Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Final La Piloto #80 6-26-17: Dave Takes A Win, Zulima Takes A Spin; Lucio's Locked In

Parte 1~
El Presidente Electo de Sinesterra folds like a wet dollar bill at the thought of being extradited to the U.S.  He’ll turn state’s evidence and cooperate—just noooooo don’t send me to the big bad north!!!!!
DEADave now gives Yolanda the 411 on Estela’s stellar sacrifice: “—she gave her life for me? (Sob) And yes, I have a lot to pardon her for but, I will.”  Yoli also has a few questions for Dave.  “What will happen between you and me when the rest of us are hiding in the U.S.?”  Dave takes a convenient call on his cell.  Sinesterra gave the hideout location (?) for John and says there’s a meeting of the cupola tomorrow in Tres Fuegos.  He sent a text with the time and directions  and got it confirmed. I didn’t catch the rest except it’s under strict confidentiality and the Feds will be waiting to extradite maybe the others to the U.S. (?)

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Sunday, June 25, 2017

La Piloto #79 6-23-17: Estela La Bella Gives All; Col. Humpty Dumpty And El Presidente Presumpty, Have Their Great Fall; And Zulima Gets Away After All

Kirby had some excellent pointers I'd thought Anita had put up also which I wanted to at least give credit for but I didn't see them to add in or to credit for Thursday, 6/21...   --ed.

Parte 1~~

Yolanda’s hiding under a bed in someone’s cell in the cell block where the lights have gone off.  Meanwhile crooked guard gal is telling the inmates they’ve experienced a power failure in some areas of the prison and must stay in the main area till things are sorted out.
Col. Santa Maria isn’t quite sure where she’s hiding but is certain she’s there and he’ll find her.  “—You have to admit I’ve shown plenty of patience with you.  (Maybe his twin in another parallel universe, but not after that branding iron trick of his.) If you’d only behaved the way you should have we could have been the perfect couple and gone off to Venezuela together.”

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Friday, June 23, 2017

La Piloto #78b 6-22-17: The Great Escape, A Race To The Finish To Make A Break With La Panamanian Fake

  • Yolanda is hiding in plain site under an assumed name with a fake Panamanian passport.
  • Joanna, aka Braids,  and Zulima get to know each other at breakfast the next day.  Jo remembers Zuli as a friend Lizbet mentioned.  Zuli says oh yeah, we were the best of friends!  Jo says stick with her and she'll show her the ropes while she's there and how to survive.  
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

La Piloto #78a 6-22-17: The Great Escape, or Non-Escape

As Promised--A Blank Slate.

Who lives, who dies, those are the questions for #79 and #80 to answer.

In the meantime, please discuss what I haven't yet seen.


La Piloto #77 6-21-17: Yolanda was--is--still--in Peril

Dear Alfredo--Hope you are having a wonderful time. Wish you were here, instead of me.

Although I watched the episode last night, there's not much I can remember without a re-run (which I might do later).

I remember Yolanda being reunited with the baby--she gave him Arley's name (I think).
I remember John showing Sonia some horses and her getting a phone call from Sinesterra. She urges peace among all the rival factions.
I remember seeing a lot of mothers with babies all about the same age. Is it something in the water?
I remember Yolanda not having maternal instincts and the warden noticing she didn't know how to burp a baby.
I remember DEADave not being successful in getting immunity or some kind of protection for Yoli and the gang and not wanting to tell Yoli, but decides to go visit.
I remember Yolanda holding baby Arley and having some flashbacks.
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

La Piloto #76 6-20-17: Yolanda is--was--is--in Peril

Our dear Alfredo is on vacation and has left a big hole in coverage for the next two weeks. Most of the days will have to be filled in by viewers. Anita will be back after she sees the episode. She did not like the previews from Monday night and decided not to watch last night (thank goodness).

Yolanda meets S&M on a lonely country road. The nurse and "Santiago baby" are in the back seat.

Mama Estela and Arley are hot on the trail.

S&M makes her drive to the latest Lucio hideout (which we now know is an abandoned school--huh?) He tells Zuli to watch the nurse and the baby until he decides what to do with them.

He hangs her up and fires up a brazier. He takes off his coat and gets busy. He looks hungry, maybe it's a barbecue.

Arley goes in and makes Estela stay put. Estela doesn't stay put.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

La Piloto #75 6-19-17: Let's Meet Up For A Showdown

Yolanda makes the meet with Sinesterra's ol' Mongoose Mug, who refuses to let her meet face to face with El Presidente-Electado.  She's forced to do it Sinesterra's way or the baby's life is in doubt.  Yoli folds.

DEADave sees Benavidez again and this time tells him Yoli's this close to getting proof positive about Sinesterra for him.  Benny says he'll try getting a better deal for her and her posse to turn State's evidence.
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Monday, June 19, 2017

QEPD Dead - Antonio Medellín at 75

Muere el primer actor
You'll remember him in his last role as the rich farmer who wanted to marry Ana Lucia in Tres Veces Ana.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

La Piloto #74 6-16-17: A Babe In (Another Mother's) Arms & Yoli Comes In From The Cold

The goon in charge of handling the Rosalba and baby problem is told to get rid of them by sinister Senator Sinestera.  However, Sinestera's mourning wife hears Mena's kidnapped kid crying from inside the van and refuses to leave without checking out that baby's whimper.  She immediately fixates on the little one and essentially adopts him.  Mena's problem is solved.  

In the park, Lisbet comforts Olivia over her missing nerd, aka, Wilmer, who has become the love of her life.  (FF>>FF>>)

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Friday, June 16, 2017

La Piloto #73 6.15.17: In Which Yolanda Continues to Lose...

Hey all! This thing is far from over but this is my final recap as I am going on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Anita and Jardinera will either post a discussion page or recap in my absence but I encourage our amazing patio to contribute any way you can as we reach our final flight with Yolanda.

Thank you to my co-pilot, Jardinera, who first encouraged me to watch this, because I had no plans to, but was pleasantly surprised by the great acting, face paced story and relatable characters (despite a lot of dumb decisions along the way ;D) And I want to thank you all, our loyal commentors and passengers on this bumpy ride: Kirby, JudyB, Niecie, Carvivlie, Anita, Nett, Lynette, Steve, Vivi (for a little in the beginning there, hope you've kept up!) and many others who came and went. Hope to see you for another one and talk soon! :)


• Lizbeth arrives at the safe house and Arley instructs Lizbeth and Olivia to stay back while he and Yolanda go to the front door.
• Rosalba runs through the backfield with the baby and prays that everything will be okay because she has no idea where she is.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

La Piloto #72 6.14.17: In Which Yolanda Plans to Rescue Her Family...

• Santamaria arrives at Lucio headquarters. Zulima thinks it’s a pigsty but Santamaria chides her for complaining. Zulima then suggests they take back the Mediterranean Club from las Sombras, so they can be more relaxed, but Santamaria reveals that there was a shootout, which the club is useless but Lizbeth and Olivia managed to escape though he managed to kidnap Wilmer. Zulima reveals that he is Olivia’s boyfriend and Santamaria is shocked. He explains that he brought Wilmer in order to obtain information about the girls and he thinks Zulima may be able to help him with that. Zulima asks how and Santamaria asks her to act like she’s his prisoner, get information out of Wilmer and tell him that they will both die if he doesn’t talk. Zulima agrees and Santamaria punches her in the face, so it can look real, though she is pissed. He shrugs and asks her to follow him to where he’s keeping Wilmer.
• In his house, Santamaria converses with Quiroga, the Governor, who saw his news report, but wonders how effective his strategy may be. Sinisterra thinks it will work and his lawyers will take care of the rest. Quiroga has no doubt but they have to talk about the General and the Consul. Sinisterra believes they sold him out and Quiroga notes that the cartel is divided and they are in trouble. Sinisterra doesn’t care, especially because he doesn’t think both of them will attack him and Quiroga. Sinisterra agrees and vows to destroy anyone who goes up against them.

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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

La Piloto #71 6.13.17: In Which Yolanda Is Not As Dumb As She Looks...

• Yolanda demands Zulima answer but she asks her to leave her alone. Yolanda asks if she has a plan, or is just making it up as she goes along. Zulima tells her that she always has a Plan B; either way, she will never recover the money or the drugs. Yolanda reminds her that those things can be replaced but her life cannot be. She warns that if Zulima lands anywhere, she will find her and make her pay. Zulima asks if she’s threatening her, a powerful witch, but Yolanda tells her that she will beg for her life. She suggests Zulima to land soon as Zulima tries to go faster.
• Dave meets with Benavides, who has reinforced security around the station, and confesses that he is worried about Sinisterra. He reiterates that they must stop him from becoming president but Benavides explains that they need to arrest him first and for that they need proof. Dave asks what would happen should they not have proof and Benavides warns him that Sinisterra will become president in that case. Dave reminds him that there is a video proving his ties to organized crime as Benavides receives a call that Sinisterra is there to see them. Benavides asks Dave if he will be able to control him in the meeting and Dave nods before they leave.
• Yolanda begs her plane to pick up speed but it continues to decelerate as Zulima looks behind and sees that she’s getting away. Yolanda curses the fact that she only has one motor as Zulima picks up her phone and calls John.

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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

La Piloto #70 6-12-17: The Witch Finally Who Wanted To Be Rich Admits

Arley makes it out with the Gone Girls and Estela La Bruja; however, poor awkward Wilmer gets caught by Colonel SantaMaria and is taken hostage.

Vergara knows he’s done for.  He refuses to tell Dave who left in the luxury  sedan then blows his own brains out rather than go to jail; Dave then finds Wilmer is S&M’s hostage but can do nothing about it.  He can’t aim worth crap and S&M drives off with Wilmer and his posse in one of the SUV’s back to the Empty Suites hideout.

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

La Piloto #69 6-9-17: The Exterminator Meets The Terminator

 Col. Santa Maria questions La Embajador (Lady Ambassador) and learns that El Senador brought Yolanda in to replace The Brothers Lucio to bring him his merchandise.  The base of operations is at The Mediterranean Club.  She gives him directions to the place and he’s given a number of men to help try raiding the place and getting his hands on Yolanda “to fix a few things outstanding” between them.

Zulima goes over the map and the agenda from once they land in Colombia while Guard Dog Pilot sits and sleeps in the back seat of the plane.  Yolanda says the place is pure jungle and she has a lot of nasty memories.  Chocó was the name of the town she was held prisoner in.

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Friday, June 09, 2017

La Piloto #68 6.8.17: In Which Yolanda Makes Flies With a Snake

• Dave radios his men and tells them that John escaped in an unmarked truck and they need to comb the area ASAP. He then goes to talk to the director, who insists that he has nothing to do with the Lucios but confirms that he handled Oscar Lucios funeral. He chides Dave for interrupting the funeral and asks if John was present at the funeral. The director confirms he was and Dave confirms that he is his accomplice before radioing his men and asking if they found John. His men confirm they have not.
• In Miami, Wilmer gets out of the prison and calls Olivia. She puts him on loud speaker and he gives them the phone number for Ruben, the acting cartel leader, as well as the phrase they have to say when they call so they can get supplies from El Choco. Yolanda remembers when she was held there, at Santamaria’s base, and all the times she tried to escape before she finally did. Yolanda thanks him and they write everything down before hanging up.
• Dave gets into his car and calls Raul to confirm that Arley’s information was good and John was at the funeral. Raul then tells him that he is at Dave’s office because he just saw Lizbeth at the hospital, was able write down her car tags as she drove off and is currently looking for them. Dave thanks him and then tells Raul that he needs his help to return Arley the favor for his information. He asks Raul to get the report on Amanda’s accident and he will pass it along to Arley later. They hang up and Dave leaves the cemetery.

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Thursday, June 08, 2017

La Piloto #67 6.7.17: In Which Yolanda Flies Again

• Vaquero wonders if the Lucios have set up a trap for him but Yolanda reveals that she no longer works for them and neither does he. Zulima suggests they both lower their guns, as both of them are independent contractors, and they oblige. Vaquero explains that he went solo during the raid in Villa Antigua as he didn’t trust anyone around him to not turn him over to the DEA. Yolanda wants to know how he got John’s plane and Vaquero explains that a friend of him told him that the DEA wanted to take her apart and he didn’t think it right. He stole it while it was moved and the rest is history. Yolanda smiles and asks him to show them the plane. He does as Zulima chides Vaquero for scaring her.
• Santamaria arrives at Lucio headquarters demanding to see John. Pirana reminds him that John is in Tres Fuegos. Santamaria nods and asks to see the gun and money inventory but Pirana tells him that is confidential and just because he is John’s partner doesn’t mean he will reveal said information. Santamaria demands to know where the inventory is but Pirana repeats that he is not getting him where they are. Santamaria tells him that they will see and walks off.
• Vaquero takes Yolanda to La Consentida and Yolanda smiles because it the very same one John had. Vaquero asks if she’s interested because he has another client coming at noon. Yolanda asks Gonzalez to give him the money right then and there and eh obliges. Vaquero smiles and goes to calls the other client to tell him he already sold the plane as Yolanda remembers when she flew La Consentida and smiles.

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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

La Piloto #66 6.6.17: In Which Yolanda Barely Appears

• As John continues his goodbye tour to “Oscar: The Best Buddy Brother” one of his men inform him that a truck has arrived to take Oscar’s body. Another man comes and informs John that those who are selling La Consentida have set up a meet tomorrow in Tres Fuegos. John agrees and then asks him men to load up the body in the car. He vows to avenge Oscar’s death, and remembers when they promised to be there for each other on the plane, as they take the body away.
• Vergara discusses the John situation with the Senator, who is currently in Villa Antigua but leaving to Mexico City tomorrow to vote (as he hopes Vergara does too), and informs him that he has men looking John but haven’t found him yet. He then puts the phone on speaker and the Senator reminds him that he wants John found and dead so that he does not disrupt his presidential election. Vergara wishes him luck and they hang up.
• Pirana calls John and informs him that he found the mechanic shop Santamaria is stay at but there seems to be no one there. John asks him to go inside and look for any guns, money, etc. he can find and bring it back as Dave though him that Santamaria stole it all from them. Pirana hangs up and goes to look for a way inside.
• Santamaria watches the police take Raul inside the apartment but decides to wait as there is a cop standing outside the building and another has gone up with Raul.

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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

La Piloto #65 6-5-17: When Is Failure Not A Failure? When Luck Turns It Into Success

Parte 1~~

John and Col. SantaMaria are greeted with cheers at the latest encampment in the D.F. for the ex-cartelitos.  We learn (much to Viewerville's disgust that Oscar's remains are a-ripenin' in the trunk.  Nope.  He did not get a burial yet.)  The boys in the band are now supposed to give due homage to The Dead One, no doubt now ripening like a fine fromage.  (My apologies to our resident former French profesora, but I couldn't resist.)

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Saturday, June 03, 2017

LaPiloto #64 6-2-17: Hot On The Trail, Picking Up The Pieces and Tying Up Loose Ends

I have a video without CC so far and have about 50% of what's been said and 25% sort of what's been said and 25% of nada about what was said.  I prefer to wait for the CC'd version on this capítulo which won't arrive till late tonight if Loony Uni follows the pattern.  Oh well.....

The major points are these:

  • John meets up with Col. Santa(he-ain't)Maria.
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Friday, June 02, 2017

La Piloto #63 6.1.17: In Which Yolanda Doesn't Follow Orders and Pays the Price

• Armed guards escort John and Arley out of the jail and to the waiting trucks. Arley teases John on the way to the squad cars before a guard orders him to shut up. John only smiles as they are loaded up into the cars, which drive away as a man observes from an adjacent roof. The man calls Oscar and tells him that the car carrying John just left.
• Later, Oscar then calls his men by the airstrip and orders them to stay put until Santamaria gives the order to move in. Santamaria tells Oscar that the extraction should be easy since there are only four squad cars protecting escorting John. Oscar asks him if they have to wait much longer but Santamaria asks him to be patient and then leaves the car to make sure the diversion is in place. Oscar reminds his men to stay sharp as it’s going to get good.
• Yolanda reminds Vergara that he has plenty of men that can kill John but Vergara reminds her that she must follow his orders or the baby dies. Yolanda understands and Vergara explains that she will fly with two men and they will relay the plan to her once they are up in the air. He then tells her that she will also have men are the ground to help her, if need be, and Yolanda nods before they leave.

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