit, he can go to hell. He clearly doesn't give a flying damn about his own sister and he is in no way worthy of redemption.

Pedro won't be redeemable either. I'm guessing that his illegal activities involve a lot of death and violence. Nadia is in danger no matter how she behaves around him.

Yes, she can get an annulment, but he will probably threaten her life if he even thinks she's enquiring about that.

UA. I think you are right about Pedro. Nadia could pay with her "life" one way or another if she stays or tries to leave. Sort of like a life sentence for one bad decision: marrying him.


I think Nadia's only hope would be to somehow trick or manipulate Pedro into thinking a divorce/annulment is his idea. Maybe fake a disfiguring accident so he won't see her as a suitable poster wife anymore?

Urban, I just read your post and didn't even notice yours had no spacing. So so sorry. I was crazy busy at work and hurried to put it up. I just fixed it. My apologizes to everyone for not checking before posting.


Urban and Gloria, I remember when I was posting recaps for La Tempestad that sometimes the spacing in my post would be fine, and sometimes it would squish together. It just didn't seem consistent which was very annoying when I had to go back and respace my recap after posting. Bah!

I agree with Julia; the only way Nadia will be able to get away from Pedro is by trickery. Or death, preferably his. Since Loreto is following her everywhere I'm sure he will see her with Victor and Pedro will be very pithed off. I had to laugh, though, that Loreto is following her in the official car, like she wouldn't notice.

Only now did I have time to read your excellent double recap. Thanks, Gloria, for completing yours under adverse conditions. Hope your daughter is feeling better.
Thanks, Urban, for your lovely language. I always enjoy the archaic tone you give us.

I believe Sir Walter Scott can chime in regarding this episode:
"Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!" I thought we might get a few things settled, but everything just gets messier and messier. Sr. Pedro is a stone cold SOB. Too bad we didn't see how he manipulated Nadia into marriage.

Juvie is killing me with his nasty self and his caressing of Maria. I loved him deeply and truly in Pasion and he makes me just sick here. Good portrayal of a bad character.

Also excellent in her portrayal--Rosario frightened for herself, yet determined to help her son and Montse.

Adolfo is such an oily little creep, but he does have pretty eyes.

Thank you UA and Gloria for an awesome recap!

La Paloma that quote went through my head again and again last night. What a tangle dew eb of lies and receipt on everyone's part. Layer on layer. I'm getting stressed again.

And Julia, I've been secretly hoping for Esmeralda to befriend Fina and help her with a makeover!

Interesting that while Ale discouraged Victor from pursuing a married woman, it certainly wasn't off the table. Yet just recently when Vic told Ale that JL was supposed to be a stand up guy, Ale freaked out and said "he's going after someone's wife!" Hypocrisy is another thing Ale and Monsy share.

Thanks again UA and Gloria!

Happy New Year All!


And that was "tangled web"! Darn auto-correct!

The difference between those situations is that Pedro is a dangerous man. He's a cold-blooded criminal who is likely to kill at the slightest pretext. Alejandro has a bad temper but the first real evidence that Monserrat loves him will make a pussycat out of him.

However, I see the point here.

I want the backstory on how she ended up married to him.

I do too, Urban. It seems incredible that she ever would have agreed to marriage to someone who treated her like that while they were going out. And there's nothing to indicate that it was an "arranged marriage". Are the parents even around?

Gloria and Urban - Terrific double-teaming. Muchisimas gracias. Gloria, hope your daughter is feeling better this new year day.

Nadia says she loves Pedro, but that's not even remotely realistic. He is rude, obnoxious, and uncaring to her at ever turn, in private and in public. What's to love? She should resent him and want out, regardless of Victor.

Montse needs someone she can confide to and give her a pep talk cause she's too sharp to let Dim push her around like this. Hey, where's the Padre?

JL has the truth on who set him up and a chance to see Ale is a good guy. Time for him to stand up. He seemed to feel pithed with himself about his lack of avocados in the meeting with Ale. But then he's right back to "let's run away." Too much has happened -- both Montse and JL have gotten to know Ale -- to just ditch without a word now.


Nadia and Addy's parents are around, we just haven't seen them. They are in Europe on a vacation. They did cut Addy off though, when they found out he was partaying instead of going to school. I don't believe they know what is going on with Nadia and Pedro, but they do have scads of money. I bet Pedro married Nadia for the lana.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Niece in MD: ITA that too much has happened to disappear without a word now, I thought it was shocking that Montserrat agreed to run away with JL again. Especially with her aunt and blackmailing brother at the hacienda, it truly seems like the cowards way out. And I can't believe that her feelings are still as strong for JL. Haven't we seen her doubting him more and more and, at the same time, being drawn to Ale? Yet she's back to square one, wanting to ride off into the sunset with JL . I thought she'd progressed further than that....


And what happened to Montsys promise to Ale that she wouldn't run away again? Or her telling JL she would NEVER leave with him.


Either Nadia is toeing the party line (ya know she loves Pedro) or she is trying to convince herself she does, or she is trying to keep Victor at arms length. I think she is trying to convince herself she loves Pedro, even though he is basically cruel to her. I too wonder why in the world she married Pedro. I really think he was not this way with her before they married.


About Monse wanting to run away with JL again. Not a spoiler, but I don't think she ever will. I think this time it was to try and get JL out of harm's way, ya know away from Dimwit and Ale, but she still didn't go. I really think she wants him to go and never come back and she also wants to rectify the wrong done to him by her scheming Mama and her Dimwit bro. I don't know how she will be able to do that, but she wants to do something. I really think she is feeling more for Ale than she realizes. Since he treats her half way decently now, she is falling for him and she sees he has the avocadoes that JL doesn't have.

I keep forgetting that Adolfo is Nadia's brother. Again, we have a comparative example of a decent young woman with a useless brother.

However, I doubt that Nadia has any money of her own at this point.

I have no doubt that Pedro married her for what she will ultimately inherit. During the original period of this story he would control it. I wonder whether we will ultimately meet her parents.

Here's food for thought: Pedro must have put on a hell of a front in order to hoodwink his future in-laws. If they are capable of seeing that Adolfo is useless shouldn't they have been able to see through Pedro?

You know what? We've seen how controlling Gracie is, how classist: as I said long ago, I think this love of Montse for JL was a teenage rebellion thing. Montse was drawn to the type of man she knew her mother would reject, the attraction being directly proportional to Gracie's rejection. While Montse did want JL to present himself and their love to her Father and I think she did love JL, her love seemed to have an artificial, reactionary drama queen quality to it. The parental dynamic loomed large in her love story with JL.

Now with Ale Montse is experiencing a relationship with a man in which the parental dynamic is not as central. Yes, she felt compelled to marry Ale to save her family financially but for the first time she is not living under her parent's roof and despite the parade of family, friends and staff throughout their home, this is the first time she has dealt with a man, her husband, in their home. Though it is rough and fraught with misunderstandings and their
own hypocritical self-righteousness, she is learning to love Ale based on occasional peeks of his humanity and tenderness. It has got to be touching and confusing that Ale genuinely likes her JL and trusts him as the ranch foreman and as a friend. I think JL feels this confusion too and also feels the waning intensity of Montse's passion. I can almost hear Montse and JL independently thought bubbling, "Damn! This Ale is a great guy!" which draws Ale to Montse and makes JL the more anxious to get Montse away.

Anywho, I went back and watched the last two minutes of capitulo 24 and oh. my. word. The way Alejandro melted into Montse's embrace as she entreated him not to put Dimwit out. That kiss, which he initiated but which she prolonged by tenderly but insistently pulling his mouth into hers. . he even gently sways, it seems, to the song swelling in the background. Ah! This is what I watch novelas for. These two are suh-weeet together!


Lila, I love your take on the Ale-Montse-JL triangle.

About Nadia and Pedro…

I don't have a hard time imagining how naive Nadia's head could have been turned by this handsome, older man focusing his attentions on her. His stammering formality would seem like courtly diffidence. If he never tried to force himself on her, it was obviously out of respect. If he appeared a little controlling about the wedding, the honeymoon or where they would live afterward -- oooh, how virile!

The iciness, the indifference, the repulsion, the aggression -- these are all the treats that Nadia discovered on her honeymoon and afterward.

[I would argue that Montserrat was similarly naive when she fell for José Luis. She didn't know he was a single-minded obsessive who would never let go, no matter how circumstances changed, no matter how many people would have to suffer because of his obsession.]

Lila,,,,mmmm...WOW. What a thoughtful analysis. I think that you are on to something. Monymony was rebelling against her controlling , greedy, class conscious mama when she fell for JL. Now, let us all take a moment to remember our first teenage puppy love. Now that the imagine and memory is in your mind, would you want to be married to him/her ? Me...no.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. I hope that 2014 is a year filled with health, love, and happiness for you all.

Angelica...is the Angel. Doesn't Nadia mean nobody? Was the name chosen by the writers because to Pedro, she IS a nobody ? What a very strange buckaroo. What is this guy up to , and what is his backstory ? We know that he is a corrupt politician and a really cold fish, but what else is going on to make him such an asshat ? Did he marry Nadia just for the cash and prizes she brought with her ?

Susanlynn- Pedro does treat Nadia like nadie, but the name means hope. Does she have a hope of surviving this marriage? Or is it a fool's hope that Pedro will reciprocate her love one day? In Arabic, the name means delicate/tender.

Vivi..I have never had a student named Nadia from an Arab country, but I know that their names all mean something...Amal(hope)...Kamal (Special)...Jamal/jamila (beautiful)...Basim (happy, smiling).

I, Khalilah Sabreen, loosely translated, patient and enduring friend, wish a peaceful and prosperous New Year to you and everyone you hold dear!

:D Lila

Lila, I couldn't agree more with your thoughtful analysis of why Montserrat fell for JL. Yep, teenage rebellion, totally makes sense.

NM, I can also see how Pedro's manners might seem courtly, especially if he was actually polite and attentive to Nadia. Which he would be, of course, if he were wooing her.

I don't see Pedro and JL as being the same sort of man. I think Pedro is fully conscious of what he had to do to get Nadia and her money/status. JL is more of a train wreck sort of guy. Not that any of you were comparing the two guys. I realize the comparisons were of Montse and Nadia, the two young and inexperienced ladies who so want to be In Love.

Lila...Khalilah...may I ask where you are from ? I have never had a student named Khalilah, but I have had several Khalil's.

Ah Susanlynn, would that it were exotic! I am American, of Nigerian/Irish descent, born in Arkansas and raised in Michigan where we are have been being showered all day with lovely snow just in time for the Winter Classic Hockey Match between Toronto Maple Leaves and the Detroit Red Wings being held at the Big House, my alma mater: The University of Michigan!

At any rate Khalilah is the feminine form and a bit awkward on a blog so I shortened it to Lila! :D


Lila: I absolutely loved your description of the scene in cap 24. That is also why I love watching novelas. Those two are great together. It's also why I hung on to Corazon Indomable for so long, they had great chemistry together also. It's a shame that in the end even AB and DA couldn't make up for the horrible script. Happy New Year to everyone.

Lila: I absolutely loved your description of the scene in cap 24. That is also why I love watching novelas. Those two are great together. It's also why I hung on to Corazon Indomable for so long, they had great chemistry together also. It's a shame that in the end even AB and DA couldn't make up for the horrible script. Happy New Year to everyone.

Ah Lila...I remember Khalilah from one of our blog lines years ago. Was that you? (If so, great to have you back. And if not, great to have you as a new commenter)

Victoria L....so you were watching Corazon Indomable also? Man, what a trainwreck. Keeping my fingers crossed for this one because I really like it so far.

Gloria & Urban:
Thanks to much for this very detailed recap of two excellent epi's. I just now finished reading all of the comments. Boy, this TN is like none I have ever seen, and I have been watching them for over 20 years.

I love that the protagonistas are so flawed. Usually they are too good, and too forgiving. I like that Montse and Ale are opposite of the norm.

Score one for Ale! Thank goodness he finally stood up for his wife and told Maria to stay out of her room, and to treat her with the respect she deserves as his wife and lady of the house. He basically told her, ShutUpMaria!

Ale took one step forward, and then 100 steps back when he did nothing after that kiss with Maria. Of course she had to get him drunk to do it, but it still happened. When I saw that happening, I was on the phone with my mom and starting yelling "NO! NO! NO!". My poor mother thought something horrible was happening at my house, then I told her that I saw Maria and Ale kissing, and she understood my anguish and disgust. I had to look away. But then I watched it again to see how long it lasted. Even though he did kind of kiss her back, I do think that he was the one to pull away. He had a sort of confused look on his face, like he didn't know why it happened. Because she's after you! OPEN YOUR EYES! This Bitch needs to go! Sorry ladies, but Maria brings out the worst in me.

I feel so bad for Nadia. She deserves so much better then Pedro. He had to have treated her different before they got married. I wish they would do a back story on that. I hope the anvil comes looking for Pedro, soon!

Dimibrow and Adolfito need to go too. Maybe they can take Maria with them to a land far, far away. Where they can let Ale, Montse, Nadia, Fina and the rest of Aguazul live in peace.

Lila: I loved your comment about Montse, Ale and JL. ITA, you took the words out of my mouth. I also loved the way Ale melted when Montse showed him some affection. That was the kind of kiss I had been waiting for! Can't wait for tonight's epi!

Back to work...hasta pronto!

Judy B: Unfortunately I did watch most of CI, though I just couldn't slog it through to the end. I even defended it early on but it comes to a point where you can't defend the indefensible anymore. I too have high hopes for this one, I hope it doesn't let us down.

Victoria and Aunty Ann, thank you! I'm a sucker for romance and luuuuuv a couple with chemistry! Yes, Maricruz and Octavio had it like Lety and Fernando and (in my opinion) in each novella it was wasted! Argh! I hope they let our love birds love each other even if its punctuated with fights.

Yep, JudyB I am the Khalilah of yore. I took a novella break and have had some family issues but I'm hoping this community can help distract and delight me even when the going gets toughest. Thank you for the welcome, love this blog! (hmmm, novella keeps getting corrected with two ls)


Sorry to hear that there are family issues, Khalilah, but you're right, in that telenovelas and this rockin' blog line can both distract and delight when real life gets us down.

One of my loveliest students, who had married at 18 and had 8 kids, once gently reminded me when I was lamenting some family problem:

Judy, with a family, it's ALWAYS something.

And it is. But I hope the joys outweigh the woes, and if not, come kvetch with us.

Hee, "Come kvetch with us" would make a great plaque for The Patio.

Khalila/Lila, I'm so glad you've found time to join us again. I remember enjoying some of your choice comments back in CME and STuD days.

Lila.....I too am a sucker for romance. You can tell where I'm coming from when I say my favorite writer is Jane Austen, followed by the Bronte sisters. I have the BBC deluxe boxed set of Pride and Prejudice. When Colin Firth emerged from that lake with that wet shirt plastered to his body, I almost swooned! Growing up, my favorite novel and movie was Gone With the Wind(which the lead characters in this tn remind me of in some ways). Someone on this blog(I don't remember who) said she read Kathleen Woodiwiss novels. I did too as a teenager. My favorite was The Wolf and the Dove. So you can see I am a diehard fan of romance.

Victoria...I am sitting right next to you , girl...Gone with the Wind and Kathleen Woodiwiss.---Susanlynn, hopeful romantic. P.s. I have never seen Colin in Pride and Prejudice, but I loved him many other movies..BridgetJones, Valmont, love Actually.

Lila...to echo our Judyb, if you have family, you will have issues. You can sit next to me on the patio.

Susanlynn.....You have to see P&P with Colin Firth someday. He was awesome in it. I read in England they have even erected a statue of him as Darcy. The Keira Knightly movie version of P&P was also excellent, I found the musical score to be hauntingly beautiful. My favorite actor as a child was Clark Gable, he reminded me of my father with his dark hair and mustache and green eyes.

Victoria..I was watching a news report , and they showed a statue of Colin emerging from that lake at the estate in England where p and p was filmed. The statue looked a bit creepy to me, but I can see the real Colin in my mind's eye. I will have to look for the video.

I also liked Clark gable as I am a fan of tall, dark, and handsome. Clark and the beautiful Vivien Leigh were the perfect pair to portray Rhett and Scarlett.

Susanlynn.... tall,dark and handsome is my favorite although I do make exceptions for Sebastian Rulli and William Levy.

Thank you, JudyB. Yeah, I guess I should know that about families by now. These stories and all you very bright, well-read and traveled and witty folks lift my spirits. Cap'n. Sylvia yes I really had fun with CME and StuD and I even did a little sub-recapping. I continue to be in awe of you and all the other recappers! What effort, dedication and brilliance! Susanlynn, thank you and I would feel honored to sit next to you on the patio. Victoria, let's get our fans ready for when Montse and Ale turn up the heat! Y'all (and every commenter, too) are a great bunch!


Victoria..right there with you. I was not a fan of William when I first saw him in Pasion, but I enjoyed him on dancing with the stars and LT. Sebastian Rulli is muy guaypo! and he seems to just get better looking as he matures. These guys and this forum can take your mind off real life when it starts getting a little too....real.

Susanlynn...I didn't like Rulli or Levy in Pasion either(I couldn't take my eyes off FC),but I LOVED Levy in Sortilegio and CCEA and I really like Rulli in this one. Lila, I have a feeling (no spoiler) things are going to heat up on this show.

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