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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 20, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

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LA FAN #48 11/23/17 Thursday

A little "choppy" like the episode. : )

Part 1

What happened tonight:

Lucas chooses Vale his to stay and tells an astonished Salma to leave.

Adriana is not pregnant and goes to tell Diego leaving Carlos without knowing the results.

Miguel confronts Carlos saying he is not his father. His father was Roberto Castro. Blood does not make a father. He is upset with his mother not telling him all those years. He has no interest in Adriana as his sister. No worries! By the end of the episode all is forgiven and he will go to live with Eloísa who might have already moved in with Carlos(?).

Felícitas has an affair going on with Gabriel. She wants him to restart her acting career by getting her a role in Lucas' novela. Eloísa pays a visit to Felícitas to ask her why she had to tell Miguel and put her nose in their business. Easy answer, because Eloísa stuck her nose in Felícitas' business first. She was happy with Carlos until Eloísa arrived and stole everything from her. She got what she wanted but she lost her son, right?

Ignacio tells Benicio not to mess up his relationship with Adriana. He is broke so he needs Benicio to marry Adriana no matter what.

Justin tells Lucas that the writers have given his character José Gerardo a spectacular end. He also wants to make sure that Lucas knows that once this is filmed there is no bringing José Gerardo back.

Lucas has his spectacular death scene in the novela and then "stays"dead as a practical joke.

Gabriel does not miss a beat in putting the moves on Vale. He talks about the fusing of the web novela with Lucas' novela since he will be leaving and wants Vale in both novelas with him. She is not so sure of her talent. He also wants to help her forget Lucas. He kisses her and Lucas sees it. Lucas is jealous. Vale is "his" fan. Vale makes all sorts of excuses. Gabriel explains that Lucas is leaving for Italy and life here will go on without him. Gabriel is staying and fighting for Vale's love.


La Doña - Capítulo 83 - Jueves

Here are some of the things I noted about tonight's episode:

Amalia comes to see AG in the hospital. She wants to know what happened. Not surprisingly, AG is cold. She tells Amalia that Francisco was no saint, he was involved in human trafficking. Gustavo has been listening at the door, which (of course) is ajar. He comes into the room and tells AG that she should have some sympathy for Amalia. The woman has lost her husband and has been ejected from her house. AG replies, "No one had any sympathy for me." "When?" asks Gustavo. He seems to sense that there may be more to AG's statement, and she almost spills the beans. She says, "When Francisco Vega...." but no, she doesn't talk about Veracruz. After a pause she says, "When Francisco Vega kidnapped me, hit me, almost killed me." Bloodhound Gustavo also notes that AG was present twice when men were accused of abusing women: first Daniel Llamas at the Foundation, and now Francisco. Coincidence? he asks.

Rafael is crying. Leticia embraces him.

Mónica phones Isabela and expresses her sympathy over Emiliano's death.

Adolfo comes to Mónica's house at night and tells her they need a second DNA sample. There was a problem with the first one. Saúl arrives while Adolfo is there. Saúl asks Mónica to give him five minutes. She reluctantly agrees. Adolfo leaves. Saúl tells Mónica, "Never have I felt what I feel for you. I love you. I don't want to lose you." He continues with a passionate, rather compelling declaration of love. She says she'd love to believe him, but she can't. He kisses her and leaves.

Karen and Jorge continue to investigate. She is suspicious of Rafael. She has his cell phone and listened to the message Emiliano left. She's not sure what to make of it. She knows that the Monkeys were from Veracruz, and Rafael is from Veracruz.

Magdalena suggests to Lydia that now that Emiliano is dead, Diego may take up with Isabela. The rich stick together. Azucena gives Magdalena a well-deserved dirty look and tells her to be quiet. Later, Lydia and Margarita watch Emiliano's funeral from a distance, and Lydia is upset to see Diego embrace Isabela. Margarita tells her he's just consoling her, but Lydia is uneasy.

At the funeral, Braulio takes Diego aside and angrily orders him to stop crying. He has to learn to be strong.

AG tries to talk to Adolfo about Mónica. He doesn't want to talk about her with AG. AG then says she has heard that Mónica has broken off with Saúl. She congratulates Adolfo for taking advantage of his opportunity and using the check she gave him to win points with Mónica.

Yesenia brings Lázaro to see AG. Lázaro is more forceful with AG than he's been in the past. When AG tells him she wants to talk with him about "our daughter," Lázaro says "Mónica is my daughter, and now Yesenia's. You're just a miserable, resentful person who has had nothing to do with her." Surprisingly, AG tells Lázaro that he's a good man.

Gustavo and Felipe talk about how strange it is that there has been no press coverage of AG's kidnapping and Francisco Vega's death. She and Rafael are supposedly the victims. What are they hiding?

Mónica gives another DNA sample. To Adolfo's surprise, the results again say that Lázaro is not her biological father. Mónica is devastated.

LA FAN #48

Part 2

Quique gives instructions to Nicolás to go make a "payment" and shoot if he has to. Nicolás does not want to shoot anymore. He does not want to do illegal things now that he is with his son. He wants another job. Quique tells him he will go make the payment but he does not want to lose him. His new job will be keeping track of Salma so she does not run away with Lucas.

Felícitas tells Gabriel that she wants to play his lover in the novela; just like old times.

Salma goes to see Gabriel and asks him if it isn't about time that they told Vale the truth about Lucas: that he never loved her and that it was all for the ratings. Felícitas appears half dressed and Salma is surprised. Gabriel just wants to be sure Vale does not get hurt. (Really? Telling her could not hurt?)

Lucas tells Vale even though he is leaving, he will support the show on the social networks just for her: his fan who he knows loves him more than anybody else in the world. Lucas wants them to finally have their night of love. She reminds him Quique would not want that to happen. He does not care. They both wear disguises and end up in a hotel room together. Vale tells him that Lucía gave her permission to be with him. Next, she confesses that she is a virgin and Lucas refuses to make love to her. He cannot. She does not deserve that. He is incredibly tender with her.

Throughout the whole episode Diego has been paying visits to Adriana and a lot of smooching has been going on. He actually sneaks into her bed and they make love. Benicio arrives and Natalia cannot stop him from going to Adriana's room. As Diego goes to leave, Benicio is in the doorway. A fist fight ensues as Adriana tells Benicio it isn't what he thinks.

LA FAN # 48

Part 3

Congrats to whoever guessed that there was a mistake at the lab and Jessica was not pregnant!!!

Adriana meets up with Benicio in the living room where she tries to justify what she did by saying she has had a lot going on like finding out that Diego's brothermMiguelmismreallu her brother, too. She has to explain it so Benicio does not think she slept with her biological brother. Anyway, Benicio tells her that they are even because he cheated on her, too. At work the next day Jessica is visiting and notices that both Diego and Benicio have bruised faces. She wonders why and Benicio tells her: he caught Diego leaving his future wife's bedroom. Benicio and Adriana split. Jessica tells Diego he betrayed her. Diego says he never said he wanted to marry her or have children with her. They only reason he is with her now is because she is pregnant. What he does not know is that Jessica is not pregnant. The day before Jessica got a call from the clinic to set up a meeting with her. At the meeting, they tell her that there was a mistake with names and files and that she is not pregnant. Jessica tells Bob and Miriam and swears them to secrecy. Miriam asks her how long she plans on keeping up the pregnant act with Diego. Forever is the answer. Jessica plans on getting herself pregnant for real.

Vale goes over to Lucas' to help him pack for the trip and get himself organized. He says she did so much for him. Well, he is a lot for her. He gave her hope and the desire to live. She went from a simple fan to the most loved leading man's novia. She will always keep all the things they did together in her heart. They both say they were very happy. They hug. She grabs him and throws him down on the sofa, jumps on top of him and they kiss. She jumps up and leaves in tears. Lucas sits sad and confused.

Adriana and Benicio have their own discussion. Benicio does not know what kind of life awaits them when two days before the wedding they are admitting that they cheated on each other. Does she or doesn't she want to marry him ? She asks if he still loves her ? He thinks of his father and says yes. She doesn't know if this marriage is the best solution. He suggests they take 24 hours to think about it. He won't force her into anything.

At the café, Eloísa and Vale are planning a going away party for Lucas. Vale feels terrible about Lucas leaving. She is not onlynlosing her idol. She is losing the love of her life. The party starts with Vale reminding them all it has to be a happy evening. Lucas comes in dressed like a mobster with his hair slicked back and waving around a pistol. He points it at Gabriel and tells him to say goodbye to everything he loves because this is the last night of his life.


La Doña

thanks so much Juanita for getting us started!

I was waiting for AG to get wind of Braulio leaning on Amalia, something she told him not to do, but she was so wound up it went right past her, it's interesting that her guys stepping out on their own is what gets her in the most trouble.

Gustavo's 6th sense is pointing at AG, and Felipe is looking for a key to destroy her so he is all in.

Lydia is so nice, smart too, she can hardly keep herself from consoling Diego but knows it wouldn't go well with Emi's parents, Braulio sees her off on the side at the funeral and locks in on her, she isn't backing down.

kind of nice Marcos showed up at the funeral to comfort Isabela.

I kept waiting for Saul to leave, not a fan of how he pushes himself on Monica.

I forgot this, but Karen brings up when Saul first saw Rafael with Daniel and told her he suspected they were both monkeys.

I liked the white balloon thing at the funeral.

Saul I guess is running the foundation in Daniels absence, his mom hits him up for a job, she wants to do something in memory of Clara. cooking class maybe.

while Monica is off redoing her dna test, Yesenia and Laz head over to see AG (I guess Laz's treatment place is different than the hospital) interesting that both Yesenia/Laz and AG don't want anyone to see them together, AG posts Matamoros outside the room to make sure no one does, not sure what the meet is about but I'm a little suspicious of her buttering up Laz, he WAS a good guy, but did she really care, the bottom line is she wants to see Monica, so I'm curious where this is going.


I think Saul's love declaration is out if guilt for what he truly feels for AG. I'm sorry Monica, he doesn't want to hurt u n all but trust me his heart is with your mother

It seems like whoever Saul is currently with is the one he is passionately in love with. I wouldn't trust his declarations of love. He is getting to be annoying.


Jarifa - thank you for another great recap! It was so obvious that this was a dice 'n' splice job.

Lucas backing off after Vale told him she is a virgin is probably one of the "Romance Novel Rules". (like Telenovela Rules)

Massive sigh of relief that neither Adriana nor Jessica are pregnant. However, if the lab mixed up Jessi's test results, they could have mixed up Adriana's too. Good help is hard to find, these days.

Will we ever know what really happened in the Lucía/Gabriel/Lucas love triangle?

Why can't Felicitas get run over by a bus?


doris, now that would be a twisty twist if the lab made a second mistake. As for the Lucía/Gabriel/Lucas love triangle, Lucas is looking like the victim and neither Lucía or Gabriel are looking too good with Gabriel the worst. I wonder if Lucas will ever make it to Italy.

Btw, who is the cute little cat with the Oreos?

La Doña

Many thanks, deb, for your terrific additions and insightful comments. Early on, Yesenia was the one with almost supernatural instincts; now it seems that Gustavo has taken that role. I hope he survives long enough to act on his 6th sense. He has a kind of fearlessness that may wind up adding him to Steve's body count.

Thanks for catching the bit about Saúl's remark to Karen. More fuel for her suspicions about Rafael.

I too am suspicious of AG's being so nice to Lázaro. Her facial expressions seemed to suggest that she may be sincere, but somehow I doubt it.

MaameAdwoa and GoBlueFan, usually I share your distrust of Saúl. However, I tend to think that last night he was sincere. I guess we'll see. I'm still rooting for Adolfo.


Jarifa - Awww, I missed the cat with the Oreos, and drat it all, I've erased this episode already.

Whether Lucas actually makes it to Italy ... it could go one of three ways:
1. He does not go because he doesn't want to leave Vale/Gabe to get her,
2. He goes to Italy but does not stay long, or
3. He goes, stays the two years, and comes back to claim Vale as the love of his life. Yeah, yeah, I know #3 is weak, but, still ...

Too bad we cannot get something like a football pool going on the outcome(s), or March Madness brackets. LOL


doris, I was referring to the adorable kitty in your profile photo. : )

One thing is there are always plenty of surprises. At least with the current ramped up,slice and dice induced pace, it can't get boring, right? Will it escape what I call the novela doldrums? Sure hoping so. .


Juanita: AG's got something planned for Lazaro & Yesenia. I can feel it!

Meanwhile, Rafael appears to want Monica WHACKED!


Jarifa, Oh, that cat. LOL! That one came across my Facebook feed and it described me to accurately! There is another version, of just the pic of the cat / the Oreos, and the caption that says, "Me on New Year's Eve. Don't judge." Um..... spot on again! (LOL)

La Fan

wow, don't know how you do it Jarifa, things are really flying off the shelf!

and in the blink of an eye, Lucas is Italian, the guy really is amazing.


La Fan. Another great recap, Jarifa. they're so great I'm running out of adjectives!. As I may have said before, i wonder what Lucas's reward would have been if he'd chosen Vale over a film role? I'll bet larger. Also, I love it when Lucas practices accents. Yep, obvious cuts--we didn't see the scene with Lucas and Vale after he tells Salma to leave and we didn't see the sex scene between Benicio and Miriam. Also the fist fight between Diego and Benicio seemed very abbreviated. Miguel is in fact right about fatherhood and I'm glad he reconciled with his mother. I loved Justin's snarky observations about not having to work with Lucas any more. With Vale at the hotel Lucas shows he has some underlying decency. I'll bet that final gun scene is either another dumb joke on Lucas' part or a dream either of Vale's or Lucas's.


SpanProf - speaking of dreams, when Lucas played dead a bit too long in the "Gran Fin" shootout, Bobby Ewing waking up from a very bad dream was the first thing that crossed my mind! 😜😜😜


GoBlue: Did you see Braulio giving Lydia the Death Stare at Emiliano's burial ?

Diego being reduced to being punked by his own evil father again: SIGH!

La Fan. :) Doris: I was thinking that if for any reason Lucas's film role doesn't work out and he wants to return to the telenovela that's the device they might use. :)

La Doña

thanks Juanita!

Saul may be sincere with Monica,
but AG knows how to light his fire.



deb, Lucas sure is something else!

SpanProf, I am liking the dream possibilities.

Thanks for stopping by, everybody!

La Dona weds. #82-Thurs #83
Thanks for recaps. Cause this is cray cray on all counts.

Monica, put on her big- girl -panties and kicked dude to the curb…
He was pushing that shady-crap down her throat, if she was weak, she would have shallowed that guff...
When she kissed him, I was worried …so was doctor, poor nice guy!!
But, she kicked the ball into his court, it’s on him!! All on him!

Gabion tried to implicate Sra.Amelia in trafficking..[ white slavery].He came down hard, what /why push with all the conjecture?
I guess it’s to keep Rafael out of criminal scrutiny?

That poor women was a dollhouse wife. As a result, she was screwed all around, she had no back up or alternate -go -to...I don’t see his’ business’... partners coming help her regroup! Where is her lawyer?

Gustavo/reporter -What possessed you to bring that women to the hospital? Tough love- Dona called her on her codependence….lady are you that blind? But when Dona relayed possible and recognizable-scenarios she looked like a deer in headlights. She knew?!

Dona had some salient points. When he was groping and fondling the help. Where were you...? [Like the song says: ’I don’t care abt the other girl. Just be good to me”””

Psycho Braulio always has to go above and beyond, does he hears voices telling him to kill, main, destroy. Or does Dona’s her rejection of him has fall out/ residuals for anybody in his eyesight.

AG, didn’t say anything abt, scorch, scoured, scourge, burning down the woman’s whole life, That was his own idea, and how does he pay off to get the cops [yeah- they confiscated [looted] the contents
Was it cops... or Braulio, leading this investigation? Oh yea!
Gabino, so -no wonder Braulio can run game with the dirty pigs!

Hospital visits-
Yesenia had to check on heifer on morphine-drip.
Yes, you bold-wench- you brazen- hussy, Saul is available: Dona’s happy to know she has still got it... didn't that heifer almost jump out-of that bed.

Yesenia, is more spiritually advanced than Dona, the ‘’talk’’ is in the works, I bet even$$: she is abt to make restitution with Lazaro??$$$$

Dona was near death, she was blitzkrieg, and she never EVER... thought abt losing the upper hand or her LIFE!!!
Laying in your own funk as a hostage,sure gives you some perspective on dying.., she gave a near death confession to Rafael!!

Rafael ,was not her priest[ bless me, father, for I have sinned ..its been 42 years since my last confession. There isn’t enough Hail Marias… for the all the Gris-gris she was using for evil ]

Earlier that day, Rafael, was still pumping AG, for daughter info, and ends up losing his mind with the bad news... he has left the building...! He was mad man, now it’s official..!
Rafael [aged 10 years] and Leticia see Emi, stretched out, he was a tall/ big- boned, bastard- child. Rafael leaves us and mentally leaves the planet, I don’t think is was that short of- a- trip.
Leticia accepted her culpability.., but Ratfael... was never really an empathic person to begin with.

Monica is going to find out abt paternity lapse before anyone else gets a chance to tell her ……
Bumm, dum, dumm, dum!! WITH THE CLINICAL TRIAL DNA TEST, the sh**, hits the fan!!

Daniel hang in there, Braulio is right Saul is like a stupid-dog with a bone. Calling the job?! Whaa??

Funeral: Lydia you are too beautiful and Diego is too young, I am sorry he is not on her level, his dad is nuts!! Who does that at a funeral, start a fight, that boy may kill him!! Because his mom cannot defend her own child!!

Steve don’t kill nobody for minute!!!


I hate slice and dice, but 48th EDITED episode was brutally great with a fantastic CC recap by Jarifa. I enjoyed watching and reading every minutes of it.

Thanks, Alejo.


HALIMACANDY: Not shocked that Adolfo sold his soul to AG: wonder if she'll use her naked body & sleep with him just to hurt Monica even more ?

Deb: Saul is just addicted to AG & he cannot stop. He reminds me of Yago Vila/Omar Guerrero from "Yago", who was addicted to Bad Girl Sara Madrigal (who ruined his life 12 years earlier, etc.,).

AG sure does know to how "light that fire" all right :)

Monica: You better get Tia Yesenia & let her book you a plane ticket to the Philippines, Taiwan or Korea because B613 Daddy Cabral is out for blood with your name on it!


LA FAN #49 3/24/17

According to a Telemundo announcement at end of the previews: the last episode of LA FAN will be Monday 4/3. So, we have only six episodes left. : (

Ay, so many plots . . . truly so little time!

Here we go!

Part 1

Well, it turns out that Lucas amd the gun upsets everyone but turns out to be just another one of his practical jokes. He is the only one laughing.

Benicio is drowning his unhappiness in alcohol as he talks to his father Ignacio. Ignacio says marrying Adriana is their only way out of their financial problems. Benicio reminds him it is easy to say when somebody else is making the sacrifice. Benicio has news for his dad: another problem in the form of another heir (Miguel). Carlos might want that son to manage his business. It comes out that Ignacio knew about the son that Carlos had with Eloísa but did not know that Carlos knew about him. He knows lots of things.

At the farewell party they watch Lucas' last episode on the telenovela. Lucas starts to say goodbye to everyone and take selfies with them. Besides thenLucasmLocas Adriana, Carlos, Natalia, Diego and Miguel are there. He saves Vale and Tomás for last. Tomás quickly disappears as Vale in tears tells him how Great henis going to do and how he will find another fan like her. Lucas disagrees. There will never ever be another one like her. What she has given him cannot be bought with money. He could not love her as she deserves to be loved but he is no fool. No other woman will ever love him as much as she does. He has given her the happiness of fulfilling her dream. The fan is happy.

Nicolás arrives at Salma's with pizza and ice cream for supper but nobody is there.

Carlos talks to Adriana about Diego one more time. She does not know what to do.She does not believe she can have a future with Diego because of Jessica being pregnant. He asks if she is going to fight for what she wants. No, it is over.

Salma and Lucas arrive at his place with Salma all over him kissing and pushing him backwards through the door. She begs him to tell her that he loves her; she needs him to tell her that he loves her. So, in the middle of their make out session he says "I love you, VALE" . (Te amo, Vale). Salma goes berserk calling him on what he said as he denies it and says what he said was "I love you, you know." (Te amo, ¿sabes?) if she wants to fight she can go. He never asked her to come over in the first place. She expected another kind of goodbye. She tells him that she hopes that his plane crashes. She will see him at his wake She storms out..

LA FAN #49

Part 2

Vale is talking to Gabriel at her place about how she does not know how the next two years are going to be withoutnLucas. Gabriel says he will be with her everyday hoping that she forgets Lucas. She tells him he does not deserve it. He insists it is his decision. (Of course he has to spoil it all) He asks her if he can spend the night with her. No way! She is a decent woman. He didn't want to offend her . . . (What a jerk!)

Lucas arrives at the airport with a fedora on his head and a designer scarf around his neck. Quique shows up to make sure he gets on his flight. He does not trust Lucas. Quique makes sure that Lucas is clear on why he is going to Italy. It is not because he is some kind of great actor. No. It is to get him away from Vale. Lucas cell phone rings. It is Tomás. He wants to say goodbye to Lucas. He didn't like Lucas at all until he saved his life. He wants Lucas to know that Vale is doing poorly. Eventhough he is a kid, he also wants Lucas to know that there is no movie, no trip, no award that is worth more than Vale. He hopes Lucas is never sorry for having gone. Lucas looks upset. He tells Tomás how lucky he is to have a mother like Vale. Tomás tells him how lucky he is to have Vale's love but he does not appreciate it. He feels sorry for him. With Quique still by his side, Lucas looks unsure. Quique makes sure he is boarding the plane.

Miriam talks to Jessica who insists she will not tell Diego she is not pregnant. She will get pregnant either by artificial insemination or by having sex with another guy. Later she tries to talk Bob into giving her a sperm donation but he is clearly not interested in the very least bit.

At the studio, Vale, Gabriel and Salma are in the same dressing room where Salma is bragging to Vale about how Lucas and she said goodbye to each other supposedly making love last night. Suddenly Vale gets faint and a pain in her chest. . Gabriel helps her sit down. It has nothing to do with Salma. It is a bad premonition that something very bad is happening to Lucas.

Carlos gets the first phone call as next of kin. He must next call Elísa who then runs out into the café screaming that the plane crashed.


LA FAN # 49

Part 3

It seems that Carlos did not call Eloísa after all. She must have heard ithe bad news elsewhere because Carlos shows up at the café to tell Eloísa. She will go with him to the airport to get more information.

At the studio Salma is working rehearsing on the set withmthenothersmwjen Carrizo arrives with his news team ready to record. Justin wonders what he is doing on his set. Carrizo cannot believe that they know nothing about what has happened. Lucas' plane crashed. Salma starts to cry. Vale is in a dressing room with Gabriel. He reminds her that they have scenes to do for the web novela that afternoon. She is just feeling bummed out. He encourages her. As he is telling her what a great actress she is, An hysterical enraged Salma launches herself through the door at Vale. Gabriel has to hold her back. She screams that Vale killed him. It is all her fault. Lucas is dead. His plane crashed. Vale faints right into a chair. Salma sees it all as Vale's fault that Lucas had to distance himself from her. She couldn't leave him in peace.

Diego goes to Adriana's office (where her mother was paying her a visit) to tell her that her uncle Lucas' plane crashed. Benicio arrives not happy to see Diego. Beniciomand Adriana agree that their wedding now has to be postponed because of this horrendous event.

Vale finally comes around and Gabriel is right there. She is sure she dreamed it, right? He tells her it wasn't a dream. She sobs on Gabriel's shoulder as he describes it as such a tragedy. They go to the airport to see Carlos. No, Lucas was not one of the survivors. At soccer practice, Rodrigo tells Tomás the bad news about Lucas. Tomás says he was getting to know him and like him. He doesn't know why but his heart just aches.. Vale is totally in tears talking to Jessica and Miriam about all of Lucas' novelas. Vale says she has just lost the love of her life.

At home, Salma is busy drinking and talking to Agustín, Nicolás and Quique when she lets the cat out of the bag that Lucas never loved Vale. It was a publicity stunt for ratings. Quique does not look happy when he realizes that Lucas pulled a fast one on Vale. Salma wants them to know that Lucas and she were always together as a couple.

Gabriel talks to Lucas' photo in tears. Lucas was a special guy. Even he is going to miss him.

Tomás tells Vale how his heart ached when he found out about Lucas. It was just like he felt when he found out that his real father had died. He and Vale hug each other.

Salma is still raging and tells Gabriel that thentime has come to tell Vale how things really are. Gabriel does not want her to hurt Vale in any way. Salma asks : what about how she hurt me? She wants her to know that Lucas never loved her. It was all business.. This is the last time Gabriel is warning Salma not to hurt Vale. Appealing to Gabriel's competitiveness and jealousy with Lucas, Salma adds that now that he is dead, Lucas will become a saint; but she and Gabriel can make him look like a demon.


LA FAN #49

Part 4

Vale is mourning at home when there is a knock on the door and it is Salma. If she is going to attack her, Vale asks her to just leave. She is there to tell her everything Lucas never told her. Vale is in no mood to listen..she knows that she hates her but Vale would like her to at least respect her sorrow. Salma ismthenlast personshe wants to see. Luckily, Gabriel arrives somthings donnotmhave achance to get ugly..Vale asks Gabriel to ask Salma to leave her home. Salma has said nothing but the time to talk has come. Gabriel tells her it is time for her to go. As she leaves, she tells Vale they will talk and she will find out about everything..

Jessica mentions getting a sonogram to Diego and he insists on going with her and since I am soooo tired of Jessica and her imaginary pregnancy, that is all I am going to write about that silliness.

It looks like Adriana has paid Benicio a surprise visit at his apartment. You can see Miriam watching them from another room. Adriana tells him that although she has not been the perfect novia she hopes to be the perfect wife. He sure that she will be. She goes on about him deserving the best because of him treating her so well unconditionally. Is Benicio looks nervously to the other room where Miriam is, Adriana asks if he is busy and apologizes for having just dropped by. He was just going to bed. Anyway she wants to tell him that she really loves him a lot. Suddenly Miriam's cell phone in the other room starts to ring and Adriana hears it. Adriana asks if he is with somebody. He answers yes. Adriana wants to know the whole truth. Yes, is with another woman. She came to see him because she knows that they are getting married. They were just talking. Adriana gives him the look. So he brings up how he caught her in bed with Diego. Adriana doesn't want to talk anymore she just wants to leave. She should' have never asked for the truth. She never should have come in the first place. Miriam does not understand Benicio and Adriana's relationship. She thinks they're crazy.

Vale goes to Lucas's apartment and lies down on his bed where she hopes to find some comfort. She falls asleep and it looks like Lucas comes in and lies next to her.

So what R we to think about Lucas lying down next to Vale? Was this a dream of Vale's? Next I saw Lucas at some unknown place with some unknown older woman, like an aunt of his who never watches TV? That seems inconsistent w/ him actually having lain beside Vale. I failed to hear any explanation of how Lucas missed the flight. They sure spent a long time with people moaning over the death of Lucas. If they wanted to cut something, that would have been a place to cut (or did they cut some out?). At any rate, I don't know how they can cut it to 6 more episodes; I mean you can do anything with a butcher knife. So if anyone cares to see the bulk of this telenovela, I don't know any way but to quickly watch whatever is put up on YouTube (using today filter each day) -- & watch it before i may get pulled for copyright violation -- this is uploads from Gala TV source.

LA FAN #49

Part 5

Somewhere is Mexico there is a mysterious woman reading about Lucas' death in the newspaper.She has a dog named Luquitas. She talks to him. It is Lucia who is evidently alive and well. She looks at an old photo of Lucas and says she will always love him. She needs to get to L.A. But first she has to get rid of Pascual. She will have to increase the amount of poison and think of something else.

Vale awakes with a start thinking Lucas is there but he isn't. In tears, she repeats to herself that the dead don't return.

Lucas goes to visit his nana oout in the countryside. He is greeted with a shotgun aimed at him until she recognizes him. Lucas hasn't visited her for about a year. No, she does not watch his novel as. It seems that she lives in a tech-free zone so to speak. She reads. She is happy that way. She has plenty of time. Lucas tells her all about Vale. Nana does t know why he just does ot jump in his car, tell her how he feels and that he did not go toTally because of her. Not so easy, he hasn't had a bath or used his conditioning creams. . . It all went with his luggage.Nana calls him Luquitas. Does she have any French perfume? Anyway, Lucas saw an interview (we know notmwherenor when)!with Vale crying and all dressed in black. Nana says that his love for Vale saved his life since he did not get on that plane. She tells him to go find Vale so she is not suffering thinking that he is dead. She is the woman for him. There is just a small problem. She slaps his face. She does not want to hear about French perfume. It is much more complicated. If henid not die on the plane, Quique is going to kill him.

There is a Carrizo interview going on and Vale is all dressed in black answering questions about Lucas. She wants everyone to know what kind of a man he was. As she goes on and on describing what a wonderful person Lucas was, a man with a hat and beard comes in. Lucas was the love of her life. Never to be outdone, Salma interrupts and becomes the Lucas expert. Nobody knew him like her. In front of everyone, Salma tells Vale this is where the story began and this is where it is going to end. Lucas interrupts her running out in the middle of everybody saying he is alive. It is a miracle!


Quique warns Salma (dressed in mourning) that she will not be saying anything to Vale about anything. She will do what she wants. With Lucas dead, nothing matters.


LA FAN ahora con mucho afan

Lucia appeared in Friday's episode. But she is supposed to be dead. Now having a dead person not dead is a typical telenovela ploy, trope. But in this case I wonder, because we saw supernatural things done by Lucia, like her picture falling from the wall & her ghost appearing to Vale shaking the finger "no" at her. Thus IMHO there are 2 optional interps at this point 1) Vale was hallucinating & the picture falling was a coincidence - or 2) another telenovela play/trope. I don't see the supernatural actions of Lucia being anything other than proof that she really died. Thus logic drives me to conclude 2) that Lucia has a twin who is living -- Ye Olde super-identical twin nonsense, for which we can forgive here only because it is a declared comedy.

It looks like a section of the recap got misplaced after the "fin".

More mañana.


I supposed 3) the Lucia clone could be a dopple-ganger, like in Dicken's Tale of 2 Cities. Has the identical twin type routing ever been done w/ a doppleganger? In La Casa de al Lado they toyed with the idea of doppleganger -- also with Triplets; but it ended up being twins.

Thanks much for the resumen, Jarifa

La Fan on LUCIA or her twin

in La Casa de al Lado, they had two sets of super-identical twins. They started the story with David Chocarro playing twins. Then another twin set was brought in late in the story, a Telemundo embellishment on the Chile original story. It turned out how Maritza Rodriguez (Pilar) had an evil twin sister who was injected into the story. I regard LCdaL as a black comedy. They went round & round putting people into the hospital & jail, & being kidnapped. It had an incredible body count.


Thanks Jarifa! Can't wait to watch it tomorrow.

Only six episodes left?? I really don't see how they're going to get to the gran final in such little time, considering that there's more than half the episodes to go! I hope they don't just cut them out and do a stupid "6 months later" thing like they did with Dama y Obrero.

I saw the avance for the next episode on twitter and it said capitulo final instead of gran final... so I'm still hoping they will just stop at episode 65 for now and that we'll get the rest of the episodes later... fingers and toes crossed!

So maybe Guerra de Idolos will start April 4? That's also the same day El Capo starts at 10pm.

What makes this even more frustrating is that the ratings for Pequeños Gigantes on Univision have been dropping so much that they're now tied with La Fan.

Does nana = abuela, grandmother?


Yes, Enoch, nana is grandma.

LA dona: please can someone give us yesterdays recap?


1.) Daniel being tortured by AG & Matamoros (Teo 2.0) & she's demand to know who's the 5th Monkey. I don't see him giving up Rafael.

2.) Rafael & Gabino plotting to whack Monica.

3.) Superhero Cop Karen & Jorge confronting Rafael sends Daddy Cabral over the edge. Kare better WATCH HERSELF!

4.) Diego, Lydia, Margarita & Marcos out to lunch or dinner at some restaurant place in the DF.

5.) Valeria watching Saul & her Boo, Lopez going into Saul's car in the security camera.

6.) Monica devastated by the news development of Lazaro not being her father. I believe regardless, she's still viewing him as her Daddy: her biological Mommy AG is a bloodthirsty psychopath & the Biological Daddy (either Rafael or Daniel) aren't that great either.


I meant to say Braulio's car in the #5 bullet point.


La Dona: Steve, Daniel may give up Rafael. I have the suspicion that either Daniel or Rafael will be Monica's father.


All in all, the editing has been okay except for that one scene with Nicolás coming home with the pizza and ice cream and nobody being there. I kept wondering why that was there at all. We could have had more Natalia or Lucas.

I am hoping that this is all wrapped up neatly in six episodes. . So many less espisodes sort of assures me that I won't be subjected to other obnoxiously annoying subplots like Jessica and her "pregnancy." It looks like they will have enough on their plate just finishing off the plots already in motion which this novela has been very efficient in doing from the beginning.,

Lucía alive is another good turn for the novela. Could she be a murderer, too? She was talking about poison . . .

I got a kick out of Lucas appearing in his "disguise" at the end. It looks like he has finally" seen the light" thanks to his nana but with six episodes left, Salma and the TRUTH, Gabriel and his desire, Quique and Nicolás, and Tomás; where will this all end?

If Adriana marries Benicio I will agree with Miriam that they are nuts just like Jessica is nuts. Bob's reaction to Jessica's desire for him to father a child for her was perfection.

Maybe more later . . .

La Fan

impressed I say, with the wonderful job you are doing with these recaps Jarifa!

Nicolás home alone, I think that was all about his job with Quique, to make sure Salma didn't run off with Lucas.

I think it was Diego that pushed for a sonagram, so he meets Jessica there but she says she was early and already had it done, but Diego wants to see, she goes to get a copy but claims they lost it, he wants to do another one.

I think Bob was ok with being a father, but didn't go along with Diego being the father and him the godfather.

I was totally not expecting to see Lucia alive.

ah, there is Lupita Ferrer as Nana.

say, what are the exact arm swings to make evil go away, not happen, this doesn't always work for me.


La Doña

Thanks very much, Steve, for your mini-cap. Here are some additional points I remember:

AG is surprisingly nice to Lázaro. I don't really trust her, I'm sure she has an ulterior motive, but she does tell him that when she was kidnapped and afraid she might die, she thought of Regina, Isabela, and Mónica. She tells Lázaro that he is the best father Mónica could have. Moreover, she tells him that she wants to give back to him what she took from him, so he can provide Mónica with whatever she needs. AG asks only that Mónica not be told that AG is her mother. Lázaro agrees.

Mónica is of course VERY upset about the DNA results and that Lázaro may have lied to her. Adolfo gets it right: he suggests to her that perhaps even Lázaro doesn't know that he's not the biological father. His wife might have slept with someone else, become pregnant, and let Lázaro believe that the child was his. Later, Mónica asks Yesenia whether Lázaro knows he's not the biological father, and Yesenia says he doesn't. Mónica wants to keep it that way.

Rafael asks Gabino to kill Mónica. Gabino points out that AG changed her mind about that and has told Gabino not to hurt her. Rafael says he should do it anyway, but not let anyone know.

Saúl and Lopecito break into Braulio's car, looking for evidence of Braulio's involvement in Ximena's death. Saúl seesa piece of jewelry that he had given Ximena. He takes a photo of it and takes some other photos as well. Then they leave and go see Karen. Saúl tells her she should get a court order to examine Braulio's car, she'll find evidence. He shows her the photo he took and admits that he and Lopecito did their own investigating.

Karen and Jorge confront Rafael shortly after Emiliano's burial. She plays for Rafael the very emotional and hurtful message that Emiliano left for him the night that he died. I was astonished and appalled at Karen's callousness! Her criticizing what Gabino said to Amalia is the pot calling the kettle black.

Braulio is furious that Lydia attended the funeral and that Diego cares for her. He tells Diego she's OK for sex, but not as a novia. He then blocks Diego's access to money, thinking that will prevent him from continuing to see Lydia. Hah!

After Daniel refuses to give up the name of the fifth Monkey even after Matamoros and AG have tortured him, AG decides on a different strategy. She tells Daniel that he never married because he was thinking of her, and she starts to kiss him.

deb, thank you for your kind comment. Thanks for your interpretation of the empty home scene. Now it makes sense. Finally, thanks for the sonogram details. As I mentioned in the recap, I am not paying much attention to anything dealing with the Jessica imaginary pregnancy plot line. Too goofy for me. ITA: would it not be nice if we could just wave bad things away?

La Doña 84

thanks Steve for getting us started!
ah and thanks to Juanita as well!
here is something I also wrote up which may overlap,

Monica flips over the dna results, the only stable thing in her life is her father, the two of them against the world, now that too is a lie.

Adolfo has some quick guesses, maybe your mother cheated on him and he doesn't know.

later Yesenia picks up on Monica's over protectiveness of Laz, Monica spills, Yesenia lies, Laz doesn't know and we mustn't let him find out (is this to bury any link to AG)

AG seems to come clean with Laz, she will give Laz back all that she took from him, in order to secure Monica's future, but he must take her away and she must never know AG is her mother, Laz is speechless.

at the funeral (and who are these people) dark suits and dark glasses mandatory, Lydia texts Diego and he breaks off to go to her, Marcos follows (hmm, I thought he would go to Isabela), the crowd breaks up and Gabino lumbers up to Rafael, confirms Emi and Monica were arguing, Rafael tells him to kill her, Gabino chokes, but, but, AG wants him to back off, then be discreet, an accident maybe.

Saul and Lopez break into Braulio's car by picking the door lock (never seen this done before) and spend some intense moments telling each other to hurry up, Saul sees Ximena's earring on the floor (he gave it to her) takes a pic for Karen (doesn't this prove he was in the car and could have planted the evidence) so she can get a search warrant.

Lopez gives Valeria a heads up, which just winds her up tighter, as she stalls Braulio he talks about getting rid of Lydia, (the older girl who is brainwashing Diego with sex) and by Valeria's silence takes that as her consent as well.

Diego, Lydia, Marcos, and Margarita stop for some coffee/conversation, dear Lydia lightens the mood by suggesting Emi will be Diego's guardian angel, they joke about him earning his wings, but wait, Diego's credit card is no good, Braulio has cut him off to show him Lydia is only after his money.

AG is out and swings by the dungeon, she has one handed Matamoros beat Daniel to an inch of his life to get the name of the fifth monkey, the one that killed her mother, while she watches, puffing on her big cigar, Daniel is of course ok with dying but he won't give up the name and let her violence continue. (interesting that Daniel has not pursued a wife/family and as such can't be pressured)

Karen and Jorge swing by to see Rafael, they let him listen to Emi's last message (don't remember the exact words but along the lines of what SHE said that makes Emi hate Rafael, she being ??? Monica most likely in Rafael's eyes?)

AG changes tactics, and her clothes/hair/makeup/perfume/jewelry, sits on Daniel's lap and gives him a kiss...


LA Dona: Thanks Steve, Juanita and Deb for the recap. I'm rooting for Adolfo and Monica and hope her travails bring them closer. I don't see Daniel giving up Rafael. I have a feeling AG may resort to threatening yo tarnishing the reputation of his foundation. That is Daniel's weakness

La Dona

Karen plays the message to Rafael in hopes of getting a clue as to who Emi was referring to when he said "ella te odia y yo tambien te odio, te odio, te odio" ... "she hates you and I too, hate you, I hate you, I hate you" .... she is investigating who "she" is. Sure it's only a jump and a hop to Leticia.

I don't think Gabino has the guts to kill Monica, somehow he will find a way to screw it up let her go. He is very conflicted about Monica and is more afraid of AG. He may go along with Rafael to keep him off his back, but in the end it's all about AG.

Hola... Rosa


Jarifa - thank you again for yet another stellar recap!!!

Shall we guess Lucas did NOT get on that plane? At least now I know how to say "the plane crashed" --- it fell! Too bad Felicitas was not on that plane. She is just twisted evil.

Nice to see Gabriel was truly sad to lose Lucas in the plane crash.

What a surprise to see Lucía! Perhaps she was kidnapped? She better have been held against her will, or else by blackmail, all these years. She better have a good reason for faking her death and abandoning her baby and friends. But, how sweet that she named her dog "Luquitas".

If Lucía is alive, who did Vale "see" all those times she signaled to stay away from Lucas?

La Doña

Hola Rosa,
and thanks for giving us what was in Emi's voice message to Rafael before he died.


For those who want to see what is cut out in the afan to get rid of the show, there are a number of persons who have made virtual playlists on YouTube entitled, Adriana y Diego or Vale y Lucas (the two sides of the show). if you go to the latest series uploaded, you may start just a little ahead of where we are in the story on Telemundo with capitulo 32-1 (the numbers are quite different from Telemundo cap numbers), uploaded by one Jenny B055 (less likely Jenny BO55):

I think by Telemundo numbers Jenny's cap 32 is somewhere in what wud be Telinmundo 50's.
Jenny has spent a lot of time apparently editing these numerous clips (I think nearly 100) & uploading them. But who knows how long these chips will stay available on YouTube before blocked or deleted.

There may be like 4 different numbering systems, not to mention wrong numbers.


I note that some are annoyed with the Jessica story. But IMHO it is essential to the plot, as it is the impediment in the romance of Adriana & Diego. There has gots to be an impediment to keep the show going, a conflict problem to solve. Also, for my taste Begoña Narváez puts on an entertaining act, good actress who has pizzazz -- she stole the show with Rosa Diamante (tho we can blame that on the writers largely, who made the villainess into the interesting character and did little interesting with the protagonist who became a kind of MacGuffin papel. Has Begoña ever played a paper where she wasn't comically ornery?

Now with Lucia reappearing (or IMHO more likely her twin), how will they keep the other conflict going of why Vale & Lucas must not get together?

Surely they will show us a flashback of how Lucas escaped the flight. My guess is that he put on a disguise -- maybe he walked out as an airline pilot?

LA FAN Felicitas

Are we supposed to believe that Carlos made her that way by wholesale cheating on her? -- not that there cud be any excuse for Felicitas, who is a sort of public latrine, should be a cesspool of STDs. I have been unable to find any report on the age of the actress.


doris, I hope they let us in on how Lucas escaped from the plane flight. I also wondered where his nana lived and how he got there.




Lucas probably used Uber to get to Nana's.


That is a good one, doris! : )


Sorry girls, but I think they have already slice and diced the escape explanation of Lucas, coz in Gala TV it was a flashback scene when Lucas was chatting with his nana, and for the first time he admitted that he fell in love with Vale. :(
I hope it was not a spoiler.

And finally an interesting thing: La Fan ends in Gala Tv, Mexico on 12 April after Telemundo-airing. I understand the standpoint of Telemundo, but I doubt they didn't have any other solution instead of cut.

La Fan

Just want to say thanks again to Jarifa for all the great recaps! I'm off tomorrow on vacation and don't get back until a week after the final episode, so I'll miss discussing it with you all.


Have a good vacation, J!

Wikipedia lists Catherine Siachoque as a guest actor in this telenovela. I wonder if she'll be edited out now?
Or perhaps she is the one Lucía is poisoning? (NO spoilers please!!!)

La Fan

Doris- I too would love to see Cathy Siachoque (just in case's real girl) she did such a wonderful job on Sin Senos Si Hay Paraiso, she is my standard of a great actress.

from the show I got the idea Lucia was hooked up with some guy, Pascual as noted in the recap, I'm thinking rich guy she wants to get rid of, (I'm waving my arms around so she won't be evil), so Luquitas (her dogs name) is another form of Lucas.


J, you are welcome. Have a great vacation!

La Fan. Superb recap at a difficult time for this novela, Jarifa! I finally saw it last night. What an incredible episode! Lucas is dead and then he's alive?! Lucia is alive and apparently living with some kind of hacendado/gangster?! Lucas shows up at the studio in the end in a ridiculous disguise?! How are they going to finish up this novela in 6 or so episode? And yes, I too think we should be told how Lucas got off that plane.

La Fan. I also hope they explain how Lucía has appeared to be dead all this time and where those visions of her that Vale saw came from. Were they some kind of vibe from the living Lucía who didn't want anyone else having Lucas? Or were they all in her imagination?


Alejo, Thanks for the info! I wonder what the ratings are like in Mexico. Double episodes are a lot to watch five nights a week.

SpanProf, no matter what, it will be interesting seeing if they can end this thing as seamlessly as possible in 6 episode just wrapping up the plots we have. I cannot wait to see what Lucía is going to do and If Salma tells Vale the truth to insure her position with Lucas. Well, at least I will not have to wait very long to find out.


fútbol this Tuesday!


La Doña

in an interview with the writer, he says "A pesar de las sospechas del público, el final sí va a sorprenderlos". (Despite public suspicions, the end will surprise them)


This comment has been removed by the author.


Thanks muchly, deb, for the heads-up about fútbol taking over this Tuesday evening. I guess that means none of the novelas will be shown that night.

Thanks also for the intriguing message predicting that viewers will be surprised at the ending of La Doña. I'm hoping perhaps that may mean good news for Team Adolfo.


There are now a ton of uploads on La Fan on YouTube. Some of them have Escenas in the title (like Escenas de Capitulo 89) but then they are like 89-1, 89-2, 89-3, etc, very substantial. Of course I can't disgust them here because they would be spoilers, even though it is doubtful that even 10 percent of them will ever appear on Telemundo. This is the first time I ran into spoilers which spoiled nothing that we would ever see on Telemundo. But there is no way to predict what Telemundo will air. I haven't come across the clip referred to above which says that the escape of Lucas was shown by flashback. Confounding the attempt to put the story together via YouTube is the fact that the (capitulo/episode) numbers don't agree with each other. In a series on Adriana & Diego I was watching stuff numbered in the 40's (but not Telemundo 40's) and also stuff numbered in the 90's of whole episodes covering the same time frame of the story -- uploads by the same channel BTW! Looks like now the uploads are coming fast & furious. It would take a lot of time to watch them all.

As to what we have seen thus far, I feel sorry for the actors. I don't think it is their fault if few people find the story funny. But the writers just failed (IMHO) to produce what is comedy to the mass of American viewers. I have to wonder who at Telemundo thought the script they were buying was funny -- or did they buy an idea which was written after they bought the idea?

LA dona: Juanita, If Monica ends up with eithet Adolfo or Saul, it won't be a surprise. If AG ends up with Saul, it won't be a surprise. The only surprise will be if AG falls in love with Daniel.

La Doña

Chinelo, you make an interesting point. Frankly, though, since Saúl has been featured as the galán from the start, the normal course of action would have him paired off at the end with either AG or Mónica. To be honest, the only outcome that wouldn't surprise me would be Saúl and Mónica. But though it wouldn't surprise me, it would disappoint me. I think Mónica deserves better. I think Adolfo is superior to Saúl in many ways, but I'd be surprised if Mónica and Adolfo wind up as a couple. Surprised and pleased. As for AG and Daniel, I agree that it would be surprising, and I guess it's possible, though AG's falling in love with someone who raped her, and/or Daniel's falling in love with someone who tortured him, seems to me a little too kooky.

La Fan. I thought this novela was funny and very well acted. I especially enjoy watching Angélica Vale and Gabriel Porras.


Add me to the list of those who think this novela was funny and the acting was great. I've had a real blast seeing Scarlet Ortiz do comedy. She has a real talent for it.


doris, SpanProf, add me to the list! This had a great plot, writing, cast and execution. I guess it is a case of to each his own. I expect sooner or later the whole thing will end up on line somewhere. I hope to get an inkling of what plots were deleted beyond what is being posted now.


Juanita: AG is still going to kill Daniel regardless though in the event that he ever rats out Daddy Cabral as the 5th Monkey.


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