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TELEMUNDO Y MÁS (#2): La Fan, La Doña, El Chema, & más: Week of March 27, 2017


Here's Page 2 for the week.  The current telenovelas are as follows (all times are Eastern Daylight Time):

• 10:30AM-12PM—Amar es Primavera
• 12PM-2PM—Mujeres Ambiciosas
• 8PM—La Fan
• 9PM—La Doña
• 10PM—El Chema

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LA DONA: heads up everybody: this is a friendly advisory: NO blabbing about the previews!!! We had an action-packed episode with lots to discuss, but please do not reveal the scenes in the previews. If you do, your post will be taken down. Thanks in advance!

LA FAN #52 3/30/17 Thursday

Part 1

It turns out that the guy with the gun is Quique. Justin tells Quique it is no time to play hide and seek. He scolds him for not being with the other extras, grabs the gun to send back to the props dept. and sends him on his way.

Vale tells Lucas that Quique won't do anything because deep down (Lucas says very deep down ) he is a good guy. Anyway,
soon they will be married and Quique will just have to accept how happy they are together.

Gabriel and Salma talk about putting their plan into action. They are both clear on what they have to do. This is their last chance. Nobody will ruin their plans.

Down in Mexico, Pascual comes to the conclusion and tells Lucía that the one out to kill him is his daughter. She has not been happy with him since he made Lucía his only heir. Lucía is all too happy to agree with him. Maybe he will have the police investigate.

The disguised Jessica has her way with the disguised Miguel. Jessica tells him this never happened. Whatever she says . . Jessica goes home and fills Bob in on all of the details of her amorous encounter. Bob is like Wow! With her having sex with a completely un known guy not even knowing if he is healthy. That last part about being healthy spoils the gloating moment Jessica was enjoying. Anyway, all they have to do now is pray that the seed germinates.

After seeing how much taking care of her matters to Diego, Adriana agrees to live wherever he wants including the apartment he has chosen. That decision does not last long when she wakes up to find a cockroach on her bed sheet while she is under it.


They should have had a flying cockroach. Soon after I got married there appeared a huge cockroach, what we called water bugs like on the mantle. I took up an object like a rolled up newspaper & approached it to murder the thing. As I approached, it jumped off the mantle & flew down between my legs! That scene is an example of missing an opportunity for humor. The pursuit of that roach could have lasted a while. Diego should have had a shotgun around.

PS, Cap 107 has been uploaded onto YouTube. Somewhere around cap 100 & following caps, this telenovela is actually somewhat funny.

Justin Case took the pistol from Quique. Now that was another opportunity for comedy which we didn't see or haven't seen yet. That gun should go off in the prop room when someone plays with it. Maybe he drops it, it bangs on the floor & a bullet is fired. The bullet flies until it cuts a rope on a pulley at the window where they were hauling up a piano. Now on whom shud the piano fall?

LA FAN # 52

Part 2

Lucas goes home to get ready for the wedding only to find that Quique has sent Nicolás to keep an eye on him. Lucas gives him lots of good scotch to drink and gets him so drunk that he passes out. When Vale gets home she finds Quique visiting with Tomás and waiting for her. She tries every which way to explain to Kiko that Lucas is the love of her life but he insists that Lucas is not the guy for her. Vale tells Quique that if he kills Lucas she will make sure he spends the rest of his life in jail. She is sick and tired of him trying to control her life. Quique does not like being threatened. She sends Tomás off to Eloísa. She then goes to get Quique a shot of tequila and adds some sedative drops to it. He soon passes out on the couch. She ties him up, puts a gag in his mouth and locks him inside her apartment.

Diego stops by to see Jessica. She makes up more stories about almost losing the babies. She does not believe he is a good man because he abandoned her for a millionaire with all her money. He tells her that she knew he was in love with Adriana and not her.. She continues talking nonsense just trying to make him feel bad. She tells him to go and talks to her imaginary babies. Miriam stops by. Jessica moans that Diego doesn't want her. Miriam's attitude is like what else is new? and she leaves. Miguel wants tomaskm Jessica about something that happened at the network. He asks about the masquerade party and where the extras came from . . . When Vale interrrupts them on her way to the church asking for their help.

Gabriel is paid a visit by Felícitas. She sees a photo of Lucía he has lying around anfd tells him that she recognizes her and knows her. Gabriel insists she has been dead for ten years. No. Felícitas met her when she came with her millionaire husband to buy some of Felicitas' art work in Mexico last year. Gabriel asks her for the man's contact info. She will get it to him.

Rodrigo wants his father to still live with him and Salma. He threatens to leave with Nicilás if Salma does not allow him to stay. Rodrigo wants the three of them to go on vacation together. That is a no go for Salma.


LA FAN #52

Part 3

Lucas ends up going in his pajamas to his brother Carlos' house before the church. It is a very special day for him and he needs Carlos' help. Jessica, Miriam and Bob get Vale all dressed for the wedding in a very nice tea length wedding dress. Eloísa has Tomás all dressed.

Lucas gets to the church first and chats with the priest as they wait for Vale to arrive. Lucas is all nervous. In the meantime, Quique awakens and he is angry. He treated Vale as if he were her father and she does this to him? She is going to pay. When he finds he is locked in, he shoots the lock off the door. Gabriel goes looking for Lucas at his place and when he thinks he is alone he gets out the results of the DNA test. He remembers going to the clinic, pretending to be Lucas and finding out that Tomás was Lucas' son. He puts the letter down on a table and sees Nicolás. He tries to wake him up.

Back at the church, Tomás and Vale join Lucas. Tomás hopes they are going to be happy. It is a lovely ceremony but it takes to long to get to the vows. When the priest asks Lucas if he takes Vale as his wife, Vale is kidnapped at gunpoint by a pair of men in black. Lucas punches the one out and goes chasing after Vale. The priest holds on to Tomás.


Enoch, a flying cockroach would have been perfect!


Enoch, Thanks for the link. Another fun episode..


I sure was surprised that Lucas had that much punching power. He had impressed me as a fop and a sissy.


1.) Uppity Mama Lopez is back & Valeria's like "Holy Expletive!"

2.) I didn't know that Lazaro went blind. What's wrong with him ?

3.) Saul still addicted to AG, who relit the fire with her big boobs & vagina. I seriously believe there should be an AG Anonymous Group for people addicted to her.

4.) Here comes Mama Aguirre to Lydia's rescue as Tia Yesenia, Margarita & the gang stand behind Lydia.

5.) Isabella & Monica being cool towards each other was nice.

6.) Uppity Mama Lopez demanding who's the father of Valeria's baby: Lopez or Braulio ? Another Maury Povich DNA Baby Daddy episode: JESUS!

7.) Braulio blatantly flaunting his arrogance towards Lydia & the Gang at the police station.

8.) Jorge now in law enforcement now! He's always with Karen 24/7.


LA DONA: Thanks Steve for your list of highlights. Point #2, about Lazaro's blindness: yes, his eyesight has been getting progressively worse for several weeks now. He's appears to be functionally blind. In addition, he has increasingly severe cognitive disabilities, such that he doesn't always know where he is or who is in the room with him (a useful device in any telenovela). At one point, he seemed not to know who Yesenia was or that they were planning to get married. (Did they do that, yet? I don't see every show, but I'm assuming they are still just novios) They play his disability up and down depending on the requirements of this (increasingly shaky) plot.

I was impressed that Jorge has graduated to his status (whatever that is) within the police department. His only training appears to have been hanging around the vecindad and procuring illegal weapons.

As for Saul's addiction, well, words fail me.

La Doña

Steve, thanks muchly for your list of highlights. I laughed when I read your suggestion of an AG Anonymous Group for people addicted to AG. The poor sufferers do need some kind of help, but I doubt that they could form a group. The two prime members would be Saúl and Braulio, who hate each other. They'd try to kill each other at the first meeting.


I was surprised that Quique is showing himself to be more of a dangerous threat to Vale than I thought he would be.

If he is smart, Diego will swallow his pride and go to live at Carlos' house. Roaches in bed just aren't going to do it.

Looks like Miguel is curious about his one night stand.

Natalia was an especially good comedic distraction last night.

I liked Vale's dress. It was so much better than the wedding dress she tried on.

The wedding was so sweet but of course it is way too early for Vale and Lucas to really get married considering the total length of the novela. : (



Thank you for another great recap, Jarifa. I look forward to watching this episode!

Finding a cockroach in one's bed would be the pits. 😜😜😜. Adriana would be crazy to stay there. Diego needs to get over himself.

Quique has gone overboard with Vale.

How can a DNA test tell exactly who the father is, if they lab does not have the father's DNA sample, too? Or am I overthinking this?

La Fan

thanks so much Jarifa!

that was so sad when Diego told Jessica he loved Adriana,
and her babies started to cry, oh wait!


La Fan

Doris- I seem to remember once Lucas had decided to get a DNA test done (not knowing about the one Gabriel did) and they really didn't show this but at least we now we have confirmation, Tomas is Lucas' son.



Juanita: The Good Guys need a Support Group too, I would like to call it "MONKEYS & AG, ETC., ANONYMOUS" for those who suffered at the hands of AG, Braulio, Daddy Cabral & the Monkeys.


Jarifa, tnx mucho for your resumenes.
" it is way too early for Vale and Lucas to really get married "

Easy way to write a telenovela: Use slices of baloney approach. Start with a romance (Rich Galan & Cinderella), Then impose a series of impediments or snits. As each snit is overcome, put them back together briefly until another snit/impediment arises.

1. Evil novia says she is pregnant, tho she is not.
2. Wicked woman grabs galan & smooches him suddenly. Just while he is dazed, suddenly in walks Cinderella.
3. Galan finds out he is sterile (false). So knowing that Cinderella has her heart set on having marimbitas, he tells her he does not love her so she can marry someone else & have those children.
4. Evil novia steals something & makes it look like Cinderella stole it. Galan believes Cinderella stole it.
5. Cinderella is put in jail.
6. Galan is shot (then grabbed by Cinderella & shaken with lamentation), but he is yet alive.
7. As Galan is getting better in hospital, the shooter returns to hospital & tries to kill Galan there (call-buttons were never invented in this world).
8. Cinderella's mom is sick. Evil rich brother of Galan convinces Cindy to marry him; she says yes, but won't kiss him on the lips.
9. Cinderella is kidnapped & put in a manicomio, engineered by evil mother of evil novia; evil nurses drug Cindy.

LA FAN > Doris

"How can a DNA test tell exactly who the father is, if they lab does not have the father's DNA sample, too? Or am I overthinking this?"

No, the question is good. But I think a hair from the supposed father would provide the DNA. In this case of a comedy, instead of retrieving a hair from a hair brush, the hair could be pulled out violently, followed by a "Woops, pardon; I thought I saw a roach in your hair."

La Fan. thank you for yet another excellent recap, Jarifa. Felicitas' having met Lucía in Mexico. What a coincidence! That dna scene may have been the result of some of the cuts to this novela. I suspect that in the uncut version they showed exactly how Gabe obtained the sample and how he convinced the hospital lab that he was Lucas Duarte. Interesting that Lucas never formally changed his name to Duarte. It's really Zubizarreta.


LXV: Will FAKE NEWS Leticia tell Super Hero Cop Karen the truth about Rafael being the 5th Monkey ?


Thanks,everyone, for stopping by the patio today! : )

La Fan. I'm beginning to suspect that Miguel and Jessica may end up with each other.

LA Dona: Juanita, Deb, Jarifa pls give us a recap


Chinelo: I gave my 2 cents in last night's episode with my thoughts including the AG ANONYMOUS Group for those suffering from AG addiction.


LA DONA: Dear Chinelo, please be aware that recaps take time and we are all busy in our daily lives. When people do a recap, it's a complete labor of love and not an obligation. We aren't on any official schedule here. Steve has already helped out with a list of highlights. If you wish to contribute, anything you can offer will be appreciated.


SpanProf, that could be a real possibility esp. if she ends up pregnant. Now would it not be funny if she didn't get pregnant?
So many possibilities so little time!

La Doña

I'll try to add to what Steve has said in a few minutes.

La Fan. Jarifa: And SOMEBODY has to have twins! [Of course, we do know that Bob is an incompeteent psychic.]

La Doña

Mónica and Adolfo come to see Regina. So many things are pointing to AG's being Mónica's mother. Mónica wants Regina to either confirm or deny that this is the case.
Regina looks terribly troubled but doesn't say yes or no. Mónica and Adolfo leave and sit in his car and talk. She's still a bit unsure about her parentage. What if I'm wrong, she asks Adolfo. But then why didn't Regina deny it?

As they're talking, Gabino sneaks up on them with a gun. He forces Adolfo to drive where he tells him to.

Diego tells Marcos what happened with his father and Lydia. Diego is very upset and says he's not sure he can ever get over this. His father has destroyed what he and Lydia had, and he's afraid he can never look at Lydia the same way again. He also says he can't continue to live at home, since Braulio is there. Marcos offers to let him stay at his place.

Saul is once again under AG's spell. They wind up in bed (surprise, surprise). FF>> Finally, Azucena calls him and tells him Lydia urgently needs his help. He leaves to meet everyone at the police station.

Braulio pays some guy mucho dinero to make his car disappear ASAP (so that Karen won't be able to inspect it for evidence that he was involved in Ximena's death).

Regina tells AG that Mónica knows AG is her mother. No one told Mónica, she figured it out for herself.

Saúl arrives at the police station and eventually accompanies Lydia to make her accusation against Braulio. The guy taking Lydia's statement is an [expletive deleted] who suggests that she has compromised her accusation by having a drink. He also suggests that many poor women make false accusations in hopes of getting money, and perhaps that's what she's doing. Saúl yells at him.

Gabino has Adolfo drive out to a very deserted locale. He orders Adolfo and Mónica out of the car and explains that this is going to be a murder/suicide. He tells them that Adolfo, distraught because Mónica has rejected him, will shoot her in a crime of passion and then kill himself. Gabino has even brought along an extra unregistered gun. Adolfo tries to grab Gabino's gun, but Gabino shoots him, possibly in the stomach. Mónica goes over to Adolfo, and he whispers to her that she should run. Gabino is upset that things aren't going according to his plan, and he doesn't know what to do. While he's a bit distracted, Mónica either slugs or kicks Gabino and runs. There's then a chase. If Mónica hadn't been wearing a pair of high heeled shoes, she might well have gotten away, since Gabino seems to be limping somewhat from where she hit him. But he catches up to her. She then uses the only weapon remaining: she tells Gabino that if he shoots her, AG will destroy him, because she is AG's daughter. End of episode.

La Doña

One thing I should have mentioned: while Gabino is off chasing Mónica, the wounded Adolfo painfully manages to drag himself to the car (whose door is open). He retrieves a cell phone and calls Yesenia. AG and Regina are with Yesenia. AG talks briefly to Adolfo and then says she and Matamoros will go there, presumably to help Adolfo and save Mónica from Gabino.


SpanProf - Bob is so incompetent as a psychic but he rocked it as a dog whisperer. LOL

I loved Vale's real wedding dress.

LA DONA: thank you Juanita. Looking forward to tonight. Things are moving fast.


Juanita: Time to say your prayers for the Feisty Monica Hernandez.

I've also heard the TN will be moved to 7:00 PM sometime next week.

LA DONA: I just checked the schedule and it appears La Doña will be starting at 8PM Eastern Tima and running til 10PM beginning on Tuesday April 4th. So just a heads up. We're going into a 2-hour schedule fairly soon. Thanks Telemundo. This is no way to treat your audience.

La Doña

I wonder whether Gabino will report back to Rafael that Mónica is AG's daughter. At one point, wasn't Gabino supposed to try to find out the identity and whereabouts of AG's daughter? Of course, Gabino's most recent assignment is to find out what Mónica said to Emiliano the night he died and then to kill her. Hmmm....

Ooooooh Gabino u so deeeaaad!!! AG is going to make handbags outta your skin, u messed with the wrong girl this time buddy. Maybe u n Braulio will share the same death, long hours of torture n begging n pleading, a gunshot to the head will be too quick n simple. AG could take a cue from crazy Fernanda in Corazon Valiente when she sawed her father's heart out. *evil laughter*

La Doña

Thanks, LXV, for the news about the schedule change. That's a bummer. I've been doing Tuesday recaps, and I guess I'll continue to do them, but in a much more sketchy fashion. I'll be aiming to cover two hours in the same three-part format I've used for the one-hour episodes. :-(


Another great episode tonight! The recap will be up sometime mañana. : )

I donno how they gone finish this thing on Monday. Is this April Fool's? Corte Corte Corte! I'm not sure that we will ever be able to see the full episodes which have been cut, even on YouTube. HOwever, we probably can see the action between Adriana y Diego and between Vale y Lucas by way of special cuts series, per topic. After this ball is over, one can probably pick up the story by going & searching "LA FAN 70" on YouTube.

BTW, I thought that the extemporaneous performance tonight in the restaurant was pretty good. Making them wash dishes for not being able to pay might have been more funny. I suppose that with no time left now they won't have time to show a mob of fans destroy the restaurant (if that ever was in the story). I can see the contrived force-edited ending now: in middle of some scene a huge scimitar appears & slices the show with an Aladdin's Lamp type Genie swinging the scimitar as Varoni cries out, "Corte corte corte!" This is followed by Porky Pig appearing & stuttering, "That's all folks." Or Vale could be dressed as Porky & say it.


I note that some have thumbnail images with their posts. How is that done? I tried [img] . . . [/img], but that did not work here.

let me try this


La Fan

Vale and Lucas are clicking so well together, this is so cool!
can't believe there is just one more show.


LA Dona: Thanks Juanita for the recap. You did a terrific job. Guess this TN is nearing its end. So will AG get away with all the crimes she committed?


Juanita: Now AG wants to say sorry to Monica after she's treated the poor girl like expletive & having her put in prison for crime she didn't commit.

Chinelo: Not surprised that Braulio instigated the fight with Saul, who got arrested & placed in prison!

Mama Aguirre clashing with Saul face-to-face kind of worried me because the next time she confronts him, Braulio might whack her just to taunt Saul.

I did enjoy watching Mama Aguirre calling out Super Hero Cop Karen for the incompetence & corruption of the DF Police Department.



Hard to believe this will be wrapped up in one more hour-long episode!

Can't believe Lucía killed her husband in cold blood like that, and that the doctor seemed to be in cahoots.
Pascual must have been truly awful?

At least my cable TV's onscreen "guide" shows 2-hrs of La Doña after Monday, so they got the memo.

Now to figure out what's on Looneyvision that I can stand to watch. LOL


doris, I have been watching "Mujeres de negro" on Unimás and like it a lot. So, last night they announce "últimos capítulos" on that one , too. I think that will end up in two seasons. No cutting there. Otherwise, there is nothing for me now with LA FAN ending. I am waiting to see if Univision airs "El bienamado", lighter fare with my fave Jesús Ochoa in the title role, or "La candidata". : (

I think Pascual's only defect was that he was still breathing and having had her sign that prenup. I found it funny that she had a black hat on last night.

LA FAN #53 3/31/17 Friday

Part 1

Vale is dragged out of the church at gunpoint by one perp where another is waiting to assist him. Vale frees herself with a bite and an elbow and continues fighting on. Lucas surprises himself by punching a guy out. The nuns witnessing it all applaud. Vale is truly the star of the street fight. Lucas and Vale jump in Lucas' car and are chased by even more of the goons.. The chase ends when the henchmen's car crashes into some street market stands.

Diego and Jessica are arguing about the "one" roach. She isn't buying he was all by his lonesome. Diego needs to get rid of the roaches and make sure the oartment is clean if she is going to stay there..

Gabriel is talking with Nicolás sobering him up with a cup of coffee. Quique calls and is not happy that Lucas is on the loose. Gabriel take thenphome and informs Quique that Nicolás did what he could but no worries because Lucas and Vale are not going to get married.

Crazy Jessica wants Bob to tell her if the "little seed" is going to beat "fruit". He tells her to go see a doctor. She wants to know if she is pregnant right now, if not she will have to find another sperm donor on the street. Bob is upset by this all so he shuts her up by telling her there is a high possibility. She makes a comment that Diego and Adriana are not going to be free of her so easily and that is the truth. She shows up at the company to supposedly talk to Miriam but as soon as she sees Diego she feigns severe morning sickeness. Adriana comes out and wants to call a doctor. Jessica denies that offer. Jessica hangs around "recuperating" and finally leaves but not before having Diego and Adriana give her their new address in case she has an emergency. At the end of the episode, she shows up on their doorstep that very evening.


LA FAN #53

Part 2

Adriana calls Miriam into her office to talk about Benicio and put her at ease at the company. She tells her that Benicio told her that he loves Miriam. She wants Miriam to know she has no strings on Benicio and that he is all hers. They are going to get a divorce. Adriana mentions that her situation is a bit more complicated because of Jessica being pregnant. Miriam looks like she would like to tell her the truth

Miguel comes over to fumigate Diego's place. He will probably have to do it once a month. Diego hold up a baggie with several dead roaches in it and does not seem to quite get it. Miguel has to tell him that several roaches is more than enough for Adriana. Miguel wants to know what is going to happen if Adriana does not get used to living there. Diego says she has to because Diego is like a fast food meal deal. You get the whole package: burger, fries, and a drink. Miguel wants to know what happens if she doesn't like the burger. Diego doesn't have a plan B .

At the church, Salma arrives where Tomás is being taken care of by the priest. The priest tells her what happened but she only wants to know if Vale and Lucas got married. Quique and his henchmen arrive wanting to know what is going on. Lucas and Vale are on the run together. Quique has to put a stop to that.

Felícitas calls Gabriel to come on over. She has the name of the man he is looking for: Pascual Blanco who is an important landowner in México.

Pascual Blanco is having his last day alive thinking about how his daughter is out to kill him. Lucía, in a black hat today, comes in and chats with him. She fixes him a nice hot cup of very sweet poisoned tea that she has him drink up. He suffers as she watches and finally dies. The doctor comes to pronounce him dead and to assure her she will have the death certificate. Both Lucía and the doctor are happy because they are in cahoots.

LA FAN #53

Part 3

Lucas and Vale drive a few blocks down after witnessing the crash and debrief. He saved her. He is her hero. As usual, it turns out to be about Lucas. ( this was funny) He turns out to be better than he thought he was. A puzzled Vale comments that he always had high self esteem but it went even higher. He blames it on the adrenaline! Vale calls and talks to Tomás who is still at the church He called Eloísa to come get him. He even loves Lucas more now that he saved Vale. Lucas always saves them. He sends them both a kiss. Vale tells him they will see each other at home. Vale blames this all on Quique. Lucas agrees. Lucas promises her he will not separate them.

Salma is does not know how this could have happened. Gabriel blames it all on Quique. It was his idea. She suggests he call Lucas which he does. Lucas does not want to take the call. He obviously does not trust Gabriel because he is in love with Vale. Vale makes him answer because he is "good people". (Really?) Lucas is short with Gabriel so Vale takes the phone and explains that Quique tried to kill them. When Vale whispers to Lucas that Gabriel wants to know where they are, Lucas grabs the phone and hangs up. Lucas tells Vale that he trusts nobody.

Adriana gives the same message to Benicio. He is free and she wants him and Miriam to be happy.

Lucas and Vale end up hiding out in a hotel and decide they need a change of clothes. Lucas gives Vale some money because she is less likely to be recognized and she goes out shopping. When she does come back it turns out that the only store in the area that sold clothes was a party store. She bought them Flamenco dancer costumes. They do not serve food at the hotel so they decide to go fully costumed to a restaurant on the corner.

La Dona

Hulu is now offering the entire telenovela "Dona Barbara". I think it is about 109 episodes and is HD and with English subtitles.

I am excited to be able to watch this and compare with La Dona.

La Dona

The Dona Barbara version that Hulu is showing is the Colombian version from 2008-2009. I just spotted Maritza Rodriguez (formerly of Silvana San Lana) in this version of Dona Barbara.

La Fan #53

Part 4

Vale tells Lucas they are sure going to have a story to tell their kids.

Salma is at home where Nicólas is busy drinking her good stuff and telling her how pathetic she is is for chasing after Lucas when he is in love with Vale and not her. Quique arrives and Salma tells him she will take care of separating Lucas and Vale.

Benicio and Miriam talk about Adriana giving them the green light. Miriam has a reservation: Benicio's father threatened her.

Lucas and Bake have arrived in all of their flamenco disguise splendor at the corner restaurant which just happens to be a Spanish restaurant. They are mistaken for the entertainment. After discovering that they have no money to pay for the food (he could not keep his pata negra ham separate from a pata blanca something or other LOL) they just ordered, they tell the management it was all a joke. Yes, they are the entertainment and need to eat. Lucas then becomes reticent thinking how this disguise and act could ruin his reputation. Vale explains it is food for work. That does not work. She finally talks him into assuming a "role" Paquito the flamenco dancer.

Eloísa accepts Carlos' invitation to live with him as soon as all of this is over.

Felícitas gives Gabriel Pascual's phone number. He calls. Lucía answers. He identifies himself os Gabriel Bustamante calling for Pascual Blanco.

At the restaurant, the audience is ready and Lucas and Vale's flamenco floor show is on! It is María and Paquito!




Another outstaniding episode!

Salma is just as delusional as Jessica.

Gabriel and Lucía deserve each other. They are both criminals.

I never mentioned it but I like the animated emojis.

Thatnis all for now.



Another outstanding recap, Jarifa. Thank you!

So, if I have it right, Lucas and Vale's wedding ceremony was not completed, due to bodus interruptus, and they're still not married yet? Then there'll probably be a boda at the Fin?

I agree that Gabriel and Salma deserve each other, but there is no attraction, so .... maybe Salma will end up with Nicolas.

I'm waiting for Jessica's fake pregnancy to be outed

Telenovela tropes used in LA Fan, a spoof of telenovelas:
The standard lie, liars, & eavesdropping
Fake pregnancy (Vale-to hide Quique’s jewels; Jessica *knows* she is pregnant because she feels nauseous the day after a big party.)(Jessica trying to trap Diego into marriage)
Amnesia (Vale)
Hospital visits (Vale – twice)
Gotas de doom (Salma for Vale but Lucas drank instead)(FanPablo to Vale)
Polvo de doom (Lucía kills Pascual)
Attempted seduction (Miriam/Miguel—FAIL!, Jessica/Diego---FAIL!)
OTT gay guy (Bob, the stylist/hypnotist/dog whisperer, and Just In Case, the director)
Slutty rich woman (Felicitas w/her models)
Betrayal (where do we begin?? Felicitas: Adri/Oscar) (Gabe: Lucia/Lucas)
Who is my real father? a/k/a Name That Dad (Tomas, Miguel )
Adultery (Felicitas Z, Carlos Z)
Late mortgage, impending foreclosure (Elo’s Café)
DNA test
False DNA test results given
Kidnapping (PabloVale)
Temporary blindness (Lucas from anti-dandruff spray)
Tarot Card reading (Bob predicts a death and twins)
CougarTown (Patty/Miguel affair) (Felicitas/her many male models)
Catfight (Eloisa/Felicitas)
Fake wedding officiant (Lucas/Vale)
Eye patch (Lucas)
Bodus Interruptus (Lucas & Vale’s)
Someone gets murdered (Pascual by Lucía)
Someone (usually a mother) really is still alive (Lucía) after everyone always thought she is dead


One thing missing from the telenovela tropes list ---- the ubiquitous cervical collar!

Did I miss that? Has anyone in this show worn one yet?

doris, that list is a real keeper! I love it. Thanks!

La Doña

Chinelo, I think we still have quite a few episodes left. Starting this coming Tuesday, Telemundo will be showing TWO HOURS of La Doña each day (from 8-10 pm). Since Friday night's episode was #88, probably for part or all of April we'll have this 2-hour block each day. Sigh. I'm really not at all pleased. :-(

La Fan. Excellent recap, Jarifa. Yes, this episode was wonderful, and I will miss this novela! I hope they have a segunda temporada or some other way for us to see the rest of it! Great list, Doris! I wonder if Pascual is really dead? He's not a bad guy, this is a comedy, and if Lucia could bribe the doctor, so could Barbara (or Pascual). Will we ever know? I loved how Vale decked those thugs. You go, girl! Jessica just keeps getting more and more obnoxious. I thought Vale and Lucas performing together was hilarious. Vale even did a "flamenco" accent. I too will be looking into Univision novelas.


SpanProf, I sure hope we get to see more of the performance. This plot had a real " I Love Lucy" feel to it. I also was surprised how strong Vale was but then again she did slam Lucas on the couch to kiss him a few episodes back. Too funny.

doris, my favorite on your trope list is "gotas de doom".

La Fan

If someone interested in extended capitulos from TM Cap 45 without cuts, then you go to tusnovelas website, where you can find everything that missed.
La Fan capitulo 54 GALATV contained the flamenco escenas.
And the rest after 54 would be spoiler, so I don't say anything.
I recommend because the storyline is more understandable, and there are much more funny or romantic scene.

Thank you Jarifa for your recaps, these were superb, and all alone, great job. I am so thankful.


Doris spoke of "Bodus interruptus" ROFL. I shall remember that one.
Doris, don't forget that the male protag has to get shot (run over, terribly knifed).

Of course you really can't count on any family relationship, since any child may end up not the child of who you think he is. I recall Las Juanas where the dramatic tension was when will the female & male protags get together (they can't because they are brother/sister who met as adults -- tho they have great ganas); yet it turns out in the end that they are not siblings cause the guy isn't really her brother.

Tnx for the ref to tusnovelas website, Alejo. Isn't that one of those sites that tries to get you to download malware, like fake Flash Player, or "Your computer is infected with a virus, click here to fix it")? I think I have had both success & failure with this type site; sometimes you keep clicking on things & get no video. But I may try this one again. HOwever, I think that most of La Fan is posted on YouTube or in the process of such posting (now to about cap 108).



(including IMO tired, worn-out plot lines, which telenovela writers just cannot quit using -- but some viewers may like all this)

* Enmeshment!
An extended family lives in a mansion & "everyone" butts into the business of each other. Eaves-dropping is a way of life.

* A family has a hereditary mark. It could be a fish lunar on the rear end, catalepsy, or some infirmity that requires daily intravenous injections.

* If the story takes place in the United States, the legal system in the telenovela will ignore American law, court room procedure and furniture, bail, grand juries, pre-trial hearings, distinction between DA and police. The telenovela will not show any significant or realistic American court room drama.

*the male protagonist has a blond novia who wants him to formalize the engagement (or set a date with a wedding/have a wedding), but he has cold feet. The female protag is a brunette cinderella.

* The protagonists have friends to whom they tell everything.

* The cinderella or cinderfellow has an angel character who saves her / him.

*There is an artifact which becomes a character in the telenovela. (In Amarte Asi it was a big heart that got passed back & forth, until buried; finally it was dug up. In La Verdad Oculta there were zapatos & an exculpatory letter which had a life of its own.)

* Any twins will be absolutely the same to look at, so exact that nobody can tell them apart -- heck, when they get up in the morning, they don't even know which twin they are! (twins will be played by the same actor); clons of course will be like twins.

* The female protag has "it." Most of the men in the story have ganas for her & want to have her. Still she scorns them all but the male protag, tho there is nothing particular about him that should make him more appealing than other blokes in the story.

* The male protag has an evil, rich, blond novia (capable of murder) with whom the protag fornicates. But despite this, the protag feels no necessity to marry her, but instead prefers a Cinderella poor muchacha, who is nice to people, but habitually lies.

* After the male protag falls in love w/ his cinderella, he will be a sexual wimp, who will permit his (ex-)novia to paste her body on his, while he does nothing to push her off. In fact he may go ahead and have sex with her.

* The annoying cell phone: no matter what they are doing, it can be interrupted by a cell phone call; e.g., a man & a woman are in bed & the guy's cell phone rings. He answers it & talks w/ novia (on whom he is putting the horns) with his otra right there in the bed.



* Everyone lies from start to finish. One of the protagonists will lie to the other saying, "I don't love you" perhaps because he believes that she will be better off without him (e.g., she always wanted a baby, & he has found out that he is sterile).

* The female "No" does not mean no. The hero will accost the heroine who has been rejecting him (tho she secretly loves him). But when he grabs her & smooches her, she will melt & smooch back. However, right after the smooch, she may reject him again.

* A woman will get pregnant or a woman will falsely claim that she is pregnant. Sex leads to pregnancy.

*Abandonment as flashback:

Many years ago (before the plot) a man suddenly abandoned his family. During the time of the plot he returns and is forgiven after members of the abandoned family at first declare they will never forgive him and at first reject him. Alternatively, a mother abandoned her family and now comes back with similar results. After the abandoner returns and is forgiven, the abandoner will die.

*Hidden & Discovered Document/Record

A document was written (likely many years before the plot (or early in a plot that has a time jump). That document contains words that would doom a villain if the document came to light. (It could be a will, business document, a letter, and artifact, or a recording.) Of course the villain may come into possession of that document, but instead of destroying it, the villain hides the document. That document will solve a big problem in the story and help the protagonist once discovered.

*There is a skeleton-in-the-closet secret from the past.

*female protag gets pregnant and hatches a baby by the male protag, but will not tell him the kid is his. They had rather lie about the parentage. Also, telenovela women have absolutely no interest in getting child-support from men -- they had rather the guy not know the kid is his.

*The issue of killing an unborn baby will come up, but the woman will reject that option, though she may start to do it. The unborn baby will be called just that, not a blob of tissue.

*a secret video will be made (e.g., of sex) so that blackmail can follow or so that a protag can go into a snit over the video.

*Persons get amnesia.

* A witch reads tarot cards and predicts the future accurately.

*The villain woman will fake being ill, depressed, or suicidal in order to blackmail emotionally the male protagonist.

*There is a long, boring middle section in which the female protag (or possibly the male) is tortured -- locked in a basement or the like.

*Impossible mismatches in fights, where some scrawny woman knocks over an NFL lineman type with one punch, or could be some male with the muscles of a skeleton beating up Arnold Schwarzleefornia.


T Conventions (3)

* Impossible magic is an acceptable part of the plot (e.g., there are magic mirrors; a person dies and his spirit steals somebody else's body to live on; a magic broach attracts a bullet shot at someone so the bullet is blocked from entering the body). Recently dead persons communicate with the living.

* A person who dies in the story will reappear like a ghost (or transformed into an angel) after death.

* A man drinks himself silly over unrequited love.

* The hospitals have no security. A person who was recently shot in an attempted murder, has no protection vs. the villain going into the hospital to finish the job.

* The hospital beds have no call-button, so a villain can go the the person's bed and abuse them, but the patient has no way to call the nurse.

*. The story ends with a wedding.

*. Prostitutes in a whore house are sympathetic figures.

*. The pregnant protagonists have fainting spells.

*. The hero is shot (seriously stabbed, run over, beaten until nearly dead). After being shot, he will recover in a few days & the bullets will have melted & disappeared from his body.

*. Front doors are left unlocked or automatically opened by the good guys (inside) without checking who is on the other side of the door. Thus villains will barge in, & the protags don't throw them out or call 911.

*. No matter what degree of physical intimacy is engaged in, the doors are not locked, permitting intrusion.

*. Major movements in the story depend upon persons overhearing conversations.

* There will be homosexual characters, & they will be sympathetic characters.

* There will be a homosexual character who is "best friend" of some major female character in the story. She will confide everything in him & trust him completely. He will be the best friend a woman could ever have. He may help her with her bath in a very platonic way.

* There will be a male homosexual romance. The sympathetic characters in the story will endorse it as proper and applaud it. The villains will oppose it and be called homophobes by the sympathetic characters.

* There will be imbedded commercials, e.g., a close-up of someone drinking a brand of beer. In Mas Sabe el Diablo there was a "framed shot" of the Watchtower Society, showing 2 huge signs at the left & right of the shot; also the female protag drove a Toyota that got lots of cinematographic attention.

* Sympathetic characters are unjustly put in prison, likely because of the machinations of a villain or because the imprisoned hero wants to protect someone else from prison.

* Scenes are connected with the "parallel universe" motif. For example, a man & a woman may be eating beans & they switch to another scene in which a boy and girl are eating beans. Or for example, a lady tells another that she can't stand snoring; then they cut to a different scene in which a man is in bed and can't sleep because his wife beside him is snoring.

* A villain, as part of his/her villainy gets somebody committed to the nuthouse (manicomio) who is not crazy. Possibly some nurse at the manicomio will be bribed to inject harmful drugs into the victim.

* An unmarried woman gets pregnant & act excessively happy about it. Alternatively, she will toy with the idea of having the unborn child killed at an abortuary. But she will desist.

* A child is kidnapped.

* At birth a child will be kidnapped or swapped, leading to the mother having the wrong baby.

* utter confusion of agape love with hormones, justification of hormonal activity by use of the rubric "love." The idea that "love" (= hormones) justifies everything.



*The idea that with "genuine love" one cannot love someone as the product of a determined decision, but is only the result of uncontrollable magic or a sudden disease that strikes a person. Thus adultery is unavoidable & the adulterer is excused because of "love."

* fornication is no sin, especially for a man. The female protag is not bothered in the slightest if her romantic interest has had 10,000 women before her. However, fornicating men can't tolerate fornication by their sisters, mothers, or daughters.

* excess talk without enough action. (action recently seems on the rise, however)

* always insist on having sex as a major theme, as if no story could be interesting without this.

* Instead of just showing persons entering a bedroom and shutting the door so that sex could be inferred, the camera will enter the bedroom with the persons doing sex. However, despite showing a lot of romping and even nude body against nude body (with some faking), the females will unrealistically keep a sheet over their body and between them and the man they are having sex with during much of the scene.

* Physical intimacy leads to pregnancy (vs. Hollywood) . This is mostly a good (as realistic) variation on the Hollywood idea of fornication not leading either to pregnancy or STD's.

* At least one of the protagonists is rich and has servants.

* There is an evil old woman; e.g., a suegra, who forms an alliance with the evil rich girlfriend of the male protag vs. Cinderella. Instead of evil old woman, it may be an evil old man (as in Pecadora).

* Incest or threatened incest is a major theme. (The most common form is 2 brothers having one woman or 2 sisters having one man.) Even mother and daughter sleeping with the same man can now be done or father & son with same woman.

* A protagonist marries someone and then fails to consummate the marriage. The (non-)pareja may live together for years and may sleep in the same bed, but "nothing will happen" between them.

* Someone will be drugged; perhaps a woman by a man who wants to rape her; or perhaps a man (male protag) by a woman so that he wakes up in bed with her & now must marry her.

* A woman gets pregnant and tells some man that the child is his, although it is not, especially in conjunction with the preceding situation.

* A favorite variation on the above: a woman insists on keeping her pregnancy & resulting child, a secret from the man (protagonist) responsible (because she has a snit vs. him).

* Automatic knee jerk reaction to some negative event with "Swear that you won't tell . . . [e.g., my novio] that I have cancer."

* No characters have any conscience about tellling lies."

* Tiresome repeats of stock words, phrases: jur- tranquil-, dejame en paz, sueltame, I'm never going to forgive you for that, etc.

*. Unknown/misknown parentage
*. Person thought dead, ain't
*. 2 brothers pursue one woman
*. 2 sisters pursue one man
*. both of the last two at once


T Conventions (5)

* A dead person will return reappear as a ghost (or transformed into an angel) after death.

*. no middle class: rich people & servants

*. deux ex machina solutions to problems (or how to end the novela). E.g., Corazon Salvaje has earthquake; Mujer en Espejo has dead aunt appear and tell Julinaininittita where her man is. E.g., Dead Girl sends dreams and mysterious messages to her mother giving clues as to how she was murdered and who did it.

*. Cinderella gets rich man, despite rich novia & old female grinch

*. Male hero is not so heroic (like a cowboy in an American movie); E.g., Plateados: Hero Gabby can't beat up villain Emilio in a fist fight or even outshoot him

*. A scene has an occurrence of significance to plot, followed by a dozen scenes where secondary characters rehearse that event and comment on it ad nauseum [to twit, Isaura may even outdo Viuda DB at this].

*. wasting time by showing the hero or heroine remembering what happened (we done seen it), and they show the event again, possibly in black and white.

*. The good guys never call the police or 911 when a simple phone call would solve the problem.

*. The hero is shot or seriously injured and the heroine does not call an ambulance but whines and cries over it, shakes his body, and cries out

*. Females act extravagantly like aggressive nymphomaniacs

*. The "cachetada": It is OK for females to slap males in the face (out of style since the 1930's in American movies?). A favorite variation on this is that a guy grabs a girl and kisses her, & she kisses back with gusto. Then after the prolonged kiss, after it stops, the girl slaps the guy in the face. Incidentally, this strategy appears in Margaret Mitchell's Gone with the Wind with Scarlet O'Hara.

*. The "almost spill the beans" routine: Instead of just coming out with it, the character says:
"I have something very important to tell you."
"OK, I'm all ears."
But first I must warn you that it is shocking.
OK, I can take it.
I wanted to tell you this for years, but I couldn't bring myself to do it
Yes, so now you will -- I'm glad you got the courage.

[This goes on & on -- we know it will not come out, at least not in today's episode]
Then someone walks in & interrupts, or the person loses nerve, or the cell phone rings, possibly a brother is hurt & the putative teller leaves to save the brother. In the old cowboys an arm could appear through a window with a gun & the almost-teller gets shot just before he spills the beans.

Contrary to what I have seen in American movies & television, the persons in telenovelas may have consciences & be bothered by guilt for their sins.


Somebody get Perry Mason to expose Daddy Cabral as the 5th Monkey!


DOña Maritiza Rodriguez

Interesting the report the D Barbara was done around 2008 in Columbia. Was that shown in the USA? It sounds rather near in time to the Edith Rodriguez / Christian Meier version. BTW, I just noted on Google a ref to Edith Rodriguez having cancer, which reminds me of the death of Lorena Rojas.


After checking I see that Maritza Rodriguez was in the same DB that had Edith R. I only glanced at DB a little (2008) -- I remember Edith R. burying one of her rapists up to his chin in the ground. Do you think that this Doña is better than the Edith R story?


Alejo, thank you for the viewing possibilities. You are more than welcome for the recaps.

Enoch, that is some pretty comprehensive list! Thanks!

La Doña

I'll try to post something on Fridays show in a bit.


La Doña 88
part 1

Monica pleads her case, her being AG's daughter is a real show stopper for Gabino, wait she is just trying to confuse him, but Rafael was talking about AG having a daughter about 20 years old, as Monica moves in being nice to him. he overloads and strikes out, beating Monica to a pulp, and picks her back up for some more and... off the cliff she goes, not sure that was supposed to happen, not sure of anything, Gabino turns and runs.

Lydia has given her statement and is off for a physical exam, (where they seem to be looking for signs of a struggle) complete with nude photos, Saul returns to the waiting room where everyone has agreed not to tell him Braulio is there too.

Diego drops by the house to pick up some things, he's not living there any more, Valeria is lost, must be his girlfriend has turned him against them, nope, but Diego isn't talking.

Braulio is so cool, dotted all the I's, crossed the T's, he walks, but wait, Saul does find out he was there and cuts him off out on the street, smashes him good, then face into the wall, then to the ground, gets his gun but uses a broken bottle to the neck to get Braulio to take him to the junkyard and his car.

Adolfo is still alive as AG, Yesenia, and Matamoros arrive (I'm loving this guy from the day before when lying dying he quietly tells Monica to run), AG gets Mata to circle in the car looking, then gets the direction Monica ran and heads out telling Yesenia to stay with Adolfo, but she doesn't.

Valeria has stopped by Lopez's bungalow, he has a calming affect on her and will be a friend to Diego, oh didn't I tell you your wife stopped by the other night threatening me to tell Braulio, I gave her some jewels.

Diego moves in with Marcos, is that his parents place?

AG with Yesenia close behind come face to face with Gabino, he says it was Rafael's orders, he takes them to Monica, with a gun pointed to his back.

Lydia, still in a trance, is done with the tests, Margarita (been there / done that) surrounds her in a loving cloud, and gets her home, and then to her room away from the others who keep asking questions.

Saul attacking Braulio outside the police station may not have been a good idea, as he gets arrested and jailed, bloody Braulio obviously the victim, isn't, as he presses charges, Azucena lets him know he will pay.

Yesenia had called an ambulance that has finally arrived and scooped up Adolfo.

AG leaves Yesenia with the gun to await for Matamoros while she and Gabino go on, and there is the bloody and twisted Monica, but still alive, AG drops to her side, Gabino goes for a rock, don't be a fool the ever vigilant AG says, ah and here comes Yesenia who also drops to Monica's side tossing the gun which lands at Gabino's feet, what? but Matamoros is close behind and takes charge.

Karen talks some sense into Saul, in your dreams.

Ag does a quick patch job on Monica as another ambulance has been called, and ducks out of sight, AG wants there to be no connection to Monica, but waits in the distance to make sure things go well for her daughter.


La Doña 88
part 2

Adolfo is recuperating at the hospital but no one will tell him of Monica.

Yesenia and later Regina who left Laz with Felipe can't get any information either, nothing seems to work in this place without Adolfo's help.

Azucena swings by Karen's office to put in her two cents on corrupt cops and justice, or was it more like a dollar's worth, being the only good cop in Mexico, Karen holds back her tears.

buddy Lopez arrives to help get Saul out of jail (as Saul is desperate to get someone looking for Braulio's car in the one million plus junkyards in town) but gets wind of Lydia's rape and can only think of Valeria.

Braulio arrives home for a clean shirt with good explanations about everything.

AG and Matamoros have taken Gabino on a little camping trip, she kicks him around while Matamoros is roasting marshmallows, wait that's just a long hot poker he sticks into Gabino, there is an excavator nearby that might be handy for digging a hole.


La Dona: thanks Deb for the terrific recap.

La Doña

Great recap, deb! Many thanks! I especially loved your line "Karen talks some sense into Saul, in your dreams."

I don't understand why no one will tell Adolfo anything about Mónica. True, she's very badly injured, but she's alive. Their silence gives the impression that she's dead, which is the worst thing for Adolfo to think, especially when it's not even true.

This novela seems determined to make its mark for brutality. Guillermo's being buried alive, the scenes where the Monkeys killed AG's family, Braulio's strangling of Ximena, AG's torture of (so far) three Monkeys, Francisco's having several fingers lopped off Matamoros' hand, and now AG and Matamoros torturing Gabino. And those are just the ones that come to mind right away. Arrgh! And now we're about to move to 2 hours a day.

La Doña

thanks Juanita!

the impression I got of the hospital was that knowing Adolfo made everything so easy and smooth but now that he is out of action we are back to the usual bureaucracy of the place like when Monica first went there.

the way I understand the 2 hour thingy is that this will just be until Guerra de Idolos starts in La Fans slot, the 24th.


La Doña

oh and thank you Chinelo, as well!
It's nice that you are following along.


LA Doña: Thank you deb. That was a great recap of some horrible sh*t. Can we hope that Saúl is out of action for a while; I'm tired of his thrashing around. I agree with Juanita, the gratuitous violence in this show is nauseating. I suppose it's still not as bad as the narco-novelas, but it seems especially gruesome in its details. I'm not sure AG can redeem herself after all she's done, despite the extenuating circumstances and the underlying reason.

So Yesenia's proved she has 20/20 vision into the future. Let's hope she can put it to good use. Can we hope that Adolfo will end up with Monica? I was sure he was a goner. I forget, is Gabino dead yet, or are they still sticking pins into him? And what about Daniel, whose arms must have turned into gangrene by now from lack of circulation.

Glad to know the 2-hour thingy is a temporary scheduling hack. Boy this network treats it viewers badly. Do we start boycotting their sponsors or what?


Afan Sobre LA FAN

As low as the ratings have been for LF, you can find a ton of La Fan Uploads on YouTube, particularly from Gala TV sources; so I presume Mexicans are the uploaders, tho I have seen Gala TV in the USA in years past; it may have been on a subchannel of Univision or TeleFutura or on cable -- can't remember. At any rate, what Telemundo watchers wud call the 2nd Season (which I doubt ever happens on Telemundo) is well uploaded on YouTube, now through cap 109.

So I wonder if La Fan gets high ratings in Mexico? Perhaps typically Mexican TV presents a different sense of humor, more exaggeration? Betty La Fea is an all time favorite of mine -- so funny, but I didn't care for the Mexican refrito -- starring the same actress that we have now with Vale -- tho I think it got high ratings. Of course people vary in their sense of humor.

Incidentally, IMHO the advanced caps, which probably will never be aired in the USA, are considerably more funny to me than what has been put out in the USA thus far. In the caps around 107, they came put out something I never saw before in a telenovela, which to me looks quite creative. These things are also uploaded with numbers in the 50's in snippet series devoted to "Andriana y Diego." I wish I cud discuss it with you.


Obviously I did a typo above, I meant "Adriana y Diego."

LXV who posted on DOña:

If ever you want to see some Jack the Ripper over the top gruesome violence, watch Alguien Te Mira, Telemundo refrito of what was made in Chile. I didn't watch the original; but my guess is that as gruesome as Telemundo's version was, the Chile version would have been worse. Telemundo's version will engrave in your mind forever the old song, "Don't You Remember."

La Fan

We have 2 kids in the show. Shouldn't at least one of them be kidnapped before the end of the show?

Suddenly I recall La Casa de al Lado in which almost everybody seemed to get his turn at being kidnapped; some more than once. It was a circus of successive kidnappings, being put in the hospital, & being put in jail. The dastardly insane Gabriel Porras kept the unsuspecting Ximena Duque in jail. I guess she got to pay back when she burned alive Porras' brother, David Chocarro.

This comment has been removed by the author.


I haven't liked Rafael Amaya that much ever since his character as Julian in Alguien Te Mira. I haven't been able to see him differently, just as the heartless murderer he was.
And btw, on your comment about Doña Barbara, Edith's last name is Gonzalez, not Rodriguez

your comment about Doña Barbara, Edith's last name is Gonzalez, not Rodriguez

Que barbaridad!

Well Evangeline,

Not only was Julian heartless, so were his victims!

BTW, I think that off screen he took up with the actress who played the slut policewoman, and they formed a pareja.

An actor can get typecast.


Enoch, yes humor varies from country to country and the humor I have seen in the "comedy" novelas from Mexico has been very broad with a lot of slapstick and wordplay. I just happen to like that type of comedy but many people don't. I will take a sad trombone anytime. Yes, there is a lot out there online and from what I have seen this novela just keeps plowing along as quickly and efficiently as what we have seen. Given that, it will be interesting to see if they will try to give us a definitive "end" tomorrow or if they will leave the "end" unresolved. Anyway, it will be fun.


Jarifa, I can't imagine how they can make any kind of satisfactory ending to it at this point. I don't know if the 120 cap version ends with a wedding -- good bet that it will. But I suppose they could cut to the end -- but if they did that (in a 40 minute episode), I don't know how they would speak about 2 Seasons of the show. Anyway, we shall soon know as tomorrow fast approaches.


Deb: I laughed at your reference on Matamoros roasting marshmallows ROFLOL.

Juanita: Monica getting violently beaten up like that was disgusting. What message are they're sending to the next generation ? It's Ok to beat & rape women like that ?

Saul attacking Braulio like that was a STUPID idea. Why didn't he beat him up at the house ?

La Dona

When will the 2-hr. episodes start? Is it this Tuesday? And, how long will it last?



GoBlue: From what I've heard, they're going to start on Tuesday this week.


La Doña

Gobluefan, starting this Tuesday (April 4), La Doña will run for 2 hours each day. I've been told that schedule will continue until Monday, April 24, when a new novela, Guerra de Idoles, will debut at the 8-9PM time slot. Presumably La Doña will then return to 1 hour (9-10). Unless of course everyone has been killed off by then. :-)

la dona
Thanks for recap, two hours?!? its gonna be so deep and chopped to death..
Monica hang in there

Gabino just talk then die !!

Daniel is in bad shape

Lydia , OMG!! rape kit??please!

old dames grannie gangsters are holding it down... azucena/ Yesenia... you got this!!
caue the jpven are a wreck !!


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