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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of February 20, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Standard Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation.  Since discussions of all the Telemundo novelas share the same page, please remember to put the name of the telenovela you're referring to at the top of your post, so readers can easily find the conversations they're looking for.  Also, please do not discuss previews, trailers, or any other plot information not found in a current or past episode.

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LA FAN # 28 2/23/27 Thursday

Part 1

Gabriel tells Vale that he hired a private investigator to go down to Cancún where Lucía used to work and that he was able to discover even after all these years that the father of Lucía's son was a guy who worked for the hotel. His name was Santiago Rodríguez. Vale finds it hard to believe. Gabriel and she agree that it is probably best Lucas does not know about who she left him for. If he were to find out it was a hotel worker, his ego would really be bruised.

Lucas tells Salma they have to keep their eye on the prize: the ratings. He is also peeved that Gabriel feels something for Vale because after all is said and done, she is HIS fan not Gabriel's. Salma looks like she cannot believe what she is hearing.

Carlos ( Zubizarreta) comes clean with Eloísa about his identity. She is not sure how she feels about it all and if she will forgive him or not. Miguel does not want her to forgive him.

Nicolás comes to say goodbye to Rodrigo. He is going to turn himself in to the police so he can finish serving his sentence. Then he can get out and they can live together.

Jessica is angry with Diego because she feels that he used her to get Adriana jealous at work when he grabbed her by the hand and would not let it go. She won't have it.Diego agrees to give it a try with her. Jessica calls Vale to let her know that she and Diego are "novios". Benicio calls Adriana on being jealous of Jessica and Diego. Salma overhears Vale telling Jessica that she knows who Tomás' father is. She looks interested.

Ignacio tells Felicitas that Miguel is probably Carlos' son. That is a great relief to her so she does not habpve to worry about Adriana being with her half brother. It should be a big surprise for Carlos to find out that he has a son. Felicitas is going to take him for all the money she can get in the divorce by accusing Carlos of adultery. She has the proof: his son. Ignacio warns her not to go there. If Eloísa does not tell him he has a son, she will.

Vale watches Lucas and Salma film a love scene and is so bothered by it that she yells "cut". Lucas tells her he knows she is jealous.


LA FAN #28

Part 2

Vale denies it. Lucas loves the fact that Vale was jealous and kisses her on the cheek.

Carlos tells his daughter that he was stupid for not going for the love of his life Eloísa. He wants that to be a lesson to her because they are so similar. He has called in Diego so the three of them can talk., Carlos tells Diego that he has told Eloísa the truth. Diego still is not pleased. Carlos then wants to know how things are between Adriana and Diego. Nothing going on there. Adriana is starting a relationship with Benicio and Diego a relationship with Jessica. Diego says there could never be anything between them anyway because Adriana
is "sushi" and he is "burrito" (referring to the food their respective social classes are known for eating.) Later she asks him to explain. He gives other examples: she sleeps in silk pijamas; he in his skin.

Ignacio tells Felicitas not to make matters worse. She hid the fact that Carlos had a son from him for all those years. She reminds Ignacio that only she and he knew about it. Why does she want to fight so much? She has nothing to lose. Ignacio reminds her she has her life. Does not she realize that Carlos is capable of having her killed?

Gabriel brings Salma up to date on what he has told Vale about Tomas' father. Vale knows what he has decided to tell her. Salma asks why he is doing all of this. He loves Vale. She loves Lucas. They need to keep them separated. There is only one little problem. Lucas wants a DNA test to see if Tomás is his son. Gabriel will take care of that, too.

Agustín tells Lucas exactly what he thinks of him: how could he use Vale like he is doing just so his ratings won't tank?

Lucas tries to talk Vale back into being his novia again. He tells her he is going to get a DNA test done. She says that isn't necessary and repeats the tale Gabriel told her. He is particularly bothered by being replaced by a hotel employee. She does not say who the info came from but has to find him so Tomás can know his dad.

Agustín tells Salma that Nicolås is back in jail. He turned himself in. Salma looks troubled.

Adriana and Benicio have very different tastes. For example, she loves soccer and he golf; she loves salsa and he the opera. He has 5th row tickets for "Parsifal".


LA FAN # 28

Miriam tells Diego about how she likes Benicio but he likes the boss. Jessica tells Eloísa she is going out with Diego. They are novios. Eloísa is happy. Eloísa tells her all about her "Carlos". Yes, he was the one that Jessica was on the boat with.

Carlos brings Felicias up to date on what is going on with him and Eloísa. She lets it drop that she will be suing him for adultery and taking all of his money.

When Gabriel hears that Vale is going to search for Tomás' father, he tells her he is dead.

Lucas confronts Gabriel who admits that he is doing all of it for love of Tomás. Lucas tells him he really does not want him to be around Vale.

Gabriel tells him the truth: very soon Vale will be his.

Diego stops by Adriana's in his rented tux. He wants her to suggest a good restaurant near the opera so he can take his novia there. The real reason he is there is to put the moves on Adriana..

Later, Vale runs into Lucas on the pier. He does his best to talk her into being his novia once again. They take a photo togethrer to post online. He kisses her.



Jarifa, this recap was fantastic.

Gabriel just keeps on pouring on the lies, doesn't he? I'm sure this Santiago Rodriguez lie is going to snowball. I hope Lucas uses his head, and goes ahead with the DNA test, without Gabe's knowledge.

I hope Felicitas does let out the truth about Miguel. It's about time that secret was spilled. Plus, I want to see Miguel get more story. He's mainly been in the background up to now.


Jarifa – Thank you for another great recap!

re: Elo/Carlos scene in café: I loved the sappy background music! It was something out of those sappy old 1950s movies e.g., An Affair to Remember and similar.

LOL when Elo says ‘get out’ and Carlos asks ‘the café or your life?’ Too funny!

In the final scene when Lucas kissed Vale, the look on his face (and that kiss) told us that he IS falling for her and he doesn’t even know it.

I’m still maintaining my Crockpot Theory™ that there will be a switched/mixed-up at birth situation, where Rodrigo is really Lucia’s child and Tomas is really Salma’s because
1. it will fulfill a main telenovela trope, and
2. if the casting dept. is on the ball, Rodrigo reeeally looks more like Lucía while Tomás looks more like he could be Salma’s, plus
3. would also skew all the DNA tests.

I am becoming a big fan of Angelica Vale's. She is doing a superb job with this role.


Oh, and just so y'all know, my Crockpot Theories™ are never right. LOL


doris, I was thinking the same thing about the background music. Yes, it does take you back to the '50's. I like your "crockpot theory" and I say "why not?" That would really be a hoot.

Vivi, one would think that knowing Gabriel's pursuit of Vale and his own "feelings" for Vale should be enough for Lucas to get a DNA test all on his own. Of course, maybe it is too soon for that.

LA DOÑA, Thursday 2/23 Episode, Part 1:

Rafael is losing it. He forbids Emiliano from seeing Isabrat. He doesn’t care if Emi is in love with her. For once, Emi and Leticia are on the same side. She’s touched and proud that Emi was so honest about his feelings. She’s shocked to learn that Rafael told him sexist nonsense about there being plenty more fish in the sea, etc. Rafael won’t back down. He brings up that AG and Brau agreed on the relationship between Isa and Diego. Emi informs them that the relationship was never real between those two. Rafa doesn’t care. He spews some venom about AG, and both Leticia and Emi wonder what he’s suddenly got against his BFF, AG. Rafa points out that they’re partner, NOT friends! He gets a call from Gabino, who confirms that the wife and husband who were murdered were named Sandoval, the only other dead person was an unrelated young man, and when the daughter went to report the crime, she was ignored. Rafa goes to see Daniel.

Daniel is busy trying to get rid of Guillermo, who’s urging Dan to let him interview him. If he has nothing to hide, he can get ahead of the fake human trafficking story and tell the public his story. Dan, knowing he DOES have something to hide, refuses, and sends Guillermo on his way. Rafa picks Dan up, takes him to a secluded area, and points a gun to his head for his stupidity in letting that girl (AG) live, and now she’s coming after them. He tells Dan what he learned, and Dan doesn’t deny it anymore. They are both now certain AG and Regina are the girls, AG is after them, and now it’s Dan’s turn with the prostitution accusation. Dan’s resigned to his fate- Rafael can kill him or AG can do it. It’s been a long time coming, as far as he’s concerned. Rafael, on the other hand, is NOT going to go down like that.

AG, meanwhile, is busy in her bat cave doing a spell to break Yesenia’s recent curse on her. The next day, she manages to convince Isa to come back to live with her. She accepts Isabrat’s lie that Diego dumped her because she was “poor” now, but then gets her to come clean that she and Emiliano are in a relationship, something that Regina vehemently opposes because of Emi’s spoiled, irresponsible behavior. Now that she’s about to destroy Braulio for his betrayal, AG’s not upset about the break with Diego. She pretends she’s on Isa’s side and supports her relationship with Emi. But later, when Regina comes looking for Isabrat, AG reveals she’s also against the relationship with Emi, and will do something about it. She also tries to forbid Regina from spending time with Daniel. Although she denied to Felipe earlier that AG was behind the allegations against Dan, Regina lets AG know she believes she’s behind it. What’s more, she asks AG if Daniel is one of the Monkeys, because this for sure smells like one of her Monkey revenge schemes. AG denies it, and kicks Regina out.

In the prison, the girls are still in the punishment cells. Monica comforts her cellmate, who is losing it, while the evil chick who stabbed that young inmate yells at her. Monica continually mouths off at her. Evil chick tells Monica she has noticed the special treatment she’s getting from the guard. She also blames Monica for them being in the punishment cells because she’s the one who interrupted the attack, which got the attention of the guards. She vows revenge on Monica once they’re out. The women are given one meal, and five minutes to complete it, and another shower with the fire hose, fully clothed. The guard who’s a friend of Karen, gives Monica a watch, so she can keep track of time.

LA DOÑA, Thursday 2/23 Episode, Part 2:

All the amigos/vecinos, including Azucena, are upset and worried about the girls. They want to bring them food and visit them, but are prohibited because they are in the punishment cells. Saul is his usually hot-headed self, and seems to have a hard time remembering to mention Margarita too. He manages to get permission to visit one of his clients, and surprise, surprise, he visits Monica again, and not his other client, Marg. (Yeah, yeah. I know he’s in love, but doesn’t Marg deserve a break from the cells and a friendly face too?) Anyway…After the usual update on Laz’s health and smooches, Saul tries to convince Monica to tell the guards who killed the other prisoner. She tells him how things work in prison, which he should know already, that the snitch would be killed if they squealed. No way is she spilling the frijoles.

Despite Karen and Monica telling Saul NOT to break the law or do anything rash, he does. He approaches Karen’s prison guard friend, right outside the walls of the prison (in plain view), and offers her a very obvious envelope of cash (with the promise of more later), in order to get M&M out of the punishment cells. One of the male outside guards appears, and they are definitely in his line of sight. Karen’s friend refuses the cash and the offer, since it’s illegal. She tells Saul to speak directly to the prison warden. The prison warden tells him his clients will get out of the punishment cells, once they give up the stabber. Saul says that’s not happening. He points out his clients’ good behavior. The warden points to Marg’s prior imprisonment in Veracruz. Saul counters that she was cleared of all charges, and has a record of being a model inmate while she was locked up. The warden can speak to the warden of the Veracruz prison right now—he has her speed dial! The warden knows who she is. In fact, she’s recently been promoted to head up one of the biggest prisons in Mexico City. Aha! Saul lets the warden know that he can help her get in good with his good friend, if she helps his clients. You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. The warden looks like she’ll either accept the deal, OR lock Saul up/strip his law license for trying to bribe her.

Braulio first has a rough night, when his wife refuses to let him rape her to relieve the tension caused by AG getting him riled up earlier in the day, and then not putting out. Valeria locks herself in their bathroom, and Brau’s yelling and pounding on the door rouses Diego from his bed. Brau gets offended by his teen son trying to protect his mother, and takes it out on Diego’s face with a punch. Then he goes to sleep, or masturbate, somewhere else. Valeria hugs and comforts Diego, while begging him to not put himself in danger like that again by trying to defend her from his monstrous papi. The next morning, Brau’s bad day starts off with Valeria asking him for a divorce. He scoffs at her. SHE’S not the one who decides that. HE does! And even though he doesn’t want her as a wife or woman, she’s still of use. In fact, today, a case will come across her desk about a girl named Monica Hernandez. She HAS to rule against the girl. Brau then goes to AG’s house, and it looks like ALL his fantasies are about to come true when AG starts backing up her words with actions. She caresses him, gives him a few almost kisses, invites him to her bedroom, orders all the staff to leave for the day, starts undressing him and herself, whips out the handcuffs, cuffs him to a chair, and…then things start to do downhill fast, when she whips out a big knife and shoves it against his neck! She lets him know she knows he betrayed her and killed Jaime, and AG doesn’t accept betrayal!
-End of episode.

La Fan

this is such a treat Jarifa, that you give us a wonderful recap every morning to go with our coffee, love it!

Eloisa putting out that Diego/Adriana cannot be together, throws some doubt on which son is Carlos'.

and Felicia's strange agenda to recapture Carlos' love refers to the son, as 'the boy she could never give him'.

loved Diego's sushi/burrito comparison and explanation, and when he closed with her in silk pajamas and he naked, I think Adiana fell off a cliff, next we see her having a burrito, ha!

and yes, Gabe "has a plan for that", he always does.

Salma is so cool to watch, love her quart sized wine glasses, and Rodrigo plays right into her so well.

whaaaaaat? says Jessica.


Thanks, deb! Yes, Gabe has a plan for that makes me think of "there's an app for that!" I cannot wait until one of his plans hits a wall and he is caught red handed with nowhere to hide, nowhere to maneuver to.

La Doña

What a terrific recap, Vivi! MANY THANKS! I'm embarrassed at how many things it made clear that I hadn't caught while watching the episode last night.

I am so not into hothead Saúl. It's hard to believe that he's an effective lawyer, since he continually goes off half-cocked. Mónica is right: he should surely realize that he's asking her to sign her death warrant if she informs on the person who stabbed the other prisoner. And he should also realize that trying to bribe a prison employee--especially in full view of someone else--could easily cause him to lose his license (and thus his ability to defend M&M) and perhaps wind up with him being behind bars. Dumb dumb dumb.

I'm also turned off by big-mouth Mónica, though next to Saúl she seems almost reasonable.

BTW, one correction: I think the journalist's name is Gustavo, not Guillermo. I caught myself making the same mistake when I was writing Tuesday's recap. Guillermo was Yesenia's friend and AG's long-time employee who was murdered by AG and Braulio.

La Doña

excellent recap Vivi!

ah, a watch, I couldn't figure out what the guard gave Monica.

and yes, Saul is not going to be happy till he brings down the house on top of himself.

it was nice that the cop in Veracruz named the boy as Cesar, leaving no doubt with us about what he was saying, so what will Gabino do with this info, hmm, a lot of loose ends for Rafael, especially with Leticia going rogue, and knowing of the tattoo.

Rafael who knows AG well, knows he is totally out gunned and was just putting the gun to Daniel's head to get them on the same page, I think he told Daniel he needs him, wouldn't it be a good idea to get in touch with Francisco?

interesting that AG gave Braulio multiple chances to spill, but for some reason I don't think she will kill him, but offer a deal, a deal with the devil, Valeria is not getting off the hook so easily.

glad we were spared a scene with Lazaro who's asking for his daughter, loved the way Azucena reminded Yesenia how her lies have caught up to her and urges her to tell Laz the truth.



Juanita- Thanks for catching that! I thought for a half second about the name, and realized afterwards it's Gustavo not Guillermo (who's buried in AG's construction site, poor man).


Deb- Yeah, the punishment cells have no natural light, and the florescent lights are kept on 24-7, so they have no idea what time/day it is. Evil chick got suspicious when Monica rattled off what time of day she thought it was.


Deb: I'm already ready for Francisco to return to town to wreak havoc with Rafael & Daniel as the Monkeys plot their revenge on AG.

Vivi: Valeria is NOT out the woods & neither is Lopez.

La Fan. Superb recap, Jarifa! I'm surprised that Gabe came up with such and iffy-sounding and probably easily-disproved lie about LucIa. Is he losing his mentira mojo? And how ironic! Though he doesn't know it, Miguel is Carlos Z.'s son but he's the one who doesn't want Eloísa to forgive Carlos. It was very funny the way Adriana was scarfing down that burrito. Besides, Benicio's lack of interest in sports (except golf--ho hum)--if nothing else--should doom that relationship. Feli's accusing Carlos of adultery is kind of stupid, since she has had numerous liaisons with her "models." Besides, I thought California divorce laws were fairly liberal. Where is novelera when we need her?

La Fan

Jarifa, just a quick note of thanks for your daily gifts to the rest of us. Your recaps are superb, and they're helping me keep up with La Fan even though Real Life keeps trying to get in the way.


Juanita: I noticed that Gabriela Roel (who portrays Mama Aguirre on "La Dona") had a guest starring role in NBC's "Miami Vice" in the Borrasca episode of 1988 as Lucia Meron.



Span Prof, "mentira mojo" is a good one! Gabriel does seem to be getting a little quick and loose with his lies. I wonder if he will get to a point where he doesn't even remember what he said.

Juanita, you are more than welcome! Real Life can be a real pain sometimes. :)


La Doña

Excellent recap Vivi

Deb, if AG makes a deal with Braulio and lets him go then I think the autopsy doctor is next on Steve's list of the body count

La Donna
Awesome ms.Vivi!!
You hit every point, you had me laughing out loud! Tinkled me!

Rafael turned pale, after the phone call, so he knows, dona is done,

Daniel is also screwed. .Rafael! Monkey's mad, so he put a gun to Daniels head!
Ok?! What the options? Call in another killer.

Ag dona did not kill wolf man braulio! Yo dude , mr.Braulio is one Lucky dude she still needs him?? He was so happy for a minute! Dude laid back just knew was going to get some loving! Sorry no coochie,just your life!

Magarita.. hang in there..Valeria and Leticia should do 5 days to each of your one. And half for monica..

LA FAN #29'2/24/17 Friday

Part 1

Vale cuts short the seaside kiss with Lucas because she had a vision of Lucía,shaking her head. Lucas tries to convince her it was just her imagination because she is feeling guilty but he cannot change her mind. She decides she wants to go home. Gabriel walks in on the conversation and since he has to go back to the city tonight anyway, he offers to take her.

Benicio walks in on Adriana talking with the "tuxedoed" Diego and it looks like and sounds like they are gong to have a shootout with imaginary guns (very funny). Some verbal sparring takes place and Diego is off to take his date to the opera. When he gets back to his date Jessica at her place, all she wants to do is seduce him and he lets her.

Ignacio visits Carlos who is feeling confused and looking for a way out. Ignacio reminds him that Felicitas is planning on suing him. In the prenup there is a clause saying that if either of them has committed adultery they will pay big $$$. Carlos knows he has no proof that his wife cheated on him. Carlos is afraid he is going to lose Eloísa forever.

Felicitas stops by the café to talk to Eloísa who is not interested at all in talking to "Carlos' legit wife" and asks her to leave. Miguel comes out and Felicitas asks if he is Eloísa's son. Yes, he is. Before leaving Felicitas tells Eloísa she is giving Carlos a divorce which is really going to cost him. As she winks at "guapo" Miguel, she adds adds there just might be a surprise. Eloísa is upset.

When Gabriel gets Vale home he is staying for a cup of coffee and wants to talk to her about her getting upset at the beach with Lucas. Vale will get him coffee but will not discuss what happened. Miriam cannot go home because Jessica is there with Diego.

Adriana and Benicio get back from the opera and he wants to spend the night. Adriana reminds him she wants to take it slow. He agrees but is already thinking of marrying her. Adriana looks aggravated.

There is a knock at Lucas' door and he thinks it is Vale but it is Salma in her negligee saying she knows Vale left with Gabriel. She starts to put the moves on him. She does not want to be alone. She loves him.

Vale has a dream in which Lucía tells her she cannot ever be with Lucas anymore. Vale awakes with a start.


LA FAN #29

Part 2

The next morning, Salma is all happy over their "unforgettable" night. Lucas reiterates that his relationship with Vale will only be as long as the novela; not any longer. Then he goes on to extol the virtues of Vale with a big smile on his face: incredible woman, excellent mother, great assistant as Salma hangs on his back clearly bored. She was worried that he had fallen in love with Vale. No, it was just he is such a good actor he was becoming his character and so his excuses go and he tries to convince himself.

The private detective gives Gabriel a dossier with all of the information on the life and death of Tomás' "father" señor Rodríguez.

During filming a scene with Salma and Lucas, Agustín loses control and really punches Lucas in the mouth. Later, Lucas tells Salma he has to get his "fan" Vale back and not let Gabriel take advantage of the situation. Gabriel has always wanted everything he has had. Salma tells him he is jealous. Lucas just laughs. He just could not take the press finding out his fan left him for his rep.

Jessica is all revved up after the night she spent with Diego. She is talking a million miles per hour and he has to go to work.

Felicitas tells Adriana nothing ever happened between her and Diego. She tried to seduce him but he always turned her down. Adriana says it does not matter because she is with Benicio now. Felicitas asks if that is because she likes Benicio or is it because she wants to forget Diego.

Gabriel brings the dossier over to Vale's. Vale tells Tomás that his father is dead. Gabriel joins Vale in trying to reassure Tomás but is still way too intense and involved

Diego tells Miguel he spent the night with Jessica. Miguel warns him now that she is going to tell their mom and everybody. Diego admits he did a bad thing. Miguel agrees since Jessica was his friend and he is in love with another woman. He should have controlled himself like he Miguel does whenever Miriam comes around. For Diego it's over. Miguel does not agree. Diego tries to make light of it. Jessica makes him feel good. The other relationship is impossible.

Salma talks to Rodrigo. Rodrigo tells her Nicolás came to see him before he turned himself in to the police. Now he wants to go visit him in jail.

Carlos Zubizarreta comes to the café to see Eloísa and he gets into it with Miguel who is intent on giving him a hard time. Eloísa finally comes out and is all upset. Carlos López is nowhere to be found. She is afraid he is going to try to kill himself again. Eloísa and Carlos go out to look for him.

LA FAN #29

Part 3

Lucas and Gabriel get into it about their continuous being in competition with each other. Lucas reminds Gabriel that he always wins in the end. Gabriel tells him that that is not happening this time with Vale. Suddenly the door bell rings and it is Estefanía Miller who has already met with Gabriel about a very lucrative ad campaign. She owns her own cosmetic line and is launching a new product. She would like Lucas to be the face of the ad campaign in all of its formats. The new product is an anti-dandruff spray. Lucas is not too excited about the product because he does not have dandruff. He agrees to do it if he can choose his female counterpart. Sorry, that has already been done. It has to be Vale "La fan" or it is a no go. Maybe he could have some input on the script? Sorry, Estefanía has the best writers, etc., etc., . In the end they appeal to his vanity and money talks.

Adriana is thinking about what Diego told her about not being involved with her mother and what her mother told her about not being involved with Diego. They chit chat in the hall about being so different and later they find themselves alone in the same elevator as it starts malfunctioning. As the lights go out, Diego comments on how it is getting romantic in there . . .

Jessica has the answer to clearing up what Lucía has to tell Vale: Bob the stylist. He is also a spiritualist and comes over to Vale's with his hooded velvet robe and crystal ball. He does a seance with Vale and Jessica but only contacts dead friends of his own. Lucía really must be really angry with Vale not to come through.

Eloísa and Carlos Zubizarreta come back without Carlos López. Eloísa tells Carlos that his wife came to tell her she was going to give him the divorce and that there would be surprises. As Carlos looks bewildered, Miguel appears with two letters that Carlos López left behind. One is for Eloísa and the other one is for Carlos Zubizarreta. Eloísa is worried that Carlos López wrote suicide notes.

At work, Miriam starts treating Benicio much more formally because of his relationship with Adriana.He can't play with her feelings. Too bad he met her after he had met Adriana because she is a real charmer!

Vale walks in on Estefanía giving Lucas a back massage. Lucas pops up and does the introductions. Smiles all around!




Jarifa- You outdid yourself. Thank you!

I was tsk tsking and shaking my head at a lot of characters last night-- Lucas for sleeping with Salma, Diego for sleeping with Jess (this is going to get really painful), Adriana for still refusing to admit she was wrong, even after Feli confirmed nothing happened between her and Diego, and Gabe for getting the fake report on Tomas' fake papa's death (but I'm always shaking my head at Gabe's antics).

I'm actually curious about what Carlos L says in his letters.

Bob the spiritualist was even more hilarious than Bob the hypnotist. LOL!


Was there an episode on last night? My dvr recorded nothing. I'm going to check the Tmundo site to see if I missed it.


Thank you, Jarifa!!!

"He should have controlled himself like he Miguel does whenever Miriam comes around."
AHA!!! So he does have feelings for Miriam.

Bob the stylist/hypnotist/spiritualist/oftheRickyMartin hairstyle had me cracking up.

The tuxedo "gunfight" was so cute!

Diego sleeps with Jessi, and the next morning she is planning their house, kids, minivan. Caray! Caray, Diego, you reeeally messed up!

I hope that dandruff spray product does not make people's hair fall out.

La Doña

HALIMACANDY- wolfman Braulio, HA! I was wondering who he reminded me of, maybe there will be a full moon tonight and we'll see the hair.

Vivi- yep, show last night.


La Fan

Jarifa, everyone seemed to take a left turn in this show and you captured it all, thank you so much!

ah, Estefanía Miller (Georgina Palacios) was Paulina, Erick's nasty secretary in "Bajo el mismo cielo". This must be a Gabe plan.


La Fan. Yet another excellent recap, Jarifa! Yep, Vivi, Bob is just as good a medium as he was a hypnotist. I hope he's a better hair stylist. Are ghosts a telenovela topos? Doris: It would be truly hilarious if the anti-dandruff spray made Lucas's hair fall out. But his being the spokesperson for it is already pretty funny. The prenup is a plausible explanation for why Carlos and Felicitas can't follow California's liberal divorce laws. But how could Carlos not have proof that Feli cheated? Couldn't he subpoena one of her "models?" Yep, Jarifa, Lucas is in love with Vale. Jessi is clearly delusional about how much Diego "loves" her.


SpanProf - Why couldn't Adriana testify that she caught her boyfriend in bed with Felicitas? Oh, wait, they are wearing their telenovela beanie hats. Duh.


Thanks, guys, for your kind comments.

Vivi, ITA that that night with Jessica is going to come back to bite Diego.

As for Lucas, he is still on the path of least resistance so another night with Salma was no surprise (neither was his caving to do the anti-dandruff spray campaign). I wonder how/if his character will develop when he finally realizes he is in love with Vale and he has to fight for her.

deb, yes, there were a lot of "left turns". What a group!

doris, I think the tuxedo "gunfight" was one of my favorite parts last night.

SpanProf, I felt much better when it turned out there was the prenup dealing with extracurricular activities. At least there was some kind of logic there and not some oversight by the writers.

I hope we see the anti-dandruff spray campaign in full bloom. That has lots of possibilities for laughs..

La Fan

Thanks Jarifa! I'm finally caught up this week.

So was Carlos encouraging Adriana to not let Diego go??

Diego says he loves Adriana and will fight for her, but then sleeps with Jessica, and is back to flirting with Adriana the very next day? Not cool, bro. Poor Jessica is going to be crushed when he inevitably dumps her.


"So was Carlos encouraging Adriana to not let Diego go??"
It sort of seemed that way to me, too.

Jessica might be our first pregnancy scare.

And I wouldn't put it past Salma to try that trick, either, though she would probably fake it.

LA DOÑA, Friday, Episode 64, Part1:

Daniel and Rafael continue their talk. Dan’s trying to stay in denial that AG’s after him and that she’s already started her revenge by making the women accuse him of prostituting them. Rafael thinks they need to band together against her, and call in the reserves too—their old buddy, Francisco Vega. Later, Rafael reports to Dan that he was unable to reach Francisco, who’s still traveling out of the country.

Half-naked, handcuffed to a chair, and with a knife to his neck, Braulio admits to AG the whole truth of how he accidentally killed Jaime (minus Ximena’s role as his informant and mole), and that he later used it to his advantage to separate AG from Saul. He says he did it to save the REAL AG-- Saul was her perdition. He points out how Saul didn’t even believe her, even though she was innocent. Saul will never accept her as she really is, but Brau truly loves her. Her offers to confess the truth to Saul or even the police, if that’s what she wants. AG leaves him there, under Matamoros’ watch, while she goes to take care of business. Brau is literally too tied up to answer his phone when Ximena leaves him a desperate message to contact her.

Saul’s bribing of the prison warden (to get her in good with his prison warden freind from Veracruz) works! M&M are let out of the punishment cells, and Monica loudly promises to get the other women out too (don’t ask me how she thinks she’ll accomplish this). Evil stabber chick does not look pleased. Before they are taken back to the regular cells, Karen’s guard friend lets Monica use her cell phone to speak to Saul. The usual—update on Lazaro, promises to not be separated. The vecinos/amigos are happy with the news and cook up a ton of food for M&M. Azucena stays in the hospital, while Yesenia and Lydia go to visit M&M, bringing food and pillows and blankets. They lament the social injustices perpetuated by the prison system on the poor and innocent. Monica is all fired up about getting justice and revenge against AG. “For Saul and for my father, I’ll confront anything!” She says this experience has made her stronger, and AG better watch her back when Monica gets out. Yesenia tries to warn Monica about taking the revenge path. “Try to heal your wounds while you’re here, and not get caught up in vengeance.” Monica’s not listening though. “AG’s the reason I’m not with my father when he needs me most. I swear that I’ll kill her!” She then begs Yesenia to lie to Lazaro and not reveal to him that she’s in prison.

Valeria is about to rubber stamp Monica’s condemnation, when Lopecito realizes who the case is about. He admits to Valeria that he knows Monica because he is friends with Saul. Val freaks, realizing he must be helping Saul try to take down AG, which includes her husband and her too. Lopecito convinces her to speak to Saul first and they go to his place. Saul says he’ll help Valeria get free of AG and Braulio, and makes a lot of big promises I can’t see him fulfilling, if she rules in Monica’s favor. Valeria is in no mood to get beaten or killed, so she’s reluctant and makes no promises. Their meeting gets cut short when Saul gets a text from AG that she’s coming to see him.


LA DOÑA, Friday, Episode 64, Part2:

Before her meeting with Saul, AG meets with the coroner. She gives him a fat check in exchange for his report revealing Brau as Jaime’s killer, and tells him to get out of town before Brau hunts him down and bumps him off too. Then she calls Isabela and tells her not to come home, until she tells her she can. Next, she meets with Rafael and puts him in the hot seat about how he recently treated Isabela when she found her with Emiliano. She warns him that he better be nice to her niece from now on.

Regina tries to get Isabrat to come home (the hotel) with her, but Isabrat is happy to have all her luxuries back, and her aunt’s approval to hang out with Emi. She tries to compare Regina’s disapproval of Emi to her disapproval of Regina dating Felipe. Regina points out that SHE’S the mother here, but Isabrat will not be swayed. Regina goes back to the hotel, and Felipe convinces her to move in with him. He assures Regina that Isabrat will soon learn from her mistakes, and that she’ll miss Regina and come to her senses.

Lazaro has been moved to a regular room from intensive care. Of course, he continues to ask for Monica, but Azucena and Alvaro tell him to wait for Yesenia. When Yesenia gets back from the jail visit, she follows Monica’s orders and tells Laz that she had to go to Tamaulipas for work, since she couldn’t find any work in D.F. Laz panics and is convinced that Monica found out that AG is her mother, that he’s not her father, and that she now hates Laz. Yesenia tries to convince him that didn’t happen. Monica calls Yesenia’s phone from the prison pay phone, and finally father and daughter are able to speak to each other. Monica tries to keep it together, while Lazaro openly weeps happy tears from finally hearing his little girl’s voice.

AG comes to Saul’s place and hands him the coroner’s report. “Here’s the proof that I didn’t kill your father. Brau bribed the coroner and killed your father.” Much to AG’s annoyance, Saul doesn’t see how this absolves AG. For all he knows, she ordered her lapdog Brau to kill Jaime. He points out how she ordered the conspiracy to put Monica in jail. “That’s different!” Needless to say, Saul does not fall back into AG’s arms. “What we had wasn’t real because you were never sincere with me—you were deceiving me!”

-End of episode.



I forgot to include a scene where Diego gets picked on in the boys bathroom at school by a group of boys because they are tired of Diego getting selected for the teams because of his father's influence. They make fun of his once again bruised face (from Brau's punch). Emiliano comes to Diego's defense and puts the main bully in an arm lock. The other boys back down. Diego doesn't appreciate Emi's interference, but the two make peace. Diego admits that he no longer has feelings for Isabela and instead has fallen for someone else, but he refuses to tell Emi who it is.

La Doña

Great recap, Vivi! Once again, it helps me see how much I missed while watching.

I chuckled over your "Brau is literally too tied up to answer his phone."

I'm getting a bit tired of the weeping and wailing on both ends of the Mónica/Lázaro thread. And I hope that M&M get out of jail soon. I'll be interested to see how Valeria handles this.

LA DOÑA:: Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart, Vivi! Juanita, Halima! deb, Steve, Evangeline, who'm I missing? Thanks for keeping this conversation going. I've been away and missed so much. Just caught up on a week of recaps and comments; (probably won't have time to watch the shows). Do we have any sense of a timeline yet on this thing? It could go on for as long as they want to stretch it, but my hunch is it will wind up pretty quickly once Francisco makes his appearance.

So many great comments. I agree that Saúl is the most obnoxious and unlikely galán in the history of telenovelas. But the writers haven't done him any favors. This plot is pathetic. Looking forward to tomorrow


LXV: I sense Saul is still addicted to AG (who controls his expletive & his mind).

Juanita: Valeria will rule AGAINST Monica because both Monica & Margarita will remain in prison forever!


La Doña

wow, wonderful recap Vivi, these last shows are as dark as the prison, it's so nice you've helped us have a look around.

Dan's a funny guy, I think he has devoted his life to making amends for that fateful night in Veracruz, and when the final day comes he is resigned to accept the bullet from Rafael, AG, or whatever, long as it doesn't mess with his foundation (AG has him pegged if all these do gooders would get out of the way).

hmm, I remember Ximena calling Braulio to warn him Jaime was on his way, but it seems like Braulio saw who it was and didn't answer the phone, and then stumbled upon him and in his effort to shut up the totally riled up Jaime so he wouldn't give Braulio away (since he was ordered not be there), his death was actually an accident.

Saul seems to be flirting with 'crossing the line' but has he really done that yet?

I seem to remember the prison knifer girl's name to be Deputy from way back when but they haven't said it this go round, of course she is going to hate Monica no matter what she does but this time it's for interrupting her clean kill and landing them all in solitary (where they have a cellmate)

and I think Laz's doc's name is Adolfo.

Monica and Margarita handing out their world class sandwiches in prison was a hit.

Oh and how insulted can the manipulative chronic lier AG get when Saul dismisses her scientific report proving Braulio's hair was on Jaime's body which OBVIO means she had nothing to do with it.

ok, so wolfman Braulio (I'd put a few more chains on him) is on ice for... backup maybe, in case Saul needs more proof, or... maybe AG is looking for an excuse not to kill him, or... and how long before Isabela can come home.


I find it hard to imagine AG and hairy/homely Lazaro together as a couple, when AG was very young and after the rape incident. Lazaro doesn't seem to have the kind of attitude that a business manager or owner would have.

La Doña

Gobluefan, I agree that it's hard to picture AG and Lázaro together, but don't forget that ~20 years have passed since then. Lázaro was probably in his 30s, healthy, and wealthy (though clearly not wise :-) ). It's very hard to look at him now and imagine how he looked, acted, felt, or thought then. And don't forget that AG wasn't falling in love with him, she was simply playing him so that he'd marry her and give her financial security and a father for the child she's carrying. As for his suitability as a business manager, I'm not sure we know enough about what he was like then to make a judgment about that.


Juanita: I want the remaining Monkeys to destroy AG for good!


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