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Vino el Amor, Lunes 2/13/17 Chapter 74: Conflicts Brewing

Some scenes combined for clarity:

During the confrontation with Erika, Luciana accused her of attempted corporate espionage and of moving in on Miguel on the heels of their breakup, even of trying to poison his mind against them. Erika said that Miguel is a better administrator than whatever they have but Luciana has no authority over that. She noted that Luciana didn't try to accuse her of stealing Miguel as a novio.

David and Juan talked about the proposed purchase of the olive grove. Juan said that owner is away and he will make an appointment with him when he returns. David was not pleased.

Brian came to the main house to pick up Lillian. He played the scene for her ego despite how it clearly hurt Marta, even saying that he didn't care about his heritage. Marta had to witness this, but she kept her cool. Lillian tried playing the Lady of the Manor, even to the end.
Marta, the door.”
It's here,” said Marta, gesturing to it before she left the room.
Brian looked at Lillian with subtle disapproval and said “Let's go.”

David saw Erika leave the distillery office and caught Luciana's need to vent after this annoying visit. “She said she doesn't want me near Miguel. What's with her?” [I don't think Luciana has much experience competing with other chicks for the rooster before this. She has to make up for lost time.] Luciana didn't like Erika's attitude. She and Miguel had been amigos their entire lives. David admitted he was a little jealous of that “friendship” and suggested that Erika was interested in Miguel in a way that wasn't professional.

Sonia wrote on the employees' chalkboard when León came down. Another Italian movie flirtation scene ensued with a hint of a Tom Jones food move.

Miguel was working his brain out in the Santa Barbara office when Erika walked in. He was wearing a tank shirt that nicely displayed his assets. They started talking about non-work stuff. She asked what he liked to do in his spare time and he said he liked to go running early in the morning. She said she also liked doing this but had to be careful because of her lungs. [Now we know she might be doing so more frequently than previously.]

David and César talked about Luciana and Miguel and David's worry about their continuing “friendship.”

The paint-spattered succubus told her egg donor over the phone that she was packing to come home. Lillian asked whether she got the dinero because of David's plans to buy the olive grove. Although she didn't yet have it (which she didn't mention) Gracie said this was the opportunity to really entangle herself in David's life.

Marta and Ramón were shopping when Brian saw them after Lillian had gone home. He was not being a caballero about it, implying that Marta jumped right back into dating. He said he wanted to talk to her. Ramón said – in English – that Marta is a lady and deserves to be treated as such. He then left them to talk.

Wine talk happened with David and Luciana about traditional methods for making young wine (which somehow makes sense). David was confident they would win the competition. He left her to do her work.

Marta demanded to know whether Brian was going to be like Lillian. He tried to explain himself and apologize but she wasn't having it. She tried to step away and he tried to grab her arm and Ramón stepped in to tell him off. Marta told Brian she never wanted to see him again, wishing him hell with Lillian [which he is already in]. Ramón capped it by saying that while he was grateful for what Brian did for Tano he had better not bother Marta again or “you'll be sorry.” Brian then walked away. [From the look on Marta's face it looks like Ramón might actually have a chance with her soon.]

That night David and Luciana met in the cava. Luciana was missing her father because this was his saint's day. David brought her a framed photo of him, which made her happy. It was the one displayed at the wine promotion. He said he wanted her to be the happiest woman in the world

At the same time Perla was exactly the opposite of this when she arrived at Juan's apartment to find him absent and Mark present. He got on her case for her ratting him out over the theft of her cell phone. She tried to avoid being near him but he kept after her, finally grabbing her forcefully and making threats.

Luciana wished her father could be there for the upcoming wine competition, thinking he was giving his blessing from heaven.

Mark achieved yet another new low not only threatening Perla and Carito but telling Perla she was worthless. He said that her only value was in providing pleasure for men like Juan and himself. She started to protest but he pretended not to hear her, saying “Your opinion doesn't count.” [He deserves to be boiled in oil. And let's not waste the extra virgin on him.]

Miguel and Tano met for beers and guy talk. Miguel was still pining over Luciana. Tano was convinced he was wasting his time. He also told Miguel that although Ramón is doing well it isn't the same in the vineyard without him.

Gracie's paintings were on the walls and Josélo handed her a check. She couldn't wait to get back to the vineyard and Joselo couldn't understand why she was about to pass up the chance to further her art career. She gave The Family excuse and he was convinced she was making a mistake. [Eventually he will have to know that she wants to trade him in for David and his dinero. That can't happen soon enough for me.] She told him that if he persisted he'd have to forget about her and her paintings. [Actually, Joselo, you'd be better off if you did so right now.] Gracie threatened to find another agent. He told her he loved her [What has he been drinking or smoking?] but she ignored that, saying she'll be up for the San Francisco exhibition and that's all. She walked away.

Sonia and León were having coffee in the main house kitchen. They talked about their relationship being an issue for both Lillian and Marta. The possibility of vineyard gossip came up but Sonia said that since they didn't work there nobody there needed to know about them. Lillian now has a distraction named Brian. León got angry at Brian's betrayal of Marta and Sonia told him he was handsome when he got angry. This flirtation is just getting too silly.

Juan got home and found Mark alone on the couch watching TV with his feet on the coffee table. Mark told Juan that Perla had gone back to the vineyard. Juan shoved his feet off the coffee table and sat where they had been. They talked about the land deal and the sale of the electronics. Mark said they had to wait until everything was sold before getting the money [Does anyone else think he's trying to cheat Juan out of his agreed-upon share?]. Juan wasn't satisfied, saying that they had to find another way to make money. He just can't wait to destroy David. Mark said he wanted half of whatever Juan got out of this.

Luciana and Susan talked about Miguel. Susan thought that perhaps Miguel could be happy with Erika.

Juan wasn't satisfied, thinking Mark was being greedy. Mark reminded him about El Vino and El Coyote. Juan tried to defer more conversation until they had the money. Mark reminded him he didn't like to be fooled. Juan agreed to the 50%. Mark was blaming David for the fact that he wasn't with Susan [Markie-boy, you and you alone are the reason you're not with Susan] and wanted payback.

Dinner at the main house started with a mention of Bobby and the kiddie shrink. Lillian brought up the olive grove and Fernanda's party, saying that Gracie bought stuff for it in Spain. [Did she, really?] David mentioned that he had things to talk about with Graciela when she returned.

Adolfo expressed concern to Erika about her non-professional feelings for Miguel. She talked about how since childhood she's taken things day to day without much thought of the future because of her precarious health. He was sad hearing her say that. She told him not to worry about it. [This is sounding ominous already.]

Gracie called from the airport in Madrid and Lillian told her she would be too busy to meet her at the airport in California. Gracie said it didn't matter. She had the dinero and there would be more to come. She wanted a progress report on the mission to keep Luciana away from David. Lillian told her that Fernanda was on the job doing their bidding.

Marta brought a brown bag dinner to Luciana at the distillery. She saw the photo of Marcos and commented on how beautiful it was. She kissed the picture just as David walked in, saying he had given the picture to Luciana. Marta looked displeased and played the Uber-Victorian Mother telling David she didn't want him giving gifts to her daughter or working late with her. Luciana was embarrassed and tried to stop this, but Marta rattled off another objectionable statement, told Luciana she'd be expecting her home soon, and left. Luciana apologized to David who was not concerned. He said that when their relationship becomes public Marta will accept it. Luciana was sure her mother would never understand and there were others to consider: Lillian, Gracie, and Fernanda. David was sure they could survive that. Por fin, un beso.

Fernanda and Gracie talked on the phone. The succubus continued saying that Luciana and her lies were the cause of all their problems [talk about narcissistic projection].

The following morning Juan showed some documents to David that devalued the olive grove, saying they were subject to plagues. David insisted on going there to inspect it.

Fernanda tried to get Marta to tell her why David was angry with Graciela. Marta replied that she didn't know. [I got the vibe that FerBrat was playing hooky from school because she wanted to be the first to talk to the succubus.]

Juan tried to convince David that Señor Kent was looking to unload the land because of the plagues. He then said he would arrange the meeting. But David had already sent the man an e-mail to do that.


Thank you, Urban, for that speedy recap.Happy Valentine's Day to all my patio peeps.;-)

Hmmm..That is twice that Erica mentioned her health problems. Is that going to come up later?

What is GUt's game?

I think that you are right about Luci's lack experience with competition for an hombre. Evidently she did not date in Mexico.

Joselo didn't wear his trademark scarf and look what happened. The artist formerly known as Graciela was still paintsmeared...Working hard or hardly working?Be...Yet another vest for Dave. I wish that I had started counting.

Urban, just wonderful. Again, your conversation translations were superb.

"[I don't think Luciana has much experience competing with other chicks for the rooster before this. She has to make up for lost time]", "egg donor" and "[He deserves to be boiled in oil. And let's not waste the extra virgin on him.] were among many favorites.

Best moment for me was "“Marta, the door.“It's here,” said Marta, gesturing to it before she left the room". Perfection.

"[From the look on Marta's face it looks like Ramón might actually have a chance with her soon]". Dare we hope? Ramon is too good not to be snapped up.

I was sad Marta turned the picture into (yet) another opportunity to berate Luci (and in front of David too)! At least he knows he has an uphill battle. Now, not only with his family, but Luci’s.

The stage is being set for a looming health crisis for Erica.

I wish Mark and Brian would just go away...Brian is clearly out of his mind.

I thought that the actor playing Leon came out of his character by laughing in his scene with Sonia. Makes no sense but I'm going to enjoy every moment of it while it lasts.

"Joselo didn't wear his trademark scarf and look what happened. The artist formerly known as Graciela" had me laughing Susanlynn.

Perla is wise to be afraid. Unfortunately, she is frozen in fear now and too scared to talk. This doesn't look good.

UA, thank you.

Yes, happy Valentine's Day all.


Thank you UA. Clever "[He deserves to be boiled in oil. And let's not waste the extra virgin on him.]"

Martyr Marta. Killin me when she wails about Brian and Lilian when she knew they had a thing before. Where is the surprise here? Oh, Ramon is too good a guy for someone like Marta and sadly wasting his heart and time. Erroneously he believes chivalry and sacrifice wins the girl. Protip Ramon, when Marcos rolls over again in his grave ask him how that worked out.

Help. What exactly is Luciana committed, cause I cannot tell? The vineyard, her fathers legacy, playmate of Bobby, friend of Miguel, enemy of Graciela, Lilian and Erika, David or "love"? Love of what? The wine is love and love is wine but would Luciana have anything to do with David if the family business was a Waffle House franchise?


Well, Thank You again Urban, you have a gift with strikethrough. Funny.

You know, I was thinking Mark (PigPen ) would do better with one of those anatomically correct dolls. It could not call the police, etc. etc. but then it dawned on me Neither would it be terrified of him, the most important thing for PigPen.

Mark is delusional..When he first insisted on Half of the money, NoJuan yelled "Are You Crazy?". Now that means to any rational person that it is not even negotiable. Out of the ballpark, etc. So PigPen mentions that he might just kill old Buddy NoJuan if half is not OK, and miraculously they are besties again and 50% is just okey dokey. Que mierda?

Perla you would have better chances in finding a nice rattlesnake on the outskirts of the vineyard and bringing it home than continuing your activities in the pigpen with NoLove NoJuan.

Were Luci and Marta in this episode?

DisGracie coming back? Who'd a thunk it.

Erika luuuurves running at daybreak too? Wonders of wonders. Lung condition may not allow her to run as much as Miggy? Is she sure it is not just some cosmetic surgeryin the vicinity gone awry?

Thankfully Davids tiny 4 cell brain is coming back to life. He is beginning to lose his very blind faith in NoJuan and gone around him to pursue the land purchase, much to the consternation of NoJuan. Since NoJuan has told David a whole bag of lies (about everything under the sun, including the land) if David does in fact talk directly to the owner NoJuan will be found out. 'The Plagues' ?

Perla, you have been warned thirteen times. Although you do deserve what may befall you, go forth at your own peril. Peril / Perla I should have been able to make her a name out of that.

Tofie I think Luciana is committed to getting out of these 'farm hand' clothes and getting back to her normal clothes and makeup as per P&P.
Does anybody notice in the credits that one shot of Irina, where she is looking to our left, her face is so altered and airbrushed that it resembles an Olan Mills baby picture?


Thank you UA. I agree, suddenly we have too much chatter about Erika's ominous health.

Kirby, I think they put a lot of pancake and face contour on Irina, and I don't know why. She's a pretty lady and it washes her out. She actually looks much better in the credits than she does on the show.

I think it says it all that the only person who really thinks David and Luciana's love is a great idea is Bobby. Although to be fair, many of their opponents have their own selfish motives in mind.

For me, I'm far more invested in Sonia and Leon - they are a lot more fun to watch.


Kirby..Olan Mills baby picture...Now that gave me a giggle.

Uhoh..Erica.. cough ..Now keeps mentioning she may have some sort of medical condition. Are they planning to knock her off and have Miguel heading back to Luci, or will they be running one morning when she falls over, and he administers mouth to mouth and falls in love right there and then? I do not know where the writers..Cough..Are headed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Martyr Marta ( I like it, tofie) Martyra is mad because Dave gave LUci a portrait of beloved HUbbydad. Really? I did enjoy Martyra showing Lilian where the door actually was.

I would like to see Erica turn her attention on Dave. I would be curious to see Erica go head to head with DisGracie...Meow.

So, what Valentine tunes are you listening to? I am loving " At LAst " by Etta James.


Sonia is entertaining, more so pawing David and prefer that but perhaps David will see Leon in one of his shirts.

Agree Susanlynn, would love to see Erika go for David.

Keeping Miguel the galan would require Erika drop dead during a run to San Francisco.

Tofie....Yikes , what a way to go.

Listening to? "Who's yo Daddy?"

We have to be proud of Ramon last night. He grew a little acorn, whipped out his Spanglish==Spanglish dictionary and told mean old OinkerGut that he better treat Martyra with respect, and 'Le ave mi a loon' means Leave me alone. Poor guy. Can't see the forest for the trees, can you Ramon?

I was surprised World Famous Artist did not parade through the airport with her paint smudged man's shirt and "Cut Here" paint still on her throat.


A quote in honor of Valentine's Day for our distant couples:

"The sunlight claps the earth, and the moonbeams kiss the sea; what are all these kissings worth, if thou kiss not me. _ Percy Bysshe Shelley

Kirby: You know it's going to be chaos when Graciela comes back to Sonoma, CA to wreak havoc again.

Susanlynn: My bold prediction still stands: Karma will bite Carito: It's not if, it's WHEN!

Yeah, Steve, I wonder if little Luci is up to World War Three on two flanks.

She has Erika wishing she was dead and DisGracie wanting to kill her.

She is going to be busy with those two and her rekindled romance with David and winning the wine contest.

Then her brain dead Mother running interference for everyoneBUT Luci. Ay Yi Yi. brother, Luci needs a friend.
I mean somebody who can help more than sitting on the floor and crying.

Thanks a bunch of grapes, Urban. I loved your asides to another-wise run-of-the-mill episode. You make reading recaps fun.

Yeah, if Erica mentions her delicate health one more time, we know for sure she's a goner. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just be left with a huge surprise? Or are they deliberately giving us a red herring to swallow.

Poor Luci, she has a one-dimensional smile for every encounter with David.

Be back later after I get through the comments.

I see we all caught the "health" issue. I'm leaning toward her going into a crisis while out running with Mikey and dying (or nearly dying) in his arms.

Susanlynn--When I saw Joselo without his scarf, I wondered what happened. Did he turn into a regular guy all of a sudden?

Urban--loved that you made note of Luci's lack of experience. Do we all grin, open mouthed, teeth showing when we're about to be kissed? Happy Valentine's Day to all.

It's interesting to note the obstacles in the way to David and Luci's happiness seem to be women (well, maybe with the exception of Juan). Cesar is already on board, Bobby will be on board, I bet Leon, Tano and Ramon will get on board. Tano already recommended Miggie forget Luci and get on with life outside her orbit.

OK, Susanlynn--you bested me with Mig and Erica running into a collapse.

Gracias, Urban!

“Marta, the door.”
“It's here,” said Marta, gesturing to it before she left the room.

Tee hee, I'm glad Martha hasn't lost her sense of humor. (Actually, I didn't even know she had one.) It's always better when she doesn't let Lillian get to her.

"Does anyone else think he's trying to cheat Juan out of his agreed-upon share?" Since this is Mark we're talking about, I assume he's trying to cheat Juan out of his share.

Anyone ever read the kids' book "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus"? That's what Juan reminds me of with all his various "tactics" to dissuade David from buying the olive grove. It's almost comical. It's non-credible that he hasn't been fired.

Great UA, I loved all your snarky comments along with the strike outs. This one was my favorite: Gracie threatened to find another agent. He told her he loved her [What has he been drinking or smoking?]

Yeah they keep mentioning Erica's lung condition. I guess she must have asthma? But that wouldn't be lungs, since asthma is an inflammation and tightening of the bronchial tubes. Someone with a lung condition is constantly coughing and has trouble breathing. So I do not know what that is about. Maybe the writers do not know that much about asthma.

LOL...Mark and Juan. There is never any honor among thieves, right?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I was listening to the radio in the car , and I have some dedications I want to send out. For Miguel.."Love Machine" by the Miracles. Come on , Miguel...Tick-tock

For Luci a line from The Eagles " You can spend all your love making time, or you can spend all your time making love." Tick-tock

Julie...I agree. That is the first sign I saw of a sense of humor in Martyra.

As for Juan and Marked...No honor among thieves. I see them going down into a firey pit together.

Anita...Joselo now thinks that the scarves were " lucky " for him, and he has lost his mojo. I bet that he will be back in a scarf the next time we see him..If we ever see him again. Disgracie has moved on. Adios, Josy. I cannot wait to see her new battle strategy. Maybe she will join Luci in a tag team match against Erica because DisGracie wants Luci with Miguel so that she has a clear shot at DAve. What a tangled web.

And on this special day of love, so sad that the only people getting any are Juan and Perla and Gut and Lilian..Bleecchhh. It's not right..It's just not right.

Susanlynn: I agree, the only "love action" going on are people we are going "eewwwww" to. It's not at all appetizing and Gut with Lil just grosses me out.

Maybe things will get going between Erica and Miguel soon. If so, it could come even before we find any real action between David and Luciana.

Cynthia: My Karma List:
1.) Carito

2.) Perla

3.) FerBrat

4.) Graciela

5.) Lillian

6.) OJ Mark

7.) Juan

8.) Gutierrez

*All in that order!

Steve, I think they are going to leave DisGracie and Lilian up till the very end to get what's coming to them. Juan too, I think that somewhere down the line Juan will will tell what he knows about DisGracie and somehow she will have to admit it. If so, I can't wait to see her led away in handcuffs and behind bars! We will see them squabbling together till the very end. Otherwise, we have no story!

Thanks, Urban. Great job.

Dang, Erica has become my favorite. Brash but with brains. Now all the talk about weak lungs… I’ve noticed she’s not in the opening credits and just about everybody else is(except her dad, Mark, and Joselo).

David handing Luciana the photo seemed strange. Nice sentiment, but awkwardly executed. Wouldn’t he have put it in a gift box or cloth to carry it from the house to the cava?

Neicie are you sure about Erika? She used to be, because before she even showed up we were reading her name after it showed up in the credits and looking her up to see who she was in previous TNs.

And David is just plain awkward.
He probably has a beard because shaving resembled surgery gone haywire.

Kirby - I'll double-check the credits tonight for Bárbara López. I was looking for the actress's face, didn't know her name.

Niecie: I'm worried about Erika's lung problem too. I'm hoping Lillian, Carito, Perla or Graciela don't drive the poor girl to 6 feet under.


Niecie...That Dave ...It takes a second to shove a gift into a giftbag from The Dollar Store and add a little tissue.

OT..Lila. If you get Starz , there is a season two marathon of Outlander happening right now.

What are the writers going to do with coughErica?

CoughErika: Sue?

T h a t ! is what she was doing by the pool table, which got ole Miggy Dis-A-Strack-ted.

She was checking her Chemo port.

OT: That show which is now on right before this one, "Little Giants' may not have the raw passion, romance and subterfuge that we are treated to every night ;-) but those little stars are adorable. And they should have just named it 'Precocientes'. Old Giselle, another refugee from Wake up America is hosting, and once in a while one of these little shavers just blows her out of the water.

Thanks Urban. Good recap. That smelly mark guy, someone's gonna kill him, I
Hope it's sooner than later. He is such nasty creature. He thinks women are here to please men. He's got red
And white targets all over him. They can take him out now, I can't stand to look at him. Ok enough about poo.

"[from the look on marta's face it looks like Ramon might have a chance with her soon]" I certainly hope cuz
I'm tired of her aggrevating Lucy and
David. The man gave her a photo of her father as a gift, and she comes out they're bitching about that. she is Sickening herself. I wish they'd have a meeting in warddrobe and change her
I reAlly wish fer will start to think
About all that bs her granny n aunty are telling her about Lucy. Is she really thAt dence. Some teenagers are
Smart, I guess that gene was on vacation when she was developing in
The womb.

Leon and sonia are a cute mess.They're

Thank you Pablo.

Yup Barbara Lopez is still up there, but at the same time as another name.

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