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La Piloto #17 3.29.17: In Which Yolanda Realizes that Estela Will Always Be the Same...

• The DEA arrive at the station with Zeki. Simpson sees him from his office and calls someone on his cell to inform them that Zeki is alive.
• In an interrogation, the prosecutor reads Zeki his crimes as Simpson walks in and introduces himself. He tells the prosecutor that his boss in North America is in charge of the case against CAA and Zeki is to be tried in the US. Zeki tells them that if they want information on the Lucio organization, he needs immunity.
• In a mechanic shop, Yolanda tells Zulima that they have to leave Tres Fuegos as quickly as possible and she’d rather not tell her where they are going for her own safety. Estela runs out of the bus, screaming that she’s hot. Yolanda asks her to calm down and Zulima introduces herself. Estela congratulates Yolanda on finally finding a friend with class and introduces herself. She offers Zulima to see with her and they all go inside the bus.
• The DEA agents pick up the signal to Estela’s wire but they can’t pinpoint the exact location because they are on the move. Dave asks that they follow it and get every man on it because John Lucio doesn’t escape justice. Ortega reminds him that neither does Yolanda.
• In the bus, Estela tries to get information out of the girls and Zulima about where they are for the DEA. Zulima gets annoyed at how much Estela talks and goes to sit with Yolanda. Yolanda thinks she’s just nervous because she’s usually quieter and Zulima asks if it was a good idea to bring. Yolanda tells her that the alternative was to leave her and Zulima reminds her that she’s been anything but a good mother. Yolanda hopes Estela doesn’t betray her again.

• All the while, Estela has moved from her original seat to one behind a Lucio guard. She looks at him and then takes out her bottle of vodka from her purse and drinks. She then confirms that they are by San Pedro de los Rosales from the guard and the DEA, who are now following the bus, continue to hear everything. Estela asks if he knows where they are going and the guard confirms he doesn’t know.
• From the back of the bus, Arley calls his man at the airstrip and confirms the plane is ready for when they arrive. Arley tells everyone to get out quickly when they arrive as there is no time to lose. Just then, one of the men confirm there is a truck following them and Yolanda tells everyone to get down as they open the emergency back door and begin to fire. Yolanda confirms it’s Dave as the bus gets of the road along with the van and a shootout breaks out. Yolanda gets everyone off the bus and they run away by foot and into the forest. Yolanda and Arley take guide everyone to the plane but Yolanda notices that Estela is missing and goes back for her.
• At the bus, Estela runs off the bus and chides the agents for putting her life in danger. They ask her where the girls went and he confirms they went into the woods. The agents, led by Dave, go into the woods but don’t notice Yolanda hiding under a nearby rock. They go deeper into the woods as Yolanda arrives at the bus and looks for Estela. She hears Estela coughing and asks her why she didn’t run with them. Estela tells her she felt bad and is shocked to her see her. Yolanda tells her she came back for her and that they are going to escape by car. They run away.
• Arley and Amanda are on one of the planes and Amanda asks if they are waiting for everyone else and Arley confirms that they are. Zulima confirms that Yolanda hasn’t arrived but the police are close so they have to leave.
• Dave and the agents see that the planes have taken off and ask for air support.
• Amanda begs Arley to go back for Yolanda and he asks the pilot to lower the plane so he can use his cell phone.
• The agents go back to the bus and can’t find Estela. Dave thinks she played them but Monica reminds him that she led them to the bus and the airstrip when she could’ve just left with Yolanda. She asks Dave if he thinks they never got on the plane and he nods.
• Yolanda and Estela have hijacked a car at gunpoint and tell the driver to be calm and drive. A police car follows them but they continue driving. Just then, Arley calls her and she confirms that they are arriving by land and to tell John so he expects them. Before they can say any more, the battery ends and Yolanda asks Estela for hers but she doesn’t have it.
• Arley confirms with Amanda that Yolanda is okay and asks the pilot to go as quickly as possible.
• The Lucios are in their car Arley calls John to tell him what happened with Yolanda but she’s on her way by car. He then tells Oscar what happened and Oscar is tired of the DEA being after them all the time. They have to leave Tres Fuegos quickly and John agrees but they have to go to the cemetery first.
• In the interrogation room, Zeki explains to Simpson that he was the Lucio’s right hand man in the CAA and he knows plenty of things about them. Simpson asks him what he knows about El Cartel de las Sombras but Zeki needs immunity first. Simpson confirms that he is making calls but they haven’t accepted yet and Zeki reminds him that those are his conditions.
• Later, Simpson asks the prosecutor if the Mexican government is considering giving Zeki immunity and he confirms that if Zeki will help bring down the Lucios then it’s possible. He goes off and Simpson receives a call where he confirms that something was taken and hangs up. He then asks an agent about the cameras and he confirms that they will be installed tomorrow because the explosion destroyed the system a lot more than they originally thought and they are without surveillance until tomorrow.
• Yolanda and Estela arrive and she tells the driver to not say a word. She then tells Estela that they need to find a way to Baja, California and allows the driver to leave. Estela thinks the man is going to go to the police and Yolanda confirms that that’s exactly what she wanted because they are actually going to Michoacán. Estela tells her that she got her lying skills from her father but Yolanda is too busy breaking into a car and hotwiring it to listen. They drive off.
• In the interrogation room, Dave and Ortega give Zeki his immunity and Zeki confirms that he was the Lucio’s partner and connected them with Las Sombras. In fact, he knows were their most important property is: a ranch called Las Aguilas. He confirms that John moves around a lot but he goes there often and Dave asks him to tell them where it is located.
• Later, Ortega wonders if Zeki is telling the truth but Dave reminds her that he has immunity now and no reason to lie. He then tries to call Simpson but to no avail and asks Ortega to monitor Zeki because it can’t get out that he’s alive. Ortega agrees and Dave goes off to the ranch.
• Estela and Yolanda are by a shop. Estela doesn’t think they should’ve stolen the car because the police can find them when it’s owner comes looking for it but Yolanda explains that it looked abandoned and, by the time they notice, they will be far away.
• Dave arrives at the ranch and asks his agent to be very careful as they will find Lucio men soon and they can’t be seen. The DEA grab one of the men and pump him for information on the perimeter. He then confirms with Dave they have two of the main guards and Dave goes to tell the guards that they will be in jail for 10 years in the US and no one will be able to save them. He offers them an alternative: tell them everything they know about the Lucios and they can stay in Mexico. The men are quiet and Dave asks the agents to take them away.
• John and Oscar go to the cemetery and visit the grave of their mother. Oscar tells John that everyone is ready for them to leave and John thinks it’s funny that they are leaving Tres Fuegos on the same runway as when they became bosses of Tres Fuegos. He then asks Oscar to say goodbye to their mother. John then wonders where they’re father is but Oscar doesn’t want to talk about it. John tells him not to sweat because they will find him one day and get their revenge. He reminds Oscar that they will always be together as his phone rings. It’s Zeki who confirms he faked his death but now he’s at Las Aguilas and he can confirm it with one of his men.
• The men and Zeki are at the station with a phone and one of the guards, Quintero, confirms that Zeki is at the ranch. John wants to know how he got the drop on them and Quintero explains that he was too quick. John wants to know if he’s with the police but Quintero confirms he isn’t. Zeki then tells John that he will be waiting for him and they should bring a lot of money. Zeki hangs up and the Lucios decide to go find Zeki at the ranch.
• The car that Yolanda and Estela are driving gets a flat tire and Yolanda parks it on the side of the road. Estela chides her for getting an old car but Yolanda asks her for her changing the tire. As Yolanda looks in the truck and finds a tire, Estela asks how she got involved with the Lucios and Yolanda wants to know how Estela knows she works with the Lucios. Estela tells her that she heard her friends talking and realized who they were. Yolanda explains that it wasn’t her original idea but she did have to leave her house because of Ernesto. Estela tells her that it was just lust and Yolanda is shocked that she continues to defend him. Estela reminds her that he died stabbed to death and that wasn’t right either. Yolanda remembers what actually happened that night and asks Estela to get in the car if she’s not going to help. Estela wants to know if she’s involved romantically with “Juan” and Yolanda confirms she is.
• Later, when the new tire is on the car, two men pass by in motocycles and stop. They ask Yolanda if she needs help but she confirms she’s fine. The men don’t take no for an answer and throw her on the hood of the car. Yolanda struggles against them but Estela takes out Yolanda’s gun and warns them to leave before she shoots them. She fires one warning shot and they leave. Yolanda then congratulates Estela on helping her and they load everything back in the car to leave.
• Simpson arrives at the station and Ortega chides him for disappearing when they needed him for an operation. Simpson explains that the battery on his cell drains too quickly and Ortega fills him in on the Lucio ranch operation. The agents confirm their plan with Ortega and Dave as Simpson slowly walks away.
• The Lucio planes arrive at Villa Antigua and everyone gets off. Zulima asks where they are and Arley confirms that they are in their new home. The girls are less than pleased but he asks them to move. Moments later, he shows them their living quarters and Amanda is ecstatic to be with him. They divide the rooms as Lizbeth with Olivia and Amanda with Zulima. Everyone agrees and Zulima asks about Yolanda’s sleeping arrangement. Arley confirms that she will be sleeping with John and Zulima gets quiet. Amanda wants to know what they will be doing and Arley confirms he doesn’t know but it will be good. He then kisses her goodbye and goes.
• On the car ride over, John tells Oscar to be careful because they don’t know what could be waiting for them at the ranch. Oscar agrees and walkie-talkies the men in the other car and ask that they surround the ranch when they arrive and any possible escape routes. John asks them to leave Zeki for him and they continue driving.
• Some time later, the Lucios arrive and Dave asks his agents to be vigilant. Oscar receives a call from Vergara, a contact they have at Las Sombras, who warns them that it’s a trap and Oscar tells the cars to go back. Dave asks his agents to follow those cars immediately. A shootout breaks out but the Lucios are able to reverse the cars out of the driveway. Dave realizes that someone tipped the Lucios off and gets into a nearby truck to follow.
• The Lucios kick themselves for falling into the DEA trap but now they know who is one their side and who isn’t. They always need to be two steps ahead and this time they weren’t. The reiterate that things are getting way too hot and complicated in Tres Fuegos.
• Yolanda continues to drive with a sleeping Estela but stops after a couple of hours. She gets out of the car, sighs, and then puts a makeshift pillow under Estela’s head. She smiles, gets back in the car and continues driving.
• Dave arrives at the police station and immediately goes to Zeki. He slams his head against the table and tells him that the Lucios didn’t arrive at the ranch because he tipped them off. He asks Zeki to tell him what side he is on or he goes to jail for a long time but Zeki doesn’t answer. Ortega asks agents to come and take Zeki away and they do as Zeki chides Dave for disrespecting their deal. Simpson comes in and Dave asks him where he was when they needed him. Simpson explains that his battery died and he came as soon as he could. Dave warns him that the next time he disappears, he sends him back to the US because he is the boss and he tells him when to be ready. Dave storms out and Ortega tells Simpson to let Dave calm down because he’s really frustrated right now.
• In the girl’s cabin, Arley watches Amanda and Zulima sleep. He then lies down next to Amanda and they begin to kiss as Zulima wakes up and turns around, jealous. She can’t block out the noises though so she grabs a robe and walks outside to smoke.
• Yolanda and Estela arrive and Vaquero confirms that the Lucios haven’t arrived but Arley came earlier with the girls. She thanks him then asks him to disappear the car they are driving any way they can. He goes and Estela gets out of the car but the wire’s transmitter gets stuck and untangles. Yolanda pulls her back into the car and asks her what that is before realizing that Estela has been wearing a wire the entire time they’ve been together. From her cabin, Zulima has seen and heard everything…


Does Yolonda know that her boyfriend has been sleeping with Estela ?


Steve, Estela is Yolanda's mother. John has not been sleeping with her. Yoli does not know that he's slept with Zulima.

Alfredo, thanks for another lucid, well-crafted recap. Well, I guess for sweet romance, we have to settle for Mena and Amanda.

And now quite clear that Simpson is a bad guy who's infiltrated the Federales. And evidently the Lucio's papa is also a bad guy (who maybe abandoned the mother?). Always a rotten parent in the mix. Like the wired up Estela.

And thanks to the spoiler previews, looks like Zeki is not going to be able to get his revenge on Zulima. The witch will live to cause chaos and distrust another day.

Thanks as always for your dedicated effort Alfredo. Much appreciated.

Thanks so much, Alfredo! I still have not caught up on the episodes, and might have to give up trying. I'm glad Yoli knows that Estela was trying to betray her. She should drop her off the nearest cliff. That woman is useless.

Yes, it does seem that Simpson is for sure one of the bad guys, and works directly for Las Sombras. Yikes!

Thx for another fine recap Alfredo.

I must admit that I wasn't into this epi. While I like the action in general...the violence and daily gunfire are taxing me. I found myself atrying to only tune in during meaningful events or dialogues...and got disinterested. Also...Estella's whaling got on my nerves.

I was so disappointed that Yoli took her mom along. She did not deserve to be burdened with her....especially since she never really took responsibility for what Ernie did to Yoli. She also showed no real compassion or consideration for what Yoli went thru at the hands of Ernie, as a woman...let alone as her daughter. Her whaling and crying about his death to Yoli was wrong on so many levels. But we in viewerville knows that mom was more concerned about her man than her daughter all this time. I wonder if we're going to find out that Yoli is not actually Estella's daughter. The auntie in the coma is actually the sister to Yoli's father..maybe we get a back story that tells us Estella adopted Yoli. I'm hoping for something that explains how and why Estella can not concern herself with her daughter being violated...regardless of who the culprit was.

Scary....Zuli knows about Estella, the wire and the money . I'm sure she's going to twist it and find away to use it against Yoli as oppose to the mom. Yikes....not looking forward to how this plays out with John and Oscar.


Thanks, Alfredo. You always go into detail on just the scene I need. This time it was John and Oscar at the cemetery. So they have father issues and Oscar seemed to have good feelings toward his deceased mom.

Loved the indignity Zulima bore when Amanda and Arley were starting to get it on right in the twin bed next to her. lol!

Steve – Since John hasn’t slept with Zulima since he and Yoli became official and it was the same night Yoli slept with Dave, I say they’re even. Of course, Zulima will stir it up.

When Estella said it was just lust, she was pretty much admitting that Ernesto had indeed raped her daughter. Yoli needs to send her packing for good. Punto.

I’m confused. So Dave, Ortega, and Simpson work for the U.S. DEA? Where's the Mexican DEA?

Niecie- The US DEA has offices in Mexico and they work in conjunction with the Mexican federal police. You'll notice that the guys who go on missions with Dave, Ortega, etc. have Mexican flags on their uniforms.

Thanks, Vivi. I need to take a closer look at the uniforms. Love your new avatar!

Thanks, Niecie. Folks are sharing an "art app" on Facebook, that takes your image and makes it look like a work of art.

Thank you so much, Steve, JudyB, Vivi, Nett and Niecie!

I was a little confused about the DEA but Vivi to the rescue!:) it definitely makes things clearer as to how the power dynamics work.

The more world building this show, the more interested I become in what comes after Yolanda is fully intregated. For exmaple, I now want to know what will happen when the Lucios find their father, what it all has to do with their mother's death (if anything at all) and how Yolanda will balance being a "decent" human being, with being LA PILOTO.

I wonder if we'll find out that Simpson is not the "real" Simpson and hope that leads us to the enigmatic Cartel de las Sombras and it's leaders. OH! What if the Lucio's father is the leader?! Okay I'm getting ahead of myself but we have been restricted to a small group of characters that I'm looking forward to the day that this group gets bigger.

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