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Lo Que La Vida Mi Robo, Capitulo 55. 01/27/14.

Montse tells Padre Anselmo that Ale accused her of kicking it with JL under his nose.  But you know that's not true.  I know that replies Padre.  As soon as Macario told me what happened I ran to talk to him.  I tried, but unfortunately he is refused to listen to reason.  Montse says he can think whatever he wants.  I don't care.  I know that's not true replies Padre.  Who knows if I can ever forgive him for not acknowledging his child says Montse.  It hurts me to admit it, but a lot of this is my fault.  I have to accept that I lost Ale forever.  Padre tries to console her and spills the frijoles that Maria is back at the hacienda.  Are they together asks Montse.  Yes, confirms Padre.  She will poison him against you. 

Maria shouts for Dominga.  When Dominga asks her what the heck she wants Maria starts insulting her.  She says to watch her tone.  That is no way to talk to the lady of the house.  (What lady?)  Dominga gets a jab in and says she will treat Maria like the lady of the house when she actually becomes one.  (Score for Dominga).  Maria asks if it bothers her to know that she was wrong about her and Ale.  Dominga reminds her it's one thing to have Ale bring her there to console him and another for him to be hers.  Even though he may divorce Montse, I highly doubt that he would marry you.  (Score another for Dominga).  Maria reminds Dominga that she always find a way to get what she wants.  Ale comes in asking if she's ready.  Maria turns to Dominga and says he's taking her out to go shopping.  Make sure you make something scrumptious for dinner.  Maria gives Dominga a dirty look as they leave.

Graceless greets the Captain and asks if they found Angelica and that criminal JL.  He lets her have it.  If anyone deserves to go to jail, it's your son.  He's the one responsible for the death of Bruno Gamboa!  And you too.  You both planned the destruction of an innocent man.  Graceless tells the Captain to watch his tone when talking to her.  She claims she doesn't know what he's talking about, but he ain't buying her BS.  While you were talking trash about JL in my office, your son was planting evidence in JL's room.  On top of that, you abused my relationship with your husband to get what you wanted.  Graceless says she can explain but he cuts her off and tells her to tell it to her attorneys.  Now where is Dim?  Graceless begs him not to take her baby or tell Lauro.  Remember his health.  Do you want him to die when he hears about this?  Lauro chooses that moment to come into the study and ask why they want to detain Dim.  The Captain says I have proof that your son committed a crime.  Do you remember the murder of Bruno Gamboa?  Of course replies Lauro.  Wasn't JL guilty of that?  No, he's innocent replies Robles.  Now I know why the police came to question Dim replies Lauro.  My son owed that man a lot of money.  Is that why he killed Gamboa asks Lauro to Graceless.  She says it was an accident.  Dim was just defending himself and the gun went off.  The Captain again asks where is Dim.  Lauro says he's staying at his friend Adolfo's house.  Graceless asks what is Lauro doing?  What should have been done replies Lauro.  He tells the Captain that he will go with him to arrest his son.  Graceless begs them not too.  Montse and Padre walk in and ask what's going on?  Lauro tells her to have her mother explain it to her.  Graceless is in the background still begging them not to take her baby.  Carlotta questions Graceless on what Dim did now?  She just says they didn't believe her when she said it was just an accident.  Dim didn't want to kill Gamboa.  Shocked faces all around.  Montse reminds her mother that one day this was all going to come to light.  What my brother did deserves punishment.  Padre A agrees.  What you do in this life, you must pay for.  And if not in this life, then the next.  Graceless doesn't want to hear sermons from Padre A and walks off crying and mumbling about her baby.

Maria excitedly runs into a store with Ale trailing behind.  She pulls out dresses for his approval and then models them.  Ale doesn't seem to with it.  He recalls his passionate moments with Montse.  My goodness, he's pretty. 

Josefina goes to Adolfo's to tell Dim that she and her brother have arranged everything for the civil ceremony.  All he has to do is just show up.  Suddenly Ezequiel barges in and says he's there to arrest him.  Lauro comes in and tells his son that he will make sure that harshest punishment is put on him.  Dim calls him a disgrace as he is lead away.  Josefina tries to defend her husband, um her man or um her boy toy.  He is not capable of doing that plus we are also getting married next week.  Lauro apologizes but her wedding will have to be canceled. 

Pedro is on the phone talking to someone.  He feels really honored to be considered for governorship.  Nadia gets brought into his office and he asks her what is she going to do with him?  He just found out that she is not keeping up her end of the bargain.  What did you think?  That I would not be watching you all the time and wasting tax payers money to make sure you do as I say? (He really didn't say the last part, but I was thinking it).  Nadia doesn't appreciate it that 2 police officers dragged her all the way to his office.  Pedro says they just escorted.  He grabs her by the hair and asks what the heck was she doing at Victor's place?  I had to find out if he spilled the frijoles about JL and Montse replies Nadia.  It was you wasn't it? I promised you I wouldn't say anything replies Pedro.  It's not my fault that things didn't end up the way you wanted them.  But nonetheless, you have to keep your promise to me.  Is that clear?  Graceless interrupts their little discussion and begs Pedro to help her. 

Ale pays for Maria's purchases and she decides to wait outside for him. 

Carlotta and Montse are out walking to see visit Dim at the jailhouse.  Carlotta wants Montse to understand that Dim is family and needs them right now.  They keep walking and of course Carlotta notices Maria window shopping.  Maria spots them and Montse tells her aunt that she wants to leave.  Of course, Maria can't let this chance go by.  Maria asks Montse if she likes her rags....I mean clothes.  Ale bought them for me.  I know your back at the hacienda after my husband asked you too says Montse.  Maria corrects her.  Ale begged her to come back.  I am now the lady of the house and also his woman.  Montse says she's lying.  Maria smiles her nasty smile and informs Montse that they spent the night together.  She naked and he with his pants on, but she doesn't feel the need to add that little tidbit.  Anyway, she promises that she will make sure that Ale forgets about her.  She plans to get pregnant with a child that actually carries his blood.  To Montse, them fighting words and she b!tchslaps Maria.  Maria says that she doesn't have to take it from her anymore and returns the b!tchslap and they fall to the ground fighting.  Ale hears the commotion and goes to see.  The girls fall into a flower bed and Ale runs out telling Maria to stop it.  He pulls her away while she is still trying to get to Montse.  Carlotta tells Ale to make sure that he keeps his animals locked up.  Montse is pregnant for christ's sake.  Maria swears that Montse started it.  She found out that I am back at the hacienda, she insulted me and b!tchslapped me.  Carlotta says that didn't happen and Maria calls Carlotta a gossipy old lady.  Carlotta can't believe that he would allow Maria to talk to her that way and hit his wife.  Montse rushes Carlotta away.  Ale calls after Montse.  He tells Maria to get her things and meet him at the truck.  Maria refuses to leave him alone.  He tells her to obey.  He needs to talk to Montse.  Montse says she doesn't want to talk to him.  Not after he brought that woman into her house, into her room, into their bed.  Ale says it's not any different than what she did to him.  Montse and Carlotta walk away.

Graceless complains to Pedro that Lauro will not lift a finger to help her son.  She needs help.  She is desperate and doesn't have anyone else to help her.  Pedro pretty much tells her that Dim's up a creek.  It appears that Dim may have done it pre-mediated.  He did owe Gamboa a lot of money.  Plus there are no witnesses.  Of course there is lies Graceless.  I was there when all this went down.  That man pointed a gun at my baby and all Dim did was protect himself.  Then why didn't you say anything before asks Pedro.  Because they kept quiet to accuse JL of killing him replies Nadia.  Pedro tells Nadia to get out, he wants to speak to Graceless alone.  Graceless begs Pedro again to help her.  Pedro says that Dim will spend a long time in jail and she can end up in the big house too.  Why asks Graceless.  Because you helped your son cover up a crime and gave a false statement replies Pedro.  But luckily you came to me for help.  I know many unscrupulous attorneys and judges that owe me favors.  With my contacts, I think perhaps your problem can go away.  So how do you plan on paying me back for this great favor I am about to do for you?  If you want money, I can try to figure out a way to get it replies Graceless.  Pedro says he's not interested in money.  When the time comes that he needs her help, she has to give it without questions.  Do you agree?  Of course replies Graceless. 

Montse is crying.  She says Ale only did it to hurt her.  Carlotta also points out that Maria is taking the opportunity that they fought to get with Ale.  Montse reminds her that he is the one that went looking for Maria.  He brought her back to the hacienda and invited her into their bed.  He is doing this to destroy me.  If it wasn't for this baby that I love most in the world, I would have preferred that Ale killed me then to suffer all this pain that I am feeling at this moment.  Ale better never regret what he did to me, because this time I will be the one that will never forgive him. 

Maria the lap dog waits faithfully at the truck.  Ale comes up to her and says what she did was wrong.  Maria says she was only defending herself.  How can you defend her after what she did to you?  Ale reminds her that Montse is pregnant.  By JL or Antonio not you replies Maria.  Ale wants to know how Maria knew that they were the same man?  I heard it somewhere replies Maria.  You said it when you were punching Adolfo and also my uncle mentioned it.  When asks Ale.  He just asked me to tell him if I heard that name to tell him.  Why?  Do you think that he and JL were working together?  What would be really bad is if JL killed him to keep him quiet.  Ale tells his lap dog to wait in the truck until he returns. 

Joaquin comes home and inquires about the whereabouts of his wife.  The maid tells him that his wife and daughter packed some bags and left.  Where did they go asks Joaquin.  Did they leave a message?  No replies the scared maid.

Angie asks Esme to show her a sexy move.  Esme says to imagine that you have the man that you love in front of you.  Then move your hips like this and grab your hair like this.  JL and Refugio are watching and enjoying a chuckle.  JL says that Angie is a wonderful woman.  Look how she just enjoys life.  It's sad replies Refugio.  I never would have thought that Angie was dying.  I see her so happy and full of life.  I feel so bad for her.  And there is really nothing that can be done?  No, replies JL.  Unfortunately.  Prudence says she has little time left.  But while I have her, I want to make her the happiest woman in the world.  She deserves it.  Esme is still giving classes to Angie went suddenly she starts getting dizzy.  JL and Refugio run up to her.  JL sits her down and asks if she's okay.  Of course replies Angie.  I just got tired.  Now give me a hug.  JL and Esme exchange concerned looks.  Prudence leads Amelia and Virginia outside to see Angie.  Prudence comments that Angie is very happy.  Virginia says I-told-you-so to Amelia.  She is in love. 

Ale goes to church and recalls the day he married Montse.  How happy he was.  He cries so pretty.  Anyway, he goes to see the priest and says he wants 5 minutes of his time to talk. 

Dim is in jail, frustrated.  Josefina comes for a visit and he begs her to help him get out.  Josefina wants to know if what they are saying is true.  Did he really kill someone?  Of course not shouts Dim.  That man pulled out a gun and it went off.  Josefina says she doesn't know what to believe.  Dim begs her to help him.  He doesn't have money for an attorney.  His father turned his back on him and his mother has not come to pay him a visit.  He says she is the only one that can help him.  In comes Carlotta and Montse.  Dim asks if they brought him a lawyer.  They shake their heads.  Dim asks what did they come for then?  Are you happy?  To see me locked up in here?  Is this what you wanted?  Your husband did this.  He wanted to get revenge for what you did to him.  Letting your lover live at the hacienda.  All this is your fault.  Montse says he now knows how it feels to be locked up.  Just like when they accused JL of a crime he didn't commit.  Thanks to my mom.  So don't you dare put the blame on me.  Because this and much more is what you deserve.  Dim tries to grab her and tells her to leave.  Josefina stares at the man she loves in disbelief.  Dim begs for Josefina to help him.

Rosario is serving Padre coffee.  They talk about Dim.  She feels sorry for everything that happened to him.  She says that her whole life was wasted when she was locked up in prison.  Padre tells her not to compare her life to that of Dim's.  She was locked up for a crime she didn't commit, while he did.  That boy needs to pay for his mistakes.  Like Montse asks Rosario.  She is also now paying for her mistakes.  Don't hate on her pleads Padre.  Because just like you were a victim of circumstances, so is she.  But she deceived my son.  With the little pieces that I gathered, the capataz was not really who he said he was.  He was an old boyfriend of Montse.  How could she have let him stay so long at the hacienda and not tell her husband asks Rosario.  Yes, I agree with you says Padre.  Her biggest mistake was not telling Ale that he was there.  He was tormenting her.  Rosario cries and tells Padre if he only saw how Ale threw her out of the house.  With such hate in his eyes.  It breaks my heart not to be able to be with him at this time.  I feel that I have lost my son forever.  I will never be able to see him again.  The only thing that consoles me is that I will be able to be around my grandson.  To told him and kiss him.

Josefina asks Dim why he treated his sister that way?  Suddenly Graceless walks in.  She asks her baby how he's holding up.  Dim says he didn't think that she would help him.  How can you think that of me asks Graceless.  You are my baby.  I adore you.  I will always take care of you.  She turns evil eyes towards Josefina and asks her to leave them so they can talk.  She tells him that everything is fixed.  Pedro is going to help me get you out of here.  I swear to you that I will get you out.  You only have to spend the night in jail.  Just be strong.

Virginia asks Angie to forgive her.  She was anguished.  Their mother cried all day.  Angie tells Virginia that she is not mad at her.  I love you bunches.  They hug and Amelia interrupts and asks to talk to Angie alone.  Your godmother tells me you are not well.  I have never been better replies Angie.  I am talking about your health says Amelia.  Angie says she's happy and that is all that matters.  Amelia tells her that she has no idea of all the pain and suffering she has gone through since Angie left.  When I found out you were here, the only thing that I could think about was seeing you and holding you.  Then I find you in the arms of that man.  Did that man convenience you to escape with him?  No of course not replies Angie.  He told me every day to return home but I didn't want to.  Why?  Did you not think about what I was going through asks Amelia.  I love you replies Angie.  But you need to understand me.  I need to live life to the fullest with the little time I have left.  Amelia gets mad and says that she should be spending her time with her family not that man.  You need to be with the ones that love you the most and that's me.  I don't understand why your godmother is helping you with this craziness.  If you would just let yourself get to know JL, you would see what a great man he is says Angie.  I love that man with all of my heart.  Perhaps this is the only time I have to enjoy a great love.  Please don't take this away from me.  You know I'm dying.  Amelia doesn't want to hear it.  Angie says everything will be okay.  She just wants a little happiness.  Amelia says that her father will not accept this.  Even though my godmother and the Captain believe in his innocence and are helping to clear his name?  No replies Amelia.  Angie says that no one will forbid her from marrying JL.  And if you and dad want to be a part of my life, then you will have to support me.  Because this is not about what you want, but what I want.  I have the right to decide how I want to live out the rest of my days. 

Joaquin goes to see the Captain and says that he's worried about his wife and daughter.  They left the hacienda without a word.  I think they must have heard from Angie and that is why I am here.  The Captain confirms that they have found Angie.  She is fine.  Joaquin wants to know if they also found JL.  The good for nothing took my daughter.  The Captain tells Joaquin to sit down to talk.  He admits he was wrong about JL and is now going to help clear his name.  Angie is in love with JL and wants to be his wife. 

Graceless goes to the church to pray.  She sees the priest and wants to talk to him.  You have known my family for many years.  And my money has helped out on many of your charity cases.  The priest says he will always be grateful for her and her family for their generosity.  Graceless wants him to talk to her husband.  She says her son is going through a difficult time and Lauro turned his back on him.  Lauro needs God.   The priest promises to speak not only to Lauro but also to Montse.  Because right now things are about to go down and as her mother you should know. 

Carlotta and Montse are in the living room when Graceless storms into the house asking for Lauro.  He's in the study and doesn't want to talk to anyone.  Even you asks Graceless.  Even me replies Montse.  I don't want him to see me upset anyways.  Graceless tells Montse that she better come up with an excuse as to why she is separated from her husband.  Carlotta thinks now is not the time to tell Lauro anything.  Since they have the whole Dim situation going on.  Graceless agrees, but things are worse than what she thought.  Padre Tomas says Ale came to see him to start the proceedings for a marriage annulment. 

Manana: Maria tries seducing Ale; Lauro catches Ale and Maria kissing and wants an explanation; Maria yells out that Graceless was Benjamin's lover; Lauro has a heart attack?



Gloria, reading your recaps is like unearthing buried treasure. You can't wait to see what beautiful gems have been tucked away, anxious to see their beauty. As always, this was wry and wonderful. I so enjoy the great care and attention you lavish on these episodes.

"My goodness, he's pretty", "That I would not be watching you all the time and wasting tax payers money to make sure you do as I say?" and "Maria the lap dog waits faithfully at the truck" were but a few of my favorites.

Highlights were Dominga putting Maria firmly in her place and Monse angry enough about Maria to be angry in her turn as well, hopefully alleviating some of the devastation she is feeling.

I had an uneasy feeling Ale was seeking an anullment but had thought and hoped he would ask for a paternity test first.

Angie is so strong and I admire her - she is bending everyone to her will to accept her love for JL and impending marriage. So courageous.

Pedro will demand an exacting penalty from Graciela, I am sure. I hope Dim gets to languish a while longer in jail where he truly does deserve to be.

Things are still bleak but tomorrow will hopefully bring a bit of relief (but likely not for poor Lauro).

Gloria, an excellent summary - thank you!



Thank you so much for this splendid recap!

Ay, yi, yi BM needs an anvil. The venom dripping from her mouth! What a beyotch! I was hoping Monse would kick her, but no such luck. And the dresses she picked? Can you say tasteless????? Ugh, she can't match Monse in taste eva! BM has no taste or fashion sense. BM is just horrid!

So Ale can't forget Monse can he? It seems he thinks about her constantly, even when BM was trying on those "fashions" he couldn't even look at her. I guess he thinks if he annuls his marriage to Monse he can forget about her. Yeah right, sure, sure!

Dim if finally paying for what he did. It was self defense, but hiding this crime all this time is what did him in. I am glad the Capitan stood up to the plate and is taking action. I am so glad he confronted Graceless and called her on her BS.

I am glad Rosy is sticking with Monse. Rosy is in a lot of pain, but so glad she is with Monse.

Poor Monse, she took the high road here though. I like what she said to Ale. I wonder what he would have talked to her about if she had stayed to talk? He was looking a mite guilty, but he's still very angry. I don't like the annulment road he is taking. I bet he probably told the priest that the bebe Monse is carrying isn't his. If Monse does take a DNA test and it proves it's his, won't he have egg on his face?

Poor Fina. I felt bad for her. She thought her day had come, and now what is she going to do?

Pedro and Graceless form an alliance. This will not be good. This favor she owes him will have an anvil attached I'm sure.

Loved Esme showing Angie how to do the sexy dance and the interaction with all four, Angie, JL, Refugio and Esme is so great. I am glad Angie told her Mama how she feels and to let her be happy. I wonder if Amelia will let Angie be? Joaquin sure didn't look happy did he?

Can't wait for tonight to find out what happens with Lauro.

Going by what happened last night, why doesn't Ale tell BM to STFU? He knows she's a liar and yet he panders to her? He needs some alone time to think about what he is doing.

Gloria, thanks for the very detailed and complete recap. Very enjoyable.

I loved:

Lauro telling Graciela off and supporting the arrest of his son

Montse telling Dimi she knew about the plan to frame JL

Dimi crying and whining in his jail cell

I didn't like:

Graciela doing an open ended deal with Pedro to free Dimi. I am concerned JL will still answer for the murder.

Ale wanting an annulment.

Lauro looking like he is having a heart attack in the avances.


Gloria, thanks for the great recap! I hate Maria and the feeling is only growing. I was totally team Ale but he's really upsetting me. He's being so irrational and hypocritical I can't stand it!!

He totally forgets how he basically kidnapped monse in the beginning. And now hes admittedly doing the same thing he accuses her of doing. Who understands you Ale??

From the previews, things don't look good for lauro :( but I hope Ale flips out on Maria for being such a b.

Still team Ale tho lol. ( rant over)


Sure agree Ale needs some alone time. He is too messed up and vulnerable to be with anyone let alone BM. When he comes to his senses, I wonder how he will get back in Montse's good graces and how many episodes that will take.


Dear Gloria,

Thanks so much for a terrific recap. I was really excited to read what you would write as I always enjoy your recaps a lot. I second all the great lines Diana quoted earlier with second shout outs to my favorite moments in your recap: your noting that BM is Ales' lap dog and your keeping track of Dominga's scores against BM, too.

And I agree with Mads most of those outfits BM tried on were really bad. (Though I will admit very begrudgingly that she looked kind of cute in the strapless one.)

However, that long kaftan thing at the end looked like she was using Auntie Carlotta as her fashion icon, not Montse.

Thank God Ale was clearly bored to death AND fantasizing about Montse during the scene.

Hombre, the annulment thing really surprised me and bummed me out, too. Thank God Que Pobres Tan Ricos comes on after. Normally, I'd be in bed and asleep before that one is over, but I find I really need the sweet goofiness of it to clear my head and heart of the intensity of LQLVMR.

Thanks again, Gloria! It was great to read this! I am appreciating everyone's comments, too.

Gloria, thank you for your terrifically detailed and entertaining recap. Your little snarky comments are hilarious and I always look forward to them. One second you are our objective reporter on the street and the next second, ZING! You really give it to someone.

I will ditto the previous comments on the positives and negatives of this episode. Our misguided anti-galan seems to be trying very, very hard to convince himself of Montse's perfidy, surrounding himself with everything that will "prove" to him that she cuckolded him. Sadly, he is paying attention to everything BUT the truth.

Oh man, things look bad in the previews. I don't think Lauro's heart can take Dim's situation, Montse's situation (if he finds out) AND Gracie's infidelity. If he has a heart attack will Ale blame Maria? Will Montse blame Alejandro?

Good morning all! Thank you Gloria. Your recap was light yet thorough. The lightness helped because after the cat fight in the flower bed and Ale's justifying inviting that 'ho' to his bed by Montse's supposed equivalent deception, I was asking myself, "why am I watching this?"

You crack me up sprinkling declarations of Ale's prettiness throughout the narrative. He is pretty. Pretty dense and deaf to everything except the vile verbal vomitus that comes out of that whore's mouth!

You know what? Maria is such an effin' bitch that she really is cutting my sympathy/empathy for Ale! Damn! The previewed seduction will probably end with his dumb-ass drugged and of course he'll believe he planted the seed and BM's child is his own!

Glad to see Rosario react normally to hearing the whole story about JL but she won't turn on Montse. Unlike her son she's able to hear both sides of the story.

Graceless and Dim. Umpf. Umpf. Umpf. Dim trying to blame Montse. He must be Ale's brother.

I'll save my other BM bitchin' for tonight's show.

Loved Esme teaching Angie how to do a sexy grind. I hope she gets to use it in real life! As a mother I can sympathize with Amelia but I'm feeling Angie more and she spoke up well for herself.

Oh well, working from home due to polar vortex. Can't wait to read y'alls comments later. Thank you again Miss Gloria!


Gloria: Great recap of a painful episode.

Mads: Yes, isn't it about time that Ale woke up so that he can see the true Maria. She's shown her true self to him so many times. This man is in a state of complete denial. Maybe she really is his half sibling, and it's a case of the blood calling.

Anyway, Dimitrio isn't the only nitwit here because Ale has just joined his ranks. Annul the marriage with a baby on the way. Are you kidding? Ale doesn't spend enough time with Macario who appears to be his one last friend. He needs to get out of his own head.

The thought of an alliance between Pedro and Graceless is terrifying.

Thank you Gloria! My favorite "aside" was "What lady?" Dominga stole the show last night and you really captured it.

Two great questions, Sylvia. I feel like tonight's episodes will move things right along. I feel the scales tipping toward Montsy as Ale acts like more and more of an a** every day. If your heart is broken, do you take a new girlfriend on a shopping 24 hours later? It's like his brain has melted. But I digress! I feel like Lauro catching him kissing another woman will wake him up to how badly HE'S behaving, regardless of what he thinks Montsy has done.

This show just keeps getting better and better!

Oh and a question for the Spanish speakers. I've heard Gracie say, repeatedly: "Falta Jesus!" or something to that effect. Does anyone know what it means? I remember in one TN she used to say: "Valgame Dios!" I love all these expressions!

Thanks again, Gloria.

Demetrios quoted something similar the other day. Pardon me, Demetrios, not trying to speak for you but I loved this phrase:

"All the Patio hates Graceless but im sure we will all be repeating her wise words time after time: "A Ti Te Falta Jesus ,Perdonate!"

Demetrios : Mon Jan 27, 01:43:00 PM EST

This reminds me of the Southern Baptist exclamation: "You need JEEEEsus!"

Again, pardon me if that's not it!


Thanks, Gloria, for that excellent, detailed recap.

my dad had an old dog named Buddy. He found him at work and brought him home to our farm. Buddy used to sit in the passenger seat of my dad's pickup truck . When my dad had to stop somewhere, Buddy would patiently wait in the truck.....just like 'Malria waited for Ale. Good dog, Malria. She already knows how to beg .

I am glad that Dominga isn't afraid of this harpy and got a few good shots in. Hmm..Malria seems to enjoy Dominga's rich.meals, She had better watch her calories if she wants to keep fitting into those tacky dresses Ale bought her.

Gravelvoiced Gracie is going to owe Pedro big time which can't be good.

Dimmy is a big crybaby. Yuck.


Lila was right, about A ti te falta Jesus, perdonate it literally means You lack Jesus, forgive or excuse yourself.

Valgame Dios means Good Heavens!


Good one, Gloria.

Pedro must think he's Vito Corleone, making Graceless an offer she couldn't refuse.

Prediction, not spoiler: She will have to pay that debt in some horrible currency and someday Dimwit will repay her by throwing her to the wolves.

Which she would richly deserve. She can't tolerate watching her 28-year old manchild spending even one night in a jail cell while throwing her pregnant 20-year-old daughter right into hell.

All the while insulting God and Jesus? She's almost as bad ad Dona Bernarda of TdA.

If there actually was a request for an annulment, Monserrat can delay it pending the outcome of a DNA test. She may need Padre Anselmo's help, but that's a request he wouldn't refuse.

Three Oles! for Dominga for standing up to BMaria. This lady is no fool and not a coward. She does need to tell Macario to keep his opinions to himself for the time being so he won't find himself off the estate.

Thanks, Madelaine. . .credit goes to Demetrios. I hope you join us buddy, probably going to be a 100+ comment day!



You were right : ) Sorry about that.

Thanks for this great recap Gloria. Very well done and very wryly written.

I missed the discussion this past weekend, but I did see the episode, read Madelaine's excellent (as always) recap, as well as the abundance of comments.

I still don't have a lot to say. I'm disappointed in the turn María's character has taken. I've enjoyed her naughtiness but this current uncharacteristic neediness just doesn't square with the character I've enjoyed up until now. I do believe that she is Graciela's daughter as well as Montserrat's and Alejandro's sister so I don't see her successfully seducing Alejandro, but I would like to see her character ultimately become a good sister to Montse and Ale. I still think that she is gorgeous, and unlike some of you I thought those clothes she chose looked pretty good for the most part and felt that the outfit she was wearing in this episode suited her well.

Right now I have very little sympathy for Alejandro. The choices he has made since he inherited all that money have been disastrous and he blames everyone but himself. Things have actually turned out better than he should have ever hoped... he purchased Montseratt, she's tried to escape several times, and yet now she adores him. And no matter how one may feel about María, the way he is treating her right now is despicable and they way she is reacting to it is pathetic.

I don't see why anyone is disturbed over the annulment thing since TN rules dictate that we end this thing up with a happy wedding with better attitudes and better clothes.


You know this has been bothering me about Ale all this time. It seems that the chase of Monse meant more to him than finally getting her. Does that make sense? It's almost as if, now I got her, the hell with it. I'll just toss her to the curb.


I agree with you about the money. It has been disasterous for Ale. He flings it at all his problems and you're right, he did purchase Monse for a song it seems like. I don't like any decisions he's made lately, and now he treats Monse like the dog doo on his shoe. Why won't he listen?

About the annulment, how in the world would Ale think he could get that? Monse can bring up the rape, that's more of a thing for an annulment. He can't just automatically get one. The Padre has to talk to Monse too, and there is the matter of the Bishop's opinion. I believe nothing can be done without the Bishop's say so. This is an extremely sticky wicket. Ale thinks he's choosing the easy way out, but not so!

Also agree with you Carlos, even about Maria. You said with a much more civil tongue what I was feeling the other day when I asked "does Maria have to be such a bitch?" I think viewer interest would still be high if she were more sympathetic, still a rival for Ale's affection but not a so over the top scheming, conniving liar so ready to scarf up any crumbs from Ale's table. I know the story is what it is but that would be interesting if Maria had any merits at all other than a convenient receptacle for Ale to stick his. . .hurt and anger.

Oh, well.


Carlos: "Things have actually turned out better than he should have ever hoped... he purchased Montseratt, she's tried to escape several times, and yet now she adores him. And no matter how one may feel about María, the way he is treating her right now is despicable and they way she is reacting to it is pathetic".

Slightly scathing yet sincere. Blunt yet truthful.

You are amazing. Period.



Here! Here!

Gloria - Great recap. A whole lot happened last night and you covered it brilliantly.

Nothing new to add, but I too loved Dominga last night.

Gloria thanks so much for your recap. Loved your score count for Dominga and Ale observation-
"My goodness, he's pretty."

Diana & UA, yes I also believe that Pedro is going to demand something from Graceless that will cost/cause her harm.

Lila, you gave me a great laugh "Pretty dense and deaf to everything except the vile verbal vomitus that comes out of that whore's mouth!" Thanks, amiga. Also ITA about your comments on Maria. She's vicious and takes pleasure in hurting others (she and Pedro would be a match in Hades) and that's why its hard for me to find anything redeemable about her.

Carlos thanks for your insightful commentary on Maria. Though I don't see her neediness as uncharacteristic as she is willing to do anything to get Ale, even groveling.

Mads, I love your observation about Ale and the chase being more important than their relationship. As others have noted he doesn't seem to know how to handle relationships w/women.

Love your recaps, Gloria. Always feel like we're both sitting in the family room and every once in a while we'll turn to each other and say "Yeah...but...he's gorgeous, isn't he!"

Although actually, Alejandro was NOT looking gorgeous last night. He looked pale. Wan. Red-rimmed eyes. The man is not happy.

Reminds me of something Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said..."When we are angry with someone, we think we're unhappy because of what they have done. But actually we are unhappy because we have withdrawn our love from them."

Start lovin' Montserrat again, fella, and you'll feel...(and look) a lot better!

And oh man, there was a whole lotta TEMPORARY SETBACKS going on last night, but let's hear it for Dominga. Way to set the lady (not the right word but I'm trying to be nice) straight!

Alejandro suffered from so much that was lacking until he got his inheritance.

-- He believes his mother died in childbirth
-- He was raised by a widowed grandfather, who probably died when Alejandro was menor de edad
-- He lived with or near the Zamudios, side by side with our junior villana and her pervy uncle (RIP... not)
-- He had no clue he was the rightful heir to the estate he was working on

No significant females in his life and no material comforts, so he has little practical knowledge of either. This makes him an easy target, as we have seen with Maria.

Many men's knee-jerk reaction to being hurt by a woman is to seek out another woman to immediately fill the void, but few ever realize that this will create a worse emotional void instead. I am rapidly forming the opinion that most misogyny we encounter in the Western world stems from many men's refusal to admit their need for women in their lives.

Some don't even want to begin to understand women.


Thank you for this very fine recap. You never miss a tick. I really appreciate your thoroughness!

SoniaPC: Great comment that Alejandro 'almost kidnapped' Montserrat in the beginning. Very evenhanded of you to note this as a serious team Ale adherent. Big smilie. Welcome to our merry band of commenters. We have such a good time and we love meeting new people.

Oh, dear Sylvia! The avances are going to bug me all day! The power of serial storytelling is so strong—now I understand why it is reported that crowds gathered in the London streets to protest after Arthur Conan Doyle's publication of "The Final Problem". Thanks heavens we do not have to wait eight years for the next episode of 'Robo'.

And notice who used the title phrase in her talk with Padre last night. Our dear Rosario. Wow. I loved that little touch.

Urban Anthropologist, I agree with your prediction-not-spolier. My crazy idea is that Graciela with have to become a Borgia-like poisoner to take out Alejandro so Pedro can get those crazy lands. Sounds like that will be after Pedro runs for governor. But I natter on. It is easy for my imagination to run away with itself.

I think this may be the best written and plotted telenovela I have ever seen. I am shocked and delighted by how quickly the story moves and how beautifully it is acted and filmed. I am a huge fan of "Robo' itself!



A character I find very disappointing right now is Rosario. I think that it's too bad that she has not claimed her rightful spot as Alejandro's mother. She seems so pitiful and weak (almost sniveling) right now. If ever in his life he could have used the guidance of a strong mother, it's now.

I really think that she should screw up her courage, announce that she is the righteous queen-mother and demand the respect and position that she is due and entitled to. Knowing all that he knows, Padre Anselmo needs to see to it that she assume the place she deserves in this bizarre drama.


Katy! Dominga did steal the show last night.

Also, I think it was UA that earlier commented on Maria's slightly pouchy abdomen. God forbid I will disparage ANY woman her lovely curves, but I wonder—it seems like those clothes she picked out could be used for a TN pregnancy wardrobe.

Carlos: I agree with you on two of your comments: I find Maria to be beautiful and Alejandro seems to have been corrupted by his sudden inheritance and the power it brought him.

I wonder if he loses everything if Monterrat will be as able to fall in love with him as a poor man. She fell in love with JL when he was poor. Hmm...


Gloria--Buen Hecho! So much going on in this epi and you captured it all on paper...er..in virtuality? Lots of quotable phrases, I'll leave it up to others, but be assured I read the recap thoroughly.

Well, Montse *did* BSlap Maria first, but it was provoked, so I'll give her a pass. I think Ale was perturbed with Maria as much as with Montse.

Josie's faith in Dimmy has just been squashed, but she loves the lyin' lug. I hope it takes more than a day to get him out.

Pedro, what can you be thinking? She's probably thinking cositas and he's probably thinking voter fraud.

Amelia, it's still all about ME, Me, me, isn't it?. As a mother, I can see her point--she wants to be with her daughter at the end. As a daughter in love, I can see her point, too. Mama, you'd better concede.

Joaquin, poor sod, left out in the cold. But he did prove that he has a practically uncontrollable temper. He and Ale need to go to class together before there is anymore violence against furniture and people. (OT, if anyone wants to see a drunken lover really do a job on glass vases, sideboards, knick-knacks and furniture, seek out Diego in Cuando Seas Mia--Sergio Basanez doing the damage and the fabulous Silvia Navarro, honing her skills to become mi favorita.)

Ale, you cry well and look fabulous, but putting Maria in your bed whether there was nookie one night or not is inexcusable. How long will Viewerville have to put up with your insufferable pride. (I was *almost* about to call you estupido. Pero es el colmo!)

Gracie--You doth protest too much regarding your bebe. If Montse had been in a similar jam, you would have left her to her fate. Oh, you did.

JudyB--Wise words. Many a time I've wondered about those feelings. It's about time someone explained them.

Rosie, you are in anguish now, but count your blessings, sometimes grandchildren are more fun to be around than grown sons who don't know you are their mother. And until you tell him, he's going to keep treating you like a traitorous servant. Underserving, but your own fault.

Montse, oh, Montse. You said it yourself, you are to blame for most of the things that happened between you and Ale, that is *after* yo' mama made you marry him. You looked so sad and defeated on your wedding day, I'd forgotten how painful that was for you.

Lauro, sorry old bud, too little too late. Where was your spine 50 episodes ago? It will be a shame to see you go to el cielo (if that's where you're taken tonight) just when Montse needs you the most. Yep, the news is going to shock you, no doubt.

UA--Yes, I tried the Santa Maria perfume. Getting the cap off nearly deterred me. It's not quite right for me, but I like the fact that it is an ancient formula with a history to it. It has citrus, mainly orange, and I thought I got a whiff of mint, too.

Wonderful recap Gloria. Hurts to watch some of these characters,and you captured the frustrations, and intrigues of the evil minions, so well.

Always get a hoot out of these bitch-slaps they love to throw into TN's. Of course, last night, I could swear I saw a line forming on the patio under the 'give it to Maria here" sign. Amazing to me that this chick thinks being whiney and pushy is attractive. If the previews hold true, how the heck can Ale even stay around her? Honey, you are rebound and acting like you have more cojones than Ale is not going to win you the guy. Sorry.

Like we didn't know at some point that Graceless and Pedro would join forces. The "ick" factor was really registering on the seismic scale with those two conniving.

Best moment for me was watching Angie tell her mother that she has the right to make the choices in her life now and her mother LISTENING! May this young woman stay on our screens for 164 of the 165 episodes ( though I know that probably won't happen.) I just love her to pieces.


Karen, Mads and Urban really All, excellent points about Ale. I don't know if behavioral tendencies are inherited but if that's possible he may have gotten a misogyny gene from his dad. Ole Bennie never married, I'm sure Rosario wasn't the only woman he forced himself on. Graceless really did not seem to be enjoyed as priceless, treasured forbidden fruit to Benjamin. If he ever loved Graceless it seems he became contemptuous of her through her very act of continuing to submit to him sexually despite being married to another man.

Ale's got a lot to overcome. It's painful to watch, but he has to get "I coulda had Maria" (think V-8 thump) out of his system and do some growing up before he's ready for his true love and his Mom to come back in his life. Montse has challenges, too. . .I'll think about that tomorrow...



Reminds me of something Elisabeth Kübler-Ross said..."When we are angry with someone, we think we're unhappy because of what they have done. But actually we are unhappy because we have withdrawn our love from them."

This is a BRILLIANT comment. Wow. I am going to meditate on that all day.

Gracias, amiga, for your always thoughtful comments.

Karen: ITA with you on Maria's neediness. I have found her to be a pathetically needy character from the start. Remember her sitting on the front steps all day waiting for Ale to return from Aguazul? Her heart-hole cannot be filled form the outside, I am afraid, and especially not with Alejandro's affection.


I didn't read the comments before posting and just started now.

Did anyone channel Vivian and Edward's shopping spree as we watched Maria? This trip should be called Pretty Woman Wastes Her Time and Ale's Money.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Carlos, I'm not sure the timing is right. Once the baby is born and is proven to be Alejandro's, Rosario will be in a stronger position.

No matter when she reveals herself Padre Anselmo will take heat for keeping the secret.

As for whether Graceless ends up being the hit-woman, sounds likely. I'm sure she'll love the assignment... until she realizes that Pedro's desired outcome clashes with hers because while he wants those lands for his illegal activities TBR, she wants the money and anything that can keep producing it.

She loves only gold... only gold...

Posting this before reading the comments because I’m sooo peeved.

Ale—what a d**k!!! He asks for an annulment before finding out whether the baby is his or not!! He’s going to make that child illegitimate by his actions. I can’t believe for one minute that the church would allow an annulment as long as Mons is preggers. They’re not going to consign that child to being illegitimate. Back in the dim and distant—and it may be true in some states now--in Indiana you couldn’t get a divorce if you were pregnant. My cousin had to stay married (she lived with her parents) to her drunken husband until after the baby was born before her divorce was finalized.

I blame Ale for everything. If he hadn’t been so violent and threatening, Mons might have told him about JL. Even the priest wouldn’t tell him because he was afraid of what Ale would do. And you expect a 19 year old wisp of a girl to do it?! Mons has been through hell, too, Ale I’m the Only One Who Suffers. She thinks the love of her life has abandoned her taking her money, she marries a man out of obligation to her family both financially and for her father’s health. She finds out on her wedding day that the love of her life has been framed. She’s told the love of her life is dead. Then he turns up and when she decides to fulfill her obligations, she can’t get him to leave, all the while her husband is threatening her and raping her.

I am sick to death of this galan!!

OK rant over.


Like Elna June, I am going to be ruminating on Judy's incredible Elisabeth Kübler-Ross quote. A deep, insightful thought indeed.


Fabulous, fabulous recap today!

I agree that Sebastian Rulli looks awfully pretty, though I still don't think he does a pretty cry, especially like the other day with those red rimmed eyes and snot running all over his face!

I think the best line last night was when Carlota told Ale that he should keep his animal in a CAGE.

Hahahahahaha! I'm surprised Malria didn't attack Carlota over that one!

I wonder if Ale will get his anullment or divorce. I mean, don't they have to have some sort of fabulous wedding at the end? Jorge Salinas and ABC had to get divorced in the beginning of LQNPA so they could have a happy wedding at the end.

I am so hooked on this novela. Its been awhile since I've been this hooked. I ended up dropping out of QBA because I couldn't stand Maria....or her mom....and a few of the others anymore.

Thank you all of you recappoers!

small a anita

I still don't see what it was that Montse fell in love with. It seems that one episode she hated him and the next she "was developing" feelings for her. Why? He never stopped mistrusting her. Okay, ONCE he told her he would never doubt her again, then went right back to his jealous rages the next episode. He is a very damaged man and would never really trust and appreciate Montse as he should (although the tns would have us believe everything can be lollypops and rainbows in just the final episode).

Thanks, Nanette. I needed that rant! :D

Sorry, that was "developing" feeling for HIM (not her).
Anon 2:18

Judyb..I loved the quote from Kubler-Ross. She was an amazing person. like EJ, I will be pondering the quote all day.

Carlos. I will bet that you were on the debate team.

I am beginning to think that here divorces are not finalized until the child custody has been settled.

I am worried that Ale may be letting his inherited land and his business go to ruin in the same manner as Oblivio, Miguel, and Mari. In CI, no one was picking the oranges, and we all know where that got them. Juvie is dead , and there
Is no capataz now that JL is gone. Dominga and Marcario are the only workers we see. Domingo will be kept busy whipping up fantastic meals for Queen Bee Malria, and Marcario is busy driving people away from the hacienda and keeping the padre informed about what's going on . Ale..despierto...didn't you watch CI ? A hacienda does not run itself. Stop your pining and your whining . I am getting very curious about how a poor boy managed to go to university and what he studied. He doesn't seem to have any interest in looking at the books for the hacienda and the factory. He looks really out of it right now. Sometimes , you just have to suck it up and move forward, Ale. You are definitely your own worst enemy . Sorry, I get a little frustrated at people who do not at least try to fix their problems instead of making them worse and worse.

Gloria, Thank you so much for this beautifully crafted and detailed recap with just the right number of zingers.

Like EJ, I was also impressed that Rosario got be the first character to speak the name of the show:

She tells Padre Anselmo that although she may have lost her son forever, she takes some consolation at the thought of seein her grandchild born, holding the child in her arms, singing lullabies -- in short:
vivir lo que la vida me robó cuando nacio mi Alejandro.

I was entranced and appalled watching Dim and Gracie in the jail scene, the lover's endearments she used, how he put his arms around her back, the way a man would hold his girlfriend, not his mommy. And then there was Gracie's poisonous, dismissive look in Josefina's direction.

Really, why is Fina not running for the hills? What else does Dim have to do to reveal what an SOB he really is?

Dominga is great. Maybe she and Macario can open up a little eatery in Aguazul -- because the Almonte hacienda is turning into a place as rotten as its owner and his new lady.

Wonderful comments, guys.


Oh, but there is a capataz at the Hacienda Almonte, it's Macario. He inherited it after he came back because JL/Antonio ran off. I think Macario is very capable of running the place while Ale has his er, issues, lets say.

Ay, so many great comments already, I don't have anything to add. Thanks so much Gloria for this wonderful retelling of the crazy events of Agua Azul.

I was really struck by Dim calling his sister a b!tch right to her face (even with Uni blanking it out). Wow! I can't believe Fina stuck around after that. What does she see in this jerk?



You mentioned the polar vortex.Forgive me, but I do not really know what constitutes a polar vortex? My sister and family live in Minnesota and (by my wussy standards) it seems she has extreme cold every winter. Dare I ask how cold it is in Michigan? Does the whole state have roughly the same temperatures or are there many micro climates?

I am fascinated with the connection between geography and the development of human culture.

Our governor just announced a state of emergency for the whole state last week—we are officially in the worst drought emergency since such things have been recorded.

The trees in my garden look dusty and parched and it is only January.

I hope you and all others Novela Maven, JudyB, Susanlynn, Diana, and all others caught in these dire and dangerous weather patterns stay warm and sane.

I find that the good company here on Caray distracts me from my concern about things I cannot even imagine to control like weather, drought and fires.


Vivi, I think that Fina may see something worthwhile in Dimitrio that the rest of us have missed or maybe it's simply the call of the brow. In any case she seems to be very certain and very focused even while recognizing him for the deceitful liar that he is. He's definitely a fixer-upper at this point.

Susanlynn, I don't think my school even had a debate team but our parents encouraged our nightly discussions at the dinner table. Opinions were not just welcomed but required.


Muchísimas gracias, Gloria! I enjoyed every bit, especially of your snark about lap dog Maria and the points scored against her.

I thought some of those outfits she tried on looked cute, but still in a cheap and peasanty kind of way. She isn't going as upscale as she seems to think she is.

I think Pedro will want Graceless to off Alejandro, which she will probably be all too willing to do, especially before he has a chance to divorce Montse. She'll see it as a big chance for Montserrat to collect ALL Alejandro's possessions, which will then be easier for her to get her own hands on. I predict a big clash when she finds out Pedro is trying to get the land for himself.

Maria is an idiot if she doesn't know not to insult the person cooking her food.

Personally, I always see a bit of a spark in Dim when he and Josefina are together. Perhaps it isn't meant to be there; maybe the actor just really enjoys working with Veronica J., but his eyes twinkle a little. Maybe Fina sees that and it gives her hope, although I still can't grasp WHY she wants such a jerk. I guess some ladies really love a fixer-upper project.

Julia: ITA with all your coments, esp. the final one.

Hee hee.


I see a very strong similarity between what Josefina is trying to accomplish with Dimitrio and what Alejandro was trying to do with Montserrat. At least she doesn't have a rival for his affection unless you count Dimitrio himself. I foresee potential success and interesting looking children ahead for this couple.


Julia- I agree that Dim and Fina have great chemistry, or at least the actors do. But is that enough to want to tie herself via marriage to the jerk that he currently is?


A Polar Vortex is very cold artic air caught by the jet stream and held in place for longer than usual. We are experiencing it this winter here in the Mid Atlantic. We are getting 7 to 10 inches of snow starting this afternoon and lasting until tomorrow sometime. We never get that amount of snow, it is very rare, add to that the cold air and brrrrrr..... We only have salt and sand for the roads here, no chemicals so basically until it melts a bit, everything in this area will be closed.

I think once the baby is born Monserrat will want to be as far away from Graceless as she can get.

While I don't think that Alejandro can actually get an annulment without proof that he isn't the father of the baby it could save his life at this point.

Would Graceless trust Dimwit to do the dirty work for her? She'll do anything to protect her own ass.

I have to say that the way the relationships between Graceless, Dimwit, and Monserrat are playing out are textbook for a narcissistic mother and this particular combination of children. She goes into denial about Dimwit because she needs someone who obeys her and depends on her while she projects her own worst traits on a daughter who is nothing like her. On some level she knows this and can't deal with it because she sees it as rejection, so Monserrat doesn't exist for her has a person. She's only a meal ticket.

Considering the way toxic mothers in TNs are getting worse all the time it would not surprise me if she would plan to kill Monserrat and her baby later pending the outcome of what we think will be an attempt on Alejandro's life.

Elna June (and anyone else who cares), here is the best, most succinct explanation of the polar vortex that I have yet seen:
The Polar Vortex

It is the nitty gritty of climate change.

Sorry Mads, I didn't see your explanation before I posted.

Carlos.."call of the brow"...HA...loved it. Josefina seems to have set her cap for Dim. I guess he is her obsession......or she likes a challenge. In a novela, everyone WANTS someone or something , and Jo wants Dim. Love is blind. Pedro wants to be gov and to get his hands on Ale's land. Malria wants to get her hands on ALe and to live a life of ease and good eats and she wants to be large and in charge. Ang wants to livelivelive with JL as her hubby until she dies . Amelia and Joaquin want Ang to come home. Esme wants Refugio and vice versa. Nadia wants Vestor and vice versa. Gracie wants money money money and her bebe freed. Tia and padre want people to listen to her. Mony wants Ale to believe her. Rosario wants a little peace and for Ale and Mony to be together with her grand baby.

Carlos...Weren't you lucky to have grown up with discussions around the family dinner table. In today's world, family dinners seem to be disappearing. I remember the whole family gathering for Sunday dinners.

EJ..as to the polar vortex! the weather guys created that term, I believe. I cannot remember having such long lasting low temperatures in a long time. Here in the northeast, we have had mild winters the last few years. This winter has been very cold and snowy. Everyone looks worn and weary. I have decided to wear my brightest colors. Some of my poor students are from warm countries . I feel sorry for them.

Can't wait to see what happens tonight. Some plot twists and turns are the same as AR, but many are not, so I do not know where the storyline is heading.

Does anyone know how many episodes are left ?

The series is projected to run 165 and may be extended by 20 more.

At 165 it will be just over twice as long as the original; at 185 just over twice as long as AR.

Dimwit is no prize, so poor Josefina must truly be desperate.

Susanlynn, the irony of the polar vortex is that while many of The Patio denizens are freezing here in the contiguous 48, the 2nd qualifier for the Iditarod was canceled due to warm weather.

Julia..Good point about Malria insulting the person preparing her food. Dominga has the opportunity to give Malria a little surprise with her meal. I think that MALria's enjoyment of food reflects her greedy nature....or maybe an oral fixation. She was always grabbing something from the kitchen whenever she was wandering in and out..DOING NOTHING USEFUL to help Dominga and Rosario with the meal preparation. Maybe she heard that quote " They also serve who only stand and wait, " but she thought the last word was ..eat.

Sylvia...yes, I heard that Alaska has been warm. I am getting a little crazy looking at the white, grey landscape day after day.itms dark until 7 and gets dark before 6. I peek out at the patio and dream of spending the whole day eating, reading, and listening to music out there as I paint my toenails purple . Insert big sigh here. Well, at least, we have not had much snow lately. Hub had to buy new windowshieldwasher fluid because the stuff he had was freezing. He found some that is good up to -25.

Like I said last week, I began watching this telenovela a few weeks ago as sort of my advanced Spanish tutorial. I look at this blog the day after the show so I can find out what sailed past me. Yesterday, for example, the digs that Dominga got in on Maria went over my head expect for that “what lady” part.

My new comments are:

Refoollio, does he have a job?

Esmeralda, what does she see in him, understanding that she herself has no career trajectory?

Josefina should not be allowed to care and feed a pet goldfish, never mind another human being.

Angelica has to be the hottest and fittest terminally ill patient I’ve ever seen. The only thing wrong with her seems to be occasional bouts of vertigo.

Maria is just as useless as Dimwit. If she turns out to be the abandoned daughter of Graceless it should surprise no veteran viewer of TNs.

Imagine the horror of discovery if all the half-sibling theories were to be realized?

Alejandro's half-sibs (paternal): Maria and Dimwit

Monserrat's half-sibs (maternal):
Maria and Dimwit

Of course, this does not exclude the possibility of Benjamin having sown other bad seeds.

Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

Carlos, you have an awesome sense of humor. I always enjoy reading your thoughts/opinions. You are never dull my dear.

I so wanted to smack Maria last night. She is just pure ugliness (personality). Dominga was my fave last night. Getting in those digs. Ale has got to say something to Maria about her nastiness. I don't think I ever recall someone so hateful before.

Can't wait for tonight!

I also love everyone's comments. This is definately an interesting group.

What if Pedro is also a demon spawn of Benjamin? We know Nadia's parents are "in Europe", but we have never heard of her having any contact with in-laws, and Pedro seems to have married her to give himself some high-society/old money connections. Wouldn't it be ironic if he was up to all this skulduggery to get his hands on that land and then it turned out he should have been an heir anyway? With pervy old Ben's reputation, and the likelihood that his targets wouldn't have been on contraception or had access to abortions, it would almost be more surprising if he DIDN'T have more progeny around.

For that matter, why don't Refugio and Jose Luis and Esmeralda seem to have any family?

Oxnard Huero, Refugio was in the Marines with JL. After helping JL escape and shooting the officer, he is now on the lam. He had an unofficial job as "Antonio"'s assistant while they were at the hacienda, but for obvious reasons has been unable to get a legitimate job. Now that Robledo is helping them, maybe he will be able to return to an aboveboard job of some kind.


How sweet. Thanks.



Thanks so much for the great recap. All my favorite lines have already been mentioned, but I have to thank you for making me LOL when you called BM a lap dog. That is exactly what she is.

I was hoping that Montse would not believe BM's implied lie about 'spending the night' with Ale. Of course Ale was in his alternate universe last night. He was dazed and confused, but he did get angry at BM for fighting with pregnant Montse. Anyone notice how after Montse and BM were separated Ale and Montse were just starring at each other while Tia Carlotta and BM yelled at each other. ITA with everyone that said an annulment can't happen while Montse is preggers.

I LOVE DOMINGA! She totally put BM in her place. I also noticed that when Ale and BM were leaving BM went to hold Ale's hand but he let go of her finger and kept walking. Get a clue BM! You are only being used to make Montse jealous, Ale is NOT IN LOVE WITH YOU!

JudyB, ITA, "Yeah...but...he's gorgeous, isn't he!" And thanks for the quote, it really puts things in perspective.

Lila, I LOL when I read "Pretty dense and deaf to everything except the vile verbal vomitus that comes out of that whore's mouth!" WOW, but I know, I can't stand the bitch either.

The avances make me want to punch BM in the face!

Back to work...hasta pronto!

Pedro as another Bad Seed... the idea has possibilities because we don't know anything about his family background. If this is the case, however, I don't think he knows it.

If he did he wouldn't need to go through all the elaborate murder plots to acquire the property; he would just need to demand a DNA test to prove himself to be a relation. Then again, was Don Benjamin old enough to be his father? I doubt it. He would have to have been at least the same age as Lauro and I don't think he was.

It's possible that he's just originally from another state in Mexico and needed local connexions to get accepted.

Since this has come up before in novelas I'd love to know what the law actually says about such situations. If a deceased person has other illegitimate offspring pop up out of the woodwork like this, is the designated heir legally forced to share the inheritance? If so, is there a statute of limitations on that? Because if there isn't there should be.

Ben could have started young. Unlikely he was Pedro's pop, but possible .

Are our trip shows on tonight or pre-empted for SOTU?

I think they're on and SOTU will be shown at midnight.

OT alert:

EJ, bless your heart! I flippantly parroted the term that has been thrown around the last couple of weeks to describe a push southward of arctic air bringing us temperatures in the single digits, or below zero. Combined with the wind speed (and there is a formula for this) one calculates the wind chill or "feels like" temperature. With a prediction yesterday for a high temperature of about 3 degrees here in Ypsilanti, Michigan and wind chills around -25 Fahrenheit and similar forecast for most of the counties in the state, there were 800 school closings here in southeast Michigan alone. Even the University of Michigan closed for the first time since 1978. I was in grad school then and we got dumped on with 3 feet of snow! It's going to be a balmy 15 degrees above 0 tomorrow, so many schools will probably be open again!

EJ you take care and all my friends who are on the fire side of this crazy fire and ice winter! Don't you love the Caray Nation!

:D Lila

I agree that Maria is not acting out of character. I also agree that Ale is treating her despicably. Granted, she’s a bitch on wheels with a big deserved anvil in her name, but Ale does not know the extent of her bitchitude. He does know she worships him.

Bad, bad man.

UA--Don Benji could leave his entire estate to anyone he chose, legitimate or ILL-legitimate. The only recourse left is for the unnamed Ill-legitimates to contest the will is to prove paternity and use the grounds that the man was not of sound mind or was coerced. Lots of Luck there.

Pedro is too old, unless Benji started young.

As in most telenovelas, secondary characters generally have families who are "away" or dead. We mustn't worry too much about them, unless they are actually introduced, like Fina's bro and Angie's parents--they matter to the story. (Remember in LQNPA, Gustavo's parents retired and moved away before we met them and then daddy died, confirming AP's worst fears...)

About Gracie being asked to off Ale. Contrary to what was suggested, it won't keep Ale safe for Montse's baby to be declared his by DNA. In effect, that would put him in worse danger as, dead (and assuming intestate) he would leave a widow and blood-related child. I don't know if divorce or annulment would make a difference.

Without a will, shouldn't the law favor passing the estate on to Alex, Jr, with Montse as guardian? If he leaves a will, god help us if it is Maria. Hope Rosario steps forward before that tragedy happens and Padre talks him out of it.


Hey Guys Up North,

We in the south (South Central Texas) are dealing with some cold weather too, but nothing compared to you guys with below 0 temperatures. We should be getting down to about 24 F tonight, and for us that's cold.

I could sure use a warm hug from Ale right about now...sigh...I will be enjoying a hot cup of cocoa tonight on the patio at the Ale table.

Back to work...hasta pronto!

Julia re a spark between Fina and Dimmy. I know everyone hates Dimmy and pities Fina but I agree, Julia, I do see a spark there. It is clear Fina has a high tolerance for horror: even this latest revelation has not run her away. Both members of this couple are like the fixer uppers on Property Brothers and I think they're going to come out just as gorgeous.

Anybody see a clip with Rulli et. al on El Gordo y La Flaca. They were on set in front of the big orange house and talking about somebody facing the consequences of there actions. . .somehow I think they were talking about Justin Beiber, but why?

Oh well.


*their actions.

Aunty Ann 24 degrees F is right smart cold in anybody's book!

How I'd love for Ale to do something hug-worthy!



In my complete disgust with Ale, I forgot my manners.

Thank you so much Gloria for the recap. Loved your snappy lines. Though, sorry I can't agree with "my goodness, he's pretty" at the moment. :)


Justin Beiber? I wish I could have seen that promo of El Gordo y La Flaca. Do you know if it was a promo for Tuesday's show?

I think Ale is sad, so maybe instead of asking, we should offer him a hug.

There ya go AuntyAnn. . .we'll offer a hug!

Looked on Uni's web site. Haven't found that clip. Was so neat to see all the characters dressed like the characters but being themselves.

Well. . .time for the show!


Evening All,

Can anyone tell me if they aired Robo tongiht at it's regular time? I set my DVR to record an extra hour, but I am at work right now and don't know if Univision was carrying the SOTU, or if they aired regular scheduled programming. Any information is greatly appreciated.


I'm in Eastern Standard Time, Robo aired here.


Did Dimitrio call her sister 'Piruja' or what?

Thanks for letting me know, appreciate it!

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