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Lo Que La Vida Me Robo - Capitulo 48 - January 16, 2013 -How A Cat Sees Robo, or, Jose Luis Alvarez Receives A Proposal He Can't Refuse

A Cat's Perspective

Man, you have got to feel for this guy Alejandro Almonte. He had no relationship with his dad, his Mom won’t acknowledge him and now his mate spends the first ten minutes of tonight’s capitulo moping over her former boyfriend.

Oh! How rude of me. I see that I have not yet introduced myself. My name is ‘Mani’ Gato. Mani is a moniker that means, “Jewel” in Sanskrit, and I am subbing for my Mom, Elna June, tonight. I usually help her write the recaps. Today when she suggested that she was anxious about Alejandro, Jose Luis, Angelica, Montserrat and their friends, I offered to do the work. She is here with her hands covering her eyes so she does not have to see the Plot’s approaching ‘train wreck’. So, you help out where you can and Bipedal behavior fascinates me. I’ll give a full recap a shot from the perspective of a Quadruped. What can I say? I am a giver, that’s me.

I never knew my own father. He was just a shot in the dark, so to speak, and for all I know my mother never saw him again either. Lest there be any confusion on the matter of my parentage—yes, I know I was adopted. It became obvious at an early age that I did not much resemble my parents, although my adopted mom and I share green eyes. That is another thing I have in common with Almonte. I guess you might also say that I am a bastard. My adoptive parents are both Bi, but they have done their best for my siblings and my self.

My Dad found my four siblings and I while he was on an outing with his little friends. All of them ride the bipedal round leg-ged device know as a ‘Bi-cycle’ and they were tripping merrily along in the dairy country out west when one of the crowd noticed a red-shouldered hawk perching on a telephone line and a group of circling vultures rounding above. All of the Bi-s (we Quadruped’s refer to them in this shorthand way) dismounted from the round legs and went to see what was up. The combo of hawk and vultures in the vicinity surely meant that an animal was weak, dead or dying, and, being a good group of folks, the Bi-s often take such unfortunate animals as they encounter to the local wildlife rescue.

This time, the fine planning skills of the vultures probably saved our lives—don’t ever let anyone tell you that just because Vultures are lazy they are not good planners—for when the Bi-s looked in the roadside ditch, there we were, five kittens of between 11 and 13 ounces in weight. Most of us had barely opened our eyes, but the hawk was already planning for at least some of us to be a tasty hot meal and the vultures figured that the lone hawk could not carry us all off at once.

The rest, as they say, is history. The Bi’s rescued us from the ditch, my parents, God Bless ‘em, fostered us, and my folks did their best in their limited way to raise us right. Two of my sibs live here with me, two more live across town, so I want to remind Alejandro Almonte that you can have a rough start in life and still turn out alright. He WILL always be a little weird, however, as I am, which is why I am much better at recapping on Mexican Telnovelas than I am at catching the miserable little gophers that invade our garden.

Alejandro will need to make adjustments to be happy.

Montserrat Makes a Sincere Prayer For Jose Luis’ Happiness

At the Almonte dean, Montserrat heads outside with a candle and makes an offering to the Mother Spirit for the safety of her ex. She reminds the Mother Spirit that Jose Luis/Antonio is a good guy and not guilty of anything. Montserrat has somehow forgotten about a certain corrupt and now unliving Police Captain who is dead at Jose Luis’ hands, but the woman Montse has just found out that she is pregnant and may be excused her fanciful forgetfulness.

Yes, yes, the kitten is her husband’s—don’t even go there.

The Big Yellow House In Town

Ale has just been told that his Alpha Den Leader—capitaz—we say in Gato Spanish, was arrested at the Arechiga’s den and taken into custody. The capitaz is also none other than Jose Luis, Alvarez/Antonio Olivares, the former secret novio of Alejandro’s wife and now, Alejandro’s friend. Ale strides into the big yellow building in town and runs immediately into Municipal Presidente (Mayor) Pedro Medina, and his ambitious and oleaginous toady, EZ Basurto. We will speak more of these two vipers later. Alejandro demands to see Antonio Olivares, immediately, reminding Medina that he believes that the police in Auguazul are not doing a great job. Ale says that the former Police Captain, Loreto, was a dirty cop and also ran a gang of thieves that committed many crimes on Ale’s property. He threatens to go around the municipal authority to the local Navy honchos if he does not get satisfaction. He wants to see Antonio Olivares immediately.

Pedro Medina, wearing black sunglasses inside, at night, for no reason that I can discern, tells the henchman Ezekiel Basurto to take Alejandro immediately to the prisoner.

But Basurto lies that Antonio Oivares (aka Jose Luis Alvarez) tried to escape and was shot and killed. Alejandro is furious, grabbing the lightweight fur covering on the chest of the bad dude EZ Basurto and shaking him until his teeth rattle. Now THAT is behavior I approve of.

Alejandro’s rough start in life left him with a nasty temper, but  does he have useful skills at reading the behavior of the females of his species? Not exactly.

Bipeds are notoriously dim when it comes to reading body language. In fact, they are so dependent on their complex yowling and consonant-filled vocalized vocabulary that they miss most of the observable information available to them.

Here is a classic example. Alejandro gets home from town and tells his mate, the beautiful and pedigreed Montserrat—the bad news. Antonio Olivares is dead, shot by the bastard EZ Basurto.

Antonio was a good capitaz, perhaps even a friend to Alejandro, despite their complex circumstances and he saved Ale’s life three times. It would be normal to expect Montserrat to be sad at the death of this man.

Here is where it gets weird. At the news of Antonio’s death, Ale’s mate, Montserrat, throws herself down howling on her cat bed. She is not injured as far as we can see. We know that Alpha male Alejandro is a hell of a hunter, so her cat-bowl is full. It cannot be hunger that drives this hysterical thrashing about. Something is up here—The female is in the throes of mourning her lost first love, the now gone Jose Luis/Antonio. She recriminates herself, it is her fault.

Alejandro calls in Montserrat’s friend Nadia and her Tia Carlota to help him with his hysterical wife.

The Arechigas and Angelica and Jose Luis On The Run

Jose Luis has just left town with the sick blond, Angelica Arechiga. And I mean really sick; the pretty little female is coughing up blood and after a wild ride in a huge bloodless round legged Quadruped and a float across the big pond, Jose Luis had to take her directly to the Vet in the new territory in which they landed. Angelica has a loving Godmother here, in this new place, who will do anything to help her, including help her boyfriend Jose Luis.

Angelica, it seems may not be long for this world and that is a crying shame, because I really like this female.

So over at the home of Angelica, her parents and sister are wailing and gnashing their teeth. Yes, I mean really wailing and gnashing their teeth. In anyone other that a Bi, this would be a signal to run and hide under the couch, for trouble is brewing. But Bipeds like to do their emoting in the most OBVIOUS ways and they like to do it together.

Angelica’s family lives in a right proper house, with many fragile shiny objects, cat beds and cat toys. As the Bipedal wailing in the living room reaches a crescendo, Angelica’s dad Joaquin comes in. He tells his wife (Angelica’s mother ,Amelia) and his younger daughter (Virginia) that he has the chief of police out looking personally for the missing Angelica. The chief of police , Pedro Medina, assured him personally that he would try to find the camioneta—the round legged beast that Angelica took when she left the family den to go on the lam with her fugitive boyfriend.

One look at sister Virginia’s face and any cat or dog could tell you that she was hiding something, but her Bi family misses it. Where is the family dog or cat when you need them? Virginia knows something of her sister’s whereabouts and she ain’t talking. Amelia is very afraid that her daughter is going to die all alone. It is really very sad.

At the Urgencias, Jose Luis tells the doctor that Angelica is coughing up blood while she is whisked away on a gurney crying out to Jose Luis. Please, She doesn’t want to be left in the hospital! Once Angelica is admitted and has an IV in her arm, she wants to leave immediately. She tells Jose that the reason she ran away from home was because being in the hospital makes her feel sicker. Her parents were going to take her back to Mexico City to put her in a special hospital. She begs Jose Luis to get her out of the hospital and not to leave her. Please. She wants to be with him.

In the most powerful scene of the night, Jose Luis takes Angelica’s face in his hands, looks her in the eye and reminds her of the bare truth. He is Jose Luis Alvarez a fugitive from justice. In his other persona, Antonio Olivares, he is also a fugitive. She will not be safe with him. She tells him that this (her life) is not going to last a long time. She just wants to be with him Don’t dying people get a last wish? Here is hers—she would rather be alive with him for one week than in hospital for months, slowly dying. He swears that he will stay with her.

Jose Luis calls Angelica’s madrina (godmother).

Almonte Home

Tia Carlota and Nadia remind Montserrat that it is not normal for her to be so upset with the death of an employee. She must think of the baby. Besides, Ale is going to suspect something is up.

Ya think?

But Montse feels horribly guilty—she begged Jose Luis to leave so that she could start her happy life with Alejandro. Ale comes in and remarks that he is surprised at Montse’s reaction to the news of Antonio’s death.

Montserrat puts it down to her heightened emotions due to pregnancy—and the fact that the man just saved Alejandro’s life.
In the living room of the Almonte den, three men are drinking together and discussing Antonio/Jose Luis’ death—Pedro Medina, Dimitrio Mendoza, Montse’s brother, and Victor Hernandez. Dimitrio, who once set Jose Luis to take a fall for a murder that he, Dimitrio, committed is too curious for the Mayor Medina’s comfort. He asks too many question about Antonio/Jl’s death and the sinister Mayor warns him to mind his own business. 

Do not ask me how Pedro Medina got back to the Almonte den, or why he would go there. How the hell would I know? I am just a cat.

Ale comes in and the three men congratulate him on Montse’s pregnancy. Dimitio leaves and Ale asks the Mayor just what info he had on Antonio. Mayor Pedro tells Ale to sit down because he is not going to like what he is going to hear. Pedro tells Ale how much he hates Victor because Victor has had an affair with Nadia, his wife. Alejandro suggests that the matter could be dealt with without violence.

Medina poses the question to Ale, “What if your wife was betraying you with another man? Would you let him live?

In Montserrat’s room her brother asks her if the baby is her husband’s. Of course, insists Montse. Since she was married she has not been with another man. She is not like her brother who cares nothing for the feelings of others. Dimitrio warns Montserrat and Nadia that Pedro knows who Antonio really was—and he is probably telling Alejandro the sordid story at this very minute.

Ay, Caray, Caray!

Elna June picks up the story where Mani Gato left off. Happily for him, he had a TUNA emergency. I so appreciate his help tonight. The Quadru’s have such an interesting take on the lives of we Bi-s.

Pedro has gotten as far in his storytelling as to let Ale know that there is another corpse buried on his lands. Nadia bursts in with the news that Montse has fainted again. Nadia tells Pedro not to tell Ale about Jose Luis. She is not looking at him with fear in her eyes, only anger and threat. She is calling her husbands’s bluff, as any cat could tell you. Novela Maven would call their situation ’assymetry of information’, and Nadia has the upper hand—for the moment. I would not bet dos centavos on Nadia living to see next Cinco de Mayo at this rate.

Nadia makes a deal with the Devil Pedro. She says if Pedro will agree to keep the secret, she will forget her love for Victor and be his dutiful wife.

If you deal with the Devil, Nadia, you should sup with a long spoon.

Happening With the Arechiga Family

Father Anselmo calls on the Arechiga’s and Virginia confesses to him that her sister Angelica escaped with Antonio Olivares. Angelica gave some cop a lot of money and she escaped with him. When Angelica’s father, Joaquin, comes in the house, Father Anselmo spills the beans—Angelica escaped with the capitaz of Alejandro Almonte’s estate.

In the Hospital, Angelica’s beloved madrina has arrived at her bedside. The madrina gets Angelica’s prognosis straight from the doctor’s mouth.  Angelica had cancer two years ago and was in remission. The doctor says theat the cancer is back and it is very aggressive. Without treatment Angelica has a few months. With treatment her life could be extended for perhaps a year. And her quality of life? The doctor shrugs.

Madrina says no, she will not let her Goddaughter dies in a Hopital, hooked up to machines  and under the effect of chemotherapy. She is taking her Goddaughter home, to her house.

At the police station, Joaquin Arechiga threatens EZ Basurto. He knows that Antonio escaped with his daughter and that Angelica bribed EZ to let Antonio escape.

Angelica relates her story with Jose Luis to her godmother.

Hacienda Almonte

Nadia and Pedro leave Hacienda Almonte. Nadi assures Montse that her secret is safe and asks her to be happy, but she does not tell Montserrat of the deal she made with Pedro, El Diablo. Victor’s voice is heard screaming Nadia’s name as Pedro whisks her away in his shiny camioneta.

Tia Carlota is nattering on to Montserrat about the possibility of her brother being a good guy after all. He is not a lost cause. Montse wonders sadly where JL is buried.

Just then Father Anselmo comes running into the sala hysterically waving his straw hat. Antonio is not dead after all! He kidnapped Angelica and got away from the jail. It is not true that he was shot. Montse looks dazed and happy and Ale looks dazed and confused.
The Father is convinced of Antonio’s guilt but Alejandro says that Antonio and Angelica have been in love for a long time. If she left with him, it was of her own free will. Joaquin Arechiga also comes in and is desperate to find his daughter and that bad man, that assassin Antonio Olivares.

Padre Anselmo expresses his doubts about Antonio Olivares to Alejandro. Ale explains his version of events to the Father. He also reminds the Father that Antonio saved his life. He will always consider Antonio to be one of his best friends.


In another (random) scene we see Refugio and Esmeralda at her home in Aguazul. They are fighting. He wants her to quit her job. Nope. She says. They need something to live on and she will not quit work for him or for anybody else. He is jealous, he wants to be there at the club to protect her from the bad patrons. She wants to see her friend EZ Basurto to find out what happened to Jose Luis. Refugio is even more jealous and they continue to fight.

Madrina’s Lovely Home

Angelica tells her Madrina the story of her relationship with JL. Madrina knows that her parents would not want her to be in a relationship with a man like Jose Luis. But Angelica loves him and swears that he is a good man even if he is a fugitive. Angelica doesn’t have much time left and they both know it. She never expected to, but she found love. She wants to enjoy it. She knows her parent will make her go back to the hospital where she will die of sadness.  Will Madrina help them both?

Madrina interviews Jose Luis. He still hasn’t had time to buy a clean shirt. She tells him that Angelica is like the daughter she never had. If he is fooling Angie, he will regret it. Jose Luis tells her that he has tried to leave Angelica but she will not have it. He has never disrespected Angelica and she asked him to with her to the end. He is a fugitive from justice and has nothing to offer her. Madrina can help him erase his past.

Madrina wants to know just what he would do to pay Angelica back for how she has helped him? Jose Luis says, “Anything!”.

“Then marry her!” declares Madrina.

Elna June and Mani Gato


Our guest recapper, Mani the Cat, has a somewhat unique perspective on telenovelas that I thought you might enjoy.

Sadly, after he enjoyed a tuna emergency, he needed a long nap and I was forced to finish the recap.

It is too bad we do not have more time to write our recaps.

¡Lo Siento!

Elna June

Oh, and yes, that is Mani in the avatar picture.

He is watching his telenovia, Nadia, whom he watches as though she was a mechanical mouse.

Mani LOVES Nadia. I think it may be her voice. When she speaks he will sometimes jump up on the Big TV credenza and talk to the TV.


My Dearest Elna June and Mani Gato,

Gracias for the recap. It was purrrfectly creative. I so enjoyed Mani's POV. Here are my favorite Mani quotes:

"Yes, yes, the kitten is her husband’s—don’t even go there."

"Here is where it gets weird. At the news of Antonio’s death, Ale’s mate, Montserrat, throws herself down howling on her cat bed. She is not injured as far as we can see. We know that Alpha male Alejandro is a hell of a hunter, so her cat-bowl is full. It cannot be hunger that drives this hysterical thrashing about. Something is up here-"

I also loved these EJ quotes:

"She is calling her husbands’s bluff, as any cat could tell you."

"Montse looks dazed and happy and Ale looks dazed and confused."

"He still hasn’t had time to buy a clean shirt."

I must confess I usually watch each episode about 2 times. But I could hardly watch it the first time. What the hell is wrong with Montse? Hasn't she ever heard about being discreet? I had to turn away from the TV because I could no longer stand to watch Montse express her feelings of loss so liberally in front of her husband. (and then of joy when they found out JL was not dead, thanks to the Padresito) Yeah, I know JL was your first love, but couldn't you wait for Ale to leave the room to cry your eyes out? Could Montse be more selfish? She doesn't stop to think about what Ale might suspect of her crying all over the place, or how her emotional state might affect her baby? No, of course not. She's just thinking of herself; of her feelings of sorrow and guilt. And using the excuse of being emotional because of her pregnancy is a bunch of BS! You are a married woman, about to be a mother. You need to get a hold of yourself and calm the hell down. Besides, the anvil hasn't even shown up for Montse yet. I just DID NOT LIKE Montse in this episode. She really got on my last nerve!

I really felt sorry for Ale. He has no clue what's going on. He is totally in the dark. As you said EJ, he is 'dazed and confused'. And just yesterday he was so happy with the news of his upcoming fatherhood. Maybe he would be better off knowing the truth. I thought of this Elvis song when I saw the look on Ale's face. It goes something like: "we can't go on together, with suspicious minds, and we can't build our dreams on suspicious minds..." Pobrecito!

Looks like Nadia's anvil came in the form of punishment by imprisonment with her dreadful husband Pedro.

I am liking JL more and more. He is doing the right thing in regards to Angie. She is a wonderful soul who is choosing to LIVE her last days on this earth. They are such a good match because they have both lost so much and understand the meaning of friendship and trust. I am glad they are with Angie's madrina because she seems to want Angie's true happiness no matter the cost. At last we'll have a happy couple in this TN.

Off to bed...hasta pronto!

Good morning, dear EJ. And dear Mani. May I just say...purrrrrr....meow...and thank you. That was a fast, fun, fancy recap.

Monymony evidently has no feelings filter for her tiny face. I would like to play poker with the girl.

I had trouble looking at Angelica's tear stained face, too. Such a sad situation.

Well, off I go. Have a good day, all.
Buckle your seat belts . It is going to be a bump..bump..bumpy ride.

Excellent, Elna June and Mani. My Figaro and Carmen also say Gracias.

Gee, you'd think Monse would be pleased to have such a mighty hunter as Alejandro. Think the kitten will also have blond hair and light eyes?

We humans need to hope so because the anvil is going to fall very soon.

I think Nadia took the wrong approach to Pedro when she made that devil's bargain. What she should have done:

-- Write out an account of his abuse and leave several copies of it with people she can trust, including her family lawyer.
-- Tell Pedro that if anything happens to her, Victor, or their friends, these documents will be revealed.
-- Contact her parents immediately, even if she has to make a long-distance call at someone else's home.

Monserrat is only 19 or 20 (AB is 25), so she is no perfect mistress of her own emotions. However, Pedro must be an expert observer because he definitely was watching her.

He has no emotions other than rage, so he has the luxury of mocking those of others.

"So, you help out where you can and Bipedal behavior fascinates me. I’ll give a full recap a shot from the perspective of a Quadruped. What can I say? I am a giver, that’s me."

Oh, what a delightful recap! Our Kizzie has no interest in TV, other than it represents an opportunity to camp out on a biped's lap, but one of her littermates likes to watch Animal Planet.

Loved every word, but special favorites were:

Mother Spirit
Gato Spanish
oleaginous toady

"Alejandro is a hell of a hunter, so her cat-bowl is full"


"If you deal with the devil, you should sup with a long spoon."

Hope to watch this later in the day. My way of dealing with drama and anvil angst is to know Ahead Of Time what's going to happen. Then I can practice "it's just a story, just a story" and jot down new Spanish words without getting hysterical. Works for me! Thanks Elna June. Really a treat.

Carmen said to mention that any mighty hunter with such a fine purrrrfect mane as Alejandro is alpha cat in her book.

Mani, I found your backstory as interesting as the recap. You survived and thrived! I see you have inherited your mother’s masterful recapping skills. Surely it runs in the family, so to speak. An amazing job.

Agree with AuntyAnn and Judy on their choices of favorite lines and they are so good, they deserve to be repeated: "the Plot’s approaching ‘train wreck’", “Bipedal behavior”, " ambitious and oleaginous toady" were outstanding. Best line? "Yes, yes, the kitten is her husband’s—don’t even go there". Oh my, you totally rock!!

Susanlynn, yes, Monse has no face filter. Well said! However, I cannot blame her for her self recriminations - she holds herself responsible for his death and her guilt is simply swallowing her alive. I honestly think she tried to compose herself but all of the emotions including the newly discovered pregnancy were simply too much.

I am standing at my chair at the good Padre's table hoping someone can answer a question before I decide to leave his table or not. My lack of language skills are hampering me here but wasn't Virginia's discussion about Angelica akin to a confession? Or, did she tell him so that he could indeed say Angelica went of her own volition? In either event, he is clearly angry at JL and feel he is letting this seep into his better judgement. He appears to have no trouble forgiving Monse, but not JL.

UA, yes, Nadia should have handled Pedro differently and your suggestions were on point. I have to give her points for sacrificing her own happiness in order to keep the secret. What an incredibly generous, selfless act.

Every time JL and Angelica are on screen, I find myself smiling and wishing these star crossed lovers (well, hopefully that will happen soon) whatever happiness they can muster.

Judy, I have been sitting on the edge of my seat, hoping the other shoe will drop shortly - I fear that might be tonight. How devastaing the damage and how irreparable the fallout remains to be seen. Let's just get it out so the rebuilding and healing can begin.

Elna June, your creativity continues to inspire - thank you for crafting this masterpiece.

Happy Friday all!


What a pleasant accompaniment to my morning coffee! I really appreciate the feline point of vew. My favorite line from Mani Gato was "Alpha male Alejandro is a hell of a hunter so her cat bowl is full.", too. Thanks for the giggles this a.m.

Nadia was going to have to make that deal with Alejandro sooner or later if she and Victor were going to remain healthy and alive. So, at least she got something in return. Her only hope is a divorce and annulment with family assistance. Too bad she never could see beyond Aguazul and didn't leave Pedro after the first time he slapped her around.

Let us hope Angelica's godmother can protect her from her parents and give her a happier ending.

Aside from that, my only comment is poor Alejandro in the face of Montse's "caterwauling" (in the spirit of the recap!) . :) It will turn out to be just one more unpleasant memory when the truth comes out.


EJ and Mani:

Bravo!! Purrr-fect! Mani, your rescue story rivaled any TN drama and brought tears to my eyes! What scrappy cats that all survived and living productive lives; recapping TNs and admiring TN actresses!

I haven't been able to comment for a few days but I have two thoughts:

1. Now that Juvie is dead, Gracie has gotten away with murder.

2. Maybe Madrina will ultimately be JLs guardian angel. If Angelica is the child she never had, down the road when poor Angie dies, maybe Madrina will make JL her heir apparent. She already offered to clear his past. Poor guy deserves something good to come his way. As great as Angie is, she's ultimately bringing JL MORE heartache.:(

Great recap, EJ. I so look forward to your writing!


EJ- I'm always amazed by the new and clever ways you provide recaps for us. I'm also impressed by Mani's recapping skills, and the story of he and his siblings' precarious start to life. What do you think it is about Nadia's voice that entrances him?

ITA that Monse needs to learn how to hold it together and hold it in, at least until she's alone. She was raising all kinds of red flags for Ale's imagination to grab on to.

But the person who earned a SHUT UP from me this episode was Padre. How come he can turn around and blab Ginnie's secret to anyone and everyone, but he can't tell Ale that he and Ro have been lying about her identity? He's totally blinded by his prejudice against JL, and was acting out of negative emotion. He didn't attempt to get more information before judging, and then as he got info (like learning Angie has been sweet on JL for some time), chose to see it in the most negative light possible.

EJ, what a splendid recap. Always knew our little furballs were observant fellows in our households. If you have the luck of their presence, you just know what I mean by those judgmental looks. But darn, they are also so sweet and cuddly. What a lucky day when Mani and his siblings were found. Hope we hear from Mani again soon. THis was fun.

The whole story with Angie and JL has me more intrigued right now than Ale and Monse. I thought it was perfect that he showed up still in that awful shirt and with a horrid shadow on his face. I'm pulling for the "Angie might live a year" scenario. I agree, I'm liking JL with her and she is such a wonderful character.

Padre--you old gossip you, go take care of the sick and poor in your parish. That hat fanning scene was ridiculous.

And Monse really needs to reign in on her reactions to anything said about JL. I'm beginning to think she's the one who's going to cause Ale to realize, finally, something is rotten in the Hacienda. She needs a job--go help the Padre so you both SHUT UP. Oh, and take Tia with you, she needs something to do too.


Dear Mani and Elna June,

Thanks so much for pairing up to give us this most WONDERFUL of recaps! It was such a delight to have this to read morning after some tough moments last night.

And, Mani, I loved the mini-memoir of how you were adopted--as good as anything -TELEVISA has come up with. My own cats, Tuna and Tortilla, send greetings though they don't have your powers of observation. They also don't like TNs in general since they feel strongly that there are way too many small dogs involved in the story lines.

You had many, many wonderful lines, but the one enjoyed the most was this concerning your mother:
"Today when she suggested that she was anxious about Alejandro, Jose Luis, Angelica, Montserrat and their friends, I offered to do the work. She is here with her hands covering her eyes so she does not have to see the Plot’s approaching ‘train wreck’."

I couldn't help but laugh, though I am in total sympathy as well.

God, it's all getting to be emotionally so draining, as you and all commenters all point out! (JudyB, I like your viewing strategy.) This TN has really put us through the wringer.

I'm only echoing what many of you have been saying for a while, but Ale and Montse are FINALLY happy and having some romantic moments which we've waited for FOREVER, and the writers ruin it for us. We just know what has to happen.

It's so much easier to watch J-L and Angélica who aren't hiding anything from each other and who are falling in love with grace and simplicity.

Still, it's great to feel we're all holding hands together.

Elna June, thanks so much for taking the time to make this recap so well-written, original, funny, personal, and filled with striking images and details. And I have to give a shout out again, as others have to this especially evocative line: "If you deal with the Devil, Nadia, you should sup with a long spoon."

EJ I know this is going to be a treat! Thank you in advance, will read after work. Just wanted to react to Padre Anselmo. Good Grief! Isn't a man of the cloth supposed to be a calming influence, a Divine voice of reason hear on earth! Good Lord he was having a fit! And Montse is going to out herself! What a lot of wailing, moaning and gnashing of teeth! Later!

Lila I sit having a second cuppa after spending the early morning making valentines with my two little girls. Now I am catching up on the comments listening to the three-year old singing the theme from Disney's new animated movie "Frozen" over and over and over. ..."Let it go, let it go, don't hold back anymore, let it go." This would be annoying if it was anyone but an adorable three-year-old .

My mother would not let our farm cats in the house, but I Solent many hours outside with them. They taught me many early life lessons including my first sex Ed classes. When I was very little! I explained to my auntie that "they grows them in the winter and pees them out in the spring, after observing my dear calico lollipop endure many pregnancies. My mother had a hydrocyphalic cat ...deaf with one blue eye and one green who survived his infirmity and manage to cause all kinds of crazy. Cats are ,indeed, interesting creatures.

EJ: Great recap.

I have to wonder what Pedro has to gain by lying to Alejandro about the purported death of JL. It looks like he is actually setting up Alejo to eventually kill JL himself when JL surfaces as living and breathing?

Also, if Pedro engineers the death of JL who has the goods on him, won't he also have to find and do away with Refugio who has the same knowledge as JL? I am assuming here that JL told Refugio about the little meeting in the choza.


Thank you so much for this marvelous recap. Loved the recap from your kitty's point of view and the rescue of her family. This was so very creative and fabulous!

I too think Monse was a tad emotional this capitulo, but she has always really worn her heart on her sleeve, so to speak. Girl does not have a poker face! The pregnancy does have a bit to do with it, but she does need to hide her feelings a bit more. She is riddled with guilt and then some.

Ale sure was pithed wasn't he? About JL. Interesting. I wonder when he finally finds out who Antonio Olivares was (JL) how he will react? The man saved his life three times already. That will be interesting.

I have to give kudos to Nadia. She knows how her husband really is, with the threats, the abuse, the almost killing of Victor and yet, she falls on her sword to save her friend Monse. That was a very selfless act. I was very surprised she did this. She sacrificed her happiness to save her friend. I agree with UA's suggestions of what Nadia should do now. Nadia still has an upper hand on Pedro, if she uses it correctly.

Padre is like a Papa isn't he? Protecting his children, Ale and Monse. He has only ever had the talk with JL about leaving Monse alone, going far, far away, he's never really gotten to know JL at all. If he had, he wouldn't have been telling everything to everybody. I don't think Ginny told him about JL and Angie as a confession, more of she had a secret she wanted to get off her chest. The guilt was killing her too.

I too hope that JL and Angie have some happiness. What JL did was selfless too. He took her right to the hospital and stayed to make sure she was okay, and not run off. He even stayed and faced her Madrina, and that goes a long way in showing his character. I think the Madrina saw this too, and told him to marry her.

Thanks once again MS Elna June for this fantastic recap you did with your lovely kitty.

EJ and Mani thank you so much for your work! What a treat.

I wish Nadia had used UA's approach w/Pedro. She has no guarantees that he won't continue to abuse her AND tell the secret. It's not like Pedro is a man of his word.

Diana and Vivi - yes on sitting Padre down, having him shut up and move away from his table. Even if Ginny's admission was not a confession, he went on to assume all types of things that were wrong. As Mads said, he never got to know JL and only thought of him as someone endangering Ale's happiness. Add Tia to that list as well. JL's a horrible tipo, using Angie (shouldn't she be happy he's moved on from Monse though she called him fickle) but her murdering nephew can be redeemed. As Daisynjay noted, neither of you two open your mouths for the next few episodes please!

Pasofino I think you are right. Pedro plans on having Ale so mad that he will kill JL. Since Pedro is reprobate, he won't understand that Ale will be conflicted and like EJ said (last week?), Ale will be angry at Monse longer than JL. And Pedro doesn't know Refugio knows he's dirty too.

Mani Gato and EJ, what a delicious treat it is to enjoy both of your perspectives with my morning tea. Mani, you are quite a handsome gato, and the tale of your youth and rescue is fascinating. I'm curious as to the names of your siblings. Do share.

Naturally since I am a bit late to the party all my favorite quotes have been mentioned, however I must give another shout out to "oleaginous toady". My lord Mani, you and your Bi EJ really do have a way with words.

At the moment my favorite story line is the blossoming romance between Angelica and JL. However, much as I adore Angie, I fear this episode has placed her high up on Ferro's dreaded "Ugly Crier" list. JL, it is up to YOU to keep her happy and not crying, so change your shirt, have a shave, and marry the girl! I like Madrina already.

I am enjoying this morning's comments very much, and also enjoying hearing about everyone's gatos and their telenovela-watching habits. (Or not.)

Gracias Mani and EJ, you are an exceedingly talented tag team.

And speaking of crying, ITA with y'all that Montse's "caterwauling" (well done Jarifa!) was beyond excessive and downright annoying. Poor Ale did look "dazed and confused". I don't look forward to his full, and eventual, comprehension of Montse's oddly inappropriate behavior.

Karen: "Even if Ginny's admission was not a confession, he went on to assume all types of things that were wrong". Well stated! The good padre moved with heavenly (sorry, couldn't resist) speed from admiration to dismay. I (regretfully) have left his table but am enjoying the extra time I have to spend chatting with those at the respective Rosario, JL/Angelica and Esme tables.

Sylvia, still chuckling at the Ferro ugly crying scale reference (still a treasure after all these years). But, I love the fact she is crying over love, not due to her own mortality. She loves blindly and passionately. How could JL not reciprocate? Will a wedding take place?? I fervently hope so.


Never do this. Being a cat's amanuensis is exhausting for the scribe and it annoys the cat. Unless, of course, the scribe is the brilliant bi- Elna June and the cat is her favorite quadru- Mani Gato (though I prefer to think he is named for his favorite pasta).

Lest there be any confusion on the matter of my parentage—yes, I know I was adopted. It became obvious at an early age that I did not much resemble my parents...

At this point ManiGato was sounding suspiciously like Laurence Sterne in Tristram Shandy. But by here --

I want to remind Alejandro Almonte that you can have a rough start in life and still turn out alright. He WILL always be a little weird, however, as I am, which is why I am much better at recapping on Mexican Telnovelas than I am at catching the miserable little gophers that invade our garden.

-- ManiGato starts to sound a lot like his adoptive mother.

Here are just a few more delicious fragments that bear repeating:

Mother Spirit

ambitious and oleaginous toady

Bipeds are notoriously dim when it comes to reading body language. In fact, they are so dependent on their complex yowling and consonant-filled vocalized vocabulary that they miss most of the observable information available to them.

We know that Alpha male Alejandro is a hell of a hunter, so her cat-bowl is full.

Angelica’s family lives in a right proper house, with many fragile shiny objects, cat beds and cat toys.

(and here, if we lose the capital 'A,' Señor Gato sounds a little like EE Cummings...)

I'm going to stop picking favorites (I'd just have to quote the whole gorgeous thing). I'll just say BRAVO, EJ! I'm allergic to cats, but I'll happily dose up with loratadine if it means I can hang out with ManiGato.

(BTW, it is a good thing that we DON'T have more time to write our recaps. We would all be at home agonizing and begging Mads for an extension.)

What an absolutely CREATIVE recap, Elna June and Mani!!! As a lover of all things feline, your well written story was so enjoyable to read. :))

Like JudyB, I have to read the recaps first before even venturing to see the episode. When I was watching MPV last night and saw the preview of the horrible Pedro talking to Alejo, I knew that I could not be able to see the show.

Montserrat really showed her maturity (or lack thereof) it would seem. Nadia's actions were in stark contrast to Montserrat's constant worry about herself.

It seems like every scene is filled with action and meaning. I am just eternally grateful that the hideous Maria was not in any of those scenes, but we know she will be gloating very soon. I don't think I can handle that. I honestly don't.


Did any of you notice what happened to Montserrat's hair mid-episode? How it got sort of blowsy and bushy like late 50's Bardot?

She reminded me of -- shudder -- Graciela herself. If she pulls the shawl off the grand piano and drapes it over her mullet dress, we may all need to rent some boats and head for Godmother's house.

Re ugly criers: Angie is a naked pain crier. I think that's different from a twisted grimace crier. But you are all experts here and I respect that we may differ on this point.

Buenos Dias!

I am glad folks enjoyed the recap. Mani is very pleased and proud that he received so many compliments. He may join us again, from time to time.

He also wanted to make clear that although he is Quadru-centric in his perspective, he loves most four legged creatures. He has dog friends, "Some of my best friends are dogs," he reminds me, and when he lived in the country he made friends with horses, deer, opossum, and raccoons. He once tried to make friends with a California Grey Fox. This was not a very good idea.

On Mani's behalf,


Elna June - Loved your double-teaming with Mani Gato. His take on bipedal behaviors is a hoot. Also, thanks for sharing his family's inspirational story.

I'm giving Montse a break on the bawling cause she found out about JL's "death" with a house full of people and no time to compose herself. I just wanted them all to go home and leave her in peace.

Allow me to add my SHUTUP! to Padre Anselmo and Tia. Which reminds me, I don’t like Maria but sometimes I do get her bad attitude with Tia. Like once Tia asked Maria to put some flowers in a vase and I thought, Tia, you've been sitting around doing nothing all day and you can't get up off the couch to put flowers in a vase, please!

I'm rooting for JL and Angie, but I had to laugh when JL told the madrina he was a fugitive with nothing to offer Angie. Cause surely the madrina could already see that from his clothes that could stand up all by themselves. I'm hoping for a wedding cause these two belong together, but also to see JL cleaned up. And will he now get a third name?

Sylvia...yes, I remember Ferro's Ugly Crying Scale , and, I am sorry to say that poor Angie would get a pretty high score. Her whole face was drenched in tears and puffy. I hurt a little for her.

Elna June, we had lots of outside farm cats, but I remember one in particular that I named Judy (after my older sister) who regularly took walks with my dad's ancient Springer spaniel Buddy. She would also climb a tree and walk along the porch roof to my bedroom window. Thanks for the memories.

I am worried about Nadia and Vestor. Pedro is crazy and should not be messed with.

NovelaMaven- Yes! I noticed Monse's new hair and I wondered if we were about to go into a new "etapa" for her. We'll have to keep a close eye on her to see if she starts picking up any other Gracie habits.


surely the madrina could already see that from his clothes that could stand up all by themselves.

I was kind of distracted by that myself. (Sometimes I find myself worrying about stains on the light upholstery.) JL has not only been short-changed by destiny and the Mendoza family -- he has also been given short shrift by wardrobe and make-up!

Aunty Ann:

I completely concur with your take on Montserrat last night. She was utterly annoying and deeply self-absorbed. I think that behavior is going to cost her nearly as dear as the huge deception she played out on her husband.

Susanlynn: It is going to be a bumpy ride, isn't it? We have so much time left in the story, there will be MUCH suffering, I predict.

Also, where is Graciela? Not a single scene for Daniela lately? Hmmm...

UA: Mani—and his sibs and friends Ale, Xena and Montserrat send their greetings as well to Carmen and Figaro. No I am not kidding, I have cats named Ale and Montserrat. Those two are not the closest of friends, either.

I think the Almonte kitten should to be blond and blue/green/grey, but Rosario is in the genetic mix and she has dark hair and brown eyes. ¿Quien sabe, eh?

I like your thoughts on how Nadia could protect herself or at least provide for vengeance if her husband kills her. Mani is very worried about her. I really like the actress and hope she stays and finds happiness.

Oh, JudyB: You know I am always so pleased by your kind words. I have heard of other cats watching Animal Planet, as well. I think this TN is going to put us through lots of suspense + anxiety. You have a good coping strategy, especially now that you know you can watch the Uni videos the next day.

Diana: I am so glad you enjoyed Mani's little bit of personal history. Thank you.

As to the Padre table, it's a close call. I cannot tell how much of the Father's hysteria was written or how much was in the portrayal by that scene-stealing old ham Eric del Castillo. Imagine the scene played by another actor in the cast, say, by Macario. It would have a whole different quality. I imagine that del Castillo is very difficult to direct at 83 years old. I think he plays things as he likes and he loves to be the center of attention. He has forgotten more about acting than most others actors will ever know. Good on him for continuing to work. So, on balance, his is also a flawed character, but he means well. I think I'll hand out with you at the table to enjoy your company, but I'll have a paper bag over my head.

Jarifa: Glad that Mani's comment gave you a giggle. ITA: I am pinning all my hopes for immediate tn happiness on the Madrina and Angelica and Jose Luis.



Katy: So nice to see you back with us. I am glad you enjoyed the story of how Mani and his bro and sis came to live with us.

I love the idea that Madrina would become JL's madrina as well. What a great plot turn that would be!


Vivi: I am so glad you enjoyed the recap. I do not know what is is with Mani and Nadia. He became entranced by her almost the first time we saw her on screen.

Mani's dad has one of those large televisions—he loves to watch football on this monstrosity. It sits on a wooden console and, truly, when Nadia is on screen Mani will jump on the console and talk to her. He is a VERY talkative cat, more so than any Siamese I have ever kept company with. There must be something about her voice.

OT: By the way, Vivi, Mr June and I will be taking a little museum holiday to DC in February or March. Write me offline if you want to try to get together.

Any other Caray folks in the area during that time, I would also be honored to enjoy a cuppa with you. We will stay in DC proper and likely not have a car.

ITA, Vivi, as I already wrote to Diana, Father Anselmo irritated me mightily last night. You may recognize me as the buxom woman over at his table with a paper bag over my head.


"I imagine that del Castillo is very difficult to direct at 83 years old. I think he plays things as he likes and he loves to be the center of attention."

Ah, wonderful observation Elna June (or was it Mani?) and probably true. And I guess I love him all the more for it, although his character's attitude was annoying last night, and Tia's as well. Of course they don't know all the things that we know, but Tia has a peremptory way of addressing the servidumbre that is usually confined to the villains.

I guess what annoys me most is that, while never married, she presumes to give non-negotiable advice on how to BE married...come to think of it, el Padre also. Reminiscent of a childless friend of mine who was ALWAYS telling me how to raise my kids. Basta ya! Confine yourself to advising on subjects where you're competent through experience.

EJ...Mani should write a children's book. Do you know of the book Ben and Me about Ben Franklin written from a mouse's perspective? Also, the Disney movie 101 Dalmatians is voiced by a dog telling about "his pet" a young songwriter. Both are charming as Mani's book would be, I'm sure. How wonderful that your hub and friends saved him and his siblings from those predators. We have lots of hawks flying around, and it is awful to think of what tiny creatures they are tracking from above.

Thank you Elna June. After reading your thoughtful response, I think you may have ascertained the real reason behind the padre's more than animated reactions and demeanor.

I thoroughly enjoy the actor and if he wanted to scene steal for a time, he is welcome to it. I do think though that the character needs to rethink his opinion of JL and hopefully, will do so ere the end.


Judyb..perhaps Eric is like the 90 year old English professor at our college who is still teaching part time. He seems to pretty much do whatever he feels like doing. Go, you super seniors.

Daisynjay: Amiga! So nice to see you. You have totally got the right idea—Montserrat GET A JOB. She needs to at LEAST play the Lady Bountiful by building the school and teaching the children. Tia Carlota could also teach deportment, since she has so many strong ideas about other people's behavior.

Daisynjay: I find myself hoping for a medical miracle for Angelica. Just one little miracle for Angelica, pretty please. And I love the earlier suggestion that Madrina might play Madrina to JL as well. I am all caught up in well-wishing this couple.

Julia Rold: Mani and his sibs and friend Montserrat send their greetings to Tuna and Tortilla. Those sound like delightful, but perhaps opinionated, companions. Their names must have a story as well.

Montserrat and Ale have wonderful chemistry together. It would be so fun to see these two stiffs hamming it up,amking love and having a good laugh. Sadly, I think we are going to get very little love action between the protags for the next 50 episodes or so. It seems like they could then team up and go after the bad guys but these two have some major growing to do. Plus we have to expect that the writers will make Montserrat suffer for her choice to 'live the lie' all those months.

Lila: You know we are with you on Father Anselmo's acting out last night. I look forward to hearing more from you after you read the recap.

Susanlynn: Your stories about your life are delightful. Farm animals are wonderful instructors in sex education. Hee hee hee.



Susanlynn: Mani write a children's book? What a fun idea. EJ has a couple of ideas in the writing queue but so far has lacked the discipline to make them happen. No, I am not familiar with the books written from a mouse's perspective. I'll look for them.

Super-seniors rule!



Dear Novela Maven:

You made me LOL with your first sentence,

"Never do this. Being a cat's amanuensis is exhausting for the scribe and it annoys the cat."

Oh, so true, amiga. But I am often driven to tread recapping ground where angels might fear to tread. Such is the curse of an overactive imagination++ with a short attention span.

I am so glad you enjoyed the recap, m'dear—but the info that you are allergic to cats is a sorry story indeed. Two of my offspring and my son-in-law are also allergic to cats. I love most domestic animals but I am currently without a dog companion. I am sure the proper dog will make its way into my life at the right time.

On the point of having more time to recap, I was aware that there was less and less of Mani and more of me as I wrote last night. He politely avoided letting me know that he was annoyed but when he had a tuna emergency he was outta there. Big grin.

I guess I would like more time to recap in my MIND more than I would enjoy the actual experience. All I can ever manage to get out are first drafts of the doc and it is hard to know that they will never be cleaned up or improved.

As usual, you are so right when you say that if we had more time to write our recaps I would be begging Mads for even more extensions.

Much more Zen like if we furiously write the thing, hit send and POOF! Your writing is out there, warts and all, for all the world to see.

Elna June

EJ..... read your comment on editing your work with interest. On Wednesday, I spent some time trying to convince my students to reread the paragraphs they have to write for me a few times out loud and make corrections and additions before handing it into me. My older daughter would write her composition for school. Then, we would read it together out loud . She would make corrections , additions, and subtractions. Then, we would reread it out loud again....sometimes as much as five times. I should have known that she was going to major in math/computer science.

What great advice for Nadia. I wish she would have known about it before she made her deal with Pedro. Nadia sure did show her loyalty to Montserrat. She is a true friend.

Montse might end up giving herself away if she continues with her shenanigans every time she hears news about JL. But now that everyone knows that JL is not dead (thanks to the Padresito), maybe Montse will calm down and remember that she said she would 'die' without Ale. Maybe this experience will make her a bit more mature. She needs to prepare herself for when that anvil comes calling.

It seemed as though the Pedre and Joaquin were in a race to get to the Hacienda Almonte. Did anyone notice that when they walked in they were out of breath. First the Padre comes in waving his hat in the air, then a few seconds later Joaquin comes in in a hurry and is talking like he is gasping for air. It was as though the Padre wanted to make it there first to give them a warning. Maybe that's why he was so animated; he was trying to make sure that everyone heard him before Joaquin came in. Or maybe the Padresito was just trying to get Mani Gato's attention. Just an observation.

Could Dimi's warning to Montse that Pedro was about to spill the beans the beginning of his redemption. It was kind of uncharacteristic of him. Just a thought.

Back to work...hasta pronto!

Elna June,

I loved this comment of yours:

Tia Carlota could also teach deportment, since she has so many strong ideas about other people's behavior.

Yes she does. Both she and Padre Anselmo suffer from the tunnel vision, the black and white, good or bad kind of thinking that runs rampant in telenovelas.

It is actually pretty rare to find a character capable of nuanced thinking.

I was also wondering why Dimitrio warned the ladies that Pedro was reveal the JL/Antonio secret. I suppose he could have selfish reasons for wanting to keep a lid on things, but maybe not.

OT: Check this out. Looks like SN is definitely doing a new TN. Those who read Spanish can let me know if I'm off base.

Flaco just looked at it and said, yes, she's definitely doing this one. Jorge Salinas, too. Yay!!!

Now, I;d live to see them together.

Mani Gato: cat’s eye perspective. Love it. And you are too funny. Bass and Julie say “Hi”.

EJ: So funny about Mani watching TV. I’ll catch Bass watching TV and sometimes, he’ll even swat at whatever’s happening on screen. He especially likes Power Yoga: Mind and Body, and Journey to India—if they’re showing animals.

We finally know Angie’s exact condition. And I’m screaming SECOND OPINION. MIRACLE REMISSION. I do not want her to die.

I haven’t seen this ep yet either. I’m getting behind on all my TNs: La Reina del Sur, Cuando Seas Mia and this one. Here’s hoping SN’s new one doesn’t start until two of these three finish.


EJ. Lord, have mercy! I am freakin' gobsmacked! I haven't finished the recap "by your cat' yet but what an ingenious idea! OMG! Youze guys never cease to amaze me! Let me read on to see if Padre Anselmo scared 'Mani' with his ranting and raving. I knew this was going to be a treat!

:D Lila

Ahhh, totally enjoyed this splendid recap EJ and Mani! I hadn't read this when I wrote my first comment this morning so it's funny to see "your cat" and I think alike: "So over at the home of Angelica, her parents and sister are wailing and gnashing their teeth. Yes, I mean really wailing and gnashing their teeth" Too funny, guess I'm a "bi" with feline perception!

Thank you so much! I'm going to enjoy the comments now which I know cover all the important action last night most excellently as usual. Just will say I don't feel a bit sorry for Nadia and would somebody tell Jose Luis to take a bath and give him some clean clothes for goodness' sake!

;D Lila

I think you are right about Pedro trying to set Alejandro up—any way he can. We still do not know just WHY Pedro was so interested in recovering the escaped marineros in the first place. My recall is flawed these days, but I thought Refugio was there, eavesdropping with JL at the little hut by the river.

Hi, Mads: I agree that Padre Anselmo is like an (indulgent and not terribly wise) papa with his 'kids'—including Maria.

You bring up a key point that I forgot to mention!

What did everyone think of the Madrina's command to JL???

"Marry her!"

So great to see you! ITA, Pedro has no honor. I, too, wish Nadia had used UA's approach before she gave an ultimatum to her rotten husband. Her situation makes me so anxious. Mani will be devastated if anything happens to his Nadia.

Oh, Sylvia! I MISS recapping with you! I hope everything is going swimmingly with your house projects.

"I don't look forward to his full, and eventual, comprehension of Montse's oddly inappropriate behavior."

I think it going to be a fearsome thing to see Ale's anger and very unpleasant to recap. Just a couple of days ago Father Anselmo was discussing Ale's little anger problem. Now that cannot be good and should serve as a warning to all of the bumpy road ahead. (Thanks Susanlynn).

Sending best thoughts to you and Señor Sharkbait.

Syl and all - You are so right about Angelica's place on the ugly crying scale. I forget how it is scored—someone please remind me.

As a blonde, Angie is a natural as an ugly crier. (Redheads also have this problem.) Plus, she scrunches up her face so.

What score do we suggest for Angie?



Haven't been commenting much, but I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's recaps and comments this week. This show is so good! And yet the recaps are excellent, too!

I think that if JL marries Ange, he will end up accused of what Dim intended to try: marrying her in hopes of a quick inheritance (although I don't think we've heard that she has money of her own, so I don't know why Dim assumed he'd collect). Either way, I wish she would give him the gift of a shower and some fresh clothes right away. How were Ange and madrina not holding their noses around him? Maybe he went for a swim and did some laundry on the boat.

Nadia is too self-sacrificing. Montse should really tell Ale about Antonio's real identity herself, right away, so she can control the spin on the message and no one can hold that over her anymore. Nadia should skip the country, or at least stay at the hacienda with a team of bodyguards to protect herself and Victor.

I think my favorite scene of the week was Ale making Dim move random rocks from one place to another. That was really funny. I haven't joined the Six Minute Club yet, though, so can't say yet whether that might be my favorite.

Just read that article on SN being the new protagonist of a novela that should start filming in the next couple of weeks. I am not a huge Jorge Salinas fan, but I do love Sylvia Navarro, so maybe I'll watch. BTW, I saw SN last year at the People en Espanol Festival. She is very pretty in person.

EJ & Pasofino,

Refugio was there eavesdropping with JL when Pedro had his meeting with Loreto and Juvie. What we do know about Pedro is that he is desperate to get his hands on Ale's piece of land that Ale refuses to sell to Pedro. He was going to kill Ale to take over Ale's estate and get those lands and had told Juvie he could stay with the hacienda. There was also the route of proving that Ale was not Don Benny's biological son, therefore forfeiting the hacienda and the lands to the state. So one way or another Pedro wants Ale to loose his hacienda, whether through death or disinheritance. I think Pedro wants to somehow use JL to aid him in getting his hands on Ale's property. But in what way will he use JL is yet to be known.

ITA with EVERYTHING you said in your last comment. And you might seriously want to consider joining the six minute club.

EJ, I sincerely DO miss recapping with you too. This Old House is moving along. Mr. Sharkbait and I spent the day disagreeing on kitchen counter granite. Tomorrow we plan to disagree on the color of grout for the bathroom floor. On the up side, and speaking of pets, our tiler has the most amazingly adorable Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. I say screw the home improvement choices and play with the dog! Mr. Sharkbait and I DO agree that we love having the puppy around the house while dad is working. In fact Mr. S is rolling around on the lawn right now demonstrating the "submissive" position for the puppy. Hmmm...he's never done that for me. (wink)

I can't remember how we scored Ferro's Ugly Crying Scale. 1 to 10 with 10 being the ugliest? I would give Angie at least a 9. I'm pretty sure I saw a little snot going on there, very realistic.

captain....HA...I enjoyed your comments.

I can relate to the remodeling woes. A few years ago, hub and I remodeled our main bathroom and downstairs powder room. Ai-Yi_yi. Our high school friends Jeff (contractor/superhero who has come to our rescue here, at the Farm, and at our daughter's house) and Larry (helper) did the work. I did the design while babysitting a three year old, I am amazed that they both turned out as well as they did. I decided against granite. Hub went along with anything . We got those one piece Corian type sink counter things. They are easy to clean. Now, I feel that we should replace our kitchen counters since we have replaced the stove, dishwasher! and frig one by one over the last few years. I am trying to decide if I want granite.

as for the submissive position......well...

As for Angie on the least a 9.

Lo Robo is by so far the best telenovela i seen in years its miles better then La Tempestad or the horrible Triunfo del Amor though i have yet to see Amores Verdadores though.. Is it just me or Tomas reminds me of Agent Smith( These glasses,dont challenge him Dimmy!) and JL kind of looks like Mr Bean.
And i would like Angies actor to get a main protangoist/villian role in the future ,she is adorable and it is a shame that she wont stay for the whole novela.

Don't have much time before the Fri recap is up to say, WOW, EJ, you have one smart gato. Did the siblings inherit this gift of observation and description? Your half was pretty good, too!!

One thing Mani didn't notice that I did was that Montse's fur/hair went from straight to curly as soon as her pregnancy news got out there.

It won't take Dimmy long to long for the indolent life he could have had with Josefa.

I'll save any other comments for Friday's post.

Demetrios: We female bi-beds loved Amores Verdaderos (we'd like to be prepositioned [intentional for Susanlynn] all over the room by Big Ed. You? Maybe not so much. At least now that it's over, you can fast forward through the slow scenes.

I agree that this is the best tn since Amor Bravio, Part I. Part II made no sense--it should have been a different tn.

When they had the auditions for Montse, I'm sure the casting director was looking for tearful emotions and painful, wretching angst above all other things (right on, Mani). Silvia N. could never have pulled it off. She just doesn't like to cry.

Again, EJ, give Mani an extra treat and some tummy rubs and we'll welcome her back to recap anytime.



I'm so sorry, Mani, I didn't intentionally turn you into a female. I've had both male and female purry quadrupeds and they do behave differently, except when it comes to food and cuddling. Pardon my error.


Yeah i love this tn ,its just so good,it always keeps me at edge,anything can go wrong in just split seconds and the consequences for it are daring,just like an constant action thriller.

P.S. EJ: Mani in the River Plate region is a peanut. Would Mani Gato be offended by being called Peanut?

Demetrios: I just realized my typo to you as bi-beds instead of bi-peds. Take it as you will, haha.

Nanette: I just read the Noticias sobre Silvia N. It goes on to say that even though Adriana Louvier, Victoria Ruffo & Jorge Salinas have been confirmed, the producer, JA Castro is considering making some changes in the cast (I can only hope that Ms Ruffo is only seen in a flashback or is killed off promptly).

I cant stand Ruffo but i want her having a villian role,i dont know why she is always seen as a crying ,weak lady in novelas so her getting a sharper role would be a big boost to her acting career.

And to those who will watch El Manantial (remake) ,Ivan Sanchez will star in the novela as well alongside Ana Branda and Jose Ron( Cant stand him eww)

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