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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 13, 2017

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El Chema is now in Últimos

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1.) OPERATION REVENGE OF THE MONKEYS is in motion as Francisco whacked the uppity AG over the head with some horse racking object, putting her in her place.

2.) Monica is due for some heartbreak when Saul goes back to AG (if she can escape Francisco's torture chamber).

3.) Fired Girl Valeria telling Braulio to his face that she's divorcing him: Good luck with that because you & Lopez are still in DANGER.

4.) FAKE NEWS Leticia: Don't get me started on her so-called conscience.

5.) Mama Aguirre calling out Saul on if he's going to be with Monica or AG.

6.) Is anyone ever going to tell Monica that the psycho AG is her Mommy ?


“Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio”

"This inspiring and moving series will trace Jenni Rivera’s path to fame, giving an account of her life story based on her autobiography, “Unbreakable,” and testimony from family offering a new glimpse into her life as daughter, mother, wife, lover and artist."

"three actresses will play the singer at different points in her life." (Angélica Celaya, Samadhi Zendejas, Regina Orquín)

"Jenni Rivera’s father will be played by Gabriel Porras".



"El Capo" or is it "Perseguidos" as it was launched in Mexico (on Imagen Televisión a new station that began last October), made for Telemundo by Argos, this is a remake of a popular Colombian novela "El Capo" (now in it's 3rd season) originally written by Gustavo Bolivar (Sin Senos no/si hay Paraiso), 60 episodes, some familiar faces Mauricio Islas, Sara Maldonado, Roberto Mateos, Julio Bracho, and Guillermo Quintanilla, rumored to begin in April.


LA FAN #40 Monday 3/13/17

Part 1

Gabriel talks a reluctant Vale into leaving Lucas obviously in distress. Vale has a hard time at rehearsal because she is still worried about Lucas. In the meantime, Salma finds an unconscious Lucas and shortly Vale enters and gives Lucas a couple of breaths. He regains consciousness. He pops up. He wasn't feeling well and his ex-novia and ex- manager both decided to abandon him. Salma will take care of getting a doctor and taking care of him. Vale can go.

Salma tells Agustín that she is afraid that Lucas will talk Vale into being his novia again just so he can improve his ratings.

Miguel and Patricia are still in the park. It is as if time has not passed for either of them. They feel the same. He never forgot her. She was his only and greatest love.She never told her son Gustavo about them. He would never forgive her. Patricia insists in coming to visit Eloísa at the café so Eloísa will not suspect anything fishy is going on.Eloísa comes out and Patricia states she has come to see her and ran into Miguel at the door (does that sound weird or what?)The women chit chat.

Miriam hands some papers to Benicio and excuses herself. When she is gone, Ignacio is angry. He told Benicio he could have both of them but not this way. He is neglecting Adriana. How can he have a lover at work? Benicio explains about not having gotten that far with Miriam yet. Ignacio looks unimpressed. Miriam bumps into Adriana in the hall, talks about what a great guy Ignacio is, notices the engagement ring and tells her how pretty it is. Diego tells Adriana how his loan is all set up. She tells him to be careful when he returns the money to her mother. She will want to celebrate . . . Benicio bumps into Diego and is surprised to see he ismnack. Has he o pride? No dignity? Diego explains that is why he is back to show he is not a criminal. He did nothing. Benicio tells him he is right. He Benicio did it and when it comes to Adriana he is capable of anything even killing Diego. Diego better stay away from him and Adriana.


LA FAN #40

Part 2

Adriana runs into Ignacio who is concerned about her. She says she will be fine. She asks him if he thinks it is okay that she is marrying Benicio without loving him. Benicio loves her and will take care of her. She should give it a chance and she may come to love Benicio. She is having a hard time thinking that love is something to be negotiated. She always thought of love as an uncontrollable force. Did he love her mother? Yes, he did at one time. Eloísa? He always loved her.

Jessica runs into a depressed Vale who just cannot record the web novela because she is too upset about the ratings and everyone boycotting Lucas because of their separation. Jessica cannot believe that she is letting a ghost get in the way of her love. Now that Tomás knows that Lucas was Lucía's novio things got worse. She just cannot be with him. They only way ever she would get back with Lucas is if Lucía were to send her a sign. . . .

The paramedic came to look in on Lucas and he is fine. He had a panic attack. He needs to relax. He cannot believe that Vale just left him alone dying. Salma assures him she is the only one who loves him..

Benicio warns Miriam they have to be more cautious around work. She agrees. Tonight their date is going to be at his place. He will be serving Japanese food. A problem soon arises when Adriana invites Benicio out tonight to see an orchestra they both like and out for Japanese food, sushi? Sure. It is fine by him.

Ignacio runs into Diego at work and wants them to form a truce for his mother Eloísa's sake. It all comes down to Diego thinking that he is not the right man for his mother justmlike Ignacio thinking that he Diego is the right man for his daughter. So, he can be happy with his mother when he is ready to be happy for Diego with his daughter Adriana. Again, Ignacio is not a happy camper.

LA FAN # 40

CORRECTION PART 2: Carlos runs into Ignacio

Part 3

Vale goes to see Lucas because she feels so bad when she should have believed Lucas and not Gabriel. Lucas tells her he had a panic attack and that it was not due to the ratings as she would think but was due to the fact that he thought he was gong to lose her. Vale gets all emotional and they are going to kiss when he sneezes in her face and then wipes her face with his hands. (Ew!) he keeps sneezing even when Justin the director comes on by to see what is going on. The sneezing is just another symptom of his panic/anxiety disorder.

Gabriel is talking to his therapist. He has Lucas where he wants him: with nothing. Lucas has lost his fan, his fame and his manager. Gabriel feels like he is on an upswing. He has his web novela which is going to be a success and the story of Martincito and Rosario is going to go beyond the screen. He is going for Vale. She is meant for him and forever.

Carlos and Diego have still been talking because Diego is telling him that the story about how he and his daughter are from two different worlds is enough to make him sick to his stomach. Diego has one more message for Carlos: be careful around Benicio. He cannot be trusted.

Eloísa tells Miguel she thinks Patricia it is odd that Patricia would just appear when they have not seen Gustavo in years. Eloísa says that Miguel never did tell her why he stopped hanging out with such a decent kid. It was just kid stuff. Nothing serious. Eloísa hopes he is ot lying.

LA FAN #40

Part 4

Salma does not miss the chance to tell Vale that SHE is the one who will be with Lucas because she helped him when he was in distress and did not run like a rat off of a sinking ship. Vale might be out of Lucas' life but she will be watching her. Agustín appears and the women feign friendliness.

Rodrigo and Tomás commiserate about both of their mothers liking Lucas. They do not know what they see in him. Rodrigo likes Agustin and Tomás likes Gabriel. It should be the law that kids pick out their parents' partners. Gabriel arrives and wants to enlist Tomas in helping him win Vale's heart.

Jessica is doing Lucas' makeup. He says he sees the end of his career coming. Jessica is not happy with that thought since she has two babies on the way and needs her job. He needs Vale back with him so the ratings go back up. Jessica knows how to do that. She has an idea. Lucía needs to send Vale a sign. They both cross themselves. She has the perfect person to assist them : Bob. As long as he is paid, Bob will do whatever to make sure Lucia talks to them.

Benicio tells Miriam he cannot go out tonight. He has a business meeting. She inappropriately answers with "how lucky"! But then catches herself and happily agrees to go out with him tomorrow night. She later talks to Miguel about how relieved she was about the broken date. She only started to go out with Benicio too make Miguel jealous. Now she is just confused. She does not know who she likes. She finally decides she does love Miguel. They kiss. Patricia, who evidently is making another visit to the café, sees them.

Gabriel and Salma are both concerned about Lucas' panic attacks and sneezing attacks because the same thing happened with Lucía who he really loved. Does that mean he really loves Bale?

Bob arrives at Lucas' house to find out what Lucas wants.. BTW, Bob is all excited that he is in the presence of Lucas whose name he keeps getting wrong. Lucas says he needs a spirit to tell Bale to go back to him. It is Lucas' lucky day.


LA FAN #40

Part 5

Tomás tells Vale that his mother would love for her to end up marrying Gabriel and then he could have him as his father.

Diego talks to Jessica. She is not happy about him going back to work at the company. Soon all that matters is that she is going to have twins and all of the verification that she needs has been given to her by Bob. No reality talk for her. When Diego tells her he is going to repay Felicitas the loan, she wonders why Felícitas would have ever loaned him so much money. He says because she liked him.

Benicio stops by Adriana's. She has something to tell him: Diego is rehired and has a loan. He knows already and wonders why she would do that. Does she like him that much? She says she LOVES him. Benicio is not going to call off the wedding and will do all he can to get Diego out of her heart.

It is late and there is a knock on Vale's door. It is Lucas. A so-called Bob called him and told him to come over. He was worried something happened to her. Bob arrives next and it is seance time. He has a message from Lucía. What she most wants is for Vale and Lucas (so marvelous, full of goodness and love)to be together.




I just loved the seance. It was so corny. I think this was my favorite "Bob job" so far: Bob the spiritualist!

La Fan

Muchas gracias, Jarifa, for these wonderful recaps. I continue to be in awe of your ability and your generosity.

La Fan. Except for the Carlos/Ignacio mixup, Jarifa, excellent recap! So easy to do--2 self-serving older men who are willing to flirt with criminal acts to get their way. And though Ignacio probably deserves Felicitas, Eloisa might be better off without Carlos. I told you Lucas wouldn't die! It would violate too many telenovela conventions--in fact I may use that as an example in my basic literary theory class about using conventions to better follow a literary work in a foreign language. Benicio threatens Diego AND Adriana. No happy ending for you, dude! Every time Bob's machinations are more hilarious, and here he's being paid to be incompetent. I wonder if Lucia's ghost will really show! It would serve Lucas right if she did.

SpanProf: I could not even get that straight in my correction: Carlos runs into Diego! Ha! Ha! Now, that would be a great twist for the story if Lucía actually did appear. I hope they do it.

Juanita, thanks! : )

La Fan

wow, another wonderful recap Jarifa, I'm in awe!

so Miriam likes Adriana's ring, but she didn't make the connection, whaaat?

give us a wink Bob!

when Patricia appeared behind Miguel and Miriam in the kitchen I was looking to see if she had a hatchet in her hand, that was freaky.

I was waiting for Lucia to appear as well, you can tell this séance is fake so far, Bob hasn't run out of the room screaming yet.


Thanks, deb, I am on a roll. Good call on Bob! I usually dislike characters like him but I even like him in this one. As for Patricia yes, it was freaky how she just popped up. Miguelito needs to get his head straight before Eloísa straightens it out for him.


Thanks so much, Jarifa! Bob is a trip. It would be absolutely fabulous if he actually DID manage to summon Lucia's ghost.

Miguel went from being asexual, to now having TWO women kissing him passionately in the same day. Pati the Pedophile just needs to go. But not before Eloise rips her a new one for seducing her teen son a few years back.


Vivi: Did you see Matamoros (Teo 2.0) getting his fingers or hand chopped off by Francisco last night ? YIKES!

Rafael trying the "I Did It For You Baby" trick on FAKE NEWS Leticia, which worked. But does Leticia know about that AG & Regina were the survivors in the Veracruz incident 20+ years ago ?

Juanita: Now Francisco & the remaining Monkeys are targeting Regina & IsaBrat for assassination. If they kill off IsaBrat, I don't mind because I cannot stand the brat.

AG still being tied up like an animal, I say GOOD!


Vivi, how these choose to handle the whole Patricia-Miguel thing, ( esp. if Eloísa finds out) considering this is lighter fare, will be interesting.


Thank you, Jarifa, for the recap!!!

Another Bob the Great episode! Yay!
OMG, the seance was a hoot. I almost fell off the sofa laughing, when Tomas interrupted the seance.
Lucía has appeared to Vale, twice? Maybe one of these days she'll summon up the energy to appear for Bob/Bab. (LOL)

Tony Soprano has yet another session with Dr. Melfi. I wonder if this will go anywhere. Otherwise, why bother with this storyline?


Jarifa- I'd be interested too. I know this is a light comedy, but in general I think there is a double (and disturbing) standard when it comes to adult women seducing teen boys, vs. if it were the story of an adult man seducing the teen friend of his daughter. One is mined for comedy, the other gives us the creeps. But add a few years to the young man/woman's age, and then it's the reverse. No one blinks at an older man with a younger woman, but an older woman with a younger man gets a 2nd glance. Just think, if in a couple of years Salma started hitting on Tomas! Yuck! But that's exactly the situation that happened with Pati the Pedo and Miguel.


If no one else is going to recap, I'll do a quick one in a bit. Thanks for getting the conversation started, Steve.

LA DOÑA, Monday, Part 1:

Azucena rips into Saul for even daring to think about going out with AG and ditching Monica. If he doesn’t love/want to be with Monica, fine. But she forbids him to get back together with AG. Saul gets defensive and still doesn’t say which one of his women he’s going to meet, before he huffs out of his apartment.

Throughout the episode, Francisco has AG chained to the wall of an empty pool, and sitting on a chair. They taunt each other—she about his past; he about how he caught her before she caught him. He says no one will find her, as they are currently in an abandoned house far outside of the city. It also happens to be his hub for his human trafficking side business. AG isn’t surprised he’s still treating women as commodities he can use and abuse at will. She says that her “people” know who he is, and if he doesn’t return her safe and sound, “they” will expose him to the world for who he is. He demands to know who else she’s told about him and his past. When she won’t answer, he has his men bring in a beat up Matamoros, who has also refused to talk. Frank gets a small ax and threatens to whack Matamoros upside the head if she won’t talk. It’s a stand-off between Frank and AG, and Matamoros ends up losing the fingers on his left hand to Frank’s ax.

Back in D.F., Rafael’s Monkey past has also come back to haunt him. After arguing with Emiliano about his fight at school with Diego, and his abuse of Isabela, Rafael and Leticia finally have it out. She reveals all she’s learned about his Monkey past-- she now sees that she’s married to a monster, a person she doesn’t even know. Leti locks herself in their bedroom, trembling and crying, while Rafa cries on the other side of the door. He finally admits to it, but claims that was his past, and isn’t who he is NOW. He tells her that he changed when he met and fell in love with her 20 years ago. She and Emiliano changed him. Leticia finally opens the door and continues to hear his story. He speaks of how he was raised to not think of poor people as equal. He and his friends started out by raping the daughter of the maid, and when there were no consequences, it just reinforced that they could do whatever they wanted. Leticia points out that she and her brothers also weren’t raised to socialize with the poor, but none of her brothers ever went around raping poor girls. Rafael again claims that her love changed him and begs for another chance. Leticia still doesn’t allow him to touch her, and says she will think about what he has told her. In the meantime, she’s going out, and when she gets back, she wants him GONE from the house.

Regina is at AG’s house, giving Isabela the 3rd degree about what happened in school between Diego and Emi. Isa begs Regina not to tell AG, then reveals that AG threatened Emi AND Marcos. That’s the last straw for Regina. She won’t allow AG to control Isa’s life like she did Regina’s. She orders Isa to pack her bags. She’s coming back to live with Regina (and Felipe) tonight!

LA DOÑA, Monday, Part 2:

Jorge, who seems to have a crush, has brought Karen enough food to feed an army at the police station (she has been transferred to Mexico City). He gets close to telling Karen how he really feels about her, (which she seems receptive to), but instead turns the conversation back to cop talk and his admiration of her. She’s inspired him, and he has enrolled in the federal police training program, and specifically asked to serve under her. Karen is flattered, but also seems disappointed that the conversation didn’t take a romantic turn. Jorge notices the files on her desk, including one for Miguel Preciado, Margarita’s rapist. He notices there’s a file for Daniel too. Karen doesn’t outright say Dan’s is a rapist, but reaffirms her commitment for getting justice for all her women.

Lydia and Margarita are visiting Monica and Yesenia, and getting the exciting news about Yesenia’s upcoming nuptials with Laz. The girls all volunteer to do their part. Talk turns to Saul, and Monica tells them about her ultimatum. It’s getting late, but finally there’s a knock on the door, and the mystery guest is revealed to be…Saul! (I guess Azucena out the fear of Mom/God in him.) Everyone is happy, and all smiles, except Laz and Yesenia, who are not happy to see that all their efforts have not separated Monica and Saul. They decide to turn in early, so Saul offers to take Monica out for dinner—their first real date.

And, out of all the thousands of restaurants in Mexico City, they end up at the same one where Regina and Isa are having dinner with Felipe and his reporter friend. The two dinner parties say an awkward but polite hello, then go back to dining. Saul, like half the folks in the restaurant, congratulates Felipe on crushing that interview. Saul and Monica laugh loudly and flirt over dinner. Regina and Isa can’t keep their eyes off them. Regina is obviously worried about the implications of her niece going out with her mother’s man. Isa is just confused, since it’s only been a hot minute since Saul was having sleepovers with her aunt. During a potty break, Isa thanks Monica for not tattling about her issue with Emiliano, and lets slip that they had another argument today in school. Monica warns her young cousin. Abuse me once, shame on you—abuse me twice, shame on me. It’s now in Isa’s hands to stop the cycle of abuse.

Back in the pool of torture, Frank has spoken to his wife and told her to tuck in their two daughters—don’t wait up honey. Then he reviews the info his men have brought him on his tablet. He shows AG a happy, smiling picture of Regina and Isabela. He’s done his research and knows her weak points too. If she doesn’t tell him who else knows about him, he and his men will do to Regina and Isa what they did to her. -End of episode.


Vivi: I'm expecting both Regina & IsaBrat to have a violent end by Francisco & his thugs.

Now the Monkeys Alliance is BACK wreaking havoc baby!


Typo: "Azucena put the fear of Mom/God in him"

I forgot to mention that over dinner, Saul actually says the words "te amo" to Monica. It's hard for me to take it seriously, especially since it came out sounding like a half-serious declaration from a guy just trying to get into a girl's pants after dinner.


You must have been reading my mind! Yes, there is a disturbing double standard. Even when the boy is underage, the reaction some times seems to be the old "wink, wink" rather than considering it as a statuatory rape. Curious.


Vivi: I just do NOT trust Jorge at all considering he's friends with Gabino & all.

Karen better watch her back since she's investigating the Monkeys because if Rafael, Daniel or Francisco find out, she's WHACKED!


La Doña
Thank you Vivi, for the recap.

But what if Saul went to AG ranch and didn't find her. Then went to look for Monica.
Maybe they didn't show us that part so that we can see it in a flashback when Saul and AG meet next.
I agree that it's quite hard to believe anything Saul says about his supposed love for Monica. I don't think that he actually even know who/what he wants

La Doña

Vivi, I always love your recaps, and this was no exception. The only thing I didn't like was how much it mentioned that I had missed when I watched the episode. (So what else is new?)

I too really thought that Jorge was going to make a romantic declaration to Karen. Had the show been a comedy, I'd have expected the reversal. Such reversals were a staple of the interchanges between Don Benito and Trini in Silvana. But La Doña is far from a comedy, as we certainly saw last night.

And yes, of all the gin joints--oops, I mean restaurants--Saúl and Mónica had to wind up in the same one as Felipe, Regina, and Isabrat. And not just in the same one--in tables right next to each other! Duh....

La Doña

terrific recap Vivi !!!

it was a bad day for Sandoval and associates, looks like AG has met her match, she has been on top for so long she is slow to get that she is not in charge.

wow, I didn't notice AG was in an empty swimming pool, I like the long chains for effect, she almost got him a couple of times, as he knowingly stepped like an inch beyond her reach.

yep, I too thought Karen was looking for a little romance, rather than a junior cop.

interesting how Regina wants Felipe to hide from Isabela that he has taken on AG, with a steady stream of people congratulating him, but Isa notices it's also the younger crowd, she looks interested.

I don't know what to say about Rafael and Leticia, can't see any better outcome than what we saw.

did Saul really have to do all this kissy face stuff at the next table?

AG couldn't have a better hole card than Braulio, does Francisco know that Rafael works for AG.


LA DONA: Vivi: Thank you so much for delineating all the aspects of the Leti & Ralph drama. My Spanish is just not up to this show. I knew I was missing critical points in the conversation. ¡gracias! It was quite a treatise on class prejudice and sexism.

Hooo-boy, typical telenovela ploy to have the critical groupings collide in The Only Restaurant in Mexico City. That scene made me very uneasy, esp. when our lovebirds got all smoochy. What is it about Saul that bugs me? He is completely not convincing as a galan. And I think you nailed it, he's just itching for that post-prandial nookie.

I love that they did the Leticia grief scene without her always perfect makeup. She has a very interesting face. At least she wasn't dripping black mascara down her cheeks the way Monica always done.


Evangeline- That's a real possibility that Saul took a side trip.

Frankly, I would have liked for the writers to show us something, anything, about what's really going on in Saul's head. I feel like he's the most poorly written character here. I could tell more about what was going on in Jorge's head and heart about Karen, than I could with Saul and what he's really feeling from minute to minute about Monica and AG. One minute he's "confused", the next he's all smiles declaring his love to Monica. ???

La Fan. Otoh, that early relationship with Patricia does seem to have traumatized Miguel. And did everyone notice that Benicio just admitted to another felony? The best ending for him, apart from jail, would be to end up with neither Adriana nor Miriam, for Miriam to marry a Miguel who has finally gotten his early Patricia trauma out of his system, and Benicio to realize that he truly loved Miriam and that he has been a total idiot.


Vivi: FAKE NEWS Leticia likely will be going down along with the other AG cronies in the end.

Looking forward to seeing the look on AG's face when she finds out that Rafael is one of the remaining Monkeys!


LA FAN #41 3/14/17 Tuesday

Part 1

Bob's message of Lucía giving her blessing to Lucas and Vale is soon for naught when Vale catches Lucas passing Bob a note about what he was supposed to say. She will never forgive Lucas and certainly did not expect this of Bob. Did he do it for money? A selfie? She throws them both out. Later Tomás comes out of his bedroom with a tale of a dream he had where Lucía told him that Gabriel is the man for Vale. Vale tells him she is fine alone. It turns out that Gabriel had out him up to it and is disappointed by Vale's reaction when Tomás calls him to report what happened.

Diego goes to Felícitas to return the money. She is only concerned with him staying away from Adriana and telling him that Adriana and Miguel are brother and sister. His mother cheated with Carlos. She swears on Adriana's life this is the truth. She even shows him the letter from Eloísa she intercepted.

Lucas is at home enjoying a pizza best he can when he sees a commercial on tv for a new Korean novela "Love in the Rice Fields." The problem is that it is replacing his novela. He jumps up and screams.

Gabriel is at Salma's and is going on about how he feels such a special connection to Tomás. Salma warns him to be careful so he does not end up suffering. Gabriel knows he is not his son but is Lucas'. In spite of that, he has decided to enjoy what he has here and now with Tomás. When he leaves, Rodrigo comes out of his room with news for Salma: her novela is being replaced by a new Korean one.

LA FAN #41

Part 2

We find out that Natalia has a good head on her shoulders. She is chit chatting with Adriana when she asks why Adriana loves one guy but is marrying another. Adriana explains it is what she is able to do not what she wants to do. Natalia brings up the possibility of Benicio maybe wanting something else that Adriana has if he is okay marrying her without her loving him. The next day Adriana asks Benicio to cut his ties with her company saying it would be difficult for him working under her and better if he works elsewhere. His response is he can quit the company but not her.

At the café, Patricia says she came to talk to Miguel. Miguel introduces Patricia as a mother of an old friend to Miriam. She asks if Miguel and Miriam are novios. Miriam says yes they are and she and Miguel kiss. Benicio calls Miriam in the middle of this mess and he wants to talk to her. He has has a bad evening. She cannot go out with him but will go home and they can talk on the phone. She leaves the café and Miguel and Patricia alone. The next day Miriam and Miguel talk. She asks him why he never showed any interest in her before. He says he is just one of those people who takes a long time to make a decision. Also, the next day Benicio is all ready having planned their third date when Miriam breaks up with him. He gives her a gift anyway he had planned for her. She loves it and decides she will still go out with him. Miguel tells Patricia who is in full seduction mode that he wants her to leave and never come back.

After getting the upsetting news from Felícitas, Diego goes to get some consolation from his "friend" Jessica who is quick to give him a hug and unfortunately also squeeze his butt.

The next day at the studio it is just crazy. Justin tells Lucas and Salma (who is itching all over and has a tic from the stress) that the novela is officially over. That is what happens when a novela only gets a rating of 1. Today they will record the last episode. The network went with a Korean novela because they do well and cost less. When Vale arrives, Lucas tells her she must be happy.

LA FAN #41

Part 3

Diego confronts his mother Eloísa and asks her if Carlos really is Miguel's father. She dances around and around the question trying to blame Felícitas but finally admits it. Yes, Carlos is Miguel's father. She begs Diego not to tell him because Diego would never forgive her for having that affair. Carlos drops by the café to tell Eloísa that Adriana is getting married in a month and then she can move in with him. He asks her why she is crying. Of course, she will not tell him the truth about Miguel.

As Lucas and Salma are signing legal documents related to the early termination of their novela, Vale pops in and asks Lucas if he has told them about them getting married. Although caught off guard, Lucas quickly plays along saying he did not want to use his personal life to influence his career. Vale and Lucas are getting married tomorrow. Of course, this changes everything and suddenly the novela is continuing and the press is back on the scene all excited about the reconciliation and pending nuptials.

In Lucas' dressing room, Vale tells Lucas she would do anything to save his career because she is his fan. He thanks and kisses her. When Gabriel comes in the topic of discussion is how are they going to plan this out. Vale does not have a "plan" . She is going to really marry Lucas. Lucas and Gabriel both are incredulous. They suggest a fake wedding. She cannot believe that they both just want to go on lying, but they do. So she goes along with the "plan".

Justin is so impressed by Vale and Gabriel's chemistry in the web novela, that he wants to include them in Lucas' novela. Lucas is not happy with that suggestion.


LA FAN #41

Part 4

Eloísa goes to see Felícitas to confront her about what she told Diego. This ends up in a very physical cat fight just made funnier because the actress playing Felicitas is so tiny that she makes Eloísa look like a giant. The bottom line is if Eloísa does not quit Carlos, Felícitas will tell Miguel that Carlos is his father.

Adriana notices that Diego is late. He had a problem. Does he want to tell her? He does not know. She has never seen him like this. He says it is something about his mother. Diego says that they should just leave his mom and her dad alone to be happy. Adriana show up later at the café to talk to Miguel and Diego about their parents.

That night there is a stag party at Lucas' complete with female entertainment and a bachelorette party at Jessica's complete with Salma.
Vale gets some interesting photos on her cell phone with Lucas and a female entertainer all over him. Vale looks surprised. Salma tells her that there she has him: the real Lucas!



I am soooo tired of Eloísa. With her not telling the truth, she is just digging a deeper and deeper hole for herself.

Salma with her itching and tic was very funny.

That is all for now.

La Doña

Tuesday's recap will be posted sometime tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.


Thanks a bunch, Jarifa! The actress who plays Eloisa is tall, and the Felicitas actress is short and tiny, which just made that sight gag of them squaring off, hilarious. I think they purposely made sure the Feli character wasn't wearing her usual 5 inch heels in that scene.

Well, at least we're closer to the Miguel paternity secret spilling out, now that Diego knows. But Eloisa's driving me crazy too.

I don't know why Diego doesn't insist on a pregnancy test and make it clear to Jesi that he does not want to be her novio.

Miguel impressed me with how firm and decisive he was with Pedo Pati. Is she out of his system now? Just in time for Miriam to break his heart by two timing him with Benicio, of all people.

La FAn

thanks another bunch Jarifa!

ha! "love in the Paddy fields"

I think Felisitas said she had Adriana when Carlos was cheating on her so Adri is older than Miguel who is older than Diego, right?

was loving Salma's 1 rating twitch as Justin was calling it after he started doing it too.



Contrary to something confusing that was initially said about the ages of Miguel and Diego, it's been confirmed the Diego is the older brother. So Diego and Adriana are about the same age or he might be a bit older, and they are both older than Miguel.

La Fan

Thanks Jarifa! I laughed so many times during this episode. Lucas and the pizza at Gabriel's. Salma taking her wig off. Justin's "put attention! grabation!" And the catfight! LOLOL

LA DONA: #74 #75Mon
OK, I am being honest with you, Saul the putz!! Monica came right back at him, I don’t want to hear about her sad story. Considering all Monica heard abt their sex…. Dona is a happy/wealthy person!

Kama sutra: 101: FLASHBACK …MONICA, did your ears burn off..?? Can you still hear Dona’s voice rubbing it in!!
…..“”It gets hot like an oven, he can throw down, makes it sweat.”- Saul has the stinky-leg on lock-down. , there’s scratching, pulling, pinching and groping….”- we tear up the joint, pillow flying, sweaty sheets falling off the bed, wine sloshing, biting, licking all over !!!
..My poor dear….And he makes love to you in how’s that oh yea… boring missionary position...

God Lord, we - be tearing each other up...! “”When Saul shifts into gear he’s an animal in full force, he turns into a tiger... of’s All night long!!..Think about it…better not?

Then Dona had to deliver the coupe-de –gra’… of course. He brings her to repetitive /multiple…orgasms!!....Dona!! Did you need to/ have to really wash her face in your funky drawers...? Truly satisfied, content and happy drawers! But really?

Putz the Saul is bringing it all to mind… when he has to argue in defense of her innocence??!! Is he cray cray!!!

OUCH- I thought, oh! Monica that must really hurt again!!

So Monica, WHO OBVIVIOUSLY IS IN HER RIGHT MIND. Threw DOWN the ultimatum, if you go to see her again FORGET ABOUT DEALING WITH ME!! ITS OVER!!

But he don’t like conditions! alright , Monica, you may not like to fight over your man but you going to have to kick his ass! Don’t play that B**S**, remember the funky chemistry!!! Can you wash your brain from all that imagery? Cause Saul is playing himself! Monica you are playing second fiddle to Dona!!

When AZUCENA told putz, if you don’t want monica ,ok ,but move on to ANYBODY ELSE, where is XIMENA!!

Felipe , you better have game, because 1984-Newspeak Leticia is still helping Rafael and Dona burn you!!
Chess move, head of broadcasting played an executive position, Leticia get fired!!! Busted!! And exposed!! For lack journalistic integrity for starts !! No more career, except late night infomercials for..!

Except will the dead hooker may have to get revived!!


LA DONA: #75Mon

TEAM LAZARO & Yesenia …I love that white and any protection is needed, get your mojo working, marriage! Oh yes, slick move

Superbad, Altagracia heading to the you that bad? Ok, go for it!

Vega has upgraded to trafficking as a super successful Cabal- Mafia-PIMP!! Vega, Puts the ‘P’ in the word pimp!!! Well, who da thunk it!

However, the odds were very good, he loves the thrill of running women and now he gets paid to have them raped and snuffed!!

….Dude actualized his potential in the flesh trade!!


Remember them stalked-preyed upon, hunted, terrorized, violated, abused, orphaned, slaughtered, ganged raped and murdered as part of a sexual game, who recoups from that type of mind set as a sadist/serial killer... Francisco was the alpha, male leader... this was how he gets off /jollies!!!

DOPEFIEND MOVE! So he bust Dona upside her fat head!! UPGAMEMANSHIP. Poor Matamoro! Not!


La Fan. A superb recap, Jarifa! I repeat: You're a saint to do this. I think the conspiracy between Tomás and Rodrigo to end up with their ideal stepdads is very cute. I loved the skeptical look on Vale's face when Tomás told her his "dream." Ah, children! When will they learn that moms are nobody's fools! Felicitas once again shows herself to be cruel. Now Miguel and Carlos are the only people who don't know that Miguel is Carlos' son. (except Adriana, and I bet she finds out soon) A dubbed-in Korean novela already shown elsewhere: the epitome of cheap! The ads were cute, though. I wonder what is really up Benicio's sleeve in agreeing to quit. Regarding Lucas' and Vale's "marriage," wouldn't the press check things like whether there's a marriage license? It's not as if they're driving to Las Vegas. Felicitas may be tiny but she's scrappy and hold her own in the MMA fight with Eloísa. Vivi: I loved your "Pedo Pati!"


HALIMACANDY: Valeria better watch her back because Braulio is BAAAACK! Lopez needs to watch out too.

I thought Rafael was the LEADER of the Monkeys Alliance ?

FAKE NEWS Leticia signed Margarita's death warrants & you know one of the Monkeys will find out that Margarita talked.

I'm still smiling watching AG SUFFER ROFLOL.

Go Get Her Francisco :)


LA DONA: #75.Mon.

...Wedding plans, is this the climax of the series?? A wedding disaster?!
...SAUL, not- so- much- the putz, listened to his momma, for once!!

Vega is a clever monkey, he has to use leverage, AG put no barriers in place for Her soon to be collateral damage family??
However Dona-Ag has got game .she is coming- out- of -pocket to stall for time,

Even money that man is going try to tap that a**, before her kills her. Regina. Isa brat... or gang rape!![These show are pigs abt that B**S**, too much gratuitous female abuse?]

Ax man has upgraded his torture. Techniques... make sense that as a professional psycho, that he progressed to all out butchery!!

They had soft targets, as a trainee, poor girls, and then working class families.

But now he kills other criminals that may be business competition, so killing other would- be assassins in his line of work it is effective and it makes sense... that’s why he’s the boss!!

AG comment abt his being exposed to scandal was true, so was he cold -cocking her.

But she got heart, she is needling the man... and getting into his mind, but to what end she really had no barriers in place to offset a mishap!!

What an ego and she had a heads up, from the monitored phone call….
Yesenia curse is good, payback time!

Leticia you challenged Rafael without a a .42...Rafael, so you are in love now!!Please!! You are just/only human? WTF…!!

Leticia...Your love changed me from an abusive murderer, to a good [ lowdown, unscrupulous , immoral, ambitious, conniving , backstabbing , fraudulent ] husband[ who hates women] !! Accept my heart and [dirty –filthy blood soaked] soul of love….!! Love from a demon? Hell no-!!



Thanks for stopping by, everybody! This episode was just so much fun. (I am sure I say that at least once a week.)

SpanProf, I wonder about Benicio's motivation to agree to quit, too.

Can't wait until tonight!


La Doña - Capítulo 76 - Martes 1/3

A chained but still defiant AG warns Francisco that if anything happens to her or to her family, he will pay. He merely smiles and asks how come no one has come to rescue her. He again demands that she give him the names of the people she told about the Monkeys; that way, her niece will live. Otherwise, he'll send his men after Isabela and they'll do to her exactly what we did to you in Veracruz. AG's phone rings, and Francisco is delighted to see that it's Regina calling. AG tells him that Regina knows nothing. He doesn't believe her, recognizing that AG would certainly try to protect the little sister who got away in Veracruz. AG refuses to answer the phone, and Francisco punches her in the face. He tells her that if she wants to save her sister and her niece, she should give him the names of the people who helped her kill Miguel Preciado and Alejandro Céspedes.

Regina is worried that AG doesn't answer the phone. Felipe cynically observes that AG is probably busy destroying someone's life.

In the restaurant's ladies room, Isabela asks Mónica for her phone number. She explains that all her friends are boys, and there are some things she can't talk with them about. Moreover, she feels she can trust Mónica. Mónica tells her that she and AG don't get along, and that therefore it might not be in Isabela's best interests to be friends with her. Isabela says that her aunt is difficult and may not be pleased with Isabela either when she learns that she has gone back to live with her mother and Felipe. Mónica gives her her phone number.

Francisco's men bring in the very weak Matamoros. Francisco threatens to have Matamoros' entire hand cut off. Ever loyal, Matamoros tells AG not to worry about him, but AG gives in and says she'll call Regina, but Francisco should leave Matamoros in peace. She calls. Regina tells her she had called to say that Isabela is coming back to live with her and Felipe. She asks AG why she threatened Marcos and Emiliano. AG says she wanted to protect her niece. Felipe takes the phone and assures AG that he will protect Isabela and hire around-the-clock guards to accompany her wherever she goes, and that even AG should keep her distance. AG says she thinks that's a great idea. [I wonder whether AG's strange response will alert anyone.] Following Francisco's instructions, AG then tells Regina that she (AG) is going to disappear for a few days on a trip, and that no one should look for her or try to contact her. Francisco then disconnects the call.

Valeria tells Diego that his father has been arrested for the death of Jaime Aguirre.

Rafael is packing his things. He recalls what Leticia had said to him, accusing him of not loving her because psychopaths don't love, and then her asking him to leave the house. He picks up a photo of the family, and then a wedding picture of Leticia and him. He puts both photos in his suitcase and leaves.

Still at the restaurant, Mónica tells Saúl that she feels sorry for Isabela, who told her she has no friends with whom she can talk or get things off her chest (desahogarse). But Mónica soon comes back to enjoying the perfect evening with Saúl. He tells her it's not yet perfect. The best is yet to come.

The chained AG remembers the deaths of Miguel and Alejandro, and she says to herself, "I can't end up like that. I don't deserve to end up like that." She believes that Mónica can't be the daughter of a psychopath. Francisco can't be her father.

Mónica and Saúl wake up in bed together. There's a long, unconvincing scene of their love-making. FF>>

La Doña - Capítulo 76 - Martes 2/3

At breakfast the next morning, a cheery Isabela tells Regina that she likes Mónica, that she's different from the kids at school. She doesn't talk about fashion and stuff like that. "She's intelligent, secure, she knows how to defend herself from men. She's not afraid of them. She reminds me of my aunt." Regina is surprised at the comparison, but she's pleased that Isabela likes Mónica.

Though the tensions between Isabela and Regina seem to have subsided, those between Leticia and Emiliano escalate when he learns that his mother has asked Rafael to leave. He begs her to reconsider and promises to change. When she doesn't agree, he lashes out, accusing her of being an egoist interested only in herself and her career.

Francisco has summoned Rafael and Daniel so they can talk about "the one thing that unites us: La Doña." He informs them that he has not only seen her, he has her as his chained prisoner. Daniel and Rafael are not pleased. Both of them believe that Francisco is underestimating AG's power. She has contacts in the government, the police, and the media. Francisco insists that they have to find out who she has told about the Monkeys. "We should torture her to get the names and then kill her." Rafael asks whether AG knows that he's a Monkey. Francisco says she doesn't know about Rafael, but she does know about Daniel. Daniel does not want to kill AG. He asks Rafael whether he agrees with Francisco's plan.

Mónica has to leave Saúl's to be with her father. She rushes out the door and almost collides with Azucena, who has come to see Saúl. Azucena assures Mónica that she is not upset--far from it. She likes Mónica very much and is happy that the two of them are together. Surprised and delighted, Mónica leaves. Azucena remains to talk with her son, and she soon senses that he's still thinking about AG.

Dr. Adolfo has come to see Lázaro (and, he hopes, Mónica). Yesenia tells him that Lázaro has asked her to marry him. Mónica rushes in a few seconds later. When Yesenia asks where she was, and that they didn't hear her come home last night, Mónica informs her that she didn't sleep there last night, and that it's nobody's business where she slept or with whom. [Ow!] Adolfo retreats to medical mode and explains the process of getting Lázaro admitted to the clinical trial that may help find a cure. He mentions that there's a long list of patients wanting to be accepted. Stunned, Mónica asks, "Isn't there room?" (¿No hay cupo?). And what happens if he's not accepted? He reads to her what he's written in support of Lázaro's acceptance into the clinical trial. She says she'll go now to try to enroll Lázaro. Adolfo suggests that he go with her, since the people in charge are more likely to listen to a doctor. She agrees, and the two of them go off. Yesenia and Lázaro are happy that Mónica and Adolfo have gone off together.

A guard brings AG food. She says she's not hungry. He tells her she has to eat. "Why," she asks, "if they're just going to end up throwing me into a ditch?" (si van a terminar lazandome a alguna zanja). The guard takes one arm out of the chains so she can eat. She tells him he's very nice..and attractive. Why does he work for a monster like Francisco? For money, he replies. She offers to pay him 15 times as much if he'll free her. And she'll pay not only with money. He turns down her offer. She says she'll also pay if he brings Matamoros to her, even for a few minutes, so she can see how he is.

La FAn

I better write it down this time, that Diego is older, thank you so much Vivi for keeping me straight.


La Doña - Capítulo 76 - Martes 3/3

The guard brings a very weak Matamoros, tells AG not to do anything stupid, and leaves. Matamoros apologizes for not doing a better job of protecting her. She tells him he's not to blame, she was careless (Fui yo la que me descuide). She tells Matamoros he has to be strong so they can get away. She tells him that before coming to find Francisco she had Braulio released from jail. Braulio knows that we were looking for another Monkey. Matamoros adds that Braulio knows his name is Francisco, he's a banker, and his wife's name is Amalia. AG says Braulio should have no trouble finding Francisco, so it's important that Matamoros remain strong and not give up. She tells him she won't leave without him, she's not going to let them kill him.

Diego comes to see Lydia while she and Margarita are selling tortas. He's upset that his father has been arrested for the murder of Jaime Aguirre. Lydia tells him that she liked Don Jaime a lot, and that she hopes whoever was responsible for his death is punished. Diego admits that, in a way, he feels relieved: "as long as my father is in jail, he can't hurt my mother."

Saúl comes to see Karen. He's furious that someone has ordered Braulio's release. [If he'd been watching this novela, he'd know it was his beloved AG.] Karen says she doesn't know who did this. She told Saúl as soon as she found out. At that moment, Braulio struts into the room, looking smug and respectable. Saúl tells him, "You're an assassin. I know that you killed my father." Braulio replies that the judge didn't agree. He believed it was an accident, and that's the truth, "a terrible and tragic accident." Saúl moves to attack him, but Karen holds him back. She points out to him that there are witnesses. Braulio tells her she's right, and she should restrain her dog (¡aguante a su perro!). Braulio leaves, and Saúl takes out his frustrations on Karen. He's tired of her always saying she can't do anything. The prisons are filled with innocent people waiting for justice, while people like Braulio, who buy judges, are free in a few hours.

Francisco doesn't trust Daniel. He pulls out his gun and points it at Daniel. Daniel steps away and Francisco puts back the gun. He tells Rafael he's afraid Daniel might call the police. Rafael tries to assure him that Daniel wouldn't do that, but Francisco wants to eliminate the risk. It's necessary to kill him. Rafael replies that what they have to do first is find out who are in collusion (coludidos) with AG. Francisco says he's been trying to do that. He has threatened her niece and given a "manicure" to her guard (Matamoros). Rafael says that strategy won't work with her, but he thinks he knows how to get the information.

Isabela and Valeria talk. Valeria begins to sense that Isabela cares for Diego.

Mónica and Adolfo talk about the fact that the treatment for Lázaro will be expensive. Adolfo asks how she feels about the fact that AG has given him a huge check to pay for this. She says she has come to understand that the money will be not just for my father but for many other people as well who are sick and could benefit from this research. He asks, "Doesn't it bother you that the money is from AG?" Mónica tells him she's not in a position to tell him whether he should or shouldn't use the money.

AG hears screams. Francisco comes out and tells her he has brought her company so she won't be alone. "Bring the garbage here," he tells his men. They dump next to AG a man in shorts, a bloody shirt, and a mask over his face. They leave. AG drags herself closer to the man and pulls off the mask. "Rafael?!" End of episode.

La Doña

One thing that struck me in this episode is the relationship between AG and Matamoros. She genuinely seems to care a lot for him, and his loyalty to her is astonishing. Even Braulio doesn't come close to that extreme loyalty.

I suppose one might argue that AG needs Matamoros and that's why she's so concerned for him, but I haven't reached that level of cynicism. Not yet.


Juanita: Valeria will get WHACKED by Braulio & Lopez will end up similar to Ximena's fate: beaten to death & dissolved in sulfuric acid.

You know Mama Aguirre will be PISSED off when she finds out Braulio is free.



HALIMACANDY: Felipe & Regina might NOT be among the living either!

Yesenia has some good prediction cards!

La Doña

wow, what a perfect recap Juanita!

not much more to say, hopefully Felipe's umbrella will protect Regina and Isabela, I think Isabela's answer to Regina as to whether she likes Diego was , yes, now that it is too late.

how could anyone like Braulio, well Valeria married him, Ximena slept with him, and I think AG's loyalty for him is still there, despite that he betrayed her trust.

I'm thinking Daniel isn't going to walk away from that farm, unless he makes a run for it.

any sympathy Rafael pulled from us is out the window, what a dog, no ifs about killing AG or anyone else, to hide his past.


La Dona #78 Tues.
Juanita , thank you..

Its moving very quickly, so ,therefore, you have to pack so much in your recapps?/ this show has got me cray cray!,

‘’Inner circle””, is this where Rafael blows it wide –open and betray the such luck.???

He has to play his hand... Dona is still his business hook-up, his income and freedom!! Rafael is losing it, in his own crazy way! He packed his S*** and rolled...
Dona, may be hemmed up but girl, don’t show fear, Vega has the 411 on everything... but where is the weak link?? Vega is playing and beating her time.
Dona slaves are dropping off, Braulio what & where are you??….

Dona is in reflection mode, she moved too fast! She bleeding. Sweating and cramping and thinking abt her judgement to come.

But in relation to her own personal pain! No empathy on other she has destroyed or is she?!

Now ?she thinks that FRANCISCO IS MONICA’S DAD!!!!! For god sake don’t tell him, all he will want to do is rape Monica, he has no boundaries!! The man is the devil’s trainee!

If Vega grabs Isa brat and Regina...Ok its negotiation time, who is to be sacrificed on the altar of blood,

*** How long does this show last?? When does she go to bathroom!!

Dona, your make up is great, hasn’t melted, wilted n your hair is still hanging tight... whoever beats your makeup deserves a Emmy

Monkey reunion, prisonera!!! Ok Daniel, Rafael and Vega are in consultation or exaltation about the Dona capture!!

Daniel, you may die next! Just saying, the man called ya’ll, B*t*hes... [Ladies]!! Translation: I will ...’F’...both of you, if I get a chance, or maybe he already did!!

Ag /Dona make a move because we have how many episodes left, escape please!!

Somebody got to make a play or this show is finished!! I don’t see 120 episodes here?? How!!?

Ok, so hot, big- legged, momma made a play, she still got- game, can’t let all those mamma-jammers go to waste,

Forget the bloody face, blood/mud/funk/don’t mean nothing to lusty- poorly paid, men [‘god bless ‘their horny-stupid – greedy a**es] ok!!

Let’s get party started, just escape! I hear grown men crying!!

Braulio is out!! He beat the rap or the charge?? Or made bail? Something...Saul will follow him to the snuff farm and …you know how this goes..

Daniel is down for the count / he got to tighten his game!

Rafael has a great idea, to break Dona,..will he use mini-me- Monica , dona's weak link and Rafael has a target on her. She is first on his kill list, maybe...
But Rafael, set himself up for MOLE / DECOY!!


La Doña

HALIMACANDY- I always learn a new word or 3 from your colorful posts, so .42 turns out to be quite a number, (which I guess they all are according to wiki).

a sampler,

* Jackie Robinson's number and film on the racial integration of American professional baseball.

* mathematician Paul Cooper theorized that the fastest, most efficient way to travel across continents would be to bore a straight hollow tube directly through the Earth, remove the air from the tube and fall through. The first half of the journey consists of free-fall acceleration, while the second half consists of an exactly equal deceleration. The time for such a journey works out to be 42 minutes.

*In Japanese culture, the number 42 is considered unlucky because the numerals when pronounced separately—shi ni (four two)—sound like the word "death".

*The number 42 is, in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything", calculated by an enormous supercomputer named Deep Thought over a period of 7.5 million years. Unfortunately, no one knows what the question is.

but most likely,

*The new GLOCK 42, in .380 AUTO, is a slimline subcompact pistol able to withstand the rigors of routine training. is the smallest pistol GLOCK has ever introduced, making it ideal for pocket carry.



Deb: Monica is likely to get whacked REGARDLESS! I see Francisco killing her.

Maury Povich needs to get the DNA results back SOON to expose who's the Baby Daddy!

HALIMACANDY: Karen better WATCH her back because of her investigation of the Monkeys (they have SPIES EVERYWHERE).

I want AG to die too & I'm with the remaining Monkeys on this one: put the tramp in her place!



HALIMACANDY: AG's so going to fall for Rafael's trick so easily tonight. I'm going to be laughing my expletive off.

Not even the 5-time Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots can save AG's expletive this time!


La Doña

Many thanks, deb! If we hadn't just seen the scene between Rafael and Leticia, I'd probably assume that Rafael was playing both sides, hoping to throw his allegiance to whichever seemed more likely to win. But Leticia's rejection seems to have gotten to him very strongly. (I've just noticed to my dismay that I failed to include Rafael's telling Francisco that yes, they have to get rid of AG, he can't continue to have the shadow of the Monkeys hanging over his life. Damn, it was even in my notes.) So yes, I think he's determined to throw AG under the bus. Hmmm...unless, of course, he's thinking he could get rid of the shadow by getting rid of the other remaining Monkeys. The only thing I'm sure of is that he's a schemer.

La Doña

Thanks, Halimacandy, for your fascinating comments.

I agree--I don't see this going for 120 episodes. Maybe 90, 100 tops.

I don't think that AG thinks Francisco is Mónica's bio daddy. I take her literally when she says Mónica can't be the daughter of a psychopath, and that thus sicko Francisco can't be her father. I see her remarks as eliminating him from the running, not as expressing horror that he is the bio daddy. But, of course, I've been known to be wrong...a lot! :-)

I just can't get over the fact that Saul has made intense passionate love to three separate women in a very short time. Who is next? Isabela? He is as crazy as AG.

I think Rafael willingly had the thugs beat him and throw him into the room with AG, so she would tell him who else knows about the Monkeys. He would then stop the charade and pass this info to Francisco and then let AG be killed.


GoBlue: For all we know (when Monica gets whacked), we might see Saul ending up with Margarita in the end.

I'm pulling for the Monkeys Alliance to whack AG because I want her to SUFFER BABY!

Better yet, I want Rafael & the remaining Monkeys to go after Lydia too!



Thank you so much, Juanita! Absolutely fantastic recap. I agree with your take on AG saying that there is no way Frank(enstein) the Monster is the sperm-donor of Monica. Although, none of those 5 Monkeys is prize daddy material.

Yep, Rafael is playing AG. Hoping that she'll reveal to him who else knows. I'm surprised he hasn't already just guessed that it's Braulio and had Frank send his men after newly freed Brau, just in case. Dan is also a dead man walking, since he voiced his disagreement about killing AG. At the very least, Frank isn't going to let Dan out of his or his men's sight.

I also don't see how they could stretch this out for however many more episodes. However, there are a few major plot points that have to unfold (not spoilers, just obvious):

-The Monkeys ALL have to be killed/exposed/jailed; and the fates of the dead Monkeys revealed. Karen's Veracruz cases will be finally closed.
-Monica has to find out AG is her mama, and they have to have some sort of big, emotional confrontation/truce/peace/acceptance moment.
-Monica has to find out she's not Laz's bio child, but instead a child of rape. And her sperm-donor has to be revealed.
-AG has to have some big come to Jesus moment, acknowledging the harm she has done in her quest for revenge. What her fate is after that (death/suicide/jail/exile) is up in the air, but it won't be happily ever after.
-Saul will have some big moment of conflict and then resolution about his feelings for AG and Monica-- especially after finding out they are mother and daughter. (Yuck!)
-The truth of Ximena's murder will be revealed and Braulio will finally face jail or death.

I pretty sure it's a safe bet that our sweet heroine, Monica, WILL be among the living by the end, as will Isabela. All the other women are a toss up. And unfortunately, since he's the "galan", Saul's also on that safe list, and I think so is Diego. All the other men are a toss up.


Steve- Why in the world would you want the Monkeys to go after Lydia?!!!


Considering that nobody saw Daddy Aguirre getting whacked earlier, nobody's safe.

You can also bet both Valeria & Lopez are NOT safe either now that Braulio is home free.

Since this TN is supposed to consist of 120 episodes, the Monkeys are NOT done yet!



Jarifa, Thank you for the recap!

This telenovela just gets better and better.

That hysterically funny Elo/Feli catfight has been added to the list of Telenovela Tropes. The height difference truly made it fun.

Lucas running into Gabe's while bingeing on pizza was just too funny. (Desperate times call for desperate measures! -LOL).

Salma twitching and itching, and then she takes that wig off in the middle of a meeting!

Their telenovela being replaced by a K-drama! OMG LOL (a nod to the dubbed Brazilian & Turkish telenovelas T'mundo runs during the day)

Loved the proposed guest appearance of webnovela stars on Lucas&Salma's telenovela. I've seen it done on Looneyvision/Telerisa, ages ago, to promote or boost ratings.

"Just In Case" steals every scene he is in!

Salma and her boobs crash the hen party!

Must see TV!!!

la dona :

I do not see a lot of other characters getting a lot of more showtime..!

Where people are at now11 ..that's it.. this show is wrapping up!!


Too cute, ,I like those a lot..LOL! but, yes! a real BIG GUN ,cause its better to GLOCK /shoot 1st and ask questions later.
OH YES! She is in cosmic limbo- a negative spiritual- void , in other words :her whole family is tripping.....Freefalling! I like that!! A LOT!

but the rest of the definitions were really on point [ she should haul-ass /leave that death trap...!! she is abt to spin off into alternate universe.. jail ,I hope!

...does she really need to know abt who da- baby- daddy is..nah? no,I hope they drop it! really.

...yes!! to all of it but, Ms. Monica is not going to die-, ENJOY-stop trippin' !Relax, they will basically all live to see the wedding . babies, what ever..
its her show !...but you have some good points, Karen may be the hero !!please!!
the only people to die now ,will be in the RESCUE-SHOOT -OUT!!

Juanita: are on the money!! no# of episodes-??tops! its going at a crazy pace, now that the time has changed ,I am messed up, but I can count on your recaps with my coffee. happy -happy!!

.My husband tries to help and watches for me when wrestling is not on but he will only tell me in spanish, who is alex..??? he don't know names or who the bad guys are!!no help.

so PLEASE , I need you guys!!


HALIMACANDY: Gabino needs his Karma due to his blatant corruption in law enforcement.


LA FAN #42 3/15/17 Wednesday

Part 1

Vale and Salma are both upset with Lucas' activities at his stag party from the photos they are viewing on their cell phones. Salma thinks she has the real right to be upset because she is the real novia and Vale is the fake one. There is a lot of bickering between Salma and Vale and her posse.

Justin is having a great time at the party putting the moves on Carlos. He wants to dance with him Carlos declines. When more female entertainers arrive Justin is disappointed that there is nobody for him.

Adriana, Miguel and Diego are talking at the café. Diego says that they can't blackmail their parents. They gave them their lives and for that they should be grateful. No argument there.

Salma has dropped off Rodrigo at Vale's house without telling anyone he was coming. Tomás says Salma is very strange for doing that. Rodrigo, with no offense intended, tells Tomás his mom is sort of nuts: marrying Lucas even if it is only a fake wedding. Just imagine if it were real! Salma would just go crazy. Lucas is a misfortune for both of them.

The women keep seeing more and more photos from the party and the female entertainers dressed as bunnies. Salma, Vale, and Eloísa all decide to go crash the stag party at Lucas' protect their own interests.

Felícitas meets with Benicio to ask him to keep Adriana separated from Diego. He is already working on that.

LA FAN #42

Part 2

Diego and Adriana remain chatting at the café going around in their usual circles about what they are or were for each other or what they had when Jessica arrives on the scene to throw her goofy two cents in. The bachelorette party is over. Eloísa is going to the stag party because she thinks that Adriana's father is in the clutches of a woman with a bad reputation. Adriana did not know her uncle Lucas was getting married and that it is a false/pretend wedding. After filling them in about the stag party, it is the usual Jessica craziness and she is talking one more time about Diego and her babies, etc. Diego says nothing as usual. When Jessica becomes all obsessed with what to name her babies, Adriana tells her to name the girl "Victoria." When Adriana leaves, Jessica starts in telling Diego he has to go to the wedding and sit next to her the mother of his children. He tells her she is not pregnant. She says she is. He is not going. They argue and she insists on kissing him until he sticks a strawberry in her mouth.

There is a great conga line going on at the stag party when the door bell rings. Vale, Salma and Eloísa arrive and end the party. Justin is disappointed one more time that there was nobody for him when the doorbell rang. After Carlos pays the girls, Justin makes him an offer to come to his apartment to discover a whole new world. Carlos turns him down. Justin tells him he will always have a second chance. Everyone leaves. Gabriel offers to take Vale home. Lucas has had a lot to drink and is left alone.

Miguel is babysitting Tomás and Rodrigo and they are all eating together. The topic turns to the wedding and love. The boys agree that love is crazy. Miguel adds that it is very complicated. Miriam arrives on the scene. Miriam and Miguel are doing dishes when Miguel brings up he cannot believe that Vale is marrying Lucas. She can't either. He says some people don't mind lying. Vale is not like that. Did he mean her(Miriam)? No, he was talking about Lucas. Miriam says that was a scare. Miguel Then asks if she has been lying. No, she is the most honest of them all.

Carlos brings Eloísa home. She is not in a good mood. She is confused and asks Carlos to not pressure her and to give her time. He says he will give her all the time she needs.


LA FAN #42

Part 3

Gabriel brings Vale home. Vale finds out the Rodrigo is sleeping over and that Salma dropped him off "like a package" from Miguel. Miguel and Miriam leave. Gabriel confesses that he was the one that sent the photo of Lucas at the party. He says he was just looking out for her. She thanks him. She does not know why she would feel bad about Lucas antics anyway. The wedding is a fake. Lucas is not her novio. Gabriel says it is because she has the hope that Lucas will change and tells her to cancel the wedding. She says she can't because it was her idea she wants to help Lucas. Gabriel tells her if she really does want to help him she should put him in his place for once in his life. Everything always goes his way. If she tells him no, maybe he will grow as a person.

Lucas is sprawled out passed out on the floor. He is having a nightmare. He and Vale are at their wedding at the altar when the priest asks Vale if she will take Lucas as her husband. She says no. She won't because it is all fake. He awakes with a start asking Vale not to abandon him.

It is the morning of the wedding and Salma in a white dress comes over to pick up Rodrigo and be bitchy to Vale.They leave but not before Salma mentions the "fake" wedding one more time. Tomás says Salma is a witch. Vale says that is just how she is. Tomás asks Vale how is she. What is she like? Good, honest, true? A fake wedding just isn't like her. Is she still planning on faking a marriage with Lucas?

LA FAN #42

Part 4

Lucas is at the network because the secretary of the president of the network asked to see him. Gabriel has good news for him the ratings simply exploded with the news of the wedding. They are the highest ratings they have had all season. Lucas is ecstatic. He and Gabriel go in to see the head of the network. It turns out he has a very special wedding gift for Lucas. He has a judge and a priest to make Lucas' dream of a wedding with his fan a reality. Lucas is upset that his wedding could end up being real. He wants Gabriel to solve the problem.

Miriam asks Benicio to go with her to the wedding. Sorry he cannot go. He has business obligations. Earlier Adriana told him about going to uncle Lucas wedding. Miriam talks to Diego about the wedding. He thinks that faking a wedding is going way too far. He thinks that the Lucas Locas might be really crazy. Miriam sees it all like a dream. Miriam says he should come because the food and drink should be first rate. He will think about it.

Eloísa tells Vale about the threat from Felícitas. Vale tells her there is only one way out: talk to Miguel and tell him the whole truth. Eloísa's answer is the usual. She cannot tell Miguel because he would never forgive her.

Miguel says he is not going to the wedding either.

Felicitas shows up at the café. She is there for coffee and cake. She chats with Miguel about which parent he looks like. He tells her his mom cannot visit because of her having to get ready for a wedding. Eloísa does come out and Felícitas tells her she is just there to remind her that if she does not keep up her end of the deal it would be so easy for her to open her mouth and not for a bite of cake.

LA FAN #42

Part 5

Everyone is arriving at the church. Adriana apologizes to and tells her father that he is free to live with Eloísa if he wants. Carlos is happy.

Gabriel assures Lucas that the actors that are going to play the judge and priest are on their way. He will have to make the real ones disappear. No, he is not going to kill them just get them out of there. He will fill him in later.

Jessica is fixing Vale's hair. It sounds like Vale is getting cold feet about the wedding. Then to make matters worse the photo of Lucía falls off the shelf of her altar when Jessica tells Bale she thinks Bale and Lucas will end up really married. Jessica and Vale are spooked. They pray and try to explain things. Vale hopes it is not a sign.

It seems that Patricia just cannot stay away and has come to see her "Mickey" at the café. Miguel tells her to leave. She can't. She got a divorce because of him and just wants to make love to him.

Diego does show up. He and Adriana stare at each other.

Lucas is a nervous wreck when Salma arrives in a blue and green number being her Salma self. Natalia comes to tell Lucas that there is another judge and another priest at the door. Gabriel says it must be the actors.

Finally Vale's car arrives. Everyone is cheering. Jessica and Tomás are with her. The press is waiting. Vale looks scared. Jessica tries to calm her down. Vale is still thinking of Lucía's photo. Jessica tells her from this second on she does not believe in all of that silly ghost stuff. Vale is not so sure. Instead of the car parking, Vale tells the driver to step on it and they are out of there. Lucas runs out and is left with the questioning press.



Why does Diego put up with ditzy Jessica? Is he that desperate to have a female on the line?

My favorite part tonight was Justin's pursuit of Carlos. Poor Justin! There was never anybody there for him no matter how hard he looked out that door for them.

That is it for now.

La Doña 77

a short one, lots of room for comments.

Rafael comes around and starts baiting AG into spilling what's going on, I would think she would be suspicious, I am, but she doesn't seem to be, just the same she isn't giving up anything important, to protect him she says, not giving up the names is why they are still alive.

Isabela is hanging out with Valeria waiting for Diego to show, it's actually a fairly nice scene, until Braulio unexpectedly walks in the door, Isabela lets out that AG is on a trip.

loose cannon Saul busts in on Lopez and spills that Braulio is out until his trial, but manages to grab onto loose cannon junior (Lopez), before he can rush out to save Valeria, no, no, we need to work together to find a way to put Braulio back in jail where he belongs.

since pop isn't around, Diego talks Lydia into seeing where he lives, but pop IS around and really lays into Lydia and just checks himself before smashing Diego, who stands his ground with his woman by his side, Valeria being the frantic peace maker and Isabela quietly watching from the stairs, Val gets them separated and Braulio continues on to business.

Adolfo and Monica are at the clinic to get Laz into the testing program, Adolfo is pretty insistent, the nurse/secretary is put off, Monica sends the doc for coffee while they have a little girl talk, I think Adolfo likes you, he's single too, really? and things go a lot better when he returns, but meeting with the guy in charge isn't much help, the program is full, they are not taking any new patients, but wait, Adolfo has a check from Sandoval, an impressive amount, one condition, Laz gets into the program.

Azucena swings by the mini mansion to see Yesenia and Laz, they talk about Saul before Laz appears, he asks who's there because he can't see, Yesenia tells him it's Azucena, he doesn't remember her.

after Braulio leaves Valeria tries to get Diego to back down, you've seen your dad come home with blood on his knuckles, that's how he solves things.

Lydia and Isabela get some time alone, Isa has seen what she has lost, tells Lydia to take care, good guys like Diego are rare. (hmm, Isabela being so nice lately might mean there are some bad things around the corner waiting for her)

Braulio shows at AG's place, the maid knows nothing of a trip, nothing shows she packed, he walks past her to dig through AG's stuff to see if her passport is still there, it is, he calls AG's office, Tania doesn't know where AG is, there are people waiting to see her, Braulio knows something is up.

AG remembers her meet with Saul, he must know she is missing.

Francisco and Daniel are hanging out waiting for Rafael to work his magic, Francisco is eating, Daniel's trying to soften things, he's never killed anyone, Franco blows, and that's why we are here.

and he decides to go check on Rafael and AG, Francisco wants names and slams AG in the gut, he has Rafael, next will be Braulio, then Saul, they are innocent AG pleads, time to smash her on the head, but Rafael has broken from his guard and tackles him, what? the guard holds AG off and lets them go at it...



Deb- Perfect recap. No need to drag out all the time we spent in the torture pool this episode. I wondered about Rafa at the end too. Just part of his plan to show AG his loyalty and get her to spill the info? Or was he genuinely moved hearing how them raping her and killing her parents and novio affected her? I'm more inclined to think it's strategy. But then again, with Leticia's words about him being a monster still ringing in his ears, he might have had a moment of remorse.

One additional plot point, Francisco threatened to have his men burn down Dan's center, with all the women inside, if Dan didn't shut up and get with the kill AG program.


Thank you for the recap, Jarifa! I will get to see this episode later today.

Who knows why Diego keeps going back to Jessica, but we've all seen or heard of guys that do this. 😜

I am over Eloisa and Carlos. Maybe Carlos could explore the other team, and give Just In Case a chance?

La Doña

thanks Vivi!

Dan is just not a team player when it comes to the Monkeys and it looks like Francisco does not compromise.

Rafael did take a pretty good beating to look real for AG, and he knows he's dead if AG lives.


La Fan

wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, Jarifa!

I also liked the hen party when Salma was snaking her head side to side when she spoke, and the locas got into rhythm doing the same in their reply.


La Fan. Thank you for yet another recap, Jarifa! "Vale and her posse"--Like it! Justin may be a bit stereotypical, but he's kind of sweet. Miguel sure doesn't look like Carlos! At some point might he see a framed picture of Carlos' father or maternal grandfather who is the image of Miguel? With her appearances to Vale (assuming they aren't just figments of Vale's imagination), and the falling picture, could Lucía be a malevolent spirit? Maybe she wasn't the sweet sympathetic person Lucas, Gabe and Vale thought they knew? Once again the writers have shown that they don't seem to know how things work in the US--or they distort intentionally so that the novela can be shown more easily in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. Here you don't need both a priest and a judge to perform a wedding ceremony--one or the other will do. And Hello!!?? Marriage license? You do need one of those everywhere. The real priest and judge would notice immediately that there wasn't one!


Thank you, Jarifa! Yes, lots of fun moments at the short-lived hen and stag parties.

How in the world did they get a great location, all those decorations, food, and even ugly bridesmaid dresses, all in one day?! SpanProf- Perhaps all the behind the scenes elves who made this wedding magically happen in a day, also wrangled a marriage license. Yes, I too noticed the superfluous officiant for a wedding taking place in the US.

I have noticed how incapable the hair people both at Telemundo and Televisa are with dealing with curly hair like Diego's. They always use WAY too much gel and product that makes these poor actors look like their hair is wet, dirty, stiff and unruly, all at the same time. "Jorge" in Silvana Sin Lana at least managed to avoid the wet and stiff look by forgoing the gel, but his was still unruly. There IS a way to make curly hair look good, healthy, and not stiff and loaded with gel!


Oh, and I liked Vale's wedding dress and hair in Lucas' dream way better than her real wedding look.

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Vivi: Daniel better get with the Whack AG program quickly because Francisco threatening to send his men to burn down the foundation should be taken seriously.



Deb: Valeria justifying Braulio's actions are OMG! She's either dumb or downright stupid.

Meanwhile, you're right about IsaBrat being nice all of a sudden to Lydia (which I'm NOT buying her nice act at all). That means something bad WILL happen to IsaBrat!



Yes, the extra officiant thing was very odd considering we are in the US but with
4 possible officiants (2 real&2 actors) It definitely will add to the confusion if Vale comes back.

LA DONA: Steve, I'm going to have to remove your first comment. PLEASE refrain from discussing previews.


LXV: Rafael is coming up with another way to avoid being exposed as one of the Monkeys since AG still has NO idea!

New song: "AG DOESN'T KNOW" in reference to "Scotty Doesn't Know".


La Doña

Belated thanks, deb, for your fine recap. I've been away from my computer for part of yesterday and today, so I've only now begun to catch up. I too thought that AG would become suspicious at Rafael's insistence on knowing who the Monkeys are and who else knows about her plans. Oh well....

Probably my favorite scene in last night's episode was the discussion between Isabela and Lydia about Diego. I fear you may be right about that being an ominous sign re Isabela's future. Then again, I think Regina will survive, and I don't see the writers killing off her only child. But I rarely guess right about these things.


Something may happen to Isabela to scare her totally straight, but I don't think she'll die. I really think she and Monica are the only safe (as in, being alive by the end) female characters. They'll continue to bond as cousins once they learn that's what they are.

Can Francisco just suffer and die, he's such a sadist. Idk how he'd feel if what he did and is doing to AG was done to his wife and daughter and Daniel if you want to redeem yourself save AG n cut ties with those damn Monkeys. Saul, please make up your mind cos I'm still not convinced about this sudden supposed love for Monica, looks to me you still love AG but idk what the he'll is holding you back, ur mum?? Braulio is free, run Diego n Valeria, run!!!


MaameAdowa: You might also want to worry about Mama Aguirre if she were to confront Braulio.

Daniel will NOT cut off ties with the Monkeys: once a Monkey, always a Monkey no matter how many years he tried to redeem himself with the Foundation for women & kids including community service projects, etc.,

Vivi: Margarita is who you should also worry about too considering she told her story to FAKE NEWS Leticia & Valeria.

Juanita: Remember the "Dirty Harry: Sudden Impact" movie ?

AG: Jennifer Spencer

Miguel: George Wilburn

Alejandro: Kruger

Rafael: Tyrone ?

Francisco: Mick

Daniel: Alby


LADONA Thanks all for a great conversation and esp deb for the recap. You have a way of packing your sentences to the max with plot details, ambience and opinion. Sorry to be so short, but I'm just hanging in there due to work sched..

Looking forward to resolution in this horrifying development. I hate Rafa even worse now that he's playing stoolie for Big Frank. But maybe not? Is that the conflict here, Rafael's sincerity? That he might even have an ounce...and he's trying some maneuver to save the day. I think he's irredeemable, but these writers have been so at odds with the actors in this story, that I don't have a good feel for it.

La Dona #79/#80 WED
RAFAEL: ok !Excellent- DOPEFIEND MOVE!!...

When she finds out… ghee whiz …it will be some good killing!!

Daniel has to help her… AG, try to ‘get- some –play’... with the horny bodyguard!!

Dad in jail…oh yea? King Kong-Braulio ‘came-out –of-pocket’- with Lydia, he is a truly abusive and assaultive individual.

He has no respect for anyone under his social
standing. [Sex, wealth, race]... He is the true embodiment of male patriarchal dominance, [as manifested during the slavery era!]...
Machismo- gone crazy and psychotic!!

… But then again, he is a privileged, entitled male in a country that rewards and protects those attributes of masculinity and class.

Vivi: Yes!!Yes!
…Valeria, you are no kind of woman or mother, what kind of codependent- submissive brain damaged-punk –assed- female, would let a man beat her child... and then let him beat other peoples’ children in her own home!.. WTF!!!

And chastised the victim... really? Valeria, you are a coward!!!

It should have been, son- back away, ’don’t fight with him because, I got this... don’t worry... I am about to deal with this!!

Steve: Star Trekkie reference!! Yes!
…….. Gabino, Karen will handle that, or he becomes police commissioner…Dude. Dona croaking? Not!!!...’dejalo-chill’, it ain’t gonna happen... I feel ya!!

And I am with you in-spirit but, she is the last one die.

LXV: Just guessing:
She will, probably die in Saul’s and Monica’s entwined and forgiving, compassionate, understanding arms!!

When she gives up her life in penance for her daughter, her last act of redemption [maybe!! just Guessing?] who knows!

Juanita: you are right abt Matamoros, and I gonna miss him.

I hope he can kill somebody before he dies, yes, she took care of him, but the blood lost is going to take him soon..

I see you find, intersectionality within concepts and in relation to events, kind of-your thing!![Works for me!!]

That wiki list, as a coincidence-[karma-wise], it kind -of -brought this whole mess in perspective [for me]...

We need some killer- shocker to turn the tide here!?

LXV; just hypothetic:

Will Dona in a moment of gut punch -blunt trauma, tell Rafael abt Monica‘s dubious paternity... and will Rafael reconsider Monica’s standing as a monkey child?? A monkey baby!!!

..Cause nobody knows, -what- the -question -is’......Espec. when it comes to Dona’s revelation to Monica… how will the mother tell the child who she is...deep!

When she hears her history with AG... she‘ll freak! Let’s see her if moral- center, will stay- centered. Yes! After all...Lazaro did rear her with a good moral compass!!

Vivi:’ Who’s-the-baby-daddy’ abt...’Don’t- ask -don’t- tell’…that is my motto for this show!! I hope her dad is Daniel, he did have sex with Dona!

Will he sacrifice his life for his child??

LXV: This is a guess…But I will bet even $$ money that

Monica is going to find out during a DNA test within the clinical trial??!!

Deb: Free fall is coming, unless she can accept this karma, an event of fate!!

Team Yesenia: The tarot cards of: Wheel of Fortune/Major Arcana: The Universe… both portend profound questions framed within faith ,trust and acceptance...Azucena and Yessenia are going to have to help her thru that one…

Vivi: Monica will experience ….’ A- COME –TO –JESUS- MOMENT’ as well as ‘Damn- the –Devil- is-a- liar’!

..He means that S**t, that man is planning to kill her whole family or as least sell them into white slavery or extort money!! For a stall tactic…
, and how he’s holding all the cards, if he can get information.

Daniel, you looking more like a liability, what‘s the plan Daniel??


La Doña

HALIMACANDY- wow, I hadn't thought of Monica as a Monkey child, the one and only creation of the group, that just stops me cold, would that be a game changer for these guys?


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