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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 20, 2017

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Juanita- Thank you for the new page, and thanks again for the great Friday recap of La Dona. I'm finally all caught up.

It sure didn't take Braulio long to give Ximena the Valeria treatment. He's already grabbing her face and making threats. Next, he'll be hitting her too. She needs to get out while she can.

I think Gabino is lying that his investigation of the murder of the Sandovals in Veracruz turned up nothing. In the earlier episode when one of Gabino's underlings brings him the report, he says the investigation was very productive, then hands a fairly thick report to Gabino. Then, with the report in hand, as he's speaking on the phone with Rafael, Gabino says he found nothing. But his face said something different. And the episode Friday, he once again says he found nothing. I'm pretty sure he's trying to run his own game and get an advantage over Rafael.

I really wish Saul would calm down a bit, and stop running around like a rabid dog chasing its own tail.

My favorite couple, that I'm rooting for right now, is Lydia and Diego. I really enjoyed their scene in Lydia's house, and like how she's slowing developing feelings for him. It's not going to be easy though, when Brau and AG find out about it. AG's already ticked off that Diego "dumped" Isabrat, supposedly because she was "poor" for a hot minute.

La Doña

Vivi, what great comments! I'm going to have to pay more attention to Gabino; I somehow missed the discrepancy between the productive report and what he tells Rafael. But boy, he's wading into very treacherous water here. Somehow, I don't see him prevailing in a battle against Rafael. Unless, of course, he goes straight to AG to report on the strange assignment Rafael gave him.

Yes, I think both Saúl and Mónica could use some meditation or tranquilizers or who knows what, though I think he may be worse than she is. And I too am rooting for Lydia and Diego. (Loved your "Isabrat"! I hope I can get to use that in tomorrow's recap.)


Juanita- LOL! They could use BOTH meditation and tranquilizers. Monica constantly getting hit, tazed, and shushed in prison, all for just not shutting up, became almost comical by the end of the last episode.


Vivi: BOLD PREDICTION: Ximena will be DEAD next. Braulio will probably frame Saul for her likely murder too.

I wouldn't be shocked if he whacks Mama Aguirre too.

Juanita: Karma will BITE Isabrat sooner or later. Maybe after Regina gets whacked by AG's cronies, will she open her eyes & realize her aunt is one twisted PSYCHOPATH & SOCIOPATH ?

la dona

too cute!! Isabrat!! LOL!!

trust me; Ximena and Braulio ,are gonna be around, dude can hit that pint hard!! liquor up!1 we have plenty of sex coming their way ! trust me!!

Gabino is sitting on the Veracruz info, its his insurance!!

LA FAN #25 2/20/17. Monday
Part 1

Vale is not arrested. Rodrigo goes home with Salma, stays in his room and refuses to talk to or forgive her. Vale revives a letter from her supposed kidnapper blaming the whole incident on Lucas. There is even a photo of Lucas making the payoff. Lucas denies any involvement but Vale is confused by her half memory of Lucas asking to forgive him for something. Lucas becomes offended and leaves.

Gabriel runs into the private detective outside of Salma's. He tells Gabriel that Salma paid him to change the DNA report. Tomås is not his son. He goes to see Salma and chokes the truth out of her. Yes, she did it because she did not want Tomás to end up being Lucas' son. She shows Gabriel the real results. If Lucas were to find out that Lucía had his child and that child was now being parented by Vale, that would create an even bigger problem for Salma. She loves Lucas. Gabriel has a plan to separate Vale and Lucas.

Diego prevents a full scale introduction between Felicitas and Eloísa by telling Eloísa Feli is just a friend and escorting her away to a tble to talk. Felicitas realizes Eloísa is Diego's mother. He tells her his father is dead. He does not want his mother to know he is a model. He does not want to model. He will pay her back every red cent. Yes, it is because of the girl he is interested in is her daughter. She tells him to stay away from Adriana. Diego will fight for Adriana. Later she tells Ignacio about how Adriana and Diego have to stay apart. She believes that Carlos is Diego's father so Adriana and Diego are sister and brother.

In the meantime, Adriana has told her father Carlos about her mother's affair with her novio Óscar a few years back and now with the guy she is interested in Diego. Carlos is not pleased and tells her to fire Diego. She won't do that because that would be too easy. She wants him to suffer like her. Carlos calls Ignacio. He comes over and Carlos tells him he no longer wants a divorce. He wants Felicitas killed for what she did to Adriana. Ignacio is not on board.

Jessica brings her friend Bob the stylist by Vale's to hypnotize Vale to help her remember what Lucas was asking her forgiveness for. He tries twice. She remembers nothing. Maybe it is just too traumatic for her to remember.

LA FAN #25

Part 2

Lucas runs to see how Salma and Rodrigo are doing and is surprised to see Gabriel there. He tells Gabriel all about the letter from the kidnapper. Gabriel is not very supportive of Lucas; neither is Salma. Maybe Lucas did it just to be a "hero". When all is said and done, the only thing that is clear is that they are all liars.

Benicio offers Miriam a lift home after work. He has a cup of coffee at the café with her and Miguel gets an eyeful.

Lucas goes to visit his brother Carlos to tell him about how the whole fan thing is farce just like his whole life is as sad violin music plays in the background. Lucas is confused. The whole fan thing was for the ratings and his image so he should want it all to end but on the other hand he is not too sure. He just does not know what he wants. Carlos' only advice is to just keep on lying.

Diego finds out where Adriana is running and goes to talk to her. He finds her and even kisses her but she still will not believe him that there is nothing between him and her mother. It is over. Leave her in peace, please!

Ignacio tells Felicitas that Diego cannot be Carlos' son. He is not old enough. Even if they are not brother and sister, Felicitas adds that Adriana needs to stay away from Diego if only for the fact that he is the son of that "so and so" that ruined her life.

Jessica is still putting the moves on Diego.

Adriana asks Benicio for a favor. She wants him to be her novio.

Gabriel stops by Vale's to talk to her. Vale asks if he thinks that Lucas would be capable of planning her kidnapping. Gabriel STARTS by saying that Lucas is capable of many things, many more than she could ever imagine and he is going to tell her ALL about them.

Gabriel tells Salma that he finally did it: he told Vale everything.. .

In the final scene Vale is crying at Lucas' and asking Lucas why he never told her that he had a romance going on with Lucía.



I dislike Gabriel more and more in each episode as I like Lucas more and more.

Carlos is thinking of KILLING Felicitas? Payback on Adrian's behalf? If Felicitas were to be killed and he were implicated, would that not be a horrendous gift of interminable guilt for his daughter since she was the one to tell him? What a sleaze!



Jarifa – Thank you!!! Yes, Gabriel is being exposed as a true jerk.

”Lucas goes to visit his brother Carlos to tell him about how the whole fan thing is farce just like his whole life is as sad violin music plays in the background.” I know! And again with the old-time soap opera drama music! LOL

Funny how Augustín is a “voice of reason” in all things Salma. This poor guy has it bad for her.

Wow, that private detective didn’t wait half a second to give it all up to Gabriel and confess.

Bob the stylist/hypnotist is a scream.

Carlos wanting to kill Felicitas might be fun. (This is, after all, a family friendly telenovela so nothing should ever come to pass) Just imagine all the Roadrunner/Wiley Coyote possibilities!

La Fan. Another excellent recap, Jarifa, and another fast-paced, entertaining episode! No way Ignacio is going to let anything happen to Felicitas--among other reasons, he's sweet on her himself. And he very cleverly notices that Diego is the wrong age to be a product of Carlos'affair with Eloísa. Of course we already knew that Miguel is Carlos's son. Lucas is indeed becoming more self-aware and seems to actually be starting to do what is right, not just expedient. So creepy of Gabe (I presume) to accuse him of being the kidnapper. I was surprised that Gabe found out so soon that the DNA results were negative, and he's not Tomás's father. But then what was the mixup in the DNA lab? Could he be the father after all? I thought Bob's attempts at hypnosis were hilarious. That letter from Pablo was a great way to complicate the plot and get the novela to 120 episodes!


I see that Braulio met with some of the women at Daniel's foundation, what does he have planned ?



Thanks, Jarifa! I had a lot of good laughs during the hypnotism/Bob scenes. They were a riot.

Doris- "Just imagine all the Roadrunner/Wiley Coyote possibilities!" Yes, indeed. I don't think anybody is going to succeed in murdering anybody else in this light show, but the attempts could be fun. Plus, as pointed out, Octavio won't allow Carlos to harm his precious Felicitas.

La Fan

Thanks very much, Jarifa, for your continuing to produce terrific daily recaps. I don't know how you do it, but I'm very grateful.

I'm certainly no longer a Gabriel fan, but I still can't really warm up to Lucas. He's so egotistical. But yes, I guess he's reforming a bit, but he's still so damn egotistical. Oh well, I guess we can't all be perfect. :-)


Juanita, all I can say is I'm on a roll! : )


La Doña

Steve, AG ordered Braulio to find a way to make the Foundation look bad (she wants to hurt each of the Monkeys in a way that applies best). So Braulio managed to find out all about the three women he was talking to. He told them that if they did what he asked, they'd be well rewarded, but if they didn't, they and their families would be hurt/killed. He wants the three women to claim that after coming to the Foundation they were made to serve as prostitutes. They reluctantly agree.


I also think it will be a while before we find out who Tomás' father really is. Salma was not smart dismissing the private investigator w/o finding out the details.


Jarifa - Salma is not smart. Period. ;-)


Finally a few small wins for Monica and Saul. Her quick thinking of hanging on to her money, and Margarita's prison smarts about how you get your hands on supplies and cell phones, allows Monica to call Saul and tell him where they are. But Monica wastes precious time asking about her father before saying where they are. Thank goodness Saul kept insisting and got the info before Monica had to hang up. Then again when Saul and Karen browbeat the prison guards with the letter of the LAW, he and Monica waste precious time with the umpteenth update on the non-change in Laz's health status, and on declarations of love and not being separated. Somewhere in there, Monica shares the how, when, where, why, and who of her and Margarita's arrest with Saul. She mentions the people she saw taking video during the arrest, who managed to run away before the police before they could confiscate their phones. Saul's on it! He'll locate these people. He's also going to try to use the fact that the young women didn't get the proper due process to get them out, at least on bail.

Laz, still unconscious, moves his hand, and Yesenia is over the moon. She spreads the good news to Lydia, who is hanging out in the hospital with Diego, who skipped school. Lydia scolds him for this, and says he should be doing all the things boys his age do-- study, hang with friends, party, have his first time...Diego admits that he's still a virgin, but that doesn't make him less of a man. When Yesenia calls Saul, to have him tell Monica the good news about Laz, she (and Lydia and Diego) learn that AG had Monica and Margarita thrown in jail.

Lopecito interrogates a jumpy Valeria about if she knows anything about Jaime's death. She nearly faints, then runs out for an appointment. A bit later, Lopecito snoops and finds out she's gone to an abortion clinic. He runs out after her. Leticia is already there to support her friend.

AG questions Brau about his odd behavior and lack of performance lately. He dodges the question, then takes on his new assignment of sinking Daniel and his foundation by convincing the public and the law that he's been prostituting the women who come to the foundation for help. He targets three poor women from the foundation, using info he has on their families and their financial need. He bribes them with a bag full of money to lie about Dan prostituting them.

AG then has Matamoros bring the coroner from Jaime's case. She finds out that Brau used her name to bribe the coroner to make a false report that Jaime's death was accidental. But, the coroner saved a hair (likely the murderer's), despite Brau telling him to destroy all evidence. AG tells him to hold on to it-- she's going to want him to use it to prove who the real killer is, and NO, it's not her!

La Fan. As I recall, in a very early episode (maybe the first?) Gabe was telling someone that he has resented Lucas ever since they were children, that Lucas has always taken advantage of him, that Lucas gets whatever he wants and Gabe is left with the dregs, etc., etc. I think that was a foreshadowing of all the terrible things that Gabe would be willing to do to get back at Lucas. Gabe's saving grace was his love for Tomás when he thought Tomás was his son, but now even that's gone. He may now be pulling out all the stops in his hatred for Lucas.


Vivi: Not shocked Valeria going to get an abortion, which will likely happen!



SpanProf - yes, I seem to remember that about Gabe. He will be our official villano.

La Dona #60 Friday

Ok, Monica is able to contact Saul, thanks to her bra-bank! OLD LADY MOVE!!
I was very surprised to see him finally be useful and competent!! Ok!! About time dang!!

Lydia and Diego too cute, but he has a lot to prove in order to be worthy, and the battle is coming!!Are you a man or a boy!!??

Braulio is on psycho -hustle right now, he has to run- game, because he know it’s about to blow...
Now as AG ties up loose ends, Braulio ,he’s busted cause the creepy coroner spilling his beans abt the cover up, damn!!

Regina and Felipe, rolling in satin sheets! Snuggle! Cuddle, tinkle me with that mustache big daddy!!Works for me...What me Jealous! Who me!!

However Regina as a model for survivors? WTF!! Huh??? SHE as a women, whom has processed, comprehended and framed within recovery, her sexual trauma and one who can help other women in their spiritual and emotional recovery from trauma??

Hell ‘F***in” No... no!! She has no psychological framework for actualizing a recovery lifestyle >
...LET'S MAKE A MEETING.>she has never addressed the rape in a therapeutic or spiritual/church setting, assertive?? Never confronted Isa brat’s dad for child support??!

She has never had a job, ever!! Or education, she has no control of her child, no clue how to offset her sister’s maniacal behaviors, no emotional or mental foundation to model recovery ..HOW..what!!!

Please!! For goodness sakes... go to meeting and work a step!! Keep coming back… you sick person!! And you talk to damn much, ever heard of women centered therapy or pray!!!!
Why are you running your mouth to Daniel!!
Loose –lips-sink-ships!!

Valeria and scruffy
He wants help in the case?! And what? His love is going counter her fear of getting her ass whup!

Maybe not, maybe regular sex has chilled Braulio out at least took the edge off…he was pretty laid back with Dona! Just saying...

The first of a some upcoming pregnancies/ who’s preggers, lots of pickle and ice cream heading our way!!

Valeria, scruffy’s wife, Ximena trust me! AG wanted Saul’s baby! who else is getting laid on this show?? Isa brat??

The anti-monkey plan to defame Daniel, this is going to get sick, and it’s possible because his foundation is built on sand!

He was too vulnerable and he should have had competent women supervisors, protocol, procedures, and that would have diffused the accusations that are coming...

And after watching Braulio intimidate the poor survivors at Daniel foundation,

I feel Dona is a sadistic rapist as well, she rapes these poor women of their dignity, security, rapes them of self-respect and personal dignity... as she compromised them and their children !!!.

And Daniel has placed this women at risk with this lie!!

These women are being abuse/ assaulted Twice!!
And exploited to bludgeon someone...

Dona has hit a new low!!
This demonic act makes the monkeyed revenge lose its sweetness, because the hands that exact revenge are bloodied with the blood of the innocent… she is using these women as a hammer.
STEVE: I am with you now! Die Dona die! And die ugly!!

Wake up Lazaro and Yesenia get the Gris Gris out!! I am sick of that demon!!


la dona
I have been ok with a lot of the madness from altergarcia , high hell !

but exploiting these poor women , has cut it for me, I have no SYMPATHY for pathology!!

can you image you come for shelter and get pulled into a portraying your self as a whore .. part of human trafficing, wtf !!

ag dona, you are pimp and this is how women get turned out !

you have turned them -out as being trafficked as hookers /
and all the time you coerced them into prostituting themselves for real!! ..
!! 'turn a trick or die" ..


Halimacandy- "I feel Dona is a sadistic rapist as well, she rapes these poor women of their dignity, security, rapes them of self-respect and personal dignity... as she compromised them and their children!"

This exactly! ITA with your whole rant about that AG is doing to these abused women and their children. To me, it feels like the lowest thing she has ever done. And has not even one second thought about doing it either. It's the height of selfishness.

La Doña

Vivi, thanks for the great recap of yesterday's (Monday's) episode. I loved it when the autopsy doctor reluctantly admitted to AG that he had saved the evidence and then hurriedly assured her that he'd destroy it right away. And then, when AG told him to keep it so they could identify the killer, the puzzled doctor said, "But I thought the killer was you!"

And I totally agree with what Halimacandy and you have said about the hypocritical and sadistic AG's treatment of the women at Daniel's Foundation.

This comment has been removed by the author.

La Doña

Rosa, I've now had a chance to look more carefully at the scenes shown in the novela's theme song. You're right! There's a quick shot of Rafael seated with his hands tied in chains. There are two other people in the shot. AG is at the other end of the screen. She too is seated, and it's quite possible that her hands may also be in chains. In the middle of the screen is a dark-haired man I don't recognize who is pointing a gun at Rafael. As you say, he might be Francisco, especially if AG too has her hands chained.

If anyone wants to find this very short scene, it occurs as the singers are saying the words "yo no naci para amar" the second time. The scene is followed by one where AG is walking out into the water and Saúl plunges in after her.


Juanita and Rosa- Yes, I've noticed the scene in the credits since the beginning. It, and the scene in the credits where someone hits AG to the ground in a stable, are the only scenes that have not yet occurred in the show. I try not to pay attention to them, because they are basically spoilers. But yes, the logical conclusion is that mystery man, is Francisco.

La Doña:

I highly doubt Valeria will actually get an abortion; abortions does not happen in TNs at least not ones where the women remains alive.

I know it's common in TNs but this whole Saul is now and has always been in love with Monica thing is ridiculous. I mean at least from her side, we have seen it developed. He was AG's fuckboi like a week ago.


Tatiana- I have NEVER seen a tn where THE galan has been madly in love/all-in with THREE different women within a short span of time. Saul is the first. There are tns where the galan/heroine starts off with a boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife, where the love has gone cold long ago and they just need a final push to end things. But when we met Saul he was happy, happy with Ximena, making sweet love in the afternoon in Veracruz. Then, all of a sudden, it was all passion all the time with AG, leading him to even defy family and friends. An then he turns on a dime and is madly in love with Monica. Yeah, I'm not buying it either, because the writers have not sold it at all.

LA FAN #26 2/12/17 Tuesday

Part 1

Lucas knows that he should have told Vale about his relationship with Lucía. He tells her he met Lucía on a telenovela shoot. They fell fast and hard for each other. She was very special for him. He fell in love with her. She left him for another most likely the father of Tomás. Vale cannot believe Lucía left him for another since she always seemed so dedicated to him as a fan. She is hurt she had to find out from someone else and not him. He is turning out to be just a box of surprises, isn't he? Vale breaks up with Lucas not wanting to have to share him with her dead friend Lucía. Lucas guesses that it was probably Gabriel who told her. He cannot believe she left HIM! The next day at work, Vale tells Lucas she wants to tell the press that they have broken up ASAP but that plan gets derailed when the novela is headed on a trip to shoot at the beach. Vale does not want to go.

Gabriel tells Salma he fell in love with Vale and since she wants Lucas back they both hope that what he told Vale breaks them up for good. They also need to keep an eye on them and work to keep them. Salma will take care of Vale not going on the beach trip. Gabriel warns her not to hurt Vale.

Jessica takes advantage of Diego's sad state and gets him over to her apartment where she tries to seduce him. He leaves before that can happen.

Adriana plots with Benicio: he is going to pose as her novio to keep Diego away from her. He doesn't mind playing the role as long. Hey, maybe the fantasy will turn into reality someday for him. Benicio tells Diego to keep away from Adriana since she is his novia. Diego tries to talk the truth to Adriana one last time. He kisses her. She knees him and to rub it in she makes sure he realizes that she as the president was never going to end up with him the maintenance guy. Miriam is disappointed when she finds out that Benicio and Adriana are novios. Carlos wishes Benicio and Adriana were novios.

Nicolás meets Rodrigo at the soccer field one more time. This time Rodrigo knows he is his father. Nicolás admits he has not handled his life in the right way but he does love Rodrigo. He gives him a hug.

Lucas confronts Gabriel about telling Vale about Lucía and him. Gabriel does not see it as a problem for Lucas. He is only using Vale. Gabriel is really interested in Vale after all of that is over. Lucas admits to being really interested in her, too.

Carlos López tells Miguel he thinks that Carlos is not being honest with Eloísa. He will find out what he is hiding and save her from him.

Felicitas lets the cat out of the bag when she (in front of Adriana) asks Carlos if he has told Adriana that her employee is the son of the woman he is planning to leave her for. To clarify it: her father is in love with Diego's mother. That is why he does not want Adriana near him. What is more, Carlos is also lying to Diego's mother telling her he is the chauffeur. Felicitas is not the only one who lies.

LA FAN # 26

Part 2

Carlos goes to see Eloísa at the café with some flowers. He tells her his divorce is underway. Felicitas follows him in. She tells Eloísa that her son is her model but lets Carlos keep up his charade as the "chauffeur". Later, Miguel explains to Eloísa that Diego posed for the pictures to get the money pay off the mortgage.

In the car on the way back home, Felicitas laughs at having played along with the "chauffeur" bit. Carlos brings up Óscar.For Felicitas that is old news that and he was very complicated. She wants Carlos to keep Diego away from Adriana or she will tell Eloísa who he really is. They both seem to agree that they do not want Adriana ending up with Diego.

Salma "breaks up" with Agustín. She is going to get Lucas back.

Lucas tries to "telenovela talk" Vale into getting back with him. Jessica tries to talk Vale into getting back with Lucas and into going on the trip. Vale still cannot get her head around how Lucía could have left Lucas when she was so in love with him.

Without Vale's support, Lucas has turned into an absolute mess on the set. He doesn't know his lines and even calls Salma's character "Vale" at one point. Vale lectures him on being a professional. He blames her. He needs her to not be a better actor but to be a better person.

Vale talks to Lucía's photo still wondering what to do about Lucas who she really loves and not wanting to betray her friend.

Jessica brings Vale a cup of tea in Lucas' dressing room. She puts it on the side to cool down. Salma arrives. She asks Vale if that is her tea. (That was a little odd) Salma asks Vale for a bottle of water. While Vale is getting the water, Salma puts a few drops of something interesting in Vale's tea. Vale leaves for the set without ever drinking the tea. Lucas comes in later and ends up drinking it. Later when Lucas is at home packing, the cramps, the rumbling and the grumbling and rumbling in his stomach start. It looks like he is having some intestinal distress to put it politely. He calls Vale asking her to come and help him. To make it worse, Gabriel is there chatting with Vale about Lucas and Lucía. . Vale does not really grasp what Lucas' situation is. He ends up on the floor and she ends up calling his name and finally lookis concerned.



Thank you for the recap, Jarifa! (I'm out the door to work and will watch this afternoon)

Question to our Patio mates here at the La Fan table --- might we say 'Carlos L' and 'Carlos Z' just to help me keep them straight? LOL

"Gabriel tells Salma he fell in love with Vale ..." Ummmm.... yeah, right ... talk to the hand. Mentiroso!
BUT . . . . . just what is his endgame with this lie?

Oh noes, the famous telenovelaland gotas de doom. Pobrecito de Lucas!

Does Viewerville know yet what caused the Lucas/Lucía breakup?



Thanks, Jarifa! Sad times for Vale and Lucas. Yeah, I'd be weirded out about dating one of my BFF's ex boyfriends too, especially if I knew that guy had been her great love. I'm surprised that was the truth Gabriel chose to tell her, instead of the fake noviazgo for ratings thing. That's another shoe waiting to drop, when Vale's memory comes back.

I think Gabe thinks he's in love with Vale, but his real issue is that he wants to take something/someone from Lucas, just as, he believes, Lucas has always taken everything he's loved from him.


We all should have begun a list of all the telenovela tropes that are being utilized in this telenovela. We've already had a couple of hospital scenes, a fake pregnancy, attempted and failed seduction (Jessi/Diego), gotas de drogas, adultery, child of adultery who doesn't know who his real father is, etc. It will be fun to see what else gets utilized. Surely somewhere along the line there will be a horse who is the most intelligent character in the story?


Doris- You forgot amnesia. :)

As for what caused the Lucas/Lucia (aren't their names so perfect for each other) breakup, it's still a bit fuzzy. Lucia seemed to have thought that Lucas was insincere in his feeling for her (and that he cheated on her), so she had a fling with Gabriel. It's unclear to me if they were already broken up at that point or "on a break." In the flashback Gabriel had, she tells Gabriel she now knows Lucas loves her and she loves him, and she's going to "get back together" with him. That's when he threatens to tell Lucas about their fling, if she tries to get back Lucas. What happened after that? We don't really know.

On Lucas' side, the breakup was solely about Lucia cheating on him, so something is amiss and the timing is off here. I think Gabriel is the one who caused it all. I think he simultaneously made Lucas think Lucia was cheating on him, while at the same time making Lucia think that Lucas was cheating on her. Then he swooped in and romanced Lucia, to steal her from Lucas.


Vivi - yes, amnesia, how could I forget? (Pun intended)

La Fan. The recaps just keep getting better and better and more and more complete, Jarifa! And Lucas is becoming a so much better person! But it's probably good for him that Vale breaks up with him--he needs a blow to that massive ego. Gabe's explanation for Lucía's breakup with Lucas actually makes sense--disillusionment with Lucas as a person, still a fan of him as an actor--if we didn't already know differently! Lucas' Salma-induced gastric "upset"--hilarious! I too wonder why Gabe is still interested in Vale even though he knows he's not Tomás's father. Getting back at Lucas would be a probable reason. I loved Lucas's line about needing Vale not to be a better actor but to be a better person--way to win a woman's heart, dude.

La Fan

another wonderful recap Jarifa!

that's what I'm thinking too Vivi, added to that he now thinks her son is from the other,

also agree on Gabe's motive, if I remember the earlier scene, Gabe was getting a massage where he talked about his early days (the lady masseuse didn't speak spanish) about how he was a young and upcoming novela star with the world at his feet when he brought Lucas to one of the castings, and Lucas got the part and his career took off, Gabriel got left with the crumbs.

and you could see it in Gabe's eyes last night when Salma was taunting him about Lucas getting everything.

yes, Lucia and Vale both are most likely Gabes attempts to get back at Lucas.

Doris- amnesia, ha!


La Doña Capítulo 61 - Martes 1/3

Matamoros ushers Braulio into AG's office. AG offers Braulio a glass of champagne to celebrate a million-dollar deal she just closed. He hesitates, but she sweet talks him into clinking glasses, and he drinks. She then asks Matamoros to leave and to take the glasses away. She apologizes to Braulio (surely with her fingers crossed) for taking her problems out on him. She asks him about the women he has found who will help bring down Daniel's Foundation. She seems pleased with Braulio's efforts and tells him she'd like to give him extra compensation. She leads him on but, of course, backs away just as he's about to kiss her. Matamoros comes in at that moment (as planned?) and AG switches into all-business mode.

After Braulio leaves, Matamoros gives AG a plastic bag containing the glass from which Braulio drank. She tells Matamoros to bring it to the coroner who had performed the autopsy so he can compare the DNA from the hair he had found with the DNA from Braulio's saliva on the glass. AG strongly suspects that Braulio was responsible for Jaime's death, but she wants to be sure.

In jail, Mónica tells Margarita that she was attracted to Saúl from the moment they first met. It came as a shock to learn that he had a novia (me cayó como balde de agua fría saber que tenía novia). She tried to forget about him, but she couldn't. FF>>

Gabino calls Rafael from Veracruz to tell him he hasn't found out anything yet. Rafael is unimpressed with Rafael's efforts and tells him not to leave until he has uncovered specific information.

Valeria tells Leticia that the abortion-clinic doctor said she is within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and is at no risk. It's clear that Valeria is nervous and afraid. Leticia asks whether she's sure she wants to do this. Valeria says she feels she has no other option. She goes to the operating room. Even the doctor asks her whether she wants to reconsider. She says no.

Meanwhile, Lopecito is frantically trying to get to the clinic, but his car breaks down. He stops a passing bicyclist, tells him he urgently needs the bicycle to save a child's life, gives him money, and goes off on the bike, leaving the bicyclist with his broken-down car. When he gets to the clinic, people tell him he can't go into the operating room. He sees Leticia and calls to her. She identifies herself to the clinic people as the TV news person and tells them to let Lopecito go to the operating room. If they don't, she'll investigate the clinic and the scandal will destroy it. He gets to the operating room and pleads with Valeria not to have the abortion. She asks him to leave, she can't have the baby. Lopecito tells her that he knows it's her life, her body, but please give the baby a chance. He loves her and together they can raise the child. She gives him a dazed stare.

Much of the episode is devoted to the terrible conditions Mónica and Margarita encounter as prisoners. Saúl had warned Mónica not to drink the water or eat the food. Now she learns that some of the female prisoners serve as prostitutes for the male prisoners. They do it for the money (everything in prison costs money), even though half of what they get goes to the guard. Back in her cell, Mónica watches as another prisoner (the woman who drew a knife on Mónica when she was selling tortas on the street) demands money from someone. When the person tells her her parents have no money to pay, the woman stabs her. She's about to stab her again when Mónica yells "don't kill her" and grabs her arm. They recognize each other. Guards come and ask what happened. Margarita advises Mónica to say nothing. When no one speaks up, the guards send everyone to punishment cells. There, prisoners have no visitors, 5 minutes to eat, one trip to the bathroom, and talking is forbidden. M & M are separated.

La Doña Capítulo 61 - Martes 2/3

At the hospital, Lázaro makes progress. His pressure is under control. He is now conscious and able to talk, though he has an oxygen mask over his mouth. Yesenia is with him, telling him again how sorry she is for her part in his past and how much she loves him. He repeatedly asks for Mónica and doesn't understand why she isn't there with him. Yesenia knows Mónica has been arrested, but of course she doesn't tell Lázaro. She does tell him not to pay attention to what AG had told him: "Blood is nothing compared to the love the two of you have. Mónica will always be your daughter, and I will make sure she never learns the truth [about her biological father]."

Meanwhile, Saúl, Karen, Azucena, Lydia, Magdalena, and Jorge are meeting to decide how best to help Mónica and Margarita. Azucena, Lydia, and Magdalena will prepare food for them. Karen receives a phone call and informs the group that the person who made the video of the arrest has been found and is willing to serve as a witness. Everyone is happy, though Saúl cautions that they need to have an honest judge. Otherwise, all the evidence will mean nothing. Saúl is sure that the people who arranged to put Mónica and Margarita in jail were also responsible for his father's death. He leaves to meet with someone who may be able to help him figure out more about his father's death. Karen asks who that is. In true telenovela fashion, Saúl replies that when the right moment comes, he'll tell her.

Regina has come to see Daniel. She is very impressed with him and the work he has done with his Foundation. He talks with her about her childhood, trying to determine whether AG could be the one seeking vengeance against the Monkeys. Regina tells him her father was a worker/laborer (obrero). People are surprised, she says, because AG is very rich, but we were very poor. This prompts Daniel to have a flashback to the scene where the Monkeys killed Regina's father. I think Daniel's assumption had been that the Monkeys only attacked poor, unimportant people, and AG's family didn't fit that description. Now he apparently realizes that it does. He says nothing, but seems momentarily lost in thought.

Regina tells Daniel that he's a good person. She wants to help him, and if Felipe gets back his political position, he too will help. At that moment, in walk AG and Braulio. AG asks, stunned, "What are you doing here, Regina?" AG soon makes it clear that she has come to film and interview Daniel as part of her intention to support his Foundation financially, and Regina has no part in this, so she should leave. She does so. The camera crew enters, and AG and Braulio proceed make flattering statements to Daniel about the Foundation.

The journalist Gustavo had come with Regina to talk with Daniel as a step toward helping Felipe improve his image and get back into politics. Regina now tells Gustavo that he won't be able to talk with Daniel because AG and Braulio have arrived to film and interview him. Gustavo is immediately suspicious. His intuition tells him that something is up, and he wants to stay and investigate. Regina leaves but tells him to let her know if he learns anything. He goes upstairs, where one of the women on the Foundation's staff tells him he can't see Daniel now, he's busy. Gustavo tries to get by her but eventually agrees to be patient and wait. After she leaves, he looks as if he's about to try again when the three women Braulio has bribed/threatened walk by.

La Doña Capítulo 61 - Martes 3/3

The three women don't notice Gustavo. They are nervously focused on what they are about to do. One woman says to the others, "Remember, we have to make everything seem very real. And may God forgive us." They continue on their way and Gustavo follows them.

AG is in the middle of praising the Foundation when the three women burst in, calling Daniel a pig and claiming that the Foundation is a façade, a front. They accuse him of forcing them to sell themselves. AG and Braulio express shock and dismay. "How is this possible? Surely they're confused." "No," say the women, "we're not confused, we're telling the truth." Daniel addresses them by name and says he doesn't know why they're saying this; they know it's not true. They reply that at first he was good to them, but then he made them sell "special services to other men." AG says he had seemed to be a saint, and Braulio adds that the ones who seem to be saints are always the worst.

Daniel keeps talking to the women, insisting that they know this isn't true. Suddenly Gustavo rushes in, identifies himself as a journalist, and says he wants to interview the women and get the whole truth out. Braulio says that this meeting is private and Gustavo should leave. Gustavo says that the women are making a serious public accusation. Suddenly, Braulio realizes that he recognizes Gustavo from when he tried to get statements from Rafael et al. after Emiliano's aquittal. At that time, Saúl came to Gustavo's defense, telling the police who were trying to remove him from the scene that the press had the legal right to be there. Braulio now announces that Gustavo is a friend of Saúl Aguirre. Gustavo says he's not anyone's friend, he's just doing his job. Daniel again addresses the women, asking who forced them to do this, who has paid them. The women maintain that they are telling the truth.

Gustavo tells the women that he wants to publicize what they have said, but to do that he needs their names and their statements. Braulio then says that a foundation like this one would be the perfect place for human trafficking (trata de blancas). The women express fear and leave. Daniel goes after them. Gustavo asks Braulio, "Do you have some special reason for wanting people to think something like this?" Braulio asks why he is asking such a question. Gustavo replies that he remembers Emiliano Cabral's trial, with Braulio trying to defend the indefensable. He then leaves. AG turns to Braulio and tells him he can't let Gustavo stick his nose in this. If he finds out that the women are lying, it will bring all of us down.

In the hallway, Daniel continues to defend himself to the women and tell them they know he has never done them any harm. Another woman, Andrea, comes up and accuses the women of telling a pack of lies. She says, "I heard them, they were inventing filth against you (porquerías en tu contra). Daniel again asks the women why they invented this story, who made them do it? Gustavo turns around and sees Braulio staring at them intently. End of episode.


Juanita: Gustavo just signed his own DEATH WARRANT. That pesky news journalist better WATCH HIS BACK!

1.) The Plot to ruin Daniel Llamas has officially begun. We all know AG's Phase 2 plan will likely begin.

2.) Pisses me off watching Monica crying in prison.

3.) The Prison Girl now joins the Body Count.

4.) Lopez better get used to the idea that Valeria's plan to abort the baby will likely be successful.


La Doña

terrific recap Juanita!

I'm wondering if AG didn't clean the books on the rape 20 years ago, she surely must have done her own investigation to identify the monkeys, or maybe the rich families made it all go away so she couldn't.

I'm so glad Lopecito makes it clear to Valeria that it is her body, her choice.

AG's insistence that Braulio drink the champagne was a bit obvious, was Braulio wondering if he was being poisoned?

and the interview at the Foundation seemed too staged, I guess instead of uncovering a case against Daniel, she just wanted to ignite a scandal.

both Regina and Saul have linked up with AG's next target, this should be interesting.

bad blood between Monica and Deputy in jail, apparently the guys Monica escaped from came back on Deputy which I think is why she is now in jail, yes Monica is tough, but it looks like Margarita will be paying the price, no calls, no lawyers from isolation so Saul is cut off.

Yesenia couldn't do a better job of agitating Laz trying to be forgiven if she was poking him with needles, couldn't this wait, and the doc has to throw in that Monica now knows Laz is dying, but at least he has decided to live for Monica's sake.


La Doña

Valeria might decide to keep the baby.
Let's hope that Braulio doesn't beat it (the baby) out of her

La Doña

couple other things,

Emiliano wants a new moto, an expensive american one, Rafael writes the check if Emiliano will stay clear of Isabela, sure thing pops, Rafael talks down women, like mom Emi asks, no Rafael replies, she is different.

Monica and Margarita offer to work for others in jail, (I thought it interesting that Saul had mentioned prisoners had the right to a bank account)


La Doña

Thanks very much, deb, for your comments and additions. I too was glad/impressed that Lopecito was so respectful of the woman's place in making these difficult decisions. I hope both he and Valeria make it through safely to the novela's end. I think/hope it's unlikely that Braulio will survive. His death would make it easier for Lopecito and Valeria to be a couple (or even to live at all: I'd hate to have Braulio as an enemy).

I'm not sure I understand/remember why Rafael wants Emiliano to stay away from Isabela. ??

I strongly hope that Telemundo won't drag out the Mónica in prison business. It's unpleasant and not at all original. ¡Basta ya!

La Fan. Doris: one of the nice things about the telenovela tropes in this novela is that they don't seem to drag on as much as in some of them (I'm definitely thinking Silvana sin lana). They're resolved in an episode or 2 and then the action moves on to something even more interesting.


Juanita: You know both Valeria & Lopez are NOT out of the woods just yet because IF Braulio finds out (if Leticia opens her damn mouth), he's likely to kill BOTH of them.

Deb: Margarita might NOT make it alive in prison. We're going to see an increase in the Body Count very SOON!

Evangeline: I don't see Valeria keeping the baby. If you think she somehow keeps it, I see Braulio kicking her to ensure she loses it. How does Lopez know the baby is his ?

For all we know, it could be Braulio's baby due to his 24/7 raping of Valeria.



SpanProf, ITA re: the tropes. It makes them palatable even enjoyable because they aren't hitting you over the head with them and boring you for countless episodes.


Juanita- This was a spectacular recap. Thank you.

The importance of Daniel flashing back to the attack on AG's dad, after Regina said he was a construction worker, was that in the flashback he had a tool belt on his waist, and tried to defend himself and his family with his hammer, before he was shot. It was more confirmation that Regina and AG were the two girls.

I hope Gustavo can derail this whole plot. Not because I like Daniel, but because I think doing this will just hurt all the women and children the foundation helps-- maybe even exposing many of them to the abusive men they are hiding from. If AG wants to get revenge on Dan-- fine. Just do it in a way that isn't hurting dozens of innocent women and children.

Brau was definitely suspicious of AG and the champagne thing. But all she had to do was distract him with his hormones, and it was all over. Dope.

Deb- I agree that Yesenia was doing a terrible job staying away from the topics that would agitate poor Laz. I'm surprised he got better, not worse!

Juanita- At first Rafael warned Emiliano to stay away from Isabrat because he knew AG had hand-picked Diego for her. What AG wants, AG gets. But now I think he's also warning Emiliano away because he suspects AG is the one picking off the Monkeys.

Ditto on wanting this whole women in peril in prison story to end.


Steve- When Lopez spoke to Leticia in the waiting area in the clinic, he said he didn't care if the baby was his or Braulio's, he would love it because it was a part of Valeria.


SpanProf - ITA but with 120 episodes, will they run out of tropes? Will they recycle/repurpose some? (LOL)

It's a slow day here (well, there is a mountain of things I should be doing, but escaping to telenovelaland is more fun.... so here is the list I have compiled already. I might keep this list thru the whole show:

The standard lies & liars
Fake pregnancy (Vale-to hide Quique’s jewels)
Amnesia (Vale)
Hospital visits (Vale – twice)
Gotas de doom (Salma for Vale but Lucas drank instead)
Attempted seduction (Miriam/Miguel—FAIL!, Jessica/Diego---FAIL!)
OTT gay guy (Bob the stylist/hypnotist, Justin the show director)
Slutty rich woman (Felicitas w/her models)
Betrayal - where do we begin?? Felicitas: Adri/Oscar) (Gabe: Lucia/Lucas)
Who is my father??? (Tomas, Rodrigo, Miguel )
Adultery (Felicitas Z, Carlos Z)
Late mortgage, impending foreclosure (Elo’s Café)
DNA test
False DNA results given


La Fan. Excellent list, Doris! Maybe to fill 120 episodes while maintaining the wonderful narrative pace, they'll invent some new ones? :)


Doris- I love the list! Vale actually was targeted with gotas de doom twice. The first time was the sleepy-time drops her "Fan" gave her to kidnap her. And kidnapping itself is a telenovela trope.

La Doña

Muchas gracias, Vivi, for your comments and helpful explanations. I hadn't noticed the details of Daniel's flashback. Your description nailed it.

I too hope Gustavo can prevail, but of course I worry. He's gutsy and outspoken, like Saúl, but without Saúl's physical strength (I certainly can't picture Gustavo taking on Gabino). But Gustavo is very smart and has good instincts. I hope that will be enough.

Thanks, too, for the explanation of Rafael's wanting Emiliano to distance himself from Isabela.

BTW, going back to messages you and I sent yesterday evening, I understand your feeling about possible "spoilers" in the theme song. It's certainly the case that the policy here on the Telemundo part of CarayCaray is NOT to talk about the avances or any information that comes from outside the novela. However, the song is part of the novela. Frankly, I hadn't noticed the clip in question until Rosa called attention to it. I'm not sure why Telemundo would include spoilers in the song, but perhaps they did. It's also possible, of course, that some of the song's clips may be intended to mislead. I guess we won't know until much later.


doris, what a wonderful list! Thanks! "Gotas de doom" is perfection! Just looking at it makes me astonished as to where we have been in just 26 episodes. Will I remember ALL of these events by the end??? Ay . . :)

La Fan -

I will add kidnapping to the list!

La Doña

great comments all!

I've taken a different tack on this prison stuff, we know Monica will make it, Margarita ??, but I'm looking for Monica to turn the tables on everyone, she is a survivor, and she learns fast, and so far the bad girls aren't working with the guards, and then there is the mystery friend of Karen that's supposed to be looking out for her, and good thing that Gabino is out of town, I'm looking for one tough girl walking out of that prison, because one day she may get her face-to-face with her mother.


La Fan. Actually more like topoi than tropes. :)



Deb: I do NOT see Margarita making it alive period!


TELEMUNDO... gossip

"El Chema" is listed in wiki as 80 episodes, ending march 27.


LA DONA #61 recap on point!!
Poor Braulio, he is so busted!!

Paranoid, Dona is beyond psycho! his back has a big bulls eye, but Braulio knows too much to go down as a soft target .

Gabino isn’t looking that hard, besides, who kept what records about femi-cide in that coked –up nacro- out country?? What /when Gabino will put 2&2 together, he may finally get the gist of what’s what.

Valeria is getting basically a menstrual extraction, uterine scrap, takes like maybe 5 minutes or less , athletes do this to avoid their monthly/periods during competition, what’s the big deal?

Lazaro has arisen, thank goodness!! Yesenia, reason with him, about Monica, the news abt incarceration will kill him!!

You know what!! The dude on the steps with the phone camera caught the arrest and M&M didn’t have any bags/satchels on them!! Acquittals!!

Steve, yes! Gussie is a dead man! The ladies also are loose ends.

Monica was crying? Sure beats shouting, works for me, maybe something will sink in that hard head of hers, she is one of the few people to survive trust me!! I don’t think Maggie isnot going to make it. Darn it!



" Actually more like topoi than tropes. :)"

I had to look that word up. Now my brain hurts. ;-)

Even captcha is a PITA tonight. LOL

LA FAN #20 2/22/17 Wednesday

Part 1

Vale is truly concerned for Lucas and goes to see him at his place no matter how Gabriel tries to dissuade her. The director calls and wants Lucas to go to the location. There is a lot of money invested in the beach shoot. Vale says she and Lucas will wait to see what the doctor says. In the meantime, Lucas makes sure that Gabriel knows that Vale is HIS "fan." Gabriel eventually leaves. Vale makes sure Lucas knows that she is there out of human concern and not as his novia. She wants to go and get the medsthe doctor prescribed but all Lucas wants is for Vale to let him rest his head in her lap and scratch the back of his head. She remarks that Tomás likes his head scratched like that, too. He can have bread, but cheese no. Salma comes on by and is surprised that Vale is fine and Lucas is sick. She informs Vale that she is in the process of winning Lucas' heart back. Vale tells her she is there only as a friend. Salma wants to stay and care for Lucas. Vale assures her that she can take care of Lucas. For a while it looks like they are having a physical tug of war with the rumbling running Lucas. In the end. Vale stays and Salma leaves. Lucas just wants Vale to be with him and to comfort him.

Carlos López tells Eloísa and Diego that her Carlos is not the chauffeur of Carlos Zubizarreta. From the first time he saw him, he knew he was hiding something so he's going to go and investigate. Diego tells them that he will be the one to go and investigate the matter.

Nicolás is still talking to Rodrigo telling him he is going to make things right with his mom. He wants a fresh start with Rodrigo. He wants Rodrigo to forgive him for all he has missed in his life. Now that Nicolás has found Rodrigo, he is not going to ever lose him again. The feeling is mutual. Suddenly they hear a police car coming. Rodrigo tells his father to hide. The police car stops and a policeman shows Rodrigo A photo and asks if he knows the man in the photo . Rodrigo says it is his father but he hasn't seen him in quite a while. When the police are gone, Nicolás tells Rodrigo that it's time for him to get out of there for a while. Rodrigo wants to go with him. He does not want to be left behind. Nicolás tells him when this is all over they will live together. Rodrigo does not believe him. He tells him he's a liar. Nicolás insists he will be back.

Agustín finds out from Salma that the whole Vale-Lucas romance was only created for ratings and that the only who does not know is Vale. That is how things are done. He does not look convinced. Later he asks Gabriel if the romance is just a farce. He does not like the answer that Gabriel gives him and tells him he will not be a partner to such a lousy scheme. Gabriel tells he sure will be a partner to it all, like it or not.

Benicio informs Adriana that he is not happy just playing her novio. He wants her to give him a real chance. Reluctantly she agrees .

Diego goes to Carlos' house to find out about "Carlos López". Carlos comes to the door and the situation is soon clarified. He loves Eloísa. Diego wants Carlos Zubizarreta to tell his mother the truth about who he is. If he does not do it in a timely manner, he Diego will.

La Fan

Many thanks, Jarifa. I'm falling behind on watching these episodes, but thanks to your marvellous recaps, I'm able to keep up.

LA FAN # 27

Part 2

Adriana arrives at her house. She and Diego do some verbal sparring. ( just to prove they are no longer interested in each other?)
Miriam and Jessica have not had enough rejection and are still pursuing Diego and Miguel.

Lucas asks Vale to scratch the back of his head as he is ill in bed. She comments that Tomás likes his head scratched in the same way.

As Vale sits up watching Lucas sleep, she remembers a conversation she had with Lucía. She asked Lucía why she would not tell her who the father of her baby was. Lucía said it was because it hurt and she was no longer seeing him nor would she ever see him again. Vale wakes up Lucas and asks him if he is Tomás' father. He says no because he is sure Lucía would have told him. The father must be the guy Lucía left him for.

The next morning Eloísa confronts Diego about him being at the Zubizarreta house. He tells her to have her "Carlos" explain it all to her.

Gabriel tells a whining Salma not to talk or tell too much like she did to Agustín or their whole plan could blow up. She is still worried about something between Vale and Lucas. Gabriel assures her that there is no way Vale could ever be with her best friend's novio. She thinks Lucas feels something for Vale. Gabriel reminds her that Lucas only loves himself.

Vale goes home to get her luggage and send Tomás off to school.when she gets back to Lucas', she tells him again she is going only as his assistant. Salma is waiting for him on the beach.

Jessica has been replaced by another makeup artist for the beach shoot.

Lucas tells Gabriel that he wants a DNA test to see if he is the father of Tomás. Gabriel warns him it could be a PR mess if it were to get out. Lucas asks if he can trust Gabriel to handle it. He decides he can because Gabriel tells him besides bring his manager, he is his friend, and his brother (even.) (sure)

Adriana daydreams about having sex with Diego. She tells Benicio she wants to go slowly with him. Diego stops by to ask when Carlos is going to talk to his mother. Adriana is sure it will be soon.

Salma gets Lucas on the side to talk about their relationship. She wants to kiss him. He tells her they cannot risk that. She needs to think about the novela.

Vale runs in to a very pensive Gabriel who has something to tell her; something that she deserves to know. He knows who Tomás'' father is.

Juanita, you are very welcome and thanks! I am happy you are on the patio with us.


Jarifa – Thank you for the recap! and the snark: ” Miriam and Jessica have not had enough rejection and are still pursuing Diego and Miguel.” (Good one!)

Did I miss something this week, or did Carlos Z’s relationship with Diego’s mother simply go right over Adriana’s head??? That girl didn’t even bat an eyelash during the confrontation scene, when the Carlos/Eloisa relationship was outed by Diego. QTH?

Loved the lipstick smeared all over Lucas’ mouth (and off Salma’s) after their big smoochie. We rarely see that bit of realism in telenovelaland.

Those noises from Lucas’s G.I. tract had me wanting to run and take some Immodium. Oh, that was just awful. And then Salma left when things got ..... ugly. Ew!

Augustín seems like a real good guy, bless his heart. He needs to forget Salma.

OOooh, gratuitous-ish abs/six-pack sighting!( Diego)

Gabriel's pants are so on fire.

When Vale was comforting a sick Lucas, I was thinking she might sing, “Soft kitty, warm kitty . . . “


Lopez & Valeria arguing as usual. Then, Valeria admits she's falling for him: let's see how long before Braulio whacks them both!

Regina: Your death warrant was signed the second you started groveling with Felipe.


La Dona:

Lopecito is by far the most sensible male character I have seen in TNs in a long time. Not just the whole, I'll love the baby regardless thing but the language he uses is SO ON POINT! First, the whole it's your body, your decision thing. And then he keeps referring to the baby is "him or her". Is that a translation thing or did he specifically say that? All of the past telenovelas always uses male pronoun as a universal pronoun to describe all unborn babies. I love how the women in TNs managed to not get pregnant in 18 years of sex with their husbands but then an affair and then BOOM, you are pregnat, lol it is as if their eggs are more receptive to new sperm or sth.


Tatiana: Let's hope that Lopez's wife & kid don't get caught in the crossfire.

I hope IsaBrat gets big KARMA Anvils SOON!

La Fan. Yet another excellent recap, Jarifa! A NEW complication! I suspect very strongly that Gabe is going to lie to Vale that he is Tomás 'father (though he now knows he's not), and he'll take a false DNA sample (his own?) to the lab. And of course both Tomás and Gabe's liking their heads scratched is a major clue. :) Doris: I too thought Agustín was pretty decent and moral--unlike Salma. Lucas may be an egotist (though he's improving), but Salma is an outright sociopath. The sick scenes continued to be hilarious--especially the ones in which Vale and Salma quarreled very noisily while Lucas' stomach grumbled and he rushed to the bathroom. One novela topos they haven't had yet is a living person having a genuine unplanned pregnancy.


--- We can probably count on an unplanned pregnancy. We've got a lot of episodes yet to go.


La Doña

Tatiana, I too loved the fact that Lopecito told Valeria that he knew it was her life, her body, before asking that she give the baby a chance.

I could be wrong, but I don't think he said "him or her" or anything like that. He usually just referred to el bebé or, occasionally, el niño. I don't remember his every saying "el niño o la niña." Perhaps the translators picked up on his enlightened view and reflected that in the English, even though it wasn't what he said in Spanish.


doris and Span Prof: just think of all of the possibilities for an unwanted pregnancy: Adriana, Vale, Jessica, Miriam, Salma, and to a much lesser but not impossible extent) Eloísa and Felicitas. So many twists and turns that could be written! Right now I would guess Adriana. Guess we will have to see who starts having "fainting spells." LOL

La Fan. Jarifa: Not to mention nausea attacks--though not nearly as "dramatic" as Lucas's. :)


SpanProf, they sure made poor Lucas suffer!

La Fan. Jarifa: Well, better him than Vale. Maybe it's part of some sort of expiation--not to mention more opportunity to see how wonderful Vale is. I loved it when she said she was just there as a humanitarian gesture.


Mil gracias, Jarifa! Yes, poor Lucas was in really bad shape. He's been having a rough time lately. But it was cute how he curled up in Vale's lap and practically purred as she scratched his head.

I'm glad Diego got mad at Adriana for not telling him about how her father is deceiving her mother. I'm getting rather tired of her continuing to accuse him of lying to her, pursuing her for money, and sleeping with her mother.


Typo: how her father is deceiving HIS mother.


Glad to see that Karen's prison guard contact is keeping an eye on Monica (and giving her extra food), but Monica is making it WAY too obvious by talking the guard's ear off and begging for info on her father. Look, I know her father is important to her. But how does knowing his health status every few hours help her? How would she be able to do anything if she heard he had worsened? She needs to focus on: 1) surviving prison, and 2) getting out of prison, first, and stop wasting valuable contacts and time asking about Laz. Cold? Maybe. But all that time she was jabbering with the guard, I was just waiting for one of the other prisoners (or guards) to notice and take it out on her or Margarita. Luckily, her singing abilities are soothing the beasts within the other prisoners' souls.

Matamoros go the DNA evidence back quick, and now AG knows for sure that Brau killed Jaime.

Ximena dances around the truth with Saul, but never quite gets around to confirming that Brau was the one who killed Jaime. Of course that would mean admitting she's the one who called Brau and told him Jaime was on his way. Nope. She wants to confirm the truth first, before accusing any who's "innocent." Of course, we know that just means she's going to get herself killed before she can tell anyone anything.

Saul continues to act like a hotheaded fool. Thank goodness Karen is around to actually get things done, and not nearly get herself locked up, like Saul is doing.



SpanProf, expiation indeed! Ha! Ha!
Vivi, Adriana is wearing thin.

La Fan

Thanks for the recaps Jarifa!

Adriana sure got mean quickly. She's being rather unreasonable. I guess something needs to keep Diego and her apart longer considering how many more episodes there are, but it just seems a bit ridiculous. Especially since Carlos keeps saying he loves Eloisa. So how long is that family going to keep using the excuse that Diego and Adriana don't belong together because of class differences yet it's ok for Carlos and Eloisa?? Both daddy and daughter are being hypocrites.


Vivi: It's very obvious Ximena will get whacked soon!

Monica needs to worry about getting herself & Margarita OUT of prison, but I don't expect Margarita to get out ALIVE!


You guys are a riot!!, I have been laughing so hard!! You tinkle me! And I need this!

Eva, you got it he is going to try to beat that baby out of her, cause beating pregnant women on TN is a norm, but castration isn’t[fair play]

Ximena, oh yes, she will die trying to find evidence! 1 oh yea!

Monica exposing the guard that is helping them, most likely, she is putting Maggie at risk, with her bad nerves! God she is high strung!!

Regina and Felipe please live for a minute!! But the dead hooker is problem!

Judge Valeria SHOULD BE GOING TO JAIL! She can have her baby in jail like everybody else, ‘F’ that b*t*h!!

I am so P.O’Ed about sweet good Maggie in jail and LETICIA AND VALERIA is living their life,

This is some***SH**!! I AM TIRED OF WATCHING the humble poor SUFFER and DIE, while the rich, shop, work, party!! WTF!!We are digesting this crap!!

Leticia and Valeria need to go to jail for corruption and defamation and perjury, let scruffy watch the baby,
While Valeria is in jail!!!

Leticia I expect that Rafael is going to ‘DO-YOU’... Your son has an idea that his dad has no use for you as a women/partner/lover friend/human being!!

How Rafael will ‘F’ her up, is a tossup, torture, nah!! Frame her as a dope addict! Him mm maybe!!

Oh Daniel and Rafael going to blow this cover, Dona is made [revealed] game over cause; Game-Recognized –Game”, she overplayed her hand with the ladies!!

Oh yeah, they are done!! Rafael and Daniel are going to kill who?? I would get rid of Matamoros, and disable Braulio somehow!!

We, only have 20 episodes left, this is a mess!! Players will appear too quicky, its gonna get choppy in the story line!1

monkees will move into position, Francisco is going to make the secene he may be a diversion or a central player.

I see Dona did spell casted to control Regina, you are working too hard, Regina can’t think her way out of a paper bag, and it may be those nun clothes!!

if this show had a year ,we could have gotten the back stories ,Daniel, regina Braulio, valeria all Maggie, how did she end up in jail first time, so much is missing??!!

thank you every body!! for the reacap and clarification!! things are moving to fast!!


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