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La Piloto #18 3.30.17: In Which Yolanda Realizes that Actions Have Consequences...

• Estela tells Yolanda that the battery on the wire is dead but Yolanda realizes that it was the reason Estela wouldn’t shut up. Yolanda wonders when the battery ended, if the DEA knows where they are and what they actually know. She chides Estela for betraying her because she risked her life to save her. Estela explains that the DEA offered her a lot of money and she couldn’t refuse because she has no one left in her life. Yolanda can’t comprehend that she betrayed her for money and realizes she never had a mother. Estela asks Yolanda to understand but Yolanda is disgusted; she kicks herself for always trying to believe in her. She wonders what John will do when he finds out and Estela begs her to not turn her in.
• In the cabin, Arley and Amanda bask in the glory of their lovemaking when, suddenly, Arley gets up with a start because he thinks he heard a noise. He grabs his gun but Amanda pulls him back down and tells him it was nothing. They kiss.
• Yolanda drags Estela to the edge of the woods as Estela prays; she has always depended on others and the money Yolanda gave her in the morning is not enough. Yolanda tells her to stay put as she thinks about something. Zulima has heard everything but has remained undetected by Yolanda.

• Moments later, Yolanda goes into the hanger where they are housing the plane that will fly to Colombia tomorrow and opens up the bag of money that John’s men put there. She grabs a couple of wads of cash and takes them to Estela, who is right where she left her. She puts the money in bag and tells her that it’s enough so she disappears forever and warns her to never come back or she will tell John about the wire. Estela begs her to let her stay until the morning and Yolanda calls over Vaquero, who is making his runs, and tells her to take Estela to the train station. He obliges and Yolanda walks back to the cabins.
• Zulima sees her and tries to hide but Yolanda greets her with a hug. Zulima asks her where she’s been and where her mother is. Yolanda tells her that she had to go back to the town and Zulima wonders if she’s okay. Yolanda confirms she is, just tired, and she is going to see her aunt before bed. She bids Zulima goodbye and they go their separate ways.
• In his cell, Zeki looks up to see a dark figure waiting for him. He asks if they are there to renegotiate their immunity deal because he can help them but the figure doesn’t answer. Instead, the figure puts a silencer on their gun and it’s revealed to be Simpson who puts his gun at Zeki. Zeki finally understands the situation as Simpson shoots him twice: once in the chest and once in the head. Zeki goes down and all that’s left of him is his blood on Simpson’s shoe.
• Yolanda lies down next to her aunt and tells her it’s been very hard days but it doesn’t matter because she’s there with her. She grabs her hand and tells her she is taking care of her but Rosalba starts having trouble breathing and Yolanda goes to find help.
• Arley gets the girls and Zulima together and explains the roles of the compound: they can’t leave unannounced and they have to write down all the people that come and what packages they drop off. They are interrupted by Yolanda, who runs pass them and grabs Carlina from an adjacent room to help Rosalba.
• On a bus, Estela puts away her boarding pass and notices a man walk pass her. She jumps up with a start when her phone rings. It’s Dave, who wants to know where she is, but Estela hangs up and remembers what Yolanda said about John. She then takes a swig of her vodka, stashes some of the money in her bra and puts the purse on her head to guard it as she falls asleep.
• In his car, Dave chides his bad luck but warns Estela that he will find her, no matter where she hides.
• Carlina intervenes Rosalba orally and tries to help her breathe. Later, the girls ask Zulima why her mother left but Yolanda explains that she wanted to be dropped off. Lizbeth and Amanda understand because the shootout today was horrible but Olivia reminds them that they should get used to it because this is their life now. Zulima jokes that they must have a radar on them because the DEA always finds them somehow but Yolanda is sure they are safe in the compound.
• Two guards come to transfer Zeki and find him dead in his cell.
• Ortega answers the door to her apartment in a robe and finds Simpson there with a bottle of wine. He lets him in and has him wait on the couch while she gets two glasses.
• Yolanda and Zulima go to see John but John only has eyes for Yolanda, much to Zulima’s chagrin. He wants to know why he went by land but she explains that it happened so fast but she’s there now. They kiss and he asks about the girls. Yolanda tells him they are sound asleep and will thank him tomorrow when Oscar comes and ridicules them again for their PDA. He thinks the compound looks like a nunnery with all these women but of the fun kind. He leaves and John tells Zulima to leave as well but to tell the girls to be up at 8 am tomorrow. She leaves and Yolanda asks John that Oscar respect them. John tells her not to worry about that and kisses her. Yolanda wonders why he took so long and John explains the Zeki situation and the shootout at Las Aguilas. Yolanda is shocked to learn he really was with the DEA.
• Ortega sits down with Simpson and asks for a little bit only. Simpson reminds her that at the bar she confessed to relaxing after the first glass. She nods and asks what they are toasting for because the Lucio operation was a bust. Simpson doesn’t want to talk about work, he wants to disconnect for a little and leave work at the office. He wants to toast to meeting her and they drink.
• Later, over a drink, Yolanda asks John what he will do with Zeki. John explains that they have to wait for the right moment and toast to that. There is a knock and it’s Vaquero, who tells Yolanda that the favor she asked for is done. She stops him mid sentence and he bids her goodbye and leaves. John wants to know what the favor was and Yolanda tells him it was to disappear the car they stole. John smiles at how quickly she learns then and they toast to her smarts. He then asks why she couldn’t get on the plane but Yolanda will explain later and begins to kiss him.
• In his apartment, Dave looks at the case files but can’t concentrate because he’s thinking about his love making session with Yolanda. He takes a swig of his drink and throws the folder up in the air before downing the whole cup. He tries to call Estela again but finds that she turned off her cell. He wonders where she is.
• Estela is completely drink at this point but takes another swig. She makes sure her bag is near and looks around nervously.
• Dave calls the morgue and inquires about Ernesto’s body. The mortician informs him that the body is still there and no one has come to pick him up. Dave asks the mortician to call him should anyone come to claim the body and hangs up.
• Ortega and Simpson are having a good time and Ortega has lit some candles, making the atmosphere more romantic. He apologizes for coming unannounced but he was bored in his hotel and began to think of her. Ortega looks at him and Simpson goes in for the kiss. After a few seconds, they stand up and move to the bedroom…
• In Yolanda’s room, John and Yolanda make love by the fireplace…
• The next day, Ortega wakes up next to Simpson and chides herself, silently, for drinking so much and losing control. Her phone rings and she gets up to answer it. It’s Dave who tells her Zeki was killed last night in his cell. She tells Simpson and they go get dressed.
• In Villa Antigua, Yolanda overhears John discuss the Colombia deal. He can’t believe his pilot would steal $50,000 because he’s known him for years and nothing has ever gone missing. The man tells him that they never really know people and offers to kill the pilot so no one ever thinks of stealing from them again. John shakes his head and hangs up. Yolanda then comes and asks if there are problems. John explains that that $50,000 went missing from the Vegas to Colombia deal and they want to kill the pilot as a warning. Yolanda asks if she thinks it was the pilot but John isn’t sure. Yolanda explains that if he lets the Colombians kill the pilot, he will be taking responsibility for the missing money and he would lose credibility. She proposes that he call them back and tell them that he trusts his people completely. John agrees and calls the Colombians back; he offers to investigate what happened on his end and send him $50,000 more so he stops crying. He warns him to never threaten one of his men again or he’ll kill him. He hangs up and Oscar comes with good news: Zeki has been murdered.
• In Zeki’s cell, the crime scene has been searched and Ortega wonders how this could’ve happened right under their noses. Dave tells them that Zeki was telling the truth about what he knew and this is the proof. Dave also explains that whoever did it knew the security cameras weren’t working. Simpson wants to know what they do now and explains that the guards heard nothing so the killer had a silencer. He asks Ortega to compare the bullets of every employee at the station with those that killed Zeki so they find the culprit. Ortega will get right on it.
• Lopez, who is surveilling Rapi Taxi, calls Ortega to let her know the taxi driver who blocked their way when they were following the girls’ car earlier has arrived. He explains that they all have packages and it looks like they’re meeting up for something. Ortega hangs up and Simpson overhears everything.
• In the hospital, Estela tries to get Ernesto’s body but overhears a guard ask a doctor if they have seen her and shows him a photo of her. He shakes his head and the guard leaves. When the doctor leaves to make rounds, Estela offers him money to keep his mouth shut and get Ernesto’s ashes out of the morgue. The doctor tells her that he has to let the police know but Estela offers him more money and he accepts. He asks for 5 minutes so he can take the ashes to the receptionist. They go their separate ways.
• Dave and Ortega arrive with Simpson and a few agents to Rapi Taxi. Ortega wonders what they know and Dave assumes they are with Lucio and use the taxis to move merchandise and money. Dave asks about Estela but Ortega explains that no one has seen Estela.
• The leader of the taxi drivers explains that the bad news is the Lucios left Tres Fuegos because of all the police activity and their business dealings may be up in the air. However, they left them some money and asked that they inform them of any activity they hear of. The leader takes out the wads of money and gives one to each driver.
• The DEA arrives downstairs and ask the receptionist to call down her boss. She obliges and tells them the DEA is there. They all scatter except for the taxi driver they are looking for who stays behind to look for some papers. The DEA grabs the receptionist and detains her and the agents go to look for the rest of the drivers.
• Simpson looks for them in a paring garage and sees one of them. The driver comes out and puts his gun down. He asks Simpson to not shoot but Simpson does anyway, right in the head.
• Dave goes in by the mechanic shop and finds that the driver they were looking for has grabbed Ortega by the neck and is pointing a gun at her head. Dave warns him that the Lucios will do far worse so he should turn himself in but the driver tells him he has children and the Lucios will protect him. Dave goes to put down his gun but Simpson puts two rounds in the man’s back and lets Ortega go before falling to the ground. Ortega is freaking out and Dave goes to hug her. She thanks Simpson for saving her and Dave asks where the other driver went. Simpson explains that he’s dead and it was either him or the driver. He then hugs Ortega and Dave hopes the leader is okay since someone has to talk.
• In Villa Antigua, John explains to Yolanda the in’s and out’s of landing. John warns her that the runway is small so she has to get used to it quick. She nods and they smile.
• Estela grabs Ernesto’s ashes and signs them out. She tells him about all the money she has and takes a swig of her vodka. She tells him they are going to Acapulco and leaves.
• One of the pilots, Pedro Ayala, arrives and tells John that the runway is amazing to land or take off. John introduces Yolanda, who wants to know where he comes from. Pedro explains that he came from Peru and John explains that he’s in charge of taking the merchandise from Peru to the border of Abacho. Yolanda wants to know why he landed in Villa Antigua and John explains that the merchandise he brought today is for everyone. Oscar then radios John, who goes to talk to him, and Oscar tells him that the girls are being restless. John tells him he will be there to help soon.
• The DEA have managed to grab the leader of the drivers and they warn him to talk before he goes to jail for drug trafficking. The leader explains that he isn’t a trafficker; the Lucios would sometimes call them to do small favors like pick them up or give them information. Ortega asks if crashing into the DEA car was a mistake and he nods. Dave wants to know where the Lucios are but the man wants his leader. Dave slams the man’s head against the table and the man confesses that they sometimes would send money for them to transport but he never saw them. Simpson tries to stop them but Ortega holds him back. Dave confesses to put pressure and the man confesses that he would sometimes do runs to Las Aguilas but they mostly concentrated on doing city jobs. Ortega tells him that they already know that and asks that he be taken away. Simpson tells him that obviously the Lucios would never deal directly with that man. Ortega receives a call from an agent, who tells her that they have the list of the people who came and went when Zeki was killed. They go to retrieve it as Simpson curses his luck…


Thanks, Alfredo.

I wanted Zeki to live to get revenge on Zulima and clear his name with the Lucios. With his family murdered though, he seemed relieved (resigned) to go. I think the actor did a good job with this role.

Yolanda blew this one. John trusts her, so why not just fess up to giving the money to her mother so she'd get lost and never return?

Niecie: I KNEW Simpson was DIRTY from the get-go.

You're right about Zeki: once his family got massacred, he basically decided he couldn't live without them, so it was no surprised he got whacked by a dirty DEA Agent.


Thx for the detailed recap Alfredo. Yoli made another big mistake. First was bringing her mom along ...but hiding it from john and stealing too. He has so much faith in her...but she just cpmpromised it. When oscar finds out he will blow a fuse as well.

Estella wasnt worth the damage this will cause Yoli with the brothers.


Thanks so much Alfredo. Found this to be a very depressing episode, seeing the mistakes Yolanda is making, first with Mom, then with John. Ugh. But your recap was great as usual. Straightforward, detailed, with lots of clarity. Really appreciate the work that you do.

May take a break from this for a while and watch Blue Demon instead. I need some breathing room from all the gunfire.But will try to keep up with the recaps and blog line.


You're welcome Niecie, Steve, Nett and JudyB!

JudyB, I know this type of show can get dark but I hope to see you back soon.

I think Yolanda was definitely an idiot to steal that money, regardless of if she confesses, because missing money affects more than her or John or anyone in the immediate vecinity. It almost got an innocent man killed in Colombia! If only for that she should confess and promise to never do it again. Though it will break the trust with John, permanently I say. Man, the narco business is tough. When Oscar finds out, he will tell John that he always knew you can't trust woman and Yolanda has sadly proven him right.

I wanted Zeki to get his revenge too but I think his death will be important for the DEA to realize, especially Ortega and Dave, that they only have themselves. Imagine if they leave and start a rag tag DEA justice group to go up against Yolanda and the Lucios. I'm salivating just thinking about it.

Episodes that slow down the action will always be depressing because the narco life is an ednless cycle of violence and betrayal and death (for the most loyal).

That's why you're such a champ for doing all these recaps, Alfredo. They take a lot of time and energy and it's not like the subject matter is uplifting. I hope you have a very happy, fulfilling life otherwise!

Alfredo stellar work as always - thank you. We are all in agreement in regards to Yoli's lack of judgement. Damn if it didn't irritate the ish out of me. Like I said before - her actions are directly or indirectly are leading the Feds to their various whereabouts. As Alfredo mentioned her actions almost got an innocent man killed. Because she thinks quick on her feet and John values her opinion is the only reason no harm came to the pilot. She should have fessed up - John may have been angry but at least the truth would have come from her. With Zuli watching and listening it's only a matter of time before she drops a seed in someone's ear, specifically Oscar. Zuli knows Oscar has no luv for Yoli and I could see the two of them plotting to get rid of her literally or figuratively. I too wanted Zeki to be able to exact his revenge. At least Simpson killed 2 birds with one stone - he established an alibi and got some nookie as a bonus. How long before plot shoe comes to light?

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