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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#1): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 27, 2017

Here are the current telenovelas (times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan*
• 9PM — La Doña*
• 10PM — El Chema*

*ALL EVENING SHOWS will be preempted on TUESDAY, March 28 for Copa Mundial playoffs.

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The Maury Povich Sequence of "WHO'S THE BABY DADDY ?"

A.) Daddy Cabral: who's obviously becoming unhinged since Emiliano's death, Super Hero Cop Karen's investigation of the Veracruz incident 20+ years ago, etc.,

B.) Daniel Llamas


LA FAN #50 3/27/16 Monday

What a fun and satisfying episode!

Part 1

We start the episode with Lucas in his dressing room trying to revive Valet who evidently fainted from the shock of seeing him alive.Gabriel wants to know what happened. Lucas decided not to get on the plane and returned for Vale. Vale opens her eyes butt wants to keep dreaming the Lucas is alive. When she realizes that he's alive, she jumps up and hugs Lucas. Gabriel rolls his eyes in the background.

More nonsense about duplicitous Jessica and the ultrasound. She talks Diego into leaving the hospital by telling him she'll get a copy of it tomorrow. Jessica runs into Miriam who is also sick of her not being honest with Diego. She tells her to stop fooling herself and Diego. Jessica is all upset that Diego does not love her.

Natalia comes running in to tell Adriana that a miracle has occurred: Lucas is alive! Adriana goes into work to tell Benicio that Lucas is alive and that their wedding is on for tomorrow!

Salma and Quique are talking in her dressing room. She wants to see Lucas right away. Quique says not so fast. He needs to know why Lucas never went to Italy. If it's because of what he thinks it is, Lucas isn't going to get off without paying. He betrayed him. He tells Salma to have Lucas call him.

Still in Lucas' dressing room, Lucas tells Vale he gave up the movie, fame, money and everything that he dreamed about. Vale reminds him that he was so close to attaining it all. Yes, but she is so much more important to him than all of that. They kiss. Salma comes in surprised seeing them kissing. Salma and Vale start arguing over Lucas. Lucas talks about how valuable if a woman Vale is and sticks up for her. Salma insists that the reason Vale is there Is so she can get everything she can. Vale disagrees, She wants nothing. Okay, then Salma wants Vale to re return "her" Lucas. Vale makes it clear that Lucas iis the only thing won't be returning. Salma storms out calling Lucas an idiot and adding She wishes he would have died.

Back in Mexico, Lucía is with her sugar daddy Pascual who happens to be an older gentleman . He is in his bed suffering what probably are the effects of the poison that she has been using on him. She is telling him to keep fighting and that the doctors on his way. She tells him to keep breathing .

Diego and Miguel Talk about how messed up their love lives are. Miguel which is both of them good luck.

LA FAN en final afan

Shud we add to the list of telenovela conventions (tropes) the "legal la la land," the clumsy imposition of Latin American legal operations onto the USA? Now we had a ref to civil vs religious wedding, priest saying a civil wedding was required prior to the religious. Of course in the USA one can get a purely civil wedding, but in the USA when someone has a church/religious wedding, that is also a civil wedding. So in the USA u don't have to have 2 sets of officials doing a wedding, if it is a religious wedding.

I don't recall another telenovela where the bride ran off after the wedding, instead of aborting the wedding at the point of "acepto" or leaving the other party plantado. There was an attempt in Amor Real at it, but the groom found out & carried his bride away so that Mauricio Islas failed to take her away from her new husband.

So what is it now, 5 episodes to go? I am wondering if they will take us to the actual ending or end it at some other point.

LA FAN # 50

Part 2

Diego and Miguel commiserate about their love lives and all of their problems. Miguel wishes them both luck.

Adriana goes into work to tell Benicio that her uncle Lucas is alive. She also tells him that tomorrow they can have their wedding! Nothing could make him happier.

Back in Mexico, Lucía walks into Pascual's bedroom and sees that his bed has been vacated. She thinks that he probably died and they removed his body. No such luck. He is up and about and feeling much better. Lucía goes off thinking about how long it is going to be before she is free. It turns out that Pascual is her husband. She remembers Pascual and their pre-nuptial agreement. In the agreement Lucía is not entitled to any money until after Pascual has died. Later we see her hovering over a sleeping Pascual with a pillow ready to smother him. Luckily for Pascual, the maid calls her away.

Lucas explains to Vale that Quique was responsible for giving him the movie offer in Italy with the express purpose of separating them. She will talk to Quique. Lucas says he will handle it but then again they are dealing with the mafia. They together will come up with something. Tomás sees Lucas and jumps into his arms. It is a joyful reunion. Lucas tells Tomás he had a lot to do with him ending up alive and thanks him. Later at an interview with Carrizo, Lucas says the reason he did not get on the plane was because of the love of his fans. He later explains to Vale that because of Quique they have to look as if they are not together.

Carlos invites Eloísa to come live with him and she accepts. . She tells Miguel expecting the worst but he is OK with it and happy for her. Carlos gives Miguel a portfolio with his shares to the company and also offers to give him his last name. Carlos is not interested in either. He rips up the portfolio.

Gabriel and Salma tell Quique they have a master plan to separate Vale and Lucas once and for all. It involves telling Lucas about his son who really is Tomás. They are sure Lucas being the selfish person he is will want to take him away from Vale. Quique does not like the idea of a child being involved but agrees to let them put their plan into effect. They all have something to gain from the separation.

Diego stops by Adriana's office one last time to try to convince her not to marry Benicio. Of course, it turns into a make out session.

LA FAN #50

Part 3

At Vale's Lucas ends up proposing to Vale with a ring from his mother that he was supposed to save until he was sure he had found the woman who was "the one". Vale is "the one". She says yes. Only one problem; they are going to have to keep their marriage secret. Vale says Tomás is the only one to know about them, nobody else.

Diego tells Jessica one more time than it is not the right time for them to get married. Getting married is completely different from parenting children. The goof ball Jessica pretends to have stomach pains and sends him running for water. She then turns up at work showing the bogus sonograms around especially to Adriana.

Salma and Gabriel are filming the telenovela when Lucas pops up to let them all know that his character José Gerardo is back. Justin tells him he cannot come back after being shot 25 times.Lucas is taking care of it all. If you can have a movie "The Return of the Living Dead", why cannot that concept work here?

Back in México, Lucía remembers asking Vale to take care of Tomás if something happened to her. What a pity her best friend is now going to be her rival.

Vale goes to talk to Quique. He is not backing off. He does not want her with Lucas. Either Lucas leaves her alone or he will end up with 25 real bullets in him.

Salma shows up in Lucas' dressing room with her phone turned on record unbeknownst to him. She reminds him about the WHOLE Vale situation from the very beginning when they made fun outnof her and he lied to her about how he felt about her. He participates in the conversation agreeing but then adding how he fell in love with Vale for real. When she has enough, she starts to leaves. Lucas adds he and Vale are done because of Quique. He does not want to end up dead. He has to save himself. He and Vale are done forever. Vale says that really changes things. What things?


LA FAN # 50

Part 3 correction: 2nd to last line: Salma not Vale says that really changes things.

Part 4

Adriana tries to get Diego to run away with her the day of the wedding. Unfortunately goofy Jessica has him upset and feeling sorry for her; so he turns Adriana down.

Miriam comes over to cry on Vale's shoulder. Benicio is marrying Adriana. The phone rings and Tomás answers it. It is Lucía who identifies herself as his mother when he asks who is calling. Tomás repeats "mamá", Valley hears that and grabs the phone out of his hand. She tells off the caller and hangs up. She comforts Tomás. Lucía has decided she has to get rid of her miserable old man so she can return and get back what is hers: her son and Lucas. Somebody has to lose and that is going to be Vale.

Right before the wedding is to start, Natalia tries to get Adriana to runaway with Diego. No, Adriana insists she has to marry Benicio.

The wedding takes place and Adriana and Benicio are married. Diego is there with Jessica looking none too happy. Lucas manages to get a selfie with the bride as she comes down the aisle.

After the wedding, Diego tracks down Adriana in her bedroom and convinces her to run away with him. He admits he should have gone with her earlier when she brought up the idea. They jump in her car and are off. As they are driving, Adriana brings up that here they are running off together and still calling each other "usted". (For the first time I think) Adriana laughs and so does Diego. They look happy.

At the wedding reception, Jessica notices Diego is gone. Next Eloísa notices Adriana is gone. Eloísa tells Jessica and Carlos.

Lucas is at Vale's when Quique catches him there. Vale tells Lucas to just leave it to her. Quique comes in with his gun saying that they had a deal. Vale points the gun at herself saying it was all her fault. Vale explains she cannot live without Lucas' love. Quique insists that Lucas is just not the right guy for her. Does not she realize that he is doing all of this for her own good? He knows what is good for her. She does not know about these kinds of things.


LA FAN # 50

Part 5

Adriana calls Benicio to let him know that she has left with Diego. Benicio tells the guests around him at the wedding. They are all shocked.

Adriana and Diego are in bed together having a fine old time and talking about the future. Diego is used to taking care of the women he is with. Adriana says she has a job. Money is not important. Maybe not to her because she has always had it. Diego tells Adriana she is going to have to get used to what he can give to her,

Bob is reading the Tarot cards for Jessica. Miriam is there, too, and has had it with Jessica. After hearing that Jessica is still going to fight for Diego, Miriam tells her she is sick. Diego does not love her and she is not pregnant. Jessica is indignant (that someone would call her on her lies) Bob sees a baby again in the cards. Miriam tells them they are both nuts. The doorbell rings. It is Benicio. He missed Miriam. They hug.

Justin has news for Salma and Gabriel. The network director has decided Lucas Duarte is coming back to the telenovela. Gabriel will now be the villain: the worst of the worst. But since that is how Gabriel is in real life, he should not have a problem!

Vale show up at a church where upon approaching a priest to hear her confession, it turns out to be Lucas. He warns her Quique is watching them from the back of the church. They leave to go to the "priests" office but they are really there to see about getting married. They run into a real priest who remembers when Lucas played a priest in a telenovela. Lucas asks him to marry them. The priest asks if they have already been married at the courthouse. Lucas says no, The priest tells him that is not how things are done. Lucas begs him to marry them.



An evening of interruptions. I hope I got it all.

More mañana.

La Dona: please can someone give us a recap. Thanks.


Braulio is a sick bastard for doing what he did to Lydia when he slipped a date rape drug in her drink, then raped her in his house.

Valeria was outside of the house talking to Monica & Adolfo. I'm betting unless something changes, we could see Diego & Isabella being endgame!

Daddy Cabral stalking Tia Yesenia: he goes unhinged on her too. She tells him to get lost.

AG showing us that she still GOT IT when it comes to getting inside Saul's head, brain, etc.,

I did enjoy seeing Isabella telling AG to stick it!


Omg!!!! Poor poor Lydia. Bet she becomes AG's protege, make the bastard pay


At the rate things happened last night, I do not think there will be any problem with them finishing this satisfactorily in four more episodes.

Poor Vale! Everyone is out to spoil her happiness: Salma, Gabriel, Quique and now Lucia. Does Lucía ever take off the hat? .

Talking about Lucía, Lucas seems to have been lucky Lucía broke up with him and Tomás was raised by Vale. Gabriel actually did them a favor since she has been trying to kill her hubby for a while now. . Crazy. Creepy.

Anon, you are sooo right. This is getting old. They are living in the U.S. They need a marriage license.

Too bad Vale and Lucas just don't zip to Las Vegas and get married there. Call the cops on Quique. I would love switcheroos like that.

The best scene was Lucas proposing. The second best was Adriana and Diego running away.

We have to wait all the way until tomorrow for another episode. : (

That is all for now.


la dona:
I saw dona getting on Daniel's saddle, that was a mighty happy man!!..I was like ,ok, grown folks freaky deaky sex, but still better/sexier than saul!


WOLF MAN RAPED LYDIA, !!..'death to 'that bastard- demon... DAMN !damn, that boy is gonna kill him!!!

Lydia, Lydia my baby girl, just survive and live girl, don't be preggies!!

STEVE! don't kill nobody for minute!!

La Fan. Another wonderful recap of an exceptionally wonderful episode, Jarifa! Your recaps are one of the things I will miss most about this telenovela. Please let YOUR fans know which novela you are planning to watch next. Yes, Pascual, the older, rich, presumably rancher, is Lucía's husband, and he seems to genuinely love her. Lucía is not a malevolent spirit but a malevolent person. Quique is delightfully non-ruthless, as least what we see of him. He won't harm children, prefers threats to violence, and truly cares about Vale--almost like a brother to her. There are very obvious annulment grounds if a bride runs off immediately after the wedding. Maybe Miriam and Benicio will have a baby? Or Adriana and Diego? I love Justin's snark!


HALIMACANDY: I see Valeria catching Braulio & Lydia in the bedroom, then telling Diego about what happened, who will likely dump Lydia of course.

This IS assuming Braulio doesn't kill Lydia before anyone walks into the house.

MaameAdowa: What's next ? Braulio rapes Margarita & possibly Monica next ?


Can I just say that this episode last night just killed my post-vacation buzz?! I could not believe that the writers went there, and had Braulio rape his son's girlfriend. I was just disgusting, and I really don't think it was necessary. There could have been many other ways that Brau could have made Lydia look unworthy of Diego in Diego's eyes and causes some sort of misunderstanding. But how do you come back from your novio's dad having raped you? (This was a premise that also was hard to swallow in El Manantial/La Sombra del Pasado.) Ugh! If Diego falls for this, when he enters the hotel room, he's an idiot. I'm really unsure I want to keep watching now.

Monica has had enough clues up until now to question whether the evil wealthy woman who is her mother is AG. But if she can't figure it out NOW, after learning that her mother stole her father's construction company, and that Braulio, who has been AG's construction company's lawyer for DECADES, was her father's lawyer, then she doesn't have two brain cells to rub together. Her very next line should be, "OMG! AG is my evil mom!"

Looks like I missed Emiliano's death and AG's rescue last week. Otherwise, not much else has changed.


Steve- Brau and Lydia are in a hotel, not his house.


Wow! Telemundo is chopping up and combining 2-3 episodes at a time. Strangely, it kind of works. Why didn't they do this to Silvana Sin Lana? That could have benefited from this kind of hatchet job.

I was also happy to see Lucas and Vale so happy, Tomas hugging Lucas (how did THAT happen?!), and Adriana and Diego happy (although a bit tardy). I can't believe Jesi is still dragging out this fake pregnancy. Miriam just needs to expose her to Diego-- friendship be damned.

How is this 2 season plan going to work? If the show wasn't doing well in the ratings now, what makes Telemundo think it will do any better when they show the second half at a later date? It makes no sense.

LA Dona: Vivi, it doesn't always work like that. In real life situations, its possible that Brauillo simply got a job in another construction company, so that clue alone is still not enough for Monica to conclude AG is her mama.

La Fan. Yep, though Lucas is still egotistical, he seems to be improving and genuinely loves Vale. Tomás is not only grateful to Lucas for saving his life but seems to be experiencing that emotional attraction that blood relatives often feel for each other in novelas (Miguel excepted). Lucía looks a little like the evil queen in the Disney version of Snow White, or possibly some villainess from some classic Mexican movie. Did Dolores Del Río ever have that kind of role?


No, by itself, it's not enough. But let's look at all the other clues Monica has had:

-Lazaro freaked out from the beginning about her having a relationship with AG-- a wealthy, evil woman with a construction company.
-She learned that her mother is a wealthy, evil woman, who stole her father's construction company. Hmmmmm...
-Multiple people that are connected to AG are connected to her father-- Yesenia (AG's aunt), Felipe (AG's ex), and now Braulio, AG's lawyer, turns out to be her father's ex-lawyer.

Come on, now!

La Fan

wonderful recap Jarifa!

I think Lucia has more than one hat, love the way she is always reassuring Pascual "the doctor is on the way".


La Dona: I didn't watch it though. Waiting for a recap.


Vivi: The fact remains is that Braulio the Sadist, RAPED Lydia. The bigger question is whether he kills her just like he did to Ximena ?


Vivi: It's a 50-to-50% chance that Monica & Adolfo could be endgame.


La Doña, Monday Recap:

AG gets Daniel hot and bothered in the torture chamber, but he still doesn’t spill the name of the 5th Monkey. Both Brau and Matamoros would prefer to continue torturing him, but AG knows that won’t work with Dan—who has been in love with her since the night he and his monkey friends raped her.

Karen learns from Francisco’s wife that Dan was with Rafael when they came to see Frank. Wifey refuses to admit to Karen that the tattoo under Frank’s religious tattoo was originally a monkey. Karen tells Saul that Brau was the last call Jimena made on her cell phone, and NO, he can’t come along during their evidence search because he’s NOT a cop. Later, she tells Saul that Dan was with Rafael and Frank, and is likely a Monkey (Veracruz link, and around the same age). Saul mentions that Dan made a mysterious call to say he was going on vacay with a mystery woman. Duh! Karen points out that he’s likely been kidnapped, like the other Monkeys. Saul’s brain is especially slow today, but he continues to deny that AG would have any reason to kidnap/kill the Monkeys.

AG is shocked, shocked, that Isabela wants nothing to do with her. She believes Felipe is poisoning her mind, and tells Isa that she’s the ONLY person who would give her life for Isa (I think Regina, her MOTHER, would be first in line there, AG). Isa throws how she threatened Diego and her ex-novio in her face. AG leaves defeated, for now, in tears.

Brau calls Lydia and pretends he wants to talk to her to make peace about her relationship with Diego. He says he’ll even meet her in a public place—an event for the construction company on the roof bar of a hotel. Neighbor Magda is there when she gets the call, and doesn’t want Lydia to go. Lydia meets Brau and he pretends he’s now cool with the relationship. He offers her a glass of white wine to toast their peace, but puts date rape drug in hers. He takes her downstairs to one of the hotel rooms, rapes her, makes the room look like a romantic setting (empty bottles of champagne), texts Diego from Lydia’s phone about meeting with his dad at the hotel bar, then has the bartender direct Diego to the hotel room.

Monica and Adolfo investigate Lazaro’s past so that she can find her mama, and find her bio-dad. The find that all the info about Laz’s old construction company online has been blocked. They go to the bureau of business archives, Adolfo pays the guy bribe, and they get full access to the relevant files. Adolfo and Monica seem to have a “moment” when some files fall on the two of them. They finally find the right file, and learn that Braulio was the lawyer of Laz’ business! They head to Brau’s house, and find Valeria. She basically tells them to quit poking around if they don’t want trouble with Brau. But she does confirm that Brau has worked for AG and her construction company for a LONG time, from even before she (Val) knew him. -End of episode.


Forgot a scene-- While inside the house Laz tells Felipe that he's accepted AG's deal to take her money and take Monica far away (Felipe doesn't trust AG), outside, Rafael is in stalker mode. He confronts Yesenia about what she and Monica said to Emi, which caused him to be upset and kill himself. Yesenia says she and Monica said/did nothing to him, and if he killed himself, it's because he had such lousy parents! Therefor, Rafael is the one responsible for his son's death!


Thank you again, Jarifa, for such a great recap!

SpanProf - "La llamada de la sangre" is an old telenovela trope. But I'm not seeing it with Tomas & Lucas. Just a kid that decided to like Lucas because he saved his life. And Lucas saved his life because he was going to get killed.

--- Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!
Lucía is not being painted as a very sympathetic character. Hopefully, we'll get a good reason. My telenovela beanie hat blew off and (gasp!) the brain has kicked into gear:
Lucy signed a pre-nup to marry Pascual, but there was no gun being held to her head.
Why is Pascual feeling great, up, and dressed, all of a sudden? Unless he suspects Lucía and secretly did not take the poison?
Why has Lucía stayed away all these years, and just now decided to get Tomas & Lucas back?

La Doña

wow, thanks so much Vivi !!!

I thought Karen was pretty harsh with Francisco's wife who came to get his body (but I think left with nothing) as Karen showed her a bloodied picture so she could point out the tattoo.

Braulio sure set up Diego, by first calling him to verify he was at school and then arranging to be with Lydia while he was taking a test and had his phone turned off.

interesting that Laz had Felipe come over when Yesenia wasn't home so they could talk about AG's deal, Felipe of course jumps on any hint AG is being truthful, but Laz wants him to handle the money to insure Monica and Yesenia's future when he is gone. (not sure now if Yesenia heard AG's deal)

Monica and Adolfo sure tore up the archives, I assume leaving it a mess.

of course Braulio considered that he could have just convinced everyone he had sex with Lydia, but being the animal he is...

AG had a pretty good drunk going at the office as Matamoros was trying to smooth things before anyone saw her (I guess Isabela jumping on her struck a nerve and her self sacrifice keeping the monkeys away went unappreciated) when Saul shows up. Karen linking Daniel, Rafael, and Francisco together and throwing in Cespedes and Miguel then asking for the AG connection toggled Saul's memories about AG's confession of going to see Miguel, her talk of the rape, and Yesenia throwing the name Monkey as the gang that raped her, connected all the dots but rather than reveal any of this to Karen he went to AG for confirmation (what, is there some doubt) but alas, as soon as AG started purring his mind went blank.



Deb- Thanks. I couldn't remember if Saul went to see AG in the previews or if it actually happened in the episode. Yes, of course. Instead of telling Karen (who has connected most of the dots) just WHY AG would kidnap/kill all the Monkeys, he keeps the info to himself and goes to see (drunk) AG first to confirm her side of the story. I really hope that he and Monica are over, because he's still got AG on the brain (and loins). Please give Adolfo a real chance, Monica!

La Dona: Saul isn't worth Monica's time and I hope she sticks to her guns about having him back. He's indecisive and weak brained.

La Doña

Many thanks, Vivi and deb, for your fine recaps. Vivi, when I first read about Amalia's refusing to admit that her husband used to have a monkey tattoo, I found it strange, since she'd admitted that earlier. But then I remembered that she admitted it to Leticia when she first met Leticia. Leticia had told her she was doing research on tattoos and that the monkey tattoo used to be quite popular among young people some years ago. I wonder how long it will take before Karen and Leticia compare notes.

deb, I agree that Karen was pretty nasty to Amalia. And that's hardly the first time she's been nasty to people. Though I have little sympathy for Rafael, I was nonetheless appalled that Karen would play for Rafael the recording that Emiliano left on his cell phone the night he killed himself, the one where he repeatedly cries out "I hate you, I hate you, I hate you"--and play it the day of Emiliano's burial.

So much is beginning to come to light, I'm surprised we're not yet in últimas semanas.


Juanita: I didn't mind Super Hero Cop Karen being nasty to Amalia.

I highly doubt FAKE NEWS Leticia & Amalia would get together & expose Rafael as the 5th Monkey.



Deb: Saul is WORTHLESS & a weakling when it comes to AG: she has his expletive & his mind. Plus, she knows how to "light that fire" alright.

Chinelo: Is Mama Aguirre now working at Daniel's Foundation ? I have to know she's NOT going to be thrilled about her hopeless son being back with AG.


SpanProf, you are going to give me a big head. Thanks! Yes, that would be a good one if it is Miriam's baby Bob is referring to.

Vivi, last week there were "últimas semanas" and "últimos capítulos" announcements. Then last Friday the "final" date of 4/3 was given at the end of the episode. No new talk of a second season anywhere. They have been doing major slicing and dicing for a while. I think they could finish off the whole thing wonderfully in 4 more episodes with the quality of writing and editing we have seen and the quick plot resolution that has just gotten quicker. Personally, I hope they do. I am tired of not knowing what is going on.

doris, uh oh, the beanie blew off! LOL The whole evil Lucía thing was totally unexpected.

deb, I would love to see Lucia's hat closet!


"La Fan", *ahha*

"Although even Telemundo has not officialized it, 'La Fan' ends earlier than expected, and the reason would be for the low rating, since it has not been able to beat ‘Pequeños Gigantes USA’ by Univision.

People working within the production of the novel confirmed that they had to re-edit the remaining chapters in order to shorten it, since on Monday, April 3 will be the last day we will see 'La Fan', and although they have already recorded The second season, it may not be broadcast.

At first it was thought to change the schedule, to spend it at noon, but finally decided to cancel it.

What will be put in that schedule? ... As Telemundo decided to finish before the time 'The Fan', and had scheduled the premiere of 'War of Idols' by end of April, for two weeks 'La Dona' will have two hours."

"We contacted someone on Telemundo, and they told us that on Wednesday they would announce their changes to the audience."

translation by google, original in Spanish here,


“Guerra de Ídolos", "the 75-episode skein marks Telemundo’s first original music drama series and centers on a successful composer-producer who unleashes a war against mafias linked to the music business".



oops, my link is to the google translation,
the Spanish original is here,



deb, thanks for posting the info. It is appreciated.


"Guerra de ídolos", start date, monday, April 24, 2017, 8pm edt.


caps 101 & 102 (Gala TV) have just been uploaded onto YouTube. No, Ah cain't say nothin bout em.

con afan de terminarla.

I don't see how they gone put on a 2nd season. If we follow the longer GalaTV caps system, whereby it has now got to an adelanto of cap 104 on YouTube, the majority of the story is probably watchable on YouTube if one searches for playlists on Diego y Adriana, on Vale y Lucas, & what whole caps are posted along w/ what may be abbreviated caps. It seems strange to me that nothing has been uploaded for caps 60-69 though, as such, tho a lot of it or most of it may be covered by the Diego y Adriana and Vale y Lucas caps, for at least many caps use a different & shorter numbering system whereby for example a cap with a 40's number may equal a cap in the 90's numbers using the longer cap number system -- which seems odd.

Of course the whole thing apparently is being broadcast by Gala TV in Mexico. And Telemundo sells/rents novelas around the world to TV in many nations. So they may be able to sell it abroad without ever airing it in the USA.

So at the rate they are going on Gala TV, methinks there are left about 17 caps to be broadcast on 8-9 days -- perhaps about 2 weeks more to finish it in Mexico.

I think if you want to see Catherine SinYChokee, you may have to watch the Gala TV uploads on YouTube. Her papel has been identified very briefly on the internet, but I won't say what it is since that would be a slight spoiler -- identified in this manner (fiction): "Catherine SinYChokee . . . ISIS terrorist."

La Fan: Can't wait for it to end. It's the worst comedy I've ever watched.


Deb: Are they're splitting up "La Dona" for Season 2 ?



""Guerra de ídolos", start date, monday, April 24, 2017, 8pm edt."

Hhhmmmmm..... I wonder what will be on over the three weeks between next Monday's announced "Fin" and the 24th?

Our AT &T U-Verse cable Guide shows La Fan all through next week. Even they don't know what's going on, but that's nothing new. LOL

la dona,

Steve you are almost right on the money!! don't kill nobody for two minutes..valeria ! please, if Braulio told her to jump on it, she would say :how high.. the wimp!!

deb: Karen is right to play the message it may have saved monica's life, he plumbed his brakes after hearing the message..

Vivi, good job and OMG! AND 'WTF'! as for Braulio, he is trope manifestation of the misogynist collective , who write this stuff..
they can make it up to women by having Lydia castrate him!! gee I feel better already!!

Maaame: good point abt Lydia, but she will find another
way ..Lydia, don't hurt yourself behind some demon...don't take the shame or the blame!!, find a sharp pair of scissors!!


Telenovelas usually suck at dealing with rape, but usually they only have ONE rape and the aftermath to mangle. This tn, however, has MULTIPLE rapes and rape attempts thrown in. Can they not get ONE right? Would it be so hard to have just ONE of these women not wallow in shame, or be abused/ignored by the legal system? We really get it by now that the majority of women either don't report it (Monica), are ignored when they report it (AG), or themselves are victimized by the system when they report it (Margarita). Would it be too much for the writers to show Lydia getting justice? Getting a rape kit (DNA evidence) and a blood test (to show the date rape drug in her system) immediately; reporting the crime to her cop/lawyer friends- Karen, Jorge, and Saul; accusing Braulio right to his face with her cop and lawyers at her back; getting that bastard thrown in jail; holding her head high and not being ashamed. I so want this. But I'm sure the writers will just go their usual route of shame/fear/delay/injustice.

La Fan / La Dona

doris- no official word from Telemundo as yet but the article I posted above on La Fan talks about running 2 hours of La Dona until Guerra de Idolos starts.



deb - thank you. That makes sense, but I'd rather have episodes of La Fan. LOL

LA FAN #51 3/29/17 Wednesday

Part 1

Lucas wants to get married ASAP. Vale looks so surprised the priest asks for her to speak . Yes, she wants to marry Lucas but she is not ready right at this moment. She needs to get a dress, a bouquet, proper clothing for Tomás. Lucas says they can buy it all today and get it done today. Lucas professes his love for Vale and wants to make up for lost time by marrying her and starting a family. Vale is all smiles.

Gabriel is not happy with the direction the novela is taking. Justin tells him that the owner of the network asked them to make Lucas' return a really grand return and to make it a masquerade party.

Diego and Adriana are in bed. He is describing the apartment he wants to get for them. She wants to talk to Benicio first. They have to get a divorce. Diego is thinking more of an annulment. Whatever it is they can't have a life escaping from reality. Diego will have to call Jessica, too.

More of Jessica telling Bob she has to get pregnant. He tries to get her to face reality with no luck.

Miriam is talking to a very confused Benicio. Benicio asks Miriam if she would still care about him if he were in financial ruin. Of course she would. She likes him because she likes him. He thanks her and they kiss.

Vale is still at the church and thanks God for Tomás and the possibility of creating a family with the love of her life. Quique watches from the back of the church.


LA FAN #51

Part 2

Lucas asks Justin if he missed him. The answer is no. Lucas just knows the ratings are going to sky high with José Gerardo back on the scene especially with the masquerade party. Justin tells Lucas he can begin by learning his lines. Justin has lost his patience during Lucas' absence.

Vale and Jessica are hiding out in Lucas' dressing room. Vale tries to talk some sense to Jessica about Diego. She does not want to hear. Next, Vale tells Jessica (who is sworn to secrecy) about her secret wedding to Lucas tomorrow. She needs to get a wedding dress but nobody can know about it. Jessica has an idea.

Diego calls Miguel to see how things are going. Jessica is fine. Diego tells him that in spite of being in love with another woman, Jessica is important to him and he will support the baby. Adriana tells Diego the time has come to go and face everyone.

Gabriel has a message for Lucas. Lucas can win over him in the tv business with the characters he plays but he will never ever win Vale. Lucas is tired of hearing the same old same old. Gabriel is saying it just to be clear. They decide that Vale can be the assistant for both of them but Gabriel insists Vale will be only his wife. He will win that one. Lucas just chuckles.

So that Vale does not have to go out in public and risk being followed by Quique, Jessica has arranged for her to try on wedding dresses from the costume department. They are in Lucas' dressing room evaluating one when Salma barges in. She wonders why Vale has on a wedding dress. Vale talks around and around until she tells her it is for the web novela. Salma tells her it is time for her to change into something else because the dress does not look good on her. Salma is looking for Lucas. Vale says she does not know where he is. After Salma leaves, Vale is worried she suspected something is going on.


LA FAN #51

Part 3

Back in Mexico, nuts Lucía is telling Luquitas they are going to LA to see his father Lucas and her baby. But first things first: Pascual has gone to take a nap on the couch. Lucía turns on the burners on the gas stove and leaves the house thinking that is going to do the trick and kill him.

Miguel tells Eloísa Diego called and all is well. Eloísa sends Miguel to the network studio to check on Jessica. She will be the mother of her grandson and Miguel's nephew.

Ignacio visits Benicio all agitated about the failed marriage. Benicio says his wife left him and it is all over. Benicio insists it is not all over. They are in financial ruin, Ignacio reminds him. Benicio did what he could. Ignacio blames it on Miriam. Benicio stands up to his father and tells him he is in love with Miriam and he is going to make his life with her.

Vale and Jessica are in the dressing room when Lucas comes in. Vale asks if he has seen Salma. Why? No reason. Jessica makes sure Lucas knows she knows what is going on. Lucas is not pleased. They decided to tell no one, Vale tries to explain about the wedding dress. Lucas tells her to order something off of the internet. If she goes wandering around the studio with a wedding dress, people will be suspicious.

Carlos is at home chatting with Natalia when Adriana and Diego show up. Adriana tells Carlos she loves Diego and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Carlos does not get why Adriana had to wait to run away on her wedding day. She admits that that was crazy but that is how love is. Diego says he is going to love Adriana just like Carlos is going to love his mother.

LA FAN #51

Part 4

Vale insecure about Salma having seen the wedding dress, starts overcompensating and overacting at the studio wandering around and wailing about how Lucas has left her. The problem is that she looks and sounds really fake. For his part, Lucas starts putting the moves on Salma. Salma is not too sure about what is going on.

Adriana has invited Benicio over to explain things. Like Carlos he wonders why she had to go through with the wedding to make up her mind. She apologizes and offers his the position of Vice President since she was going to give it to him as her husband. He smiles and we hear the ka ching. They are getting a divorce. She loves Diego and Benicio breaks the news to her that he is in love with Miriam.

At the company, Ignacio makes a point of talking to Miriam and telling her what he thinks of her. She is very common, with no class or style. She is worth nothing. She loves his son and does not care what he says. He warns her to stay away from his son. She will never be his wife.

Justin has an announcement for Jessica. He needs extras so anybodynat the studio I'd going to have to help out. She needs to get changed. Miguel arrives next telling her that his mother is worried about her. He wants her to know that he is there for her since he is going to be the uncle. She gets upset thinking about that traitor Diego. She is not doing well; having contractions He can tell her brother she is doing all she can not to lose the baby.


El Abanico, aka LA FAN

Based upon my guess as to the point at which they will end the supposed "Season 1" (Temporada 1) of La Fan, methinks one can continue watching the story on YouTube. What is posted as cap 71 (In My Humble Guess) will take up roughly where Telemundo chops off La Fan for an "end."

I notice that the "Escenas" for cap 103 have now appeared on YouTube.

LA FAN # 51

Part 5

Lucas and Salma are in masquerade costumes. He is all excited about the return of his character Losé Gerardo. He is still pretending to be in love with her and is laying it on about as thick as you can get. Vale sees them kissing and starts complaining about being the "ex", still "la fan" but an "ex".

Salma voices her suspicions to Gabriel who is also in costume. She tells him that the Vale "performance" is just a distraction. Salma talked to a friend in the wardrobe department and Jessica has borrowed the same wedding dress for tomorrow for a friend. She thinks the dress is for Vale because she is going to get married.Lucas came back because of her. They are planning on getting married in secret. They will not let that happen. It is time for them to put their plan into action and end this once and for all.

Vale complains to Lucas how he was kissing Salma. It just was a fake kiss like he does for the novelas not like the real ones lhe has with her that reach his heart. They kiss.

Adriana is learning you can take the man out of the barrio but not the barrio out of the man especially if he wants to take her back there to live. Carlos offers them a room at the house since it is so big. Diego wants his own place. Diego takes Adriana to see an apartment in his part of the city. It not for her.

Miguel is telling Jessica if she needs something just to give him a call. What she needs, he cannot give her. If she feels like anything, just give him a call. He wants her to let him be the baby's godfather. She hugs him and leaves. Justin sees Miguel and likes what he sees. The next thing Miguel knows he is being drafted as an extra and shipped off to wardrobe. Bob arrives and Jessica has made sure that he is going to be an extra, too. All Jessica is thinking about is how she is going to get pregnant. Bob has had it with her pregnancy thing. She needs to forget it already. He just wants to get into his costume.


My theory as to the numbering confusion on YouTube: My guess is that the numbers for the long series of clips on Adriana y Diego (perhaps also on Vale y Lucas) are episode numbers corresponding to days & that for each day there are 2 capitulos. In that case, we probably won't see any episode numbers above 60 since the telenovela on Gala TV has only 60 day-episodes corresponding to 120 caps. (The episode numbers seem not to say "capitulo," just appear as like 40-1, 40-2, 40-3, etc.) And the same uploader for some reason decided to use both systems, one for clip series & the other for whole capitulos.


LA FAN #51

Part 6

Back in Mexico, Lucía comes home and Pascual is no longer on the couch.She does not smell gas. Pascual appears and says he does not know what happened but she left the gas on. She? Yes, she. Luckily nothing happened. The maid arrived and saved him. If not for her, Lucía would be thinking about burying him.

Gabriel tells Vale they are planning José Gerardo's return to the novela. She pretends it doesn't matter and starts in with her crying act again..He then comes up with a great idea to cheer her up. Tomorrow he, Vale and Tomás are going to go to the beach for the whole day. Vale gives him all kinds of lame excuses and is very uncomfortable. Vale finally makes it clear she cannot go tomorrow. As soon as she leaves, Gabriel calls Salma to tell her she was right. Lucas and Vale are getting married.

Lucas films his preview for the return of José Gerardo who is bent on revenge. Justin is very happy with it. He calls for applause.

A masked man in costume for the masquerade party is practicing a line alone in a dressing room when suddenly the door opens and someone turns off the lights. It is a costumed masked woman. She closes and locks the door saying it is her lucky day. (Jessica and Miguel?)

Back in Mexico, Lucía tells Pascual how happy she is that he is all right because she couldn't live with herself if something had happened because of her. Pascual says he is no idiot. Pascual has been thinking that too many things have been happening to think it has all been by chance. She mentions the man who broke in and tried to kill him. With that and all of the things happening to him, he thinks someone is trying to kill him and he thinks he knows who it is . . .


LA FAN # 51

Part 7

In full costume, Vale and Lucas catch up. Vale tells Lucas all about Gabriel's invitation to the beach for tomorrow.

Salma and Gabriel are catching up. Salma says she told him that there was something going on bewtween Lucas and Vale. For her it is now or never. The time has come to blow it all up. Are they going to let them get married? No way! That would ruin their (Salma and Gabriel's) life. She is getting more and more and more exasperated with Gabriel because he seems so emotionless. He agrees. She is right. The time has come.

Vale explains to Lucas that she invented a bunch of excuses but she does not know if Gabriel believed her. Lucas calls Gabriel really stubborn. Deep down she feels sorry for Gabriel. He is so good with Tomás. Please! Lucas complains how Gabriel always tried to set Tomás against him. Vale tells Lucas not to get angry. How could he get angry with her anyway? They are both very happy. The only important thing is that they are getting married tomorrow.

Gabriel tells Salma that Lucas and Vale will not be getting married tomorrow.

Lucas and Vale are kissing not knowing that a gun is being pointed at them.



La Doña 86

this show did a good job of winding everything up a little tighter.

AG wants a kiss, Saul wants the whole monkey story, AG is playing it cool but keeps drinking.

smug Braulio's plan comes off without a hitch, Diego arrives as Lydia begins to awaken, he paints her as the slut, how Diego will always remember that she slept with his dad, Lydia can't remember anything since they were on the roof, Diego is destroyed but gets off a good punch to the face taking Braulio by surprise, but leaves in a trance.

Rafael has Yesenia cornered and takes anything she says to mean Monica was the one that caused his sons death.

Monica and Adolfo take their investigation to Braulio, but only meet Valeria, when asked about Braulio helping AG to take over Hernández Constuction company a light bulb goes off for Valeria, all of a sudden she realizes that that Hernández is Monica's father, she instantly clams up, but later drops in to see Leticia with the news that Monica is the daughter of Laz and AG.

AG has had enough and leaves the office for home, Saul makes the trip as well, AG continues to drink and... yep, she admits it was the Monkeys (Francisco and 4 others), and what if I did kill them, like you coming after Braulio with a gun when you found out he killed your father.

Rafael goes to Gabino, he wants him to get the truth out of Monica, but what if she reports me, after she talks kill her Rafael says.

Lopez's wife shows up at the foundation, she wants money, he doesn't give, she threatens to tell Braulio, Lopez wants the chance to confront him anyway but Valeria won't let him, (this isn't good).

Yesenia is worried about Rafael's threats against Monica, remembers that vision of Monica all bloody/dead laying on the ground, but can't find her, she meets Azucena at the foundation and they decide to go look for her at Lydia's.

Lydia wanders as does Diego, each lost and alone.

AG goes off on her usual rant about Saul wanting to judge her, he in his own weird way I think came there to help her, AG says what they have together, words only get in the way, he's not leaving and she keeps getting closer.

Monica and Adolfo's next stop is to see Regina, who sits nervously by while Monica puts the puzzle together piece by piece, bingo, AG is my mother, right?

Gabino looks like he is off on his Monica mission when he gets an update on Karen, she asked for a search warrant for Braulio's car, he calls Braulio who says he'll take care of it.

Yesenia and Azucena arrive at the girls house where Magda and Margarita are worried about Lydia, who finally shows, and with a lot of coaxing finally tells all, she just wants to die.

Diego goes to see Marcos the only person he could possibly talk to, he can't tell his mother.

Braulio has gone home but no one is there, maybe his plan isn't as perfect as he thought, Valeria shows but hasn't seen Diego and what would he have told me she asks, and to make a tense situation worse Lopez's wife is at the door, Valeria is horrified.


LA Dona: Thanks for the recap. I wonder if Saul will keep loving AG since he now knows she killed all those monkeys.


Jarifa - Thank you for your recap! You continue to amaze me with the thoroughness and speed with which you post them!!!

Ruh-roh! Look out Miguel! Jessi is a woman on a mission.

What breed of dog is "Luquitas"? I've seen them before but cannot recall the breed name. Every time I see him, I think of "Rags" on Spin City!



Chinelo: There needs to be a support group called, AG ANONYMOUS!

Deb: Valeria's body language said "HOLY EXPLETIVE!" when Lopez's estranged wife shows up at her house to speak to Braulio. I'm sticking with my prediction of both Lopez & Valeria getting whacked.

HALIMACANDY: Monica demanding answers from Tia Regina, who's body language is screaming to tell the truth.

It seems the entire world knows AG is her mommy!

LA DONA: well, they sure are packing a lot of plot into these episodes. It seems a bit rushed. Thanks so much deb for your incredibly clear and concise recap. You are one with words: "Lydia can't remember anything since they were on the roof, ", roof indeed! I'm heartbroken for those two, Diego & Lydia. Just as much as I am revolted by those other two, Saul & AG. And how frustrating that Karen Velarde has to go through that corrupt police chief to get her search warrant. Braulio, forewarned will probably make any evidence disappear. If only these characters weren't so 2-dimensional.

la dona

I hope the grannies gangsters Azucena and Maragitta, and bad B*t*h intraining, Lydia do the 'FURIES'.. women collective resistance to systemic oppression and injustice..or I will take street justice[ on the sneak-tip'.. ladies just..'F' ..Braulio up ladies!!!

deep but true,Monica,her head must be spinning!!will she head to ag house to confront her.. ???
Will she-is she gonna walkin on saul and dona? ???

Braulio kills valeria, scruffy and wife.. and I am cool with it!!

Leticia need to go to jail for collusion,and obstruction.

Karen has to'jump-in-that-ass'..the more she rattles the tree, the more monkees fall out, agitation brings results, she deals with criminals like ratfael & dona, Braulio...those rich /corrupted thieves.

La Dona

Is it possible that Rafael is Monica's true father? It would be ironic, since he has ordered corrupt cop Gabino to kill her. If Gabino succeeds, then both of Rafael's kids will have been killed indirectly by his actions.


Thanks so much, Deb! Ugh, I could hardly watch the scenes in the hotel room! Please, ladies, get Lydia to a hospital for a rape kit and blood test and call Karen!

How we take Saul seriously? He doesn't know if he's coming or going. What was the point of confronting AG yet again, about her past and current illegal activity? What's he going to do about it? "I can't just let you kidnap and kill men." Oh, really? And what's he going to do to stop her? Sex her into submission? AG also had a very valid point that Saul felt perfectly justified in trying to kill Brau when he learned he had killed his father, but SHE doesn't have a right to avenge her parents' and novio's deaths? Sit down, Saul.

Finally, Monica puts together all the clues that were in front of her face all along, and figures out AG is her mama.

GoBluFan-- I have been saying from the beginning that the writers were hinting that Rafael is Monica's bio-dad. They've had too many conflicts with each other, that often focused on her criticizing his parenting skills and he criticizing her upbringing. Let's just say, I would be VERY surprised if the sperm-donor turned out to be Dan. My money's riding on Rafael, and that he will find out AFTER he has gravely harmed Monica.


Thanks so much, Jarifa!

Evil-Lucia came out of left field, but I am enjoying her attempts to kill her husband. It's like Roadrunner and Coyote-- he keeps coming out unscathed.

OMG! Is Jessi going to get herself pregnant by Miguel? Run, Miguel, run!

La Doña

Lydia could really use the help of a foundation like Daniel's, who is no longer there, or a lawyer like Saul used to be, who is currently unavailable, while everything AG hates about men and her past is running rampant in Braulio, her creation.


La Fan

ooo wee Jarifa, you are a STAR cranking out these recaps!
loving the masquerade costumes,
Jessica and Miguel, the odd ones out, how ironic.
can't wait for José Gerardo's return!


La Fan

Doris- Luquitas reminds me of Stella's dog on Silvana,
that rich people carry around in their purse,
I think that was a Yorkshire Terrier.


La Fan. Excellent recap, Jarifa. I too hope something will prevent Miguel and Jessi from having sex. Yuck! I wonder if the Adriana/Diego relationship will last? Maybe their class difference is too big, unless one of them is willing to make more living space accommodations than they seem to be now. Quique praying at the back of the church in the second church scene was a cute touch. Ignacio is acting like a creep. I'm glad that both Benicio and Miriam are standing up to him for now. Who is pointing that gun? Quique? Gabe? Someone else? And I wonder who Pascual thinks is trying to kill him? He doesn't seem to deserve to be killed by Lucía.

La Fan. And this episode seemed just slow moving enough that I wonder if there will still be lots of loose ends when the novela ends (or season 1 ends?) on April 3.

Doris, Vivi, SpanProf, I sure hope that Miguel doesn't get caught up in a pregnancy with that nutcase Jessica. That was pretty scary when she locked the door.

deb, The return of José Gerardo out of though is going to make things very interesting .

SpanProf, besides being from two social classes, Adriana and Diego almost seem from two different times. His whole identity is so caught up in being the breadwinner. That could be a dealbreaker.

I am also getting the sinking feeling that we are going to be just to the left out there in limbo at the end of this on Monday with no really resolution of any of the storylines.

If you have YouTube, you are not left in limbo. Only you may have to watch before Telemundo takes down the uploads from Gala TV.

Doris, I too am curious about the dog. I wish they would leave the camera on the dog longer so I could see the breed better. I don't recall having seen such a dog before.

You must remember that 2 brothers involved with one girl (or 2 sisters with one man) is one of the most common & overused conventions that exist is telenovelas (from what I have seen). Do you think that Jessica locked the door because there was a cold draft in the building or she wanted to discuss Platonic metaphysics with Miguel?

La Fan. If Telemundo cuts off La Fan prematurely, the least they could do is leave up the Gala TV uploads. Too bad there aren't really telenovela boycotts on the scale of the one that almost got Lucas' novela canceled. :(

I just figgered out why Jessica locked the door with Miguel.
She had this great desire to discuss how the Russians influenced the election or whether that were a myth.

La Fan. StoodBloob: The best possibilities for Miguel and Jessica not to have sex would be either for Miguel to recognize her despite her disguise or for Miguel's puritanical instincts to kick in, as they have before.


HALIMACANDY: Braulio is likely to whack Lopez too!

GoBlue: I wouldn't be surprised if Gabino also whacks Tia Yesenia & Lazaro.



Speaking of the incestuous fooling of one man with 2 sisters, it also seems rather common to have one man fooling with a mother & her daughter in telenovelas. As to Doña, Christian Meier ditched Doña Edith Barbara eventually and ended up with Genesis Rodriguez, both on & off screen. But I am now wondering just from glancing at La Dona whether in this version David Cachorro will end up with the old girl, as it were. Will he leave-off Chockarro-ing up in favor of matrimony with her?


My feeling is that MIguel's puritanical or Clark-Kentish display is possibly a facade of hypocrisy -- inside could be a lecher.


Enoch- I have ONLY seen mother and daughter involved (having sex) with the same man in THIS story-- Dona Barbara and La Dona being the same stories (just remakes). So I wouldn't call that common. And of course, now we've crossed the line of a father and son having had relations with the same woman (although by force) in this show too. And I've only ever seen that in La Sombra/El Manantial (also same situation where dad raped son's novia).

Dona & Fan

Well, Vivi, seems like there get to be fewer & fewer lines to cross.
Based on report (I did not watch it) Catherine SinYChokee was the mama who crossed the line with her daughter's novio in "Sin ___ no hay P." I don't know the stats on it. Thanks for your report on the subject.


Looking like Saul will end up with AG in the likelihood of Monica being either getting whacked or injured.


La Dona #85/#86

Yes, yes! Ratfael is Monica’s dad!!! I bet even$$$!!

Cinelo: yes he will, that women has –his-nose- opened!Saul, you are an idiot.

Vivi:What rape kit? she will be taking a shower in minute…her body is covered in bite marks, the man is a savage. Cannibal-vampire!
LOL! that was real good!! Tee-hee...-‘sex her into pumping the truth out-of-her!!
These writers [down with rape culture]… better have some castration coming up!!

LVX: Roof? Or roofies=date drug??

Steve: Kill off Braulio after he kills scruffy’s wife and Valeria

Deb:Det. Karen, just work with what you got, Sra. Human traffic-Vega, gave you no help. Keep shaking that monkey tree...
Karen has to play hardball! She surrounded by killers [ her job]!!

Diego and Lydia this is 2017, but Diego doesn’t have the maturity to support Lydia…

Why did Dona tell Braulio she was spreading those titties on Daniel, I think that set his frustrated, horny, love -hate-sexual sadism in motion?He is a monster, she enjoys toying with, but it sets him off!

HOLD UP!! Braulio, what a sick ‘f**k...the dirty dog is putting hickies on her, marking her body like invaded territory...

Juanita:What happen to last week when we could enjoy watching my girl hit the saddle and pony-up on Daniel.

I was enjoying the shameless heifer ,getting het teeth into some, man- titty, she nipped it to the right{ excellent technique…} poor Daniel, he don’t stand a chance, work it girl!!

Ok, let get some Grown Folks –Sexy, Lets–Get-iT-Poppyn !! Right out the door...later??Poor Daniel, in pain and turned on, he watched that booty bounce, swish twitch, poor man, now, your horny on top of all that bruising!

But OMG! This week went south fast….the peripherals players have to step up now,

[Hi from Charleston ya’ll there….where is no telemundo, just AZTC/GALA, what’s a Ghee Chee gal to do. I gwan-go to YouTube]]

RECAP HEAVEN thank you! thank you!!



"telenovela boycotts on the scale of the one that almost got Lucas' novela canceled." -- La SpanProf

You call to my mind how there used to be this telenovela network called MundoFox (or was it FoxMundo?) which ain't no moe. However, I was sorry to see it quit.

I also recall how when certain religious persons in Mexico objected to seeing a priest kissing/romancing a girl (Mighty Pepperoni), they eliminated the "priest-romance" from the plot, even tho the priest was not really a priest, but an imposter, Cachito de Cielo. In fact the comedy was ruined -- they stopped presenting a comedy. That was really a funny story. So uprisings among viewers may be influential.

But IMHO the easiest way to get girlcotted is to put on a boring show.

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