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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 13, 2017


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• 10:30AM-noon — Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 12-2PM — Amar es Primavera
• 8PM — La Fan
• 9PM — La Doña
• 10PM — El Chema

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LA FAN #43 3/16/17 Thursday

Btw, does anyone remember the name of Rodrigo's dad? I don't.

Part 1

Anyway, as soon as Vale gets away from the church, she tells the driver to stop. She needs to get out, get some air and think about hat she is going to do. Tomás wants her to just go home with him and not marry Lucas. Jessica wants her to go ahead with her wedding to Lucas Duarte. Lucas is left on the hot seat with the press. He tells them that Vale forgot her bouquet at home so she went home for it. No waynthatnhis novia, his fan would abandon him. In the meantime, Salma is yucking it up about the whole situation with Gabriel. Gabriel tells her about his problem with the real judge and priest and the fake ones. Lucas comes to talk to them and his self confidence is clearly crumbling. Vale is not answering her cell phone. Gabriel reminds him it is a "fake" wedding anyway and he is Lucas Duarte. While Gabriel leaves them to go stuff and lock a real judge in a room where he is supposed to be waiting for the happy couple for a special "hippie" ceremony, Salma is doing her best to make Lucas feel even worse. She tells him that this is what you get when you put your trust in just anyone. She is sure Vale had this planned from the start. Lucas thinks he is having a heart attack when suddenly he is told that Vale has returned.

Vale comes down the aisle with Tomás. Just as the fake judge is going to begin the ceremony the real judge appears saying that he is the only judge that can perform the ceremony since the network hired him to marry the couple. Vale makes up a whole story about the judge who has started the ceremony is really her old friend Tito and it has always been her dream for Ito to marry her. The real judge gives in and allows Tito to officiate. Tito asks Lucas if he will take Vale as his wife and he quickly answers yes. Tito then asks Vale if she will take Lucas as her husband and she takes forever to answer yes, but finally does. There are applause all around and Eloísa does a stupid cheer.

LA FAN #43

Part 2

There is just one more thing left: the religious ceremony. The problem is the real priest is ready. Vale says she will handle this, too, because the shenanigans with the civil ceremony is a crime but playing with the religious ceremony would be a sacrilege and she is not going there. She will take care of it. She asks to confess to the priest (who it turns out is also a fan of Lucas' novela who also stopped watching when she and Lucas broke up.) She first makes sure that the priest will not tell what she is going to tell him. He agrees becausemthatnis the secret of the confessional. She tells him all about the false civil ceremony and how she loves Lucas and is doing this to just help him. So, she needs him to leave so the fake priest can pretend to marry them. By the way how many Our Fathers doe she need to do. . . The actor priest marries Lucas and Vale. At the very end , Lucas takes a few moments to extol the virtues of Vale and actually starts to tear up as he tells the crowd what a wonderful woman she is. Gabriel notices his moist eyes that he did not have to use his drops to attain. Lucas tells him he was really moved.

It is reception time with lots of dancing and partying. When it is time for Vale to throw her bouquet, Jessica almost knocks overmEloísa as she charges forward to catch it. She is ecstatic. Her "chiqui baby" Diego looks less than thrilled. After the reception, Lucas and Vale meet with the press that is still trying to dig up dirt of the disappearing bride. Vale tells them the same story that Lucas did:'she forgot her bouquet at home and went to get it. Lucas takes Vale to a hotel with a huge suite overlooking the ocean. He was given the suite in exchange for the hotel to be able to say that Lucas Duarte had his honeymoon there. Lucas takes a bunch of selfies to post on his social networks. What about her? He will take a lot more with her. Eventhough Vale does not drink, Lucas convinces her to have a glass of champagne. Then Lucas goes to take a bath.. Vale talks to Miriam and Jessica on the phone and fills them in about the hotel suite. They tell her to enjoy. She says she will. Lucas finally comes out of the bathroom with his robe on and proclaims that while their wedding may be fake, they should prepare themselves to enjoy what will be a real honeymoon. He takes his robe off and is wearing only a smile. Vale covers her eyes and tries not to look. That was the end of the episode.

LA FAN #43

Part 3

Everything else:

Salma is upset that Lucas and Vale are at the hotel together.

Rodrigo is visited by his father. No he did not escape from prison. He is out on parole and is free to be a father to Rodrigo. That makes Rodrigo is very happy. When Salma gets back from the wedding with Agustín, she is shocked to find out that Rodrigo's father has moved in and is planning on staying.

At the wedding, Carlos proposes to Eloísa. After the wedding and after pondering Felícitas' threat, she breaks up with Carlos.

Jessica is her ditzy self.

Benicio lies and plays sick to be free of Adriana so he can go out with Miriam. After the wedding, Miriam is at home getting ready to go out with Benicio when Miguel appears wanting to go take a walk.

At the wedding Diego watches Adriana and Adriana watches Diego. He says she looks pretty. She says he looks elegant. To that he adds that he still is the employee though . . . After the wedding, Diego pays her a visit at home saying that a pair of questions have been rolling around in his head: is his brother's sister his sister?

Patricia visits Miguel at the café. He is not happy to see her. He tells her he is in love with Miriam. She says she knows he is lying because he is afraid. That was the same fear that separated the years ago. He kisses him and leaves. Later she visits Felícitas to tell her she does not want to be a part of Felícitas' scheme anymore. Felícitas basically says that is too bad. Either she does what Felícitas wants her to do or Felícitas will tell her son.

Gabriel is babysitting Tomás after the wedding at Vale's house. Gabriel finds Lucía's photo on the shrine and holds t to his chest as he remembers having sex with her. Tomás walks in and asks why is he hugging his mother's photo. Gabriel tells him he knew his mother when she was going out with Lucas. Tomás asks if Lucas really loved his mother. Never missing an opportunity to make Lucas look bad, he tells Tomás that Lucas did love her but in his own way. Next, Tomás asks if Gabriel loved her. Yes, Gabriel loved her a lot.


La Fan

wonderful recap Jarifa !!!

Nicolás is Rodrigo's dad.

after Gabriel locked the judge in that back room we see Agustin lurking around, hmm.

so funny the whole wedding party eavesdropping on Vale's confession.

it looked like Vale's bouquet was going to Adriana before Jessica made her dive.

I'm really liking Natalia, she is the coolest maid ever.


deb, thanks for "Nicolás". Yes, Natalia is a hoot. She also knows a lot more than she lets on.


Now Rafael & Daniel know Monica is AG's daughter!

FAKE NEWS Leticia: don't get me started on this hypocrite!



Steve- Actually, they don't know that yet. If no one else is planning on it, I'll write up something quickly.

La Fan. Thank you for another superb recap, Jarifa. I liked how you separated out the various plot strands to make the narrative more logical. I too loved the wedding crowd behavior while Vale was "confessing." Well choreographed and hilarious! We did have to sort of enter an alternative telenovela universe with that genuine priest who was willing to go along with Vale's and Lucas's deception and yield to the fake actor/priest because he was a "fan" and a boycotter. And speaking of alternative tn universes: Having escaped once, how does Nicolás get parole so quickly? And really? There's no halfway house or excon program where he can live? He has to live with Salma? Hmm. Also, on some level I think that despite his resentment of Lucas and his own wrongdoing, that Gabe genuinely loves both Vale and Tomás--in his way, as he said about Lucas. Diego's worry about his familial relationship to Adriana reminds me of an old James Whitcomb Riley poem about a man who falls in love with stepsister and (eventually) marries her. I think it might be the one that ends "And I married Mary Brown."

La Fan. Also, I'm wondering if by the end of this novela someone will end up having twins, but not Jessica. (Adriana and Diego?, Vale and Lucas?, even Eloísa and Carlos?)

La Fan. And I am almost 100% certain that despite Lucas's having dropped his bathrobe (ahem), he and Vale will not end up having sex on their "wedding night." Certainly not after she's just gone to confession. :)


LA DOÑA, Thursday, Part 1:

Rafael gets taken to the back room after he defends AG from getting beaten. Francisco is like, WTF? Why did you fight me so hard, bro? Was it strategy, or were you really trying to defend AG? Rafa says it was just strategy to show AG how hard he’d fight to defend her. He gets his chains taken off, and gets to have the pee/eat/drink break that AG hasn’t had in two days. He’s later sent back into the pool pit with AG, who’s bleeding from her side from her last dustup with Francisco. Rafael continues the full court press to find out who else knows about the Monkeys. (I’m going to assume AG’s thirst/hunger/blood loss/full bladder is messing with her b.s. radar.) She doesn’t tell Rafa who the others in the know are, but she does confess to having a daughter as a result of the rape—a daughter she could never love or care for because of her hate for the Monkeys.

Francisco decides that Dan needs a time-out, since he’s still not being a team player. He takes his phone and has his men lock him in a room, guarded at gun-point. He then heads home to show his face to the wife and kids.

Braulio convinces a skeptical Regina that AG is in danger. They go to AG’s office, and Regina breaks into AG’s tablet. They find the info on Francisco, but his address is unlisted. Brau is on it. He’ll track him down. Regina is to go home, and act as if everything is normal.

Valeria is at Lopez’s house talking about Brau’s return. Lopez wants her and Diego to move out, and in with him. Valeria asks for time to deal with Brau in the best way. Lopez’s wife returns and catches them holding hands. She tries to attack Valeria, who leaves. Mrs. Lopez then threatens to tell Brau. Lopez warns her not to do it, because Brau is a dangerous killer-- unless she wants their son to be father-less.

Diego is at Lydia’s lamenting his father’s mistreatment of her. He’s not going to back down and let Brau hurt his mother or Lydia.

Azucena jokes with Yesenia that she’s still hot stuff, after the grocer makes his delivery and flirts with Yesenia. Lazaro overhears (and I’m pretty sure I smell a breakup coming on, because Laz won’t want to be a burden).


LA DOÑA, Thursday, Part 2:

Monica and Saul have dinner at his place, and he gets jealous of how she’s gushing about Alvaro and how he got her father into the medical trial. They return to Monica’s place and Saul tells Monica he wants to go see AG to confirm whether or not she’s the one who got Brau out of jail. Aww, hell no! Monica voices all of our thoughts when she points out that he always needs to confirm these things with AG. Does he think she’s just going to admit it to him? Saul says he would be able to tell if she’s lying (LOL!). Monica points out that he’s speaking as if he and AG are soulmates or something. Saul’s looks confused again. Monica repeats her ultimatum—he seeks out AG, it’s over between them.

They’re interrupted by Yesenia and Saul leaves. Yesenia basically tells Monica, I told you so. He may have told Monica that he loves her, but actions speak louder than words. Lazaro interrupts and Monica tells them the happy news of the medical trial.

Leticia gets home and Emiliano isn’t there. He won’t answer her calls or texts. She goes to her bedroom, and collapses on the bed, crying and railing against Rafael— the rapist who shared her bed for almost 20 years. She says that, since she didn’t really know who he was, he raped her too. When Emiliano, who is high as a kite, gets home, he finds Leticia passed out in bed with an empty pill bottle in hand. He freaks out, manages to partially wake her up, and starts blowing up his father’s phone. Rafael, of course is busy at the moment and doesn’t answer. Finally, he calls Diego, who’s with Lydia. Diego tells him to call an ambulance! Emiliano doesn’t want to do that because, 1) he’s high; and 2) his mother’s public persona would be ruined if the news of her OD got out. Diego remembers that Alvaro can arrange a private ambulance, and makes the arrangements. He knows Alvaro will keep things on the downlow. At the hospital, Emiliano is crying and freaking out as Alvaro takes charge of Leticia. He blames himself for his mother’s OD and hugs Diego tightly, while Lydia watches the whole drama.

Meanwhile, Dan has learned from the guard that Rafa’s phone keeps ringing. When he sees that it’s Rafa’s son, he has the guards bring Rafa out of the pit and to the room Dan’s being held in. Rafa decides that whatever Emi is calling about can’t be that important. Instead, he tells Dan that they might be daddies because AG had a child as a result of the rape. Dan wants them to find out who the girl is, and do a DNA test to see who’s the daddy. They both agree that Francisco can’t find out, because he’d likely kill the girl to maintain his family man public image. Dan wants to protect and care for the girl if she’s his daughter. That’s what Rafael wants to do too, right? Isn’t family important to him? -End of episode.

La Doña

what an amazing recap for the day after Vivi, you are so good at capturing the essence of the characters.

let's see if i can add some detail,

ha!, big Frank tells Rafael to wash off some of the lambs blood, he smells like an animal.

Rafael notices that AG's wound might be infected.

I keep thinking Lopez with his crazy wife Elena and young troublesome child shouldn't have embarked on this new adventure.

hmm, Braulio was talking about 'his team' who would get him Francisco's address.

of course Emi didn't read the pill bottle or bring it to the hospital.

so Saul is at the parents house where sex isn't an option and shows his other face, he doesn't trust Monica to tell him his plans with AG but when he does, he calls her out for not trusting him, yep, he's still in his AG funk and is drawn to her for any reason he can come up with, but nice that Monica reads it so well.

as far as Saul goes, I'm not looking at this as a typical novela, but rather as a story, and the story is about AG, how her past has shaped her present, how she destroys men, Saul she has a soft spot for but yet insists on total control which she achieves by igniting the passion inside him, so for me Saul is not the galan, but collateral damage.

and it's always interesting when the bad guys meet someone who is worse, and there is the concept of divine justice which was discussed in "Sin Senos", where the good guys should do nothing (and not become evil they hate) as the bad guys will eventually destroy each other.


LA DONA: Vivi: love your intuition (a breakup coming on, because Laz won’t want to be a burden) and the (ahem) practical exigencies of being tied up for three straight days. They do feed her, don't they?

Saúl Saúl Saúl!! What a ninny!! It's all about him, isn't it? These writers should be fired. And if I were David Chocarro, I would have quit.

Oh these pigs, they only want that DNA test to prove some manhood thing or other. Disgusting.

Thanks for the recap. I ate it up.


SpanProf, ITA the Nicolás reappearance was a surprise at this time. Something else: I was hoping for a novela twist where Lucas and Vale actually got married to each other but evidently this is not that kind of a novela eventhough the writers had the nasty Gabriel kidnap Vale and Diego got beat up. Interesting what is off limits and not. Do I detect a preferred taste for violence over the heroine having sex outside of a real and genuine marriage? Anyway, I also agree that nothing will happen between Vale and Lucas.

For once I might add, Braulio is really needed here, go save AG Beau. And if u kill Francisco I won't consider it a crime #smileyface


"I keep thinking Lopez with his crazy wife Elena and young troublesome child shouldn't have embarked on this new adventure." deb- So true! Lopez and his wife are just so ordinary, and should have never stumbled into the horrid universe of Braulio-Valeria-AG and their whole crew. When Elena was threatening to tell Brau, I could already see Brau beating HER to death first (killing the messenger), before hunting Lopez and Valeria down. Don't do it, Elena!

When Saul opened up his mouth to tell Monica that he wants to go see AG to get her side of the story about Brau's release, I think I cursed out loud. Seriously?!! I think it's time for someone to smack him upside his thick skull.


Thank, Jarifa, for another great recap!

SpanProf - ITA about Nicolas, the escape, and the parole. Telenovela beanie hat time!

Add me to the list of those who do not think Vale will go to bed with Lucas. I doubt she will, either, before she knows, without a doubt, that Lucas truly loves her and is blind to all over women.

Natalia is a hoot!!!

Too bad there were no traffic horns in the background when Beni called Adri.

Everyone looked very nice at the fake wedding.


Jarifa- Thanks again for the great recap. The fake wedding was a hoot, especially all the shenanigans to get the real officiants to leave. :) Lucas dropping his robe at the end was also hilarious. He's just so full of himself, and so sure Vale will fall for his seduction. I also think nothing non-PG is going to happen.

Yes, Nicolas being out of jail legally is contrived, but I'll roll with it because I love how he ruffles Salma's peacock feathers.

I was impressed that Miguel resisted Pedo Pati was much as he did. It's obvious that she's still very much in his head and heart.


Hi, chicas!

Did anybody notice that the wedding kiss was fake between JPE and AV? They didn't kiss each other. For me it is so strange, cuz I saw a lot of common photos, and they had very good work relationship and have been good friends. That's why I didn't understand. Why did not they have at least a kiss only on lips?

Vivi, I laugh everytime I read your "Pedo" Pati.

La Fan. Alejo: That fake kiss may have been to emphasize the fakeness of the wedding ceremony. doris: "traffic horns." Love it! ¡Ojalá! Vivi: "nothing non-PG." Very astute. I must say, I agree that Lucas looks hilariously funny, and at least this way Vale's heart doesn't get broken.

La Fan: Vivi: I also loved "Salma's peacock feathers"!


I forgot to mention that Vale was so beautiful in her fake-wedding dress, hair, etc. I want her to have her HEA with a real wedding!!!

La Doña

Many thanks, Vivi, for another superb recap. I enjoyed your quite reasonable assumption that "AG’s thirst/hunger/blood loss/full bladder is messing with her b.s. radar." I agree. I can't think of any other reason that this normally super-acute woman isn't picking up on Rafa's unsubtle and repeated questioning. And, alas, I had the same impression you did about a breakup in the offing between Lázaro and Yesenia. I'm afraid the writers have no imagination and so keep putting Lázaro in one pitiful and demeaning situation after another. ¡Ya basta!

deb, I'm really taken with your idea that the novela is really about AG (as the title might suggest), and that Saúl "is not the galan, but collateral damage." The longer the novela continues, the more uneasy I am at the notion of Mónica and Saúl in the traditional Happily Ever After ending. Your idea gives me a glimmer of hope that perhaps that's not the way this novela will end. Perhaps I can order my Team Adolfo t-shirt after all!

La Dona#80 Thursday
Vivi, great captions!
What I say!! I told you so!! Did I-call it or what!

Baby DNA count down, when she told Rat-fael, he looked like he wanted to pass –out!! Maury catch him!!

He was digging for extortion info! Rat-monkey man, but,he knows Vega would kill her!!

Vega is a paranoid but cautious bastard, he also is not above, using his family as a front of normality, and he has no love his family.

Daniel, you’re one weak bastard!! He has no strategy other than complain? The road to hell is paved....

What a weak b*t*h… this was not time to antagonize Vega!! You could have helped. Now you have to be rescued...WTF!
And if you think you can help the baby, think twice!! You are a...’f-up’, unless you sacrifice your life for Monica!!

Dona knows the score, she ain’t no punk, and she’s going out [fighting] on her own and in her own way, [a hail of bullets].

But,she's got-game–to- the-end..!! She swears the game is still on and if Braulio can intercept, she may be right.

Rafael you used the sacred -name of your child to crack a wedge, leverage info, what a rat- bastard!

Rafael, she is sitting on some serious, pressure, how she hasn’t blown by now is testimony to her will or serious Kegel... muscle exercises. No wonder Saul can’t let go, her stuff must be tight all around!!

Leticia, you still have a job? Still crying abt your hard life!! Adored& bedded, poor favor!! Boo hoo- You are a victim too! B**L -SH**.....!

Please! No sympathy, her punk- ass, has got to deal with life, like everybody [poor] else, if she was poor she would be in jail?

Dope-fiend- junkie - Son, can you just call 911, not your dad, by the time he calls back she would have died!! Ok... with me.

Emi is feeling compassion or fear, whatever... are they ever gonna make restitution to Lydia, she may have physical problem later in life, Lydia don’t let them off the hook!! They should have been sued for bodily trauma,

Steve: Die Leticia die!!!

Lydia time to get paid$$$….. Getting Diego is ok!!

But it’s no FIX!!! Marriage as compensation for almost being murdered in hit/run!! But what about her life and health independent of a man???

Thieves’ .criminals, .Of course the rich are still protected even in their addiction. WTF! Disgusting! You said it!

OK...But the REAL BOMB is yet to come!! Lying in wait - poised to blow up their whole world .

I can't wait,for the nuclear ‘sh*t’ to hit the fan!

AZUCENA /YESENIA... the old school... Gospel -Gangster Grannies… talking abt how they still got it!!
Got to be cool with that topic around your old man.

……. Who’s gonna break up, who? Yesenia ain’t going nowhere... and how he going to make her leave? Roll over her, or withhold Sex?? NO- WEDDING! Oh shucks! HELL NO!!

Putz the Saul and poor Monica, girl, you know what is correct and she sees the truth, he is under a spell!

And he has to be part of the rescue team!!

Yes-yes!! Braulio is on the case, Regina needs back up... acting like normal is stupid,
Regina knows she is going after monkey men!!
she never mentioned monkey to Braulio??!!

Everybody [Regina] has their head up their a**, and then when all hell breaks loose ,they scramble for cover!!

Juanita & LXV:

Just theory: we are in a confluence /convergence of players and event culminating to the rescue or resolution of this show…..

I am gonna miss this show,
But,I am not to happy that they really blew thru. this series,they bum- rushed it!!

For what!! Some more Nacro bosses’ super- series’?!

In my opinion, I find it, irresponsible to promote these negative depictions that glorify frontier Mexican- gangsters,Espec.. in this cultural climate… [Just my opinion]..


GENERAL: Halimacandy, I couldn't agree more about the Narco shows. I've seen 2. I don't ever want to see another. I hope they keep them in the 10 pm slot. They ramp up the disgusting violence (which is actually not entirely inaccurate, but why would I want to wallow in that sh*t?) Fingers crossed we get something decent after this La Doña trainwreck is over.


Recap for #44 will be up sometime tomorrow. : )

La Doña

Halimacandy, I loved your saying "how she hasn’t blown by now is testimony to her will or serious Kegel... muscle exercises." Just goes to show, you never know when such exercises will come in handy! :-)

Unlike you, I'm NOT going to miss this show. I had high hopes for it at the start, but on the whole it's been a disappointment. As for what will replace it, I agree with LXV that it's likely that the narco shows will probably stay at the 10 pm time slot. That's been their slot for several years now. I think the previews for El Capo indicate that that's the show that will replace El Chema. I guess that means that Guerra de Idoles, for which we've also been getting previews, will probably replace La Doña.

La Fan

Telemundo is already saying ultimos capitulos!? Whaaaa? How is that even possible?

La Fan

Yes, J, I agree, it's weird. I too heard them say últimos capítulos when I caught the last couple of minutes before La Doña started. It makes no sense, since La Fan started considerably after La Doña, and those of us who have been watching La Doña have been saying that we feel it's in its last stages. Also, though I haven't been paying a lot of attention to the previews for Guerra de Idoles, what I've seen strikes me as more appropriate to follow La Doña than the very light-hearted La Fan. Oh well, I guess we'll see.

I should also mention that I think I heard the date April 4 mentioned as the starting date for El Capo. It will follow El Chema, which has been in últimos for a while.


Oh noes!!! Ultimos capitulos already? 🙁 Have the ratings been that low? Will Salma go into massive twitches and itching?

La Fan. I can't believe Telemundo is cutting La Fan short when they just let Silvana sin Lana keep going and going and then didn't even resolve everything. Btw, talk about life imitating art! Could one of the actors have a fake wedding to get the ratings up? :)

La Fan. Will the replacement be a dubbed Korean novela?

SpanProf, that would be perfect!

Trying to make sense of Últimos Capítulos:

Considering the current plot development, this could wrap up nicely in a few weeks. It would be nice to keep this pace up to a foreseeable conclusion.

I have seen the number of episodes listed as 120 in one place and 65 in another. Not a lot of info out there.

If it is 120, I hope they don't do a hatchet job on it.

La Dona: From every indication, AG will get away with all the evil she has done, eg killing Gueremo(not sure of the spelling), taking all Lazaro has and ruining him, trying to ruin Felipe etc.


Oh, noooo!
I am crying, crying and crying. For me La Fan is the only one nice comedy made with latino actors.
I know the ratings are so low, but why do they have to cut, and why don't they put over this show in another slot. For example: early afternoons 1pm/12c, and so they shouldn't cut.
If they wrap up the rest 76 episodes into 21 episode, La fan will be caotic and confused.


Count me in as confused about how we're in ultimos capitulos. The whole series was already filmed and in Mexico, since they have been showing this in two hour chunks, they're already up to around capitulo 90. How in the world can Telemundo wrap it up in a few weeks in any coherent way?


I'll be running around too much today getting ready to go on vacation. I hope someone can do a recap for last night's show. Can't believe I'll miss the end of the pool pit drama next week, but I'll be reading the recaps from my lounge chair by the pool/beach. :)


Vivi: Did you see Daniel secretly recording the conversation between Francisco & Rafael ?

Now Saul & Karen are heading to the secret hideout. Meanwhile, FAKE NEWS Leticia & Hypocrite Valeria have a talk about life.



HALIMACANDY: AG's cronies are likely going down HARD!

Lopez might need to reconsider his love for Valeria because she's still the same hypocrite who trashed Lydia & got Emiliano off.

I'm looking forward to seeing the expletive hitting the fan.

On Daniel: when his secrets are exposed, I can see Lopez or someone else running the Foundation!



Vivi, thanks for the info. This does not look good.


La Fan is being split into two temporadas! This first season will end with episode 65, but no details yet when the second season will air.

"65 capítulos tendrá la primera temporada de La fan. Telemundo planea una segunda temporada más adelante."

La Doña

I'll try to post something.



Split into two seasons?!? To quote Jessica: "Whaaaaaaaat?"

Seems like a verra risky thing to do, what with ratings and all.

La Doña

Daniel and Rafael chat while the cat's away (Frank is home calming his nagging wife) Rafael talks about how having a son has changed his life, he is everything, and finally returns Emi's calls, but it looks like Leticia is going to be ok and she told Emi to not tell Rafael, so he doesn't.

Frank is off early, business he tells his wife, but by tonight everything will be back to normal, he hops in his car and is off, wait, is that Braulio following him.

Leticia claims it was an accident, she just wanted to sleep and forget it all, Adolfo comments about the drug situation in her home, as Emi was also high.

Emi clings to Leticia, it's clear to both that they need each other.

at breakfast Felipe is telling jokes to Isabela, while her driver is waiting to take her to school, really? Regina paces.

Lopez spills to Valeria Elena's threat, que? (her eyes bug out)

we all know AG's sexual appeal, but after only a few days in the pool is she ripe enough, the guard wants to collect on her promise of pleasure, and his rape claws at everything Monkey as AG's screams reverberate off the walls, Matamoros can't shake his bindings, Daniel finds a piece of wire to pick his door lock, Rafael, well he went to the store, what?

Daniel does an honorable job of taking on AG's rapist, until the second guard shoots him in the leg.

Saul is at the foundation, discovers Daniel has been missing.

Emi thanks Diego for sticking by him and, aa, em, oh, you too Lydia, sorry about running over you earlier.

Franco arrives on the scene, (closely followed by Braulio), the guard updates him.

Rafael went for antibiotics and such for AG, but uses them on Daniel's leg wound, he tells Franco they need to take him to the hospital because he is losing too much blood, Franco likes the idea about there not being any witnesses, Rafael wonders if that means him too.

meanwhile Rafael has left his phone on the table, Daniel texts Saul the address, he doesn't know the sender, but wait Daniel calls him with the speaker phone on so Saul can hear Franco's threats against AG, Saul explodes out the door to the rescue, dragging Karen along who is digging in her heels.

Valeria arrives at the hospital to comfort her friend, hears of Rafael getting the boot, and zeros in on Leticia's gang investigation as the cause, was Rafael a part of that gang?

zombie Laz tells Yesenia she would be much better off with a live guy, to prove him wrong she takes the blind Laz to a visually stunning park, Laz can smell the grass and taste a grape, ok, he gives in.

Saul passes by Monica who just doesn't get it, he's not OBSESSED with AG, he just needs to be with her.

Braulio in stealth mode, keeps getting calls from Regina that he answers with, don't call me, Felipe is getting suspicious.

Franco does Rafael's halloween poolside makeup.

Braulio crashes into the room where Matamoros is being held, untie me he says, I can shoot with my other hand, Braulio doesn't, what?

showtime at the pool, Rafael (who wants the daughter's name) tells AG not to spill, Franco looks pretty intent on adding Rafael to the no-witness list, but so far has only given him a good kick to the ribs, AG is aghast...


LA DoÑA; THANKS deb for that up-to-the-minute report. I'm stuck working to day so just had time for a quick glance. So Braulio is going to be the hero??? Gah! And pobre de Matamoros. The loyal watchdog, left to languish whilst the devil's own spawn charges around like the hero he isn't. That Saúl-Monica contretemps was more annoying than the last. And how many episodes could be possibly have left? There are no more protagonists hiding out on business trips, or gone to Spain, or in a coma or anything, that they can pull out to plump this story up any longer. Since everything else Telemundo is already in últimos, why not join the club?

LA FAN #44 3/17/17 Friday

So much to tell . . .

Part 1

Lucas ends up putting his robe back on because even though he is interested in having a real honeymoon ispitemof a fake marriage, Vale is not. Lucas' main interest seems to be promotion of their wedding and honeymoon as he spends a great deal of his time taking selfies of him alone and of him and Vale. Lucas has thought ahead and brought Vale different outfits so she is dressed apporopriately. He has a leopard print short negligee set for romantic pictures in bed and a bikini for pics of her in a bubble bath. The highlight of the wedding night for Lucas seems to be that his wedding night pics are # 1 on the social media. When Lucas is helping Vale out of the bubble bath, they both slip and Lucas pulls something in his back. Vale tries to help by massaging his back and he is a little bit better the next day. Lucas reveals just how shallow he is when he discusses a dream that he had about being at an award gala where he was getting some big award. Vale keeps asking where she is at different times in the dream. For him it is perfect: he is the center of attention
and she is always there in the background as his fan. When he sees how sad she looks, he goes to kiss her. She refuses the kiss because she is only his fan.

The next day they return to Vale's apartment. Lucas will be living their to keep up their pretend marriage. The only problem is Tomás who is the brat of the night who refuses to live with that "clown" Lucas. Vale says she will talk to him privately. She tells him he is onmlynthere for the novela's success. Gabriel asks Lucas why not take Vale and Tomás to live at his apartment. That is a no go: Lucas is afraid that monster Tomás would ruin all of his stuff. Gabriel is eating and has not much to say probably because he and Tomás are still working together so Gabriel can win Vale's heart and the three of them can live together. Finally Lucas offers Tomás a deal because he is not the selfish obnoxious guy he thinks. He is nol married to Vale. He is asking Tomás to give him a chance at living there. If it does not work out, he will leave. Tomás says he will give him one chance. Suddenly the doorbell rings and it is Carrrizo talk show moderator who is there with a camera crew to do a story on the day in the life of the happy Duarte family. That was the end of the episode.



Thank you, Jarifa!!! A short recap and truly you covered it all!

Who isn't more than ready for the whole Carlos/Miguel secret to be outed? Argh!

When Lucas was making all those selfies, it hit me like a train just. how. shallow. he. truly. is. That dream was the icing on the cake. Can this big turkey be redeemed? (No intended insult to turkeys!)

Bathing suit in the bathtub?

As much as Tomas dislikes Lucas, I am starting to really believe that he might well be Gabriel's son. That was one of my Crockpot Theories™ a while back. After all, nobody really knows. He just looks more like Gabriel, although Salma's son looks more like Lucía. Besides, how on earth Tomás could ever reconcile with Lucas as a father is beyond my imagination. My telenovela beanie hat is on standby.

I think I've counted four or five Kabbalah red strings on the cast.

LA FAN #44

Part 2

Everything else:

While babysitting Tomás, (rotten-to-the-core) Gabriel remembers telling Lucía to quit Lucas or he would tell Lucas they had slept together. Lucía begs him not to make her do that because she cannot live without Lucas and if she tells him, he will never forgive her. Gabriel remains steadfast. He just could not bear the thought of her ending up with Lucas. He is still keeping up his end of the deal: he never did or will tell Lucas about Lucía's affair with him but he will not tell him that Tomás is his son either.

Eloísa is done with Carlos and is not interested in giving it another try. They are too different. He knows she loves him and he loves her. He left everything for her. What else can he do? Nothing. She asks him to leave. She does not want to see him again.

Diego ends up drunk at Adriana's after the wedding asking her about the sister of his brother being his sister. She tries to sober him up and find out what he is really talking about. She says the only way a person would not be his sister is if s brother had a different father or was adopted. This leads Diego to say that there was some talk about Miguel being found and maybe he should have been named Moses. Miguel might be adopted? She comes to the conclusion that Miguel is not his dad's son. He asks her not to tell anyone. He is ready to leave. Carlos arrives. Does Carlos know that Miguel is adopted.? No. Why did not Eloísa tell him? Not even Miguel knows. Carlos thinks that Miguel has the right to know. Then there is something about a sister. What sister? In the meantime, Benicio arrives and is angry Diego is there. Carlos tells him to cool it because he wanted to talk to Diego. Carlos says he is going to take it all up with Eloísa. Diego asks him not to and he will find out why Eloísa broke up with him. Carlos is promising nothing but he will think about it. Diego leaves. Carlos asks Adriana if she thinks he is Miguel's father.

La Doña

Thanks very much, deb, for your excellent recap. Loved "Monica who just doesn't get it, he's not OBSESSED with AG, he just needs to be with her." Ever since you made the suggestion that perhaps Saúl is not the novela's galán but just collateral damage, I've been hoping you're right. Mónica deserves someone better than the OBSESSED Saúl.

LXV, loved your suggestion that "Since everything else Telemundo is already in últimos, why not join the club?"

Part 3

At Salma's, Nicolás is fixing pasta for Salma, Agustín and Rodrigo. He has moved in. He even gave the court Salma's address as his own. She does not want him there but Rodrigo being as much of a brat as Tomás wants his father to live there. He wants to be with his father. Nicolás wants to live there. Salma offers him a rental but he is ot taking it. He also knows that Salma doesn't have anything in the works that might get him thrown back in the slammer again, right? She just stares at him seething. Agustín offers to stay over if she is not comfortable with Nicolás in the house. She tells him to go because with Rodrigo in the house nothing will happen. After Agustin leaves, a smiling Nicolás emerges naked covered only by a pillow with a big picture of a smiling Salma on it. He has no pijamas. What to do? Salma finds him disgusting and first tells him to take it off but then thinks better of it and tells him to keep it on.

After the wedding, Jessica, Miriam and Miguel end up at the girls' apartment. Miriam is preoccupied because she has a date planned with Benicio and is constantly texting on her phone. Miriam says she is too tired to go out tight Miguel. Jessica is tired, too. Miguel decides to spoil them both and make them supper. Jessica is all enthusiastic, about its so Miriam cannot try to talk him out of it. Jessica ends up going to bed so it is just Miguel and Miriam who is still texting supposedly with a group of Lucas Locas fans. Miguel gets sick of it and take her phone away from her (she should have slapped his hand and left at that point). She has texted Benicio and told him she is sick, cannot make the date and will see him at work. Miguel tells Miriam that he wanted to ask her out for a while but was afraid because of his experience with a forbidden love of the past that he had to keep a secret. Now he sees Miriam as his future. They kiss. Later Miriam tells Jessica she has a problem because she does not know who she likes better: Benicio or Miguel.

Eloísa goes to see Felicitas to tell her she held up her end of the deal and broke up with Carlos. She now expects Felícitas to keep her mouth shut.



Part 4 (sort of)

There also was a part where Diego told Eloísa that he thought he said something about something to Adriana but could not remember what because he was drunk.

The real "fin"

What an episode! I really felt sorry for Vale. She looked so sad when she realized that Lucas really was as self-absorbed as he was. It seems that Lucas does have glimmers of real affection for her but it just flickers and then is gone.

doris, ITA is time for Miguel to find out who his father is. That will sure shift the power in the novela. I hope that Tomás is Lucas' son. Gabriel was so unbelievably selfish and cruel to Lucía he deserves nothing let alone her son. I cannot stand him. I actually like that conniver Nicolás more.

That is all for now.


La Fan. Yet another excellent recap, Jarifa. I loved the expression on Vale's face and the gradual way it changes as Lucas describes his dream of future acting awards and acclaim and she slowly realizes she will never be anything but ancillary to his ambitions. Whether they are married or not she will always be his "personal assistant." Angelica Vale is an excellent actress who can communicate the maximum amount of emotion with the most subtle facial expressions.


SpanProf, I loved Angélica Vale in LFMB where she did both comedy and drama masterfully and effortlessly. She was the reason I wanted to watch "La fan" and I continue to be impressed.


Nicolas holding that Salma pillow in front of him was funny! Nicolas has a very nice manicure, too. LOL

Wouldn't it be interesting if Vale and Lucas do NOT end up together at the end?


"El Capo" estreno martes 4 april 10 eastern



ULTIMATE CAPS. To me that means 1 month to go, like Caps Culminantes means 2 months to go. Already on YouTube are posted at least fragments as far as Cap 88 (from Gala, where cap 88 might not be cap 88 USA Telinmundo version). So it looks like the ratings got them down. Remember the old Perry Como song, "But I don't let the ratings get me down, as long as I'm around you. And I love me so . . ."?

So looks like a hatchet job coming or someone said 2 temporados, which to me makes no sense. How would people who didn't watch the first time want to watch the 2nd half a year later??? Maybe we will be able to see some of the cut stuff on YouTube or DailyMotion or somewhere. Right now I am just adding to my watch whatever is posted on YouTube, kind of making a holistic watch -- someone postulated that God sees everything in one external now. I liked Lord Jim. Is not there this Spanish novel called Rayuela, or hop scotch? I figure one must watch quick before they pull it down for copyright.

BTW, if you missed Frifish night's episode, you don't have to rely solely on a recap, as I saw it posted on YouTube.

Maybe they will replace it with a Turkish telenovela. I saw one I thought was pretty good, one about WWI & the Russian revolution with occupied Turkey (Brits were bad guys). Or maybe they will put on another blood & gore ghastly Illanes Chile telenovela. Is there any sense in continuing the narco stuff? I have thought they cud help the whole genre simply by taking Spanish novels, of which many have been written, & dramatizing them. Of course they could take novels from any language and make a telenovela out of it. They have run into the ground this thing of unknown/mistaken parentage & other stock tropes, and the absolutely identical twin routine.

Now if they really wanted to make La Fan a comedy, they could have got them all into a mansion & had them fool around there. I am finding very little that makes me laugh in this one. I think that before they invest in produced a comedy, they need a full script; have people read it & see if anyone is tickled to death by it. But perhaps others do find it funny. We all have diff tastes.


LA FAN: Someone wisecracked above about a Korean replacement for LA FAN.

Let me recommend to you if you have not seen it to watch the Academy Award Japanese movie (not too long & on YouTube) which to me is somewhat of a comedy, Rashomon (1950) which was remade as a Paul Newman & William Shatner movie called "The Outrage," also on YouTube. Rashomon is on YouTube in dubbed in Spanish & also in Japanese with English subtitles. If you want English dubs, you may find it on DailyMotion or Vimeo.



Juanita: Monica is likely collateral damage as far as I'm concerned! It's quite obvious Saul is still addicted to AG: he just cannot kick the AG habit.



What I find particularly annoying is there is no real info out there directly from Telemundo as to what exactly is happening: slice and dice or two seasons? It is really pretty pathetic that we are left with only contradictory second hand/third hand information. Sure doesn't make you feel like watching.

family la fan/la dona..'

dejalo/chill relax y'all

it aint that deep!

we gonna get through this, take a breathe, get centered....

telemundo schedule/ board room-is a bunch of idiots!!
and telenovels ceo have no respect for us as viewers, its abt the money!!

I love Turkish soaps myself, and Korean as well/ for my self. just saying!

but this ain't abt us.. you are not going crazy, you are getting shafted...

its not all in your mind ! trust me!

but we are here for latino novelas damn it, and we should get some respect!! you would think!!



" Sure doesn't make you feel like watching." I agree, Jarifa. It also makes one think twice about getting invested in a telenovela, only to have the rug pulled out from under our feet, like they did with Quién? and RdC.

At this rate, I'll see what the next Univision offering will be after the current crop finishes. T'mundo has nothing else I care to watch. I have no interest the dark stuff that is popular.


HALIMACANDY: I suggest you watch the Philippine Teleserye, "Ang Probinsyano": which the Body Count there has reached 136 (it's been airing since September 28th, 2015).

Go to, register & you'll be able to watch the latest episodes.


doris, I am going to finish this one just to see how it all plays out. Just like you, I am hoping for some lighter offerings somewhere.



1.) Alejandro killed Cesar.

2.) Francisco killed Daddy Sandoval.

3.) Rafael or Miguel killed Mama Sandoval by slitting her throat.


Steve, I am not watching " La doña".

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