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La Piloto #7 3.15.17: In Which Yolanda Gets A Surprise Visitor...

• John sees Dalberto and Yolanda and demands to know what she’s doing there. He berates Dalberto for lying to him and begins to beat him. Yolanda tries to intercede for Dalberto but John pushes her away.
• Ortega and the police are at a stale mate in the stairs. She and her men try to get closer but John’s men keep firing at them.
• At the ranch, Zeki, Oscar and Zulima discuss the mole. Zeki explains that he still doesn’t know and Zulima tells Oscar that she may know who it is: it’s someone who’s been acting strange as of late….
• John receives a call from Oscar who tells him that he may know who the mole is but John has bigger problems. He tells Oscar that the DEA has him trapped and he needs his help to escape. Yolanda tells him that they can escape through the roof and John agrees. He asks his men to take Dalberto with them.
• Oscar is barking at his men to get a move on when he passes by a stable where Arley and Amanda are getting it on. He has that Arley get dressed and follow him. He does and they race off.
• The police finally shot the last of John’s men and race up the stairs. They storm the apartment but there is no one to found.
• Yolanda, et al. have made their way to the roof and are racing to catch the helicopter waiting for them on the ground. The DEA keeps shooting at them but they manage to hide behind some vents. Dalberto tries to help Yolanda move faster but John warns him to keep his hands off the merchandise.
• Outside the ranch, Zulima and Zeki load the girls into the car and Zulima warns Zeki that he’s being an idiot. For all he knows, the Lucios have made a deal with the mole and they’re leaving him out of the game. She asks that he think about it.

• Ortega asks for support as John covers Yolanda so she can race across the roof in a sea of bullets. They all manage to get to the ground and race to the helicopter where Oscar is waiting for them. The DEA shoot at them and John’s men shoot back. A bullet hits Ortega in the upper chest, near her shoulder, and she goes down. Dalberto tries to see if she’s okay but John pushes him into the helicopter and knocks him out.
• They take off and Yolanda goes to see if Dalberto is okay. John chides Oscar for taking long and Oscar chides him for his lustful actions of late. John tells the captain to go west but Yolanda suggests north since west has a police radar. Oscar looks at her suspiciously but John asks the captain to do as she says and land in warehouse 2.
• Ernesto arrives at the apartment complex and asks Dolores about Yolanda’s whereabouts. Dolores explains that she must be working but her schedule is irregular. Ernesto confesses that he’s proud of Yolanda and what she’s managed to accomplish. Dolores then tells him that the job is good and she’s a good girl but may be mixed up with some bad people.
• Zeki takes Zulima home and asks her if he’s staying the night but she doesn’t want him to. He pushes her against the stair railing and tells her that he next time to talk to John she whisper that if anyone betrays him, they will go down with him. He leaves and Zulima visibly signs about the whole situation.
• That night, in Warehouse 2, Dalberto wakes up tied to a chair. He tries to break it and frees himself but his hands are still tied.
• At the hospital, the doctors operate on Monica’s wound.
• In one of their houses, the girls find out what happened at Dalberto’s apartment and Lizbeth explains that comes Monica saved her life. Olivia doesn’t like this and Amanda confirms she was the officer who searched the airline.
• Ernesto bids Dolores good night since he has to find a place to sleep for the night but Dolores offers to opens Yolanda’s apartment since he looks like a good man and she’s sure Yolanda would do the same. Later, she opens the apartment and tells him she would offer her own bed but it’s a twin. She asks that if he needs to talk during the night, or for any other reason, he knock on her door. He thanks her and tells her good night. When he’s alone, he proceeds to smell Yolanda’s underwear and touch her things like the sick pervert he is.
• Dalberto has managed to free himself and tries to look for an exit. He grabs a metal stick and pries a door open. Inside the main warehouse space, he finds a makeshift office and beings to rummage through the documents. He hears someone talking and stoops low to hear. It’s Oscar who has called his men to warn them that they need tighter security, pronto, until everything has calmed down.
• Hector is in his house when he sees looks out his window and across the adjacent hallway and sees people coming at his door. He gets his gun but Arley and his men kick open the door and point their guns at him. Arley tells him that he has to come with them since he has a debt with the Lucios but Hector commits suicide (gun inside the mouth) before they can do anything to him. Arley instructs him men to tell the Lucios that Hector was the mole, and admitted it, so they killed him.
• Outside Warehouse 2, John and Yolanda talk about what happened in the morning as Dalberto, who’s made his way outside, listens from behind a car. John wants to know what she was doing with Dalberto. She reiterates that she doesn’t owe him an explanation but confirms that they were drinking and talking. She then reminds him that Dalberto is gay but John wants to know why hid if that’s true. Yolanda explains he’s being too intense and she needs space. He asks that she not be ungrateful since he’s teaching her to fly but Yolanda isn’t trying to be but she needs to space to think things though. He asks her when she decided she needed space and Yolanda remembers when Oscar threatened to kill her if she didn’t stay away from John. Yolanda explains she’s scare but they can’t talk anymore because Oscar comes and John asks Yolanda to wait inside for him. When she’s left, Oscar confirms that Hector was the mole and they no longer have anything to worry about. John welcomes the good news and Oscar asks what they are going to do with Dalberto, since he may be working with the mole, but John reminds him that he knows what to do. Oscar smiles.
• They go inside and Dalberto looks at the cars to see which one is opened. He finds one but Arley arrives and he hides under it. Arley screams at his men to dump Hector’s body in acid so it dissolves and goes inside. Dalberto gets out from under the car but is caught by Oscar, who points a rifle at him and asks him to get out the car.
• Zeki is home, pacing and thinking about what Zulima told him. He wonders if she’s right. He won’t go down alone though. Then, his wife comes in and asks if she’s okay. He nods asks if the children are still asleep. She confirms they are so he asks to go to bed. She obliges and he continues to freak out.
• Zulima does a ritual to get rid of her enemies, especially Zeki.
• Oscar brings Dalberto back to the warehouse, where John and Yolanda are waiting. The Lucios point their gun at him and commend him for trying to escape. Dalberto is “scared and confused” but Oscar asks him about his dealings with Hector. Dalberto explains that he was blackmailing him into revealing information about the other flight attendants, who he suspected for messengers for the Lucios, and whatever he could find out about the airline, but he never told him anything. Oscar sarcastically asks him to get up and apologizes for mistreating him. He asks Dalberto why he likes the Lucios so much to help them and Dalberto reveals that he wants to work for them. He got close to Yolanda to find out how he could make that possible. John confirms that they are not hiring at the moment and also points his gun at him. Yolanda begs John to stop, gets in front of Dalberto and pleases his case. She explains that he could help them because he’s good under pressure and will do what they ask. Oscar wants to know why John is even listening to her but he asks Oscar to lower his gun. He then tells Dalberto that he will hire him as a favor to Yolanda but there can be no mistakes. He then asks his men to take Yolanda outside, as Oscar gives her the death stare, and tie Dalberto back up.
• Moments later, John asks Oscar why he’s so jealous. Oscar just doesn’t want him to look bad in front of the other men because he’s listening to Yolanda too much. John explains Yolanda is right; they must watch Dalberto because there’s something about him. Oscar laughs at the fact that he sees a sudden “something” in Dalberto and reiterates that Yolanda has something with Dalberto but John confirms that Dalberto is gay. Either way, they will need him to send a shipment to Las Sombras in Miami and use him as bait for the DEA. In the mean time, he wants the other DEA agent, Ortega, taken care of. Oscar obliges.
• Ortega is unconscious but stable even if the operation was difficult. A nurse asks the doctor when she can be transferred from the ICU and he confirms that it will be a couple of days.
• John goes to find Yolanda outside and tells him men to leave. He wants to know why she’s scared to be with him. She begins to say something but he tells her not say anything and they kiss. Yolanda break away and tells John to calm down. She asks that they go slow and he agrees. He will give her all the time she needs and kisses her forehead. She hugs him.
• The next morning, Arley drives back Dalberto back to civilization when he Oscar calls him to inform him that Ortega is in ICU and they need her dead. He explains that there is a nurse that works for them waiting to help at the hospital. Arley will take care of it and then asks what they should do about Dalberto. Oscar explains that nothing should be done for now since he will help them and smiles. Moments later, Arley kicks Dalberto out of the car and tells him to thank whoever he believes in that they are not killing him. Dalberto begs him to give him a ride back but Arley leaves him there. Dalberto runs after the car on the road and eventually gets to a rest stop and steals a motorcycle. He races to save Ortega.
• Arley arrives at the hospital and tells his men to be careful and guard the entrance in case the DEA comes. They tell him it will be easy and go off.
• Dalberto arrives at the hospital and goes in through the emergency entrance. He sees the men meet the nurse so they can change their clothes and one of them goes with her up the elevator. Dalberto sneaks inside another while the second man is distracted.
• Outside Ortega’s room, a DEA agent stands guard but is beginning to fall asleep. He goes off to get more coffee in his system.
• The Lucio nurse takes the sicario to the locker room to get changed. Dalberto watches from afar. Moments later, they both come out in full nurse gear and make their way up the elevator. Dalberto follows them up the stairs but is stopped by a guard on one of the floors. He tries to tell him that he’s a DEA agent and someone is there to kill Ortega. The guard isn’t listening so Dalberto disarms him and tells him to tell someone that a sicario is in the hospital. He runs off and Dalberto goes to find Ortega’s room. When he does, he makes his way inside and finds her waking up. He asks her to be quiet and calm because someone is coming to kill her.
• Yolanda arrives at her building and makes her way to her apartment. She opens the door, begins to undress and finds Ernesto coming out of the kitchen. He asks her to calm down but she doesn’t want to hear anything from him. She grabs a stick from under the bed and threatens to hit him. He tells her that he lost the butcher shop and his car and needs her help to get a job, etc. but Yolanda wants to know how he found her. He asks that they forget the mistakes of the past and to remember he’s been like a father to her but Yolanda reminds him that a father doesn’t rape his daughter and screams for him to get out before she rips a hole on the other side of his face. He obliges and she follows him outside.
• The nurse and sicario get to Ortega’s room as the DEA agent comes and they explains that they are making their rounds. He obliges but only one can go in and the sicario does. As soon as the DEA agent has his back turned, the sicario shoots him in the back of the head and goes to kill Ortega. Dalberto comes up behind him and tells him to drop his gun. A fight ensues and the sicario’s gun ends up on Ortega’s bed. She grabs it and fires two shoots in the sicario’s back. She then faints and the sicario runs off as Dalberto goes to help her.
• Outside the hospital, the other man and Arley help the bloody sicario into the car as Arley chides them for not completing the job.
• Outside the apartment, Yolanda threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave but he will tell them how she cut his face open. She screams that he go away or she’ll kill him but he tells her that he won’t leave town because one day he’ll need her and he’ll be there when she does. He walks away and Yolanda goes back inside her apartment and locks the door. She grabs the box where she stoles her savings and slowly opens it, crying. Ernesto has taken all her money!
• On the street, Ernesto takes out the money from his pocket and laughs…


You're amazing, Alfredo! Gracias!

I want Ernesto dead, NOW! Where is John when Yoli actually needs him? I got the heebie jeebies when he was touching and sniffing her undies. His end can't come soon enough. Good to know Yoli keeps a big stick under her bed for protection.

Wow, Hector knew that there was no way out of that situation, except torture and his eventually death, so he took himself out on his own terms. It conveniently takes the heat off Daverto as they assume Hector was the mole, and Arely is lying about how it all went down. Daverto is actually now in an even better position to get to the higher ups in the cartel that the DEA wants to take down.

I noticed that the trend of the women being the heroes continues. Yoli suggests a route that will get them away from police radars, and then saves Daverto's life from the Lucios. Barely conscious Ortego saves Dave's life and wounds the hit man. And she had already previously saved Lizbet and Yoli.

And while Yoli and Ortega are saving people, Zuli is sowing chaos and destruction. She whispers in John's ear, and starts the chain of events that leads to the shootout at Dave's apartment. She whispers in Oscar's ear, and Hector ends up dead. She whispers in Ernesto's ear, and Yoli's home and peace of mind are invaded by her rapist. She whispers in Zeki's ear and he becomes obsessed about being betrayed and sets his mind on vengeance. She's a one woman wrecking crew.


I had to laugh when Yoli told John to give her space and time. I don't think he understands what those words mean.

Thank you, Vivi!

I was surprised by how quickly Hector killed himself. There was no thought or hestiation, just Boom! It was shocking.

Arley lying to Oscar about it is so going to backfire. I can't wait.

As for Dalberto, he sure knows how to act meek when he's really a wolf in sheep's clothing. Love that guy.

John is never there when you need him but I hope Yolanda finfs Ernesto and rips his thingie off so he can give her back her money. Dolores is a chismosa and too trusting. She even tried to get Ernesto into her bed. Am I missing something about this guy??? Why do they find him so appealing?? Estela and Dolores I mean.

Zulima is quickly becoming an amazing villain. Now if only Yolanda finds out the truth about her and we may have another clash of titans ala Lucia and Rebeca from ECDLP.

I'm excited.

Terrific recap Alfredo and the to-the-point style is much needed in a series where the action proceeds so quickly and the accent/dialect is so tough to understand.

Liked your series of whispers analysis Vivi. Very diabolical indeed...a whisper that incites distrust, anxiety, betrayal and great harm. Very much the history of evil in the life of mankind. Our seductive Zulima is definitely in league with the Devil. But alas, so are all the narcotraficantes, and our basically good Yolanda and Dave. A dance with the Devil and who will come out unscathed? No one.

Now did I miss something? How would Yolanda know that the West has a police radar? That threw me.

Otherwise, continue to be enthralled (and darn nervous) by the fast action, multiple cliffhanger pace of this. Never a dull moment for sure.

And join all of you in wishing for a grisly end to the nefarious Ernesto. Open-mouthed astonished that Dolores would invite a fat, greasy stranger into her bed after only a few moments conversation. I'm basically gullible and way too trusting, but even I wouldn't do that!? Jeez!

Thanks, Alfredo. Fine work.

Sorry to see Hector go. Yep, he sized up the situation pretty quickly, but he had such a reckless love of life that his taking himself out was just so unexpected. Whoever is writing La Piloto is giving even bit players meaty parts.

As for Dolores, she's a disgrace to landladies everywhere. You do not let a stranger to you (especially a man with a big-ass knife scar on his face) into a young woman's apartment. Ugh!, when Ernesto, rifled through Yoli's underwear drawer, I had to look away.

I do see Yoli's attraction to John despite everything. He does listen to her and follow her suggestions. Now how in blazes does she know what areas are covered by police radar? The more adept she is, the more Oscar will suspect her. She can't win for losing.

Nice scene of Dalberto running like the dickens down the highway flanked by all the trees. The cinematography of this TN is really good.

I'm guessing that since Yoli has been reading up on EVERYTHING that has to do with flying for years, she picked up that tidbit about the radar in her studies.

Ah, trust you Vivi to figure that out. At least I didn't miss any info, just didn't use what I knew to intuit the answer. Well done, amiga.

Thanks again Alfredo for wonderful recap!

Omg Ernesto is so disgusting!!
Why do people in tn's never put their money in the bank? At least half of it to safeguard against robbery or to atm when in another city?
Vivi, right on abt the havoc Zuli is able to provide. One woman wrecking crew!
I still don't know how Dave got out alive but sicario now knows he is working for dea, right? Unless he dies in the back of the car... He did know it was Dave behind him? I would have thought he recognized his voice but maybe I'm wrong. Second time Arley and his men have screwed up. How will he explain to Oscar?

When John told Oscar Dave was gay I was looking for some sign from Oscar that he was interested but didn't see any. Since he hasn't shown any of the females attention maybe he's just not interested in sex, only guns.

LOL, Carvivlie! Yes, Oscar's loves are brother John, guns, and grenades, in that order. And if looks could kill, Yoli would be stone cold dead from that look he gave her when she convinced John not to kill Dalberto.

I had the same thought about the hit man recognizing Dave too. But I couldn't remember if hit man and his buddy were actually in the car with Dave, or if Oscar picked him up on the way to the hospital. We should go back to look. But yeah, if he did recognize Dave, let's hope he bleeds out before he can say anything.

Thank you so much, JudyB, Niecie and Carvivlie!

I was looking at Oscar too but I don't know if OScar would even be able to trust anyone enough to be in a relationship with them. There is too much vulnerability there which is exactly what he reprimands John for doing with Yolanda. We definitely need more info on that because there are making it a point to show what Oscar does not do as much as what he does.

I hadn't realized about the sicario but I went back and the sicario in the room was the same one driving the car that Dalberto was in. He laughed at Dalberto as Arley kicked him out and made him walk. He then definitely saw his face during the fight but yeah, if he doesn't die immediately or go into a coma or stay unconscious then he can reveal that he was trying to save Ortega. I wonder if Dalberto can argue that he was there for revenge but that wouldn't make much sense, no?

Thanks for checking, Alfredo. Yeah, Dave better hope that guy dies quickly.

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