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Por siempre mi amor #12 Wednesday 12/18/2013: Bidding War on Aranza; Sucia's Sick and Life Goes on Without Her

Recap by J Desde NYC

Lo Refrito:
Bruno tells Isa and Gaby they have no right to judge or insult them. He's not a mama's boy and Art is a widow, not some cheating husband, thank you very much.  Cara impactada de isa.

Lo Nuevo
Nicolas, is he a mutual friend of Bruno/Art and Isa/Gaby?, finds out from Bruno that Sucia is not Art's wife, but his dead wife's only cousin and Eugenia fell and died similar to Sucia's fainting. Nicolas tells Isa/Gaby that it's true Art is a widow. 
Sucia is in a hospital bed looking sufficently near death that I almost feel sorry for her.  Art stands by her as a doctor and nurse examine Sucia; they tell him that Sucia has some sort of infection so dangerous it raised her temperature causing her to faint. They have to run tests to find out what caused her to faint but she has to remain in the hospital.

Tita calls Bruno and explains that Sucia showed up at the hotel and Tita says "Caigamos en la oracion." (I'm still trying to figure out what this means--it literally means "We fall in prayer" but it doesn't mean that metaphorically as Tita uses it). Tita says that means Sucia planned all along to get rid of Ara at Ozzy's to go the hotel for Art. Bruno says whatever, Sucia fainted and is sick. Tita says she'll get Aranza at her school in the morning to avoid Ozzy. 

The next day we see Isa and Gaby returning from their workout and talking about "la enfermita"--Sucia.  Gaby says "don't we look bad" for having doubted Art and Bruno's story.  Isa says "I trusted Feo but distrusted Art. If Nicolas hadn't confirmed the Art widower story, I wouldn't have believed him." Gaby says Isa is right to doubt since she's been burnt before.

Art, Nicolas and Bruno doing work, taking pictures and surveying a hotel.  Back at Aranza's school, Dafne, Liliana, Ara and Esteban are talking.   Ara tells her tale of woe about having to stay with her Abuelo Ozzy since her father went travelling. Dafne tries to be a big aguafiestas, saying that Sucia no doubt went after Art, which is why she was left alone. She's lived this, says Dafne, and her father fell into her step-mother's trap.  Liliana once again asks Dafne why she's such a hater (tan pesado) but Ara says Dafne is right, her father doesn't love her and she wants to die.

In the meanwhile, there is a bidding war over Aranza by Tita and Ozzy. Tita shows up at Ozzy's and tells him that Art says Ara is supposed to stay with her.  Ozzy insists that Ara must stay with him; Tita says Ara barely knows Ozzy, there's been too many changes in Ara's life which the doctor says will badly affect Ara.  Call Art on my cell phone and you'll see he agrees with me.  "I don't need your cell phone, Tita. In this house, I'm the boss (<b>mando yo</b>) and the little girl stays with me!" (I think Ozzy and Tita have such good chemistry.  And I love Tita's wig.  She's like the Latina, female Anderson Cooper--she looks good grey-haired!)  Anywho, Tita rolls her eyes and tells Ozzy that they have to do what Art says since he's Ara's dad.  Ozzy says he's the father of the father of the little girl (Ara) and his opinion counts more.  What's more "Tell that <b>mequetrefe</b> (this is an all-purpose insult that Word Reference says means busy-body, petulant or useless person, i.e., not Art), to which Tita interrupts and tells Ozzy that Art is a grown man who's decisions should be respected. Call him on your phone is that makes you feel better. Ozzy says that this whole situation is stupid, Ara should stay with him to learn good manners since she isn't learning them at home.

Back at the hotel Nicolas, Art and Bruno are eating breakfast together at one table while Isa and Gaby are at another and the boys talk about how pretty the girls are--and nice too says Nicolas because they helped out during Sucia's fainting spell last night.  Bruno tells Art that the girls thought Sucia was his wife and Bruno was Art's wingman helping him have flings with women.  Art is shocked. "I have to apologize to them then." Art goes over to apologize to Isa and Gaby and Isa makes sure to take her gaze from Art's perfectly manscaped chest and to the ring finger to see if he's married or not. Priorities, Isa's got 'em!  Since there's no ring, Isa commences to eye-flirt with Art and he reciprocates!

Back at Isa's, Gonzo's dirtbag friend who replaced Feo--I didn't catch his name--is casing Isa's apartment building.  He watches as Gema, Isa's housekeeper, leaves and goes shopping and then comes back. He flirts with her and Gema flirts back.

Sucia has a norovirus infection and has to stay in the hospital. Gonzo visits Feo and Feo is upset he's still in jail while Gonzo is free. He swears Andrea, Isa and Sucia is gonna pay dearly for him being in jail. Back at the hospital, Sucia wakes up and Art is there to tell her she has a virus and she has to remained quarantined in the hospital until she gets better.  He'll be by her side while she recovers, though.  He still doesn't understand why Sucia left Aranza with Ozzy, but ni modo.  I'm sure Sucia will blame the virus for making her stupid.

Bruno and Gaby make peace at the hotel pool. Gaby comments to Bruno that Isa and Art make a good couple. Art shows up right then in some ugly blue pick plaid shorts and a blue shirt. His outfit matches Isa's bag but makes him look like a prisoner at a beachside jail.

Art tells Isa about Sucia's sickness; Isa's all pobrecita while Art says jokingly, "Justo castigo por su perverso" (A just punishment for her acts), noting that his nanny used to say that when she read the villain's ending in stories. "But Sucia isn't preverse, though, right?" Well, no says Art, but Sucia shouldn't have come here and should have been taking care of Ara.  "Maybe she knew she was sick and she didn't want to infect Ara." That makes no sense says Art.  He changes the subject and tells Isa about Ara, his nine year-old daughter who is his life.  Isa tears up, noting that she always wanted to have a child.  She tries to excuse herself and go to her room for good cry, I mean rest, but Gaby and Bruno show up and offer to go out to the town center for a little site seeing. They convince Isa.

Tita gets Ara at school and Ara runs to Tita's arms begging her to bring her home to Tita's since she doesn't want to be with her Abue Ozzy. In the car ride on the way home Tita asks Ara if Ozzy was crabby with her "como gruñón" but Ara says no he just wanted me to eat dead birds and put Grenita outside alone.  Ara wants to go home and see Lucha and Gabino and Tita decides to stay with Ara there too.

Isa/Gaby and Art and Bruno go site seeing take pictures, have good clean fun.  Isa tells Gaby she likes how devote Art is to his daughter. Sucia gets the nurse to phone home to Don Hilberto, Cuca gets the call and freaks out on finding out Sucia is sick.  The nurse who's informing Cuca and Don Hilberto tells them she has a virus and can't talk because of her severe sore throat. She needs money more than anything.  Same old Sucia, as always. Hilberto says how unlucky it is that Sucia got sick on her vacation. He'll deposit money in her bank account for whatever she needs. Sucia at least says, "Gracias, papa."

Gonzo and Feo's other dirtbag friend echa el perro (flirts) with Gema some more.  She rebuffs him, calls him an idiot and goes on her way.

Andrea talks to another co-worker at Casa Arte.  She tells the co-worker that Esteban is doing great at school and is in love with another little girl there who protects him.  Andy says she's grateful for the friends he's making and hopes he continues to do well at school.  He can't waste such an opportunity.  A call comes in from a scary voiced man--presumably Feo--to Andrea. Feo calls Andy mensa and tells her she can't get rid of him that easily and to take care of her kids because they're going down. Stay classy, Feo, threatening your own children.  Cara de asustada de Andrea.

Isa says, while pointing to her stomache, when she's around Arturo she feels things.  Hopefully it's not gas (I'm sleep deprived, so I'm extra snarky).
Gema kisses Feo and Gonzo's scumbag friend who's stalking her.
Andy gets another threatening call from Feo.
Art and Isa kiss


Thank TJ for posting. I so appreciate it. This recap is very just-the-facts but I hope everyone enjoys it. Viv, pls consider recapping for Tues. Consider it a palette cleanser from CI.

thank you, J.

The actor playing Nicolas has been in so many novelas. He was just in AV as the beau of chef Jean. He seems to change his hairstyle for each role he plays.

The guy stalking Isa's maid is Dante.

Be back in a sec for more comments.

Thanks so much for the double duty again! I enjoy your recaps. Snarky to the bitter end (loved the line about hoping Isa doesn't have gas.) I always appreciate vocabulary, too.

I love Tita's gray wig, too.

I have no life and I've been counting the "caigamos en la oración" utterances. We're up to five.

Muchas, muchas gracias, J!!! You are a gem! (Not to be confused with Gema, who is stupidly falling for the creepy stalker.)

Speaking of creepy stalker, Sara, yes, Gonzo said his name this episode--Dante. Dante is the name of Lucha and Gabino's son, who took up with a bad influence friend named Gonzalo, and stole from his parents, who have now disowned him. Looks like creepy stalker will be around in the story for the long hall. Not sure if these dude is any better than F-No, who was my first suspect for Lucha and Gabino's son.

So the new dirtbag is Lucha and Gabino's Dante? I can't wait for the day when L&G grab his ears and smack him for taking up with Feo and Gonzo.

Gema is a pretty girl...she has prota looks as is the nurse Luisa in MPV. Total nonsequitur but just saying.

The Dante thing is an interesting development. I guess the theme of this novela is how families evolve. Everyone is related somehow. I can't wait for the time skip when it all comes together. I read something about Siempre being a TN for the whole family and it looks that way-this is all about family dynamics. They've ignored Mariela, Sonia's little girl, so I'm wondering when she'll feature again in the story.

Nonsequiturs are awesome! I had the same thought last night. The actress is very pretty.

If the opening credits are any indication, we have lots of stuff waiting for us.

I can see how this could be something for the whole family. Once we get a teenage Aranza, Esteban and Dafne we will have a story for pretty much all age groups :-)

The credits are interesting. I recall seeing all the poor people:Teen Mariela, who's gorgeous, with Teen Esteban and Abuela Meanie. I think a good indication of a good TN are good child actors. Ara, Dafne, Liliana and Esteban are good actors. Even Angelito is cute and quiet without looking drugged. The last tn I saw that had that had reaaly good child actors who were better than their teen/adult counterparts was La Patrona.

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