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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 13, 2017

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LA FAN # 20 2/13/17 Monday

Back to the bathroom: Lucas injures himself trying to zip things up too quickly when Vale screams in the bathroom. He can barely walk and literally limps into work. At work his day is made worse by the "fan" of the fan (his name is Pablo Miró and he is the nephew of the owner of the station where they all work: he won't be going anywhere) who now wants to be the "assistant" of the assistant. Vale loves the idea. Lucas seems to be the only one who has a problem with it because he is jealous. Pablo has Vale's interests at heart: he overhears Gabriel and Lucas discussing how at the end of the novela Vale will no longer be Lucas' fiancée. He tells Vale what he has heard. Pablo also tells Lucas what he heard and that he told Vale. Vale gets upset and confronts Lucas. He says that Pablo heard right: she will no longer be his fiancee; she will be his wife. He gets down on one knee and has an engagement ring for her.

Gabriel leaves Salma with her "friend". Nicolás the ex tells Salma that prison changed him. Next they argue over who abandoned who. What will it take to get rid of him? He wants money and to see his son.(Rodrigo). Salma is okay with the money but she will not let him see "her" son. Later Nicolás tracks down Rodrigo at the soccer field and introduces himself as an old friend of his mother's. Rodrigo wants to know if he ever knew his father (who is dead). Nicolás says he didn't.

The flirtation continues: Adriana insists that Diego tell her to her face that he is resigning. She blames herself for having chased him. He tells her he liked what she did and that is why he needs to get away from her. She rips up his resignation. She knows he needs the job and the company needs him so he can work on another floor away from her. She also tells him that her father was behind the plan to keep them apart and that the beating was not planned it was just a result of things getting out of control. Benicio thinks she should get Diego out of her "life". Felicitas stops by to see Diego. He says he is interested in another woman. She can share. There is a flood in Adriana's office. Diego comes to fix it and becomes very jealous when he sees another maintenance man. No, Adriana did not rig this for him to come. Diego takes charge of the situation and fixes the leaking pipe. Should he go, or stay and make love to her then and there? He leaves it up to her.

Salma tells Lucas that she is done with him. She got tired waiting around. She is now with Agustín. If Lucas really loves her he will have to fight for her.

Miguel is all upset because he cannot remember if he had sex with Miriam the night before. She lets him suffer for a while before fianlly telling him that nothing happened. She also tells him she loves him. Jessica did not have any luck with Diego either. Vale did not do it with Lucas either. She wants it to be perfect when they finally do.

Eloísa explains to Carlos López all about Carlos the love of her life. Carlos López can be her friend. Carlos López clearly wants more than that so he goes to see Carlos, who he thinks is the chauffeur, to talk about "their" Eloísa. Carlos tells Carlos López that he land Eloísa love each other. Carlos López says his mother picked Eloísa out for him. Carlos warns him to keep out of it.

Carlos tells Ignacio about Eloísa and getting a divorce from Felicitas. Ignacio warns him about Felicitas. Carlos says if she is bad he can be worse.


I've just learned that the problem some of us were having when we tried to preview what we were writing here before posting it may finally have been fixed. I want to test this, and to do so with a fairly long post. I've decided to post a mini-mini recap of tonight's episode of La Doña. It's really just a lengthy listing of some of the things that happened. I hope it will encourage more comments (and corrections!).

La Doña - Lunes - 1/2

Mónica tells Saúl that she wants to know more about her mother, but her father doesn't want her to meet her mother because she's a very dangerous woman. Saúl tells her to listen to her father, he's a wonderful man. Mónica agrees that he's wonderful, but she still has a burning desire to meet her mother. She says that Saúl is an expert at finding people, and she'd like him to help her find her mother. Saúl embraces her to console her, and Mónica realizes that he's carrying a gun. She's very upset. She pleads with him not to carry it. Violence only leads to more violence, she tells him.

Rafael meets with AG and tells her about Felipe's intentions to get back into politics. AG suggests that they set up some kind of dirty offer that Felipe will be fooled into accepting, and they'll record his doing so.

Yesenia is massaging Lázaro's head and upper body. She repeats in a kind of chant that his energy is going up and everything bad is disappearing. This arouses him, and he tells her he wants to make love to her.

Isabela and Regina arrive by taxi at Isabela's school. Regina drops her off. As soon as Regina has left, Isabela walks away from the school and takes out her phone. She literally runs into Emiliano, and they leave.

Lopecito and Valeria are in Valeria's office. They kiss. He's still holding her hand when his wife bursts into the office with their infant son, who is crying. The wife gives their son to Lopecito and leaves the office.

Rafael tells AG about Gabino's very strong feelings for Mónica. AG decides this may be very useful. She tells Rafael that she wants to meet Gabino.

Emiliano takes Isabela to a place where some of his friends/acquaintances are playing war games, complete with uniforms, non-lethal weapons, etc. Emiliano and Isabela join in the games.

Azucena, unseen, overhears part of a conversation Ximena is having with Braulio. Afterward, Ximena tells her that she was talking to someone at the bank about getting a new credit card, but Azucena has heard enough of the conversation to know that Ximena is lying. Eventually, Azucena tells Ximena that she (Ximena) was apparently the last person to talk to Jaime before he went off to see AG at the construction site. Azucena asks Ximena why Jaime was so angry. Ximena replies that AG had refused all of Jaime's demands. Azucena tells her that AG has said exactly the opposite, that she was willing to meet all his demands. Azucena asks Ximena, "What did you say to him?"

One of the women being helped by Daniel's organization talks with AG about the organization. AG tells her she understands that the women have not only experienced terrible abuse, but they've also received no justice from the authorities. The woman says that that's true, but she goes on to tell AG how wonderful Saúl is, he believes them, he's fighting for them.

Mónica runs into AG at Daniel's organization. AG berates her for her deception and ingratitude. Mónica tries to leave, but AG grabs her arm to prevent her from leaving. Mónica eerily echoes AG by pulling away from her and angrily saying ¡No me toque! (Don't touch me!), just as we've seen AG do several times. Their conversation becomes even more heated. Mónica admits that yes, she loves Saúl, she has loved him from the first time she saw him, but she respected Ximena's relationship with him. However, Mónica says to AG, "You don't deserve him!" When AG not very subtly threatens her father ("He's a sick man. He could suddenly die"), Mónica physically attacks her. Daniel comes by at that moment and pulls them apart. AG tells Daniel they'll have to talk about his foundation at another time, and she leaves. Mónica tells Daniel that AG is a nasty woman who can ruin people's lives.

La Doña - Lunes - 2/2

Lázaro and Yesenia are lying in bed after what was apparently some very enjoyable sex. Lázaro seems happier than we've seen him before. Yesenia is worried that the sex could do him in. Dr. Adolfo comes by to check on Lázaro. To Lázaro's embarrassment, Yesenia tells Adolfo that they've made love and asks whether this will be dangerous for Lázaro. Adolfo tells him that in principle, it should neither hurt nor help.

Ximena apparently left her cell phone at Azucena's when she went out. Azucena hands the cell phone to Margarita and asks her to help her find out who Ximena talked to on the phone right before Jaime died. Margarita says the last call before Jaime's death was to someone named Bernardo Perez, but that might be a false name. She calls the number and Braulio answers and assumes it's Ximena calling. Someone in the backround mentions his name. Azucena wonders why Ximena called Braulio, AG's lawyer, right before Jaime's death.

Ximena realizes that she doesn't have her cell phone.

Lopecito's baby has calmed down. Lopecito and Valeria are enjoying watching him play. Lopecito tells her that what he wants most is to be together with her and his son. Of course, that's the cue for his wife to return to the office. Lopecito leaves to take a phone call. His wife tells Valeria that he's been acting very mysteriously, and if she catches him in some dirty business, she'll [do something that I didn't catch].

BTW, I'm happy to report that the Preview feature does indeed seem to be working again!


Hmmmm. . . . Pablo telling Vale the truth reminded me of the old saying "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." By telling Vale the truth and forcing Lucas to up his game with the proposal, Vale is due for even more suffering if Lucas really does not fall for her.

Adriana and Diego were sizzling!


LA DOÑA: Wow, Juanita, that was terrific. things are really moving along on the Yesenia-Lázaro front. Now that his body parts are starting to work again, maybe he'll even walk before the final! I was wondering what on earth they did to that poor child actor who was playing Lope's bawling niño to get him to cry so convincingly. Are there laws about this? Or could it have been real acting? You could see the conflicted maternal hormones racing across Valeria' face. So I guess Sra. Lopecito really is a desperate manipuladora.

Móni really stands up to her ma; the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in terms of feistiness. And Ximena is looking worse & worse.

Don't you just love how these rich kids just cut class & go play paintball! Nothing good can come of the Emiliano-Isabella relationship. But I noticed that at the ad break, they showed a Diego closeup.


LXV: You want to bet Lopez, his wife, & his kid all get WHACKED by Braulio before the Gran Final ? Valeria better pray Maury Povich says that Braulio is the father of the baby she's carrying.

Monica better WATCH HER BACK because AG is super PSYCHO & will kill her & her friends if necessary.

Juanita: Margarita & Mama Aguirre could get WHACKED too now that they called Braulio.


La Fan. Exceptionally fine recap, Jarifa! Lucas' zipper crisis? Hilarious! And given his past history might even provoke a few slightly off-color jokes, if one were so inclined. The sympathy to Vale from her coworkers about her "miscarriage" was very sweet but a bit hard to take. Pablo Miró is one of the (apparently) well-done complications that will allow this excellently-paced telenovela to last 120 episodes. I wonder if he will end up being a match for Jessi, since even Eloísa has told her that Diego is just not into her? Whew! I for one am glad that Vale is happy again--and if Lucas has half an ounce of sense, he will marry her.

La Doña

thank you so much Juanita, what a peasant surprise!

Rafael seemed to be buttering up AG to get wind of her other doings, I was thinking he should of followed her but Daniel will tell him she was there.

after some paintball, Emi and Isa sneak off for some extra curricular activity, at some point AG will find out about Rafael, but what if they throw in Isabela carrying Emiliano's child (did she ever make it to the gynos)

Lopez's wife told Valeria something like if she caught him messing around, she would cut off everything he didn't need.

(if it helps on the crying baby scenes, usually the annoying sounds don't always track with what the baby is actually doing but are being edited in for effect, and it threw me that when Lopez first came in with the baby he hands him to Valeria to go get his food, then later they did the whole scene again in more detail)



Thanks,SpanProf! I could see Pablo ending up with Jess. I like him so far and the fact that he cannot be fired or removed. I wonder what Gabriel's reaction will be to the engagement.


Juanita- Just a masterful recap! Thank you.

So AG, who is getting revenge on men who used their power to abuse her, is going to ally with Gabino and encourage him to use his power to abuse Monica. Just so typical in her self-centered, selfish worldview. Nothing is a crime or unpermitted, unless it affects/hurts HER personally. Everyone else be damned.

I wonder how many times Monica and AG will replay these conflicts once they learn they are mother and daughter? Loved that Monica first prevented AG from slapping her, and then nearly yanked that red wig off her head. (What is holding that thing on? Industrial glue?)

The crying baby bothered me too, because the little guys was really bawling his eyes out. I felt bad for him. Lopez's wife definitely has her radar up about Valeria. I wonder how long before Braulio starts to suspect?

I was so glad to see Ximena's lies start to unravel with Azucena. It's breaking Azucena's heart, but it's best for her to know she was nurturing a viper, not a harmless baby chick, in her nest. Kick the viper out.


Thanks, Jarifa! These recaps of yours every day, are a real treat.

Lucas and the zipper fiasco is hilarious. And I agree that Adriana and Diego are hot, hot, hot! I was so worried that Adriana would walk in on him and Felicitas, while Feli was basically undressing him, and make the assumption that he's a willing party. I wish he would tell her already that he's her mom's model. He's the only one who knows what happened with her last boyfriend, and he should be particular sensitive to how this situation could unravel.

Any theories about Miguel? Shy, gay, asexual, inexperienced virgin, decided to join the priesthood?

Vivi, thanks! Personally, I vote fot the priesthood!

La Fan

Muchas gracias, Jarifa, for this excellent recap. I had hoped to be able to watch it, but it's now becoming clear that I won't have time. However, your recap is so clear and detailed that I feel as if I've seen the actual episode. I'm most grateful.

La Fan. Vivi: I vote for inexperienced virgin and embarrassed about it. :)

La Doña

Many thanks, LXV, deb, and Vivi. I love your appreciative remarks. LXV, last night we really saw how much "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in terms of feistiness." Even Mónica's "don't touch me!" seemed exactly what AG would say.

Thanks very much, deb, for letting me know what the rest of Lopecito's wife's remark was. And no, I don't think Isabela ever got to see a gynecologist. I wonder how the Power Pack will deal with a pregnancy.

Vivi, I love the way you so skillfully summed up the hypocritical AG's wanting to use Gabino against Mónica. And I too am glad that Azucena is now aware of Ximena's duplicity.

I love the way the plots of both La Doña and La Fan keep moving along in interesting ways. Perhaps I appreciate this all the more after slogging through Silvana.


Thank you for the recap, Jarifa!!! Lucas's injury was too funny.

Juanita - fear not! Jarifa' recap covered it all.

I wonder where that ring came from. Surely Lucas wasn't already planning to propose? The setting reminded me of Beyoncé's head gear during the Grammys.

LA DOÑA Juanita, you bring up an interesting point about how the "power pack" will deal with Isa's potential/probable (unwanted?) pregnancy. Just as Valeria will have to deal with her own ambivalence. At least Isa would know whose it was, whereas Val will be in limbo until the ADN results come in. Abortion is almost always regarded as an abomination in TNs. Look how they are treating Ximena (and that's fairly mild as these things go.)

LA DOÑA At least we don't have to worry about potential babies from the love match over at Casa Yes & Laz!


LXV, LOL! No babies from that coupling, indeed. I was glad to see that Yesenia's feelings for Lazaro have grown and become genuine. What a change from when she first pretended to be in love with him, but could barely kiss him. I knew that cleansing ceremony was getting Laz all hot and bothered. :)


Vivi: You know AG & her cronies will whack both Yesenia & Lazaro. You might want to be worried about Monica because I still don't see her being among the living.

LXV: In the event that Monica gets whacked, I like to see the look on AG's face when the truth comes out that Monica is her daughter.

Ximena will be a liability to Braulio, who will whack her (she will DESERVE it). Plus, Mama Aguirre is going to find out that Ximena was the one, who served up Daddy Aguirre to Braulio on a silver platter.

Juanita: Isabel being pregnant with Emiliano's baby ? WOW!



LXV, ViVi, Steve and Deb: you got me thinking?!

YESENIA AND’S GET IT ON!! Nice gypsy guitar. Sexy... ambience music, sexy!! My man is holding-it- down, sexy, Poppi Chulo and Goodness, he needs it, nothing like almost –dying- to –make- you enjoy …..Life!

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Cause you –Got-My –Mojo-Working!! I love team Y&L!!

..... So the ‘hot-in-the-behind’ teenagers are, finally, knocked –up... well, haven’t see a condom, anywhere near them, do they know what a rubber look like? Poor baby
and don’t try to blame DIEGO, cause he ain’t playing that!!

BUSTED ! Ximena and Azucena are at cross purposes, Ximena is busted, Azucena is at that point in life, where she is taking no prisoners, and everybody is going to feel the heat, from son to Dona, momma aint playing. She wants justice and nobody is going to stand in her way.

Television vs. reality, Daniel organization?? , who are the women executives/supervisors, psychologist/therapist, where is the therapeutic value of this center??!Or is it just a shelter, given he was involved with organized sexual assault... ‘WTF’...

How much feminist consciousness raising can you have with a [reformed?]Rapist mentality...#! ‘WTF’…^%$*@!!??? Who is leading the counseling on healing sexual trauma under his leadership??!!

DONA is talking to women at the shelter about the center... What can of low bars of accountability/oversight are they use to ! Those poor women, when they find out they been under the protection of a serial killer they will be traumatized twice !!

WILL Daniel apologize for his culpability to/ rape/ murder/ emotional severance/ emotional death and psychic disassociation , will he before the public...or maybe under torture?

Daniel how can you face those poor women??.. will he give up Rafael?? Repent sinner!!



Sorry family ..but,there is going to be a whole lot of loving happening before any body else dies!

not a spoiler , just saying!

... BRAULIO AND XIMENA will falling in a bed very soon, trust me!!

They have no where to go with their unrequited love and

she has doed eyed him into trusting her...that's saying something ,cause he as soon kill you as to look at ya!

I can not wait to them accidentally/ get liquored-up/crying slippery/pawning drunk, crying about Saul /Dona...boohoohoo ,they don't appreciate us!!

YEAH ..all the bloody / death/ back stabbing /betrayal????

let meet and discuss this at a hotel.. Accidentally they will just happen to fall into the bed , naked!!

and then like "wait ...we still have a mission !!

[but meanwhile]..'this is good !!..'let's comfort each other some more.

cigarette break.[oh saul/oh dona...wahwahwah..I still love her/him..

then after they regroup.. its another round of pent up frustration sex.!!Ooh baby !!a little lower please' !!

trust me its gonna happen,

don't you see ... those long pauses, all that googlely- eyed action happening??

just saying,, I bet even money!

La Doña

Great comments, Halimacandy! I bet you're right about Braulio and Ximena "comforting" each other. And yes, Azucena is onto Ximena and isn't taking any prisoners.

Two things you're perhaps not right about. You said that "the ‘hot-in-the-behind’ teenagers are, finally, knocked –up." I suspect that will happen, but it hasn't happened yet. LXV, deb, and I were talking about how people would respond if/when Isabela does become pregnant. Also, I don't think you're right in calling Daniel a serial killer. IIRC, the attack on AG and her family was the first time he was involved, and although he raped AG, he deliberately did not kill her. In fact, he told her to fake an attack while he stabbed his knife down next to her.

LA DOÑA Halimacandy: about Daniel: you NAILED it. It's all about his remorse. It's a feel good thing for him to cleanse his tortured soul. Will he ever confess? Nah! that's what he's trying to avoid with all his "good works"


LXV: Daniel reminds me of Tyrone from "Sudden Impact" of the Dirty Harry series, who didn't want anything to do with his associates.

AG does remind me of Jennifer Spencer.

Juanita: I'm still wondering who IS Monica's biological dad. I'll be shocked if it's Daniel or maybe Francisco.



HALIMACANDY: If Mama Aguirre keeps agitating, you know AG's cronies will whack her too!

Can you imagine Saul losing his mother to violent death ? His sister was likely killed by possibly Francisco & we already saw Daddy Aguirre get whacked by Braulio.


Yes hot and heavy at the hotel me!

Bralio n Ximena...I told you.. just saying, go for it ! dude...he laying down some pipe!

Ximena ,wow! She was thirsty! For a man!

Just .....fight for. ...What you really want,need!,

Daniel, just a nice guy,cute too! But ...

The whole country remembers the monkey terror, familes were slaughtered,

,when anyone of those families get any clue who daniel is n whst he knew and

How he didn't do matter..he will be tore limb from limb.if he stays outta jail

I don't see Daniel turning himself in,when he goes in jail ,you can

Image he will be on the other end of the gang train...

He was,is still complicit cause the monkey as a group will be convicted...

Back in the Zone

Back to the steam room ,I mean hotel room I told you,

yum,slurp,pull,tug,grab,breathing hard, smooch !,rip

She headed for the belt.tug pull,,,No shy flower here!

Go for it braulio, he working it ,Ximena ,gee girl has it been that long ?!

Now these two will begin to undermine dona!, the screw turns here? Sorry ,I mean these two have different projection ..otherwise she will win..

Something has to set the balence of power

Oh baby to give it up,,yeah more hot action..killer and his lover

La dona
Juanita, you are too kind hearted,
yeah daniel is sexy,a long tall glass of water!I get it!

Vera cruz must be cursed,cause body is paying for the madness!

Later for those teenagers..

But no force n especially not the worst two body guards on the planet could not have stopped Mrs demon from blitzing, blitzkreg and dropping the atomic , nuclear-powered bomb on poor lazaro,

You aren't the daddy. .!!

I almost wanted to jump in and croke that b.....
I am fed up so ag can die any time ,but we still got Francisco ,

Please don't die,the man is heading for a heart attack. ..
Look this is like a blood bath, dona is wreaking havoc

So the balence has to be restored

And the those two in the hotel ! braulio is the lynch pin .given his position
he can bring her down n

The love of stupid woman with lots of bad luck, Ximena may be the key, Ximena is beautiful n just his speed,she hates dona!
Team braulio,Ximena!


La Doña

I hope to have a recap of tonight's episode posted sometime tomorrow morning.

LA FAN # 21 2/14/17 Tuesday

Vale is shocked by the proposal. She cannot keep the ring because it is a prop. Lucas will get her a better one. Tonight will be their special night. Lucas tells her to prepare herself for the best in spite of his injury. He says he is better. Pablo suddenly makes a mysterious call with "information." Both Lucas and Vale tell Pablo to not get involved in their romance. Next, Pablo invites Vale to his home because he has three sisters who are Vale fans that want to meet her. She agrees as long as he gets her back in time for her date with Lucas. They go to Pablo's and there is nobody there. Pablo gives her some drugged tea as they wait for his sisters to arrive. Vale falls unconscious and Gabriel is surprisingly on the scene. Pablo says he is getting involved in a lot more than he was originally contracted for. Now it is ending up in a kidnapping. Gabriel will pay him. There was no way he was going to let Vale have a night of passion with Lucas. He really loves Vale. Gabriel will come by later that night and rescue her and Pablo can disappear. Gabriel stops by Vale's to socialize a bit with Tomâs. Vale awakens in a chair with her hands and feet tied. Pablo lets her call Tomás so he is not worried and Lucas to cancel their date. Vale tells Luca why she has to cancel their date by quoting a long telenovela passage. From this passage Lucas and Jessica figure out she must have been kidnapped. He suspects her "fan" Pablo. He talks to the station manager and Pablo is not related to him. Lucas finds Pablo's info so he and Jessica are off to find Vale. Back at Pablo's, Vale manages to untie her hands and wobble towards the door when Pablo is not watching. Pablo sees her and cracks her over the head with a bottle. She falls unconscious again. When Gabriel sees that, he is angry. Gabriel pays off Pablo. They hide in the back of Pablo's place as Lucas and Jessica break in from the front of the apartment. Vale finally comes to but wonders who Lucas is. She does not know.

Adriana tells Castro to stay and make love to her right there in her office. He locks the door but unfortunately they are interrupted by Benicio. They meet up later in the elevator and Adriana tells Diego she will call him later. When Adriana gets home from work, Benicio is there talking to her father (they arre discussing the Diego problem). When Adriana says she is going out to visit with some girlfriends from France, Carlos pretends he is having chest pains. He suspects she is going out with Diego and he won't let that happen. Of course, she stays. The doctor comes and cannot find anything wrong and suggests a couple of tests. Benicio warns her that her father gets very upset thinking about her going out with Diego. Adriana goes to the café where she tells Diego it will be their first and last time.

Miguel tells Miriam that he has never thought about her like a girlfriend because she is his mother's friend. Miriam tells him that his mother thinks it is okay that they go out. He gets angry because it isn't okay with him. Everyone wants to run his life. Miriam thinks she should look for someone else. He thinks that would be the best for her. (The whole café audibly groaned)

Rodrigo continues talking to Nicolás. He wants to know more about his deceased father but his mother won't tell him anything. There isn't even a photo. Nicolás says his father must have been some kind of guy and one thing he can be sure of is that his father must have loved him a real whole lot. When Salma hears that Rodrigo was talking to her old friend, she tells Rodrigo to call her immediately if he ever sees him again. That night, Rodrigo sees Nicolas''photo on tv since he is a fugitive. Salma tells him he must have seen someone else.Nicolás arrives at Salma's to hideout. Salma and Agustín can do nothing to make him go. Finally, Rodrigo comes out of his room and wants to know what is going on.

Interesting that we had three characters (Gabriel, Pablo and Salma) trying to keep another three characters (Vale, Adriana, and Rodrigo) away from three other characters (Lucas, Diego and Nicolás) with all if them being unsuccessful.

Gabriel turned out to be quite sinister and really creepy with the kidnapping.



Thanks, Jarifa! You are so right that Gabriel was downright sinister with this kidnapping plan. I know he didn't want to hurt Vale, and just wanted to play the hero, but that was just going too far. I'm glad it backfired on him, and Lucas ended up being the hero. Indeed, Gabriel, Carlos and Salma were all playing a game of keep away this episode, and were all unsuccessful. Lucas found Vale, Nicolas hung out with Rodrigo, and Adriana met up with Diego.

La Fan

wow, thanks so much Jarifa for cranking out these recaps, what a treat!

maybe I saw this wrong, but after Lucas broke the window it looked like he couldn't reach the door, Jessica tried it and it wasn't locked. ha!



HALIMACANDY: I'm expecting the Monkeys & their mini-me's to launch retaliatory strikes against the good guys & you might want to be worried for Mama Aguirre, Monica, Margarita & Lydia.

Deb: When the truth about Daniel comes out, you can expect people NOT to be working at his foundation anymore. I'm going to see the look on Saul's face when he finds out his so-called friend is one of the Monkeys.


La Doña - Cap. 56 - Martes 1/3

AG tells Matamoros that she had asked Braulio to get information about Mónica, but he has done nothing. Does Matamoros know about anyhting that might be distracting him? He doesn't. She then asks him to find out where Yesenia is currently living: "I prefer to collect my debts face-to-face."

Azucena holds up Ximena's cell phone and tells her that she knows Ximena has continued to communicate with the lawyer of Jaime's assassin. She accuses Ximena of supporting Jaime in his lawsuit for her own interests. She didn't want Jaime and AG to reach an agreement because she wanted to keep Saúl and AG apart and have Saúl for herself. Azucena accuses Ximena of being partly responsible for what happened to Jaime. Ximena vehemently denies this, saying she had no idea Jaime would become crazed with anger, nor that he'd be killed. AG is the assassin, not me, she says.

Rafael drives Gabino to meet AG. He tells him to be seen as an exemplary policeman and covertly be loyal to the important people who are paying him well for his other services. If he does this, in a few months, he'll get a promotion. And who knows, eventually he might become Attorney General of the Republic. Rafael says he needs Gabino to be his ears. He wants to know what AG says: names, dates, everything. And there's another thing, says Rafael, something that requires absolute discretion [and he's asking this of Gabino??]. He wants Gabino to find out about the murder of a family 20 years ago in Veracruz. One member of the family escaped. He wants to know whether the last name of the person who escaped is Sandoval.

Saúl meets with a somewhat reluctant Lopecito. He assures Lopecito that he knows Valeria didn't kill his father, but she knows something. He asks Lopecito to help him and help Valeria, who is surrounded by the ugly doings of her husband and AG. To help her get away from that, he has to convince her to tell the truth.

Azucena tells Ximena that she had looked upon her as a daughter, but no longer. Ximena was willing to work for AG, and she knew that AG had humiliated Jaime. It's best that Ximena leave.

Lopecito finally agrees to try to convince Valeria to tell the truth. But he asks Saúl, "What happens if you discover that AG had nothing to do with your father's death? AG will never forgive such a lack of trust." [Yup!]

Gabino meets with AG and Rafael in AG's house. She says she knows he's interested in Mónica, and that he must be angry with Saúl Aguirre, since Mónica is infatuated (encaprichada) with him. Gabino asks whether she wants him to give Saúl a beating. No, she's interested in Mónica, who is rejecting Gabino. We should give her a lesson. Gabino asks whether she wants him to hurt Mónica. AG tells him that she wants to give Mónica a demonstration of her power, but not physically: she wants Mónica to end up in prison. And that's how Gabino is going to help.

Mónica tells Yesenia and Lázaro that she has resigned from the Foundation and wants to go with them on the trip they've discussed. Tomorrow, they can go to the passport office, but today, she wants to say goodbye to her friends in the barrio. She leaves. Yesenia tells a fretful Lázaro not to worry; Mónica doesn't know that there's a guard following her all the time. Yesenia then leaves to get the medicine that Adolfo has prescribed for Lázaro.

Regina and Felipe meet at a restaurant. Felipe tells her that he wants to get back his political career. Regina is happy to see him speak with such enthusiasm about this. He says that for now, he wants to start a campaign against alcohol, and he wants her to be the campaign's director. She needs to help the public see that he is a good man and is ready to return to politics.

La Doña - Martes 2/3

The guard following Mónica is on the phone and says Mónica doesn't know he's following her. But he doesn't know that Gabino is right behind him. Gabino grabs him in a choke hold and renders him unconscious. Meanwhile, Matamoros sneaks up behind the other guard (at the house where Lázaro and Yesenia are staying), puts a gun to the guard's head, and demands the house keys. The guard complies.

Braulio and Ximena enter an apartment or hotel (did Braulio rent it for her?). Ximena says she called him because she had nowhere else to turn. She's dismayed at how things have turned out for her. She used to think that she wanted to help people. Braulio tells her she's not in the street, and he will help her, as he promised. Ximena says it's his fault that she has lost Azucena's love and trust. He grabs her and tells her to take her revenge on him (desquitate conmigo). He kisses her forcefully. At first, she resists, but then....

AG and Matamoros enter the house where Yesenia is living. Lázaro hears a female voice and calls out. He wheels himself into the room where AG is. Both he and she are taken aback. AG asks what he's been doing all these years, aside from killing her daughter. Lázaro asks, "How did you find us?" "Us?" asks AG. Matamoros leaves. AG tells him she has come for her money. She also tells him she has a man outside. He asks whether it's Braulio. AG responds, "Why do you ask about Braulio? Have you seen him? Does he know that you are here with Yesenia?"

Gabino comes up behind Mónica, grabs her, put a hand over her mouth, and tries to assure her that he has not come to hurt her: there's a guy who's been following you and you didn't know. He shows her the guy lying on the sidewalk. She asks whether he killed him, and calls Gabino an evil psychopath. He tells her that he's trying to protect her, and that he's learned that AG and her people want to get her out of the way (sacar en medio) They think he will do whatever they ask, but he assures her he would never hurt her.

Lázaro says he mentioned Braulio because he was AG's right-hand man. AG says she doesn't stay with one man, because all men are garbage. She then asks where Yesenia is. Lázaro asks her to leave Yesenia alone. The two of them are about to leave the country and AG will be rid of them. AG tells him that Yesenia lied and involved her in an assassination she didn't commit. AG has come for payback. Lázaro says "take your revenge on me, but leave Yesenia alone." AG realizes that they are lovers: "From the niece to the aunt. From a woman like me to a woman like...Yesenia!" AG says he has to pay for killing her daughter, and she asks again where the money is that she gave Yesenia. She says if she tells him, she'll spare his life.

Azucena is outside her place waiting for Saúl. Saúl drives nearby, sees Mónica arguing forcefully with Gabino, races out of his car, and butts Gabino in the nose with his head. They fight, and Saúl repeatedly kicks Gabino after he's down. Mónica is screaming for him to stop. Azucena, Lydia, and some others hear Mónica's cries and run to find her. Azucena grabs Saúl, who seems in a trance. She pleads with Saúl and Mónica to leave. She tells him that Gabino is the police jefe, and he'll have everyone looking for Saúl. Enraged and frightened, she pleads with him to listen to her: for the memory of his father, he should go away and not come back until Azucena calls him. She says she'll be in charge of taking care of Gabino. Mónica and Saúl leave.

La Fam. Excellent and extremely well-organized recap, Jarifa! I too loved the door scene--with Lucas breaking the window next to the door but Jessi opening it with the knob because it wasn't locked. Hilarious! Gabe has now disqualified himself as any kind of suitor for Vale, and with luck we won't see Pablo again unless or until he is arrested! I certainly didn't see that one coming! I also agree that funny as the door scene is, both Lucas and Jessi are authentic heroes! They definitely deserve a reward, because as far as they knew, Vale could have been kidnapped by a madman, and, boy, were they clever in figuring out where she was. (Reminds me just a little bit of the Gnathon character in Longus' Daphnis and Chloe). I trust the writers won't let that amnesia business play out too long. And SURE it will be Diego and Adriana's first and last time!

La Doña - Martes 3/3

Felipe tells Regina that as the director of his campaign, they'll be together all the time. He also explains that he needs to convince the party officials that he's acceptable, and the campaign against alcohol and drugs will be his banner in this struggle. Regina asks what exactly he expects of her if she agrees to direct the campaign.

Yesenia returns and sees that there's no guard outside the house. Matamoros comes up behind her and holds a gun to her head. They enter the house. AG shows Yesenia the money. Yesenia protests, "You gave me that money to disappear!" AG replies, "Tell me where and when I gave it to you." Yesenia starts to answer, but stops, realizing that her lie would be revealed. AG has told Yesenia that to get the money back, she has to tell the truth about Jaime's death. Yesenia refuses to change what she said. Lázaro pleads with her, to no avail. He then says something to AG about the death of "our daughter." AG then tells him that that child wasn't his. AG deceived him, on Yesenia's instructions. She spells it all out in detail: she was pregnant as the result of a rape. Yesenia convinced her to marry Lázaro and convince him that the baby was his. That's why she slept with him a couple of times, in spite of the disgust she felt.

Azucena has brought Gabino back to her place and is caring for his wounds. Margarita, Lydia, and Jorge don't think she should be doing this. Azucena explains that Gabino is powerful and could have Saúl thrown in prison. She can't permit this. She's going to try to reason with Gabino.

AG tells Yesenia, "You lied, you separated me from the man I love. Now I'm taking from you the money and Lázaro's trust. We're even." She leaves. Lázaro grabs his head, in pain physically and emotionally. He groans and keeps repeating "Mónica is not my daughter!" Yesenia calls for an ambulance.

As Felipe and Regina are talking about her duties as campaign manager, Leticia comes over, greets them, and asks whether they'd mind if she had coffee with them, or is Felipe still angry over his interview with her. When he says he's not angry, she sits down at their table. Regina explains that they're talking about Felipe's campaign against alcohol and drugs, it has nothing to do with AG nor with anything personal. Leticia observes that the campaign is to clean up his image. Felipe says they have to leave, and they do.

Gabino awakens and asks where Saúl is. He tries to sit up but realizes that he may have a broken rib. Lydia wisely tells him that if he cares for Mónica, he'll forget about all this, because if he lifts a finger against Saúl, Mónica will hate him much more than she already does.

Saúl talks to Azucena by phone from his car. She finally tells him that if he is imprisoned, she will die of grief. That seems to convince him that he and Mónica should stay out of sight until Azucena tells him it's OK.

Ximena tells Braulio that what happened occurred in a moment of weakness, and will not happen again. He gives her money, making it clear that it is not payment for sex but because Saúl's mother kicked her out because of her dealing with him. It's thus only fair, Braulio says, that he help her pay for her expenses. She thanks him, but tells him she will soon be leaving the city. Nothing and no one interests her here. She leaves.

Saúl and Mónica are arguing in a public square. Saúl tells her that "I can't permit anyone to keep harming the people I love." [Yes, he says amo]. Mónica tells him that she's not sure, but she thinks that this time Gabino wasn't attacking her, he was trying to tell her that AG wanted to harm her. Mónica knew it wasn't a lie because "I saw AG at the Foundation today and she threatened to harm me and my father."

La Doña

wow, this show is really getting intense!

thank you so much Juanita for the wonderful recap, it's amazing how you are so good at digging out all of the little details and tying them all together!

hmm, was AG upset that Laz picked Yesenia over her?

and so proud of Azucena for stepping up, truly Saul's mom.

and they sure are dancing around the AG/Monica connection.

but it was Gabino that really fascinated me last night, he really sells it that he adores Monica and would never hurt her, or does he, loved Saul getting in his face, head first and mopping up the side walk with him (but what's with the complete lack of interest on the bodyguard laying there in the background) and loved the girls (and Jorge) taking him upstairs to recover, and when he comes to take turns reminding him why he should just forget about all this, of course he no longer has his gun, and can't get up because of a broken rib, and he is the chief of police, ha!.

of course what complicates this is AG's plan to put Monica behind bars, that we didn't get to hear, (which included that she not be harmed), so was Gabino working on that plan or was he working on his own. (so far he has given away all the money they have paid him, right?)

and then there is the side story, Rafael (who pets him with promises of a bright future) wants Gabino to investigate the rape and murder of a family in Veracruz 20 years ago, was the families last name Sandoval, and he asks about that being AG's last name, no questions, just answers Rafael reminds him.

Roberto Quijano (Gabino) is doing a nice job of making this street smart lughead a somewhat complex character.


La Dona

We know that Lazaro is not Monica's father. Does this mean that ex-Monkey Daniel is her father? Or could it be Rafael?


Vivi, when a non-smiling Gabriel arrived at Pablo's lair he actually looked sinister.

Deb, thanks. You saw right! That was so funny.

SpanProf, thanks. I thought the same thing about Diego and Adriana.


Juanita: Not surprised that AG, Rafael & Gabino are plotting to have Monica put in prison.



GoBlueFan: But could Francisco be Monica's father ?


La Doña

deb, thanks very much for your great comments. You're probably right that AG was miffed that Lázaro preferred Yesenia to her. And yes, I too found Gabino much more interesting and complex last night. I may be naive, but I think he's genuinely besotted with Mónica and is working on his own to protect her from the folks who have hired him and want to hurt her. I'm glad she managed to tell Saúl about what Gabino said and that she thinks he may have been sincere. Saúl, on the other hand, was almost completely out of control in last night's episode. He's got a lot of heavy stuff on his mind right now, first and foremost the death of his father (which he witnessed), and what he sees as the likely guilt of the woman he loved. And, I suspect, his increasingly complicated feelings about Mónica. Even so, at times last night he really seemed like a scary raving maniac.

La Doña

Gobluefan, any of the five Monkeys could be Mónica's biological father. No one has been ruled out. It's not clear that the corpses of Miguel Preciado and Colonel Céspedes are still available for DNA testing, but that doesn't mean it couldn't have been one of them. I'm not sure which would work better plotwise: being able to get a DNA match or not being able to do so.


Juanita- Your recap did justice to this dense episode. So much to ponder.

Halimacandy- Yep, you called it on Brau and Ximena hitting the sheets. Honestly, I can't see what he sees in her. I thought he liked bolder/feistier women, like AG. Ximena seems more weak and whiny to me, like his wife Valeria. AG's starting to get suspicious about where Brau is spending all his time, and not bringing her any results. He better come up with a good answer.

I did not like all the wins AG had this episode. Now Laz, Monica, and Yesenia have no money and no protection, and no way out.

Glad Gabino gave Monica a heads up about AG, but it doesn't excuse how he has hurt and harassed her. Sure, he doesn't want anyone else hurting her, but that doesn't stop him from doing so, for his own desires/wants. If Monica accepts his help in fighting AG, he'll take that as her accepting HIM as her man, and expect her to pay him back (with affection). If Monica gives an inch, he'll take a mile. He's still dangerous to her.


If Lazaro survives this last attack, I wonder how he'll respond to Yesenia and Monica? I'm guessing he'll shun Yesenia, for her role in deceiving/conning him, but continue to consider Monica his baby-girl, despite the truth about her sperm-donor.

La Fan

Thanks Jarifa!

Gabriel was starting to creep me out too. Not cool, dude.

Loved how Felicitas could tell right away that Carlos was faking his chest pains to manipulate Adriana.

Adriana and Diego are so hot!


I saw a promo for "Guerra de ídolos",

"It is the first musical telenovela of Telemundo that will play the genre of Northern Music, It is recorded in Mexico."

production began Dec 5th.

"The series follows the story of the Solar family, and superstar Julio Cesar Solar, a regional Mexican music idol. A story of betrayal, rivalry, love and the search for fame at any cost. Set in a world of stunning ranches, parties, private jets and recording studios, “Guerra de Idolos” showcases the lives of those who manage and control the Latin music business in the U.S. from coast to coast."ídolos


J, Felicitas sure does know her hubbie very well.


Vivi: How long before Lopez gets targeted by AG's cronies ?


Thank you for the recap, Jarifa!

Yes, Gabriel can look very sinister. It will be interesting to see if he continues as a kind-of/sort-of baddie/goodguy type character. I do not like his manipulations.

Adriego in the elevator apparently forgot about the security camera for a few seconds. Diego wears cute boxers.


doris, I never expected those bright blue printed boxers!

La Fan. Yep, those boxers were adorable!

LA DOÑA Thanks you so much Juanita. You never let us down. That was recapping at its finest. A tough episode, a lot going on, a lot that I missed. I don't trust Gabino no matter how much love he professes for Moni. He's shown such an ugly underbelly, nothing can erase that from my mind. You are right that any one of the 5 Monkees could be Monica's bio-dad. Pobre de Lazaro having to find out the cold truth from that evil Altagracia. Who thinks up these names? Altagracia? Who are they kidding? Yes, I get the horror of her early trauma, but it has festered into unremitting evil. Not sure WHAT to think of Daniel, except that he's still playing the rich kid's game of shirking his responsibility in this matter. He could redeem himself (in my mind, at least, by putting himself on the line for one of these girls he wants to protect. Or, by ratting out the brotherhood and admitting his role. I'm dying to know who Francisco is. Another plug ugly like the first 2, or is he somebody kind of good-looking and suave like Danny & Rafa?

La dona
Thanks Juanita for recap!,,,

Next romance ,,,kisses !Saul n Monica .. give him some so he can calm down !gee wiz!

Ag will not win... the enemies are starting to stack up, she is down to one bodyguard. .really

This show is due for some transitions ,expect some romantic interludes

But the people with the least to lose, may be uniting. If Gabi no turns..
Maggie is checking him out? Gabi no is her speed?

A big hiccup is coming for ag... her circle is shrinking

you are close, to the corpse count but not mama saul, daddy lazaro .. his time may be coming

Bralio is holding all the cards, if Ximena would hook up with him,we may get a reprieve

La Doña

Thanks, Vivi, LXV, and Halimacandy, for your great comments re the recap and the episode. I think you're right, Vivi, about Gabino still being dangerous to Mónica. That's true in two ways. One is his at times uncontrollable violence, perhaps what LXV was referring to by "ugly underbelly" (what a great expression!). The other is the as yet unknown extent to which he'll carry out AG's and/or Rafael's hostile wishes against Mónica. In Tuesday's episode, we saw that he's not their mindless, obedient puppet, but it's not wholly clear where his loyalties lie. Perhaps it's not even clear to him.

Halimacandy, I agree that AG will not win, but I fear her defeat is still a long way off.


LA FAN # 22 2/15/17

Vale recognizes Lucas only as the telenovela star. She remembers nothing from the last two months. She does not know where she is or why. When Lucas tells her they are novios and he came to rescue her, she just laughs. She will not even believe Jessica. Gabriel sends off Pablo and manages to pop up to supposedly help out. He explains he stopped by Vale's house where Eloísa told him about the call and he just had a weird feeling about Pablo, found out he was not related to the manager and ended up here. Lucas and Jessica take Vale to the hospital. Jessica reminds Lucas of one of his novelas where a character regains her memory from being hit in the head again. No, Lucas will not hit Vale in the head. Vale is still laughing about a guy like Lucas being interested in a woman like her. She tells him since she cannot remember being his novia, she is going to have to break up with him. Gabriel announces that they have filed charges against Pablo.Vale is released with instructions to take it easy as her memory returns little by little. Her friends cannot believe she broke up with Lucas. Lucas cannot believe that Vale broke up with HIM! Gabriel tells Vale they were great friends. Tomás puts in a good word for him. Lucas comes to see Vale. Tomás thanks him for saving Vale's life. Lucas tells Vale the whole truth about how the contest, the assistant job, and engagement were all lies and were only done to improve his image and ratings. She just cries. Gabriel comes back and she tells him what Lucas said. He says he did not tell her everything. He Gabriel is in love with her. She has had too much for one day. She calls Jessica. She needs to talk to her so she will meet Jessica at work. When Vale arrives, Salma and Lucas are filming a kissing scene at the bottom of some stairs. Vale is at the top and suddenly faints and falls down the stairs. She is unconscious again.

Diego wants to know what Adriana meant by "first and last" time. She says they can never have anything serious together especially now that her father is ill but she is dying to make love to him. He can't accept her conditions. He feels too much for her. For him, it is all or nothing at all. She leaves. The next day at work, Benicio sends Diego out to fix a kitchen on a boat. When Diego gets there, Adriana is sunbathing. When he is done working, Diego strips down to his colorful green (hotdog print?) shorts and asks Adriana to rub on some sunscreen on his back. In no time at all, they are at it hot and heavy. Carlos decides to go down to his yacht. It is a good thing he does not go into his bedroom.

At Salma's, Nicolás is setting Rodrigo straight that he is not a murderer. When Rodrigo goes back to his room, Salma gives Nicolás a wad of money so he will just go eventhough he would just rather stay. He will go but will be back to fight for what is his. Salma says if he really is thinking of his son, he will leave. He will be seeing her again. Agustín offers to move in with Salma for a while to protect. She is not interested. He gives her a memorable kiss on the way out. The next day, Nicolás tracks down Rodrigo at the school soccer field to tell him that he lied. He knew his father.

Diego forgot his cell phone at home. Miriam brings it to his work and gives it to Benicio. She tells him she designs web pages. He tells her they may have a position for her. He will let her know about an interview. Why not call each other. "Tú"? Benicio gets the IT guy to unlock the phone.

Pablo comes by to see Gabriel. The police are looking for him. They have all of his information. If he goes down he is taking Gabriel with him.

La Fan

Jarifa, your recaps are wonderful. They cover everything important clearly and concisely. Thanks very, very much!

There's one thing I wonder about Vale's amnesia. Supposedly, she doesn't remember anything from the last two months, but other than that, her memory is excellent. Does that make sense medically? (Also, does Jessica work at the same place she did three months ago?) Oh well, whether or not the two-month blockage makes medical sense, it seems likely that Vale's fall from the top of the stairs in last night's episode will provide the blow that ends her amnesia (a la Jessica's suggestion to Lucas).


Thank you for the recap, Jarifa!!!

Yes, those are hot dogs on Diego's boxers. Lots of unspoken messages with those boxers. LOL 20+ years ago, our town had a drive-thru hot dog place with a big sign out on the road that cracked everyone up because it said:


Perhaps Diego's boxers will be a running joke throughout? We can only hope.

Juanita - I wondered about that amnesia, too, especially the idea that another blow to the head would bring back her memory. I don't have time to Google it right now. However, they're incorporating a classic telenovela trope so I've got my beanie hat on and am going with the flow. It sort of makes me wonder if we'll see "escaleracide", kidnapped/switched at birth babies (I've had some questions about Rodrigo and Tomás if they are the same exact age) and other tropes worked into this madcap ride on the telenovela bus.

Juanita and doris, I am a big fan of Mexican comedy/dramedy telenovelas and this one has been so much fun to watch and a pleasure to recap. It is also so much better to have a patio to watch with!

If only the shorts were to become a running joke . . . Now that they have done the deed I wonder what Adriana will do. I so would like Carlos to walk in on them . . . That would be so sweet!


Thanks, Jarifa! I was really surprised that Lucas told Vale the whole truth. But I'm glad. Now they can start afresh, from scratch. But it looks like she's gravitating towards Gabriel now. Lucas will now have to fight for Vale's love.

Juanita- When Vale asked to see Jess at work, she said she was going to the salon (where Jess used to work). Jess explained to works somewhere else now, and said she would text the address to Vale. And since they were doing a location shoot, the location wasn't even the studio, so Vale really didn't know what she was walking in on when she saw Lucas and Salma kissing.

As for temporary amnesia, a few years ago, a friend's mother got a temporary type of amnesia-- she didn't remember things that had happened recently, in the last few months. It came suddenly and then went gradually. My friend was really freaked and went home for a while to spend time with her mom. There's some medical term for it, but they really don't know why it happens. She didn't have a blow to the head.

In any case, I'm sure this fall will bring Vale's memory back, but of course now she also knows the truth about Lucas. I like that they blew through this plot point in one episode.

This comment has been removed by the author.

La Fan

another wonderful recap Jarifa, you are a sweetheart!

Lucas' confession threw me because supposedly Vale doesn't remember that they are novios.

but anyway the door is open for Gabe, my favorite part last night was Salma's expressions while Lucas laments that he was dumped, how is that possible?



I'm not sure that Diego and Adriana actually consummated anything yet. They were still in make-out/heavy petting mode. Boxers and bikini were still on when they were in the bedroom, as Carlos arrived to the yacht.

La Fan. Excellent recap, Jarifa. I like how you unite the plot lines instead of preserving the venerable entrelacement plot structure preferred by telenovelas. I too will go with the flow on the amnesia. My guess is that Vale will now not remember Lucas's confession to her. Lucas really needed to hear both Tomás's thanks and his statement that he had thought Lucas believed himself the center of the universe. I also like how the vain Lucas's character is developing. He was genuinely worried about Vale, leveling with her was the right thing to do, as was begging her forgiveness, and now he's reproaching himself for being insensitive, selfish and egocentric. Love how the plot just keeps thickening and thickening and the lighthearted way they make fun of and yet use, more or less seriously, telenovela clichés. I also though it was funny how Agustín reduced Salma's amount of payment to Nick. Is there a standard payoff amount to blackmailers? My guess is that Carlos will walk into his bedroom just in time to prevent Adriana and Diego from having sex.

La Fan. And of course, since it's very likely that Tomás is really Lucas's son, let's hope they do build some kind of relationship. Lucas seems to be trying.

La Fan. Salma's expression of happiness when she finds out that Lucas told Vale the truth does sort of highlight her egotism. If she weren't funny, she'd be kind of a monster.

La FAn. and that Carlos's walking in will cause hilarious physical pain to Diego. :)

Vivi, you are so good with the details' : )

I think it is called global transient amnesia.

SpanProf, thanks! If Diego and Adriana don't do it, I really hope that Carlos walks in on Diego and Adriana and that they don't stop just because they hear him moving around. It sure will be interesting if Vale recovers her memory and forgets what Lucas told her which Gabriel and Salma will not be forgetting. I hope Pablo is caught and squeals on Gabriel.


That's it, Jarifa. Such an odd thing to happen. The brain is a complex and mysterious organ.

La Fan

Yes, Adriego still had their clothes on, right before we saw Carlos boarding the boat. It's still too early for those two to consummate.

I was surprised that Lucas confessed all to Vale. There was not one selfish motive for him to do that, and because of that, I thought it was a powerful scene; a sign of some personal character growth on his part, after which he will probably return to being his regularly scheduled buffoon. ;-)

Gabriel, on the other hand, is falling deeper in the mentiroso pit. I came close to wanting to throw something at my TV when he told Vale how much he cares for her. Liar, liar, pants on fire!!!


Vivi: AG & her cronies launching a coup d'état against Monica, Margarita & Regina (who has no clue that she's in danger too).

Juanita: When all is said & done, I could see AG in PRISON! The good guys will be less than 3 at best including Lydia, Saul & possibly Mama Aguirre.



LXV: At least "Infames" main hero, Sara Escalante wasn't a vindictive bastard in fighting the bad guys inside the Mexican government & drug cartels.

Yesenia was right about AG's parents would've been disappointed in their daughter turning into an evil person. Hell, Cesar would've been disappointed too.



Ha! The "mentiroso" pit! ¡Perfecto!

La Fan. "Oh what a tangled web we weave..." and all in the service of getting us to 120 episodes without being bored. :)


I haven't seen yesterday's episode yet, but I am assuming that AG's winning streak continues from the previews they keep showing. I'll try to catch up by this weekend, but not eager to see the "Monica in prison" story. I HATE when the heroine is thrown in prison unjustly.

La dona OK

I see other programs have 120 episodes!?

it that almost a year! ..?? WTF!

Why do dramas get cut short unless they are full of narco. Jeffe...capo bosses ,

just saying , BS! this is some mess!


La Donna
Thinking ...
one ...Monkey may hem dona up.. SHE US UNDERPREPARED DUE TO RAFAEL ..WHO TRUST NOONE...twist is coming

...Lazaro gonna miss you. Coma maybe? but that will push Monica n Saul together..sympathy

..Maggie is gonna give Gabino...some loving!sympathy

..Lydia n Diego will hook up , when he gets beat by his dad..sympathy

Felipe n Regina survive dona blizkreg, an get an alliance. .sympathy,

Leticia n son gets no sympathy. .

Valeria n scruffy are busted sympathy

Azucena gets in the game..puts on leadership role..n gives no sympathy

Braulio gets Ximena up the spout, sympathy for the devil


Yes hot and heavy at the hotel me!

Bralio n Ximena...I told you.. just saying, go for it ! dude...he laying down some pipe!

Ximena ,wow! She was thirsty! For a man!

Just .....fight for. ...What you really want,need!,

Daniel, just a nice guy,cute too! But ...

The whole country remembers the monkey terror, familes were slaughtered,

,when anyone of those families get any clue who daniel is n whst he knew and

How he didn't do matter..he will be tore limb from limb.if he stays outta jail

I don't see Daniel turning himself in,when he goes in jail ,you can

Image he will be on the other end of the gang train...

He was,is still complicit cause the monkey as a group will be convicted...

Back in the Zone

Back to the steam room ,I mean hotel room I told you,

yum,slurp,pull,tug,grab,breathing hard, smooch !,rip

She headed for the belt.tug pull,,,No shy flower here!

Go for it braulio, he working it ,Ximena ,gee girl has it been that long ?!

Now these two will begin to undermine dona!, the screw turns here? Sorry ,I mean these two have different projection ..otherwise she will win..

Something has to set the balence of power

Oh baby to give it up,,yeah more hot action..killer and his lover

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