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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 6, 2017

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What does the uppity AG have cooking up against Monica ?

Will she kill her own daughter ? I hope I'm wrong, but it's looking like she'll likely have her tortured & worse!

la dona

Steve: the last I saw of dona was her lamenting, my daughter has the man I love, boo hoo hoo! she really didn't look so bad/sad, she looked heart broken.. too bad.
any who..

gabion is a killer idiot, so this coconut/ hibiscus bubble bath has put him over the edge... dead m but lovely soft skin , nice red sheets/clean!!

poor lovelorn dona sitting in a room with abt $300 of pure beeswax and aromatherapy essential oils candles .. what happen to your mojo big mama??

Regina called it ,just alike, munhar regina need to stop rationalizing psycho B**LSH*T!! that same godawful red skirt!!

I am sorry but I like the scruffy's ex-wife, she was comic relief!!

Yesenia you are dealing with mini -me Dona. but Monica deserves happiness ,even with somebody like Saul, she will have to kick his ass on the regular but it might work.

LAZARO ,dude hang in there....Felipe you better watch your back!

Braulio, god ?!why are you sneaking around!!?? you just gonna 'f' it up!
..this was an interesting interlude, mother reflection and revelations,
and we are off and running towards monkee land?!!


HALIMACANDY: Expect the Body Count to increase this week!

LA FAN #35 3/6/17 Monday

Part 1

After an endless introduction, Lucas wins "galán del año". He calls Bale up and gives her credit for the award and making him the man he is. The prize is for her. Lucas gets to sit on a throne with his flowers and a huge gold statue.

Back at the café, Adriana is upset that Diego is with Felícitas. She is leaving but refuses to take her mother with her. She tells Diego that Felícitas is all hers.

Benicio tells his dad is doing all that he can to win Adriana and the presidency. The only thing is he is now attracted to another woman. Ignacio says as an adult he should deprive himself of nothing. He can have Adriana and her.

Lucas and Vale and the whole gang including the director and his "cousin" end up back at the café to celebrate Lucas' win.

BTW, Tomás is more openly insulting and nasty to Lucas all the time. (Rubbed me the wrong way)

Back at her place, Salma is moaning about loving Lucas to Agustín. He says she is wasting her time with Lucas. She decides to show Lucas who he is playing with. She evidently has an idea.

Carlos and Adriana get into it again with him telling her that she is the most important thing in his life and her telling him no, Eloísa is. He calls her unfair again. She never should have come back from Europe. She has just been disappointed one more time. The conversation is cut short because Benicio calls up with news that a boiler blew up at the company and it so happens Diego was in charge of maintaining said boiler.

Salma tells Agustín she never should have gone back to the awards show.

LA FAN #35

Part 2

Back at the party, Lucas is trying to talk Vale into really being his novia again. He kisses her. He wants them to go on together but she doesn't and tells him "You cannot force me". She calls their kiss a goodbye kiss. She promises him she will pretend being his novia for a couple of more weeks so it all turns out okay for him. He has a photo shoot for the cover of "Cupid" magazine and some interviews.

Adriana, Carlos and Benicio talk about the boiler situation. Eventhough Benicio does not like Diego, he has always done good work so was this incidence due to negligence on his part or did he do it on purpose is the question.

Miguel asks if he can talk to Miriam as they are cleaning up after the party. No, she would prefer tomorrow because she is tired. He says "he cannot force her" so they make a date to go out for dinner tomorrow so they can talk. The next day Miriam having forgotten that date makes another one for dinner for the same night with Benicio.

Jessica wants a hot time with Diego at her place tonight but Diego is tired and wants to go home. "She isn't going to force him or anything." They will have plenty of nights. She loves him. He leaves.

Lucas goes home and Salma is waiting to seduce him. She also has brought him a gift bag of cosmetic treatments that were "supposedly" sent by the "galán del año" people. Lucas is all excited. Soon all is forgiven as he follows her up to his bedroom.

LA FAN #35

Part 3

Vale tells Eloísa that she is breaking up with Lucas for good. If he wasn't for Lucía, he is not for her. Some things just aren't meant to be eventhough she loves him with all her heart. Eloísa does not agree. As for Eloísa, she is moving in with Carlos.

Miriam tells Jessica that Miguel asked her out and now she is confused. Does she like Miguel or Benicio? Or both of them? Jesisica has news of her own.. She is pregnant. She knows because her stomach has been big, she has been all bloated and neen nauseous. And then of course, when you are a mother you just know. She talks to baby Diego.

The next morning as they awaken in bed together, Salma tells Lucas he has circles and bags under his eyes. He liberally applies one of the products from the bag Salma brought. He has his photo shoot for a magazine cover that afternoon.

Oddly, Vale gets a bag of cosmetic products just like the one Salma gave to Lucas special delivered to her door. She is not very excited about it since she isn't into those things.

Adriana and Benicio call Diego to her office. They tell him about the boiler exploding He refuses to take responsibility and asks what they are plotting. Adriana tells him he is fired. Later, Diego pays a final visit to Adriana's office leaving his keys, and everything else that belongs to the company including his uniform. He strips down to his shorts and leaves as everyone in the office looks on.


LA FAN #35

Part 4

Eloísa goes to see Carlos and tell him about her decision to move in but he has some news for her first. He tells her about the boiler exploding and it being Diego's fault and him getting fired. Eloísa sticks up for Diego by saying that her son could not make that kind of mistake. Carlos asks it was not negligence, did he do it on purpose? Her son is a good man. That he does not know. Since he has not been happy with anything he has done with his daughter. Eloísa leaves.

Vale, Gabriel and everybody is at the network but Lucas is not there for his magazine cover shoot. He finally arrives with a ski mask on to hide his face and Vale first thinks he is a robber. Whatever he put on his face has inflamed it and it is all red and swollen. Gabriel smiles. What to do about the photo shoot? They do not allow photoshopping their images. Gabriel tells him that nobody "galán del año" sent out gift bags of cosmetics.

The photo shoot goes on with Vale posing with a life size cardboard cut out of Lucas. Both Gabriel and the director are enjoying Lucas' misfortune. The director now is going to have a problem with Lucas looking like he does.

Ignacio and Varlos are chatting about Diego getting fired. Carlos is feeling sorry for himself feeling pressured all around. Just when ne thought he could be happy. Ignacio tells him that happiness does not exist. Carlos knows what he has to do.

Salma is full of joy as she tells Agustín about just having to get her revenge on Lucas.He deserved it. Salma should beon that cover with him not Vale.

Benicio comes to give Adriana the upshot about the boiler explosion: it was sabotage. Benicio tells her Diego will get what is coming to him because nobody hurts the woman he loves. The police appear with a warrant for Diego's arrest at the café.

Gabriel bursts in on Lucas and Vale who were having a moment talking about her always being his fan no matter what. Gabriel kisses Lucas on the forehead and thanks him. There is a web novela in the works and the producer cannot wait for Lucas' face to get back to normal, so the part is going to Gabriel. After 20 years, he is making a comeback!!!



Wow, Jarifa, how do you do it? Your recap is up in record time!!! And thank you!

I thought. they. would. never. announce. the. winner. ever. OMG. they. draaaaaaaaaaaaggged that. thing. out!!! (I wanted to scream)

Finally, the scales are falling from Augustín's eyes and he is seeing just how spiteful/vengeful/bitchy Salma truly is. Dude, give up on her and get the heck out of there.

That boiler thing caught me by surprise, because we didn't see any damage, just ... all of a sudden they're all talking about it.

So Jessica think's she is preggers. Adding that to the telenovela tropes list! And why does Diego keep going back to her apartment? He's dumber than a rock.

Lupita Ferrer does 'drunk' very well (realistic).

doris, you were not the only one wanting to scream at that dragged out announcement. It was so incredibly annoying but funny at the same time. As for Jessica being pregnant: has she ever heard of a pregnancy test?

That whole boiler event was very well orchestrated by Benicio/Carlos to end up looking like sabotage so that Diego would be arrested. It looks like Carlos did agree to help his son after all in getting Diego out of the picture.

I wonder how long Lucas' face is going to be affected by Salma's cream.

La Fan

Jarifa, a thousand thanks for yet another superb recap. I'm especially amazed/impressed/jealous at how quickly you were able to write and post it. Like doris, I want to ask, "how do you do it?"

I haven't been watching this novela lately, except for the ending; I turn on the TV to watch La Doña, and I often do so with a few minutes left in La Fan. It's fun when I read your recaps to see how the ending related to the rest of the episode.


Thanks so much, Jarifa. Yes, the announcers delay was both annoying and funny.

Cardboard cutout Lucas being good enough for the photo shoot was also hilarious. Poor Lucas was having a bad day. But that's what he gets for falling into bed with Salma and falling for her face cream trick. She played right into his vanity and anxiety about his aging face.

Gabe getting his own series (because of Lucas' red face) and choosing Vale as his co-star is a very interesting twist.

Jessica is either delusional about this pregnancy, or straight up lying. She senses that Diego is just not into her, and she's desperate.

I want Adriana to get hit by a small anvil. Can't stand the way she bought into believing the worst of Diego.


Vivi: Looks like Yesenia has once again sold her soul to AG the Devil again.

Juanita: I see that Saul & Mama Aguirre went to the hotel room of Ximena's. Saul went to the bathroom & checked the tub. They have NO clue that Braulio had Ximena's body dissolved in sulfuric acid.

Jarifa: AG's super bodyguard Teo 2.0 & Braulio going OPERATION COINTELPRO on Daniel by wiretapping his phones inside the Foundation office's. They listened to the conversation between Daniel & Francisco.

HALIMACANDY: FAKE NEWS Leticia meets Francisco's wife, Mama Vega!

Plus, Valeria loses her job as the Judge!


La Fan. Another superb recap, Jarifa. If there is an award for telenovela fans, you deserve it! Yep--that galán del año was so dragged out I thought Lucas would have a heart attack. A sabotaged boiler? Yes, probably Carlos and Benicio, but hello!...Doesn't that business have surveillance cameras all over the place? And if they were tampered with wouldn't somebody know who did it? Salma was just downright mean. She deserves to end up with no one, and I can't imagine why Agustín is sticking with her. Adriana is getting so annoying that I'd just as soon she went back to Europe. And Ignacio is totally creepy! Recommending that Benicio have 2 women at a time, and presumably forever, is the worst kind of stereotype of a Hispanic male. Is she or isn't she?...Jessi pregnant, that is. I vote for no. And good for Eloísa, walking out on Carlos! If he sabotaged the boiler and blamed Diego, he's getting exactly what he deserves! (Could Felicitas have played a role?)

La Fan

another wonderful recap, thanks so much Jarifa!

I think Jessica got started on this preggers thingy because it came to her in a dream, but then of course only a mother would know about these things, loved watching Miriam trying to get a handle on all this.

wow, blue lips were hard on the eyes, I was waiting for them to glow in the dark.

hmm, Lupita Ferrer is supposed to be in this but I think Felicitas is being played by Elsy Reyes, whom I hadn't seen before.

I think Salma told Agustin that there would be no permanent damage to Lucas' face and it would wear off quickly.

yes SpanProf, where are the security cameras when we need them, not sure that Carlos is in on this boiler thing, and when do they have a boiler in the dining room.

as Miguel struggles with an economy/romantic date, (a dessert would push it over the top), Miriam looks snowed by the suave Benicio which washed away all thoughts of Miguel, of course she is only friends with Miguel.


La Doña 70

wow Steve, pretty good little recap you did!
let me see if I can add some filler.

seems like Saul is always buttoning up his pants when someone comes to the door.

Yesenia swears to Monica she will stick by Laz to his death, and beyond.

Braulio is a professional, doubt if he left behind any traces, so Saul gets into Ximena's room to look for a check (not) that Ximena left so he can pay her bill, interesting how neither he nor Azucena have any intentions of coughing up any money.

Matamoros and Braulio as team mates ?? how is this going to work?

hmm, I started wondering if Daniel might be the father, he doesn't know about the Monica/AG connection but is attracted to her.

So AG and Yesenia talk, AG makes it plain that Saul is hers, and that he has her scent, it's in Yesenia's best interest to get Monica out of the way before she gets hurt (or buried).

oh and AG is breaking ground on a new project, and both Rafael and Yesenia ask who will be buried underneath it, Rafael thinks Felipe, Yesenia worries about Monica.

so Yesenia surprises Saul by coming out of AG's building, as he is looking for Braulio (not AG), and she spills on being with AG when Jaime died, AG had nothing to do with it.

wow, both Valeria and Lopez were replaced and are jobless.

Isabela sees Emi flirting with some other girls, Diego doesn't want to get involved, but I think they decide to go apologize to Marcos for the other day.

Leticia is becoming ever more suspicious of Rafael, the husband without a past, and decides to put her journalistic skills to the task, she draws up a sketch of the tattoo Rafael used to have and gives it to a guy to track down, wait, Franco's wife comes up to introduce herself and says Franco has a tattoo just like that...


La Doña

Thanks, Steve, for getting the ball rolling, and thanks to deb for a succinct recap that touches all the important elements. deb, I was especially intrigued by your question re Daniel as possibly Mónica's bio-daddy. A while ago, someone had suggested that Rafael was a likely suspect, and I really liked that idea, since from the first moment he met her, Rafael was on her case about how badly brought up she had been. That irony really appealed to me. But there's a lot to be said for Daniel, too. Instead of the bio-daddy as a major antagonist, we could have the bio-daddy as the most decent and sympathetic of the Monkeys. That, too, makes very good sense. I think I lean more toward the arguments in favor of Daniel--they're more positive, more in sync with Mónica's character, and surely more palatable for Mónica to accept.


Thanks Steve and Deb!

Juanita- Yes, it's either between Rafael or Daniel for title of bio-dad I think. I wonder when we'll learn that truth?

Leticia's very close to the truth, and now has a few more additional clues to Rafael's past and who he shares that past with.

If I were Valeria, I'd be relieved that I didn't have to work for AG anymore, although still worried about my physical well-being. She better have an escape plan by the time that baby is born.

In addition to believing that learning that she didn't kill his father will send Saul running back to her, AG also wants to distract Monica with a romance with Dr. Alvaro. I actually would LOVE for Monica to love Alvaro instead of Saul, but she has never shown a bit of interest in him, so I'm not sure how AG thinks she can engineer a romance.


Vivi: You think Monica & Dr. Alvaro are endgame ? Considering that she opened her legs to Saul ?

On Valeria: She should've gotten a flight to the Philippines!

If I'm Lopez, I might want to watch my back too because Braulio (AKA OJ Simpson 3.0) is on the loose!



Juanita: Daniel as the Good Monkey ? ROFLOL. I'm not going to forget that the blood on AG's parents & Cesar are on his hands.

Once the dirty secrets are revealed, Daniel can kiss his Foundation & reputation goodbye!


doris&Juanita, I have no secrets for a speedy recap because there are too many variables like no interruptions, a happy vcr,
cooperative ipad amd the sun, moon and stars in the right configuration! ; )

Juanita, I am glad you are staying on the patio for this one with us!

deb, I sure hope that the results of the cream wear off quickly for Lucas because if not he's going to be a complete basket case.

SpanProf, I am also tired of Adriana. ITA the time has come for her to go back to Europe and stay there!

Vivi, I am afraid that Diego's hellish existence is about to take a turn for the worse with goofy Jessica. Even a fake pregnancy would be too much at this point. However, if he sees it is a possibility because he was depending on that ditz for birth control, he deserves what he gets.

Steve: criminal w/badge-GABINO CAN’T THINK his way out of a paper bag,

Rafael and his meeting spun nothing, oh gee??.. she changed her mind? So she never stops a murder! She must be losing it!

Altagracia, where is your…’ Lover-Come –Back’...Oil ?? And throw in some… ‘Hands -Off -My –Man’... powder, get your mojo working !! you have monkees to kill!

Deb: you got it right abt hot- pants- Saul!! Too funny!! And the line about the construction site and whose buried under it!! LOL!!

Juanita: Yesenia and AG, the clash of the titans...

Scruffy and Valeria lost their jobs, well... too dang bad!! That heifer should be in jail, and plenty of people have kids in jail. To heck with may toughen her up.

Vivi: Leticia& Sra. Vega, UN-huh...what I say!! , didn’t I call it! But ,I thought would be at the nail salon and Dona…close enough, I knew Sra.Vega’s big mouth and presentata’ -self would spill the beans... oh look!!

Azucena and the tenament [with that same white haired guy walking down the steps on the phone] they head over to Ximena’s room, dang it!! Cameras please!!

Yesenia tarot consultations are on hold, Monica has to accept the transitions in life...

And so must us the viewer.

Steve is right...people are going to start dropping like flies!!!!

This show is going to go into overdrive, I think Lazaro’s death will be the impetus to everybody to begin shifting choices/ motives?? Maybe...

As least they have a home to live in/Felipe has been a good friend, and he comes outta pocket, deep pockets too$$$

home décor: 101...I like what Yesenia has done, you can’t lose with gold accents, and Monica has no standing w/ critique?? You are no kind of fashionista. Please!

Beside that place looks like an empty warehouse, white on white, vacuous white, please some color cannot hurt...

Daniel under surveillance, abt time!! Psycho one and sadist two, I don’t know who is worst Braulio the sadist or upgraded criminal ,Matamoros who kills for profit, but for both it’s a lifestyle choice with pay!!$$$



Halimacandy- I was not shedding any tears for Valeria crying over how AG got her fired, and getting mad at those guys for carrying out AG's orders. How much sympathy did she have for the people she threw in jail/snatched justice from on orders from AG? It was just a job to her to ruin those poor people's lives. What AG has done to her (so far) is nothing compared to what she has helped AG do to others over the years. I only feel bad for Lopez, who has a baby to support on his own, and no fat bank account.

La Doña

Steve, I'm under the impression that the only person Daniel was supposed to kill was AG, and he deliberately didn't do so. In flashbacks earlier, I think we saw that other Monkeys were the ones who killed AG's parents and Cesar. As far as I know, all the Monkeys may have raped AG, so Daniel is no saint, but he has spent most of his adult life trying to make amends. So yes, in my eyes Daniel is morally a much better person than the other four Monkeys.


If you think about it, AG has WAY more blood/abuse on her hands than Daniel. He raped AG and let his friends get away with the crime of killing her parents and novio. But that was his one and only foray into crime, and he's actually been so tormented by it that he's dedicated his whole life to helping those who have been abused. (NOTE: I am not saying this makes him a good person. I think he's a coward.) AG, on the other hand, has spent her whole life since that day hurting, killing, abusing, and stepping over innocent people, to get her way. What moral high ground does she think she has over Daniel?


Vivi: There's still the 50 to 50% odds of Francisco possibly being Monica's bio dad!

La Doña

thanks for the reminder HALIMACANDY,
Felipe paid a years rent on Yesenia's mini mansion.



Deb: It appears that Felipe & Regina are likely the next ones to get whacked by AG & her cronies.


LA DOÑA Finally getting around to this. Fabulous comments and thanks for the recapping, Steve & deb. It's funny, i never notice these things, but last night's show featured three separate iterations of the word "ironía" I can't remember who spoke them, but it struck me as odd. And then Juanita said "...That irony really appealed to me....".

I was surprised, but not really by Sra Vega. As Halimacandy put it: "Sra.Vega’s big mouth and presentata’ -self " She sure is full of herself, clueless and bossy. What a reveal. El tatuaje! Grist for Valeria's investigation. Did Emiliano save that photo? At least he would have remembered it. What kind of scars does tattoo removal leave. Is there evidence?

And the ultimate dilemma. ""What moral high ground does she think she has over Daniel?" (Vivi). Yes, AG has committed worse in her search for restitution and venganza. Is it because women traditionally don't have the same legal and societal recourse as men? Hence her extra-legal and indecent assaults on the lives of anyone who stood in her way.

Without getting into political commentary, it seems this show is echoing a lot of the concerns we are facing in this country and globally about the abuses of power: from cop-on-the street graft to corporate crime. Thus far, we haven't been treated to any governmental scandals. But AG is bigger than the local government, so far. Let's see what finally takes her down.

I'm not loving her coldness toward her natural daughter. Her grief seems inauthentic. Llamada de la sangre? Fugghedaboudit!


la dona..
WTF' !!
monica, meets regina..meets felipe..meets Daniel... meets monica ,

DANIEL = he is there to hear the family hates dona argument and the family connection!!
Daniel asked right out, monica what is your relationship to dona?/

its on,it out... 2+2=4 ya'll
Daniel is the first to see the connection . very very soon!!

LA FAN 3/7/17 #36 Tuesday

Part 1

Gabriel is all excited to fulfill his dream of being an actor. Lucas tries to talk him out of it but it does not work. Later Vale will tell Lucas and Vale that he has been given permission to pick his own co-star for the web-novela (Lucas has to remind him it is a WEB-novela). He want Vale. Clearly he wants to use her current popularity and have an opportunity to get closer to her. She is not interested but will think about it. Lucas is flat out jealous. Vale is his assistant. She is his fan. Gabriel addresses that with him saying that he is just worried that he will be more famous than him. Lucas tries to influence Vale to not take the job by saying that he wants Gabriel to have the best shot at success by working with a "real" actress. Vale agrees. Gabriel finally says he will not take the part and fulfill his dream if Vale does not do it with him. She won't let herself be put in that situation. Lucas accuses him of just looking for an excuse so he won't have to do it. Next, Gabriel says he will get a contract for her to help Vale make up her mind when she sees how much they will be paying her. Lucas is so upset with Vale maybe going to work with Gabriel he tells her he does not want her to be anything but HIS fan: he wants her all for himself. (BTW, Lucas has been going around with his face all bandaged like the mummy to hide his skin irritation) Vale calls him selfish. She will always be his fan but he can take off his own bandages today. She leaves. Later at home, Tomás tells Vale to take the acting job for him. Then just when Vale and Tomás are discussing what to make for supper, there is a knock at the door and it is Gabriel with pizza and her contract. Later, Lucas shows up to see Vale and he has to force his way in past Tomás who does not want to even let him in when Tomás says Vale is in her room with Gabriel. They are acting out a love scene from the script on her bed but Lucas does not know it. He hauls off and hits Gabriel and tells Vale he will never forgive her. That is how the episode ends.

LA FAN #36

Part 2

Lucas thinks that it was Estefanía that sent the bag over with the sabotaged cosmetic treatments. Vale overhears a conversation between Agustín and Salma where Salma is gloating and enjoying the fact that Lucas has been suffering and finds out that Salma was responsible for ruining Lucas' face. (Agustín thinks she went too far) Vale confronts her. Vale tells Salma she also got s bag of the creams. Salma says somebody had to put her and Lucas in their place with them acting so happy and all. She sees Vale as a gold digger who wants it all. It is interesting because as disappointed as Vale was in Lucas' wanting to keep her limited so she could just be there for him, she seems to have endless compassion for him here in the face of what was done to him. She refuses to descend to Salma's level but gives Agustín a peck on the cheek as she is leaving when he calls her "pizza". Salma says she hates her,

Poor Diego ends up in a jail cell. Adriana is upset that he ended up getting arrested. Benicio and at least this viewer are wondering what she thought was going to happen. Eloísa pays a visit to Carlos where he tells her that he cannot apologize for what he said because her son Diego sabotaged his business. Miguel and Miriam go to see Adriana for help. She says that Diego committed sabotage. Miguel says it sounds more like revenge. She says not at all. Miguel says that if they are to believe that, she should drop the charges. As luck would have it for poor Diego, the first visitor that he has is Jessica who tells him she is pregnant. Of course, Adriana overhears this as she has also come to see him. After Jessica leaves the scene, Adriana tells Diego she did ot know he was going to get arrested. He too does not know what she was expecting to happen. He tells her Jessica is not pregnant and that he did nothing to the boiler. Of course, she says she does not believe him. Suddenly, Diego is out on bond. Nobody knows who posted his bail. Diego must have created some doubt in Adriana's mind because she goes back to work and reviews the security tapes and sees that the person responsible for the sabotage is not Diego as she later tells her father. Also, at the time the sabotage took place, she was with Felícitas and Diego. When Diego gets out, he goes to see Jessica and asks what's up with the pregnancy.

LA FAN #36

Part 3

Miguel breaks his pizza date with Miriam because of Diego getting arrested. Miriam agrees to go out with Benicio who is taking his father's advice evidently; when he brings up the date to Miriam at work she has just seen him with Adriana. She mentions that but he says his relationship with Adriana is strictly work. Technically I guess he would not be lying because he does want to become the president of the company, right? Anyway, Miriam chooses to believe him. Miriam is out on the date sipping white wine as she and Benicio are waiting for a table, when during a Benicio absence, she gets a call fromMiguel who now can go out for pizza. She tells him she cannot tonight but can tomorrow.

Felícitas pays Carlos a visit telling him how she lied to Adriana about having an affair with Diego. Carlos agree that they need to keep them apart. Felícitas tells Carlos that they have to be careful with Diego because he is coming for everything and in that everything is his daughter.



I could not get enough of seeing Lucas in his mummy bandaged head. That kept me laughing the whole episode.

Lucas was so pathetic telling Vale that he wanted her to be just his fan.

It was odd but when Carlos was talking with Felícitas he referred to Adriana as OUR daughter and she referred to Adriana as HIS daughter.

I am so glad the pace is keeping up in this one.


Spectacularly fast, Jarifa! Thank you.

Perhaps Adriana should have checked the videos BEFORE accusing Diego of sabotage. Jeez!

I agree that Lucas was funny and pathetic in his insistence that Vale only be HIS fan. His insecurities and jealousy are showing.

La Doña

As usual, I'll have a recap of Tuesday's episode posted sometime Wednesday morning.

LXV, I loved your "Llamada de la sangre? Fugghedaboudit!" True. For AG, the llamada de la sangre consists of calling off the hit she'd planned. Ah, true mother love!

La Dona
AG seems to be getting away with every evil she has committed.

La Dona
AG seems to be getting away with every evil she has committed.


Jarifa - Thank you for this recap!

Lucas's mummy mask is too funny. I'm glad Salma's treachery has been exposed to Vale.

" It was odd but when Carlos was talking with Felícitas he referred to Adriana as OUR daughter and she referred to Adriana as HIS daughter. "
That is odd, isn't it? Writers rarely mess up, so this might be a clue about Adri's parentage.

deb - I have no idea why I had the misguided thought (all along!) that Lupita Ferrer was playing Felicitas. I'm going to claim "old age and related disorders", that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Thank you for setting me on the right path.

Why Adriana did not review the security tapes first is probably a telenovela trope!
It was funny when Adriana told Carlos "I know his body"!

I want to lanzar nerfazos at Adriana, Jessica, Benicio, Felicitas.

I have not trusted "Benicio" ever since he was "Juanjo" in RdC, when it was revealed that he was a bad guy. LOL The actor looked good in "Wrecked, though."

La Doña - Capítulo 71 - Martes 1/2

A puzzled Saúl asks Yesenia why she continually insisted that she wasn't with AG when Don Jaime died, only to change her story now. And why did Lázaro back up what she had said? Yesenia replies that Lázaro said what she asked him to. She lied because she wanted vengeance against AG, and the best revenge would be to make Saúl hate her. Saúl asks, "So why are you telling me now that you were with her? Has she threatened you?"

Saúl's question hangs in the air as the scene shifts to Matamoros and Braulio sitting in a car, listening to the hidden microphones Braulio has just installed in Daniel's office. They hear Daniel talk to someone he calls Francisco. Francisco tells Daniel "it's very important that no one connects me with you guys, and especially not with what we did in Veracruz 20 years ago." Braulio picks up on the use of "ustedes" and "nosotros" and realizes that there's a third Monkey still alive.

Meanwhile, Francisco's wife, Amalia, recognizes the drawing Leticia is holding. She tells Leticia that her husband has a tattoo like that. Leticia claims she's doing a feature on the meaning of tattoos, and that this one was quite popular some years ago. She says it would help if Amalia could tell her more about it. Amalia is thrilled at the prospect of aiding the famous newscaster Leticia Cabral. She tells Leticia that many years ago Francisco's buddies had insisted that he have the tattoo, but that more recently he had another tattoo put over it, one depicting the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And he added a large ribbon with her name and those of their daughters.

We jump back to Saúl and Yesenia. She tells Saúl that she wants to protect Mónica, and she asks him whether he loves Mónica. He doesn't reply, and Yesenia tells him it's because he's still in love with AG. "I don't want you to get Mónica's hopes up and then let her fall."

AG is ordering Gabino not to touch Mónica. He's understandably confused, since yesterday she had encouraged him to give Mónica a hard lesson. "That was yesterday," says AG. "Today is today." She informs Gabino that doctor Adolfo is the perfect man for Mónica. Gabino protests, but AG tells him that what Gabino feels isn't love, he thinks he has the right to abuse and humiliate women. She threatens him: "Don't do anything that might make me have to get rid of you. You understand?"

Dr. Adolfo is explaining to Mónica in detail about her father's condition and outlook. Her head spins [and so does mine]. She seizes on the possibility that experimental treatments could help. Adolfo advises her not to get her hopes up.

Yesenia admits to Saúl that she failed AG when AG needed her most. "I taught her to manipulate men for money. I converted her into the AG she is today." She tells him about what happened to AG in Veracruz, and that AG tried to denounce the Monkeys, but no one would listen to her. Saúl asks in astonishment, "you said the Monkeys were the ones who abused her and killed her family?!"

Felipe plans to meet with a stranger who can help him get back his political career. Regina is surprised that the man wants to meet with him in his hotel room rather than in a restaurant. Soon afterward, we see Rafael meet with someone who will help Rafael ruin Felipe. The man assures Rafael that he has set up microphones and cameras.

Braulio plays for AG the recording he made of Daniel's phone call with Francisco. It's clear that Francisco is one of the Monkeys. AG announces a change of plans. Daniel will have to wait. Francisco will be the next Monkey they go after. The recording made it clear that he's a banker, has a wife named Amalia, and children. It shouldn't be hard to find out who he is.

La Doña - Cap. 71 - Martes 2/2

Leticia learns that Amalia met Rafael when he was with Daniel Llamas. Leticia remembers seeing Daniel's tattoo, asking him about it, and getting stony silence in response.

Mónica tells Adolfo that she's in a relationship with Saúl. Crestfallen, Adolfo nonetheless assures her that he will continue to provide medical care for her father.

Yesenia reports to AG that she has done what AG asked: she has told Saúl the truth. AG tells Yesenia that she now needs to get Mónica together with Adolfo. Yesenia replies that Mónica won't give up Saúl. "That's your problem," AG replies, "unless you want to see a mother and daughter willing to kill each other for the same man."

AG angrily asks Braulio why he didn't find out that Mónica is her daughter. "You let me put her in prison," she tells him. "I almost had her killed." Braulio insists that he didn't know. AG finds this hard to believe. She informs him that Yesenia has already told Saúl the truth about being with AG when Don Jaime died. AG warns Braulio that Saúl will want to put him in prison.

Saúl and Karen talk about Ximena's disappearance. Karen has found no trace of her. Saúl is especially worried because Ximena was trying to find evidence of Braulio's involvement in Jaime's death. Saúl says that he realizes he can't take the law into his own hands: his mother would be devastated if he were put in prison. Therefore, he has come to make a formal accusation against Braulio for two things: Jaime's death--with the coroner's written confession as proof--and Ximena's disappearance [but does this supposedly competent lawyer have anything more than his suspicions?]

Lázaro says he's tired of all the medicines, injections, x-rays, etc. He wants to leave the hospital. Adolfo agrees it's possible. Yesenia suggests that perhaps some of her herbal treatments may help. Adolfo respectfully tells her that he will depend on the medicines he knows. Yesenia talks to Adolfo alone and tells him that he's the ideal person for Mónica. Moreover, Saúl doesn't love her, and Adolfo does. Adolfo should be there when everything falls apart (cuando se de el trancazo, literally, when she gets the blow.) She tells Adolfo that she'll do all she can to help him win Mónica. [Yesenia, of course, is following AG's orders, but I agree that Adolfo is a better person than Saúl.]

Leticia finds out that a recent victim of abuse has also mentioned the tattoo. Her assistant shows her the report about Margarita Vasquez. Leticia recognizes the name as belonging to one of the contrabandistas whom Valeria freed.

Valeria is relaxing a bit with Lopecito. She admits that she's worried about having a baby at her stage of life. He assures her that she isn't alone, he'll be with her. The phone rings. It's Leticia, very upset. She tells Valeria "I've discovered terrible things about Rafael. I need you to help me."

Matamoros, on stakeout, reports to AG that Lázaro is leaving the hospital.

Lydia reveals to Margarita her insecurities about Diego, who has called to tell her that he'll be delayed because he's going somewhere with Isabela. Margarita sensibly assures Lydia that her fears are groundless.

Felipe and Regina meet the mysterious stranger in his room. The guy wants to talk with Felipe alone. Regina introduces herself as Felipe's campaign manager, and Felipe assures him that she's his right-hand person. Nonetheless, the guy says the "secretary" should wait outside. Regina leaves. Felipe looks a bit suspicious, but perhaps not as suspicious as he should be.

Adolfo is talking with a nurse about how expensive Lázaro's treatments are. Adolfo fears that Lázaro won't be able to pay for the complete treatment. Suddenly, AG bursts into the room and tells Adolfo not to worry about the cost, she'll cover all the expenses needed to save Lázaro's life. End of episode.

La Doña

another excellent recap Juanita, you are very good at this!

Saul has sure gone around the block, investigating Margarita's abuser Miguel he stumbles upon a group called the Monkeys which may include Daniel and Cespedes, including that AG was one of the last to see Miguel, and AG has told of her rape to which Yesenia has now unwittingly added the name Monkeys.

kind of interesting that AG is going to let Saul take out Braulio, while she watches him squirm, is this another of her special recipes for a man's self destruction.

and Leticia has fallen into the deep connecting the dots, including the flashback of seeing Daniels Tattoo.

the way Yesenia falls into her manipulative ways at the drop of a hat, leaves me a bit nervous about her being sincere about anything.

I think Yesenia's cures may include bee stings, Laz is game as long as he gets to go home.

I was really impressed with that final scene, AG walking into Adolfo's office, and the amount of power she wields, to change the destiny of others.


La Fan

wow, you zip these recaps right out Jarifa, thanks so much!

I would find these recaps difficult to do as there is so much going on, plus all the snidely comments, plus all of the expressions.

when tomato head (is that what Just-in-Case called Lucas) showed up the day before I thought I heard Gabe mention Marcela (the real writer), maybe she could write it into the script, and last night I thought the bandages were for that new filming, wow, the galan of the year with an ugly face, and everyone is laughing and walking away, fans he has but friends he doesn't.


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Vivi, one would think that looking at the security recordings would be the first thing Adriana would do.

doris, odd how actors get typecast, isn't it? The Benicio actor is a nice looking guy but evidently is in the antagonista zone.

deb, you are right. There was talk about them writing a bandage headed Lucas into the script. It was funny but really sad when Gabriel and the director were enjoying Lucas' misfortune as much as they were.

La Fan. Man, Jarifa, you are so efficient with those excellent recaps! And an excellent somewhat snarky observation on Benicio's "strictly work" remark. I wonder if this character is redeemable or if Miriam will end up with Miguel. I enjoyed Gabe trying to guilt trip Vale. Carlos is getting his for not trusting that Eloísa's son would of course be a decent responsible man. Glad you finally looked at the security tapes, Adriana. That's probably why those previous references to and examinations of the tapes were planted in earlier episodes. Good preparation on the part of the writers. And yet again, Salma is such a creepy snob! Put Lucas and Vale in their place just for being happy, indeed!

La Doña

deb, I loved your comments! Even in casual remarks, you combine great insight with a marvellous way with words. I was especially taken with "Leticia has fallen into the deep connecting the dots." And I totally agree with what you say about Yesenia: "the way Yesenia falls into her manipulative ways at the drop of a hat, leaves me a bit nervous about her being sincere about anything." I share your misgivings, and for the same reason.

What caught my eye most about the episode's last scene was the sight of AG's oversized boobs pushing their way out of her dress. I'm not a prude, but I can't imagine so flagrantly flaunting the goods.

SpanProf, ITA about the writers really being prepared for this incident. I think that they're doing a fantastic job.


Juanita: Don't worry, Yesenia won't be among the living either!

Deb: Will Leticia start snooping around & investigate the Monkeys Tattoo, which will get FAKE NEWS whacked ?


Lucas' face damage and working it into a story probably happens IRL more than we know. I recall Sabine Moussier in some telenovela (Abismo de pasion?) had to use crutches in the story, because IRL she had hurt her leg badly. Although, IIRC, the crutches were never mentioned in the telenovela.


doris, Very interesting and it makes sense since they are always thinking about $$$.


Juanita- The recap was simply brilliant. Thank you.

Lots of people are closing in on the Monkeys and/or making the connect between them and AG. Leticia really hit the gold mine when ran into Francisco's wife. Very interesting that he covered his tattoo with another one. Will AG also find a way to get him to take off his shirt, as she did the others? No real need, since she's basically heard the admission on the tapes.

As much as I would love for Monica to set her sights on Alvaro, she has made it very clear she doesn't see him that way. I don't like Yesenia and AG messing with his life and trying to use him as a tool for their own ends.


La Doña

Wow, Vivi. Thanks so much for your remark about the recap!

I too don't like the way AG and Yesenia are trying to mess with Mónica's life, but I'm still holding out a bit of hope that for one reason or another, Mónica may change her mind.

Gotta run.

LA DONA #70/#71 Mon. /Tues.

Steve: Yesenia is not really colluding with Dona, auntie knows when it comes to AG / la Dona, its best for Monica to not reunite with mommy dearest, ever!

Yesenia’s sit down with Saul turned out as expected because all she had to do was tell the truth.

Braulio and Matamoros are getting ready to bust Rafael THE UNKNOW FACTOR XXX= as a monkey man!

Vivi: Team Yesenia: AWESOME MOVE!! she blew his mind with the LOVE QUESTION,’WTF’... don’t hesitate. Do you love Monica..!! Did I stutter!!??

He is so busted!!Damn damndamn, my girl, Yesenia knows men [just like me!!] and she can work a man…You go! Girl! Grass hopper: watch the skill of a master... a true role model for us all...[it’s the battle of the sexes and she plans on winning ,one for our side ]

Juanita: I am still..’Team Yesenia’:
She is singing a Sirena song [works to!] to gain his sympathy... it worked, because he was reflective …then MONKEES came up!! Can Saul add 2+2??
He has always wanted to understand the depth of her pain and trauma! …because ‘love is never having to say.”… What. I am killer??

He now knows too much and of course he will blow it with his arrogance, AG, [my true love] just talk to me… who are the monkey!!??? Tell me?? Did they hurt u??

Dona and special ed. Gabino, plan to get the doctor on board...Gabino chaffs at the idea...Dona NAILED IT when she called him on his neurosis and qualities of malicious intent .Deep, Deep!!....He conceded to her declaration, that he was a coward that wants to humiliate women.

She has him whipped!! The punk –assed bastard, I hate him, when he going to die, he couldn’t even justify his degenerate love for Monica...that says a lot about his perverted mindset cause, he ain’t got one.

LXV: The tattoo and Francisco wife, its karma [like a b*t*h… glamorous spell cast by Leticia, who will be losing her mind very soon. Your husband, will you protect him from justice!!

Steve : Leticia, will you be a monkey victim? Good! Die soon, I hope Rafael beat you to death!!

You’ve poisoned the culture and collective minds to accept the abuse and persecution of innocent people within media speak...

Regina changed her top and put on that godawful red polyester skirt!! Burn it, Felipe take her shopping...
Isa brat, is where? And doing what? Felipe, luckily for you Dona is in monkey mode or you would dead by now!

Wait a minute, oh! You are going to fall for another ‘’long con’’ and get set up for corruption/defamation, dang a smooth dope fiend move, Dona’s M.O..



Vivi: Daniel should've GOTTEN RID of the tattoo since Rafael was the only one to have done so.

I'm interested to see how this so-called alliance between AG & Tia Yesenia will last ?

HALIMACANDY: Valeria & Lopez enjoying life in the UNEMPLOYED LINE & the Poor House.



OBOGO, YES, she has evil –on-lock-down!!!

: Dona steps into Braulio’s ass, she got all-up-in- there, in regards to Monica’s identity, she has to be psychic, because she read him like a book!!

Dona you had the gall to tell Braulio that he is going to jail, right in his supplicant face, girl!? you are over playing your hand ,even Braulio has a limit?!

Deb: watch him squirm! LOL!! LOVE it!!.....~RUN SINNER MAN, Where are you gonna run to??...You can hide under a rock but the rock won’t hide you!! Braulio! 1

He is already on the precipice, I would not... ‘F’... with him cause his is ‘due to blow~!! Look!!I don’t see him going down like that! Sorry!!

Braulio, is not really with us, it’ one thing to kill a rusty- behind man/adult...and it’s a clean kill… or a hooker [ occupational hazard]... it’s was all just strictly business...nothing personal!

But, to kill your lover, you just laid and had emotional connection with and was ‘all-up-in-there’ ...’working -it –real- good’..!! to choking a woman, you trusted enough to express your frustration, had feelings for [$$] and enjoyed feeling up…

To go from ---10 TO A THOUSAND--to viciously murder in an emotional state of rejection and rage, and to use that person as the substitution/object of your hate of Dona!!

This was a real messed up murder,he turned her to slushy soup,goop?! yuck! he is already having flash backs!! Ximena spirit should be coming back to haunt him very soon...Braulio is totally crazy now, watch out Dona!



HALIMACANDY: But does Matamoros (Teo 2.0 from "Yago") & Braulio know that Rafael is one of the Monkeys ?


FAKE NEWS Leticia going to lose her mind ROFLOL.



HALIMACANDY: Let's be honest: Ximena was a major liability, who served her purpose, who HAD TO GO!

Braulio did us all a favor by whacking her & dissolving her in sulfuric acid (even though some on Caray Caray were disgusted at the way he violently beat her & broke her neck).

I did NOT feel sorry one bit for Ximena.

Meanwhile, Lydia, Margarita & Mama Aguirre NOT out of danger just yet!


LA DOÑA: Wow, thanks Juanita for an incredible recap. Full coverage. Put everything in context for me. I've been struggling with the Spanish.

and @Halimacandy
I have no words for your eloquent description of what Braulio did to Xime. You nailed it.

and..."my girl, Yesenia knows men [just like me!!] and she can work a man…You go! Girl! Grass hopper: watch the skill of a master... a true role model for us all...[it’s the battle of the sexes and she plans on winning ,one for our side ] " Puts everything in perspective.

LA FAN #37 3/8/17 Wednesday

Part 1

Vale is angry with Lucas barging in and hitting Lucas in the face. She explains to Lucas that she and Gabriel were rehearsing the script for the web novel. Lucas keeps saying he is sorry and just does not know what came over him. Vale gets Gabriel an ice pack. Lucas does not think Vale is ready to be an actress: she does not have the years of training. Gabriel reminds Lucas he got his training through a correspondence school. Lucas counters that it was a 31/2 month "intensive" course. All that having been said, Vale informs Lucas that she is accepting Gabriel's offer to be in the web novela. She almost looks like she is taking the job in defiance of him. Lucas is not happy.

Adriana talks with her father Carlos and tells him since she knows it was not Diego who sabotaged the boiler she has to go and get him out of jail asap. She feels terrible for accusing him falsely.

Diego wants to know how Jessica got pregnant. He always uses birth control. She says stuff happens and they did get pretty hammered.

Miriam and Benicio have a very flirty dinner and at this point of the evening seem very taken with each other. They toast to the night, to themselves and that she never stops surprising him like she just did (with her knowledge of wine).

Agustín tells Salma that Vale is probably going to accept the offer to act in the web novel. She sounds just like Lucas telling Agustín about all the ways in which Vale is ill prepared to be acting. Agustín says she sounds envious. Salma disagrees. Being a great actress is not easy and Salma is going to make it as hard as she can for her,

LA FAN #37

Part 2

Still at dinner, Miriam asks Benicio about His tealationship with Adriana. He doesn't want to talk bad about Adriana but she is very cold and that is okay for a business woman and work but not for life. Adriana does not want to have a family and he does. He is just a simple guy eventhough he comes from money. Adriana is the kind of woman that just can't make any man happy.

Big surprise! Adriana arrives home to tell her dad that Diego was not in jail. Somebody bailed him out; but who?

Miguel and Diego catch up. Miguel is all disappointed that Miriam could not go out with him. Diego is grappling with the fact that Jessica says she is pregnant and he does not know if she is or not.

Benicio and Miriam are in his car. He almost causes an accident by trying to kiss her. He invites her over to his place for coffee. She does not want him to get the wrong idea about her. She is not one of those girls who on the first night . . . He asks her how many nights she needs. She says at least three. He asks her out again for dinner tomorrow.

As Miguel and Diego are still talking, Adriana comes by to apologize. Diego is not accepting her apology because she had to check the security tapes to make sure he didn't sabotage the boiler rather than just taking his word. She needed proof.


LA FAN #37

Part 3

Lucas enters his dressing room and sees an attractive woman from the back and says this must be his lucky day finding a woman like her in his dressing room. The woman turns around and it is Vale who is trying different costumes/looks for the web novela. Lucas is surprised and finds her outfit provocative. Her role is that of a Latina singer who comes from very low society and who falls in love with a rocker. They are from two very different worlds: Latin pop and rock! Of course Lucas is interested in the kissing scenes. Yup, plenty of those. Lots of passion. Lucas wants to help her learn how to kiss for the novelas because it is different from real life. She does not think that is prudent. Is she afraid of falling for him; wanting to be his novia again? They have to stay separated. Everyday she is more sure of her decision. They made a deal,that as soon as the "Galán del año" competition was over they were going to hold their press conference to tell the public they were breaking up. Now is the time. He does not agree when she is just starting her career as an actress. She needs to let all that go for now and put all of her energy into her acting. Then they can talk about their separation. Gabriel comes in to get Vale so they can film. He is in his rocker gear. This is going to be their first love scene. Lucas is left alone.

Miguel pops on by to see Miriam and ask her why she canceled on him last night. She went out with Benicio. Her boss, right? Yes, and she could not tell him no. He asks if it is a work requirement to go out with the boss. She thought it was better to not reject him. Miguel just wants to be sure she doesn't like a Benicio or anything . . .He invites her to go out tonight. She can't because she is going out with Benicio again and btw she has to get going so she won't be late for work. Bye.

Adriana is still trying to apologize as Diego is cleaning the café. Eloísa sees her there and lets her have it. It is all Adriana's fault. Adriana even offers him his job back. No way. Felícitas appears on the scene. She is so happy to see him free because she paid his bail.

Carlos lets Benicio know that Diego was not the one responsible for the boiler sabotage. Adriana looked at the security recording. That is not all. Somebody paid Diego's bail and he is free. Benicio admits to the sabotage but not to the bail.

Salma does not miss a chance to be perfectly bitchy to Vale when she meets her in the hall. Soon Gabriel, Agistín, the director and Lucas in his mummy head have joined them. Big news for Lucas: his character was hit by a train and he will be wearing his mummy head for at least three months.

Jessica buys a pregnancy test.

LA FAN #37

Part 4

Felícitas would first like a thank you from Diego and then she wants to remind him that he owes her a lot if money. Eloísa assures Felícitas they will pay her back every red cent. Felícitas does not get how they could ever afford that. Maybe they could just sign the café over to her . . . Anyway she has to go and tells Diego that whenever he wants to come by the studio her brushes are anxiously awaiting him.

Benicio is trying to justify his actions with the boiler sabotage but that was the only way he could think of getting rid of Diego. Carlos is fine with it. Benicio is happy because on some level it worked out because Diego is not going to work there anymore. Not so fast warns Carlos. Knowing Adriana she could feel so at fault that she could apologize and give him his job back.

Back at the café, Adriana tries to offer Diego his job back again this time mentioning him needing it because of his situation. Eloísa wants to know what situation. Adriana answers it is about her being a grandma. Eloísa knew nothing of the Jessica pregnancy scare until now. Adriana is out of there and Diego is on the hot seat especially about the pregnancy. Eloísa knows Jessica would not lie, etc, etc., etc.,Yes, she needs to take a pregnancy test.

Jessica has taken the pregnancy test and is in Lucas dressing room. She is NOT pregnant. Salma comes in wanting her to touch up her makeup but Jessica tells her she has to go to the drugstore and is out of there leaving Salma all alone with Vale's costumes. She picks up one of the high heels and smiles.

On the set of the web novel, Vale is getting into her character and singing. She is nervous. Gabriel tells her to relax and she will do fine and she does. We see another scene of the web novela on line and it is doing well with lots of likes and subscriptions. As soon as Gabriel and Vale are going to kiss, Lucas yells cut. No, Gabriel cannot kiss her. It is a legal matter that cannot be ignored. According to Gabriel's contract with Lucas (Lucas has it in his hand) that he is prohibited from returning to acting. He cannot do the two things at once. Gabriel has to choose. He does. He chooses an acting career over being Lucas' manager. Martincito has come back and he has come back to stay!

Ignacio asks Felícitas why she is doing all this. She does not want them to be happy. (She and Salma should be roommates) Carlos does matter to her. She did everything for him and lost him. She can't stand the thought of Eloísa in her house or Diego married to Adriana. So, she is going to continue having a good time like a mad woman with Diego and Eloísa.

LA FAN #37

Part 5

Benicio is all happy to see Miriam at work. Yes, they are going out tonight. He wants to get to that third date. Adriana calls Benicio to come see her in her office. He tells Miriam she is a tyrant but she is the boss. Miriam looks uncomfortable.

Lucas is moaning to Salma how he has lost everyone. She reminds him she is there for him and won't abandon him. She tells him he has to announce his breakup from Vale. Lucas has excuses for not doing that yet. He assures her it us just for the ratings. She kisses him and Vale walks in. Lucas wants to talk. She can't. She has to change for the next scene and use Lucas'dressing room because she does not have one of her own.

Adriana tells Benicio they made a big mistake. Diego had nothing to do with the boiler sabotage. He was not on the security tape. Even if Diego were to return to work there she assures Benicio there would never be anything between them. She is accepting Benicio's marriage proposal.

Salma is on the phone to somebody with a big scoop. She wants the person to publish it on their page because it is a real big deal.

The web novela is recording and Lucas is watching hidden in the back. It is a sultry music number with Vale and Gabriel. Lucas is not enjoying it. Vale starts to fall. Gabriel goes to catch her. The set falls around them. Lucas' director loved the fall. One of Vale's heels broke. The director loves the chemistry between Vale and Gabriel. It is dynamite. He is going to direct this web novela. He is so sick if Lucas Duarte and his diva airs. Gabriel is the greatest.

Salma is expecting that in a few minutes somebody will be begging her to do the web novela. Agustín asks her what she did. Lucas comes in to give her the bad news that Gabriel and Vale are so good their director wants to direct the web novel. He and Vale gave a big problem: Vale and Gabriel could end up being more famous than they are.

La Doña

LXV, I'm delighted to hear that you found the recap helpful.

Halimacandy, I'm still rooting for Yesenia, but deb nailed what makes me uneasy: "the way Yesenia falls into her manipulative ways at the drop of a hat, leaves me a bit nervous about her being sincere about anything." I still like Yesenia, but I keep finding it hard to trust her.

LA FAN #37

Part 6

Carlos comes to the café for two things: a cup of coffee and to get down on his knees to apologize to Eloísa. Applause break out from somewhere . . . Her boys are great but she has not been the best of mother's because she lied to them. Carlos asks lied about what?

Jessica meets up with Diego and he asks her if she is pregnant. She grabs him and hugs him.

Back on the set, Salma and Lucas have arrived to antagonize Vale and Gabriel. Suddenly the director notices that something big is trending on the web: Vale left Lucas for Gabriel. The director can't stop laughing.



La Fan

Thanks yet again, Jarifa. Your recaps are so clear and detailed that I really feel I'm following the novela, even though I haven't seen an actual episode in quite a while.

Thanks, Juanita!

There seemed to be so much going on on that episode or so much that was interesting.

I felt like Miriam might be having her doubts
about Benicio as he went running after the "tyrant". At least I hope so. As for Miguel, now that he is FINALLY interested in her, he is so impatient when she was throwing herself at him for what seemed like forever. So funny.

Looks like Lucas is going to be left with only Salma.

That is all for now.


1.) FAKE NEWS Leticia & Fired Girl Valeria just signed Margarita's death warrant!

2.) AG & Monica clashing: Monica: you need to know that AG will do anything to get Saul back inside her vagina including having YOU either tortured or whacked. Maybe even have Braulio dissolving you in sulfuric acid!

3.) IsaBrat trashing Marcos too. She needs Karma Anvil in the worst way!

4.) Felipe had no idea he was being videotaped! He turned down the sneaky corrupt politico's bribery!

5.) Regina wants to be Felipe's campaign manager ? Good luck to you both.

6.) Karen telling Saul & Mama Aguirre that they had to let Braulio go sent Saul over the top to blow gasket's.



Thank you, Jarifa, for this excellent recap!

Won't Miriam be upset when she learns Benicio is two-timing her?! He is such a snake.

It seems none of the directors really like Lucas. I wonder why? He's vain but does not seem like a bad person. Actually, no one seems to like Lucas, except his fans. I think Salma only wants him because of his stardom. If he was nobody, she would drop him like a hot potato.

Thank goodness Jessi did a pregnancy test. Why is she buying another one? Getting a second opinion?

La Fan

terrific recap Jarifa!

ah, Justin must see some potential in the web novela, as the set falling apart got his attention, I wanted to see more.



doris, I am hoping that Miriam will be smart enough to realize that Benicio is a snake, as you so aptly described him, before Benicio's much coveted third date.

deb, what fun having a novela within a novela. . Like you, I want to see more. Thanks for using the director's name. I never can remember it as I should because it is rather unforgettable!

La Doña 72

thanks for getting us started Steve!

let's see,

doc Adolfo reluctantly takes the money from AG, but calls Monica, he hid Lazaro's condition from her but wants to be transparent from now on.

Laz and Yesenia with sweet smiles lean on Monica about the doc, Monica isn't buying it.

Isabela doesn't seem to want to go through with the apology to Marcos, after all she just wanted to get back at Emi, but Marcos rushes to her, spills the truth about AG's threats to his family, he thinks of Isa every day, too much info for Isabela's tiny brain.

Sleaze, the businessman gets Felipe on film being offered a bribe, who's not buying, but hey, Rafael thinks with a little editing the pictures will tell their story, later we see Felipe handing Regina HIS recording of the meeting, good to see Felipe learned a thing or two from AG, that he is not down for the count.

Leticia talks Monkeys too Valeria, they head over to see Margarita.

Karen arrests Braulio, despite Saul's constant interference, when she interrogates him, he has all the right answers.

Monica crashes AG's world, Rafael blows it seeing her, AG has to get him to leave, Matamoros too, as Monica gets on her about the money, AG swings it to the real topic, Saul, you don't know anything about me, Monica says, (do they have to make AG look so wise) AG hits Monica where it hurts, you were just filling in when he couldn't have me, he needs a real woman, and describes passionate sex that is probably beyond Monica's comprehension, is this what it's like for you?

Diego is tiring of babysitting Isa, they sit outside the mansion but she doesn't want to go in, calls the stoned out EMI, he'll come get her, she smells how wasted he is and hopefully doesn't get in his car.

Leticia and Valeria crash in on Lydia and Margarita, talk about an awkward moment, but it works, Leticia talks to Margarita, and the tattoo, the existence of the Monkeys, how they raped and killed and were all proud of their tats.

Valeria, the judge that let Emi off, hangs with Lydia, don't you hate me, Lydia shows lifetimes of wisdom, nope, you let Monica and Margarita off, then it's on to Diego, who shows with a soft kiss at the door, before seeing mother.

Monica's fire has gone out, she looks stunned at AG's words.


La Fan. Excellent and very thorough recap, Jarifa! I loved what you said about Felicitas: "She and Salma should be roommates." Well said. I also loved how they switched the screen to "web." Hilarious! I'm pretty sure that Jessi is going to lie about being pregnant. Benicio has done himself in if the conventions of telenovelas hold. His sabotaging the boiler has disqualified him from ending up with anyone! He doesn't deserve Miriam--unless possibly if he turns down Adriana's proposal--which isn't likely to happen--and even then...


Thank you so much, deb!

Within a few hours, Isabela learning AG threated Marcos and his family; that she threatened Diego’s mom for not convicting M&M; and that she threatened Emi and his family after he and Isa made their dating public. Will her pea brain accept the truth now? And yes, I hope she had at least enough sense not to get in the car with high Emi. (Couldn’t he just take a cab/Uber over there to pick her up?)

The men just weren’t reacting the way AG wanted them to. Alvaro immediately called Monica and told her everything. Saul didn’t immediately come running after learning AG didn’t kill Jaime. And Felipe didn’t take the bribe. She may think she knows men, but #NotAllMen. I just hope Felipe’s tape is enough to counter the fake one AG and Rafael are going to release.

It was definitely an awkward situation when Valeria and Leticia, who have helped ruin the lives of the girls on AG’s orders, showed up on Lydia and Marg’s doorstep. The girls showed real maturity in letting them in and speaking with them. I’m not quite sure what Valeria was trying to say about Lydia’s relationship with Diego. What’s the issue? That she has a few years on him? That she’s poor? Surely Valeria sees how much happier Diego has been since he started seeing Lydia.

So what’s Leticia going to do, now that she knows her husband was once part of a raping/murdering gang in Veracruz?



Thanks, SpanProf. ITA that Benicio has put himself into the permanent pariah category along with Gabriel.

Eloísa better tell the truth already. She is torong me out. She might truly deserve Carlos if she doesn't.


Thank you so much, Jarifa! I too wanted to see more of the WEB-novela. Justin is right that Vale and Gabe do have great on-screen chemistry. Even that rehearsal bedroom scene was pretty hot. No wonder Lucas thought it was real.

Benicio is definitely at the bad guy table, but he actually seemed to really enjoy his time with Miriam. I think it even surprised him. He never enjoys himself like that when he's with (robotic) Adriana. Perhaps he'll eventually see that. In any case, I hope Miriam isn't terribly hurt when she finds out he's two-timing her with Adriana. Can't believe Adriana was giving Diego dirty looks again when Feli revealed she was the mystery person who posted bail. And speaking of that--- why do Diego and Eloisa need to pay her back (Adriana should)? If anything, they should be SUING Adriana and the company for defamation, wrongful charges and imprisonment, and should be getting money, not paying anything out.

La Doña

Terrific recap, deb! Thanks very much!!

The tide does seem to be turning. Altho Isabrat wasn't sure what to make of Marcos' accusation about her beloved tia, she at least looked a bit puzzled, which means some part of what he's saying may be starting to get through. And, as Vivi points out, she has to put what Marcos says together with similar reports she's recently had from Diego and Emiliano. Isa's poor pea brain may be in danger of becoming split pea soup.

Yes, I too am strongly hoping that Isabrat doesn't get into the car with a drugged Emiliano (who can be a road menace even when not high on drugs). But how many times can the writers play with us? The Accident is inevitable. My only question is who will be hurt. If Emiliano drives off by himself and is killed/badly injured, what effect will this have on Leticia (and on Rafael?)? I'm wondering whether Leticia will blame Rafael and thus have more motivation to proceed with her investigation of his involvement with the Monkeys.

Bravo Felipe! As I was watching the meeting between Felipe and Sleaze (thanks, deb), I was picturing just how what Felipe was doing and saying could be doctored into "proof" that he's corrupt. I hoped but did not expect that Felipe would have brought a mini-recorder. Score one for the Good Guys.

Wow, that was quite a description of passion from Altagracia! I loved your powerfully terse summary: "is this what it's like for you?"

La Doña

Vivi, I loved your point about the men not responding the way AG was sure they would, and your "#NotAllMen."

As for Diego and Lydia, I think the issue for Valeria is probably social class (and the concommitant issues of education and money). I wonder how long it will take her to overcome her reluctance.

La Fan. Excellent point, Vivi, about Adrina owing Diego bail money + damages on behalf of the company. Also, one of the possible hopeful things about Benicio and a possible relationship with Miriam (if he reforms and makes some kind of restitution for his having Diego beaten up and falsely accused of sabotage) is that they both love exotic food and good wine. It's kind of like Adriana's and Diego's obsession with sports.


Juanita: Valeria will NEVER accept Lydia to be with Diego.


Vivi: FAKE NEWS Leticia will do NOTHING until someone else (most likely Monica, Mama Aguirre, Lydia or Margarita) get WHACKED!



Great point about a defamation suit, Vivi.


"Telemundo today announced Miguel Varoni ("La Fan" Justin Case) has been promoted to Vice President and Creative Director of Telemundo Studios and Telemundo International Studios. In addition, Varoni will continue to be an exclusive talent, both as an actor and director on Telemundo’s productions."

(wow, his career has really taken off with this Web Novela).



Thanks for the info, Deb.

La Dona # 72

Money talks and B**l S**t walks!! but Ms. AG is spinning her wheels,

Vivi: pea brain! LOL!! Isa brat hasn’t a clue abt life and don’t care either!!

Felipe, thank god you are not as narcissistic as Dona thinks, or as stupid…

Leticia are you going to confront Rafael, you are in for a beat down!! Good!! Can’t wait!!... Go ahead, Rafael show her what kind of man you really are!

Karen pulled up with the big guns [cops] and arrested Braulio, Karen is not stupid, she knows what time it is with criminals!! And Saul almost ...’f’... it up! Karen how do you put up with that idiot!!

La Dona- family, Hey-You all: did they find Ximena‘s phone?????? Laptop with flash!

MAMA AZUCENA: your son is a putz!! Poor woman, is he your only living child??

Yesenia, she blew it wide-open to Monica, ok! Yes! Girl, we tried to bang up Dona, but it didn’t work...

Sorry!!But poor loud mouth, Monica is in for heart break!

Did that poor woman-child really try to out- ‘FEM’, the essential female =Ms. Altagracia, one of the baddest broads on the block!!! .

. Saul is your man? Psych! She gave Monica, the run-down.
AG……she’ made- you-look and made –you –dig yourself!! ..

Monica-You are NO Competition against a woman that can make a grape orgasm!

Monica you are outta of your league!! Saul hasn’t even said he loves you!! Why not!!



Deb - thanks for the info on Varoni. At the article you gave us, who is that guy in the photo?

Please you are tickling me, you are all a bunch of astute observers, great sense of humor and you need it with this content!!

All the comments are so funny, I am laughing so much!!

Steve; stop [mal-fi] bad mouthing my girl, Yesenia! but you are on the money,abt the death march these people are on!!

Karma anvil, it’s stuck in my head, I can see it in my mind!! OMG!!
Lazaro is going to leave us soon!!

XIMENA was a good girl, she was in love with an idiot!!That was her downfall, as well as not 'slow walking' with killers!

Ximena come on back!! and sit next to Braulio and watch him jump out his skin!! Or out of his mind. Not hard!!

LXV: These weird shows are somebodies’ crazy version of feminism [in some parallel universe]...

But I am team Yesenia, She is the only one who stand up to the low-down Altagracia.

Except Dona plans on winning this war at all cost. By exploiting the bodies of everybody...this isn’t feminism.

Juanita: Go on girl, feel free to make the social commentary, because we have to watch these novellas and some time I got to wonder, for whom are they writing this mess!! Have they ever met a real woman!!!



Congrats to Miguel Varoni! That's quite a trajectory within a television production company- from actor, to director and producer, to network executive! And now doing all four jobs at the same time! Bravo for him. Doris, that's Miguel, looking very professional, in that photo.

La Fan

Doris- ha! (maybe the new IT guy) if Miguel didn't have Catherine Siachoque hanging on his arm all the time I'd wonder about him.


The Monica and Dona show down! BLOOD to blood boil!

I had to watch their encounter again and was really happy to be treated to some real ...’Woman to woman’, truth to power:

Team Dona on this one: the breakdown:

Kama sutra: 101, welcome to the 64 arts and the 20 tantric positions:..

“”Sorry, to have to hurt your feeling, but he’s my man because when we get to loving, uhmm, the earth moves!!

“”It gets hot like an oven, he can throw down, and can make it sweat... we hit it till it cramps/ hurts so well!!

“”- Saul has the stinky-leg on lock-down, hump- hump do the bump!!
I can hardly keep my wig on my head,!! its worth it..

“”-we hit it country style... [Think abt it], there’s scratching, pulling, pinching and groping for openers...

“”- we tear up the joint, pillow flying, sheets falling off the bed, wine sloshing, biting, nipping…licking in favors !!!

..So my poor dear….And he makes love to you like how...oh yea... of course…missionary position /…boring!! Poor thing!!???Later for you!

“”Back to the how... we - be tearing each other up..!! He ravishes me...real good!

“”Saul is an animal, a sexy beast/ he has skills! and I taught him a few new tricks…believe me..!!.

“”When Saul shifts into gear he’s an animal in his strength and force, he turns into a tiger [good one –slick and smooth pace!!] Lots of stamina!!

‘’’no hold bar. We have no limits in ….how we ….???

“”Savage in his passion, or in others words, he is got the energy and force to make the course!!

“” of’s All night long!! Steady pace!!he is her stud..we get it, poor monica!!

“””Think about it…better not? In those so hard but good- delicate positions??

“”No problem he can handle it!! He can control all of that this... big momma, that’s a lot of booty to maneuver!!

Then Dona had to deliver the coupe-de –gra’… of course. He brings her to repetitive /multiple…orgasms!!

Ready willing and able!!

Dona!! Did you need to/ have to really wash her face in your funky drawers...?

Truly satisfied, content and happy drawers! But really?


Monica, if you do get with the dude, have him rub your feet without sex for at least a month and practice every position in the book that does not involve penetration... Balance this out... lessons... Student learn from the master!!!!

I couldn’t stop oohing... Gee!! Are we dealing like that?

...Aahhhing, Gosh, Saul must has some skills, who da thunk it!!…

When she clarified how, he knocks boots and kept going on, on and on... bunny wabbit

I thought, oh! Monica that must really hurt! Gee! Donna, don’t be so mean...

But- is what it is!!

BUT YOU ASKED FOR IT!! Ms. Monica, you are way way out of your league!! Stay in your lane!!!

And like the old church ladies say...”’Never advertise your man!!



HALIMACANDY: Time for the Monkeys Alliance to launch retaliatory strike on uppity AG!

I'm all for it because I'm going to be cheering when Francisco & Co., hopefully FINISH THE JOB!


HALIMACANDY: Francisco & Mama Vega flaunting it!

Maybe she can get a Monkeys tattoo too.


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