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La Piloto #37 4.26.17: In Which Yolanda Confirms (Again) that Men Are Despicable...

• In Choco, Yolanda and Santamaria walk around the tents where the intoxicated are being nursed. Rubio thinks it was the fish they had at lunch but Yolanda thinks it was all the alcohol they drank yesterday. Either way, she’s not a nurse so she doesn’t know what else to give them, not that they have any medicine at the base even if she did. Santamaria insists they do something, anything, to not lose soldiers, so Yolanda suggests they bring IV bags. Rubio reveals that they ran out of IV bags and the medicine arrives tomorrow so Yolanda tells him to fill some bags up with water and salt and make makeshift IV bags. Rubio obliges.
• Lizbeth is pissed that she is being held in the Villa Antigua police station despite the fact that she collaborated with the police. Raul assumes it’s the protocol until a judge orders her release. Garrido comes and tells them that the judge ordered Lizbeth be sent to a prison in Mexico City. Raul and Lizbeth remind him that they had a verbal deal with Dave and Monica but Garrido explains that Monica has disappeared and Dave has no jurisdiction in Villa Antigua. Garrido laments her situation but there is nothing he can do so they open prison door and take her away.

• In Tres Fuegos, Olmedo calls his contact in Villa Antigua and finds out that the Lucios escaped. He thanks his contact and tells Olivia that they have to hurry and get to AeroTours because the Lucios could be anywhere. Olivia wonders why they are going to AeroTours and Olmedo explains that the Lucios left in a hurry so they didn’t take all their belongings. If that is true, then they left someone guarding their things for the time being and that may be of some help.
• Jose and Roberto continue to wait outside Cielito Lindo but the policemen out front show no signs of getting tired. Roberto is annoyed that they were tasked with getting the money out of the bar in the first place but Jose insists they decide what to do, pronto, either by force or other means. Roberto agrees.
• In the safe house, John orders his pilots around Central and South America to stay out of the sky until further notice. Oscar tells him that they still have to call the Bolivian pilots as his phone rings. It’s his men in Altamirano who reveals all the information they got out of Flor regarding Estela and Rosalba. He’s currently staking out the hotel their DEA contact directed him to so he can kill them before they leave the city. Oscar nods but asks John if he still wants to kill both women. John prefers to wait and orders Oscar to kidnap both women and bring them to the safe house so he can talk to them. The man agrees and Oscar hangs up.
• In the hotel room, Estela chugs down vodka as Rosalba watches the news about AeroTours. Rosalba wants to call Dave and see if he knows anything about Yolanda but Estela rips the phone off the wall and tells her it’s dangerous to call anyone. Rosalba chides her for not wanting to find out if her daughter is safe but Estela reiterates that it’s her daughter’s fault they are in this mess.
• Dave arrives at the Tres Fuegos police station and inquires about Monica. The agents confirm that they have heard nothing so he orders them to keep looking and reminds them that Simpson is also in the city.
• Yolanda helps take care of the soldiers as Santamaria barks orders about where to place them while they get better. Yolanda confesses that the men need the medicine but Rubio explains that the medicine won’t be there till at least 8 am tomorrow. Santamaria orders him to get able-bodied men to take care of the sick in shifts and he obliges. Santamaria then receives a call from someone and calls him or her: “cielito lindo” before asking for his or her mother, who he calls “amor”. Santamaria walks off but Yolanda is shocked. Castro comes and laughs before telling her to close her mouth because she shouldn’t be surprised that Santamaria is married and has a family. Yolanda is quiet.
• Arguelles tells the Lucios and Zulima that they can’t return to Villa Antigua. John agrees, much to Zulima’s chagrin, and reminds her that they are safe there because the DEA doesn’t know where they are. He then tells Oscar that they will continue their operations regardless and asks him to contact the Senator. When Arguelles asks who the Senator is, John confirms that he is one of the leaders of El Cartel de la Sombras. Arguelles thought they were a myth but John shakes his head and confirms they are very real.
• Carmen, dressed in black, irons some clothes as she watches a news report featuring the Senator, who promises to continue their war on drugs and eradicate as many cartels as they can. One of the reporters ask if there will ever be any room to negotiate with the cartels but Senator Sinistierra confirms he will not because that will open a door they cannot close. Carmen watches intently and chides the cartels for all they’ve done. Minister Camacho thinks they should hold off because a war on drugs could be costly but Sinistierra chides his colleague for his leniency and explains that it is his attitude that has allowed the cartels to flourish. Amanda comes and hands Carmen a tea as the phone rings. Carmen answers and it’s the morgue to confirm that she can pick up Cindy’s body tomorrow. Carmen thanks them and hangs up before breaking down. Amanda hugs her and tells her she will support her any way she can inside the house.
• Lizbeth arrives at the prison in Tres Fuegos and gets booked, tagged and a new uniform.
• Olmedo and Olivia drive to Villa Antigua in the trailer but Olivia worries that Olmedo is going too fast. Olmedo tells her that they are trying to arrive ASAP to save Christian. Either way, his trailer has never left him stranded.
• Zulima goes to leave Christian his soup when he asks her what his sister did to earn her betrayal. Zulima shakes her head and tells him he wouldn’t understand, not that she has to explain anything to him. Christian understands perfectly: she is a disgusting human being. Zulima wonders if what he really wants is for her to tell him where Olivia is buried and Christian tries to hit her but can’t. She warns him to treat her good or he will regret it and leaves.
• In the infirmary, Yolanda helps the last soldier with his IV bag and sends them on their way. She then asks Santamaria if she can go to the bathroom and get new clothes as Caicedo watches from the background. He obliges and she asks if he will asks anyone to watch her. Santamaria shakes his head and confirms that he trusts her and she can even use his room to change. Yolanda thanks him and goes. Caicedo goes to leave but Santamaria stops him and asks him to prepare three more IV bags like the ones Yolanda did and he goes. Santamaria then radios one of his men to keep a close watch on Yolanda, who’s in the bathroom, and the man agrees.
• In the bathroom, Yolanda wipes off Santamaria’s disgusting hands and thinks about what happened that afternoon. She cries and wipes her face but doesn’t notice Caicedo coming up behind her with a knife. He sees that two men are coming and hides behind one of the walls as two military men come in and bid Yolanda a good night. She does too and leaves. The men comment on how Santamaria is “eating in front of the hungry” with Yolanda and leave. Caicedo curses his luck and leaves too.
• Estela and Rosalba are leaving through the parking garage at the hotel. She receives a call from Dave, who tells her that one of the trucks that is taking them to the airport is late and hangs up. Rosalba tells Estela that she will go in the first truck and she can wait for the second but Estela beings to complain. She tells Rosalba that they have been waiting all day and, on top of that, they won’t even be on the same flight. Rosalba chides her for always complaining instead of helping but Estela doesn’t care. She thinks the DEA should be patient and thankful for their help.
• Outside the garage, one of the trucks leaves and the Lucio men follow, believing Rosalba to be inside the truck.
• Monica tries to get Sofia’s attention but Sofia is non-responsive. Monica promises to help her get out of there but she needs her help. Sofia looks at her and asks if they are going to die. Monica shakes her head and tells her that they won’t but she needs her help. Sofia is scared but Monica assures here that there is a way for them to escape. Sofia begins to cry and Monica comforts her. A few feet away, Simpson orders his man to get some sand and cement for when Vergara calls with the order to kill them both.
• In Mexico City, Vergara meets with Montgomery and Senator Sinistierra and explains the situation. He assures them Simpson had to kidnap Monica when she followed him but Monica was able to tell Dave the truth and he’s looking for her. Montgomery curses Simpson’s stupidity because now they don’t have a mole and they are resisting exposure. Vergara agrees and warns Sinistierra to be diligent, at least until he becomes president. Montgomery thinks their association with the Lucios has brought nothing but trouble and Sinistierra agrees. However, El Cartel de las Sombras will continue to help the Lucios, despite their mistakes, because they need their money to fund his campaign for president. He asks both men to find a solution and Vergara suggests they find a new hiding spot for the Lucios and eliminate Dave since he is the one causing all the trouble for the Lucios. Both men are quiet.
• Dave radios his men as he drives around Tres Fuegos looking for Monica’s car. The men last saw the car a few hours back and they haven’t been able to trace her cell phone. Dave curses his luck but orders his men to keep looking.
• John is undressing himself when Zulima comes and asks if he’s tired. John confirms he is and Zulima agrees that he has done a lot today and is probably exhausted. She climbs up on the bed behind him and begins to massage his back. She reiterates that he is an intelligent, hot man, who gets them out of trouble and she can’t understand how Yolanda betrayed him. John stops for a second but Zulima throws him down on the bed and kisses him, effectively distracting him.
• The DEA truck turns onto a street and is intercepted by the Lucio men. They open the truck and drag Estela out at gunpoint, calling her Rosalba. Estela screams that she isn’t Rosalba but the Lucio men throw her into their truck and drive off.
• Montgomery doesn’t think killing Simpson is the solution as he is a special agent and his death would only bring more US agents to help with the “war on drugs.” Sinistierra agrees and suggests they blame him for Simpson’s death. Vergara reminds him Simpson isn’t dead but Sinistierra reminds him that Dave knows the truth about Simpson and is looking to save Monica at any cost. Vergara smiles and tells them that if Dave doesn’t kill Simpson, they can, and make it seem like he did. The three men toast.
• Dave gets a call from a man who tells him where to find Monica and Sofia but he should hurry and be careful as Simpson and other armed men are guarding the warehouse. The man hangs up and Dave tells the driver where to go and to hurry.
• Yolanda knocks on Santamaria’s door and he lets her in. He tells her that she doesn’t have to knock anymore because that will be her room too. He points to a dresser and explains that she can put her things there. Yolanda notices the gun on the desk but sits down next to Santamaria on the bed. He tells her to make a list of the things she needs so his men can get them. Yolanda obliges and he explains that is will be asking for provisions soon and her things will be there.
• Caicedo goes inside the armory and steals two grenades before walking out.
• The Lucio men drag Estela into a mechanic shop as she begs for them to let her go because she’s not Rosalba. One of the men tells her to shut up and cocks his gun. Estela goes quiet and the same man directs her to sleep in one of the cars while he waits before his two dogs come and eat her up. They leave and Estela curses Rosalba.
• At the airport, Rosalba hears her flight number called thanks her lucky stars. She gets her things and goes.
• Monica looks around the warehouse and asks Sofia to help her. Sofia nods and Monica instructs her to loosen her ropes. She obliges as Simpson turns his back on them to talk to Vergara, who instructs him to kill both women and bury them. Just then, Monica and Sofia manage to free themselves and Monica jumps Simpson as Sofia runs away. They fall to the ground but Simpson manages to fire three shots into Sofia’s back. Sofia falls to the ground as Monica screams that he is a P.O.S.
• Outside, Dave hears the gunshots and goes inside the warehouse with his men. He yells out Simpson’s name and they square off, guns drawn. Simpson grabs Monica by the neck and points his gun at her head. Monica yells for Dave to shoot him but Simpson warns him that he will kill Monica. Just then, Monica kicks Simpson in the balls and dives to the ground as Dave shoots Simpson twice in the chest. Monica runs to Sofia, who’s slowly dying, as Dave runs to Simpson.
• In bed, Santamaria looks at Yolanda’s bruise on her arm. He tells her it’s going to leave a mark but Yolanda is happy that it isn’t worse. She then asks him about his wife and daughter, since she was shocked to learn he was married. Santamaria stands up and pours himself a drink before announcing that they will never talk about his family. Yolanda tries to say something else but Santamaria shuts her down.
• Downstairs, Caicedo makes his way to one of the jeeps and puts two grenades under it. It explodes seconds later and Santamaria radios his men to ask them what is happening. Caicedo tells Santamaria they are being attacked and Yolanda thinks it is John. Santamaria cocks his gun and asks Yolanda to come with him as Caicedo throws another grenade through the window of Santamaria’s room. He screams for Yolanda to take cover and they throw themselves on the floor behind his bed as the grenade explodes.
• From outside the base, Salvador and his men watch the action.
• Monica cries over Sofia’s body and apologizes for not saving her. Dave goes to comfort her as Monica cries uncontrollably. She tells him Sofia had no reason to die and Dave agrees.
• Santamaria helps Yolanda up on the bed as Caicedo comes, gun drawn. Yolanda begins to cough and Santamaria thanks his stars that she is alive as Caicedo curses his luck. Santamaria asks Caicedo to help Yolanda as he tries to stand up. Caicedo rips the chain Yolanda's father gave her from her neck as Rubio and some men come in and take them to the infirmary.
• Dave instructs his men to search the warehouse for evidence and to collect Simpson’s dead body.
• From atop an adjacent roof, Vergara’s sniper sees the whole thing and calls Vergara to let him know what happened. Vergara curses his luck and hangs up. He then explains to Sinistierra and Montgomery that Dave shot Simpson but the DEA came before the sniper could shoot Dave. Sinistierra knew that one of those two would be dead but Vergara is pissed that it was Dave. Montgomery reiterates that Dave is the best agent the DEA has, especially because he can’t be bought, but he will make sure to take him out of the game without killing him. In fact, he has something worse planned for Dave.
• In the infirmary, Yolanda is up and about but Santamaria has a deep cut that she will have to suture. She puts on gloves and tells him she has never done a suture before but Santamaria trusts her. Caicedo comes in and tells Santamaria that they checked the whole perimeter and they found nothing but two missing grenades from the armory.
• In Mexico City, three agents take Rosalba to her new apartment. Rosalba asks about Estela, who should’ve arrived already, but the agent tells her that he knows nothing about Estela as they only assigned her to his detail.
• One of the Lucio men arrives at the mechanic shop and gives Estela some food. She reiterates that she is not Rosalba, but her sister-in-law, but the men doesn’t believe her. Estela asks him who ordered her kidnapping but the men shakes his head and tells her he’s not there to answer her questions. Estela asks if this has to do with Yolanda but the man doesn’t answer. She begs him to help her because she’s Estela but the man calls her Rosalba and leaves.
• Yolanda tells Caicedo and Santamaria that she believes Salvador ordered the attack on the base and she’s sure he’s also behind the intoxication so that they could be undermanned. Santamaria is quiet and Yolanda asks Caicedo who has access to the armory. Caicedo confirms that only he and Rubio can go in there and then confesses that he’s notices Rubio acting strange lately, like he’s hiding something. Santamaria is quiet but Yolanda continues to observe Caicedo…


Hey everyone! I don't if I'll be able to stop by later so I wanted to thank you all for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment :) I thank any and all who stop by today as well!

I think I should give my two cents on Yolanda's situation based on yesterday's discussion:

Is it true that Yolanda chose to sleep with Santamaria? Yes. Is it still consider sexual abuse/assault/rape? Yes, because she wouldn't do so under different circumstances. She could've also gone to jail, instead of submitting to him, but jail is probably an even worse alternative because there is even less of a chance of escape.

Now doing what is necessary to survive is humiliating and degrading in most cases but I don't fault Yolanda for doing what she need to do to survive. She knows sleeping with Santamaria gains his trust and bides her time to think of a way out. She is taking control of her own life, making her own choices, and not backing down. For that, at least, she is admirable because I don't know what I would do in her situation.

Thanks Alfredo. I must agree.. But I (shamefully) got a discussion going.

And I must say I am a little jealous that that option is almost never available to us men. We seem not to be as squeamish about those things, and it would sure have come in handy during our college years when anything was fair game to begin with.


Thanks agin.

Thanks, Alfredo. Great job as always.

Now this is a road trip movie with Olivia and Olmedo. Love it.

Yay, comic relief. Just knew when Estela demanded taking the first vehicle from Rosalba that she'd be the one to encounter trouble.

Gah...miss watching this, but glad that I don't have to listen to Estela's whining and whinging. Glad that our plucky heroine, while taking a licking, keeps on ticking.

I agree with you Alfredo, this was a miserable, disgusting experience for Yolanda but she probably would have had much worse in prison. Even here in the States, there are numerous examples of women being used in prison by the guards. So better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't know.

@ Kirby Please explain how everything was "fair game" in College? Which college was that and in what "time"

In the 80s. I am sure you are not really that interested and just are offended somehow though you should not be. Where I went to college, and I have heard it was common, the students were pretty promiscuous. And that hunch was backed up by a visit to family planning where the place was busier than the bookstore.

But if you are just trying to pick a fight I will not be a vety good sparring partner. Sorry.

Thanks Alfredo. I have just started to watch this novela. I'm impressed how you manage to keep track of the major and minor characters. 90% of the characters are pretty despicable and what makes it more frightening is corruption at the highest levels.


Thanks Alfredo. Look forward to watching this one tonight. My prediction ran true- that Sofie would die while Monica lived. Anyone worried Bette will be killed in jail? She would be the first character from Intro dead.

Glad John decided not to kill Estella or Ros yet. This may help him if and when Yoli finds her way back to him.

Alfredo: The title of your recap said it all!

Carvivlie: What's the Body Count now ? 28 & counting ?


Steve, the only body count I'm counting are the people from the intro and that's zero

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